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I lllOAY, MAY 18, 1877.
To the Patrons of the Vcraont Farmer.
During nearly botcd years, I havo pub
lMicd tho Viruont Farmeii, endeavoring
to supply my many patrons with a homo ag
ricultural journal that should prcoludo tho
necessity of sending out of tho stato for such
papers. Itut vrhllo tho kindly words of
many patrons and tho generous contributions
to its columns by many gifted writers has
been a source- of pleasuro, tho limited circu
lation and advertising patronago bestowed
upon any local paper, even in such an in
telligent and progressive stato as Vermont,
renders it Impossible to compoto in variety
of matter, in bomity of illustrations, in com
prehensivo markot reports, or in tho monoy
and talent lavished upon tho ngricultura1
papers of immenso circulations published for
tho country at largo. I havo found, too, by
costly expericnoo that it is impossible- for a
country paper, howovcr ably and conscien
tious p conducted to givo its subscribers as
muoh valuo for their subscription monoy as
ono that has a broader Gold of patronago
and a larger fund of cash and varied talout
to draw from.
Desiring to deal fairly with my subscrib
ers, I havo dono what I think thoy will con
sider a very liberal thing for them, in selling
and transferring tho wholo subscription list
and patronaco of ths Vkruont Famish to
the American Cultivator of Boston, an
eight-pace illustrated wcokly paper that
stands deservedly at the head of tho ngtl
cultural press of America; a papor .with i
circulation nearly ton times larger than that
of tho Farmer in tho days of its greatest
prosperity ; ono that spends on each weekly
issue ten times tbo money that any country
papor can afford to, and employs an editor'
ial staff, reporters and correspondents, un
surpassed in ability, energy and knowlcdgo
of public ncods. In making ohoico of tho
American Cultivator as tbo paper to which
I most desired to transfer tho list of tho
Farmer, I also had in mind tho fact that tho
number of Vcrmontcrs already taking that
paper is much larger than tho subscription
list in this stato of any other agricultural
paper, and henco believed tho American
Cultivator would be tho natural choice ot
tho larger portion of tho Farmer subscribers,
Upon receiving a copy of tho Cultivator I
am suro tho fiicnds of tho Farmer will
heartily sanction tho choice.
Tho American Cultivator will bo
nished free to all subscribers who havo
for tho Farmer in advanco until tbo
such subscription expires. Ono copy of tbo
issuo of May 19 will bo sent frco to each
subscribers to the Farmer and as this issuo
is tho lost number of tho Vermont Farmer
every subscriber will rcceivo the American
Cultivator in its stead as long as ho may
wish to continue it.
The undersigned respectfully desires jour
carelul examination and cordial reception
and support of the Cultivator, fully believ
ing that you will bo satisfied with tho change
and in making tho abovo announcement de
sires to add that ho will continuo his fonneo
tion with the combined issuo and hopes
meet many of his old friends and subscribers
personally during tho coming season.
To the Subscribers of the Vermont
Having mada arrangements to publish th
Vermont Farmer in connection with th
American Cultivator, and to supply news
papers free to all thoso who have paid for th
Farmer in advanco until tho expiration
such subscriptions,wo desiro that all subscrib
crs may carefully examine our issuo dated
May 19, which has been scut frco to them
and in futuro continuo to rcceivo tho Ameri
ican Cultivator as their standard agricul
tural and family paper.
Sinco wo already have a larger number of
subscribers in Vermont than in any other
state, wo feel that our previous efforts havo
been appreciated, and wo can only promiso
renewed exertions in making a paper worthy
the enterprise and intelligence of Vermont
We desire to call special attention to
few leading facts regarding tho American
Cultivator. It is tho largest weekly agri
cultural paper 111 America and contains tho
greatest variety of valuable matter. Eaoh
number is handsomely illustrated, and
pains aro spared to stamp each issuo with
typographical excellence
In addition to its agricultural department
a vast amount of valuable reading matter
is presented for tho family circle, tho ladies
and tho youth, making it a welcome guest to
every household. Its market reports con
Stituto tho most important featuro ef tho
paper and aro admitted by all to bo tho most
complete, trustworthy and comprehensive
published in any paper. In theso days
rapid fluctuations in tho prices of produc
such reports are worth to any farmer th
wbolo cost of tbo paper.
as me (jest oviucnco, not only ot our in
tention but of our pcrformanco is in tho pa
per itself, wo hopo for a careful reading and
a continuance or the same generous patron
ago so long bestowed upon tho Vermont
Farmer, and wo shall continuo sending tho
consolidated paper to tho address of each
subscriber unless properly requested to dis
continue tho same. Very respectfully,
The American Cultivator.
All payments of subscriptions to tho Ver
mont Farmer should hereafter bo Bent to
Doston, addressed as follows : "Vermont
Farmer, aro of the American Cultivator."
All arrearages of tho Vermont Farmer aro
82 per year. Tho price of the American
Cultivator which our subscribers will re
ceive in place of tho Farmer alter this week,
is $2.00 a year when paid in advance, or
82.50 per year when paid toward the end of
of the year, so that a remittance of 84 will
pay a year's arrearages on tho Farmer and
a year's advanco for the Cultivator.
Thcro is a funny rivalry between the towns
of St. l'eter and ho Sueur, Minn., a circular
having been issued by business men of tho
former place to tho farmers in that vicinity,
advbivg them to avoid LcSueur in marketing
their produce, becauso an antMiquor-eclliug
ordinanco had been adopted thero, whilo at
St. l'ctcr tbero is no such oppression of tho
boncst husbandman. Lo Sueur reports that
tho publishers of the statement falsify know
ingly ; that liquor licenses are issuod, and
ovcry facility afforded farmers to till them
selves with bug juice, ad lib.
Protection, to Fish and Game
Under tho provisions of our new gamo
law, most of tho trout brooks aro boing pla
carded. And for tho first timo in tho his
tory of the stato eomo woll-dcfincd and in
tclllgcnt action is being taken to replenish
our streams, and to mako choap ono of tho
most delicious and now most cxponsive, arti
cles of diet. Of courso tho now law is, to
greater or less extent, an experiment, and
works hardship in a fow rases. Yet tho ro
suit which is sought to bo obtained is bo ob
viously desirable, that wo think all will con
cedo tho propriety of at least a trial in this
And whilo efforts aro being mado to re
plenish our streams, we aro pleased to learn
that in somo sections of tho sta te at least,
tho stato associations and camo clubs aro
also moving in tho matter of restocking tho
mountain lands of Vermont with deer. The
law in regard to their protection is very
stringent, and as tho clubs aro at a consid
crablo expenso in tho matter, it safo to say
that thoy will prosecuto all violations of tho
law with tho crcatcst vigor. Wo quote
from tho law : "It shall not bo lawful to
pursuo, tako, kill or destroy any wild doer
in this state, from and after tho passaco of
this act, until tho first day of September,
1880. And if any person, during said pe
riod, shall pursuo, take, kill or destroy with
in this state, any wild deer, or shall havo in
his possession any wild doer or part thereof
so taken or killed, ho shall bo llablo to
fino of City dollars tor oach and ovcry deer
so kilted, taken, destroyed, or had in poss
ession. And tho possession of tho
meat or hido or any part thcro-
ot ot any wild uccr, by any person in
this state, charged with any of tho offences
mentioned in this scotion shall bo prcsump
tivo evidcuco that tho person so in possession
ot said meat, hide or part thereof, is guilty
of said offence. It shall bo lawful for any
person to kill any dog found pursuing any
wild deer in this state, during tho period
named in tho third section of this act,
provided such doz bo killed whilo in tho
actual pursuit of deer."
During tho past fow years many deer
havo been killed in tho northeast part of the
state, and somo outrageous cases of wanton
destruction aro reported. Wo trust that
tho proper authorities will sco that such
cases aro not repeated, or if thoy aro, that
somo tcrribla examples aro mada of the per
pctrators, It is a hundred-fold easier to re
stock our hills whero deer aro to bo found
at the present timo, than to exterminate
those which wo possess, and then have to im
port them from other sections of tho country
for that purpose. A word to the wise
shonld bo sufficient, and tho unwiso should
bo made to pay for their folly. Montpelicr
Increase of Business.
There can bo no doubt that tho volumo of
business in tho country is steadily rising,
the first place, tho internal revenue, by
which tbe English aro accustomed to guago
tho condition of tho people, is steadily ris
ing. In tho second place, tho imports
which havo fallen steadily for about thrco
years, havo begun to rise again. Wo took
notico of tho fact that thoso for Maroh at
tho port of Now York showed an inercaso
and now thosa for April show a still great
er increase, namely, from 23,700,000
tho samo month of last year,
Si-S.UUU.UUU, exclusive ot specio, an in
crease of 14 per cent. Taking tho first fou:
months of tho year at New York, the im
ports of merchandise arc almost exactly
equal to tho imports of mcrchandiso in the
samo timo last yoar. Tbo specio rcccip
for the samo time wcro 80,.!00,000, against
$1,570,000 last year. Tho volumo of im
ports indicates two things, tho extent
which foreign manufactures and labor tako
tho place of our own, and tho extent to
which wo can afford to buy foreign products
which we can't produco at all in this country,
An inercaso in tho former respect may
prejudicial to domcstio industry ; in tho lat
ter not so. Wo find that the English ex
ports ot steel nails to tnis aro increasing,
which is not on tho wholo a favorablo sign
but most of tho inercaso in imports is in ar
ticles under tho free list, that is, thoso which
do not compete with our own industries.
Tho increased consumption of imported good
bearing duty also would bo indicative of in
creasing moans of expenditure among th
people Tho exports at Now York aro con
stantly rising, except in specio. For fou
mouths tho exports from that point have
been $80,050,000 of mcrchandiso and
$5,500,000 of specie, against $79,809,000
of mcrchandiso and $15,207,000 of specie
for tho samo timo last year.
It is a common experience of traders at
this timo that, whilo tho volumo of thoir
business increases, tho profits of it aro still
small, and this is truo of businoss goner
ally. Tho volumo of it is increasing, tho
body of unemployed labor is diminishing
every day, moro men aro getting adjusted
to tho now state of things. For tho mo
mcnt, the actual cxpcricnco of tho day
not encouraging, and yet it is constantly im
proving. As this inercaso in tho employ'
mcnt of labor and of capital goes on, pcopl
ultimately havo moro monoy to spend, Tho
first step in the lino of recovery from d
prcssion is to re-establish industry and find
new places for tho idle. That process is go
ing on quite rapidly Tho next will bo for
tho newly employed to bcoomo spenders and
accumulators of capital, and as this process
succeeds tbo other, cons'imption will gam
upon production. Print works aro coming
moro and moro to run upon contract and to
suspend whenover business is slack. A Fall
River contributor to the Now York Bulletin
says the contracts for print cloths in that
market called for 47,000 pieces weekly
April, 45,000 in May and 43,000 in June
whereas, for tho five weeks already elapsed
tho avcrago deliveries havo bcon 79,000
pieces per week, and tbo market is now firm
ar 4a4j, according to the terms. Theso two
processes, tho ro-cmployment of labor and
the resumption of expenditure, are not, of
courso successive in point of time, but go on
together in varying stages under varying
conditions. They aro both going on now.
and from them wo shall get a higher stato
of prosperity.
Tho South is reported to bo very des
pondent at the prospect of high prices for
breadstuff's and low for cotton. It is rather
too early, however, to assume that cotton
will bo low in conscqneuco of tho war,
Turkey and Russia are both largo consum
ers of cotton goods. Daring tho Crimean
war our exports wcro largo, but prices
ranged higher during tho three years 1853-
1-5 than in 1852, With tho current econ
omics and improvements in culture,
wo doubt not the South will bo ablo to
meet the crisis, if it should provo to be ono,
without material detraction from her pros
perity. Springfield Republican,
Possibilities of ths War.
Tho Turkish war must for a long timo bo
regarded everywhere with profound interest.
Pnvato expressions of opinion from huropo,
and somo or tho English papers, show an
apprehension of a gcnoral complication.
Thcro are great preparations in England,
and great anxieties evorywhoro. Tho ques
tion which excites apprehension and cxpee
tation is whether Russia intends territorial
onquest, whether tho Czar really mcam to
try for Constantinople and tho Mediterran
ean. It is observed that in his manifest ho
said nothing on this point. But tho Grand
Duko Nicholas, in his address to tbo army,
announced distinctly that the Russians did
not march for conquest. Yet every quid
nuno in ovory cafo in Europo asks, with a
knowing shako of tho head, "That is all very
well J but how docs Russia mean to pay
herself for tho oxpenso of tho war 7" Her
ostcnsiblo object is tho protection of tho
Christian subjoots of tbo Porto. In tho
Confcrcnco shn stated what arrangements
would be necessary. If, now, after hard
fighting and immenso loss, Turkey offers, as a
condition of peace, tho arrangement which
sho refused at tho coofcrcnoc, is Russia like
ly to accept it? Will Bho not naturally say
that Turkoy has obliged her to loso largo
numbers ot men and enormous trcasuro in
order to pcrsuado Turkoy that sho could do
no better, and that as Russia has now shown
that sho was in tho right, Bho must bo paid
for her trouble and expenso ?
This is but reasonable Tho guarantees
of protection for tho Christians which would
havo been satisfactory beforo tho war, will
not satisfy after. Tho eternal talo of tho
Sibyllino books will bo repeated. What
would the further proposition probably bo
but Russian protection of tho principalities 7
And what, in turn, would that bo but the ad
vanco of Russia to tho Balkan 7 All this
is not only possible, but probable, and it is
the perception or it which is filling up tho
English regiments and setting tho British
dockyard humming. This is something also
which Austria could not favor. It was tho
suspicion of such Russian designs that pro
duccd tho secret treaty for Turkish protcc
tion, between Austria, England and Franco,
after tho Treaty of Paris. Tho practical
result would then apparently bo tho active
co-operation of England, Austria, and Tur
key, whilo Franco held Germany passivo
On tho other band, there is to bo consider
ed tho force of the feeling in England which
is represented by Mr. Gladstone. Thus far
it has practically restrained tho government
which has notified Turkey that, under exist
ing circumstances, sho must not expect Brit-
1st aid. It is now said, howovcr, and by in
telligent men, that if Russia threatens
break through into tho Mediterranean and to
throw herself bpon the English line of com
munication with India, England will eager
ly go to war. Tho "sentimental" and "hu
mamtarian" and "Christian" fooling will be
swept away by tho national feeling, and
England will fight Russia for her Eastern
cmpiro as zealously as sho ever fought
France. It Is asserted that Mr. Gladstone
himself docs not appear to trust tho fueling
to which ho appeals, and that if bo were re
ally in earnest, ho would attempt tbo over
throw of tbo Disraeli Administration. But
that it would come to this, should tho ad
ministration evidently intend war, thcro can
be no doubt. Then wo should see precisely
tho force of conflicting sentiments in Eng
land. Certainly it would bo an oxtraordi
nary spectacle, that of Protestant England
led by a descendant of Spanish Jews, allied
with Roman Catholio states to protect Mo
hummcdan oppression of Christians. Uos
ton Journal.
It It our r-urr-Ott In Oil column to aire rach week eitracts
rroin trie various papm or the tlajr, iliiminit the drift of puti
lie onlolou on all topics of current Inti-rnt. Irrrirtira
erml or p&rtr, as we wUh our readers to Luov what the peo
ple uiiui him aj til paa.Mig ctciiu.
Gail Hamiltou has not yet coino to tho
question of civil scrvico, but her idea seems
to bo that becauso Mr. Jilaine was slandered
mid was not nominated thcro is no such
thing as a civil-servico reform. Perhaps
howover, her covort purposo is to destroy
Mr. Jilaino's political prospects. Hartford
Tho fact is, that Mr. Douglass is in no
senso of tho word a representative colored
man. Ills dark skin was a god-send to him
in moro senses than ono. Ho has traded
upon it travclod upon it. Philadephia
We do not beliovo thcro is a singla stato
olhccr in lowa supporting tho president
polioy. Wo know, from our own knowledge,
that a majority ot them aro doctdedly op
posed to it, and that they aro outspoken in
their opinion in regard to it. Of tho Iowa
congressmen scvoral of thorn wo know are
opposed to it, and it is sale to say tbat both
our senators have tho gravest ot apprchen
sions in regard to it and great distrust of it.
loica atate lieytster.
Tho Cincinnati Times pounces upon a son-
tenco in ono of our editorials, to tho effect
that nono of tho presidents havo left sons
that bavo been famous. Ul courso tho
Times asks what is tho matter with tho four
generations of the Adams family. Thero
should havo been a foot noto to our nrticlo
stating tbat tho Adamses are an exception to
all rules in this country. Still wo havo
oeascd to nominate Mr. Charles Francis Ad
ams for next president. Cincinnati Com
"Tbo solid South" is no longer a political
myth it is a stern, political reality. Tho
demoorats of tho section referred to are ar
rogant in thoir power, and intend to mako
their Btrcngth folt. It remains with tho
American people to determine whether they
shall succeed or bo lorover dolcated it re
mains for honest, law-abiding freemen of al 1
parties in this frco land to answer what
must now be regarded as tbe question of tho
hour : Is tho Amcrioan republic to ba ruled
by Wado Aaropton and John Kolly by tho
Wbito J.eaguo rulhans ot tbo couth and
their allies m lammany Hall 7 Howard
Carroll tn Sew York Times,
We believe the governors of Louisiana
Mississippi aud South Carolina siocoro in
their wish to disarm and restrain tbo bull
dozers, but there is great diffuulsy in attain
ioc tho obicct. Thov can rest assured in ra
nublicau aid in exterminating this pest of a
bulldozer, nor should wo bo surprised if th
federal government should bo called on by
tho demcratio governors to enforco tho civil
rights and social protection law, as a means
of maintaining order and reopening the
southern states to immigration and progress.
New Orleans Republican.
Tho press of this day has a dulv in lha
premises. It is, on tho receipt of credible
intelligence of vice and crime, to not merely
publish the facts, but to call on ths officers
of tho law to tako cognizance of tho facts,
anu to go lorward and devolop suoh evidence
as will lead to tho conviction of tho criminal
parties. It Is not tho duty of the press to
search out legal evidence, or even to givo
tho names of its informants, if in doing so it
betrays oonfldenco. Pitslurg (Pa.) Com-
It begins to look as thounh some trooos
would be necessary to suitress tho roDubli
can rebollion against tho administration in
Iowa. 'A few postoffioes, however, judi
ciously distributed may accomplish the par
pose. Philadelphia Timet.
Mr. IlavoB will find out presently how
sharpor than a serpent's tooth it is to havo
a domocratio party. Rochester (N. Y.)
uemocrat ana unrontcic.
Tho Ohio Assomblv having adiourncd. Ill-
inois and Massachusetts aro loft in tho leg
islativo Geld, solo competitors for tho honor
of achieving tho longest pay-roll for tho
least amount ot worlf. Tho Illinois nag
will lead tho dark bay stato. Chicaao
Wo trust that President Hayes will soon
promuigato a plan tor tho relorm or tho ser
vico which will bo sufficiently thorough and
comprehcnsivo to command publio rospect,
and that it will bo mado apparent that tho
! i. 1 , , ' j...
uciuy m lis auopiiDU uaa ucen quo io occu
pation with other matters, rather than to
apathy or triumph ot hostile influences. It
is certainly timo that the influences and prac
tices which provail in somo of tho depart
ments should receive a peremptory check,
and that tbo beads thereof should bo ad
vised that tho president is in earnest in his
professions of reform, and will tolerate no
violation ot his polioy. Jew York ltmes,
Mr. S. S. Cox is credited with tho asser
tion that one of tho most important matters
to be brought bofore the bouso at ths extra
session is tho presidential question. If
Mr. Uox values bis reputation lor erdinary
common senso, ho will let that question s
Tcrcly alone. Tho democrat, in or out of
Congress, who makes tho slightest movo-
mcnt toward a renewal of contention or
strife, no matter on what plea, will receive a
lesson that will last him to the end of bis
days. Wo havo peaco, and woo to tho man
who seeks to break it ! !t. Louts liepub
Sneaking for the South, we say that there
is nobody hero, who has any sense, who is
opposed to equal rights to all, by which wo
mean tho right of freo political opinion, and
protection under tho law, regardless of what
thoso opinions may be, and tbo right ot ev
ery citizens to voto for whom ho pleases.
ilio opposition in the South to the constitu
tional amendments has been chiefly becauso
of tho misconstruction of tho laws created
under them, in controlling elections, and not
to the amendments themselves. ivew ur
leans Times.
Governor Rico of Massachusetts has vetoed
tho Local Option bill and tho Senato sus
tained tbo veto.
The town of Iquiquc, Peru, was destroyed
by an earthquake on Thursday, the 10th
Tho long looked for steamer City oBrus
sets is safo. Sho broke her shaft April 23d
and proccoded under sail. Sho is expected
to reach her destination this week.
It is alleged that New York speculators
havo already swindled tho Government out
ot Si'-'.UUU on newspaper advertising con
To aid him in breaking off tho habit of to
bacco-chcwing, an Onondaga county a. s.
man had all his teeth extracted.
West lipping. N. 11., has a ease of mystc
rious disappearance. A young lady sudden
ly disappeared a week ago, and has not been
beard trom since.
After a careful perusal of his obituaries.
Aleck Stephens is said to have declared that
from them ho has learned of incidents of his
life and traits of oharao'cr of which hitherto
ho has becu ignorant.
A Swedish Lutheran college at St. I'ctor
Minn., has just closed its urst year with
a satisfactory examination ; it has been at
tended during a part or tho whole' of tho
year by 47 young men and 4 young women,
trom 14 counties.
Tho 109th annual banquet of tho New
York Chamber of Commcrco occurred at
Dclmonico's Monday night. Among tho diS
tinguished guests wero President Hayes
William Cullcn Bryant, William M. Evarts,
Rev. Richard Storrs, D. I)., ox-Oov. Hoff-
man, Carl bchurz, Gen. Shuman, Mayor My,
Gen. Hancock, John Jay, and Commodoro
Nicholson, U. S. N. Addresses wcro mado
by President Hayes, William M. Evarts,
(Jarl bchurz and others.
Thcro was u disastcrous firo at St. Stc
phens, N. 11., Monday afternoon, involving
loss of $200,000.
Tbo Rochester Paper Company's factories
at Rochcstar, N. Y wcro burned Monday
night; loss about S1UU.UUU.
A $100,000 firo occurred Monday morn
ing at btovens l'oiut, Wis.
Tho Globo Insuranoo Company of Boston
after an cxistenco of eighteen months, has
I'll . rrri. . - r
tho hard times. It Is believed the stook
holders will rcceivo about 00 por cent ef their
A party of tramps captured an Erlo rail
road train, at Riverton, N. J., last week,
and It was only alter a lively battlo that tho
train-bands recovered possession.
Women journalists aro said to bo moro
numerous in i'hiladolphia than any other
city in tho country. About every daily in
tho city has ono or moro on its staff.
A collision occurred Monday afternoon on
tho Boston and Maino Railway at South
Lawrence Junction between two locomotivos
ono attached to a freight train. Ono tender
and a box car loaded with flour wore wrecked
No ono was injured.
Secretary Sherman thinks tho prospects
lor a resumption ot specie payments in IB7U
are good.
The contractors for laying stono payments
Intnostrcctsotljucboo having employed court
try instead of city laborers, tbo latter at
tacked tho oountrymen and drovo them from
their work. Tho polioo did not intorfcre
General Ilawjoy, Director Goshorn and
Assistant Hoorotary Asch of tho Centennial
Commission havo been knighted by tho
King of Holland for courtesies oxtendod to
representatives ot Holland during the Ei
A Minneapolis man asks 810,000 dama
ges of a wealthy widow for not marrvins him
Ho Bays that sho promised to do so, and bo
gavo up bis busiucss of liquor-selling to
iiuusu iter, mus causing nis uanicrupioy.
A singular aooident happened in a mill at
Oswego, N, Y., tho other day. A workman
who wears a vory long beard was at work
over a shall, wbon it oaught his beard
and wound it round and round in an
instant. Another workman thrust a hoavv
stick into tho cogs, stopping- tho shaft, olse
tne man's neck would inevltablo bavo been
Io tho fall of 1874, Mrs. W. S. Pool of
Bedford, Md swallowod a pin, whioh after
ward moved all over her body, making known
its whereabouts by occasioning her intense
pain and somo times convulsions. Last week
it perforated tho skin of her throat, and sho
pulled it out.
A trunk containing from 818,000 to 820,-
000 worth of jewelry was stolon from tho
cars between Woroestcr and New York
Saturday night. Tho thioves entorod the
baggago car and transferred tho check trom
tho trunk to an old black bag, and left tho
eweiry man in the lurch.
It is alleged that tho poor widow of ono
of Custer's lieutenants was appointed post
mistress at Highland Falls Village, JN, x.,
but that her commission was withheld by the
rostmastor uencral, and anally given to a
woalthy resident of tho villago.
A young married man in Manchester. N.
II., and a young woman ho wag speaking to
on tho street last Saturday ovoning, wcro
soverely stabbod by an unknown female, who
disappeared in tho darkness.
Tho town of Clarksburg, Mrss., is agitated
over tho alleged discovery of a financial ir
regularity on tho part of town officials,
amounting to several thousands of dollars.
Tho reply of tho United States stato de
partment to tho formal notification by Tur
koy of tho cxistenco of war between tho
Porte and Russia is brief, and to tho effect
that the United States will continuo to oc
cupy a strictly neutral position toward tho
belligerents. A similar reply will bo fur
nishod Russia, which has communicatod liko
information. Mr. Boker, minister to Russia,
will return to at. l'ctcraburgh toward tho end
oi this month.
A tidal wavo fivo feet high camo rushing
ashore from Lake Erio at Port Stanley, Ont.,
at fivoyy'ostorday morning, acoompanlcd by a
loud hissing noise. Tho wavo lasted but a
fow minutes, and as quickly receded ; it was
followed at Intervals for an hour by waves a
toot or moro bigb. Thoro was very little
wind at tho tune, tho tako in goncral being
almost calm.
About the hardest luck with lawyers we
over heard of was that whieh recently befell
a Louisiana darky. Ho was found to havo a
$100 bill, and was not unnaturally nrrestcd
on suspicion of having stolen it. Ho got a
lawyer to defend him, and proved that it was
his own monoy, but his oounsel wanted all
but 820 of the sum for his services, whioh
mado tho negro so mad that he left tho whole
with him.
Prof. Riley of the entomological commis
sion reports that whsro is no danger this
year in Texas and Kansas tiom grasshoppers,
as their eggs bavo batched and their pro
ducts havo been killed by the oold, rainy
weather, ibcro aro belts of country where
the eggs havo not all hatched as yet, but tho
hoppers will not be so dangerous even when
they do hatch as hcrctoforo, as they will con
thcmsolvcs to small areas, and larmcrs can
destroy them by watchfulness and perse
Thero wero thrco deaths under ono urn
brella at Newburg, N. C, on the last Sunday
evening in April. At tho closo of tho ser
vice at tbo colored JJcthel church a thunder
storm passed over tho town, and two young
girls took rctugo under a colored brother t
umbrella, which had a steel handle There
was a vivid flash, and in an instant thero
were three lifeless bodies prostrato on tho
sidewalk. Tho cover of tho umbrella was
partly burned.
A curious phenomenon occurred at Aspin
wal on tho Isthmas lately. The beach at
that point was found ono morning covered
for a mile or more, with a deposit of a deep
vivid-indigo-bluo something resembling
broad ribbon stretched along tho limits of
high tido. A closo examination rovealed the
fact that this blue deposit consisted of mil
lions ot a peculiar, llat, shapeless sort ot jel
ly-fish, smaller than tho hand, rounded in
contour, with a slightly raised ridgo running
what would seem to bo foro and aft over tie
back. Tho next day all tho bright color
had laded out, and tbe gelatinous deposit
although giving out a strong, unpleasant odor,
dried up and soon disappeared.
Eastern Panning.
Col. Waring, in his paper in tho Atlantio
.Monthly, docs not givo any artihcia 1 color
ing to tho "Life Work of tho Eastern Far
mcr," but on tho wholo makes tbat avoca
tion about as attractive as tho avcrago of
those in which man is compelled to toil and
strivo to plan and economize to got his daily
bread. The labor Is hard, but on tho wholo
Col. Waring concludes that i'- may bo as
Bafcly relied upon to givo as cortaiu returns
as any other. Tho writer treats tho lifo
work of the Eastern farmer in a manner
which will entirely disabuso tho reader of an
idea which was quito provulcut years ago
which was that any man who had muscle
aud enduranco could manago a farm. Th
writer of tho interesting artielo refcrrod to
demonstrates tbat to bo succcsstul in iNew
England agriculture to-day a man must ros
8 ess a good sharo of that practical, Bound
senso which is essential to sucoess in other
avocations. In short, tho farmer ought to
havo the best quality of brains. In treat
ing of the causes which have mado farming
in Now England forbidding to tho sons of
farmers, tbe writer thinks tbat it is the iso
lation of tha farm lifo, tho dcadlovcl, so to
sneak, in which ho and his family move more
than tho sovero toil, makes it forbidding. If
somo means could bo devised to mako tho
country farm life moro social, Col. Waring
thinks that tho occupation would becomu
quito nttraottvo as any other calling. To
this end, ho recommends tho system which
prevails in Europo where pcoplo cugaged in
agriculture tivo in littlo villages and go out
to till their acres. Ho admits that this sys
tem has its disadvantages, and expresses
doubts as to its success, nut would liko to
seo it tried. Tho littlo village of a half
dozen tanners bouses and tho help which
thoy would need, would constitute a com
munity where all tho advantages of a Now
England village would bo available. The
farmers could associato aud cconomizo by
tho introduction of a system of co-operation
by which ono could attend to tbo business o
a half-dozen with littlo additional labor,
Tho good result of this co-operation has al
ready made itself manifest in tho chceso fac
tories which havo sprung up bo rapidly in
somo sections ot INew England. Tho villago
life would afford that rocreation and social
intercourse which tho isolation of tbooountry
farm pi events. This, Uol. Waring boliovcs,
would removo the ono feature of farm life
which, moro than any other, seems to mako
it repulsive to tho young man and young
man committed euicido in Somerset county,
a few woeks slnoo. Whilo a gravo was pre
paring for her in a publio oemotcry, several
men camo forward and objected to her bur
ial becauso the placa would bo haunted, all
theso idiots being imbued with tho fear of a
post-mortem appcaranco, with tho usual
blood-ourdling capers of tho disembodied spir
it, and tho husband of tho unfortunato lady
was compelled to bury her on a spot sot
apart on bis lurm. J. ho circumstances lo
camo generally kbown, and somo kind-
hearted noighbors, who don't tako much
stock in ghosts, resurrected tho body, and
buried it in tho plaoo which sho had aolooted
previous to shuttling off. Then tho supersti
tioua people got violent. Ono of them who
appeared to have dabbled in tho art of as
trology, or mystical loro, mado a calculation
to tbe effect that tbreo hundred years must
elapse bctoro tbo "spook" could bo linally
quieted, and so great was tho feeling in the
matter that tho gentleman in ohargo of tho
cemetery has bocn notified to removo tbo
body inside of ten days, or abide tho conse
A I arte, varied, stylish and tasty selection of For-
elfa and American Paper Hangings, have lately been
received by Messrs. J. II. Robihsok t Co., 400 Wash
Ington Blroot, Boston, ice advertisement In anothe
column, llefore piperlnif your houses a visit to their
extcnilre wareroomi can but provo adrauuijcous.
A new species of cotton plant has been re
cently discovorod in Egypt, which promisos
to produco rcmarkablo results. Its valuo
is in its remarkablo produotlvoncss. Eight
acres of this cotton, which was cultivated by
tho hoglish enginocr of ono of the vicoroy s
great sugar plantations, produced 20,000
pounds of seed cotton. This gonilcman says
that "on tho best lands ol tho American cot
ton bolt tho yield would not bo less than
fivo times tbo quantity grown from tho ordi
nary seed." J lo describes it as growing to
tho hight of ton foot, and having a straight
vertieal main stem, with low branches and
parscly leavod. Stvcnty balls, of .larger
size than an ordinary cotton plant, is not a
remarkablo number lor a einglo branch to
bear. Ho planted tho stocks from whioh
tho results mentioned were attained, half a
yard apart. Tho season whioh suits it best
Is a spring damp and warm, with showers or
irrigation, that tho plant may rcceivo a good
first growth. Then a summer with bright,
hot days, and nights cooler, with moist ovap.
orations and heavy dews. Tho Egyptian
autumn, which is dry, permits tho fullest
timo for tho maturity and gathering tho
orop. Tbo viceroy baa usod every precau
tion to prevent tho seeds from being exported,
as ho desires to rotaio so valuablo a plant
exclusively in his own dominion. Whero
tbo new plant originated is not known. It
is thought to havo first been brought down
the Nilo from somo of tho cotton-producing
oouotrics ol Alrioa, lying under tbo equator.
The seed is worth in i-gypt tit ty cents per
pouod, and will not bo sold at all for expor
tation. Auiox, N. Y Nov. S9, 1976.
We hars by actual count orer forty different prep
arations fur cough, Including alt itamtanl medicines,
old and new, callod for In this section. We har told
Hatch's Untrersal Coujli Syrup fur fire years. With
no newspaper adrerttslnirs this remody has had a salo
larger than any other. It sells steadily, and main
tains Itself, and our customers speak uniformly la Its
fafor, as a safe and emulent medicine of 1U kind.
The roiaon of tho great popularity of this remedy,
la tlut it always perform- In tho most satisfactory
manner all that Is adrertlsed for It, It Is cheapest
and best. Vou can't take this medlclno and cough,
Sold by U. D. Randall.
Fon Ixtauds axd CntLDRix, a popular aliment In
Europe Is Breakfast Cocoa. Walter Baker 4 Co, pre
pare this Cocoa In the utmost purity. It olfers to per
sons In full health a light and agreeable food, and
may be had of grocers every where.
It Hum Stood tho'lVst.
If you doubt the wonderfut success of Sluloh's Con
sumption Cure, Klro It a trial i then If you aro not
perfectly satisfied, return tho bottle and we will re
fund the price paid. It has established tho fict that
consumption can be cured, whilo for Coughs, Hoarse
Iters, Asthma, Whooping Cough and Lung or Throat
troublo, there Is nothing like it for a qulca a posltlro
cure, and It seldom falls. 10 cents, CO cents, and 11.00
per bottle. If your lungs are soro, or chest or back
lame, use Shlloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents,
Sold by U. D.IUndall.
Dr.SlIILOirs SYSTE1I VITAL1ZER is no doubt
the most successful euro tot Dyspepsia, and Liver
Complaint wo have orer known, otherwise we could
not guaranteo It In cases or consumption, wher
General Debility, Loir of Appetlto and Constipation
exist. It will restore and rogulato the system, while
alllLUU'S CURE allays tho Inflamatlon and heals tho
lungs. Price 73 cents. Bold by U. D. Randall.
Hackraetack' a popular and fragrant iiorfume. Sold
bjr O. D. Randall, St. Johtubury, Vt., and olsewhero
by druggists generally.
I'crgcmtc .yiurhct.
Moxd.it, May It.
lluttrr IS & VJc, some choice lots 30c.
Kpsi lie.
Veal calrtu 3 62 Sc.
Jttclimoml .liar he t.
Mo-Dir, May 11,
HuUer from 15 1 20c; a few seleetlons at 20ci most of the
miner sold ji us iuo
C'licese titr 0 no 11c.
Potatoes 00 75o l bush.
Veal 4, 1, w.
V-tt 111 V do-
Water town Cattle .Itarhct
Dfcttle There wero ls rattle UtU mornlnjc uion the mar
let nml lets cattie mtuirtsl, Tho lrale Ij for koo.1 Uu2hter
nx mock, and for thM iin-cca remain without attention.
The beat gnule oxon fmtn the North aclllnir at 81o If lb on
ilrenswl weijrhh Wwteni cattle run higher thla week and
ilrlrcn to Itrfghtnn (oM ynjili) ftr ilIf)otiat. Vow & Mmilton
rM J oxen, weighed on the scalei 2V0 IM, at Mc fcv lb 1 w.
II U CI uric 10M 'J i UR j, weigh 2500 lbs, at $100 2 vUgi for
$120, wHuM 2500 tfti. A number of milch oen were aoM
frfiu $30 sfl 76, at I one ft no cow no! calf at (SO. H K
I'rench oA a lot of real calve at 5c lb. weight 130 each.
Sheeji We notice a number ot liU vt shenrvl heeii ami
yearliuK thla week. The rute on thcue 3 tfp 4c ifci extra
beared coteti wuuKl prolmhty aell u trifle higher, but few of
theae ntTeml bhevi chauiM handa early and lt week
lrlccs Huitalnetl. It K French uM 86 ahi-cp, 61W lb, at 4jo
$f lb. J W Taylor aohl 2"J wool nheeji, average W tbJ, at 7c
4j lb 31 sheared yojirlmp at 4c h, 70SO IM. Ad&tni &
Taylor at.ld aome hared thecp from 3 to 4Jc lb
1 '.mil ry U K French V Son aold 1000 ,t.i of turkeya and
fowl at 1JC lb none aold at higher rate this week.
St, Johnnhuru Market.
Tnciutur, Ma;
Price l'utl by Dcnlurtt.
nutter, new, tuba or ball, 20 tt 25c.
Kftgf , l&o If do.
Itoana, common white, $1 75 hand picked, $2 60.
O'.U, 50 If bush.
Man! Sugar, itirred, extra, 10o lb( tub Sc.
INitetoo, t0 75o buih,
lleef. drcfiHAl wdjbt) 7 US Ho t lb.
lrlc' AsIumI lit Ilcnlcr.
Dried ap.la, 12 (fit lie, ai to quality.
MoUasea 75c galton.
Syrup, ailTcrdrii, $1 00.
Sugar, refined 0, lijci granulated, 13c.
Maple Sugar H t 10c.
Keroaene , 35 62 50c,
Corn, new, SOo f bushel,
India Wheat, 55a f buih.
Mtiul. 75c tf buih, riftf.
Feed, $1 W V 100 ft.
Itrun, (125 100 lb.
Flour. $10?$ 12.
Uye Meat.unolfted 3u If lb.
ghorta, $iT tu.
Boston M'roilncc Hurhet,
FLUl'K The market U very quirt, with a alight railing off
In Western wheat pricea. Hut dealers here havo learned to
piy very littlo attention to thcao dally fluctuations, which
are simply the result of speculation, and not brought about
by any actu.il change In the commercial situation. The i-tocki
of flour here are small and cannot Im replaced except at
higher price, which is sumcleut reason for continued firm
ness vt holders, who do not care to irtl except at full quoted
rates. There no change to note. Western auerflire Is
nomhul at $7 60 tt 8, We quote common extras at $4 54 it
0 25t Wlaconiln extras at $9 50 10) do do palenU at $10
W Ob 13 V bbl. In Winter wheat flours sales at 9 75 ft) 11
for Ohio, I ml tail and Michigan and $10 60 6t 12 fjr Illinois
and St Louis, Including choice and fancy brands. Southern
Flour Is firm and in Ux demand for shipment of Southern
latitudes, with aales at $10 25(012 bbl for medium aud
choice family brands.
Corn Meal is Arm at $3 75 B 4 tf bbl for common and
Hye Floor U Ann and felling In small lot at $d 50 iQ) 0 75
aa to quality,
Uas Meal is In steady demand at $7 75 & 25 bbl for
Common Western, and $3 75 5 10 hbl for good aud fancy
U11A1N The Corn tnorket U dull, with a further alight
decline In Western prlres, which Inclines hnjer to hold off.
Hut the supply here U very small, and with an Improved de
mand from the cxiort trade, holdeea are not yet prepared to
accept loner rates. Hence we nuke no change In figures,
which are, howovrrto a con.l lerabla extent, nominal. We
iiuote high mixed Western at 71 09 T&1 No 1 do at 73ct No
'i da at 7JC) and yellow at 77c icr biubet.
O.lls ar. mire quiet Iml williout qunUble change. We
quota No 1 white at 7uci No'idnat C4363ci No3doat(Mc
No I mixed at Wc No i do at 6'Jci and rejected at 60 a (ic
V buih.
Hye Is nrm and selling in small bits at $1 25 i 1 30 f
llarley Is idling In small lull at Die a $1 10 buih. as to
Shorts are selling: at (37.
Fine Feed ami Slln.lilllngi at (27 0) -i V Ion.
HAY The market is dull and prices Inclined to shade,
with good cm) t,rositfcta aifl fxrnM-ri closlnf out th. bal
ance of their old stuck. Wt note sales of feulern and North
ern herdiRrau at f 10 go 20 for choice and fancy lots. $10 S9
17 for medium and $11 0 lo for ordlnaryi rodton and clovir
at lift filtlr ton.
llye strav ft selling at 120 2j, aud Oat straw at (1'i fit
11 tf ion.
POTATOES The receipts from Maine continue very Unlit,
since at present prices it does not (ity to .hip from remote
JKnts of luterior where there Is no railroad communications,
lenco prices arc very Arm for choice Faitcni sUicki but Nora
Bootia are ptenty and coniiMiratlrety cheap. Jack-on Whit,
are In demand and selling by the car load at $1 10 47 1 IS)
I'roliflci at $1 10 Ol 1 111 tlarly lloi at $1 01 a I loj Davis
MeedlimrsatOOoalli Urantsat t Wl 0J aud fcrrleiiat
85 0 V-0C. Northern and Canada stock, consisting UUMlly of
i.U.tr kinds, li selling at 4c tt $1.
HUANb The market Is quia, with an Increasing illaiioat
tlou to realise on the part of speculitlre holders. We note
sales or medium at $'s74 3 80 Yellow Kyea at 'X 75 a
2 87 I lied Kidneys at J02 2 75 and Pea Ileum ut $3
BO 3 'J5 buih, the outsldo rate for chnlce Kastern.
llUTTKll-Tho market Is firm with a goal demand from
the trade, who believe the bottom has been touched for this
year. We quota straight lots of Vermont aud New York at
a range of it) ce 22c selections at 2J tt 2tc fair to good lots
at U It) 20c pour to ordinary at 15 (e 14c to. Weiteru
dairy butter Is selling at a range of 18 tt 20ci Weatern cream
ery, or cheeM factory butter at 25 023c Ul I butter Is tie
Klected awl selling lu small lots for bakers1 use at a range of
mlliV ft. as to quality,
OIIKK3B The market is steady, with light stocks and a
good demand for the latter grades of new, which are taken
as fast as received. We uot. sales of factories at a range of
13 U 15c, and dairies at 10 O 130 for old. New factory
chec Is coming forward quite freely, but mostly of ordluary
quality, with sal.s In small lots at 13 td Ho.
EMUS The market Is very Onu for Kastern which are
most wanted and relativity scarce! but Western ar. dull and
a shed, oft Wa quota Eastern and Uape at HI 0 llc
Northern and l'rlnce Edward Iilaud at 11c, aud Western at
13c if dosen.
I'HOHaiUNa-TIie Pork market Is rather quiet with a lit
tie rcactlou from tho speculative feeling engendered by the
eastern war. Uut there is a fair demand for the trad, aud
prices are well sustained In view of the advancing prices of
corn and live stock. W. quote sales ef small lots at $13 50
HDllforextraprlmsi $17 0 IS for men and 21 A 2i f
bbl for clear and liacks. as U quilley.
lleef Is very firm, and In good demand for both consump
tion and cx)ort. We quote sales of mess at $12 50 0 13 ex
tra mess at $13 50 a Hi whiter Wale at $11 0 15, and sum
mer do al $1J 0 II v bib
187 Baltic Street, Brooklyn, N. V., 1
Nor. 14. 1874. i
II.n.St9Tcn. Esq,
Doar Sir From personal benefit received by Its use,
as well as from personal knowlodge of those whose
cures thereby have soeined Almost miraculous, I ran
most heartily and sincerely recommend the VEUK
TINB for tho complaints for which It la claimed to
cure. JAMKS 1. LUDLOW,
Iite Pastor Cavalry Baptist Church, Sacramento, Cal,
South Poland. Mltnn. Oit. It. IMIt.
Ur. II. R. Stevens
Dear sir I havo been sick two rears with liver
complaint, and during that time havo taken a trxeat
many different tnodlolnes, but none of them dla me
any good. I was rostless nights, had no appetite.
since UKingino v r.u r.r.r. it i resiweu ami retisn my
food, Can recommend the VLUErl.NE for what It has
done fur me.
yours respeciruuy,
Witness of ths above,
Mr. UEO. M, VAUdllAN.
Medlbrd Mass. a
Tin-tan ITomn. 11TvlrRr... Ttn.tan. AnrIL 1371.
If. It. Stevens i
Dear Sir We feel that the children In our home have
beon greatly beneSttod by tho VEUETINE you havo
so kindly given us from time to time, especially those
troubled with tho Scrofula.
With respect,
Mrs. N. WORM ELL, Matron.
Provhlcnco, R. I IM Transit Street,
I feel bound to exnress with rav shmaturo the hluli
value I placo upon your VEUETINE. My family have
used It fur the last two years. In nervous debility it Is
Invaluable and I roccommend It to all who may need
an Invigorating, renovating tonic.
u. i. nALir,u.
Formerly Pastor of BowdoInSquaro Church, Boston.
South Salem Mass., November It, 1870.
Mr. IT. R. Stevens i
Doar 8lr I havo bcon troubled wish Scrofula, Can
ker and Liver Complaint for throe years. Nothing
ever did me any good until I commoncod using the
VKUETINK. I considor there Is nothing oqual to It
for such complaint. Can heartily recommend It to
everybody. Yours t-uly.
Mrs. LlZZlC if. PACKARD,
IS Lagrange Stroet.
South Boston.
Mr. Stevens,
Dear Sir I have taken sevoral bottlos of your VE(1
ETINE. and nmconvlncod it Is a valuablo remody for
Dyspepsia. Ktdnoy Complaint, und Uenoral Doblfity of
uio systom. i can noariuy rocommona it to ait suiter
crs from tho above complaints.
Yours rc.'pectfully,
Prepared by
Spring Styles,
Foroign & Amorican,
Varioty TJnsurpassod,
Parties desiring to decorate their homes, or purchase
lor the Trade, are Invited to call upon
iVo. 400 Washington St.,
j. ii. nontxsox,
c. w. nomxaox.
33 OS TO 1ST.
tVo mil fiiriiNIi Ilio bent of I'npcr
Hunger al ri'iluceit rutin.
World's International Exhibition, 1876.
Tlio only Iluulilii Aivnnl for leu IlxlilIiU
of firuml, .Squnru. Upright, null
l'ntviit 1'uilul Upright
Piano -Fortes.
has bcon decreed by the Centennial Commission, on
the reports of the Judge, tivo awards for ono exhibit of
Plano-Fortcsi this being tho only establlshmect, out
of more than forty exhibitors, to which was decreod
this supremo recompense. The figures and reports ad
vertised by other exhibitors hare been disputed, but
the fact remains that this Is the only establishment to
which has been decreed two medals for one exhibit In
tho llano-Ferto Department.
This cmphatlo endorsement of tho
Henry F. Miller
Has addod to their world-wide reputatioa. They are
conceded to bo the finost Hanoi among Instruments of
Tho Henry F, Miller rianos are used exclusively In
the New England Conservatory ol Music, the largest
music school In the world. They are also used In the
Publlo Schools of Boston, and In Boston's Public In
stitutions. They aro endorsed by Educational Insti
tutions of the highest standbg, scattered throughout
tho country i by the most llattorlng oconlums of the
pross, and by testimonial lotters from many ol the best
known and most eminent musicians and vocalists
The Henry F. Miller Plane-Fortes have been used
In more than olghty ooncerts from Oct. 1, 1376, to Mar.
1, 1877. Certainly a most brilliant record. Tho spe
cial featuroa of tbe Henry Miller Flano Fortes are their
Peculiar Singing and b'ympathetlo tjuellty. and the
greatest power and Volume of Tone, Faultless Action
Elegance of doslgn, and Perfection of workmanship,
Unquestioned reliability, and acknowledged Durabil
ity. Henry P. Miller,
Boston, Mass., TT. 8. A,
A, L. BAILEY Apt, St, Johnslinry
For Mauaraitqriiig Commercial Fertilizers
Bone Meal!
For Feed!
Tlift lubaerlbor Ii minii fact urine tha ibova 11 onu.
and Ii ablo to aelt them &t lower imooi tlun thoy hT0
0. F. DEAN.
Bt, Jobmbury, April 19, 1877,
1 1 U I 1 I In rurL rlaU i do puWU-iir,
llrllllll fend ;t.wn fur itartLouUn Dr. Carl.
MJk X II JLTJl too. Ul ViuUb(tvu fci-, (.'Liu, UL
ELECT from Iht Ml owing Hit fttl order of the VKTU
MONT FARM Kil, Tim lootu will be tent you t mull,
!otU(r jhiM, on receipt of r'1 TltU list comprtiet runny
itAthUril worki non Agrlclture, bortkoUure, atxl the ftrti
connectd therewith. Some ef these booVi lire AtuotuH In
tlUpcnilMe to a funwr' VWnry, Almost ny book not men
Uow Mow cnii lie turalil.tit, alio.
Allen! (U P.) American Cuttle.
Allen ('. .) Hural Arc.ilieclure.it
Alien1! (It. I) American Farm ltook.(.
Atlen't (It. b. 4- U K)New American Farm Hook,
All"n(It. U) Dlwaio9onorattlc Animal!.
American Dlnl Fancier .
American Uentlemitn'i Viable UuMi
American llotw Uulturlst...,. ...,.,.,..
American Weetli anl Uierut riant
Atwood's Countr an-l Suburban IIouk!,,
Aiwoou'i .Moiern American iiomesteauii
Haker! Practical ami Scientific Fruit Culture....
llarbor'l Crack Shot.
Harry! Fruit UarJen ...................
Hell'! Carpentry Made FajrS ........... ...
Memenfa KabMt Fancier..................
ft oo
, yo
. 3 00
Iloganlua FteM, Com, and Tra.i Shooting
llommer! Mcthxl of Making Manure!
uouMinfraoit'! uarai ixonomy.
. 1 00
ltrackett! Farm Talk W cti. t cloth. 75
Itreck! New Hook of Flower I 75
11 rill'! Farm-Uanlenlnff ami tfeed Urowinff.. 1 00
itrowni laTiucnrnni'! .Manual'. i w
II room-Corn aixl Urnnm!. ... .tticr. 60 cU. I clotli 76
llnckner! American Manunt. 1 60
Jtuchanan'! Culture of the Urn no amMHne IMakhur,. 75
lluel'! CMer-Maker'a Manual t 60
nulst'i Flower (.. en IXrrctory.., 1 60
Ilulsl! Famlty Kitchen Hardener.- 1 00
Hurnham'! The China Fowl 1 00
Hunts1 Architectural Drawing Hook 1 00
Hurni Illustrated Drawing Hook, 1 00
uumv urnameniiu irrawing hook i uu
llurr'i Veeetahlcj of America 3 00
Caldwell1 Agricultural Chemical Analysis 2 00
Canary Hlrd!...apt'r60 ctr i cloth................ 75
Chorlton! Orae-Un)wer U utile 75
CleTcland'4 Landscape Architecture,.,....... 1 CO
Clok'a Disease ofgheep 1 25
Cobbett'i American Uardcuer 76
Cole! American Fruit Hook. 75
Cole'! American Veterinarln 75
Cooked ami Cooking Foot! for Domestic Anlmats 20
Corbett! Poultry Yard and Market. 60
uaud'! aUoiicrn J torso Uoctor, U'mo l ou
Dadd'! American Cattle Doctor, 12mo..,.. 1 60
Dadd'a American Cattle Doctor, 8ro, cloth 2 60
Dadd's American Reformed Morse Hook, Sru, cloth.... 2 60
Dana1! Muck Manual . 125
Dead Slioti or. Piirtmaii, Comt.leto Guide. .......... 1 75
DeVoe'! Market Assfntant 2 60
Dink Ma) new, and ilutchlnaon.on tbe Dog... 3 00
Downing! Landscape Hardening... 0 60
Dwyer'a Horse Hook...,. ,..,............., 2 00
Kastwood onCranlierry..,. 75
Kggleston'! Circuit llider 1 75
K Kg I Eton's llooiler School-Master 1 25
KKgle ton's Knd of the World...,,. I 60
Kggleston! Mystery of Metropollsvllle 1 60
Kggleaton1 (Ueo. C.) A Man of Honor.. 12
Klllott'e Hand Hook for Fruit Grower!... Pa., 60c.( do. 1 00
Elliott's Lawn and Shade Trees 1 60
Klllott'i Western Frult-Urower Oulde 1 60
Kmerson's Farmers and rianters Encyclopedia...... 0 00
Ureleth's School House Architecture 0 00
Every Horse Owner's Cyclopaedia 3 75
Farmers Barn Book 1 60
Field's Tear Culture 1 25
Flax Culture, (eren Prise Eseayiby Practical growers.) 80
Flint (Charles L.) on Ununea 2 60
Flint! Milch Cows and und Dairy Farming 2 60
French'! Farm Drainage. ... 1 60
Fuuri Forest-Tree Culturlit 1 60
Fuller! Urape Culturlst 1 60
Fuller! Small Fruit Culturlst 1 60
Fuller1! llluatrated Strawberry Culturlit 20
Gardner'! Carriage 1'dlotcr! Manual 1 00
Gardner's How to Paint..... , 1 00
Ueycltn'i Puultry-Brcedlng, 1 25
Gtoan on Hrevchloaders 2 00
Gregory on Cabbages , paper.. SO
Gregory on Onion Kalslng paper,. 30
Gregory un Squashes paper.. 30
Guenon on Milch Cows 75
Gun, Kod and Saddle 1 00
Halletfs Builders Specifications 1 76
Hallctt's Builders Contracts 10
Harney's Hams, OuMlultdlugs ami fences 0 00
Harris'! Insect! Injurious to Vegetation Plain $4
Colored Engravings........ 6 60
Harrison tbo Pig... , 1 60
Hedges on Sorgho or the Northern Sugar Plant 1 60
Henderson' Gardening for Pleasure ....... 1 60
Henderson'! Gardening for Profit 1 60
Henderson' Practical Floriculture 1 60
Herbert1! Iliuta to llorscKceper 1 76
Holdeu Buok of Birds. pap-T, 25c.i cloth. ... . 60
Hop Culture, By nine experienced cultivators, ... . 30
Hooper' Dog and Gun ..paper, 30c 1 cloth 00
How to Get a Farm aud vhcru to fiud One...... 1 75
How to Make Candy. 60
How to Use tho Pistol 60
Hunter and Trapper.. 1 00
Husmaiin Grapes and wine 1 50
Jacques's Manual of the House 1 60
Jacques1! Manual of the Garden, Farm and UarnYsrd 1 75
Jennings on Cattle and their DUcases 1 76
Jennings Horae Training Made Easy 125
Jennings on the Horse aud Ms ttseaca 1 75
Jennings on Sheep, Swine, and Poultry 1 76
Jenny June's Couk Hook..... 1 60
Jersey, Alderney, und Guernsey Cow 1 60
John Andres (Rebecca Harding IUtIi) 1 60
Johnson's How Crop Feed 2 00
Johnson's How Crops Grow 2 00
Johnson's Peat and its Uses 1 25
Johnston's Agricultural Chemistry 1 75
Lea v ill's Facts about Peat 1 75
LcuLhar's How to Uulld Hot-1 louses. 1 60
Lewis' Peoples Practical Poultry Book 1 60
Long's American Wild Fowl Shooting. 2 00
Lonng's FarmYard Club of Jotham 8 60
Lyman's Cotton Culture 1 60
Manual of FUr Culture , . , . 25
Marshall' Farmer1 Hand Hook 160
McClure Diseases of the Am. Horse, Cattle & Sheep.. 2 00
Merrick's Strawberry Culture 1 00
Miles on the Horse's Foot..... 75
Mohr on the Grape-Vine 1 00
Mrs. Cornelius' Young Housekeepers Friend 1 60
M urray's The Perfect Horse , 4 00
My Mneyard nt Lakevlew..,,.... 1 25
Nichol's Chemistry of the Farm and tea 1 25
Norton's Scientific Agriculture 75
Unions How to llaimi them Profitably , 20
Orange County Stud-Book..., 100
Our Farm or Four Acres. Fa., 30c.( Clo., flOci Kx, Via. 1 00
Pardee on Strawberry Culture . 75
Parsons on the Hose 1 60
Pedder' Land Mciaurcr CO
Perchcron Horse , 1 00
Phln's How to Uso the Microscope , 75
Phln Lightning 1UU ami their Construction 60
Pit lu' Open Air Urape Culture 1 &o
Plummer' Carieuters and Builders Guide 1 00
Potato Culture (Pnte Esday.) paer 25
Pretty Mrs. Gaston (J. Esten Cooke) 1 60
Quinby's Mysteries or Bev-Keeplug 1 60
Uulucy (Hon. Joslah)ou Soiling t'atlle I 25
Union's Money In the Garden 1 60
yuluu'a Pear Culture for Profit 1 00
lUadalPs Flue Wool Sheep Husbandry . I 00
Randall1! Practical shepherd 2 00
Randall's Sheep Husbandry... 1 60
Register of Rural A lT.il ra, bound, 7 vols., each.... 1 60
Register or Rural AlTalrs (1877) SO
Iteemelin'a Wine Makers Manual, 1 25
Richardson on tho Dog Hlter, 30c., cloth 00
Riley's Potato Peats pj per' 60c. cloth.... 75
Rivers' Miniature Fruit Garden. 1 00
Roe Manual on Culture of Small Fruits 60
Roe'i Play and Profit in my Garden 1 60
Saunders's Dtanestic Poultry.... paper, iQc. cloth.. .. 75
bcheuck's Gardener's Text-Book 75
tienbner1 Ready Reckoner and Log.Book 30
Shooting ou tbe Wing,..., , , 75
Skillful Housewife 75
Slack Trout Culture 1 60
Starr's 'Forest and Stream" Hand Hook for Hillemen.. 60
Stepping Stone to Architecture ....... 00
Stewart's Stable Hook. , , 1 60
Stewart Shepherd1 Manual , 1 60
Stewart's Sorghum and Its Product X 60
Stoddard1! An Egg Farm Wcr, 60 ct.t cloth 75
StouUiengeonthu Dog , , 3 75
Stoueheugeou the Horse In Stable and Field,,.,...., 2 00
Ten Acre Enough 1 60
The Rlllei Ita Theory and Practice 60
The Tliomery System of Urape Culture 60
Thomas American Fruit Culturlst. .New Ed 3 75
Thomas Farm Implements aud Machinery 1 60
Thompson! Food ut Animals f. 1 00
Tim Bunker Paper , , 1 60
Tubacco Culture. By fuurtwen experienced cultivators. 25
Todd's American Wheat Culturlst 1 60
Todd's Young Fanners' Manual. 2 vols 3 60
Turner's Cotton Planters' Manual , 1 50
Ville Chemical Manures 60
Warden's American Pomology 3 00
Warder's Hedges and Evergreens.., , , 1 60
Waring' Dralulng fur Profit ami Health 1 50
Waring' Element! or Agriculture 1 00
Waring'! Earth Closet and Earth Sewage,..,,. ,. 60
Waring's Essay on Jersey CatUo...,, , ,,,,, 60
Waring's Handy.Hook or Husbandry 2 50
Wheeler It ur I Homes, 2 00
Wheeler's Home for ttie people ,,, 3 00
White's Cranberry Culture 1 25
WItlard's Practical Butter Hook 1 00
Willard's Practical Dairy Husbandry. ,,,, 3 00
Woodward's Cottages and Farm Mouses ...,..., 1 60
Woodward's Suburban and Country Houses 1 60
Woodward'! Country Homes 1 60
Woodwanl'i Uraperie aud Horticultural Bultdlngi.. 160
Wright's Brahma Fo I ,,,, 2 60
Wright's Practical Poult ry.KeejKT , 2 00
Youatt and Spoouer on the Horse,. , 1 60
Youattand Martin ou Cattle.. ,.,,.... 1 60
Youatt on the Dog...., , ,.., J 75
Youatt ou the Hog. .. 1 00
Youatt on Sheep Js,00
Amateur Trapper and Trap Makers Uulde.Pa.,60e.;bdr
Bailey's Our Own Birds of tbe United States.
Barnard's A Simple Flower Ganlen 38
Barnard's Farming by Inches..., 3S
Barnard's Gardening for Money. , ,,,, , 1 60
Barnard's My Ten Rod Farm,,,,,.,. 38
Barnard's Strawberry Gardeu 3S
Book of Household Pets Boards, 60o.t cloth,, 00
Brandt' Guide to Discover the Age of llorsej 1 00
Brldgemau's American Oardener's Assistant 2 00
Butler' Family Aquarium , , , 7
Deusser's Horseman! Guide Board!, 75e.l cloth 1 00
Enfield's IudlanCorn,, ..,.... 1 00
Farming for Hoy!..,,,, , 1 6
Hand Book or the Grasses of Great Brit Ian A" America , 1 6
How I mada $350 u Year by piy Bee . 2
Howard' Grasses aud Forage Plant at the South 3
Idstone on the Dog,,.,,,,,,, 17
Rand'! Flower for the Parlor and Uordcu '. 2 6
ltand'i Qardeu Flower,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,,.,,, 2 60
Hand'i Orchid Culture , 3 6
Hand's Popular Flowers , 2 0
Rand's Rhododendrons , , 6
Rarey and Knowlson's Complete Horse Tamer , . , fi
Heasor's Treatise on the Hog , , l 60
ltopp! Commercial Calculator,, 1 0
Strongs Culture of the Urape &
The Greenhouse as a Winter Garden T
IFitty conts per dozen,
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WehaTO .quantity of this Blacklnx, tho test In tlio
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It can tie Uui;lit In Mew York by th. case, Also
Bixby's True Blue.
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