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with tlonr persocutod Patty. Mr Traply
tuittod4hi3 oonubial becl beforo dnylight,
callotl from his repoao by tlio iron tonguo
oflaw. 'Ugh!' lic grunlcd, ns be put on
his clothos, 'hero'a n dny, I ctin tcll, to
call n man outl Prctty rido I shnll'huvo
to Tyburn. It'a pleaannt enoiigh in usm
mor; but this woatlicr'a cnough to kill n
'Never mintl, Mikc,' snid his wife; 'I've
gol wh.it you lovo lor dinner rabbit and
onioiis; so lot tho thoughls of that comfort
you as you go antl comc.'
'Ha!' cried Traply, 'a mnn wnnts anmc
thing, Heavcn knowsj' aud with this say
ing hc wcnt upon his nwful orrauil to be
lightened by llie visinn of rabbit and ori
iuns! Wlicn Mrs Traply rose, shc looked nt
mo ngniu and aga'm, and vowing I should
be a perfcci bcauty when a little put to
righta, began to prcparo brcnkfast. Sud
dcnlv sbc sioppcd; and tbcii adding a
second cup and saucer, said 'Yes, poor
dear, sbe sliall brcakf.ist witb me; nnd ns
luck would liave it, slic'a a feuther-dresscr;
idie cnn tidv it un for mc.' With tbis
tbought Mrs Traply left tlio room. In r
few minutes shc rcturucd, with Patty But
ler, prisoner.
Poor thing! I tbought to see bcr mucb
chaugcd, cvnn more pale, tnoro baggered
than whcn carried from Bloomsbury. It
wns not so. III sbe looked vcry ill.
But lo mo shc secmed as ono who beld
conslant communion with death, and wns
thercby comforted, Thero was sndncs!
in her face, yet sadness glorified by swect
est paticnce. Sorrow seemcd to cnnuble
her, Slie appeared no more sullicd by all
the lndeous guilt'and misery of tbe goal
than did the ligbt of heaven that shone in
upon bcr. Iler eycs werc mild and lcar-
loss: and at ber inoutb tberc was a stnile
of resignalion; a stnilc that showed angel
ic might of beart; niigbty from its vcry
weakness. Iler voice was cbanged; dccp-
er, calmcr.
'Tliere, my dear clnld,' said Mrs Traply
whosc heart was, altcr all, unchilled by
the fliuts of Nowgatc, 'tberc; make your-
sclf happy with some tea and toast. Comc
vou seem a little down inis morning.
Ila! I don't wonder at it. I, who have
been bcrc tbis ten years ha my dear,
wben 1 danccd at tbe racc-ball with Sir
Mohawk Brusb, I ncvcr tbought to comc
to Newgate. A little drop in your tea,'
and Mrs Traply having qnlified her own
cup with sonie brandy, proiTercd the rcs
torative to" Patty. 'You won't? Well,
you know best. I should never get
through ihcse dnjs without it. Pin sure
ii's cnough to work poor Traply to death.
Thry hang six more ncxt Mond.iy.'
Patty spokc not, but shuddcrcd; thcn
with an cfibrt comprcssed ber lips.
'Jnck Ketch drinks George tlic Third's
health cvcry Monday, said tbe womnn;
'calls liiui the real father of his people be
does so well know how to corrcct 'em. Ila!'
cried Mrs Traply, casting a glance at
u Dutch clock in tbe corncr, 'they hav'ut
got to to St. Gilc's Pond yet, and such a
day! Poor dear Traply' I fecl for his
rheumatiz. And going, they do go so
slow, my dear.'
Patty tricd to speak; sbc could not.
'You couldn't have livedsp long in Lon
don without seeing such a siglit, my love?'
'I never did ncvcr will,' said Patty.
'Let us hopo not; for thougb thcre's a
irtof somethiug that makes one long to
ice it I don't know, but it isn't plnas
nnt no, my dear, it isn't,' cried Mrs
Traply, witb emphasis. 'I was a young,
giddy, Inppy thing, when I saw tho first
man hanged. IIu my dear.littlc I tbotigbt
of Newgate then. Well, we won't talk
ofit. We'll talk ofyour little trouble,
my lovo. I'm suro, I hopo it will comc
to nothing. I'm sure J think you iuno
ccnt.' ' I nm innoccnt,' said Patty, mildly.
'But, my dear,' cried tho turnkey's
wile, 'wiiat s innoccncc in iNewgite r
Bless you, it's bctler to be a little guilty
and safc outsido, than be as innoccnt as
snow, and lockcd up. Still, you know,
my dear, matters do look a little black n
gaiust you" In caso of tho worst '
'I arn prc-pared, cvcn for theworst,'
Raid Patty.
'I don't bhmo you; as a Christian, my
dear, I don't blamc you, 'said tho wonian.
'But for all thrU.you wouldu't throw away
your li(o, my deav? It would be mur
der, you know.'
Patty said no word, but sighed beavi-
'And you'ro so young; nnd if you wcrc
onco conifortablo, I've no doubt wtvuld
be very good looking. Blcs3you! I sball
livc to see yon a happy wifo, and the
rnothor of a dear family. Now, thoro's
that gcntloman Mr Curlwell the man's
n doting upon you. Ho says bc'Il lay out
his last farthing upon lawyors nnd wit
nesscs for you: and for tnoncy, in a go'od
cause, thoro'a kind-hcarted people to bc
found who'll owcar what thcy'ro told, my
'I arn sorry to hcar it.'said Patty.
'What! whon they know you to bo in
nocent, nnd will Bwear what will provc
as much?'
'Never mind; wo will not tallk of it,
Mrs Traply. I have known but littlo to
tia ma to thia world; md if it if I say,'
horo Patty Btrugglcd with her hcnrtj thon
obscrving rno upon n chnir, sho said, her
lipa quivoring na aho spoko, 'What n prct
ty fcather! Isityours?'
'Ycs, my dear; thoughl don't wcnr
such thinga now. Hal tbe last timo I
woro that fcather, I dnnccd with Str
Mohawk Brush I tbink I'vo nnmcd hiin
to you boforo. Ila ! if hc had only kept
his word, what n awcct mnn ho would
have bcon! It'a bocn tumblcd, my lovc,
lying by in my box; pcrbnps you can
put it to rights for mo?'
Ccrlniuly; I sball, indecd, bo glad;
fur you havo been so vcry kind to mc'
'And I want to bo kind to you, ifyou'll
let me,' said tbe woman. 'Now thcre's
Mr Curlwell'
'Pray, do not spcak of him,' anid Patty.
'A nicc, kind, airnblo m in; older than
you, to bo sure; but ull tho bctthr; for
die whcn ho will, he'll lnavo you stiug.
Supposo, now I morcly say Fupposo, be
could gct you out of ihis troublo, if you'd
only marry him? Supposo, I acy, thero
was nothing bctweeu death nnd tho
church, what would you do?'
Patty, who had been gazing at mc,
laid medown upon thetublc, und, looking
full nt tho woman, nnswercd in a calm
decp voice 'Die.'
'You'd ncvcr bo so wickndr' cried
Mrs Traply.
'I will never bo so wickcd,' said Pat
ty, 'so falsc, so crnelly deccitful towards
any mau,as to vowa lovo whcre my heart
'Yes, my denr, but to die,' said Mrs
'But lo live,' cried Patty, with quick
carncstuoss; 'to livo and bo a daily bypo
critc; to fuel a daily hcartache; to shuddcr
atcvcnn word of tcndcrncss; lo loatho
one's self for secming contcnt happy!
Whcre all tbis is, what can bo lifo? Oh,
no?' said Patty, with a gentlo stnilc, '1
have tbought of death; and, iudced, I can
'Ila! mydear, that's oftcn our pride
and vanity to think so. But to dio any
way in our own sbcets, with tho doctor,
and evcry othcr comfort about us, nnd to
have all sorta of civil tbings said in n
scrmon rnade on purpose for us, cvcn
thcn, my dear, death U had cnough; bud
cnough; but what, wben you goout of thc
world with a bad name with the world,
my lovc, alwaysto have somcthing to sny
against you?'
'Tcrriblc, vcry tcrriblc,' said Patty,
plncing her hand to hcr brow, 'but I
have tbought of tbis, too, nnd it is little
vcry little witb thc tbought of innoccncc.
The world?' cried Patty, in a pituous
voice; 'what sball I bc to thc world?
What to mo the blamc or praisc of thc
world, wben I am in thc gravc!'
'Yes, iny dear; but you must otvn
thcre's a bard trial 'tuixt Newgate and
that. Ila! at tbis mnment, ponr thing?,'
and again Mrs Traply looked at the
Dutch clock 'at this vcry mnment,
tbey're t.iking tbcre last sup at thc Pound.
Ila! therc's the trial, my lovc'
ratty trcmbled from hcad to foot.and I
could sce bcr sinall hands work convul-
sively could scc tbe fighting of hcr heart
to kcep thc terror down, as Mrs Traply,
for the kindcst purpose, ns sbe tbought,
painted tbe horrors of thc dcath-journcy
from Newgate lo Tyburn.
'You don't luiow what it is, cbild, or
you wouldu't talk in that way. Ha! my
dear, it's very diflerent to going witb a
party, aud sitting at a window lo see the
poor things in thc cart, that's vcry difl'er-
ent to being one of 'em, you know. Iuno-
ccuce, my dear, is all very well; but I
don't know any innoccncc that could bear
to bc starcd at by thousands of people, all
looking as if they bnd red-bot cyes upon
you. Antl tnen to scc tlic wnoic street
s.vimming about you nnd to have
tuo uioud nnc uoiiing ieuu 111 your
cars for a dear soul as was rcprievcd
ttild mc all about it aud how thc men
nnd womcn looked liko stonv-faccd dcvils
round biin and how as be heard some of
'em laugb, it uent likc a knifc into his
heart aud how as tbe cart rumblcd a
long, be praycd for thc stoncs to open
and bury biin and how when be got to
Tyburn, ha! my dear, hc was proved as
innoccnt as you are, and yct be fclt all
this and how, as 1 was saying, when bc
got lo Tyburn but you don't listcn to
Tbe woman spokc thc truth; for Patty
had sunk bencatb tho struggle of hcr
fcclings, and lay inscnsiblc in thc chair.
cuuiiWCLL. OFrnn oi mammagc.
'If she bnsn't f.iiiued!' cried the turn
key's wilo juniping from hcr scat to thc
side of Patty. "Poor little lnmb!" said
thc woman, as sbc applicd restoratives to
tlic girl, and cbatted calmly tbe while
for hcr prison,experiencc had tauabt bcr
composurc at such momcnts '-Poor lit
tle I'.itten! A stout heart shc bas for Ty
burnl No, no; I sball dnncc nt her wed
ding yet? Dear me? well, she is gonc.
Ha! I'm sure wben Traply first asked me,
I tbought I'd be torn to bits first; and now
well, it might bc worso.' In tbis wise,
the turnkey's wife conlinucdto talk toher
self, wben at length Patty sighed heavily.
'Yes, yes,' said thc woman, 'she'll cry soon
and thon be nice and coniforlable.' At
tbia moment thcre was knock at tliodoor,
'Como in,' cried Mra Trnply, not stirring
from hcr chnrgo.
Tho door waa opencd, nnd MrsGnptoolh
nnd Curlwell, tho valot, immcdiately cn
tered. 'La! nnd is it you?' cried Mrs Traply.
'Ilcro sbc is, poar thing! but sbc'll bo bct
tcr now you'ro come, Mr Curlwell;1 aud
thc womnu thrcw what she bolicvcd lo be
a very spcakiug look nt thc valct, graccd
too with a prelty bridling of tho neck.
'Poor soul! poor beuri! well, if cver!'
cried Curhvell, and be then starcd nt Pnl
ty witb kniltcd eycbrows and opcn mouth.
'Wbo'd ha' tbought it?' bo thcn cried.
'If Newgate hnsn't niade bcr nll tbe bcau
tifullcr. Ila! Mrs Gaptoolb, she's a lily
that would grow anywherc; a golden
flower shc i?!'
I could pcrccive that Mrs Gaptooth had
thc must contemptuoiis opiuion Curhvcll's
taste; nnd this ojiinion sho telegrnphcd to
tbe turnkey's wife, who, by ber inute ac
luiowledgement of tbe intclligence, showed
that she, too, considcred tbe valct as n
pour, fascinated lost mnn. As, howcver,
Curlwell looked for some sort of afiinnn-
lion from Mrs Gaptooth, that well-prac-
liced wounn awarded to him one of her
elahoratc siniles.
'She's coming round a dovc!' said
Mrs Gapiooth. 'As time's getting short,
Mr Curhvell, and aa I wouldu't havo you
throw away your money upon an ungrato
ful person '
Tll spcnd nn huiulrcd pounds upon bcr,
cried thc valct, with maguniiimous cn
crgy. 'Not upon anothcr man's wilc, I should
think. You'd ncvcr be so cxlravaganl
ns that, Mr Curlwell?' cried thc full-fed
oily hag.
'Wba. do you mean, ma'am?' asked
Alr. Curlwell. 'Auotber man's wilc,
'Certaitily. If tbe gnl will mnrry you,
why you know best, nnd may buy your
wife out of Newgate; but if, likc a proud
saucy jilt, ns sbe may, sbe wont have
nothing to do with you, why, your'e only
saving nn ungrnteful thing from Tyburn,
lo be, for wlnt you know, wife to some
othcr mnn. That's my mcniiing Mr Curl
well,' said the bidcous womnn.
'To bc sure,' said Mrs Traply! tbe
genlleman oughtn't to lay his money out
in the dark. IIo ought to know u haiV
whiit first. It's but rcasnnable.'
Tll spcnd a huudred pounds upon tbe
dear creattire!' repcated tbe valct.
'You'lldoas you like, Mr Curlwell;
but.ns your fricnd tlkiugb, tbe Lord hclp
me! real friends nre bcld chcap now a-days
as your fricnd, and as thc trials coming
on next week, you ought not to throw a-
way yonr money, tbe rcward ofyour hon
est labor the very sweat of your brow
ns I may say without knowing what for.
So let tbe g.d speak out, onco for nll
For my part.l'm upriht aud downstrnujht,
and cnn't abide pigs iu pokes. And now,
cried Mrs Gaptooth, droppiug with pb)s-
icnl cmphnsis upon a chair, 'now you
know iny mind,'
'She's coming to,' said Mrs Traply.
'Go into tbe ncxt room bo may, my
dcnr, mnyn'l ho? nnd, when the girlV
ipiitc recovercd, you can get an answer.
Thua counselcd Mrs Gaptooth.
Mr Curlwell again muttered his de
termination to lay out a huudred pounds,
nnd passed into thc ndjoiuing room. Mrs
Gaplooih slowly turncd ber bend, fullow
ing him with a mobt pitying snecr. 'A
huudred pounds! and for a uosc like that!
If thc blessings of money ar'n't thrown a
way upon some people!'
'She's getting bettcr,' said Mrs Traply;
who conlinucd in n low tonc of coufi
dence, 'You'rc right, Mrs Gaptooth.
Men nre fools, mn'am, when they get n fan
cy in tbeir hcads quile lools. Noses,
indecd! Tbe noses, anil the cyes, aud
complexions too, that I've seeu takcn out
of thc dirt, cnrricd to church, and stuck
up for lifo in carringes! People talk of
beaul); but I do ibiuk thcre's often grcat
luck in sulid ugliuess. She's getting bel
ler. Mcn arc fools.'
'They arc, my dear,' said Mrs Gap
tooth; 'and pcrhaps, aftcr all, ii's as well
it is so: it makes all the bettcr fur the
weakness of our scx. She'll do now;' and
Mrs Gaptooth turncd nside, ns Patty un
closed'ber eyes, nnd looked drcamily a
bout hcr.
'Tberc, you'rc bettcr to bc sure you
nre,' said Mrs Traply, 'and it was very
foolishofyou totakeon so. Bless your
poor heart' you'll never sufTer any thing ot
the sort, not you. No, no; you'v too mnny
good Iricnds about you, ifyou'll only let
'ein be your friends.'
'I am bctter,' said Patty, leaning ber
brow, as ifin pain, upon ber hand. 'It
was wenk of mc to but' sny no more of
'Tberc, your colour's coming like acar
nalioi),' said Mrs Trnply; 'and, siucc you
'vc been ill, some friends have comcto scc
'Mr Lintley?' cried Pulty, witlu spark
jing eyos anil animated f.ice.
'No, not iIr Liutlcy, but '
Ero tbe woman could end the scnteuce,
Mrs G.iptooth showed bcrself, approacbing
Pntty; I Khall ncvcr forgct the two faces.
They seemcd thc incarnated cxprcssious of
confidciit wickcdncss and nlarined inuo
ence. When I first saw the old woman
nt Mndnmo Spannau's, 1 cb'nfess I wn
trickcd into a rcspccl for hcr; shc seemcd
so tncok, so mild, so mrttronly. And now
pcrbnps it was from sccing hcr in con
trast witb Patty I fecl for hcr tt loathing,
a disguat! This fecling was slrcngtbcncd
by what I witnessed in tho turnkey's foom.
Tbe old woman, overlnying ber brond
ripo fncu with n stnilc a laborious look o(
coiriplnccncy mndo up to Patty. As shc
npproncheil, the faco ofthc girl chiingcd
to marblc paleurss; bcr cyes looked dnrker
and dnrker; nnd bcr mouth bccnmo rigidly
curvcd, with un cxpression of mingled fcar
nnd scorn. Ouce, ns Iroin some ungov
emablo impulse, sho shivered from hcnd lo
solc Sbe gmsiod thc arms ofthc chnir,
aud still sbrunk back as thc old womnn
cninc ncnrcr to her. Shc seemcd posscescd
by some tcrriblc nntipalhy some irrc
pressiblc loathing that, iu its inlensity,
madu her nowerlcss. Still. Mrs
Gaptooth, with bcr iiudnuntcd smiles, nd
vauccd. Sbe was about to lay hcr bands
upon Putly, wben, witb alinost a sbriok,
tho girl lenprd from her chnir.
'Crcaturc! touch mc not!' Patty cx
claimcd witb a vchcmencc that surpriscd
mo." Sbe thcn passionatcly scized Mrs
Traply by thc hand, bcgging protcction
from that 'horrid womnn.'
As Patty spokc tbcse words, tho shad
ow of a black heart dnrkcncd the woman's
lace; in onc bricf moment, I bcheld iu it
thc iniquitics of a long noisome life. Thc
old crouc stond for a moment eyeing thc
girl likc a baulked witch. It was a bide
ous sigbt.
'You'rc a foolisb, fly-awny puss,' snid
Mrs Gaptooth, rnllying bcrself, nnd ngnin
cssayiug hev customnry smilo, though I
could see tho barridnn still sbnkiug
witb pnssion. 'I comc to do you good,
and you call me wickcd nnmcs. Ila! you
havo much to nnstvcr for you have.'
'I know thc good you would ofler,' said
Pntty; you havo ofl'crcd it before. I was
belplcss, nlonc, without a fiicnd! nnd,
thcreforc you ofiered it. Oh!' and Pntty
cried ns from n crusbed heart, 'shamc up
on you!'
'Yousilly little cbild!' said Mrs Gap
tooth, still striving to trample upon ber
passion. 'You foolisb little put!' she cried
and laughing, would have playfully
pinched patty's cbcek, but thc girl with n
look repclled her. 'Thcre, you silly cren-
turc!' sbe conlinucd, 'all I said about
lord, nnd a finc gentlcman, and a carriagc,
and gay clothcs, and all that, was only
tale attorv to try you. Now, there isno
lord iu the casc; but an honcst worthy gen
'xou lose vour pains, snul I'atty, again
restorcd to hcr composurc.
'Ilecanand wil take you out of thi
place,' cncd thc invinciblc xMrs Gaptooth,
'nnd makc you his Inwful, wedded wilc.
Do you hcar what say, cbild? his lawful
wedded wife. What say you now
'I say again to you,' nnswercd thc girl,
witb thc nniural dignity oi n purc heart
I sny again, you lose your pains, womnn.
Patty ovcrcomc thc paticnce of Mrs
Gnptouth. That ignomineous word, 'wo
man.1' that uanic so stung its unworihy
posscssor, that thc old crone gavc up ber
tongue to most unlunitcd indulgencc. In
a decp contemptuoiis tone, she first beggcd
to nsk Pntty what sbc tbought of lierf-ell
that she called her botters, wom?n? 'You,
indecd!' cxclainicd Mrs Gaptooth. 'You!
womnn, indecd nnd such n plncc? iu
ivewgme, mauam mowgatc! or, pcr
bnps, Miss, I say, Miss, you have forgotten
wbereyou arc?'
'Indecd, no; nor thc cause, the wickcd
cnuse, wbich brougbt me bither,' said
'Clicklcy Abram and a gold walch,'
cried Mrs Gaitootb, with a.Ioud malicious
At this moment I observcd tbe door o
peu, and npothccnry Lintley, followcd hy
some onc wbose face I could not sce, was
about to cnter. Ile, howcver, shrnnk back
tbe door rcniaining njar. Tbe noise caused
by MrsGnptoolh cnnbled Lintley to make
this bnckward movement without being
'I was happy, at lcast I was contcnt, when
you, like some bad thing, said i'atty,
whcn you beset my daily walk when
you followed me to my home whcn you
uttered words to me. You, anold womnn,
thnt should hnve ndviscd, comforted n
b(;l)les3 creature likc mysclf whcn you
tenipted me with but you know the wick
cdncss, thc shanie! It was to avoid you,
who scenied lo taint my life, I left a coni
fortablo home lost thc means of certniu
bread. I wns driven by want nnd sick
ncssdriveu totbc miserablc house, wberc
the most crucl accident '
'Accident! ILUha!' chuckled Mrs Gap
tooth. 'Accident put a gold watcb in a
lady's bed And do you know what comcs
of such accidents?'
Patty looked pityingly upon thc hnrd-
bcartcd crcaturc, saying, 'Yes; I know.'
'And now, you would have thc impu-
dcnceto abuse mc who would have been
your best fricnd you, standing thero, so
bold and glib.do you know thnt youmayn'l
have anothcr mouth to livc?'
'Oh, Mrs Gaptooth!' cried thc turnkey's
wife, moved by the fiendish malice of the
'Sho doea not hurt me; lct hcr speak,
aaid Patty, with npaticnt, yct a worti and
wcaricd look. 'It is very truo,' sho thcn
snid, turning to the wretcbcd womnn, 'nn
othcr mouth or lcss aud I mdy bo with
thc dcad, I do not fcar to go to thomjnnd
that, yoitr own hcnrl will tcll you so
nothing bettcr that is mucb. Lct mo
thcn sccm to you a dying crcaturc; rnd
witb my dying brcnth, lct me poor,'
wretcbcd woman! lct me pray you lo rc
pcnt. Consider it; what a weigbt of bro
kcnbenrtsis npon your soull What dai
ly rniscry, what nigbts of horror, fall to
your nccount. Repont, I sny; or wbnt in
dced, will bo thc last hour to you? Wbnt
thcthougbts of bclpless, hnppy, crcaturcs,
snnred nnd killcd by your wickcdncss.
Agniu I sny rcpenl!'
Thero wns a momcnta ptuiso. Thc
old woman rccoilcd, sbrunk bcncnth thc
quiet encrgy of anul with wbich Patty nd
drcsncd hcr, Tberc was a pause; nnd tho
woman with a tcnacity of cvil a dnring
rcsolution not to bc awcd nnd bcatcn by
a girl shricked at hcr. Many of her
words werc unintclligiblc from tbeir sbi ill
volubility: they sccmed to mc thc sounds
ofsnmc ficrcc brutish thing." What you!
you! you!' at last I (listinguishcd. 'You
to prcach to me! Now, I tcll you what
1 tcll you what,' scrcnmed thc barridnn,
approaching Pntty with denchcd, trcmb
ling fists ,1'llsco you hanged I'll sce
you hanged! If I givo twcnty guineas for
a wiiulow, I'll scc you hanged I'll scc
you hanged! Twcnty guineas! Twcnty
Thc door opencd, and apothccary Lint
ley, followcd by Mr Inglewood whom
we trust the rcadcr has not wliolly forgot
ten cntercd thc room.
'What wretcbcd crcaturc is tbis?' ask
ed Lintley, looking at Mrs Gaptooth, ns
sho stood wrilhing and spcnt witb cxc
crntion. Shc, howcver, madc onc lnst rnging cf
forl; for bursting into a loud hysteric
laugb, sbc cxclaimcd, 'Twcnty guineas
to sco hcr hanged!' Twcnty guineas1'
Aud whooping, tbe old demonincal
woman rullcd from thc room.
to nn coxTiNur.i).
Sgr-Thc Woodstock Age
will bc sont for thrco montlis,
commcncing thc first of Junc,
at thc ratc of
5copiesfor $1,00!
Wc sliall in no casc, scnd
lcss than fivc copics and they
must be scnt to onc address
and paid for in advancc. tf
The first clcction in tlio StatcofFlor
idn bas rcsiilted in thc cboice of Wm. D.
Aloscly for govcrnor, aud David Lnvy
for congrcss, botb democrats; the formcr
by a majority of about 500, nnd thc lat
tcr 700. Thcre is also a dcrnocratic ma
jority in both brnncbcs1 of the legislaturc
wbich dctcrmincs tbe poliiics oftho two
U. S. Scnators to bc clectcd by that body.
Tho legislaturc mcets on thc 23d of
Junc nt Tallahasscc.
iiiioac island. uov. Jacnson, nnvingi
been rcqncstcd to call an extra scssiou of
tbe Legislaturc to act upon thc nmncsty
ind libcration qucslion, bas writtcn a let
tcr, stnting thnt hc dcclincs to do so, ns
tbe Legislaturc bas adjourncd to mcet n
gain on tbe 21st of tbis mouth, when it is
lo be bopcd that tho whulc subjcct will bc
disposed of to the satisfaction of the
friends of libcration.
Latir from Mcxico. Thc cdilorsof thc
Journal of Commcrcc having bccn favor-
cd witb tbe following oxtract of a lettcr
to a commcrcial house in thnt city, dated
Mcxico, May 20, 18-15: "This Govcrn
mcnt having bccn cmpowcred by C011
"ress to cnter into a Trcaty with thc
Texinn Commissioner.", all fcar of a rup-
turc bctwccn tbis country and thc Unitcd
Slatcs on that score, is now at an end."
Wc should likc to makc onc cnquiry,
only one, of Col. Bcaman of the Rutland
Ilcrald. Was it fair, was it rcspectful,
was it gentlcmanly, in that rhyming mat-
ter, to pit us against thc dcvil?
Captnin Murston and Col. Bcaman are
having a little bit of a sct-to. Fight it
out genllemcn, but we warn you not to
lay a fiiiger on our shoulder!
At the Dcrnocratic Statc Convcntion,
beld at Concord, N. H.onthe 12th, Hon.Kr. j lj Pctcr!!. uho accom,anicd
Jared W. Wiixiams, of Lancastcr, was
nominntcd for Govcrnor on thc first bal
lot recciving 215 out of 230 votes: thc
wholc numbcr east.
Mr Williams was for four ycnrs a rep-
rescntativc in congrcss.
Tho democrats of Wasingtnn Co. will
bold a Convention on tho 25th, for thc
nomination of caudidates for thc Scnate.
Lowell Jldccrtiser. Tho scnior cditor
of this prinl having removed to Boston,
it passes into thc hands of Mr Snmucl C.
Baldwin, tho junior partner.
Nao Hampshire. Tho legislaturc mct
at Concord on tho 4th inst. Ilnrry Ilib
bardofBath, wns clcctcdSpenkcr oftho
House, 1G1 to 53, aud Albcrt G. Allcn,
Clork, 102 to 55. Asa P, Cnto from
No. 4, waa choson Prcsident oftho Son
n(o unanlmonsly, nnd Moody Curricr, of
Manchester, Clerk.
Tho ofiicinl cnnvnss ahows tho follow
ing rcsult for Govcrnor:
.1. II. Stcclo 23,400
Anthoriy Colby 15,579
Dnnicl Hoit hqq
Scattcring 344
Muking Stcclc's rnaiorlty ovcr all 1047
An cxtremcly sngncious Pmkcy cotcm-
porary has madc tho nstounding discovcry
thnt tho Democrats arc surionsly dividcd
upon tho subjcct of a candidate for Gov
crnor. Evcry inielligcnt politicinn in tho
Stntc knowa thnt thcre is but onc opinion
among thc dcmocrncy about this mat
tcr. Jlail Road Jlccidcnt. Wc arc cxtrem
ly paincd to statc tbe cars on tbe Wood
stock &. Windsor Itail Road rnn oT thtf
trnck, just bclow Taftsville on tho night
oftho 11th, by wbich dcplorablc misfor
tunc, wc arc happy to statc no livcs wcro
lost, nnd no boncs brokcn. By thc cx
ircmc and powerful ngility ofthc "cow
catchcr," tho cars werc soon on the trnck
and tbe cngino wcnt on towards Barnard
whistling,"out ofthc way old Dan Tuck
er." Thc accident issupposcd to havo been
caused by tho carclcsncss of onc of
Taft's workmcn in lenving an old scytho
acrosslbc track ovcr night.
Blnhop of Pennsylrunia. Thc Albany
Argus lcarns that Rcv. Alonzo Potler, D.
D., Ims rcplicd to tho committec at Phil
adclpbia, nnd significs his ncccptance to
tbe Episcopatc ol thc Dioccsc, to which
bc was reccntly so unariimonsly elcctcd.
MONT, Oi.ivr.n Walcott, E. Barnard.
D. wiu IIammoxd, Reading.
Iiia Davis, Norwich.
Rnunr.N Wei.d, Hartland.
WoosTnn Dow.snn, Sharon.
A.B. Mouoax, Stockbridge.
A. L. CiiAMnnni.i.v, Pomfret.
C. S. iMaso.v, Ludlow.
S. S. Kr.Ycs, Highgate.
S. S. Hi:.mi:nway, Barton.
W. S. Mkccii, Cambridge.
Joii.v Kni.t.000, Jn. Benson.
E. D. B.uinnit, Middlebury,
.1. C. Fl-li.kh, Danville.
H. Cl'iitis, E. Randolph.
E. Jack&o.v, Brandon.
Gr.o. F. Siownu,, Middlesex.
J. N. Pari.ev, Troy Furnacc.
M. B. Catli.v, Orwell.
fcCJThe following is from thc Union of
the 12ib.
"IjiroitTAXT Arroixr.MEXT. Mr Varr
Ncss has icsigned thc Collcctorabip of
New York the resignntion to take eflcct
on thc 1st ofJuly ncxt. Tbe Prcsident
bas ncccplcd his rcsignation, and np
pointed Cornelius W. Lawrcnce to this
most important ofiice. It is bclicvcd that
no appointuient could bc rnade, moic sat
isfactory to thc Dcniocracy of all clnsses,
llian that ofMr Lawrcnce. It is duc to
Mr Vnn Ness to say, that be has dis
charged the dutiea ofthc ofiice with grent
ability. IIc rctired wiih tbe best wisbes
for thc succcss of thc Adniinistration, of
whir.b bc has alwnys bccn an cfiicient sup
portcr, and relains, in his retiremcnt, thc
rcspcct an confidcncc of nll our friends
at this placc.
tCPHoggcns met the schoolmnster
ono inurning. "I say," snid hc, "do you
know you nre tbe only pcrson in lown for
whom thc miuister prnys 011 Sunday'"
"No," answercd the pedagoguc, "how
is that?'
"Why hc prnys for thc hends of all
collcgcs andinfcrior instttutions of learn
ing and if you don't kccp nn infcrior
onc, I don't know who does."
tCpIt is not nccessary thnt mcn should
say all they think but it is important that
they should think all they say.
Burnslablc Pat.
Thc celebratcd Quoit Clnb, wbich has
cxistcd so long at Richmond and of
wbich tbe lalc Cbief Justicc Marshall was
a promincnt mcmber, up lo the period of
his death still holds its mectinga at tho
appropriatc scason.
Capt. Fremont arrivcd nt St. Louis
May yOth, and would jom tbe cxpcdition
io bc under his command, dcstincd fnr
asurvcy ofthc country west of tbe South
Pass, and bctwccn tho Rocky Mountains
aud thc Pacific.
Thc Larscst Lcllcr in th Ihc World.
Americai) Embassy to China, arrived
this morning 111 thc slnp Bazaar, anu in
foims us that thc Empcror of thc Celcs
tinl dominion has wrillen a lettcr, iu thc
Cbincse and Mantchou languages, to tho
Presidcnt ofthc Uniled Statcs, wh ch is
six fect long by thrco fect wide! Mr
Pctcrs saw thc letler. It is wriltcn on
yellow pnpcr, enclosed in a ycllow silk
casc, nnd is nuw in thc hands of Dr Park
er for translation. It is cxpectcd that it
will bo sent home in the ncxt ship. N.
Y. Com. Jldv.

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