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If tlio fedoral leailers had nvowodly .et out, upon
thuir ucccssion to pnwer, tu f.iUify rach nml inery
ono ol the prouiises and pledges thcy inado to llto
sountry aiul lhu people during tho furil cider catn
juign, lliey coulil not liavo liecn Tnoto bunecssful
than lliey ure already. And iii uo particulur is this
nioroproinineiit llnuin llieirplcdgoof inaliing "mi
proscription for op'mion sakc."
During tlia last sutniuer Daniel Webstcr, now
Sccrclary of sstate, iu n speech dolivercd at Wor
cester, Mass. ngainst tlw tlien AdniUtration, said:
" Tliero is no rivilizcd country 011 carth in wliicli
on a cintige of rnlers, thcro is sucli nn iriquisition
for spoil ns wo luvo wilnesscd in tljis frce Uepub
lic. Wlicn ever did an Diglish Jlinister g" 'lown
to low xealcr inark to nwUo an ousling of tiile
wailcrs t Whsn did ho disturb tlio pot uflices,
the mail contracts, uml any thing else in tha remo
tcst degreo cotinccted with thu tJoverninrnt."
Nowlook at thoconduclof his brolher Sccrclary
of tho Treasury, wlio is also ono of tlio Webstcr
Cali'met, and wlin looks up to hiin as his leador
and guide. Seo the Sccretary of thu Treasury
foing "down to low water tnarl;" in wriling tho
ibllowing lettcr tn tlio kecper of n petty liglit houso,
with tv ealary of i-jlioO per annum.
"Tnn.vsurtY Dkvahtment, )
April 1G, 1841. S
"Sir: Vour scrvices as Uccpcr of the I.ight
Ilonse on Juniper Island, uro no longer nocded hy
tho Governiuent.
" Very respeclfully,
"' Yourobd't sciv't.
'T. CWhVfi,
Secrelary of the Trsasury.
"ToMauciii Cornino,
" llnrlington, Vt."
Cnpt. Corning, who U so unccrcnioniouslv eject
cd frnm tho kecpiug of tho Light ilouie on juniper
Island, is n Dcinocr.it of tho JeH'crsoniaii stamp.
In 1812, nt the very t'mio tho present Secretary of
tho Stnte was doing all in h'n powcr to thwart llie
clrbrts of our (Invernir.ent to obuiu n redress of
our griovnnccs froin Ihigtand, untorcd tlio Armyas
a I.ieutenaiit in " Thu illoody 11th," as.it was'af
lorwards fatnili.irry known and de-ugnated, frinn its
gulliint pirticipatinn in tho liird-fouglit b.ittles in
tlio Minpiign.s of lSUinnd 1b'U. In 1S1", howas
proniotod to a Ctiptainey, and pirticipated activoly
in Hainpton's cumpaign of thu sauio je.ir. Thu
winlor succecdiug, ho was ordercd with his com
pany to join Ilrnwn's comniand nt 1'rcncli Jlill..
Thenco ha preccdud to llulUiln, and was llieru in
corporated into Scolt's Iirig.ide, crossed with hiin
into Canada,and was at tlio .surrondorof I'ort Krio.
Tho ni'.t day wnshi tlio bloody battln of Cliippown,
whero hv his gall.tntry and that of his hravo Cmn
pany, Iu comriliutod very ossenti.illy to tho plori
ous'reanlts nflh.it hard fouglit field. In tdiort, froin
llin heginiiing to tho oloso of thn war, his lifu and
serviee.s wereat the dijposa! of Iim rountry, and no
tnil nr privation wito avoided hy hiin so long ns n
hoitilo fno Ihrcatt'iied to l.iy wasto our heautifiil
villages, and carry dovastalion throughoiit tho land.
It is not to ho wnnderrd at, tlien, tli.il ho shon'd ho
ninnng tho flrst vrtiins nf tho (iovcrnnicnt at whoso
head sl.nidd thu nian who for ynara did evcry tti tnir
in his pnwrr to lay us at thu fjnt of haughty and
lyrntniical I'ngland. Aftur reading thu clo(iient
r'ecnid whirh wo puldUli in our preceding coliiiiins
to-d.iy, no ono nued lio surpr'nad that the sunirrs
rotidn'rod his oonntry liy Captain Corning, shiiuld
lio duomed wurthy "of puni'hniunt Iiy tho Webstcr
Cabiuet. Killington Sentincl.
ICjPThu Hutland Ilcrald U inforiucd that, "all
i.s fair in politirs" had it.s origin with oue M. M.
Noah, 80incIiat distinguished as a inodcrn whig.
Who cvcr did hear of ' twalloiein; vpicarih' 1
Richmond Star.
Stand on jour head and swallow dommcard!,
Ni:v Ilr.t'NawiCK, May 11, 1811,
Our Charter election took plaeo yesterday, ard
rosulteil in llie election of l Kirhpatriclt for Mnjnr,
nver David W Vail, tho l.iln incuinbcnt; und l'uler
Spadi'r nnd A. H. XetUon, for Aldeiinen, deino
eratic candid.itc.s, Thus has tho worlt of ri.fonn
coinmcnced, and in th'n wo perccivu that tho cili
zcns of New Ilrunswick aro not dispnspd Inngcr to
toleratn mU-mle nnd tyranny lo which lliey Irive
huretoforo submitlcd in thcir 7.e,il for hard cidcr.
Au Jiru,
For Jlott in Ilortts. A junk bottlo futl of strong
tago tua, inads very swcet with moln ssc.s.
Spirit of thc ,lC
This bcats tho dog'fl-tail with the end rut ofT.
Wo h.ivo heard of inany strango tnediciucn, but to
givo n horso 'ajunk hutlle, full of strong sago tca,'
iic. t ikos tho wind out of all hnown nioilcrn invtu
tionj. Wo givo up now, Richmond Star.
fiive up whatj tho jank bottle, &c! Tlien, wo
uppose, as that nicdicinn does not set well on your
Ktoinach, it u not good for lots in horses, uh .'
Very well.
Tho publiilicr of thu Yanha .Valion proposes
to issuu almut thu !26lh inst,, a double-doulilir, a
hritler, "totally unapproaehablo by uny nthcr
nowspaper piesa in tho world," bo say the editors.
l'riso 'lo cents. I'orward your ole.s, gentleincn.
Tho whig party iu thisStato ii going to tliodevil
ns strait us llio cr'ow flies. .V, 1'. Ilcrald.
That looks a little ominioitt, but who doubts it?
Gen. Wihon's Oftce yiuldi, it ii said, fiom -1
lo (iOOO dollar nott prollit nnnually. And wlnt is
moro gratifying to Jiimny's uinbition, if the prcdic
lioru of his fricnds ho truo, i, that ho will, wheu
Iow.i and Wicoisin nro nduiited into thu L'nion,
bu honorcd with a Meat in tho U. S. Hcnato or
Houso of iteprtcntativei", by thc nufl'ragcs of tho
pcoplo of ono nf thojn slatcs. Now this may bo
very plcasing for tlio (Icncral to think of and" an
ticipate, but ifhu docsuot nuccecd bclter in ingra
ti.itmg hiuiself into llie good wihcs of tho Inwan.s,
th.in lic has iu gaining tho f.ivor oftho Ncw-Ilauin-khiro
bo)3, it will bu a long liinc bcfore ho will
tako a scat in Congresi ; wou't it Maj. r.a.stifian .'
Eg-gsactly ! II. Arvt.
ICJ.Mind jour own bujinesi.
AIUNDAV, SIAV 10, 1811.
At Mrl.5t 30) Ilwr Caltlc, 20 pair Worklnj Oicn, K
Cniv nnd ChIvm, 210 Khrrp, nnSlO fluhic.
Vnlczi.IlcefCatttt. I'irit iiulity 07 00 n 723 tccon.l
qimllty Sfl 0 i llilrd iiunlily 3", Jo iiCCO.
125 Ilecf Catilc iiUfolil.
li'orKim; Oxcn. Very fcw s.ilts cfTi rtcil.
Cowt If Ci.'iti. H.iIm $23, S25,32?, nn.l QV,.
Klicrp. S-cvcrnl ti)t shcnrci!, nt $1,75 aml Sl,P0anda
lot not jlirnrrJ i !,7j.
Sivine. IaU toprJJIe wcrciol.l nt 5 -l nnd.'i l-2for8ons
nnd C 1-1 nnd G 1-2 fur Uarrotv). Also. a lot nt S forioivs
nnd 6 fur barrowi.
At rctnll, from 5 2-1 to 7. AVw Kn;.Varmtr.
In Pomfret, on tho 10 inst. by 0. Wnnlow, V.t,
Mr Z. I'raer to Miss Sarah A. 1'crry, bolh of
Iu Montpelier, 12th inst.,by Ilr.v. II. W. Sinilh,
Mr It. W. Hvnr. lo Mij-s SArtAit L. Dodok.
Tliere gocs a phiril tcralc democratic ' gal.'
TOYS. Tlie ulcribrr lias Jnt recrltrd thc innit
tcnltetaritlr nl chlldrcn'a ln, tTrroHlrfd fumnlr
n this Ticinllr. Cll nnd ce. ' J . .MI RIIOCK.
Bfpt. 23.
Pll. SOUTIin.VTU would Inl'onn tlio lnlmWtniiU r
. Wood-.tork, nnd lcinily, that lio lins eaiploycd twn
iil'llic licst workincn that cau bo liiund tu work at llie
nbovu buslni'xs. Tho tork Hliills ihtip will bo (hinul.)
goml nud ea-;,crlcuctit liand) nl d in ll.i- liUttJhihiun.
Alljiiln will he irnrmnfij to bp lit tho btnt tuMto, nnd all
Sinin-iila will bo vnrtantri to Jlt or llio tlotli p.iid I'or.
BjTNo mIstal.o In Uil..n5
To provo tlie nbovc cill and try. Sliop nt nrt'aeot, ovcr
n. II. llallcy's Storc.
Cloths and Tilmmlnga for ulr ntlliis filiop, ni lownscnn
bc fonnd in toun.
Rnruicnla Cul for nllicr.i In make o'l i-nort iiuticc nud In
IIib liisi orilt r no misinkc !
Woodstock, Mny Itf, l&ll, .r,5.f
rBtllH rnpnrtnfisbip lnTolnroro existlns'undt'r thc firm
Ji of llailoy & Moo, U by uiiitajl cnnseut lliis dv'
iotved. Ol.lVlllt UAll.KV,
l'AUKUR MOItrtt:.
South Woodstock, May 10, 111, 55-Sv
rHIIin tubicriborlias pnrcliascd llio xtock offinods nnd
a. all oihor nrliclis Iu traUc of llie lalc firni ol Ilailcy .V
Moiae, and will conliauo tho Mircnnlllo business, at hil
fctore, llio old stand. t'listumi'ri whdiing to purclinan wil
bo acconiinodatfd on libcial nn.l fivornblo tcrnis. (Inods
lll bcsold nt aslow priccs I'orL'ush, produco, ornpprmcd
crcdil, na nny othcr thop,
OI.1VEU lIAH.r,.
eouth Woodstock, May 10, 1811. 55-8w
rTJtlll! notrs nndaccounlsnnd all dcinniuN duc tho lato
H Urm of U. A; Mi)ni, nro purchased by tho suscrlbtr,
nnd nre In his liands I'orcollcction, nnd ho hcriby rriicsts
th u thcy be seitled br nutc or othcrwi,'0 Immnllntdy,
Snulh Wnoditorx, May 10, 1311. 55-8w
'"pilIS cortifies, that frointhii datc.l havogiveu
X niy stni, fieorso II. IllnUdell, freedom In act,
nnd tradafor iiimself, aud lliat 1 sliall not rlnim his
cainings or bo rcsponsiblo for nny debts lic may
contract during liii ininority.
Plyuiouth, May 1, 18 11. 5fi.:iw
Clnss 5 for 1811 lo U pasiticcly drawn in the
Cilij of.ilexandria, 1). V, on Saturday, the
12M duyofJunc, 1811.
I'or Intern.il Iiiiprnveincnt iu Alcxandrin, I). C.
iit.ilo Treasury, Dolawarn Colh'go, and ( 'ouimnn
Schools, iu tlio Stulc of IJchtmi i c IVful Miiii
uf.iclurcsi in llia Stale uf .S'otiii (,'urolha
(Ireeuu nnd I'ulaski Moiiumeiit iu tlm C'ily of
f.ivaiiuuh Jinil Viutc of Georgia um 1'ublic
Iiisiiuuiuns in tho Hlalt of Louisianu aud u'.i
tutny. 73 .NUJtncita 12 nnAWN iiAi.i.ors.
35,235 10,000 3,0(10 l.OOi) H.fiOl) 3,2021-2
3,000 -10 I'rizcs ufL'.OUO BO of Hs200 00 of 130
03 of $130 0:i of 100! &n. &c. kc.
'J'lCKirrs oni.y $0 !
A certficato ol'a 1'arluigo uf 23 Tickets will be
sjnt for f'KlO Sliares in propottion.
Class P. for 18 11 to bo draivn ut Alu.sandiia, Va,
on f-rlurd.iy, .Innu 10, 1811 73 .r.Miii-:n, 13
gaj.mi!) 10,0011 (i.oiio 3,000 -i.ono 2,300 2,000
1,7-17 1-2 DoIIiim, 23 pri.os ol'lpl.OOO 0"23
prizes of 301) Dollars rachlCl' 28 yir'uen of
;300 200 pri.es nf 201). (12 off-lOOl &c.
TIL'KI'.TS Tl 1)01,1. VttS.
A Cerlilielito of u l'ackagn of 2(! Tickots will bo
sout for tf!30 Sliiues in propotioti.
union iToTTi; n v,
Climj 0 for 1SII, Iu be drawn at Alexandria, D. C.
on fi'alurday, Juuo 2li, 18-11, lly nulhority of
I.aw, &e. ' 73 nu.muhus 13 iIuawn iiai.
i.nr'b. T li rcc Prizes o I"
QU.IjOOO ! ! 10,000! 85,000! 0,177!
50 prix.es of $1,000!
50 of ;30() 50 "I "si.-jO (!5 or g'.'OO (15 or
SI30 (15 or 'ilOO HV. UC,
Ttc'KiiTs o.vt.Y fflO 5-harrs in proportion.
A cerlilicato ofa I'.ickngn of !25 1ioles inth'w
GliA.NI) SCIin.M): will bo nent for 3130
ll.ilvcs and (iuarters in proporlion.
n. J. svi.vnsTnu,
Nn, 130 Ilrnadway, Ncw-Vork.
And all olhcr.i huving tvUntvi irilh the Post Ofltcc
Dcpartnenl of the United Xlutcs.
rPlin tiudohiigued, latu corresponding clcrlt for
1 thu Nortlifiisilern nection iu thu Conlract Ilu
rcau nf lln! I'oit Ollico Departniuut, h.is cjlaliliili
ed (with the consrnt of l'osttna-ler ficneral) nn
agciiev at tho ecat of (lovernuiciit, fur llio beuclit
ofsucli pcrsons sis may hao biisiui'ss with tholle
partincnl, nnd who l.avo not tho t'unoor incliiialion
to atteud lo it iu per.-.on.
Ilnvingnervod livo ycarn in lliu Coiitr.tct Uuroaii
with rutiyf.iclion, thu underi.incd ll'i'N conlident
lliat his friends in tlio dilltri'iit States will honor
hiin with thcir husiuc.ss.
All lelter.s iuu?t bu post p,iid,or lliey will notbo
talten froin llio pnt ollicc.
No busiucss will bu nttcnd'.'d to, oxrcpt by pc
cial iigrccmrut, uiik'?j a relaining feu of 3 i.s cn
closcd in lliu tippliraliuii.
All siiypeusiDiis uf pay, reniissions of lincs, pro
tnta iillow,tiici.'s, cli.itige.1 of schcdule.s, transfers of
cotitracts, b'nls for letlins und instructiiins tis to
giianiiiteus, will be ntleiided lo Iiy lliu uiideriiigni'd ;
and linniMiy, pcr.sevcratiee, nnd irtue, ho Irusls,
will proiliicu Ihcir proitii(.d rcward.
Thu undoDiigiicil will also atleml In tho procnr
ing of l'nteuts nnd olher buiucsi conncclcd with
tho Gcut-riil I.utid Ollicc.
The uudcrnigncd li.i.s uo hesilation in rcforring
all iniiiirers to tho Democr.itie nieinbrr.s of llu'
Twenty-iyh (Vngress, nnd lo inany oflho princi
pal tnail contractor.s In New Vork nml New I!ng.
land. ji:shi: kk.skini: I!OW.
L'omtiirled tntirtlynn the otn rnicK nytfon, on ('oiirl
Stritt.opinilc Jtdtu't llolcl, autl luoJoon iccs of
the Caurl Ihuie,
rpllll miln'rikcr n.Tcrii for nalu n grncral nortnirnt (I
i. frnh Pprlne niod, In nlilrh will br (iiiiriI n rnrk-ly
ol Ladirs' nd IJMhlrch' mor.s chtap !ir c.uli, or for ngri
cultural pru.lurc, ut caih nrirci.
(J. IlUllllANK
Woodstock, May 5, 1811. 53-tf
STATU OF Vi:U3IONT, ) At a Vrobatc
DisTtttCT or HAJiTror.i), ss. j C'ourt, held al
Woodstock, vithin and for said JJistricl, on the
r,lh daii of .1, A. f). 1811. Vresent, thc
llon. Thomai 1'. Ilutul, JuJgc.
AN Inilrunirnt pnrpnrtlng lo be thc lot will nnd lctn.
lin-nt nri'OI.I.V l'A V je nrltotiitton In ia!d dialrlct,
ilccc.vcd bein? prorntrd to thn rnurt here by TIIOMAH
FA V, llif cxi-i'iiliir tliotiii ninrd.lMr pn.lwlci II Is ordrred
hy I'li i rnurt that all pcrionironccriicil Ihcrciii, beliiitlficd
lo npprar nt n.rslon of t.ild rnurt to be liuldiii at thc
I'rntiilr OMicc Iu Wnndstork, In sthl Iliitrlctmt thc 2.I il.iy
ofjunc nrst, nnd ihotr c.msc, if any thrre inny liari-,
aiainit llie I'rohntc of sad will, for uhlch purpnsc It is
lurtutr ordiriil, that n copy nr the reeconl nr this ordrr
bo publlihial thrrf wriks nccrlvrly In thc Spitit of the 1
t?r, prlutcd at Wo'lslnck In said Hlntc, nn incu at'may
'ic A truo copy nl rccconl, ,
0111. llll.I.l.NTi.s, nelster.
WV., the ralnrrlbrri, bcinj appnlntnl bv the llon. Pro-1
batirt.'oiirtrnrthc Dmlrictof llatlforil, CopimIlon. I
m. to rccrlie, rtanilne and n.llmt all plnlms ind Hrmamts
ofnll pcrxons agalnst t'ie ntalc of Mcliltablr Clmijh, l.ili;
nf.Vorwlcli.ln al;l ili'irict, iltccaicd, nud all cbiinii nnd
dcmands rjliibllrd in nlT.ct thcretn, nml ttt Inohths frnm
llildnt- bclnj allnwcil for thst pnrpn-p, bc.-il.y tltc no'
tlr e tht e will nllf nd to thc lmlnr.5 nfntir nppnlntmrnt
nt the OlHccnt l)r. Ira Datls, 1.1 taid .N'nrulcli nn the third
Tuendar nfJniie nnd firt Bstnrdn) of Hrptcinbcr ncit, et
one u'elockDii esrh nf tald dnjs.
c. l'Aii riuntii:. ) . ..
Jlf'.MlVR. IIA11TON-, j CvmnlHontn.
Nnrulci, Mftrtli J, A. I), Hll. 5 J-Sw
srr.Aar iii:novatik(j knuini:,
roit tiii: l'uitrosir, orci.UAKsiNG niiDrf.
JH. ADAM3 would rcnpeclliilly lnlurmnll ptrson.i nhlw
l2 Hids dresstd, that ho iimv prcpaml to ilri'-.s
llicni Iu the i.tiili sl mai'.ncr, at tlinrl nolli o ur.d ou rc.ii.nii
blo triiiin, uml if deslrcd, UairlnJa mI1 be takcn luliil
thcir nud rclurncd withmit nddllionil rxpcnse.
Nnrnerous cerllllcatcs uilght be prodiircd for tlio roccoin
uiendatnnoflliisi'nsiuebut nfew oulv will be "Ivlii.
We, the ktibsmbcrs, havlng had our bcda ilrensnl two
Vi'ius .iiire hy J. H. Ailams, uro porfcctly satMiud lliat liU
nu uioil iu clcunsins icutliorn la (jnmi, nnn ol "rcni nno
lniliii? utlliiy. Tho.c who aro ilNpnscd to putrnnizc hini
wo thiuk will llnd thcir htda cssentally iuiprocd.
Uuyuiii: Mai.i.iMi
Ai.nnnr Kino
Wii.i.hm rownnv
IlENHV T. JlAUf n.
Tun nbnvr cnslnf will be In opcrntlon n fcw rodscast nf
II, T. .Maraira uarrlngo Bliop, o lona ni tlila rfniains iu
thonaicr. J.H. ADAMS.
Woodstock, May 5, 1811. SS-tf
TIIU annual mcctins of the Woodstock C'onnty Mutual
Firr liisuranru Coiupan), will be hiddon nt Ihe'l'mui
llall in Voudlock, nn llie tho llrt WfilncMlnv. (btin
thCM Conil ilay) of Juno neit nt two o'clocl. iilliruoon, Ibr
tho conaltiFratlou ol nny Htcratlnns uilch,ui:) bo propos
cd In tho liy-law om! gcncriil rfaulations of thc t'onipany,
nud for thc chnice of Dirccturs, pursu,iut to tl.cproUlons
of tho nct of Incnrponitinu,
Iuurancc omco Wnndhtock, ) , , .,.,. i.,
April 29, 1311. 5 I"A.M.VBbIl,4(C
rpAKIl nollcp lluit I hnve eivcn my eon Charlcs Illrss"
Xinstnn, Jr. his tlnie. lle is I'rco lu nct for hiiiisclfand
I bh 1 1 1 clulni nono nf his carulDgs or bc rcspontlblo for liis
comrncts altcr this ilatc.
llarnard.May 8, 1811. CMiH
QIX OU niOHT fillll.3, lo work nt thn Tallorlns busl.
O ncss, Applicailou launt bc iiimlo boon. iS'onewantcd
but Iho (lrst rutc. i', , iOUTMi.lTU.
Woodstock, May 11, 1811. 51:tf
intowN snui) conx.
T SAHfillA.VT.has twrntv bulicls ofllrown Corn for
J Ealc. Tlioso who ui'iy not luvo ncn this klud of
corn, uro iniorincii tu'ii it is ujjiit rnniu, gonu nzo c.ir,
uuronimonly luro kciurl, bniull klnllt, nud Its kiipciror
vuluo cniislsls In lhoo two iiualitics iurcl uuitcd pro
dnci'i fiu nml raitints.i. I or llio rorri'dncbs nf this
dtscrlption, u-feifi.cn may lic inndc t" all llio nsrlculluial
papcrs Iu thu country, nnd cspixially to ull thoso l.irniirs
who havon-cn und Incd Iho corn.
IJIias Kiih, n liriner In Troy, VI,, .isi Kot h kcrncl
nfnny but thn llrmvn Corn, huuld bcplanloil Iu nny lldd,
this jcir, lftli.it can boolitaiucd, ivcn nt tho price II borc
l.iv l cur, a Uo 'In a ; )
IniiMlio at iho Sioro olTiliis IlttU'hiusonJr., Woodstock,
wlu-io u ui.kd'' cau bo scni.
Wind.oi, piil 5, 1MI. M-tf
ATTOU.NKVri AND t;01I.Si:i.l.OUrf AT 1.AW,
O.cc, VtwStrctt,ncarlhc VonsregQtionnl Church.
Titc snbscribcrs hsvo fornicd sucli a ronncxlon, undcr
thonlimc nriii.iMlo bu ablo to ? prompl inulcarclul
ulti'nlinn tn whilcvcr binlncts Iu I.vw und IJiiim i:i;v,
may bo cutrustcd to thcni, CIIAUI.Urt M.M1SII,
Uic 23, i8io. sc-ir
'Itllll SMlpscrihcr has puiThard thc etock In trndo nf 15 .
JL M. Stockcr, nud will couliiiuc thn tncrcnnillo buslncss
nl tho ull st in.l. t'nslnuicri wUliini to purchni-c, will bo
in'i'iiiniiioj'iit'il with ouds, on us I ivonihlo tcnns us nt imj
iuhcr fhnp.
1'itritn rs prcdiicc, kbort npprovcd rrcdit, nml caih rc
cclvid Ifi CMili.inno lor (looils.
h. n, sto;ki;ii,
Ilarllniid. -Iroriirrj, Apill III, l.'ll,
Tnu i.olrs nnd ucrnunls duc t!ic l.itc Itri'l of 11, M. ,t H,
H. Slocl.t r, nml 11. M. Stuckir, nro Iu my hauds f.ritllc
ini iit, nml inust bo puid Iniincill italy or lliey ulll bclclt
with an Atturucv lor cnllectlou,
I!, M, ril'OCKnil.
llnrlltnd, April 1'.', Idll. M-lw
rpill! cnpartuprsliln hcrctolbru cUlln lunlcr the flrm of
.1. Wri'T A- HOIlTHOVTi:, Mciihaut Tailois, h Ihis
ilay I.) iniilniil roiiMrut ills-ulviil. All ilunniui. duo s.iul
llrui will bu kcttliil by I'. II. riauihjaiu.
II. II. W'lTT,
Woodstock, April 12, lell. I'. II. SOUTIItlATi:.
I'niirnn II, SorTtioui: rripii kIm nll -(innsliulililcd to
thu I Uo llrm of W'iltA Kouthsnlc, In r.ill nnd lnnki- Initnc
dlato n.iil..,nl'iit. 1'. II, (i01Tll(l.Ti:,
April I.', 1811. Cliif
niuv (Ji:o(;i:itv,
rillir.subscrilipr nould respeclfully lnforiii his frlrnds lliat
.1. ho ha ntlcil up Unouis Iu n utnt and niUHidi'iit inan.
ncr, undcr thohhnp of tiKi), tl. I'ihtt nnd ,1 imi.h II, Min
noci; whero ho h is, nml Intcmls It.'cplni; cnuslanllv nu
Innd.usoodiissoriiiciitofllrslruto W. I.IIOOIIS, I'l.DI'lt,
I HIIIT, MITr), Ae, llaMnitnni nilrcmock ol'hcwCnoiN,
licfii'lsrnnllilcut tlint th(mc who fawir hlm with u rall will
llnd iuiHind iullrlo nt ns low prlcrs nscan bolininil In nu)
cstnhlishuuiit n loun, (iCOt'.di; Ml'.I.I.ISII.
Woodslocl., April tlh, I.s 11. So.tr
DIl. N. II.UlltlH, would rcsptrll'ull) Inform l.ls frid.ds
th'il hc has Jitst unlW'J In Woii.Iih' nnd tnkru
rnonn nt Al.lcnV, llo oll'.'rs h!s piofissiouul M'nliv, to
thc publir, I'or n tliort tlnic, nnd hopts t hc fivnrnl nlth
a roiitliiuailon nl'ihu piilronajc l.crctofurc o libcrull) bo
stowrd iiinn hlm.
Aprii 7. -ao-tr
i: . n a i) a ,
roi'1,1) rcspi'ctfullv liifurni lilslricmls nnd tho publlc,
lliat lic itlll tiiutimus llio innuiiincturn nt
puito ronrv.ii,
at llie old tand, in Mrliuslillns' lluildiu;, t rnrly opposltc
Wliilucy'a lloti I. All I'uinns nro wnrranted, Iu lone nml
uorkuinuship, not tn be liift'rliir lo Ihosu inaiiiificturrd In
Iloston or Ncw-Vork, nml will bc old nl rhcui us iustril.
uriits ol Ihcsai.ic wurkiiiaiislilp, can bc purchased Iu nny
ol'lhc rilits.
Woodstock, April 3, 1911. -10-lf
.Mixcn.ii, bvni.xas, iiuuicati:, rr.
rniir, Hulcrlbcr rrnprctfully nt!riiM Iho publio thit
J. this new nml roniinodlnus Ilonse t-rrrtcd last n a.i.n
lor thnncruninHslntloii of rncli ns tna) ulsh in parlakc nf
thelclibmlid Mintral Wnlcns nfthc fprliid ii nnw opcn
r.ir the rrcrptlun ' T viiltora. Many nihlilious li:n ini.' l.rc-u
lundeiluriui; thc p.it winU'r.mid Iho nil'vi!,.r HkIIi rslilm
fclfthatlic sliall bc nblc liini'i nmuinilali' nml cnc nntitfiir
llou tn m.. wlm iiriyli.iveuccalnuli) rnnrt lnilils faunt.
aln ol htnUh. iVnnlti tillan wlllbopnrtd lortinlcr tlicslt
iinllon nfthn nlllictcd ns romliirtablc ns pn,.l,,., I'sitmtica
will be liirnUhcil wllh roorns rniuinicted I'or lliclr (onnn
li iice. I'uttirs i.f plcinurc will nlnnis llud thc llniix'npru
ror thoir recrptloii.miil ctrry IhinR nhlrli lhc cruliarnnJ
riininiilin ailualluii nll'nrds, (beln rllli.iltd tipnn thc tnutks
ol' n hmutlfiil bay, nnd '.irniiiiidcd b i:ii-nslvo sliu.il
groics) lirovldcd for llirlr nnitin'ineiit nnd hcallli.
Dr. lltl.M;nr.i;(i, nf llurliuslon, will Mit tho ftprlnjs
nnre n wcck, or nltcncr, for tlic ncco.nnin I ilioa ol mcli as
may lsh his prnfrsianal ocrTlcrii. A rnnvciiiriil CHrria0
will be in rcndliicss lorun froiii llie Hprinss lo inri l thc
Htcanibu.it nt Ht. Albans ou Tt.is.lnja nnd l'rld.i ol ciicli
wcck. H. W. WOOI).
IllSh'stc ftprlnj , Mnv .1, 1811.
,V. II. A Hnil llint will nt nll limri bc In rendlnoi fur
plcasiiro ctrunions upoii tho bay. 53:12w
DltH.llim.Vlll.l.A (J.V8TI.K, hase rntrmt Intn parl
ncrshlp Iu the .rarlicr t.r ritsalc and Surjti-ry nnl
will. rnrthc prencnt, bc fuur.il at thcir rcspcctlic pliccs cf
IM. Id-IO. 31.fl
Tiii, Coppcr and SIiccl Iron "Work.
rpilB uhscribcr would Inlorm his frlcnds nml thc publlc
X thit he rnntlnucs tn rarri on the nlinti! bnlnos in
nll Its tnrlnus braurht-s, at his "old ntand, tirarly s.pposltf
WhltncyV Hold, hcrc lic will hol.l hliii,clf In readuiws
to Beenmintklitc all svho may rcel iliposcd to palronlic
hlm. Tlic bcst nf itnck wlil bc krpt rnnstantly on liand,
nnd no pains stlll bc patcd tu.lc i p the brst workmrn in
nuslant rcmlinr to occulc onlcr for the most dutable
nnrc In thl linc.
ii nisn axd rnit salh,
tJTAM.KV'S l'AIll.01l STOVn8-(fonrUr,)-tlic most
brautiful pattrrn In llie markrt. Atsn,
WOOl.SO.N'S COOK, and ht Iron ditlnj rlu, COOK
BTOVI1, and Shctt Iron Htotcs nnd Tlpc.
T1N 8AP IIUCKKTrf,( ticwand murh npprotcl nrtlclc.)
ii.tni) irjnv., t,v. tfC
All who rc tn want nf any of llie nboie arllrlrs will ilo
strll to cnll nml naniine the warc and rrircs, kcfnrc mr.
clmlnxflsewhcrc. JOUN Ul.l?ll.
V'po-.ocV. Ilff.?:. 1810. 31
S. 1!. Cah pnd Inr Hhrep't I'c!l. J. fi.
. if. iiMi.r.v,
HAS rciuovod l n thu hhnp lntoly (iccuplcd by Nonh
l-'ishcr, Jr. whero he Miiuurjrtuicn nud kecps for tiiln
all klnds of Silver Warc, hiich us Tin, Tnblc, Di'Sscit
H.dl uml Mustanl Hpuonsi Urcain Luldlcs, jSusnr Toncs,
llultcr.Kiilvea, A:r. .Vc. Clold nntl tiltvcr ripccfili's ol'cvi ty
pnttirn inado Iu thc bcst luauncr uud wairciiltd to lit tho
Tho abovc nrtirles ho will srll as low nl wholesalo or
llctalo as run bo pni'cliascil Iu New Vork, or lloston,
1'artlcular uttontiou puid tu thc leluiriuj; ofspoous :
Eptctuclos uml nll olhcr job work.
All onlcrs Iiy inuil or othcrwUe, will lncct wllh linme
diatunltcutiuu. (Jali pniil I'or old johl and tilvcr.
Woodslook, IJt-uii, IdiO. S3-6in
fN nnd nfter Momiw, Marcli 22, 1811, Iho paseiier
j iruius wiu run us uuiuws:
I.cwi: llosiov
At 7 a.m. At 2 I'. si.
AtllA.M. AtSU-lr, m.
At fi 1-1 A.M. At 1 1-1 P.M
At 10 1-1 A.M. Atf 1M1
At 8 1-1 a.m. At 12 1-1 r.M. At 3 1-1 r.M. At7r.M.
or iinuicdialtly ou thc urilval nf the cnrs from lloston,
Wav l'AnsLxakits tul.cu at Tyiijpborough und Kocih
l'cisons In I.awrll wKliins to tukc thc C'nrs for Knshua,
nlll bo rniiciil tn thc thirs frce nf cxpcr.sc, by lcaviiij;
Ihelr niuncs ut Iho llallro.id Tickct Ollicc, and pas'cngera
anlvins ut l.nwcll In the t.'ars troui Nnsluia, will bo cou
vej'cd to nny part oftho city wilhoiit cliurge.
,, ( l'roni Nashiii lo Lowell, SOicnts.
r l'roui Nuslina, to lloton, s 1,50.
On thn urrhal nf thc i-irs ut .Nn-hun, ntiigcs lcavc for all
part of New-Ilunipi.lurc,Vc ruioiit, Ncw-Vork uud Cuniida.
mu Ainosken!!, Concord Kcmc, Charlcstowu, N. 11., Wiml
uir, nnd lli'ultlt bnio, Vt.
llooks nro kcpt in Ooston nt tlic Slnjc Ollicc, Xo, !) nnd
II lllin-sircct, also In l.ow m., nt Iholtnllrnad tnulSlngu
ollicc In Irmit of tlic l)cpot,hcrc scats i-ini bo ktcuixd in
any nf tho Co.ichcs, uud corii'ct liiforuiutioii obluintd
rcipcctini; thc dilli'nnt nlnfo rouls.
O.V.SI.OW rlTIlAUXS, fiuperlulendcnt.
Xasliua, Mnrtli IU, lulO,
MnnciiAsnisi; train, will lcivo thc I'rclslit Dcpotnt
Charlcitowu nnd N,i;hua, tvcry mornins, (Suud.ijs cirop
tcd.) Alljfoodsto bc Iransportcd nn thc llall ltoad, cnlns
nboio l.nwcll, iMiiat bp kcnl o thc t'onipany's I'uislil
Dcput, Chui'lcsiuwn, nt Iho md ofWuimi llriusc
(loods lo bo toi'wurdcd bj Iho innriiing tralns mustbn
scnttothu llepot us inily ns iho cvcnina befnre,
Thc t'onipany havlng piovulcd largu uml coinmodlous
titoie-Iloiists botli ut Nnsliui and f'lmilostoui, aud hav
lng cnuii'Iiicil thcir niruioji mi nls lor llie Tr.insliortalinn
ol'.Mci'chai.iIiic, givo i.olui) thnl tlicv aro imw ptcpiireil
In tiasportull tloods, aud Country I'r'odiice whlch uiay bc
lorwaided tu Ihcir Dcpols, und lor Ihis puipusr hnvc
I'liinMii il salc nnd rou'icd cais v.hich will iilcct!y i-c-rurc
gnodi from dainiigo nml cniclul nml c.i i lcnci ,1 incu
tn tukc ch'irge ol'lhc Tr.uniortalio!i buincas nt thc l!c
pols, ui.d to acciiiiiiiii tlic gmids ocr Iho lo'td.
Tho rntiipitii), ilctcnnlnn not nnly to ucciininiodale
thn public, but lo pMcimI ivcry li.cilll in thcir powcr,
bolh to Tianihli'r.s ni.d ,llticli.tul,ard linvu IKcd upnu llie
lollowlug r.ilcs nf I'lcisht i
82, t'O pi r loa cuch wav betwci n ,Vhuu nml Charlrs.
low ii. til,00ptr tou tacli wav bttwein iNashiiaand Low
ell. All ltcgulnr Tcnmstcrs running In thc cnrs will bo cur
licd ovcr thciuad bclv.itn .Yislnui uml Chaik'stown,cii.:!i
a, lico nf oxpcnsc, '17
lltinillll.Hol'good hotiso Aklirsnt thc
Atliery ol II. llujdcii, In Wood-
llluk Silts. f.ir whlch n l.urpriro wlllbe glvcn In finods
hy O.A.HKVV.Vr A: Co.
N, 11. we Invc a lot of nntrs amlnccouius duc which
iiiust be pnKI this wintcr, .Nu Mittake.
O.A. 11KVANT Co.
Woodstock Jnii. fi, 1811. 35-tf
LAHir.SKIdSllrs nlwavs on lint.it nml lortaleut thc
I.uwisl priccs, by O. A, IIUVAiNT (X).
VJO'l'lUi:. t). A. UltVAXTit CO.hnMi n fcw barrcls tf
litcar I'orK wnica inc) wiu scu ui ician lore.isu.
MOX'lTni.lCIl, VT.
rpm: mbsciibcr wiiuhl icspcctlvcly Inforni thc public
X llmt he hus tnki u Iho ahnvc uanicd llmiiC, und thal
llie I'HtablMiini'ut lins luni lllti d up In good nlc hc llat
ttrs hlmsell lliat inttii'salW.ictinn will bc giMii to ull who
mu) fivnr hiin with ncull. llvir gralcl'ul lo his old uml
niiiiicrons citstoinorH, wlmhavi. pati'onlcd liini whllo l.ci p
Ins thc fmgo lloufc, ut llunvill.', lor liiurc than lcu vc.os
.:i'l,lic i-lill huti o tlntt llto will i nuiliiiK-tlit ir l.tMiii.t.llii.
Dmo. llntxK, uiiil In icspci llulh iimlcslikj pii'-cnt pat
runsuml tho tiuvilliug p'llilii', grncriillv, wlicn vlsillng llu'
Uiipilol.tiicnll nu lilni, iilnltlng liinisill'th'it hhlinu-i'khiill
bc kcjit iiiu i lcnii.iiuli laml pi ici"iblo uiauiiir, nml that ho
will ilo his bcst rtnli nv ora to undcr the staj nl' hi unrts
plcnsmt oi,d cniiilnrtnbli'. .1X0. Ivlll.SllV.
Montpelier, llcc. 21, l.ilO. 35-11"
TI'STlti'ci lvcd nnd for nale low, n frcsli lot nf West Iu
din (iuiids, warnmii d of llu htt iiialily,
Dry (looils Iu a fi'wMjjs 15" per icnt lowir than cvtr.
O. A. Illt VANT i, (.'().
tlllHltMAN'.S AVOU.1I
CtHlbUUr.Xnrn.liilts ran tak'i mrdlclnc In this fnrtu
' willinut dllllcultv. II Is lliu nnl) wu lo iiiaku It
plcasilit. Theso l.nrtngis nic thc grcultsl dikcoici')
cvcr luailc Inr di'nprlllng ihc vailnus klmla cl wnrins that
nn frciiifiill) nml dUtri'linlv iiui.o.v bulh ihildnnund
nilulls. Thcy uro nu lrlillil.lv rcinid), nnd ko plcas.
nnl In thc t.'isic that rhlliliin will l.ile lliiui us rcudily nsu
ciiuiruou pcppcriuint lotngc, .Many ilueusts uilo luni
wnrins, willinut Us belng cpii li il. tMitni limcs a vcrj
troiibh'Miiuo cnugh, pilns lu thcjoliils or luiih", blccdlug
nt thu noe, Ac. nio ni'cnsioiicil b woiiii, aud can bc
cailly curcd by this ctlibr.ilcd inoillclnc. Tho I'jllowing
sjinptons li.dlcatc tlic prcscncc nfwnruis, vln hc.idiuhc,
UTtlgu, tnrpnr, dlsluilnd ilronnis, lccp brol.cn ull" by
IVIijht nn.l icrcniuing, convi.Nloiis, li'Mil-hi.csi, tliirst,
pallid huc, li'ul tastn In i'ic iiiiiulli.olUu'llo lircuth, roogh,
dllllcult brcnlliiua, ilclili.g at Ihc i.iwe, pnlns lu thu i-liilll
ach, iiaiiiic i, siiu uiiiiihiii-, Mir.icitv , b .iiim is, tci:osiot.,
ilrhliu nl tho nuus townrils night,'uml nl lcugtli, dcjcr
tlous ai'd lllins nml iiiiii'us. Ono Is u ihno for u ihlld two
jcnrs old two fur one lonr vrur.s old ihrio fur clght
)cars, nnd llve fur nn luinlt, aml rhuuld be ir pcaUd ncr)
mornlng, nr cvcn i.lln r uiorulug iinlll rclievi .1
1 ,' riidd nt Ihc Virlrly niiro bv ' .VHIOiA" A;
HHIXSM.tll), Jiwillirs, lliiliugtoli, Vt. wholimilo
Ageuts. A liberal illscoui.t to iiicrihai.ts who btiy lo ll
nialu. 33
I'or i!p Iii Wooilslocl. by J. II. MiritllOClC.
New (ioods. '
rpllM mib'i'rlhir has Jii.l rcccind fio.'it Ilnslcn, In nddl
X llnn lo liisl.iriiicrslocl;, llicgrc.Ucsl Mirii t) tf Wntch
t, .li wclr) , Silvi r warc, ltrlttniiia warc, f.incy gnods, mu
ic, In shcels, nud iniislral iiiklriuiicutn, to)n, ilocks r.nd
lluic-plccrs, rillc powihr, nr.d riciilnii enps ronibs,
prcfiinicry und idiiivliiS nupt u goml iinrluii nl nl bnss
tjol uud vlul mriugs, rl.irioi.iti nid, vlnlin l.uws, rrrws
aml bridgcs, puli nt himls for bsss lols, nud lu rhort, nl
inosl any nrtlrle that may bc Ibund in n vurict) ntnri
which will tu' nobl nt rn'nccd prircs, for easli, prcduie, or
sliorl aml npprntid crrilit.
!'edlir wlnhiug for nny nf tho nlinvonrtlcles, run bc
furnlshcil u chcnp ns ut ull) ollur kloic lu the nuntr).
ric.ise cull nnd cxaininc hifiuc puirhanilig cbrwhi'rc.
J. II. JllIltllOCK.
X. 11. I'.irticularnltciitloii pni.l tn rlnck niid watcb re
palrit.g, nud nlsnto the rcpmrii g ol'Jcwilr). J. II. M.
Woodstock, tfcpt. 23, Ir-Vu. 21
tvson runNAi:.
f&MtV. MiWrilirr would ri'pcrA."lily rall thc nllcnllon vt
fl. tho piililic, ilcalers In Stm'i s, Iron wnrc, Ac, to tlic
tu.'inularlitroHir Ihlsi'sliiblitlimiut. Wllliin llin r jeam n
lll.isH'iirnnce, niidalllbet u.l.'n as A n.i.iliimry liavt'bicn
built nn.l piit iu npcrutinii i.in.'iir) to iniiniilhcturi' Iron
nnd put Into the snrliiusrnrinsnrr.istliigs rciiilrfil for this
m'nrket. Iu Ihis tltun t:in.e than ticuhuwdritl ton cf poi..l
fonnd) lactal h.is lrcn t.nolc at Ihiw orks. Tho I'n-ililiu
at Ihis plnre rr worklug Iroiinrc mch iisliiciiul.Ie the pro
prictorlii ciiaiprti-siicio'full) wlthntlirr laaiiuluctiircrii
in Ihis cniintry nml Ihc lllnst Furnace hdVing bi-cit hl np
cratlou rnrrcvcrnl nionths nnd now- makliig morc than
Ihirl) toim nl'i'ii-illi-nt olt liutal rr ucek, furuikhis a
upply nf tllines, Hlnip platr, llnllow-wnre, Cntililrnns
aml cvcr) snrlct) nfCiKlliigsand I iglrnu iirsupirioniual
it v, nn tbe iiimt filorablc lrrin, to dealcrn.
A f upplv nl lhp tnnrli approscil Wooton Imprnvrd Cnnk
stnrc, wn'h n!r tlgltt fnrnarp, lhulgcr, Ila.vward's, llir
Itivcrtllilc lliio rrcmlitm, lo'tcril pmti-rns elcvatcd nvrr
t'ook Htotff, nnilnllierpalli'rns ndsptcd tn tlic ilill'i ri'iit
markcts, ntl ir-s K pl up nr lliu Btovcs, Vi-rmoni l'sr
lors, niui'li cmbelllthpil ond Iniprovcd, Ilivp l'nrlor, n new
and heautifiil pattcru, (nlilih, for nviumrtry nud l.ine, U
primnitnrptl miprrlnr to any Ihlng i.'flhp klml la thc innr
kct,) llollow-ware, I'irr Pnimrs, tn'. &c.,now onlnimliil.d
will bcsolJ. on lavornblo tcrnis, tt m rr rcdiicid ptlccs to
ll.o - I
The ulicrlhc r fef Is thc rullmt rnnlhlrnrr ttial nrdc rs tor
tlic mauiif.iclurrs nf lhepstabihnirnt will, for iuiihly i.i j
tnclfil and stsle of workiuiRship. be cicrutril to tl.criillrr
aatlsfactbin .f purrhawr".
urilcrsrnr ftovrs or riaic noiiii nc iurwaroru rnnj
ttir p:mihi. All nimm'inlcatluns aitdres'rd tn tlirsulorl
bcrat "TjtdoiI l'urnstc, 1'. O., Wlndsiir Uo. Vt., will tc
reive prompt MUiitlcii.
Tysnn Turnafr, AHgtnl, 5, J7lf
ML'HlL. An eiteDiWr nml lieniiliful arlcly orpopular
mulr.liisl rerrisl, and for lir
.pt. 23. J. 11. Ml Ulioi h.
NOTICi:. WAltltllX i NUTIl, ,-oi.ld rcsitctl'.illy
givo nuticc to thtir niiTi'li iiwl lliu piililic, lliat thcy
cuntlnuo luanoliii'lui'ing KaddUi, lliirneacs, Tn.l.l.s, Vul-
ll.-cs nml (.urpit iiiigs, aud ull othcr i.riiclt. In Ihcir llac 1 1 ,
biumesK, toAiiltciialoinm, ul thili' old ht.it.il esl tlti'V lu
Itml tn kuit ciialonu rs In onk'r tu (ict n liviiiu by llieir biisl
nci,s und thcy n-spicilully n-luiu thcir thi-iiU lor p.:.,l '
patruuagc, uud hopc lor a roiiliuuui.cu
Wiinilslocli, May 8, ltUO, 1-lf
Ol'EKATiNQ Ul'ONA 1'tllM'lrl.l; CKTIKt:i.V .N T.W'.
rmill! bitbscrlbtr liaviitg iuitiuetcd with Mr fi. I.. Cliaec
il I'or Iho rlght of his lovo lor Iho Cuiinty ol Wmuhor,
bigsloavcs lo cull thciitlintloii nl tho ulilir to ll.c umo.
Thc Muveis bc) or.duoubt uioie etciHiiuii.uliinU cunVLUitnl
than nuv other cool,lm iloiu lu llac. ll is coi.v tnii.lll. I;.
caiiM' niits iieculiur eoiistiuctiou, niul (toi'otiiiciil, Uu thc
n nsuii Ihal it will bitve thuc louiliis ol tho Itci i.e. insar) lo
bo rnusiiimil in othrr tlmck, In nriKT lo Uo nu c i.ut it
luoLiut ol'cool.ing, ll rcuit.iln twociveus nl luigo uiii.tn
kious.wlilchi'iiu iu nn ii.sluiil liuvc thcU'iiiiici'iitiui mi chuil
gcil by dumptis, us tu hc uilnptul lu bukmg nr roiiktuig the
most ilclicale ns wi II ua tho coiiim kt lood, Thu boillng ilo
ilcpui'tinciil is perfcct Ul cvciy pnint ofvlcw. hu boilci's
cau bo uscd ut u tu.ic, 'lhu biiiilingili pnrtiucnt isto con
btructnl, that Ihc anioki; Is not kiilliud to ii.to lln
rooiti, belng convc; ul iltrcetly into Ihc ntO'.c. Owlng lu
Ihc pcculmnt) nl'tiie priniipli.s u on wlutli llils btnic op
ciuteb, uunu nfthe hcat Ironi tlic llru chauibiT I.s kiillcrcil tn
pussdutclh Inlotho pipo, whllo ull Ihc I'l.hli-ht nirlntho
blove is so dikihargid. '1 his isilnuob) an nlrchuiubcr I'oric
raii'fjlug thc air aml binoke nllcr Itluts parKil wltlilts hcat
aml, iu kiicli u iiinuutr, us lu producu u tr) ktrougdruuglit
thus nll llio licalHiicraiui iiiul lic uppiitu to xouic piur
llcal piirpn.-c.
lu oi'ont ol'lhc nbovc. I liavo conntcted with tbls ndvert
l-!in:iil, llu; followlngccitlllcatca linnigcnikuit'iinfundnubl-
iil I'liar.icin- wlio uiouow iiMiig uie ttovo in inis vicnui).
Thcitovis will hc kept con-iiinlly on Imnd und toraulc
bv, TlTUli Ill"j-UM.V;Oi" Jli.
'Woodstock, July lltli 1U2.
Uc.'ii'Slr, 1 liuvc iiscil ono nfjnttr (Jouklng Slocs, iinny
faiuily for konic llinc iuut. Thcriuive Isulllhut jnit liavo
icroniincnili'il ll lu bc nml l fi tl It :uy I'uty lo stale that
I cousidcrit one oltho moit importiuit imtnliom uilhin
711' Lnituieftrrv. Hi'ing .'imi.lt' 111 ronstt uctiun nnd eon
rcNi'tNt m lorm I dicni II tu ,bc u'Uurablr, ni.tl will cnlcii-
I.ik'd Hlovc. 1 ioiii Ihc l.irl lliat cclun itvaum MifMf
price of tlie Storr ui 'mi in one yiar in nildilxn to tho
many conuntcncts wmcii iiuskiovo posccb oijr uti ain
ir stoits In me, I havc no hcsitutinn iu lecniumi'iiilii eit In
pccuniary poil.tul'view toeviry one, whriln r thcy ulreadj
liavour huvc not olhir stovcs, l'AUi, ilOWI,'.
Woudsti.rk, Vt., Juno Hlh 1810.
This cerlir.es that I liuvc uud L.CInsi's CooUngKtino
for all tlic purpoat'b of cunknig Wuslilnij tc uniiil In Unii
lics nnd llnd it to b.) Iho iur.st ceononne,il uud conic uin.t
cr.okiug ttovo which I hnve ever utod or wcn ni'd Ircm u
pcriuioiit 1 llutl ihatlt iujuircs no moit ttun one Jaurth
ol Ihr ftirl ntciary lo Ir eonsumcd in muj othtt cooA
ioi r wlnch 1 mo ustd or scon cal.-ulnlid to ioni du
iiinontit o! coo.'.im:, Tl.c om'Iih ol'lhc btnvo biirpns iu.)
thing uf thc kind iu ti-c thoy hake und roasl u.lnil.iil.K
i II, lu u wurd Hic atovc is I'ltl.out ajnnlt unii 1 would
mnAKonfuUnlly reeommcnd it to nll miboioi iii vi.nttl
bl.iM s, - II. JI. W1TT.
Wooilslocl; Vt., July 13th 1?10.
Mr. ri. L. Chasc Iluvlng uscd jour cooklns k-tovc In
my I'.imily for soiiio tliuu pot nud lli.tllug it wnrtliy ol ull
pralto 1 li'el il ni) duty lo m.ito that 1 consiiler it to be by
Jcir tlic tiist coo' iih" soic in iisc, llnviug usid It lor ull Ihc
'purposis ol" cookmg sucli us bakleg, rousling, bmlii.g
liroillng A'C, 1 can cntifiijeiitly n'scrtthat In point cl'i eon
omy uud coincnltnct ll i eigj'ar ixrcl nuy thlng of Ihc
kiml wliiclthas coinn to my ktiowlti'ge. The ntovi-s is
innst Insrnimnly cnhnlnttd for evcry cullnury itii'pie.
.Uy Piiiiih aio 1 1 mai l.r.bl) wc(l plcuscd willi XhKbroitins
dtpnrlnu nt of lhu btovu nouc of thu Slliokc bi lug nun'i uil
lo romt into tht room. i'llllAil I.U1.L.
Wuud.toek, Vt Juh lSlh 15-tO,
Mr, C'lniso, Slri Aflcrh ivlii" tned )our cooklpg atovc,
Xo.2, In iii v finiily I'or a suHl"iont titnc lo hnve fully snliB
llcd inysi ll uf IU ui4iilnesj I uiu pnpnreU tn fxprvra ti.y
nplnloii lliat li li i-rttirntile lo nny t'ooKIKO I'iovk nl
ii'Ai'ci 1 l.uvc l.nivlidst. Tlicenvlng cffticl, thu ninoui l
ol'biiklnis that min bc iiri'oni; Ibiicil Iiy It, tho ui ol
uhlch thc htarlh ls'usrcptilili-, und all lls udvuiilniji-s tn.
kin togi Ihcr. rcndcr it, in tn c-llmnllnn, Dr.ClDCLV
c-ll'llltlDUTOANVOMlXOWINlr'E. I thiuk Ihul
lione wlinlry It willho ill.iappulutid, but will rcnlise n!l
llie adiantnirt Ihatcculd liu riaaticiibl) mi t:t.ljia: t il lii.ln
sucli m nitlcle.
Woo.l.loek, VI. Ocl. 15) 1810.
1 hnve i.scd one or(.'hiiM'.s Cooklng Stuvcs, Xo. 2, slncs
In-1 Octobtr, uml bavomi licbilallon In rironiiiiii.diun lins
bcinj u bcttcr Slovo in cvcr) rcspcct, Ihau uny trnw in i sc
in this vleinliy. Tho grcal coiivinlcnre i!i rlvcil liom hav
lug two gnod uvi'iis, uud Ihc mu lug of oi.c-half nf Ihc liu 1
oousiiiui'd iu nlhci iovis, bi-sii'ts its otl.ee gnud ii.ul liu.,
givisit In uiv opliilou, a miporlority In unv tlhcr fitove
with whlch I um itciUiiliilid. JASOX DaIILIXO.
Woodstoil; Vl.,.lun. 23, Itfll.
This is Innriif, that I luue Uti d CIihsk's Rlnvc, No. 2,
I'oriho pnl lour inouiliH, niul 1 um willing lo lin'un1 thc
opimnll lh.it it Is dicliUiil) tho bcst fficwv iu t.su, Tl.c
niiini.nl ol hmiu-is tli.'it i.iay tc tloco b"y il tlio greut suv.
Ingufllicl uml l.ibnr, togcllnr wlilt thcni'-p md cuiimii
Itnco wlij which it uiu) le nccoinpllkhed, in.ilcr It a very
di.lrablo Cookiuu Hlnie, .ul for wurii'.lr.g n rnotn it is ixt
si!rpii'"H'd by nn) Htove In lhu i.iatkct, OliA l'A I I..
roa:l'ict Vt,, Jaii.25, lell,
Clarendon Xpriac-i, Jm. 28, 18-11.
Mr rinsci Hlr, I hnve birn iising oee nf jntir t.'ookll'g
Hiuvis for Kiinc tlnic pasl, ri.d uiu anilf'rd tlint nn) nllitr
.liivclhnt 1 umaciiiaintrd with will take Iwlcu tl."titnnunl
of wuod tu dii ll.o suliio niiiouut nl'buslncss ol')oms, Thc
iivciis urp.iss I'ni'j Ihlng of tho klml 1 liavcn tn, lor t'nlng
nll klcdj ol linklug,' lu a wurd, 1 coiitlder It Ihc but rilovc
that has Letn ofl'criJ lo thc pi'lillc.
I tun I'lBptrtliillv vnni",
Cliaic'a l.'coklng Stnvc has bcru In iikc In my hoimc lor
.cMi-.il inoulhs utikt.iiiid I uiusiiier il dccit'cJl) ii; t t inr lo
nny Ktoic, which 1 hnvc ecen In cc.
Wondlock Vt Maich 5, 1?11.
1 hnvc usi'd Cliase's Cool.li"! Htove In my hotKc for wv.
ernl tuonllis, aud consiiler It dtiidcdl) kiipciioi Inunv Slove
whhh I hiivc sccn in usi. HDWAltU COULIIN.
llurlliird Vt.. MarrhU, 2? II.
Mrt'basni S!r, This ccitillcs tlial 1 liavc liscd nnerf
your riloves inr thc pitt uiv inniillis, iu polnt il icciii.ri.i
iii fml and rnni tnir nre I inuslilir II infiuitclij Hicr!trti.
mi) olhcr C(. ul.ii g Stove ol wl.lcu I hnvc ki.owlfilgo,
13AAC M. I'ltfMEi:.
Wooil.leck VI., Murcli 2a, 1611.
I)K. .1. JllTII,
rHtl!XDi:ilS hlk ,'in:iriilnc!iiolcilsinicnts ti liN frtcntl
il tit.d thc riil j,litiiiul pubbc, for thc libcrnl pationnge
bi'klnwcd nn his i t . hnin t lor inurc ihnii th-cu Mr
ml,iui'l Wliicli, lici- hupii) lo b), hus liiurc lhi.il tloul Iiii
tverv )cnr, tu.til it Is iultnltlid tlint he ilnos iloiibl,' t lit
l.iisn'is's nl nuy ollur ph)ilciiiu In llniiilnljih ui.d thc
bnnid uf iiMi'jsnrj foi' l(i3U m e nf tlicm nn M, 0. hnif
iiuti-stil hiin Ul) for his mcillciil litcidty ui.d hiinull
nud Ihc l.st nl Iho irgiihini uul) Irnui Ui I to tf:;0 euch.
This fliows Ihc ibtlniute whlch ia placid lipim Ihc xkill
nml piactlce nf Hr Sii.lllt inliis nwli tow'U lliu by Ihoti
whwe lutctret 11 la to oppnse hlm.
'Ihc Tiimisiivt t.s tivaTi..M, ncceii'lnj to nn estltr.ale
iimt'o by lir Wi.tiiTl.nm', foriuerly u l.cctnrrr iu tlu
Jlrilirnl Ilcpiuliiieul nf llamird Viiivtrail), nnw r.util
lu taiilioiil liircc iiillilonsci'nilvnraltt; ni'd i.otlilng thutt
nl'lls Intrinnir lncrlu could citrliavc i onimei deil il to
nrh gcr.erul luvnr. It Is foiiml to be kpcedy stil ctllrltlit
In naioviiig ilikniecs, 'llie Mcdlrit.ts nre haroiii-s nrd
opcrnte lu liurinonv wllh llie laws ol lil'c. 7'Ar boii's art
not mtttd tvitii riinntj thr Uh is rof ntcert'tttt ieit1
btiittm t tl.c tr'imcn.t neriri idc not dif.uinrdty i.cr.
eoticf, nor t.hc body matttd avcvby di livinq it of itt
cniy iiourifitwnHt theldo.id. What Is ilisUbe bm u de
pnrlnre of thc s)tciu rrom n lirallhy cnr.dlilon ; and Is It
pmsiblt' lu use cii,'oie, blittcrt, uareottu, or tbe Inneit,
witlioitl prildiiclng ihscnic tu n grraler or les i vtml t
TheTbontsoiilniis havc n plnin and ilm,ile prorrsslnr ll,e
rure ol dhcnsc witli'.ut liitli.-tiiigany tuliliiloanl Injiiry u
ou Iheayntcm nrd lliat thcy have liltt wltli brillinnl ue
ces, eaiiHet bc r.i'lriin aufsfi'on.
Dr. Huitii, tlislrrs iimnt rtniici-tflilly, to Infnrin lnval.il
c.f ewry ilincriptlnn, thal nir, ia thc timc fnr tl.cm tn
rpforl to Iho Tlioiniinii'iii kvsttni of iiifilii-lne. for reln I,
uud hc Is rrnily lu rrccive thcm, nud slvo tliriu the brsi
ofiiieillcii'C, inrillral atti ndnpce, nnd minillig with Lon!
rnd washing, nt hu tntirnur). lir i oi'.tmoi's to havi
liallents fi'i.in nll thc "ngioli liiuiid hbout," nnl to npply
the wilc nml rillearioils ri iunlics nf llie immorlal V.ltwn
mn, nci ording lo thirltnntii'unnilcinuinstr.iirr. Msn
havc hcm evred vXlierr prcnllv rcliceed, nllcr basin In
nl the Mhi.le roimd nl' llie ttvitar' ficnlty nnd lliiifil II
wnrte lliiui iHelrn. Mn'ty lailics hnve bcrn relicvrd ol
vnrinus lcnialc rmnplaints, nml meiiy morp nre iimlir n
rmrsc (iftri'atmcnt nnd will mmi rrgain thcir Iwiuil henllh
Ilunigli thi'V hnd cniploii'ii ntln r plivslrinlw i'ii ll'ii.
SoviB IIFTIlli W IIRHT tOllMli Of llsl.xtrV IIAVK LSEX
cint.n, AM) DTiiens car.Ailv kemeved; and ron the
LMlit HlflEMEST or Tlit. IBIENM OF Tllld MOST l,tlH'
Tt !t VTK C'Liml ol' t-CtAI IU,TI1I! Illt. ntlla I.K.tVE TO T.l
iutiht, rnoMtoMi i:ir.niKMK with cve or this
Rian, nr. Isor ortMoVTiuT M. r. iut or ium mav be
kh.v i t run nv atimkiv asd Jt I'lrtoin vrri.tr.v
tio.i or I'l'Ili; Thom'i'sh .MEnictfs, as axv otueh'
'llioe wbo nre troublpd Mlth nti) rf 'he Oillowlng rnut
pliliits soilins ll)srpln, I.ivi r rnmplalnt,Ilheitnitim,
Cii.iglu, 1,'otils, t'rsrr, Agnc nnd IVvrr, DmpM, d'nifrtils,
Olil'nms, nll UmU nl' bumnr. grniral ilflilltl), wraktirit.
Ar. Ac, will i'o will li) ipnke a l.ilr trial nf llie Tljinnpj...
t laii incillcine, l.iforc It Is lio Inlr; nud lftliej rnll lirre
thci hr.ll be nltei'.ilisl to niilhfu!l) .
17 A gciurnl nsi.itioi.iilef bookH nnd i.n-Oichic on liand,
cimjtBiitly, n ngent l.ir lir. '1 hmnpon.
jrt'Aarffr , Will alwaya bc rtn"noblr. Ilnanl nml
washing 51.10 to 2.t0 per wcck. Mrdicircnml Medlcal
nltrmlancc In nll old chronic catn tihcre thc pntlent l n
Ide to bcntMiut thc lioM'M'nt troiu 1.00 toS.'iO er wrk j
lo whlrh a reiwonntde rharic will Lc tdiied ror hurllng
whfii thcy nre roullncil tn thilrbril.
3-r.VUeafe , to rtsll patiBtiat a dlitanee, will bt-one
JT Atltlcp jrat.s.C
Apnl l'l".
MHii: nilicribers ollir fortulc a valuiblo tractcf ,ich
X und heaulj-tiiiihcinl lai.d, l)lng et llii- i.oiihv.tkt
toruif oritjH.iiff, ifindsorfo. I (., biiuml'ng on tbe bi.cs
cl Vt'otjslock, I'ljiuouth, ui.'l Ilni!svui''i', d.bti.ut ul i.m 3
uiiltm Iruiifthc lattti'illrj;c,ciiil ul i.ut U nr i: iii.m . ul
itcrkOntu, Kiiiil tract ti.i.klrts tl Cll) unu 1... ii.i'iisu.e
Wllit, 7S or 100 i.r whuhhuve leni.il) l-cin tlru.ul ni.d
itro ruw iu good pasturugc, ni.d U kr.i.wn b) ll.o i..u. . i.r
Iho 'Uovcri.or'a llcstrvtilion.1 Tlio icuiiuiidir i n .tnu
W'tll It-, oifginul gtcwth tl' t!u,l.tr, tl.c gtir.tcr ) i.. I ui (.!'
v.hn h is t' bi..iv) uml tl llist intu iji aiitv, ioi.msi i g tf
c'priicc, I!ni.ock, Mt.ple, Ilirih, llnaa ai il "'.sl iiim li tf
llio hnin' nl MiMi-riin' ijiinl.lv. 'IIutp h n' i i. it nicil'
Ihc bi M Migar Orchm Js ui llie (euniy il V. i.n or. II .'ro
u ou Miid lui'il u i.tul, wtll-hiult Cttlngr, 2.'i i; , i. ,
fiui. litil, puari.'d nud puiuul, wllh u gti J o !'r, ', , , . , ii.u
whl.lli-lvull u colivcnicnt blltd lb b fi t. ul d ii i tuo
30 by JOIeet, ull utw. Also n Saw-liiill, w! .uh i.ns l.,.u
buill uhout 3 )itiis aud is in gonii tppnii, witii li 1 iv 1 1.
tion tl a triil.ug ilan.ai,c by Irt'hit. It is : "i i. in.A
thtrj Is u kuil.ckiil kupplv ol liii.l cr ou i his li to v.ur
out two new mllln, ui.d it'iseruis) ilrafl, tho gn ui.il I.. ,
lituil) all tirteer.iliiig to thc i.ull. Tiic lai.il is vt-'i m n
tid to le ilh.did Intu thric furiiia ni.d li.c biuli' i uic lu
utti.il fiivornlly lor ruch nn iirrnngetnrnt; i.r utcd Ull I.I-gi-lln-r
ns or.e llrbt-raio khcip lurm.fi'r wluili it wns.lu
ktgnitl thoniil btlng ol HBuiiablet iilure forra.su.g whcKt,
i)c, onts, ui.d btiilty, or lor pubtnrtigc. A rmc i liario is
l.trc pri'bcutul lo any t eieun wishiiig lo iml.aik in r..lu."
nr all nfthe ubnve kimls of husii.iss the f.n il.in-j inriccli
liiiiigabiiiiilatitni.il of llicbisl j it -ill ty . The ti-rins vi I
l.c riiu.oni.ble nnd a lung crtdit glvuij'il' nijtuicd fcr pait
of the purth.iso ii'.oue) ,
I'uriln'r .aiticulais tnay bc known by applicntion to
llon. T, I(neill'.-ox, of Woodstoi I: Orcen, T. 1'. 11a;.i
vo..p, Ilsq. of Webt Windsor, tr U.ivii 1(.m'.io.o, IUij.
l'ot Miikltr, iUailii'g, Vt.
IT'Ihc propcit) mav besctnon nppli"allon tn (he i.bovo
gciillciiicll. JOXA. IIAIITWI'I I..
JA.MI.ri 1.. 1IAIUULI.L,
I.ltlltlon, Middlesex t.'o. MtibS. I'cb, C, IS ll.
AChronicli ojtltr TirJ I'iitd Spr,rt, I.itt r itjreui.d t!u
Mi"t, IMttlisheitstlh ipUndi,d .str rarraxtHE.
william t, ruinT.it, rincii'..
'TMIIS well liiinwn wcekly pt'.blic.ition, whhhwni
e.slalilislicd in Ifi.'il by U pre-cnt cdilor, eom
tiienecd its ulcvcutli voluino ou tho Olh itist. It u
ii cln.-ot of tlio very largeat claifa, eontatning lw-'vo
imperial quurto pi'ges, ptit.lcd onlinen pnper ol'th'j
linctt texturo, nud nu new ti pc, It i.s eiiiliel.uluil
ivilhthti laigest nnd most higiily linished i!:,onA.
r,s on Srrci,, eer is.sued by n periodical in
Iho L'nitcd tnles, Itt lhu coiiraa of iho j eur, n
I'nilbrm willi llio eitibelislimctitj oftho pieeeeding
volutuo, will bo proicnti d to tho subsrribcm. A
pottfi.it of JI ;.i?!otii I'.cr.iriN, from a pau.lii.g
ofTroic, will ei'.uiinenco tho fciits, and liu snc
credttf by thoao of other diilingui.'htd lieroosdurii.jj
iho j eur.
A I,i.-t of Amuimcan Vjsmi:k: I'onsns of
llie pioceding year will bo jiul)!i-,licil, nrranged m
I'uur distinct 'J'ailei ouo ol fotir n.ilo winneri.oiui
oflliree, ono of two, nud one of ono iiiilo vimic.
A Tnblo t.f tho AjtctucA:; JVi.mjino Tnot
tino IlQnt,LH, willi tlio ago, rolor, owner, Uc.
In addilioti to llio varioi'a nuljecls ctiunicrt.led
aLoe, llm prejetit volutnu will conlLiti a faill'ful
and copioua rerotd of ull Impojitathi?. r.nd
Sai.fu of J)i,oon rjrorn, in pslaKe, llci'mg
and '1'rottitig JI.ilclici, r.l.d Ilaring Appointtuen'-
Lphuvs on IJrttdin i.r.d Traiuirig, l odiprcfk ni'd
perfui'iiittices of Dislinguidii'd I!uiFri, wMt n'd lhu
Ciitretit News aml ( )ti bita in t?nar:iii Ilepartii ent,
fuil ilctti'tls, otigiiitil ct.d felritcd, v.ill b giveti
npoti nll innnly pci-linuj, nn Huiting, Miooting,
I l"-hing, Vateli'ingiitid Hoating.I'tdtilrain ar.d olher
Alhlotio nnd J.'i.nly t-porl.s.
Another patt ot'tlin dcsign oftho paperwill cm
braco A JJire.Anrnm AqriculUirul VrjmiU cr.t,
doiiigued to proniole tho intcrcs'a and n inn'.'-r lu
the iintiueticii ofbreideia offmo catllo, bIic, p,ae.
f-'olecliotm will bs ronstcntly r.iatio from ti o pe
nodical.s of tliU coi.iitry nnd L'uaiawl, rml thus Lo
formed a livoly nml elcgantl.n i.jla:.y L'x.r.itiT
menTi occi'.pHiig severnl pagcs,
I'or all thefo varied !fparlinrn(s, nn ple rootn Is
srcur.'d hy tho iinnicnso aitn of llto prcM-tit klicct,
wliicli I'or boiiuly of typogrdiic.il excri'.tiou and
geuernl elegatica of nrrnpgotncnt, ii secot.d to nct.o
iu lh'! Uniflii,
No loe.il ngeuU bt 'ui;; rnip'oycd by tho proptie
tnrs, gonili n.en vikliing llm poprr cun ouler it
Ihrough llieir pin'litiantets, or utiiit by innil. A
liuiuberof liles -froin thc roiinmiiiccii'.cnl nftlic vol
titnu, will bo prt'fetved for new subsctibera. Tliia
courMi is lulop.lcd.ns lh Milu.'iblo i'lalistieal Tablti
oftho paper uearly t.l) appear in tho oaily patt of
Ttrmt ofSu!3crtplit,n and .tdvrli..
I'or ono Yr;ii's Snbscriplion, $10 in ndvancc
I'or Jlonlli'i! f:'tibncriplioii, iu ndtancu.
I'or Advcrlisir.g t fno S(unre of "'' lincs, firat in
fcttion, i,-5 I'nrli Bi.bseii:cnt inscrtion, 1,
New Yorl; f iiy, 1811.
rHosi'ECTUs av nic ijstka GiiOiiK.
rPili; UXTHA (il.OBE will bo published wceKly
for fi.t inonrfts, comirienciiig ou Wednesday,
tho lUih May, and cnding on thu 1'Jili INovciiibcr
iu l, nmKitig t enty-fis numbcra, tho lr..t of which ,
v.ill cnntaiii nn inde.v. llach tiuitiber will cJlitain
ri.tc-cii royal qauito pagos.
It will bo iiii.do tip piintipally of polilicul inallcr
nnd llio new of llio ilay. When llio prorccuings
ol'Congress nro tonsidered of great iulcrcst to llu
public, thcy will bo iuseilcd.
'lliu publicutioii uf llm Cniigrtisi hial (iLltar.d
Appendix will begin with llio estra atsiiou pf Con
grcjs, to ('011111101110 011 Jlonday, thc Sltt of J3ay
net, and wi'l be eotitinued during the uijion.
Tho Cont)Ctr;o;ial (llo'e will coniain a eynopsis
of Ihc pioeeeditigi of bolh I'oiitCS of Congrejsj niul
llio Appendir, all the fpeecltca on nnpcrlaiil tuL
jueli, ut full letiglli, na wiiltcn out, or rettSi.il, by
llie ineiiibcrs themselves. 'lliey will l o prii.ledaJ
1'ist as the huinesii of thu two I!oi.be3 fi 'i.iihcs
inntler for n uuiiibei'. It U rertaui thft uewi l
puhlish tnoru mimbcrs of each thnn ll.ero v. id bn
weks in the ei'ion. Thcy will bu prinled in tl.o
Miue fortii u tho K.xtra (ilobo, and n eopiinis index
printrd to cneli. iN'olhitig but lhu procrcdingit of
(Vngress will be r.dmitlcd into llu Cougros. lunul
(ilcbu or Appetid'u:.
fubsctiptuitis for tlio Exira Gh'e altou'd la
hcro by the iidlh .May, and for the Comrir -ioik l
Gluhe nnd Appendix by tho Cth June ucxt, to ia
suro all llia tiuwbers.
I'or ono copy oflho Exlra (Jloba
' (I copie'j Ho ;
" 1 du do
" 25 ilo
Aml to on tn iiriiporlion for n I'restcr tiuinbfr.
Tor 1 copy oflho Con. Ulobe, or Apptntiix, ftO rt.s.
" ti co'uius of ciiltcr . . . fc-GO
" 12 ilo do . 5 00
" 25 tlu do . . 10 Ci
'And o on in proportion fior a grealcr mnnber.
I'nymenta inny bo tranMttitted by nici). pa'ic
;)iV,"iit our rwk. lly tho rej!ilatijnti t f lh' I'oit
Oflire Depstlmiitit, poslitmsleri nro authoriZ.il tu
1'iank leltcts ronUiuing wocey for kubt.iij '.ur.a to
The notrs of nny battk, cnrrent in tho '?ion cf
roiuiliy v.herti a f.ibscribor teiiile, wnl Lu racciv
rd by i;s nt p.ir.
CJ".M o.'f nt'.oii icill le pcid i'e y .iSer
unless the ntoncy ttccor.panin it.
liLAllt k l'A V3,
Washington City, April 5, 1MI.
tC"Subcriptiot: receivrri r.t tho Cuuctii1 Kosm
ufthe.?i"c. C2
THK HAIlit THE IfAIKtl T25i: U.'lll"!
JO bcllcr rvidenci' Is wantlnj tn allon tl.. s , 'i My
1 nl tlu-tiiiu'liic lltittulfl Oil, nver r.thir rr'l .iit'"-,
then thnt n tiiiinhrr of rui(il sre rndciivr.ru'g tn ti.utalu
it. aud fmsiii.E Ihcir miu-rablr I'uiitalli i.s nu tlu l '.lJIcfor
gciinliic. I'.iad nilMTII'rnii l.t Iliwair of l'nl'ifs.
lifiiu pp lilillnlii uu is ii tasing tnr piaci-m an nirrr
nrtictiM lo preniutc the gruvsth. ii.tltn nrd tt-i.t.y Ce
llaln ll uw tlvis il n nflnt tlint ni etficr nrlirlr drf ,
nd rntiwa It lu i-nrl bi mulltull) t.y firr li.c it v ,:l dttlm
nml fie Iho. hair acatin ilem, It is Mcfclt I'ciii mid aril
iifs prrn-el Mitlthctinii tn nll wbnliave civtn II a llipl.
V nu will ntoctve tnr ignalHri'ortueproprttor. ' v. iiiuui
Ilrov.li,' lo ' Unffiilii Oil,' Inibrintril cn the 1 1 tt!e. Itt
romrque nce t-f a roimtrrleit wliirli Lasn cci.tl) tiprnrtil
nml l now f.ir filc, I havc brrn prrtuadtd toi.l.l.nu a new
tfttspl Migrnvnl mi rnnrrr. ror svhiclt I hatr iccnri d a rppr
rlgtlt, entnrnl accorililig tncu nt t cf Cnfgrrts lulhcl ti k'
Omcr efttie DI'trlrtroartnrMnwwhuisitF. At.) ( fr.ng'.
m"it wtll be iliH wllh acrnr-l'ri to Isv
l'. i -.. . T 1VTC UlNfiOX. 'r. Wcod'rrt Vi Jl

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