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-vriM.ini uaimuaiii: axnooiation,
Manufacturer! of all kinds or OPEN ami TOP HOtl
PW.v 0.N8 and BLKtullB. CARRIAtIK
l!TalT3a TUP8 constantly on hand. OA Kill.
..'r TAUB REPAIRING InalllU Branch-
u. Aaann, auuLibii uaimuaub asbuuiatIUN,
vu.-mvi: noun:,
l. Ml. Jnlillnlilirr, VI.
Situated In the business center of Uis village, ana bat
three minutes walk from Union Depot. A good Llrerjr
U kept In connection with the heme. Hoard $2.00 per
day a liberal discount by the woek.
II. . 1IOW1I, Proprietor.
jqi.oi)ji:tt .v i'di.i.iitt,
Itepreientlns FIR8T CLASS STOCK and 1IUTUAI,
COMPANIES. Offlce In Bank Block, Main Street.
P. D. BLonoirr.
Louis Follitt.
Jolillsliltry, ------
Itallroatl Mtreet, St. Jolinsuurj', VI.
jejr- ItloiYTUOItllUlY,
St. Jobnsbnry, Vt.
jgELDI'.X A: llti:, ATTOHNUYfl,
Henry C. Belden. . . Henry C.Ide.
I'cuuns, ji. n., i). i. s.,
st Jolmnliitrr, - Vermont.
i:. smith, m. i.
Ilomocopatlila Pliy-slolnn ft Snrgien
st. jonxsnunr, vt.
SUFFICE over Boston Clothing Store, Railroad St.
unice nours rrora to n a.m. i a to 3 and 7 to 8 p.m.
7nvr.A i,i ri: i.vsuuanci: co.hi'anv,
uu iiaruom, vonn.
Assets over $23,000,000. Oier 66,000 Members.
Odd Fellows' Block, R.R.8t., St. Johnsbury
t-ii.ma.ii vu.ii:it,
Carriage Trimmings,
c. .v- ii. a. iiaiiiutt,
Dealers tn
hoots a- siior.s, coci:iiii:s,
WARE, ETC., ETC. Goods sold for Cash or Ready
Fay, at the Lowest Prices.
Odd Fellows Block, St. Johnsbury, Vt.
-yy ii. iioitTo.-v,
All Goods Warranted. Cutting dono at Short Notice
and on Reasonable Terms.
Johnson's, Block, Johnson's Store, Railroad Street,
St. Jolinsbiiry, Vt.
Manuiicturers of
Circular Saw 91111s, J.rver Set nml iScrnr
Ilemllocks, Clapboard Machines, Clapboaril
Planers, Etlgers, Clippers antl I.ojr I.ntl.es,
gl.li.gle and I.atli 3Jncl.li.es, Hoard .Pinn
ing Machines, Diinelislon Planers, Turbine
Water Wheels, Flour and Grist Mills,
Shafting, llanRtrs, Pulleys, Gears,) Saws,
Melting, Saw Arbors, Knife Grinding Ma
chines, Jack Screws, Holts, Castings and
General 3Iachlnery.
HOOKER & THOMPSON, Proprietors.
II. K. IIA.I,1,I,,
St. Johnsbury, Vt.,
Manufacturers of and Dealers In
Flanlng, Jointing, Matching, Brackets, Collins, and
Ueneral Jobbing. Shop at Paddocks Village.
-K X O-
wlt 1 sell all tho goods damaged by water at a great
lsoount from tho regular jrlco. Jinny of the goods
are so slightly damaged as not to diminish their In
trinsic value. Tho goods consist of
Cotton Clotis,
It r ess Goods,
Han dlicrch i eft,
Cotton Jtatitngs,
Of vnrlous kinds.
JPajicr Hangings,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Everybody Is Invited to arall themselves of
As I am determined do clean up tho stock for early
Spring Trade.
It. R. St., St. Johnsbury.
"Oranyo Count IVliltc."
This variety Is a hybrid between the Early Rose and
Excelsior. It Is of medium site, fine form, excellent
quality, and gives an abundant crop. Send to Sub
scriber for his catalogue of Trees, riants, etc., and sco
therein a fuller description.
II. I'. OI.OSMIN, Tl.cllor.1, VI.
I'L'V A V fur Mle. roMdire tlckoti to all
Dr. AMMI BROWN, 68 Sears Building, Boston.
Jl'.HSIiVN. Bulls, one to lliroo years, alt from
Imported Cows, and too by imported bull. Price
30 to $rs.
AY IIHII I II r.S.-t Bulls, ono to two years, all by
Imported "I'rlilu of liiimvn," Price $30 to
ICO. ForSaloby
.1. P. Jt.lI.I4,
"Leo farm," Derby Line, Vt.
FANCO MIXED UAHD3 wltli name. 6o., a)
Elegant Mixed Unroll Cards, no name, 10. 1 10
Cuiulo Shadow or Ctuilc Pheto Cards, 100.
postpaid. J. U. UUBTED, NatauN.Y.
I'llMAV, fll.VY IS, ISJ.
About Town.
Iho days nt present bavo over fourteen
hours ol dayligUt ; a gam of noarl y firo
now irom tho shortest day in tho yoar,
Elder 0. W. lloss of Now llampuhlro
win prcaca ni mo Advent cuapcl in 1'ad
uoek'n villago this (Fiiday) ovcninir. All
aro invited.
Dealers hot having a sufficient supply of
Dradley's Phosphates can bo promptly gup.
uicu in quantuios 10 suit tiicmsolTcs by d
uiu-aiug u. xviocrson, uarnoi,
"Undo Tom's Cabin" was brought out
very creditably nt tho town hall Wednesday
evening by tho "old rcliablo" Wilkinson
Combination, before a largo audienco.
Sir. John A. Nicholls, tho temperance ro.
former from Eogland, is soon to sivo 0
looluro hero. Ho is likod very much
wherover ho goos. Do not fail to hoar him
Wo aro glad to loam that Mr. 0. F. Dur-
uicic has gono to repairing in tho boot and
shoo store ot O. W. lliohardson. Mr. D
docs his work well and bis prioca just suit
iqo times.
At the villago meeting Tuesday evening
to sec if tho villago would voto to raiso
money to pay indebtedness and expenses, it
was voted to ratso a tax of 75 cents on
dollar of the grand list for that purpose
Prof. U. P. lltx has issued an invitation
to tho singers of St. Johnsbury to meet nt
W. 11. Nelson's musio rooms next Monday
evening at half-past soven o'clock to consult
in regard to a musical convention and for an
hour's rehearsal. Uooks will bo furnished
tor tho occasion to all who wish to sib'.
There was an immenso crowd at the chil'
urcn's temperance meeting at tho South
church last Sunday evening, many coinij
will 1 1 1 ' . mi 0
unuy tvnuuuii uuiuuuug deals. A00 CXCr-
ciscs consisted of singing nnd rcoitations by
tho children and prayer and remarks by
some of the pastors. Tho children per
formed their parts in a most crcditablo
Tho Dergcr family and Sol. Smith ltus-
scll gavo an entertainment at tho town hall
last Monday evening to a largo and soloct
audience. Owing to the illness and Ina.
bility to appear of tho star performer of tho
company, Miss Anna Teresa Bcrger, tho
entertainment was not nuito ud to tho
standard of last season, but was very well
Village Trusters' Meetings.
Met May 4th at tho usual timo and nlaco.
iin present, mr. uaicn reported that Mr,
411 . " . -.. ..
lUcUormick and himself had estimated the
cost of tho sewer on the cast sido of Main
street, including "traps" for tho admission of
suriaco water, to bo gliOO ir laid with six
inch tile. Tbo length is 550 feet and tho
fall 41 feet. It was voted to put in tho
sewer provided that a majority of the per
sons liviog along tho lion of it shall connect
with it. in regard to tbo matter of purchas
ing a gravel bank it was voted to "lay it on
tho tablo" for tho present. Tho subject of
the bank wall on Pearl street was discussed
and it was voted to build the wall provided
that it could bo dono for nino dollars per
cord or less, and that bids will be received
for ono week more, bids to bo opened next
Friday night, and tho contract awarded to
tho lowest bidder, provided it is nino dollars
per cord or less.
iMay nth, met at tho usual timo and
place. All present. Voted, To let the job
of building the wall on Pearl street to S. D.
Lawrence and H. I. Wood at 88.49 per
cord. Dr. Folsom ncrccinc to nav one-fourth
part the cost of tbo wall. There wcro fivo
bids received as follows : II. C. Danforth.
89.76 per cord: Joseph Glukce. 88.90:
James T. Ahcrn, 88.87 : John Ouver.
88.75: Lawrence & Woods. S8.49. Vottd.
That Mr. McCormiok bo instructed to look
up the regulations in regard to rates for
water takers and to proparo additions and
alterations in tho satno to bo submitted to
tho villago meeting May 15th. Voted, To
adjourn till May 11th.
May 14tb, Met at Iho usual timo and place.
All present. The contract in relation to tho
wall on Pearl street was approved and signed
by tho trustees and by tho contractors, Messrs.
Lawrence & Woods.
Horace K. Idr Olork.
Twenty persons united with tho congrega
tional church in Ucnnington as new members
last Sabbath eighteen by profession of
faith, and two by letter.
The annivorsary exercises of tho Burr and
Burton seminary at Manchester takes placo
June 17 21. The anniversary sermon will
be delivered on Sunday evening, Juno 17,
by Rev. H. II. Shaw, principal ; tho other
literary exercises aro not yet arranged. Tho
class graduating this year numbers nino,
nearly all of whom go to college in tho au
tumn. Frank Pierco of Londonderry has
tho valedictory and A. K.Pago of New York
City, a nephew of cx-Cov. John B. Pago,
tho salutatory. Though this is tho regular
year for tho triennial assemblage of tho alum
ni, of which ox-Oov. Pags is president, tho
executivo comimttco has postponed tho anni
vorsary until next year.
The executivo committco of tho Donning
ton Centennial Commission started, Monday,
on their tour of tho stato, intending to raise
enthusiasm concerning tho celebration and
funds as well.
The factories in Arlington, aro running
night and day as tho results of tho exhibits
they made at tho ccntonnial exhibition. Ono
oftbem is exporting chairs to Spain.
The Frco Baptist society of Whcclock havo
engaged tho services of tho Itev. Heuderson
one-half of tho timo at tho Hollow and tho
other half at tho South.
Tho Pago boys, living a mile northwest of
Danvillo village, sot firo to somo brush near
their sugar placo last Monday. Thoy will
probably buy their sugar or rent a sugar
place next year. Sugar bouse and several
cords of wood saved.
On aocount of tho lato dry wcatcr tbo riv
er has fallen rapidly so tho "drive" of Pea
body, Van Dyko k Co., of Molndocs is so
riously retarded. Tho monetary pressure in
tho largcr towns and cities seems to provont
an influx of orders, so that the capacity of
tho mill has not yet been developed,
A. P. Collier of East Hardwiok met with
a serious accident last Wednesday night as
bo was returning from Hardwick. Ho was
walking besi Jo his horso when the horso bo
como frightened from somo unknown cause,
throwing himself and Mr. C. into tbo ditch
iu such a manner that neither could get up.
Mr. C. succeeded after a long timo iu attract
ing tho attention of tho neighbors who came
to 1m assistance. It was feared at first that
bis spino was injured, but hopes aro enter
tained that his injuries will not provo bo so.
rious as was expected.
The Frco Press says : Tho rum traffio in
Burlington is gradually giving way beforo
the earnest application of tho nuisanoo law.
It is certain that many notorious gin-mills
havo closed up tho business.
A movement is on foot among somo Bur
lington morchants to purchase or charter a
small steamer, to make daily trips between
that city and Ticondcroga, touching nt inter
mcdiato points. It is probable that a new
steamer will bo bought at Cleveland, Ohio,
for that purposo,
Tho work of excavation for tho foundation
of tbo new building of tbo Vermont Life In
surance Compauy, to be erected on tho cast
end of tho Allen IIouso lot, Main street,
Burlington, b in progress.
A Burlington saloon keeper connected his
uuer pipe witn nis water plpo in such a way
that by turning tho fauoot ono way ho drew
water and tho other way boor. His trick
was discovcrcrcd, howovor, and tho ofliocrs
havo cut off the source of supply which thoy
vuusiucrcu most aangcrous.
A patent has been granted to A. J. (Jus
tin, suporlntondcnt or tho St. Albans iron
and steel works, ibr an apparatus for oar.
rying railroad rails and another for carrier
roils lor railroad rails.
Tho work of putting into tho St. Albans roll
ing mill facilities for making stool rails has
commcnood. Beforo tho annual mooting tho
directors who wcro proposing tho chango said
it would cost about 849,000, but in conso
qucnoo of tho searching inquiries into tho
management at that meeting tho same men
who wcro offering to contraot for the work at
tho abovo figures aro now doing it for about
814,000. A savins of 81500 has also been
effected in tho matter of salaries.
Elisha Davis of North Cambridfl- mado a
probably successful attempt at suioido Salnr.
day night by cutting his throat with a raior.
Mr. II. 11. Edwards of Bclvldero hns n
cat which mcasuros 82 inches from the end
of Its noso to tho tip of its tail.
Mward Jacobs, ono ofBuok's mill hands
at J ohnson whilo at work, was sovercly hurt
by ono of tho saws dropping somo six or
cicht feet and striking him on the shouldnr.
ana cutting a sovcre gash to tho bono.
borne miscreant entered iho nn mill nf
illiam Obor, in Eden, on Sunday last, and
cut tho 12-ineh drivo bolt ten times asunder,
uiso cutting an tbo lacings. There is a slight
clue to tho authorship, which it is hoped will
lead to a full conviction.
Hon. 0. S. Paco of Hvdo Park started
Monday morninc for llutland. whero tho
committco on tho Bennington centennial cel
ebration aro met thiswcok to arrange for tho
lurmcomuig gaia day at uennington. Thoy
uApcvb mj uqu a wcoc's wort beioro them.
Samuel Hews. 85 VCars old and a veteran
ot loi-', toil over tbo threshold of bis houso
at liairloo on Saturday and broko his limb
aoove tno unco.
Eleven yoars aeo, I. K. Drew of Barton
set out an elm troo near his houso, that was
only ono inch in diameter and four feet high,
It now measures thirteen inches in diamtar
at the base, and is twonty-six feet high.
Aleta Drench, daughter of Dean French
of Barton Landing was badly burnod in tho
iaco last luesday, by falling from a chair
upon a hot stovo-
A tramp called at Allen Kinlev's in Cov.
entry ono night last wcck.and asked for lode.
ing ond as his request was not granted, ho
threatened to burn buildings. Mr. lliploy
escorted him to tho front yard, boxed his
cars soundly, and let him go. Ho was takon
up tho next morning.
An effort is beinc made at North Tror to
lurm nu imaoiry company lor tho lscnning
ton centennial.
'Ihe saw mill of G. W. Curtis at East
Greensboro, was burned on tho nicht of tho
tn,L ..i .... . 0 ..
xvuu insi., witn an its contents, togotber with
a largo amount ot lumber. Tho mill con
tained a shinclo mill, box and other machin
ery, and tho loss is heavy .
Prouty & Miller of Newport havo com-
menced running their largo steam mill at
mat piacc.
It is proposed to start a mill at North
1 roy lor tho manufacture of furniture and
other kinds of wood work.
A little four-year-old bov livinir at Greens
boro recently asked his sister to como out to
tho barn and hear the hens sinir All for
A littlo son of Freeman Bartlctt of New.
port Center was struck on tho sido of tho
head by a baso ball last week which knocked
out a tooth or two for him.
Tho steam mill beloncini' to J. T. Bocde
&, (Jo., bankrupts, was sold at auction bv
tho assigneo last Friday. It was bid off by
Horaco Lawrcnco and A. W. Brown at
Tho concreeational church at West Hut
land, Kcv. J. K. AVilliams. pastor, has had
nearly iuu auditions during tbo past year.
lteccut developments havo implicated
several young men, in Pawlct, somo of them
of respectable families, in a scries of tholts
and depredations, and they bavo been bound
up for trial.
Tho lato murder and suicido at Brandon
in somo respects tho strangest of tho
strango crimes for which peaceful Vermont
has of lato years been famoui. Frank Bras
sor, J r., aged 15,had borrowed his employer's
fine repeating nflo for a day's hunting Satur
day morning, jus lather, who was working
in a swamp, beard two quick shots near by,
but thought nothing of it, till a passer-by
found tho boy dead in a ditch, with a pistol
ball in his body, and tho riflo missing. About
iu uctoh at nigni. a Bceuon-nand on tbo
Itutland railroad met a yount; man near
ittsford, who Orod at him with a riflo. but
was immediately knocked down, bereft of his
riflo and lot go, tho railroad man keeping on
to Brandon, where ho heard oi tho murder
and found tho riflo to be tho ono takon from
tho dead boy. A hand-car was manned and
started back, but when near tbo sceno of tho
tusslo a pistol-shot was heard, and tbo mur
derer, a young man of fino appcaranco and
uiuiuiug, vruu nuiuii wuuo nanu, was lounu
to havo shot himsolf dead through tho head.
Ho is siuco found to havo been an English
lad of fino education and quiet manner, who
worked for awhile on a farm in a neichborina
town, and has been loitoriog about Brandon.
it has been tboucbt without particular rca-
son that ho was crazy, but tho lacts indicato
deliberate murder from pure covoteusncss.
His light curly hair had been dyed black,
and a burglar's mask and other articles wcro
were iound in bis pocket with burnt cork,
with which ho had partly blackened his faco.
Ho probably saw tho Brassor boy with his
handsome pun.and to get it coolly killed him ;
afterward fired on tho railroad-man thinking
him ono of his pursuers, and finally, when he
found ho was really in danger, killod himsolf
to cscapo banging.
The house, barns, outbuildings and stock
of Dr. Horace Falcs at Watcrbury were
burnod Monday; loss 80000. insuranco
Now that Brattleboro has confirmed with a
majority of tho signatures of hor tax-payers
representing a similar amount of grand list
tho voto to aid to the amount of 850,000 tho
proposed IJrattloboro and Whitohall railroad,
those living on tho lino of the routo express
tho belief that other towns will soon fall into
lino, insuriug tho beginning of the road this
year. Nowlane, which voted Monday, ond
gainst it once, will hold another moetinir
next Monday, and will, it is thought, givo a
good majority for tho enterprise. Other
towns bavo exouscd themselves on tho ground
of Brattleboro's delay.
Tbo dwelling and adjoined buildings bo-
longing to Mrs. John E. Butkr at Jamaica
were burned Saturday evening ; loss 82550,
insured for 81800 iu tbo .Etna,
A reform daily papsr at Brattleboro is
Bald to bo among tbo possibilities. But we
fanoy it is a good many years off; dailies in
such places as Brattlchoro are cxpensivo
Tho Wilmington rod and gun club has
put 25,000 young trout into tho Deerfidd
and its tributaries, which tbo law protects
until May, '70.
The firm of Athcrton k Co.. grocers, of
Bellows Falls havo sold out to W. II. k
Georgo Griswold, who will continue tho busi
ness under tho firm name of W. H, Grbwold
Itev. William Scwell of Norwich has no
ccptoda call to Littleton (Mass.) Congrega
tional churoh.
There wag great excitement in Norwich
last week over a justioo trial, the stato against
tho notorious Georgo F. Kibbling, for selling
liquor, throo hundred offences. Tho case
was tried Friday and tho jury, aftor being
out all night, oamo in Saturday morning
with a disagreement of five to one for con
viction. Tho sentiment is against Kibbling,
and another trial is probable.
Address of tho Vermont Centennial Commission,
To the People of Vermont :
Fellow-Gitizens : It is doubtless known
to you that tho legislature at its last sossion
passed an not incorporating tho Bennington
Battlo Monument Association and dtrootcd
it to tako measures to secure at Bennington
during tho week of the 10th of Aug,, 1877,
an appropriate Centonnial celebration of tho
JJattlo ot Bennington, and nlso tho rceogni
tion of tho year 1877 as tbo vcar of tho ox.
isteaco cf tho stato as an indenondant state
In pursuance of this act tho Association has
established tbo Vermont Centennial Com.
mission to carry out tho speoial provisions of
11s sum section, xno uommission held itA
first mcuiiog at Bennington on tho 4th day
of April last, and elected na its nreaidnnt
tho Hon. Edward J. Pholps of Burlington
muw uw uuuunuu iuu jiuuiuon anu is noart
ily enlisted in tho nocessarv duties of his
high office. For its vieo presidents it selected
wcu-Kuown citizens, ten of whom havo been
governors of tho stato, tho natno of tho venor
ablo ex-Gov. Harland Halo standing nt tho
bead of tho list. It also chooso a seorotary,
u uuasurur ana an oxccutiro committco
fivo members.
It will be observed that two distinct and
soparato events aro to becommcmorateddur
ing tho week of tho 10th of August next
one being an important battlo tho other tho
birth of tho state tho conncotion between
tho two being simply a fortuitous and not
necessary one. Recognizing this fact the
Association has sot apart tho 15th ol Au
gust as Vermont's day, a day in which tho
events ot too urst convention at Westminster
the 'd and Sd at Windior, all occurring it
the year 1877, will reccivo prominent notico
and to this celebration tho Association han
invited, through His Exccllonoy, tho govcr.
nor, president of tho association, tho prcsl
dent nnd tho vioc-prcsidcnt of tho United
States, the members of tho cabinet and tho
governors of tho sovcral states. As this
the brst colcbration ot this kind in tho his.
tory of tbo government tho Centennial of
tho birth ot a stato never yet having been com
memorated tho Commission are extreme! v
solicitous that tho occasion shall in ovory rc-
eiicui. uu wormy oi tno great ovont tho cole
bration is intended to signalize. Tho nco
plo of Vermont tako an honest pride iu tho
Green Mountain stato and though reasons
multiply why thoy do so, they simply .say,
"Tiieylore their land bocauso It Is their own
And scorn to give auzht other reasons why."
While, howovcr. thov would not claim Ibr
it perfection, excopt tho perfection of bcautv
oi lanuscape, tuoy consider it, and rightly
too, the model stato of tho Union, tho best
exemplification of free government to bo
found on the faco of tho earth. Born of a
Mivu uuiHusi mat taxea tno resources ot a
political management of tho highest order ;
qoiu at a aistanco by tbo general govern
mcnt lor nearly a score of years ; tho land
claimants of neighboring states making its
territory their fighting cround. nnd England
during tho revolution trying through Canada
iu cajoic, wneouio anu bribo her, Vermont
held her steadfast courso, turning neither to
tho right hand'nor tho loft, ns firm ns her
hills, developing thoso principles of solf-gov-crnmcnt
which have stood her in good stead
for a full oeutury, which have given her a
placo iu tho galaxy of states more than com-
racnsurato with her population and wealth ;
whioh havo onablod hor citizons widoly
scattered over tho world to impress her in-
(lucnoo upon her cominqnitieiin4nc.iridai23.
and whicb, through a long lino of her sons,
eminent in character, skillful in legislation.
and wiso in statesmanship, havo constantly
ma-.ntaincu lor tier a proud position in tho
councils of tho nation.
Tho commemoration of an event so marked
in the nation's history as a stato Centennial,
is certain aiono to oring to our borders a
largo concourso of pcoplo from all parts of
mo country, a moments reflection will suf
Gco for this ; and it is a point in which it is
unnecessary lor tho Uommission to cnlargo
in presenting tho subjoot to tho pooplo of tho
Btato. it is proper, nowover, to impress
too necessity ot making ( amplo prepar
ations for so important an occurrence, and
especially of urgiog them to keep constantly
iu view its high and worthy object.
On tho 10th of August, 1877, tho Cen
tennial anniversary ot the battlo of Bcnning
tou will occur. For ninety and nino vcars
the town of Bennington has observod tbo au-
nual occurrcnco ot this day. Gen. Stark in
sending somo trophies of tho battlo to Mas-
sacbusctts speaks of it as "a glorious vie
tory," which "ought to bo kept in memory
anu nanucu down to futurity as a lasting
and laudablo cxamplo for tho sons nnd
dauchtors of the victors." This iniunction
has boon faithfully oboyed in Bonnington,
tho sccno of the hero's greatest achievements.
Thirty-nino years after tho battlo a Bon
nington committco wroto a letter to Stark
informing him that every year sinco his vic
tory his namo had been remembered by a
publio celebration in that town : and every
year sinco some publio notico has been made
of tho day there ; and now Vermont herself
has sent greeting to Now Hampshire nnd
Massachusetts proposing to crown tho cen
tury by a celebration that shall worthily
honor not only tho memory of tho hero who
so tbouguttully enjoined it, but also tho
states and the pcoplo which shall participato
in it.
Particularly must Vermont bo careful
that tho stato takes no detriment, through
any ncgligcnco on her part to make amplo
preparation for this great event. On this
occasion sho acts tbo host ; all othors aro
icr guests. Massachusetts has already.
through her government and her legislature
accepted her invitation as such ; and New
Hampshire whoso leadership in tho events
which shaped tho battlo, and in tbo battlo
itself aro matters of history, will, when her
legislature convenes, doubtless not bo behind
her sister state. Tbo guests which havo
been invited to tho celebration of Vermont's
Centennial bavo also been invited to tho
Centennial of tho battlo of Bennington.
Military organizations in very crcat numbers
in all parts of tho country, are anxious to
participato in tbo festivities of tho occasion,
Tho soldier's reunion of our own stato ; tho
editor's and publisher's association of Ver
mont and tho Vermont historical society
havo arranged to have their annual or bien
nial gatherings here during contonnial week )
and whilo for many of thoso organizations
tho commission do not feci tho samo of re-
iponsibility that is laid upon thorn bv tho
law of the stato in regard to the two cele
brations of tho 15th and 10th, still their
prosenco here, whilo they add to tho dignity
and character of tho celebration adds to the
burdens of tho Commission also, These
burdens the Commission cannot evade nor
can the pcoplo of Vermont ; - and it is to tbo
pcoplo of Vermont that the Commission
would most earnestly appeal. The stato bas
appropriated a small sum to carry out tho
work it has set us to do. Tho most nru.
dent estimates make not less than 810,000
and some roach 815,000 as tbo sum
needed in addition to the 6 tale's appropria
tion necessary for Vermont to maintain tho
dignity of host on tho important oocasioo.
That tho pcoplo of Vermont will cordially
respond to this earnest appoal of the Com
mission for aid in carrying forward its noble
object cannot for a moment bo doubted.
Whilo theso linos aro passing through the
press, its executivo ooinmittco is visiting tho
more prominent towns and villages of tho
stato engaged in securing tho aid and co-op-
oration of our citizens In carrying forward
their own ond tho pcoplo s work. There
must bo no failure in our nttcmpt to cole
broto tho great ovents of a century ago, tho
ono tbo birth of a stato tho other tho cvonts
or a battlo Which turned tho tide of war to
tho sido of tho American arms and thus do-
oided tho contest for independence. As
noucoru, ucxington and Jiunkcr llill, tho
beginning of tho strugglo for liqerty in 1775
navo uccn wortntiy commemorated in lofo,
as tbo signing of tho immortal Declaration
at Philadelphia iu 1770 has been fittinly
I. .... 1 tutn i.. i - . i . r
uuuuruu iu ioiu, so ict tqo no lest import
ant ovent ol Stark's victory in 1777, whioh
iu uiuuu uis unu namo iamous anu mat oi
uonnington nistono, bo "kpt in memory nnd
handed down to futurity as a lasting and
laudablo cxamplo for tho sons and daughtors
pf tho viotors" by a commemoration in 1877
which shall bo allko worthy of tho memory
of tho men of 1777 nnd their sons and
daughters of 1877. Let both occasions,
Vermont's Centennial and tho Ccntonnial of
tho Battlo of Bennington bo suitably hon
ored as becomes tho occasions thcmsolvcs
and tbo dignity of our noblo stato.
IIckrt 0. Root,
(lio. A. Merrill,
MlLO C. lllULIftfl.
Ex. Com.
of tho Vt.
Tho Conrmdrnm That Wouldn't Bo Told.
"Got a neat thimr for ." .-.1,1 vnl,n
Mr. Flaxotor, tho oTitio, diving into the sano-
turn yesterday morning in his usual hearty
wair; "tin-inn ii,!.. . t r :..( ,t.I
coned mod thing. 'Bout as neat a thin" in
J 7 f I MtSJli a m lUVta IUILI life V UUL'
the way of an intrioato combination ot con-
undrum and nun ns I ever ... if T An
it myself. What is tho difforonco between
tho prophet Doniel and tho Danubo river?"
We said there was a right smart chance for
a difference "Well, yes," said Mr. b'lax-
ctcr, "but bo speoifio ; namo it." Wo named
whiskoy and seltzer w th startling nromntnn.,.
but Mr. Flaxctcr stuck to busincsn on the
sneatnr'a lent nn,l h. I i nr..
said bocauso ouo is Dan you was, and tho
other is Dan you bo, which was rejected as
being too simple nnd too utterly ungramati-
oai, upon wnien we admitted as a gramatical
amcnumcnt jjan you were and JJan you arc,
but Mr. Flaxetor said it didn't fit. Then wn
said becauso Daniel was a prophet and tho
.Danubo is a foreigner, and a forerunner nnd
a prophet wero pretty much unalike, but
tuis was rejected. Then wo said becauso
Daniol had no pocket to put it in, and gavo
it up. Mr. Flaxctcr, greatly pleased, said:
"Because Daniel was oast into tho den of
lions by tho rancor of a king, and tho iron-
ciaua cnsi rancor into tno Jjanubo by no.
that isn't osactly it; Daniel, by tho rancor
.w w - BHHVW( iuiu iuu Ahuuuu UJ U Kft
of a king, was cast into tho mouth of linn,.
whilo tho Turkish iron-clads. bv tho rancor
of ah ob, shocky, how docs that go. any-
howY Daniel I had t straight na a Hin
when I oamo in hero. Daniel was cast into
den of rancorous lions, and tho Danubo is re
ceiving tho cast anchor now I'm getting it
n t. .
iuu Aauuuo is piajmo on u, your 1001 an
swers are enough to mako a man forgot his
own namo. Now, then, I've got it straight,
vou tako it ilnwn nhlln T Ml m nti
. . - w . ' w
was lying in a den of castors by tho'rancor
aw, sphaw Daniol was
as cast into tho den of
lions by tho rancor of a king, and tho Danubo
is cast that is, tho anchors arc tho anchors
cast in tho cr urn or nh tho anchors are
cast in tbo tho " Wo Bumrostcd that
uiuy wcro cast m tho loundry, but Jlr. I' lax
tcr only gave us a piercing look, and held
.... .co--. -
his head m his hands nud went on : "Daniol
was cast in a den of lions, ond tho Danubo
" Wo suggested to Mr. Flaxetcr that
no naa better go and consult a lawyer and
an evangelist, in order to nrrivo nt tho happy
vuuitjmuuuu u. utaiurmu pcrinmro anu oau
grammar and apocryphal lacU which ap
pcarod to bo essential to tho triumphant ac
GoiujuiMuucai oi uis conundrum, no nroso
and went away weeping, and we havo somo
iear mat n will never soo that conundrum
again. mnuujton JIiuek-Eye,
'UikIiAKE dtate. Wo call Maino tho
finctrco state." "Lako Stato" would bo
an equally appropriate nnd distinctive appel
lation. Hor forests aro gradually falling
beforo tho advancing stroke of tho lumber
man, but her lakes can never bo lost out of
her mountain-guarded territory, nor can their
charms ever bo lessened by tho touch of set
tlement and civilization. There aro more
than fifteen hundred of them laid down upon
tno better maps in use; hundreds more aro
too small to bo enumerated in a general sur
vey ; whilo many others lio hidden in reeions
that havo not yet been explored. Tho author
ol Water-power ol Maino says, in that work
inero aro but thrco or lour districts on tho
globe, not more extensivo than Maino, oud
equally babitablo in other respects, upon
whioh an equal number of receptacles for
impounding ram-iaii, ol not lulerior capacity
and surfaoc, is to bo found. Tho Keunoboo
river has more lakes conncctod with it than
tho gigantic Orinoco, and tbo Penobscot than
tho Urcgou, or than all tho rivers in Africa.
so far ns is known." But tho Konncboo and
11-11. . . n. .. .
ma rcnouscot aro oniy two oi halt a dozen
mportant rivers in Alamo, each of which is
connected with an extensive lako system of
its own. 'ibeso two rivers drain tho central
portion of tho Btato, tho Kcnnobco boing tho
outlet of tho great Moosohoad Lako, whoso
varied attractions havo already rccoivcd duo
notico in tho pages of this Magazine Far
to tho eastward, on tho confines of Now
Brunswick, tho St. Croix river and Schoodlo
lakos ; to tho north of these, tho St. John
and tho Eaglo lakes ; to tho west again, fol
lowing along tho Canada border, tho Alio-
guash and tho lako of upper Pisoataquis
county ; nna nnaiiy, well around on tbo
Now Hampshire line, tho Androscoggin and
us latca. inc3o aro only bix out u! some
fifteen systems which are recognized by tho
geographerd. hdward Allott in J tamer's
Mayazirjc for June.
Plenty of AamcuLTUiui, Lands. Tho
St. Paul Pioneer-Press and various West
ern gentlemen aro taking Major Powell to
tusk for bis statement recently made in a
lecture by him before tho Washington Acad
emy ofSoicucoi to tho effect that thcro is
not remaining enough of publio lands desira
bio for agricultural purposes to equal tho
area of n singlo Wisoonsin county. Thoso
who call attention to Major Powell's stato-
ment tako great umbrago to it becauso ho is
tho engineer in eharga of tho United States
II lIl I U.. 1 .-n ii. , I
uvuivuiuui uui.iiv. auu win naiiiraiiv uo I
supposed to bo woll informed respecting tbo I
imjiiiuui vu);ruiiiy auu Climatology 01 me I uu rniuuvuu. ii mau ciamourcu up tno stco
country. Thoso objectors deolaro that tho plo, but just boforo ho could reach tho
amount and extent of Major Powell's niisiu-
formation aro prodigious respecting tho ca-
pacuyoi western .Minnesota, i'jastcrn iia-
auia uuu iuu uurrusiioiiuiiig ucit in towa anu
Nebraska. Major Powell, for instance, rcn-
resented that tho northern half ol Nebraska
and all of Dakota was an arid region where
tbo rain-lall was not sutholcnt tor agricultu
ral purposes. In reply, gentlemen in Min
nesota assert that the western half of Min
nesota is by far tho most fcrtilo and produo-
live portion, and that tno rain-lall is as
abundant thcro as iu tho eastern. Thoy as
sert, moreover, that in Dakota, though by
no means so uniformly fcrtilo as Western
Minnesota, yet it contains a greater propor
tion of fcrtilo lands than cither Wisconsiu or
Michigan. Mr. J. B. Powers, who is I
vouched for as a competent authority in tho
matter, asserts that only ono hundred miles
west of Minnesota, there aro 01,000 square
miles ot unsold publio laud, ot whioh at
least 80 per cent, is flrst-olasa agricultural
anu. iuu artielo ot tbo i'lnoccr-rrcss on 1
this subject oloses with a vigorous applica
tion of opitbet to tbo scientist who makes.
Western Minnesota an arid plain.
TTlo Town of Gibraltar,
Iho scenes in tho lovoly boy and in tho
narrow zigzag strcots of tho littlo town aro
bustling nnd lull of Hie. iho bay is dotted
u mips and boats ot many kinds, anch
- orcd in tbo shadow' ot tho rock. On tho
quays of tho town you recognize tho reason
of tho saying that Gibmltaris an cpitomo of
tho thrco continents. Ilorc, besides English
"d Scottish soldiers, who aro met in tho
vioinity of tho rock, aro to bo seen swarthy
anu nanusomo moors irom opposlto iiarbary,
with their soow-whito turbans, flowing robes,
oaro leamcr-coiorcu icgs, anu iooso slippers
down at tho heel Jows from ovor tho strait,
in gaudy embroidered costumes, with broad
.jti i t . , . .... . .
- vuncoiorco Basncs wounu about tncir waists,
and baggy whtto trousers ; Spanish smug
I Klurs a ugni-uiiiDg coats anu brocencs, last'
ened down tho sides with silver buttons
pretty dark-oyed women of Genoa, arrayed in
scarlet cloaks and hoods, tho latter trimmed
with broad black volvet; Spanish beauties,
with long lashes and languishing oves. wear-
ing their sweeping black lace vnila ami f?rn.
ful mantillas; Highland soldiers, in plaid
and tartan; and a race of ncclimatcd En-
clisb, bronzed and semi-Spanish in feature.
the natives of Gibraltar, upon whom the
t? :.L i.. i , i . ,
opuuisu uavu ucsiowou ma ratner uneompli
mcntory epithet of "Hock Scorpions."
jui into mo sea stretch tho various
"moles," tho most conspiouous bcinir tho oM
and now moles, whilo at tho northern end of
tho town nso tho towors, battlements, and
cruiuuiing wans oi tno old iMoorish cast o
nD imposing rclio ol tho days of Meslom as
oca,lJono'- In tho among tho hills
ToGr0V,f PPS oul l? "ont littlo town
ot ban lloquo a curious placo. and well
. a-. . .
worluy.a ""t. Jvory where about as well
as on tbo rock you are reminded of tho fact
"ia. Gibraltar is, first of all, a fortress,
boldlc aud 6ua,rds' deploying, lounging, or
?? Post' PrcfLcnt !5mf,clvc9,.at. .ovory tu
hj8h UP on lbo cllffj tho. uiniinishod figures
i 8eDt,uo19 .ro sc?n Paolng l fro ; in tho
Plcasur0-gawcns tho most noticablo persons
u,u luu "'. siroinng nnu taKing thoi
PV3U' ,a" 01 arumi roar
tho roar ol cannon at stated hours, tho oncn
ins UIJd cJosi"8 JT tLo 8' gates that sopa
"" ,uu. 'urtrss lrom ," ?own, an impress
ono with tho military importanco
. l. a l a. iii " r . .
iuu IMUV.-U. ouu inuru matKcu nn
pears tho military character of tho rock
as you glanco up toward tho beetling cliffs.
and BCC. vawninrr from innnmnr.iKIn nnri.tiM....
and abovo bug ranges of battlements, and
from many an imbrasuro and turret, tho
cannon which guards tho cutranca to tho
i11cultorranca i a"d as. curious to beholc
nl"3 f tho fortress in their details,
cr0?3 draw-bJ8:. go under tho
Mediterranean ; nnd as, curious to behold tho
arched gatoways. pass tho parado and Ala
meda, ascend tho irregular streets which crcen
I . . i i t ' 1
- ,F, up ".lu B1?f ?! Ia. craSs' ,cavo b0
.u'"uo quaint ow Moorish castle, and at
?st Un.J Joursc" literally entering tho rock
lnrouP an !roa 6awwiy. Tho brst glance
'uu "'""" iauurs wnicn navo been
".""awn to perfect by art tho defenses
which nature has endowed Gibraltar,
, soc? broro h.lm a scn09 of gallorios, tun-
nola. and cxc.avatinri!. nnnltirtinr nnr.n.AHl
. . 77 . , .. ' : '"b t'riuuy
I I llrt fl tilAtlL- nt I Tssnmnnn .1.-1.. Wr
? 7 T i v""u,u'"'u iiere,
lar , 0 '"ob"0". a ""gout long tunnels
at ho very odgo of tho headlong cliff: and
l yu,Pas3 alou? lhcra. guided by tho light
L'u.rulCT' -ou ousorvo port-noios at intervals
of fifteen or twenty foct, with brass ordnanco
iicuiiiub pui, menacingly irom every one.
iVsecndmg constantly, you find that there is
tier alter tier of theso tuunels. There, if
necessity should arise, tho gunners miirht
stand and pour their deadly fira upon fleet or
cohort, porfcctly shielded by tho massivo
and solid rocky, which no missile, howovcr
destructive, eould more than fcob v indent
Tho Windsor Galleries, which ore excava
tions wholly within tho rock, form a enn,
tinuous subterranean passago of two thousand
feet in length, twelve feet hish. and twelve
wide, and this passago ascends by tho samo
zigzag course- which is sen in tho gmat
roads that wind ovor tho Alps, till it gives
an outlet near tho summit. Geo. M. Towlc,
in uarpcr s Magazine Jor June.
Imposing Frauds.
a certain nooicman somo years
ago," Bays Jiuiwcr, in bis Uaxtons,
was conspicuous lor his success in the
world. Ho had been employed in tbo hiah
est situations, at homo nud abroad, without
ono discoverable reason for his selection, and
without justifying tho seleotion by ono proof
of administrative nbility. Yet at each ap
pointment tho publio said : 'A great gaiu to
tho government! Superior maul' And
1 n . . ir . ,
niiuu j rum racu oiuco no passed away, or
rather passed imperceptibly onward toward
offices Btill more exalted, tho publio said :
A great loss to tho government ! Superior
man I' Ho was tho most silent person 1 ovor
met. But when tho first reason ers of tho ago
would arguo somo knotty point in his ores-
cuee, ho would, from time to timo slightly
clovato his oyebrows, gently shako his head.
or, by a smilo ot signibcant complacency,
impress on you tno notion now easily ho could
set theso babblers aright if ho would but con
descend to civo voico to tho wisdom within
him. I was very young when I first met
this superior man ; aud, chancing on tho
next day to call on tbo lato Lord Durham. I
said, in tho presumption of early years : I
spent six mortal hours last ovening in com
pany with ijord . 1 don't think there is
much in bun.' 'Good heavens!' cried Lord
Durham, 'how did you find that out? Is it
possible that bo could have talkod ?' "
Coleridge speaks of a dignified man ho once
saw nt a dinncr-tablo : "lio listened to me,"
says tho poet, "nnd said nothing for a long
timo ; but ho noddod his head, nnd 1 thought
him intelligent. At length, toward tho end
of tho dinner, somo appio dumplings wcro
piaceu on the table, and my man had no
soonor Been them, than ho burst forth with :
'Them's the jockeys for mo !' I wish Spurz
heim could havo oxhatniucd tho fellow's
head." Tho duko ofSumerset is described
as ono of thoso dignified gentlemen. His
second wifo was ono oi tho most beautiful
women in Eogland, Sho once suddenly threw
her arms around his neck and gave him a
kiss which might havo gladdened the hoart
of an cmporer. Tho duko, lifting his shoul
dcrs to an aristocratio square, slowly said :
"Madam, my first wifo was a Howard, and
sho never would havo takon such a liberty I"
A IIkmaiikaiilk Apventure. Tho wcatb
cr-cock on the stceplo of tho village church
1. Ca.i.I.h 1." " i ...
wuuuu, i-'ruiiuu, .tub iiuic-worii anu rusty.
iuu thoso in nuthority decided that it should
weather-cock ho lost bis halauco and slid
down for 70 feet, thcu rebounded to tho
rooi oi tno cuurcii, nnd was precipitated to
",u gruuuu wnuuui uoing seriously injured.
Thcu a man named Chovalicr strovo to haul
himself up by means of a ropo ; but at last
bis bauds slipped and ho fell backward. His
foot caught in tho rope, and thcro be re
mained, 120 feet from tho ground, with his
head down, beating tho air with his arm9.
struggling to recover himself, nnd swaying
backward nnd forward with a high wind.
Pierro Pdau now stepped forth nnd volun
teered to mount to the rescue- of Chovalicr.
but, after doing his best for thrco.ouartcrs of
an hour, he had to descend. Ilia placo was
takan by Morcau, who, climbing higher than
Chevalier, slipped a ropo round bis body.
and, cutting thot which held his foot, freed
him from tho fearful position in which ho
had remained for thrco hours.
All nervous, exhausting and painful diseases speed
ily yield to the curatlro influence of lulrermaeher't
Electric Belli and Hands. They ar safe, simple, and
effectlre, aud can easily be applied by lho patient him
self. Book, with full particulars, mailed free. Ad-
dress Fi'LYtniuciir.n Ualvash. Co., Cincinnati, Ohio,
Tho Origin of Boms Old Jokes.
Ono should rcmcmbor, to tho credit of Quoen
Bess, that sho now and then brooked a tart
rejoinder. It is reported that sho onco faw
in her garden a gentleman to whom she had
hold out hopes of advancement, which lm
discovered were slow of realization. I!. -
him in Italian. "What docs a man think
fil- VA ..l, l. .1.1.1.. r .,t.
The answer Was. "llo thinkn. mailam. nf
Woman's Prom so." Tho Oueen ilrnw hunt
I... i...i .. i I?"" m,iVi, T:
..v. utuu, uu. nan iicuiu iu say, -well,
l.VI .1 r . ,'.! '
u.u, x must umorguo Wltnyou; anger
makes doll men witty, but it keens them
poor- a. Bmartcr retort than tbo English
courtier's, was that of Frederick tho Great's
II . . . ... .. ..
coachman, when bo had upsot tho carriago
containing his master. Frederick bciran to
swear like a trooper; but tho coachman
coolly asked, "And you, did you never loso
a battlo?" Tho kinir renlierl will, n nn,1.
naturcd laugh; always doubtless tho most
tMfioldmet tho imrerllnon-Af .
as well as any other man. H
. um ,uu nuuiu iuu uittica auu uiKnna wprn
very dirty. Lord 0., complaining, was
COOllv informed bv tho nailer. 'fn. tiip
lation, that, "every oao must cat a neck
A'. -I 1. I . i . .) , , ..mi . . .
uiu ueiuru uo uics, "Anat mav 00 true."
r, ci, . . .J ,uu'
said Chesterfield, "but no Ono IS obliged to
cat It nil at ono meal."
Perhaps ono of tho most cruel thintrs ovor
said was cnntninpft In Tnnta'a tirlvlnn n
uuio oi wonoiK 01 that day. Una mas-
n..t- i. ,i . .
iiuuruuo uigni nis uraco consulted tbo tarn
OUS aptor as to Whot choractcr ho. should ap.
Dear ltl. "JJnn'fc rm fiiermtsoH ant A TVwa
"but assume a new charactcr-go sober."
xis eiiuuiu uu runjcuiuGrcui uowGvcr, that to
bQ llrim'rf YVA4 Hfirdltf tlm.irrlit fl.n,i:Aui
U IllQ Cimitnnnth noninrv WnrnH.t.;n1'AH
v. . T . .. . ...
weru ueaigoaiea, not teetotallers, but milt
, , , . o i
both in ncrvo and muscle, than a man who
U ,, 1 -., t.,
Was tbo successor Of tho Duko Of Nor-
folk in question, who consulted Aborncthy
for some ailment, and was asked whether ho
had ever tried tbo remedy of a clean shirt.
i-ornnui magazine.
r, t.,-.. . - i
An Oriental iEscutAncs. Mr. Oscan-
yan, in his book Tho Sultan and his People,
tells tho following anecdote of a Turkish
physician, whoso prescriptions and. method of
rrto lmnnl mill iha.1 .a!i! - XT
aivMiuiuu niu lukutuab jiruyiuignura iu xcvv
York : A person cxccedioclv ill of tvDhua
iover caueu in ono ot tbeso medical gentle
, t n . - " a
meu, who, aunougn no considered tbo case
quite hopeless, prescribed for his patient and
took his leave. Tho next day. in nassmo-
by, ho inquired of a servant at tho door if
his master was not dead. "Dead ? No ; ho
is much better." Whcrcunon tho doctor
proceeded up stairs to obtain the solution of
this rairaclo. "Why," said tho convalescent,
"I was consumed with thirst, and I drank a
pailful of tho juico of pickled cabbage."
"Wonderful !" quoth tho dootor. And out
came tho tablets, on which tho physician
mado this inscription, "Cured of typhus fever,
luenemcu Agna, nn upholsterer, by drinking
paiuui oi picKicu cabnago luico." Boon
iter tho doctor was called to anothor pationt,
yaghlikgeo, or dealer in embroidered hand
kerchiefs, suffering from tho samo malady.
IT. --..t 111. n
iunumia uresunucu "apaiuuioi P1CK.1CU
cabbago juice.'.' On calling tho next day to
congratulato his patient on his recovery, ho
was usionisnou 10 oo toiu tuo man was dead
lhe Oriental Jhjculapius, in his bewilder
mcnt at theso phenomena, came to tho safo
concluson, and duly noted it in his memoran
da, that "although in cases of tvnhus fovor
untiu iMvvurc jukc is an moienc remedy,
it is not, howovcr, to bo used unless the pa.
tient be by profession an upholsterer. EdU
tor's Drawer in Harper's Magazine for
i:ncurnu-o.oiit for tile rccl.lo.
Doblllty, whetlierlt bo Inhorent. or caused by ovo-
uxed strength, or protracted lllnoss, has a most de
pressing InOuonco upon the mind, breeding an abject
melancholy nearly akin to despair, and onforclnz tho
abandonment or chorlshod projects and thigh hopos.
Happily, tho enfoeblod system, even in extreme cases,
suscepuuio or inrigoratlon. It Is proved by Incon-
trovcrtlblo evidence that llostettar'i Stom
acli Bitters Is an unfailing strongthener of tho weak,
and that in addition to vitalising tho fphysical organ
isation, it ostabllshos regularity among thoso organs
upon whoso efficient dlschargo of the duties Imposed
on mem uy naiuro, continued vigor and health de
pond. Thousands of Instances might be cited to show
tho regenerating InOuonco of this health-giving agent
casosoi iiomiity, iivor disease, dysponsla. nervous
ailments, constipation, Intermittent fovor, urinary and
uterlno troubles, gout aud rheumatism, and other
Tho most harassing symptoms of bronchitis and con
sumption, are palliated and relieved by Inhaling tbo
hot vapors of tho Solution of "Forest Tar." It cures
It Is an undisputed fact that iho moil nnmlitrnii
cures over ellccted by any lliilmontliavo boen uerl'orm
ed by Dr. Stroetor'a MagnoUo Liniment. For Ilhouma
tlsm. Sprains, Stillness or the Joints, Contracted Curds,
4c, It is a prompt and ell'octlvo romody. Our patrons
havo only to try
bo convinced of Its groat value.
is good fur man or letut
The l'cnplo Want Proof.
There Is no medicine nreiu-rltin,l hv ttliv.lM.n. ni
sold by druggists. Uiat carries such ovfdenco of Its su-
Iionur virtue as uusciiKg-n ukrhan Brain ror sovore
'OUghs, Colds settled on the broast. Conautnntlnn. or
any dlsoaso of tho Throat and Lungs. A proof of
sample bottlo for 10 ceuts aud try Its superior effect be-
ma,, iwh is tun. uujr iersua aiuiciou, can goi a
fore I
boen Introduced to this country from Uormany, and Its
wonderful cures aro astonishing every ono that use
uuviuk ."u regular sue ai a cencs. ll nas lately
iw .iirvu uusua wm relieve any case, iry ll. doiu
oy u. v. iiingnam ana u. li. junaau, St. Johnsbury,
Tho'TorostTar Soap" romovosTImpIos, Eruptions,
and euros Chapped Hands.
intiiYs' iioti:i iMiirriiANii. mi
one ol the most homellko and oomfortablo publio
nouses in thu country. Our farm In connection with
the houso furnishes our butter, milk, eggs, poultry,
igoiaoies ana fruit, enabling us to do better by our
customers than any other houso In (Portland, Terras,
pcruay, i0O porweek, f8.oo to $12.00. Most satis
factory terms can bo made by thoso who wish to spend
snort season at tho seaside by addressing
u. K J. I'&UllY.
A FA with charming foatures may be rendered
actnally repulsive by blotches or pimples, Gldekn's
KULi ucnSoAi' promptly remedies all coinploxlonal
biomiiiics as well as local eruptions of the skin, burns,
bruises, scalds, etc. Sold by all druggists. IHU's
Hair and Whisker Dye, Black or Brown, CO cents.
"suiivivai. or Tin: fittkst."
The Inzenlous dootr no urotionnded bv Sir. Darwin.
the tireless Investltrator or nature and her law.. 1.
Biiiiuuine iu uccruiicinx mn laie o. mooioines as in
urn. oi me animal specie, every year new remelles
ougoi oeioro inepuono, ana are soon completely
modlolnes winch are host tutted to the neonlo's wanta
iirum lud I um tm muir UKrnaiu. iiniv iiin.A
surviretliellrsttest. If they are tried, and In the
merits whioh they are claimed to possess, no amount
of of advertising will mako them popular. Of all Uio
ruinodlos evor introduced to the jiubllc. nono are so
popular as llr. nerce's Family Medicines. Their sale
lias steadily Insreased oach vear. and wholoialn dmc
gist, asseit that the present demand for thorn Is great-
eines scientifically prepared uso Dr. Pierce's family
ur man ever uviuru. vuu would ii..irumza tneiii.
uiuuiviiio.. ..uiuou a.miioi.. uuuuvory is alterative
or blood-olesnsini;. and an unequalled enutrli rnmiulv
Pleasant Purgative Pellets, scarcely largor than mu I
uuu iveii, ouD.ii.uio au agreeanio ana reuauio puys
loi Favorlto I'rencriptloo, a remedy for deblllutixl fo
males i Lxtract of Smartwevd, a uiagtoal remedy for
am, bowel cumpiaints, ana an unenualiod liniment
ir buth human and horsellesh i while his Dr. Ham's
aurrn .MiatHiy is anown me woria over as ine great
est sjectuo tor cautrro anu -ooiu in uie jieau." evor
veu lu mu publio. Tuey are sold by druggists.
At St. Julinsbury, May 15. ky Rev.N. F. Putnam, Mr.
Edward U, Humphrey and Miss Almcda D. Uuuter.
At Barnet. May 10. by Rev. N. R. Nichols, at the les
nence oi air. J. y. .iu. isiner oi 1110 brme, sir. Wm
Burbank and Miss Helen M. lio) t.
At Lyndon, May 9, Rosa, daughter ofSilasand Uan-
nan Ejuunan, l-. years.
At Dauvllle, May 15, Sally Bralnerd, aged 7s.
Is now restored to Its natural enf
Ultlou by the use ur
AVootl'tl Improved
Hull- IL'lorutlve.
now taking tno lead brer all oth
ers, leaving the hair elean, soft,
and glossy. CA.t lMIK A CO.,
Chicago, Bole Agents fur the United
Slates and Canada. Suld by ail
Druggists everywhere. Trade sup.
plledliy-'. F. HENIIY, Cl'RIUN
(.uui Ani, now ton,
nuiia u nuru wnicu Bill! carries rnrnah i ,.. . uirnutr,
mill, it. ,l,.,l. : ,i 1 r, American Agriculturist and Vermont Farmer,
With it; though, in truth, a man who should lloston Journal of fhomlstry and Vt. Farmer,
unnic nothing but milk would be stronger. .'!.f."S"J 1"?' f,a"-.
Tho following publications will bo sent with tha
Virhost Farmer, one year, at tho prices named af.
to'och. The prices given tncluJo the postage on
ho111 lho Farmer and tho paper clubbed with It, which
. kr " publishers. Tho conditions are,
aro any,
nf. fi ' "i". f.'.lP0itbu' " 10 no necessary that both
- ., rSn"""" mo Person, nor to tno samo
n I If banorsor msirftilnn. nni In n.i. n. .
IRHZSZT " can rurnlsli
iTJE" W!""'')'"' wociaim
Bir I r, ' . , "r ouiaining papors and maga.
lncs at low ratos. when furnhliod Sill, thn K.rm.r "
What you save by ordering your City papei ofmaga
'nowitf. tho farmer,- ,v 1 """
. I A l&rtm illnvMint In n...
A larco discount In nrlco.
All risk or transmitting tho funds.
The cost of money ordor or registration.
The troublo of writing one letter, and Its postaeo.
And you losuro correctness and dispatch.
Address, VERMONT FA KM till,
8t. Johnsbury, Vt.
isStJ?.? SS SfKSw' 3 f S
M&?. S"M
J. Ill
I uaruers uazar ana vermnnt Knrmnr
I ff iItY.'lU"'
NOW York World nml VvrmnnL lAtrmntV
of nVfran'!! ftWj-S vt. F.raur,
.. I M. v..t n-.ii 1 . . . . . '
I ... v.'uuuuuuu verniomrarmor,
Rural New Yorker and Vermont Farmer,
BclentlOo American and Vormont Farmer,
I "'"". oou armor,
I si:jii.i:i:ici,ii:s.
I Boston Journal and Vennont FurmAr.
3. It)
4. UO
I new York World and Vnrmnnt v,rmnr.
pew York Tribune and Vermont Farmer,
- im,.,rv
Springfield Republican and Vermont Farmer,
I Boston Jnnrnat nml Vfirmrmfc FnnnA?-
KS Sally TravXVndm&'mer,
I ihontui.ii:
I ..
Saint Nicholas nnd Vermont Varnmr
I HarDGDI BI&inizlnA nnd Vnrmnnf (.'armar
- Uodeys Ladysllook with chro. ami Vt7Farmer,
wiwuwtujwuwiiuu veruouc farmer,
I McntlSa Farmer and Vermont Farmer, both now,
vecpers aiagaslno and Vermont Farmer,
ry World and Vermont Farmer.
Fruit Recorder and Vermont Farmer, 2.25
I hronologleal Journal, and Sclenco of lloaltli, and
Vermont Farmer,
YOjm XAIi: IMMNTr.Oon lOmUodcards
for 100 STEVENS DR03.,Nortlif.ird Conn.
Bargains in Men's Clotting..
BUSINESS SUITS, (Coat, Pants & Vest),
I '
$13,00, $15.00, $18.00.
83.75, 81.50, 85.00, 85.50".
All kinds of garments mado to order In tho best
manner and at low prices. A Ono lino of Cloths, Suit
ings, ;Cassimoro3 and Coatings to soloct from. Alt
work gaurantoed to glvo satisfaction.
A lot of rcady-mado I'nals, I'uiils, nud Vents.
IIi.ilvral.lrlN uud Urmvori, Slilrt Collurn,
llrnccw, HovU'ry, I He, to bo sold 50 per ct. bo-
low ordinary prices. A wholo suit good honost goods
thoroughly mado and trimmed at $3.00 to $10.00, at
Directly south of Avcnuo IIouso,
ltcoaUla. full actcrirUot. nt Hoiithfwi f tu tn,Turkrr.
i.t-jm. ..rft-ris A.m Jiini.r. . .i ,.,i,ir i.niiu. vie.
lllti.tr.ttil with IIAO fine LnuTUTins.. lliU 1, tlio nV
i-t r ww-4. a. u ci.uiilrlc UtoItwI la the
Th1 mild ntrw. wnrV la thi HMtnlt tt Tlronf a4,l Pvlan.
tve TmTcl in mil th countneB nunrtl. Jt U live rdiI
-ninriy- noon me uhit onuoti 1110 mfject ana me itun
rtsvllin7 one rrrr nuLllilictl. One Accnl ivilit !iJ eonfM
lh ri .iy mothtr. ItlH In om kw i ; notlter, if It In
ox tot-iAi Arntt. don't mlMthl the vtrr iTSTchtnre
to make nionfy afont m th Uut thrt trmn. Now ( tout
time. 8n1 for our Citnt Ttnn to Ajicnt. ond a full df
criptloti nf thin (rrf fttwork Tiil Jurtp fnrynunKlvrn. AdJrert
str.ii.Tinii AiiiiAMJiiaicT.
Trains have Montpehert
aiau aivnu a. v., lor lloston, new York, ic.
Day Express at 2 1 10 r. u., for lloston.
Nisht ExorossatO 1 20 P. .. for llnstnn. Now Vnrt
Train, leave White filter Junction
Mall train at C 1 20 a. u..nndr2.9n n. u.. rnp rtn.inn
(via, Fltchburg), New Vort, 4e.
iiiixcti .rain ai oimi r. H., lor Hollows rails
Nljht Express at i-.ooa.'m., for Boston.Now York, 4o.
Train, leave KAift River Junction
Mixed Train at Gi 30 A. n Tor Montpeller,
Exnroiis Mall at It 35 p. u.. rMontlmllnr nfc 3, Air..
u..)for Ilurllmrton. St. Albans, fllontrnnl. nMnn.liMr,..
and the West. "'
Accommcxlatlon 1.40 p. h., (Montpeller at C.OOr. u.)
for Burlington and St. Albans.
Might Eipres at 12 1 63 A. H., (Montpellor at 3 15 A.
i.,) for Burlington, St. Albans, Montreal. Osdonsburir.
and the West.
Accommodation Train leaves Northflold at r, ,c.l a.
u., (Montnelior at Gilo a. u.,) for Burlington, St. Al
bans, St. Johns, and Montreal.
SLEEPING OA US aro attached to tho Night Ex
rram running Deiwoon Jiiuntroalsna Boston, and
real and Hnrlmrllold.
between Montreal and Boston,
THROUGH TICKETS for Chlcacro nnd tha West for
salo at the principal stations.
. - . HOUAHT, uon'isupt.
Bt. Albans, Vt., May 12, IST7.
The only UlacKino that meets tho
demand for a quick ami triltiant polish.
abiolultty nourtthet a tut prcttrp Mtf
M. Hiujt U Co. 173 A 175 WatliiUtf ton Bt. N.X
A Graiul Iiuprovciiient
For Monumental Pnrposcs.
Tho Beautiful Corinthian Monuments. Mnuldml nml
cast from pure New Jersey Zinc. Equal in thickness
and durability to brouse statuary which has stood for
thousands of years. By nature us fine as silver, and
roauuy roceires tno )imiar ana wellknown fruited
iini.u, am iieauuruiiy cryttalliiwl and oil-
IllCh Zlvos them a ll'Iit unit midrltlln n,.l.ir
when Urst eroctal
muii.-u uiejr wu. ever reuin as beauuiul
fur agos as
tlndursoit by the leading solentl.ta
of the country. Manufacture
-ed at Brklport, Cuun.,
ami lur aaio by
SI. JoliiiOiiiry, vi.
General Agent for Caledonia, Orloans, Lamoille
and Essex cuuntlos, to whom all Inquiries and orders
should be addressed.
Tho Standard
This wellknown nlow ha iaa! nA a-r..-1-.l
oilier swivel plow of note in uso- It turns a rurrow un
level land equal to the best lanJslda pluw, and leaves
n? rVt1 f""1"" ur 'US0- 1 Is oDerod fur lho season
Of loir,
Bend for circular. Manufactured only by
U South Market bt., llusteo, Urn,

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