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110VAL CVMM1NU3, rubllthor,
St. Johntbury, Vt.
iimi.vv, ii:ci:.tiii:it t, is?u.
St. Johiialiury, Vcrinonl.
Tho legislature has adjourned and gone
home, and let us bo thankful for tho good
it has done, and tho evil it has not done.
Wo will review its courso moro fully when
wo issuo our supplement containing tho acts
As to who is president elect, we know not ;
it now looks as though Hayes would bo
counted in, and with fairness wo trust. Ho
is our choice of tho two men, but wo want
an honest, fair count abovo all else. And
unless Tildcn should mako a worso president
than ho has governor, tho country would
not bo iinpcrrilled.
linsun np Anntr-m.T.TitK.(inv. Fairbanks
nominated, and tho senate confirmed of
course, tho following persons as members of
tho new board: Ocorco S. Fassctt, Knos
burgh; Albert Chapman, Middlebury; Pe
ter Collier, Durlington ; John II. Mead,
Rutland ; Ora Paul, i'omfret ; and Henry
Chase, Lyndon. It will bo seen that Mr.
b'assctt is tho only member of tho old board,
though Prof. Collier has seen servieo and
will bo of great value to tho now board.
Shall wo have two sermons or one, is a ques
tion over which many of tho congregations of I
thisstato have or will wax warm. The Con
gregational paper of this state has taken great
pains to secure somo facts in tho case. On
an average, in no church from which it has
heard is tho audience in tho evening equal
to forty per coat, of tho morning audience-
In seven churches tho average audiences
in tho first services aro twenty-two hundred
nod fify, and in the second service fivo hun
dred. It then suggests that it might bo de
sirable to try tho experiment generally, of
ooo service on Sunday, and after an appro
priate interval tho Sunday school, with a
Uible class conducted by tho pastor.
When we bear iu mind that tho vencra
bio and cautious Dr. Lord reaches theso con
clusions, men ot a moro limited experience
and much less practical wisdom may well
consider his proposition.
The recent Kpiscopal congress in Uoston
has attracted moro than usual attention, and
this not wholly in view of the talent, or cul
turo or position of tho men, for other relig
ious bodies havo theso and attract less atten
tion. The thing which, abovo all others, has
turned tho public cyo on this gathering has
been the topics discussed and their method
of treatmcut. Amoug other subjects wcro
these : "The place of Art in Christianity,"
"Tho Morals of Politics," on which cx-Oov.
llullock, of Worcester spoke with great clear
ncs3 and force, "Tho Homcdy for Intemper
ance," and kindred topics. This bhows that
these men havo clear conceptions of the vital
needs and issues ol the world as it is. This
exhibition of sound, solid common senso in
matters of Christian cntcrpriso not only
pleases but wins tho public, lhe world is
aching for this practical philanthropy; this
grappling with tho real problems oi'tocial
and political life. While partisans aro
seeking for succsa by tho low arts of tho pol
iticians, these men with a noblo zeal are en
dcavoring by a purpose and wisdom inspired
of Christian knowlcdgo to solvo some of the
most difficult problems which tax our modern
philanthropy and statesmanship. JJishop
Whipplo has shown by his masterly treat
ment of tho Indian question, in contrast with
tho imbecility and corruption of congressional
methods, that tho problem can bo solved
when properly attempted. All tbeso things
aro signs that tho old rcgimo of plunder and
corruption and hollow diplomacy is passing
away, and an era of purity, uprightness and
manhood is dawning.
Tho long and short of it is, that Mr. Sollaco
had no business on tho list ol electoral
candidates. And wo aro credibly informed
by good republicans that ho (oared as much
himself and cxprccscd his feelings to somo
"omincnt politicians" who assurod him that
it would mako no difference. Thoy wcro
eminent politicians doubtless but thoy wcro
not eminent for their knowlcdgo of tho Uni
ted States constitution, for their patriotism,
their good sense, nor for their political sagac
ity and morality. Ho was wholly ineligible,
and when for party purposes tho plain organ
io law or tho constitution is violated, tho
confusion and quibbling which follows is only
what might bo exnectod. Thcro is an old
moral law which says something about sow
ing tho wind if we so elect, but tho harvest
garnered must of necessity be of tho whirl
wind, and tho politicians of both parties who
suppose tho Creator will, for their special
' . , L ,. , , P.i i
boncfit abrogate any ol tho laws of the uui-
verso may expect to como to grief, llicro
wcro enough other men both cligiblo and
competent, and tho selection of Mr. Sollaco tho risk ot it ; and bceond, tho quiet, un
stands out therefore as a piece of party man- "mH gentlcumu, who did not seek no.i.t-
HvuMa wv mv. Vi i t J ,,n nn nnM lin tint ttirnftil ft linifflt In Hnnuru
cuvcring and not a necessity of statesman-
bhip. It has injured tho morale of tho par-
ty in this stato and in other states as well,
It is no reply lo say tho democrats do such
., , ,, . .i ..I ,11
things. That party is not tho standard
by which our moral charaotcr is to bo
dotcrmlucd. If tho democrats are fearfully
corrupt, tho way to roform them Is not to
I iMttliidl flintp lit. 1. 1 1 . rt i, it va! .1 Tn 1abiI Ia.
clean men ; men of unimponchablo character J
nnJ who for conduot shall not only bo "abovo
board," but abovo reproach also. Uo thou
and sin no more, wo say to tho political
leaders of both parties.
Lifo iusuranco just now seems to bo under
a cloud in certain quarters, tn part through
tho folly of somo officials, moto through tho
fears of ignorant policy holders, and most of
all through dishonest agents and shysters
generally who havo combined to blackmail
tho companies. Iloro is ono way it is uono I
A miscraWo follow writes a damaging arli
clo full of all manner of falsehoods, and
threatens to publish it, and, preying on the
fears and prejudices of tho publio to injuro
lifo insuranco business, ho hopes tho officers
of leading companies will "buy him off.'
, , - . r., . i
buch is tho origin of most of tho articles WO
gnJ Q tho dailies, just as tho Clonoy articles,
especially thoso treating of corporations in
tho Tribuno aro inspired by Jay Oould to
injuro tho railroad and other stocks con
trolled by tho Vnudorbilts. Another
method of blackmailiog is to get up suits,
in tho namo of somo polioy bolder, or his
fainilv. acainst a company, and then offer
to settle lor a largo bonus. Tho prosperous
companies frequently havo such suits
Wo waru our readers against much faith
in theso things, for I lib insuranco is sound in
principle, wiso in management generally,
and no prudent inau who loves his family
will long bo without tho assured security
which it affords. Hero is no instance a
young man S21 years old insuroJ last Ooto
bcr in tho Montpclicr company for tho bene
fit of bis dependent mother for tho sum of
810.000. paving a quarterly premium of
84G, nnd ho died a few days sinco of ty.
phoid pneumonia. Of courso ho did not
expect to die, no moro than wo do, but bis
insuranco mado his mother secure against
... .
anv nossiulo coutinccncv : ana uau uc
lived fifty years tho investment would have
proved a good ono tor his bcirs, perhaps a
wife and needy children. Wo aro in no
wav interested in this company, havo no
P01'0? ln ar0 001 CTC"
,. ,. 1 lil.
I nr. t.-.i t i Mr. :
nn-""'n.",,u,,l".T '
malter 01 "UUJ ,or 80Vcral ' '. aDU uav'
ins carried somo insuranco lor ball a scoro
or moro of years, wo know it to bo etui
ncutly wine and prudent, and therefore urge
it upon our readers, especially young men
Wo expect to live years yet and provide for
thoso who look to us lor support, but if wo
aro taken away wo know they aro provided
for, aud that assurance affords great satis
A Suggestion.
Wo notice with plcasuro tho growing
habit on tho part of ministers (and churches
to havo union Thanksgiving services. It is
as it should bo in itself, and cry happy iu
its influence. 1 be commaud ot scripture is
"Let all tho people praiso theo, 0 God,"
and why not all of us get together oneo in
year to piaiso tho ono Lord of us all, the
ono source of all our fuvors, the ono Cod
who smiles upon tho fields that fill our
garners, whoso provideoco guards our
lives, and abundant grace provides roJcmp-
tion for us from all our sins ; why not, wo
say, all, once a year, in one place, with one
accord, ns citizens of ono common country
having all aliko the b'ct good of our coun
try at heart, praiso (jod together? The
Adventist could pass over in silence his
peculiar views us to the prc-millcnnial rcigu
of the Messiah, aud rejoice iu tho advent of
a new era of national lifo ; tho Jiaptist
would plunge heart and soul into tho needs
of the timo for tho old Roger Williams' de
votion to tho cause of liberty ; tho Congrc
gationalist, forgetting tho Say brook and
ecclesiastical platforms, would demand ono
broad enough and truo enough for all pat
riots to stand upon, a standing order worthy
of (Jod and man ; the Episcopalian, though
cherishing his faith in tho apostolic succcs
sion, could urge the need of a succession of
good men, like Washington aud Jay and
Morris and Hamilton ; tho Methodist, while
bating for tho moment his noble enthusiasm
for tho memory of tho Wesleys and a long
ino of honored worthies, might plead for
methods of honesty, sobriety and godliness
Tho Homauist, venerating tho successor
Saint Peter none the less, would bo catho
lie enough to cmbiace us all in one common
brotherhood for whoso weal he might pray
the Univcrsalist, while proclaiming salvation
for all, would at least admit that some ain
ncrs of our times deserve a " fearful looking
for of judgment." Yes, let us all as tho citi
zeus of one town meet in the town hall,
need be, for a service of praiso, not preach
ing, but of praiso and thanksgiving to th
Giver of every good and perfect gift. Such
a sight might surpriso tho angels ns from
tho " holy hiaht of their heaven above,
they look down on our pitiful lifo be
low," but with that feeling of surpriso
would be mingled ono of delight
might bo novel to men, but would it not
bo Christ-like, for is it not tho essence of
common Christianity which wo all hold
greater worth thau thoso points concerning
which we differ 7 Lot us lcavo our denom
inationalism, our ccclcsiasticism in tho rear
once, and bring our warm, living, world-cm
bracing Christianity to tho front that it may
"run and bo glorified." For, as Professor
Fisher suggests, tho points as to which wo
agree aro moro numerous than thoso respect
ing which wo differ. Wo offer theso sug
gestions now that Thanksgiving is past
that wo may bo ready a year hence, know.
ing how reluctant, aud slow our people aro
to adopt an innovation apparently as great
as this one.
Ono bishop of tho Methodist Episcopal
church is now on tho way to Alrica,
and another on tho way to India.
Vkiiy Tuuk. Tho couutry may rest as
sured that no wrong will bo done, aud that
if any is attempted it will not bo carried out.
If Gov. Hayes has been fairly elected ho
" "
will not bo "counted in" lor two reasons:
l)l0 rcnuUca rmrlv caIlnot ufrurd t0 tako
t10 election by fraud ; its leaders know tho
critical temper of tho people too well to tako
hie ow'n cccti0nt has too much self-respcet
Lnj dignity of character, aud too high a
sensa of personal honor, UHaiaj the preut-
uny or auy otner oiui'o wiiu a biaiu upon
his title Wo shall havo an honest dec ara-
of the result. The democrats aro
p0WCriCiU) t0 xnfat t ad tho republicans
cannot afford to, -TV. Y, Tr fount.
Tho "cold snap" and tho roturns from tho
south will vory likely friczo up Brother At
kins' poultry till spring.
Poland, of Montpclicr wo mean, speaks
of Thanksgiving as tho day when frail mor
tality is tempted to do just n littlo too much
in tho way of caring for tho "inner man,"
Speaking from experience, friend 7
Wado Hampton's bouso was .burned last
Friday night, and tho inmates escaped with
only tho olothiug thoy had on their bodies.
No insuranco. Is that a caso of suffering
for "righteousness' sako 7"
Dr. Atwatcr is out in a card saying bo
was not a candidato for re-election as com
missioner of tho Insane. No matter about
that, doctor, you was not elected ; theso lit
tlo "cards" after election wont do any good.
Piuchback is in trouble. Ho was refused
a seat in tho United States scnato on tho
ground of tho dishonest count of tho Louis
iana returning board. Tho samo board aro
to count Hayes in, aud poor Pinch can't sco
tho joko.
"Tho Burlington Sentinel has suspendod"
says n dispatch, ltro. Merchant expects to
'run" tho post offico in a few months per
haps, but if ho remains "suspended" till that
day dawns upon him, ho is as good as dead
llov. Dr. Loriincr preached a Thanksgiv
ing sermon in Trcmont Tciuplo, Boston, on
'God in American History." If ho had treat
ed our later national history wo should think
tho chief of tho othor region had been more
prominent and deserved appropriate mention.
Swain, ol tho Bellows Falls Times, has
our sympathies. His pet bill to gtvo the
bodies of dead paupers to medical students
failed. But then, Swain don't expect to dio
a pauper, whilo most of the other members
regard such a i'utc fur themselves as very
probablo !
Chromos again ! An enterprising insur
anco agent of Burlington offers a beautiful
chromo to any ono who takes a policy
through his agency. That's liko a butter
dealer in Boston who put a chromo in every
tub he sold, and built up a thriving busi
ness thereby.
Tho Montpclicr and Burlington papers arc
getting excited about a dead seal which was
found iu Otter Creek not long since. Now
gentlemen, before you go further would it
not bo well to determine whether tho animal
was a seal at all 7 If it should turn out to
bo the moro fragrant Mephitis Americana .'
The Boston Traveller keeps a poet, aud
this is tho way ho gave utterance to his
emotions the morning after a light full of
snow. "Tho garment that covered tho
ground this morning was in color appropri
ate to tho season, but was too thin for util
George Francis Traiu is a lunatic, is bo 7
For a score of years eminent fcientists and
theologians havo been racking their brains to
discover the real purpose of Darwin, Huxley
and their followers. But Train has mastered
tho difficulty and hays their chief ambition
is to dig a creator out of a mustard seed with
a toothpick.
Samuel Bowles is a "bull-dozer." Ho
says, "a citizen Irom the outskirts ol tno city
called in to say : 'You jest tell folks, iu
tho moriiin', that I'm talked of for alder
man, and I'll remember vou when wc
butcher.' In duo time, wo shall advocate
that man for mayor." Now, Mr. Republi
can if that is not bull-dozing," what is, and
right hero in New Kugland !
Counterfeit tcn-dollar bills on Lafayette
national bank of Lafayette, Ind., aro out
No wonder, tho genuino aro so scarce ; some
thing must make its appcaraucc. Let's sec,
how did that stato go on tho presidential
question 7 Aro these bad bills somo of Zach
Chandler's or some of Gov. Tildcn's money
coming cast, now that it has been where it
could do tho most good 7
"Massachusetts is mean ; Massachusetts
is hateful. I hato everything that belongs
to that state, but its rocks and trees and
brooks." Lucy Stone. Oh, Lucy, don't,
Hut why aro not "men" included iu your
list of exceptions? Ah, wo soo it, tho Bay
state has an excess of 75.000 "anxious and
aimless," as Gov. Andrews called them
Lucy not included !
Tho Argm says one of tho clerical mem
bers of tho legislature "seems to have a high
opinion of himself, classing himself with
Phillips, Sumner, Garrison, uml St. Paul
Yet, judging from the character of his
speech, ho lacks considerable of being tho
peer ol thoso men." We did not supposo
tho Argus folks wcro as familiar with rc
formers aud saints as this would indicate.
Gov. Til Jen is a sly old fox, ho has had
experience. Tho other day a young ladies'
school down south, that suuny, peaceful
clime, elected him an honorary member of
somo local literary society, and ho accepted
tho compliment through his privato secre
tary, fearing an autograph reply would furn
ish tho basis for a suit for breach ol promise
And ho is tho man tho democrats would
havo rulo over us. Is not that tho first step
towards an "effeto monarchy 7"
"Tho legislative mill has ground slowly,
and has achieved but littlo, wo uro grieved
to say, in tho way ol excellent results, lb
reason lor this is plainly that tho bouso has
containod many men ot ability, yet lar dit
Icrciit from previous sessions, it has lacked
nblo and discreet leaders." Montptlie
What do you think ofthat,Capt. Newton,
Col, Spruguc, Judge Wales, Squiro Blodgctt
Congressman Woodbridgo, Landlord Battel!
Capt. Kstoy, Pnrson Olinstcad, Dca, Pollard
Governor Stowart, Squiro Dillingham, and
J udgo French 7
Tho Univcrsalist ministers of Boston do
cido to follow tho examplo of tho Baptist
and Methodist parsons in holding regular
Monday morning meetings.
A colored resident of Detroit, who occa
sionally lends n lew dollars on good secu
rity, was thu other day invited to lend a
neighboring cobbler ?.'iO on a note of baud
running thirty days. "Supposo dat noto
comes duo and you haven't do cash?" in
quired tho capitalist. "But I will havo."
"But -a'poso you haven't." Tho cobbler
couldn't) get over that, and ho was looking
very serious, when tho capitalist got n bright
idea, aud said. "Wo kin fix dat. You
mako tho noto, you sco. You may bo good,
or you may not bo, I'm good and we bof
knows it, 'causo hero's do cash right hero.
You mako tho noto and I'll back it. 1 know
myself, you see, and do capitalist who won't
lend monoy on his own 'dorscmcnt buiu't no
business bead on him." Aud thoy fixed U
that way.
It It our purpoie In Dili column to aire each weok eiirntin
from lhe tarlom pajwri of the dy, !iowlnj the drift of puli
Ho ejilnlon on all toxica of curreul Intern!, Irrwiwctln of
creed or parly, n we wlih our readeri lo Vnow wtwl IM peo-
ie inmit ami uy or paulnf etenU.
Tho Louisiana board should tiniloratnnit
thasccrcoy is incompatible with satisfaction.
iVeui YorA: Evening Post.
The wisest of the lav avamrctlsts ia aim
gularly careful to stand turroundod and sus
tained by tho united hands aud hearts of tho
cduoated ministers; and his work supple.
mcnis, nnu is supplemented by tholrs.
Tho colored voto being divided, wo shall
look next to sco tho uhito vote divided, aud
then will como tho natural end of tkat con
flict of races, which, if continuod, would bo
suro to uo disastrous to tho weaker race,
Boston Ha aid.
What has becomo of tho oldest inhabi
tant? Ho is usually around about this time
of tho year with an unpleasant prophecy
that. "Lhrt nntmnrr wintor uill Kn (tin Imfiln.)
nown for many years." Perhaps tho old
follow has gone South to sco tho votes coun
ted 7 IV. Y. Mail.
1 sincerely and earnestly hope that a
spirit of patriotism will prevail, and that in
the adjustment ol any complications which
may ariso tho only aim may bo simplo jus
tice nnd a full complianco with tho require
ments of tho Constitution as framed by tho
fathers. Alexander II. Stephens.
Wo confess this political campaign has
mado us long for ovcu something sometimes
called fanaticism iu religion, In real en
thusiasm tho devil beats us out and out 12
months in a yoar. Howover, as tho gospol
is to save nico people, nico churches and
nieo proprieties aro tho things, alter all.
tec. 1. A. rotter.
Aud thcro is ovidenco that intimidation
works both wuys. Republicans, whito and
black, oudeavorcd to prevent negroes from
voting with tho domourala by throats and
violence, and, iu some plaocs, it was riuito
as dangerous for them to belong to ouo'party
as tno other. uos.on uiouc.
If South Carolina had been carried with
out troops and Louisiana without fraud. tjtho
improvement would havo been still greater.
No single fact iu the wholo campaign made
a worse impression on English observers
than the use ol tho military in a political
contest. G. W. S , in N. Y. Tribune.
Tho sudden veneration for Judge Moses
of South Carolina, which has seized tho
democracy, is a beautiful instance of spon
tancous piety. 1 hoy havo apparently con
founded him with Moses of old, a not un
natural thing fur them to do, sinco thoir
study ot tho scriptures, being conbuod to a
few weeks of the lato campaign, was neces
sarily very superficial. N. Y. Tribune.
Respect for law and its administrators is
good. Jtut when corrupt and untrustworthy
men prcsumo upon tho possession of office,
and under the pretense of administering law'
becomo tlio thinly .disguised agents of party,
tho case is altogether altered. So matters
now stand iu South Carolina. New York
Tho canvassing board in Louisiana re
fuses to fill the vacancy by appointing a dem
ocrat, and declines to permit representatives
of the press to witness and report its pro
ceedings. Its friends must not bo surprised
it its intentions arc regarded with suspicion
under theso circumstances. Jloston Iran
The country wants tho truth. Thcro is
an increasing irritation so long as it is with
held. J ho bare suggestion that one party
or the other may bo cheated out of its rights
by a false count or au unfair ruling is ex
asperating to tho people. No matter how
excitiug au election may be, tbo people have
always acquiesced iu tho result when fairly
obtained. San Francisco Bulletin (llep.)
Tlie New York Times jealously resists
tho attempted encroachments of the Tribune
upon its held ns special organ of tho repub
lican party. Thu Times has certainly earned
its right to this questionable honor, and the
Tribuno is foolish to contest it. How much
better tho Tribune would havo stood, to-day,
had it remained independent, instead ol
stooping to organ work, aud being refused
tho credit tor it. Huston Herald.
Wodouot believe that Gov. Hayes will
accept tho presidency if it shall bo secured
lur.lum by nny questionable means. Me
has said that he would scorn to gain the of
fice by a trick. Wo havo no doubt that
if it should be awarded to him by a fraud
in Louisiana or anywhere else, he would,
without the loss of a day, make known his
refusal to accept it. iYcio York Keening
There is getting to bo a good deal ol im
patienco at tho political situation nmutig tho
busiucss uicu at uew New York. They dou't
like to sco and feel as thev are neeiug and
feeling, that the business revival, so prom
ising iu other respects, is not only set back
but absolutely crushed out by tho sharp
practice of party politicians to keep or get
possession ot tho patronage ol the govern
mcnt. Springfield Republican.
If it were possiblo for managing politi
cmns ever lo lull y comprehend mo trum
that in tho long ruu honesty is really tho
best poller, and that nil sharp practieo or
or double-dealing or dishonesty of any sort
will sooner or later return lo plague tho
inventor, wo should not bo without hope of
somo practical good resulting Irom tho ex
istiug condition of political uncertainty aud
distrust. Kach sido doubts tho other, with
good reason ; fur each has given tho other
good grounds lor something moro than sus
picion. iv. l . 1 riowic.
McKce and Avery wero promised thci
freedom long agn, by llabcock, aud the prom
iso is fulfilled. Tho most paiulul point of it
is, that both Tutt aud (irnut soem to lie
lieva them innocent. It is uiifortunato fo
the republicans that so lew men of eminent
ability and exalted character aro now
tho cabinet, if Mr. hvarts was attorney
general, anil a man liko Gov. Morgan
,udgi Hoar had Zack Chandler's placo, tho
country would leel suro that it the president
goes wrong it will not be lor lack of good
advieo- van, in itprtngjitut litpiwlican
Wo have bad enough of Grant. ' Wo can
get along very well without a President
This might bo a good timo to abolish th
presidency. Wo might elect our postmasters
and all national officers fur local service.
Then wo might havo a cabinet elected by
both houses ol congress, and made rcspon
Bible to congress. A real republican gov
crnment ought to bo an affair of clerks any
bow. and tho absenco ot Urant and his sec
retaries for several months of each yea
shows that it is substantially so with us.
tinciiiimti Commercial.
I'rcsi dent-elect Tildcn, in our recent in
tcrviow with him, impressed us with his
great good sense, his perfect faitli in th
final triumph ol tho light, his conhdunco I
tho honesty and patriotism of tho great body
ol thu pcoplo, democrats and republicans,
who, ho says, will over rally to tho Union
when it is in real danger, and most favorably
with his quiet and perfect commaud over
himself, aud his evident sluccro devotion to
his couutry and tho best iutcrcst of its w hoi
people. liichmond Whig (Vein )
It is plain enough that if tho campalgi
had been fought upon tho basu oI'Mr. Hayes
letter of acceptance tho democrats would
not have mado nearly so good a flight iu the
North. iNcw xork, cw Jersey, uouueeti
cut, and Indiana, contaiucd, as js now seen
a largojjody of voters not clotoly attached
to any political party, but aroused by un
wonted uuxictics touching tho character of
tho national government, lor theso mcu
tho reform issuo was by fur thu most iuipor
taut, jjJiuwn nJtumiiKr.
That Sollaco was not elected becausa ho
was constitutionally incapacitated is ab
solutely certain. He could no moro bo
olected than tho king ol tho Cannibal islands.
Tho cxcuio that is set up by tho canvassing
board 'for returning or declaring jhlm as
elected, nnd the subtcrfugo that is to bo re
sorted to for provcutiug him from giving an
unqualified vote nnd at tho samo timo lor sc
ouring that voto and for Hayes, justify us
in pronouncing tho republican managers in
Vcrmout to bo mcro -pettifoggers. N. Y,
It la lor tho republican parly, and espec
ially for thoso who havo its interests in'thcir
k6cning in Louisiana, to cut thcmsolvcs
ndnft, oneo lor all, from tho corrupters of
tho franchise Thoy havo everything to
loso by such a partnership. It would bo in-
bnitely hotter to bo disorganized anu des
troyed at once, than to gain a temporary ad
vantago by such means. It would only lead
to greater, dishonor. lioston Advertiser.
Ono conclusion may safely bo drawn from
tho victory or tho narrow defeat of the
democratic party. Tho voto which has
placed them in this position is a plain con
fession on tho part of tho mass of tho peo
ple that they aro dhsatitficd with the present
tato ol tho civil administration ol the coun
try. Thcro Is no reason whatever to think
that thoy havo gono over from a general
adherenco to republican policy to a general
acccptanco of tho democratic. But a very
argo number ot republicans must cither
lavo remained neutral or havo votod against
their party from a conviction that a great
reform iu tho administration was ncc-icu,
coupled, probably, with some confidence in
Mr. Tildeo's power to ciiect it. utnaon
Slapb's Oiiu.3. Some of our readers will
remember tho enterprise of ex-Governor
Sladc, of Veruiout, somo thirty years since,
of sending female teachers to the West.
Hundreds and hundreds of young womcu of
culture Irom tho best Christian families of
New York and New Knglond went. They
will also remember tho ardent support Gov
ernor Slado secured from such men as Rev.
Drs. Elisha Tucker, Oeorgo B. Ide, and
Others. But 'Blade's girls,' as they were
called, could not resist the blandishments of
tho young farmers of the West. Ihcy would
get married. Thoy begun by teaching other
peoples children, and ended by teaching
their own. Northern Illinois, Wisconsin
and Iowa wcro especially benefited by this
immigration ol teachers who becamo wives.
Rev. Dr. Ide used lo tell with gusto a story
ol tho war. He had a rclativo on General
McPhcrson's staff. As the army of the
Tcnccssce was lighting its way from Chatta
nooga to Atlanta, on a certain day Mcl'hcr-
son was very hard pressed, tno lighting
unusually severe. His lino wavered at
imcs, but on tho extreme right he noticed
tho extraordinary fighting qualities of a reg-
mcnt that never wavered, but held its posi
tion with indomitable pluck until reinforced,
and thus saved tho day. At uight this rel
ative of Dr. ides was sent over to that
ironsides' regiment with general's thanks,
aud to make special inquiries us to who they
were, lie found it wus un Iowa regiment,
all young men, and but a short time in the
service ; aud alterwarus addressing ur. lue
said, 'They wcro most of them Sladcs' girls'
boys , N. x . bxamtner.
Rkspkct ion Law. Tho final test of our
principle is tespect for tho lorms of law. If
a great party acquiesces in results which nro
declared in perfect accord with thoso forms,
even although it believes them to bo lalsc,
it is plain that respect for law is stronger
than party spirit, und that our republic will
not bo wrecked upon tho rock which has
destroyed its predecessors. Such acquies
cence shows a just contidcncc that the pco
plo will, under tho same forms and at the
polls, punish thoso who shall have committed
so monstrous a wrong. It shows, further, a
consciousness that it is incalculably better to
ubmit for the tuna and seek the sure remedy
by otderly and lawful methodslhau to invoke
the awful nnd doubtful arbitrament of war.
If, for instance, llio result of the lato election
should depend upon the vote of Louisiana,
and, under rupublican auspices, that voto
should bo declared fur Mr. Hayes, but with
a strong general conviction lhat tho return
wus IrauJiilent, the country would acqui
esce, but the republican party would have
been destroyed. On the oilier bund, if the
count should be declared for Mr. lildcn,
democratic terror in certain pari-hes, again
the country would acquiesce, but the con
sciousness that he owed his seat to force
nnd not to honest voting would unite the
wholo "North" ngainst this parly ami rout
it at the next election. Alter tho Hurry of
tho first day of doubt, this has been the
general tone ol tho gicat body of tho press
of both parlies, aud the press eaiinot servo
the country and the principles wiueii aro
most precious to nil of us moro surely than
by steady persistence iu this tone. Ilarcr's
Tho stale cavalry veterans, who held their
annual reunion at Montpclicr, edncsday,
adopted enthusiastic resolutions concerning
Gen. Custer, their old commander. After
ho took command, thoy never fired n shot
dismounted j tho Vermont regiment was his
pet, and they congratulate themselves that
Uustcr said at llio close ol tho war that ino
historian should iucribo upon tho page of
history his namo as tho commander ol tho
!ld cavalry division.
Gospel meetings will be held at Pomfret,
December 1st, 2d, and ad.
Hev. L. C. Dickinson gave a leeturo last
Sabbath eve on tho centennial, at Derby.
Tho Rev. S. P. Wilder was installed pas
tor of tho Congregational church iu Brandon
tho 22d, with tho usual sorvices.
Lowell Mass.. reioiccs in the prospect ol
haviug a short courso of lectures by Rov.
Joseph Cook.
Rev. Mr. Uhalmcrs ol Jliddeioru, uo.,
accepts a call to the Congregational church
at Fuirhavcn.
Rov. Mr. Root of Sandgato had a very
pleasant as well us "piofitablo" donation,
Thursday evening.
I'rcsidont Uhadbourno will give twcivo
lectures on "Natural Rehgiou bcloro tho
Lowell Institute, Boston.
Tho Church of Unity, Boston, is ono ex
ception to tho rule, as tho society labors
under uo liiiancial embarrassment.
Dr. Lyman Jewctt, returned missionary,
will preach next Sunday at tho Baptist
church, Derby, nt 1 p.m. nnd 0 p. m.
0. E. Stcclo, a recent grnduato of An
dovcr Theological Seminary, has been en
gaged to preach at Wlnooski for a year-
Rov. Dr. Loriincr has received n call
from tho Tubcrnaclo churoh of New York,
but thcro is no prospect of his accepting
Itov. T. I'- Archibald, D. 1)., of Cornwall,
has accepted tho call to bocomo pastor of
tho Baptist church at Factory Point iu
Rev. Dr. Withrow, pastor of Park streot
Church, Sunday morning, highly compli
mented Governor Rico's Thanksgiving Proo
lumatlou as a model.
Rev. Washington Choato, pastor of tho
Franklin Street Congrcgationalist church,
Manchester, N. H., has tendered his rcsigua
tion, on account of ill health.
Rov. Father Druou, tho Catholio priest at
St. Albans, has published a vigorous and
several column rovlew of Mrs. Gov. Smith's
recent book "From Dawn to Sunrise"
Roy. E. E. Halo, of Boston, Is faid to bo
tho most ludustyious man iu Massachusetts
editor, uovolial, iu;eaehcr, and president of
wiveu publio sooictlea, yet ho uavcr is in a
No rooms in Bangor Theological Semi
nary aro allowed lo students whouso tobacco
in uny form. Good I Tho samo ought to bo
truo of paisonages and pulpits everywhere.
Rev. Alexander Macfurlaua of Port Huron,
Mich,, has ncccptcd a call to tho pastorato
of tho Hanson Pluco Baptist church, Brook
lyn. Ho will bo installed on tho first of
Mr. Wright of Andovcr theological sem
inary, supplies tho Congregational pulpit of
JIarton Landing next Sabbath, nnd Mr.
Robinson, of Woodbury, tho two following
Rov Wayland Hojt has terminated his
relations with tho Shawmut-avcnuo Baptist
Church, and will occupy tho pulpit in tho
Strong-placa Baptist church, Brooklyn,
next Sunday.
Tho Rov. J. D. Williamson, D. 1)., tho
distinguished Univcrsalist author and di
vine, and ono of tho fathers of Odd Fellow
ship in America, died nt Cincinnati Sunday
afternoon, aged seventy years.
Tho Methodist Episcopal church has in
creased 315,000 iu membership, tho past
year, but decreased 80,000 in Sunday-school
pupils. Tho aggregate of collections falls
SlliO.OOO below thoso or 1875.
Rev. J. C. Mott, who was pastor ot tho
Methodist church in Pawlct, somo thrco
years since, wus in that town last week aud
occupied tho desk iu tho Congregationalist
church on Sabbath morning last.
It is exptcfed that Miss Smiley wilt re
turn to Rutland, from Montreal, next week
Wcducsday, and preach a series of discourses
iu tho Congregational church, similar to tho
one just concluded nt the Methodist ehuich.
"If we are to live after death, why dou't
wo havo somo certain knowledge of it?" said
a skeptio to a clergyman. "Why didu't you
havo some knowledge of this world before
you came into it 7" wus tho reply.
Tho Boston Univcrsalist minister last
Monday discussed thu propriety of clergy
men participating in scientific discussiuns.
.Next Monday they take hold of Evolution,
aud Dr. Miner will open tho discussiou.
At the Methodist minister's meeting tho
question was, " hat shall wo do to pro
moto the Spirituality of the Church." At
thu presiding elder's meeting "The Itineracy,
its Uotiditious aud l'crils, was thu topic ol
Tho Baptist ministers after sonic rcsolu
tious nud remarks by Dr. Fulton of Brook
Ivn, discussed "Docs the second coming of
Christ precede or follow the Sjriptiial period
commonly termed the Millennium
A gospel meeting under tho direction of
C. E. Putney of St. Johnsbury assisted by
some ol the workers from Newport was in
Wcstfield last Saturday aud Sunday. There
wus a good attendance and nn increasing in
tcrcst, several expressing a desire fur a bet
ter iile.
The Fletcher prizo of ."00, offered by the
trustees ol Dartmouth college, fur the best
essay un the "Best means tu counteract tho
worldly influences surrouuding Christianity,"
has been awardeil to Itev. William V. Faiis
of tho Grace Presbyterian church at Peoria
The Rev. N. C. Saunders will deliver in
tho Baptist church at Newport, on Sabbath
eveuiugs, a course of lectures or sermons on
the iu-piratiun ol the holy scriptures. Hi
hopes by careful study to mako them cuter
tabling and instructive. The courso will
begin next Sabbath evening.
Mr. Sankey and a Mr. Bliss are working
hard during every leisure hour in preparing
a new book ol liyms aud tunes to be pub
lished iu a short time nud ucd at the Huston
meetings. Ebeu Tourjec will organize a largo
choir and train them tor tho service, as i
basis for tho singing of tho great cougrcga
tion of 0,500 peions.
A prominent minister confesses that thcro
was ono strange omi-siou iu his training us
a preacher. He was urged over and over
agiiu iu a variety of terms, and with every
degree of furciblcuess in uigency, lo be or
thodox, to be scriptural, tu be simple, to be
practical, to bo personal, but nobudy ever
enjoined it upon him to be interesting.
On Thursday week an advisory counei
met at High Street Congregatiunal church,
Port Intnl. to con.-ider thu pastoral resigna
tion ol Rev. .Mr. hcnii. Alter hearing both
parties tho council recommended thu contin
uant of Mr. Fen n over tho church, and in
vitcd the pajish to reconsider their action in
the prenn.-es and to rcinovo out ol lhe way
any hindrance to the efforts ol tho pastor
which may now exist.
Jicv. Geo. 1'. IVntecost of Jloston is in
trouble, Tho publisher uf the Sunday
Times called on him lar u biographical
sketch of himself which ho sensibly refused
To his astnuinhmcut one appeared Sunday
morning lull ol errors and falsehoods, pro
pared as hu learned by two of his minis
terial brethren. It caused quite a st-tisation
in lhe minister s meeting, and that kind ol
biography is not likely to be attempted
In l87-r the Congregational denomination
in this country, with !l2!!,07f) members, gave
$71,025 to missionary work, or 52.12 per
member ; thu Methodist church of Canada
gave 811,1108, or 81. 0 per member; the
Prcshytorian churches North nnd South
S770,;i:!2, or 81-25 per member; tho Epis
eonal church SiSii.i.'.Mu, or fcJ.'J'J per mem
bcr ; the Methodist Episcopal church $075,
0S0, or -12 cents per member.
Tho story is told of a clergyman is it an
old story 7 txat alter preaching an interest
ing sermon on the ''Recognition of Friends
iu Heaven, hu was uccostid by a hearer,
who said : "I liked that sermon, and I now
wUh you would preach another, nn tho ree
ogiiiziug of people in this world, I havi
been attending your church three years, ami
not five persons in tho congregation havo so
much as bowed to me in all lhat time." It
is suspected that there aro many oongrega
tions where such preaching as lhe hearer
asked fur would not ba oiit of place.
New York City has many fine churches,
and many of theso havo very heavy debts
Hero nro somo of the figures given : Tho
Holy Trinity (Episcopal) bus a debt of 8200
01)0; Uhurch ol lhe llcaveuiy nest, fjiiiu
000; Memorial Presbyterian church, 81
000 ; two other Presbyterian churches
S150,l)00 ; two Episcopal churches iu Har
lem, 800,000 each ; a Methodist church
$ 10,000 ; twenty-thrco of tho twenty-seven
Haptist churches havo debts ranging from
815.000 to S75.000 each. Tho debts hero
referred to mako a total ol about 81.500
Tho reports of last Sunday's sermons i
New York aud Boston are meagre, though
it booms Tulmadgo ol Brooklyn went iuto
politics with his accustomed energy, us d
Dr. llarlol of Boston. Tho increasing i
terest which attaches to Rev. Joseph Cook'i
lectures in and ubout Boston is proof of tho
deep hold which religious things havo on
tho enlightened mind and aw.uciieu con
seicuoo. It is not mere cuiiosity, it is tin
craving for light, tho longing to havo somo
of tho transcendent problems 01 mu uuu us
relations tn tho future bolved. Topics and
speaker cqmbincd command a wide utten
Roy. A. J. Oordon of Clarciidon St
chureh. Boston, is delivering a courso of
lectures on Prophelio Themes 011 succcssiv
Sunday afternoons, with tho following sub
iccts. 1. Our present position iu tho his
tory of tho world as indicated by Scripture
2, The rise, character nnu uesutiy 01 jvonn
as rovcalcd in Scripture II. Tho rise
growth and dawufull of tho Turkish Ivnpiro
as revealed in Soripturo. . Tho full, deso
lation aud restoration of Jerusalem as ro
vcalcd iu Scripture. 5. Tho breaking forth
of a great delusion as rovculcd in Scripture,
u. Tho immlnciico and glory ol (Jurist's sec
oud coming as revealed in Scripture,
rt A TVPmT'KTf' TlXU rATItONB' PAINT OOluFANV nre iiinmilnc.
IlllV.SIt lilf null ellllitf them nt rull trait illfcoimla, ilellvrrlnu lln-111 rulujii
., minify irmilrril mull t lie linmls n, t- reel I ril innkliiu II11 1,1 rliemirr
i.vii 111 I' material run lie Ixiuulit elaruhere. Tin y nrr nit aluollllr I r tmrc
nrtlrle, pnaeeslittf grent emlurnitce nml lirllllaiiry, nml nre (living grrnt antla
fnctlim nil nver lhe -tmntr)'. W'f hnve n l,tlrnil frleml win, unveil rnm,u;li nlnne
m I'fllnt tiutilineett tn pny Ilia Urnnce capenaea Tor n llrrll,nr They nlsn aell
11(10 l'AI AT 110 per rent chenper limn ait) ntte etc It la to (lie Interest i,r
nil nbnnt tmtntltitf In write nntl linve aenf free llielr liontc, " .Ver (hie Ills (hrn
JVfliifri." II will nave mtirl, money, whether -n,i htty their tnlnt or lint. Ad
.lees, -isil PltUKT ST11KKT, mlV DHlC.-f ; Voiu xlir iVirmrra' J-Xelli'."
Nt. .tohnshm-u Market,
rmiiAr, Dee. I,
lflrnM 1jlI(1 Ilk' l)ttl(irN.
Putter, now, tub or balls, 'JO M if c Y lb
KC4, &o dull,
lltmti. (Mtlnnl.HI Ivtllto. it h.lnd itlcltud. ii 30.
IhlUl.ulW ( liUh.
Maple HUfar, mrron, exira, vt, it id i mu, oc.
I'uUtnrs, V l.uh.
Deer, diu'xod nclfcht, 7 Hi Sc. V lb.
Price-) AMkmI )' lli-Hlrr.
. Ii, .Hill, na ,..,,. nil,
tlolaiics ue i Katlnn.
Hunnr, rollnod 0, i:tlc, KranuUitod. He.
i - i-. . (ii.
...IIJIIU OM!. I (. nv l.-V.
Ucro-cnc, 33 V gallon.
Corn, now, 8110 f hush.
inula mioni. o.j r unn.
.Meal, JSo V u;h, now.
Vm, II lo V ino Ibi.
Ilran, $1 ir if 101 Ibj.
Flour, (fiMta 8 nil.
llfnr..Al ,,n.tnl rL, to IK.
Shorts, a V ton.
'cr games .llnrkcl. '
Hnturdn,y,Nov. SI.
TIjIs 1-cln t llio Tli.mWL'h ln-' Doultrv day. tho mar
ket was nob attended. Amount of lijullry shbihed
from thUitnllon, .11, on IM,
noi inncii Luiicr ouorua now. nuticr '41 m J".
Kim '--jc.
Onions idohty at .ino
Chickens IU ttti I lo.
Tiirkejs, Id n l
IVrk,$7 Vent.
Potatoes tVHi.
Applos 11 'Jl ?8 2 01 1 Mil.
Jti Imiontt .7sf7.rf
Mo-iiuy, Nov.37, 1976.
lluttcr from 11 ono lot nf SuntcmUor ami Oc
lolier Ititttor Imu'ilit ft1ttit OcLoIht '), mi'l ilotlverixl
t-tiny, price wilii to ho 3'q. .Most of Imttur suM from
23 St
CI i ooo. fiirni dulrv flno urnl Dliln. It iff 12c: wire.
12 10 l-'lC; Kuct.iry, line, l:i fit) I lei klm, 7 C Sc.
Poultry Vi!) I&0 for lro,"oi turkey nml chicken.
TvrpnAV, Nov. 2.
blilimc.l from tliU ttnttnn tliU Mrook. I8.m) lt.- nul
trjVi.u1' Ebs Ituttcr, 7 l-oiiis, :i airs itcon. 3 cur
liosn. We funte lmttor 27 ftd 2S.!; roloctloofl liljjlicr.
rouitry, inc
licRijfl, SI .V) tJ l 75 V bush,
liny I'J fin y ton.
Hc Sttttw, il V ton.
Ifoslon i'ratlttrr, llavkct
ItMir.Tlio arrivals of Flour have hecii corni'lor
uMo and itocltn nro iM'jrlnnlnu to nccninuialo, Imt In
nrlcoi iiocli.iuire. JiUlioUiliii'uIon U nny extent couht
tinlv l-o forccii nt contt"ions. Tliu low tr radon aro
told up pretty cloio tr thu rrovlnii ii, mul tho ?tock of
chnlco limnda U not lariru for thu bcihuii. Tlie inlea
havo uven at f l a fw 7j ior no tern aupcr:uio as
.."for common cxlm. '7t at ti2i lor Wii-coirdn
oxtnt9; uixl j')23 6t 7 tor MiuneioUi lucluhnic vholcu
Ht M Ct 7 fe Mil fur Ohio. Indiana nud Michigan : $(,23
imnere irutii. in winter wnuau tno iu iiavo uen
fiCHrorlUinoHnnd n ,wi s.f) for Kt-Ioui. luclud
ns c hoi oo nnd f.ttnrlto brnti Ii. HouUiorn Flour ii
quiet und pricod iinctianod. Wuijuotu x.ilfj at $(iut)
fw o iHi if nil) for iiiciiuni uni ciiuico uuiiiy. ratcnt
Wicoiwin and Minnesota Itiaudj hato huun In fair do
maud nt $7 23 fa' 8 2i V I'M.
Lorn JH'ni ims I't'on ut i.itr uciuiitm him iius ijecnecu
Ins at $4 '.ij (it .III) V Ltd for froth Kruuud ant kiln
K)u Flour has been taken In small lot J at jl"0 60
linn V hid.
I'.uckwhcat Tlour has been collinij; nt ci73 100 Ib,
Oat .Meal range from it' do 7 tf lol for Western, nnd
V w y f til I tor faturlteand taucy brand.
(Jr.tln. The demand fr Corn tho past week has
hfcii fair and prlii"t nro ttcady and firm. Tho Bales
hato hoi'ii ut bi tic Coo (r hu?h tor old mUod nnd )ul
low. New Corn comes to. ward slowly und pricva aro
iiumlnatl "H f$Cic hu-h.
Oa to aro quite duU uud continuofn moderate deuund.
Tho nalei hutc been ut 30 (tt o-ic lor No. 1 white , -13 tC
47c for No. i whito . 40 dC 4Tc for mixed, us to quallt ,
ami -ii uv kj f i.umi tor rcjccicu.
In Hje tho j1i havo bocn in tmaU lot at S3 (5) Ooc
i Lush.
aiiortJ aro uuu ani nave neon ."emng at ?i i y ion.
Futo Feed raiivrcd irom 10 f2 17 W ton. und Middling
at $H tv -2 If t.m.
In Barley nothing of any coctequtnoe has been done
aud prices lemun unchanged.
nay nun ."iiw.-inero w a vieaoy ucinnnn lor
IIa . and nrlirei remain unchaii!rcd. Tho Kilt linvo
Lien at ill uv -&i I ton lor Cittern and Northern coarse
anlflOtCl i ti for fine and medium gra'o-i. In
neKurn uionaio nave uoen aii-j w ib v ton, m io
Hye Mrnw has been selling at $11 'd 22 y ton.
li ii litoiii. l'urk has boon arrlimr more freeh
and a coiielilerab-o decline in priced has taken place
during the wiok. Tho alerj lia.o boon at $1 1 (it 113(1
lor prime, $17 ( 17 3)forinex4, and $lt) 3ii W IU M for
dear aud oxtra clear, ai to quility.
i'eeft ery linn, and price havo advanced. Tho
tales of mess aud extra mos havo been at $ll & t J,
a ii' I family extra ut J ll r0 13 (j Ltd.
Lir t ii'.i"icr uud Im boon in fair demind at lower
price. TIid Piles have been at till to Hi V lb for city
un I .Wet tor n, includiii' cteam and kettle rendered.
Smoke1 1 1. 1 1 n.i uie selling at II ItH llje I lb for City
an I VW'ttuni Lity Pruned lloi aro ttt-udy at t-u Ih.
In Cut Meats uo etiaiue nud prices aro nominally
thu t.nuc.
i (iiiuee. -The demand for lluttcr Ji.u nunrovod
and a bettor lot 1 in r iiu'vall. but nriuot remain with
out improvement. Too nales of choice New Vork and
v eruioui 'lairies nave neon ut n rtv ic; creameries
laucy dairiod aud nolo.-toil lots at 31 Ut JTc ; and ejtu
mon nud good ut IS f lb. Western Mutter foil
at iu SO lor uholcj. uud 1 tf 23o if lor common
und good.
i liL-uee it quite lirm, and price uro leuiiiug upward
Tho tale Lave been nt -l HO I a lb tor good acd
prime lactory, und I" (w l.'.c V lb lor common ana
W ide iieam aro In demand and nrlccs havo airaln
advanced. Tho tile liaio leen nt ? I fa 2 WJ for good
medium ; $i "vi uO J Uv IVa, and J! tti 2 uui
fur Veth.w Ktoiinnd I ted Kldnc).
eutaln u very high ran 40 ol prlcud. Tho calcJ hao
rotitoci mu in demand uud i.any uoio coutinuei to
oeeu at f I fit I in lor iviny 1100 1 & fw '.m lar jacmon
White-, and 7oJ m ? Imsli lor cotumou kinds- Sweet
FotaUei h.uu buon colling ut f huh
unions are plenty nud null at i - t w i it mu.
Kgm havo imen iu lutter demand, hales of North
ern aud Kattern at i 66 Wc, aud Western at 20 6) 2c
Y doi.
Annies are in very fair demand, hutjmimly largo.
and prices remain without Improvement. Sales id
com moil and ;ood at WuM .) ; uml choice lots at 1 7o
60 4 L I'M.
IWtry lias boon In good demand, and tno market Is
well supplied. Tlio Mlos have Leon ut 13 SO .'iu tv lb
for irood und choice Turkeis and Chickens, with nates
ofextra lots ot Turket ut nn ndvance or 2 tit 3o V lb
on tho latter rate. Common to goyd 1'oultry ranges
Irom IU uo 1 1.
All I !n' "Wus nml Hut Truth A hunt II
Tho 8irinlicl(l Hepublicuiit
v: itiwniiiihwr.fnri: a Kir i:tsai..4Xi)
Independent hi t lilii. Xe 11 tin I In
Tho SriiiMiniM.D IU.rrni.iCAN' will continue to to
u Newspaper uud an independent public journal.
Thu experienco of live 3 earc, telvo tii'mili to tho
)ear, and covering two presidential campaigns, In nc
llio IliiMiallon ot tho Hepubiican's to primdples of
Journalism, ilrst, to rrlnt all tho ueus, und, second, to
tell the truth about It, has been u satisfactory that
tho policy may be cohddered permanent-
Tbe Diilti Kr.i'iui.h an especially udiipts itself to
tho tattes and wants and intruotlou of the people of
luteiiortNcw Knglaml , eoeriug tlio local new uf that
section uith intimate lldoiit , uud 1 1 &i ing nil ol gen
eral Intelligence aud public discussion of national uud
world topics Unit its lea lei could uti'io in more cos
mopolitan journals. It alms to till all tlie ollijos of a
dail) t.iiun iienspnper -business lor tho merchant,
politics lr tho citueu, news literature, uit, instruction
und entertainment tor btun Itody.
Coycring uud reprefentlng, uUi, tho sumo local
needs uud tastes, Tho Wkkki. HkI'L uli. an, Uy Its In
telllgeut, comprehensive indentation of the whole
Held ol Auiericuu tile, lias made iUull coupUuoujly
useful for the Kcnernl American leader; for tho New
Knjjunder In tbe boiiMi or tho west , for t'io American
lu lorelgu countries, lor the furelguep who would lob
low tbe tor of American progioss i for any uud all
who would luvo un independent uud carclul weekly
record ot uud intelligent comment upon all current
Aiming Uie special features of the Uki'Chucan uro,
--a weekly literary letter Iroin Ilostou by onu of tho
moid accomplished critics in New linglaud i another
Hufton letter on political nnd social topics; special
Washington letter on political uud other oongrosslon a
subjects , Intelligent editorial suuimaries of events uud
vpoeulatiuus in iwliglou, tclence, nuuliaiilfs and
ugriculturu, paper 011 domestic eeononiy i tho Indus
trial condition or New UngUind and tho country;
sketches uf trael at homo uud ubroad, art und liter
ury crltieism uud Rosip ; tiorius, ussa)i nud poetry,
money uud buiness. and markets.
The prici ol Tho Dailv HEiTn1.11 AN Is J cents a copy
IS cents u week, 5 cents a mouth, t'J u eur , and it Is
sent hy mall, postage paid, nt theso rates, for longer
or shorter time, r'tvo copies will bo sent to ono ad
dress for one ) cur for $W. nnd eleven copies for fso,
und It Is fonyarded tu tievvsiupor dealers, by mail, at
11 cents per eopy.
Tho Wkkki., IU'ITIimi AN I A dents n copy, il for
C months, nnd ?i lor u ear. or to Newsmen, by mall
a cents n copy. Twucvpios will boseut by mall to ono
address for ; l.."nl three conies, 5, live copies, V')t
und eacli additional copy $l.M, uud uu extra copy lor
every in, or u Dally Hepuuhcan with a club uf M
hpeclmen copies sent on application, and nil sub
scriptions puyulde strictly iu advance.
Chicks ami post-olllco orders to bo mado payable to
Bainuel Howies it Company, OthorwWo,
tipriugtleld, Mass,
rori.i.-tl) MiCOW VN A MU Ml,
Commission Morphant in
10(1 IJroiiit St., Nnv York City.
Putlli-a ,-n ililHh-1 lil.in l.ljl.t.1 tili-c.iu!,k
aiiljirHiii.f4.lnlii..'o i-11-.iuiiiUtntl.Ul.uUM. 1'u.U
a4trilK-,IU-Uld win 11 lliillHl
J ll. Kll rm-l-lrut Mul in- Kat'l lUnlc, SV w Vi.i k dir.
Ui .klUfK.riMliU-rlVJitr.l NmI'I Italik. - " "
j. n .1 ..urn. mil-.. .n,i.,i,-i. mVim." , "
11. II. C'n , 1'o.l.Uir ua Xul'l lni.li, tw r.tuD, N. V-
Miii: llr.111.iiv, bt. Julimtur, VI.
Cough Sl Lueg
A Safe, and Sure llcmcily.
Tilt! 'mi;ti 1111, 1 l.naiir Syrup,
Is llio romcly Dint ilurlnR llio mst naucn yours lias
won fur 1)11. 1'LAUO an cxtomtil roiiuUtlnti as a
HI'IXIAt.tSTriirTllllOATnll'l I.UN'll Ihscnsos. Af.
tcr so innny ye-irs Irlil licit) liu truthfully s.ilil Unit
It Inn NI-: Villi KA 1 1. Ill I, oroii In tlio worst cas. It
Is purely vc'L'i-taiik', ami Its elluct upon tlie sjitcm Is
at once Snnililiiunil 'I'milr,
In a few houre, not iv drying It up, hut by romovlng
itfromthotystem. TUV IT.
It will t.'iirt! 11 inimulr Ctoiitrli by nootldug
tho Irritated part?, and strengthening ttio system,
It Will Cure Cousumi)tlon9
Even nfter nil other rem Mies havo fallod. In tho ear
llcr ttnges of thlsdlfcaso It will clTect a speedy and
certain euro; und In many catcsnf ndvaccd Conump
tlon its elhict lins teoino 1 almost miraculous, restoring
to perfect health tlmao whom physicians IkuI given up
as Incurable. TKY I'l'.
it wiisT crnt: r.iT.tnnn
Moro elTectuiUy than nnv oilier rcmody, by (imply
removing tho cause. TltV IT.
It til s'lirt' llrinirliliU by nllnyinjsnll Irrita
tion or tho throat. 'i'it v rr.
It ill i nrt Asttmia, uli)nllng Iminodlato re
lief and a perfect cure. TIC IT
It Will Cure Ulcerated Sore Throat.
IT Wll.l. (Jl'lti: bits. of rnlco, Nlslit Sweats,
Iloctlc 1-evcr, uii1 all 3yiutimu urCunsuiniitlon. 'J'lt V
For every nfTcctlon or tho tliroat ami lungs It only
neeils u trial tu convince the uiot skeptical or Its won
ilerrul curatl v o properties.
Jlciiirmhir Hint ll
Dr. Wm. M. Ldd, a leading Druggist of Clarcmnnt,
ccrtmesus follows.
For many years I havo known Dr. A. J. Flagg ns n
succcsfut practicing phtician, and can ussuro tho
public that his representations relative to tho Cough
nnd LunMyrup can bo Ftrletty relied upon. It has
been used In his extended practice with marvelous suc
cess, and 1 knew it to be nil that ho claims for It.
WM. M. LAD D, M. I), a
Cluikmoxt, N. II., September, 1873.
Drt. rMr.n My Dear Sir. Vou r Cough and laing
Sirup has proved a great benefit to ino, glviii; relief
from severe Coughs and Soronos of tlie Lungs, when
nil other lemcdles und ph eicians had failed. I havQ
never taken a modlclno moro ploasant to tho tuto or
moro tatUfactory In its results.
iltts. LYDIA W1LLKV.
Prepared only hy
I Sold "Say .nil X5rixp;K;ir3tH.
I "A oiiipli (c ll firlal BCKior) ol tln
Tiinrs." T:n tirsl, 1 tii-apcsf
mill iiimt .iirri'sstiil t iiiutl)
I 1'ii;iit in tlio I 11I011."
j Harper's Weekly.
XiitiCfM of the prtii,
llarptr'M IJ't fiy should bo In erory family through
1 out tho land, its a purer, moro interesting, hlgher
1 toned, hotter iilutrull piper, is imt iuldished in
1 this or 1110 other country. Conum mul llutlitm, lU,a
j ton,
Tho li'rekly tho only illutratod paper of tho day
I that In its essential character lies is recognized as a
1 national paper. Urooklyn i'.ajte.
j Tho It'ttklif ha to a (dill larger degreo distanced nil
competitors un 1111 Illustrated uonspupor- Its editor tils
I uro uiuoug ttio mot able of their kind, and fti other
reading iu.itter is nt unco learned, brilliant und amus
ing. Its llluftratieus uro .abundant aud of nro excel
1 lenoe. Christian .tJtoeute, A. 1'.
I'nsfimtf frw to all siibscrUn'r In
1 iiiiimi stun..
Harper's Weekly, ono year $1 00
i tm Includes prepa) ment 01 C. S. jiui'tago by tho
Tho volumes of the Wrtkty co tniuenco with the 3 ear,
When uo timo Is mentioned, it will bo undeMood that
tho fubsciber wl.hes to cimmuico vlth tho number
next alter tho receipt of his order.
The Annual Volumes of Harper's Weefcly, will ho
sent by express, Ireo of expense, for ?tu) each. A
Complete Set comprising Twenty Volumes, vent un
receipt of cash nt tho rate of $5 per vol., freight nt
expense of purchaser.
Cloth Ciifei for each volume, suitable for binding, will
bo sent by mail, postpaid, un receipt of SI iklcach.
Indexes to each volume sent gratis on ncclpt of
ft amy,
XtujtaiHr nm uut to copy thu mhtrtiitmntt mth
unt tht txrt ordtr of Harper fc llrothers.
Address JIAIU'Kli A. IlltUTHKUS, New York.
Coal fc Wood,
HiO Commercial Street,
All the best "irndo of Hard and Soft Coal constantly
un hand. Particular attention paid to nil orders.
Is iiuit rctoro-l ti Its n.ituril cun
itltluu Ly tliu uu or
Wood's Iinjiroved
Hull- lli'stiirmlir,
nuw t.-ikliii; thu luiul uvi-r all Aid
ers, U-.ivin llio hair clean, suit,
nml iilussy. r..l.l'il(Mi A cil..
Chicicu, Hula Aet'liU fur llio United
.Suites uml I'aiiailn, tinlil l.y all
llruxilits overliero. Triulo nip
iiiimiV j. r. IiK.Niir, funiu
kiiiiiit".ilfiiiiil,l tlio lit'st misiiiiiit'il
tsork of Urn Mini In llio World."
Harper's Magazine
A'ulifr uf tht frtts.
Tho Maijatme has attained In its ono quarter centu
ry nud more of existence to thut point whero It uu bo
fu id or it, In tho words of Dr. Johnson, "it ll Vain
to hlamo and usetoss to pruise." Tho luster of
Its lonii-ao-attained rrputation has Increusoil ns the
curs huti e passed, und its luture seems U4 bright 11 not
brighter than ut iy time fltioe (ho nublen hup o
prosperity settled u'ruund U later aud beet )ears.
Itruaityn lUmtr,
Harper' Munthty is marked by tho same character
istlcs which gavo It circulation Iroin tho lln-t with tbp
better class of readers. It comUhie reading mutter
with Illustration In n way to make clour nnd vivid tho
facts presented. Pictures merely designed to catch tho
03 onl tho lifuornnturo ncrcr liettod. chiewja Juur
l'otliiirti Iri'tt l all Mibm-rllicr III llio
I iilletl Miik-s.
Harper's Mazarine, ono year I 01
$1 is) Includes prepayment vt V. ti. postjo liy tlio
Sutiicrlptlous to Harper's .Miijrazlno, Weekly, nr lt.i
xar, to emu aiMres., ur uno year, llouif or, two of
Harper's 1'erliKliculs, to ono uililreu fur ono year,
17 UI , KKtu;o froo.
An extra eopy of cither the Maxaslac, Weekly, or
ll.imr will to suppliti! trails fur every club of l'lo
tiuOscriliors at $1 is) oacli, In ono rcmittancci or, Six
copies fur fii is), without extra eopy . postao freo.
llack numbers can bo lupptM at uny (liiij.
Tlo VoluiMcs of tlio Ma-;4lno ooir.u.ene'o mtIi tlio
numbers for Juno and Decenilier o( each sear. Hull,
horlptlons may coimuciico wills any nuuiiier. When
uu tune Is spcclucil, It will bo uuiU-ritouii tliut tho .uli
scrlber wl.hes to beiclu with Ibo llnl nuiul.ir of tho
current volume, ami tuck numbers will bo sentaeconl
tuitly. A Duiiiplelo Kit of Harper's Mii-.'ailno. now cuinprls.
lu M Vuluiues, In neat oloth bliiuiu, will ,o sent by
oxuress, frelisbt at expense ot purchaser, fur ti 'A per
volume. Blnifio volumes, by mall, post pul-l, i:i U),
(,'lolh cases, fur t ilmt I n ir, M cents, by mall post paid.
A t'omiilclo Anal) Ileal ludex to tho llrst Kill v Vol
umes of llarper's .Mafannu has Just been pul.ll, bed,
reuderlnr aiallablo fur relerence llm a,t nud varied
wialtliof iiiruiiiiatk.il which eomtltulisi this period
ical a perloct lliuitrate.1 literary cclopedla, hvo,
Clulli, f J (si i Half fair, (S he nt pj.lai;o pro'uld,
,V,itin urr net laupy Iklt uJisrffuwiial uiti.
ui las ttfrat atdtr Harper it Urolher's.
Address JIAIU'Kli X llHOTIIKIW, New Vork,

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