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The spirit of the age. (Woodstock, Vt.) 1840-1844, December 25, 1840, Image 2

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The othcr conscqucncc would he, that ofim ux
eisire aiigmeiitntion of iho otliccs, lionora nud
moluments depcndiug on llio cxcciitivc vi!l. AJd
to tho prescnt legiliuialo stock, n!l llioso of evcry
deicrintion which a consolidation of tho Slntcs
woultt tnko from thcm, and turn over to t!io TtJ
tml Gnvcrnment, nud thc palronnge oftlin P.xecii
tive would nccessnrily bo ns mneli swclled in this
caso, ns its prerogativo would be iu llio otlier.
'i'UU dispropurtiunatu incri'iiso of ireroj;;uivo iiml
patronago, must, e itlciitly cither enablo tlii! Chicf
Mngislrato oftho L'nion, liy qnicl me.ius, to seeuru
his ro-elecliou fiom timo to tiiuu, nnd linally, to
rcgul.ito tlio succciioii as lio miglit pleasu; or, by
giing so transcciul ant nn importanco to llio ollicu,
wotili! rendcr tlio ulectiunslu it so ioleut nnd cur-
rup'., lliat tlio pulilio voicu itself iuiglil call fur aii
liereditary, iu placo of an clecliin succcssion.
Whichuver of llicso events niiglil follow, tlio trans
fonnalioii of Ihu Kepublic.iu systoiu of tlio Vnitcd
States into a moiinrchy, nntirip.itrd hy iho (Jcticral
Aseiulily fium a cnnsulidatioii of tlio Stutcs intn
ono soverciguty, would bo cqually nccomplMiud;
nnd whether it would lio into a tiiixcd or an ubso
luto monarchy, might dcpend on too many conlin
geucies to adiuit of any cerlain forcsight.
Tho resoli'.tion next iu ordcr, is containcd in thc
following tcrnis:
"Th.it tho Gcticrnl Asscmbly diith partiml.-irly
prote!-t ngainst tho palpaliluand alarmiiig iufrnrtioiis
of tlio Constitiilioii, iu tho Iho lalo r,j nf ihe
"Alieu aml tndilion AcN," p-nsctl at tho last scs
tioii of Coiigrcss; tho lirst f which c.ercisrs a
powcr mi wlicro drlrgnted In tho IVdeial Govoru
iiient; und which, by uuiiiii:; J.cgi.-hiliwi and .lu
difi.il pmvi'rs to lluno of i'vculivc, Mihverls the
jrcncrul principle.i of i I'ito Ousor!inioi:l, a-. wellti'.
tlio p.iriieular or-mi".alioti aud po-hi.o prowsions
oftho Feder.il ('oiiti'uliun; tnidtlio othcr of hicli
scts ecrci-'ts, i.i liko iii:iiiii;t, a powcr i:ot delo
gnted liy tho Constttiitiim; hnl, nn llio cnnirnry,
upriMly aml po-'itivoty forhidiK ii hy nnu of thu
uiiiL'iiilmniiH th'ii'to: a puwcr, which, liiore lli.ui
uuv otlrr. oimht to iin.diici' tn iorul alanii; bo-
catisn it U l"clli'd iigaitw! thal rishl of iriflv ev-
aiiiiniiii! miblie. rhancters and imAimiich, aml of
frro cuiiimtiiiiualiuu aiiiiin;.' tho pcoplo thercoti,
t uicli lias uvcr lii'eu jnslly iluoinrd llicoiily olloc
tual giiardi iu of cvery otlier right."
Tho suhjvi't of thU ri.'jolutioa hain, it i irn
iiiiued, ni'iro lurli.'iilailv lcd tlii' (iciicial .--imii-
Lly iuto tho procccdiiigi which tlioy comiinmiratfd
to tho othor t-'tati-J, aud huing iu iti!f of prruliar
iiniiortaucc, it dosorvcs thc imnl crilical and faitli-
ful iuuMfeilion; for th'j lenglli of whicti no othcr
pology will lio ncccs.sary.
Tho auhjort diidos it-elf into flnl, "Tln Alicn
Act," tccomllij, "Thu Hi'dition Act."
Oftho "Alicn Act," it U alliruicil by the Ilcso
lulion, 1st. That it ucruiiOH a powcr nowhcro
dclcgati'd to tho l'cdcral (loveriiincnt. 2d. That
it unitcd I.cgislativo and .Iiidici.il powcrd to tlio.su
of tho I'xccutive. !ld. That tliU uiiion of power
iiibvcrts tho gencral principlcs of frec govcrniucnt.
4th. That it siibvcrts tho parlicular organizalinn
aml poxitivo proiisioni oftho l'cdcral Constitiilioii
ln ordcr to clcar tho wny for a rorroct vicw of
tho firkt pobition, scrcral obscnationi will he prc-
In tho lir-(t place, it is to bc bornR in tuind, that
it bcing n cliaractcrislin fcaturo of thc IVilcral Con-
titution, m it was originally ralillrd, aud nn nmend
uient thcroto h.ning prcciscly dcclarcd, " That tho
povvcw not dclcgatcd tu to V. h, liy thu toutitu
tiou, nor prohibilcd by it to tlio h'latcs aro rrscrvcd
lo thu Slutea icpi'Ctively, or to tho pcoplo;" it is
incunihcnt iu thu, na in overy othcr cxcrcise of
powcr liy tho lYdnral (I'ovcrnmcnt, to pruvo from
tho CoiHtitution, that it grants the jurticul.ir powcr
Thu noit olucrvntion to be mde, ii, that much
eonfusion nnd fillany, havo hccn thrown into tho
quc.tions,by blcnding tho twiirii'cs oalltn,mtm-
lcrs of a hurtilc nation; aml nlie.n, ncmltrs of
frkmlhj niilionn, Thco Iwo nin's arc to ohu
only nnd so i'j.cntially disliuct, that it occasioin
no lilthi siirniso tlnt tho distinction nhould hac
bocn dircganlcd: and thu surpri.so is so much thc
grcalcr, as it nppo.ir.s that tho two cascs arc nctti
ally distingiiishcd by fvo Kcn.irato acts of (.'oiigres.,
passcd nt tho sauio Fcssiun, and coniprNcd in tho
laiuo publicatinn; llio mie proviiling for llio cnc
of "ali..n cncniie3j" tho otlier "ronccrning alicm"
iiidiscriiiitiialcly ; aml ninscquenlly cxlending to
nlicns ofcvory nation iii.pcaco aml iiniily with iho
Unilcd fc'latc.i. With rcspcct to nlim cncinic, nn
doubt lias bcCn intimalcd a.slolho rcdcralaiilhori.
ty ovcr thcm; tho Cousliluiiun Imiug cxprcfnly
dclcgatcd to CviigrcM the poivcr to drcl.irc var
ngainit any n:ilinn, aml of roiirso to trcat it nr.d nll
iu inciiibciH ns ciii'inics. "Vtlli rcsp 'i-t to alicfis,
nhoaronot cncniics, but iiicmbcr8 of nalionn in
peaco aml niuity wiih the I'. Hlalcs, thu powcr ns
lumcdby tho act of Congri'fis, dcni''d lo bcCon
siitutionnl; nnd it s arcurdingly againl lhi.s act,
that thn protcst of tho (icncral Anurnbly is eiprtM
ly and cxclusivcly dircctcd.
A Ihird obscrvalion is, that wcre it rulmittrd, as
ii conlciidcd, that thc "act conccrniiig Alicns,"
lias for its objcrt, i.ot .1 ;cin but a preveutivc
juslico; it wniiM Klill ri'iiiain to provcil lb.it it
coincii u illiin thu C'intiliiliuti,il powcr of llio l'cd
cral I.egMatiiro: aml if wilhin iu powcr, llint thu
I.cgislaturo h.u uiuruiscd it in a Constitutional
In tho administralion of pretcnlio jutiro, the
following nrincinloi have 'hccn hcld s.icrcd: that
noinc probahluground of suspicion bo cxhihitcil bc-
lorc Komo Judicial authority; tli.it it bc nupportcd
by oat'i or nlh'rmation; that tho parly may avoid
bcing throxvn iuto coufincincnt, by finding plcdgcs
or surctics for lns Icgal condiict sum'cicnt in the
judgtiicnt ofsomo Judicial autliority; that ho mav
havctho bcncfit of a wtit of httlcai torpui, and
thu obtain his rclcaso.if wrongfully conliucd; nnd
that hu may at any timo ho disch irged from hi.s rc
cognizalirc, or his ronfinenicnt, and rustorcd to his
fornicr libcrty and rights.on the ordcr oflbe propcr
Judicial atilborily, if it chall fccsullicicnt rame.
AII llicn principlcs of ihconly prcvcntive juslicn
known to Anicrloaii jiirisprndcnco, nre iolalcd by
tho Alicn act. Tho ground of suspicion is to bo
judgcd of, not hy any Jtidtci.it aiithnrity, but by
tho Kxpctitixo MngMlratc alonc: no oath or allinna
tion isrcquircd; if the suspicion be hcld rcjsona
ble by thc Prcfidcnt, nr ho may ordcr the nusnccl-
ed Alicn to dcpart Iho tctritory oftho V. S.,vilh
out Mio ojiportunily of aolding tho sor.tcnce by
finding plidges for his futurc good condiict; a Ihe
I'rcsidcnt may limit thn timo or dcparlnre ns ho
pleascs, the bcncfit of tho writ of haboas cornus
may bc aupcndcd with rcnpcct lo thc pnrty, nl- '
tliongli thc Lonstilution ord.nns, that it nhall not
be iuspcndcd, unlcss whcn tlio pubiic eafcly mav
requiro it in caio of rcbellion or insiicn, neithe'r
of which cxislcd at Iho passago oftho act: aud tho
patty bcing, undcr t!ie scntcnco of the l'rcsidcni,
cithcr rcinovcd from tho U. S., or bcing punishcd
by iitiprisoniiicnt,ordisqualilicationcvcrto hccoino
a citir.cn ou conviction of not obeying llio order of
removal, he cannot be discharged from tho pro
cecdings ng;iinst hiin, and rcstored to tho bcncfits
ofhis formcr situation, althongh the hihest Judi
cial nuthorily ihnuld sce tho moit sullicient cniiao
for it.
llut, in tho last place, it can neor bo admittcd,
that thu removal pf nliciu, nuthnriscd by thc act,
is lo be considcrcd, not ns puiiMiincnt for an of
fcncc; but as a incasureof prccaulion and provcn
lion. Iftho banisliiiiLMit ufun alicn from a couulry
into which he lns bccn iuvitcd, aslho asylmn innjt
aiispicious to his happiiicss; a .'ountry, whcrc he
mav havo formcd llio most tcndci of conncctions,
wlicro lio may havo votcd his cnliro propcrty.iuul
acquircd propctly of the rcal nnd pcrmancnt, as
wcll as the movcablc and tcmporary Kind; wherc
he cnjoy.s undcr Iho laws, a grcater sharc of thu
blcssings of pcrsonal iccurity and pcrsnnal libcrty,
than hu can cUcwhcro hopo for, aud whcrc ho may
have ncarly couipli'tcd his probaliouary titlc to
citizcuship; if, morcovcr, in tho ciccution of thc
senteuco ngainst hiin.ho isto he enposcd, not only
to tho ordinary dangcr.s of tho sca, but to thu pc-
nitiir pnsiinllies iuciclcit to n crisis of war. and of
unusual liccniioiisncsb ou that clcmcnt, and po&ti
bly to indictivo purposcs which his cuiigration il-
sclf may havo provolvcd; if a baiibliuicnt of llus
sort hu not a piinMiincnt, nnd nmong tho scvcrcst
of pnuiilimcnts, it will bo dillicult to iuiagiuo a
doom to which lliu name can bo applicd. And if
it ho a punMimcnt, it will rriuaiu tu be cnquircd,
whclhcr it c.in be coiistitutiunally inllictcd, on nicre
iuupiuioii, by the siuglo will nf llio Ilxcculito Mag
iilralc, mi pcrons cnnxictcd ofno pcrsonal olTcuco
ng.iinst the l.iws of thu land, nor iavolvcd iu any
oH'cnco against thy law of nalious, ch.irgcd ou thu
lorcign iatn of whidi tlioy aro incnihcrs.
Ono artuiicnt ollcrcd in justilicatiou of lliis pow
cr oxerciscd ocr nlicns, is, lliat llio nduihsion of
llium inlo iho romilry bcing of f.ivor not of right,
thc f.ior is at all timcs rincahlr.
Tu this nrgiimcnt it mighl bc niisncrcd, that al
lowing llio tiulli of thu iiifi'HMici', it would hu lio
proof of what is reqiiircd. A quc-iion would .still
occur, wliulhcr thc ('oiiililulion li.nl c.ilcd tho dis
crctionary powcr of adiiiitliug Alicns, in lliu l'ud
rral (hivi'rnmcnt or in thuHlato (ioicrniucnls.
llut it ranunt he a truc iufcrcuco, that bcrausc
thc ailiii'H'ioii of au Alicn is u f.ivor, lliu f.ivor may
bu rctohcd nt plcasurc A gr.ml of land to an in
dividual, may bu of f.mir, not of right; but thu
momcnt tho grunt is madu, thc f.nnr bccnmcs u
right, nnd iiiusl bo forfcilcd hcforo it can ho talicn
nway. Tu pardon ii malcfictnr may bu u fuwir,
but, ihe pardou is nol, on lliat accounl, lliu lcss ir
ruvocable, To admit an Alicn lo nntunili.ntion,
is as much a f.ivor, as to admit liiiu to roiilc inlbu
cuuntry; yct it cannot bo prutcndcd, lh.it a pcrun
ualnrali.cd can bo dcprived of tho bcuctit, any
more Ihan n nalito cilizcu can bc difranchiscd.
Again, it is said, tlat Alicns not hcing partics to
tho C'oiistitiitiou, thu lights and priiilcgcs which it
Micurn, rannot bu at all cl.iiuicd hy thcm.
Tu lliis ri'asniHni! nloi. U iuiulil bu nnswcrcd
that although Alicns nru mit partics In thu CoiMi
lulion, it docs not follow that thn Coustitution h
veslcd in Congrcs au iib-.oluto powcr ovcr thcm
Tho partics to llio Coiistituliun may have grantcil
or rctaincd, or liiodificd tttu powcr oicr Alicns
wilhout rcg.ird to that parlicular roiuidcralion.
llut a morc dircct rcply is, that it ducs not fol
low, bi.'caust Alicns arc not partics to thc Coiisli
lulion, as citiicns aro purlici to il, th.it whilst thcy
actually coiiloriu tu it, llicy h.it u no right to iu pro
lcclion. Alicns aro not morc p.irlics to the lawn
than llicy arc partics to thu t'omlitutinu; yct, il
will not bu disputcd, lh.it as tbuy onr on unc liund,
:i tcuiporary obcdicnce, they ure cntitlcd in rctuin
to thi'ir proli'ctioii and ndvantnge.
If Alicns hail no right undcr tho Cornlilulion,
thcy mighl lint only be bani'hcd, but eren capital
y punishcd, wilhout a jury or ihe olhcr iiicidcnt:
Iu a 1'iii tri.il. llut so f.ir lias u contrary priuciple
bccn carricd, in evcry part of the 1'iiiicd Stntcs,
th.it iMCcpt ou chargcs of trenson, au Alicn h i!",
hcsidcs all the ruinnioii pritilrgcj, ihe opccial onc
ofhciug Iricd by a jury, of which one half may he
also Alicn.s.
It is sjid, furlhcr, that hy the laws and practice
ofiialioiis, Alicii!. may bo rnmotcd nt discrction,
for ofi'cncc! ngainst the law of nations; that ("on
grcs! aro authoiUcd to dclir.r and punih surli of-
fcnccs; and lliat lo bc d'lngcraus tu the pcace of
socicly is, in Alicns, unu oflhosc olt'rncc..
Tho dislinctiuii IjcIh ccn Alicn cnciiiics and Alicn
fricmls, u clcar ntidmncliiMtL- auswcr to lliis argu
mcnt. Aliun rncmics nru iiiiiUt tho law of nalious,
nnd li.ihlu tu bo iunihcd for ollciii'cs ngaint it.
Alicn fricnds, cxccpt in thu singlo caso of puhlic
iiiinislcrt, ure luidcr llic inuiiii'ipal lan aud inusl
ho tiicd and puiiishrd nccoriliiig to that law only.
lhn arguincnt alo, hy rcfcrring the Alicn act,
U thc powcr of Congrcss to definu and pnnhh of-
lcnccs ngainst tha law of nation?, yicMs thu poiut
lliat Iho acl is of a ptnnl, not mcrcly of a piown-
tite opcralion. It iinikt, m lrulh,hcso consiilcrcd
And if it hu a pcnal act, Ihe ptinislimciit it iiillicls
inust bo jiislilicd by somo olTcncu th.it dcscrvcs it.
Oll'cnccs for w hich Alicns, wilhin ihe jurisdictioii
of n counlry, aro puiiishahlc, arc lir.l, oll'cnccs
commitlcd hy the nation of which thcy inahe n
pirt, and in whosc olTcncos thcy nre invnlrcd:
Sccoudly, nlfcnccs r.ommittcd by thcmsclvcs alonc,
wilhout any chargo ngainst tho njtion tit which
they bclong. Tho lirst is the ra?c of Alicn cnc
mics; the sccond, llio cnie of Alicn fricnds. In
lliu first case, the oficnding nation can no otlicrwie
be punishcd ihan hy war, one of the l.iws which
nulhoriscs tho rxpulion of stich of ils incinliris, as
may hu found witliin the counlry, ngainst which
tho nflcucc ha bccn coinmillcd. In Iho .ccond
case, tho nucnco bsiuj commitlcd byihc inditidu.
al, nol byhis naliou.nnd ngainst the iuunicijial law,
not ngjimt lliu law ofiialioiis. the indhidual onlv.
nnd not tho nation, is punMiahlc; anj ,IL. punioli.
iiicm miisi uu ron.iuetcl acn.nlins lo tho iiiiinininl
law, noi accoruiag iu tne law of nalioas. I'mlcr
ll.il Uuw of Iho fiibjcct, thn nct of CongrcM, fi.r
tho rcmoial ol Alicn cncmim, bcing conform.iblc
lo llio law nf nalions, is jtntincd by iho Con.litution:
and thc 'arl,' fur the removal ofAlicn fricnds, bc
ing rcpiign.iiit.to Iho Constitntional principlcs of
municipal law, is unjntiliab!c.
,. . .
Nor is ihe nct of Congrcss, for Ihe removal of
Alicn fricnd?, moro agreeablo lo lh gncrsl frac
ti:o of nalmns; than it H wilhin thu purvicw oftho
lnw of n.ilions. Tjio gcncial pruUicu uf iiatiuns,
distiiiguishcs hctwccn Alicn fricnds and Alien cne
mics. The lattcr it Innproccedcd against, uccord
iug lo tho law of nations, by cxpclliiig thcm as cno
mics. Thc furnier it has considcrcd as undcr n lo
cal and tcmporary nllcgiancc, nnd unlillcd to u cor
respondcnt protcction. If contrary inslances nre
lo ho found in harharous countrics, uudcr undclincd
prcrog.ilics, or umid reolutionary d.ingers; thcy
will uul be dccmcd fit pruccdcnts for llio govcrn
mcnt nf thu Unitcd Stutus, evcn, if not bcyoud its
(,'oiibtitutioual authoiity.
(To bo ronllnucil.
To cArci Aciiili.cs and to rcteut Tnov.
riMDAY MOUNINC, DI'.C. 25, IS40.
A aubscribcr seiuls us word lliat ho intcnds to
make us a new ycars' prcscnt, in lliu shapu uf a
few ntw tubtcribtrt f That will be lirst latc.
Whu of uurfriends will cntitlo himself lo ourhaud-
S0lllC5t huw .'
iow, as we don'l vish tu havo thu buut all on
one lcg, wo will mako an oflcr ourself. To any
uno who will make us u prescut of ten gooil rt-
sponsible subicribers, fur ono ycar, wo will make
a prescnt ofa copy of tho Aoe for thc samo timo,
Isn't that fair?
C7"0ur frieud, LuorfAiin, of AVallingfurd,
w ho says,"ho is still democratic to tho back bonc,"
undcr date uf Dee, 21st, makcsus a prcscnt of tcn
good subsciibcrs. "I'ush along ! kccp moving,"
as old I'ottcr tbcd lo sing.
lurniTii or jamiauy.
Wc nru rcqucstcd to s;y, ihal as wo intimatcd
last wccl;, thc Demncrat.s of llridgcwntcr will colc
br.ilo thu anniu'rsary of Ihubattlu nf.N'uw Orleans,
An addrcss will ho dclicrcd hy (Jon. T. II.
IIaw.so.m, nt Iho lowcr .Alcoling-huiisu, nt II)
o'clock, a. m., aflcr which Iho conipuny will pir
lake of a diiiucr al Wundard's Inn, ncconip.uiicd
with thu usual ccieinonics of toasts, &c.
Thu dciuncriits of tho county aro resqiectfully in
vilcd to ntlcnd.
tiii: ki:im:.vi. of tiik i.iki'i:mhxt
It will bo sccu that .Mr. Clay, iu Ihe Hcnatc, aud
,lr. Tillinghal, in tho llou.su, liao gicn noltct!
of thcir intciilioii to mou tho rcpcal uf thu Indc
pcndcnt Trcasury act. Ho llicn, wu nru lo c
nnolhcr currcucy war. Thu hiisinvss mcn of thu
counlry arc ogaiu tn ho lauucbcd upnn u sca ufun
ccrtaiuty. Will tlioy bcar it .' Wu sliall scc.
W jhouIl like lo know what tho old Jell'crso-
uiau Itcpiiblicaiis, who havu itlwnys hccn opjioscd
tn a Nutiun il llaiil;, but whu havo bccn nucking
IiimiI t.1ilrr ttlj , T-lll Mtf, lliu Jittiiaa, ofll
Tippcrs, ahuiit tln'u days.
Arc tho old JacliMin mcn, who fouglit wilh thc
old Itouian agninst n National lhuik, now going
wilh Old Tip for u Xalional Ilank.' Can thcy not
mcc, now, ou what ground thuy stand? Can thcy
not, now, sce that llio profcsstons oftho hard cider
ites are as fjlsa as thu alkuran,
"As licnrllfns ns tlio Arali'i wlnj f"
If thcy du nol, llicti nru thcy blind, indccd, Wc
hcg of llio pcoplo lo rcud candidly thu Kcport of
.Mr. Mailisun which wu arc piihlishing.al inturvuls,
lo give thcm a hctlcr npportunity nf studying and
cotiiirchcuding it. It will llirow much light upon
Iho ground llicy occupy.
I'coplo will rcmcmber thn great huc-and-cry
raiscd ngainst (icn. Jackso.v "furnppomting his
succejsor." What will llicy say now, that Mrs.
Ilnrrison, iiDcr h.ning iiiadii at Daytnn, Ohio, thc
solcmn plcdgo hcforo high hcaciinud llio ".Miaini
Tribc," that nu one sliould know who he prcfcrrcd
as his succcssor, lias npctily natticd llcury (.'lay,
as thu hcir npparcnt tn tho throne, nnd that too,
hcforc ho lias cnsconccd himself iu tho chair of
Thc I.ouisrillo Journ.nl, tho lcuiling fcdcrnl or
an of Kcnliicky, contains the follow ing paragraph:
"A pulilii'. ciilcrlainmciil wnsgiun thu olhcr d.iy
at Vcrfailcs, Kcnliicky, tu dYii. llarriou. In llio
niiirsu of it lliu l'rcsidi'iu clcct ruse aml gavc a loat
in lionor of llcnry Clay. Iu lliu clnijiient rcmarks
wilh which hu nnompanicd llio iculiinciil, he sta-
inl, m wu an; iiilormiil liy nuunf lns auililur,lhat
hu con.idcnd Mr. Clay llio littc-t iiiau in llic na
liou fur lliu I'rc-iilcncy, nnd th.it h liiiuclf would
rtii;n lhco"nc at oiut, on hi arrieul nl M'iiji-
iiiKlnii, icert U homble for hui. bu n ilotiiu. to
tonftr it on the diiliiigniilicd h'tntueldan."
Do thu peophi unduwtand lliis? ornre they ct
snllcring niidcr lliu fumcs iifhard ridcr!
Tho l.ouisillc Aihcrli.-iT, says the Ohio .Slutn-
min, thus poiulcdly nud iudignaiilly nlltnlcs to lliis
Icclarnlion m fator of ('lay: and hiiuiblcd, indccd,
must bc thc proud ipiril uf this pcofdc, Innot l.ccn
ly fecl tho dcgradatinn to which llicy are brmiglit
by the fandaugu clcctionccring of llritish and Amcr-
icau Ilankcrs.
The Aihcrlier says:
" Du tho IVderaliils rccnllcct how thcy abuscd
(joncral Jacksou, becniise he had.as llicy said.de
ignatcd his succejsor ? Cin llio lldilor nf thc
Juuni.it have forirollcn his own dcnunri.itinn. )
m uy (iin nu inii imuii ui iiicm wticn he was tclling
his rcadcr? lliat ficn. llarrixm bad roiiiinriici.il ,l,r'
tii i. I? i i ..... - . .
laling iu ri'lcrcucu to lns succcsur, lnfure he hiin
cll li.nl liccn uiau"tiratcil .'
" lf Iho nrlicle nf the Journal dctails dn. rr.n
Harrisou is indecd n picsiiiiipluous, dcsigning nnd
dancrous man, nr .Mr. Clay lias lakrn ndaiitae
ni iu weakncss, aml sliuulil lio puuislied for prus-
iui.ii iiiiii iu ti iuiiii-i: ni, imfi;,
ii iicn. lluiiisou pulilicly ilcclarcd that .Mr.
'hy is llic "lillot man in llic nalion liir i)...
!ncy," tlid rcniaik iuust have bccr. madn uiid n
icw Ii) thc succcsiion, and t Im I'rcsidcnt clcct may
he juslly chargcd wilh muking a d.irii.g altcnipt lo
iliclntc In Iho I'enple; or ho is supcrniiiiated. niiil
iiib in in.ii cicncii iiiiii ougiiiiuiiuiitui rcipon
sible for all his illv nr iiinl-curiduct.
" llut therc is nnolhcr nspect in which thc sin-
gniar asscnion inn Mr. l lay is tlic "liltcst mnnin
this nalion for tho l'rcsidency," may bo icwid
It is liiiown tlnt (icn. Ilnrri-on hnj pleilgcd and rc-
IiL'ugijii mmsciiioicrcuuionc lcrm. Tliat plcdge
wai gi.cn to appcajo the most rctlcm of iho api
ranls lo ihe I'rcsilcncy, .Mr. Clav. ln olhrr lan
guagc, Mr. Clav may havo ngrccll tn stnnd back
lo gno thc track to llarrison providcd hc would
return Ihc eoniplinienl nhn roquired."
It is n couuiinn rcinarh, iu Vermont, that New
Ilampshire is oue of "llio dark corncrrf," und that
tho pcoplo of that Stale, nre, ns a body, much
moro ignorant than thoso of thcir sister Stalc.
Tho lato ccnsus will enablo us tu fonn an npin
iou of lliu trulh of llicso nsscrtions. I.ct us look
at it.
I ii Ncw-IIaiiipshiri', tbcrc nrn 2 iinivcrsities.wilh
130 studcnts. In Vermont tbcrc are II univcrsitics
with 23.'I ln New-Ilamphiro thcru are 03 acad
emics, wilh 5,7-tli sclioliirs. Iu Vcrinont, we liud
no list ofthc nuuibcr of ucadcuiics fur this ycar.
In 183!) thcro wcro 32, und probably ahout tho
samo now. Thu nuuibcr of schnlarx at lliu acade
inics in 1840, is 3,'J23. In Ncw-lliiuipshiro thcre
aro 2,110 common schools, nll supportcil at thc
I'.IGHT IIUNI)lli:i) AXI) NLN'I.TY scholars.
In Vermont thcro aro 2,3G0 common schools, with
TUlRTV-SIXscholar.s, 2,058 of which are sup
porlcd at thc puhliu cipcnso !
Iu New-IIaiiipshirn thcre are out of 281,181
iuhabilants, only
a'lvj: nuxDiuu) (s Twn.xTY si-: n:.v
pcrsons ovcr llio nguof20, who cannot rcad and
wrilc, nnd in Vermont, out of a population only
7,357 grcalcr, Ihcro are
o.v Titousj.yj) a.vj iiuyimvi) jsu ronrr .
or 1,013 more,
Such is tho cnuiparison hctwccn enliqhttncJ,
fcdcral Vermont, nnd tluik, dcmocrnliu Ncw
Hampihire. Aml yct, says, tho Jloston I'osl, this
is tho Htatu,(N. II.) which isoficn t.iiintcd, by par
tisan cdilors, with haviog "daik corncrs." It is n
taunt which can only lliu! au cxcusu in thu ignu-
r.inco of IIiomi whu ullcr it.iind wu hopo we may
hcar it no iiinru unti! wucan ho sliown,nn uny part
oflhu whulu earth's surfacc, a piqiuliilion of cqual
nunibcr.s, scaltcrcd ovcr so grcat au ctpansa of
territory, possi'iing so many ofthc iuuans of cdu-
calion, and iiiiproxing lliein so well.
I.ct us hcar no morc fium Vcrmonturs, at least,
ahout "bcnightcd Ncw-llanip-hirc," whilc that
St.itcjs iniiiic.isiirahlyahcad ofourown, in every
Ihing, th.it inaki's a frce aud iiitclligent ieop!c.
Coinu ! coiiic ! gontlciiicn Old Tipitcs, whi re
aro lliu fiiin timcs you promiscd us so lulily .' It
is soiiK'tiinc sinco the clccliuu uf lliu man who was
lo hivo thu control nf llio olcmcnls. Tho yming
mcn who aru going out Iu work on f.irun ncil .siiiu
miM, hau bccn waiting to ,im lhugrc.it Cidcritc
clcctrd hcforo thcy let thcmscUc?. They ure now
staiuling idlu, iu daily uxpecl.itiun of licing nllcrcd
from fnutotcn dollars nioro a moiith lliau thcy
would havu ruccivcd if .Mr Vau llurcu h.id bccn
ulcclcd. I'ulfil ynur prmiiisus. (iiM) llicsc ponr
mcn, forwhoiii ynu hiu huwn a lovo so grcal,
nll lliatyoii haieagrccd to. I'p wilh thcir wagcs!
Tlicn too, thu poor fools who luve pcddlcd hard
cidcr and 'tcndcd' log cabins fur jon nll siiumicr
givo thcm olliccs, nnd lct llicni bc nble to pick up
moricy iu thu strccls. 1 ulld your prounses, and
lct us hcar no more ahout "pleilges biokcn nnd
puwcr uhuscJ."
SCT""" wu wcro a paintcr, we would paint a
miignificcnt buttcrfly, ou thu w ing, with all tho
wurld, mcn wnmcn aml childrcn, fioiu Adatii nnd
I've, lo thc 'last nf thc .Mohioan",' rhasing it. (hcr
the picluro wo wuuld write ono word, only onc
word, and lliat wurd shuuld be l.ift.
I'or MI, bids fair to suslain its cmiablc reputaliun
ns a vnluablo work fur thn ladics. It is edilcd by
.Mcsvlamcs Ilalu nnd Signurncy, writers, tuo well
known ainong our lady rcadcrs to rcqiiircnny com
nicndntion from us. Miss l.cslie, is also n con
slant cnntributnr.
W'n kh.ill publi'h llic prospectus, ns soon as pos
sible, and givu lliusc whu may be aniioui uf sub
scribing for such a work, an opportunity to juilgc
of its mcrils.
("cu pnxpcclus of the I'nivtrsal Ytinktt
A'alion, inunolhcrcolumii. .Mr I'litdy, oneuf the
eilitois, ii well kuown in tlii Hlale, ns a first ratc
wiitcr. The .Vufi'on will he oneof llin bcsllhings,
ofthc kind, in New llnglund.
" llrnlhcrs of tho (looso uuill ne srcct vnu
kindly should bo h.ippy tn eich.iugc rards with
yuu call for coll'ce and cig.irs fur twu, nr rubblcrs
and in roostcr-tails." .V. 0. Crial U'ttttrn.
(iin what .'
You'd hctlcr relire now; you'vc
said cnniigh.
JC7Wc ronclude this ncok the bcauliful story,
Ihe Tourmiment. It 'cnmrsoLt well, doesn't
liiail.iiii .' Wc h.'ic a bctter onu nn filo whirh wr
i.i II I'ommcnce ns soon as possihle , .Mi-antimu nur
political siihscrilii'rs must nol giinnhlr, if, now ih.it
thc clcctioii is ocr, wo p.iy our rcprpts to Ihc
1 ht'ltcr p.ut' of llic roiiiiiiiinity, particularly when
thcy h.u c au old gniilgnng.iiiist us, ulii'.h we mu4
wipo out iu soinc way.or wu urr a 1 gonc aurkur.'
"That fpiritcd 'Democratic papcr, Iho Albany
I'ttiiniltaltr, roincs Iu us on nn entaigrd .slu'cl,
undcr thc lillo uf .Hbuny r.tmini; Jllut. .Mcsirs.
Viincc S; Wi'iidcll nie llu puhlidii'r, nnd, frnui
lliu spccimru wu have scen, wtll conlinue to Inltlo
iu the good cnusi wilh thcir umal igora.,:d patri-
nlism." fit nia.
The .J7ii of which the New f!ra speal.n so fa
tornbly ne hate not yct rcccired. It nill, doubt-
lcss, coinc along in n day or two.
1'. S. Thc Mat hai arn'f. U it O. K. K
(olftred hindtr kvlt.)
ICPOur fricnds say that the llay State flmo-
erat is extrcmcly intcrcstirj thce days. Ilatn'l
n doubt of it, thiiugh il it about a neck tince nc
have s:cn it.
The publisbcrs of thc .Vrur World propojc to
issue a numbcr, as a ncn years' prcscnt, doublc
tho usoal sizc. It will bn a bounctr. cicrv wav.
" Wc .'ralcfullv nckiinwlnlse Ihc ucnrrnus nlTrr
of our fricnd, Maj. 'l'jistmnn, nf llio Vermont Agc,
to rnntribulo n few " rrd ccnls" for our bcncfit:
uui nie ruiiniiinns siinuiaicn nresucii ns wc cannot
romply wilh during.llic prcscnt stalc oftho almos-
pncrc. 'i nc .Majnr is n happy man hc nays Iho
rcsnll of no clcction can shakc his cpaulettcs."
Jlotlon 1'oit.
Wcll, Col. nc sce you have bccn in the mililary
line long cnough to become a little upilropttous:
ro lake your own course. lly-lhe-way, what will
you givc to see our fpanlottn in Uosting thii win-
Gracioas! thcro U a bushcl haskct fnll uf pjpen
' spcaking first for I'ic'f place on our cxchnnge
Tiy it onco moie, gcntlcmcn. Wc can't pnssi
bly tcll which fpoke first.
Tho Genllemcn's Mngnziiie, fur many ycars onn
oftho inosl pupular in Ihe Cninn, h.is hccn murricd
to thu Caskct, and tho pair undcr Iho irimo aml li
tlo of Griihuin's Jfi(!,'iii;iP,h.ivo madu thcir entic
inn must ntlractivr.ninl hcautiful stylc. A splcndid
listnf pcpul.ir wiilcrs is cngagcd lo furiii?!i nrlicU-
for the Magaziuo. It will bc n most cxccllent work
Thu mnzotinto cngruving in tho Junuary num
bcr the 1'luumutei is ono of tho best wo have
ever seen.
Wo shall publuh the prospectus oftho Slagazine
ncxt wcck.
fa'ec continuation of .Mr. Mndison's Kcport.
New K.SGi.ANn.according to calculations upon
the ccnsus, if 00,000 is taken as the ratio, willloso
four rcprcscntativcs, to wit: Conncticut, Vcrmon
and New Ilumpshirc, cach one. .Massnchusetts
and Jlaino will probably hold thcir own.
Compli.men rAit v. Wc sco that scveral nf
our articlcs are going about in tho papcrs crcdilcd
tn tho (llobc.
1'. S. Any brother cdilor is at libcrty to press
our bantlings into his scrvice but wo hcg fur tho
I.ord's sako that hu will not crop thcir cars, and
oihcrwisu iuulilnto thcm, lo givo thcm nn nppuar-
nucn ofuriginalily. Tako our wbolc progeny, gcn
llemcii, aud do what you plcasu wilh thcm, only
nlluwlliem to rctain thu imago uf llieir fulder.
fc'avo us, how culd it is ! IIow the snow flies
I'ity llin jiour ! I'ity llu; poor !
JCy'i'ho llon. Johii C. Calhouii haj hccn unan
iinouslv re-clcclcd to thu Kenalc of the Unitcd
rilatcs hy tho l.cgislature of riouth Carulina,
TaiirsJtitj, I)ic. 10, 1810,
Siihate. Thc Ktauding Cummiltccs wure an-
iiuiinccd hy tho ('hair :
On l'oreign Itckilions Messrs Iluchanan.Chair
man, Clay, of Ky., Calhmin, Kuanu and Alicn.
Ou I'inancc .Mcssrs. Wrighl, ch.iiriiiiin, Wrb
itcr, Nii huls Ilcutou aud llubhard.
On Coiiiiiiitcc .Mcssra King, Davis, Norvcll
Uugglcs, and .Muulon,
On .Muiiuf.ii liircx .Mcsr. I.umpliin, clnirman,
I'ro.-tnn, Knighl, Duclianan und Alicn.
On Agriculiuri' Mcssrs .Moiilun, chairman, Dix
on, l.iiin, Sturgcon, and Smilb, of Conn.
On .Mililary Alliiirs Mcsus llcnlon, chairman,
rrt'iton, Wall, I'icrcc, and Nidiolas.
Ou lliu .Mi'ilia .Mc-r.s Clav.of Ala., ihairman,
Sinilli, nf Ind,, Audciion, l'ullon, nud .Mnngum.
On Nav.il Aliairs Williams, chairinan, h'nulh
nrd, Culhhcrt, Tiillmiidgc, und Tappan.
iin ruliliu l.anils .Mcssrs Wiill.cr. clrnrinan,
l'lillon, Cl.iy, of Ala., I'rculiss, and Nurtcll.
Ou I'riwilu I.nnd claiins .Messrs I.inn, chair
(iin. W.ninr, ClaWmi, Atiiiiluii, nutl Kiiulltigtou.
wn inuiau .uairs .Messrs .cvicr, cliairman,
I.inn, Whito, l'liclp, nnd I.umpkin.
On Claiiiii .Messrs llubbard, chairinau, Yuung,
Mcrrick, illiams, and lluntiuginu.
On Ucvolutionary Claims .Mc.ssrs Sin'uh, nf
Conn., chairman, Sttirgeon, (iraham, Critlcndcn,
nnd Itubiusuii.
On Ihu Judiciary .Mcssis Wall, chairman, Clay-
ton, Criltcndun, und Snnlli, uf Ind.
On the i'ost Ollicc nnd Post Iioads Mcssrs liob
iusnti, chairman, I.uinpkin, Wrighl, l'ullon, and
On UoiidsandCanals Mcssrs Yuung, cliairman,
I'liclps, llcndcrsnn, .Mnngiim, aud rr'milh, of Ind.
On I'ensiuns -.Mcssrs I'icrcCjchairman, I'rcntiss,
White, Kii.inc, nnd lluulinglnn.
l'ur thu DNtrict of Columbi.i Mc.ssrs Mcrrick,
cliairman, Criltcuden, .Mangiim, aml Clajton.
On I'nteiits .ind Ihu l'atcnt Ollicc Mcsrs ir'tui
gcon, cliiiimiin, l)a.ii, l'rcr.tns, I'ubinson, nnd
On i'ublic Iluildings Mcssrs l'ullon, chairman,
Mcrrirk, nnd Hiitith, of Conn.
To nudit and tontrnl thc Coiitiugcnt Kipcnscs
of ihe .Scnate Mcssrs Knighl, cli.iirnian, l'ullon,
and I'orlrr.
On Kngrflsicd liills .Mesjrs Ilendcrson, chair
man, I'urtcr.
An altcmpt was made by .Mr Smilh, of Indiana,
to gu into thu clcction ufChaplain, liul it f.iilrd
IIouse. Mr Adams raiscd a brccu in rclation 1
to tho Annslead casc. llu accuscs some oue of
baiiig f.iUilicd llie puhlic, printcd documcnts of
Ihcjast session in rcl.itinii to thu Aiiiistcad inutter,
aud hu moved un iuquiry, hy a Hclcrt Ciiuimillce,
inlo the siihjecl, with a view to nccilain whcthcr
llic iillcdged f.ilsifi.'alion oiiginatcd in ignoranco or
in fraud. ln tho origiiial Ctislum IIouse permit,
llicn Africans of thc Amistcad are callcd 'nrgros
The Translalor oftho fc'lato i)cp.irtmcnt gave
tlio origmal word, 'ncgros ladinos,' but Mr A. al
lcgcs tlt.it it w.ts subscipicnlly translatcd and rcn
dercd, 'sound ncgros.' If the ncgros aro Madinos
thcy wcro iuipurlcd prinr to 1820, nnd aro slavcs
ecn undcr tho law of natiutu. llut .Mr AiIjiiis
states lliat this was a fr,iiidtilcnt dcsignalion givcn
lo thcm ut llavana. If tlioy are 'negrut lozals,
thuy wcre nnpotlcd sinco ihe slavc tradc was pro
hibiled, and arc frce undcr lliu stipiilatiuns uf n
trcaty existing hctwccn Grcat llritain ond Hp.iin.
If thc Suprcmc Court herc dctcrminu thc Al'ricans
to bo 'ncgros boiuls,' thcy must confirm the dc-
crcc oftho Couil hclow and liberatu thcm.
Mr-Stanley mnvcd a rcconsidcraliou uf tho vote
lay ing nn thct.iblc Mr Adams's pruposiliun'to rcs-
cind llic 'gag rule,' as .Mr A. calls it. .Mr Slanlcy's
objcctyvas to gct a oc tn a fullcr IIouse, 'nud a
dircct votc on thc motion to icscind. llut tho mo
tiou fiilcd.
Iloth Ilouses adjourncd ovcr to Monday ncxt, as
is customary in tho first wcek of llio scssbn.
Monday, I)ee. 14, 1810.
Is Tlie Se5Ate, tho I'rcsidcnt pro tttn. laid
bcfore the Scnate a nuniher of communications,
containing statcinents oftho contingcnt eipcnscsof
thc diffcrcnt cncutirc dcpartments.
Ordcrcd to lic on the tatlc and bc printcd.
Pctilioni wtrc presentcn by Mcssrs Wehstcr,
'CIT, Menick, M'hitj and Wiight.
Mr .Mcrrick prcicntcil a pctition fruin thu bunki
of tln DUtrict ufColumbh, prayiug for n ccntinaa
tion of thcir banking powcrs.
Mr Wrighl prescnted a incmorhl of ciiizens of
New Vork, iraying for the pissage uf a Uniforin
Ilankrupt I.aw.
Mr Clay, of Kcntucky, introduccd a rciolution
calling ou lliu Hccrctary uf tho Trcasury for iufur
mution rcjpcrliug thu amount of tl.u puhlic landi
uld wilhin thu last twclve ycars thu rhar.ictcr of
lliat purtiim uf thcm which remtiins unsnld its
valuo, &c which w;n ordcrcd lo bo printcd and
lio ovcr ono day.
Mr Clay.nfAlabama, introdoccd a bill to gradw
atu tho pricu of pubiic lands nnd on his motion it
was rcfcrrcd to thu Cuinmiltce un h'inance.
Mr Clay, uf Kcntucky, introduced a resulutiun,
dcclariug that llic act known as thc sub-Trcasury
act ought tu bu rcpcalcd, and iuslructing the Com
mittce on l'inancc lo rcportn bill for that purposc.
Suvcral hills uf which noticc had bccn given on
Thursday wero successively introduced. They
were chiefiy ofa private or local natiirc.
Mr Wright moved to refcr to the committee on
rinance so much ofthc I'rcsidcnt 's .Message airc
latcd tu thu financcs ofthc counlry.
Mr Wcbater,fur variousrcasons assigned,moved
to postpone llic consideration of Mr Wright'i mo
tion till Wcdnesday, which was agrccd to Aycs
20, Nays 19.
On motion of.Mr Wright, the Kcport of the Sec
rclary of thu Trcasury was rcfcrrcd to iho coinmit
tco on l'inancc.
Thu dill'crcnt paris of the Presidcnt'a Messags
wero theii taken up, and rcfcrrcd to the prnper
.Slanding Commiltccs excepling the porlion rela
ting to thc financcs.
Mr Ilcnton askcd lc.ivc to introducea bill estab
lidiing a permanent pri'-emptioii systom; nnd,said
ho wMied tho quctinii on graming lcave to be made
,i tcst qiicstion on the priuciple nf ihe bill,
Mr llubbard suggcstcd tho prnpricty uf postpun
ingthe qiicstion till Tucsday ; and it was accord
ingly postponcd.
Aflcr somc misccllancous husincss of little inter
est or iinporlance, Ihe Scnnto proceedcd to the
elcclinn ofa Cliaplain; and iho Hev. Mr Cookman
oflhu Methodist Ilpiscopal Church, was chosen on
thc first ballot.
Tho Scnatc thcn adjourncd.
In the Ilocm:, nftcr tho juurnal of TliurMlny
was rcad, tho following s'tandiug Committoea wero
Conmiiltce of I'.lccliuns Mesrs Itariden, Tran
cis i:. Itivcs, Va., Millard rillmore, N. Y Wm.
Mcdill, Ohio, Aiisnn V. Ilrown, Tenn., Truman
.Smilh, Conn., Jnliu M. llotts, Va., Kandall and 1.
1', 'l'homas, of .Md.
Cominittcu of Ways and Mcani Mcssrs John
W. Joncs, Vn., Charlcs ('. Alherton, N. II., Ajron
Vnndcrpotl, N. Y d'coigo i:.ans, Mc, Ilenry W.
Conncr, N. C, .Mark A. Cooper, Ha., Mason, O.,
riallouslall and llublurd.
Commiltce on Claims Mcssrs William C. Daw
son, Oa., Daiid Kii-MI, N. Y., I.inn llanks, Va.,
Josliua K, (iiililingsOhio, Jarcd W. Williams, N.
II., Mcrciliih l'. (icniry, Tenn., John Ilill, N. C
Jolm (ialbiaiih, I'a., Mcirdnh Mallory, N. Y.
Commiiicoou Cunimcrcc .Mcsirs l.'dward C'ur-
lii.N.Y., f'oloiimn llillcn, Jr. .Md,, IMmuiid llurke,
N. II., Ccorgo W. Tnlaml, I'a., Uiehard V. Ila
bcr.h.un, (!n Virgil 1). 1'arris, Me., John M. Ilotts,
n .Millcr und inthrop.
Conmiiltce ou I'ublic I.andi Mcsrs Morrnw,
l.cvi l.iacoln, Mass,, Isaac II. Crary, Mich., Jolm
White, Ky.,Ch:ulcs I'Micr, N. C, Jamcs Garland,
n., J.icob I hompson, Miss., Cuscy nnd Chapman.
Coinmittco nn thu I'ost Ollice and Post Ituadi
Mcssrs Jamcs J. .McKnv, N. C, Gcnrgu W. Hop-
kins, Va., Driggs, Kichard V. .Mariin, N. Y., Da-
icl P. l.cadbcttcr.Oliiu, Joscph I,. Williams.Tenn.,
Randolph, Ky,, Thninson, nnd Albcrt G. Ilrown,
Committee for the DUtrict of Columbia Mcsrs
Johnson, Md., Willi.ims.Tcnn , I!cirnc,Va.,Clark,
.N. l., Uau'e, Graham. Cran;on. !l.nvl;in m.,1
Coiiiinittce nn thu Judi.-iirv Mcssrs Sea'eant.
Ilollin.in, Turnoy, Sainucls, ll.irnard, Stanley,
Ilutler, Truuibull aml S'larkweallicr.
Comniillii on Itciolutionarv cln
claiins Mctirv
Itanilolph, Ifall, Vt., Taliafcrro, Parmcntcr, Mont
gomery. I'.ly, .Swcaringen, Jami's.nnd Joncs, N.Y.
Commillcuon Puhlic Cpendiluics lloml, Dun
an, Crnckelt, llrcckcnbridgu, Wallcrsun, McCtil-
lock, Green, McClurc, Ilakcr.
Commitlce nn Priiate l.and riaims Mciirs
lloai(,.imiii,Calhoun,Dillctt,Wick,la.sliiis, Janw-
son, Cross, Warren, Vroom.
(-'"ll,ll''n " .Manuficturcs Mcssrs Adiina,
Nihit, Fkide, Tillinghasl, Worthington, Drom-
gnolc, .Mttchell,.N. V., Kastman, Davis, I'a.
On Agiicullurc Mcssrs Dcberry, Dennis, Mc
Clcllcn, Smilh, Vt., Ilammond, Shaw, Doig, IIoolc
nnd Kidgway.
On Indian Afliiirs Mcsirs Ilell, Williams, N.
C, Alford, Chinn, I.ucas, Hunt, Daus, Ia., l'ar-ri-h
and P.yall.
On Mililary Aluirs 'Ihompion, .Millcr, CoIm,
Kemblr, Allen, .Munroe, Sumptcr, Goggin, IJtt
lcr, Ky.
On Ihc Milnii Mcssrs Kcim, Cnrtcr, GrilTin,
Wagener, Pa Goodc, Kogcrs, Triplett, Wagntr,
N. V., nnd Jackon.
OnNatarAiniirs Mcssrs I'.Thomas.Md. Kced,
Grimicll, Audcrsnti, I'rollit, Shcpaid, Nayloi.Dick
crson nud .Molauya.
On l'oreign Afl'airs .Mcssrs I'jckcns, Cushinj,
Dromgoolc, Grangcr, llawcs, Ilu'rclt, Clilhjrd,
I.cct and I'inc.
On Tcrritorics Mcssrs Pnpe, Jrnifer.Camphell,
Stuart, Urcwstcr, l).ivw, Ky. Dana, Coopcr, Pt.,
and Morgan.
On l(colutinnary I'cnsions Mcssrs Taliaftrro,
('acr, Alulrcws, Slernrod, Daics,Pa,, llrockwaT,
Taylor, O., Itaiid,nnd IVck.
On Inwtlid I'ension .Mcssrs Williams, Ky.,
Morris, Chittenden, Doan, Strong, Norris, Palen,
Kdwards and Swccny.
On Koads and Cunals Mcssrs Ogle, Carroll,
Ilill, Smilh. Ia., Kayncr, Dlackwcll, Underwood.
Smith of .Mc., and Crabb. .
On I'atcnts Mcssrs Flctchcr.Vt., Beatty, I'rcn
tiss, New hard, l'ayntcr.
On I'ublic lluildings and Grounds Messra Pet-
tikin, Lconard, Kcim, Hastings and Osborne.
On Rctisal and Unfinislicd Ilusinesi Meisu
Pcck, Parish, O., Jamcs, Killeand Cooper. N. J.
On Accoonts Messrs Johnson, Va., Johnson, N,
., Msrchsnd, Floyd, and Andrfnj.

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