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The spirit of the age. (Woodstock, Vt.) 1840-1844, March 04, 1842, Image 3

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Vo extract froin tlia Globe tho following nrt'tclo
dcscriptivo of llio prcscnt situation of Ihe govorn
mcnt. Itgivcs us pain us chroniclcrs oftliu times,
to placo on rccorJ, for tho gaze ofllio world, llio
wrctchcd coiiditiou in which the country is placed,
by tho unforlunate nsccndency of thoso who miw
wiold the goveriimeiit. Wu havo an r.vecutivo
whose policy is so iiicomprehensible, and whoso
cluructer so unccrtaiii, tliat when we think ofliiin,
wo are rcmiiulcd of Mooro's descriplion of
" The wiso man nfKsypt.whii was sllll ns n duinniy,
Anil when c'ro ho londi'ii-cndeil to t.pcnk,
IIc packcd up liU iiie.inins;ns ho wcnil.l a inuiniiiy
In to in.111) wruppers, t'wus out of oucs reuch."
nd wo liavo a majorily in Congrcss who have
lirouglit moro disgruce upon our institulions, and it
seeiii j to us as tliough it is dono designedly, than
was cver lirouglit upon it sinco llicir cstublUluncnt.
Lot tiio honest nnd patriotic of all p.irties read what
fullows, nnd ns. themselvos tho quostiun whclher
tho honor of tliu governmciit and llio interesta of
tho pcoplo nro lus.tfu lunds. jYVw Era.
Danicl U'ebsler.
Tho hcads which devised tho lurd cidor cam
paign wero moro cunning th.in wisc. In loukiug
to tho cnd thoy lost sight of tho inuvitablo con.u
ijuonces of tlm iue.ins thoy einployed. Thoy for
got th.it promNes n.ust du fullillod, that imposition
is nlways desliued to exposure, and lh.it tho inask
of deception cannot be retaincd whou incti bcgin
to speak by their actions. Thoy forgtit ihat sepa
rato nnd nnlugonist interests, lliotigh thoy may
. yiold for a hrief uioinpnt tn n grcat nnd pnwcrful
goneral inolive, will inevitably, like tho bent boiv,
snring huck tn llicir natural pnistinn, llio muiiieiit
tho spring which nnituu tho oppositu e.xlrcmes, is
broken or looseucd. In short, lliey furget evcry
tliing but sticcess, and nuver calc.til.ited tho cnn
soquences of obtaining n power which imisl, in its
cxercisa, inuvilahly ulieiiate tho a u il i.i r ios by
which it was uttaiiied.
Tho catastroplio of thcse short-sightcd polilical
views, caimi oven inoro spucdily thin wo antici
patcd,and tho Whig pitty, at this iiioment, cx
liibils an cxainplo nud a w'nruing. Its professions
have beeomo Ihe subject of deriision; its prnini.ses
nro on a p.ir with thoso of its fivorito l)antliiig,lho
" crcnt lU'sul.unr;" its imnosturos ure overy dnv
coining H) lighl.anil tho p.irty has becoiue incap.tblo
orunitmg on itny principio, uecauso it was origi
liallv constituted withnnt nrincinlos. It is falleii lo
piuccs by llio notion of its uwn inhorent anlipalhies,
and in a little whilo will h.tvo Joft no traccs of its
pnwcr, but tho mijchicfs which li.tvo niaikcd its
bnol carcor,
But desncrato incn in nnwer, may pcrpclrato
cnorinotis ovils, in n vcry short spaco of linie;ciU
which, in tlioir consequunccs, if not irremi;di.ible,
exlt'ml to futtiro permil.s, auil ulicr guccuotliiii
neucrations. Tho hundred days of tho cxtra ses"
sion aflbrd u pregant cvainplfi. I'liaaton hail llion
niountt'd tho chariot of tho sun, nnd in his hoad-
lons c.trcor, ho dnrangod tho whnlo systeni of
policy iiilnplod by tho llcinacratic Adiniiiistratiou,
und which ha.s slowly, but suioly, pcrforinin ils
olllcc m bringmg alioiil a returu ol pulilic ruuli
denco and publie prospoiily. Ilo dalied incon
tiuently ngainst oery tliing that slood in his way,
nnd tliou"h, lilto his protnmio, ho did nnt scl llio
world oii'firo, ho resoinlik'd liiin in his falo lioth
wcro drownod, ono in tliu Iuxinr, llioothor in tho
vnst sc.i iifniiihitioii.
Tho finvorninoiit of tho Unitod Slati1', is nnw
virtu.illv in nl)unnro, The nilot at tho lielni c.in
nnt cnniinautl tho sliip. Hvcry tliing is ilNnrrangt'd,
nnd no pnwcr cxisls to sot it in orricr. Cliaos i
coine ag.iin, und no ono can pnint out n modo nf
oicape, uxccpi lliroiigii a iliroct iiiui yp 'ciiy rciurii
.i i i t . . ' I ! - . I:.. ..
to tne gnini oiii jjeiiincraiic iriuoiiies unu lonuy
Tho cntirn liiKin.:ial sutein is in almnst iucxtri
cablo ooiifusioii. Tho 'l'reasury is i!haiislpd,iinil
ihoso in powcr cannot ngrcumi auy modo by which
it may ho ruplenishud. '1'hey cannot boirow innu
cv. h.iviii2 civen nway the only tt-cnrit y thcy had
lo olVer, und yet the Socrulary nf llio Navy, llii!
Sncri'lary nf Viir, und Ihe l'oslmasterO'uni'rnl.nro
Htronuously rocoiiiiui'iiiling nicasuros inal will in
creaso the'piiblic oxpcnditurcs lialf a scnro of nii'l
iotu, and udil that suin to tho tiinnuiil of the n.i-
tional banhruptcy.
Thov havo ropealcil tlio Imlcpciiilrnt I rensury.
but can agiea (in nn subslilulo. Tlii'y duununi'cil
Trcasurv notcs, anil siibslitulcd a ln.in, nud now
tliRV h.tvo roorlud. in llio c.xlroiinH ol abii'ct ilis
tross, to tliu vory i-xpuilieiit they dciiotniccd. They
Invo given nway llirt'o or iour niillioiis u ycai,
which thov h.ul no riiiht tn bostnw, nml they nro
nt tho saini: tiuie pushing nn wiih dcsperale cclcrity
n kvMciii il measurcs wliicli will iniposo a uecess
itv for perpotual borrnwiii'', nr perp.itual incrcas
ingtaxalion. Thoy pronused tliu rountry ri'liuf,
nnd llioy liave lnmctcil only aiiilitional distross
llio promisod reform.and lave ilouc wh.it will ro
iuiro lo ho rcforini'd; ihoy prninised oconouiy.nnil
llioy liavo givcn uwar iniiiiuns, uiirrui:u iiiiunms
nnd incri'ascd Ihe publio cxpcmlituros ni.iny mill
ions inoro. In fhort iheir inconsisicnclesand ron
trndiclions nn: so grossly nbsurd, that wcio it nnt
for iheir injurioun conse'quimces tn tho prnpoiity
nnd Inppiness nf thu pcople, lliey would oxcite
nollnng iiul laugiiter.
l'vnry tliing is in ronfusion; nnbody can nntiui
pate tho futurn actinn of llio Ciuverniuont, ns it
bcars on the vnrious i'ntcrcsts nf llio country; and
conscqtiuutly all tho oporations nf coiniiierce, all
tho biisincss f liuinau life, founded nn tho solid
basis of exisliug lliings, is nt n deail staml; or, r.s
Mr Cost Johnson wittily said of tho Murylatid
Whigs, " ns tiirnnd lorpid ns n barrcl offrozen
liard cidcr." Sucli is thu flnal resuU nf llie Whig
triuuiph; sucli thu practical inlorprmatiou of .Mr
Webs'.cr's prophelio cry of "ciia.no n, citA.r.i:,
In rcply to Mr Adam'allusionslo iho duel be
twcen Graves and Cilloy , Mr Wiso Baid.
" Ilo was glail that he had nowan opporlunily
nfavinL' uli.it ho Ions wisheil tn mv, nnd ho
llunUcd d'od that thcro was a largo nssenibly pic-
fentlo hcar it.and tli.it llio tuno had at lenglli ar
rivcd fiir him lo vindicato himself now nnd I'orever
from tho ch.irge of injtigating and ndvising the duel
nf Cravcs and ('illey. Ilo li.nl been tb.irged liy
tho gcutlemcn from Massachusotts with being thu
insligator and mh'ncr of that duel, nml with being
moro guilty ihau tho man who pnlled thu Iriggcr;
nnd lio (Mr A.) was reading fiom Iho iiiurnal wilh
n view inciduntally of coiuicting liiin (Mr W.) of
thochatgo. Iln was glad to nee that llicru w.is
nnw nrescnt
mt, anil m tli.ii iiiui. iwo .senaturs Irom
ln.iinpbv ivlin. nt tlie little oftho tluel. rpurosoo
lcd lh.it Stuto.in lliu Seuato of Iho United ritates,
. t...i... : I-.....I.
OnOOl WIIOIII l.tir lyUlJ wm Sllliog uiiiieiiiiiiy
behind tho goiitleman froin Massnchuselts and ho
would appeai totheni to boarliiin wiltiiess.lhat his
ndvicew.n not given. rolicd on, or followed, in u
uHe prcliii.inary, of tli.it duel: that U was thu ud
vico ofanolhcr, a belter, a higher, nnd a moio dis
linguislied iii.ni, th-t was relied onjnutl iis tu what
occurtcd upon tho thc ground, lio was only tbcre as
nn ariiicd ser.nnd.to guard thu lifu ofhis friend,
with writtcu instructions in his pockut. Ilis only
rcgret now was that bowas iuduccd to go, not up
proving tho preliiiiiniiy stcps that had been taken
in that fight.
MrCriltendcn nnd Menifec, tho collcagucs of
Mrdraves, vere bolli on the ground assubseconds,
with wliom he was bound and pledgcd to udviso
on evcry ijucstion that occurrcd ihere, nnd with
whotn be did ndviseand consutt on every poinl,
and thero wns not a single point witli which .Mr
Critlcndcn nnd Mr .Menifec difTered with him; nnd
that if Iie was respniisiblc they wcre. .Mr Joncs,
the eccond of Mr Cilley, had to his two sub
scconds.aj he (.Mr W.Jhas togo too Mr Criltcndcn
nml Mr Menifec. Ifhe was resnonsiblc, they wem
rcsnonsibie also. IIc was rcady, (Mr W. said,)to
meil his riod on thc c'iargc,o far os niurdcr or in-
stigating tho duel waa concerned; though ns far ns
the sin of duelling was concerned, lio confe.sscd lio
was not ready."
That Mcssrs. Crittrndcn nnd Menifco wcro prcs
cnt al llio muidcr of .Mr Cilley, is no new fact.
Tli.it Mr Clay wns iheir niessiiiatc, and liliuly lo
havo bccn consiilteil in all lliuir iirraii"CinCnts, is
no new fact. That iniinediatuly npon tho jssuo of
tho cluol, n spcci.il incss.igo was senl iiiui mioriii
ing Iiiui that " Cilley if shot nml Giuics is safe,'
is no new lact. liut the statenients of Mr Wiso,
made openly in his prcsence, cstrry thu iiifercuces
againsl Iiiui a great deai fuMher, und if true, jix
upon him licytndcscupc,the chief guilt qfllie mur
derof Mr Cilley.
If'.Mr Wiso isbelievcd, ho actod nu tho field un
der U'RITTKN inslriiclions. Whn dictated llieni.'
Nnne oflhoso who Wero prt sci,would havo given
WRITTIIN instructions. Who was tho ubscnt
incn who thctated them Who but " Ihe highcr
aid vwre dislinguiilicd mcn," who remained nt
liome, nnxiously awating tho announcetnent of the
uvcnt by spi'cin'l iiicksnge.' Who but tho inoss
mato of tho inuidcrers .' Who but tho man whose
inlluenco ovcr iheui, umouiitcil lu nbsolute control.'
Who but .Mr Clay ? Mmne ,'lgc.
This ncntleiiian. whoso powerlul rcply tu Mr
Clay on llio Vcto (pietion is nllowed on all hands
tobe lliouinst inasteily spuech he has ovcr deliv-
ored iu the senate ol llio umleil states. ann
wlioseppeech on llio Michigan .Momorial on llio 2d
inMant indic.ites strnngly his dispnsilion to returu
to his first Invo, (tho crccd of llio Slales' Rigbls'
Virgininn Scliool,) is becoming an nbject of dis
trust and nppreheiikion lo tho IV'dural Whigs. Ilo
iian rert'iitly dUplaycd a powcr, to which ho has
long been a ktrarger and for llic simplu rcason,
that a man is nlways strongcr on tho sido of Tiuth
than ol llio crror.
Tho Washiimton Corrcspnndcnt of tho rvow
York Exprm, iioticing his spcech of that day,
The debato belwecn Mr I'.nnd MrClay, was
nf the duello style. Mr I'reslon i-pr.ko ihree tiuies
uud Jlr Clay twico. 11 was out tlio last wceu ui.ii
thesb iwo senators woro at tho nntipodes upon olh
er sulij'icts. Indeed, 1 can hardly see nny agroe
iiienlufnpinioii betwcen Mr I'cston aud any ol his
old ai-sociates in llio Senate. Ho voles ag.iiust thu
l'reasury Nntu Itill, no matterwiiat llio necessity,
he opposes tho Ilankruptllill no maller for the powcr
nr urgency for tliu patsago of tho llill. Ile isagainst
DhtribiUiou, a ranll, Inlernul improvciiienis.anii,
in all ihiiigs, for thonarrowcst ronstructinn of thu
coiislitulion. I'pon all lhe-o iiucMions ho is fouud
wilh thu oppouents ofllio iuluiiniatraliou, und the
Whis ofcourso havo oftcn in conscnncnro tosuf-
fertho most paiiiful ofall wounils, that of being
woundud in tlio houxu of a fricud. Ilul all thesu
opinions of sli ict construclion aud and of local iiC'
tion, I mu?t s.iy, aro iu rcfurrncn lo publie duVics
nud no doubt nro conscienliou-ly held. Ono how-'
ovcr, cannot liut ri'grelto seoo iutelligciit a man
be.'itiii!! thoairol nbstraclions.
Ilow it is iinssible, lli.it anv man likcAir I'rcMou,
oiilertaiuiug ihcso alistract and just opinions, or
like .Mr i liorutoii ol l nrolino, miouui co-operuic
wilh a parly li'to tho Clay Whigs, is a phenoiiwiion
pcrfoctly inoxp'icablo Iu ns. Can it lio, that meas
urcs nro of loss rouciiiinco than iuen principio
of los iiiipnrlniico than partj? I'oi our nwn p.irls,
wo say at onco, "liivo us 1 ailli givo us orns
'ne us bolh I'uillt nnd lVnrLs I'aith without
wurks is dead. Hichi.wnd Kiuiuinr.
Not I.of nnd (iuin nfeach coiinty ona new d'.s
Irilmliim of tliu Suiplus l'und, deputitcd iiibovoral
lowus lu eriiiont:
Chittenden County,
I ranklin,
(irand IkIc,
2,tU7 8-1
S24.1U8 5(i
55,751 77
l.ljll 05
1,231 85
:',,u 12 i;u
.1,323 1!)
0,121 25
$521,107 C7
10 S2 1,103 OG
Aniount nnt dividcd,
rr.iction.il Itisses
I'.vcrv tinvn which has fintained a lo-s has bei'ii
iintified" lo inako payinent un or befnro thu 20th of
Marcn next. iinuii'iiiaiuiy aurr ne moiiuy n ru
ceivid by tlio Trousurcr, ho will givo notioo lo
oacli toivii of tho nmouiil of iheir gaiu nud furuiidi
llieni wilh a recoipl to bo kignod by iheir Trus-
tecs, wlnrli will ontitlc llieni In p-ivment.
JOIIN SI'AI.DINC.'Treasurer.
Treasurcr's Ollico, .Monlpclier.rob. 10, 18-12.
Woodstock. Vermont, islhebirlh placo of lli
r.iiu I'ower., tho celebrated fculptor unw in ll.ily,
Iho pride of his cnuntry. It was in llus f.nuio Ui
(Windsoi) lh.it John S. llariy, I'resent (Jovcrnor
of Micliigui, wn bnrn. And wo miglit add th.it it
was in llus couiily that wu ourselvcs lirst iittended
a danciu? Schoo! Cliicago Dcmocrat.
Avast. ihere! Sinco it was knnwn lliatlho grpat-
pst livina snulplnr was liorn iu WoodstOi;l, lln-rf;
bas beeu u "porlpct niru ol all sorls ol ppopio
lioastiiiL' of first seeing iheli'ln in ourgoodly village
nud ils icinity. I.ust, though not llio lo.it.1 m
lcngtliat least.coinps ono Colnm'l .lohiiWt'iilworth,
of C'hicngo, rluiming noloiiuty from haviii; leained
lo ilancn in lliu coiin'ry! (Wo can t nllow nny
sucli rarrjings on nr llus. Wo shaut let any inoro
iu nt prcscnt, su st.i ncJ PacK.
Spirii of the ,1ge
Wouldn't you let Juncr. I'nENcn iu if it khnuld
salisficlorily nppuarlo vou Ihat ho did noi cxile
himself from jour diggins. ulunlarily; but was
"MliP llie wlsc Ulytitt, thrnwn
lly varluiis f.iUi on rdnis uuLnuwn."
as I'opoiajs?
Uon't say nay? wo knnw you
Acte Ura.
Ccrtainly, Junra:: ccrtainly: walk right in,
make )ouikolf petfectly at liome.
A bai JWiminulion. It is suM that Mr Dickcy
has been nomiiialpil l'rst Complrollcr in tho place
nf Mi liarker. .Mr Dickcy was onu nf llnne who
r.ilent tl tlir: ininuitous llank nf tiio Cniled iiluln.s
C(liml,(,nwe,llh. Ilo would inakon prpt-
i .?
' IU
ty Couiiitrollnr of tho Treasury. llellcr nppuint
icdevil utoncn.
Philadelphia Spirii of the Timci,
Don't belicvo you would do any belter than
What n plty it is that the federal prcscs can
not ngrco iipon thc niuounl ofdebt which thc Di'in
ocrati? Adinitiislralion lcft liehintl it. Mr llarnartl,
n fedcal inciiiber froin New Vork. pronuunced it
Jorly milton al llio lastscssioii ofthe lato Lon
gress llie t rec i'ctti siiii calls u "an cnormous
debt," white thc Montpelier Watiltmttn vcnlurcs
inln (igurcs, nnd says tweUo milbons was ihe nre
cisn sum left for the feds lo pay. Nuw wc lake it
thc tloclnr himself knows belter than thesu nuacks.
The federal Secrelary of thc Treasury rijiorls to
Congrcn lli it the publie debton thu -ltli Mnich,
1841, when tlie feds came intn powci, was gs,-
3711,035: and that ol tlus, 5jU,ijU7,ai)l consistcd n
Treasury notcs in clrculation: ol only S1,771,GUS
exclusivo of IreasuM nolcs. Ilesidcs this, it is a
fact beyond disputel that at tho tery time of this
Iteport, a large aniount ofltensury nolcs say onc
third at least had bccn tcdcecmcd, nnd werc in
thejnnds of the valious accounting ollipers, bu
had not been ontercdon tho books of tho Depart
men'.at Washington. Now thercadersof tho Ftce
i'rmnnd H'ntchmnn, will novcr hoar of theso
facls. 'J'hesu two journiils havo loo long nctetl nu
llio principio lliat "a lio well piuck to, u iib gouu us
tho trulh," to deviate from il in this l'ao.
Ilul thu federal jourmds may prale about n publie
dcbt, now, afler ono year of federal " reforui" has
passrd. On tho 23 of December lasl, only teu
iiiouths after ihe uccessioii of thcso reformers to
pnwcr, how stood llio case.' Accnrding totho Re
port of the federnl Secrctary of llio Treasury, tho
publiedebt was nt that linio" !j l-t,728,G35! ofwhich
.7,3S3,()27, only wan 'l'reasury notes being an
iucreasc of neaily ono million in Treasury notcs,
and soeu niillioiis in debt in olher forms!! This
too, iu Ihe shoit space of tcn monlhs. I'retty fel
iows tolulk abuut dcbt and extraMig.iiico.
Burlington Scniincl.
TUNn: "Old Hundred.
Befnro ihy throno we bnasl tho nauio
Of I'ub'EMn.N: (lod.thy I'rown isjust.
Immnrtals break your bonds of hIi.iiiiu!
Aiise, iuebiiutes, from llio dust!
Slavcry aud duath the cup contains;
DaJi to the varlh the puisoned bowl!
Softer than silk nro iron chains,
Comparcd wilh thosc that chafo tho boul.
Ilosannas, I.ord, to thcu wo sing,
W hose pnwer llio gi.int iicud obovj,
What couulless thousauds triliuto ining,
l'orhappier homejand brighlet days!
I'liou wilt not broak tho bruised rced,
Nor lc.tvo Iho broken hoart unbound:
The wiferegains n husbaiid freed!
Tliuorplian claspsu lallier lounu:
Sparc, Lord.tho thoiightless, gnide lliobllnd
Till man un imiro sli ill deem it juit
To livo by Ibrgiug rlniins to bind
Ilis weaUer lirollier iu llio uust.
Wilh nnturo's drauflit your goblcts fill,
And pli'dgo tho world' that yoaro froo!
Ood of elerual Irnlh, wo will!
Ourcauso is ihinu, our truat in Ihco!
Agreeablo toprovious notico iho young incn of
tho Countv of Windsor aseinbled ut thu llri:k
Meeting llousn, in Woodstock, on tho 22d day of
IVbruarv ult. nt 10 n'clnck A. .M. lor tlio pnrposo
of fiirnnng a Counly Young Mcn's Total Abitiuen
co Society, nuxiliary lo llio Sl.ilo Teuiperanco So-
tiety. .Most ol tliu Inwns in llio i.nuniy wetu rnp
reseuted by largu and repectabln delegalions.
Thocoiivoiilioii was palled to onler by nppuint
iii2 S. R. Slreeter I'riident, pro lein, and 0. J
llillinas. Secrelury, pro tem. l'raver by thu Rev,
Mr Tillntsoii. On inolinn, by Mr l'almer, a cnui-
miltpu oflivii wero nppuinicd tn (liauglit n Lonsti
tulioii for ils nddiiplion cuiikUtinz of C. (1. l'.ast-
man, II. II. l'aliner and 0. h. Iluntly, of Wood
ktnck, llpnry Ilowitt Jr. of I'rninfict, and Doc.t.
Ilatesol Ilartlanil; wlucii commiltee, niier n mort
absenco.returned wilh a Coiistitulion proposing llio
loriiialinii of n " yndor County Young .Men's
Tolol jlbstuicncc Suctcln, wlucliwas rcail anil
'I ho conveiition lliPii proeeciied 10 nn ioini n
cnmmiltoo, cniisiMing i.f ono delcgatu fiom e.ich
town ri'piesented, tn recoiniiipud suilable persons
fDrollinurs uftliN sncn'ty lor tlio year oii-uing:
W ii'ieiinnn t iufn OUIU2 naineil cpulli.'iiien wero
appoiiiti d s.iiil Co illee. .1. It. Danforlh I'.sq.,of
llarn.ird, Ora I'niil I.sip romlret, b. 1.. fcturte
v.int, llarlford, I'., Clovrland, llartl.inil, Col.Swain
llo.idiiiL'. I'. Chimberl.iiii, Royullnn, R. Metculf,
S'lmrnii. Niclinls. Wpllllll'reld. W lll. U. t-lono
Windi.or, and (ico. 1!. tliapman, ooiisiocu. uu
lini'mn bv Dnct. I'.ilmcr n couiiuilli'e was tlicii ap-
pointed lo draoujt resolutious as exproskivn ofllio
onn, nf ihis rninc'iitiilli. which roiniliillPO ClHlsi-
tcd of Rev. CaUin Selden, of llarnard, Doct
llales, lliirlland, S. 11. Slurlovanl, lliirllniul, Ilen
ry IIpw'hi Jr. Pomfret. W. 11. Stone Windsor, I'..
I.unaii, RomiIioii, Doe. II. R. l'almer, Wood
stock and S.'A, llullaid, Wputhorsfield viid Com
iuilli'i' to ii.aku their report in the ufteinoon.
Ailjiiuined tn 2 o'clock I'. M.
2,nV.lock 1'. M. Mct, porsuarit In ndjoiirnmcnl
.Mecting called to onler: Wliereupon llie rom
uiitteo for llio rci'oninieiidation ofollicers, icporled
Iho naines nf the following who wero unaniniously
II. R. I'AI.Mr.R, WooiUlock, PicsMent.
H. C. Ha it.s, lliirlland, 1st V, Presidenl.
H. A. Iiin.i.AiiP, I'erkinsNiHe, 2d
J, IIowman, llarnard, 3d
II. llr.wn-r Jr., romfiet, Ith
C. fi. I'.astmas, WooiUlock Cor. Ser.t.
W. C. I'hi:n'CII, Woodstock, Rec. Scct.
(5. R. CiiAi-jiAN, Woodstock, Trcasurei;
II. ll.l'Ai.MKit, Woodstock, "1
W. R. Sro.vr., Windsnr, I
V.. Daxkokth, llarnard,
N. I.amii, Ilridgpwalpr, i DUcclort.
Owkn Taft, WooiKiock.
S. 1!. SrunriiVANT, llt'l'ord,
I). S. Moiist:, Shirou, J
Doct. I'aliiici.llien stenped forward,and in a few
hiief romarks I'xpressi'd iiis ih.inlts to the Soucty
foi lliu linuor llii'' lnl coulerreil upon lnm, iiiui
his hcariy ro-nperalion willi llieni iu tho Tcmper-
;inco Iteforiiiation. Ile llion took tliecliair as l'res-
Tho commiltee on rpsolulions was llion called
upon for iheir repnrl, which was presented by l)r.
Ilatcs, aud elicited ronidcralilo iliscusiiui, which
liunlly rcsulteil in ils ndoplion with a slight aniPiid
mcnt'lo resoluliou Slh. That report ns ameiided
is ns follows.
lst. llesohed, That Iho iinparallelcd succpss
wliicli has attendcil llio lx'iiiperancellorts Ucar llio
strons iuinress of Dcity.
2. llcsolrcd, That we regaid the principle of cn
tirn alislmenco Irom nll intoMcatiiig ilnnks ns Iho
only ground upon which llio pprfect triuuiph of llio
rempcrniice Uclonn can liuetteetPd.
3, llcsolrcd. That in view of tho succpss which
bas nttcndpi! tho uxi'rtinns whicli havo beeu madc
for llie reforinalioii of llio mlcmporatp, wo have
pvery induccment toconlinue to labor in their bo-
I. llttohfl. That wc heartilv ndopt tho svs
loni of rclbrmiition which has been so signally
blessed viz tlnt of thu Wiishitigtoiii.in Soriely.
5. Jlesolted, That lo traliic in ardent spirits is
(i. llesolvcl, That tho grpatPst obtaclo lo nc-
cpss iu llio Tfiiipcranco Uoform, is fuund in tho
Winu Ililibcr, the Cidcr Toper und the man who
driuks a little for he.ilth.
7. llcsolrcd, That wc discard tho idca nf inn
kiii2 the Teiniicrnnco Causo n nolitic.il enginc, or
n proino'crtif sectarianisni, nnd althnugh wu would
i. ..ii ..e ..t:.!...i nir:M..., t .nn..
W ISII Ull Ol lllll ililllii.il iilin.i;i iu uu iviiiii:iiiii
men, yet wo boleivelh.it any cfibrt to inaku n
Temiierance I'arty in nolitics would hc an irrrepar-
bte iujury to the great cause wc have pledgcd our-
sehcs tn niaintam.
8. Ilcsohed, That Iho Pledjo of this Sociely
bc prcsi'iitci. to the Heprenscntatives nf cach town
in thc countv tu thc SheriH, nnd his denulies in
cach town tn the civil anthoritips in c.ich town
to thc Judges of I'rulute lo llie igiter totho
mciiibers oflhe b.ir lliroughout llic Country totho
Judges nnd his usistants to tho clurgy nnd to
llie physicians in cach Town in the county and
llic association nnd co-opcration of cach beearnest
ly solicitcd. .
9. llesohed, That weinvitetho altenlinti orcvc
ry Co. in this Statc lo Iho propnety of forming Co.
Tcmperance Societiei.in their respectivp Counties,
auiilliary tn the Statc Tcmperance Sociely
10 lirsolred, That thc procpcdings of this Con
vcnlinn ho publihcd in thc ncwsp.ipcn in this
The Conveiition wns nddressed by Mi A. Wil
ius in the aftcinnon, and bv Isaao N, Cushman
lVq., in tho ovcniiig afler which llio following
rcsnlutioii was introduced by IJoct, CaHtle, nnd
unaniinnusly adupled.
Jlesolcel, Tli.il tho tli.i ntts of thi Convcnlinn
ho pre.sented to Mr A. Wilkins, nnd I. N. Cush
man, Tsq , for their inlerestiiig and nbto oddrossi's;
nlso lo tho Sociely and pistor of the church for
the uso of iheir Ilouao on Ihisnccusion
AdjournedjSt'ne die.
Woodstock,' Fcb. 23. 1812.
11. It. I'ALMr.R, Presidenl.
W. C. rnn.NCii, Hccording Sccrclarij,
ICpMr Clay has scntln the legislatureofKen-
tucky, his icsiguation uj Senator of the Unitcd
For Me Spitit of the Agt.
tiib srosiiM spiurr.
I cnme! 1 cnme! and tho norlhern sky
Ishrisht with thell.ish of my blazing eyc,
The Cideleks my of tho polar Star,
That servos usa guido iu that fcatful hour
'.Midst unknown Seas lo tlm gallant tar,
When conip issand nuadriuu loso tholr powcr
Isveilcd by llio sh.ido nf my sablo wing,
As wide to llio blust ils folds I fling.
I spced my way thrniigh tho forest wido
And l bo w iliuiiak inils powcr aud pride,
I'roni green-wood valo nncUhadcd glen
Is lieard the clangingof hoofand liorn,
Tho hay ofdogs ihe shnuls of meu
As tho lliniiug wheels of my car forewarn
Their diglit nway from thu sylvan-stralh
When 1 lido llie galo infire and wrath.
O'ertlio wminggiassoftho vnrdant plain
O'cr llio ripeiiings lields ofgnlden grain,
1 bent my coiirse; tho f.irmi'rs hnpo
Of a jiiyo'us h.irvest hoine is crushed,
1'or nought so wu.ik and frail could cnpc,
Wilh my swecpiug irain as I nnw.ud rushtd
And with uching liearl ho iews aghabt
The bligliled track o'er which I'vu paat.
Liko aneyric built on a raggcd stecp,
Th.it beetling frowns o'er llio nngry deep,
Slandstho fislicriiiaiik luil; auil its bcncon firo
fileanis (orlh wilh a pnro nnd sleady ray
To guiile lliu hark of iho son nnd tiru
Whoplied llicir callingday by day,
pt nu'er ag.iin will they lido thu wavo
I'or they sleep in thu dep'ths of an occau cavo,
Tho signal gnn of iho foundring wrock,
lloom n'cri llio wnvous llie plunging cleck
Sinks 'neatii thu tido; nnd a pipiiigwail
Of diuwniiig iuen is burno a luu
As 1 rend ('aclikhroud nnd split each tnil
And bury all iu llio deep deep Sea,
Thus madly u'cr thu carlh I reign
'Till lockeil iu yllolus cave.s again.
N. Y.
Mirricd. I'ittsburgh, ou Thursday llio C3d
ult. bv ltov. rriincis Ilcrun, Mr Willi.im Silk tu
Miss i.ucinda Tow, of St. Clair Towiialiip.
'I'lilslnnnai dnmrl madc a nct,
Inlrlrntil) nlTnw,
It m i-iis tlnt klic wns fully nct
To cilcli the nllkrn bi'ati.
1 liuvcrr.ul llie incMninriliosrs
Ofl.'upW o't r iuul p'cr,
P.ul kiirh mi iiiic'iiiiIi clningc ns llili,
I iifvcr lieanl lnfure.
Whn stransp fmlinlla wlilinsdo ilwill
In lioih hliili (iti.i luw,
fihc llkos in hnn.llo Hllk full wcll,
Whllolie pri'Urs the Tow.
Now rvrry day llils nrw inadc wifo
Ma honcv lp nnil iuill,.
Auil ll'kliedon'l drm ui ll ilirnuzli Hft'i
Tii not lur wiiut ol Kllk.
Mr Oondy will lcrtnre nn llic Hiibject of Tcmpcrar.cc,
nt llic Mi'lhodUt Chaptl In tlils village, oa Thurnl.iy cvc
uiii;.(3d imt.) lo conmiciu'c nt hill'pasl.li ii'cIock,
23vf0ijtou iaviut,
MO.NDAY, l'i:i!. 21 , 1SI1.
AtMarketiyi llod C'attie, FOO .V'ii!?;i, nml 121 fiwlne.
rmci:. lltrfCnlllt. rirituu.iliti N."(5i) n 5 ."), si'Coud
iirt!lty 8173 nS21. Thlrd aiiulllv, 17ri n 1 Bn.
Vur. I.oU wrro lold (,'.',".0, S'J,l,U, 3,73, 1,30 5,C0
a on,
iivine. A lot wns snM In niddloi nt I nnd 5c. At rctnil
from 1 1-2 to C..V, K.t'armcr.
A (Irnnd Vocal and instrumrntnl Conrtrt by thc Wood.
stncl; Snrcil Muslf Asjocialioa, asltcd by tlie Iluli'rpi-iu
Sorlity, will bo glvcn at !!, Jninis Church, (lor Ihe bcn.
rlll ufMr Ilrown,) on ThunJ.1) cvcnlug Mnrch lltti ldl2,
conilatlns oflhe lollouiug
i'aiit rm-sr.
Vnliuitnry (Orzano.) II) Mr I.ull.
liut in llic lnm d.ijs Anihriii.
'llic rirule'lilie.-"Wou (..' lilow
on.'" llimrtctte.
Wrrcker'sdtuslilir Instrur.xtntnl.
Thc liome ol (iod Iljiiin.
Thcreli .intri-ani Duo. -
Aiuliulliio A lluo. Imlrumcntal.
(llury lo Cnd in llic lllsl.est Molitt.
llnjie In Ihe I.ord ll)ian.
"llnlce Cunreiilo," (u-itn viirlntions) as
pciloriucd iu tiipOpcrn oflhe "Mnglc
I'lJte." tnatrumenlrJ.
II ui i.wiu.
1. lfhuminlilndiirnicets ritnrn Mntclt. Mtsoi.
2. Ile a1iu.ll coine down lile rnin Trio. Ami.v.
3. lliTo'a (lulck Hli'M. Inttrumentn!. Kiimiht.
I. Wetcuiiie, riioii il.iv ol llie I.ord; Motctt. N.EI.I.
5. Oli! Ilmv lnvely l'Zion Aiilhcm. Ion.
6. lirnnil Sonniii. In.ln:i:lutlr.l L'uLrtx.
7. The Ma Vh. -Trio. llr.Al.fOTT,
e. SinctiM itiid IIiMitni.a. tlhorus. Ao.f.
9. Jt-ru-niiiii! mt clorious l.oiiu Anlhcm. JlAkos.
10. "M ircliclUlliiiciur," ns pcii'ornied in hoit-
or ol llm nnlinlof l.ulJM'ttc iu .cw
Vork.-;nirumrafl. 8ivl.XDSf.tl.
Tinnr. nncn nt iii.irn.n.i K fiVlnck r.srrrlscs rommcnc c
nt7 Ttckrls if iidiuittancc 2 ccnti. to bc Iuul at the
I'r.iiikliu llook Sli.ro.
Woodstock, Mnrch 1,1812.
TTTtl.l.l,i.nl,tliv riibllc Salc nt the C.irrlaic Sliop
V litelv ncctiplfd by I.obemo I'iutt, lii Ihe Mlhise
nr Woodstock, the 12lh day ol M.iri-h, Inst-, nl oneo'cl.Kk,
1'. M., Ihe Inllowinit nrtlclc, ilit n Hrge qunntll) ol
Chnlrs of nrlnin klndaj one new l.'uttcr. one "econd
i,..,l .in . i.vn rrnml linnil Ilnrnfesi t w o llulT.iln flllbff,
niiu.inlilv iifaensonfd lluln rttid Spokca, ol'll k Inds; a
iltintnltv ol'Ojk rimik; Anlido.) Maplc do.) aml n quan
til) oiumiuooa noarus.
nll thi. M.rhlniirv. nnd loolj of etcrv iHserlmlnn bclonj
injto the Lrrlte snop, imri) iwubbu j !""
"A ' N.T.ninJRciiu.i.,) .,,,,,.
(IKO. 0.1'HAIT, 5 A"'-n'"-Woodstock,
Murch I, 1312. 95-2W
i iii- iTTirni i.v nrinir.1 aml rmli'lllshril pscer, cn
f It.ti.i it,n .i irnir V Sir.CIIANlC." Is publihnl
wrekly at No. 31 Ann atrcel. New-York, by Vnnojdrl i:
rorlcr. nnu octoini io mc .... , - -
llons. nnJ clrnllllc ImproTrnic n In pcncrnl. C.icii num
... .Ir.rrlntlnnof nl cnt nnp new Mrchanlf
al" Intrntlnii with all en?ralnt. Tcrins, l.OrPrsnnnm
of nblch nn' ilii I rci'uri'il ' iIht.
milK ialntrllicr ntTcrs f.ir 9o!c n vnluatilo I artri,
.L if d tipori the Crcck, oue uitle wcsi of llnrniird.vll me.
in WluiNor Co., Vl. S.ilu larin coiliulns tbout ono lliu
(!i ril und un ornH U mllull) (JlViJfU lnlo woo.l,
nral.lc iui'i itrmliis l.in.1. Tlierclm divi'llin? Imui- nml
limi, nn orcll inl orexccllclit fiult Irctn, and ncvcr liiliil?
vji rinss ol' wntiT upon llio piwnlH'S. Durlng llie lut
i'ar II iroilnccil nljout 40 Uuh ol'lmy.
As llio sulwcrllier is vtrydi-slriom of sclilns the abnvc
pronerty, nn upprovnl crcilit ol'fiom Ouc, lu trnjcara
will le itlvdii or It will be ilipoc.l ofln hliuOit nny way
to Hiiit lliu roiirciiicnrc nf lliu ptirrhasir.
ror nirllicr parllculars ninuirc i.i unn u. wisiii, ur
Rollln ltlrhmniHl, orilarnanl. UOLI.1NH WK'.IIT,
iiarunru, Jlnrca M, li! r.'. ao-ow.
rfMir. SriUNCI TT.RM ofllio nhovc Imlltutloii will
X coiniiit'iice oa I liureday Mareh ICtli.
Mlul.. I.. llniuiiD.ii cradunle of New llnmntoii Insll-
tutlon, N. II. will lustriiot iu tln- rciimio Dcpartmcnl.
luilinu per ipinrtrr, &auuU 51.
I'or I'riMirli, i-tir.i .?2.
Ocu. T. II. IttNMiM. is cii"ncd tn ddivcr, durlnj Ihe
lerin, a courae of li-ciniisoii hc kriince r.f (Jfologv, for
ulilrli all whn niu-nil, uill lio r htiry i-i I lif y rcuts rach.
Sliulonts will bo clinri'.l lullloii lor m k'a.l luul'a ijuar
tertcr, exci'pt ia cus.e ol icl.ni-.
1.. iu lu.iiu l, i .inrr-(.
Norvvi.-li, reli. 12, JS12. 9Mw
sap :boilei;
JIT3T IN'VnNTCP, nnd for ka!e hy lliefi.M. Iron Co.,
li. ItLAUi:, Aoiint. A niw und linprcvcd
Cast Iron Sap Boilcr,
with n rim or llnnjc. The boilcr Is thrcc ft. 8 In. Ions
2 fl. .'! iu. wldtf, nml si inclii's lu deplli wllli rlm ol i i.?
inplics, ll iiinv ln'nei upou lojsor i.olus niilts piirclinsers.
Husar innniifiicliircrs will lliul Ihls boilcr l.ir mpirlor lo
tho caldron or olhrr killlra for boilingsip nnd for rconn.
my iu fut-l. The) kecp cuiutuntly on luiiid, a lnrso us
ortini'nt of
CJUJIWX nnd olhrr Vr.TTIX'!. ItOl.l.OlV lf.lRR,
1'i.oirs, caoK t, .iu:-ri(wrsruri;s,
nhciallfiil IHely InvrnU'd siimmcr k'ovp, wilh nu clcvn-
ti'd oven in whli !i a f"v i-hlps, will holl ihe teaki'ltii' nnu
Imlic po'nlors or licult. Allofwhkli they .lll kcll ou
lliPtr lirmi for rrnli nr grain.
lirnniion, i co. n. i-1!'.', nu-im
HAP pnrclnsed llic cntire slock ofDiii's nnd .Iciliciucs
oflhe miTCliMits of this tuui, ni.il opnud un ovtcn-
Dnui mid Mcdicinc Slov
In front of.'Ir Whilne'.s llolcl.wlicrp l.c will lu- hnppy tn
wilt upon litilli riijsiciuns und llii publie iu lils line ol bn -slnt'si
nt nll lluiri.
Any ono wantiiij; imdlrlnc in thcnl;ht nronllie Snb
balh li) calllns nt in) duilliii;! l.ull be clii'iil'ull) wnltcd
V"- .
Ile Ippis rniiinirni in saMns iuni wiiii ui i'n --iu noi.it
tosrtli'-r wilh nddilions wlui li urc coiMui.lly in iking, Iie
will liaM'ii. (Aliniivo un iihsorlinint bolh i.f Miiipli uud
rouipounds, ns i-uii he I'nnnd lu the s-lule of Vcrinnnl.
l'.irticuhir nlleiitlon will Iie pnld lo llilli oi.i of prc
scrlptloiis, It shull ho donu wilh corm'luc-.s uud iieuturiiS.
f ir. i.m triuii ii ii-nnii h i il to oro ui i nuc 11 11 iu.
Itwirniifnf4 utTinii!' whic'i ure liielnllowin I'ot'ki't
cnu- l.'iiircts, l orcpps, r'ltuvirr", ruppina i.i.-.-i-i,
llivnst l'lpi'S, NlpilvMii'lls.ToutliKc)i, H..nni;i's,IVmal''
I ...ll- t..l...l...i nl.tli..i.n.iil iS.iii.inrl..'v Trtl-l i liiltll
liiin Hti injci '.........
iloii'ilo auil3lii!i', nj!reat virict).
Wooil'.tock, I ili. !!-, I ovu
a n.'.i i n i fj'fitA to u's s a r. r: .
rpiir. vnliiulilo rurm biloiif lu: In llie IM'iie ol tlie 1'iti
1 W.M. (lllil.lM'Ti;, nf rii'irmi, und knnwn lu llio
linliii' nl'llie " Dan.i I'arin." loiituiuini! ii'iuilt 130 ncivs oi
rlio;irl hiiid in WliuUnr Co nml nbout 2 iniles ulniw
inir.ni vilhi is unw oinrod lor kiiIo. It Is hcnillil'nlly
iltimli'd on White Itiver, nnd r.n rtrtllriit innd loni
Taern,iiiid where llnTe lius hciu ono riintniiil ki il
for 5u )rir, iliinl olliie. !? ud liind Is vcry piodiirliie,
and lu n lngli ftnto ol I'lillivi.lion ofun uruhle l,ind,lri-e
I'roni Mnnc, be s rich lnarl nud eni.ll) lillcd, und Is wcll
wnteroilnnd wiiodfil, Mllli.ble I'or rulni ? flial ipunitle
ol c ralu, nnd lur krtpini! uiurjie tlock ol cnttle. fiilil
1'iiriii r:in lio diihlcil uhuul iiinn nnd innke lo excrlli'iil
nnis wilh ('lliul i-liure ol'inm'ow, Uil.un!, uud wood
ijn.l tn iirriiiiiiiiiiil.'itii Iho iniri'htirr.
p i iii'ili.. nrnMii-iii will ho ninde iirv taiy, ft'liCO
niulmiiiS l.auer pent lnliresl. nud lo be pnld tniil.uu
iiuiill), can remuln foiever, and moie (lntiifst
il .i.i iniiiiiniiii i-iui ri'iioiin lor ears ilierralilup nunl he
pnld lu sU mniilhs Irom 'ile, (uiiles tln- purihini'f would
nr..r..r nillllin will ti i lu- lii.r-'l ii is closcil.) i-uid 1'iiriu
will be.oldnl oiililicniirllon nl tho Itiullius llou.f of
Ihr ili'tcn.iil, ou Ihe 2Hh dn) of Muri.li iieu, nt one
u clock. r. M.
One hmi'tml iotis nfl.i-ase I.1111I, otCflli'H l for a Blii-ep
paslure, nnd nil'Jei'l to ulinli.i nlne iinil-irs pi-riour,
Mnii nnntln r tnviil iiusscsiiioii will l.t'L'ii!l the llrsldn)
iil'neM April o! hotli liriin pi'ulli'iiniii ulin ure nnvioiis
lopurchiiHi-nnelosniit firm (iu iloi.lilidly ihebuttii the
l.'uiinlv ol'WlnilniiliirPiiiviiiiI lo iiIIpioI.
C. I'AltTItllltii:, MminMrator,
H fi-a i, IVi. 21st , 1-1.'.
nWAVi: Inst rcceiMil from I)o!ou, a scncml tmvtl
tiSl mc ii t ol
Conslstlrs of llrn.nl clothsi I'llot, Wuvp nnd Ulninond
lkuurclotnst rinlii aiiJ luuroi Aiparcasi liu
ilnicrst Iluck nml' iu .VilinUHi
plulu nml ll;uml Alimcoas Al
pllicnt Mrrlli(.ll l'rinlcd
jaoiilt-i Mous
llll I.l.llll
Mlroj; .Shcrtlncs nnd MilrllncH.I.U nrlicc! nud iniMi'.n'hrdi
lin iiiiis.ani HikiiiH! i' iiiiiirn'si i'Iitiiii .iiu-ii sim
buri il iiiuilv.lll lil.iml hnlM Miilllrra.rniiiliirliTs, wrlnl
li-Kl Ilo' wooli'ae.tps nii.l lnlH! lloi.ir.M (lloses of nll
liiiN; iiipi'iulers; Moi'ks Uouni, roll trs, Itl n un.! I); i
ilk i.ravni! Ilrawcrs. I.HiuU's woot !ilrlsi Nick ticx Ac
llic. nll. "
C -11
r 3
r. t.
" i; '
S 5 ja
6 3-a
- 7 2 - -
E. "
- r - a
'r - z.
lOI.D'rtl'ATIlNTS-llll'. AND IIVNUIM! I.VMl'S,
I 11 irri suncrior nrth'lc, Jutt nceli J nnd lor me by
llic aubscribcra nlo . ...
t:ili;HU.M. un.
for Ihe iisp r.f Ihe aamr, ronstnntl) on tnnd.
The I.n'np givcs n cleir niiJ bcnutlful light, nt It tlinn
one Inlflhc i-Mlic nf it.
.t ULAtlKK.
Fib. 23, IS12.
i.imi: t iiiaii:! j iiiwii in
t1 "i H lliul. freali lurnt Ur.iy I.lmc, un nmu nnu
& '9y foranlcliy f. F
Wnoilstock, 1 1I1. "J, in-'
rpo whom it may conrcrn. This mny cerlM) mui 1
I t, ... nlr.Mi mi- ann. I.lml'ev W. Jonps, his time oiir-
Inj his mlnorit) nnd 1 h".M nnt tlalnitiny ol his tnrn!ri't,
norpi) nn) ueiiu oiiiiacuniraciinijmirriiiiaii'"
rtcndlns, Vt. Fcb. 1 1?I2.
Casli, Batlcr aml Crcdit Stoit'.
f-ntir a..i..-u.nr 1nti...t itf.tna t.utii-ia on tic Ciuh
1 Unrtcr nml Crcdit rijstcm, nnd have Inst rfrelved aml
me now npcnini!, n
iillablr f.ir Ihe afnson, wlilrh thrywill cll t m low
prlces .vs cnn le Tound In aouatocii. 1.00 ni ineini
cr.oricnnY t class WAitn,
nt crnl nd frelxlit. MIEETINC.S nnd MIIP.T1X0S frcm
6 1-4 to 12 cints pef )r.-J, cisb
O. A. DltVANT & CO.
Woodstock, Oct. I?,1MI.
C OODH AT OOS T. Thc subicribf r will arll hl pres-
lT mt lock at i-o-lfif t'.th. ). II. Mliw 1.11
tVi. l.t WU. "2'f.
Fnsjjioimblo Tniloring Eslablishmcat
HAS UWam) him tb rnlargB his arcnmmodntion!, IIc
has hoiJttrd his colors onu dociu Wr.sr of tiiu Post
Officc, oii a leltl tvith hit neiehliors, whcrc he mny bc
found nlwnjs on lionil, In rcadiiun lo ntltnd lo thc calls
nfuii tvi.n Iiiivk n msle for the liinhloiinbie, or rcsnrd duru-
bi."iy of orl(Uinni.hip un objcct worthy of putroiiuRC,
koen c uiinonlly on lin'd as k'ond ae nsnorliiicnl o! Il.i 1 .S,
( U S Cl 0775, FUIIS, ui'd rillMMlNUS, ns can bo
found in llio eounlry.un.l on n rfinoimWe lcrw.
I'urliCalar al.e.-.tica paid to cull Iiiy I nr.ncni, for otl.crs
to make. rorfurthcr .rltculurs, ' ",.
Woodstock, Nov. 3, 1P11.
N, II, W.inti-il, nilrtl rnic .fouRNavMis.
or thrce ll.st rute (linLs. to work on Couls.
Alsn, two
THC saliscribir hasjuat rccclvcd from Iloilon on cMin
kiie iuaorliiitiil ol
nuo.mci.orus, nr.M'rn vi.otus.
(.V.SS.U.V.'f.f, SXTIXUTS,
riiiln and l. SAXO.VV Cl.OTllX,
silk iv.iiw .tu:wc.t. .lwixr.b,
sti.xs, 1'itiyn I'faii pikes,
vAiiouyi: j'l.Ain,
r.xetor und ntiit r UICKriXGS,
rrn cai's, jo.is, Miyrs,
KL'SSI 1 llOli S'K.Yr rollurf,
UUVl'Jt.'J llOltr.SM ult prict-s nml iuuHiIch, ic.
w. i. r.oona, of tiii kindsi lint'os a Mnnici.vr.s
l'MN'I'H, IIAIIIIWaKU, und nll oilit-r nrtlclcs iistiully
kopl In a t'nunti v rilnw. All of w lilcli wilt he knlil ns chcup
upon npproved crcdit, nscaa be toujht ut nuv rltou iu
tuwn. A- Ill'MJAR
WnodMncl; Oct. 1P, 1511.
N, II. l'crsons wiihins lo piircmsp snods wilh f jh
nmy rtly upou binlii; Ihcin ns luw oinie in ut nny onn-r
plnce In town not eu'i'iitiiij! llie tntlrt cnsS S'jstni Stuie
77-lw J-A 1-
Vermont Mcdical Collcge,
F A 0 U L T Y,
IIUNUV II. Cllll.1)3, M. I).,
"rohutir oflhe Thtonj and l'radkt of Mtdicine
J ' anitObsUlrici.
I'rofcssor nf Mtiliciil .luriijiruiltiict.
ai.o.7.oci.ai:k,.m. d.,
Vrohssor of Gtnrrul ur.d Spccittl l'athulusy.
- ...... ,f. .1 .... I Uf.itr.vnf...
.'JUfCf (1 .'llUIHl "(ti " j .
IIIINJAMIN n. l'AI.MlIH, M. 1).,
Proftsior of Oencral, Siitcial aud iurgkal Jr.alom
l'cfasor of the l'rincipht aml l'ructice of Surgtry.
JOrUU'll II. CI.Altlvi:, M. 1).,
l'rojeuor of C.hrmhliy oud V.olnny.
0.-5MO.N I.. lll'.NTl,i:V,.M. 1).,
Dtmomlrjtor ofAnalomy
Thc Anniml Courc of I.cctarcs nt this Instllntion will
rnuiuieiico on Ihentciiuil inuriuiiy vj juurcn i.n, m.u
cinlluiif tliirlci ii wcil.. , ,
Tho lec lor nll thecourscs s $'.0. Kli!ilcnl, hn liave
ntlcndul twn lull I'fiuriiea r. llie lirliire ut llii". or nll)
oriiiirnti'ilfPlHiolcl Miiilcliie.wiil i rntiui"i io p
ftlll. (ir.oliialliiiili'e, Hoilors lu Miillcllic nro uu
liilllrd wlihinillfj. Nu Mnlrlnil.itii.il ficls tliurscd.
llirinl. I11PI111II112 rr,om, IV.il, llslits,iiiidwii!.hlus, mny lio
(ibl'ilnnl Iii (!0od liimillcs ut Iioiii 5i,.'iU lo 2,."iU n-r wifli.
isiudeiils wlin nre iiiiiioiiiniiiiiii iu iiio Minifo. i-un "
rallliii! nt Dr rnlniir's oiiiii'on their urrlvul, ouiuiauiric
lioiisreipeciiii!: Iio'rtlin'l hoiiMs.
lu prr-iiiliui! this niii.oiiiicniiri.t, llie Trnstrr ofthe
Vcnnoni Medlnil L'oll.-jielciluurrtd lliul llie ii(l I'onro
of k-niires will lul!) iimln ihe ri'pulalloii which thu In
iltutloii Ins 'i iinifiriul) iiiiilnliiincil. 'I he i h.irni-lir of
Ihet'tiitli'ilifil'.'.hnoiciip) Ihe mu rnl t'rolioliipn llie
mldilliui wlili'h li'He lnea luudo lo Ihe liiun inn, i heluirnl
iipparii'ns, nnd liu.trun i nls ol' Ihe C'olli r ihe riiulion
oi a new l'rnt'i-inrVilp Kliiiirul uud t-ln-rinl l'r.llioUsjj
Ihe lnrrca-iPd l.inlllu s WUH'II wilineniiotiirii mr uie I'ro,
inilloii nl 1'iin'licul Ainloiii) llic coiiiplillon of Ihe I ew
Collcue r.dilli'e, nml ils mliiiirni.lo iienpilnii in ine inirrrke
i,,r uiiii I. it ivus ilisinni'il. wnrrnnt Ihe inlltl' Ihst Iho
coiirm of insiriirlhiii lu Ils vuliie nud evlnit will beniuul
lo thu nl uny Insli'iillon lll Iho inuntry.
for fiirliu r kniirtli ihe ol' Ihe i.'ollr;i', indir,ts nrp re
r,Ti-.l in llr. II. II. UiluKritti.llehl, Mius., Hr. . Ulark,
X, V. nu, nr to llr. II. 11. r.iluii r, Wooil.tock t.
lly orilci orihe Doard or Trustets,
' N. WII.I.IAM?, Setretary,
Wooddoc'r, Vl., Di rnnl.cr, II. titi-
fihalfs extra rtniit-ninl flnt "henins. llnle Ticllns
diH'eriMii qimliiles. Sinui Drillii.ss ul '.' cts. l olion I nn
iiil at Ibcls. lllearhnl.'rhdtluilroiii iit'Mip.
20 p'llrs Kus1a I'lnpcra ut j2.(0. fiupi r V.ni. I'inniitl
ut .'II cls. und nll cith'-r soods t iully low.
1'le i-c slie us u cull V, DANA, Jn.
Die. lo, lcll.
Ai.i'fr i.rsnm v.r,
I tVd nml plain MllltlNO?,
do do SA.NO.W CI.0T1I,
I'U'd, plain nnd wimiglit MOUril.lN DH I.AINllrt,
ini'loiis colnrs.
IIUOAHCI.Ol'llrt, Ucmer L'l.OTIIS,
I'U'il ilu dn
Hluiiiond dn ilu
:.oiill (i ,Wi ds. ritlNT.-, cood tjle,
lllnrkniid l.liie.hliick VLI.VI'Tri,
lllnck AI.I'INIIS.
Illue hlk. lls'il ur.d pl 'In fiUMH,
I'olored tln iln dn
r,UOU d. Ilttr.vn SlllinTINfiH nnd SIIinTlNCiH.
Illslilaml, lleliit'i re. Worslid uud Mcrino 5IIAWI.fi,
(1)0 l.lis. Xiirllicrn aud Hmillicrn Cln;f7 fcei,
Cn.t S!fil, tiwerils O. S. llnsll-h Iron,
Swrrd) nml (1111111111 .Stccl, t'ork Stttl,
llo.-ii.' Xllill.AC. nC.
Aml w III be kold Cliiup for t'mli, by
Oct II, 1811. (!. It. Mowrn.
rn. atili.pribcr will aill CltOCKIIIIY md fiLASS
X. W.Mti:, I'ur cii-li, nt iiul nnd lrtil.i. Allwbhiri! tn
p.irchase Croe&rr) uud (lla Wnrc will Und II I'or llicir
alvniitaietiiPnll. J A. Ill'NIIAK
Woodaliicl, Oct. I3. v '
1 NI'.W DISCOVl'.IIV. Il lou rtcciilly bffii ilicnver
1. ed 1I111 Ihe mre lMract ol (!all, ctiiiil'lniil wilh nn
lmnaliiulilc I'owdrr of Alniu. Is a mrc rcnudy I'or tl.o
Toolharhe, . dl kill Ihe ncrvc In mon mv, nud rcnder
larni In 11 state lll 11 uir) oiay "' uui'ii wunoni piiin. 1 no
11 urc urticlc Is for aale by Wm. llnnw.x, -ISl Wah!i,.shton
ntrcfl. Ilostnu. Nonc fciluinc nnioa aljncl li) the pni.
Iirlctor, Wm. Ilrown. Aie rirtini'ati-ol ll oihntf y op Ihe
diriition. t or tnlc ! .. A. DIMIAII, Woodstock.
TUrtT Itr.CnivnU, ty Ihc subscrlbcr, nlnrgeam! nddi
) tloiinlauppl) of
H'Hptcil to t1iecinii, whicli will l e anld n eunl,or
caj.1,nftrry rrfelh.Taii, Anionj llumnte
lOpieces 3-1 nr.d G-i ALPACUA lXSTni:.;, from
'i5ct up-
lOplecrs lll.t'F. ni.'K, nnd COI.Onr.D M r.NG.
MlMUN'or.J, dincrcilt qimlillis Irom low pricul to
10 iiiri-aJlliie 111".'. AI.El'IXEr. froni C7 cts. up.
Illch F'-f'il KI.OI.NNKS and JlAltlll.i:!) AM'Al CAH.
r.nd rill'.NCII CASIIMKUI'.IIAWI.S, M-utr
nrw iuul rlrsaut Paltrrnii, t.-om S1.7S lo S1.1.
Ino rit:i.T.S I'lllNT. cver) varitty ol'style nnd pricc.
Sui'er Cl itsnnlpa il cts.
MOl'S. lel.AlM-j.CltvrRk'e LAINES.SII.K
VI'LVKT, fl.OAK lniNOES, &.C. Ac. In crcal
l'urchnacrs .ire Invitrd lo cnll. Oordswlll be sold pv
unlbrutj'oieiricuuiidXii MlstKi! . ll
iliik Aineriean, nml Eiic. Trlr.l. Pnrtr 4-1
IV 1
Frelirh ilo. ntSirti. Sii er li.trk Am. do. nt 12 1-a
cts. Tlie i-htarcst toial cirrr.iUrcd In this n-nrkct.
Ik-ne to call and lenh t tbria. CI1S. DA.X.l, Jr.
Dcc. 3. 13
WAVK AND l)IA:I0r,'D reayer
VT71TT A IIF.WlTT.Inviie Ihose wWiini for Cl rtlls
ticillnnd rinmli.r llie lnreejt, Ihe br.l. aml tl:c
fhfHifl, atnck r.KOAI) rl.OTIlS. f.t'M'HtA,
mri.Gs, axii rniVMixas. cvor ontrul m un
oji 1 mt

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