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The spirit of the age. (Woodstock, Vt.) 1840-1844, August 12, 1842, Image 4

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au o c t v a?.
I'romlhc lloxton MhccUany.
Tlm sun U down, uVli groxv tlio g'adea
The stars nro gatltcring in llio dccp;
And o'er tlie eurlh iiiglit's inisty sliadcs
Are itealing, like n dreaiu i:i sleep;
Tho wild winds, wandering tlirough llie aky,
Stoop frotn thsir nallia us dny declines,
And m'stle with a nhivering cry
And wenry wing iimong llie pines.
Tlie twilight fadcs, aml nll tlio carth,
Tho niglit with snloinn gladness fills,
The inoon, us fair ns nt Iter biitli,
Whcrc lieaven h xvedded to thc hills,
Through fleecy clonds nround licr flung,
Wheuls up, besidea the saino sweet star,
That with her, when tho slty was young,
Lookcd over Kdcn froin afar j
And small white cloiuln, liko tufU of down,
Ulown o'er tlie bosom of llie decp,
Aro wandering round tho niountain hrown,
A aweet thought9 wandcr whcn we sleep;
Whilc, fain'ly, in the west nfar,
Is lingcring still the day's last light,
Around thoso kingly hills that bar
Tho circled hcuvena from our sight.
Tlio cool hreeze swecps tho darls liluo laku
Tho wild brook to its swcctsoirsing,
And tho rjtiicl; night hird now nwako,
Ilrushes tho wave with glancing wings:
Swcet ilopo, with fair nnd gcntlo sinilus,
Looka in tho sick tnan's faco nnd tctls
Ilow fresh'lipp'd hcaltli, fiom fairv islcs,
Is in that cool hrcczo aa it bwcIIs.
Oh! would Ihat thon wert hcro to gazo
With in e upon thU cvnning sky,
To hoar tho rising wind that play.i
Among tho treo topi green nnd high
Slirring their myriad lcavca, until
Their murmur'd music swelli nlong
Withall lifo'a ntteranccs, that fill
Tho world with a perpetual song.
With thi'o bcsldo mo, 0! inoro puro
Would bo tho praycr I sond 011 high,
And I inoro nicckly should cnduro
Lifo's snrroiv?, from thy tcnder cye;
Thy lovo would tcach mo what no lool;
O'er which I'vo pined for years, halh taught,
Culmly on ballled hopcs to look,
And blcsa tho changca ihoy havc wrought.
MAY. 1842
A new volumo of tho popuhtr faniily ncwspapcr,
tho Saturdny Lfcning l'ost, tvai coiiiinenocil on
Iho first of Mny, 18l2,beautifully piintcd on tho fi
ncst white linen paper. The l'ost is tho oldustnnd
bcst c9tablishcd paper in tlio Union, havingnlready
got lo Ihocuinincnccment ol tho
23d volume,
Whilc scorcs of napcrn which havo bccn startcil in
Iho last twcnty tlireo ycnrs, havo passcd nway for
cvcr, tho l'ost still nuiiitiiiin Ub proud position in
pmnt of circulation nnd prolit, at tho head of the
iuinily nowiip.ipcrs ofthu day.
Tho grcat sizo of tlio iaper cniililna tho prnprio
tnrs to gtvo n grcater vanoty oforiginal nnd selee
tcd inattcr than can bo fouud in cotcinporary shuctn,
Tlie paper has been grcatly
And now iippcars in handsomo now typc, nnd has
rcceivcd llio prako of inany cditors of tasto, ns
"tho hand.soincst f.unily shont in tho Union." Our
oll'orh havo bccn ditectcd to thu coinbiuing f
bcnutv nnd simplicity, with utility nnd tusto. 'J'ho
l'ost fi printcd on n stout wliito paper, rcnijcring
it noatnud durablu for filing; whilo fii sizo it sitr
ji.ijjcs ovcry other weckly nowsp.ipcrin I'liiladel
plii.i, nnd has rcceivcd from its coleinpornries tho
litlo of
Titn ritin adklimu ma.mmotii.
Tho grcat sizo of tho piper cnables ns to givo
nll the iinportnnt Congressional I'roceedingH nt
lcugth, rtnd nll rcporUniidnthcr pnulio (IocuiiiimiI?
in full, togcthcr with occaiional Congressional
ypcuclit'J in full.
Tho l'ost is ncknowlcdgcd to bo tho first nows
pnpur in tho country in tho (iiality nnd iii.iiilily
(if itioriginal talos, cssays, pnutry, nnd olhur iii.-ii-ter
. Thu following conlrtbtors uru u warrcnt of its
T. S Arlhur, nuthor of Tomncrancc Pledgo,'
'Tho Urokcn Mcrchniit,' nnd otlicr TcinpL'nince
Htnrics. I'rof. J. II. Ingiahain.author of 'Lnfittc,'
Kyd,' &c kc. Ji-kso K. Dow, autlmr of 'I.og
ofOld lronsidcs,'&c. LoaU Fitzgcrnld Ta'iitro.ll.
M. Wnlih, Miss 1'.. I.cslic, N. 1'. Willis, Mrs
I'.inina C. I'.mbury.Mrs A. I Annan.Mrs Lainhcrt,
Jamcs II. Dana, Lewis J. VUl, l.ydi.i Jmio l'ier
on, Thco. H. F.iy, Georgo I. Morris, rraneis.S.
Oigood, Alfrcd U. Street, Thonms J. lleach.J.
Milton Sanders, autlmr of 'Tho .Miami Vnlley,'S.
1). Andcrson, Lydiall. Sigournoy.l'. W. Tlionias,
nuthor of'Clinton llradsliawc,' C. Thoresa Clarkc,
Mim J. nstellc, John n. Whitticr, Mrs C. II. W.
ftling.Mrs It. I'. Niclioli, Mrs Amclia II. Wclby,
J. Tomlin, J. Koss llrownc, I.ucy Seymorc, Mrs
Mary II. rurmns, Mis Carolino I'. Or'no, Mrs M.
tit. I.con l.oud, Mrs Ann H. Slovrns, J.T.S. b'uU
livnn. Mrs I'.. C. Stcudmun, Mrs Carolino I.ce
Ilcmz, William Wnllaco.
Tho publislicrs havo rnado nrryigetn cnts, in ud
dliion, for an
from thu pon of II. W. Hf'.HDCRT, Ia., nuthor
of 'Comwcll,' 'Tho llrotlicis,' &c, which they
li.ivo been publijliing for soino litne pnst. Tho
occno ol this novcl is Inid in Aincrica thu subjcct
is tho UUCCAN'ICKS. Sucli un opportunily to
subjcribors should not be lost.
Original Slorics nppcar in ovcry numbcr of tho
paper, with Original articlcs on nll subjcct.
Tlie post contains tho grcatcst variety of Origi
nal Tales, Sca Skctches, Kssiys, I'oetry, Songi,
f'nirdos, bcsidut tho latcst nnd bcst selcctions
frnm tho Aincrica and r.ngliOi Mngazincs, nnd nll
tho olher fuuiitu'ms ofchoicu Origiuul litcraturc.
Titr. TE.rtMs.
It is isuJ al thc old Citablislipd ratc of TWO
UOM.ARB pcr annuni, Casii, in ndvnncc, nnd
miy bo truly sa'ul, now that it is tnl.irgcd, to bo
C'hcopctl J'nper in Ihe Union.
An friends nnd ncighbors oflcn wih to club to.
gcthur to facilitnto rcniiitnnr.ns, wc ofl'cr to surh.nr
flfatiy person who will sccuro us thc naincs nnd
mony, llie following
Induccmtnlt lo C'lubi.
Thrtt copiti for Flte Dollan, in aileanct,
jioit pai'l.
Secen copiet for Ten flollart, in mlvunce,
yott pai'l.
h is to be undcrstood; thatto cntitlo nny pcrson
In Iho benefit of the abovc lcrms, nrrcargcs nimt
lio first paid, nnd iho aubscriptions tnust be rcmit
tcd in adranc?, post paid.
Woadhcrpto the cash systcm. Editors who
may copjf tbU I'rospectos, nnd forward us a copy,
will rcccivo our thanks, nnd n rcgular cxchangc.
GEOIldlt It. (IKAflAM & CO.
No. 98 rhcsimt flrccl, I'hihdolphin,
july, 1842.
A now volume of this Magazine will bnsin with
July, 1842; whcnn aer.es of importnnce improve
rnerits will noniiin'irt'. The wurk is devolerl es
pccinlly to tho ladies, nnd issucd in n stylo never
beforeiitlcinpted in this country. It cnntnins nr
ticles from the most pnpular and plcasiii" write i
of the day. on everv variety of subject. .Most of
tho stnries uru of a practical, doincstic, charnctnrs
from the pcns of our bcst femnlo writcrs, whilo tho
carliest fasliinns in nll their varictlcs nro oorrectly
given; so ns to mako thu work wolcomo at cvory
lire-sido; in tho halls of tho fishionablo nnd tho
gay, in tho honio of tho virtuous matron, wluno
own needlo supplicfl her raiiiicnt , or in lio stnro
nndscwiug roum of tho iiiautuc makcr and tiiillin
Tho proniincnt design of tho .Magazmo i to fur
nish in elcgnut nnd iillraclivo style.ihe oatli'st.inost
corrcct, and full rcport of tho Hlouthly I'ushions
dircct fiom 1'aris and I.ondon. Th'n wu aroiiua
bled to do suvcral inonlhs in ndvanco of nn co
temporary, Tlio advantagii of this lo ovcry ludy,
who inakcs tusto in drcss tho least inattcr of lilu,
will ;it niici! bo apparcnt, nnd to tho piofes-iuii.il
dress-iiiaker :iiiil uiiHincr of tho UniU.d Hlntcs, tho
onlerprisu will bu of incalculablu iidvantngo. Wu
isno evcry iiionth u niiinber nnd variety of cns.
luiiic, whiuh puts to tlio lilu-.li cvory tliing in thu
way of nmntlily reporls ofthc rashioiHjicrctol'oro
I'nr tliis pnrposQ Iho puhlislicr cmliaiki'd thu
mosi amplo iuoans and resourccs in tho entorprNi',
nnd matured his pl.ins l.oth in tli'n country and iu
Kiirnpn prior lo coiiiiiiencciuciit. It has been n
favorilo projVct, nnd has been duliliorati;ly iindur
taken, uud will be carried tlirongh vigorously.
Inordtrto rcudor iho work ornaincntal in tlio
highcst degicc, nnd to mako it a pcifect parlnr
runipnnion, nnd nn nriiauieiit lo thu ccntre-taliln,
ns wcll as oiitcrtaiiiing iu its lilcrnturo, nnd uscfiil
Iu thcstylu ofthu fishinn platcs, it is proproscd to
issuo tho niO'it elcgantSlcel and Mezzotint cngr.iv
ings froiu tho first nrtcst iu tho cnuntiy, illiisiralcd
by choico and cutcrtaiiiing storius uf dnincstic lifu.
To lcavc uothing uiidano, nt tiincs, will bu giseu,
thc most pnpular and elungant music ufthu day,
Songs, Ciallopadcs, Mnrclius, ctc.
oiuiiiNAi. cn.VTiiiuu rons.
Tho scrics of pnpular tales which havo nppeari'd
in this Magazine during Iho last viiluuiu, hears h's
timony lo tho talent nnd nuu.ber of our coiilriliii
lor., whn cnihraco ,-nino ofthu bcst malu nnd fu-
inale writois of Iho country. Our corps ofcnutrili
utors is tuonthly hcing iucrcased, nnd tho new vol
umn will bo npencd with a jjrcat nccossion of litu
inry siicngth. All tho urliclcs which nppcar in
this work havc particulai referuuce to the Ii.mikiIi
The Mngnzino will bo issued un ur bcfuro tln:
Ifith nftho iiionth prcci'cduig tho month for which
it will be publisheil, or dated, or nbout thu timo
thc stcamships which salo from Curopo un tho first
of tho month, niunlly ariivc. Thus tho work will
bo in llie Ii.iwIs ofcvery subscribf'r wilhthe most
corrcct fishions bnforo Ihoy rnn bo got out hnro,
and unticiputhig nll uther Mngazincs ut least si
Tn lnnm tho work within thu rich nf nll, it is
issued nt TWO 1)01X113 pcr annuiii for n sinjjli'
copy, in iiilt.nicc, post palil. 'l'liti t.ltt.'iiinu nf
thu wnrk will lio nt oncn nnprccinlril, when wu
statu that thu lnnlun Wnrld of rashinu rctails in
this riiuiitry at $11) pnr niiuum, nnd tho I.aily's
World of I'nshion includes evcry variety in tho
Fnmontjlo of c.cellcncc.
to ct.un1!. .
Ah fiiends often wish lo cluh logcthor, wu mako
thu folloivin; ollcis, to Ihosu who will scnd us ctir
lent funds, frco nfpnslngc.
'J'hrce cupirs for Firc ihllitn.
Six copict for Eighl tloltttr.
Eiifhi copmfor Jcn doll.ir.
IMilors who may widi nn I'xchangu, iipun ropy
iug this propi:ctus,will bo furuMicil with thu uoik
for oiio yenr. Aldress
o. j. I'r.Tv.itso.v,
Nn. DS Clmsnut Slrcet, I'hiladelphia.
STATK OV VKIt.'MO.VT ( Tkrlt.m.thr I'rol.nlr
nlsTnicr nf iuitTliiaii-.i. iConrt fnr Ihr Mitrict
nf UittftubT'i ir.ioit tmttrntt in llir islnli
riOI.OMO.N WIM I'II.iltof Xonvieh in mli UiMrkt,
dicctncil, inttstntr,
Wlli:m: W. liu Hu'is iiiliiilnlirnlnr il' llii' I'Kinii.
nf Hip n.iid diri, iiol,iriip(W'( rrnili"lns un lU'rnnnl
oDils n.l min I rnl l il, nnd Toi'lillii; IiIk nn'iuiiil nnlil
n.ilil t'Htnlr, Inr nlloWMiu'r, nl n M SKluuiirMild (,'iMirl tn l.n
lirlil nl tlir l'ruliMlf nillcii in uoiid.liirk Iu kiiIiI illnlrli'l) on
llii! 7tli il.iy uf Si'pl. npxt. Tlicrtl'iiri-.xnii nrc hmliy ni"
llfinl tn iipi'i'iir liilnri' miIiI Cuiirt, nt llicllini- nml plnrc
iil'nrralil. aml hliow niic, ir Hiiy Iiiiyi-, lu tlm !,!
nrdiiint rliuiiM not lut iilhmril. And tlio lnirsiiii'd iillolli.
it liilrnMnl, nn' nlxn nnllllril tn .ippcnriil llie Miiiii'tliuc
Kinl plarp niiilclvc lniiids Ihr llii' n mriit nf Hm- rlalms
nnd rhargriiasiiliM nld inlalr, r llrrnP lll lic rranlril
rald nilinliililrnlnr nii!liiiri!ii3 lilm In ri 11 llie whidc lcnl
t'rilntn of wliltli llir drrriiHrddird clzcd find pn'mcd rlt
ilnli'il In Nnruirli In x:ii.I dlalrirt (u n part raiiiiiit In: nii.l
llli(iiil lnjtirv In llifur liiliTrli d In llie' ri'inniiidi i) fnr
llie inrp(ieiifp:i)h llie rl.ilnn mitl rlurpcs :i;nlint xalil
rnliilr. IIMw
ll.ili il nl Wnndatnrk lnmld )ilrli,l. HiN a, iy nf All.
gu.tA.I). IfllJ. IIII.MN(IH,ArWir.
BI.M'K, l.lno lil.irk nml rnlnrnl Hsnrnl nml philn jIIU
Itniii1,i7iii-s nml I'rlnnd I.nwni.jitit ririlvnl l
Muy 10, UVi. r..ll. MOWUR.
CIAUI'HTI.Vt.'S. KMnilnslrr, Vrnrtlan aml lliuili
l.'nrpt'tiii-s and IIu;s. Jtnt ririlvnl nnd Tnr inlrliy
112- (I. II. .MOWIMt.
IjlUKcMfdnklu nnd l.cslinm Ilnlf, Jnl rrnlud nml
, lorsilc l.y J.A.DII.MIAIt.
Mny 9, 1812.
IJI.I'.NTV uf f'rncUr), IM.i-s Hiiri1 nml l'npir linn.
Inss, rnr aalc by J. A. IIUMIAIi.
.Mny , 1812.
yyooi, twi.m:
Ma) -9, 1812
lurtnli' 1)
J a. nu.vuAn.
BI.AI'K, tlnc,nl rlorii llruud Clnlln, jn.l rrrriwd
nl low pricis l.y (j. . MOWIIIt.
May 10, 1312.
ll1IHIIi:i.K CdltN.wanlcilli) lln nl...rll,rr
nn niriiiinl. (I. II. MCJWTII.
Junr I.
MOHK iKV ROnDH.Jiim ren luil l.rilicsnl,
rriU-r,litclilii will frlt n liltl, chinpir Ihun nny
olhtr Imne tnm. VU nv rall nnd cc.
Woml.lucl, Mat ?. I&I2. J, A. IIIINIlMt.
III. IIAIlTWni.l. will iipni nKllnnl rr puplU i.rl.nlli
. !, in llie vill.iju nr llrld;vaUr, on Jli mhii, llie
5lhiU nr.Vrplrnilirriu'U.
Tbhms Tlirrr dnllnra piT cjuarlrr ur Imlvc imi"I,.
Aii2int I, 1812. If-lw
T nPnijTHII.I. annnnnrra Ihat In-will rmi.ilu a
J Vafhnrl llnie.nl . Mr Al.lrn'. llnlf I Hhtrc lir wllllhnppv
In altend In Ihosc whn imy doltc nprralliHM upnn llii
tcHli. Ilcliasanru mrllii.l (,r adaptinn Tfilli In llir
mimlli, liy mrana nftnM prlns, thprharcc fnr nlilrli uill
lie the Kiine n fnr Plvnt Ttt lli, wlnrc tnnre Ih.in one arc
reiiiirrd. Thc alcnline ttmrnl, a nrw Ultcnrrrr, li nn
cirrllcnt tutiititulc rnrruM luil.fi.r niiinc hrfir rntilirs in
Ihr rrnnl trf llr, lioln? nrarly white, and nol r iihjrrt tn
ilrrnmpraillnn nnr caaif nf enlorU tirrninrs hard In a
hnrt limc nllcr lls npplicnllmi.
TitIIi ft upnn cld pNlp $7 rarli.
i!n " guld aprings ! "
rivulTnth 1
W.Jl"ck, A"g. Iil, C12 lir.ir.
0D8 AT
. iiv 3r
Witt&Hewitt!! '
Number 9, Edson's Block.
A. II. will nll ut cosl lurcni.li, tlitirirnt'iit itock
C o n s i s t i n g i n p a r t o f j
IinOAWil.O'rilS, 1'ilot, Wnvc uiiJ Diiiiuoml
l'lain iiii.I ligurcil Al.l'AC'CAS,
C'ARSl.MiaiES, llctk uml IImi SK11VS, S.1TTIX-
.1,1'J.VtS, .VER1X0ES, I'rintiil SAXOMHS,
MOUS ik' J..II,LH,
bllRUTIXUS, iunl SIIUlTlifllS, lileaclii'd nnd un
I)niMM'GS,tnA TltlKIN(iS, SMM'MI,
CAMIUtlCS, MUSJ.INS, SulUlmry ri.JAjYi;i.S,
Illglihuid iiiiuu,
51UKKI.EIIS, l.iiinliirlerK, WrUtlets,
lluy's wnnleu CJl'S nnd licll",
(Ii.uves ol all Mndv, tJiwprnilrni, Sloclvs, l!ns.onn nml
Col.l.Ut. Itlll'llll HllU Hg'il Mlk ll.VA 1H
HUAWIlltK, l.aiiili's nnul Wii7'i',jY.'t7f
STThr nliovr cnods willatifdWy li' nnhl al ro( for
caw. i ini-c uhiinis iu iiiirciinsc in niui u iiiriiuir iuic
rillnnillim WIIT HIIWUT.
Afrll it, IBI3.
AT l'riTSriLI.I), M.AS3.
rpill! iit'M aiimial l oiiisp i.f l.idurc will roiiimrrrr nn
L llii: llr( Tliurdn) 'illi id' Aiigiint, Mi, HKil loiannic
lliirlnn wc'iU,
nnNitv ii. cuii.ds.m. n
Vrofi tor nfthe Thcory unil iVffCicc ef Mrtiicinc and
Vroftssnr f (ItHtuil uni.S''fi'i'" l'nthvteey,
,mosi:s . i.i;i:, m d.,
Vrofe for nf Mttttriit Mtilicn nml Vlmrtnacy.
' ntA.S'K II. IIAMII.TO.N.M. I).,
I'rnfetsar n llir I'rinripln mul Vrarlii r nf Sttr:cry,
I11:N.IAMIN ll. I'.M.MIIIt. M. II.,
Prnfcsxor tif Annlniwi nnd l'litiiintni;y,
(;iii:'sTi:u ni:vi:v. m.'il,
Prnfi ts.r nf Clicinihtry, llatmiy auJfi'atural Philmtii'hy.
Mtdical JnrhjiruiUhcr.
JAV ('. iii"n.i;n, m. n.
Dnnouslrutur of Aiwltiimj,
I';i:S. I'nr llio Hlioli'rnuiMMil l.uliircH S"0. .Slil
ililiH wlni linvc uill mli'd Ittii Inll ('uiimsnl I.i rl nrrn nt
nil) im nrpumlcdSrlKinl ul Miiliriuv will lc rullirnl In
mv iu. i.rniiiiiiiiiiii ur fcits
HiiNnl I'rniu Ss I ,0 In $2 pcr wrcli.
StmlriilH whn prnpce nlli iiiliiij; lliri inirti' ol' I.crlnrc
will 11ml it nilvnntiicdius lox cml n liw wcikk in llii' rni
ding Tinu, to wliicli tlicy wlllhi' mlinltlid grnlnitniifK.
II. II. Cllll.lW, I'risiduit,
riltidlHd, Mny. "812. 10d.lt'
New Spring Goods.
1UST rrri'liid nnd Inr nilo nt rinvuial.lu piircH C'ull
ii niiii lool. ;u
: ilu in.
llluuil IvimiI iml.c Itiiot nnd 6l!ipi rv llliu llnrl.
Iii:ii. It. I.'IIAI'M.W.
Woiiilstiii-t,, Mny 1, 1?12. JDS.If.
C II. 1 1,1.1 1: l)K l,AI.t;S. A M'W aml rirliurll
clolnr l.udici' drrsMi nlm, nrw nml vlrgniu mjlra
I'rrmh l.iiwim Jint rmlMd Irum .N'cw Vnil nml Inr nlc
utviry low irncliy 0. UAA,.lr.
Mny 12, 1b 12
Cl t'.SIIIIIHIi I.ikiw npc nhu' ii l.irfi'iiinl iUiiIW'
' iinxtirl uit ttt ol (illdllri nilnpliiltn tlii' m asiui, wliii li
wll lin khIiI un Iho iiiikI ri'iKiuuililii iuihh lor oa.-li, pio
iliii'c,orliorl iimliiiililiil niilll.
1'iiri'h.iki rsiirii rii-'ii lliilly iinllnl In jiM- us iioill.
WiKidatnrk, Muy 17) 1B12. lo?
SiAI.NTr) uud Oll.iiiilinml uud lor nilo Inr on.lt hy
:. r, riiinmi.
WnniNtnrk, Mny 17, 1312. M
SIIIMil.i:S, I'iui' Chi ImnrilH, ni:rc nml Hruiloi'k
llnards Whilo uud (iriy l.lmo, uud 7 hj Uwlmlow
mi.li InrKiln h) C. I'. rili:ill).
Wnnd.lnck, Mny 17,1812. II H
RTll.'ll.VlTUtt 1-rrMU.VTS. fWl nrds ruiiilliirn
1 I'rlnls fmiii r, 1-2 tn 12 1-2. nlm. u luan nf I'.ittli
piiiils Iri.in lioC l-ljiihi riiilMilliy
C. IIAXA, .Ir.
ANV linn, uh il wiiiiIh u llrnud olnlli oo.'il will ilo
will In look ul hiiiiii' rln itt,si-i ilxr i m I II nl "nn
larlll" prii'i'4,ln lhir plnrhlli lliuis, II IsI.okI Inr u iiiuii
lo noiko ilioiiio'i of liis inoiic) . CII'S. l),iSA,Jr.
.Iiiiic 21.
Prints! Prinlfj
, l'krt-s l!ni.'llh A Aiurrii'.in I'liiitsjini rrcrhil
lVf.il. V. Vt.rL til.il lt.itntl I. II n...
ry iinnd Hylrn il.irk tinnll llgurr ul IU cl.ll llov.r Ktjlis
nt ,imrirlcr, nml llnelnli k)' nt 12 1-2 rruts, ilrritlrdl)
llio ihrnpcl snnds evi r nllind iu tlii riRinn. IMrnni'gUu
lls ii r:ill Ifjoil wulil ii tinrgnlu.
Cll'f!. HA.N'A Jr.
Glovcs ' Hosiery.
iiii ,i inn- iu k nmi rni u riniiin iiiit illlliri'iit
iiimlilli s Ir 10 rls un. Al-ii. Minrr. li'l nml hl'k
kl.llilntrs, Ill'k nml whilo sllk.l'ir iile nml rniinii .lo-.
JiMlr.irlddhy cjl'rt. l).N.,Jr.
PJlhYTKJ) L'SfKYfi tf MOUS. Dlf
jVJ HV M)lc I'rlnlnl lawns, riilk Miiiui nnd l'rinlid
i.1 .lin riiiirln. Aln, l'liiln nml fisurid ir.nilr rnlnrs, niiil
lllnc Moiu, dr l.alnri, a frcnt vnrlcly ( I l) Ira I'ri m 1.1 1 U
up. Jii-l riiohnl l,y CA'd. UAiNA, Jr.
Mdt'S lli: I.AINIlSlumh, 1-1,-8.1 ii i.,l lu-l Mmit.
v'o l.aluc. Slriwlplinii ainl t iul.ri.l',1. jo.t ri ri ImiIIii
Junr 21. Cll. DA.NA.Jr.
Notice This.
Al.l. thc ilrninndi diio llir lnlr lirm of Hmi.kv .V
Mniim:, iiiiiu hc pnid hy Ihr Mrt nf t!rptiiiil,( r m-M,
nl lliry will lic pill nul of my hniiiN hr rnllrriliin, ullh
nut rmprrl nrprrnn. OI.IVNI! IIAll.KV.
Honlh WnmMnck.July n, 1812. I1I-8W
Jti 6i t Idrnihrd nml uuMinrhril khirtlnss
tH F ffaiu Mitiliiifii.,'1-1 7-84-I A 8.4. fnr lr In
Mny 10, 1812
:. ii. Mownit. '
.tWWI VAHDS l.niidnu.l'rinrlinnd Amrrlraii
r J xrrinistjusl rmlvui i,j
Jlny 10, 1812.
KI.AIIK, lilue hl.irk, aml l.iucy roloml Ilo,. nnd
Cnnlmrrr", Vritligs, Hiiiiiiiirr EtnlTW ,uol Alpmc.i
llnlll.Ju.triltllldli) (I. H.JlOWlllt.
Jl.iy 10, 112-
ritl.Al'lnr wnols.icU, Inr mi!c l)
May 9, 1812.
Saffuon! Sapfuon!
Al'rrh lol i.rH'ilTron jn.l renlieil fuim Ihr Hlinlm
nnd loi Halrliy i. ItA.S'IIAI.I,.
CIIIAlllriaml I'l.M: IKIAltll.H. InrMilrh)
' ciihiiim: A MIMIDI.H.
Uuirhrr VilhisrJnnrP, 1812. IIMw
JI.ArtTI.MI l'OWUIIII. Inr.ilr l,y
Mn) 9, 1312.
Slllitri.NCri an.lslli:i:TIMiH,,ir,.J, rA,,,y
Mny 9, 1812.
6. i 6 il lM" "rtalio. Inr aairli)
May 9, 18 !2.
IrWlfk Mlrf. Wltn ill.llMI.Juit nr. i,,,! and
-M'ir.ilcl.y J. A.IIIIMIAK.
May 9, 1812.
tin-il l.y JAH.IlOS.'i.Jr.
ItlA.V IIAIIl l)VK,lorcolotinalliolMir,wlii
kers Ar a lieaiilirul hl.irk ullhnut M.iliiin; nr iiijnr
In: llio Vln. I'nr .ilr l.y JAH. ItUrfiJ, Jr.
w o.j,i.H-k, Junr 22 I?I2
MOW on-ning a new btylo Wnkhlniilnn Bliapc t'hlna
i.1 Ti'n Wnrr, nn rlcgniit nrtlolu nf Miptrior iiinlily,
wliiih will lio bnlil ilh a doun plnlt's to muuh nt tlm
lou inlce ( 81,10.
JllJjO A Uirh Articlc Cnld llan.l Clilim Tca Wnrr, nt
u wry low prire.
'Ilioso wloi wnntn Knod nrtlrle clicap will do well tn
cive llitni u look bcfure purchasing clnnwhvre.
Jily 8,1812.
ITMjOWUK l'OI'S. Any iiuiinlity or Slnnc and
' llalthern t'lowerl'oH, lurjje and sinnll in Inr mlo
hy CII'S DA.NA.Jr.
JTfhf CVV N I LS fur sale clicnp h thc
rcak ur ksi ,it.intt!y, by
Jaly 2C.
C. I)ANA,Jr.
Scttle, Settle, Settle!
AI.I. thoso iinlilitcd hy nolc or Imnk nrcuunt tn tho
lnto lirm nl'l I ()V K Si lA ,VA ,nro rospocirully uliil
caiui'stly rcnucsliil tn mako iiuiiifdiuto pnjiiui.l tci llio
Ilu will hc linppy to wall nn thim nt tlie ktoro ol'
DANA &Slli:ilWIN.
wlrrc lio will nllcnd In the scttlcnicnt nl llnwe .V: DnnaV
nllilrx wllli Ihe vlcw tn liringllieiii tn nn ourh nml roni.
j.t.lo ailjiistmcm, nml whcrollioy will flnd oviry Imliice
inr.it liinpeii a new nrniiint, JOSUUA C. DA.XA.
( hrslir July lllh H12. ll'.'lw
(;iu:i;.v si'RKri) dixixi; waiik.
Jllril'itcdM'd ii lnrsn nipply nl thik l.ishlninMo W'.iro
lu 1'ivnrli Sh:ipc, whirh will lic mld twenty ptr ctnt
clit'iiprr IIiiiii rvi r In tnre niri'rrd,
-.1 . A (I-
'IVn nnd (.'Ii.iii.1m r Wnio In iuntih, ut ciiiinllnw priccs.
l'iirrhifrs wnnlliii; will 11ml it lnrlhiir tntt'ri t Inr.ill.
July C, 1812. Ull'S l)A.A,Jr.
Sni'or Ailk wnrn AlimrriH,
Itrknndllliiclll'kAlpiiirs. Illue Ill'k Siininicr
TliiliiT ilnili,
Ill'k nnd l.luo hl'k nml l.nvrmlcr Moih. dr I.nlm k,
Ill'k niiil l.luo hl'k (irv. ilo SwIkh riilkn,
Just rrn lvcil nnd lor nntv I'hi'iipirlhnn rvorliv
Juno'.'d. Im12 Ull'rt IIAA,.lr.
f I.AKIl. Is now optiiliiR ut my nnre iu llriilswnlir,
j n I'linico niiu piimuii puu'k oi
whliii nronirired l.y hliu tn llio Inhnliilnntsnrilrnliwn-
Irrniul viclnity nu tho nio.u Imonililo tiTinttiir t'.'Wi, Inr-
lormnl npprnrrd tlmrt rrrdit. llrrolltcllii Uml cn-li
Iiiijs snnds ut my hlnrc, ut ns Inw prlrrs ns nll) in llils
ninnly, tlm pi'nplonr llridgwiilir nnd vielnily nrcnsprtl
full) Invili'd In cull and cMiiulurgumU nnd pricu lnl'orc
luirrii'isiiig t i-ennriT.
nO().nO(,Kprjini nml llrmlnrk Mili'sli's.l'npplr l.unnls,
iijid iiriiiinr.,,7priirr iiimiuiiiit iiiiiint r.
S.iuaro tliul.tr Af, A . Inr iilent llio Inwist rntli rnlis
Dl.lVlllt IIAII.i:V,l,vC.I.li:
IlrnlcwntiT, Mav .', b 12 I07.f.w
pDMIIIllim', luhlrs.ill,fors.ileli)
Mnv 91,812.
rgllli: AlIIlfl'ltlllDll wnuld iufntin Ihr li.Mil.ltmilK o
11 blnrkbrnlcr nlnhii lnilv, lluil lio lins hikiiiiI h 1ii
whiro lio liilriiils In inniiuf.il Iiiio nml knp nn limnl for
miio n gnnil lusorniii iu nl
Cnbinct Furnituru,
whliii hr will frll ilirup l'(irrrnil pny or Rhnrl npprnvrd
i li'ilil. Ilo wllluln hii i nu IiiiiiiI u jinnil nippl) l I'OU.
kltd 1'iIh, Tnlilound Hliuul ri;s whicli lic will ll ns low
iu rini lio linujilil in this mi'I Inn,
(.'nll nnd .it, II. T. TIU!HSTIN.
(laj.illo, .Uiyfi, 1848, llid-ir 3w
ii. S COUItT.
l.ni..NIHIOI!AlUSON,) Mny Ttrm, 1912.
Aclinnnn n nrnmlnnrv nnlr fnr fevi n hunilml dnt.
InrH.d.ilrd .liinr I, 1811, pnuihlr nn di iiinml wilh intrrot
in mo ri. hiiiiii or nn niurr. inn sinn i.iiunu iiuii.
nriNnn nnt liuvirs Inid pirM'iinl nnllrc (.fllio I'lioluic;
nf llils Mill, ll Isnrilirid hv Ihr I'nurl hrrr Ihnt Ihr Milr
Kliinro nl vnld mill, Iiiml illi r wllh Ihl nrilrr, hr piihlhhid
tluir wn ks i.iiitiic1i1) In ihr .Vnn' nf llie .Irr, irli.liil
iu miid Wnnihttnck, Iho l.mt uilillnillnu llurrnf In hr ut
lrul hIx wi iks lirlnrr llir urxt klnlul lirm nf miid Iinirt
in i.o iii i.I ui hiiin vimi;inrK nu llio l i.i l ootil.i) Iu ,Mi.
Minlii r lirxti wlilrh will ho ilirniiil Miiliriint nnllrr In
knlil l.iluml llliliiirilinu In npinr nl xnld lirM lirm of ihr
Conrl tni.l niKwrr tn miMhiII. ,N, II.I.IA.MH, Vltik.
KIIWIX llUTCIHNKtlN, ,lllnii:ry. Il l.f.w
"XXT ll.lho siiliMilhm ha Ing lirm ui'piilnlnl hy ihe I Innor
alilrl'rnli'ilrCniirl liirllirillftrirl i'l'llr:ullnril,(.'niiiiiiN.
slniiorn in reri lir, rxnniinu nnd mljinl ull rlnlnn nml ilr.
liiiiinU nl'.ill prrnns nanlnit IhriKlulr rlV,iini:i I Mnodv,
lnlrnf Thilfnr.l Iu n ild DUIrlrl iloi'.n.i-.l n.nn.s.'iiii .1 In.
rnlvriit, nml Ihr Irrui tr 1 iioinlln Ihun Ihr .'Mth dny nf
, A. i'. iri. niinwiii in miiu i.'onrt iniiir rrriiitnrs ( I
miid ilmwnl tnexhllilt uud prinr Ihrlr rrnlUTtlvr i lulmn
l ilorr us Un plvo nnilro lluil wn uill nltrii.l tn llio
dilllr.Hnl' nur iippnlnliurut nt Ihr Inn nf Ommir I'oiii.
rlnrk In Wcl I'nhlir in s.ii.l Illnlriit onihollr.IH.il.
iilil.iy in Au?uit .V rVpU'inbrr lirxt frnm niirn'rlnck hllrr.
miiui uiilll Ii iiVlnrk. 1'. M. nn rnt Ii nf uldilii)s.
.o.v a. iniiiur, i """'"'"
,iinn 30,18 12. li:,..1w
TO TIII! IIO.V. TIIH PltOlt.V'l r. coritT
I'OHTIIi: Dl.HTItlt'T OF II A ll'l't'Oltl):
rpui: r, mionof daviii iniwnsor Norwiri, in
X llidrlrt rnp.n llulU ri irmrntii,lhat hr in Ihr lital
suiirdi.iu nl IIvvi'ii II. Iluwhi, nml Josi:ril lltiwun, in.
fiiils iiiultr Ihr n:r nf lwrnt).niie )niri, uud Ji'l.M inid
M.Miv Ilnwiis IiiIuiiIk, iindcr tlie au nt (la'itccil curv
llial llir s.ild D iild II., .lnrpli,.lnlin r.ud Mar) , iur.nr w lll
ho (.iilllli'd to rcrtnlil r.m rsiair, mitalfil Iu s.i!d
.Vnrwlrh, wlilrii mil.l rral ilnlo w.is ilrrdrd hy ilulr
(.'ruiidfillicr .lo-tpli llouoH, in Jnepli llnwrs Jr., ol
Mniiipclirr, nn llir I'Jlli il.iy ul'Augiiiit IK!0, tn hr l.y Ihr
mnl Jnrph Jr, Inid Iii Iruit fnllir Iho iltrrac nf Ihr ruld
Joirii.) for Ihr ur and hrni lll nl Ihonhnve naiiied liimnrs,
Hlilrhurr thoohlliliiii nf imr iillllnncr,nml In hr diiilrd
tn lliriiil ihlldmi.whiii llir tfilut nfiliriu thnll nrrlvcnt
I'ull n;r, whlrlinild rral rstatr Is drrri!.nl us lollnusi In
wit, iibiitit 2Unrrrs nl l.iml, )n;; nn tho road Irii.llnj
frniii Ilhciirrrr r'l'rar's Imu.r, In t!)ru I'arlriilgr'a liuu-r,
nn.l l-ouiiili il nu Ihr liorlli hy nahl Sinn' liiud, nu Ihr
wrt by l.iml lnlmigln; In thr lulrs nf Jm.rpli lliilil.lnlr nl
Noru lihili'i rii.nl, on iIil'miiiIIi hy lnml nnnnl by l'm
rli.il rll.ii k nml l.ind nwiud by Inioi h l,nr, nml nu Ihr
on.l by ihr nhmo liuulinnrd rrml, uml isnll nf Ihr hiii'l,i I
w.ili'li Iho nuid JiKrph llnwrs I'lrd M'liil nu iho wi'il nlilr
nl sald rui.llii .Nurwicli,r(iritliigiihniit fniirnrres which
w.is H'l nll' tn miii,- prtitinurr nn llio l'lili dny nf Jaiutar)
lri;by (.) rn. I'nrirnlao nnd 'Ihnniai lluicii, rtTrrrnl lor
llril piirpi"r-, nml Ihat n nnlr nf rild rr.il ntaln is nr
woilM l.iM-oiuliulvc In Ihr Ui A lnlrni.i ol hi nlJ wnrdf.
WliirLl'.iro, ho pruis nil.l innrl liijiriinl lilm lntiuc, nml
ruipowrr hliu to ell Iho iauir.
IIAVII) ll()Vr.r), Cuardian.
.Nnrwiih. I'tbruary llh, 1842.
STATK OF VKrtMOXT, I ll i nr.lerc.l b) Ilu I'rn.
IHIlTlnnli nisTnli T, s, J luilcrnnrt Inr Ihr cnid
Dl.llli t nf Ilarlloid.lh i Ihrt fonjoln prlltion rnnir nu.
ilrr ron-i.lrriillon nnd hr hrnrd by :ihl rnurl nt n no.lnil
Ihrrrnr tu hr hi hl nl Iho prnbnlr ulllrr in Wooil.lork In
aahl lllirlrt nn Ihe .'Jd ihi) nl'Ansusl nrl, nml Ihnt all
pcroiu Inlrrentrd Ihrrriu br lintiilrd tlierriif by nil,IUh
lnj llir fon-aoln; prlltion nml Ihis nnli r Ihrrr unks uc
rrltely in Ihe ipirit of ihe Acr, prinicd nt Wuudtlmk,
iu lliis rilnlr, n roon na mny br.
Ily nnlir nf thr Cnurl this 2Jtidnv nf Junr.A. 1). 1312.
Ill-'lv 0111, llll.I.IXdrf, ftni'ttr.
S f I'li OF VKIt.MOXT. Tkt llon. Ihr probale
iitnTtnnD iihtrict, l jl.'oir for Ihe IHtlriel
ef llt'tfordttn all prriom eoncrrntd in Ihe itlnte of
Ml'.IUTAill.K i:i.OII(lll,( oftiorivich in rn'J Di,.
trlcl, d;entid, tenlule.
WIIF.Iin.VH, lai DiVMof Norwich Admlnlntratnr or
llie mtate nf the lahl dereaard, pnipo.ru rrnderin(
an Hrrniiiit nf hii nduiliii(rallnii( nnd irenoiilin hU
a:rniint ainlnnt vihl ttale, fnr Hllowaner, at u Kfwinn nl
ilil Cnurl In bo lirl.l at thr I'robatc nl'Irn in Woi.l.lork,
11.1 thelliird ilay nf nf AiijimI next. Thcn Tnrr, lou nre
lirrrby nullllcd In apprnr helnre aahl l'nutt,nt llicliiiic
nnd phire uf.irri.ihl,antl nlinw raiMr, if any )uu bair, xthy
Iho aaldiirrniint kIioiiI.I nnt l.r allnwrd.
Dili.lnl Wiiinl.lnrk lu anld Dlalrirt, tliln Slti day nf
nncA. I. H12. III.2 ()i:i. Mll.l.lXt.'S, llrchttr.
STATK OI' VKH.MONT. ? Ala I'robnle Cnntt,
iuitbIct iic lunrrnnn, at. j htld at H'ooiMnek
itilhln aml for tnid Diilrict. on Ihe I1.I day of July,
.1. 1). WiA'rttrnl the llon. Tiliwn 1'. Itt w.U.Jwlsr.
Ati infttrinnent purpnrlius lu br thr hl xill nnd lrita
inrnlnf DiilKI. !. 1 1 1 H t: R I llr nf .Vorwirll In anid
.li.irirl, dercnit, In lnj pronilr.l lo thc rourl hrrr by
ThinVfiill ll.ikcr thr cxrrutrlx tlirrrln ii uiiril.for prnhilri
it i nnleml hr aihl rnurt llnt nll perrnn rnnrrriuil
thrrclu, bc nntitlnt tn apprnr nt n trsMnn nf aaid rnurl,
tn hehchl nt llir t'rnbntc Ollico lu Wiirxl.tnrk in aild Hli
Irirt nll IhoTlll d iv nf Srnl. lirtl nn.l l.nw riur. Ifnill'
they m iy lil'o t;iIihI Ihr prohalr nf mI.I will, rnr nlilrh
purpo.o it I riirlhrr nrdrriil, Ihat a rnpy nr thr rccnrd
nrihUnrdrr lir publMird Ihree werki urcivelT In the
Sptrit nflhe Atre , irlnlnl nt Wn.llnck lnald filalra
nnon n miy nr.
A truc rnpy nrrcrnrd,
117-lw. oni. IIII.MXBJ,lff?trf
AIT.W rnplei nl M;ilmn'n Amrriran Verlnlderrac
Ilrr, or nnv aml lniirntr.Hiiilde n Hrallh, ilrslsn
.l lor Ihr ur i.l IiiiiIIm.i. I'or bIo hv
-fl "i.iail, NTIIAMl;t. n.VM'M I.
AN 11
Juux I.. O'rfui.i.IVAN, Kditor.
Hv nn Incrcnsc in thr niinibrr uf nncrn. nnd b nn alur.
ation lu Iu lyposruphicnl nrriininuiiiln, Iho ciinnllly nf
iniiiuT iitri'ioioro iurniiiiiril tu tlio rouiliTa ol llio Drnl .
Pilic llrvkw, will bo Incronsnl In lls I'ulnro niinibrr
br.VCNTV-1'IVB rcnt'EXT.
Thr IMilore.xpocts XHluabln nld luhu uwn cffnrln.iliir.
iug llioruurar uf Iho comiiig )ur, frnm n iiuuiher ol llie
niml able prns ot'lho gnut llrinnrrniir 1'iirl) nlilioupli
wiib lliut nrnlhim, in Its piirrl) lilirnry (leparlnicnt, tu
wliioll tho knine noiiliral ilenlKliulinii j nnt to bo cnn ud.
Aiiinng thcm iniiy be piirliculurly uinnid:
Ilancrnfl, l'urkrr (ioilwin
J, I'. Conprr, Iliiwlhoriir,
Amni Kondnll, Dnvrr.ar,
Whitticr, I'aiihlin?,
A'rdrwlck, A. II. Ilvtrctl,
(iilplu, Ilrnwnson,
lliillrr, Ciiiiihrelriig,
J. I.. ilcplirns,
llr) nul,
C. J, In?i.rM.ll.
Tho Munllily rinaiicinl nml Cninincrclnl arlltli h, which
h.ivr. Irniucnlb Irru iiruiiniinrrd by the mnst liilollii'i'iil
rritirUiiKiluriug Ihr pml ) rnr in IIiciumIk s nloiio worlli
liio8iiii8rripuoii tn ino worii, will no cuuiiiiucil Irnin tho
uaiiic nhle tinnd.
Aii Mrritngrnu iir lias licin iiinilr, by whiili Ihr KoUon
ijnnrlrriy nteitu, ruiicil ii) wr llnnw.MiuN, xvill br
mcrgrd iu Iho Ilriuncr.itic Hrvirw) Iho lullcr brin; fur.
nUhrd In tho sulinnlicra ol llio lorini r, nml Mr llimw'x.
!.o brinu u frrquciit nnd ri'Siilar ruiitnbutnr In ilu iho
ri. It ii prnner In alutr, tliut Mr !!iinw,su.'ii nrllrlia
will ho miirkid by lilt liuiiie llinugh loinn.'.t rrndrra thr)
wnuld iloiihilrsi rrvrul llirniM'lvrn by iheir liilirnnl ev.
ilcnrri nnd Ihnt 11 hm brrn ugroid, nnilir llio cirrniiislaii.
rri, lli.it llito rniilribiillnna i-lmll bo imlrprmlriit nf iho
iiii.i1 liiihlliiy tn idilnrliil revilun uml rnnlrnl llir iiillh.
nr nlniiohaviiiga niinlhir ri-pon.il.lliiy fnr whnttM'rpr.
riillnrlt) nfvunalhiy mu) riinl'iiu, mi ilniush upprniiii!;
iu thr ori;iiil wnrk wlilcll lnii htru liorrlufnro tiliud
wilh tfiirh ilihlinguMieil nhllit) by liliiimlf,
Aui'Uig nlhrr nttrni'litn puirrii iu prrpurnlinn fnr Ihr
rnrtlicnniiiig volillnr, wlllbr fniiml snmu piriiniilUlihes
n iiiliii..'i'iui'i,iiu.i unrrilnUM nf llio priwilo llio nl liiurrnl
JurkMin, frnm tho pcn uf un iiilimiilo Iriiml .nul iiuiiibir
ol'liU C.ihliiii,
Thr PiirtrnlN with whliii il is liilrmldl lo llluttrnlr thc
iiuuil.rrH nf thr rnniliig )rur,iiml whlrli will ho rxiiiilrd
lu iillnc kl))o ut'rugravlug, Ii) J. I., llick, uflhlni i, nio
Ihosc nf
Cnl. II. X. Jnhn.on, nf Krnlutky,
Inn..Slni Wrisht, nl'Niw Vnrk,
J.iuiiH lliithniiHU, nf I'i iiiis) Irnni.'i,
11 ,nhii Cnlhiiuii, of.Voulli Cumliii.i,
" 'I'. II llrntnn, nf JlisMiuri,
" It... Wiilkir,nfMIIiii,
" Thrnilnro .Scilgwlck, nf.Miiss.irhnsi IK,
" C, il. Cuinlirrlrn:, Xcw Vurk,
" (iovrrnor Dnrr, uf Ithuilo lol.ind,
" " I'nrKr, nl l'ruin)ivnnln,
Wilh twn nr Ihrrr nl'thr iunat rinlnint inrmlirrn nf Ihr
l.ihrrnl l'nriy ninurnpe, from dllli rciil rnuullii.; nrrl.irnf
nllirii4nl'"hniiir proiliir llon," nrioriling tu Ihr Ijillity nl
prururing piirlrniln Irnm nhrnnd.
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lrnnclyriiilnptil, h) ruiilltlng Ihr uiiiuuiil 'nf mliMTip.
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uliicls iinidrll.M.V ut -17.J lluwrr), X. V. Al.l.nthi'mirc
piirioiM.'iini iinnuiiiuriii,
Srnrrul rrl.ird) I'nr Ihrsr ilisrurs, I iiuilulli r.iliril, Irnm
luus oxpi rlrnrr, Ihrrr Ik nn mrdli'iiirr'iu if In llr. T.i)or'a
llilsini nl l.lvirnnri. llr iiij niirr t ml'iIiiI.Io. II, m, l.
Ilsnl Willl llir lilmiut n ifrt) liy ull pirtniis iu rrr) roiull.
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Il'nll hrralhlnj,niiil rrni lu lirul llio rlust, Thcrrinn
lirlin rimlM, blilllili mrdli'lno Isa rrrlulii rurr I'nr
rlimnlr rnusln uml culds, h'lie uscl it fnr fuur jcnralu
my priiollir,nml ulwujs vlili nucrcn.
A. I'. HDCIIItS, M, ).
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"Thriiririiii5rllVct prnducrd b) llr.Taylnr'a ll.iliain
nri.lvorwnri, in rnnniiupllio rasm, riiiimii lallrxrlllin n
dri'i iindllitilllns Inli rol lliruiighniil thr wnrld. Wrlnnr
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driill) ni inplUe, rraliirnl tn licnllli. Vit llils j a fucl
nfd.iily ni'rurrnicr hnw ihrii rnn wr qiirllnn ihr lrlne
nrilir nbntr mrilli'llic, In nnr lirxt, wr nlinll hr lnorc rx
pliolu iurnuiliiio wr hnpr phtnlrliini will iiinkc Irfil ul
Ihls iiiciIii Inr, nml rcport lla cllU'l lu u."
XOTi:. Thc nrixlnal nml genuluc Ta) lor'n linl-nu
I. ltrrwnrl is mnilonnd "old nt .17.1 llnwiry.
TO IT.MAI.i:.-!. Thc niiinber nl' Innnlcs in dilicalr
hrnllli In Ihli ril) is truly nirprlln. Wcakiic, lou il
nppctilc,ll(rrrnmplalnl, niidmnny nllirr dlirans prcy
tipnn Ihrui, maklng them pnlc nnd Irnn ofllcih. All Ihls
rnn Ucrmirdic.l hy thr iuc nl'atrrnsthrnlngmcdlrlne, Ihat
will nsshl tiiilure In nll licr movrniriiti,rctorr lnnr Inlhr
nrrvn nnd inuriil.ir urguna. Of llils klud Is Hr. Tii)lnr's
II. ilani ori.lt rrwnrt, which briug miid aiidpurcly Mgrtu.
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riuilldrnt niul.isllostrp, gnod uppi'tllr, nnd rmld ihicks
will i'nlliiw. Onrr niurr rcinriiibir thc uriginal uhd grnii
iur is in.nlr nt lil't llnwrry.
rrrrrriX(l OV III.OOI). Tlilillraicrnnsl fn
dlsrhunc orbl I,nrtrii liolliy, from Ihr liinulh, ironphl
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ed willl dlinruliy nl brrulhlns, nnd snnie pulu'ln thr rluntn
Hiinietlmrslt is prtudid ti) nn npprrolnii ul Ihrrhrsl, i
dry tlckllnjrniish.niidslijhtshontlngpnins. Thitdi
Is alnjs more or lrs daiigcrous. Thc ircnt ilaiijrr Islhnt
thrca)liiplnius, aml lininedlnlr rrmedirs r.in nlunr uir
tlilsrml. llnt Ilr.Tailor's ll.ibnni of I.Horwoii is n Mirr
reiilrily nn.l tnahnw lls iliiiurnllelrdniri iM.cerlllli iilinl
rnrrsrroin 42.1 rllirriis, nml iiinii) p!i)tlrian,wll br piili.
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Taxlnr'a llalsm nri.ivcrwnrt. iiimlc al .'II.I llnuirr. ! as.
iiredly an ciccllf nt rrlni jy fnr Ihcse illseases. My xxlfe
niu nern ninrenr irss lll mr ten jrars. fnr xias eilrilnr.
Iy nrrmiK, and at tlnirs in wrak Ihat sheraiihl nnt atlrml
Inhrrdninestlr diilles. Ily llir ut nf llils mnllclnr, hrr
Irrntth Is whnllr rrslnrrd nml ahe is ns hrallhr as I rnu
wish hrr In br. My nddirss is nt Hr. Tnilor's nllirr.
rjOIISi:nVR! Iluy nnl) thnl whirh Is tiiadrnl Ihr
Old (I. Ilrr, .17.1 llnnrry, X. V.,nnd whlrh Issnhlh) n;rlil;
J. ItO.irl.Jr. Wnodslnck, VI. A. A: II. Wardner.Wind
I'. H. Ifscful Inrnrm.nllnn mn) br rnnd In rlrrulars, A
nthcli'inds nl'ni rnl.. Prlrc S2 prr bnttlc. Iiiu 23
MHS. M. N. JAIU)X.:it'S HA I.SA.1I OI'
CI1IIR Orlslnnl Vrjrtahlc I.lvrrxxnrl rrrrernllnn Prlrc
I. SO rrnls thr bolttr. Thc mnst pnputnr rimrd) Inr
tho rurr nr rnmh, rnlds, spllllng or blnml nud phlhbir,
nnd nll niher dlrnsr nl Ihc lungst al.nll is In rxtriulic
meriir Ihc curror l.hcr t;ninil.ilnt Is Mrs Cnrdlnrt's
ludi.in llalsam nr I.lvrrwnrl nnd llniiihmiml. This is Ihr
llrst irrnrntinn nr l.lt rrwnrt inlrndiicn1 to Ihr Ainrrirnn
pulilir, it brlng nnw Iwclxr )rnrs slnrr II w.is llnt ritab.
lishrd. lls rrpulallnn stamls iinrlvsllod as n rnuch nndi
rlnr. A'crmtlllralrs aml pl.irrs nfrulili nicnn Ihr print'
rd dirrrtinn rniind thr bntllr.
Thn undersisned, haxing nrilird grral l.rntfit fnr Ihc
rurc nrdisrases nhmr nmncd, xvilh i unfl.lcnrr xxr rrrnni
nirnd llif ri Irliraled llnl'.ini nr I.lvrrwnrl In thr public.
Ilrnest WiMrr, Patid f. WiKxlbur),
Thnmaj lla.kius, Ir V.. Ilorlon,
('. Kllis, II. Rall,
C. Wllll.ims, Miss !,. Ilnwanl.
Whnlesaln and relail by Ihr prnprirlnr. WM. 11110 W X
I'I WVJilnilnn s'rrcl lin.mn. Rrlailr.lbv
J nOSS.Jr W.r,l.i,ciVt
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lieitdjully repay allctastt ofrtaitn.
Jleaaacne. inis oucuio lanue iruinxuicii uriM-siiiore
lulncry l the liuniun famlly than la generi.lly tuppottil,
not belug iJircclly laliil,U is oflniiuglicliil,o, perrous rc
nrt ko mucli to thc iito urpurgulivts nml olher mtdirinia.
iu) lu iiupnir llnir (Ii'tiinil licullli, und ollin ludiirr luiiil ile
scnsta. 'IhourUcleiioiceiirfd, Kiins to hnxe oircime
llic.e ilillkultirs. I'hilo iia rllula aro mot i nwerfu! und
liuinidlute in curing nn ullack or kctping it mr, ti is to pcr
ftclly nil'W and tnnacent, ns tn bo utcd lor liilonis Ulh llie
ga.ili'st i-tlici undsulcty. Ihla hns now bten limd b tn
uiauy uf thc hlglunt luciiibcra uf thi cnniniunlty aa to re
ijuiro no furlhcr prool.
II tuk.cn u low tiiucsiii as inany hours, whentherr ara
indicatious ol un nppruuchlng atiack, it isiurr in allca.ut
In proM'iil the nttnck. If uscd ftir a few wecka, Ihe pre
iiionlior) )inplouia grudually iuhide, until Ihcyxxholly
diaappcnr, nnd ncirr, wlthnut sonic gnnt txlernal otprt'
dhposlns cuunc, rcturn. iriho ierson nrglccla lo uicit
Ull tl.oli'cuiliichocoinnii nccs, it sonictimca curinintlanlly,
1ml nt olhtrb Iho Imns willhuic tl.iir luriiswill hnxe thii
cniirsc for twn or Ihrcc linics, und Ihcn wholly disnppinr
This is n fair nnd rniiilid nliiKmtiil otjactt,, Ihnt niijl.J
bo tubaluulintcd b) Ihe nlllilnvlls nr pcrhnps twohundrcd
pdhons iu thr city ofXixv.Vnrk, Il is i.oi prcui.ilnl Ihnt
u pcrton xvlin hus oxtr tukrn Ihls rtinrd) cun ncxir agninr'
huve lnadarhe. I'nr bc It troni luo lo iiuj.csc uiicni Ihc.
crnlulity ol'llio rnuitmiulty t I inn dlspnaid In ece If nn ur.
liclc nl rrnll) tho highcst mcrit rnn llmliis xvny In Ihe puh.
lic wilhnut iho "puillng" usu.illy rtsorlcd to, tu hrlng nny
prrpiirutnry inrdirluc niln noilcr. Ihnt 1 nni u ph)slcun
nl rixptctablc irutiicr, und llutlering mediciil liuiiora, It vr.
xvcll kuuwii tn uiauy, Ihat sniuc upology nia) be tlir.iiglri
nrcrssuiy lor my Kuurliouing sucli n inpurullon b) my
uniuc. 1 ranilidly coulis, llurifore, tliut I havc not llitr
lcnurily uiulh munltcslrd by our iroicslou nbout imlnf.
un arlirlr, nll tho cuinpuuriit pnrls nfxvhicli arc not knnwii
n W'l ..... ...... I..I....I I.l .tirl. n... 1 rnnl.l ,M. lil nv.
timlirinlly iillcviiilr liuuian nill'iring. Will ull nur pridrv
sinn iln tho nmo.' Alusl lor puur huiiiiin nutiirc, 1 fcnr
1 1 1 1 1 . Ilow ulitn,lniltid,huvcl hrnrd ph)slrinns avow Ihc
rnnlrnry ! Aui 1 rrnsiirril by Iho rulralon Inr ismllig u
l'nparatory,ir II thry xill,a I'aliul nirdicinr t Which
Ul mo usk, is uinslrulpnhlr, hrxxlinlssrcsarrinrdyknbw.
iiij; ils rnmpunrut pnrls nnd xirturs, nr ho w lio nl Ihr htnd
of the projession, haiicllons xxilh hls nnmc ouc ol' whicli
hc mount kiinw lh( rmnponcut pnrls.' I'nr prool llinl
Ihls is donr, I nud only nfor Ihr remkr t ndvrrliscnunt
nl I'unurius, rijriifs, Arcnnuiiis, Mulirniiiriilums, l'rrpur
nllnns, 'l'ru.Ms, Ac, In whliii arc ntluihid thr nniuts i.f n
Mnll, ii Vlmimaii, n Ihsutk, a Dcuea, nnd n hul nf olh
crs, unl lu sptuk nt thc rnips nf oficers ol Iho Mtdicul rio
ikt) of Ihc grint clly uml cnuut) nl Xcxv Ynrk '
ll'h), inn) 1 usk, hlinuld Ihc "prnfi sMnn" rall lll rntfnt
rdlrliir iinprii'liirs nud vimlira, xxbilo tutuch tuiiiKiit
ph)slcluiis Ihoy nro nt first indiblrd Inr Ihc ctlibrlcl) Ihty
aciiiiro. Is thcio nol nt Ihls iiiiuurnt vimlliig In llils xcry
cit), n pill, Iho rnmpniirnt urls of xhirh nrc lliojicnf
of n plijsirinii of hlgh repiilr, of n ueighboriiig stule .' Is
unl hls rc.pcrltihlliiy nml ulsu thc ijualil) nf ll.r nrllclo
hnrkrd h) Ihc llblinpofliisslalciinil roiurorthrrcxrrcml
clrrgy ol Iho hliihist slniiding In Xrw Vnrk .' Kcul I tnM
wilh surruw, Ihnt tho r iiiliiiiiilloiinl'rvcri.uiiycfiil n inrd
irliir mudr knuxMi tn thc prbl'oxioii ut lurgr, llie) hnxe unl
Ihe lilicrnlily nr princlpli tnutoit! I lliitlrriu)(clf,llilli,
lh.it I nni MiMuluid iu ui) cnurse b) Ihe Ihinkine j nrt nt
Iho roiniiiiinily, whilo Ihc opininn ofnlhcia is nl lllllrron
rnururo In ine, I nlli nl Ira! uulle kiitlrlird xxllhnij
uwn rnusciuiiMirss of rrctlludc aml prnpricty, nnd the xlr
luia nl'llir lliadnrhv llimidy. I'.. Sl'OIIX, M. 1
I.OOK HI.T.-firo tliut thr I ir nfl r. COJIhl OCK,
Is nn Ihc splci.dul wrupi ir, us ull wilhnut tliut l.uiu ine
.inir.r. r.nT.nsox.
r.cii l iho follnwmii irnm Jmlnr I'nllirsnn for ll.irly )corj
(lic lir,t Jmlgr iu Iln. riiunty lu xxhlch lic lixes.
.UnWcloicn X. J Marcli 12, 1810.
Meskrs, rmnslnck A C'o.
(,'ciillrinrn Vnu nrc nllibcrly tn mnke uch ue of thr
follnwingrrrllllrntrs ns )nu decm xvill bcst lubtcrvc Ihc
purpoics Inr whlrh It islntcniled.
I ui'.Rcnr i i:nTiKV Ihnt my ilauglilcr hns hrcn nlllirlnl
wilhMckhrud ui hc fnrthcspiiec nf nhnut 20 )rar, tlm
nttnrks nrrurring om o Inuhmit twn xxecks, I'rcquently
iistlng 21 hnurs. durinn Uilclt tliiia thr parox)rins havo
lu rn mi Mxirr. nnpnirrully snnn tn ilcprlxrhcr of lifr,
Aml nllcr hailng Iricd almnst ull olhtr remedlrs In vnln, I
havo brrn imlurul ns u last risortlulry Hpohn's llriul
ni lll: Itruirily ns snld by ynil ' nud tn Ihc grenl dlsnppnlut
mrnt nndjny nf lirr?f If aiol nll licr I'rlends fniiud vcry mu
trrtnl rrlirllroiu Ihc first ilnsr nllho nKi'orlnr. flir Imi
lollnwuliii Iho illirrlinin wilh thc rrllrlr, nnd In evrry
iii-o whrn nu ntt.uk xxus Ihrriiliiird hns Iiinml iiiimrillulr
rillrf, uiillli.hr Is urar pirmnrinlly rnnd. Thc nllnrVs
urr nnw cry krhlnni, nml ill:ipprur uluiosl Imincdialcl)
ulliriukliig Ihr iiianllly illnrlrd. A hopc llial otlicrs
mn) bu hiiirfrilrd hy thc u.' uf Ihls truly invaliinl.lt inrd
lcinc.hin iniliicrd incto scnd joii llie abuxr, and rrninic
Judgc orthe C'ourt orc. r,
Tnr nle lll Woolntr.ck Vl.by
57-ly J.llOSS.Jr.
tl. n. M'AITOy, Xorwhh
J. r, ((OOV.v.ll'inlnrd.
A. A- II, WAIMIXnil. Windsor
From Ihe i'.nniutr !ifiml,!f. Y.
ralinsi! nrr n rr miily xrry hlghly nml rry Jnsily rrr
JI iuiiuitiidid b) ihlrlnns, us ul grrnl i flic.ic) Inghiug
slrtui'h lu Ihr xxi uk nud ilcbllilaliil, Thr nrc nl tiurshnii
xilM.irlnrily .rnid Ihclr xirtius, lliillnelunu hv Ihr;
sllghlrsl dililriiuiis inullir, Ihr) rniiiiiiuuirHlr llic'lirnl
Iug pnwrrs ef Ihr bisl miillrinnl rnnis uml planls, Thry
li Imc, nnd, If unl l.ild nslilr, prorrvc Ihc xvholc nnlimil
irnunni) inastntrnl hnhllunl lirnllhiucis. Thcyrniinot
lic lor linurnlly i oinnu nilti', h) Jnsti iiriiiiiliimslrom Ilu
pn.i-.-. II, A; l). riamls, 'J und ICO Fullou ttrtcl,
J.Vln sprnklng nriho rxrcllcnir nf thr Pherry Wlno
lllttrrs, nl wlil.-li Mrssrs. A. lli x: D. Snmls nrc ngrnls,
wr mr.'inl thno prriiirrd by Dr. t. O. llltlUKrm.v, nl
Hnulh llruiling, Mnss,
I'llll SM.i: lu Wnod.lnrk, lu JArUlOSS Jr,-Ilnrn.ird
J. II. Haulnilh Jr.-llrlhrl,.l. ,V- J. Smilh .Ir.-llnjnlloil
Dnwiirr, Nrvius A l'lili Tuiibriilgc, 1'. r'tiirtrvnnt
i'Iii 1m a, (.' n, l. tiirurus, 101-1 un
TxTI'.llU'A'IT.II-riillK C, cls, 1(1 cls 4 nr.Cl l.Jrld
iL lb. A rnmdy thnl hr.s pniiml u g'rtitl rrl lilnllol!
Inr Ihr rurr nr riiurli!, colJs, whooping rough, idii ,,,r
nur Ihrunl, und nll ilistnstx ol llio luncsi Cii-o It t Tn ixl
Irn.lvci'fC rorrltnriprll.c xtiiT!ur Vrralis'ts nr I'ubl'ir
.Sl'ruUrsi nml In rciiKriif ncr nf Ihc cxlrii.hr snlr nr.d
wnmlrrliil , il Iniry Inr rurltig thr nLnxr roinplnlnls, hns
rniiMd a iiiuii .cr i.l'Drufclst, npd Cdiilcrlloiicrs lo iVun..
Utlrtl Ihls V.-iliual.tr roitiifi mnul). All Imilullon Ims jiut
hrci. howi, mr with .: Iinmc iiMrt.(lMttl.f canly.ivl.
drnlly tinlirilvr thc puhlir. I'nr thr frniilnr xim will
rall Inr " ni. Ilrnnn'a lloiirsii Cnmlv , Mi.lirnlc'd," nnt
sir that Ihr dirirllna Is slgncd b) thrprcprlcliir nnd Ihr
""'' "liiwpol " Wm. IIiiiiw.n," Ihr Irur arlirlr is for
:lo In lln.i wlinlrsnlcrnil rrlnll, Ii) Ihc MHUUf.irlu.
tir, i nruir nf Washliiginii und llllinl n.
I'r alf hy J. A. Illl.MIAlt, Wondstnrk, Vt.
Cl.tSII p ild rnr Hlippin i:iiu llnrk, r'loilr Itnnt, llh
' Ilnnl und It)r Sniul.liy Ja. IlOriS.Jr.
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