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The sky brightens !
Honor to the
Wo liavo tho plensuro ofpublishing to our rcaders
ho procccdings of Congrcss on tlio 19ili. Mr
Cnmpbell, ofSuuth Carolina, proposed what may
bc called tlio "South Cnrolmu I'lntform," tliat is
llle unlroi'm 20 pcr ccnt. systcrn. Tlie Ilouse cou'd
Viot stnnd upon lliis, and it was rejected, wilhout n
division, 011 n tnotion to suspend the rulcs.
Mr Kvcrctl, or Vermont, prcscnted a rcsoluiion
lc-cnncting the revcnuc laws of 1839. It vvcs yiot
entcitnincd-n GRKAT I'ARTOl' TIIK WlllfiS
VOTING AOAINST IT. Mr. lrvvin movcd to
go into committco of tlio wholo on tlio statc of tlio
Union cnrricd by ycas nnd naya, 98 to 81. So
tlio Hoiiso vvent into comniitlco of tlio wholo.
Ilut tlio best is coiitaincd in tlio follovving:
Mr Ingersoll (dctn) movcd to tnho up ' nliill to
stipply defocls or fuilurcs, in tln) laws to colloct
revonuc from iinports," whicli is that rcporled
some llucB vvceka since, by Mr Darnard, from tlio
cointmtteo nn the judicinry.
Tho pcndin;; nrder of bosincss in tlio coiimiillcn
inust bo first dispcnsed wilh, wliich wns donc.
, Mr Ingersoll's inotion then prcvnilcd, 91 to 53,
Mr Ingcrioll subniittcd nn amendinent, wliich
was in fact n substitute for tlio bill.
It provides in suustnnco for the re-cnnctnionl of
tlib tarifVlaws ns thcy stond on tlio 1st ofJanuury,
1840, sincc whicli iheio liasbccn a rcduction of
four-tcnths in tlio rutes ol duty. The prcscnt indi-
calions are, lliat ttua uitl, ns nnicnilcd, will bccomo
a law.
Tlio peoplo will iiow sco tlio c.position of tho in
famous filsehoods nbout the dcinocrals liciug oppo
fcii to a turill, sel uiioat to ntlect tlio cleclion in
lliis statc. Tlio nioveincnt of Mr lngcrsoll, the
lcadcr of tho dcniocrat9 in the llnusa, is siillicicnt
to satisfy tlio jicoplo that tho demncrnts will do nll
thcy cnn to procuro tho p.issagn ol n proper tnrilf
Ilill althougli thcy nrn in a minority and in no wny
responsiblo. Sland uptothcin now, democrals! tho
Btatr is in yourown hands! yonr party hate come
forwnrd, for llio fiftli timctoo, wilh n inciisiiro, and
nro roady togo for it iiow sco who skulks! jTIio
feds liavo licd Inng cnough nnd cndcavorcd to
vvhecdlo you into the cmptiiigs of liard cidcr! l'ut
it nn to thcin now, without stint and without mer
cy! Dasli thcir niiernble lics into their tcclh nnd
dowii thcir throats! Put it on
wlictn and anywliero!
to tlieni! Kvory
Tell it every where,
That Mr Ilrown, dnmocrnt.iiitroducud a clcanTai
ifFResolutlon in tlio Ilouse of Reprcsentutives, on
tlio 19th nnd flttemptcd to pass it but the whigs
voted luin down.'
Talk it all nbout,
That nflcr tho whigs li.id called on cnnugli dcm
ocruts to liulp thnni pass a bill without dislribii
lion wlicu tho democrats did jnirt witli tlieni, tho
whigs in a platoon of forty six, thcir lcadcrs at the
licad whccled olf, oled ngainst thcir own incasurc
nnd dcfuatcd it.'
That tho whigs lliernselvcs, dcfuatcd n Rcsoluiion
to pass n tarill'Hill with distribution ofT !
That liad tlio whigs voted for that Rcsoluiion ns
thcy shuuld havo done, cnough dcmociats wcnt
with llicmto linve passcd it!
Don't For gct,
That the I.KADKRS oflho whigs in congrcss on
the 18th, Adams, Filmorc &c, VOTED A
GALYSTa rcsoluiion to pass a 7'uriir Ilill with
Distribution ofi.' nnd that tho LKADERS of tho
Domocrnts, lngcrsoll, R. I). Davi.i &c, VOTED
FOJt IT, and ivould have cairicd it, bat for tho
trcacliciy of tho whigs!
That had cvcn a part of the locofocnii in Cnn
grcis voted for the new taiilT, it would havo bo
conien law in spito of tho vcto. U'atckmnn.
Kcmnniher that, in tho buso on tlio 18, cnough
oftho locofoco in Congrcss voted wilh tho whig
tn pass a tarifl' bill without thc distriliutiou, nnd
that cnough of tho whigs dndgcd ttn: qucstinn lo
dcfcat it!
llerc s wliiffgcrv for von,
On thc 29lh Juno last, Mr Hallunstall, from his
place ir. C'ongrcsfl, gavo ultcrancc lo tho follow
fng dcclaration:
" IIc rcallv bclinvcd that TIIK CON5E
tiOVKIlNMKNT, unlcu Cod in hitgood Provi
dcnct thould tnlertre in Ihtir bthalf t"
Subsequcnt to tlils, ulicn llotts coinc upon tho
lap'n wilh his nrliclcs of in.pcac'imcnt, wc had tho
dcclaration from him that, unle.s tho Houac hould
cicrcic itx powcr ofimpcnchmcnt, "in lest than
tit montht TK.Y THOUSAXD H.1Y0
And Mr Adains dcclarcd that aCIVIMVAU
ctists bctwccn Oongrcs nnd tho I'rcsidcnt, and
talks ubout "uppcaling lo the Cod of llaltla!"
Tliat the whij, nt Washirgton siy, that " tiik
FAn.MKn or Vr.nMoNTCAN nAisr.wooi.t on
II E M K 31 n E n t
That thc Wliigs al Washington uay" that the
wool orTIIEl'ARMERSOr Vehmokt Nl'.KDS
Tlmtn Whig convention, lotely held at Boston,
csolvcd "that n tarijf on the uaw MATEnt-
The Diiliculty.
Tho diiliculty in tho way of mnhing n judicious
tanll, suthcient lor tho wnnts of tho Eovernmen't
and incidcntally aflbrding nll tho protcction that any
ciass otiimnuracturers candesiro, mny bo stated
a rew words, viz: The whigs daro not go bcfire
Iho peoplo in an cleclion for Prcsident, wilh jheir
uvoruo projccts, distribution, ussumption of Statc
debts, and a linnk; nnd, thercfure, wisli to leavo
tho tarifTunsL'illcd, for tho purposo of making
possible, political cnpital out of it hnowing thnt
sliould suclin tarill'liill ns abovc nlludcd to boprc
sentcd to Congrcss, the democrnts wnuld vote for
it, nnd thereby bnnkrupt the whig party ol'all po
litical capital. This is n truo statcinont of the casc
and the pooplo of all classcs nianufncturera, far
intrs, laburcrs, (nccluinics ' nnd traders sliould
bcar this in inind. Kci'p it licfurc tlio pconle.
" "Roast Bccf.,r
When "Tip and Ty" was all tlio cry,
And bankcrs gaily sailcd,
On promiscs they hnow would lie,
At coiin-skin rnuts thoy ycllcd;
"Come workics, come, just ote IbrTy,
Your pockcts nced relicf
And thcn vour wages wc'll raisn hlgh,
"'J'u-o doltais and roil bcef!"
Confiding nn thisgildcd charm,
Tho coylv butud dupcs aro lcd
Ascaptivo men nordrcaincd tho liarm
Impending o'cr cnchhcad.
With blitliesiiino licart thoy tuggcd nwuy,
Ilut to thcir sliaine nnd gricf,
Thc fcd's won't pay tho "two per dtty,"
Nor cvcn givo the "betf."
I saw n son of Krin'a isle,
A iiicrry-hcarti'd chip,
And nskcd him wilh n plnyful smilo,
To vote agnin for "Tip'j"
"Arrnh!" saul he,"is't that ye say"
Ills fico turncd palowith giief
"I don't yct gct that ''ico n day,"
A'oi devil u bil ofbuf!
I askcd an lioncst whig to rcad
His parly's courso in powcr
If thcy had done ns thcy ngrccd
When tainpcring with the poor?
"Alas!" said hc, "they'vo gone astray,
Thoy've ruu us on n rncfj
J" The lawycrs gct the "two a ii,"
rZPThe Imvijert qtl thc bccf."
A M3V so.v to a:; OM) TL'XK.
When 7ip, Ty. nnd I'aino werc elcclcd,
Oflliu lo cabin cluli I was cliirf;
And iiiio dl'llii! thenics wo sclccti'd.
Was, Two Dollars a ilay and Uoa.st lleef',
I rarricd n cnon on iny'slioiildcr,
In my liat stuclc a green ccdar lcaf,
Nn hard ciiler suckcr cricil bolder,
'Two Dollau uday nnd Roast Ilcef,'
I caughta laino llcar in Minkingum,
Soino vilo l.ocos duhb'd him u thief,
I lauglit him to dnncc and to sius'uni
Two Dollars a day and Roast Dcef.'
Ilut now I inlcnd to turn ieaver,
Thc I.ocos will scc it wilh grief,
And I "II sing, ns they c'all medcceiver,
Two Dollars n day and llonst Ueef.'
Old Rosin tjm: Iiow.
iCPA fricnd suggcsts that " ,Mr .lsi " would
wrilowilh agreatdcal inorc function if he would
lake olT his stays nnd put on n bustle.
1!((). -()()..()!
East liandolph, 1812.
Dn.vu Sm:
Vou inul s-nd IflOcopicsofthccxtra IValch
inan, or Tunbridge is gono lo the devil.
i). r. wkymoutii.
J. S. Monim.i., I'sq., Slraflbrd.
Tlio abovo is thu substanco of a lcttnr wrillen
by "l'istol Wcymouth" the fellnw who got up tho
diologuo bctwccn Gcneral V. nnd Lawycr S., to J
Morrill. Tcrriblo tiincs1 thcse.' Ilope Mr
Mnrrill scnt nn thc oxtra IIIuc I.ights Ihere's lots
" pisinircs" in Tunbridge look sharp!
Coarse Wool;
Thcn camo Mr lknton. wilh n inotion to liinit
the S pcr ccnt duty on co.irscwool to that undcr &
cenN, inttend of7 per pound.
'I his is not ol llic least possible uso tn thc wnnl-
rowei. as it is conlined to connc wnnl, und dnns
not ndd nnc whit !o tho pro'.cclion ngninst tho finc
wool, ulucli h.is bcen inipnrtcd iluty ,rec undcr tln.
ccnt. clauso ottlic oAistiug locouicn law.
Ilerc you li.no it again! No piotcction on
coarse wool. Allow the coarso to come in duty
free mix the finc wilh it gct that in duty frec
put a Inx or 100 per ccnt. upon woollcns finc
buiiness for Jnrvis, I'.iino & Co. fino whig pro
tection! Hard Timcs!
It is certainlj tmc, lliat manufactuting cstnh
lishuicnts iu our statc arcrcduccd in vulucfifly per
cnt. wool, too, is ctit down fifly pcr cent. and
in thcsc items thcro inusl bn n loss to Vermont of
What thcn .' Wo'll tcll you. ClP'just rcmembcr
thnt thcsc nre the ftuilt of TUV. ANM-TARUT
In 1832 llcnry Clay hcgan rcduciug dutics, his
work of rcduction has gone on, until from I'HTY
pcr ccnt on wool und woollcns, they liave brought
us down to only TWEXTY PER CE.V1.
Scc llils: cvcry man, woman
and cliihl.
When tho TnritranfiDisiribution Ilill was un
dcr discussion, in tho Scnatc,Mr Wai.kkk, dcm.
maJo nn cfibrl to prolecl tho grcat body ofcon
sumcrs, rich and poor, by moving to rccommitthc
bill with instruclions to iitike out the tax
tax on i.uxuiiies, viz: on nll articlcs ofgold
and silvcr warc, abovo thc valuo of ono hundrcd
dollars tn au amount that will icplacc tho amount
dcrived from tca and cofl'ec; but tho molion was
ncgativcd. All tho democrats voting for iinu nll
tho whigs ngainst it.
Ncvcr forgct,
Mr .Sinilic's nttcmpt to sccure cijual I.cgislation
by cndcavoring to place upon thc standing com
mittccs of tlio Lcgislaturc n duu propoition.of far
mcrs and incchntiics, nnd
Tlnl llu whigs ol him down.
The SMc Scliool
W6 givo bolovv two of tho naines nf thosc
incmbcr.s of tl Ilonso of Rep'rertntnlivos who
voted at the last rfCssuift (a abolisli tlih Fund.
Wo nsk tho freemen to cxainine this subjcct.nnd
thcn deciilo whethei such men aie worthy ofthcir
support. This fund now nmounls to over one
hundred and tixty thausand dollars, nnd wa.sset
apart by a fornier I.egislature solely for tho pur
pose? of cominon school education. Our fither.s
thought it nf imporlanco lliat tho blcssiugs ofcdu
cution sliould lio I'xtcndcd lo the poor us wcll ns
tho rich; und hrnco fuuds wcro set npart for that
vnluable purpose. Ilut n new ordcr of tliings has
ariscn, and in Ihesn days of boasted light and ro
form, we find cighty-llireo scrvants (moro propei
ly called inastcrs) of tho peoplo, voting to ubolish,
to annihUulc foreter, this vnluablu h'gecy to llie
poor children of the State. It is with prtdo lliat
wo notico tho namo nf cvcry Dcmocrut ugait&t
inis iruiy ouious uii;; anu wo rejoico tn kiinw
that llicro were nnt whig inombers cnough tojdcfcat
it; thoso who wcro not so led nwny by llieir par
ty lendcrs ns to abandon nll tho common interests
oftho people. Ilut what can wo say oftliosnwho
voted for it ? What excusu can they reuder lo
thcir nliuscd cnnstilucnts ? I'tilcss tlio peoplo sco
to It, this fund will bo destroyed nt thu coiiiining
scssion. Threc ycars ngo, not tcn iiicinbcrs rould
havo bcen fnund, who would havo dared lo havo
rrcorded thcir names for it. Ilut last ycar it was
assumcd nt a pnrly mcmury, by the ivhig, nnd as
such, will bo forced l'irou"h, if thov can retnin
thcir power. Thcy niust havo nionoy to clefray
tho openses of thcir partial 'and evlr'avagant np
propriations. Thev daro not tax tho neonlcto de-
fray them. Ilcnce Ihcir nttcmpt to rob the chil
dren nf n fund whicli wns sct npart for tho purpose
ofenabling cvery child in Iho Statc, liowever liurn
blo or poor, tn obtain tho ndvanlnges ofu Com
mon School education. Frceincn of Vermont!
wo ask vour candid attention lo this niatter I)o-
i:ido whctlicr paity tactics shall conipcl vou lo vote
for men who will thus sacrifico tlio cnm'innn rihts
md inleresis of thc peoplo. flur. Sentincl.
Now Mind That,
Voted in favor of tho liill to nbolish tho school fund
white they clnim to bo thc friends oftho poor
ilnolicr Lio nnilcd!
Nathan Smu.ii: on iho cnntrarv U for rrush-
ing cvcr; f.irmer, and cvcry poor man iu Vermont
by cliarging them tweni-v-five n:n ci.nt in-
rEREST on nll iiinncv lio lonm thcni nnd then
inaking Ihem securo him by mortgusiiii; lo him
Ihcir ftirmcs. Thcsunro fact.
This is cut from thc org.in of tho Woodstock
Now, gcntlcnicn, wo dcfy you lo show a single
inslanco, in whicli Nnlhan Smiliu cver charged, or
evei look nn)lhing tnoro Ihan lcg.il inieri'st. Na-
llian Smilio nevcr look a inorigigu of a f.iriu iu his
lifo and wo dcfy jou to slinw tho conltary.
Cnmo forward und suslain vour inalicicins falso-
hnods or own yourselfn iniscrablc li.ir as you did
in (iraut's caso.
Keep in mind,
That Cliailes Puino sanctioncd Ihe 'Toor Man's
Tlicy givc il up!
Itis n sctlled matliir that I'aino cannnt be elcc
lcd by 1 li; pcople. Now bovs push tho old i'lrmcr
ahcad oftho wholo you ctin do il.'
A Congrcss of .Banknipts,
It is statud lliat thcro aro SO whig inen.bprs of
Congrcss that aro bankrupt, nnd aro opposcd lo
adjourning at nll beforo Iho .lth of.Maieli, wlicu
Ihcir tcrms oxpiro, ns they do not wnnt lo lakn thc
bcncfil ofthcir own b.inkrupt uct, until aftcr th.it
liuie. They go in for llio " cigiil dollais n day,
nnd roast bcef," as Inng as llicy can get it.
iVul good ciiungh,
Thc new tarilT givcs lO per ccnt. protcclion, but
every whig in tho houso voted ngainst it, by luck
ing on Uistriliuliun knowing that if defeated ihero
can be no dutics nvcr 20 pcr ccnt! Such nion nro
"not good enough"friends of protcclion to suit the
peoplo of Vermont.
In yonr Pockcl,
Ilavc adcinocralic p.iper.nnd if you henr thccidcr-
crats sayiug lliat dcmocratic iiicudicrs of Congrcss
nrc opposed lo a Turill'pull it nnd shovv tho peoplo
what the dcmocratic incmbers liave said on :hc
Hard Cider Protcction-
Love for the Poort. Tho fcderal Congress
Imvc taxtd fino piinted nalicoes wliich aro pur-
chascd by the rir.h, thirly pcr ccnt. whilst thoy
havc taxcd tho coarse calicoes, whicli nre purchas
cd by tho poor, ONK IIUNDRKD AND TWKN-
I'hattlio Iloslou Atlus is bired by (iov. I'aino,
to throw nll manncr nf falschoods into this Stalo
to cfl'cct tho cleclion! Tlie N. V. YViiiif is ulf
loing nll it can by its lics and iiiisrcpresentntion to
dcfcat Mr Sni'ilic. Do llie peoplo oflhi.s Statc snb-
mit to such forcian clcctioucciing .'
Ai wsmi rcmcinber il!
The Vermont Valchma:, calling ilself thc lead-
ing hard cidcr papcr in tho Slate, says lliat, "a
luly upon Ihe raw mulcrial is a lax on thc
manufacturfr.,'n othcr vvord.s.fif iiij that is laid
upon imporlcd forcign woul lo rnoTECT the
Fvnjir.us iflhis Statc, tho inanufncturcrs, I'aino,
& Co., havc to pay! No wondcr llio organ of
Col. I'nine is in favor of so smnll a duty on foreign
wool ns to umountlo ils bcing inipnrtcd duty frco
thc Col. would havc Iho less tax to pay. Such
Inrincrs of Veimont, is tho prctcction that liatd
cidcr proposcs to givc you. Rcmembcr it, will
ou .'
Ilut this s.ir,io Editor (oftho Aee who wns so
lierce n chanipion of Frco Trade, nn Innger no
than last spring, &c. Consul's Adrocalc.
"Mr. Math," in inaking extrncls from tho Age
forgot to notico tho arlicle in wliich wo cxprcssly
dcclarcd lliat vvc wcro "OI'I'OSKD TO TIIK:
If any body vvanls to knovv what u Cluv clubis,
wo cnn tcll them. It is iiolliinrr inorc nr Irsi ih.in
'coon's Inil; n vcry pryliy vvr.ipnn,
on coarse kiuts of silks such ns thc " common
pcople" (seo whig papcrs) uso.
n tho Senale, Aug. 3d Mr Wriglit inoved to'
itrikeuut tho provision of tho bill whicli imposes
2 50 per pound upon silk goods, and inscrt a du
ty ofthirty per cent. ad valorem upon tho samo
Mt Wriglit sakl it wnuld bo seen that tho plain,
strong, heuvy silks such us thc srcal mast orthe
fcmulcs of Ihe communitu iwarif thev are lo be
periiiiueu lo wcar siiks al nll niust pay a duty ol
,'accs, coslinj from Sli to S30 per fiound weicht.
only pay a duty of from 25 to 3 1-2 per ccnt.
Iu liijjudgemcnt, thcrefuro, the duty wnuld be
.i .V .
nnlircly prohilniory upon thu nrlicln nf ureat con
suinplion, nnd that wliich conslituted tho nrincipal
; ....i I .1 . 1 -i
iiiiiuiiuuuii, anu gavu uii! principai revciiuu; vviiuo
Iho silks ufcxtrciiiu luxurv lio iiiisht sav of mere
lincry, rather llian oT use would bo pcrmilled to I llio l.eg'hlalure of this Stuto wcro rompullvd (at
coinu in at a inodcinto, and iu soiuo cascs very I Ihe point uf llie bujonet ns it vverc) in 137 lo cn
low dutv. Tliis was botli unjust as lo nur cilizcns. act a law, wliich in soiue mca.uru relicvcd llic
nnd unwisa as to tlio rcvciiue; and lio liopcd tho
inotion would pruvnil.
Mr lienton said this bill was nliko m all ils fea
turcs und dctails tnxing highcst tliosu vvhn wcro
least ablo tn bear il. lli-rn is a tax nf 52 50 pcr
pound upon silks n new modo of taxing llial ar-
ucic, anu iiinsi uni.iir. 7 lns is u cusc iu wlucli u
pound is not a pound in every inslanco: for the
coaiso silks and the dark cnlors vveigh iuost. Tliey
weigh most.bolh bcpause tho inalcrial is less cUan
cd or purified, aud becausu llle darlc eoluring mat
tcr is heavicr. 7'his will niako a grcat diH'crence
in jho nurchaso nf iho samo nutnbcr of yards of a
fiun ligiit colorcd silk, or n d.irk-colnred one; und
would bo injuriuus to thu vvorking peoplo, or peo
plo of smnll property, who wnnt silks for uso and
wcar moro than for show. Agnin : lio said theso
heavicr und d.irker silks camo principally from
(icrmany, whoro our produto wero taken on good
terms, nnd whcro vvu fnund lifiy inillions nfcus
tomers. Tlio (icnnun customs-iinion wcro all
Iriendly to our commcrcii; and wo sliould not tax
theirs as to mako nn unjurious discrimination, es
ptci.illy when wo injurcd tho Inboring, or less
rich pa'rt of our own populatiou.
jTho inotion was lost!
I'noTECTio.v, &c. Ttio Washington corrcs
pondent of tho JV, Y. Amerimn, n fedcral papcr
ofcourse says, spcaking oftho to
"Tho indignation, scorn nnd coiitcnipt with
wliich it was uiiaiiimously rcccived by llio whigs
aro inaiiifiwtly an nxprcssiou of tho fato of any
I'residenli.il Tuiill" lliis scssion."
Thc subslauco of thii is, that if tlio fcds ran't
distributu llio procecds of tho s.ilcs oftho publio
lands, thcy vvont prolecl tho laborcrt! Good souls,
Iiow thcy do vvant prolcclion.
lCPl'on't forget, tlut H.unpdcn ('ulls and
Joliu I'orter vvhn aru nmv caudidatcs foi Senalurs
fur this County, voted last vcar for tho "Poor
Man't Relicf Law."
And don'l fijrgct, that Gov. rainc Al'I'ItOVr.l)
nnd SKi.NKI) this iiifaiuous luw.
Tin: Conditkin to ichich Clay, Painc, and
iSaltonslall would bring Amirican Laborcrs'
In .Manchester, the priucip.it iiinnuf.ictuiing tnwu
iu Kngkmd, thcro wcry reccntly 2000 fimilies
without a bclumo'ig thcm,Mv SCCG peisons vveie
eniploycd nt 711 KA'TY-SIX CE.TS A
WEEK. They havo got a Niilinnal llank and a
prohibilory tarill' Ibr llio protcction oI'camtai.
tn Kngl.ind.
'.Uammotith Cabbagc leitf. Wo havo in nur of
lico acabbago leaf, iucasuring scccn fect iu cir-
cumfcraiicc It arcw iu tho eardcn nf llie " llio
glc." Ilml it becn hlcsi with llie bcncfil of a
good dcniocralio soil, it would, no duubt, havc
becn miicli largcr, as it is, howovcr, wo look
upon its inmiciiso growlh us another of Ihu ni.niy
dcinonvtralions oftho triumph of genius over cir
cuinstanccs, nnd of llio downf.ill ofhard cider on
the titliofSeptomber. All down !set 'cin up,'
Bear in mind
That llio whig papcrs in this Statc openhjlahc
thc sidc of thc h'ing's party and adracatcTAX
docliinc, whicli ifcarrit'd into vir:ct, u-ould dc
pricc onc third, nt thc least, of Ihe frceincn oj
Ihh Statc of thc right vf volinj, whicli they now
Bcar in mind
That llio whig papors iu this Stalo, npcnly sauc
lion au npprovo of the murdcrs nnd viol.uions nf
tho shameless nnd brutnl soldicry of tlio Kiug of
Uliodo island, llicy opcniy ileclarc, lliat no man,
who doct not powtt it cerlain amount of property
has a RHiirr to vote!
Whigs of Vermont!
Havo you cvcr hcard n mciuhcr of tlio demn
cratic party, ninco tho Rhodc Island nflairj, ndvo
calc tho property qualificalion, and tho doctrinc of
taxtalion without rcprcscnlatinn .' nnd do you nnt
hcar nicmbcrs ofthcvvhig partvdoiug io openly ev
.cry day l Ils
Be it remembered,
I it Wtmlinr i-mint ,lhnt I'ri.lay tlrl. flh, lin, MrHtili.tr.
Intrniluriil Inl't tlie l,fsll.ilun:, tlir I'nllnH In? rcinliitluii;
llriolviit, 'I'lial n pniWT'rrf nnl I'nr tlu" Inli rrnln iT llu
ttliulc riiiiiliiuiill) rtiniirs It i-t-cillinl Iu llic siipilut
liitiil nf tlie filini'lins Uimniiltli o cf tln- IIciit, IIi.'.I ii
tuirltnn (t cnt Ii (tfHTihi ('iniirjillUL hnulit roioKl ir I'AIl-
nml lliat nn llir mtitlon nf th- Wurnrr fifXrvv llavcn,(rnl.)
tr IIIHM !.-.-! k:i1iI ri'Miliiilnu,
.1011 S VOKTV.ll nflhrtforA,and
lUMI'IH'.X CUTTS of llnrllan-t,
vntcil In llic iilllriuatltv!
) it also Rciiicinlicrcil,
I'linl, aiiiniia l!u; unrniol nup'tnrtrrs nf llic
"l'Otm MAN'ri Ull.l.,"
JO.V l'OllTr.n nf Hartford, nml
II.IMPDIZS CU'l'TS nf Hartland!
Thc nnnunl coinnicnccment of tlits Instilutiuii
wns held on tho lStli nnt., Tho cxcrciscs werc
ns usual, higbly intcrcsting nnd ntlcnded by n
largo ronrourso nf speclalors. Tlio tlegrco of
Hachclor nf Arls was nonfered on tcn young gcn
tlemen, Sevcn rcceivcd Ihe degren of M.istcr of
Civil Kiigeinccring, nnd four thc dcgrcc of Mnstcr
nf Alilitary Scicucc. Thc honornblc dcgrce of
Mnstcr ofArts was confcrcd on Maj. C. (J. Kast
man or Vermont, Mnj. S. R. Gcorgo nf Marjlaii'J,
and Maj. Gen. O. Clnrk of New York, who dcliv
crcd nn nddress bcforc Ihe Cndcls; nlo in courso
Upon Collins Wight nnd J. A. Ilall.
7'ho f.itl terms opcus tho lDlli Si'ptcnibcr.
Don't lorgct that tlio Statc
dcbl over .00,000.
J'or the Sjiirit oftht At.
The Militia.
M). I.
Mrt Kditor As au invcslignlion of cvery
btaAch of our Stalo giivcriiniun'. h.is bcen had, ex
ccpihig the .Militia, 1 bcg thu piivileguol'yourcol
unins, through whicli lo appeal lo my fcllow sol
ilieM, on n suliject whicli nnt only inleresis us, bat
nn wincn every ollier inlercst ttejjcnils nnd in lact
Ihe security oftho wholo populal.ou. As nn cxcusc
fur making a New.paper i.f oppn.,il political prin-
cinles my organ of coinmunication. I havo onlv to
sav. ll.at Invin.- nufn snnt ., rnin..,..ln,,il.... .'.il...
suuie suhjcct to tlie ollier
l " a , m.. .... imv
naper iu vour vilhiKe
whicli was refused, I havo madu eiuiuirv und tiud
that yiui linld a commission iu thu .Militia, nnd of
courso couciudo vou will bu vvilliii!; io assist cvcn
, bolitiatl oppomnt in viudicating tlio riglils of
I .1 ...ii .
iniwn-irniiiR'ii coiiimiiuiiy.
After lunu vcars of oiiiiression nnd drzrnlntion.
rnormtlus burdcin of ihe Militia; this was eH'erled
hy llic nssciiibliug of n cnuvenlion nt Moulpolicr,
vvnoso voico conlil nol no disregarclcil, Auutlier
convention in 1839 di'iiuiuded soiuclhitig tuorc,
wliich Iho I.igislaturo dared not refuse. Tho house
of lU'prcscntaliVcs, cdmiosed tuoslly of f.irmers
und others who havo palnulisin, and lovo iil'jiiatirc
euuugh tn conlcr cquality nf riglils on tho tinn lliat
prolccls tlipni wcro willing to crahu iViiin tho sys
tem thoso odinus fcatures wliich snrvcd only lo dc-
gradu llio Militia, but llie Scnnlc, composed nf
lawycrs und such ns cstccm ihemsclves abocc llie
comtnoii people, vveio dctcrinined lo kerp their
foot upnn thu nci.k iil'llin soldier.ar.d in f.ict lliwnrt
ed the patiintic purpoio oftho Ilouse.
I b.ivu becn infonned by one who was n promi
ncnt ir.ember uf llio House iu 18 III, that 11 wns llio
iulentioii of Ihe oppoiiculs nf tho .Militia Mllmt scs
sion to prnslratn Iho whole syslein, but so'iia of
llie wier oncs llioi.'ght hcst In delay tho altempt
iinnther vcar, vvheti in thc alisvncu of uny conven
tion, llicy sliould nrrjuiru slrcngtli moro fully to
accoinplish their purpose.
Al llio last scssion tho riiinous purpoo stcnltliily
nvowed in 18111, wns carried into cllecl, iu thc fol
lowing nianiicr. It nppcnrs from tha journal nf the
Houso, with wliich I am fuinished by a lricnd,lhat
llic nnuncil of censors ou Iho 23d of Oclobet pre
scnlnd to tho A'fcmbly n piper iu wliich llicy de
clareil cerlain piiilimn of lliu .Militia law o'f thu
Stato " iinconsiitulinnal!" Ilaviug ri'fcrencu lo
tho maiuier of rollecliug fincs nml pcn.illii'S, wliich
thoy say is u violalion of llio lOthand 17lli arlicles
of llio Constilulion.
And what nre llio pnrlions oftho Cnn.'liiiltion so
grossly oiiirnged by Iho Militia laws of this Slato ?
Wliy oiu: is, that " no pcrsuu in this Slalu shall lu
stilijeclcd tn law murtiul &c, except iIiomi ciii
ploycd iu tlu: nruiy, Ihu militia in actual servici:;"
llie olhcr is, " lliat mull prosccutinns fur ciiminal
olleni'es, tho pcrsuu is entillcd lo u hpeetly public
tri.il liy nn iuipirlial Jury ol tlio couutry." II
llio conimiiiiiouliou cnt by tho stipii'nt c.nincil nf
ccusors, In Ihu l.i'glslaluro, ciiiaualcd lioni nuclia-
n' club of school bnys, it iniht havo c.vcilcd bul
n trilliug surprise, hut Ih it Ihu iiicn selueled to iu
vesligato thu l.ivvs of tho Stalo, watch oor nnd
guard our Coustilution, cannnt tcll llu; ilillerciico
lietween law murtiul nnd Iho inilitiu law nf thu
Slale, belwecii n criminul proieculion nnd nn
cmcrccmcnl fur dclinipicncu, is liiimiliating in
dceil! And certainly llicy must jdi-nd guilly nfig
uorancG, on this suliject, or hostilily lo tho mililia,
und l.lielievu tlicy nie guilly of bvth. And who
wcro tho men who drcw up tho coiniiiuuicntion,
prcsenled lo llie I.egislaluro on this suliject?
7'hcy wero Messrs. Alh'ii, l'adilock nml Ilih
hard, all of them Lawycrs, who us u rlics of iiicn
aru ntlcrlv opposed lo nn ellicieul militia. Uno uf
Ihese has beeu u iiieinher nf Congrcss and one
bcen a .ludge ol tho Snprenin Cuurl, und yot butli
ignnrnnl ol vvli.it n iucaiit m Ihu tointitutiun liv
" law iuarli.il," nnd iflhey caiinot lcnm llio dcliiu
lioiioflho term in VitiiioiiI, I would rccomiiienil
tlimii lo llio poor " sulliago men" of Rhodc Island
whcio they inay find n piuclical commcnlury on
llie suliject, nnd tlicy will liiul luo, lliat llio iuihlia
laws of Vermont npprnacli no neart'r to " law mar
ti.il," tli.inilo tho lion, cnuucil of censors, lo n
paicel of jack nse.s.
Again nltliniigli l.iwvcrsaud jialgcs, possrssirg
nll llio wimIomi ul llio M.Uu anu selling m (ligiulii.il
olcinnity, wilh n rliiplam niul u sergi.'ant-nl-nriiH
lo prntert thcin, that ihey inay havo amplo oppor
tuuily to coiicenlralo nll their widoni, vct when
brought tn tt fui'iis they cauiiiil lcll llu) dilU-rciico
bi'lwecii n " eriiiiiual pmsccutinu" nnd Iho In.il of
n dcliii'iicut lor tlio !iuii-pctloim,ni:u ol .vlilitarv
duty. Iu llieir virw Ihu man who li ill ncgli'ct tn
nllt'ud llie Jnnc traiuiiig when duly wnruedhnultl
be ranKed wilh tlio llnrl and thu cnniilcrii.'ilcr. In
dced gcnllemcn! 'A Daniel,' or rather u ccuncil
of Daniels 'coinc tn juilgcnicnt!' Ilut itis ctideiit
thu objcrt of llie gcnllemcn wns not so niiirh In
lircscrvo llio cnuMitutitin ns tn dcstinv tlio mililia.
For thoso fcatuies havo nlvvays bcen fouud in thc
militia law, from thu lirsl uct ou lliat suliject lo tho
nrcsent tiuii!, nnd soino ol tlu: men who ussistcd in
irnming tho constilulion, nssitt-d iiUo in nrictiug
tlio mililia law undcr lliat coiKlitulion, nml duubt-
lcs uuderslnnd nearly ns wcll thu mcnning of that
instriiinrnt nsuo llirsn inodern Junicls
Ilut the liullt'tin wus scnt fotth und uuder prc-
lcncu ol vieliliux olicdicnco llicicto, I'aul 1'ilMiig
haiii Jr. (a I.awvcr) introducvd thu bill into thc
Senatc, whicli linally passcd nnd bccaino u law,
and is iuuiid on tho 1 7'li pao of thu last scion.
Thumnst proiiiiuent prnvisions of lliis law, nrc lt
llie nbnlishiiig llic roinjiciisalinu fur militury drills,
whilo it still rcquiics tnoso drills tn be hu!d, niul
2nd chauging thc tiiodcof collccling linus iu rcrlniii
cascs, nnd requiiiug suils to bo brought hcfnro u
Jusliccof llie I'caco, instcad oftho cnurts marlial,
for thc solo porpnsnni. doubt of furni'hing lmine
fur l.avvyers. To lliis class ol'incn il is tno griev
nus to lio horni:, tliat llio pnnr soldicr sliould re
ccivo llio sligliteit conipcnsation for llio ilriulgery
he is compeiled lo pctform for tho Slulc, nnd ihey
(wilh it few lionorablo cxceplions,) nni rxciting
ihcir uluiost energics, to grind tho soldicr iu the
That this was the ohjctl uf llie law in (ucslion
llieio can bn nn dnubt, vvlicn wo liud lliat Ihe 7 h
seclion oftho 10 clinptrr oflho law nf 1839, wliich
llie censors say is llio inost uxrcptionahle part, i
liy Mr DiHiiiKhaiil li'ft untniiehcd. This ivmlrrs
il uviilcnt, tliat iiiixiety for llio conlililion had
less In do in this innttr'r, lliin had n desiro lo op
prcss tho mililia. A CITI.KN SOI.DIKR.
The MUitia.
?,(). '2. j
Mr. KtiiTnn In my last 1 pavc nn nccnunt of
llio origin ol llie .llililia I.aw oi ino iasi se.s'ion ui
llio I.egislalute. l.ct us nnvv ouimine ils provis
inns. Ily lliis law tlie 2(ilh ntlicle, of chapter !)lh
oflho law of lS3!)nudso much of chap. Stli as
pinvidcs compcnalioii for ntlending llio ollicrrs
drills, ulso seclion 5 uf chap. 5 oflho act nf 183!),
arc rcpciilcd. And thc modo of collccling the fincs
"specilicd by tho 1 llli 15th Illlli lStli llHh 20th
21st nnd 22cl articlcs of chap. !) nnd nll fines and
folfciturcs tn be paid by non-cnimtiissioned olliccrs
iiiusiciansnnd privnlcI vvbcn no othcr mode nf
cullecting ihosamc is poinled out by law," shall
bo hy an aclion on ibdit, bcfnro n jusiico of tlie
l'cacc, nnd no appcnl shall bc nllovvid. J
Tho 2(ilh nrliclo nbovti mcntioncd is that vvhieh
Impnscs n fino for not nltcndiug tho olliccrs drill.
pitl oflhc law of 1839 whicli providcs a compen- 1
siilion for nttending iho olliceis diill. It will be
Tlio olli seclion ol cnip. . nnovo mrniioncu is tuai
seen by cxamining tho lavv.s of 1837 and '39, that
tlio franicrs of llic bill in qticstinns, miut cilber
liavo bcen grosslly ignorant oflhc statotc, or clse,
ialrndcd lo confosc nud derango tho irncccdings
ofttic mililia. ut uny tntu be has betravcil a spirit
nf hostilily toward that instilutioii, vhicli sliould
in llio inliid of cvcry soldier, trn'tc upon liis luluro
political picpccts. ' Mcne.Menc.Tckcl." 'Wc
lliu law irprals the fine for nol attrnilin; tho drills
as linp'tscd by llic law of 1?37, ll docs not inlrr-
fern wilh !h law nf 1839 at all, only so fur as tv
taliQ away Iho compcnsalioi) for so dning, whilu
Iho 13th scctinn oftlse lOlh chap. of tho law of
183!) impocs a finc of $3,00 for each da)s imt-nt-lcndnne
ut tho oliicers drill, so lliat llm ell'ect ol
Ihe new luw, is only tn fAv awtnjthe compdsttlion
while llio duties und llu- ptnuttits afe tlill iiiiC.Oj--cd.
Again, ono wnuld suppnse lliat by chauing tln!
lnode uf follccling lines, lliat part nf t1icnaw
1 ","c" n',l"'fu? 1110 lm"u"1 10 KlVnul
',rr,? ,,','luIUlr!'1a,rt'P0'1rle,a', I"1,'1 1 n,' 80' Sua
of ch3P- 8 of uf.l?J aXy require.-
" nur SII! " 'HIS
seclion w
unri'pcalcd', and by llio pruvtsions ol (his samu
chap. 8 llio whole of wliich is unrcpeali'd, nll niin
' coiiiinissiuncd company ofiicers, who neglccl to
attcnd llie olliccrs drill, n regimcntnl tnuslcr, or
who disobey nrders, oi vv'ho neglecl (o warn, nr
who coudunt disnidcrly when nn duty, nl.o all
cnmiiiissiiii'd cumpany and stnli'olliccrsnnd all non
(ommiiuncd stall'oliiccr.s, for llie liko o(r-ticvs nrn
tn bo Iried by llio Iicgimentnl Court.1 mnrtial.
This modo being crprettly providcd by tho hnv of
I83!), is nf cnurse still in force, Mr llillingliam'a
Jnstice liial lo tho cnntrarv iiotwillHnnding. This
bill wns rcadily passcd in 'tho Senale, n majorily
of wliich has nlways becn oppn-ed to Iho intprest's
oflho mililia nnd v'vas scnl to the llome, iust nt
Iho nloso oflliu sessinu, nn llio evening of Ibe last
day nfllm I.egislaluro, this bill wns called up in
llio llousc, while nearly onc hundred incmbers
vvcrc alHcnt, llie vole upnn wliich is ns follows.
YKAS Adains of Soulh lle;o, Allcn, Amcs,
Ilncon, Ilnrues, Ilarton, linscniii, Ilaylies, Ilcach,
Ililliugs, Iinardmaii nf Millor, liottum, liowc,
llo)ce, llrown of Guilford, lliowncll, llryunl.llump
Caldwiill of Lincoln, Cimlield, C'hnudlerof Dcrbv,
Chandlcr of Peacham, Chundlcr of Woodstock,
Charltnn, Cliency, ("ole, ColtPii, Coolidge, Cutlis,
CI'TTS, Davis of lialtiinoro, Dewey, Urakit, F.n
gcr, Kastiuuti of Dnnvilh', Kdimiud, l!merj, I'er
gusou, I'crris, I'lacg, I'ostcr, I'rairh, (iilchrisl,
(ioodc.lt, Gravcs uf Sunderland, (irnwo!d, lluinil
lon, llastings, Jlelmrd, Ilcmingwny, llcnry of
Cheslcr, lliuds, llollifler, llovej, Hyde, Ingnlls,
Ishain, .Inues nf Wnilsfield, King, Kingsluy nf Al
bur"h, Kuight, l.iiinl), l.andon, I.conard of Chit
lcuden, l.you, Mngnon, Marlin ofllriillltborn, Mnr
lin of Glover, Mailin ol'Shaflsbury, .McGally.Mcad
Moon of Newport, Niinitnorc, l'uul of Middletown,
I'aul nf Pomfret, l'ickclt, l'nnd. l'OU'IT.Il, I'ovv
ell, rrcntiis of Irnjburgh, I'rnuliss of Wt'alhcrs
liekl, Ricc of Granby, I'idianUon, Unbinson of
Slovv, Roscon, Safiind, Sargeunt, Shaw, Slason,
Smnll, Snilth of ( liiriiidnn, Spraguc, Sianlon,
Slonu ofSear.-hurgli, 'l'avlor,Teuiiy,Tuttlc,Wnkc.
ficl.l, Wcbfter of Cabot, 'Wi lch, Wheulcr, U hip.
plo, White of Uiownington, White ol Slieiburnu,
Wilcox. 105.
NAYS Aikcn, .uilrcws,I!al,cr,I!ull of Athens,
Iluck, Caldwell of Mendon, L'obb, Dartl, Davis of
Norwich, I'o, l'ulliini, I'ullcr, llazin, llinclcy,
Hovvatd, Jnnes ol UoViT. Jones of Richiiinnil,
Kei'li, Mny, Mcl.nud, Meuill, Moou of Sinlbuiy,
Moriill, Norris, I'nlmer, I'erKins, liico of Sonicr
fi't, liohhiii, Sauford, Slccpcr, Siuilh nf Ilii.es
luiiKh, Stevcn, Tnwn, Tvlcr, Vilns, Warren of
Middlesex, Websler of Colchester, Wiggins. 38.
It will bc pcrri'ived from tho nbovo, that two
incinbrrs of llie llou-e ulio voted for this bill nnd
ofcniiisi! lo break down thu militia, nro now car
didalcs fur tlio .Srnato, from lliis counly, viz.
Mi'ssrs. Ci'tts nf Hartland nnd 1'oiiter nf Hart
ford; llic fiamer of llio nibcruble conccrii is nlsu ,i
caiidid.ilo for the Senalo iu Washington counly.
This bill it sliould bo rememliricd, nlso, was np
provod hy Chari.ks I'ai.ni: who is nNn n randi
dato for (iovernor nnd Coiniiiander-in clikfof tho
Militia.jof tliis Slalc.
Now Ftlluw Svtdicrs, wlint sy oa, nro ynu
prep.iri'd to east vour ballols for Senalors, who
liavu hown by ihcir volcs, that llie) dopise )ou .'
lliat lliuy will disregard vour intfresls, di'grndu
vou, nnd Irumplu vou in liu; ilu-t.' Arc llicse Ihu
mi n for vvhoin you will tnst jonr ballols? No.
I'vurv indigniuit soldier wi'l pponlnncously nnswcr
no ! Ycl theso men who have but s( now betrny
cd us, again prcscnt theniselvcs, und nsk our sul)'
ragcs, This isndtling insvlt lo injurv, and llieir
uhject iimloubtedlv is In biud a still heavicr hurdeu
lo luv upou our siiuuldcrs. Tliink fellnw soldirrs
hut lor u iiiniiicnl, u fnminaiider-iii-rhicf who is
ilisposcd lo incrcnsc our- lurdcns and rob us of
our rompensntion, when it was cnliruly vvithin l,ts
powcr, lo havo slcppcd belwi'cn us und nur np
picssors, rcfuscd lus signaluio lo thc bill, und it
mut iiinlcr tho circuiiitanccs havo fitllcn lo the
giouiid, Ilut lo favor lli'j poor soldier lio had no
ilispnsiimn, Tho subjert of llio .miuh.v, vvns
not cit ulhulcd to, in his messago (o the I.egis
liilnip, and iiiorn plainly lo iii.iuifest liis'.cimiit) lo
woul that iiHtilutiuu, hu has uppnintcd this s.iiuo
I'aul Dillinghnni Jr. llie nulhor of llio law oflho
lait scssion, to revise and preparc nu cntiro code,
for our govcriuncnt and disciplino. ,
Fellnw Soldicrs! What havo wo to cxpcct fiom
such men ns Painc, Porlcr and Cullsl Cnst our
sutl'rages for Ihem, givu tlicm llic powcr, and ihey
would cvcn lake away our sbirls, llie- havo no
sympathy for us, thcy' havc no fellovv tccling with
us, llicy'seek only to'oppress us. I.et us rally then
nnd on'ihn first Tuesday of September ncxt bo
fotindut the I'olls.and i'fn ballot bc jircscntrd us
wilh eithcr of thc nbovo nair.es upou it, lel ns in
ilignnntly crasc it, aud supply ils place wilh uii
honct man. I.et us be uniied, and nll us nnn
coiitcudiiig for our rlghts, iu coimiion tvilh our fcl
low i ilizeiis, cnst our ballots for such men ns Jvvill
sust-iin our cnusc nnd for no others, nnd iho men
who luvo llius vvnnlonly nllcmptcd to Irend us
down, will have lcave lo slay at home, and no Inn
g'r digracc our I.egislnlivo nnd cveculive halls.
Now brclhreii lo Ibe ruscuc, ono nnd all, lot uur
wntcliwofd bn, Down wilh lliosc who oppres!vvc
havo ihe powcr nnd if we will only use il, Painc,
Porlc r, aud Cutls, will fall polilirally, to risc no
moro. A CITI7.r,N SOI.DUTv
In thc Senatc Anj, 3. Mr .Vc7fobcrls oflll.,
movcd to sliiko out thc dutv of twt'iilv per cent.
on lca ainl coli'cc and placo them ou thc frcc aili
clcs. 7'ho vote was lol!
YI'.AS, Twiniy All Danocrult.
NAYS, 7'vvciifv.scvcn All H'hics.
,13 A POUND!
X.tTH.tX Silir.lK "ii: tlmt llie t'nrnicrs 1 1' Vtrmonl
rau'l litc ii incniient If llie vtliis Tnrilf sllnvtk thc Itiicnl
i.ivnny unnl lo le liriuijlil Iiiiiiuiiriniirkcts nml tolil lor
lliat ptli'r.
Cll.llll.V.S I'.tlXi: cirrs notlilns slinul tlmt, If lie rnn
rnmpcl llie Pirnicrs lo Ini) tili rlulli, nnil i;f t hlt vtonl Tor
l.'lcnits n pnund licvvl'l, und tlie Itrnicrs may siurve or
nol its nothin: tn him. Iu
Tlirilcmnrriilicrltlffn.nl ilictotvn nf I'jinouili niM
nll llic frirmls lo Statr Itcl'orm, arc rrqttrMril lo mrct nt
tlie Innta'i: llajwnril i.n Saturday third day oficplitn
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