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Vermont farmer. [volume] (Newport, Orleans County, Vt.) 1870-1877, July 08, 1871, Image 8

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Don't sbivor for lnst ycar's snow.
A IkiiI dubt tho owinjj of u gnidgf.
Now way to pny old dobts snttlo tlioin.
Ciiws iind I'fli'ct Urows aml sciirwrowa.
A di-nwing-rooin .tnnrtiiii'iit of n dt'iitist.
I lic irini-ii:il oucuimtioii of tho "irirl of
tlii- pi'rioil" is to sit sit thu window nnd wnk'b
for tlm "coining niiui."
A lu'sro, on l)uiuj cxumincd, wns nsl;ud if
his iunstcr wns u tniu Cliri.ti:ui. "No, sir,
ho is u politiriun," wns tho ri'ply.
"Whnt is thu rcnson yonr wifo und yoa nl-
wnys disngree?" nsked ono Jiislnnan of
nuothcr. "Ik'ennso wo nvu both of ono niind ;
sho wnnts to bo ninstcr, aml so do I."
Tho chiuf spcrut of conifort lics in not snf
fering trillos to vox ono, nnd in pnidently
cultivating an nndergrowtli of sinall plcas
urcs, sinco vcry fow giuat ones nro lut on
long lenses.
An liish soldicr who liad bcun abroad bo
ing nskud if ho inot with niuuh liospitality
wliere hu Iiiid buen : "Oli, yos," rupllcd bo,
"tooinncli; I was in tho liospital :tlino.-t all
tho tinio I wns tlioro."
Somo ono stolo a thonnoiueter froin a
pvinting oftlco in Wisconsin, but tho t'ditor
informs tho thiof that it will bo of no tiso to
him wliuro' ho is going, as it doos not work
highorthan 313!
My duar, nion nood wives who avo in lovo
with thoni. Siniplo tolorance is not enongh
to stand tho strain of inarried lifo, and to
luarry whon you cannot truly lovo is to coiu-
nut nn uct of dishonesty and inju.-tiL'c. Mrs.
A dover reparteo is attributcd to tho moni
bur froni Morinondom in tho new Congri'ss
A brothor lnombor askcd hini how niany
wives ho had. "Enongh to keep ino from
running after othor pcoplo's." ho promptly
Did you ever tako yonr baby, or ovcn yonr
tlireo-year-old.ton pliotograpli rooni to havo
its picttiro tnkon? If so, tlien yon know tho
niost oxaspcrating way of spcnding a niorn
ing tho fall of Adam has entailed in rctribu
tion on man.
The double-hoadod girl is described by a
reeent visitor as "shaking hands with thruo
or four visitors, simultnncously, and talking
vivaoionsly witli hoth of hor largeand lorina
eions inoiiths. Sho was ontiroly at her easo,
answorod all rjncstionsqiiito intolligently and
sang a nninbcr of songs with idul'Ii sweet
ness, tho left-hand nioutli singing soprano
and tho right-hand ono singing alto."
A dnig cicrk in Newark recently pnt up a
prescription for a yonng lady friond of a dose
of cnstor oil, Sho innoccntly inqttircil how
it eould bo takon withont tasting. IIo proni-
iscil to explain to her and in tho nipanthno
proposed to drink a glass of soda water with
hor. When ho had finishcd, ho said : "Mv
friond, yon havo tiiken yonr oil and dil not
know it." Tho yonng lady was nearly cra
zy, and eried : "Oh dcar.it wasn't for my
sclf I wanted tho oil ; it wns for ni y niothur."
A gentlonian of the old sehool thns do
scribes the rcndering of a well-known hynin
by a niodern lashionablo choir: "Firstly, tho
soprano, in a soaring leap, sings, 'Tako thy
pn lollowod by tho alto and tonor in dtiot,
with liko ndvico, (whilo tlio soprano is mnir-
lilficently holding on to tho 'pil'), and as thu
doop baso profonmlly oehocs tho samo, 'Tako
thy pil' tlioy finally tinito and ropoat togeth
er, eventnally suceeeding in singing 'Tako
tliy pilgrnn to his hoino,' &c, greatly to tho
ruliefof both mmister nnd peoplo, who seoni
nliko nwiiiHy lniprossed with tho snggostivo
ndvico so einphaticnlly roitoratcd."
Is Ciumnr, Ori.i:ass Cut'xir Coiht,
Fchrunry Tcrm, A. 1). 1871.
JOIIX T. 11KKB11 "I Jolin T. Itevde, Orntor Iti tlic iilwve
vs. i i'iiiiii'.h (uii nuving prcfirre.1 tn
St.MON F. STANTON, thla Court hls wlltloii In Chaueery j
J011.N M. STANTO.N, In aubsuitico n r.illowa, t wlt i
AI.KIIKII UANIAU,.jT.. Il," ll.MiuruML- Tiinotliy 1'. ll.-.l-HcM
r nny oihvr Clmncvllor lu Vermont.
lltunMy cnniiil.tlmn, yuur Umtor JolmT. llxilc, i.f Xt-w-MTt,
ln the Cuunty of Orloims iiml tftHte of Vermont, showeth
to your llonor, that on the l'.'th cUy of July, A. 1). lSCil, your
Omtur, nml K. 11. True Atitl llenry S. Uoot, partners ln truile
uinler tlie imine aml flnn of K. 11. True C'o., of Xe iiort
iifuretil. bonKlit of Slmftn F. Sttinton nml Jolin M. Stanton,
imrtneM ln buslneM uiuk-r the iuuiie mnl flnn of 9. F. aml J.
M. ijunton of Manclicster In the tAte of New Hmnishlre the
excluslro rlisht to uie ua J kII throuhout the State of Ver
uiout, k pntent inventlon knowti uiul ciilltil "gtaiitou'a Pittent
Utlml FiktenlnKK.n That on or ntiout the Oth ilay of Julr,
A. 1). ltJG'J, fjne 1'retl A. Ilatch cume to your Orator'i hoi ln
Xewjiort iiforeialil, innl requentetl your Urutor to huy the
rlght to ue uiul nell salil patent Inventlon throuphout the
State of Vermont, that your Orator refuaetl to buy Uie sauie.
That In n day or iwo nfttr salt Ilnlch was at your Orator'
sbi'ji, the afores.tlil K. 11. True cauie to your Orator'j ihop
uuil refiuestetl your Orator to buy one lialf of the right to ue
aml cll talil patent Inventlon throuxhout the State of Ver
mont, and tialil If your Or.ttor wouM buy one-half he ftml 0all
llenry S. Jtoot would buy the other half. That afterwunld
.il'l t'reil A. llatch nml your Orator nml salil True held a
furlher couverintlon lu relatlon to the tmrchasc of the rlsht to
ue mA rell t.M patent Inventlon. That iai.1 Kn.il A. llatch
representeti himseir aa the iifrenl aml attorney m saM s.
nml J. M. Sbmton. auil rhoweil to your Orator a tower of
attorney froni ald 9. F. aml J. M. Stantttn iluly executeil by
liiem, uy wiiicii tne ul rreii A. llatcii waa uuiy autborlieil
by siitil 9. K. aml .1, M. Stanton to aett, convey by tleetl auil
recelve the pay therefor, by aml ln the name of 8. K. aml J.
M. Stanton, aml fur them aml thelr ue any aml all rlht to
nml uim! the afores.iM iatent Inventlon, to wlt, "Stantou'a
l'atent Ullml Kastculnci," for all or any urt of the Stite of
Vermont. That said Fretl A. llatch attorney as afore&iM
rhoweil to your Orator aml t.M K. II. True & Co.. a sainple
of Nald patent bllml f.istAInRi, that the same wa nxel to n
mall wimlow so ai to shnw the wort,lnt; of the same and rep
reent to your Orator, that suld ttatetit blind faatenlnp coutd
he iMjiiKlit from vald S. '. nml j. M. Stanton, at und for the
mm of teu cents per ect. That adl K. II. True and llenry S.
Itoottold your Orator that they thought ald pateut bllnd
fantener was a valuable Inventlon anl urxed your Orator
to buy the rlftht to uje and sell the same thrcughoul the State
of Vermont In company with them.
Tb.it unthereprcentatloiMof satd Fretl A. llatch and the
sald True & Hootn tothe utilltyof sald patent lntentlon, and
the representatlnua of sald Fretl A. llatch as to nhat sald
patent bllnd fastenlns ctmld lie ltiupht for, your Orator was
Irolucetl to buy of sald Fretl A. llatch as attorney of sald
9. F. & J. M. 9tantot, the rltcht to uite aml rell the same
thruUKhout the sUtte of Vermont, uon thu followlng tenns
aml coudltlons, t'i wltt
That in couslderation sald Fretl A. llatch as attocuey of
. . k .1. -M. cuuitou, nml in tneir name, wouKTby i,
(rootl nml valM ileetl convey tt ytmr Orator aml sald K. 11.
True A: Co., the rlsht to ue antt sell saltl patent luvcntlon
throuxhout the state of Vermont, aml would ln tbi naifte of
a. . k j. .m. Ktanion, cxecute tt )our urator anti sjitt t:. n,
True nml Lo. the followlng coutruct aml agreemcnt, to
"Know all men by these nrcsents. that we. Slmon F. Stan
ton auil .lohu M. Stant'tn, tartncrs In buslness umler the
name nnd Arni of 9. F. nml J. M. Stanton, at .Manchester
ln the state of Xew llampshtre, tln hereby itj;ree to nml with
E. 11. Tnie and Co. und Johu T. lleetle, of Xewort In the
county of Orleans nnd state of Vermont, to furnlsh them r
elth?r of them wlth 9tautnns Patent ltlluilfastenln).'S, lu
such (tiantltles as they may order, for the tenn of tt euteeu
ears from January l'ith, A. I). 1819, at and for the nveraKe
priceor teticents iterset sald t'atent JUImi-lastcnlngs to iie
furnlshetl at all tlmes without unnecessary tlelay, ujhii ordcrs
of the nbovu uaiued parti.
ln wltnesn whereof we have hereunto subvcrlled our nanics
at Xewiort aforesalil, ou thls l'Jth il.iy of July, A. I). 18G9.
In presence of ) 9. F. ,c J. M. STANTON.
W. I). CHA.NK. ( Fretl A. llatch, Att'y."
Your Orator uml saltl K. II. True and Co. would dvc sald
S. F. nnd J. M. Stanton their scverul uotes for the sum of
nve hundred tlollars each, autl your Orator wtnild prticure
hls uote signeil hy sald K. 11. True uutl Co. as surety for your
Aml your Orator would further show to your llonor that
sahl Fretl A. llatch as attorney of sald 9. F. and J. M.
SUnton, and for them and lu their uame, did execute to your
Orator uml saltl K. II. True aml Co. u tleetl of the rit-'ht to sell
aml usu saM patent Inventlon, to wlt i Stauton's Tatent
llllntl.fastcnlng, and dttl execute the ntxive contract to furnlsh
the saine to your Orator nnd sahl K. II. True uml Co. I That
your Orator uml snld K. 11. True aml Co. nnd saltl Frcd A.
llatch were all present at the tlmc sald tleetl und contract
wns execntetl, that your Orator gave saltl Fretl A. llatch hls,
tne urntors, uotu payahle In seventeen inouths rroin the lth
day of July, A. I). 1809. for the sum of Rc humlred tlollars,
aml procuretl sald K. II. True aml Co. to slj.'n the same us
surety, that saltl note was jMyable to 9. F. nml J. M. Stanton
or order wlth Interest, that at the time sald note was writteu
there was ono other uote for the sum of five huudred tlollars
writU'ii by I). Craue, (he wrltini; the one sldnetl by your
Orator) payahle tti seventeen months from tlate, to the ortler
of saitl 9. F. uml J. M. Stanton, for sahl H. 11. True aml Co.
to sIkii, that your Orator haviui; the utinnst conriilcuce In the
houesty aml IntcKtity of sahl K. II. True uml llenry S. ltoot.
nml not for one luoineut suspcctln; they weru asslstlnjr sahl
Fretl A. llatch, attorney for sald S. F. fy J. 11. Stanton, to
cheat autl tlefraud your Orator, aml belng ln u hurry nbout
hls work, slguetl hls saltl note for thu sum of flve hundred
tlollars antt procuretl saltl K. 11. True 4- Co. to slgn sahl uote
as suretles, aml tlellvcreil thu same to saltl llatch und left the
ollice, leaving sahl K. II. True tt Co. aml sahl llatch to coin
pleto sahl tratle hy the saltl K. II. True it Co. sIkiiIhx thclr
saui uote nml tieiivering tne same to sum iiatcn uutl usking
the tlellvery of the uforesald deetl and contract.
llut your Orator has slnce learneil that saltl K. II. True if
Co. did not sign the l.nt afort'saltl tioto uml did not dellver
tho same to sald llatch, nelther tlld they pay saltl llatch
anythlnK for thelr half of sahl tleetl aml coutract, nor did
they pay saltl 8. F. If J. M. Stanton auythlng for the same or
Klve thelr, tho sahl K. 11. True If Cn.'s, note lu pnynient for
the same, but took the aforesahl deetl nml contract from saltl
Your Orator would furlher show to your llonor that wlthln
less th.tn slx tl.tys ufter he gave sald llatch hls the Oratnr's
aforesaltl note tho saltl llatch sold and endnrscd saltl note to
one Alfretl Kaudall theu of lloston, county of Suffolk. com
monwenlth nf Mnssachusctts, that sald llatch emlorsetl sald
note ln the wortls followlng, to wlti "Slmon F. 4- J. M.
Stanton, per Fretl A. Uatcli," that sahl llandall pald said
llatch at the tlme sald llatch deltvercd hltn sald nole, the
sum of one hundred tlollars and gave sald ll.iteh u v.rltlug
promilng to pay saltl llatch the further sum of thrce liuml
rttl lirteen tlitllnrs nheti saltl llatch shnuld dellver to sahl
Itamlall cnouith of sahl Stauton's 1'ntent IlllmMnrtcnlnirs to
Irhn all tho blinds on n housc of sald llamlall's, lu the vlll.ijze
of Newport That sahl llatch nor S. F. tr .1. M. Stanton iw.r
nny one ilse has ever furnlshed s.ild llamlall nny of sal.l
I'a'li'iit lllliitUf.iti'iiiiiK fr saltl house nr cnlletl iinni sal.l
Itand.tll for saltl threc humlrfd Iineen tlollars that sal.l note
Is now nver-tlue nml sal.l llamlall Is pres'liur your Orator to
pay the same ) That all the inoney saltl Itamlall has pald
uiHiii sal.l note Is the sum of one hundred tlollars 1 Tlmt sal.l
llaml.ill kuew nt the time heb.iui:ht saltl note, that the saint'
was glveu for n imtent rlght.
Your Orator would further show to your llonor that your
Orator aml sald K. 11. True If Co. have sceral tlmes ordcred
from sahl 9. F. J. M. Stanton of Manchester, New Ilamp
shlre, tuantlties of Stauton's I'ateut lllliiil-fasteuinKS, but
saltl 9. F. 4- .1. M. Stanton never nnsweretl nny of ynur
Urator't or tho sald K. II. True (f Co.' nrdcrs, aml your
Orator Is Informcd aml verlly lielleves that saltl Stauton's
I'ateut llllml-rastenlnits cannot be bought of the manufactu
rers for 11 less sum than flfteen cents iier sct, nml thls the sahl
llatch well kncw nt the time he gave your Orator and saltl
K. II. True tf Co. the aforesaltl contract.
Your Orator charxes thut all the nctlons, pretcnces aml
sajliiKS of sald K II. True nnd llenry 9. lloot were made by
tliem for the urosc of lut eigllni; your Orator luto the traps
of sal.l llatch, and to Imluce your Orator to glve hls ntc for
one-half of sahl deetl nnd contract, they, the sal.l True aud
lloot, nt the tlmc well knowlng saltl patent Inventlon tn lic of
no vnluc, and that there vt as nn express ngrecment lietneen
saltl K. II. True, llenry S. lloot nml sald Fretl A. llatch, that
sald True nnd lloot shnuld hold out to your Orator that they,
the sahl True aml lloot, thought the rlght to u-e and sell sald
patent Inventlon througbout the state of Vermont waa of great
alue, and that they, the sald True nnd lloot, would be wllllng
to pay flte hundnil tlollars for one.hnlf of sald rlght so ns to
Intluff your Orntor to buy one umllvhleil half of sald rlght
for the state of Vermont, that sahl K. II. True r Co. were to
preteml to your Orator they were gh Ing thelr note In pay
ment for thelr half, when, ln f.ict, there was an express un
derstamllnglieteeiis.iltl llatch und sald K. II. True tf Co.
that a.ild K. 11. True tf Co. were to pay nothlng for thelr In
terrst ln sald tleetl aml contract that saltl pateut Inventlon
nu.1 sal.l contract of sald S. F. tf 3. l. Stanton are of 110 val
ue, aml thls was well kuown to sal.l K. II. True aml llenry S.
llisttund Fretl A. llatch ut the time of maklng sahl contract as
afores.u.1 1 that sald K. 11. True, llenry S. lloot nml Fretl A.
llatch were ull In the cniploy nml Interest of sald S. F. J.
31. SUnton to cheat nml dcfraud ynur Orator.
Aml your Orator lielng entlrely renietllless ln the premles
accnrdlng to the strlct rules of law, nnd can only have rellef
lu a Court of Ijjulty hen luatters of thls iiature ure projwr
crly ct.gnliuible, Therefore,
.May It please your llonor to grant unto your Orator a wrlt
of siibuua illrectctl to sal.l Slmou F. Stanton, John M. Stan
ton, aml Alfretl Hnmlall, thertby couunandliig them tn npicnr
lief.re the Court of Chancery next to I holdeu at Irasburgh
In the county of Orleans on the last Tucsday of Fehruary,
A. H. 18T1, then and there, uoh thelr ratlis, true, full, nnd
lerfect nnawcr mnke tn ull aml slngular the foregolng blll of
complalnt, pnragraph by paragraph, ns if they nml cacli of
them had becu iwrtlcularly Interrogatetl theretu.
An 1 your Orator prays that your llonor wlll grant unto
jtajr-'O'rutfiVU writ of Injuuctloii agatnst the itald Alfretl lUu
tlall, rnjolnl'ig blm froni conunenelng any proceetllngs ut law
a&U'V yoi(W"ralt, to enforce the colleetlon of sahl note
he9yM0mentioned, durlng tt.o iemlcncy of thls sult,
nuMHKir llonor wlll eidoln the sald Shnon F. Stanton
autl JTM. Stanton, thelr agents nnd nttorueys from com
mcuclng auy prnceediugs uitn the obllgatlon glveu by sald
Kamlall tn tneir attorney, Fretl A. naicn, nnu irom taking
the uforetanl note of your Orator from the custndy nml pos
sesslou of sald llandall tlurlng the icndeucy of thls blll.
Aml that your llonor wlll order antt tiecree tnat tne sani
llamlall dellver sahl note to your Orator 011 pavment of the
one humlretl tlollars paltl by saltl Hnmlall to saltl llatch, aml
the Interest thereou nml that your llonor win luruier orucr
aml tlecrec that the sal.l obllgatlon that saltl llamlall gave
sal.l llatch, to he vold, nml that sahl tleetl from S. F. tf J. M.
stanton to your Orator aml saltl K. II. True tf Co. tn le decreetl
vold, autl that tlic saltl s. r . If a. il. twnlon ne onieretl uml
tlecreetl to iiy to your Orator the nmount of money your
Orator may Ite orderetl to pay to sald ltandall, uml that your
llonor will forever enjtiln sald llamlall aml S. F. Stanton nnd
Johu M. Stanton from commenclng nny proceetllngs to collcct
nnythlng upon sahl nttte or recelpt autl oollgation liereln
Iwfore meutloiidl nml that ymir llonor wlll grunt unto your
Orator such further nml other rellef ns to your llonor shall
seem meet, nml aa ln duty lMitiud wlll cvcr pray.
And It nppearlug that the sald Slmon F. Stanton nnd John
.M, Suinton are gone without the State, so that the usual pro
coss nf subiHrna ainutit be servetl uptin them. ncconllng to
law, aml that they have not had legal notlcc nf the pemlcncy of
iiiis sult t
It Is therefore onliTctl that the substanco of thls petltlon,
togethcr wlth thls ortler, 1 publlshetl three weeks successlve
ty In the Vermont Firuer, n uewspaper prlntetl at Newjiort
nforesald, the last publlcatloii to le at (east tweuty tlnys
liefore the next statetl tcnn of thls Court to le held at Iras-
hurgb, 011 the Oth day of Septemhcr next, whlcli shull le
tleemetl u sulliclent uotlce to saltl Slmon F. nnd John M. to
nppear und make answer to sahl iHtltlon.
Ily ortler of Court.
I. N. CfSIIMAN, Clerk
J. T. Ai.les, Sollcltor. 30-3U
l'npers, liiKnilnea, nml Sheet PIuslc
Are rccelved at the Farkh Oflice autl foraarded, frtim time
to time, to n flrst-class HiKtk-lllndcry for lllndlng, uml when
done they ure returucd for delivery. l'rlces low aml Work
durable aml handsoine. Ordtrs sollclted.
Pui'G Pcimsylvaiiia White Chester Swiuo,
Tlioroiigli-bred Short Horn Cuttl,
Cnveiitry, Vt.
If'arrtmteit a sure nml speetly
cure lu ull cascs of Scratches 011
Ilorsesi ulsocurcs Calks, Clulla,
Sores, Spralns, Cows Sore Teuts
aml Flesh Wounds of whatcver
nutiire. l'rlce 50 cents nml $1.00.
Manuractured unti soiu ny
J. It. IIAItl,, DriiKK'Ht,
rlrlns full Informsllon, s.Mreu COLLINS A CO., 21
v, ater sireet, new korK.
Manufacturers of
Soliclt your onlers for anythlng umler the above
heads, aud orfer
t'nsll for Ilngia nml Old 1'nper.
CIU.rXi:3 A. DASA. dltor.
A NoivBpapcrol thol'renont Tlmes.
Intoutlcil for l'coplo Novr on Enrth.
Includlng Farraer. Mecltsnloi, Merchants, Pro.
festlonal ln, Workors. Tnlokcrs, nnd a 1 .Man.
ucr of IlonoJt Folki, aud tho WIvcj, Euua, aud
Danihtera of all lucti.
Or les tbsn Ono Ccst a Cony. Let there bo a
830 Cluti ut orory Post Ofllee.
of ths 11ms tlze aod ccncral character ai
THE WKEKLr, but wlth a greatcr varlcty ot
mlscollancomreadinc.aad furnlshlnj tho ntwt
to It luDscrlberi wlth erealer frcslmess. becauso
tt comea twlce a weolc Instcad of onc only,
A preCmtnentlr rcadahto newspapcr, wlth tna
lariresi circulatlon lu tho worid. Kree. Indo
cendent, ui d fearlera ln polltlcs. All the ncw
from crerywhere. Tw.i couta a copy 1 by niull,
S0 ccnu u luoutli, or 60 a ycar.
FIto coploa, ono year, aoparately addrcss-1,
Four Uollara.
Tea conlos, ono Tear, sensratelr addrcsscd (aud
aaextrucou) tolliecetteruporcluDl.
ElgUt Hollnrn.
Twcnty roplr, ono year, lepnratclr addrctaed
' (uad au cxiruj copy to tho gcttcr tip of cinb),
FHtcun Dollnm.
rirtr copl-s.cno Toar, toono addrcss taDd tho
Bcroi.Weckly one year to gctlernp of club),
TUIrty-threo Dollam.
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Uw louers contalulng uionoy, Addrcsa
L W. ENOLAND, Pnblliher,
8ua offlco, New Yorfc Cltv.

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