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The spirit of the age. (Woodstock, Vt.) 1840-1844, March 04, 1842, Image 2

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niitny ufthom not nver lon years old. '1'licy nro
ici:iircd lo work froin M to 10 liotiran day", nud
nntwilhstanding this nnce.iing toil, caru kitrdty
pnongh to furni-h llii'in lliu eoarsest food und
clothing. If Bickiiiw or nccidunt render tliem
unibloln woik, their iiumakk cnii!oycrs turn
thetu ndrift tn siarve or xeuk icfugo in llicir inis
er.ihlu work limne. Yes, sir, notwithst.iiidinii Iho
hn.islcd glory of ltrilMi iiistilutions, no civilized
liation upon tliu f.icu of tlio uarlh coiilains ns iuucli
wretcliCiliiess nr liunnn sufl'ering. Thti l.nmlau
Uuarteily lleviow osiimatos the tiumbcr tif pau-
porsm Kngland at 0,T. SIXTII ofllio populalion
-aml this i no ilnnlil is far helow tlio mnrk. At
leust nne lliinl nf licr populutinn rcceivo tiid fruni
tho paupar luiul iliinng lliu cnitrso ol tlm year.
Ilcr citie.s aro lil!ed wilh lieagars, nnd thnus.inds
nrn porMiing for tliu wnnt of bread, and ypt tho
lnrdly minufictitrer, or iho wealthv l.ind hnlder is
rintin in sploudor! England pniil X20,000,u0()
for tlio freedoin ul llio sluvcs in her cnloiiies, but
nhe llierehy increased her nalional dt'bt, and iui
posed nddilional bnrdens iip'm a peoplo alri'ndy
lavcil nlmost to starvntion. Iler ihiljint liropio .-pirit
diook the manncles froni 800,001) ncgrnes, only to
transfer thoso rhnim, and rivet thein linnly upmi
Iho bodies of licr l.iliorin mcn. I undiTtaKu In
s.iy, tliat tlio rnndiiion ol onr slavn popnl itinn in
Iho United .Slalp-" U fir prcfcralde to that of iho
oporalivts of nnland, Thrty nro worhi'd los,
botter nbtd, b"ttor fed, and untiUe tliu miirabli!
pnnt of ihat ooiintiy, not tiiincnl out to dio ofwnnt,
whcn misfortunp rcndcrs lliom unablo to work
Sir, I am no ndvocato nf slaiory, kUIit of tlm
liody nt inind. Aly onlv olijuot U to ptt'si'tit, in as
feiv vvnttU ih poililo, tho actnal rnnditinn of our
ftilliuv-nicn in lli.it Imastod land, wliero it U suM
slavery U unknnwn. I)n "olillomon prnpo-n to
bui'd up n systnin in llii glnrimn land nf mir- im
i'.ir to that vliirh eU in Knsland ? U lior pnli
rv tliu nna whioh I'xritcs so ni'icli oflliindiniration
nf "onllRinon ? Von havo nlroady crcatrd n na
tinnal debt lovy a liih pioli'otivi' tarilf, ivhich
will coinpel jnn'lo inrrpao tlio taxes tipon lhi
nercss.-irte of lifi. build up, ns tho Si'cretnry rrc
omnu'tnN, a mtnjnifi.vnt navy, increaso yfiiir p.-pfndiluro-i
tn 10 inillions pi-r nnniiiu, aml tlie
thiuji will havo bci'ii aci-onip'i'hcd. I trnst In
fiod, Mr dpoikrr, tlnt no nch sys.lnm will bo fis
tpnnd upnn Tho Vmcri.-an pcnplo havn ta inuoh
of Ihat prnnd pirit of inili'p'Midt'nco, that iiiicnn
quorahlo lovo of liliorlv which aiiiinalod tho bn.-oni
nnd norvod tho arirn of our f.ilhcrs, whon nhakins
oirtho ynko of co!oniil hondagp, to boconio lh:
vaisiH of an Ann'riran nnhilitv, I'ndor siioh a -tpin,
jou may s'tcpft-d in bnikliii" tip a spb'iiilid
envprntiii'iil, but ynu will havo an inipnvi'ri-dn'd
pjoplo. All in iv bo srrat and inni.'nilircnt wiih
ont, bui wrol,,hi,clnis and miory willslall; nbnvid
unniasked w'nhin. I.ot vnur IrNl.itinn bo fnniul
cil upon prinriplcs nf jukiico lovv no taiM upnn
ono pnrlion for tho ln!nrlit nf anoih"r ivo cipial
tirntO"tion to itllclawN of induilrv i'cliNivi priv
ilci to nnno, aml ynu will havo placod thi-i n pnb-lii-in
sovcrninniit upnnau ini mivah'n found ition
n foiind.ilion r.ipahlr nf Kiitninin it Inna iipor thi
riillon iloioiini anJ rnTiiit innnap'hini nfttionhl
wnrld shall havo totturi'd and cruinbli-d tn tho ilml.
Kcolutinn Uidalivo tn iho ro-oliaibihty of tho
Preidi'nt of tho I iiltod Slales,
Kcwhrd, bv tho Scnnln nud llnuso oflJpprL's
tntivp, That tlio coiKtltutinn of thn I'niti d tfiutp
fhniild bofn aiiiPiidod, : lo rolrirt llio tdiihiliiy
of tho I'residont of llio L'uited titatoj to a nini'l'u
Ui!"olvpd, That nur sonatnrs! in pongro" bn in
fttiiPtod, nnd nur rPim'-piilaliM rpniiPtod, In iip
their bcst pndoavnri In prnrurn an iniipndtiH'nt of
llinpoii.litiitimi ol lliu I niti'd slatiN, m pdiiloriinlj
withthu principlo pnntaiiu d in tho forpgniug ruso.
Ilosnlvpd, Tlnt hW I'pollonpy tho pnvrriMir bi'
lPnucU'd to traiKinit a rnpv nf thn fcirniciinj roso.
lutton In eaph nf tho PM'Pulivcn of thp slatrj of
Maisnchinptli, Maiao, Comioctinut, r)plawaro,
Indiana, and Konlucky, nnd lo rarh of tho spii i
tors and reiruacnt itive in pnnyrcn fioui th'n stalo.
Rcsolutions Kelating In tho olpntinn of I'rosiilcnt
of Iho rnilpd Slalps.
Resolved, hy Iho Hpnalo and lliimo nf Itoprps.
cntativp, That our ppnatnn iu rnnrc4 bo in
itrup.tpd nnd nur roprppulaiivo bn rcqupstpd, to
vnto fnr tho p.i igo or 11 law, ib'inatin2 tho s:um
day, throubniit tho I'mtril t.tles. for llio clioinc
nf clectors nf l'rpsidont and c.q I'reiident of tho
Uniton Slalp..
Ucsnlvpil, That tlio gnvt'rnnr of lh!s statn bo ro
rj'inilpd lo tranniit a cnpv nf iho furn'join toyoliN
tinn In tho nvccultvei ofllio stato of Indi.ina, and
ofnioh of tho otlior statpx in tho I'nion, nnd In
paphnflho cnator.i and rupresr.ntativc in con
gresi from ihii stalo.
RpsnlulionH Itulalina tn n Tarid, kc
Ri'tol.pil, by tho .Spnate and Ilouc oflpprcen
tativeiof ihoStnlo of Vermont, as folloiw,
tn w it :
1. Rcolvcd.Tliat labor, both mpntal nnd cnr
pnrcnl, U not nnly tho mnt hnnnrablo ineans, but
tlio only Iruo soiircu of wualih.
2. Ri-iulvod, That it U tliu dnty nf nur govpfif
mpnt, nt nll liniiH, to protor.t aml enrouraj;o llio
iuduslry of nnr cili.oin, bv niakins and enforcinj;
kmcIi 11 l!iiiirnfprnti!Piio'diili(! in will sociiri! nur
honio iuarlPt Irnui Iho dpin'rato nnd disastrum
(londinK of forcit'H coinpi'tilinn.
3. Reolvi'il, That yo rt'Rard llio riht to onjny
the producu of our soil aml labnr 111 tartpd nnd
valu.iblu ns lliu rijihl tn oil iliolf; nnd tlnt it U
uqunlly Ihoduty ol'our gnvernnienl tn rpppl inva
uioin nud cncro.ichincnt upnn tho ono 11 llio olhcr.
4 Hosnlvcd, 'I h it tho f.iruicr and inauufictuicr
nro itnlly intrrpsled in iiuch prnlpctiun, nnd that
tho prosporily ofall rLinsis and occup iti.ms 'n iniiin
ly dppundcnt nn tho succe.44 of nurayiicullural nnd
niinufacturiii inlorcl
!. Rpaohed, That tlio larifl law noiv p.nUtin?
am hiahly defoctivn and iinutliripnt, nnd, by tlnt
p.irt nf tho coinproinijo act whirlt i in tako cfitrt
m July r.ext, uill bo rcndurnl stiilikfocliiu, inolti-cic-nt
nnd unjusl.
G. Uc.'oImhI, That our spnnlori in fongtcs Iip
instiuctpd, ncd nur rpprcnlntivps rcquiNliMl, lo
uso all hnnorablo moans in their pmvci lo procuro
llie paj.igo (,1'law.i uhii li, wlnlo Ihoy slnll gnard
iigiiiit llca nuuiurouj fr.unU and vaions nnw
praclipd upnn u by fnicigupri & furt'i;ii ngonl,
ft whild llioy hhall rai-'o 11 rovcuuc aulliricnt oaly
for tliu noccspary p.xpcntiy of oiprniiiput nnd II
havo n duo re-ird to llirj p.irticular inturi'HU of nv
nry soclinn of our cocnlrj , may givc, by protnctivo
itilici, siipIi a prcferunco to ilotnestie o'vtr furoin
products in our own ma.kot. and may dic.ind.
nrita lie ivpcn t hoo nrlic e n nrh tvn r:m ,m.l i
oiiio l iiicii vn cauiioi prouucn ainnmo, nstt ne
a just, ei.rp.nnd ialulary cncnuragoniciit lo the in
duslrv nf overy Aiiiericin cilizcn.
7. Resnlvfid", TJ1.1t his cxcpllency iho ovprnor
Iip. requosted tn furward a r opy nf theo rp(du
tinns lo each of our scn.ilurs and represeiitativej in
Rpport nnd resolutinin 1111 tho North nastern Doun
dary (iucstiun.
The sole"t rnmmitleo lo whoni ivore roferred
r.rrtain re'olulinns fioni the tat of .Mninp, mid n '
ppnrt nnd resaluiimis froin the slnto of Sew I laiop. I
jhir upon llio sobjoPt oftho North l'.aleni bouu-'
ary. havc h.id the samo iindur cnn4Jeration, and
lie lcivt ri'poctlully 10 ttL i'Ull I :
That w iuom it uniieeiMiary, al this day, wilh
nll ihe infnrin.ilion thi'ro U 011 ihis "hbject hpforn
iho peoplo nf Vermont, lo cnler inlo a hitnry of
tho dnputij betwoui ihc imcrnment ofthu Unitpij
Stalcs nnd (Jrcat Uriri in, conccrning tho nnrtli e.-nt-orn
boundarv. In llio opiuiou of wiur cnminilleo.
thero is nn L'vidunco llnt the tnvernineut of Grcnt
.1 I . .. .1 ....
...U:r . '"..'"ei.H.sto earryinto pradieal dlcct ihe viownd
vi 11.1, ii.iui.ii, iiiuerii, 11
rleeri. it
h belip.ved. th.il r.om 1 ,83 lo 1814 a periml of I
mnru tinn ihirly yrars
r i!i" Driii'h'itot!
feienccs nt Ghcnt al tlio lattcr period, they bcgan
to lliiuk, llut, iu cuso of a war wilh tliu United
Stutc or a rcbullioii in their North Amerieun piov
iucos, it would bc very cunvcnicnt for thuin In havo
a iliroct roiiiuiuuicutiuii tlnuugh Ihis territory, I'or
the iuarcli of their tirmies from Halifax tnQuchec.
Then it was thut tlio lirst inliniation of nnv claim
to this icriilory was mado kuown a claim, in tlio
npinion ofyour cninuiiltec, as uiiprccedeuled ns it
is unjnst. On iliii question il U bclieml iho Uni
toil tiliitn.s aro plainly in llio right, and tlio llrilish
(iineriiincut as plainly in tliu wroug. Your coiu-
nniloe, tiicrcloru, lieg lcavo 'o rccomiiieml tliu a-
doption cfihe fnllowing rosoliilions
1. Uusulveil, by llio St'aalc and lloiiso of Rop-
rc-n'iitativos, 'I hat wo hparlily rcspund to llio fceit
limi.'iils coiitaint'd iu tlio rc.-olutiiins froin lliu.-laies
of Jlaino nnd Now 1 1 ;i 111 ri-hii i , abovo lofored tn,
;l, Kcsulvt.'(l, by tho tieuato aml llouso of Hcp
resunlalivp.'l'hat it k tho duly of tho gcnural gov
uruiui'nt to prosoculo lliu sut llenieiit of lliu north
p.atern boundary quctioii wilhuut uiinccessary
:l. Rpsolved, by the Sonato nnd llouso of Rtp
rpsL'iilalivfs, That, whilu wo duprccato a wat wilh
(Jreat I'riiiau 113 a groat niilioii.il ovil, nnd lu bo
tesortcj lo only iu cascs of stern nocossity; nnd
wliilp wo rpcoiiiiiionil lo tliu govorninonl of tliu
1'iiili'd titatps 11 coucili.ilory, yut lirm and (hcidvd
cuuitiu on tho snbjuct, yct, ifiiioh co irso f.iil, wo
pltilgo ourndips 10 susl.iin tho auinoritips ofllio
L'nion in ninintaiuiii.' lliuir ri'lits, wilh all llio re-souicl'-
iu our pouur,
I. Keolvcd, by tho Sonato nnd llouso of Rep
lesentatiiUit, TI1.1l hii ovi-olloncy lliu govornor bo,
and lipieby U, reqiiC'ti'd lo transniit 11 copy of Iho
forpgoin,; reiuit and lUMilutions tn tliu ti.x'eculivpa
ol'iliu Si.ik's of Jlaiiiu aud ,Nuw llaiiipshirc, and 10
e.ith of nur suuitors aud rcprc.'iuntalivoa in congress.
Resnliiliona rolaliiy 10 slavctv.
WliProas, iloniciics slaicry o.isl.s in tlm District
of ('nlunilii.i, uudortho i'.ipross autlinrilr nfCoii
gto, which, at the timo of sps.-iioii of'thu iU
lri :l, ro.onaclud llu slavo coduj of ,lai) land
andVirinii: Aud, whtrpas, lliu Fauolinn llius
ijivi'ii lolapry, in iis tolpratiuii nt lliu seat of
goNcrninoiil lorun a iiiaiiilost violation, by Iho
iMlion,tof tho lii.t priiciples of justico, nr.il h.is
u Ifiah'iicy lo i-urrupt llio inoral spiiso of tho
wholo ppoplu ofllio L'nili'd fc'lales: And wlicrp
,n, tln'diMiiPslij slavo Irado, canii'd 011 iu tho
iild distiii;t, U as unjust in principal,und scaico.
ly hws inliuiiiaii, than lliu Africnu slao tr.ulo.
Rosiilvod, bv tho?Pualoand Housool'RpprpsPii.
talivos, Th.il our m ti.ilors in rnngrvrs bo in .nie
Ipd.and our roprt'MMilitliu's bo toquutcd, lo uo
llicir inllui'nco tn priiKtiru, as onrly ns piKiibh', a
rcjiPal ofall laws aulhoiiing sluvery in tho DU
lnct of Coluuibi.i.
Resolved, by llioSonaluaud Ilninn of Rcprc-en-talivos,Tlial
oursonaiors in coiigrp?-. liu instnicltil,
.iiid our repri'vnt.ilives bu ri'qupsti'd, to Uso ihoir
utiiM-t undoaMirs to prou'iil lliu adoptinn, by p'i
thvr lloc of C'linri-ss, ofanv rtili;, orilcr, ri'fn.
luliun, or uniagp, liiniiing ur linp.iiing tho ron
liuioual right ul'tho p'.'oplu lo puiilion congrosi for
iho ri'drcss nf grioiaiici'.
liLMilvud, lliit 110 nuw stato onght tn bn ndiiiit
ted iiitn lliu I'ninii, tho rnnilitutiim of which 1111
thorips dnnipiio laM:n,
UpmiIvimI, That hii o'vellenry tho gnvrrnnr bo
rpniipjlod in fotward a ropy of lliu fuipguiii;: roso
lntion lo pach of thn soii.itors and represciitnt'uus
in congicss, frotn lli'n slalc.
Rpoluiiun Keliitiiig to kiindry Apcoiiiiis.
Ilosulied. by lliu S111.1I1; aml I liitiso ol'Uoprcscn
tali04, Th.il lliu atidilor of accoiints bu inlriiclid
lunipn nn iimmiit wilh llio nprgpnnl-at-aniH, in
which llm Kiitl sprgpaut-at-ariiis sh.ill bo rhargcd
uhli aiitoiiiu of talinuaiy, fnrniltiiu nud ollit'r
propcrty, wh'u'h rli.ill bo fionid nn iuvi'iilory lo bo.
inug lo lln! Miilc, in iitid nbiiiit lliu alu liouso, ul
llio i'loo nfoneh psion of tho bgislntnrc.
Alni, lo npiin an acpouiit lliu htalo's allnr
uoy, iu u.ir.h oiiiiiily, in wh'uh llio siid Hlalo'sat
luruoy h.ill bu eharged wilh ihoaiiinunt nf inniiuy
rccoivod nn flalo boniN, cl.ito prcxuoutioin for
liuns, foifi.'iluroa, ppiialtios, or for 1111 otlior ioiircoa
in ln.'hilf of llm Blalo,
AIjii, tn npi'ii nn iipcniint wilh llio rniinly clcrko,
iu o.ich couiily, iu which s.iiil olorko .h:ill liocliar
'd wilh tlio aiiiiiuiit of inunoy reccivcd for tho
u.o ofllio slalu fur iipdh'rs' liconci.', for Jururs'
fi'os, or froin iiny otlior sourco, or for any otlior
Also, 10 opn an nccniim wilh tho iniliiiary do
partinonl of tliu Mate, in which said dop.irtuii'iit
fh.ill bo eliirgcd wilh llio aiiiuunt of inonoy os.
ponib-d fnr tho Kiippntt nfllio miiilj.i eaph yoar.
Alsn, lo opcn au accuunt wilh llio ngi'iit to ut
tlo Iho afiairs oftho Vermont Slatn Ilank, in mich
a iiiauni r as to uxhibit tho intorusU of tlm statu 111
ihat iiKti'.ulion.
Aln, lo opon nn ncconnt wilh tho supprcntPii.
dput oftho Vermont stato pii-mi, in sueli 11 ninn
nor ns to exlubit thn iiuiotiut of recoipls nnd dii-buii-uionls
of tlnt inlituli,ni,
AUo, lo rollalo and digust tho rcport nfthe
trp.'isurer, and all olher reports relaling In llio fin.in.
pics oftho stalo cvliibilimr in onu repoil, tha nliro
.luurcesol reveiiuu to tho tl.ile, nml tho variniis
p.piidilures exery year nnd ranp nn pililion nf
llirco lnllidred cupios to bo piinled for llio up of
tho (loneral A-einbly, ut ns caily a puriud oftho
noxt sutton as ii'iiy bo.
AImi, lo repmt at lliu tic.xt srsiion oftho pgila
luri', what mtidifioalinu oftho law is nocosiary, to
kuuutu 11 inoru tlinniuh nccounlabilily, hy i:ipr
ofi'n'cr nr cilizeti being iu tho roceipl of iminuy be
longingin uny ulic lo the slate of Vermont.
Resolulions in relnlinus tn iho school I'uud ond
llio S't ile J)i:bt.
Rpfiilved.hy tho Peiiatcnnii Ilnuse cf Ueprrsrn
tntivcs, Th.it tho eomuiiiiioner (d'lho cehuol fund
bo dirccted tn cnlkrt tho iIciii.iikU which nrc duc
froin llio (e.iornl individuals In r-aiil fniul; nud il
nny indiiidual kliall npslcct, fnr tho ppacu of iv
tiiuiillu lo pay (1110 fnrlh patt of what hu tnay bo
oweinglo .aid fund, nnd 0110 forlh part iu ewrv
.i iihiiiiIh iheieafler unlil nll sliall bo paid.il shail
bo tho duly of ?nid cniiiinixioner to enliirco tlm
cnlii c'ion of ihomin duo by I rocc of jivjprovidi d
nothing lierp'ni rontaiupil sh.ill bo c nlrucled to ati
thuri'o tho rotniiiiinncr to delay llio culleclioii of
nnv ilpniand, if llieieby tho nocurity may bo im
palied, or lliu An.il ,rnllection liaza'rded.'nr whcro
lliero i nny pprenl iloubt of nonitily.
Rtsolied, 'I'bat llio ireasury of tliis ntato bo di
rpcled lo pay nll tho dobis agaiint tho olalp.cxcppt
ub.it ii duo In tho kcIiiioI fund, ns Mion ns euni
lenl.and to bnrrow froin llio nclioo! fund whatuNcr
may bc nnopary fnr that p irpo.p; ut.d lli.it no
partof llio si huol fuiul sliall bo re-loaned tn iinli
1 !,..!.. .1... . 1 . -
mT" ' ",u ""u ",BJr ueo",ni5 10 ""J'4'""''
Rpolulion rel.iling to llio 1Uu Counly Rank.
Rpsnlvpil by tho Senalnniid l(ouo ofRepre-un-tative-i,
That 'David llibbard Jr., h'ewall rulljni
Jr., nnd D.iniel Cnbb, bu nppnintcd n I'oinmilleo ti
invejtigalfi Iho Jilualmn nnd conccrns nf II13 ll.ink
port lo tliu nexl session ol thu I-gnlalnre of such I
I ptnn or plans ns may bo lnnil expedieut nud judi
iciousto earrv inlo pr.ir.lie.il cfTecl ihn vieivs niu
...! :.. il.. ..r.i
,.on ,.juca,:0I1 tu tho oresent lcriilatnrc.
RriUbittons Rdjliic !o llw t'niicrsit'- r( Vctinont.
III rr iil.'1 1 " ' f.,"".iii..i itiiw t.i'iii:i- 11 111 in'j II.IIIK I , , . , ,
ofns.ex County. tn nscerlain U,u manripr of Iho ''Vm0',,'". 'V "r ' ,'B,S"
traiufer of thn stock of ,:,i,l bank !o rr.-ul. purcl.J "S-'"" lV S! M.JfbV.7 A,Tllr
nsers, tho lial.ililics nml rcponsibililics of each of. i y",,,',b S'r ) ' '""'.'."'f' nrf ,?.l'e,'V, cl,'k "'
tl-erof-iidb..i.ksineu tho incorporalio:i thercor, I Ip. .ttn.crit Ihus cuHrcly rebutt.ng tho chargo
and tondoptnnd p .rsuo such ineanuiN.br M.its ! J'P-1'"" '"" "V;" on-niator of.t pretended tlut
orotberwiso.asiaidcomn.itleo may deei.i expo-1 hfn j'"" of c "rl'' ero riUie.a lo lho
dbmtlo protcct llm s.fety fund nml tho pulta nled..0,k,,,C And "'e fi,77'or! " " '
fromloss.iu ccnsenco of Iho failuro of said f?,,ncf.V-0 ". " "T '". 'y .?f
b.,kt,i redepn. i.s bill,, and to corrcct fiauds if "j " f" 1 ha, bcen repeatedly
nnv y bc found !o cxi,t. don.ed by b,s rr.e.,d..nnd lo u,ta..i which, afler
' rei'.crated demands for prool, not nnn mta of oi-
Rosolation fnr ihe nppoinlmp.it nf a commiltee to ,lcn" JCl Lccn P""' "'"fAman.
Report upnn tho rubject oflMucntion. Tho lalc nccusation against Mr Webstcr wc
Rpsnlvedby llis Sonalo and llouso of Rcprpscn- havo mercly alluded to. It seems to be suitain-
laliies. ;rhat tho nnjernnr be reque.led to appoint cd from nll wc can sce. Ai lo Gov. Painc. l.iore
a couiuultHO oflbrfio lo lircpiuo nnd rnaki! 11 rn- , , . '
IHH ia m HIWI I I nwniwiim
Resolved by the Senatonnd UoiiFcof Represen
talivcsl'hat tho coiniiiisjionnrs whn niay bu lli'n
vear appoinlcd to visit tho University of Vermont,
lie diruuted In give npccial iilteiiliiin to tho olijccl.
set forlh in tho memorial oftho corpornlion nf said
University, nnd rcpnrt iheir viowa iu relation to
lliom lliu ne.t leg'hlaturo.
Rcsolulinn Aulhnri.ing llio appointmpnt ofa C0111
miltco In revio llio milili.i laws.
Resolved by tho Sonatn nnd llouso of Represen
tatics, Thal tliu (lovnrnor bo aiilbori.cd lo ap
point n coiniiiilleo of llirco tn revi.-io llio miliiia
laws of thU slatu, and report n bill to thu nextses.
tioii of tho (ieneral As-ombly.
Rosolulinn relalins In thebaiik of nenninlnn,
Resolved, bv thu" Senato and llnuso uf Rep.
respiitatives, Tliat tho bank pomuiissioiiprs bu nu
thnrized and direc.'ed tn inako applicaliun In Iho
court of chancery, lo appoint 0110 or moru pcrsnns,
tn bu receivcn oftho bank of lleiitiinglnii,ni;roeiibly
10 tho priniions nf ?ection oigliteen of ch.ipter 7U
nf the llcviscd Sl.ilucs.
xmitEit niGirr.
In tliollniue, Feh. 11, Jlr Adams gavo nolico
to all porsons, that if they iiieant (0 send petilions
to hiiu conla'ning indccent, obscene, or lillhy mal
ler or langu.igu tliat was insulting to any nicmber
nf tho llouso, bc shnuld not prosent llicm.
Ah, ha! Wc lliought tho right of pcliiion was
sacrcd 011 all questioin! 'J'cn incn havo ns good a
rteht to potilion for lliu c.xpulsioii of u incmbcr, as
they havo for anything clso, if llio right of peli
tinn H so sacied nnd inviolablo ns llio Adamiles
prclcnd. They say nny fiooman has a right tn
putilion Constrss 011 any subjcct whaiever, nnd
that tho tncinber to whoni pclitions mny bo sent is
bound tn presunt tliem, nnd Ihat Congress is still
furlher bound lo rcrcie thein! Now suppcso thu
editors of thu Iluston.'ias,whogoall lcnglln wilh
.Mr Adams, shuuld potilion congress to appoint llon
I)ion II, Luwisin mako nn a jmleriori npilicn
lion of h'n foot to tho person of ("apiaiii Tylcr
iu coiisideraliou of Iu refusal to ign llio liank llill
Tho polilion ia bent lo Mr Adann, of courso, iho
right of potilion beiug inviulable, Mr Adams is
bound lo piescnt it, aud eongrcss bound tn receive
it, clso whern nro 0111 boasted libcrties!
Now wo boliovo in tho Right n I'clitioii.but wo
belimu Ihuroniii't bo rcnsofi in that iihl,H9 lliero 1
in all nlhur rights.and wo boliovo Ihat if nny cili
zen of tho llcpiiblic to far forgets what is duo his
eliaractor as a iVceinan ns lo send tn nny nicmber
of congros petitions contaiiiing indccent or iiiult-
iug languago, theyought iiot to bo iioti-jnl, nnd wo
further believe, mol sacredly, that nny body of
mcn who rau gut up 11 petilion for llio diwlulion
of Ihe Unian, a Ire.iMinablu baud of couspir.itors,
wo beliuvo still further that n meiuber of congress
who would proent such n peliliun an aider nnd
nbctlnr of TRnAHON.and yct furlher ihattho mcn
whu wnuld inlu furlho rcceplion ofllio pelition liy
congress, ciicniies tn their couiiliy, black.hearled
lones, u disgraco to iheir coriflillients, a dlsgracc
to Iho country, wliuso namcs should go down to
poitcrily, sido by sido wilh llioao of Anron liurr
nud lieuedict A1110I1I.
I'onniaf. insliinglnn Irving s nppumlmrnt lo
00 .iliuisler to t'paiu. Keiiiomlu.'ring who b.ivool
lato yc.irs beeu sent to tii.it cuurt lur iictniire, C.
I'. Vau Ness uiid U'm. T. Ilariy Wu rejuico ih.it
lliis iippoiiilincnt issuch nn ono ns will giwt b.ick In
lliu couuiry nml tliu ollico thu bniior wliich slinuld
bolong to thein, II ulchmun.
This, coming from tho organ nf tho wcakest nud
most iiiibucilo,in relation lo tho strungest nud mnst
popular d'overnor lliu Stalo lias cier h.id,c.ci'.ps 110
mirprHc, It's litllcness is iu porfecl keeping wilh tho
liitlcness of tho I'utlo organ of iho litt'o Autocrut.
What chicf.MugHtratu over discharged ihuduties of
his statiun wlth 111 nro honnr to thu Slatu ihau C. 1'.
Va.n Nuss ? When lio sat iu tho IeRuliu chair
thero was n man thcre,u maii who g.tvo somo dig
ly In tho stalion,n man who commanded for tlie flrnt
ollico iu llio gift ol tho peoplo of thoSlato snmo re
spoct.aiidwull ,u,iy tho org.in oftho grcalDancer en
deavor to build iip hisreputation by dragging down
that of his prcdeccsurs, for nn nltcmpt to raiso
liim to their standard wcro a hopless t.isk. In tho
days nf Vnn Ncss, it was nnt snecringly said, "any
body can bo (ioitrnor of Vermont!" In li'n day
tho ollico was nnt sent out bpgging iimoiig wnol
spcuulators nnd cli.inip lign guz.len. lu his day
n "Jun Crnw" cnuld not havo hcen (lovcrnor.
llut in tho days of Charles I'aine, tho poor ollicc,
turncd out liko n miscrablo begg.11, st.iuds by llio
dnor-posls of f.icturies, in tho sheds oftavcins, by
fish-puuils, dcspncd nnd w'orthlcss, nnt cicn 11
figdeaf of digniiy left to covcr licr n.ikcdncjs; her
head bcnt down wilh thauio bcforo thoconlemptii
o'U Inok.i of tho ppoplo, nnd impluring lo bo takcn
caru nf by nnybudy nranyMmy.
Tiinsou.iMTV ori)Au:ii v
srr.n,.vxi) uuv. i'aixi:.
tr-r"Thp Vermont Tcle''rn)h porilcs n heinous
chargo, iiiailo 011 report, ngainst lliu Sorretary of
Stalo, Daniel i elisier llie nn.irgo ol n crline
which would s'jbiect liim to piinishmeiit in thu
slato piiinn; mlils that it is probably Irue, nnd su
pTadds such nn nlluslon as will le.nl its rc.ulers Ul
lufer llut tho (iuvcrnoi of lliis b'lalu is guilly of n
in.i!:ir irirnnous nll'encn. Wcdu llllHt filllv cl.iim
fnr thp nrcss, nnd p.iiliiul.itly llm rcligiuus, prcss
lliu ngui 01 leuuitiiig iiiiiiiiiyr 111 ingu ii(ices uui
when charges of lliis sort aro madc without a lnl
truble ilerceof proof, llio prcss is degradcd fiom
tho posilion of 11 conicrvntor of moralily nud good
order to Ihat of Ihecoiuinuii def.iuier nud iu.issi
n.itor of privale cluracler. heru iho Telrgraph
does stand, or iiuglit o hu rankcd, it U not for 11s
lo say, unlil wc kuow bow tnucli of ils asscrlinns
-' ..... ,,, j im
pnuucai inenat iiian 1111 cncniics. uuring tho lato
cluclion, wc reccivcd scveral coiiununicalioni from
individuals in overy way responsible,chtrging hard
things upon his Exccllency. Wc did not publiih
thcm, howevcr. All wc wish to s.iy aboal tho
malter is, that somo peoplo in tho vicinily of PER
KINSVILLE, havo no vcry cxnltcd nolion of the
fiiund Uancer.
Congress. On tlio3Ut ult MrTalhnadgoinlro-
duced into the Scnnle n plan for n I'iscul Agcnt.
It is ably drawn up likothatofCushing3introduccd
into llio llnuso. Jtussiminilntcs to tno Sab Tiea
sury plan, ns ilncs nlso, llio plan of Mr Cushii.g.
Wo sliall cndcavor to givcJ n eynopsis of the
plans in next week's paper.
Scveial amundmuiits to tho llankrupt Act, pro
poscd by Mr Iienton, was mado tho order oftho
Scnato for tho 25. Tho (llobc says: sovcral of tlio
Senatora who votcd ngainst poslponenienl doelar
cd ihemselvcs to bo in favor of amcndincnts, it
may bu woll cxpected that somo of tliem will pass.
Ilo this as it may, wo can say tliat tho opiuiou bo
comcs slrongcr from day to day tliat thero w ill bo
no fmal aclion under Ihis bill for inorc than a ycar
to comc that tho questiun of tho validily of tlio
act will bu mado iu tlio diH'crcnt Di'trict Courts,
aud carricd tn tho Supremo Court of llio United
Slates, which will not hold anothcr term unlil Con
gress sliall bo in session, and ngain cntcrtain tho
quealiori of repeal. The progress oftho act is cx
citiug tho publio attcntion: crcdilors seo tliu ubll-
gatioit of contracts impaircd liy llio deblor wiping
out his deht without iheir conscnt, wheu nll bank
rupt laws rcquiro tho conscnt oftho mass of tho
crcditors (two-thirds or thrco-fourlhs in numbcr
nnd valuo;) nnd tho fricnds of Slatu Righls sco tho
sovciuignty oftho Stilesinvudcd and ovcrborno in
tho cMiiiclion of nll thu Slato iinolvent Inws, (uud
ihat in cascs to which no bankrupt systcms over
cxiciided,) and tho nsserlion ofa powcr by which
all thn grcat rclations of deblor nnd crcdiior tnay
bo willidrawn from ihe Slato courls and State laws,
and brouglit under tho jiirisdiction of tho I'cdcial
courts nnd Fedcral laws. I'or llieso two reasnns
not to inentiun others, thomost scrious opioiiiou
to tlio conslitutionality oftho law may bo expcctcd
by Iho public.
Wo seo a sad cfTect of tho law niPiilioncd in sov
cral papprs, that of crcdilors compounding debls
for mero trides, fnr fear nfhaving thu wholo wiped
out. Tliis is u spccies of duress imposed by law
011 crcdilors, thu moro to bo lamcnted bccaio tho
nbolilion oftho debt by the will oftho deblor, isso
manifestly unconstitiitioiial, cnntrary to nll bank
rupt mlums, nnd so iuimoral in ilsclf. that it must
bo nlteredjcitlier by uiiicndmcnt or judicial do
cision. OutraKcous. Tho II utchinan pruposes to
publish Slado's specch ou tho Tarill', nnd says
"nur forofathcrs speak throngh hitn." Thu idea of
llthan Allen making a moulhpoieo of such n mis
er.iblo p.illroon, or rallicr spiltoon, as William
Sl.ule, is nhsolutely ouliugeous! Thiiik, too, of
Washington, "speal.ing tbroiigh" n man w hn vnled
for Iho reccpliiui of n'pelilicu tn dissoho tho Un
iou! Tho' cdilor of tho II'ifAiri(i iimst bo in
his dolagn, if hu iinmagines llio peoplo of Vermont
will siibmit In such an iu.'iilt lo their I'oref.illicrs.
W'a wh thu whijjs iu tliis vicinity to bcnt in
mind Ihat thu Lng Cubin, riowspaper, now tho
Tribunc was tho licrcest nud foremost ndvocato of
thu beaiiliful Dankrupl I.aw. That is nll, nnly
bcar it iu iiiind.
Wo slinuld liko to cnquiro nf tlio wliigs, how
llipy liko lliu firit fruils of a whig Ailmisistralion
Iho llankrupt I.nw? " llurrah fnr old Tip!" It
is too bad to laugh about it, llinugh. We beg par
(hiii. Onc morc. Tho relcbralcd Jok Cai.i. wns n
nativo of Woodstock! Tho lurgeU naliic wu
havo dug up, yct, ilccidedly.
JCPlletlerallgo to Mrllrowu's connert; it will
bo n Kd ono.
Tho fiist Lccturo at tliis Intitutlon, will cotn
nicncc on Thursday llio 10th inst, at 3 o'clock
P. M.
xkw I'ost or'rici:.
!CJ5'A Post.ollicc has bcen cstablihcd at Ilar
tnnsville, (formerly La (Ir.ingo,) in tliu north part
ol'Rrockinjhamnnd Alfrcd Sargcant, I'q nppoin
lcd PoslMastcr. I.ctlcrs nnd papers for lluiil
l.igc, thould bc dirccted, llartonsvillo Vermont.
I'or tht Spirll otht .lee.
KEI'Olt.Mi (). 1. STATIl l'KISO.V.
lu nddition tn tho sum of $811, illegally nllow
ed Ilrown as bcforo slaled, I rhould havo stated
that ho wns crcdiled ou tlio books of llio I'rHon
tho siiiii of $:!3.I2 for cxpenses nt Montpelier in
Nnv. IS10, which increnes thu sum fpuiigcd out
oftho Slato In ! 81! and if tho rnling p.uly iu
ihis Slato h.no paid nll their h.ingers on for oliico
who l:ave bcsciged llio I.egislatute for '.lio lal len
ycats ns lilicrnlly ns thev havo Milton IlroiMi, to
wil, nt llio raluof $3:! pcr, sesion, n Stato debt of
.joii,uoo is casily accounlcd lor.
llut to shoiv tho pconoiny with whicli tlio con
cern has bced managed. It nppcars from tho Min
ulcs of tho Coiniuillce, that lliero wns hired n
journoympii whcpl-wriglil at S25 ppr inonlli, 2
lilncksmillis nt 7 shillings per day, 2 p.iintcrs at 7
ihillings perdav.onclriinmpr ut 7 nliiliins perdav.
and ono nt 2-Cd per day. In llio shoc shop onc nt
12 per monlli.which hnws nn unniinl cxjieun of
S2,403,:l3 beidestho pay nl thn oicrspers of iho
rcveral shops whipli has been piid out fur labor
over aud ubnto what h.is been dunu by Iho pris
oners, nnd which is carefully l.ept out of sighl in
tho report of thocommiitec. This is cerlainly tiuo
whig ccnniimy und is oftho niuc prinriplo of jriv
ing away 3 nr 4 luillions of land revenuo wlicn
tho 'I'reasury was bankrupt, fni tho saku ofbor
rowing 12million. Verily ihis Whig econnmy is
llm i'aine tho world over, nnd will mnt nssurcdly
rum nny slalc or nalion wlicrc it i? allowcU lo prc-
I find nlo frotn iho Minutcs nf ihe rnmniitlpc
that llrnwn wns rhargcd wilh cruplty in his trcat
inpnt nf tho prioriPrs. On the iuvpsligilioii of
ihis chnigo it npp-ars in ono inslanco lm ilirectcd
n negrn girl tn bo mnst niircasnnably uhipped.
thn rnuso nssigned fur this by tho Warden, who
tn.slillpd biTort! llio cnnirniltco ns follnws:
On Sabbath inorning, Ilrown nccidcntally ovpr
turncd soine milk on his pantaloons, am! imincdi
ntely sent thcm, to llio blnck girl, wilh directions
to w.ish tliem. Tho girl n day or two before bad
nskcd Ilrown's wifo for somo checsc and was rc
fnsed.but now hallooed lo .Mrs Ilrown nml tnld her
sho would wash the pantalnons.in payrncnt for the
cliepse sho gavo her. A short lime nllcr when Iho
ppnpln wero pnsing tho Prison on llicir way tn
cbiirrb, sho called to thcm thrnngh the grates nnd
said they liad a dani'd pretty Superintendnnt, who
tnado llio prisoncrs woik on Sunday whcrcupon
Ilrown procecded lo Ihe Prison nnd 'hero direrted
the warden tn whip her, nnd Ihn walden tcstified
that be gave her mort than 20 lashes nnd that he
next day saw thc niarks of thc lah on licr handi
nnd nc"k, that llronn nt ttic tinit w,t? prcfcnt nnd
cavo directions. Anolhor witnem miiI lm
ltrnwn nnd liussell iro inln llin !,:..
.. . ... L'urrving a
wlnp, bo lollowcd to tho foot or ibo stjirs nnd
licnid Ilrown givodirection lo wliip tlm e;ri ,,n,i
repeatedly cxclaiuied "put it on," after sovcral'
slripes hnd bccn infliclcd, Itussd cnquird if tbat
would not do ,' "Ilrown said no it nint half c.
nough, putiton"nnd tliis witness cnuntcd bclwcen
GO nnd 71) Inshcs, hc thiuks (i7. Anothcr witness
was iu a shop nbnut 10 rods distant uud heard thu
Inshcs, wcnl to tho prison nud hcard llio directions
ol Ilrown ns ulinve. i hu wliip uscu was a tirnideil
wooucn siaiK rovcreu witn toatlicr aml n lusli a-
Ijont-l fcct in lcngth, and tho excRulioncr said hc
co n 1 1 1 slriki! as fair a blow wilh it ns hc wished.
No.v it should be remumhcred that llio commit
teo ofllio I.egisl.iluro.invcsligatcd llio abovo chargo
and in faco of lliu teslimony nbovo stated, n maior-
ily of that cominittee reporled to tlio llouso tliat
Iho chargo was nol sustaiued. fliicry, was it in
conscquunco of Urown's tlircat, lo nbandon llio
llut tho tnrpiludo of tliis transaclion of tho su
perintendant is increased, from tho fact, tliathois,
prnfesscdly a )iows man aud a lcudxns abolilion-
It will also be rccollected, that. in 18S9 thol.eg
islaluro nppoinlcd n coinmitlco to bn out tho l.ibor
of tho I'risoncrs, for tho term of fivn ycars. Of
tliis conimilteo Clmrles Ilopkins of Windsor was
chairinan. Under ihis appuinlincnt, propnsals wero
reccivcd, and thatofMrSabin was uccepted, which
rirnposcil to ileliay a'l llio cxpenses nl llio prison,
kecp tho estnhlMiiuenl in repair and p iy thu Stato
for the usc oflhu samo nnd tho serviccs oftho con
vicls for fivo ycars, tho sum ofS2,800. It issaid
ihat Iho chairinaii drew tho form ofa contract bo
fore receivirig the proposjls.and in such termsns tn
detcr any sano man from nssuming it. And nl-
llioiigh alr Ralun nllercil tinilouutcil surclies, .ilr
Ilopkins thriist bolh papers into his pockctand do
cl.ired that uo othei foim of conlract should bo u
doptcd. fSow whetlier Jlr Ilopkins was llio tool ot
Ilrown in ihis liusiness.or whethcr ns a wire-wnrk-
er of ihe whig narly bo inlcndcd tn make polilical
cnpilal out of it.is for tlie peoplo to judgu, but ccr-
tain it is, tliat liy lns managenent tho Malo vvns
cajnled out of llio sum of'2,S(IO nud tho Trea
sury has sinco bcen bled to tho luno of 1,000 iu
con'.p(uenrc, duringtho lasl twn vears, making a
delid loss tn tho Slalc of $(i,SI)0.'
Add lo tliis ihe tj'Sl I, liut inlo Rrown's pockct
and thu Stato Iroasurv is iiiinus $7,644, on nc-
count of lliu Stato I'ri-nu alono, nnd all tlns is tho
legilimato fiuiis of Whig uconomy. And l would
now ask, is thero no need of refurm? Or nre the
peoplo salisficd tn go on nml pcrputuato men in
pnwer, whosu Ond is iheir bellius, nnd who caru
unlhiiig foi lliu intcrpt of llio peoplo ns a wholo,
exrepl lo rcnder llicm suliscrvient to iheir ownsel
M dusigns ? Tho rorriiplions nnd carclcssncss
in llm maiiagenienl of lliu Stalo Prison Irivc boen
rarefully enneealed from tho peoplo, whilo they
h.nebo'en mailu to belicc, that tho cstablisliuicut
instcad of being a dinin upon thu 'I'reasury, was
indeed w li.it it should bo, a sourco of revenuo.
llut tho iiiisiiianagemen of ihis roncern is but a
drop in thu huekel. Thu trulh is Ihn dnminant
party h ivo been so lorg in power, ihatthoy claim
aJ a Divinn right that lliey may rajolo and sad
dlu tho peopln just as they pli-.i-e, and sccni In
hae no idea that a day of rctriliulinn is cnmiiig.
Mistaken mortals! AGRICOLA.
lCIpWo ciimiiiend tho following tn our Vcr
monl f.irmcrs. It is copied frorn ono oftho tound
cst Agricultural papers inthu l'nion.
I'rom thc Ciir.rscc I'amer.
sou.vi) crititK.vcvDL'rr o.v i-
KO.V-- t'O.VTlNL'RI) IXCItri.lSK
In tho lato report oflhu Sccretary of Iho Treas
ury wo linil nn ingcnious nrgument in f.i or of in
cteadul pi'otL'etioii lo our iioiiio maiiuf.icliires; wo
should hau been bettcr ploaed to seo froin ihe
samo mitilcr pun, an apnlogv fur that modcrale
prnlertinn which our presenl tarill' for revenuo iu
cidenlally gives our humu iuduslry.
In lime.s liko Iho present when thu wholo nalinn
is prnslralcd by that reaetiou wliieh has succeded
iiill.iliun; wu cannot but expect from iho f.ilhers
of tlio nalion, such ciiuncils as will tend lu turn thc
peoplo b.ick torctienchiiicnt aud reform, imlustry
and econnmy, iiHcad nf encoiiraging thu deliiie
hopc, that nn incrciised tarili'nu fureign fnbrics will
bring back liigh priccs aud a prosperous liudu lo
the country.
Thn jiccrclnrv f.hs Ihat "nolhing is bctlcr cf-
tablished by our oxperieiae nml llio e.xpcrience of
otliernatioiis, than Ihat tho augmeiiialinu oldulics,
does not niigmciit in an cqual degrcc tho cnst of
tho nrtielo to llio rnnsuiuei ; m niany cascs it np
pears not lo incieao ihat cost nt nll; ery oflen
thu price to thn consuiner iskppt dnwn not wilh-
slanuing lliu increacd dulies." Wc would ask
thcn how is our muniif.iclurer to bu proiectcd by
n iacreased duly ? llut wo upprehend that this
part ol llio fcecrctary s argurnenl npplies nnly to
thc ullimato cuiiequeiices of pro'.cction; iull.ilion
aud high priccs aro iho lirst fruils aud tho onlvnncs
cuverlcd by Iho mnnuf.ietuier; rou. petilion oer
proiluclion, low prices nnd liankriiplcy lollnw.
l hu liigh tarill ol lois ruineil liall llio inauul.ictur.
prs in New I'.nglnnd bv the compelilion it imluced
and tho nnly nrgumcul wo knnw of in fainr of high
protcclion is tliat wo shall creatonn ciil that "ond
may grow out of i). During tho palmy days of
llanK ni.iKing, when money liecamo scarcc, new
llauk (,'harterswcro nnnlicd for iu oidcr to supnlv
Iho defieiency ; but now when a rraetinn has de-
ranged tho currcncy, wo scel; tn inrrcnn' tho tarill
in oriler lo malo up lor tlie llucluating vicmiis
stalu oftho currcncy, aud ourconscqucut losscs by
bad debls.
Ask an inlclligcnt mannf.icturcr which hc liad
rnlher haic, all ihe Statcs soiilh nnd west, found
nnd piintual rustomcrs or an increaso ot GO ppr cent
in lliotaritr of duly on fnrpign fabries, nml what
will bo hisninwer, "a nimblo pcnny is bctlcr than
thoslow and iloublful shilling?" lt'is true thut wc
hao brnuuht Ino miich fiom nbroi'd, bccausc wc
j li.no brouglit inorc than we liaie sold; but if our
iircscni iiirm win noi prccni iiiis, nnw ran wc
iiopo a biglier ono lo do it.' If llio increased priees
in oar mauulacturcs will bo uo Uct.cr oll than they
aro now.
A inenibcr iuf Congress (Mr Mnrslnll) iu ndinca
ling protcclion, savs, "our inanunicliirers must ho
cu.irded and foumfcd in llio lirst das of their cliild-
bood," vcry true but Iho oier zcatoii? fricnds of
protcclion wnuld ileslrny tlie licallh nl thochild.liy
i'ei'ding it wilh strong mcat and stimul.iting drinks
inslend nfthu moro liiup'o alinicnl siiilcd lo ils len-
der nge. l.'ndcr ihe protection which our reicnuo
I bill iucidclit.illv "ivesto our various manuficturcs,
they have been conlinually on tho ine reasc. Our
cotion gpods aro now expnrted in large quaiililies,
which cnuld nnt bc dnne if they depcnded on n lar
ifl' lo protect thcm. We know of no one branch
of imlustry which suirers from foreign eompelilion
ul thistinii', unlessit may bc irnn; nndns (imcrn
mcnt has for somo ycars back admitied rail-ro.ul
Iron frco ufduty, it wnuld now be no moro than
a just retribution to our Iron maniifirturers, to cs
lablidi n duly, as s undry mcmorialists have peli
lioned, at llio ratochargpd by thc compromisc act
ir. Iho vear 1S39.
.Much issaid and wriltcn nfijate, nbout forcign
rcsliiclions on our bread slufTs, still wc find that
last vrar I'ngland niliuilted nur bread stulfs under
ihe lowest grade nf duty lo tho amniint of six mil
lions ofdollars; llirough the Cnnndics iniichofour
llnur mii provisions (ind a forcign market nl n loiy
rntc of dutv. If Knsland ndmitted our brcnd (tull's
frco nt oll timcs, it would only lowcr tho prico of
her own corn, w ithout matcrially increasing the do
mand for ours; wo should also haio lo compete
wilh Eurone for tlie L'nglish market, nnd Rutsia
nnd Poland can raise grain chcaper than wo can,
becav'B their labor is cheapcr. But if wo had thc
cxclusive privilcge. of supplying Cngland with all
forcign corn shc nends, it would in ordinary years
be very little; New Ihigland ulono consumcs moro
of tho "production oftho West in ono year, than is
cxported tonll parls of thc world in sevcral years;
nml this market, based on Iho rnpid pngrcss of
manulacturing inUuslry, unucr tlie iicaiiny proicc
tion which is givcn by tho provision of tho com
promiso law, will bo found conlinually increasing,
uvcn in limes liko tho prcscnt, when a general
bankrutcy thrcatpns tho more agricultural porlions
of Ihnciiuiiiry. Iftho ugricultural Slales bad not
involved ihemselvcs in debt, nur iiinnuf.icturing
slales would be in a veiy prospcrous condilion at
Ihis tiiue. '
Wo ask nttention to tho following rcmarkr under
this head, from thn New York Post. They aro
sound to thc corc.'
Mr Slade, in tho speech mado by Inm a short
lime sinco i tho llouso of Rcpresentalnes, iu fj,
vor ofa protoclive t.irili", cnde.ivnred to perJade
the peoplo ofthu west that il is fni their interesi to
cstablish such a tarill'. Wu wanl, ho sas a stcady
l -t.... e.. .1 l ..r...i .lT. . J
numu iii.ii ivei iur uiu wneai raiseu iu lliu west; wo
cannoi dcpend upon a foreign market, and it u rot
worth whilo to trouhlo oursulvcs about it; wo onnlit
thereforo, lo lind u suro salo nl Iioiiio for the pro-
uuci oi our snii,
It liappens, hnwover.that this ste.idy horno mar
ket, which we want so much, is tho very thing
which wo loso by u protculivo tarifT. If .Mr Sladu
had not shut his uycs to all our past experience, lio
would havo teen ihis. L'crv new larilf that wo
havo laid, has r.iiscd priccs, excilcd speculation,
nnd invitcd importations. Tho eil'cct of thu liigh
priccs nf 1835 and tho following ycar, nro nnt, wo
Iinpo, fnrgotlen by tho community. Wheat was
imported from thu Ballio, und polatoes from Irc
laiidaud elsuvvhcre. The high prices, howcvcr.ai
lcngth bcgan lo ttimulato proiluclion; vnst quan
titics of wheat wero raisedand thrown into market
justut tho limowhen tho spccul.ition nf tho prcvj.
ons ycar began tn declinc. We then h.id so much
whe.it nt so le.w o pricc, ihat il would not pay iho
norlh.wcstcrn farmers for convoying it tn market.
No grcalcr nor.s 'nso rnu bo uttefed lluin tliis clarn
or about thc daty oftho gou.-rnmcnt tn prnide for
our products a stcady andcertnin iuarketat hnir.o,
by laying taxos on gonds manuf.ielured nbrnad,
Wu hau heard it kept up for tho last tweritv-fivo
ycars; tax nftei tax has bcen dcnianded by tlm
owners of factnrics, nud laid by Congress, The cf
fect nfit has been, Ihat our tommerun has bcen
kept in a state of constant uucerlainty, and tho
business of ngriculturu has been mado snbjecl loas
enormoiH fluctualions as tho stocks wilh which wo
gainblo iu wall slrect. In 18 1C iho piico nf flour
in Philadelphia was fnurlcen dollars a barrcl; in
1818, under llio opcrationofa prolectivo larill", it
snnk to Ihrnn dnllars and scvenly-livn cenls a bar
rel inlho Philiadelphi.t market. Subscquently it
rosu in valuo nnd nficrwards, in 182(i, it nink to
belwecn fuur and fivo dollars, and llio agricullur
alisls wero subjected lo grcat embarrnssuicnt.
Moantime, in thu ycars 1S21 and 1S22, llowcr in
tho westcrii Slales was ns low ns from230lo$150,
wheat 73 ccnts a IiihIiuI, aml Indiaiicorn half that
prico, nll tho whilo Congress was cnnstantly and
diligently eugaged in prolecling Iho hmno liianu-fa-lurer,
nnd securing lo Iho firincr what MrSlado
callsa "sleady homu market."
Wo havo tho testimony of u wool.grower, who
couiesin whilo wo nro wiiling that tho p'ices of
wool havo been kept constantly going up und down
liko tho pistnn of a sloam engino, by iho earu
which llio Knvernment has taken lo secure llio pro
prielor of llneks a steady home market. Wool
lias always been at tlio liiwcst priccs soon nftcr rn
nllieimis eimgrefs h.is pascd snmo law, lliu subject
of which was lo keop up ils value.
Thero aro snmo peoplo who nnvcr learn any
lliing frnui experience. Siimmer monllis that singo
their wings in tliu llamn of n cnndlc, nnd reprc
sentativps nf Couyrcss'.onal districts cnntaining half
a duzen f.iclions, aro of that class, llercwo nro
deplnrably singed in ennsequcnco of our preiious
cvperimcul.s, nnd Mr S.is gravcly ndvising us lo Iry
unotlier plungciutn tlm llaiue!
That individuals maiiifest great ignorar.cn'of tiio
hitory of polilical parties in this rouiitry, who cx
prcsses surpriso lli.it Jolm (. Adams pfmuld pre
senl a iiicitiori.il in Congress, from u portion ol tha
whig p.irty, in thu nneient Coiniiionwcalth, for a
"dis.olulinn ofllio l.'ninn."
It has been thu principal oliject nf many oftho
lcading men m tho 'hig parly, for nearly firty
years, lo bring abnut this nbj'ect. It is no new
ihing. It is s-iisceptiblo of strong prnnf, us that
Americawas eugaged ina war with Great Dritain
iu thoypars ISl'J, 13, and 14.
Nearly all ihe acls of tho whig parly, both in
ihcualional nnd Stato legislaturcs will suslain mn
in tho position hero nssumed. I!ut I will not
trouhlo thc rendcr with that kltid of ciidrncp.ns
llio nrgunicnts ncccssary lo n clpar piccidation
would be too volumiiious. Thero is nnotlicr kind
of tcsliniony to supnort tno in tho proposition laid
dnwn, and, is found in tho wrilings und spccchcs
of disliiijuished men inllm whig parlv.
Tho llon. Joiah Quiup.y, disiinguUhcd fnr his
ndhcrpucoto wliy principles, while n meiubor of
Consress, ina deluto on ihe ndmiss'mn ofMissouri
ns n Stalo, said: " If this bill pns-.es, it ismy dc
lilipralc iipininn ihat il is virtuallv A DIHSOLU
TIONOP Tlli: L'NION; Ihat 'it will fico tho
Slales finm llicir moral obligalion;and asit will bo
tho righl ofall, so it will bo the iluly of somo, lo
ihcu foii-viqi.r,NTLY ir tiilv .mi st."
Anolhcr indiiidual ofllio uhig parly, nnd n
nipmlipr of ('ongress, whoso tiame I fnrlipar to
iiipnlinn, he having paspd ofllio stagc of life.who,
in thn darkest hours of our counlry 's di'lress, call
ed inln exercise nll Ihe iiiighly cnergies of liis iiiind
lo " organize ono portion of this nation ngainst iho
Many ofllio fedcral prcsscs loo, of lli.it day,
now promoling whig priiicipals, slrpnunnsly ad
voealed a disolutioii nf thc l'nion. llear lliciii:
" Amcricans! PKKPARI'. YOL'R Alt.MS. Vau
uill soon hccallcd lo uit thcm. Wp must nso
them for the Rmpcror of l'rnnce, OR I'OR Ol'R
Si:LVI'.S." Ho$ton Jtipoiler.
" On or bcforo ihe 4th of July, ifJnmrs .Mndi.
on is not out of ollicc, n nctr t'orm cf orerntr.enl'
trillbe in o'lcraliim in Ihe I-.aslern teelion pJ tl
L'nion. Jnstniilly afltr, thc contett in many of
the Slales will be, uhelher to adhere lo Ihe al l.or
join the new poeerrmcnt." Fedcral Ileiubl "tn.
" uiu .vassncnufciii t as lerrible to thc
Amcricans. now, as she was to thc Hrilith Cabi
tiel ia 1775." J'ew i'ork Comuurciul Adver
" Is lliproa federalist in Amcrica,wlio roncciics
it his dutv lo slied his blood fur llonapart, for
Mndison.'for Jell'crnn, nnd that IIOST 01' Rl'l'
I'lNS in Cnngrcss.who have set their facrs against
l"S for yeais, and spiritpd up tho biulalpnilvf
Ihe populate io deslroy us? Not onc. Sliall wo
theu nny Inngei bp hp'ld in slavery, nnd dmen to
dopcralc povprtv, by such a gracclcss Itiction .'
Ilcavcn fn'rbid." i'oso Gazelle.
I il nlrcady fnrgotlen that a l.ile whig nicmber
ofCnngrcss said, in a public mcpling, that "our
govcrr.rnont was tho worst govcrnnicnt on ihcfaco
of (lod's carlh?"
Whoevcr will lake ihe trouhlo to cxainino tho
p.ipers publi'bpd by the whigs,in the darkest hours
ofoiir rountrv's pcrils, nnd nlo the publihed
sprnions of whig pripls, will lind n spp.iralion of
the Unton slrongly aihocated, nnd cluboralply dc
fcnded, while she wns rnmmittingthe mostabomi
nnbls oulrnges npon this rounlry.
Why, tlipn, should nny person bc surprispil ihat
tho whigs slinuld slrenuously ndhcrc to iheir old
priiicipals, and nnw, ihat Ihoy havc go thc asccn
ilancy in tho nalinn, shoold promnlgato thcm.
Americans! think of ihese thiiigs. Bay State
A glotton's stoniach must often rcsembka town
inccling wiiont a moderator.

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