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Vermont farmer. [volume] (Newport, Orleans County, Vt.) 1870-1877, July 15, 1871, Image 1

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ItOVATj CT.HMIXOS. l'romit tnr. 1
T. II. HOSICIN, M. !., Ktllloi.
t voi.. i, Xii. a:i.
I Tcniis, $! 00 licr Aiiliii.n.
ciai stiuiy, miuI 1 i
im ,'it't,j.,.in nni i i vn . 11. t iM Papel leSOl
.11 iW.UIUll I, VIUJI..1.1U tUL.l I lt II. liiniH'rS Ol
bcst oift to mnti!
tllO luall wllO (1(111
thein, thcir histnrv
And I nhvays havo, (I p.ty L1(1 Uonry nmro aro oxnmples, nn.l in thu J,l',,("'f''1. owni0oU8 fomale to tlio eo ux
tOniiil I mvonhyiij-siiiailu llnVBOf nilii-k Ilnwk that systo... gavo vory )1'm,;,, Inrgi'r siwm!. hoavy trot tng l.o.so;
y nml tlicif brocding,, n si.r-' s.,tisfactory ruMilt an.l I havo no doul.t a , tho liroilui'o ak.ng lie.r bolton., tlu- r nen e,
i.r..poo togiveyouin tnis ; nmro mnfrm ,.I1M f horsos tlian if brod " huir nuloini nblocouragefrom tliv dam,
TKHMs One tli-.ll.ir .k.t annuin, i:ty;tlle iu ii.Ivmiux'.
ik.t iltcontinmtl wlicu the tluiu mM fur e.lre3.
:eneroiis pro-
A'lwrtWt.'iuuiithiiicrtetl for 50 cenU ifr Incli, IlrstltMKTttoii)
-5 Ctfiitn iwr Inch, I'nch ulaenu'iit lntrtlon. Ttvelvc Muvi of
ll.U tyim uiitl.0 rtii luch. I lloi
.... ,. , i ior tnc roason t hat t icv wil po t ho grower
thu th, ,u iHcrip l.m .xi . ,. . I wi ,.; , . ni.irk,.t 0imilllll)ll. t(, lls. 1
,lu.ll lw,,e.u,.lt..luive lt micwol, ...! Klve thu. .nuch .... , ,...1.,,...,. it will cot .5(l l.er vcar ! mow
W'lna Kiinl ol horsos our ii.,... ,. t.,..,n r......
r t ... inu wtuui t .! m i; ii -iin ewint irn
cnnoiu s'louu hrceii ior most 1 i ,r,.x,..n... ..i;.,.. ..,.
itinl surot nrolit. uih! liou- iinilor nxisitiiii? .... ii..'f. V.i.i;.,...
clrcntns anccs to sccuro tlicm. 1 Crliaps I hoekwoo.l liorsc unil his lviiowncd son Ccn.
can niakc niyscif bcst tn(k'itoo.l l.y lnt Kllnx .mwns .stallions; IJ.illo of Saratoa,
iiMiiL'thtMiiitivisaml.statmi; what wooufc'l.t j:uiy Slicnnan, I.a.ly Litfliliold. aiid I!o.-ton
not, i)(Tau.su w ean t allonl to Inccd. iii,,,,!,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,'! ni,.i- II,
1. Wtt ean t nilonl to 1n:e.i tlm clnss of v ,it. ,.rir.....
I -.1 i ii- t iiuwu 1 1 1 i & aL'79 iii i viniuiii, uujLtim.niin ui iiimiw
IJlack llavk
md tlieirssnuaro trottinj:. Ioiik, low.awi'cinni'
strido froin tliu iiro.
Siich liai liooii tlio rosult in Kcntucky from
cix.sing tliat eoarsti old liorsc, IWaniln'iuo
Chiof, witli tlioir lino honuil tlioroughljrcds.
!(iid I.ady Tlioru, Alainliriiio l'ilot, llay Chiof.
Itold Chiof, Eriosun, Woodbnni l'ilot, Clay-
brino (two of oiir Stock I'anii horj-cs,) and
.r Wo havo Imh.11 bn,!.li..J!-Alo...s K, S i l 'H " lonVv S C "v "r nmiiy otl.on. wull kiiown t, hor.sr..,oi. aro
laok lIaNvks,KroM,horwl.atov-bloo,r.hoy o m .1 I , o wJ i ! ttr', I "m Ul o Sl f'l!'""-
ay bo, of from lourtcon to fiftcon hands iu , ,.,iiotsi.tiill thovorhln"0"' for tho bimtv 0(1 ''J tll!lt lnin' f hor.-o bin-
-ight, a.ul woigl.i.m fro.n 60(1 to UOO i,o.i..d, l . . , , ff"liie " f 1 1 ok cr' XrotU'l ,list ',ar' il two-yoar-old, in S :104.
.. ,....,c.. ifi... iT..... ...:n .1... ' .in"!",l.J .111(1 !, IIL.ai iim.iiiiiilOI ISI.Rh K . . n , . v.wn'.l n Orjiiiin.
tloe i n!r tlut tlie ulwcrllnr iiwtl not mis iiny immlKrM.
' slioiild lio grown, at tho loa.t.
Ilawks brod from siich niaros was a wondcr
to all ; bnt as thoso old niuros havo pas.od
away and tho stock of Hlack Ilawk intcrlircd
or brcd to sniMllor Morjrans or Fronch, ro-
Milt.s havo boon to (1ocreao sizo and bono,
I'niit'i I'ead litrire tlir Stntv Hoiiril of Af;
rtculturr, i( Ilrninlim, .Tuiir 4, 1S71.
ItV COI.. K. S. STOWKI.l., OI1 (OltNWAI.I..
Whcn l rcooivcd tlie invitation of yonr
.Sccrctavy to proparo a paj)cr to bo roatl at
this lncc.liiji;, I j')ui;lit. foispvora) 'coiniijgly
uootl avoraiio prico for this clas. and tlicv
aro bnt liltlo sonht for at that. Hor.-o bny
crs in Von.iont arc, and havcbccn for sovor
ul ycars, liko aii''cl visits fcw and far bctwccii,
not bocan.o of laok of bnycrs, bnt beeatii-o
wohavo not tho clas of ho!cs that tlio niar
kot (lcinands. Our hor.-cs aro too sinall and
too light bonod, and too mnoli pincliod np.
2. Ve oan't all'ord to raiso tho hoavy
draft horsc. or tho Sutlolk I'nncli, l'crchcroii,
Aovmaii. ivc, lor tlio rcason that tho richcr
hclds nf tho wt oan "vmv thom so nuicli
fantcnin npon ns a smalt niod.
Such haf ofton bccn tho ro.snlt, in Orange
Conntv.'N. Y., only moro ,o, crossing ltys
dykV llainblotonia... that doublo son of old
AlossoiiKor, and who doubts bnt ho is a
coav.-io Tinric, if anv, lot thom look at this
his faithfnl likcnoss, rshowiiii; printl and noto
! t 1 1 ...... !.!..!. I.! i I
l-ilirin.il lillli. Iiiiivi. lwi lir. lillt li.irni-.it. J . OOIO-C
cd in i
colts ns tnoy
ai (l WO ail KIIOW lll.'lt Irnni Nlf, ) tu ! I i .1 i ;i .1... i... i ...!...
' 11 -! I I ..I 1 .. III.S L' IlL'illl. Ill li; I'illS. lllll III I .111.1 tt.ll. ...n
V' ln.nvv luininl. crnnkcil ulllKist clll'bv
icrat- . v.: .:..iv"
si.c anil witnout tlio powcr ol rccn- , , . ? ..i '.;,. ; c...
peratio... nnloss by slow and o.lions procoss , ii, , IVli in . n,i ,,,V , f i , f ,'
of oarcfnl a.ul dL.n.ninatinji scloc tinns of "1 8', '"1 1 orlc,
propor anin.als of tho spooios for lo.m s(irios "!''r IIBrf T 'l ulll th
,r ' t.w. lmi.r t t linir r.ir v.niti... ...i n(lll o.ooo(hngly fast, stav.ns liorsos tl.an
ol 0.11s, too loiig, 1 tliinK, loi laiiKoopa- ii:,.,.,,, vn.ii nilV snvs. "tbc
llli shco. in. Ilocfcs ol ,. '. ,.m Lri..,.s .,, stavs si...
strcngth, iiikI bono, and oountoracts thcir
horcditarv toiidciicv to ooiitraotion of tho
tioneo to oi.dnro.
lmnih'fils, tcn ycars o.xpcrioncc is nioro than
a lifotimo witli tho niinihcr of m:rcs that vo
lmlivuliially anMtbloto kccp. Aly oxpcrioncc
v.'ilidTcasoiifi that I'eoulTPiuit aoocj)t it, that
ilul.VKIi.a ly arc aDlo to Kcc... Aly o.vpcr.onco f ., s mtlmt nny or..-s that wonld
S,Tt nr.S.ot 8l,L!Sw 'o"lI';o.h!;oSnnlimiiod,Ln,
bccdsmall boi.-o.t tho pu (liiot is snialloi. . . . . ,.(lsi,,.,. (,,,t ilsc
wt oan irrow lliom so nuicli :.. .
1 fiotef inttt chT-r?;)!!!- Ih.m our.-, that vc slialf ,
, lnttl itni'itl viu iijti'ttiitii.i IU' Kmliiiiil nit.f itt.ili.i
it was out ormy lino to ovcn attonipt wntton ,.,,1,1. TU!y n.(iuiro rioh fccd and in iinliin
csays, and witli tho lmrry of tho hoason npon itcd (iiiantitic.- whoroas our Vcrniont llolds
ino, was not to bo thouj;ht of. . soiuotiincs limitod in thoir supply. IIow-
liut I did think of it, and witl. schwmI 1 "yf'1"' "J0. ,.,,-,n'l,',1 f"-"U'h hun.us bmm1 nml
' tll'HM 1:111. ILllil tfl U'lWtl'l'll iri'fiU'itl'l tlllllflllllt.
thoughts ca.nc tho oonviction that it would v of slow and s.n, , olit 'V!1 ' " 1 .." V ' V . .!"T' .r'V'.r. ko.1. slashinjr. opcn -ait, so that lcd out at
" ... : - . . . 1 ii v. umiMtifi t:ii n i iiu jiy-n'L'? ji.iii 1111111 :i nu . i i. . i i -i. .1 .. & . 1.. .1
n o ean tas larnuTsa lbn to bvwd 10 U w iour yoar.soiuiouiuiiaiu'r oyany lanut-r u o
Tho AlcMcan ,.t., and thc Indian pony ' " 1 ..r ,.P f
ol contmucd (legeiioration m ,.,..... ,i i ... ' ,,. ,1,.. ,.
aro oxaniplc.s
sr.o. llioso .-niall
idcsccndcd no doubt
l.anly little lollows aro ,:,, hl ....... .....i
iroin ti.osc i.oocs oi ' , .;, i.; " i...t 1. ... ..... ...
bo unj;encrous shrinking from known and1
prc.M'.ited d.ily to rofus(! iny niito, thougli
sinall, towavds tho advaneeinoiit of practioal
agvicultiiro and stock brooding in Vormont;
tho nioro whon gcntlo.ncn who.o intoroMs
did not soc.n to ally thon. so intimatcly to
tho hiisiuos as did ...i.io, wt;ro willing to do
voto thoir tin.o and thoughts to its propor
advaiioouiont and support. I consontod,
tl.croforo, to writo, bnt what .sho.ihl bo n.y
1 prosuine that tho Cominittcoof Arramro
incnts havo glvcn invitations to nioi. in dif
fcrent branuhcs of agriuulturo, took raising,
&c, witl. a viow to J;cttiiig a varioty, aixl
that probably ono of iny two spooialtios
wouhl bo acooptablo from mo. Itut whichi
Would it bo that tho poor dispisnd slaughtor
(m1 Alorino shoop, that o inaiiy thoiisanils
havo hatod bad onoiiL'h to kiok, aud would
ovon go out of thoir way to do it, (I don't
know wl.y unloss tho kIiim!)) bit thom,) had,
suddcnlj-, undcr an awakoning s(!.iso that just
0110 shccp too muoh had boon killod, that
just ono wool sk.n too inany (witl. its tl.roo
ycar's growth of wool) had boon i.uportcd,
nicocos takon in that wiivoannol bo duiilioat-
cd,) and that thoro was a probablo laok of
raw maicriai ior loxiuo lanno.s m Aiuenoa,
not alono, bii t in South Anieriea, iu Ai.stralia
aud in Coutino.ital Kurono bosidos; oould
it bo, I say, that uudor tlioso iiilluonocs Jho
Alorino shocp had ariscn m tlio scalo of val
uations until tho pooplo iigam wantod to hoar
what thoir spooial lovors aud hrocilcrs, aud
may 1 not say without ogotisni, improv
ors, thoughtof thoir iirospoets? Nay, not yot.
.:wtio bodiosinovoslowly.and tho old smarts
aro not j-ot hcalcd; onfy a fow discorn tho
light iu tho east, tho suro fororuuiior of tho
diiy, and tho peoplo aro not (iuito rcady to
hoar shooii proso.itod aj'ain.
Ahwoll! thon it niust bo somobody hafj
ioki soi(i)o(iy oiso tnat i lovo norsos. 1 do,
Air. rrosidont. 1 do, my Irionds. 'II. o no-
lilont aninials of Ood's oroation! His socond
., hnllu,,, lmr,r 'I'l.w U,,t...,,....l 1 ."" V "V" ",m ""i1",":. tlll.l 0011 ( rilU fast 0110IIL' 1 tllOV WOlllll OHSll V
awaro willVm.oths.nmiptiouings'.iHU " , ! " 0 'ZZh" bring higldy roinun.Tativo priocst.-tl.o bn.o,!-
1 soak advisodly and boliovo tho oxiioTioncc i ! ',' , ,.l w ,r r ior . . lui t o.i thi r w' ,lot - f,,,r ".'1'. "V 1,1 il "",mI,?!" ,mt f0F
of n.any tl.oua..ds of ho.o l.rocders, roluc- 'V. udd.t.on II.lu tl(( ,)5 witlml SyQ , roaB , , , t
tant as thoy may bo to ad.nit it, is proof. TU),'w hl""1 - lougaimod at.a olassof horsos i iiwhioheao h
Kov.Alr. Cur.ioy of .Mainosaysthatalthougli Iflroedors would provido tlimusolvus i wit h lim ljvi!ry ono will bo worth all ho costs. A
itis olaimcd that thc hr Iiin of tmttin.' s"1'1' """o.s as woro ... tho days ol IHaok ,t..vs f fast Iwrsos suitablo for tho road ...
horscy (listinctivnlv ns a si.iin.nnf l.miit . in H"wk, sinall fast stallions would prodiii'o litrht or hcavv hitoh. for tho wagon or thc
.Maino isafailuro, yot whon spood is c(u-',-,.,lu,1su,m "" ?i " . ' "i s S i l,1,m'
noctod witl. othor ..ualitiiis for gonoral so :Iium1 thon. Hut will thoy. Is it not ho ,sixt,.(
iiikI tjisti. un. i m ctvli. A-.,. (.,.,. icii(iciio oi ncariy an
isno doubt about its vahio and tho nrolita-1 thoy liayc.c.'.pooiiilfy
bloness of tho
(This is not st
l.aps noar ouoti
oontago of trottoi
)0Ut its vniu) ani t ho nrolita- " "i" 1 ""'J " "'"" " v.v."'".' , iioniv oi
bnsincs.sof broodiii" horscs. by l.ard work or htra.ns, ovcn it sinalli' l 0110.1? And In
stH..tlv lii...-,il oimtni nn i.r. nnnK n is, anil you no (loui)i agroo w.i.i mo, luul, 1 .at 1IIV(
uh to got tho idoa.) Tho .or- !l,ul.lt ls "ot s". vory iioMniPiivo aitoii.u as
s isoxooodi.o'ly sinall ovon wo i.avo sonioi.nif.s u.ougiu, 11 oaro is usc 1 1 ,U!U1 suim to j
Who docd not know that for ovory
IimmiI li'iv colt. of L'ood I'orm and uait
to brocd from what t four or livo ycars of ago, thcro will bo
mrohasors at from S".!00 to 500
is not tho oxpor.onuo of "ontlo
i brod thoroii!rhlrods to Abdal-
lah and Alnn.brino Chiof in Kontiicky, Amor-
Vbdallali and lus rcnownod son
or Alorgan liorses, uavo ns niuoii truo .stani-! 15 aok Ilawk Aloriian or lCthan Allon n.aro,
ina as nny in tho world. I ro.nenibor tho to tho largor, coarsor Jlossongor or Hashaw
reniark of n irontloman lnst suinmcr. 0110 ov- rwhicli is nlniost idcntical. as tho dam of
advanta"o othcrwio soiuo luoky idontly travolcd aud obsorvant, 11111I withal 1 vomig Uashaw tho prouunHor ;of all tho raoo
'ts tho prolit of tho hreodiii" in tlio 1 !l trun lovitr of tlio horso. Sitting upon tho i(,f Hasliaw trotto.vs was a Mosscugor niaro.)
. I'oras ithasbccii iiroviouslv shown. Addison IIouso .stops, iu Middlebury, 011 a sttilliou, or nulood to any coarsor trotting
sinall horsos without spood oai.not bo brod . I"!11'!'" 'H'oasion, 110 watoiHHi uie toains como 1 stallion ot good blooil and aotion, as is sliown
with prolit, aud ho that boars tho lal.or and " i" oouiury. i.ooK.ug ij., 110 says: 1 i,y many lator periornmnou r J-.veii iiusspriiig
in tho bcst of fainilics. althouiih it is ovidont- nouo "roiMi iro .inoisosiiavingiiorotuiao aii- Hysdyk's UamDlotoiiian 111 urango
ly inoroasiii". S01110 writors aylivopcroont. iuoiit.s,irovi(icda,U(iiciousoiioicooi siaiiion is , j. Y donionstratod thoraot that tlio groi
othors less, iiiako trottors of snouial valuo: at niado, for it is no doubt tnio tho olo-o nuilt, and bcst rcsults may bo oxpoctod from
tiw.iw.itc r. ..,(,,.. n-. ..((,.,..(, ... i ii,., 1,,,,. .koiiiii . swoiicd musoiod iiiuo liiaok 1111WK 1 hn!ci n' tho il' bt. imo. o hoorlii . t
drod. Th! brcoding of tho livo isrcmunorativo
to tho broodor. if ho is at tho sa.uo timo liorso
inan onough to dovoloi) his oolts and show
tl.om to advantag(!.
doalcr go
fast oolts
oxponso w.tn i.opo oi kuiii nuds 111 tlio oiki . "-'' -"" "
nothing bnt loss, oxccpt tho coiiiolation that l. " '''"' i m m i.viniKSim wi . , uu.mas.icuor.son, ny uio iargor. coarscr.iioi.
I10 has raisod a "ood liorso and a trottor. 1 two throoand ovon lourloadod 111. tlmt would jng horso Toronto Chiof, diini Cipsey (iuoon 11
Thoso aro so?no of tho ncativos, porliaps t:lkp tl,(!lr 1(,il(ls "1 w,cl1 :l iis tl,ilt ,lt sm'n Ii"" thoroughbrod Olouooo and Wagnor nmro
sullicicnt for thooccasiou tlm dnrkor shadcs!11 Vi,t0 of S1,L'L'(I without hitohing, bobbing or ' i thought to bo tho most proinising young
,..,... a .... .i .... iii.t w.ua t .liiiiiDlum and tlioso Hturdv littlo lollow.sdou CisliLluon 11 Amorioa. wiiiuins ovorv raco 110
r.Pll... ..1
boliovd thoro'aro. contloinon. X irood si.ed, ?(.'um..to kll0,v tl"it thoy havo any load bo
rangy, stylish, oimn gaitod and onduring nind thom at all. iiioso aro (juaiitios, gon-
horso ol a good eolor. bay for inManco, froin tloinen, Ihut wo cannot anord to Oso, and it
151 to 10 hands high, woighng 1000 to 1150 is not nwocssary wo should. In tho last fow
poiind.s, will always bvinS a good prioe, .';" lms hi'" 'i Srow'"S tli""
anil can just. as woii no uroii and nroii iasi J . ., PV", 7.
as sinallor sinos aud inilillercnt colors. broodors ol our laiul, that tho old thoory of
I was taught in my early days tlmt tho truo ' . loumio, sniai. ii.ai.!, u.o.igu g.um .,.
thcorv of brocding w'as to c.-osmi largo rooniy, ' PJ.io 100 limst givo plaoo 111 a nioa.suro to tho
strong bonod, ooarso niaro witl. a sniooth, . iils)luto ftiet.s ns thoy uvo ilovi'lopi.d from day
.cuiiJ, cr,,,,v litci,. 11,.,.,. At,. ii,.,..-'w'to day and yoar to ycar; that tho fastost and
nmro I'corloss bv Ainorican Star Irom a I "Ll ""V ..V. """
IMossongor nmro, Mr. Sinilh's nmvo Nonosuch nw iml;iniiK mmlitios. aro boing produocd
by Laniloit from Mr. Haldwiu's niaok Ilawk , by brooding tho snmll, Imo bonod, oinluriiia,
:- 1 t.t.il.l.il (tip l.t.t UIMtfil.ll. !LM(1 llllt 11. i'cW ll.'LVS
sinco at 1' lootwood in 27, 281 mxt 29, and at
tho samo mooting a six yoar old niaro Iloath
orbloom, by Duko of Wollington, a lai gc,
ooarso Mess'engor liorso, out of a snmll thor
oughbrod nmro oallod lleathblooin ownod
by Mr. GrilHn of Middlotown, Ct. (I havo
ofton f-oon hcr and many of hor colts nt his
farni.) This nmro at hor firsl nppoaranco in
thothroo niinuto olass wins in 2:33 and wns
sold for 10,000.
Thoso oxamplos l havo prosontod to show
that wo 111 Vormont, with our sturdy, littlo
nmres oan hopo to produoo by brocding to

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