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Northeni corraspouilcnce of thc Spir
it of thc Agc-iutcriinl iuiprovoiiiciiL
. -asliarc of that " 50,000 " ainimilly
callcd for.
Uunawav I'onji, July 19, 1812.
To Ihc EJitor.
Deah Sir: As tho first of July is passed nt
wliicli timo iho proceeds of tho salcs ol tlio publie
lands wcro to bo ilividcil among ilio Statcs,wo sup
poso of courso, as wliiggcry alwayskceps its prom-
cj, that llio " $30,01)0," wbich Vermont was to
rcccivo "anmially" U liy this timo depositcd in
llio Sluto Trcasury. I w'nli to call tho atlention
oflho pcnpln to an oliject wo liavo ln iow in this
noction of thc Stnto. 1 necd not say inucli about
ho qucstioti of internal iinprovcmcnt. Thoru
secmslo ho but ono opiuion upon that sul.ject. ln
nSlnlc that iiasso rapidly advanccd in intornal im
provcmciits, under hcr wiso nnil prudcnt whig rulcrs
- n Slato th.it is sn intersected and biscctcd with
laikoads rnd canals, that Iiasso failhfully gunrdcd
llio fisli iu her ponds, and kept dead dogs out of
hcr nvcrs that has givcn out ofhcrovcr flowing
ticasury sucli inunificent boiinties, 011 fu.vcs, nows
and wolves, it can hardly bo sunposeblo that thero
can boany ono wlio is opposed In tlio crnat objcct.s
and ucnolils of intornal iniprovcincnts. This pnint
. ui3 auuii u, iiiL'ii.i wisn, as i suni uciorc, tocall
your attcntion to an oliject wo liavo in viow in this
seclion of thc our Stato.
It is wull know that a fcw ycars sinco a pond in
lliis stato, ohocked and lorriu'ed out of its scnses
at tho "ruinous measiircs of M.iitin Van Iluren,"
did adsquatulato to parts unknown, and has not
sinco heen lieaid of. iW llio henefits of liaving
n I'ond iu Ihis vicinity of tlio charactcr of ihe ono
friglilonod away by llio I.itllo Magioian," necd
not ho discusscd: ovcry body can sco that, nnd jnu
may well supposo ihat wc aro anxions to have "a
chango." Now 1 wili ou to uso your iulliienco
willilien, Nnlton, fiir I nm niiforiiied that ho
thihks n gront doal of you.to iudiico liimto nppro.
prialeour sliaio of Iho gflO.OOO annuai:y,"whicli
1 Jiui uiformcd ho has in his " riglit liand' pockct"
lor llio purposo ofro.building a I'ond on tho siloof
llio old ono, ns foon as may bo.
lly doing Ihis, you will groally obligo tlio pcnp!
in Ihis wcinily, and ns, also,
Vour.s Irulv,
hoas r ni:i:r.
Jidilor of
Spiril oflhc .1gc,
Woodstock, Vt.
Tho Pulriot eays I1,. )), llaibcrdicl nnt wrilc llio
locofoco resoliiiion of 1811, s,iiug Induslry mut
taUtcare ofilulf. Hnrber rc'pniled llic sciies of
icsolulions, whellier Im wrolo Ihisor not lic fup
portcd tho rcMiliilinns in a fpcecli nnd llio ron
vcnlion uuniiinioiisly ndiiiieil thcm, Daro llio
I'utiiul, or cen Iho" Spiril oflhc ,1ge, deny this!
Youarcn wrolohcd tpiibbler, Mr Walchman.
Wo Inld joii, long ngo, ihat Mr Harbcr did not
wrilc, did not introdiico (lliat or niiy,) did not
ppoak upon tlio rcsolulion lo wliicli you refei. Vou
kiicw all this, wlicn you inadu your baso chargn
ngaiml Mr llarbcr, and wlicn jon pcnnoil tlio mti
clo lo wliicli this is a roply, )ou know ihal fiillaud
lili(ualificd dcnial liad hccngiirn In it; nnd )ct,
jou go on rrpealing il.us if it hail nocr bcon prov
id a ivilfulnnd malirious slaiidcr! Oh whiggcry,
lliou urt (obciiuiiful!
.V I I'll.tX SMII.Ii: M), llmt llic f.iriiicn itf Vtriiiiini
rnn'l llu- n liiimitlit ll llio hl Tiirift' ullnwn llio fiiuht
.Vnxniiy ool lolieliroiistil lntiiimriiiurLi'li nml miM ln
tlml jirlii'.
Cll,lltl,i:s '.l.VW nirc iiollilna nlioni ilmi, il' hc r.ni
rnaipiiiiii'iumcrliilm) IUm rlmli, tiuil crt IiU um fur
I3CWIH ii ioiiml licl!l, jin, ihe r.irtiM-ri mii' ninrtr or
H lll.lllllly tll llilll. ,
Wlii) U (Jov. I'aino going lo seinl to Washing
ton In get lliat lvvo.iind-(i.piMico. d'ov. Sowaid,
uf New Vork, lia ent on, iind will m.iko u " big
iaie,' if wo may judgo hy wlrtt tho Miulisoiiitin
thc org.in of llio Oovcrninent nt Wiisliingtoii
" Thc l.and Fand. corienpnndent nks ti.,
iflhcro h jcallyany moucy ln diliibulo ln llio
Htiites, Wo bi'g lo.tvo to iii'fnrui urcorrepoiidi!iit
Jhat thcrc is not onl) uo inoney lo distiibulo but
lliat tho wlmlo of tho l.ind fuinl ms been cxpcnilcd
in piying llio inembcrs tlieir oight dnllars pcr da ,
duiing tho jt scvcii iiionlhs, wliilo llioy liavcbcen
doing nolhing."
,25 A POUND!
Nathais' Smii.ik anya, that
tlic t'anncrs of Vermont can'l
rniso wool for tliat,
xnys thcy
(ullcje commtntemtnh. At lliirlingiiin, first
eilncl.iy in A'lgust. At .Vorwich thiid Tlmis
ikiy in Aiigul. Ilanovcr, 2,S, insl.
r.-islti.au nfthn Wnodliiik .', coinplains that
wo wunt in whni lio calli'd. It was n uc- 0o
uirly" wo wunt up! Xcirrl jlrgut. "
(.uiuing iu jiiur owii siory, loi cut tccre
i" bcd.
u n buwlle ufiyo in lliu nlraw llic prn.
Inr.t of Ihrtc lcrnth nml ine.niiriiig seven nnil n
Imlf fcot tull.Kccnc llcimblhan.
Thcro nro only ' Ihrtc. kcrntit," in this wnrd
from wliicli sucli lnll ttfnwt could liavo bccn
Rrnwn: Kcrnnl Orctnc, h'cinnl Ilaldwin and
Ivcrucl Wcntworlli.
Ity dnciimcnts from thc Sccrclary of tho iVy,
l.iid licforc coiigrcs, itnppcars lliat llic nuinber nl
inccli.inics diim'iMcd from tlm iliflerent navy ynrds,
in a lilllo inoro than n montli (from Alay lt to
Juno lOih) ii FIITi:r(1 IIL'MMCD ANU
twi:ntv-eioiit, n rii0wf.
I'tom I'ortnmoulli, IS. II. gC
" Charlcjlown, 2lfi
" New Vork 053
" I'hiladclpliia, t
" iNoifolk, 120
f 2523
Well may llic incclianici i.iy, U THIS thccn
lcrlainmtnl to wliicli wc wcrc iiwitc'd -llau Slul
Ihm. J
Old Farjricr For-
For IheSfirit of Ihe Jsre.
A Woodstock Wliin Confcssioii.
Jlu IIastman:-Wlicn n cliild I was taughl,
if I had boon guilty of doing nnylhmg wrong, or
dospicablo, or was found guilty of auy transaclion
that I was nsliamcd of, that tlio first duty on iny
part towards wiping od'tho disgrace, was to coino
forward frccly nnd opcnly and witliout fcar, cnn
fcss my Ciult. I thcrcfore, truly ncknowlcdgo lliat
l Artt'c Accn nn enthusiastic supporlcr of Iho whig
parly; and did bcliovo what tlioy said nbout tho
oxlravagancics,corruption, & moral dogradation of
tho Dcniocralic parly, from Audrcw Jackson's nd
ministralion dnwn lo d'on. Ilarison's. And on llio
othcr liand I liavo sinccrely bcliovcd (it was fiocly
nnd daily promiscd) when tho down-tiodden iu
duslrious, and opprcsscd whigs guincd tho nsccn.
dcncy, ihit moral purily wonld bcgin to appcar
likc a stccl in thc h.inds of tho polislior,' that all
nalional cxtravagancu and corrupt party ollioo
soekcrs would bo abandoiicd foroconniiiical icpub
lican, principles nnd upright nicn; tlia: tho poor
tnan's riglils nnd piivik-gos would bo cxtendod, all
gag-laws bronght to an cnd, nnd tho riglit of suf
frage beconio ns univcrsal ns Iho powcr to lcvy a
la, or to call fortli tho cili.cni of llio I'nited
Slatcs to aid in enfoicing obedicnco to our nation
1 lioso wcro n fuw of llio niany
"dcmocraliii whig" proniHOs that ivcro inado
throiigh whig organs, in tho elcctioncoiing cani
paign of 1810. Nnw I appcal lo all nnbiasd.lhiiik-
nig whigs if tlioy havo fulfillcd n singlc promiso!
(nndlhey liao all tho powei.) Havo our nalional
o.xpcnses diminishcd by nn c.Ntra scssion of C'on
gress by diminishing tho nunibcr of ofiioo hol
dcrs and clorks lli.it nro sucking tho lifo blood
from our trcasury by culling down tho salarics
ofour govcrmnont odiccrs, from Iho I'rcsident of
llio I'nited Stalcs down tn "tido.waiters" as
ihoy promiscd Ihcy would? liavo iho riglils nf tho
poor l.ibojing inan been c.Mcnded or bottercd in llio
lcasl.by a chango in llio ndmiiiNlrnlioii.' Go, visit
our jiils in Ihis Stnle, wlu-ro wliigs havo nlways
had Iho astondency. Spcak Iu tho erowdcd suf.
fercrs and ask iiach ono what rriino has broiighl
liiui Ihcre? Will ho tcll you that tho locofoco par
ly reigncd Iriuiiipliaiit throughnut llio Klalo l.i.-t
yoar, nllercd tho laws in sucli a maiiiii.T ns to ic
eslablish iuiirisoinnciit for dcbt and llirust ino iulo
piison becauso 1 am poor. (lo to Hhodo Islaui1.
in hcr d.iy of suffcriiig. Ask llio noiild-lm frco;
pcoplo oT lliat hlaln if Iho riglit of sullingo has
been cxlcndcd by n ch.iugo of our natimial adinin
ilrations. Ask Iho limc-worn rovoliiliouary sol
dior, a liung iiioniinicnt of our glpiious Indi'pi.'ii
ilenoe: (linlopcndcnro! what mcaiiing h.n lliat
word iu Hlioilu lsl.iud?) wlm shcil his blood, aud
has giowu groy in dcfcnco of llio libcrly nfspL'cch,
llio press aud tho righl of sullingo ask liini if ho
has ovcr been nlkuvcd llio riglit lo apprnacli lln1
hallot linx and dcsignato by oliw whn ln: should
ho willing lo uiilrust willi tlmsu dcniocralic prinri
pli's wliicli ho fought.ind bled lo nclicivo, for Iho
safu kccping of llio rising generalion .' Ho wiil
drnp hi hcad, und wliilo lln; lcirs gusli from his
sunl.cn o)cs, nnswors, "Nn, nn! I am lo jmor lo
cnjoy iIukc priviligcs! I nm nol iho i'!dot i-on, I
do not po.rss nno hundrcd nnd lliirly I'our dnllars
in lamlod prnporly." Iuquiio iulo llic i:iu:o of his
poverly! Tnlk kindly In liini nml ho will gio uiu
llio wholo lnstory. IIo wiil tcll you ho spcnt Iih
amhilioii and liriglilest days fighliiig for tlio libcrly
uf Iim couiitry nnd lastly.for hisscriccs iu lighliug
llic battles of fiocdotn ho rccoitcd nolhing but u
worihlcss p.iper cuircncy. Ilowas lcft ileslilulc
and pcnnylcs wilh n largo fainily tn piovido for.
1'iicnds! kinsincn!! brotheis!!! Cnii you sup-
port a iitty th.it udiculrs Iho grii'vcnrcs ol
Iho frco sullVagc ii.nly in Khoilo Island, nnd
whowiih In tuako prop. rty u rpialif.calion lo
Iho riglit of sulliago and wonM drixo nn old gioy
headi'd rcolulinnary Foldicr fioui llio hallot !o
hocamo ho is poor.' l'ondor well iiow you rast
your olcs, for poverly conios wlicn nu lilllo c.
licct. l'orone, I pledgo inysclfl will novcr ng.iin
east a whig vuto, untill thcy li ivo c.uiied yut Ihoir
prouiHcd ini.'.isiircs nnd llio whig prosscs hao
askcd furgivne.'S nf a iniicli ;ibiiicd nnd sufli'riii"
.' nalivc cilizcn vf U'oirhhch:
Vor lln fyiritnftlic .Igc,
Mn I'.ulTdu: fiiucc so inucli h.is lireii jaiil
about "irulcclion," I lno takeu soino p.nns lo
CMiiuinu llic nubject, aud fiml ihal eilher cnursc
wliicli is proposed would probably cvenloale U
proporily of tlio counliy.
I pcrceivo that llic mrniiifacturcH of Muss. hold
ili.it rt duhj on irool ita lnxon Ihcmtinuj'ticlurcr,
aud Ilii3 is proli.ihly corrccl. And it stiil.es nie,
that a duty on-woolcn clollis is also 'u ta on Iho
waol'groxcr aud ihe inechanic, so that if n duly
wcreii'iposcd upon bolh,lhcn lolli could bo tn.vcd
for luiitual bcni'fit ofeach ollier,nnd llicro could bc
no rcasnnablo ground ol coiiiplainl.
Ilut I b.no pcrceivcd nlso lb.it .Mr .Slailcs
lulds tho doclriiio lliat thc intcrcsl of thc miniu
faiturtr alonc thould Lc coniullcd, Ihis I ibinU
wotild bc ta.ing tho "Himplo inan" for llio hencfit
of tho "(icullciiinu," ns is tho proleclion iu llug
laud, iind of courso tho docliinc is not iillogcthcr
cniigcni.il lo llic privilegcs of ficcincii. Tho
ipic.ilion of jirotccliun prcscnts ilself to nie in llic
fullouin,' liglil, oui f.inners in llic hopc of tnaking
inoney havo invcsted n largo nmoiiiit nf cnpit.il in
llio raising ofwool, nnd liavo ol courso nrglccled
tlio ollicr iuiporlant branclics of ngricultiire, hcic
lofurc thcy Imvcfoitlicii uool nml rcalizcd n good
prnlil, nml fiotu llio procccds h.ne touhl llieir
coA nml Jlnur. lly turning thcir nttcntion to
ihis Lranch off,irining thcy liao nccdcd inucli less
liclp to carry on thcir f.irnis, nnd iu conseiucncc
of pcrcliasing thcir clolh of tho ninnuf.icturer thcy
hac rei'dcrcd tisclessllicdomcsticwhccl nud loom,
in coiucijuunce of wliicli tho grcutcr liaro nf l,i-
boicrsliolh malo nud femnlc, liavc been diivcn in
.1.. : ! 1.
io 11 u 11 anni jciurine iow ns onu cmes. vi ucn cn cs
.g.o .. ui t." ,
thc rnanufictutingcapitnlist n powcrful nnd ur.due
control o cr llio Inboring population of llio couniry.
Tlicsn capitnlists liavo invcsted largo nniount is
in ihc wool growing busincss in South Arneiica
under sucli ciicuuulanccsas lo cnablo lliem to fur-
liisli ln our inarkcts, wool cqual lo tho first grado
rciscd by our farincrj.at nbout 20 ccnli pcr pound,
thus icnilering it absolulcly impossiblo for ns lo
compelo with thein. Noiv il Congrcss would iin
posc a spccific duty of 20 ccnt per pound on wool
our fjnncH might possibly bo nb'o lo pnrsoo
llieir lius'mcss wilh fomc pinfil, but if increascd
dulies aic lo bc inipncd on clolh, and imnr, or 0
only20;fr cenl.on wool, our'fannerfljnro conipell
ed lo sell llieir wool for n less piice, nnd buy thcir
clolh nt u liighcr prico, nnd inust of courso bccomo
bnnkrupts nr nbandon tho husinoss, nnd tho conse
qucnco is tho farnicrreturns to llio raising oftlock,
grain, bcef, pork, buttcr, nnd chccso, his whccls
nnd looms nro yal in inotion, liis sons aud daugh
ters aro rccalled from tho factorics,lic manufacturcs
his oitvi clotiiing nnd fumislies tho niuclianic with
his, and llio good old days of nalional prosperily
nro revivcd, llio nianufactiircr mitst scek a new
niaikct for his incicliandizo or ahandon his bnsi
ncss. Now lct tho polioy, of prolccting inanufaclurers
only provail whilo foreign wool can bo sold iu our
inarkcls for less llian tlio cxpenso of raising it hcio
and inoviiablo ruiu iuust omtako u largo poition
bolh ofour wool growcrs and mniiur.iciurcrs, but
"afier llio storm will como n calm," ngricultiire
will rcvivo nnd niauufacturcs sink. And it sceius
lo ino iho pcoplo liavo no necd, nny longer "to
lialt bctwcen two opiuioni." I f ihcy would havo
niin, protct tlio maniil'.icturcr aud ncglccl ihe
wool-grownr. If tlioy would liavo prosperily
givc cijual proleclion lo bolh. I'UANKLIN.
I'ur llic Spiril of llic .l?c.
nn i.as i .n an, i-jir; l erniii ino lo coinparo
two or thieo Whig pi inciplcs, ns sct forlh at tlieir
lalo Stalo convonlion at Middlebury, wilh llio
pracliccs of Iho samo p.iuy. Tlieir 1th piinciplo
asstaled iu tlieir 1st IU'sululiun.icads thus: "'J'lial
just econoniy in tho ndiiiinialration of gou'rniiicnl,
bojli Slato nml I'cderal, is demanik'd by llio
spiril ofour republicnn iiiatiliilioii." )id our
"Itepiiblican insliliitioin" reiuiro tho whigs of
Ihis ilato to crealo a Slalo dcbt ofovur $,20l),00()
ll.tvo thc samo parly al Washington been acluuled
Ii a rcgaid lor'rcpiililican inslitulioiis" in cicaling
a nalional debt, wliicli is now al lcasl, llircc liines
as largo, as llio ono lliey found, on coiuiug iulo
nnwnr Tlipir lirfllnii.a fif rnh'iiiiln..nnl
I " .w.i. iii, i.wuiii-
uiy, and rcforni might h.ivn answcred tlieir parly
in IS 10, for thuy had nut Ihen been iricd. Ilut iu
llicso "lalter das" tlioy liavo "been wcighed in
tho halaiicn aud found waiiling." lao wo not
seen tho national di'gradalion & disgraco wliicli lvo
short juaM ol whig misrulo has brnuglit upon us.'
llio ticasury bankrupt, and thonaliiui wilhoul mo
r.ey, (.nnfideuco, or ciodit wbilo llio present
iiiaiciily nie amusiii!: iheiniolves. iind di'L'iistin-
Iho uatinn wilh llieir school.bnv elliirls
( apl. I y ler. a cnuimcnt llieso J'uch li
on llio ahovo "princlilc."
IIU llp-
Their !)lh piiuciple, is "Tho fieeilom nud puiiiv
of eleelions." Nnw iccollect ihis piinciplo is pro'
fesscd by Iho p.nly who Iwo vear.s iio brouobl ov-
eiy uiili illowed inlliienco lo ho.ir upon lho''l"ieed(iiii
nnd purily ol" eleelions." ho stuok at nn meaiis
fnr pioeuiins a ole, howcer "ical its tendencv
lo debaso, corrupt nnd deinoinlize. Do ihcy jiinl
wo havo so sooii forgolleu llieir hanl cider orgios
tlieir pipo.,iyiug,S; eleclion finuik'WhalcvorgDml
liiay bo achioied hy iho whigs while in powcr tho
mcis by wliieh lliey oblained powcr, miKt slaml
au elern.il irionuinenl of digraeo lo llio imlv aud
llio nalion, In ell'ect ihis isuow .idiuiltrd bv'lhein
selves. Can miu Iind u whig who wishes lo bore
ininded nf a .logcabin iiieciing .' thcio aro nunu
.-'ii-h ui ihis m'ighboihood.
'l heir 10th prineiplo is"To sccnro llio s-f parntion
of iho tiirr-o aml llio swordj Iho Ticasury tinder
ihe exelusivi! conliol of C'ongress." When lliey
eaino inlii power lliey found llio purso nml llio
swoid tcparalcil hy Iho .Suh-Tieaury, wbich it
was ono of tlieir first iuconider.ito nml head
long acls to repeal. lly wbich lliey lcft the
wholo ullair of Iho Trcasury, in iho li.iuds of llio
I'lesidi'nl; nnd th.il loo, wilhoul Ibu ii'sirii'lions
aml cafo.giiuids, Ihal I'uriiier laws had iluoun
arouml il.
Iu Cicl llioio is surh a glaiing inroiisislcncy.lic
Iween ihoso ouNiilo principles, sr.t furlh hv'said
eoiiM'iilion, nnd Iho priieliet's of ibu whig'partv,
as lo preclude Iho idea ofllieir beiog sinceru iu as
sening ihein. j
Old Uepublieaiis of Vcrinont.' Head llio fnl
luwiug' nnd il' Miu nrorotuiled amoiig tho whigs,
ponder will beforo jiui vuto wilh lliem ag.iiu!
i'cdoralisii! iniiiiaski'd Monnrcliy
The (.'hailiils iu llngl.iml nppcar lo bolho roiiu
lcrparts of tho locofoco ngrarians of Anieiie.i.
Tiicandamcriliil principla for tchich Ihcy arc.
klriringi Ihal of uniccrsnl suffriiqra princi
plc tchich in our oicii ccviilnj,lnts prvicd Ihc
mosl HI'IUOIJS CAi;.Si: icilh uhtrh uc hacchaJ
lo coh er, nml if, anioiig sucli a popiilaliou as
ouis, whicli, ns u wholo, 'lar excclls in inlelligenei)
llio iiiiiss orihal of nny other nnlioii on I'nrlh, llio
expi'iuiieiit has proveil worso than a Inlnl f.iiluio,
wo Kiiow nol what coiipi'ijiieuccs inigbt llow froi':
Ihe surcess oflho Cliaiteusls in ("ngland. !,d i'4lV '
ijiioriuilmulliludc Ihcic lccvme vanti tf ihc '
pnpoiidcnincc of poucr, and Ihc. iimc hoiwcd
inttilutiont of Jlrittmi in', ri, 0ce dclorc Ihc !
hlin lassaultsof n vwlj i;,0!(. n,rc will lc
lo dc'ttoii cvmj ui,,;, s,,inii thc niccs of
thctr lcttdrrs )tuly ic ruiicd, niiarchy nnd eonfu-1
fc," . i:l nlo tho kiiigilom for n time, nnil nl lenglh '
oiue uespoi wm nrhc, umlei wlioso irun sway all
cla.'sci will ho glad Iu scek lepose fioui llio l)run-
ny nf an infuii.iled di'iiiocrucy.aud llio progross of
cnilizalioii nnd government' in r.nglund will bo
lliiown back fot nnolher eenliiry. Wo hao ob-
sered ihal Minie jmirnal.s in ihis couiitry nru ex-..i.:.-
:.. n . i...: ... i- .i. i
wliicli fliall resnll in llio eslahlishmenl lliero nf n '
ri'publican fonn iifgnvcrniiicnt, but we i.iou!d ro-
"nrd Mich 1111 ccnt.al Ihis eia. ns 11110 of ibu mriii.!
iiiiiii iu iik: iifiiii-i;i ui ii louillllltll 111 l.ll"lilllll
1 u, ui 11111111 111 .",1 1
cst mi.-foi liines ihat could hifal thal nalion. I
l!ie peoplo thero werc eapablo ofself.govcrniiieiit,
wu should icjoico lo fceo llio inslitulioiis of Ameri
ca tiauslated iu llio snil of inolher I!tigl,iml, but
c.niuplc nnd i.'stic of llio expeiimiiil uinde iu
I iniico nro loo lecent umi lerriblc to nllnw tho
hopc Ihat Kngland, wilh a population nolsnpcrior ,in'1 teal umWr " "iih inipiiuily, and do iiutncg
lo republicnn I'rancp, rould bo moro fortuu.ilc in 1 led J1'0 PI"'rlmiity. Aiuongst tho "cnormilics"
giung Iho reni lo llio poptilar will. IIV nrccon-"1 rVlSn llf Kl"S (-'harle.s llio I'irsl, wliicli
vi'iccd Ihat a nwrc lT.IIMCIOl'S riMNCIl'I.r, j hrought Ihal iiinnarch lo llio block, lllackslono in
Ihanlhul of UNIVI'.lttjAJ, SL'I'niAOr. CrtnjioI t-lml " lh vAcitiou of;7jV Uiu in time of
he adovlcd for anu eovcrnmtnt. nnlcss tho neonto ! '""'' . '1 hal di-tinguislicd coimncnlalnr 011 iho
aro wiso nnd vinuuus cnnugli lo know nml do
what is bcst calculated lo promlo thc real welfurc
oflho Slalo,
Tho precccding article is copied from Iho llolly
Hrii'gs (laulle, 11 lending irAiif p.ipci iu Mississ
ippi. It nccils no cniiiineut.
rm: TAniri'-.rrs kkai. rnin.Nns.
U'n 1..I.1 il.n ,,,,r,niin,. , ,i i, .,.,., ..... p'
...ocouSri t?,ta.r
enco ll.o legislalion oflho nalion in n inanner fa-
vorable lo then own iiilciesls, lliey tn nt c ( clcar
(,f incrc polilicians. A prnper tliscriiiiinallng ta
rill for rovcnun nlioultl h:io passeil Tour moiillis
.tnn. iImj ivnnl.1 l, ,. n nll..l..,l lt, ..C .,...!
j:nco, Ibu unulil luo al oided Iho n ar.ur. cturing 1
nlercsts oflho conntry all tlicprolcction thcy re-,
nuire. nud it would havo nassed had not our l,,ll,
;rp . 1.- ..i.ii. .n i:-.i
. . . 1-. .- . - ...1 .' " ".. .
m .uiitusi ui vuniiuiivit n, inuui" wui aeh" ra
..,,,',. Mlp!-,s Ti,"r;(rlr,:.,
insieau o. pa rioi.c siaicsincii. ino larill qucslion
was 0110 ofviinl importancc
cri bu ittelf if tho mnjnrity
. . f i 1 . ... 1.. I....
nccn noncsi irieuus iu iuu 10
would liavo been and not
er mcnsuro for tlio purnoc
lo inakc capitalor Mr Clay. Can Ihoso inen bo
callcd fricnds to Ainctican induslry, wlio would
sacrifico, or cvcn jeopardizo, llic cstablishiuent of
proprr rociino laws hy unnccesarily coiinccliug
thc distribution qucslion with that rcsultj Ko
if they rcgardcd tlio wclfaro ofour inechanics aml
tarmcrs and mcrcbanls Ihe nalion nhoto per
nonal, polilical cipital, tlioy would have sougtit
llic iilt.nnnipnt nl llio grcat oliject ilesireil liy 11
l.nniiln. nml ltlr!inii1v :lt ilulril :ill nliJ.ii.r. I.. knl.
crniiiiiin.itiPn It'ndri l'ot.
f the Wool
Tho i.tidorMgncd cilizcns of Vermont, considering
llio unsctlled nnd precatious condilioii ol nli
luanches of laboi duiolcd In ngriculturo, aud
that a rovi,inu o( iho Turill'is abiut lobo iiiadc,
would respeclfully present to )on iho follow
ing nicniiiii.il:
ln ndjusling llio rato ofdulios on tho iinportalion
of foreign produots, whelhcr nf llio soil or of Arl,
his uceiucii uuneecssaiv lo lulvnncu reasons to
.ww-w.,.b, ... .1.(11(11. i i.-iisuiia uii
. , . .... ,., .u,ot,Mi5luL-ieii nnil ihm grcni increnso o unportat on iiresciueu to oil liy l io hecretarv o I ho 'I (Casurv.
tho nidependeneo and prouioio ho induslry and has occurrod during n period ofgreal dep'ession il il.hougl. it i, admi lcd Ihal wool a raw l Z v U
coipueiulytliowcal.hof.howholocouulry:; cnncmi ntl(J it3
lliat oicry branel, ol udusUy sliou d reccnu nlikoird dilress n.r.ons nianuniclurers and oll er .,or.!sun,,lv nt bnmn r,,.t!l tn our re.d l,l,.LB,1J,!
llio ostenng caio mul pioleclion oriegnialiou.
i uo poopiu oi erinoui aro ncrpiy interRsieil in
ihogiowlh aud niiiiiufuciura nf Wool as being llio
great ilaplo piodnct oflheii labor: and mo linnly
(ouiured ihal ovory seclion nf llio I'nion is also
interesied in llio pro.sperily ol'lbo produccrs of lliii
necessary nialeriil ol'clolhiug. Indecd llio value
and iinpoilanco ol'wool ns a raw material in :i na
lional poiut of viow, sceins lo bo mln.illed nn nh
liamls. Tho asl ainnunl nf capilal iucsled in its
pioilnclK.n, llio grrnl numlier ol lalioicrs ilcpcnd
til i.ii iic Giipi'nd. it n.i liini , ,1 il,,.
.,. .... vv.. , mibii
oi lerruory wiiiiin iiioso .-Miuc.s naiuraliy nilalileil
toiisgrowlliaiosullicie.it lo rank it aino.ig the
' j--- ,- -.-"
Ilut )ouriiienion,iisls liavo lo regrel that thoj
pioposcd adjil.iient ol Iho laiilV brougl.t to ihe
eimsidcra'.mii ofCongross lliat n duo legard is had
" i " '""' '"i
io u o i iiponuiieu oi prmcci ug uiu wooi-giower.
As tho law now stands, wool, ths valuo ol wlnch
at tlio plitcor.f e.sporlatioii docs not c.xcccd 8 ccnls
per Ib., is admilted duly rrcc; nnd in tho lnd now
biforo our liouorablo body, r"porlcd by your
.iii.ttlt, nn t,i.,i,,(ic.t,i llilj nrni.,ini tJ clill
-M,,t' iimv.-. uiia -i,i,,.-wi. w
, rciaiiieu. i nis leaiuro m ino law nnil prn poseii
liill is unjust lo tlio groivcr ofwool nnd cicrv olh.'.'md olber nrlicle
or eilizen ol Iho I'nion unless ho ho directly en-
caged iu tho inanuf.ictuio of woollen goods. Il
i r,., ,.,i ,.r.,i
ronlrivances by wliieh llio recntir is defrauded of
.'I'1" " "I tllMl,.-. IIIMI ,11 IIIH
its ilue, aml Ihe grower is cliealeil ol llic proleclion
nnd euroiirageuient lo whirli ho is iidmilted to be
Jliodo Isliind Iicais.
rio vllic llo-tuit '0l, ,l,lll) 11.
Daniol l. Tjler-foriueily Clerk of llio U iud
,l;lm (.oiiiily Court in Connecticut, a diTouted whig
ciiidiil.ito u"t tho late olection llieie, aml a loideiii
of HiooMyii, iu tli.it counlv wns at I'rowdonco
soieral das last week. Il is iinderhlood a prop.
osition was inadu ln lake Mr Doir fioin Connecli
cut by forcu, iu violnlinn of " law nml order," if
2ii,uoii could lio raised ns n roward lor Iho oui-
r.i"o. 'J liu ninoiinl wns al onco subscnbci nud wo
h.ill soou know llio issue, A I'lnvidencu meri haiil
oll'ered In bet u b.ilo of collnn Ihal Dnrr would be
in lli.il ciiy on S.ilurdiiy niglit l.isl. Wo h.ie nol
uit heaid of his arrival lliero. Thc muruiidcrs
may nol rcturn tis soon as J)on
When llio inan fell whn wns shol by his iusano
robilio, thiiso about liiui thoiight nl li'rt Ihal his
fall was occasiuni'il hy nn nll.ick fiom llio sufi'rngo
force, and soino lcn or foiirleen of thc " bravo
iiriny" I'ainlcd befoio tlioi could bo undeeoived,
Dnidfoid Alleii, u lirm ili'iiiocrnt, mul as respect
nble a eili.cu as livcs in lihndo Islaml, was arrct-l-ed
on I'rid.iy; Sanfoid Itoss, nnolher democriit,
wns nlso nirctid!
Wliilo nl ("hep.'itcliel iho ' braic nrmy'' was
quarlered iu Ihe inceliiig liuiio, nnd nuiusi'd ihein
soIm's hy hreaking llu; l.imps, ilrsiinj ing iho books,
eiHhions nud s-utirI of thu Cliurch," umi playlng
ran's in Ihc pvin!
'Iho Kev. Mr, Wakofiild n woiiliy aud pious
Mrlhodist niiiiisti.i nt Cnnibcrlaml flill formerU
1'ostiiiii.itei lliero, umi l.ilely depuly poslmasii'r,
nud a deuional was teizcd'niid draaged lo prion
on tho coiiiplainl of iJco. Cook, n fedcralist.whoin
Mr W. sncei'eikd iu llio Post Ollico, nud kept
thero semnl days. Duiing his eonfineniciit u
iiiussciigtr was despatchul Iu him iiiformiug liini
of thu nlarming sieknrss ofn child, aud llio e.sncc
latiou of ils iminodi.ilo dcalhj jct ho was deliiiuo.'i
in jail ineiely lo gratif pmnlii miilicij, nnd f,n;illv
disch.iiged wilhoul u p.nliclo of ('iiniiijtiiiii. tvf-'
denco beiii'' producci! in jojtil'icn'.lon of tht ont
r.igo be h id e.perienecd.
All ollicer Wldked :,n In :i m.in in bis rlmun in
Iho slrccU of r;0idence, lunied him nut of it nl
lh painls. ol ihe ba'ionels ofn lilo offoldiers, took
lua ..r .1 1.l.l I 1 1 .1
i'u0..cs,ioii uf llio ehiclc uud hoi.se, iind llion
snreringly lold iho owncrto chargo it lo thu Slalo.
Iu llio inlerior of lliu Slulo, b.iuds nf Charler
boys fioui sileeii to Iwcnt) jeais of ugo armed
as Charter lioops, ei.c nicn nl work iu thc lioMs
aud at the boreh, nud inarch thein oll' lo j.iil ns
rfull'r.igc piifoucrs. They nlso enler dwelling hnu
m:s, aud i oh lliem of whalevcr miils their f.iney.
Wo saw :i genlleman on f'alurda) wlio lieanrono
of llioe brao uiarnuders bo.'ting lh.it he li.nl made
a pally good haul fioui ono fellow, h , u lirt
rulo rillo ai.il 0110 ol'C.'nll's pitols.
I he desiro ol tlio .Mgenne.s is In l.eep 011 Mar
lial Law until after thu ehoico of deb'gnles to llio
couuiilion under it they can so intiiniil.ile llio
Sulliage iiiciins to prcvcnt them from eprcssing
t1""' pnnitii . Iicep n inuzzlo upon llio liberal
I'resses, nnd thereby elcct 11 wt ol" dclegatcs tbal
" ill frnnio n C'onsliiution nsobninious ns Iho Char-
ter ilelf. Ilut whether they will c.eieio lliis
strelch of dei-polism, or nol, is uiicerlain. The
luiding Ch'irler uieli nro anxions een lo pcijctlt
itlc Murtial I.aw lliey mliniro it tlioy nay il is
lliobest goieruiueiit Uiov ovcr had lliev raiigr.it-
il'y llieir nnimiKilies, old and new, tnurdcr, inb
u' '":'i"l has llieso remarks: " Martial 1
'"" " "u" " Wim "1""" '"' scltleii principles, nut
11 cnlircly arbilruty iu ils deeisions, 11, ns Sir
.Mallliew llalo olivencs, 1, THUTII AM) IO;
Al.l'l'V iNO I.AW, but someihin" indulsed. ratli-
er llian allnwed, as n law. Tho uecrssity nfuider
nml tiisctpnuo in uit tirtny is llio only lliiug wlnch i
lo bc pcrmillcd in time vfpencc, when llio King's
counsiiru oprn mr nu persons in receno iiiji co
1 i-v . . . .
. . . . 7
. . ,M M1L"":":0US cnucn npniogisi V,,:
.iniiiu 01 uranr.v 1110 I'lovi icncc journnim-t
linns Ihat "tho misoncr.s havo been kindh ticat-
I ed.1
Ono facl stamns tlus brazeti asscilion ns u
V 10 110, IZI I Ull P V , linil s'OIIICI IIIICS llioro, I ICI1
. b cnnmcV:lt0 0I1B ccu ..: r'. iull
. 11 cr'1,llmf" V ,0."B, CL"' "l,lc "-Ll 101 'S ,
'.cv.cn et w.dc, in July! J
'i i ...... . . .
It is impossiblc to know, nt present, ono liall
.. ii. ... i.
1 . c, , . ... , ,
.or onu uuaitcr oflho illainousenorir.ilies nnd das
nr ouo nttaiipr nl mo 111a nnn enorir.iiics nnti 11.1.
,. . " . "
inlo tho narrow cells or a priMiu with nn lnend
wlio darcs lo raiso bis oico in their behalf wilhin
litnringoftlintvriiuts whn rulo llio kingdnin, is t
...l.:t.? 1.! i !.... 1:.. .. .......... 1.. ,1... '
liM iitlcrn prnycr lo llioj
liat bis uid lo tho auin-rittg
iinu 1111 iint'nn iij"
Just (101I in lle.nen that bi
will no specdy.
The only xit
ly fiaii ofrnnscioiisness we liavc discov-
nrd oii llio p.itt nf llio rii.irler p.ntv, i m llip c-
licmciii-p wilh wht-li Ihev irn llici'r ,n.l, Tbii
. nnil slinnlil li:no hnnn . r-."". .. 1 . : . .1. . ilillir i'l inir niiniiiiiiiiirni
:.. , , . iniiuiuaniv niiuseii. eunr.izo inen uut 1110 nusmvo hi.ih'm; .m.u uiuiS i.ui, cvun oy rinrk ln wri rniuio 111 i 1
. "" i 0 .. " .u liiiowledi'ii lb.it lliov nro torii rrnm llieir l.imilirs possibillty, rxisl. I'ho wholo couniry mi- nll ).ir- tmliy ln Auiit .V HfilrinlicT r.t
J ' nalion ll ., T 1 , ' !... i-l. r.l I I. o ll,. r.r lnrl .r ll,nl n ,..., ...il! ' mn'll (llll fi nVllKll. 1'. Jl. Oll rm II
o?n?curin"'i thirdio- cd l"0" "KkeU lor tho nport, nnd to rccchc to mccl iho wants, or to defray tho neces.ary 'jSfiy"?. nunhy, '
,111. 1MH4. nl iiif.ir (ntv:iriiii' nl mn.v.nr.-fTriiiiiiiii'ii i, ...,.;. v . ..... .,,u., .,u i,iilii iii 11 ..rii,-.'. ,-
- grwer to
of riglit Olitilled, nnd wliicli is profescd tn be giv
cn liiui. L'nder .his prnusinn wool of all grades
and iualitics hy cliiui'mg uduiisturo may be and
no douht h.is beeu and will bo importcd duly freo.
lly rcferenco to ollicial dociimcnts it nppcars th it
llio uinount ofthis freo urliclo importcd in theyear
ending Sepl :i0, IS35, was 5,513,G2C llu., in llio
year unding fcrpt. 30, 1S3!), 7,:!Us,5I9 Ibs,, and
in Iho year ending Sept. 30, 18 10, it reac.'icd ihe
. WI.C.. it
ous of eoiniiiiinily, il nccessarilv lcd lo llio i.
enco lh.it lliis featuro of tho law w inado to cover ih'n iniportniil inlere?t. hilst it is pioposcd lo
llio liiiuduleiit importation of wool of all grades, I imnoso pecilic dulies on carpeliii" and othcr nrti-
I'nr ....r,ritii. I 1 1... ( 1 1 .1 . . .. C 1 f. ! J.l ' . I' I f l n . I 1 . C. .1
llio oonsus ol 18 10, iho wholo itnnual product of,
iho l.'nili'd f-'tatos is 35,802,114 Iba. jow if wo
'-'" iuriiiMiien uy
.issiinio that lor dnmcstie purposes 17,000,000 Ibs.
iu in uiu i.iiiiiiiu's ui mo srowcrs wincn wooi-growo: c.poscii 10 nil llio liamls uicideut lo
;annot bo cnnsidered far from llio fact it nppearsillio sysicm of nd aloroiu dnliea nml rcnderiii" llio
llrit llioro llian ono tllird ofall llio wool used hv wlinln snlinnu ns ln liim illUlvn l,v n.ilnni,,B...l.
all iho manuf.icluiinx cstablUhiuent iu tho coun-
: . -i r ! ... . .i . .
in ii u. lureigu giowui, anu nnporieu Ireo
II is said that wool llio valuo of wliicli at ll.o
M.ito ui u.puriaiion noes noi c.vcned a cls. per II).
,is mado up ii. llio niaiiuf.irliiro of carpcting nml
ifiuiiii.T iiiiicii'K oi iiiiuieiio uso, iiiiil nal 1 ns nrtic
does nnt como in compo'ilion wilh Iho wool.giow-1
rrin lliiscountry. Ilut on euiniuatiou itis manifesi1
uiai tiicse asscrlions aro made nt random, nnd nf-
ford no ground for oxenipling lliis urliclo from du.
ty. No satisMclory reas,on has been giien lo llio
undcisigned wh) iho n.aleri.il for rarpcls nnd olh-
er woolcn fnbrics whieh mav bo "rnwn in abun.
,1.,,.,,,. I... ,,- ....,,..-. .1 l.l ..... I 1.
niivn im u iu u II l.ll iiii;i 3" riluu III lnn IIU lllitUC
ino moans oi rou'iiue
iiiicns well ns sali, siigar.cottoii.'shoulil ho charged wilh u higber spccific duty ihai
of iudispensililo iieccssity. llio higber nnd beller, forlwo rnw.ins, il'nn nihi r
It csniiot ho doiibtcd lliat wool ofall grtdes and
nimlilies suit.l'dc lor mnnufiiciuring puiposcs c.inl
i. i .....,'.i i -),.,.,! ; ii... i1.,;,...! e,..., .
Ui; tlllll U.llll IIU IHUI-.V.t III IIIU LIIIIUI .-IIIIU, !
wilh reasonablo I'ticournscmcr't. to ai'V iimnunt.
Tho uiinunl impoilnlion ot'x'uV lioer gi.?dcs has di
iniui-licd for several )ears p.ist, anci but nbout :
proves Ilut lliey havo some scnso of flintno lcfi
lh.it they aro not lotally depraed. 'I'hoso picsscs
in othcr slales wliieh iepiilili-li ihcso denials man-
il'e.it hy i-o doing llieir dread oflho conscrpiericcs
oflho conduct lliey havo aiKocatiil, Ilut the
trulh will u:i senr liiem ull uswitlia hot iron
llio lighl wlnch Iho chaueriils hao sliut out will,
by nml by, prnctralo iulo llieir slale, nnd tho iruu
eliaraclrr ol llieir deeils bo revealed
uaut naliou.
lo nn
i ing but u hiifh tarill, in wliicli lliey hhall bo dis-
rruin I'u Albany .Irgnt,. !ny II. criliiinaled fnr I'nor in whieh ihcy nlnno fIi.iII
,,,.,..,, , , , ,, ,.. havo iho monopoly of proleclion. They nro u
P.ovidcncc 11, ., July 1 1,18 12. j ,, tllinm.ilVilmi-j haVL! m) lopn r ,ucs;,,li"
My dear sir My prregrinalions, bv chaocc, l'.v b.irgnin uud coirnptinn. On tho ollicr liand, thu
bronght mo to this placo, rcnoniicd in lii'oderd .-lo-1 niajoiily in Congress, tlm nmM of llio ncoplo, go
ry, nt ilay light on yimday inurning. My conip.in- I'ornn equal taiilf, wliieh thall rcgard alilju llio in
iou heiug eoii'icieutiou.sly opposed to Sundav trnv- terosls oflho f.nincr, llio ir.rrehant nnd niniiiifjc
elling, rnd being scarccly lcs aerso mvsJlf, we H'rer, nnd Ihis will ei nluallji bn Uv sclllcd policy
of courso rcniaiiitd ovcr foi Iho day. 'iot ilh- of thc c oimlnj, nnd Ihough iho slrngglo may bo
Mnmling llio doiolional charactcr of ihis popula-1 despcratc to defeat il, llio .subject is now geiiing tn
liou, iliuy eould not I'oiboar orcnsional remarks rel-1 ho well undcrsiooil by tho peoplo, ni.d wo luneno
ulivo lo iho l.ito jiolilical inovrmiiils hcro from fears but ihal juslicu will ocntiinlly Iriuinph.
wbich an ii.sight mio iho viims and opiuiuns of llic' Tho iucsiion u r.nt between frco tnidu and n
present duiasly might ho fiinlly gleaned. 1 cunMiliilional tarill', proleclion nnd no piolectlon,
I.ixingns I have dono iin.ong tho moto librrnl, bnl whellier a fne parlicular clnsscs hhall haie nll
not lo say enlighieued pohlicaropiiiions culerlaiu- llio bcncfit oflho Jmndreds of inillions nf iniitriax
i'd anioiig us, uud ispeeiallynmoi.goiir jiolilicians, cs, paid by ovcry inan, wnmnn nnd child ihal cals
I was noi prepared, I eonliss, for llio rigid nnd drinks nml slreps in tlm I'nion, or wheilicr ihis
truly r.nglii.h opinionsri'spccliuglho riglils of "res- vat siiin fliall ho diuded hy nn eipial MriH'anioii"
peclabilily" aml properly colcly lo eonlrol iho al. , llio wholo poople, nud evt'ry class nrrordiii" lo
I'airs ofstalo.whleh 1 lintl preiloniinalo liereamong tlm ninouiit nf thtlr coiiliihulions to Iho puhlio
Ihe present class in power. Aecording lo 111) loco rilrt"' ""i or llluslration, the wholo pcoplo 1110
I'oro ihcory, whellier ouo ho licli or poor, w br.tcv-1 laxr..', 20 percenl on 20 millions ofdt)l!.irs in clolh-.
er may be his opinions, rcliginus I'olniial or ii.orul, I nnd nre thus compellcd, indircctly.lo n: 51,1)00,
uud however wo miiy choose lo icfu.Q or deeline 00H, or lo pay fiir four ynids ol i lol'h jin.l what
lo receivo him nf his i"to o;,r dometlic uMicia- fiv o would cost wilhont snch n tarid' la., ihen Iho
tioiu, yet in his iolilie;,i, civil iind religious lights I'arincr, lepiesenling u largr body nf Iho wholn
uud prniloges, ho tiands on a fooliug of perl'ccl penpl", deinands ou his p.nt ihat on $20,0('0,t!00
eiua.ity w'iih all his fellows. " , niiin's u inan ofwool, llio iii.inufiiclures shall p.iv n larid'lax nf
for ii' lliau" ; 20 per ccnt., tn wit, 1,1)00,000. 'This will uuiku
Tho doiuiiiaiit nailv wcro nrndiinnutlv fri'ditpn. '. thu thiii'' jusl enual, if ihe inani.fucltiicr is cxcinnt
..l ... .i. i....: .. .. . ,. " .
i u ui i iiu iiuiiiiriuus iiiaiiiiesiaiion ol puuno opin
ion iicscntcd iu llio forninl ndoplion ofn consiitu
lion uud Iho elerlion of olliceis under it. Thisgov
crnmont is but a chartnnd fump.iny under llio
nnal graul of King Ch.ulefi aml thu' late I'nited
S'lates llauk l'rcsideni, liiddle.would scarcel liatu
, been moro iisluuinied. in his paliny dnrs of powcr.
ll ..i'.i.. . ii . . .. 1 . V
by nli nllempl of tho loclho!der3 to inlerfero wilh
hii laneied nghls, than werc lhe.su privileged cl.is.
ses nl thc popular iissuiiipliuu. And thcir instincl
ofM'iigeauco is now pr.ipniiiomd suinewiiat lo
llieir fotmer alarm; lluugli reslraiued in fomo do
greo b lho e.prcsiou uf opiuion uud iho ery of
sliamo from olher quarlers.
No good eausu was ecr so ultcrly prosiraled by J
iho folly mul e.eess'uo zea! el'soiue ol'ils parlizans',
ns ihat oflho tho fullrugo p.nly has been in this
lilllo stato. It is now 11 p.irl o'l'thu polioy oflho
iloiuinant p.nly, peihaps not oupenly nuiwid, to,
keep uwaj froni lliu polls nl llio co"n,ing cunnss'
fnr Iho ndoptipii nf a new ronstiiulioii, nll llioso
wlio wero nclwc 1.1 Iho lalo operalions joine nro
lo no ucpl 111 j.iii, eoiiio lo ho l.ein nw.ty lor
enl uw.iv for fenr
of arri'.-l if they relnrn; and olhcrs lo be friglilencd
inln prnpriety by b:ilng n forbearanco overcised ,
loward thein lor tho paii; nnd olhcrs Mill, timid
s;iuls,are to ho miiiled to tlio l.ito coudilion of
lliings ns iho friills of e.vlednrd rights nf stilliugo
(.'hurelies lieiohaxu il under consideratinn whether
llinsu nien.bers who belong ln tho siill'rage piriy
hall bo c.pelled nr mado pn'jlicly to cunless nud
reiioiiuee; liut, ofall tbings, ihumost rMinoriliua
rynlli.it llm d'umiior h.is been nuthorized b
Iho leai'l.ituic to liroc'oiui mailiut . it liu
nctuall) doiieit, aud ihat the powcr oflbogmein.'
liicnut is now csted in him, nnd his will is iho law
p.iramouul, aml has been n fnr weeka. A dicla
lui.heio iu Ihis connlrv, hv legislaliiu iiuiboril iu
liino of pea:e
II lHlll lll.lt. k il nl n.lnni.l,.
- " ' .. ...w..i.i-,
sis nn c.vpcriiiirnt in onr systnn of pnliiieal
power wliicli is woilli walriung. " Wc sb.lll sre
w h.it coincs nl'it.
1. ., ,
II! I llf lll'R '(I ICV (ll t lOVPi'lllllPIll.
" "'i 'iiuiu iu uiu n.iumi, m.u our uws
lttTJu!r -
. . , , . , ,
' . "Ll"" . i T ' ?! , "7 ' 1
'''-"'r'" ' "!"'"'"" 1 Mt uiuiii-
ing nucstion, during tho rouiainder of tho
' r 'II 1 1. II .1 (1
session ol (ongre.s, will lic, "llow is tlio Kev-
... i. ..r..i ... .1... p...:ii 1
, J " " ui:.ilull SBi-
".'. , , , f , . ,,
licar mue i rant about freo Irade, nnd ll e
cousriiieiii prusiraiiun oi mncricar. ninuMiy ,w nn-
I..il... l,.nM... ... .1... .
nui uiuiu m m iiib in." '".ii-ss ui nu; -
;llu ..n.ublio oninioo. a narl.eln offi ond.n;.,,, r,
'" " (jnmn unporieii iroin inreigii counlrics.
'1'ho rncnds oflho L'oiiiprnn:ie Act, llnT majori-'
nnd ininorilyol llioCoinniillcc of.Mar.uf.iclurcs, I
Cntiiuuttcc ofW nts nud .Mrnn'. llm Sirni.i '
iv'.s liill nll in llii'lr rpim-f jillmll tt nt.,1 l,nrn!
u, lo linto been gnt np ro fir to iilaim llio tna
nl the prople, ns lo le.nl lln'iu In ninlonli thcir
own nghls in Ibu grr.it qT''tmi, .ind lo nl'init to
jy' MII, nll in llieir reporta nduiit it J aml therpTIISTnc
is not n particlo nf cidencn fiom nny quartrr In ' I" '""
aupport thc bog-bear, fieo Irade, wbich nppcars to t!u'-'l''''
Mgrcss on tlie
half n uiillion pounils. I.el then ,i fpccifio Juiy
bo iuiposed on ull loreign wool so lli.it tho hon.'o
growcr niay havo soineihiiig likc stabiiily in l(ia
mnrkol, bo protectcd from Iraudolcnt invuiccs and
othcr deicca nnd receivo his sliaio of encourngo
inent, nnd tlm iiiuiiufiictuicr will bo inured wool
of good funlity at a fair price, tho coinumcr wil
no Bccuii ii ngaiust glosseil nilicles mnilo ol oii
less nnterl.ils, uud llio rcvenue ra'd from iraud
N nml emp.ieSS. ln llio .cl.cmo fr raWng retenno
fer.'vot wo suo .... nrnusion fnr n,l(.,n.,in n, ,w,i
cies 01 wooien i.iuric lor ino proictiinu 01 ino nian-
uHicturcr nnd us Iho ineans of preieniicg fiauds cn
ino rovenue, wnoien vurfis aro to liu nuiiiiltiil nt a
duty of2.i eenl, nd alorcm. 'I lius leailii" iho
recllv Iho diitv ofnll uool lo 21) m r .. n!1
ol1 rom,
llio umlersigncd msist aud ur"c
!.nti.iilpr.ifinii lli.if lln, i.n,.l , .....ttl.'l ...
V.iial cncourageiiient nnd pioleclion wilh ihe inan-
w....us.h..u.i( ,i.u, .i.mm i.,.i n i;iiiiit;u IU
1 ul.icliircrs nnil ull otlior produccrs. This n t
hoy ask aud with this will bo nalisficd nnd wii
oiiiol nn
wonldliiipnso u i-pecilio'iluty r nt ieu.-V 3 ccrls
per Ib. in addilion lo ll.o piopo.ed nd wilorcw ond
Dl..,rl r.r.t 'rlw.t. rnL.A....ll..ll.. .. I. .1..., ..
on tho n.iporlatinn ofnll wool ol furei-n ciowll.
All llio nigumcnts in raioroftlu- sjftciu of snccifir
dulies applv wilh equul rorco to tho .'nuwr if tho
raw inalerMl ns lo Iho manufacturcr. Tlierevrnun
would aUn bo aumeiilcd hv imnnsino f, cr,n,.;i:,.
.1 -....II I. ,3 f . ... . .
UUIV Ull Ull MUI1S 01 WOOI. 1110 lOWOr
1st. It would c.scludo wurlhless arliclcs from llio
2d. It would frco iho pnrchasor fiml rnnsiinier
of iiiuniifarturcd couinioililies from lln- purcliaso of
sueh ns aro mado ol worihlcss iiintcriulj, and cou
se'iiienlly an impnsilinn.
n l.nill' wlii'.-i'i ill la llio mass for iho benefil of
v. fcw f.iMirod nnd pri ili'ged classes, us hus been
llio raso herctofuie.
.Now, Iho f)uelion to bo snltlcd beforo nny hill
can pass, is just this, wheilicr tlio rcveiiuo shall bo
so iaiod ns lo pioteet Ameiicaii induslry gcucral
;, or oulv u few noisy nnd ivjlutntial hranchci
of ihat induslry. Ves, Ihis wholo taiill'batlle is to
bc fouglil just herc, On llio ono side, pnwrrful
nnd influenli.il elases will ho satislicd wilh mitli-
I'..... .l.r. .1 -l .1... r. . i ... .i '
fiom this duly on wool, then firnn'rs, being ihreu
foiirlhs of llio whoh' pcnple, will bo mado lo pay
S'3,000,000 ouliighl, to inakc iimnuf.ii'luriiig proi
ilab'o. Tho nnU hopo tlierc is of eslnblMi'iiig n larilV
whleh -li ill I'unr p.ulieular elasies ut llio cxprnsn
oflho wholo people, is, that ils fiiemls will iinilo
wilh llio fiiemls nf tho diitrihutinn oflho prni'ends
nf llio puhlic lands, aud llius, perchaui n, by iu
Iriguc umi iii.iuii'iiiiiig. lax Iho inass of tho peo
plo lo swell llieir ow 11 I'ortnncs. Ilut ihis, pni.li.
opiuion will nnver sanelioii, nnd Jnhn TUer will
veto sn long us ho shall rouiain rrcsidcu't oflho
Uiiiled .Slales.
I.el nol 111:111, thcu, wliilo ho rtficct; 011 llio 111
direcl ndvaiilagos of a tarill', llio conseipicni divis
ion of labor, homo iiiarkct, fcn., foiget for a mo
incntlh.it our v.nl unrkil nbroud reqiiirrs thu
eport ol'nboul t 1(10,000,000 of njrlcullural prod
ucts, niniiially lliat nt bet a tarill' ran prolect llio
I'arinci in' but a few nolnls, umi at all cvenls, ng
riculturo inut pay liireo fnii ihs oflho tniilT tri.-,
I'uiniers being tlireo foiirth of Iho ronsuincis oflho
Hi-l" "l"'" v.biJi dulies aro levied.
lSutlon C
l.ouisiann eleclion.
Uctuini from New Or-
leans ciiy, g'ue Johnson, (whig)
1,225, MimiIcii,
' (dciii.) 975. Whig in.ijorily 251.
Iu 1810 lliu
whig majorily was 'JC.S.
Thc Washington Indcx snys n demooralic (lov
crnor nnd I.egiaiure is elccled.
23 t f (t t 0 Jl 2??KVUCt
.. x , , ... .,.,..,, ie,
.uu.mj.u , Jl l.l ll.lSI..
u.'V iUthl l"if "utlle, IScowna'iJ rIr, 1710
1 r ri.R.iiiri i-mii i ,r-ti iiiijnii i . . s liu .... .it,i
yi'iltl) (tit n 1,10. Thlr.1 n ilit) . S.3T5 n I J.T.
vnies ana i.wrrn.-siln l,'.v.i:.i,27. 11
Shttp.H ilis ul lnt liii liiiliiij: linnlis rrum 1 3.1 10 52 CO.
Wtllurs, 3 00 n i ".0,3 CO n S3 SO.
.M A II It I K I,
ln lliis lowii, 0:1 i!i lltlilmi., Iij ni.tcr J. tlumn, 5!r
A. Wiimlnw mul .Ml-s Anu Jhne llnrling.
1) I IJ I),
lall.irir..r.l, July Isl
llll, IIK'ilf I.
('onleiil, !.' nf Wm. (.'Iiamp'
t I..!"' 'Hllt'-. Ill'l ll IIU IIIR III 'I 'II Illllllllllll ! 11 llll" lll'li.ir
.tl.lrl'rolj itrCtuirt tur llii.illtrlrt llrnitinrir.Coiiitnli-
""n r' n i rn r, f laiiiinc iiiiii n.ijw-i niit iiiiiii-j.ni.u-.
maii.N .rull r.r.oi,. n-nlii.i ihrr.tmi- nrAnmnrl lol),
lnlci.rTliHlonl inn.ni.l IlWrld ilrrm.nl rrprr-rnliil ln-
rllt , lhf ,,, r, , rin, ,,r rf
i ....!..: ....1 .1 .
Javr,.. V. H2 allool liv nM touri ininr creuurra nl
..I.t .In.A... .1 , (..I,!!.! 1 M...I nmtr lli.-If lrm plU n . I ,iit.
:'"'- .'-" '""- 1 . "c ".""'
liif-.ni. ... ..inrcu 1 iiiii.
Iiisuiri nn lln; ftri.1 Hnl.
t rrnm nni'n'rlnrKmirr.
nl iil,lilii).
JO.-slll MITCIint.t.,
r i: ii I n i: a n i s i. r. i h . m a k e rt.
uimi TntiT. US
f.'KMK.V .SIMtKi'n msiyii WAItR.
i rrlviil n lirpr iipiv i ihi, rhtiiiiil.li t'.irr
n'li Sliaiins, whirli wl l.i- knM luriiiv
lliin tvir liirnrppfiVriij.
Tr n'nt rtim.l'rr nrr tlt titt ll 'l. tlt rnn I In.r rtirr
Phh - Ihm v m ; ill lir.i H i. iiu ir ,i ini-i m r.ill
1 6 1 ' ' H'l i t,jr

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