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pMt of tlje Qt.
WOODSTOCK, vermont:
Wc can, uiul wc "Will !
Election Glh of Septemler.
o f m 1 1) d i. r, n n v.
I'OIl T R 13 A 8 1) 11 E R,
Statc Scnatorial Ticket.
i.yman raymond,
Meurjck Gay,
Charles Edmunds,
Windsoi Co.
JoUN 1'. SttlNNEn,
Calvjn 11i.od(iett
Royai. Hatch,
Orange Co.
IIenry Adams,
Homer E. IIuunr.i.L,
Wh.liam Green,
DavidA. Ssialley, )
Hansom Jones, 5
Rutland Co.
Franklin Co.
Chittenden Co.
pAoi.DiLMNoiust,Jr. V u lon Co
Philip C. Tuckeh, ) Addison Co.
Kolomon W. Jewett. J
Warner Bingham, EsscxCo.
Joiin Wrig.it, Bennins,on co.
IIenky Sheldon, ) a
Eleazer Albee,
Samuel Root,
Windham Co.
Thomas BartIiEtt,Jr. )
UANIEtt W. Aiken, )
Caledonia Co.
O. W Hutlku, Lamoille Co.
Sidney S. Hemenway, Orleans Co.
Henry II. Reynolds, Grand Isle Co.
Votes! Votes!
Votcs for Statc and Coun
ty ofliccrs arc rcady for dcliv
ery. Pricc twcnty-fivc cents
per hundrcd. No tick, in any
Wc will print votcs for town
rcprcscntativcs for twcnty cts.
per hundrcd in advancc.
Ordera should bc scnt in as
soon as possiblc.
NO. 4, AND li.tST.
In 1839 na wc havo saiil bcfbro , Mr Smilio waf
for tho first timo a candidato for llio oflico nGov-
It may ba woll lo look ut llia rcsult of tho olcc
tian tli-it yoarnnd llio ycar bcforo.
Ifouso. Scnnlc.
dem. fed. dcm. fcil.
1838 78 147 9 2(1
1839 10'J HG 11 1!)
31 dem. eain.
! dem. gnin.
A r iiin in tho I.cslslatnro of 33 votcs.
Tho voto for Govcrnor itood n follovvn:
1838 WI10I0 numbcr of votcs, -13,009
S. II. Jennison, 21,733
Bcaltoring 37
W. C. Bradloy, 19.194
Fedcral majority 0,581
1839, Wholo nunibcrof votcs 46,898
8. II. Jennison, 2i,(ill
Bcatlcring 34
Nathan Simlio
Fed, innj.
Rnult of the old Farmtr's lit campaign,a gain of
TIIIRTY TIIREE momher in tlio Lcgitla
turo a rcdaclion of llio fcdcial majori'y in tho
popalar voto of, froin S,S3l to 2,388 or inoro llmn
In 1841, Mr Smilio w.ts ngnn unnanlmouily
nominatnd ai a candidato for Govcrnor by tho
democratic Stutc Convention. Thc resolt of tho
econd campaigti fooght undcr his banncr was us
. n2u? Scnato
dem. fed. Jolrl fc,i
18 10 6-1 173 2 28
1841 83 133 10 20
29 dcm. gain
A gain ol 37 in tho Lcgislature.
8 dem g.iin
Ilat on the voto for tho Govcrnor where tho pco
plo cxpreued thcir opinion of tho old fartncr di
fny,tiio lollowmg was the rcsult
1 H Wholonumbcrofvotc, 56,117
Kcattciing 43
Fedcral majority
S,' , . Wnu,e nambcr of votci
Ciiarles Pdino 23,67!)
Titns HntVon 3,091
Scattcriog 248
Nathan Smilio 21,639
Fedcral majority
ttcond campaign
A reduction ofthe whole maj. agllin th0 dcnm.
cratic parly of morc than onc half and of the fod.
eral maj. propor.for Paino of fi-om 10,815 to 1 900
or almost JW.YJ2 THO USJ1XD; '
Such is tho estiination in whicli tho pcoplo bavo
licld tho Furmcr ofLamoillo.
At tho lato dcmocrntic Stato Convention, Mr
Smilio vvus tho third timo put in nomination for
tho oflico ol Guvcrnor, nnd tho rcsult of his third
campaign will bo dclcriniiicd on tho C1I1 of ncxt
If tlicic is n inan in tho Stato to wlioin tlie
"common people," as tho fcdcralists call tho fantt
cranml tncchanicstshould fucl indebtcd; ifllicro is
a inan foi whom thoy eliould fucl bnund to suatain,
that man is NATHAN SMILIE. llo camo to this
Stato a mcro boy whcn tho coontry was new nnd
but little scttlcd'nt tho north. IIo sclcctcd n farm
on tho banlis of tho Lamoille 110 follcd tho trcca
Iic pilled tho brush ho rootcd tip tho stunips
ho broko tho turf ho cultivntcd tho soil with his
own hands, nnaidcd and nlono. Ily liij own indiis
try tho forcst disappcarcd a romfortubla dwclling
w.i3 raiscd passablo roada wero worhcd; soon
hU floclis grazcd upon tho hills, and lields of grass
nnd grain wavcd by tho rivcr, tho rcsult of his
assiduous industry nnd ttnrcinitling toil.
As tho cotintry bccamo moro settlcd and nuigh
brrs gathcrcd nbout liim, tho hardy young far
mer aroso,gradually,to thalpotitionofinflucnco to
whicli intrrity nnd industry altvays raiso thcir vo
tarics. 1 1 is counscl was sought his nid was oli
taincd. Tho poor lookcd up lo liim ns n f.ithcr
nnd t!io 111010 wonlthy lovcd liim asa hrothcr nnd
n s.ifu nnd disintcrostcd fricnd. Stcadtlv ho pur
sucd his courso of daily lahor nnd nightly reading,
till ho stood at tho ImmiI of this scction of tho stato
whcro his worllihonnrably carncd.nnd his superior
intclligcnco cutilled liim to stnnil. And ho etood
thcro by coimnon coinent. No man thought of ho
ing Nathan Smilio's rival nu iiianj thoiight ho
was pulling himsolf forvvard no man harborod the
slightcst fccling-i ofjcilousy tnvvards liim 110 man
r poKo aught ngainst Nathan Smilio.
By-and-by his neighbors wcrocntitlcd to n Rcp
rcscntatio in tho l.cgislaturo of tho Stato nnd
(ho ballot wns only nppcalcd to as a Irgil voicnof
tho hcarts of his neighhnr.-i. Thc man had liccn
thcir couuscllot nnd fricnd at hotnu whn liail nl-
ways becn trua na stccl to thcin whn but ho
should thoy sclcct to bu thcir rcprcscntativo in
thc halls oflho Stato?
Thcy scnt Natluii Smilio to Montpelier, and
they continucd to scnd him kiftken Jyeap.s
as long as hc tcould go Thoy wcro nevcrdccciv
cdinhim. IIo nrovcd thosaino nlain, sotind, in.
tclligcnt, tiiiwavcriug fiiciid ut tho pcoplo at tho
Cnpitol as ho was 011 his farni.
No sooucr, howovcr, tlid tho f.irmrr of I,ainoillc
talic his scat at Montpelier, tli in Kobcrt Templc
and liis fedcral ussociales wlio had manngcd things
thcir own way.nnd passcd laws for thcir own bcn-
cfit forycnrsdiscovercd tlialn troublcsomo"chicl"
wasnmongthciti.IIu attachcd thcir selfish systcinof
I.cgislatioii,lhcircorrupt nionopolics & thcir nristo-
cratic uotions with nbold tonguo &nn lnincst licart
l'ho appcaranco of Trulh, hcrsulf with hcr oycs
of hving hght ninnng hU corrupt, gamhling
and caroiiiin liand of Fedcral Ilanl; Nabnbs,
cnllcda I.cglaturo, could not havo produccd a
grcatcr scnsation. 'Ihcy attackcd him 111 all quar-
crs thoy assailed him in all w.iyj thoy insultcd
him thcy abiiscd him thcy snecrcd at him Ihoy
callcd him n ''danincd Radical." No mattcr for
that. 'J'ho cliainpion ol tho l'vopiu siooci upuiiioug
tho Enwycrs nnd llio Doctots, tho Sciibcs and the
I'harisccs, llio Priot a iul tho l.cvitrs, calinly nnd
undismaycil. " Vou hallpass,"6aid ho "ou shall
pass no laws to carn tho monoy you squander over
your wino and at tho gaining lablo, out of tho
swcat of tho poor man, whilo I can hclp it. If you
chartcra baulc for your own bcncfit, you shall se
curo tho pcoplo ogainst your frainl., Vour systcnt
of irrcsponsiblc corporatiuns nnd parlial I.egisla
lion 'h unjust and I sliall light it so long as I niu
Ilut tho host.H of thc uncircunisiscd wcrc too
mnnv for him, thcy votcd him down-and ut
llio adjournmont of thc legUlaluro thay told liim to
"go homoiind stny thcrn nnd not prustimo to infcst
thcir prcscncangaiii willi his "liugu paws," nnd
aaucy tongtic." llowcnt lioiuc, nnd laid tho
wholo mattcr bcforo his nciglihors, iiud sulimitlteil
thuir opproval or cnmlcmnnlion lo tho ballot bo. ;aud
whcn tho uott lcgislatnro inct, lo.' tho "d (
Radical" i)ii;ily w.ilkcd inlo li'n scat stoutcr and
bnldct and Iruer lliau cver, nnd h.tckcd by ncarhj
evrtj role east in his town! whilu moro ih.in ono if
tlioso who had fought him at thc prcvious scssinu
had bccn politely nllowcd by thcir coiistilucuts to
goinio rctircmcnt.
It wa. thcn sccn that thn rlunipioti of crjual
riglils liau n.,t,cr L.r, 1U n:ltl nor slcpt upon hi.t
annour. 1 ncy c,Una VJ, w-ith his wcanons bur
nishcd nnd hU licart ntrongc. lnj 0lguo ,olj.
cr than ccr. Thcn eatno thc tutorwri ,, ,
pcopto'schampion waitliumph.int. -ji1(J ngA,.t.
TY FOND KYSTCM tV.U tllO lirt ncl llf S,n,, j'
tho pcoplo from tho fraudn nnd iiiiiinitics of h.
ponsiblo hanking that tho fmncr ofLamoillo wni
ablo to placo upon tho statuto books. ihon follow.
cuinoncitoo:. 1 ono HyMcm, for tho bcncfit of
poor childron, wlioao otalils!inicnt was inuinlv
M.l.'.l.... ...! ..11. ... J
UUMUUI.IU.O 10 1114 ouorw, nnil nllhousli nu cxtrav.
agant whig cli-iuo havo succccdcd in dr.iiiiin" that
lund lo tho last ccnt and nlundcrin? thu nnnrr.l.ll
drcn for whoso bcncfit it was ostabliihcd, of thcir
uimi.rigin.and to covcr tbcir inirjutics nrc cndoav
oiing 10 aoolisli it, ycl, 111 romal 113 still and lorij
" 11, n monumcni ol ocnetolcnco caro for
lliapoororihcir trucstand moit untiting dcfendcr
1 110 pnncipio wincli was first slarlcd in llio Stato
uy Aallian faiinlio-that of makinj thc nrivnto
..v,.Ui,jr 01 iocii-iioiueri lialilo for llio nl.i. .,r
corporauons.orgul.jcclingthuchartcrs to altcra
tion amcndinent or rcpc.il at tho will ofthe p(.0n(
nvugti .uuu.t-,1 uim unscu, at thc lirst has noiv bo.
como ns gcncrally iidmitlcd ns is il. ,Ul,i nf.i...
pcoplo to sclf.govcriimcnt. And for Hih L N'.-.il,-,
Smilio no claiui upon llio rcspcct and gratitudo of
inc ptopio 01 uim stato l Had thc amnn.lmnn,. ,
tho soeral bank incorporations, (pa-,fcd whcn ho
was a membcr,) whicli ho introducod nnd mUn.
catcd bccn ndoptcd, thc pcoplo of Vermont would
uavo savcd near.irnot qmto, havoa million of dol
lar, whicli thoy Invo now bccn swiudlcd out of.
Whcn tho acts for inconoratins tho Knr
Uank, nnd thc Bank of Hcnnincton. ,!,
considcration, Mr .Smilio introduccd and ndvocatcd
amcnumenn, rcndcnn tho bill.linldpr. .0,....
r.. 1... , .. ..." .
muii, ,uj5, uui wilicil wcro votcd dnwn. tlml, f
tncso gwtndling conccrns havo fiilcd. nnd
robbed tho publio of fiom ono to two or thrco
hundrcd Ihousand dollars cach, nd whicli would
becn prevented if tho counscls ol Nuthan Smilio
had becn ndhercd to!
The incn who rcvilcd & abuscd him whcn ho
cndcavnrcd to make tho pcoplc safo in the issucs of
theso banksaro thesamo men who now rcvilo&a
buso himjtlioaristocratg;tho Jolm Dewysjtho Cha's
I'nincs Tho Jurvis' &c. Such charactcra liave
fought him fiom tho first nnd if tha pcoplo descrt
him tho pcoplo of'Vcrmont smnll will ho thcir
claim to honor nnd gratitudo. Tholast act of thc
old farmcr in tho Lcgislaturo mct with as liiucli op-
position as his first an attempt to sccuro the np
pointmcnt of fnnners and mechancs on tho stnnd-
ing committccs. Tncso committccs aro usually
inadc up of lawycri and nicrchants, hcncc ihc iu
troduclion and passago of so many laws for the
laltcr to collect thcir dcbta and tho formcr to lino
thcir pockets with fees. 'Tho Poor nmn's Lnw,"
nnd tho listing Lnw, passcd at tho last scssion
came ofthis custom. Ilail tho old farmcr bccn in
tho Lcgislature, thc people would havo heard his
voico from morning till night against tho passago
of thcse inost unwholcsomo nnd wickcd laws. IIo
would have thundcrcd against thcm as ho did a-
gainst tho old banking systcm, notwithstanding tho
abnso that hard-cidcr would havo hcapcd upon
Tho timo has now como whcn tho pcoplo can
if thcy will in somo sort rcpay this long-lricd nnd
laithful champion ofthc'u rights.IIo is bcforo thcm
;is a candidato for tho oflico of Govcrnor, opposcd
to a rcgul.ir dcccndant of tho old Junlo of o.vclu
stvc privilegcs who hnvo fought him from tho
commcnccmciit of his public life.
Mr Smilio U ono of you farm crs of Vermont j
We do not claim for lntn that ho has bccn cdu
catcd in all thc sophislrieH and chicanccrics of thc
har; wcdo not claim for him that ho has lcarncd,
in tho halls ofConcrcss. to waslo the money of
tho peoplo iu long ppccchcs duihig tho day,
and iu debatichcry during llio night; but we 10
claim for him, that iu tho common dis'rict
school, thatnurscry oflibcrty, hc lcarncd thorudi
mcnt.s of a frccman's educalion; nnd that, in tficr
lifu, ho has lcarned to dcvoto the talents that God
has givcn him to llio causc of that grcat nnd pow
crful part ofthe frccmen of thisState, thelabJring
class, of which ho is a stern and proud nionber,
Wo claim for him that ho Mands beforo tho jcoplo
iintaiutcd with nny of those arwtocratic notions,
whicli the clcvatcd placo hc has eo long ocrupicd
U almost suro to ciigcndnr; wc claim for lim an
honesl licart, n clcar hcad nnd sonnd intellctt. Wo
claim for him Ihc honor of bcing tho first h the
Stato to unyeit tho iniqtiity of tho banking sys
tcm. Wo claim for him, that " solitary nnd alonc,
ho put that ball in motiun." Wo claim that ycan
bcforo tho Hcro of New Orleans had dashcd otn
llio brains of" llio monsler" ngainst tho bulwarki
ofthe Coii9titution, Nathan Sinilic, in tho Lcgisla
turo of Vermont, was contcnJing nlone, singln
handcd, but undismaycd, ngainst tho wholo nrmj
of llank slavcs, for tho very rcfonn which, now
tho dcmoctatio party feol is advancing liko thi
trcad of n giant, in tho wholo Union. Wo claiu
for him that ho has an oo lo sce, 11 licart to fcc
and an intnllcct to nid llio primary intcrcst of lle
people the loco focos, ns tho fcdcralists call llicti,
i, c. tho itAiini.i:, who will not submiltobo rulr
nnd gultcd nnd blcd to dcath by tho " richand ll
.. .11 1 ,, tt,rt .i,n r. -1 .I. 1. - tn u
bo poor, nnd that thcir Fnlhcrin Ilcavcn looks wih
ns much compassion nnd tcndcrncss upon llio pnjr
man who worksfor his bread, as hodocs upon 'ho
rich man who lolls in caso and luxury on his gilccd
sofa. Wo claim for him for Nathan Smime
that iu all tinici, nnd iu all placcs, tndcr nll cir
cumstanccs, whclhcr tho cunning havo endcumr
cd to whecdlo or tho violcut to brow-licnt hiij,
that ho has stood ui bravo ns tccl, fiim ns n roclN
ready tondvocato nnd voto for tho rights of ihd
many. Wo claim tli.it nci'.hcr coaxing, nor in
sults, taiiiits or rcproachci, snccrs or intimidatiot,
havn drivcn him from tho plain pnth of duty, or it
duccd him to hositalu or wnvcr ono innmcnt in ln
dcvotion to tho intcicslsand well-bcingof llio 111.IH.
So much wo claim for NATHAN SMILIE, th
candidato of tho Ilcform parly, for Govcrnor oftl
Stato. Tho civiccs ho has dono tho pcoplo iu Iu
public capacity, aro bcforo thcm. IIo stnnds un
larnUhcd, uncorruptcd. IIo has never varicd
licvcr devi.itcd; for such n man wo nslc tho suppoi
of thc pcoplo ofthis Stato.
" Locofoco c.xlravagiiiicc" Grisls w
(JRIST NO. I. llluelll,
Thc last hard-cidcr organ of tho citloii-hcndcd Clmnlber toilct wnrc,
Woodstock Junto has a long nrticlo o'Locofoco Sonlli Chambtr.
cxtravaganco" copiod, wo supposo, Idiii un old ! Iienlr? tMr ilcKt In tlianicter,
ugio speccn un goiu iuuni.
. 1 1.
Sinco that bcnutiful muuth.picco of Cuisul Jar-
vis wishcs lo talk cbout cxlravaganco,wn vj Com
mcnd it tu a few.bnauliful spccimcni ofharj. cidcr
v I.
Travel to aud fi-ani Waslm. di,-v' 12 00
Iloard aud lodging, aon 200 00
6 ' 260 00
2d Dill. S1'37J
rromlhe Ist nfScptcmbcr, 1811, 0 l0
luui ui iii'ccmucr. ni-r iin i..
Travcling to and from Washington.
Iloard in New York,
Iloard in Wn?hington,
Parlor lcnt at Now York,
$81S 00
200 11U
122 50
92 00
50 00
Bill a.i ubovc,
$1,312 50
1,372 00
$2,681 50
Ai.rn;i Ki:i,i,i:y.
.Mr Kcllcv rcccivcd ilm r,Jlniv; .
26.1811, b
$672 00
372 00
Pcr dicm from August 27, to Scptcmbcr
20. 1811.
Room rcnt.
200 00
57 50
05 00
ToCity Hotfl cxpcnscs.
i.Jira travel,
To pcr dicm crvicc in J.-inn-irv la it
16 00
194 00
160 00
192 00
Milcago to und from Washington,
VVilmam M Stewa a r.
$2,128 50
Rcccivcd in tho 3d quartcr of 1841, in
ono Davment.
Sccond navnicnt.
$1,020 00
460 00
A third payinent was inadc during tho
4thqunrtei of 1841, amounting to $1,100 50
Fourth payinent in Dccembcr, 1841,
und January, 1842, 451 50
Total, $3,031 00
Thc foutth commissinncr, appointed in
tho placo of Mr Kcllcy, rcccivcd 827 00
Gcorge A. Dwight, as Connscl for
Commissioncrs, recctvcd 1,292 00
Tho Secrelarica rcccivcd $8 per day.
Tho oxpcnses of tho Commission for
the 3d quarlcr of 184 1 , wcro 7,095 62
Fourth quartcr, 6,933 86
Evpcnsesin 1842. 3,694 63
ITolal cxpcnditurcs, 17,728 11
l.ARS cxpcndcd by threo or four men iu a fcw
n ontlis, to tho disgrnco of thcinselvcs nnd the na-
lion, ns it is wcll known thn whole New York
Custom Ilouso invcstigalion cndcd in n row. Kcl
loy run nwny to gct out of tho rcach of old Poins'
cluws.nnd tho rest wcnt ofl'after havingquandcr-
(d 18,000 nnd nccomplishcd just nothing at all.
Wc furnUli for tho usc of thc Imrd cidci brawl
crs nbout "Locofoco cxtinvngance" somo small
itcms ofexpcnditurcs, made by Gcn. Ilnrrison's
Caliinct on comiug into oflico; and as tho "Whig'
ornlors havo a particulnr fancy for 'Furnilure
and"Towels," wo shall confiuc our sclections
to thcm for thc prcsent :
Tho continEcnt cxnenses ofthe Stato
Dcpartmcnt for 1811, $25,01136
Annl znu, "ollico lurmturo and ro-
pairs," 105 75
l)o. do. do. do. 308 71
May 3il, Wnslung Tuwels, 308 3t
Jtiuo do do do do -1 31
Wo nlso tako from tho list:
iCT'drtictesfor mourningfor the Presi
dent, 156 S7
Print of Gcn. Ilnrrison, 5 Oil
Do do framcd, 10 00
Wc givo ' nlso a fcw iloms from Mr Sccrctary
Iladgcr's list:
April 1, Crape Gtoecs,
" Crapo and oil cloth,
" Print of Gcn. Ilarrison;
ll'athing foicei,r(wliat say you Gov.
Moiclieud ?)
May do
$38 81
14 68
11 00
6 50
5 50
And to como ncarer hom, wo bcg to add thc
following list ns "iiuta" to tho Democrnts:
GeorguE. Uudgcr, fccs for Wcslcrn Land suits,
paid by Guvcrnor undcr resolntiou ofl.cgis.
laturc, 1,0111)
do to I). L. Svaiu, 1,000
do to Georgo E. Iladgcr, for
nttending to samo suits in
Fedcral.Court, 500
do lo Judgn Scawcll, 1 ,000
do R. M. Saundcrs, Att'y Gcn. 500
By this aum rcturncd by I). L. Swain,
Do lo D. Wcbster.'for urging cause
in Huprcmo Court,
JCyDo lo Georgo E. Badger, for vot
arguring cause in Suprcmo
Court, paid last Lcgislntaro
011 Mr Waddcll's rctolu
tion, Do Rcfundcd In I). L. Swain of Wad
dull'g rosolutions,
Making, in Attornns ftes,
fJKIST NO. .1.
Wc givo whijigcry ono moin grist to grind.
Aftcr tho "whigs" in tho campaign of 18 10, had
chargcd Mr Vnn Buren with having bccn cxtravn.
gant iu Furnilurc boyond nll rule or rcason
with living, in rcspcct to theurlicles ofhis houso
hold, in a stylo otpnnctly splendor. Thn whigs
gavo Gcn. Ilnrrison in nddition llicrcto, the foU
lowing itcms:
. Furniture, $c, fumished for thc Prciidcnl's
lJou$c,by whiggcryin 1841:
Korth Chambtr.
0 nnin,
MurHcu, workitand,
IJrcnlii" f,,i0
t-iirilaiinroiihrcc nJo.,
1 nirlcd niup,, yrench ticiUtcn.l,
lciirli-il Imlr imt,CM
I u-nlrc lulile,
1 ul clianibi-r tuict wiirc,
$2i m
M (10
IS 01)
3 0(1
(rll 01)
t; 50
l 00
r 00
ii 00
6313 00
319 00
3H 00
15 01)
1 ho .-inieruriilliiro m nlm c lor No, 7 omh,
Ihcnniin- Diriiilurnhr Nn. C norlh,
I licnrlli rnjj lorrm-h,
. , , , , A'o. 1, South Chamlicr.
I fi'nllirr IkiI,
1 UHnlnilii-,
8 rlinlrn,
I wnfh xlnn.T,
I rrntro lnlili-.
4"i 00
V) 00
H 01)
10 10
S' 00
6 50
10 00
: -. . -
I li -u.'e for nmntle lline-picrc,
Vo.3, South Chunlitr.
I lonnse willi, rcnllicr pilloua,
lu-nlrc lulilr,
No i, South Chambtr.
I dci7fn rlintm,
1 wnnlroln-,
I loungc wlilircMhcr pillown,
I'-itlmln.mnrnrrn or,
' 'iiure inlilc, iiiarkletop,
'"imcU rnrpi-lj
srnioniij Hrc irmn,
Htr 1,1,1c
1 miiTor,
2 nrni.
FC, 110
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32 00
.10 00
CO 00
llio OO
50 00
7.1 00
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co ot
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21 00
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Ilcnnli rii"
Nu. I, tfrth Chambtr.
I 'irrMliis .i,r.
! rentre m,le. '
3 fr hcarlli,
1 1rec,
8 rlinim,
1 wnnlrnlir,
1 rrntro lalilc
Nrw cnrpcl,
No. 3, North Chambtr.
.V, 00
No. 2, ,orlh Chambtr.
Itl 00
275 00
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Allcrlng curlitlnt.
iii-iiriii rnt.
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J nd llre Iruni,
""SnnNip ilrl.,i!, '
Dinnor ct rinlrc,
I iiniilurc lor Ihe kilrlirn,
, , . Pr Htutmtnt.
10tnclclnllrr, ...... .10 .
iik) on
lt-0 00
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150 00
24 wlmlior rliairtf.
ymnion L'rocxcry rorcrnni.
New linlnc .llk cnruln. in ,i.V, ''".
I'n..... nreuinr room,
u"'," .,,0" ?! 1mpt sncri,lly
1.50 00
95)53 50
loino, blaze away, with your Locofoco cxlrava-
gancc, if you liko it. 2'ho tablcs wo give,show,on
tho part ofthe cidcrcrats, tho most abandoncd and
profligato exlravagcnco that ovcr di'graccd nny
party sinco man had a bcing. The money ofthe
peoplo has bccn scattercd to tho four winds of
heaven, for this nnd that uiclcss lliing, nnd to fill
thu pockets ofthis nnd tnat wrctchcd, bcsotlcn
and beggard hard cidcr spoutcr, and " to pay off
tho hands" cmnloycd in ccltins tho pcoplo drunk
in 1810' nnd swindling thcm out of ihcir hallots
and thcir self icspcct. What faco can llicsc hard
cidcr brnwlcrs mako up to lalk'about cxtravaganco
and rakc up Oglo's old lics nbout Vnn Uurcn's
"gold spoons" and "lahby cats" whilo thcy
aro wasting thcir millions in thcir cxtinvngant,
wasteful managcmcnt ofthe public intcrcsts ?
Wc blusli to lliink that any poilion ofthe pco
plo should sufl'er such niiscmlilo impostors to fool
nnd humbug llicm oul of their scnscs!
Fin: on tho inoiiiilniii! Him als! Run!
Thc ciladcl of Fodcralism in (liuigor!
Thc Vermont ilclcatioii in Congrcss
lioglcctiiig thc busincss of thc'Pco
plc to Wl'itchoilic clcctionccring
pliticnl lctlci'S,
That most magnaiiimous body, tho Woodtock
Junto, havo just rcccived importaut nccnunls from
Washington. Mr Slnde, tho grcat spit-upon has
scnt 011 what ho calls a copy of 11 lcltcr, wrillcn to
him somo timo last spring by Charlcs I'aine, in
which that schular nnd philunthtopist cxprcsscs
himsclf inf.tvoi ofa Tariff! Th.lt must settle tho
(ucstioti, no doubt. No hody ovcr disputcd hut
Ihat he was infavorofn tarifT, but lct him say
what ho will, ho cantiol mako tho pcoplo bclieve
that ho is such n disintcrcstcd patriot as to fivor
a taritV, that opcratcs dircclly ngainst his own in
tcrcst! nnd, thatsucli a TarifT ns tho pcoplc of
tliin State will, 110 mnn 111 his scnscs can doubt.
Ilii nriuciplc, at buttr.n, wh.itcvcr hc may say, is
rcu'iiled, dUlinctly in the l.inguage ofhis organ llio
H'(rimnn, " a duty on the raio mulerial
is a luxon the utanuftllturer.,' It i for his inter
csts,to liavo a duly ns high on forcign woollrns 11 s
possiblc, nnd gct thc rnw iuntcrial ns low ns pos.
sible; conscquciilly, if he can gct forcign wool in
to tho couniry duty frce so much tho bcttcr for
liim is it not? Tho tiianufacturcrs of New Eng
land, of whoin Col. Paino is n promincnt onc, aro
laboring with all thcir might to gct up 11 high duty
on foreign woollens, whilo forcign wool is intro
duccd into tln country at llio lowcsl possiblo ratc.
G'of. I'aine. is in thu combinatiom of the manu
facturen,heart und soul lct him talk as much as
pleascs. Who bcliuvc.s that hc is a man to work,
vnluntarily against his owu intcrcst? llis intcrcst
is directly opposcd to that oflho wool.grnwcr. It
is for their ii'tcrnst lo SELL AS HIGH nnd for his
to UUY AS CIIEAP ns possiblo! Docs nny man
belicvo tliat hc will,voluntarily support n'liieasurn
that will incrcase thc piiccs of wool twcuty cents
which ho has lo pay .' Will lio'not rathcr ondcavur
to kccp wool ut tho lowcst piico, whilo hi
woollens nro protocled ? h it not for his intcrcst
to do so .' Most ccrlainly! And, wc ask, how is
it possiblo that thu wnol-growcrs rmi bclico ihat
Col. I'ainu, who is in thn Lcaguo with the New
ll-nI...J .Mi.fMt.lMli:ia u het' ouol Jown 1111(1
hring woollens up, is going to bo to palriolic, out
of all who coniposo tho Lcaguo, as to imposo up
on himself nu annunl lux of thousaiids iitid thuat
hiinsclfout ofvast prolits .' Ilow dare thcy truit
.1 man whoto intcrcst it is so 'p'ain lo bo sccn is
diramclrically opposcd tu Ihcirs?
This leMcr, of which wo Hpcak, i nnother nt
tcinpt ol ihe inonopolis's of llio Slato lo blow
dust iu ihu cycs of llio pcoplo nnd hocp up llio
falling dynasily of old fvderiilim in Vermont!
rhal is nll there is of it. Lci llio pcoplo bc on
tlicirguard! nnd look out for " irow in shcrp's
Hon. Ililanii Ilall, too, wo undcrstand, hasnlso
writleu n leitcr to llio Junto to kliow that Ilm
wlugs 111 Congrcss 1110 In fivor ofa TarilF. Wel',
ifthoy nrc, wo thitik thcy mv nn odd nny ,if
showingit! Evcry allcmpt thn democrnts Invo
. 0 . 3 ' " 1 ""'"' n,np
"....- iu ihu iiousii 11 nu m 1110 scnato lo liiing out
a voto 011 tho Tnrifl' has bccn put down by thc
whigs, Ililund Ilall nmong Iho rcst, iuid now ho
has tho tinparallcllc.d impudcnco to writo lcllcm
hoino, ntlcmpling 10 show that ho is in fivor of n
lariflV llu talk and votcs nll tho linio in n wny
that hc Unows will ilrfcat the tarifT bill, and ycl,
prctcnds that hc is in favor 0 it! Evciy thing
ho' docs is against il, ycl ho prctcnds to bo for it!
Twicc.traiur as ho U lo llio intcrcst of tho Statc,
twicu he has hclpcd dcfcat a tariff bill, nnd nowhe
wriles to tho Woodstock Junto, thc loolsol Jarvii,
Paino & Co., nnd tclls thcm that hc is in favor of
it! nnd they ask tho pcoplo to belicvo il!! Ho h.is
hclpcd 011 a tax on tca nnd cofTcc ho has hclpcd
dcfcat the tarifT bill nnd hcro comcs tho Irailor.
with his hypocritical cant nbout bcing iu fivor ofa
tariff and Ihu intcrcst of tho pcoplo whom ho inis
rcprcsenls! Will tho pcoplo hcar such n man!
Will Ihcy placo any confidcncc iu n traitor?
About ihrco wccks sinco, it will bc rcmcinbcrcd.
that Consul Jarvis laboicd vcry heard in his ,'hl-
roeate lo show that Mr Smilio was not a farmcr,
and had 110 othcr busincss than Ihat of kccping u
groccty. That papcr of July 4, says.
lle, (Mr Smilio) is in f.ict 1; croeer and nn
cxtcnsive dealcr in cudjlth, rum, and molasscs."
Hut now, lh lunc is clungcd aud Mr Smilie,
has liccomo 011c or thc mojl cxtcnsivo firmcrs in
the Statc owns twcnty farmcs has morlgage 011
a bojiinoro fcc.
fctut yoursclvcs, gciitlcnicn. As fnt as you nro
urncn irom ono position rillback uponsome olhcr
cqnally crcditable and lcnablo onc. .Alnko tho old
farmcr out any ihing you plcasc, foi your own
imsc purposcs-tho pcop le inadc him oot lonS no
and will ciro 'nbout ns much for vour lics nnd
abuso ns they do for tho whlstling ofthe wind
o,go nlicntl!
How is this.
jTllG ivlnr ntinlil
h "Mii111313 pii lllill nn fll LnM a nr
noiucrol sluvcs can gct lo iho kingdom ofllca
.c.,,uu,cl,noVOMnc!0 ,c .
cnic 01 llcnry tlay for tho Prcsidcncy. Ndwwo
.ciously ask whclhcr any one jn hun,cs would
voto ,or a inanTor tho IWrdcncy, wo ,: was
SATlsHKn coULn fnT r-i-
. . v. iiil &1J1U-
"0)1 Of 1II.-AVEN
The traitors
Don't forget tho men, who in Congrcss have
tried to dcfcat thc consummution ofa TarifTRill!
They uro
Hiland Ilall, Horacc Evcr
ctt, William Slade, Jolin Mat
tocks, Augustus Young.
Don't forget thcm, and don't forgct that they
aro tho men who aro writing homc clcctionccring
lettcrs in fivor ofCharles Paino who understnnd
nnd is a party to tho gamo Ihoy arc playing in'
To dcfcat the passage ofa
TarifT Bill!
Now mind: If a fcw of
thcse disentcrcstcd whigs who
arc so much in favor ofa Tar
ifT had unitcd with the dcmo
crats who dcclared evcry
day thcir willingncss to do so,.
thcy might have pushcd
through Congrcss an adc
quatc Tariff and thc farmcrs
might now bc selling their
wool at a fair value, in
stcad of sccing it rot on thcir
hands whilo thcse lovcrs of
their intcrcst nrc carting for
cign wool into thcir vcry midst-
And ngain
That Ihe Kcntucky dclcgation iu Congrcss who
aro tho tools of llcnry Clay, who is dctcrmincd
that tho pcoplo shall havo no tatilV, but ihat fho
question hhnll bokcpt opcn for his bcnefit camo Ibr
wnrd nnd sw ore that if thc whigs did not rclain tho
distributiun, thcrcby as they knew dcfeating tbo
Ilill tntiro,lhey would go ngainst n tarifTultogethcr!
That tho wholo Vermont dclcgation,traitois as they
arc, siibmiltcd to this insolcncc, nllowcd ihcm
sclvcs tu bo brow-bcntcn and diivcn form tho ex
crcise of thcir duty lo Ihcir conslilucnts, skulkcd
nnd cowcd bcncath tho dictntion of llcnry Clay,
entctcd into his leaguo lo dcfcat tho Tariff, nnd
left tho pcoplo of ihis Statu lo suflcr undcr nn un
parcllcllcd prcssuro nnd ihat loo,
Whcn by joining with thc
democrats thcy knew it was
in thcir powcr to pass such
a tarifl'as the pcoplc wantcd!
Oh! nilANt) TIIE TRAITORS, with the
maik of Caiu.
ciul! lU'nd!
Wo make tho following cxtract from thc spccch
nfllon. R. I). Dais, (dcm.) of New York, de
livcrcd in tho IIoiho of Rcprcscntaliviis July 8,
1812 011 thc Tariff llill. Thoy elfcctually rcfuto
the infamous lics of thu Ilanl-t'ider papcrs ofthi.i
Statcs, and iliow that ihc dcuiocralic paity aro in
fivor of, nnd vtilling to otc for n Tariff,
The Albany .Irgus says, " tho tieech," froin
which thcso c.MtncM nro madc, wo have not room
for ihe whole, ' WILL MEI'.T W1TII A WARM
Wu havo scrn that A UEtsORT TO I'REE
TO IIE 'I'ilOUGHT OF, and that rovcnno frnni
Itnpar'.: !.'. IIIQ Olliy cmci rcuapco o( ;, h.1(,;m
'"" l'10 oh')' 0nC0 "f nny prucllcitl considcraiion.'
r" '", CZYl'" I? )vil1 V,llal Mt- ' C"" 1?'.
for 110 larilr, ho it high or low or inedinm, which
cnnlnins ihe disliihution claiiso, 1 AM READY
Wo have told tho pcoplc, from llio first, thaf
thcse wero iho iows ofthe i-cinocratic party,
while tho hard-cidcr papr.-i, with n rccktcssness
charactcristic of thcm, hato bccn conlinually
clurging upon ihc dcuiocralic parly in Congrcss,
that thcy wcru "in favor of thc doctrino of frte
trade and opposcd lo a Tariff,"
Wo hnpo llio extracts wc hac givcn, this wcck,
from Mr Davis' 5pccr.l1, will bo suflicicnt to nalis
fy any reasonablu man ofthe vicws oflho demo
crnts and tho wilfnl faUchoods of thc cidcrcrats.
011 thc snliject of n TaritV.
7'hc tariffbill passcd iho Scnato on Ihe oili with.
llio diuributionfcaturo nttachcd 25 lo 23'.'
Samutl C. Craftt, and Samuel .9; I'hclps,
llio dclcgation from Vcimout, in tho Scnnle. bolh
votcd to rctain llio distribution d'aluic, or whicli
is the samu lliing,
ICPYolcd ngainst a TariffDill!
Docs this snit thc f.irmers of Vermont .'
Look hcrc all of you.
"It I1EING TRUE that a duty on thtiaic ma
terial IS11 tax 011 the manufaclurer, the only
inftrcnct is that the manufaclurer oughtlo rc
cr'irc r dtgrce of protcction sufficicnt to tnaile
him to mctl thit tax'.'
Wc draw Iho prccccding bcautiful jpecimen of
hard cider from tCT'tho Vermont Watchman, of
Junc 13, 1812. How do tho farmcrs liko it? If
a duty on ihe raw malcrial h a tax on tho
manafictucr" as tho Watchman iayi.it can casi
ly bo sccn whv tho C5pecial fricnds of tho W.
Jarvis, Paine k Co.,aro aniins lo kccp off that'
tax- by nd'm itting forcign wool duly freo Do tho.
people understand ihii malter?
Scc fotirfh pagc

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