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ilm (iousq of Jncob'B penniless, lcaving mo
and my companioria wliom lio hdtl nll but
stolen from a barbarinn, only tcJ bo trieked
iu hia turn llio property of tlie Jcw.
Aa Jack roclod his way towarda hia ship,
Mirinm c'mi'aig'ilitig lldr jetly Incka to tho
closo iinpriionnicmi of papor, glanced nt
it, mMiitr Hhin 011 tho tvntch. and for n
muiuunt ceitsin!!
11 tuno read
'titich i) UJt,
My next remnvc was Inr weatward. I
becsmo thepropcrly of tho fcather-mer-ohant
to the coiirt; or, na the trndcsman
himself delighied toblazon in gold lcttcrs
over his shop-door, 'Plumassier to thcir
M ujcsltes.' I cnnfess I felt mysolf sonic
what hinniliatoil liy the ill-rcport of Mr
FlaminpM, who, in hN dcaling with Miri
nm .Tacob3 011 this occasion nmbassadress
from hcr sirc in tlio Minorics protestcd
that I was tlie inferior articlc of tlio whole
lol; and that 110 paina of cleaning nnd
drcing would ever ennblo tnc to returu
bixpetiHC to my purobascr Thia melan
choly fccling, however, gavo placo to bet
ter hopes, when, 011 the departurc of tlio
.Tuwess Miriam had been compelled by
tlio hard chafTering of llie feather-mer-chant
tothrow a green monkoy into the
bargnin, fr.r the er.peoial delectation of the
youngcst Miss Flamingo my new master
.i.ic.tR(l me from mv comnanions, and
!ialinif me tenderlv. askcd thc wife
his boaom ,'if I wasn'l a perlect hoauty
II i;t imawtu , 11 " - j- 1
This pleasing (lattery was, morcover.ade-
quately responded to by Mrs Flamingo,
who, with glistcning eyes, declared
'qui'.o a lovo1'
T lnrn nlrpiwlv anul. IIr FlfimiiiB'O
fcathor-seller to the conrt of Great Britain.
He felt, intensely felt, the stirpassing nn
nnrtnnce of his nosition. His very sou
Hecined plumcd with the dignity. Hence,
like mv parent ostrich, ho would, when
full of the consciotisncss nf hia greatness,
trcad the shon-floor. but. rais
ed up'on Iho winga, or winglets, of his
self-conceit. half-flv, half-walR. It was
the reliinon of Peter Flamingo, that
whole moral and social condition of mafi
denended solclv upon feathers. Nay,
believeit to havc been his iniior creed
that nliunes were not so much desicncd
for kings and nobles.as that potentates and
peers were especially sont into this world
t;r nliimfis. I ssv. inner creed; because
: ..rmnni,in.i i..ic r.nniMnw.l
me that lliere aro sonie peopio wiio nave
" - 1 1 11
an oniside failh coverir.i' a faith, in the
knmn wav that iudaleis have a box within
-j j r-ra
.-. lm last 111 its srna sanctuarv pen
r.nninred shil iflfir.
III J UWIIl ... w j - u
When Peter Flaminso read or hcard of
flm nnnlile ncrfectibilitv o man. 1 am
certain that man appeared to him like i
Poland cock. with a natural crest of feath
on With tliis faith. it wa3 consenuent
that Mr Fiamiiigo shoiild pay profoundest
.1 !.'t-.l t tUn
reverence 10 tuose privneL-u iu iuu
nrtiflci.il olorv. Buoh reverence beinc nt
tho prime cos't of those whnm fate had rig
orously denied that proud advantage.
Ilence the reader can imagino tlie sepa
rale place3of theJIarchionesa of Mantia
ville.born to thc right of a plutned coronet,
nnd of Pattv Butlcr. also bom to the duty
of dressin.f feathers can conceive thcir
ecparato conditions in the mind of Mrs
Flamiiiiro. Tlie marchioncss was a crea
tnrp. anart 1 nloi v to be numbercd with
iho atnranl lioavpn: tlm feathcr-dresser.
mere weod of earlh.millions of milea away
from that starry presence. Thereforc,
likn a imnrf nennv-turnintr Chaldean
Flamingo thought, to'properly worship the
atar. he must trcad upon 1110 weeu
Mr Flainintro. in'tlio obsorvence of this
fnith. did at times foroet the mere naked
ineaning of word.i, subsliliiting another aet
of syllables for the only aet rightly called
forby tlie occasion. In homespun phrnse,
Flamingo was a Iiar; but then his llea, ll J
must call them so, were used to the very
linst advantaL'o. He dressed himself in
falsehood. but then he looked all the bet-
ter for it. He made nositivc cold leaf of
his utitrutliB, which east a lusturo upott
him, covered, as he would atill be covercd,
withboirowed radiance. lloing leather
Rllr to thecourt. he was. of course. inli
mate with the whole peeragc lle would,
nt n mnniRllt. east VOU IID tllO IlUmber of
dimnlea to be found in the cheeks and
ehins of countcsses would minutelv de
acribe to yott thc hangings nnd furniture
ofevery best bed-room of every noblcman'a
mansion in the kingdom, he, in thc courac
of his ftlorifvine nrofession. havinc heen
an honoured guest tliereat. With him
true friendship was aflower that was only
to be nlucked from the cardens of nobil
itvf aml this flower FlamiiiL'o was forever
twiating between hia lips.orsporling in I113
bution-holc. 'My friend, the rnarquis,'
'My most dxc'ellent friend, tho duke,'
'My worty acquaintance, the baronet!1
Thus con'tinually spoko Flamingo; and so
RORBltintr. he t iihiit it he ct fall diamotHM
and rubiesfrom hia tongue for the world to
wonder at
A man with so mauy, and such trietlda)
had, or course, ueqiient cvidcncca tnat
friendship was not what thc poetic cynic
cills it. onlv 'a name.' By no meana; to
Flamingo, it was aometimoa a turbot
Bomotirne a tttrkev. His friend the tnar-
quia would uow and then appear upon the
foather-dresser's tahle in thc not less at-
traclive thoiteh twin shape' of a brace of
nheasants: his moat excellent friend the
duke h.is smoked upon the board, in the
aolid heautvof a haunch of venisoti. Of
nll men in tho world, Flaminco would have
hfientlie Ijst to doprive the neerago of
their proxiea. Mpre: how often did some
oxalted dowagor appdflr in a rich and can
died oresetve how ol'ten fiomo earl'a
jtmirflnni' ihh ht nutnftlic seaaon, aent
0 basket of psaches, ripe and pu'lpy aa her
own lips? At least, irthcse gifts were rc
ally not made by the exalted people prnised
uy f lamtngo ior i'ikii jjui-.iwaij " 1
not the fault of the feather-dresserr no, 1
. l Hn ui- ..tiiiiip tn nrpnr.h' nh thp
thf mnrn his virtue to preach' uh the neces
iiv of lliberality to tho world, eveir by
apocryphal cxamples of truc beneficence
It wa somclimo after I had passed from'
. . .1 1 . . t. . . Tl
nfilm rpthpr-merclnnt. tnat I
hoard astory illustrative ofthis his tbcoret
As. however. I mav not find
a fitter place than the prcacnl for the story, 1
I will hcre narrntb it: tho moro cspociullv
as the occurancd took place whilst I was
. 1 ...... ....
yct I'lamingo's proporty, niueii inen igno
rantofthe hlslory I have to speak bf.
Poter Flamingo gavo a dinneri I should
say he ratlicr presidcd at a tlinlier given to
him: fdr there was no diah upon tho tablc
that miL'ht notlhavo boHie nbovo it
banner of the nohlo ltouao from which
timanatcd. Believo Flamingo, and
banouet was no other than a collcction
o(Tcrings made to him by tho English no-
billity: he couid nave pointcd out tne rep
rcsentativea of tho peorago, from tho noblo
who caino to cut throota with William thc
Conqucror, at IIastint;s, to tho last baron
ennoblcd for cultingthe throals nf His con
atituents nt. Westminster. How Flhntingo'a
gneats benevolently pickfed out by him
from tho very mob of triide;mcn wonder
ed at tho banquet; how they prataed their
host for hia liigh conncctiona; and how
they hatetl him!
Tlio dinner passcd off with cxccssive
cordiality. Tho winc, cvcry drop of it
from tho cellars of the pecrage, made, nt
all evcnts, a passing call at thc hcarts of
thc drinkers, ero it mounted into tl.eir
heads; nnd all was sihcerity and noisy
Tlie dessert nppcars. VVna there cver
seen such mngnificent pine-applesl Flam
ingo dropa his rye proudly yet lovingly
upon the fruit, and says, with a soft voico,
so modulatcd that not one man fihall lo.sc
one syllyhlc 'Ha! my dcar Dtiko of Did
dleton he is, indeed, a friend; all all
imin liis nwn (iraciotis ninerv!'
Bless my heart! Wcll, you are a luck
y man! cries Brown.
1 i . 1.
iiuu tnwiu w .
world?' cxclaimed Johnson
Wns t iprn evcr suc i a uukc in uie
Ti'a a sliami to out a knife into 'em,'
rcmarks Fiold, dirccting liis looks, sharp
cnedlo a very kecn edge, touards tlio
crown o( tho ducfal gift.
'Pooh! pooh! what are pmea growri for,
if not to he cateiu" cri'es Flamingo, hnnd
lingllitf kntfo, lookingfull at the pines,
but only looktng at them.
'Don't cut thc duke's gift it's a sliamc!
I wouldn't toiich abitofit,' says Robin
son; 'but there's a couplc of littlo ones,
there. that'
WVll. if vou nreler them thev're not
flnvnr U (Inlicious!
Thcy wero scnt uy ycs, 1 iuini ny imii
. u . 'f .1 ! 1- I 1. 1
litr Kir ITnrrv Barate. a baronet ot tlie
Incl l.nlnlw' u fll vnil Vfllllirp?' All(l Wltll
out waiting for a reply, Flamingo cuts into
vorv vprv smnll nieces tho smnltedt pinc
And Bttll all proceeda with' increasing
felicitv. i ho boltle goes rouncl anu rounu,
and at ennth 1 10 heada ol the drinkers be-
j . 1 1 1 1
t !..! ... r,.ll,,,,r if 'I'lio iirr 1
gni uueuienuj m hm... ,v ..b.
mcreases the shout swells ana au ia
boifterous tnerriment.
Brown jumps to his legs. 'It's no uso,'
he criesj'I've fought against it long enough;
I must have a cut at tlie duke.' So say
inir. Rrown seizea the larcest pine, and.
with furioua nrecinitancy, slrikes hia
knife into it; Flamingo'a blood running
cold to his very toes.
'And so must I!' flcrcams Field; and
the third knife enters tho duke'fl third
'And I, too,' shouts Itobinsoh, risifig to
commit cxecution; but Flamingo, rcstored
by the third attack to something like con
sciousness, snatches up the pine, and
Robinson, missiug hia mark, falla sfprawl
ing 011 thc table.
The charm of the niaht is broken;
Flamingo looks sulky; and the gncsts, n
little sobered by a seuso of their attack
upon the dukes gttta, cepart.
'We were wrong,' says Brown, 'to de
molish thoso pines; for if Flamingo had
had to buy 'em, what would they have
'I wonder what's the markct-price now?'
says Jolinaon let's asK.' aiiu aa ne
spokc, hn turned into a celehrated fruit-
cr'a. 'What's the prtce ol, ttiose pines;
,rI1hree guineas each, sir,' nnswered the
.They're very small,' said Johnson.
'Havo yoti nono biggerl'
'Ycs, four very largc; five guineas
each. But I can t show them now; !or
the lact is, they're out ort hire for a night
td my neighhour, alr I'lamingoi
And so. the JJuke. ot iidneion wae
tho ahop-keepcr; and so Flamingo paid
hiteen guineas (nc saved one pine; lor a
lie, certsinly if there be any mcans of test
ingthdvalue oflica, not worth half the
This little banquet took place on the
11th of Atieust. 17G2. With much Mel-
ancholy did Peter Flamingo rise on the
112th. Hiabtle, however, was blown away
bv tho Park cuns. for they announced the
birth of Qneen Charlotte'a first-born, the
Prince of Walea.
The 'rudimcnts of an nnger were be-
nun 111 tieorjre tho r ourtn. ua reier
Flamingo rejoice at the birth ofa Prince
ofWales 1 think so, but certain i am
his heart leapt up' at the fme pro.ipect for
In The Yorkshirtman nrJan. 14, 1813. is
the report of n meetine of "Tlio Stoclcton Mu-
chanics1 tnstitute," William Dailey, Esq., in tho
chair. Tlio Cliairtnan, in inlroducing tlio I'nnco
of Walea nnd Princess Royal, saitl "Kevcrenco
in tho son tlio fntnro innn, nnil in tho prince tlie
fultire liin". Destroyed not in oitlior royal oion
the rudimcnts of nn Jlngcl."
ERN. Thvee weeks laterfrom Europe.
The steamer Great Weatern.Capt. Math-
ews arrived yostcrday morning, bringing
Livertiool papcrs to March 29th inclusive,
and London to the evening of the 28th.
Tho dates are 21 dnys laler than before
Parliament had adjourncd for tho Easter
The duty nn cntton had bccn repealnd.
Pitnn lm lrrlin prl tnst iibont tn thp RX
lent of tho rcductioii of dut j , and the mar-
kct was hbnvy from nn enlarged nnpress
ion nbout new crops.
Tlie new TeVifT. as Brouirht forwnrd bv
Qir xvnuBri x cei, imu guiiu uuti tiicmiitiu.
The only chango from what he proposed,
aliirtit nltVttnlinn in tlm ntnnfl.
n!.n.l . T) . I l . 1 : . n 1 .
wns somc Blisht altd'rnation in tho stand-
nrd for augars.
The newe ofihe passago by Longrcss ol
,hc rCsolutions for the Annexation of Tex
. .1 J...I 1. .?
1. hnd crcatod constderable sensatinn in
Englandi and also thd'par.iRrnph of Prcs
;jnnt P'nlT, Innucrural' Addrem reltitinn
10 Oregon.
Thn Rivisn Dint hnd ndiourtied. Wllliout
adopting any dccided mcasurcs for tho ex
pulsion of tho Jesuits, Englaud, Franco,
Austria nnd Prusaia had each ntldresacd n
strontr not to tho Swiss ffovethmoiit, tec-
ommendiiig peace, concession, &c. No
freah outbroaka liad taiten piuce.
Frum tlie Livcrpool Chromclc
Lioefyool, March 29. Tho nows which
hascdineto hund this ucek from the U
nitod fetntes is moro than usually impor
tnnt. Thn SRiinto. hv a maioritv of twn
. -1 ; j .
votes, consented to the annexation of lex-
as, and reaolutiona wero passed hy bou
irress. oml hail received the aauelinn of
the Presidcnt, for the receptiou of that
country into the Foderal Unton. inup
far the matter hns proceeded smoothly.
Thn llinrnv niilh h.ia vet to bc trod. It
remains to' be sccn whethcr the people of
l cxas will consent to tne union wiicwiur
the Mexican govcrnment. which claim.s
thp. r.oiintrv ns its own. will tauiclv subinit
to tlio arrannement and whtither thc
European powers will all inlcrfere. Somc
rcmarks which fell from Sir llobcrt Peel
recpntly In tho llouse of Comnions, im
plied that tho annexation would not be
palatablo to this country or to Franco.
But tho primary consideration is, what is
thc feeling of the Texans thcmsclves? If
they desiro thc amalgamation, it would bc
folly on the part of nny European powcr
to inteopose an obslacle. Wc have a
grcater interest in the quostton than nny
otlier natioti, and it would not assuredly
be worth oiir whilc lo declarc ourselvcs
agninst it.
258 259 2G0!
At 200, 3 weeks, the prcsent volume of
thc Age expirea.
We do not intend to dun those of our
subscribers who have paid us up to tho
last ycar, but those who owo us for the
Agc issued previous to the last year, we
do intend to dun, lt is but tillle to you,
gentlemen', what you owe us, but nll your
llttles put toge'.her make a large auin tous.
Let ushavc a few dollars from you.
Wc are much obliged (o those who
have paid u..
A friend has scnt tic, from Bethel, thc
followiilg rfisolution passed ut a Pinkeyc
mccting held in hat town on tlie 11th
Rcsolvcd, That thc so callcd Libcral
party is a couglomcration of Ilum-sellers,
Rttm-drinkcrs, and the refuso ofall par
tics who by pretending to bo tho wisc,
prudent and jiidicious temperanco party
are in fact using nll their influence for
tho defoat of tcrnperance and for tho cre
ation of party capital.
The truth, beauty and classic clegnnce
ofthis Rr-solution aro truly unsiirpassed
by anything that has fallon ttnder our ob
scrvation for a long titne. None but a
Pinkcye could evcr have "got off" the
like of it. Wo nrc liappy to hcar, how
ever, that tho Libcral party in Bethel
havo not bccn snuffedout, but rfrc still in
the land of tho living.
Just such bv and vulgar'abuse.on tho
part ofa porlion of our citizcns, now nnd
former denominated Pinkcyes, drovc the
othcr nortion intoa system of aelf-defencc
and into the organization of a party for
that purpoao, which is now calledthc Lib
cral party. This party hasno cye, what-
ever, to ntionnt roiiucs. 11 13 lormcu
of that portion of the people who are op
posed to a system of rcgulating the bow-
els of the communiiy by act of Legislation
who look upon inlemperancc as c great
moral cvil, but who still bclievc that it is
best to mcct its cvils by moral suasion,
rather than by legal force. There is
tlfo indulgence of another opinion, which
distingtiishes thc men of tho Libcral party
from their opponents, and that ia this: It
is their opinion that they lmve a rignt, a
pcrfect and undoubted right, to indulge
in the belief aforementioned and n pcr
fect and undoubted right to express it
at the ballot box, without bcing bullied
by brawlcrs or frightcned by Pink votes.
They havo been most henthenishly tra-
duccd nnd abused by a sct of narrow-
minded.bigotcd and self-righteous peopio,
who have set themselves up to bo tho
guardians ofpdblic and privato morais
and the regulators of thc people in mat
tcrs of conscience, saying and decrceing
what they shall eat nnd drink and whcrc
withal they shall bo clothed; and thcy
are fully and dccidcdly determincd not to
submit to it. These men form thc Libcr
al party and lliis party had its origin in
tho attempt ofa few meddlesome bignts,
nnd another fow,whosezeal is not accord-
ing to knowledgc to intcrferc with thtngs
that do not concern them, nnd to force
people by law.to conform to all their whim
whams and foolish nofiona.
We sco that an attempt is now tna-
king on tho pnit bflhc Pinkeyes to lull
tho Liberal party into Becurity by oifcti
sibly backing out of their vilo course.
At thc samo time, howovcr, that thcy
how and scrapo nnd cndcavor to appcaso
those they havo traduccd,- thoy have not
cunning enough to koop such resolutions
as wo havo pubhshed m thisarticlo trom
treltins into tho wind nnd showing, plain-
ly, that the old scrpanl still lurkes undcr
tho foldsof thc qutet nnd peacoful garb
thcy havo assumcd. Tho Liberal party,
however, understand the wholo matter,
and will not, wo apprchend, abandon ono
iuch ol tho ground thoy havc gainod in
tho lhto contest, and wo npprehcnd too,
that thpy will reniember tho men nnd tho
papors thal havo vllificd and abused thom
through tho slrtigglo ntid thaf too, with
out rcgnrd toold noliticti! nasoctations
and prcjudices.
Ono thing ia certain that just tsd long
as tho Pinkoyo party cxista iu tho Slnto
just bo loug will tho Liberal party oxist,
nnd just so long uh thoy oxist jusi bo iohB
will they be viclorioua,
Tho Pinlteyoa huvc urgcd tho subject
of Temperanco to tho ballot box. and at
thc bnllot box lol tho qucstion bo doctdcd.
If thoy do not gct enough of that play be
fore a thousand ycars, then wo miatake
thc peopio ofthis Stnte.
7on. franklin Pierre. This gentlo
man has been nppointed, by the Presidcnt,
Attorney of thc U. S. for the Statcof Now
Hampshire. In tho appointment of Uol.
P. tho Presidcnt haa both honorcd the
man nnd disnificd thc offlcc. Among tho
worthy democrnts of Now Ilnmpshirc, Col.
Pierce is dcacrvcdly popular and it is by
thc npppointmcnt ofsuch men to office thal
the Presidcnt of the People commands for
himself and his party the respcct nnd con
fidcriccof thc Nation.
A b '. A friend writea us from
Springficld that on the 10th, in company
with several friends he dined at Winches
ler's, upon a pickorcl caught at the mouth
of Black Iliver, wcighing nindeen pounda.
TnANsrcit of the Globi:. The Globc
ofMondaytho 14th contnins thc agroc
ment cntored into belwccn Blair &. Rivcs
annd Ritchio nnd Ilciss for thc transfcr
of that cstabiishmontby tiie former of thc
latter. Thc good will nnd subscription
Itst nrc transfcrred without charge, the
building, typcs, &c. bcing paid for ac
cording to tho npprisnl of disintcrested
persons. Blair St Rivcs assign as a rca
son for the transfcr the knowrt fnct that
thc paper under their management has in
currcd the onmity ofa porlion of the par
ty, and they rdnlark that "it ia the good
fortuno of the conductor of the new ofli
cial organ not to have offended any por
tion of thoso whosc adhcsion to the party
is necossnry to its safety and succcss."
Obcdicncc to Ltghlativc Iiislructions.
Titnc wns, when this used to be insisted
upon ns a cardinal feature in the demo
cratic creed. In their courso upon the
Tcxas question, however, thc Loco Fo
cos havc violated this, ns well as every
tfnll.nstrfliltelipil nfinoinlf- of Dc-
mocracy. Senators Allon and Tappnn of
Ohio witliout wnose votes ivnnexauun
could not havo been constimatcd, al
thouuh instructed in the moit direct and
positivc tcrms, to opposc the ineasurc,
gavc it their warm support. And for this
willfnllv settinfr at defiancc tho instruc-
tions of tho Lcgislature, and tho wishcs of
thc peopio o' Ulito, IMessrs niion anu
Tappan rcccivc tlie encomiums of thc
consislent Loco Foeo prcss!
Albany Evening Journal.
Our whig cotcmporarics throughout this
Statc. have cop'ted tho precccding arti
clc, some with very indigiiant comment.
Thcy, no dotibt, find it convenient not to
remcmber whilc nnimadvcrting upon thc
conduct of tho Ohio Dctnocratic Scnators,
that thcLegislaturc of Vermont, two years
ago.unnnimously instructed our Senators
in Congress to voto for thc pnssage ofa
ono day clcction Bill, nnd that thc Scna
tors both disobcycd their instructions
voted ngnmst thc Bill and by their votes
defcated its paasngo!
That War! Thc fcderalists fcll into
cxtatic convulsions, the othcr day, at thc
rumor that Mexico had declared war
against the United Statcs. It is really
suprising with what joy these worthics al
ways hail a prospect of Iroublc to thc
country. If wo should bceomo involved
in d war, we hardly think thcy could con
taiti themselves for joy, atidifWo bhoitld
happcn to get defeated they would huz
zah and shout as they did over our
disasters in tho last war. Palriotic citi
zens, worth Republicans, theso men!
Verily James K. Polk cxhibits dimen
sions far bcyond what his warmest nd
mircrs imagined or predictcd, and we
havc great hopcs for tho futuro from tho
bricf expericncc of the past.
N. Y. Evc. Minor.
Tho whigs will find out who James K.
Polk is, by and by.
A Fact. Willis says in liis 'Mirror':
'Some womcn dress for men's cijr.s, and
this stylc is both striking nnd cconomical.
Othor women,(most women indced,)dress
for ladics' approval only. This style is
studiously expcnsivo, sacrificcs bccom-
ingness to novelty, and 's altogether be
yond male apprcciation."
In intcllcctunl labor thcra is nuothot'
charm we bucome more acquainlcd xvih
our awn nalitrc. Tho heart and the soul
grow friends as it wcrc, and tho affcc-
lions and aspirations u'nitc. Thus wG
aro ncvcr without socicly, wo aro ncvcr
alono. All that we have read, learned
or discovcrcd, ia company to us.
'Do you know whero this road goes to?'
asked a travcllcr of a man in tho strcct.
'I find ithoro in tho morning when I come
to work.and it stays h6re all day; I don't
know whoro it does'go tn thc night,' aatd
tho fellow, scratcing his hcad.
Missisiippi U. S. Senator. The Gov
crnor of Missisalppi has nppointed tho
Mon'. Jacob Thoinpson, to fill tho vacancy
in tho United Statcs Senato occasion cd by
tho rcsignation of tho Honorablo Robort
J. Walker.
From tlio Pituburg rost of Ajnli l). I
1 ,000 TO 1,200 HOUSES D E
AT 10,000,000!
It is our painful duty to rccord ono of
tho most torriblo fircs that ever dcvasta
ted nny city on this contincnt. A great
portioniof our busy nnd populous town
is in rtiins! Moro liousca havo been des
troyed by thia singlo and horriblo confin
gration, than havo been consumcd by all
tho fircs, that have evcr occured in tho
city before.
Those acquainlcd with tho planofPitts
burg will rcalizo tho extent of tho lcrri
blo calamity wo havo suffercd, when wc
stato that ncaily all that portion of tho
city cxtcnding lrom I' errv street up to
tho Mon. river to the city iiiic.and thcnco
lo the head of tho entiro subtirb called
"Pipctown," (Kensington) has heen dcs
troycd. 1 ho fifo reached up Market
strect ns lar ns tlio south sidc ol 3d strcct l(ire ,lie "re n" n()l nat 11 will requirc
and' up Wood strcct ns far ns thc south to rcrinir or rebuild them, which musi ex
sidoofDimond allcy. Tho boundaries j cccd thc abovc estimatc at least 25 pcr
of the burnt dislrict mav bo tliUB dcscrili ccnt.
ed: I'rom Watcr street up l'crry to
Third strpct,(thc oldPresbytcrian church
was savcd,) up Third to Woodjup Wood
to Dinmond nlly, both sides; up Diamond
allcy to Smitlificld strcct, and thencc
down Smitlificld to Fourth strcct, both
sidos; up Fourth strcct to Ross street,
and thenco tothe hoad of Pipetown; iu
cluding, as wo havo cstimatcd above, a
bout twcnty sqiinrcs, and comprising from
- -- j ....
tcntotwclvc hundred houses; inany ol
tho warchouscs conlaincd goods oftm
mcnso valuc they were grocery, dry
goods nnd commission houses, and thcir
spring stocks hnd just heen laid in.
Tho firo originatcd in a franic building
ovcr an ico house belonging to Wm
Diehl.near the corner of Second and Fer
rystrects. Tlie wind wns blowing stiflly
from the north-wcst, though it frcqucntly
vccrcd to othcr points, nnd owing to its
vnriations, tho firc extended up Wood
strcct farthcr than it otherwisc could havc
donc. It was discovcrcd about 12 o'
clock, and was not matcrially chccked
till five in the afini noon. Evcn whilc we
write, at 9 o'clock, P. M., thc cngincs
are playing vigorously in Wood street.
Wc can gic no atlcquatc idea of the
distrcss Which prcvades Ouf- stricken com
munity. The pr'ogress of the flamcs wns
so fea'rfully rapid, that inany person3 had
not time to rcmove their goods others,
again, had got their property into the
strcct, when thc flatncs seizcd itthcrc.bc-
forc it could be rcmovcd to a placo of
safety. Others still, would not believo
tho devouring clements could reach their
dwcllings, and did not think of retnoving
until it was too latc to savc thcir furni
ture. And we s.iW many persons who es
capcd with notliiiig but thc npparel thcy
had upon their persons. At dark you
inight scc, in every direction, families sit
ting without sheltcr, gnarding such por-
lions of thcir househoid furniture as thcy
were ablc to savc from the flnmes, and
not knowing whcre they would lay their
heads, or procure a morsel of food. 01
course the kindncss of their more fortu
nate fellow citizcns did much to allcviatc
their stifl'erings, and wo bclievc all were
provided for aa wcll ns thc melancholy
naturc ofnffairs would allow.
Tho council met in tho aftcrnoon, and
attetnptod to dcvise somc mcans to stay
the conflngration It was proposed to blow
up houses that seeincd iu thc wny of the
flames. The dfclibcratiotis, however, wcrc
inefiectual resuits, and wc believe but
011c or two buildings were blown up. It
sccms to us, indeed, that thero scarccly
could havc bccn timo to nccomplish any
thing in thc wny of dcstroying houses, so
terribly rapid was thc progrcss of thc
Thero is abundnnt renson for thnnkful
ncss that so lcw livcs were lost. There
are many rutnors of men being killed,and
burnt and woundcd but thcy are not au
thcnticated. One wotnan is certainly
btirncd, and wc saw a puor old man tot
tering along with thc help of two friends,
his faco badly burned. Tho loss of lifc,
however, cannot bo lcarncd in thc nwful
confusion which prctails.
Wo know not how to express our scnse
of tho livcly gratitudc to which thc fire
man are cntitled from our nfllicted and
ruined citizcns, as wcll as those thcy
saved; iioihing in tho shape of reward
can cotnpcnsale them for the incessant
toil they had to undcrgo and for the un
yiolding, hcroic firuinuss, which they
mnnifestcd undcr tho nppalling tcrrors
which fuirroundcd them on cvory sidc. If
thcy hnd hnd a sufiicicticy of water dur
ing1 tho whole time.they could have savcd
much moro property as it was they prc
ventcd tho destruction of an incalculablc
Thc following aro thc principal public
buildings, manufactories, and ofiicca des
troyed: Globc Cotton Factory, corner of Sec
ond nnd Fcrry.
Firc Nnvig'ation Insurance Offico.Mar
kct between 2d nnd 3d.
Fircman's Insuranco offico, corner of
Market and 3d.
Bnnk ofPttlsburg, 4th between Market
and Wood.
OfTioc of Daily Chronicle, do.
Job Printing Offico, of J. B. Butler,
2d betwcn Market and Wood.
Merchants' Hoiel, corner of third nnd
A. Kremer's Exchange nfiice, do.
Jonos'and Sibbet's Exchange oflice,
corner of 4th and Wood streets.
Wm. A. Hill's Exchango offico, be
tween 4th and Diamond Allcy.
R. St R. H. Pattcrson's Eagle nnd Bnza
ar livery stable, Diamond Allcy and 4th
Associatc Reformcd Church, 4th ncar
Grant; Baptist Church, Grant st.
Blackwell's cxtensivo glass works,
Watcr abovc Grant.
Tho Monongahcla Iiouso dest'royed,
with nll the furnituro.
Tho Monongoheln Bridgc, cntirdly des
troyed. Tho Dallas iron works, irt'Pipe
town, cntirely destroyod.
Tho loss s'ustained in thd destruction of
the rlbovo buildings is imhicnso.but its mall
when comparod with the destruction of
morehnndlso iu tho wnrohouso 011 Water,
Wood, Fitat aud Second strocts. Wo
hcar ruiiiors of matiy livcs being lost.bdt
aa nono of tho reporls nro nutheiitic wo
refrnin from giving thpm until wo roccivo
more reliablo intormntlou,
chavc lic Pittsburg Gnzette of tho
llt!i,frorh wHicli we copy a fcwparagraphs'
conlaining farthcr informatiou rcspccting
the latc firc in that city.
A commttlcc nppointed by tho Councils,
after n full exnmination of the hurnl dis
trict, having minuiely visited every part of
it, havc nrrivcd .-it the following restilt.
982 buildings btirnt, valuc, $1,5GO,500
Value of personal property burut 913,450
Total 83,470,950
This doos not includo moncy or person
al propcrtv of young" men not kecDinir
! l'0'lfie-
Id calculateinij the value of real cslato.
the Commilteo have eslimated the cash
value of the improvctnents as they were be-
The burnt district covers fifttj acrcs in
thc city, and six acres out of it.
Tcrrible Accident. Stcamboat Eliza
bcth. We are indebted to the officers of
the stcamboat Wavo for an extra of the
St. Landry Whig, of April !3d, containing
the following distressing paniculars of tho
explosion of the boilcrs of thc Elizabeth:
The Elizabeth Etartcd from New Or
leans on Sunday evening last, and when
enlering the Courtaubleau from the Alch
alalaya, her boilers collnpscd, and com
pletely tore her upper vorks to atorns.
Thc cxploaion took place nbout !3 o.clock
on Tuesday morning, to which mny he
attributed the preservation of many livcs,
as her cntire works above the boilers were
swcpt away, togclher with her boilera and
deck fixturcs. Shorlly after the nccidcnt
the Wavo came up, rendercd all the assit
ance in her power, and towed the wrcck
up lo Washington.
We insert the suhjoined list furnishcd
us by thc clerk who cscapcd tininjnred'
J. II. Gordon, captain, very badly scald
ed and hruissd
Daniel York, mate, killcd.
1 Ffeeman B. I-ainb, fir.st pilot, lcg frac
J0I111 Parish, second pilot, injured.
Jatnea Marquite, first eiigincer, very
badly scalded.
Nelson Ilill, second engineer, missing.
Charles M. Joues, barkecpcr, injured,
Mr Ireland, carpenter; steward, cook
and cchin-bnys, uninjiired.
Rhodo.s, deck hand, missintf.
One negro fireman blightly scalded, and
one fireinan, miFsing.
Passengcrs tiiiinjiired, except a few who
wero slightly brtiised.
Wc regret lo Iearn fhat Capt. Gordon
is in a very crilical sute.
The itcamer Ilighlander repoits thc
steamer Ilnnnibal nearly dry on a bnr at
island No. M, with no possibilty uf hcr
geiting off until the rivcr ri.es. The
bteamer Walnnt Ilills was rrporied nt
.Memphisto be hard agronntl 011 tlie har nt
Riddle'a Point, and the strrn being in
deep water had settled down and brokcii
hcr in two. St. Lmds llvpuc. Apr. 4.
Loss of lif'r.in Pitlsburgh. ThcGa
zetto snys five persons nro nowprclty cer
tainly supposcd tobo lost in thc great
fire. Samucl Kitigston, Esq. and a wo
man cmployed as a servant in tlie fnmily
perished in the house on Second-strect.
A poor woinan, of Gcrman extraction,
perished on third strect. A married wo
tnan, the mothcr of two cltildrcn, narncd
M'Gowly, perished on third-strect, and a
man namcd Johnson, issupposed to have
been lost iu Wood-strcct, having last been
sccn in a burning building. Many per
sons, it is fearcd, havo perished; how ma
ny may ncver be knoun until both enrth
nnd soi civc up thcir deud. Such was
the intttue heat of the firc that it consu
mcd the remains of its unfortunnto viclims
in most instanccs cntirclv.
JCpWhen the news of thc cotnplete
triumph of Loco-focoistn in our City
I-11 . . .1 I Tl I U. 1.1 J
ii.iccuon rcacncu uockwcii s jsinna, 1110
prisoncrs intlic Pcnitcntinry spontaneous-
ly gavc tfircc c.heirs. A. x. irtounr.
That party over whosc dcfeat tho in-
matcs of Peuitcntiarics reioicc must bo
rather a hard case.
Prctty. Childhood is like a mirror,
catching and reflecting imngcs from all a-
rotind it. Kcmemucr tnat nn tmpioua
or profane thought, uttcrcd by a parrnt's
lip, may operatc upon the young hoart
like a careless spray of watcr thrown
iinnn nolislind sIrrI. stninino' it witli rnst
which no after scouring can efface.
fXp'Thc New England Washingtonian
says that in New Markdt, New Hamp
shire, thcy have n rum-shop, whcre, to
i 1 j;.... .7. ,.,. ..
uruuu iliu iuw, iiiry tige ihili. iwujbi
trying on an old hat! and then givo a
glass of liqtior!! This bcats thc "stripcd
pig" by a long way.
A icant slromrcr than Ilunzcr. An old
ii 111
r.IUU'LIUlUr UU IU lllU Utrt tii NUVUIilV'lH
.... ... i...
i.A.i.. 1 i. ur 1.:
1 o
!UJ XUVV..J UI Vlllll UkiUI V VJil Vlfc tw '
bttnals of Paris for slealing a picce oflead
... . ..i.t.i
wnq whnllv witlirut nicnns. and. for th
first time in his life, know not wherc to
" o w
that drovo him to stcal. After consider
nblo qtiesttoiiing on the part of the jttdgc
. 1. .1 1
1.r.H n oinn d ailllfi. I1I1L 1L Hlia IIUL IIUIII'U
U3 fcv " o O
ho confessed'that it waa tobacco for Id
Bank of Windsor Co. held 011 the 15tl
..ri.'.. ....ll,,.i-ni1 (Iinl ItlovL...
. " " - -
war lfuinbtig any bcdy inlhcsc paitaf

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