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O wing to tho reeont dra wing for tho huncc
of sorvieo of tlio soveral horses, iio doubt
niaiiy of tliu stoekholders, particularly thoso
drawing prizes, would knowsomethiiig moro
of tlio rolativo jncrits of oaeh, ns thoy aro
called upon to decido ininiediatoly to make
their choicc.
Wallkill Chiof, ut tlio favni in Shelbiirn, by
Kysdyk's Old llambletonian; dam hy An'or
ieanStar; by Henry, a thoroughbred. Tliis
cross, llainbletoniaii with tho Star, hasprov
od to bo a wondorml cross, as it lias produced
tlio most eolebrated horses of Ilninblctonian
Claybrino, now at Harro, was by Hoirs
Mainbrino Pilot, who has a rceord of 2 :27J
to saddlo ; tlam Mollio Harrison, by Strnder's
Cussius M. Clay, Jr., who has a rocord also
of 2:27. This liorso, Claybrino, has remark
ablo trotting stock on both sides, and iio
doubt will be, in timu, us celebrated for pro
dtieing lino stock as l)r. llerr's Mainbrino
I'atulien, of Loxington, Kontuoky, a liorso
which he elosely rcsembles in color, sizo anl
action. Maiubritio Pntehen roferrod to, is
tho siro of tho three-ycars colt, Mambrino
llortie, roeently pnrcliasud by Mr. Honner.
Woodburn Pilot, at lhadford, by 1'ilot Jr.;
dam by Mainbrino Chiof, (and is full brother
in blood to Kelfs Mambrino Pilot, tho horso
roferrod to as having a rocord of 2:27.) has
wonderful spoed. ro cannot spoak undor
stnndiiigly of tho spoed of Pilot, Jr., or Old
Mambrino Chiof, only that tiioy aro two
loading faiuilios in tho south and west, inelu
ding tho Clays as tho produoers of tho most
fanious stock.
Yorkshiro I.oximfton at tho fann in Sholt
burno, is porhaps ns fmely a lired thorough
bred as thero is in this eountry, and has hini
self good trotting action. Ilisstock is goner
ally bay, good sizo and havo iino action,
niany of thoni show speed. Tho thorough
brods aro moro popular in tho .south and
west, whero tho raco horses aro sought aftor.
'L'horo is ono or two foatures in rogard to tho
thoroughbred stock worthy of mention. Wo
think it is not generally undcrstood tn this
ection, tliat thoso puruly thoroughbred,
strongly resomblo onr old Morgan horses to a
great oxlent. Thoy havo full, heavy tails,
and nro moro coniiact in their build, than is
gonorally supposed, varying in this pnrtiou
lar, moro rangy, longer necks and liner
heads. In selecting thoso horses, tho commit
too paid quito as mueh nttontion to tho stock
of tho sovcral horses. As to tho horses
themsolves, thero is no doubt thoy will do
our Vennontors good, ns thoy not only pos
sess fino breoding, but huvo fine sizo, bono
and eolor, ahd must givo us good sized stock,
for tho carriago, coach or plough. Frcc
" Woll," said Kcubcn, tho story-tollor, "fa
ther nlwayswantcd a horso becauso tho folks
in Grcono livo scattorod, and ho has so far to
go to attond wcddings and funornls, and visit
i-chools you know; but ho novor folt us if ho
eould all'ord to buy ono. But ono day ho was
ooming ufoot from llildreth, and a stranger
asked hini to rido. Fathor said, ' that's a
hanilsonio horso you aro driving. I should
hko to own sueh a liorso mysolf.' ' What
will you givo for hini?' said tho nian. ' l)o
you want tosoll?' ays father. 'Yes, i do,
and Pll scll oheap, too,' says ho. ' Oh woll,'
says fathor, ' it's no uso talking, for I haven't
tho monoy to buy with.' 'Mnko nioan ofl'or,'
says ho. ' Woll, just to put an end to tho
tnlk,' father says, ' Pll givo you sevonty-fivo
dollars for tho horso.' ' You niay havo hini,'
I says tlio inan as tiuick as n llash, ' but you'll
' repent of your bargaiu in a week.' ' Why,
jwhat ails tho horso?' says fathor. 'Ails
Iuin? Iles got tho Old Xiok in him, that's
what ails hini,' says ho. If ho has a will to
go, ho'll go; but if ho takosa notion tostop,
all ereation ean't start hini. I'vo stood and
beat that horso till tho sweat run oiV nio in
streains. I'vo lired agun closo to his oars ;
I'vo burnt shavings under him, I might havo
boat him to ileath and roasted him alivc bo
foro ho'd havo budged an inch.' 'I'll tako
tho horso,' says father. ' What's his namc?'
'Gcorge,' says tlio inan. 'I shall eall hini
Goorgie,' says father.
" Woll, fathor brougltt him homo, and wo
boys wero niiglitlly ploased, und wo fixod n
placo for him in tho barn, and curriod him
down and i'ed him woll, and father said,
'Talkto him, boys, and lct him know you
feul frieiidly.' So wo coaxed and petted him,
and tho next morning, fallior harnessed him
and got into tho wagon to go. But Georgio
wouldn't stir a step. Father got out and pat
ted him, and woboys broughtliim applesand
clovor-tops, and onoo in a wlnle father would
say, ' Got up, Georgie,' but ho didn't strike
tho liorso a blow. Jiy and by, ho says, ' This
is going to tako timo. Well, Georgio, wo'll
sco which has thomoat pationce, you or I, so
ho sat in tho wagon and took out his skelo
tons "
" Skeletons?'' said Poppet, inquiringly.
"Of sernions, you know. Ministors always
oarry round a little book to put down things
thoy think of whon thoy aro oll- walking or
riding, or houing in tho gardon.
"Woll, father sat full two hours, beforotho
horso was ready to start ; but whon- ho did
thero was no moro troublo for that day. Tho
noxt morning 'twas tho sanio thfiig oviy
again, only Georgio gavo in a little sooner.
All tho while it seemed as if father couldn't
do enougli for tho liorso. No was round tho
stiible, feedinghim and fussing over hini and
talking to him in his ploasant, gentlo way,
and tlio third niorning, when ho had fod and
curriod and harnessed hini with his own
hands, someliow thero was a dill'erent look iu
tho horso's eyes, Ititt when 1'ather was ready
to go, Georgio put his feet together and Jaid
his ears back and wouldn't stir. Woll, Dovo
was playing about tho yard, and sho brought
her slool and elimbod uphy tho horso's head.
Dovo tcll what you said to (icoijgio, that
" I gavo him an awful talking to," said tho
little girl. ' I told him it was perfectly 'edie
ulous for him to act so, that ho'd como to u
roal good jilaeo to livo, whero ovcrybody
holpod overybody, that Iio was a ministor's
liorso, and ought to sct a good 'snmplo to all
tho other horses, and (!od wouldn't lovo hini
if ho w.isn't a good liorso. That's what l
told him. Thcn I kissed him on tho noso.'
' And what did Georgio do?' ' Why ho heard
livery word I said, and whon I got througli,
ho folt so 'shanied of hiniself, ho couldn't
hold up his head; so ho just droppcd it, till
it 'monttoueliod tho ground, and ho looked
as hheepish as if ho had boon stealing u hun
dred shooj)."
"Ycs," said ltoubeu, "and whon fathor
told him to go, ho was oll liko a sliot. Iio
has novor mado uny troublo sineo. That's
tho way father oured a balky horso. And
that night, when he was unharnosseil, ho
rnbbcd his hoad against fathor's shoulder, and
told him as plain as a hor.so eould spoak that
ho was sorry. IIo's triel to niako it up to
fathor over sineo, for tho troublo ho mado
him. When ho's looso in thopasturo, fathor
has only to stand at tho bars and eall his
name, and ho walks up as mtiet as an old
shoep. Why, I'vo seen him back hiniself
between thcsliaftsof tho wagon manya timo,
to savo father troublo. 1'ather wouldn't tako
two hundred dollars for tlio liorso to-day.
Iio oats overything you givo him. Sis very
often brings out sonio of her dinner to him.
" IIo likes to eat out of aplatc," said Dove,
" it niakcs him think ho's a folks."
The presont rage among Amoriean pig
breetlers to jiossess ammals ol puro blood,
whethcr it bo Ilerkshire, Kssox, Suflolk or
any other breed, whilo likoly to provo ulti
matoly of general bencfittothostockof swino
in tho eountry, is far from boing tho ond
which breoders should aim at. At a general
thing, very fow pigs aro roally thoroughbred,
and from tho now, in Kngland, woll-known
tt'iidenoy of the hog to dcgenerato and bc
como onfcchled in constltution, tho monient
tho refming process through in-and-in breod
ing is earricd beyond a limitod point, it will
bo well for breoders to considor if it is not
moro to their ndvantago rathor to brcod for
feeding purposes, than to aim atgetting fancy
pricos for fancy aniinals of a eortain fixed
typc. It has been prored timo and ngain in
lhitain, that tho cross-bred pig is tho ono for
profit iu the pcn. What iswanted is to havo
good blood in tho niales, with sullieient rc
tinonicnt of bono and smallness of ollal, to
eiisino early maturity and quick feeding.
Cross theso inalcs on sows of a larger and
coarscr franu with s,ound, healthy eoiistitu
lion, and wo obtain a jiig that is a good way
ahead of tho conimon sort. Uy keeping to
tho use of well bred males, selected with a
view to possessmg tho points that go to niako
np a fino pig, withont regard to eolor or fan
cy points iu niarkmgs, we got healthy, thrifty
pigs that will roiulilyiytiiin fair woigliUat ali
early age, on a modcrato aniount of feJding.
My ox)icrionco inpig breoding teaehes that
it is bcttcr to uso sniall but thoronghly well
formed boars that aro ipiick, easy feodors of
their brocd, rathcr than larger ones, and
novor to uso tho same boar moro than ono
year. 1 Ito boar m all casos should bo sniall-
er and fmor than tho sows to which ho is put.
A cross betwcon an Essex boar and a Ilerk
shire sow will bring pigs that for early matu
rity, good sizo and quick feeding, will boat
oither parent breed. So of a cross betwcon
a Suflolk boar and a Chester White or Ches
Iiiro sow. Tho lo.sscs suflered by thoso who
stick to ono breed and breed closoly for tho
sako of an imaginary boneiit supposed to re
sido in fixity of typo, would drivo them into
a moro sonsiblo courso wero it not that tho
prosent rago for fancy aniinals keep up pricos
to a point that makes it pay, oven at tho
heavy cost ol losing niany litters cvory year
through want of stamina in tho sows. J . M.
in Country Qcnllcman.
iiog 'Wi.sijojir.
A Ciiester county, Pa., eorrespondent of
tho Southcrn Planlcr says: No aniinals de
toriorato faster than swino. Tho trough is a
groat elemont in tho charactcr of ahog; ho
is aniuzingly liko a dandy. To koop him in
first rato trim, ho soon cats his head oll, yet
if ho has to lniut his food, ovcn with the
slightost ellbrt, ho soon bocomes too cnter
prising to bo iv lino spccimcn. As soon as a
pig becomos entorprising, ho eoasos to bo a
" Chester County White." Danio Naturo
soon Jits him to his "nowordor of things;"
his noso lengthens, his legs grow longer, his
sides llattoii, his hanis loso their plumpnoss,
and in ono or two goncrations ho is a niateh
for any ordinary hog. If you want to kocp
up tho breed of irood hoirs. keon nn mnrn
than you ean keeji so lazy that thoy will not
51 uiiu
now to ii.vvi: jrn cows.
To-day 20th May in eouver.sati(in with
ono of our subscribors, who isul.-o ono of tho
best farmers iu Kenneboo county, ltoremark
od, " I feed niy eows now, cvory day, ou hay
and meal." It was not neeossary to ask if
his cows woro iu good condlton, and if thoy
gavo good yioldsof milk; this was a niattor
of courso. Any farmer who, aftor his eows
havo boon at pasturo lliroo weoks, still con
tinues a daily food of hay and meal, will not
bo dUappointed at tho rcsult. As tho pas
turcs como to their hoight of feed it ean bo
discontinued, nnd tho ilow of milk kcpt uj
until fodder oorn eomes into play again as
tho dry wcathor of midsummer icorches tho
natural horbago. Ilow dill'eront this courso
from that of tho farmor (?) who pinches hLs
eows through tho wintor to provont buying
hay, and turns thom to pasturo as soon as
thero is a spiro of grass to bo soon ; his cows,
wo venturo, don't pay. Hut feeding woll
pays anywhoro, and good food makes good
cows. Mainc Fanncr.
Kxrl.JS'iTKis.. Tlje cluuillncss Is exprendnl acconllng tu 11
sciileln wlilchOin wu cutlre cleiiriit'ns nml 10 enllrc clnuili
neaf, IntermlUite numler floniany tenth uf the ky covereil
with cloudi. The fttrvngth of the wlml ii itimatitl ou 11 0I111U
tir soile, 1 nrpreicutlug k llKht lirtrze Gf tHu mllcs tvr Iiour,
uul 10 a mutt vlulent hurrlCHne uf 100 mllvs un hour, Inttr
intillate iiuidU'N gtaiullnK for lnU-rnieiltatc lU'grLt'i of force.
An iibstracl of mctcoroloyical obscrvatiom Iu
kcn at South Troy, 17., for the vumth of
Jnnc, 1871.
Latitudo, -11 dcg., 51 niin., 35 soc, north.,
Longitudc, 4 dcg., 25 niin., -11 soc., east.
Jtoan tomperaturo for tho mouth, 05.88.
Alaximum tempeniture, (2d,) 89.0.
Miuiniuin tcinperature, (22d,) 51.0.
Mcan of wnrmost day, (2d,) 81.10.
ilnan rcoUli-wt day, (If.th,) C4.0O0.
Moan por eontagc of cloudiness, 5.77.
Mean por centago of elouiliness, (7 A. AI)
Mean por ecntago of cloudiness, (2 P. M.J
Mean per eentago of cloudiness, (9 P. M.,)
Aniount of rain in gauge, in iuehes, 1.U0.
Mean forco of winds, 1.45.
Mean forco of winds, (7 A. M.,) 0.90.
Mean forco of winds, (2 P. M.,) 2.20.
Mean forco of winds, (9 P. M) 1.20.
Diroction and mean forco of winds: From
N. to E 1.00; E. toS., 1.10; S. to V., 2.33;
W. to N 2.00.
Wind at 21 obsorvations from S. t9 W.
Wind ntfil obsorvations from W. to N.
Direction and forco of wind, 8th nnd 30th,
0 P. M., W 4 ; 11th and 10th, 2 P. M., S.
W. and N. W., 4.
Lunar halo, 30th.
Nuinbor of days during which rain foll, 10.
Snow yet visiblo ujHm Jay Poak, 1st.
Tcmjicrutiirc of spriugs and brook. Juno
8th, No. 1, 40.5; No. 2, 51.0; No. 3, 49.0;
No. 4, 48.0; ISrook, 05.0 ; Opon air, 70.7.
Juno 2(lth. No. 1, 47.2; No. 2, 55.5; No. 3,
50.0; No. 4, 48.2; Urook, 71.0; Opon air.
Tomporaturo of soil, two feet below snr
faeo, Juno 20th, 58.0; Opon air, (17.0.
Iligh lllackborry, Jtubus Villosus, 12t'i.
Twin-llowor, Linnwa Horculis, 8th.
Ox-oyod Daisy, Crysanlhcmum Lcuantltc
mum, 11th.
Cow-iarsloy, llcrnchum Lamitum, 15th.
Hush Ilonoysm klo, Dicrvilla Ilumxlis 19th.
Floworing Haspbcrry, (Mulberry) Jlubii.t
Oiloratus, 20th.
Indian Ilomp, Apocynum Caimbinum, 30th.
A lazy ehap has found out tliat working
botweon meals is uiiliealtliy for him.

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