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The Woodstock age. [volume] (Woodstock, Vt.) 1844-1845, April 17, 1845, Image 4

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soNo or Tiir. soil.
DY i. II, n. DAYI.CY.
I ntnft tliouulb- of tlio (icauliful fluwcr,
And fued llio bloorn of llfu wiltl wooQ bovvbr;
I rurir tlio bludu ofjtliu tcnilur hcrb,
And lliu trunU of ll(6 lilulwml oak I cuib:
I forco tlio snf cii'th'a inouiitain pinc,
Aml curb tlio tcnilrils of lliu iiio;
rnbu lliu furcst, nntl clotlib tlio plain
Willi' llio rip'oat of fruit niid riclicat of giain.
Tho cltcclc oflho p'ottsniit I llmli with lioallli)
fnd ytcld tliu slurily ycoftiuil woalltij
lvo tlio spirit of commorcb witigs,
And prop llio toltoriug iluotifin uf lirii.
Tlio gorgeous palacDiilid tlio liumlilo but
Owo ovfiry atDiii tn ino tlloy'vo foi J
And tlin ii'rllfoo nt liis biinfjiict.iilid liind nt lili bo.ifil
Alilto tVltiit ilcriunu1 ou tlio faro 1 nlliird.
INTun mny bonst ofbU croaturo might
Ilis talcnt iii ponco, nnil hls jirmvuaH in figfitj
And lord il ovor lioasl and lntd.
Ily llio clinrm of hls touoh and llicspcll ofliiswonl;
liut 1 i'ln llio sulo uml tniality eourco
Wbonco flows lliu tidu of liis lioasteil forco
Wlmtovor lliu riglit nhii wlioofcr lio lip,
Ilu poinp nnd doiniiiion inust coino fr'oni jie!
I nm tlio giver of" itll lliat'" grfli'd,
And liavc bcon sinoo tlio world has 6tond;
Wltcro's tlicrcwcallh oti occnii ot bcauty on l.ind,
lliu sprung Tioin lllc wnrmtli or my fostonng liaiiili
Or whcrc llio oliject fair nnd freo,
tlmt clniins a bcing, bnt's tracod to mc?
Clterisli! tbcn cherisli, yo sons of Vtl,
Tlio wondcrful might of tha fruitful sotl!
It is well known to cvcry farmur whn
hus rcad much, tlial thc tnrnip culturc in
England has more tiinn trebled hcr stock
of cattle and slieep, and of cotirse enlianc-
ed hor lichcs in tliat proportion. Tlic
turnips licrc alludcd to, aro wlint vc call
thc flat turnip. The cliniato nf England,
tliough shc is fartlier north llian wc are, is
so softcncd bytlie sca bret'zes.lhat it is not
necessary to pull or galher thc turnips, hut
tlicy turn thecatllc or alincp upon tlieni.in
the wittter nnd lcl thc.m linlp' Micm.selves.
l'crhaps this miglit bc donc on sotiie ol our
islanda on the coast whcrc the snow does
not lay long. But it cannot bc donc on
thc mnin land. Now wo havc' no dotibt
that, by cultivating potatocs aud fccding
thcm to cattle and slieep during vintcrs,
wo could realize as much profit on tliem as
the English do on tliclf turnips. It is true
that the costofsccd and ctilttirc is niore
than that necessary for the turnip crop;
but then on the othcr hand, thegreat nn
tritncnt containcd in the potutoc, and thc
less quantity as compared with thc turnips,
that it will bc necessary to use, will malte
a fair balance in this rcspcct.
In order to carry the plan otit tliorough
ly and systcmatically, it would bc ncces
sary to havc frost proof rooms, or cellars
in the barn'sintn which to put the potatocs
when'dug. A'nd onc of thc various root
cutters would not bc a bad thing to use to
guard againstch'oking llic aniiuals.
A writer in Young's Annal of Agricul
turc nslong ago as 17S0, tric'd srinic expcr-
monts on this siibiect in England. The
r'csult was as follows: Onc liundrcd
blisliels of potatocs, gnthered and fed ou
to cattle and shecp during thc winter,were
worlhgas much as an acre of turnips whcrc
the cattle' could run upon thcm and fecd
themselves. Now it is not a very difiicult
job to raise three hundrcd bushcls of pota
tocs on an ncre.which will be cqunl ld three
acrcs of their turnips.so that the diffcrcnce
we think, in favor of thc potatoe, is rnorc
than cnough to countcrbalencc the extra
expcnse, which is incurred by thcir cul
turc and housing, ovcr and above what is
required to furnish turnips in the field.
Wc depend too much upon dry fodder in
Maine, and this is one reason why thc pri
ces of our cattle vary so much. Thciut
ural fluctuntion ofthc markct is onough,
bnt in additiorr to that, we mnlc it much
rr.oro so by depcnding so cntirely on thc
hay crop, or what is the same thing, nn
the weather. Wc slionltl multiply thc
sources of feed as much as n o dan. A
mong the substanccs used fnr food, are
roots nnd aniong the ronts, aftcr going
through thc whole range of thcm, wc are
convinccd that pntato'es are prelcrnble, aud
ncxt thcm carrots. Tlic chief troiible at
prcscnt is, that very fcw ofthc barns in the
couhlry are calculatcd- for thc prcscrvation
of thcsc roots; and it is too much labor to
put thcm into thc housc cellar, and then
lift thcm out in sniall parccls two or three
times per day, and 'Itta' thcm off to thc
banr. il would" not' be very cxpunsivc to
construct a frost-proofccllar, or room, near
thc ctib whcre thcy are to be used, nnd
cvcn apparatus for cooking thcm, which
would iucrcase their nutrivc qunlitics.
Me. Furmcr.
Whilst I was atGcncva, in' thc nutirm
of 1837, I obscrvcd cvcry" onc Cnllcctitnr
carcfully thc fruit of the hnrsc-chestnut,
and upon inquiry I lcarned.that thc butch-cfs-and
holders of grazing-stock bourtht it
feadily ata certain price per bushcls. I
ihquiredof my butchcr, whoh'fmself kcpt
a very extcastvcgrazlngrafm, and hc told
me it was given to thbsc" shecp in particu
lary that wer'! fattcning. Tho horse-ches-nuts
were wel crushed, something in thc
Way, I understood, tliat apples areprcvious
to cidcr being madc. Thny nrc crushed
or cut in machincs kcpt solely in Switzcr
i r .i
ianu lor wi.li purpose; mcn about two
oounds wcighl is givcn to oach shecp rntirn-
mg and evetiing. Slieep eat it grccdilv;
it musf be portioned out for thcm, as too
much would'disngrce with' thcin.it beiug of
a very lieatmg naturc. ihe bulchcr told
mo that it gavc an cxccllent rich flavor to
tlic meat. Thc Gencva mutton is noted
for beihg as highly flavorcd as nny in Etm
land or Walcs. '. D. Elysee.
Vulvcriz'ing thc Soil. Of nll agricultu
ral refornicis, tho oncc cclcbrntcd Jclhro
Tull, tho first to suggest and invent itn
provcnicnt in farming machincry, and au
thor ofthc drill systuni of husbiindry, de
s'crvcs, iii my juiigment to stand nt thc
hcad ofthc list True, hc carricd his the
oryin favor dfuxtrcme pulvcrizalion tutht:
extravagaiit lcngth of maiiitaiuing tliat it
might L'D iriado cvcn to superccdo tnuiuirti
still, his leading principlo of pcrfect pul
verization is too much ovcrlookcd in com
mon practicc. No f.irtui'r nccd expcct a
good return whosc land, in horse or h.ind
liou crops, is niH kcpt clcau and i 1 1 Pi r i i t c 1 y
jitilvcrizcd. This is thc reasou why tioth-
itig is is morc dcsthiclivc, or.at lcast for
tliat )car) tllan plowing ivct land. It bakcs
and bccomcsc aliko iinpcrviou.s as to tnoist
ure and thc roots of thc plantfl. There is
no sigu of inisnianagenicnt which sliould
bc morcsigtially coiidemncd aud stignui
tizcd, than that ofstirring liind whcti too
wet. Erost alonc cnn only rcstorc it to
liealthy coaditiuii, But, lor breaking doun
and pulvcrizitig clodd of heavy btiff land,
tumed ti) by the plow in thc ordinary way
thcrc is no iustriunent to be compared to
that chcapcst of nll contrivituce?, thc drag
log. JJi t. Pitpcr.
rtrt nf i ...
ftmie Jiuinic atigur. Wc liavc two
samples of maple silgar, of laet ycar
inake, which, is niucli the ncatest wc havc
cver scen. That inado by our friend Sam
uel II. Stcvt.nsof fincsburgli is as white
as much ofthc loafsugar wc tncct with,
now-a-days. aud the othcr mado by D. M.
Walkcr, Esq., of Swanton, is ncarly as
white. It tastcs very little, ifany, ofthc
sap, and wc don't sec why it will not au-
swer very well for loafsugar. We aro told
that thorc is no secrct in makitig it
white all that is necessary is to kecp cv
cry thing about the sap tubs nnd kcttles
clcan, and boil thc syrtip off carcfully.
St. Jllbims Mvsscw't
Ckdiillutss iii makiiig bitlttr. It would
i ...
seeni u,moii unucccessary to allude to
cleanliness as pcculiarly necessary to the
mnnuficture of good buttcr. IJut I do so
to bring undcr yonr noticts thc fact, that
cream is remarkablc for the rapidity with
which it absnrbs and becoines taintcd by
odors. It is very nece.'nary that thc air
ofthc dairy shoultl bepurc that it should
be olten rcncwcd, and that it shotild be
open iii nndirection Irom which bud odurs
can cntnc. Johnson's Lcclnrcs.
Cnrrccli'd liif tho Ilnmnn Vnt liy WiI.i.k cn..
UxCuuiigfiiiid.MuiiF) IIi-1.iti-, N J.'Jj ."S liilo nlrcel.
Apnl , 1S11
.Isricultnrallliiiikjllrcwur (In !i:uit ut'i tcclvi'rs
bOfi 90 ci ilN
llansor Coiiiiiuti ial llanl;,Uniij;ur
I'liartcrnuiTi'nilu'fil Hn
Miink charlcr c.iiicil worllilfM
Citini'., I!ank,,iisii'lu.
new nl.ttu worlhlcsn
iiuuk rm
C'llj llunk, l'orllan.I diiirti-rnirreiulcriil.wnrihloi
laiiiiirl-.iMtlu Jlitnk dii nnrllili'ia
I'ritnklorl llunk. l'r.-iiil.lnrl iln ,U,
fJlnlic! Ilank, llanjnr ilu do
Clenrial,niulpcr (,'n. l'nrtl.'ilij do
MiiIIiiwcJI 11 1 1 1 1 AllULIiU ,i
Kcinlii'ck Ilank ,
Ki'iiuihniik Ilank co
I.nlntclti' Ilank, ll.mfir
rliaricrsiirrii'niliTi'il '.t n
Mi'icanlilc Ilank, Ilangtir Sn
Oliltowii Ilank worlhleai
Ovlonl Ilank, I-"r Imrs rraml iln
l'tin-iatilurf ti tility Ilank (in
lVifHlc'n Ilank citm'li'r I'lirri ni'i-p.-.l .1..
i'lilmau r Uunnl,al Oinnii Ju
in hainitt ol r'jcL'ltiTri
4'acci Ilank riiilrciiu-d li Tniatri'ial S'atn
A't. Crolx.lJallirliarlri hnncnilfrfil "(I n
(Williston romity, Calis rtilienicil li Triuiccs
H'alfrvllle Ilank (i'l(ncd) 'u-ildincl
iriKllncMik Ilank, l'('lliin(ik In 2
('incasset llunk v.-orllilcT,
Clari'mnnl ll.mk, cl(Mng ri'iUiintd Sn
L'nMi'i.nl Ilank a .",
Illll.iliirlinli Ilank vmili!,-
nrw iiiiiiiiiiri', i'ortsmoutli, tliurtiT
ruuiniuiiigii iiuuk
Jj!i'l''li!'ral!)unk,Trii 1'raud
ml xin li ll'ink antiinrlM'il
llunnlii"inn ll.ink, llcnninilloa u(iril,l...
CiMiitii inl Ilank nl Vermont I'rninl
li" mui'Ii ll.nlli an! uirinid
h.-c,0uil(lliall vnrilili-M
Cli cii .lliuiul. lin llunk iraml iln
,li'IU'roa,C(innli Ilank Iruud iln
41. Albnns Ilank l a 2
llllll(.T.-l Hullk. C'liirli'r.,llrriliriT, ,1 r.,l ,,.!
llt rk.-hlic Ilank unrll'l.-.j
Clu Ni'ii Ilank, CIic Im h t
cuiiiiiiiiiiMcillli liank. Ilnvlon ,l
(Jhailoinni: Ilank, cliarlcr nurrcnilcrril lillh t-ilt c-iuu
ChhI llriilswalir Ilank
cliarlcr hiitciii ti'wl r,..l..,.....i
Eh'v Ilank.rfakm WuflMcsi
I'arniurs'nnil Mi'clinnlc-a', B. Ail.mis
I'.iriunv ilank, lloliia'rKiwn
I'raaklill Ilank, liuMoll
l'lillon.tirWiNinlslaimct Ilank, Uotlnn
Ilnniii-lilrf ll.ink.Norlliamiilun
Kilhy liank, lliKlnn
l.alaullc Ilank, linston
rtdci iiidi
5 il bl)
10 A 0
Aliinilim ll.mk rhwcil
Mhliltec-fi Ilank, (lumliriilef,
.ni.i.iiiiis inicrrKi i;mi, llosloii
Nalianl Ilank. I.uili
.eliiiriMirt lluiil;
I'li.ivnlx Ilank, (.'liraliKliiwii
l'liu-nlx Ilank, iN'anlm krl
ltnxlinr llunk ch.irlnrn Ih.,1
SiiIIoii Ilank
Wintln 0i Uaiik.gnnr I nli lliinlihilnn
iuiiiiii: isi.avii.
n i i ...iA..t. , it
JHk,ri(ifi.ii) liijnnclliin wortlilusij
RiikIu Ilank, Newport friiiid
ranncrh' llitnk
I'urini'iil' nnil Jlccliuiilrs' I'ui.i
',r, 8
." (i
rranklln Ilank, I'mx ideni'i- li'utid
1 il llnp" Ilank cldsed
ricnau llunk
l'ruvldcna'cuiint llunk
iiriiisrpdri.iiaiiiii.icliifiiigCo. flllld
l)crl) liank,
5 a
i.uic naiiK
IIiiii.viKilili- r.uilriiail Cn.
Nrw Ynrk (llty
Old Salcl rnnd, pnnd liank'si
Now du' ilil Ilark.iiur,.rir,in
UnilcdiSlntua Ilank llilta.iildiind new
3-4 a 1
2j a oU
New llrniiiiulck lirlla
Uppcr (Jauailu
l.oncr i.'o
DrallH on New l'orl,
" AIIihiiv
" riiihikdpliltt
" llalllnioru
" Noilolk
" Itlclniiond
" :hurlcliii
41 HuvHnna?!
" A;niiln, lin
" Moliilo
' N. Orleani
fit I.mila
" Cllicilinall"
" Nalnillu
' l.onUtillu
Il.xrliftugu on Island'
" " I'nrin
It .1-1
I'cr ct.diii.
I-8h 1.1
M u i-a
1 il I I.K
1 a I Li;
'I 1 n 1
' I II t.
.1-1 li 1
1 1 1-1
1-3-4.1 2
u n l.n
vVm" 10 1'"'"'-
'-u 1-1 ll
1 f, r.c
8IMM11 lCKi
1-1 11 3-1 prem
1 11 5
J 1 a 1
.cui!ili!l Dolililooim
Mi'xlt'iin do
Aiiicrli.rn Cold
UoJl.ira 4Miii.,li
of Ricn
HrLi'( vl' ?mr li.,ni..li l,,n,i ,,..,1
HCbl 01 i!illl!..rr(!IICll. UCHllilll SlllU
Amiiriciiii Clollis,
1NGS, Of crcry ilnciipl''in and ollicr I'alnlcii lor Oi'nlii. wcnr.
riilk aud (.'oit, Wui'p Ali'lic Mcrlno und Imli.ina (Jluilu.
ril, I C):-l-.IMH I.IIHllTC,
Kipp. t'a-liincrc, (Innlinn-ro Ilu losu',
Ul'iipo llc. l.alui'K, .Moiii. Dcl.aillt'M,
Mournilis Ilu I.aliic,
Wllli agrcal varirly ol'ilcli dark 1'rinU and ltulcn
W'liilu ll.nnask
llio- "
I.iiiucii Cainlirlcn, I.lnncii
lldk'U., (.'iumiIs,
(tlou und lloiii:ry,
Carpul llasi, (Jliunp llonK, (.'oid und Tim Is. Cllinii",
Vclut Itllilions, ilk L'nriH, lllatlc Tiu, Lai'lng.-,
rili.Hvl l'lin, K11I11I11; iln, Ac.
Togclhcr wilh a griicral Jlssortmcnt of
Woodstock, Jan. 0, 1815.
BH 1'iircd of nll dlsi'an'.s ol llio i-l.iu, hy u Ti.MLi.Y, r
TiUNTund i'i:i;m; ki;i.m: iim' ol'
ii lucillcluu cuci'fM'fiil ln'Hinil purullel, lu tlio curu ofS.i
Itlieuni, H riit'u l.i , ur KIiis'h llil, St. AnllioiD'n I'n i-1
Ki')lpt!iih, Bciild llcail, l.i'pnut ur Wliilo Mrurl, Ttltor
or kiii; 01 iii, rrairiu iicii, uim uii iiuinnn-, liilcrnai ol
t'.Mcruul, ilm iiiciili'lno m no liiiiuuiii no iiioiuicuiiiu,
lnit n iiiilcitiy hiii'o und uliiilKlinig cliiuiuuliii lluincdi
lo,' tlio alioo-n'!,nid I'oundiilnlM und no ullirr. Uall, call
mmi.v, call miw, on lliu iicnu lor proul', Try II jiiit u.i
illri'i'lid, nnil h o 11 o mo nutiiiilii. llio rioirli'tor
la lillowi'd. liinoli lnall) iilliiu, In I1I1T lo lloll. Cl'O. II
llpli'iin, Clari'iumil, llou. .1. .1. (lilcliiM -ind ltcv. A. II
I'nllcrloii, Cliailb&lO'.Mi.lill ol wlioiu li.nu iicd llio lncdi
clni' oilliir llinii.-i'IH's Or iiionincrK ol llicli'lainllk'K.
I'rum Mr. I lAcriT, Junlor l'.tri ncr llrin ni'f inicim Wlllnrd
i I.'o., llalll.illil, X I,
lt inus! In- Iruo llial Jn.'ius' Diioi k for IIi moiis' aro
.111 liiviiliialill- ini diciiio lor Iln1 ciiinplalnl for lucli It ii
dcnixmd. Inr 1 llad I'ciMUial uxiicrii nco i.l' lliu Mirilli.in
nii'er, iiiiiic illini lilli'cn iiiuiilll.1 usn, iimt an i'ci''llii
ly Iblroasiuii aud !oailn.l'illii iII.m'.i-c of lllc !.lll of m.iiiv
jo.iri' 'tanditis, lnr Mlilcli Itlu ri.irat(i;a und Clarendon
waii rs uiiii im (itiiir rciiiidli s cnilroh lullulol a curo. li
a iialicnl aud ncHcvirins iim- olMiid dioin, 1 nin ciillrcly
rolioVod nf llial di-cao,unil liuuln do niol linlii hlli und
c.iinrhll) udvbo itll slmllaily nlliicti'il lo pmciirt' aud il
iiiiin. j. v. i.Ain:r.i:i:.
Ilarlland. Vt. Dcc P, 1P13.
Flniil I,. .M. W'noil. 1:m. .Murcli'iiit In South Woodstock
Tlio fact is, iu m y (ipiuloii, tliat '.Iiim:s' Dnurs lor Ilu
MdiiN,' do cuii' tlic illsuitsi's lor ulik'li il In pi'i'parcd ullo
Si'iui r ut'jonii uii) lums wniiiii iny iiiottiiu;u, nnil n rvi
ilciiliy llio u'l'oali-t iutdlcllio liofuro llio pnldlc lor cruii
liniii i, ilu- kin, lnr in Ilu- ii-ii' of Iwo Imlilci of tllciu, I
liavi'fniiud miuiI loinurkulilo ri Ikl lioni llio t-ult Itlicuiii.
aud uilri'adiul ciim: It n Kio o iilllit-t ! ii" in lo Iiiciiimi
cllato lnr liliui piiltnn; on or ulf my i.lollic,, and alti'iulcd
wi'h a lniriiin, iu liln; aml IrrlMlion, nn no ouu can inlo.
iiuaiiiy uniii'iMand luil liv paliiliilcMicrirnci'. l.ot otlicr
I niy, p.iilcnily, laiiliitilly and u-ii-iTingl) Iry i-aid
Dri'iis. und iii.') iiiui lully i oui'iir xvllli mc in oplnlou
ol lliclr tm-rllx. 1...M. WOUll.
tioiiili Wuudn'ork, Vt. Dfc.9, IM'l.
I'ioiii Mr. Dinsiiioro.
Diily to inifiVrin;; iuunaiilly coinpoN mo lo olTcriiiy It.v
llniouy lo tlio cilicacv of ' .lo.i:' lliiors lnr IIimui'.-.'
1'or lliu I,i-t IKcnl) Iivi')carI haiohcon tiolililid willi
nn ninictlon ou my lip, jiilUKiiiiirrU li tho Ui;'lriuiis
camcr. Manv ii!m ciaiH cro Knif ulliil und luift'rlii
iloiH iim'iI diuiumlial tlmo, Iml lo no pnrpoc, unlil lw.i
linliin-il lo uiako Irlal of ttie iitx c- lliops, uliirli ri'Aiillid
in a ticiioct cuic, ulli'i iukiu uiic uiiii n n.ui nouicii.
J. Jl.DlXdMOttC,
Ilarllaiid, Drc. II). tPH.
I'or miIo in (iuiclne, ly f'n.lnii!: Woliolt .t NUliol
!'. Mrnillold. WlmVor 6. Will.nd .V Cn. Ilaltlalld ; llnw
IICI-, AOM'III A. t'll. ItOMllton ; itlllllH llllol", ItClllllll"! I,
M. Wood, Soiilli Wonilrflock ! In llio Villafo iml) liy l)r
S. .1. Allcn. Wnllir liiowii, l'i-Jt li vilti- -CinniTM' und
Whllo rorklnslillc (Ilo. IIomhoii, No rMiringlti'M'
I) W Alicrwln und I ll-dU-x (.'lic-Kr A. .V II Wardncr,
WiinUor Clia'lcs S'it" uln, rtliuoiisville A A C l..ddrirli
I.nniliinilrrrv I) (ilaim. .V co. I,odoudoir ll.ixtof A-
'iillirldd)!", Sli.iriin 1' C Iii ooks, 1 1 nrtloi d, S lklknai.s
i L.aruarii.
Vood.ock,.lan. 8, 181", 212:-Gni
l'osr Okkici: l)i;rAUTMi;NT
M.ircli S. 1SJ5,
POST ni'TICC CONTItACTrf. Si'i'ruijim
X TAUV rtOTICK. A pstrl Ol IIIU l!)lll M'Cllllll
of tlm act of Ciin!rus cntitlud "An nct lo rcdiici"
thc rutus of iaMngct"fcc., n'ppiovcil tliu ud of
.Mni'cli, lSlo, is in tliu lullowmir uonis:
".inillc il J'uitlicr ctitictctl, That it .".Imll hc lliu
diily ol tliu ;'oltii:i-!lcr (icncral, in nll iiituru lot-
tinji.s ofciniliaclii for tlio truiipoitnliiin of tliu mail
lo lut llio s.nnu, in iivery caso, lo tliu lowut Ind
der tcnderiiw sul'icicnt "iminnties for tliu failliful
pi.'iroriiiaiicu, witlmut othor refiiicncu to tho mudu
nl sucli Irniiyportalioii tiinn ii.'iiy ho neccssajy ti
ptovidu for lliu duu licluniy, curlninty, nnd sccu
i il v oI'micIi tr;ioiiortiitioii: tior nny now cnn
-tractor hcruafier hu ii'iiunud lo tiur:h,iso out, or
iuku nt u valuintion, lliu vqk or volncles ol nny
pruvions cuiumctnr lor llio sniiio roulu.
liuldni'H lor contracts, uikIlt llio advcriiiciiicnt
nmv in cours-j of piihliculioii, for lliu Stiilcs of
M.iiiic, JSew llninpsliiri", Vurinoiit Aiiifac!iuselts,
lihodo Islanil, Coniircticut, nnd Now Vur!i, nru
hctchy nnliliod lh.it tliu coiilracts will, ngrconbly
lo tliu Ibregoing law, ho nwnrdcd to lliu lowu."t
hiddur for camiui; tho mail, proVided liu tundura
tulliciciit guarjiitiiis for tliu I'.iiihfnl pctruriniuico
ol lliu bcrnc.u nn tlio days nml willnn tlio no u rs ,
hiiccifictl in tho advcnisuincnt, williunt ntlii i rcf
crencu to tliu ir.odu oftrnnsiinrtnlion than mny ho
tioccsi.'iry to piovidu for thu duu nulority, certain-
ty, and ser.urity nfsuch transpoitnlioii; nnd llial,
ancordiin"lv, nroposala to cnrrv thu ninils in
inndu infurior lo thoso spccificd for thc lolitos in
thu pcnding iidvurlKeiiiunt, will ho considorud,
iiriHidci! sucli iiifoiior inodc shall civo llio ."liucd
cnllcd foi iu llio sciiodulus, and bhall nll'uid duu
protuclum n ml suciirily to thc tnails;.
liiddcr:! sliuiilil hu carcful lo fnrnUh ndiiiiato
guarnnties, nml will uusuno tliat rorm ol guuranly
glwn in llioadvoitijcniciit.
l liu l.nn notc lo lliu iidvrrliflonicnt, rcquirmg
thu underhiddur to taku IhoMock of lliu' prescnl
contriictor, ij, in pursuanco ofthc acl aforcsaid,
heruuv nliingalcd.
'yssiw. c. johnson,
I'uslin.islcr (icnotl.
I ial 'WK i,i,ri'i;its mii.iiiiini: n ilm I'iwi Olliio al
1J ooil-iock, VI,, Mnn Ii .'II, IBI.'i. I'nvons calliii' (or
nn) ol iiiuKiiiimiiijf ifiiiM ill pioasoMy llioy iiruiuhcr
I.cland Atwood
I)r llrnluy
A'.uhah V. Cui'.ij
Sarah Cowcn
.'Yelsun (iiaiiihcrlin
Celi. I) Cox
Surcll Dulon
Joscph Durgcu
R 1-' riotchur
Mary I'ran.'f
Charloa N (lill
J ol iu llowland
A I' llmitoii
I) King
Addl.-on V Kcndall
A uin.-t Kiililcr
llr.niroid Miuel
Thoiiins T M.-trsli
Uuiiicl iMarsli
Chailcs 1" iMcrd
llonj. I), iMaxlnnt
lluracc Nowcll
Wiii M l'ingry
.Miraiiilu l'roiiiy
I W ItichardJOft
la luo.1 Itoss
('hauncy Itichardson
I'.li.a Sinith
l.einuul I' Sponncr
Joiiiiiiin Siinonda
Oavid b'tiiilli
rf I) ShiMon
I'liphalut Thninas
So. V Tomplo
Nancy Tlialolior
Ilirain Whilncy
r.leniior Wighl
U C U'allcr
ciiAiti.i:s ;
rplli: UNDI'.ltHHiNIil) havc torincd u Cnpnrtneridilli
X lor llio triiiixui ti lliu Mi icnlilllii lai.lucni lnall
II liruliclicji iindcr llic lirui ofOcu li. Cliuiiuiaii .v Cn.
nl lliu Slonu Sloru(onid nnd i.ccnpicd llio Iust unr
liy (ioo. lt. Uliapuiuii.) 'l'llcpiilroiuin" of llio pnldlc la
nspcciiiiii) hoiiiiicd. ci:oii(i;:n. ciim'.man,
oodstuck, M.lrch lat, 1815.
'I'lio-n liidrlilcd to (ico. It, (Jli ipuiiiii aro ri'i'ioli d (n
cill and ielllc iu Ii6 ia dcaiioui uU'IimIi'; uplila old hu.il-
o'ui:A'i' r.Nor.isu ui:.mi:uy
rPIIK Cli t-nt inu) cinly rtnuily fiir OoMh, Oonnln, Anlli
1 iil.l, nnd (Joiniiiinplion, I'l Ilu' lluniiailiin Jlal-iiin ol
l.llc, dlni'ovt'iuil liv lliu I'cli'liialid l)r llvelian Of I.iiikIoii,
I'IukI.iuiI.uiiiI Iniiiiilnrcd iulo 1I111 llnlliil Sluii'j unJcr llio
lmiM-ii.lUlit-rilltLii!riiri- i.riliulnvuiiior..
Tliu nvlraoi'dliiury Mini'nns r. 1 1I1U iucillclnc, In llio
I'lim ol' I'liliinninry ilUoiiMii, wiIii'iiiiU llm Aiiioilnin A
Kuiil In Millclllni; liir lu'alnii iil lliu WOIIriT l'OriSIIII.i;
UASi:.S lliat can lu luuud 111 lliu coiiiniiiiill nikcn tliat
Kick ii'llil'lii vulii liiiiiiany iirtliucoinnioiirciiii'ili'is ol'llic
Uav, anil liavu Ihm 11 rn iii liy llm iiiunt illllni;nllic(l
riijhli'laim, im cinillrini d nml luciii'.ililu. 'I'lut llnuarian
IIhIhiIiii Iiih curcd aml w III cnru lliu innat duHpirali' ol
ra-i'. It h 1111 in ick notriiin, lnit 11 Alipsilaul KnulUli
inidlclnu orkiiown und ilulili-lifd ilUcui',
Ilvcrj I'amlly In tliu 1,'ullnl .-iliili'ii i-liiuild lu Hiippllcd
lili llui'lian'ii IIiiii!iiiIiiii lluUaiii ol l.llu, not only lo
I'oiinli nicl lliu coiisiniipllvo linili'iicU'n 11 1' lliu clliunto,
liut loliMiicdin 11 piuvnillvu iiiLilciiii'liiullraseiiol iiildn,
rniulif, nplllln ol' lllnoil,,rnlu Iii llm nldc und i'l;ixl,lirl
tullon und MiiinoH nl'llii' l.nuiiH, lironcldlls, llllllcull)
ol' llri'iilhlii!!. Ilcctlc IVvir. Mulil eiw fiitn. lliiiiiciullon
11111I (Yiicrul Dilillily, Aalliiiia, Jiiilui'iua, lloupln coiijli,
nnil Croup,
CSold, In lurso liolllcH.nl 61 prrliolllo, wltli I'ulldl
riTlioiH lorlliu ii'.-Kiriillini ol' llmlili.
l'uiuptili'lii, ciiiiliiluln a iiiiimi nl' DnjilUli aml Anirrlrun
I'crlinnilrn, nid nllicr uvldcncc, hliuivinjt lnn iinciiiallul
iilcnln ol'lhU (ircnt nngllrh Ui'iniily, iiiuj l.c olitaliiril
ol lliu Aprnn sraiullouiily.
D.WM) l imAI)l.i:V,scitu.i;cnt lor lliu tlnltidaiutcs
M'J Cniirl tlri'cl, lliloli.
.li-int -Wm.iMm k, fi, .1. At.l.CN Mnnlpullcr. (Jlark
k Colllnn;llurllnutoii, 1'ci'k V ),rai; llclloxxu I'hIIh, N.
Iluriliii Itiiaud, DaiilcK und liiil; llraulcliiiro', Diitlini
Clarkii Kccll, N. II..I0I111 lllxiv. 2'iH-ly
AN I.Ml'UU!: stati; OI-'TIJi: ltl.OOl), ou
iiAinTot'Tiii: syriTKM.
II"' wo rci.d iln-hisiory ol dihoriicM wo mo niMonhliud
lli it ini'ii liii'i if ol'ciircH, wu iiiu t i 1 1 nioro iisionMiod
llial llit'y dlc. Aud jii iu fact ncarly nll ilUcascs Iiiinu a
cotiiniou orialn vi.i lu llio orjiniis wlilrli prcparu ttad
uiodil) tlic liludd, willi u rcintU), dircctcd lo tlio noat ol
diao.iM", xvill ri-ni(i c h hovt of lu pliciioiiirnu. It la lliu
poculiar cliariu'.'.cli.-llc of Nilidn' riarh.ipurilla, lliat ila
M'arclilii oicrali(ir.a rcaclica tlio c.u ioiii of dihcaao, and
llio curcs It pcrfnrnn nrc tlicroloru rndical niid llioroujli
'I'liu lli'iillli of tlio liiiiuau njj.lt ui dt'pcndauliiioat uutlrcly
upon llionlaloid lluililnod. If llio vltali7.lnj lluiil which
purvndcs ovcry Hm"Uo, cvcry iiicmbrano, lllirc, Illlaincnl,
Klaiid.or olliir iirnnu piluiary orMiliKldlar)) If llio liod)
ho cliarcd Wllli tliu olciui'iiis of dlsctiau, nii'kncas lllut
lu llio conM'iiiinco, and lluiil tlio inuncs of diaciiro CM.il
in iu llio Idouil, uro cradii'ali'd, uu puriiiaiicul n licf cun
hc ospiciud. Il l Iioio tliat thu powcrlul luallli roator
iu piopcrlit'3 of aiida'!jarMipurilla uro liinuifcatodi und
lor lliimcurtiii, liciolula, ali iliciiinc, uiiii ull cniillo
illscio-cs.ill! woll us in nll dcraucuicilln ol llio tvcri'tllij)
orjiaiis, It ia ciuisiilciud lul.illildo.
'I'liu lidlowlns Iiilcrcslli'!; nu N prcjclilcd, nnd llio
rcadcr luvllcd lo lu curilul jhtmsuI. Coiuincnt on
aiich cvidciicc ia uuiiiccar).
Now York.JulySs IStt.
Mnssns ,SNn: ficnla I conaiilcrii lnitnu nctof Ju
tiou lo ou lo Mnlc llio li'llnwilis lacla In iili'iincc lo llio
iiri-ni liiucllt l havo rcrclvcd in tlic curo ul au oliatluulo
OiNciaiorr tli.cnii lin ui) lirca.i.
I wni allcudcd cllillcii inoinlis hy a rfsnlar und fkll-
full ph)rli'iuli,usaislid hy llul ailviru und rdllli-l I nf
ol onr inoit tililcunil cicrloiiccd miicoiis, nillmiit thu
leu-t i.ciicllt wllntbrr. All tho various miihoil.s ol trc.1t
iu c.unrcrn woio rtborlnl to; lor iho wu k iu aucccnnioii
ui) lircuat w.ia hiirucil uilli causlio iliroo tluioa it dr.y.ainl
for dx II wna ilnil) rl tinl wilh nwUah Kdulloli lil'nl
ii lc ncid, and tliiM-avlU n," Intorual uln r wna ao larjli; Ihat
It liold ovcr un ou ucuni llio miIiiiIoii. Tho lloi lor prohcd
thu ulccrand cxaniinid thu i'Uuc, .ind nuid Iho diaiiiac
was advaiiclus r.i'idl tolhc luus, uud II 1 did uol i:cl
apcrdy rclicf hy nndlriuc or un opcralion, lliu rcaull
woiud hc f ilal. 1 ns ailviM'd lo havc llio hrcio.1 luld
rpi'ii nnd Iho Ixiuca cxuiuiurd, Inu liudil'J lio rollcl I'ioiii
luil hml lncii ilono, aud licllut,' I was rupully sclliu
worM-, 1 alinnsl dospuliod uficcovor), coiibiucicd luy
OUM" ll(.llt) llopcllMi.
iflciui! vaiioua tcailinnnlulx nnd crli flcii I or" of t uro hy
Iho ui" ol "Sauda'riaraiip.irlll.i," lu cux's elmllur lu my
owii, I coucliidcd lo Iry a livv holllca, M'vcral cf whlcii
woic used, hiil Ironi iho 11111!; ikcp ncalcd (hararlor
in disourc, piodiicrd uoMr) dccnlodchuuci oouaidcriu
Ihla ui Ilil! iml) pitihahle curo fnr iny caio, 1 pcruciciid
I'lilil i lio dini-c v.asculirol) clncil. It Is now ntcroloxin
liioulhs liir Iho curo iv.ia coluplclcd; lliircisnol llio
lilmst ilppcarancu of u iltlirii. I Ihculoru proni unro
iini.rlf wia.l., uud llio curu cnlliuly (llcctcd h)
Silnls' S iraaiiaiill.i'ua I luok no otlicr ilildiciuu of unv
knnl tlnrliiu llio iliuc I was iiaini: II, iilirhac 1 lukcii uny
alni c. ric.i-i" uro thU lnn;: ill'llTti .1 nck ikiw Itdclilelll,
w li loli i lliii'l. ii ui) 'unv to iiiuiu". our viiiiiaino Hitmi
nari la ciiud inc, xilh llio lilcasliiL's ol tlitiuo rroldt nc
wln li iiolhliii: olo could, nnd 1IUI im.-cll undci" lastiii;
olilipiitioiiK to ) ou. I can bii) inany thiius 1 caunot .vrlto
and I rcapcrtfnlly invllo ladics nllllctcd un I hae hicn
lo call upon inu aml 1 will S'Uily Ihom llllly ol lllc tiulli
us Klatoii iiuoio, iimi inaii) iuui-r iiiiii; iu Kioniico Ii
thc ca-o. NANCY .1. Mll.l.lilt, 2lrf Sulliviin i-l.
Thc follnwlii; Itllcr froui ono ol Iho innat iiulnoiil I'li)
lc.iuns iu llic nt) ("1 llalllinoio.isiircoculcd wilhuxiow
of bhowiuv Iho oplnions ol I'h;iriaiis j.iuirall); In rcjurd
lo II. H v.iiuaiuc iniMiicinc, uiaii) oinira ol u aliullar i Imr
uclcrliavo Ikcii iicoiiodlrniii bovoralul lliu moat dl.-lin"
uiainu itii)hitTins uroiiuoui our ciuiuirv.
Ilalllnioro, rdi.-llh J.S11
A. II. A- II. S.uids flcnllciuru I havc u.cd nur (
Iracl of riaraparilla Niiicc ita iiilrodiii'tiiiii Inlollua cil
Il glM's inc plcanuro IobIiiIo 1 huo I'ouud It lo uiiswor
uiv luil""! Hani:uiuo cxpcclalions. llutc lt to ho tho
hcst prcp'iratiou nl lliat valauldo unliclcilow lu u.-o.
Vllli niucli ropcri, Your,
.1011 N WllITltllHin.M. I).,"l(if!a) t
I or liirthcr parlii'iipira aud conclu-ivo oidcurc of Ila
supei ior viiluo uud clllcao), -iu iiainphlola, whlch inai,
hc iilil.iiiiiil of nsculs, uratis.
l'iTiurcd aud -old w liuli-snlc and Kinll.liy A. II. t 1)
S.inda. l)nifi!l-ls nnd Chcniial, 79 rnllon pl., New Yoik
riohl alo l. S. .1. AI.I.I'.N, Woodstock! I',. M. Jt !5. lt
Stockcr, llaill.iud -1 u iic-r; A, .X A. II. Wnrdntr.W'lnd.
hor; N.o. Ilnlt, ciipisra. innl Uy lJr:i""tstM oncr.ilh
lliroii,ihoiil tho llmlod SlaK.".
I'ricc &l hrr liottlf, flx hoiilca fnr S".
TTlio puhlio ari" ri'-pcclliilly reuncrloil lo rfinonihcr
llntllia Nimrs irsapanil i llial lnn aml l coiikIiiiiIIv
UI'IIICVIII!' Mll'll ICIll-ll h.lUIC CIIICS ol 1110 111 Ost ItllllClllt Cl'l:
of di-ca-cs in which Iho Iiiunau I'r.imc ia miI.IIm-i, ihcrc
Imu aak lnr &aud.s' R.usau.ii iii. i. uud lake uu oihir.
2.'iC ly
rmiir: siih.crlhcrnEfiii ol thc TYfON FIIIlNArn iit
11 l'l) niiiuth Vl, would loalicclliilh iiii'oiiii Iho foiuicr
liicnds uinl p.ilrona ol Iho laliihliapincnt und thc puldic
it(uciull) th il thcy liuvc now on liaiiUiiudcuiitiiitiu wook
i) lo ui. ilio h l.'iroa.sorliiioiil o.
1 iicnioH (ippruscd jiattcrn ooktng Novcs
do iln
(to 1'iirlor do do
Ingrcat varkty, togithcr with cvcvy vuric-
Tliu pnpriotor ottlio oatahluhiiicnl h.iviiiiiiuch loduc.
il tlio i"iolio nf Iho wurk and holin; dcalroiia to III!
IIIICi; iho l,'iiel(ii'k of iii.iiiiifactiirca noiv on hand, la
uelcrin nci 0 to riducc Iho tulru o tliu warca. Ur ca i
"diurt crudil, or cuod hai lor pay us riinnnt fail In luduce
piirrun-ei'H lo call aml uxaiiiiuc. incir uurin.u I I K
.NACI! will uo lu opcralron on Wi'ducaday nnd Halurday
ot cach wcck,iuuidii!!.i luat ralo lntlity of Iruiiifor Hh cli
oruira lur ull kluda oi ciilnm w ork urcrospcctlully auhcit
I. J0SI!I'I1 3IAUT1N.A(ii:nt.
Ihiii' 7. iii-tl'-llu
TO JiU, THU IVOllf.D wno USL
A Mio Chcmkal Dheotern.
iXIost pcolllo kllO"'". Illlll gkittx und tlitlr Iirt, rnlivrrlnl
jiilii rnArr hy Iho 11.-0 on'aiiiilii o.liuriid fi'Oin cirl.iui
irha ,vc.
XMii'ii Iho forco nnd atrrnittli nf thc Tniinln 1 ,,rn
out, lcnlhcr hcconica inul, Imnl, itry, brittlr, cracAid,
.'n((i itiii crii5(, c. i .it.it Avur. 10 ro
aloro llicn ia (, wlnHt, muirtiii.11, ftrcnetlt, nmoiilh
iifji,und I'cuioio all crilal.lly, or hllator ictlorrllit ttrn
nin. Tllin tnitnncr tho lo'ilhcr licvor ran lorcivo Iho
acfond ilinct Iml Ihcwholo virlum ol' 11 uru In this uillclo
Iho Otl, Ot' TXNNIN wlilcli peiiclriilcs Iho lilfcat
ai.d hardcat lcalllor, iflt haa luiii twcnly jinia lu iisci
and Il'lt toara cuslt) wllli Iho Hiitcra, It luipnrla nl f nro
11 alrcnitlll lluil la liltcrly Inondihlc unlil moii. ! hc
coiiM lilrnrw luillitr, III all ropccta, with 11 dcllclitlul
suancasnlid inlltr. aml liiakos ull lcalliir'i.iirf". nu,l
I'erltclli imprrviuiiHln xvulrr uilllculnrl lioota.a'lioca,
ifo-iopj,uaiuia,uoi.c, iruiiK, uinl 111 jft all (ninri
mioii 11 lciillnr, f llm; 11 aplcAilhl polUli, ovcn lilhor
than new lcalhcr hna, iind ntlcmtilmililing Ha wciu nml
iinraniniy. 111 wniiiovcr naaucr thu lcnlhlr ia iiard,
ninsi: Aiu: tacts.
Thoao who wlil mav w.ar nt.lahnca. 'rnnn wlil, i-i.m
rldu with old cunhic-lopa haio old liiiinoa, nnd
llirnw thoni nw.iy Iiull'uscd look llllhy lliiiiiKolvoa.nnd
all nhoul il.ciii cxpcnil doiihlu whiill.i ncrianrv Inrurll.
i-loa of lcalhcr, In lliclr hcaita' roiilint, lor what Wo
arc, ifthclr prijmllcca arcni alinn". Ihat ihcv tull n.,i
li) u new diacuicry. Vc havu iiolavma to n nrtlicm,
inoyniu 1110 srcaicat auiurcra, uml wodrir for nolioilj'j
" " i'.'h ,"iinu nu , Ktiiiicuicii, iitnau )ouracivca.
JT-.Nooe ccuuluo auioaa wllli llio fio atiiill." .,1,.,..
211-iop ly. l'oraalchy Ur H, J. AI.I.EN.
TXrom tiOMPTOl'K &. t.'o. N. Y. 11 new aiiiudv nf thc
1. I'olhiwlni! uiliclcai vl.. Oldiidsu'a II11I111 of (,'i,iiiiildii,
Arnu-lic (lil, (a Kiiro roiKily lnr dcal'iic-f) C'oiiiloika
Wriniruio lor wonna, Ilav'a l.lniinicnl, Ilnwn'a do. Indlnn
Vrg, I'.llxlr. nml iu laet all of thcir vulilahlo .Mcdlclnca
I'or parllciil.ira mo rtonplilLta whidi i nu hu had nt my
up'illiic ir) Hlore, lirnlis. S. J. ALI.LN, Drneeinl.
Wou'llHicu, uet. ". uu. -10 im.
TIIi:Vi:tll!TAIII.I! I'UUIONAIIY ll.M.HA!)? I nn old
aud woll trlcil) uud nliuokt inilv errulty npprnxt'd "In
cdy. lt hu) hcou oxtcmlvol) iianl for tlio luat 1.1 tlr 0
jcnr.s lu nliiiiiat ovt-ry clly nml lown lu Nrw Ilnglaiulj
aud nlsn very oxlnndVi.1) nt thu rloulli nml xmhI. lt, Ja
rcrniiiiiifii'liil und prcnrrlhii! Iiymuii) ullhcinnatrcaii'c
taldo nliit iclana ua u aiilc. ctiiivciilont, und vcrv olllcic
cloiis iuoilii'lnc, und uckiiowlcd;cd hy lliniiMiud.i, who
havo lor a lnn tlmu iiacd II, nnd coiillnuo lo uao und rtr,
ouiin"nd It , to ho thu liinst vliliiuhlo rclilidy for Iho idiovb
ooiiipliliiiacvcr (itlciTd lo thu Aincrlcuii puldic.
Thoproprlolora ol'llila iirllcloruiiuot Ibaiirt lli tlic l)lc
of uilvcrtiaoln whlch la olloli udupicd ut Iht! prt'ocnt duy.
Tlioy do uot wlah to ilcl'clVu Iho crcduloiisalid uusuapoct
In;;, Iml appcnl, willi cuiilldt'iicc, lo thc lai'ln, aml o.xpcri
ciiio of u illm'rnilii piihlit:. Thcrc aro fcw Imlivldiiula In
New KuKluud whohino not nacd Ihia prciirallou thcin
aolvca, or wlio havu unt i'rjl.'lids who havo lUid It. NU
moroiia ccrt lllrutua Ii inu pli) Iclana aml nllic ra, Imvlns lor
uiauy jcarahcen ptltillaliod, II is dcMiifd uniiccihsury to
udd uuy ut Ihia tlmu. Ilu aiiri" to nct tho siniilno. Cal
liir it hy Iih wliolu innic, 'Vcjjftahlo riiliuonary Ilalsiini,
und avoid '('arlcr'a l'liliuiinary MxImiih,' nml iinitulloiia
which linvuapriins uplu ciiiiaoiiiicncc 1 1 thuKicat colchri
ty of thc truo arllclo. Sco thut It Is aisncil Wiu.Jon'n
Ciillcr. l'rcparcdhy Ilci'd, wlng tlutlir, whohaulo
drnjtslata, .11 Chulhaiii alrtcl, lloston, Aiid fcnld hv ilruj
jjlBta, upolhccnrlcaiind couulry inirchanla tcncrully.
l'rlou .10 ccnls. 215.C111
rrl'or anlo In Woodstock, hy I)r H. J, AI.M!N.
rnill K "vis xlfo" of our woiidorful hndiia, conMantly
D. rcqnlro uu iilicrn.ilivo, or rcscncrutin;' Inlliiciu'u, lo
crcatu und rolulu h honllhy oxlatcnco. Alr, li;lit, nnd
miiiiu othcr ( lcliionta uro hiuiight lu thia iciiiilalllon, uud
for u lliuo provc aiilllclcut In Iho riiiilicincnls of thu
HUtcin. Ilm w Iicii Irom Iniprudciiru uud u vlolatlou 01
lliu lawa tif lliu anluial iconoui), iuorhid huiuora urlac,
ucrid und vltiuliu ur Juirca uru (ollocltd. tlio ajatimrt
iinlrca iiaaiataucu Iroiu aoiuu othcr aourcc, or it afnks in
uiscaao, dicuy, aud dcullt. llnw wuudcrllil und aiilutar)
:u Ihia pcriod, uro thu clllcta of nn upprojiiiatu iiltcrna
tlvu uii'dlcinc, lukcii lu au.isnuf Tlioiiaauds havu hccu
auvod I'ioiii doalh, aml nillliiiui Irnui anlll'illics iudoM'ri
liahlc, uud niiaiii rcalurcd lo hualtli, by thu tlualy !io 01
l'lll:i.l"S TtlMATO 1'II.U, whlUi uro mi illliiicioiia
uud polonl, Iii clil.iui'iii ilicatouiach nml howcls, puri
f)lnj thu hlood, uud loiiovuliiit; tliu l.indular )Mun hy
ultcrins tho acciullnus ol'lho livcr,und othor ;l,iuda, und
('arr)luu oll'lhu iiiorhld Juicoa and liuuiurs: Ihat nt llio
Soiiill thoy havo uc.inirid Iho liainc ofruvtr hanci" hi
ciuso thcy liivariahly proVcut ur hrcnk up hllloua, roinll
tunt, yrlhiw, inlcrinlttont nnd luns I'oM'ia.
I'ivo )oara uxtonslvo iiac, huvu piovcil thoni thc hoat
nml only aiiro nml miI'o roinudy lbr ull thu hutntirni.a
chroulc diaouaca, whcio II, u )tcui riliulioa .miiih lllin;
that Ulll nporatu on tho llloud, l.ivcr, uud v.nloiis aa
louia td'csoN, jivill ilitui u lioaltliy arlioii, ut tlio miiiio
timu ovpcl tlio iuorhid nnd poisunau.s jmccs und liuiuora,
wlilth it icp.iraics I'ioiii thoni.
Iu Ihia claas of iliMM-i's, aro It liLtim.it Wm. Dispopvia,
llropay, l.ivcr Couiplaiiita, Ililious rilnuimh. rVtnlulu,
(Irnvol, Woruis, Tuinora, nnd oruplions of thu akin ol
various kinda, pcruianout weakm as nhout tho loiua nml
iiuhs, Kliut'a I!vil, coiisilliitlonal or horcditary loohlo
nuss ol'lho wholo or part ol tho avaloui, Ac.
Tlioiisauda ot casoa of thc uliovo dl-ou.ca lnvo tocn
urcd hy tho Touiulo 1'illa, aud lliousaudaiif ilcnlhs would
invo hcon prcM'Ulcd liud Ihibo I'illa hicn Used, inalciid
dfsouio Irriapom-lldc, h.'imlul (ilack jull, u rciuidy, if
wlilcli tho ooiiulr) is lloodod. llurc is no ui)atoi) or
cliarhiMr.aiaiu uhout Ihis uniVciaal rcmcdy.
Thoy nrc nicpurcil ol vUluuhlo Ycgotnblo rciucdica,
xvlilcli inu kiiown lo lio liolh aulc und (.llcclil.il, uud arc
iiscd vi ry evtciiaivcl) hy llli).sli',l:iii In Ihoir lnivulo pruc
tico, liccuiisc, ns liiimlrcds hao a.dd, tl.cy inc tlio 1111M
plcaMint, clli'Ctuul und aai'o incdlriui" WO lluiu cUT iimiI.
Tlio uhovo l'ills nro for aalc hy aiiclila lu all rounlrs
Iiiuiik. Aneiiia nrc ruiitliincd Iml lo huy ol pidlcra
iiuc wniu lo inc wio la Milhcicni."
(!. It. l'liclia, M. U. I'ropriclor, llarllord, Conii., willi
oni Mhnc .ii"ii,"iluri! nnno inc ticuuilic
1'tir aalo hy S. .1. Allcii, Wiiudsloclii Ila)ilcn vj Iliurti-
liisoli, dn.; Cllii ( h.iiiihcrliiit l'onilrcl; .liisliu C. Ilrooks
Ilnrllordi llunia .t Morrlll, Slrall'onli 1'. Ilwishl .X; Uo..
crhire, llicodorc (Jook, L'oriulh; ll.ixlcr li. im-wIou.
NorHicli, Lowia Morrltl, Hartland, J. V. Ilulihunl,
xvtmiaor. '.ii-iiiiicp.
CrAii nttcnllvu pcru-nl of lliu followlng will, It ia bc
liovid, tull) rcpn) ull oluos of rcui!oi:
IIL'ADAUlll!. 'I hls dlcac is tinc rrmn liich nrln
inoro iniM'rv lu llio Iiuiiiiiii hiiuil) than iaocccrally Mip-
p.iMil', not hcimt dlicclly I11I11I, it Is ollcn iKglcclul, or
Iicraona ao niucli lo liic tisc ol iMiiL'iilivcs und ollur incil-
iclnia, 11s In liupair lllcir scncral hciilih, uud ollcu Iiiduco
l.ilaldlcaa(a. '1 hcarticlo, Illt. hl'OIIN'ri liI!MIA(;lll!
Itr.UIIY, I10111 Ciiniatuk.s (X: Co,, now onbnd, aicuia
In havc nti rcoluo Ihcaa dilllciilllca. U'lillo lllccla uiu
nin-l poncilUI uud lniuitilinlb in ciinh; 11 11 ntliirk or ki cp
lii it off, It is so pcilW'tly 111II1I uml lunociiit us lo ho
il-(d lor inlunla wllli llic nriult 1 ll'cct in,d aaloly. Tliia
hus now la.ni loli d Ii) mi inon) of Iho hl;laat lucmhora
ut tnla , ua lo rciiuro no IHMIitr proi'f.
If liilicu ulcw lliuia Iii ua 111I111) hoiua, wlicn llicionru
llidirutioiis uf 1111 nproai hiui; iilli.ck, il Is m nu i.v A I.l.
cinis lo piovcnt thc nllack. llii-id lor a lcw Wnks
thc prcinoiiitor) t) iiipioins i;riiiluiill) aiitiaidc, unlil tlic)
wholly disnppcur, uud scv kii, w ilh aoiuo giuit i.itlniul
or ircdlipniu: cniiac, rclliili. If Iho piiKin ncpiioia lu
tiau It llll thc bonciie cnmmcnfcs. it aluiicllnics cniia iu
aiantly, luil ut nlhcra tho liirua will hiltc tl.lir roln0 fnr
0 ur thrco tnuia, uml then who II) diMipMiir. 1'orMilo
, uml theuwholl) diMipMiir. 1(
K .1. AI.I.I!N. 212.1)io
HU.M '1 TO STIMIIsj Cllli M'KIi THAN li!'.-
roiti:,ou NorniNt; iF'i'iii; l'si:iiis not
nr.UGiiTU) wrni it.
AN arllclo ihat cvcry l.miil) iuut conaidor indlspcnai
hlc whcn llioy kmnv ila powerand viiluo, andwliich
han hcrclolurc h( cn aohl Ioo tiiyh to icadi all cia-cs.
iias now' Incu rcdiiccd iu prico wilh u view Ihat rich uml
poor, hish and low, and in t ict 1 very lininau hciu iru)
eiijii) ila iMiiiilui I-; und all whogrt 1UI111II haic llic piiee
iclurucd to llicm il ihcy uro not dv'luililcd wllli ila uac
We naacrt without Ihe pnsilulii) of coiilrudiciicn, Ihat
ull hiirna .nid culds cutj oxlonml muc, old or lrr.!i, uml
ulloxtirual palns uml aciiia, no uiulli r whdc, ahnll hc
rcdtncd to eoiulorl h) It In Iho Ininulca mix Iny lilc.hiuh,
or arar. No hurii can ho l.itul if Ihis is applicd, uulea llic
vilulauro deatio)id h) thcacchh'lit. II is liuly lu.isical
lo .iipciiriiucc, iu ila ch"ccl. Kmiulio lor 'Connel'n .Miu
ienl I'aiu I!lraclor .Salic," at Cou.aloi k al.d CoV., l'l
I'niirll.iml .Slicct, New Ynrk.
I'lli u2"iconta, or lour tiincaux niurh I'oroO rinla.
Vo utfuro )ou,ou llio rci.ioiisihlit) ol our 1 Initu lir,
that a)inpulhy lor huiuati aiillcriu nidurca, nt Icat iu
parl, our larniat aollcitatioii llial a riiuplc Inai hliuuld
lio iiiuile iu uuy alUi-llnii liaiucil h( low. Wo llouk It linl
luipi iiilcut ur too iniicli lo Fiiy lliat nolhliis liku It orlu
ui) dorio Miin'iclu.il, hus mr Iji'i.'i J1-1 t.uicJjii md 1
Yoil will plinao oliicrvc that la no 'Mixcrclgu rcmcily
lor ull lonipl iliila,' Inu i:icnia1 applicutinn nin! Hiil
cuio ihe followins llunia, t-cuhls, l'rosKd pntin. chil-
blnlr.a, Chul'e orcall, (hupa. Icttcr. Piiiiplc.hloli'Ii. lollnn
uln r, spraln, frjaiiclas, alah, cula, I rul-is, alrains, car
aml looiiiaclic, iiiiuupa, aoie Ihioit. riinrouiids.whillnwa,
pllcs, niuworm, aall Itlicuiii, llarber'a Itrli, wcak tlslil
railinucle, ciiiiitiou, aoro owa uinl IliN. aorc llna. iiiiiic.
luns, hilcaiiud w.ula.Ioicr paln, uiiu lu llic hack uud
anio, icmnr nci, iniiauiuioi) rliciuail'iu, 11c (luloriux,
ngiir in Ino nnd hreasl. lotei'Miro.otil hlirn arara, prlcl)
hcad, innauKil ahlu, liiokcu hic.iat, mro i.ipplta, lunth
liiilua, hllalcicd Mirlacoa, drctaaiu lnr ldilcr-, whllo
aweliln;a, ooldiu wuuiaU, aoro coi'ua, ;ciiual aurcs,Miiall
pox uiiii
Tboush wc havo nanicd iiiiincroiia itTccllons, ppcri
oik u has fiuglit us that ihc) aic uol too inithv. lt will
hu iiccoasary to know thall'hu iirlicle cullcd Connil'a ia
thcoiily onc wc can rcmmmcmhhiit luiwt cniillon i,n
aouic liiiilulioiia wliich we havo ruaaon lo hhcvourc ol'uo
Uac hut in urioua. Wo wll lircfcnt It to Ihc uonrwho
lniie uriual neiil oflt. nnd whnin )ou inay aind furll.
ltoinciiii ir it la rONNM.'rS Maslcnl I'nlu r.xlructor.
All ei i.'lllry iiicichai'ta uro rniuiatcd lo lake lt lo thcir
llinns 011 1'nlilllllsaluil, ua llic Klclllcal blcaair,: tolliaukiml
cvir dlaeovercil iu lurdidiio. Thia la atrous litusuiisa-
hut ) 011 niiiy dcpciid Ila power will tull ju.lily it. Cal
iill lliu Aeiuta lor 11 pumphkt srntis toHll.nndvrrv lu
lcreatlli!:. ulm tl.o lialiica ol nll thu r'i m 11 of Now
t'AIITION lto auronnd fct CoiincI's iis counlerfclla
md wnrlliliaa appear inidcrolhcr uuiiica. i-'ce tliat it ia
lirici I10111 Coiuslock aml A Cn. or ncicr loiich il.
vor aale h tf.J. AI.I.IIN. Woodaiock, I't. 21l coply
Gliccsciiiiin's Arabiim Bnlsnm
fiTOUTIIK Cl'IlKofall klndsnl wounds, airains,
JL' IMirus.fiilialia. aoro uniia, lllc mo. ucKpcmio lllc.
umi inoiiinaiiain 011111 kiiuis. 11 wni privcni iiiu 100111.
urho. rat(iiotorpld and ncrMud liuihs, ellll ioinla, niiuih
ueaa. .Xro., aud call bu dcponilcd upon 10 rcllcvo hbrCiiCM
iu nn i.iii.
This vuliiahtu iiicdiclnc haa liccii very cxtcnsively nacd
for tho la.t tcn 1 cara, whllc ita IncrcaMiig domniid, llio il-
nlveraulnitiatacllon It haa given, und the Katlinoiiy of a
nrgo 11111111111110 01 imnviiiunia 01 111c nrsi alaiul.
Ini! lu tho ,'n:nliilliilv. who liavc tcalnl nnd iiil'ulllhlv
prlivcil ilsil!lci,( y, ahuw thut It nl'ida onli In l,c tiacd In
nrou- ila liivullmiliio cxcclleiicei Imlicil ull who haie e-
ir Irlcil tho balsaiii, niiolt ao highly Ihat Ihey will not
ho Indiiccu uiiiler nny cuiisblcrulioii to 1I0 w Uhout it. Thu
lliilaam has utlruCleil the utti nllon nf llicn of aclcuco nnd
l'hyalciaiia nml Biirgcons ol tho gicatoatscicnlllli! iiouulri-
mciila, glvu II lliclr limiiialillcil upprobatlnn whllo mnny
ol thoni in iliH'crcnl acrtlnua of tho (nllcd SihIc.s ikiw
iiso lt In thcir prnrllcu, iiiiil liuvo iiiill.oiluil thc puhlicn.
llon ol'thclrccrti:iciilcA.
vuliiah'u Incdiclnc for nil hllllous couiplaiiita, Ac.
(rrl'urchaacra ahould Imiulrn for tlio truo urliclc bv
ii.lug Iho wlmh, 11:1111c Chi'CKi'inau' a Arnhiaii llalauiii
und aeu that il hns my nnim willtrn IA my nwn Iiiindf
wrillng iicroa thc prln'cd dlrecliona nn llic wrnppcr o
overv 1101110. 1;. uiieeskman
l'nr Me by
S. J AU.KN. Wnodatorki Y.. SI. A-. S. lt Ptockcr
Itiirll.iiiu.'l enrneras N. (1. Ilule, Chelaeu, .old ihrotighoiit
llio cnunirv gciicrallv. S'i7-1)
rriwnglrla as nppronticcs nt tho Tailnrlilg hualiiera.
JL linuil encourugeiiient will bc givcn. A,ply lo
Ludlow, Mnrrh 1.1,1815. 212-Cv
Boliiiiic Mdicinos!
A OrCKUArj ASSOUTMKNT of Thompannl
jtS. nnd olhcr HoluuicMciliclnca both crudp nnd pre.
nnrcil, alninlc i,d coiiipoumlcd' la coiiiluully kept for
aale l,y Iho anlicrihcr, nt hls rcaldelite, bclWcen Iho
Mclhodlal nml l!,cpal Cliiiiclils.
Tho nbovu Medliinca wlll be r.enily put iipncrouipnnled
by aiiila'iln din-cilon., and wiirrniltcd neiiulnc.
Oaution. To thnao wlio nre doalrnuaof ohlalnluspiirn
Tliiinisoliiaii liudldnca, I would ny hewnre ol'whnm joii
liurcliaao. iih ihcy aro Ireqiicittly mlulterulcd with xvorlh
Iiks ii(-riiti-loiia nit,l nol.nnoiia aubalnncea (or Iho piirnn.o
ol pcciiliillou or ol brlngii'g thubclinnliiablc rcincdira u.
I ipole. A.I1.1IAMM0N1).
WouJatPik, Nov 2f, lbu ssr u
I'nrc rcilticctl to 2,00 from Concord to lloston,
fN nnd nllcr Novcmher lat, raaacnijcr Triiins will
w riuidallyHiindayHoxcfptcdOliicoiinfrtlon wllli lliii
Iloaton nnd towull.aud Naahua und Lowell ilnllrund, ,ia
I.oiivo lloston nt 7 A. M, 11 A. M., nml .1 1'. M.
I.eayu l.oncord at .1 ,1-1 A. M., 1Ii2U A. M., nml 3 I. M.
I rninalrum iiitoriucdlulo plarea wlll run aal'oliow,vIi
, , ITTIlAlNri.
I.cavo r.uxvellntP.lo a.m.,12:5 ..M.,nnd f.ilOr.M.
Naahua nt BiJStl A. M., 12:15 . m.,iiihI C:.rU p, M
nrii L. 0,35 a. m., 30 r.M.', nmlT.M r.M.
or Inimcdiutily 011 Ijionrrlvi.l ( rihoc.iralioni lloalon.
110 IVN TtllH'd
LWoMMjrhtHierfi 1-2 a.m., Hi.sV. M.,nd -1 r.M.
Naallu,, ,,i c 1.2 a. 1,15 r. M. , j 5 ,, M
" I.owcll nt 7-1.1 A. M,, 2 i'. m, und 5 i m
Or inmcdlatcl); 011 the urrivnl or tho run Ircm Concord.
1 ho accond ;iuIr,o, Concord nrrivc, n llon.m ,.
aoi for I'li-K'iigtraloliikc Ihc 4 o'clorktruin toNow York
l hcroad eoiinccla wilh iho Iloaton aml Jlulne Iti.il
ri.a,l, 11,1 1 tliai I aaacngira mny pua. hctwi.xt Concord, Ilu
1;...' ,ir' "!'.v;r ''"fllaii'l ellher wny daily.
r, . , Iniiucdhitidy 011 thu nrrival of Ihellrat iraln ot
t uiirrnd, lcavel,)' v,iiloiiaroulcarrII(iiklnlnii,NeHporl,
( lureinont nnd V ind.nril'ur I.cl.niion aii.l IlaiimirilVn;!
onlh nnd Ilaicihll iCuniiini nml Orlonl) Mendilli llrldsu
Lonlru I arhor nnd thu Whllo Mouniaina. Un Iho mo
nnd ,hi) Irom Iloaton. ,Sti.c8 roarh Ito),ilton, ,Mlddlihury
J onlpelier nnd Il)rlii,st councciii,x thcru wlll. thu
5 Iimiii ImuU II110 to Jlonlrcnl nnd by iicainhual nml itnios
liiilSdciihljitrslnStiiMiilao run ironi lliivirhill to Slau
alcud conncciiiii' Ihcrc with itsca to Jlonlrcnl. Nuniir
ouaolhcrslusearoiiiurlingwlih iheConcoid Itail Itoad
run to the prinrlio towna in Now Iluinpahirc, Vcniiunt
und Iho Canailaa.
, iAV lluly rrom rr.inklin und .VandhoriUon lo thu
II nelncktraln,rcliiriiliiS!itcrlliuarrival ulllio accuiid
traiii Irom Iloaton.
l.nn diuly ua lollowa:
I.eavu Iloaton aU 1-2.1'. .M.,uin! urrive ut Conrorl
tho aamc ovcniu".
I.cavcCoiicoidnirill'.JI.,,,: urrlvu at lio.tou i,.'
1 l-U tlio ncxt mornl.'ij.
l' i lg.lt, I'trst Claaa.ijriiSci nnd Clasa, S2,:,0.
I ri!;;l,lalioiild hu dcllu-icd ut Conroril, Ilbalou ni.d
rilherdcpotauu hour ut lonat hcforc lcuviu", tu liiMiru 1I1
livcr) hy thu llral aiiccocding Triiiu.
AlllNai'enscra,Ilasiiscaliniihlhu markeil, nnd whni
filluod ut iiiiuu thau .',U, nollrcalioiild hu glwn uml e.
liu churfioapaid.or ,111 elaiuifur (luinsu orloaa hcvoud
aiichauiuwillhuullowcd. ti.U. Li'llA.M. Kun't
Nov. l.IU'll. 211-f
l'ACT.SUIUlAltlllNti Tlli:
1 11 d 1 u 11 V
c c il
c IMIIs,-
nliEL"3i.TisM, iiv.srr.rsiA and ruvrits.
MAVINC hicn iitlackidaomo laoiilha wilh u had
Coush, Wc.iKiii-.--s 111 iny L'lii.l, nml loa oliipii
lile.l iiscd rithl'a liidian Vi "elaldo I'ills.hutgrrw woiau
wllli cold awcuts ut nighl; could not alcp nml hcln.cd I
w.ia lu iininauuipiion, I procund a hoxol llr riiiiiih'a
riugar Co.ilcd I,i,i,,imiI I, diuii Ycclahlo I'dla, wch
rcaiorid in) lnahli wllhin ai da)a, imd 1 bcllcvelhciu to
ho thu hutiuucdy 1 curuMil.
, ., , crancr, w.gkangcu,
L'ainhriil?f,()ct. 19th, Ml.
l!'.tract liom A. 0. l'ngc'a hltcr, dalidl
llalli,.laii. .'Ilhi, 1,-JS.
Ihe Sng-ir Cnatid indian Yiyclnhlc l'illa )(,ii acnl ,111,
aoll well andgivu good aatlaluclioii Tho) tillbuur tliau
auy I havc liad.
li:.vlrnct froiii I.cvl llnrrctt'a lctli r. d.ilcd
Ciinnan, Mc, I'ch. Sil, 1SS.
I l,o l'ills which I rccclvcd ol )ou lne gnui aiich Uln
vcrsul a.iiislactlon whcre the) luuo hicn iui i-litict-tl , ni.d
Ihc aulc lnn liccii Kiiiuilorn, that l tlidiiglu hial lo ic
ii;iat )oii to nnd 1,10 011 aoine morc ol ilum iunnidiaio
ll..tn:rt fmin W111. rackard'alclli r. danr
,Mom.(in, Muari. Jan. i's, lt-r.
Pi r. inclnsi'd i iho pn) liu 1,1 lnr Ihc liiat l'illa. 1 ou
Ittll ilcac renil inoli) lixpu-a unulhi r lol.au) onrdiln;
Ihf) gne good aklirtin I, uu. 1 havo nnt in hund innrc
thau h lilius uud do nm wtah lo hc out ol 1 lio, .,,, ,;in
n.xlu.cl llnin Dn n'cl 'Inll A: .-i,u'alilicr, ilaliil "
Taltavillc, 'l. Ili. nli, ih.S.
011rVills were leniioda low d,ia miicc, uud I lmo
udd aoinool lliim.nml alni u-id h,ic ourMhia. n , ,1
ihiuk or) laioialile nl lluiii, uud li.it uro likul h il.,,,,
who Into un d th( 111.
.Mr J. I'. S.MIT1I (,r(ilourclir,aln!cs ihui he hua anhl
,,ll. und wishcs fdoz. huxia mnro liinc,lilcl , ai.d llioy
glvc an, h uiiiH'isal ati.l.iclion Ihat l.c liaadclcrinuitd lif
atll 1,0 tilliirkim! ol 1'ilS.
Mr A . Alkn, of l'nlnu r Dcpnl, alatcs-'lhnt I 0 wna i(rv
Ihiiklul Ihat lio was nppoinlid i.jiiii, n. Im w,li
had hicn nn Ihialid lnr muiic tiine, nml ul.ox f.l Ihiao 1'dU
iuiindliiitcl) ciind In r, iiIm, thut ll.e Imd ptrlnriiiiil i.liki
womloiliilcuros In Iholown, aml waa ii.lhcl) nui aml
waiiicl niore liiiniodialel) wuangciil lur ullur pills hur
shblild (.iilyic, olniiit-iid Ihcac.
I t:trai-t from J. II. llaniorlh's Ii tlcr, dnltd
, llaruard, Vt. ,ln. Ht,, 1345.
I lcnsc M'lid mc iininidiaiil) C doi. Siulth'a Smur Coal
I, 1 Indiiiu Viuoliible l'ill, Ihnac Mni amt u horl tiino
sinco nic nca,i all soldiiml give unliciMil aiili.luciioi,,
I'ho ahoNc nri' only a lcw 01 iho iiumi rnus lcltcrewl.ich
nrc (Imly ii-rolwd ol Ihc giuit popnlurili and mcrcaa nl
Ihcaclihl) cM'illciit pil.. 'Ihc) n,cll,c"h(al inidicluc Inr
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i:it- AfjrN'nx'.
Y. II. r.n.Mcn. ol AVio York, Na Si. Ann Strcel,
" liosion, 00. iic aircei,
" l'hilmlrlphia, No. .17, 1'uie Hlrect,
" llaltimnrt.X. I!. for. l'.nlt. ACnlv. r, .1.
Is .iiithorl.cd lnprocnre, I'oriMird und rollcct pny tnr ml-Mrll-riiiiuts
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An.." C1IAI1L1!S Ci. UAKT.MAN.

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