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The spirit of the age. [volume] (Woodstock, Vt.) 1840-1844, July 22, 1842, Image 2

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SjJfvft of tljc Slflf.
WOODSTOCK, veumont:
We ciin, iind wo Will !
Eleclion 0A o Septemier,
roR g o v r. u no u,
O T U A M 11 IU 1) G E.
roit lh'.l't. fiovr.RNon,
O 1' M l V I) 1. 15 u u n V.
I'OR T II 15 A 8 U II 15 II,
Slalc Seimtorinl Tickel.
I.yjlAN KAyjin.Mi,
Mkkiuck (Jay,
CllAltl.l'.S l'.DMUNDS,
Joii.n 1'. Skinnlu,
Uoyai. IUtcii,
Tavpan Stuvkns,
Calvin Ulojioett, )
H'indsoi Co.
Orange Co,
Joll.N OuOK.M ASTLlt,
Sjt) ni SUKKMAN,
IKi.Mi'.n :. Ilinut:i.i.,
WlM.lAM GltKEN, '
David A. Smai.i.kv, )
Ranso.m Jom:s, j
I'aui. Dii.HNOHAW.Jr.
Woosrun Spit.Ull'l..
l'liii.ii' 0. Tuckkii,
Soi.omo.n V. Jkwkti'.
liutland Co.
Franklin Co.
Chittenden Co.
U'ashinglon Co
Addiion Co.
W a n n l: u II i n o 1 1 a m , ) Jisscx Co.
Hk.nkySiim.do!, Bennington Co.
Kl.KAZEH Al.UKli, '
Windham Co.
TllOMAS I1AKTI.KTT, Jll. ) , . .
DaniklW.Aikkn, Caledonia Co.
r oit s i x av i: r. k s.
lu cmltT K givL'oiiri.i'or n more fii'iicml rircutittion
Jml liclnre tliciUdluii, c uill scml Ittlic liM sk vueks
im llic lllllllUlllg
r i: n m s.
)5i8lit ropic . . 81,00
Smiilci'ii 'J,oii
Tttciii)-lx . . 3,00
Tlilrly-rlglit 4,oi)
l'lly 5,00
Ono liiniilrcil : lo,(il)
Alwaya lo bepaiil lu mlvnucc mul kcnl to onc nuMri'M
Anolhcr of Coiisnl Jmvis' Lies
At tho Cotisul's Taiifr uiueling held in thU place
lasl wintcr, ho l.iburod haid to sliow lliat tbe in
lerest oflho Mnnufdcturcr mul I'iirnicr wus indcn
llcal nml to cstatilisli iho IcUeral itoctrmo of pro
tecling llio Manufuclures, and lct lliem protecl tlm
" Doos not," said ho, "docs not ihe stoiio mul
tlio timlicr tho manufaclurs uso iu his building all
coiiib from tlio f.irincia quurrics, aud woodlols do
nnl hii handa consumu llic furniers cornjiis liutlcr,
his chcnsc, &c ? Ycs, ccrlainly : tlien uru not
tlio intcrcsl ol'llio two idciitical ?''
To Consul Jarvis this uii)' all looli logirnl and
concliislvo. llut let us lixnriiiiic it. Suipo$o a
Jlaiiiifacluiing company slionld crcct a splvndid
liuilding in Woodjtocli. A few indiidnaln in tlio
iinmodijtu vicinitr would scll n fuw loada ofetono
nnd sovcral o'.licr. iorlnpi n little iuoro romotc,
wou'd scll a fow foet ofti.nlier. Tliu raclor)' gous
into opcralion and tliu farmcrs nro all cxpcct
ing to ho Ijcnefittcd liy llic usiablislniicnt of tho
factorj for tlio intoroat oftlio two grcat classcs nro
ono! Tlicy liold tlicir wool in rcidiness foi a prof
i'.ablo salo wlien, lol one uftcrnooti soino lialf
dozon toama drive up to tlio Pactory and unload
balo aftcr bilo nfforoigri woal, wbicli, wlien iiu
poilcd into IIo3ton duly lieo, under Ino Conaul's
fuvoritc Taiill'for protecting tliu fanners, and pur
cbascd for tbirtecti conts a pound! Noiv, if
Consul Jaris liad not said tliat tho intcrust dfllio
l'arincr U idcnlic.-il witb lliat ofllio iuanufacliircr,
vo eliould bo incliii'.'d to s.iy tli.it tlio cstablblimenti
nftbo I'.ictory would nnt bo vcry buneficial to tlio
I'jrincrs oftlio county. It U vcry truo, wbun tlio
ficlory gocs into opcralion, tlic r.irmnrs can find n
niatkot for a small portion of llieir bultcr and
cIiccjo, providcd lliey will lake n part or till tlmir
pay in llic inanufucturur'ri clotliat his'wbig protec-
tion pricesj bnt, yot.wo donot boliuvc tli.il Consul
Jarvis liinnoircan inalio tlio r.irmcrs of Vormont
boliovo llut all tlio prolcclion tboy want U n inar
kot for a small portion or wliat butlcr nnd cbccsc
t!ieyr.iiio, orllut.if lliosalo oflbofo articlcs, U
nll tlio protoction tboy nre going to gol and it it
by UU tariirtbey will foul satisfied wilb it. It U
X'.Kir icool tli.a thoy c.vpect will bo protccted
It U llieir wool :bat tboy wib to scll, nnd
how impndont it U in Consul Jarvii to tcll tho
rarincr, tb.it, by protecting tlio Manuracturcr
granting bim nTjriffgo bigb tlnt f.iroign woollent
nro cxcludcd fiom tbo country, nnd tbo wbnlccon
trpl of tbo inarkctgivcn to bim, so lliat bo can sct
hii own prico on tbo clotb tbo r.inncr baa to buy,
whllo bo iniport all tbo wool bo bas in bij cxtab'
lisbmcnt, bo u procuring for himscir nnijilo and
jnst protoction! How iinpiidcnt too, to tcll tbe
rarmcr lliat bij intcrcst U nnder sucli n wbig Tnr
ilTas Consul Jaivis T.ivora nnd ndvocatcs, idcntical
witb lli.il ofllio manuracturcr!
Tho ftnneri in lliN County b,no bcon nccui
lomcd to lako a!l tbat Consul Jarvis Ins told tlicm
foMaw nnd gopcl-bul if tboy don't bcgin to opcn
thoir cycs soon lo tbo sopbijtrie bu.iibugs, ond
falsehoodi or lliat sclfuli old m.m wo nro iu an cr
ror. William Jarvis was an old JcHersnnian Itrpub
can' Jitrrii' Jldrocule.
So was tho dcvil an angcl of ligbt.
One more numbcrcn Stato Hcfoim from " A"
ncnla." ThT Watrhvui dcclinw n controverv
on tb" suhjTt!
That " f$50,000 anim
ally!" Iu 1810, do you rcuicinbcr bat you wero told
nbout " 00,01)0 unnually" tbat would bo distri
butcd ninotig you, if tbo wbig cuino into powcr ?
Do you rcuicinbcr tbat tablcs wcro mado out,
sbowiug you how niucb ynu would gct a'picco:
and tbat you wcro told how inucb it would go to
wards paying your taxcs towaida buying you n
cow towards purchasing tea and coll'oo, &c., fur
your familcs. Do you rcincmbcr nll tliu (inc slo
rics tbat wcro told you nbout it .' DouljtleM you do,
Now wbat do you think wbcn tbo f.icta are knoivn.
2'bo 1st of July is just pasu'd nnd, by tbo
tbe lcrins oftlio act, a b.ilf ycar's incoino of tbe
l:ui(l rcvcuuo h payuhlo lo tbo Slutcs; that is lo
aay, to tlie I'cw of tliem uliu bavo notdeclincd tbo
uiisorablo gift. l'irst, wbat U tbo aniouiit lo bo
distribiitcd .' Tlm we lcaru finni tbo laml debalcs
iu tboScnate wlicrn tbo qross amount oftlio laud
salcs for llio balf ycar clapsed, was ascertaiued lo
bo nbout $'-100,000. Trom this, all tbo c.xpciiios
oftlio l.iiid systcm, nud tbe pcr cnntiiins lo tlio
new Statcs, nre to bo doduclod, beforo tlio grand
disiribiition oftlio goldun priiocau cnininenro a
nioug tbo Statcs. 7'liesonre nsccrtained iu eu
ate docuiiicMit No. 50, to bc ns follow.s,
1. Amount of cxnenscs of snrvo) ini; tbe piibliu
lancts, and ol salciics nnd e.peuuN of lliu nHicus
of lliu siiHovnrs-gi'iicinl, as acorlaini'd nud cs
timatcd for iboyc.ir 1S 1 1, $202,7 12, of whioh
laku ono.b.ilf for tbo balfyear 101,371
2. Amount nfsalcrie.s nnd oxpoiHcs oftlio
(ioneral l.nnd Olllcc for tbo vc.ir 1811,
tliu.niii orsi21,5(i8;ofwbic'ht.ikt) hiilf (i0,7HI
3. Aniouul of incidenlal cxpcn.scs paid al
tbo l.ind ollico'), incluiliug aalaries.com
tiii4sions. nnd ullnwaiicc for tbo traus
poitation of tbe publio iuoncy for tluce
qiiaitem oflho jcar 1811, tbe suin of
i'8:t,y0(i; ofwlucb taku two tbiidj fur
Ibo b.ilfyoar 03,030
I. AmnuiW of 5 pcr ccntiiiii fur ro.nls nnd
canaN, by tlio cnmpact to tho new
Slatcs, on tho gruss miiount of tlio
sales 20,001)
$ 2:17,733
This makes tlio siim of 237,733 lo bo dcdue
tcd from tbo $100,000, bcfoie untj dulribulion
undcr tho ncl coiiiiucnceH; coiijciiicully, tbe grnss
suin ($100,000) U roduced o $102,2 13 hrl'urc
tbo division ofllio spoils cniiiincnces. This sooiiis
small ciiougb in all consciencc;but it is lo he inadu
still smallcr beforo tho beauliful icpiitalion hegiiis,
2'bo new SlatCii nro cnlitlcd to n prcliiuinnry di
vision nmongnll tho funily takes plaoo; nnd this
tpn per ccn'.. sliees ou"$'l(i,22l from tho nforcsaid
$102,2 13; leaving tbo unimsal grand nggrcgale
of $130,000 lo bo then divided c(ually uiiiong
tweniy-six Slnles, throo 2'orrilories, nnd ono Dis
trict of Coluinbia! coutaining ;i population ofeigh
tcen millions ofsouls! 2'liii would givo to rach
soul, if fanly divided, tho suin of 15.18lhsofn
cent.' lliat is to say, diiidc u cent into oiglilecn
parts, and tbe bappy recipient nf tho nalional
bounty will rcccivu fiftccn cf lliosu pirts. I'll'.
Ti:i: niOUTCKNTWSOI'A CI'.NT.would then
bo our sbato oflho " l?30,(l()l) nnnuilly, and wilh
lliat, wbata splonded cow-what a load oftea nnd
cufleo you could purchaso wilh it, cuuld'iit jou?
Wbat glorious '.bings wero wbig proiuies! Ilnw
tboy bao bocn fulfilled, nud how lhoy h.ivo bcno-
OtloJ tltuir 'tntclictl dupcrt!
Fifitcen-cishlccnths nf 11 cent! W'o liko to to
peat Iho niaguificciil suin ii snmids mi iligiiilicd
nnd beantiful! IIow must iho he.irt of tho pnnr
inan, opprcssed wilh laxea to p.iy iho Slalo dchi
of $200,000 amlsupport tbo cMrnvngnnt Adniinis-
trnlion cf Jarvis, I'aiuo & Co I'oor Mnn's llill,
Listing liiv nnd all, bow musi tliu hearl leap at
tho ibongbt ofcoming in possession of ibc hugu a
niount! J'iflcrn-cizhtccnllts of a CT.NT: onlv
tbink of il!
Ilul cu'n thi
' a-j r'i"""j" i
can compel Cicnoral W alton lo put his baiul iu
" his right hand pockct" nud cnh over. Oh,
I111111! wbat u deploiablo huiiilntg is whijgeri !
As nno mndo tn I'l.T TIIP. STATi: OI.'T (:'
DnilT, tlm Whisi liavu cniistnntlv struimh-il ii ,r,.i
our sbaro oftbe piihlic lauds U'ulchmun.
A more pcruiciou3 doctiino thaii this caniint bo
bioacbcd iu a Rppublican (iocrnmcnt. Ifcarried
out, it would tcsult in tlio Ilamillonian coiisoli
dalion. It is puro unadullcrated federalism, mak
tbe Slatcs mcro deppndcncies upon tliu Gencral (iov
criinicnt, inslendof indepeiideiit and soiciign com-
rnunities ns lliey wcro iulendcd lo bc by llie fram
crs of llic Nalional Conslilution.
I'nder such n nystcm, lliu Slatcs may becoiuc as
cvlravngant ns tboy please, they inny rijuundor foi
purpiccs evcr so visionary nnd foolisb, ihuir own
incorno nnd plungo thenisclvcs in debl, nnd then
call on Ibo fioneral (I'oiciuincnt lo bnlp lliem out!
Aoltnng on eartb can be moro aiili.Kepublicaii. lu
n low ycnrs, Iwo-tlnrds ofllio Slatcs inilit be hopj
Insslv invnlvn,! n,l ,1...
i., ..... , : z i ; : : : v. .. .T,,or:
. . . 7 ' , J ' Im,l,3r" I
iu irrctrinvnhlo bankruplcy. Slatcs hko Vermont, i
wbicli can only sipiamler berinoney as she has'up
on maiblo palaces, public prin'.ers, nud gangs of
idle blood.suckcrs, would see iho levcnucs of tho
Gencral Coicrnment paid out in millions to tbo
Westcrn Slatcs, wlm migbt iUsb bcadlong, into
tbemosl unprofilablo internal improvcmcnn, and,
..u.,s . u,.,jun.y in congrcss nn.l l,cmg ab!o to
o o .o .neinse.ces as mucl. ns ibey please or.ho furuiPd, Mr Cbahmon.for I nevcrbad ibo plcasl ab
nub hc mnnnw inn i i .',- . . ... 1'iiasiuil
. . - """""":,UU1
llio miro Iho ucst way they could. Wo repeat
lliat, iu nll its nspccts tbo fedcral doclrino of
tbo M'atchmun is tnuit pcrnicious nnd wo Irust
is tbo only papcr in tlm Stato wbich darc broach
or mlvocalo it.
That Whig Tariff !
Wbat n bcautiful tbing it is! It ullows fijreign
wool, ns goodns tbo farmers of Vermont can raho
to come into tbo country duly freo, nnd bo told in
our markets for TIIIKTIXN CKNT.S per pound,
whilo it impnses n tax on foreign woollcns! Only
tbink nf such whig pu!" It nflbrds n
grand protcclion for such peculators ns Cov. Paino
il is truc, but it ttiina thc wool-grower.
Ha, Gcn. Walloi, ret i ,wl ,n(, (
cl yet nfier tbat ' 50,000 nnnunllv" f ....
Como! Gcncral-dragtbo spcllcr.lhe pcople want
11 UIJIilAMlgtJ .
Von't g,t mad.Mr Hulland Hfrold' Voti ran't
I" a Ibing wiib im, in lliis vrnv.
Will tlic Furiiicrs of Vermont now
ojioii llieir cyes to tlie game tlie
Whig Turifl'itcs nre pluying?
I.ast Monday, tbo 18lb .ust., TWELVE
MEHWAjV K'00;.,passed tbrougb this illagu
to tho Mamifiictuiiiig cstnblisbiiicut of 1'. K. IS'icb
ols & co. nt Quechee villnge!
Tbisrool was purchascd iu N. York, CM'.ANS
Kl), aud rcndy for uso, at an nvcragu uf
and is us good ns ibo wool our faiiners raiscd, and
sold under ibo Adininislratiuiis ofvGen.Juckson and
Mr Van Uurcn for -10, 00 and fiO cents pcr pound!
Our niaiiuf.ictures losu lwenly.lio pcr cent 011
thoir wool by iho proccss nf deniisinginnd iflhoy
can buy lorcign wool ufler is clennscd for twenty-
si cents pcr pound, they can ndbrd to pay our
f.iiiiiers nt tbo samo rato oniv ab.iut
20 CHNTS li:il POUND!
fur their wool unclcaiisud, as it is usually suld.'
Tho factory for wbich lliis wool is inlcnded is
imncil, prineipally, by
fConsul Jnrvis and Iiumj)
dcn Cutts!
Tbe bead-man of this cstablishinciit is iho same
A". XICIWLS uho fignrcd 11s iinn of iho
Secretarios of Consul Jarvis' TutiH' coiivention
held in this villngo lasl winter.' Tbcse nie llie men
wbo nro tho fricnds of tliu wnol.giowci.'
Wu wrile lliis arliele with feclings ofdeep indig
n.ilion nnd rcgret. Wo nio indigiiant tbat sucli n
icl of .elfisb men as Jarvis, I'aiuo & Co., daro
spinid day nnd nlght, to piocuro tbe passago of a
Tiirilflo drive fureign woollcns out of tho rountry,
aud le.ivo tliem tlio cntiio control of tlm maikc!,
whilo lliey opposo nll prolcciion to ibo wool-grow-ei
allow foruign wool tr. comu in diity freo
pnrdiasc it in tho market nt a prico lliat would
bring our Verinont wool dowiito twcnly cents and
ioinmt it into lbe heail of 't?nnnnt. tn ln tn:mn.
factured.' Mill piclemling tbat they nro iu favoroll
prolccliiig tho faimcr nnd his inlcrcst: uiid wo re
gret tbat llio pcoplo of this Stnto will taiuely nnd
bliudly tupportsucb iucn!
rreeiucii of Vermont awako! Wo call upon
you to awako beforo ynu mu ruined! Will not lliu
democratio pressfur tho whig proscs 1110 iu llie
keeping of I'aiuo nnd his nssncintes, und daru not
brealho-ipcak out, and arouse tho wool-growcrs of
tho Slalo lo Ibo ruin that is haiiging over llieii
heads? 'J'his must not bc! Such lhings ns tbeso
must not bo iu Veimont! If foreign wool can bo
inipurted into our statn iiiaiiufa':tiiries fur ,20 11
pound iho farmcrs of Vermont nro HL'IM'.I)!
H'ill lliey lake lliis niallcr into ronsideralion.' or
will lhoy sluiuberon lill lhoy find tbounolves beg
girs and paupcrs, dependent for their daily bread
upon such .sellisb demagogues as I'aiuo aud his ns
soeiates .'
Farmcrs to tlic Mcs-
Iu anotber coluino will bu fouiid tho rarmcri;
Men10ri.1l to Congrcss 011 tbe Tarill.whicb wasdtaf
tcd by tbeCoiiiniilleo raised for tbat purposo nt ibo
1,110 wemocrano ciaie uonveniion, l e li.ivo pr 111
tcd it o lliat it can ho cut out oflho pipcr, aml
11 sdicet fur signaturcs nttatched.
I'liiin lliu inaiiageuicntof tbo wbigs iu Congrcss
il must bo cvident to evcry obscniug iiian.that tho
1'ioteclivo rolicy is lo bu sacriliccd ut Iho fect of
party, nnd that 110 eHieient meaurcs nru to bo lu-
ken to protecl tbo wool-growcrs of Vermont frnn
llie ruiiii'in en'eels of prosent foreinu coiiiiictilion.
I,et Iho larmeis ra v lo llie rescuo. I...I tlm
I liun wlneli wo pubhh ho eirculaled iu uvcry school
I dislriet m tho State, nnd !et n iicgligcnt, coirupt
laml uupriiicipled Congrcss hoar u voico from Iho
laiid ol'Kthan Alleu, that will rousu tliem lo ac
! lion.
Tbo peoplo bavo bornr. this ncglcel of llieir in.
j lerest loug euough, tuo long. I.et tlieiu Itully
Will nny 111:111, whetber ilemocrat or whig who
may chanee lo conie iu posscssion of ibo .Mpiiki
rial heii on Us circulation. Will ibo dcmocintic
incrchants aud iiiccbanics nud li'vern-kucpers pro
paro ann Kecp a copy m their stores shoiu aud
boincs und kolisit tho signaturcs of all who itrc in
favor of piolretini; Ihe u-ool-giowcr.
tCPClKCl'I.ATI'. TIIi: JIDlOltlAl.ioOl
Tho folloniug is n correct icport of a niecli do
I'uercd 011 iho Ilay Scales of tho slaii"btcr IIousc.
nmn tttiii,. Iij ivnnl; I... .. I.! .1. 1 , , ,
. ' " """ '"S-Oei.l I.O.II,
v la"w rivnr oiir...iudnS w00i i,
'o country duly free, nnd llie elcction of uiv
i,..l.,w 1
.Mutnr Pliiluii.il, nt..... r. ...
' " ""iiu "ii osiracKin!! l ii'in
dcin'd wulgah l.ukah l'okahs? Oiino for idiocpiug
thcm to fonin cloimcs dcni Yin! JINlcr Clial"
mon! wbat uu I.okali I'oaah A I.okali l'okab,
.ilr Miaiiinon, is n rreetah, u bawrid fellab.n wul
gah crcelnh.a crcclah.Mr Chalinion, whose bawbits
re dccidedlab of tho iiiferial. nwdab
ui nin in-
joicxniimaiunj: one or tlio t ein'd an m.iU. i
loire.Oi aiu iiifomicd MiChalnuoii tbat they is cnb
nivorous in their constolitoosbawns, that tbev will
crusb crcclnhs to dralh by tho musculab powah of
inc iiouali anu swollab lliem nloive, iu wbicli p.ih
ticulab, .Mr Chabiiior. they nppeab lo rosemMo ibo
cclabrnblcd ai.ahcnndab froni Ibo Island of J.nnb.
Mr Chaliinon Oi tbink tbat tho glorab, tbo bon
ab nnd iho safelab of our freo lntahloohans rc
(uiab that tbeso wulgah crcctahs lnll all b0 nn
nihilatcd in coii!en,uenco oftbuir infcri.ili plicshcs
and dccidedlab wulgah bawbits.
Mr Chahuinn Oim dono.
Whcrcupon tbo long hairs nud raltans evapora.
This is il!
Tho llurlinglnn Fttc 7iilic oriran of ibn
grcal llurliuglnn Junln, cxlcnsue inanufacturcs.
J iio U alehman u tbo iirgan ofCol. I'ninc, tbe
mostoxtensivo inanufacluror iu Ibo Slalo.
INathan Smilio is opposcd lo nll tho scbcmi.. f
n wbig congress for prolectinj tho ianufictur
at tho epnsc of Iho wcol.gruwer- ihat is why
in-; nmisp inc rld rnrnin rn nincb.
Don't see it.
So intimnto is tbo coiircxiun betwcen Iho Fur
mer and iho AIanuf.icluicr,tbat by cncnurnging tbo
luttcr, wn nro vssentially Bubscrviug tbo iutercsts
oflho forinor,
Tho munufactiirinz cstaliliJluncnt3in our country
furnisb 1111 iiiiportaiirniarket for tho products uf;
tho l.irmer Concord Locomolivc.
Wo saw n gcntlcmnn, ibo otber day, 11 rcsidont
of this Stato, wbo had bccn spending somo timo
iu Connecticut. White in lliat Stato bo visited 11
rclafuo who is cxlensivuly eiigaged in tlio iiianu
facturing busincss. IIo was asked ifany portion
oftlio wool wliicb hc iiianufactiirpd cainofroui Ver
inont. "io," said lio,'I can obtain furcign wnolas
good as you can rniso in Yermont foi thirteen cents
n pound, and of courso I purchaso it in prefcrcncc
to yours." This is tho caso witli an iinmenso nuni
bers of tbe iiianufaetiirers in lliu couutry.whilc fine
Saony wool can bo got into our inarkels foi lliir
tccn cenlsa pouiul, ana a tanli is raised on loioign
"'oollciis, whilo '-tliu inanuracturingeslabliliiiients
il,0"r cou'ry" work foicign wool, leaving natio
ool lo roi 011 iho handsorihu nirmera, nnd compel
1 tlii'in, wilh :i tax 011 loroimi woollcns, nt tho
sanio tiino.lo purcha?n llieir fabrics, wo contess wu
don't seo A010 lliey " furnish an important market
for ibo" wool of tho larmcr, ueillicr do wo seo
how, " by encoiiragiug tbo niaiiufacturer we aro
csscnlially subserviiig tlie intcrcst oftbe fanners."
llut perhaps it isbecauso wo nro n"I.(ikeo I'okce.'
A Sigiml
Tiiumph oflho enciuics nf tlio wool grnwcrs was
nchiovei! in tlio iiniuinaliou ol'Charlcs I'ninc.
Thejunlos tliat procurcd his noininalioii nnd
support bim, Jarvis & Co ,aioin lavor ofa Tarill'
that will lay n tax on nll I'aiuo's & Co. maunfuc
tuies, so great that foreign woollcns cannol ho iin
poited, llius leaving lliem tboonliro control oflho
homo market, white they adinit into this cnuiilry,
diity freo, as good wool as our laruicr.s of Vermont
can rai"o; aud wich cuu bo cleansed nnd mtnlu
rcady for iiiaiiufarluriiig and alforded fui twenty
si cenls pur pound,
Such uio tliu men wlio holil tbo reins iu Vei
mont such aro lliu men wboiu tbe fanners will
1,11 1''10"' iflllc' v,,, ;lK,r,,!, ,,;lim:
Givc bcam!
Ilcar down boys.' Tho old faimer gocs a'bead!
IIo is u wool-grower liiiuclf. IIo will aid no such
iuf.iiiious spcculatinns us tliu whig Tarill' sets nfuut.
Ilally fur liiiu! All togcther! (Jivo beuui! Sbovc
tbe li nber nhcjd nnd wo 'II b.iio tbe lenanl into
tbo morlico up to thohbuulder nnd we li'iiird ,tur,
wbcio it will stay, tliu iiiaiu post of iho building.
Ueady boys! uieiy inan to hii post!
jCjWlcincmber lliu Olh of Scptember!
Ilcar in miml
That tlio lehig pnpers in this Sliile openlij lake
thc sidc pf thc h'ing'i purtij und tidiocutc'iAX-
iloclnne, wliicb ifearripd inlo eficct, iroutd de-
priic onc third, at tlic leiml, if Ihe fiermcn nj
this Stute of thc right nf rolin, whieh ihry nuiv
Bcnr in inind
Tbat tho whig papers iu lliisSlatc, openly sane
lion an nppruiu ol tbe muiilers uiiil Wolnlhius ol
lliu shaiiielcss nud brulal snldiury of ibo Kiii" of
Itliodo Island. They openly deelarc, lliat no miin,
who doci not loiscss n cerluin umoiinl nfproperhj
AlM (1 IUOIIT to voti:!
Whigsof Vermont!
Ilavu you over heard a iiiombcr of tliu deiiio
cratlc parly, sineu Iho Itliodo Island nllairs, ndu-
calo Iho property (iialilleatlon, aml tbo doctrinu of
InMation willioul represeiilation .' aml do uu nnl
bear meuibers ofwhig iho inilyd di.g so npciilv iv
nrv tl.ty ? u'
Fure Vliiggcry!
Tbe Ibislou .J(is,ofJiily IClh, speaking nflhe
niiscialilo iclims uf lyrauuy iurarccratcil in n
King's duiigeoiis in Ilbodo I.laiid, fur tliu nwful
criiue ufhaviug strivcn to cstabluli frcc uifftast,
" If Aiulrew Jncksun had liccn Govcrnor of
Itliodo Island, iusiead ofnovernur King, bu would
i.... i i i
na,u uiuLriu uiury uiau, wno was taueil in nruu
iigauiHl tho Slalo lo bo shul, by u ilruiii bead rouit
marlial.or lo bo liniig up by lliu neck uu llic ncarcst
Ifoo jOb(ii(i;-c(rf hy no mctuis turc Ihat thc
caute of GOOD GOVi:i!N.MI.NT AM) ItA
TIOXAl, ,I)i:ilTY tconW no huvc Ucn pro
molclly such ii iournc."niJl
I reeinen nt criiiont, lliu u wbijgcrv iu nll ils
jYalhan Smilie
wiiii llie clciani-riiU of Nrriiuuil l lu ruvnr ol' lirc mf-
Milli llic tthljs nrVrrmuiil l ojipiiinl lo frcc nll'rntritnil
lu lavnr r
tjx.itio.v irmiouv iit:riu:si:.r.irio.y.iM) .t
rnnviuiTv fiu.ti.inc.mox.
i ne!urii:)tiiiiirvlii'ii(mr)iclwrii llic Inu. a
D.iuiui n cnsicr iiiaile n spccch ntOrfnril, X. .
in 1810, we heard Gcn. Ilrewstcr, of Ilauoicr
say: 'lainicrs! if Gen. HarrMon is clccled
I'resident, I pledgc you SLYTV CI'.NTS n pound
lor your wool!"
If tho farmers wbo wcnt for " Tip and Ty"
upon such piomises didn't gct gullcil!
K N O W!
Tlmt CIIAItUN P.V I X K Is tn funr t.f n)tr In- il,r
llnrt .smiiii) uonl lo I e Lruuglit Inln ( li' uiailrl ilulv
frrcnnil nt
coinpde wllliour nnlle Vrrmniit Hnnl,lira tax Miu-
roinl upnn fortlgll nonllrns.
K N0 W!
Tlml XATIIAX N.MII.IK lini.pmf.1 Inllip lnlro.tiif
llmi nf (iirrlvi wuol luljr frcc, miJ Ii In fntnr oT rnlrrt
Inglho rnrinrr'i wonl iii.nll) wllli llip mnnurirturrr'a
wnollrn. He Is nppmcil to pnilrcllnj Ihr mnniiljclurrr
at llic r'cnc of tlu- unol-griiurr. lu
kmoii' Timsr. rn.as,.txi) act .iccokdimiia:
DonM Ibrgct tlint tho
dcbl is over .200,000
Grand Cidercratic
Tho convention wbich nssembled at Middlebury
on tbo Ctb, was u most prodigious nflair, ns wo
learn. In tho morning nftcr tho usual nicking nnd
packing of olliccrs nnd cumiiiittees, u proccssion
was furmcd nt tho llridgo and marchcd to tho
Court housc in tho futlowiug ordcr.
on n cider bnrrel.
Invited Guests wilb coon skins caps.
Two inverled Douiijnhns.
Tbrco Teiiiporaiico I.ccturers.
Au " iinmenso LOG CAUIN from Noithfield
diuwu by twenty-lbreo hnrses."
A caitload ofcidcr barrcls.
Assistant .Mnrsluil.
Iluilinglon Tippecaiioo Club, with Iho
Giin.vr liAi.i,,
undcr comirnnd of tlio Governor's l'rivato Sce'y.
" With Tip and iCF1 Tijhr
We'll burst Van's biler."
A hand-curt of wooden trci'.cbcrs.
Coniiuitteu on Ilard Cider.
Uruiidou dclegation wilb baiiners
benring tbo motto
'Onc moro cxp criment Ilnirisoti mul KKI'OltM.'
tiiuki: i.ivr, 'coo.vs.
Wrgpuncs dulcgalion wilh n hanncr
icpiesentiiig n thip on lliu stocKs,
with tbo inscripliou
iCyNo Udduction of WAUF.S.Di
Coinmillcc on tho I'lectioiipcring l'u ncl.
ltipton dulegation wilh bauuers
bearing lliu molto
" l'irst our couulry, llien our party!"
A harrel of cidei.
Dclegation from Wiunooski cily wilb banuers
bearing ibo uiollnes
5CP"'N' llKDlfC TIO.N OY WA(iKS."f3J
" Tho l,og C.ibiii our filhcrs livcd in."
Two plaltoons of boys wilh log cahin
Dclegatinu from 1'erkiiisvillo dislrihuliug
Tliu " Advocato of Moral IJcfuriu."
Cuiiiiuilieo nu mast heef.
Hand cart
drawn liy four inules liearuig iho hndies iif.-ilecn
" poor inen," who dicd wilh lliu gout
ealing tuo inucb " roal heef."
Delcgalion from llenson wilh bauuers
bearing llie n.ntlo
Jt J"1 Tho Sovei 'igu l'cnple cpining lo lake caro
of tbeinselves."
Commiltco on I'rencb Uools.
A whcclbarrow uf "IIarrion Mclodies."
Delega'ion from llelloivs I'alls wilii banners
bearing llie Motto
"Ilum for Tip, ":. I'Oll TVl.I'.lt!"
Cuiiimitluu on l'odily Slicks.
Delegation from Woodstock wilh banners
bearing tho motto
"Woodslock to iho reseue."
Coiniuitlec on relieviug "a siifl'uring nnd
sinking pcople,"
A eopy nf Oglo's speecli on Gold spoous.
Delegaliun from Mouipclier wilh b.inucis
licaring Iho Mnllo
"lturopcan wages luo low for Vnnkces."
As.'iiant Miirrlnl.
Delegalion fiom lliaudon lion Works wilb banners
iC""Gl)()D 1'lilCr.S I'Oll I.AIlOlt, nud
K. Iv. O. II, ( h'in s It'mnnt ownt llrnndoii.)
I'our liairels of cider.
DelcgaliJii froni Ilurlinglon with b.inuers
beaiing tliu inotln
" I'irin for lluiiisuu Jt.J"aiid Tijlcr."
Two palriolio youiig Ladies' bearing bread tr.ns
blled wilb " Tippecai.oo cake,"
sltting alono in n Concord slago wagou drawn by
eiglit ol his luitlilul subjecls of Noilblield,
and recliiiiug on nu elegint cusbiuu
stulli d wilh "ro:nt heef."
Consul J.itv m miu II bov.
dmwn by (wcnly.lhieo of his terfs lioiii
WiiuUor County.
My Son-in-I.aw,
lllicoioied and cariymg uiider lus anu tlie defealed
"Geological Surtoy llill."
Ilurlfurd delegition beaiing a banner
"Tliu poor inan's rclief llill foicvcr!"
Montpelier, I'nginu Coinpanics.
llurlinglnn, iln do
Woodtocli, do do
nll luuds wilh llieir hals full of Janis'
I'our young I.adies' ofa certain. ago!
foriuing an cxclmivo Tippecaiioo parly"
baiiuei molto
io vulgir I.ukec I'okce ndniitled hcah.
IMilor of Jnrvis "Adeocatc"
bearing n likcncss of O. I'. C. iu ono hand uud a
Tippecanou cuslard in llic ulhcr.
I'okonk Hand,
I'alilor of "Vermont Watchniaii,"
wilh est thrown back to exbibil his l.og (.'abin
brc.ut pin, scvciitecn gold sponus
rollcd Ui in l'oindexter's Itcport, undcr
ono nrm nnd
lifiy-lbrco Tippccanoo cancs undcr llie olhcr.
Mad llrook lland.
I'dilor oflho llurlinglnn I'rce I'rcss,
drusscd in corduroys, and chcckerd sbirl,
banner motto
Down wilh tbo Itum sellcr!"
John Dewcy's safe.
undcr tho direction of tbo l.ito ll.iuk
Dircclors nf tbo llank of Ilurlii.glon,
Commiltec wbo rcpnrtcd tbo
l'oor Man's Iteliefllill.
banner motto
"Tako catc oflho Itich, nnd tbo Itich will lake
care of llic poor."
Coiuinittco on Mnnuf.icturcs.
banner mootto
"A tax on tbo raw m.itcrial isa lax
on tlionianufacttiicr."
I!ditor nf tho Rutland llerald,
r.inning binnclf with a cnbbagc leaf.
I'umpkiu Viuc lland.
IMilor oflho Hcllows I'alls Gazctlc,
tocing a bladdcr.
Hditor ol tho St. Albans Itepubliean,
cnting cbccse cnrd.
lidiior of l'.il"iloirMn, hucking pca-nuts
Udilor of People's Press,
with sciit of his panls fillcd with pulT-bulls und
vcry much culargcd to givn his intcllcct
freo scopc,
Cultliuiiipiau Itand.
Windsor delcgalion, reading ibo riso of Slocks iu
Ascutney Mill-dain company.
on four inules,
Afler ibo proccsjion nirived al tbe Court bouso.lhe
convention was opcncd by a song from Williatu
Weston, l'sq., of Ilurlinglon, nll tho peoplo joining
in tbe cburas. After wbich our informant lefl.
For Ihe Sj'iri! nftht Ae.
Ilcibrm No. 13.
Ilaving cxposed tho managciiicnt of (ho Htut":
l'rison, tliu Stato Piiuter nnd tbe finances of thu
Slalo generally, and proved iho cxislcnco of uu
ciiormuiis Slalo debl, alsu thu c.citiuii3 nnd inten
lious oflho Wbig Juulo, to deslioy ibo School
I'uud and llius rob ibo poor childreu of lliu Stulo,
oflhe nicans of ncquiring un educaliun, wo will'
now sum up tbo wbolu matterund submilthe issuo
to Ihe people.
l'hat tbe ndministiatioii oftlio Slalo gnvernment
for tho last tivelvu years has bcen iu tbo bands of
tho l edcrul party, (wlneli liy tlio way ot ctiquctlu
wo call U'tij party) no onu will prutend lu dcny.
Tbat during that period tho Stato has bccn involv
ed in a dcbl ofsomo $200,000 Ins bccn matlio
uialically demonstrated. That under Iho sanioad
miuislrnlioii, llic Stato l'li-on has gonc in debt scv
eral ihousand dollars, thcrc can Iio 110 doubt, nud
Ihat tbo lato whig siiperinlendant, is n dpfauller to
thu Slatu of nbout $1000 hasulio bcen fully slinwn.
That tbo Statu I'rinlerhas rece'ncd from IheTrea
sury soinclbing over $20(10 pcr nnnuin for sevcial
years, a largo iare of wbich has becu paid wilh
out law or right, is also clearly shown. That tlio
wbigs bavo inultiplied olliccs nnd increased sala
lies is also obvious, nnd whilo lhoy bavo bcen
proseculing this systcm nf corruption und specula
linn, lliey hac deceived llie people aud leil lliem
to belieo n lio, is now apparenl, 'J'hu cxcrtiuns
of thu Deinocrnlie ineiuber.sut tbo last scssion havo
bioughl lo light so iminy oflho " hiddcn lhings of
darkness," and lliu workings of tho " myslery of
iui(uity" lliat bonp.st inen of whatcu'r party rau
no loiigpr doubt. Aud lliey do seo thal they can
r.ot wilh safety, nny loiigor trust their intcrcsts in
tho hands nftbo do'minar.t parly, they nre convin
ced, iho principlcs of irittucracy nro ihosaine, un
der tho garb ol'wbiggcry ns under Iho old reign nf
federalism, llieir anxiely'is vcry grcat for tho fleccc
aud vcry liltlo for iho Jlock. No ono can doubt
llie necpssily for reform, nor is tbern nny less
doubt tbat reform will ncver tnke placo so long us
tbo prespnt dynasly relnin tbo icins ofgnvernmciit.
It is now well kuown tbat tho Stute Trcasiircr for tho
last Iwelvo years has utlerly neglocted tokecp nny
-ort ofaccount wilh thc fcvcrnl cnuiity ofllccr.s, by
wbich iipglect ihnusaiids of dollars baio bcen lost
lo llio Slate. Tbo Auditor of nccounts it would
seciu has had a remnrknbly elaslic conscicnce iu
adjustiug llio claims nflhe Stalc l'rinler, nnd Ibc
Auditor in Iho Tieasury dcparinipnt bas for years
eilher ihroiigli ignorance or design. utterly cou
cealed fiom iho peoplo tho truo coiidilion 'of llio
Now if ibesu iliii'gs nte not ,so, why liavo nol
llio wbig papers shown il dillercnt, hy facts aud
ligurPS. S, rely lliev bavo not, they camwt and
tboy tlnrc not unilerlake, but on tbe conirary
when lliis suhject was prescnlcd lo Ibo peoplo a
yc.ir tigo lliey iiindo evcry cxeriinn lo dncrt llio
minds oftbe peuplu froui'tbo invesligatinn, knnw
ing full well if tho sulijoclwas fairly laid beforo tho
peoplo, il was " giiue cuoii" with lliein. So llio
M'ui'iwan nud ils sattelliles raised tho cry about
" Veimont's sharo" oflhe land ili-triliution iuon
cy. $30,01)0 for Vermont slioutcd tbo Gen. $00,.
0U0 ecboed iho Citlcdonian, tbo .Mcwiger, t
Frcc J'rcss, bim nt Jlcllows Fiills, nnd Iho Slimy
.Mcrcui'y. And now llzckicl (not thu l'rophct)
wbcro is llie.iVy Ihousand you pruinised tbe peo
ple; is il in tbo " ligbt hand pockct" or has it bccn
npproprialed lor " Stalionery." I.et it bo forlh
coiiiing bir if you please, or acknowledgo yourself
au imioslor, a paltroon a4 ynu rcally are. I'ru
duco it ir or lliunv olVyonr gaib ufjiicly nnd play
tbo bipociile no longcr,
When a few months sincc ibo afTiirs ofllio Slalc
wero ngain called up. lliu whig papers wilh 1 1io
U'ulchmun on tbe leadwilb a iew lo drown llio
subject, raised tlic civ otTuriJf'! T.vnirr!.' I'ltO
T1XT10N!:! l'rotcct wbat.' Why Gov. I'ahm
lu be surc, nnd his about-lo-bc-daddy, 10 Consul,
aud Ilampdcn Cnl's, tbe hcro of tbe h'cological
.Siirrcy llill, nml finally llio wholo niulliludo of
wbig ollice-seekers, but no protcclion for Iho far
mers, lliat ulicrs Ibo caso, " it is your bull has
klllcd my o.," llut us soon ns tlio farmers tako
up lliu subject nnd deniand nu cnualilij nf ptolcc
lion, tbe cuergies oflho Whig I're.-s uro lotl in
" ."peecblcss wonder." "I'rotect thc niaiiufactu
rer" say they uud "bo will protecl Iho wool-grower,"
wbich is llio saine lliing as " let govcriimcnt
proiidu for llio lich nnd llie rich will tac cnrc of
tliu poor," tho old I.Hlu'oned fedcral crccd.
Thu poliey ofllio Whig 1'ress in this Slate, has
bcon for years lo kecp llio peoplo ii'iioranl of iho
Irue stute uf their uwu nlfairs nud 'so lo deceiic
lliem as to sccti'o their voles, for political dema
gogues, who nio slriviiig for eleyniion to powcr,
for llio sole purposo ol nccompliiliing iudiiidual
objecls. And in this, they nro ncling upon ihe
iriuciie ofllio 'grcal whig paihf of llio Uniled
Slatcs nnd Great llritain, for nlliioiigh sepaiatcd
by tho Allantic, their principlcs, ohjects, und intcr
csts urc thu same.
They nro cndcavoring lo prolcet und fill tbo
pockets oflho inanufacturer, lo tlie utlcr ncglect
aud ruin oftlio unol-growcr, nnd thc mecbauic, to
secure for tho formo; an cxtr.iingant price fur his
clolhs, In bo paid by llio Inllcr, whilo tho grower
of wool, is kll lo scll his iiroduco for Itss than llic
cxpcnsn of laising it, or ulnndon his busincss, nud
lliis with n iew of elevating to tbe Prpsidcucy n
llirieo rujectcd political deinngpgue, upon whoin
Iho hand writing on tbo ivnll wns long siuco indcli
bly iniprcsscd. And nlso to foicc ngeln upon Ibn
people of this Stato n clncf .Magistrute, froni lliis
would-bc-iirivilcgcJ'Clasi, wlm has nncc bccn re.
jccled by thc people aml fixed upon thcm only by
uargain iinn inirigue. lcsireeuieii tlie olijcct is
lo li ngain in llio chair, u uiau who whilo eujoy.
ing that dignilicd staliun, is patrolliug llio Slalo for
tbo ottcnsitlc purpose nf purrli.niris our wool. and
ii insulting us by an oller of only 22 1-2 cents pcr
pound, whilo Ibo rcul objccl is In urrnngc tho puck
ing ofa Convcnlion to procure hii rc-noinina-lion.
Tntnly'lwo and a lialf ccntt pcr pouml for
wool, qffcrcd h, thc U'llW (10 1'EHJVOH ol
Ihe Shittnf 1'crmoiil, in rcdcninliun nf tho whir
promitcs of 18 10, of "conlidence rctlorcd, and
Sl TV CE.YTS t,cr pound for wool." Whal
nconlrast! Yet this is tho betlir timcs, this tbo
redeinplioii ofwhig iromiscf. I'ellow cili.cm.lct
ns rnlly, und wrel Irom such a benrlless, lailhlpss
junlo, tlic nian.'igpinuii'. of our nlfuirs beforc irrc-
tncvablc rum, is rastcned upon ut.
To llenry Clny, Consul Jnrvis, Cbarlcs I'aiuo
& Co., they would havc a tarilF raised on foreign
woollcns so lligh, Ihat thc inanufacturcrs, such as
Cul. I'ninc wou'd havc llic cntirc control of tho
Iioiiic market,
they would haic foreign wdc4 introduccd into thc
country duly frcc, lo compele at thirteen eentj a
pound wilh Ibc farincrs ualivo wool! Whal gl0.
lious prnlpctien lliat vould l,c lo ibc fatnicrs of

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