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From llio Albany Argua
Appcals to llio Agricultural intcrcst to
comp forward and sustain tho "Tariff as
it is," are to bo rnet with in almost a!i llie
wliig and ultra tarifT prints that vo havc
opencd for tho lust weok or two. Tho
farmers and tho wool growcrs particularly,
aro told in so many words, that tlio prcs
cnl tariff is thc vcry rnot of thcir individ
nal prospority, and of thc prospcrity, which
as a nation, tlie U. S. r.ow enjoys! Thc
nationnl Intellipcnccr, thc lcading wliij;
organ in thc United Slulcs, and which
puts forth grcat prctcntions tn fnimess and
candor fallsrcadily into tliis gamo of im
pndent deccption. In a rcccnt numbcr,
taking for its tcxt tho rcmtirk of tho Union
that "it is liighly probablo that thcro nill
"be a majority in both Iioubc9 sufficicnt to
"cflcct a docided reform of tho revcnue
"system" makes proclamation as fol
lows: "Fonr.wArtNEn, FomunMnn, Tnko
notice, all ye whom it may in anywisu
concern, that tlio purposc o! broaking
down thc Tariff at tho coming session
ofCongressis thus distinctly acknowl-
eugeu ny ine govcrnmcnt paper, it a ma
jority can be socnred in cacli housc for
tho purposc! Mcchanics, FAmiErts, Mor
chants all ye who liave any interest in
thc continuance of thc prescnt national
prospenty and progress learn from tliis
disclosurc that, unless you comc forward
as onc man to prevent it, tlie axe will bc
laid to thc root of that national prospcrity
by those whom you havc sot to watch over
Tlie National Intclligenccr will soon
learn, and wc suspcct uot much to its sur
prise either, that tliis Tariff busincss is a
i)ou t aswcll understood in thc back woods
as it is any whcre else, and that its at
tcinpts to rally to the support of the "Ta
rifT as it is," tho great Agricultural inter
est ofthe country had bettcr have been
sparcd. The farmers wcll know how it is
that whilst thcir busincss declines, thc
manufacturer grows rich. Thcy knowbe
causc they feel tt, that thc present TarilT
was framed expressly for the bencfit of the
manufacturer, and that he reaps ncarly all
thc benefit of it that the idea of protcct
ing the farmcr's beef and pork and buttcr
and checsc and what not articles that
Bcldom ifever find thcir way into tliis
country from abroad is all tnoonshine,
and was a rnere cover to thc high prohib
itory dnties laid upon certain maniifac
tnres that the duty on wool, tlie only nr
ticlc of importancc that cotnes in compc
tition with tlie farmer's products, amounts
in fact (o noprotection at all that ncarly
orquite two-thirds o( tlie cheap furcign
wools lmported into thc country, uiider
the low duty of five pcr ccnt., comes in
direct cnmpctition with tlio averagc ol that
grown hcre, whilst thc manufacturer of
that wool is protcctcd 011 his fuhrics to llie
tune ol 40 per ccnt. and that morc than
13,01)0,000 ofpounds of tliis South Amer
ican and Smyrna wool was actually im
portcd last ycar, undcr thc "Tariir as
it is."
You will scarcely find a wool growcr in
the country that does not understand llic
precise opcration of the present tarifT, and
who docs not lccl and know that it i? most
unequal and unjtist, not in this particular
only but in many othcrs that lnighl bc
Fpecificd bearing as it docs most lmavily
uion articles ofcomtnon use and necessi
t), and light upon tho luxuries of thc rich.
Nor, we suspect, will any of tliis class of
citizcns feel thcmselvcs particularly com
plimented by these apjieals of the Intelli
gencer and its adjiiucts. Indecd, llie
inore shrewd of the whig partisans, tliough
as ultra-tarilTas any, and as much dis
posed to keep up the present inequality,
begin to see the importance of divcrting
attention from this siihjcct, and already
we find the Evening Journal significantly
coughing down agitation. It is a little
rcmarkablc, that tlie very paragraph in the
Union that drcw out the Intellifjencer's
note of alarm for the safely of th Tariff, is
scouted by the Eve. Journal hcre as an
idlc or impotent threat. And it tclls its
rradors that, after all, CoI.Poi.k's clection
will not cfiect the present tariff a hair
and that its owu predictions of ruin to tlie
manufacturiug and iudustrial ititersts
were all electioncering blarney. Hear
this consis.tcnt print:
"All tlieso threats are either idlc or im
potent. Tho Tariff of '42, 'black' asit
was represented, for thc purpose of delnd
ing tho South during the Prcsidential can
vass, wii.l not nr. nisTUitiiED. Louisiana
cannot live without protcctiou for hcr su
gars. Northern Locos daro not lay thcir
liands upon the TarifT. We are saddlcd
with Polk and Te.xas, but the Tarifi will
bo prescrved."
I'rom thc Albany Argus.
"Wcrc our judgmont to bc formcd by
tho coursoof certain profcsscd democratic
journals, thc democraiic party has nothing
like a rcgular opposition to cncounter.
All o( dangcr lliat mcnaces it is from
certain members ofthc party uho do'not
as is alleged.comc up to thc modern stan-
dard of democratic pcrfcction. ltepub
licans who are groy in thc scrviccs
ofthcir party and country, wno ncver
aunnoried fcdcralism or federal ctndi-
datcs, but have always stood up for dom
ocratic nrinciples and sustaincd the tncn
dusijnicd to carry out those nrinciples
are with such journals tho slanding ob
joct of abuso, misrcproscntation and op
position. The vcry namo ol thc party
onposeu to uenocracy is supprcsscu or
ovcrlookcd in thc hot haslc madc to dcs
troy thc iuflucncc and uscfulness of tlioso
who are thus markcd tor ocstruction.
It is unnecessary to inquirc into the
oricin of this warfare upon prominent and
, I 11
truo democrats, Dy certain proicssco aem
ocrats, bccausc tho inquiry would rcsult
only in provmg tho existcnce of this hos
tilo fcclina. Pcrsonal amhilion and over-
weanino thirst for power and thc influ
cnco and emoliirnents of office, doubtless
lic at the bottom of this crusado against
tho influonce and charactcr of veteran
democrats; hut he the cause what it may.
thc cfibct is the same upon thc prospority
and mlegrity oi tnc pany. it would seom,
tncn, to ob uiuii wiw ,unu poutic to m
quire whether it bc or not morothan prob
ablo that democratic journals have othcr
and higher duties to pcrform than thc
selt lmposed ones ot crecting lmaginary
standaros ot political pcrlection, nnd rc
gnrding and holding evcry onn ns nn one
my who doos not subscribo to this doc
tnno of party proscription.
Although tho Stnto and National Ad
ministralionsare now controlled by doni
ocrats, nnd although to outward nppear
nnce our party is in tho "full tide of stic
cossful cxperimcnt," yot nll oxperiencc
has shown that, victories aro far moro
difficult to preBervo tlmn to attain, and
that thoro is but onc step from tho hoight
of proFpority to llio most hopolcss nnd
overivhelining ndvcrsily. Tho signs of
tlie timcs portend n bitlcr nnd despcrntc
strugglo. I hc whig party aro cautiously
awniting the oppoitunity to stiiko cfiect-
ually, judiciously prcfeiTing that demo-
crnts should dcstroy thoinselves as a par
ty by crcating und fomenting divisions in
thcir own ranks. I f tho democratic party
will commit political suicido and thus
wm a victory for thc whigs, tho lattcr, at
thc propcr timo, will bc certain to rcap
tho fruits thereof. Tho whigs well know
white united tho democracy is improg
nablo, and henco thcir strong desiro that
the bronch in our ranks bc cxtendcd be
yond thc hopo of ro-union.
But a short ycar sinco nnd thc two
great partics wero marshnlled for thc
contcst. It is uselcss to say that thc strifc
for victory was the c.xtont of the powors
of cach, and so ncarly wcre the parties
balnnced that tho loss of a singlo statc
Now-York would havc givcn the victory
to tho whigs. For the success of our
cause nnd our principlcs wc, as demo
crats, should cvcr feel grateful. Evcry
man who volcd for thc democratic ticket
assisted to win the victory and is entitled
to a participation in ils honors and ad
vantagcs. Andyct thorc arc among us
men who look upon those who swellcd
thc populnr voto nnd lobored manfully
and disinterestedly for tho democratic
cause and ticket ns no better than whigs,
as totally unworthy of any sharo iu tho
genoral good resulting frorn democratic
It is titnc that this spirit is rebukcd.
It is high timo that thc immutablc princi
plcs of justice prevail, and tho mon pro
iessing llies.imo political faith and having
thc snmo common objcct in view should
throw aside this coritentioiis spirit and u.
nitc in fiiippoi t ofthe principles, mcas
urcs and policy of llie democratic party."
7hcre is no honccly in thc fcdiral clam
or about wool and thc Taiiffand as little
scnse ns honesty. Thc arliclcof wool tlors
not bear quilc as high prices this year as it
ditl Itist.anilthc xchigscnj out: Sccthi cjj'ccl
oj Mr Polk's administrat'um! Hud thc
pricc happcncd lo have becn highct than it
was last ycar, thcy would havc cxclaimcd:
Sec thc ejcct off the Taiiifi'.' In cilhcr
casc (V Kuuhl bc ncilhcr trulh or scnsc in
the cxclamulion. Thc samc u-hi" TurifFis
in opcration that was hnt ycar, and if
hcrc is any prospcc.t thal it may bc
changcd it is that it will bcinfavor of thc
icool-growcr, Thc whig; tariff' of 1042, bc
it rtmimbtrtd, was madc for thc nianufac
litrcr of wool and nol for thc prodnccr.
Lct it bc rcmcmbcrcd that thc democrats
proposcd and rotrd for a highcr duty on
wool, aml WllHjtb volcd it down! JSul
not to dwcll on that now, wc willinquirc in
to thc causcs of thc rcduct'wn of prices of
wool sincc last ycar:
Lo comc at it at oncc, wc will say that
thcre arc thrcc principal causis, aad thcy
arc all so vcry apparcnt that lonamc thcm is
allwc cvrc to do biforc our common scnsc
rcaitr.rs :
Ift. Much more wool was purchased
ast year than tho ycar heforc.
2d. 1H,S()8,G I5 Ibs ot coarsc wool wns
mportcd last vear.whereas but 3,773.080
was imported the prcceding year.
5d. 1 he amount of wool prodiiccd
t li 13 year is much grcater than it was
These roasons we think suflicient, and
thcy would seem to be morc than sufficic-nt
to accouut for all the rcuuction in thc
pricc of wool sincc last year.
1 he largc importation last year of 13,
80S.015 pounds, against 3,773,083 thc
year ueforc should not escape t he atten
tion of those who look at this subjccl. It
is morc than thrcc times ns much as
all thev wool produced in the whole
statcolVermont.Aiid this importationtakes
place when tlie boastcd whig tarifT of 42
in thc full tidc of its infiucnce. This
oughl to open (heeyes of the farmers to
see that tlm tarifT was inade for the mnn-
facturcr and not for thcm. The duty on
he 13,808,545 pounds of wool did not
exceed thrcc and a half mills per pound!
Wonilerlul protcctiou this to larmers.
And the whigs would havc thcm believe
that ruin upon ruination will comc upou
thcm if democrats meddlo with the tarifi
as it is. Is the moon made
checsc'! Kccnc Ripublican.
of green
TiicWool Makket. Thc Washing
ton llcpublicnn, publishcd in onc of thc
largtst amlfmcst wool-growing scctions of
thc country, says; Jlicrc is at present no
ac.tivitu m thc wool busincss tn tliis scction
of Pennsylvuuia. Evcry Ihing looks dull
and torpnl. rcriiapsjuti ouu,uuu pounds,
half Ihc crop, have bccn lakcn vp by thc
dcolcrs at pricrs rarying from 25 lo 33
cmts. liw clips ij any havc. bccn sold at a
highcr ratc than 33 ccnls. Much llie lngt-
cst proporlion broughl 30 ccnls finc clips
0111 hacc brousht 3J ccnts. Jlnd llus is
thc glorwus rcsult oj Whig protcctiou!
I pivolliee all, I can no tnoro,
I'.xcopt n pound oftea;
My licnrt nnl eong aro nll tlio atoro
That I liavc got for tlicc.
A i;ong, whosn thund'ring twang roveaU
Moro noisc tlmn any lisll;
And bcttcr still, n heart that (coU
Much tnoro than gong can tcll,
Biware. A younc eirl was finod
New Orleans lately, for anpearing in thc
strcet in boy's clothes. 'I he Justice ad
mittcd thc right of manicd women to
"wcar thc brccchcs," but dcnicd that
singlc fomales had any busincss with such
an articlOj
A wonn to nEnTons. Pay ovcry man
his dues; for it may be that thy crcditor's
pockct is empty, nnd eihauslon is dangcr
ous at this scason, and oftcn fatal.
A wono to cueditors. Ask no man
for his account just now it is too much
work to put thc hand into tho pocket to
draw forih the necdlul.
Tltcro Is n littlo niyslic cloclc
No huinnn oya hath soon,
Tlmt bcntotli on and bcalalli on
Troin inorning umil c'en,
And whcn tho soul U wrnpt in elccp
And hcarotti not u sound,
It tlclcs nnd ticks tlio livolong night,
And ovor runnctli round.
Oh wondrous ii tliat worlt of ntt
Which Idmlls tlio pnBding hour;
Dut nrt no'er fnrineu or nnnd conceived
This lifo clnclt'n inngic powcr.
Norflot in gold nor decltod willi gcnis,
Ily weultli nnd prido posscsscd,
Ilut ricli or poor, high or low,
Kacli bcars it in his brcast.
Whcn lifo's doep slrcatn mid beds of flowcrs
,MI Btill and suflly glides,
I.ilto thc wuvolcl's slep, with a gcntlc bcut,
It wurri9 of passing tldcs.
Whcn thrcntoning dnrloioss gathors o'or,
And hopo's briglil visioiu flce,
I.ilto tlio sullcn Btrolcu of llio niulllcd oar
lt bcatcth hcnvily.
Whcn pnssion ncrvcs thn warrior's nrin
I'or decda of lialo and wrong,
Tliough hccded not tho fearful eound
Its knull is ducp nnd stiong.
Whcn cycs to oyos urogazing soft,
And tendcr wouls nrcspokcn,
Tlicn fastand wild it ratllcs on,
As if with Ioo 'twcru brolicn.
Such ii thc c.lock tli.it mcasurcs lifo,
Of flcsh and spirit blcnded,
And thus 'twill run williin thc hcurt
Till that strango lio is cndud.
The wish of.Mr Wilson, tho culcbrated Omi
thologist, in rcgard toh'nliurial-placc, isbeautiful
ly cxprosscd'm tho follnwing lincs;
In 8omc wild forest sliado,
Undcr somu sprcndin!; oak or wavinc pine,
Or old chn fcstooned with the budding vine,
l.et nio bo laiu.
In this diin lonely siot.
No'foot intrusivo will disturb my du9t;
llut o cr nic eongs ol llio wild birus sliall uurst,
Chcciing the spot,
Not amid charncl stnnes,
Or coflins ilnilc nnd llnck wilh nncient tnould,
With tottcrcd pall, nnd fringe ofcanlcered gold,
May lest ny boncs.
liut lct tho ilewy rosc.
Thcsnnw-diop and thc violct, lcnd pcrfuino
Above thc spot whcro in niy grassy toinb,
1 tiikc teposo.
Ycar nftcr ycar
Williin thc silver birch tioo n'er me hung,
The chirping wrcn sliall rcar hcr cnllow )oung,
bhall uuilil liur uwclling ncar.
And nt llio purplo dawn of day,
The lark sliall chanta pcaling song abovo,
And llie shrill quail shall pipo her Bong of love,
Whcn eve groivs uim ancl gray.
Thu blnck-liird and tlie thrusli.
The gnlden oriolo sliall llit around,
Au J wakcn wiili a incllow gust of sound
Thc forcst's solemn liush.
Itirds from thc distant sca
Sliall sornethno hither flock nn snowy wings,
AnU soar aliove my (lust in niry rings,
bniging a uirge to ino.
Wastkd. Onc hundrcd and seventy-
five yourig men of all shapes and sizes,
from the graccftil dandy with hair cnoiigh
on his upper works to stult a uarher s cush-
ioii, dnwii to the little hump-oackcd.lreck-le-faccd,
bow-lcffgcd, carrot-headed up-
start. 1 he object is to form a gaping
corps, to be in attcndatice at thc church
doors on cach Sabbath bcfore the com-
nienceincnt of divine scrvicc, to stare at thc
fcmales as they entcr, and makc dclicate
remarks on thcir pcrsons nnd drcss. All
wliowisli to cnlist in the above Corps, will
please appear at the various church doors
ncxt baiibath morning, whcro they will he
duly inspected, and their names, personal
appearance and quantity oftniins regislei
ed in a book kcpt for that purposc, and
published in the newspapcrs. To prevent
agencri'l rush, it will hc well lo state that
nonc will hc cnlisted who poscss intcllcc
tual capacilies above that of an ordinary
well-brcd dnnkey. "Down east" paper.
Jln Army having Madrid: Spanish
TmuUcs on horsebacl: Many of tlio ladies
cameon the walks to lake their last farc-
well, and just as wo wcrc nioving off,
forming the rear-guard, iu thc aflernoon
of the 31 st, a beatitiftil girl.lighlly clothcd,
refused to leavc her lover, an English olh'i
cer iu the Portuguese Cacadorcs, who dis
mountcd and tied his silk handkcrchief
round hcr neck, and pl.iced hcr sideways
on his horsc. Towards cvcnins the wind
blew keenly, and I saw her cnvelopcd in
a soldier's great coat. Manv femnles !eft
their homcs in a similar manner with the
Frcnch ofiicers, and travelled about with
the army.on horseback.and astride.clad in
ihc uuiform of thc Polisb lancers.or hussars
plendidly embroidcred, with crimson
trowsers, made very wide in the Cossack
fashion. The ladies of Spain Irenuently
ridc astridc with pantaloons, nnd Ilessi-
an boots, with a habit buttoned up before
and bchind, nnd, when they arc on horse-
bak, it is unfastoncd and liaiiffs dnwn
on cach sidc to conceal their legs from
view. MancclVs Pcninsular Skclches.
Jlathcr tough. Thc Picayunc 1ms a
story of a rattlcsnako which swallowed a
ficld mousc or mole, auu rcpeatcd thc op
cration twicc, the mole cach timo cating
his way out, and finally killing tho snakc.
Tlio public is expcctcd to swallow both
mole and scrpent.
Tectotalism. "Arrah,Tcddy dear, will
you tell ino what is thc maening of Tec
itotalism,? Is it liapalc?" Teddy took
his pipc out ofhis inouth, and delihcrately
said. "h's not Rapalo, Dennis, but it's
liko it. Rapale is dividing a sistor from
her mothcr. Tcctwotalism is cutting the
licart out of a man, and stickinga Itinip of
cold water in its place!"
A Hi.NT. Adrian was thc first cmpor
or who woro long bcard, and this hc did
to cover thc warts on his faco.
Tnr.Pnr.snNT IJot Weatiieii. "Ilal
loo thcro, Tommy, iny boy, what arc you
climbing that laddcr for?" "To scc how
high tho thermoincter is, dadl" "IIow
high is it my son?" "Jcst abovo thc
third story vinders." "Iladn't no idca it
was so warm."
California. It is now asccrtnined that
this wholo territory has dcclarcd itsolf
independent. Tlio pcoplc have driven
out tho Mexicun authorities, nnd havo
moddlcd a llcpublicnn Govornmcnt simi
lar to that ofthe United Stntes andTcxns.
Chicago Dcmocrat.
"It's vcry curious," said nn old gen
tlcman a fcw days since to n friend, "that
a watch should be perlcctly dry, when it
has a running spring inside."
JTilial obedic.net. "IIow old arc ye?"
suid Major Kilpins to a dwaifish young
"1 wondcr you arn't right down nsham
cd ofbeing no bigger; you look likc a hoy
of ten."
"All comes ofbeing a dutiful child."
"Whcn I was ten, father put his hand
on my head and said "slop UiecV' and he
theii ran away. I've nevcr seen hiin since,
and I did'nt thiuk it right in nic to go on
growing without his leavc,"
"Cnleb, spell Aaron."
"Great Jl litilo o-r-. ron."
"Very well. lchabod, sce if you cnn
spcll United Statcs."
"Yos. sir. Great countrv. little coun
try, T-c-x UB."
"uo up to the head."
Picayunc. (jchool.
Er'Thc last doubt rcmoved!
Elizabethlown, N. J., Fcb. 20,1043.
Jlbont two monlhs ago I was jcized wilh
a violtnl Cold, which soon causcd raising
ofblood. 1 tricd various rimrdics, but
nonc did any good; but,on Ihe conlrary,my
cough incrcascd, and it was fearcd it would
rcsult in Consumplion. Jhj accidcnl, I)r
Wislir's Familii Medical G uidt mcl my
cyc, which recommtndcd ltulsam of Wild
Uicrry, I purchased a bottlc, used l,
and in onc wcclc rcascd raising blood
my cough tntirclii disappcarcd, und my
hcullh was complctcly rcstorlcd, cnabling
me to altcnd la my busincss as usual.
Wc, Ihc. undcrsigncd, arc acquainlcd
wilh Mr J. W. Woodruff, and canassurc
all who donot knowhim that his slatcmcnl
is cntithd to full crcdit. Whcre he is
known his word nceds not our cndorsemcnt.
J. P. for thc Caunly of Essex, N, J:
.. P.for borough of Elizabethlown, N. J.
S. J. ALLEN, Druggist, Woodstock,
Vt., is AgciU for Windsor County, coun
try Agents will bo supplicd by him, for
cash or on commission at N. York wholc
salo prices.
Cerlificutc of Col. Satnucl Kendal, of
Enosburgh, Vermont. This mav ccrtify
that in tho winter of 1837, tny eldest
(iatighter was attacked with a cough.which
lasled for sonic two or thrcc months, which
daily incrcascd, so much so that shc was
unable to rcst at uight, which wasled hcr
strcngth, and to all appearance sho could
not oxist many weeks longer; when, upon
trying Downs' Vegdable lialsamic Elixir,
she received immediatc relicf; her cough
ccascd, and did not rcturn during tho re
mainder ofthe scason. I havc constantly
kcpt it in my honsc sinuc, and 1 do not
hcsitato to say, from its use in my own
lamily, and its good ellects upon others,
that I considcr it onc of thc hcst medicincs
for diseases of thc lungs that I havc cvcr
Enosburgh, Vt., Oct. 12, 1844.
This mav ccrtify that I am wcll acquain-
ted wilh Col. Samucl Kendal, and also
with the casc abovo slalcd, and do not
licsitatc tosav that it is thc trutli.
273 3w Justice of the Pcacc.
CrCPPrepared only by N. II. Downs,
Troy, Orleans Co., Vt. Sold by CunTis
to Smitii, bt. Alhans, Vt., tlie only whole
salc agenis, and by agcnts supplicd by
thcm throughout thc United States and Can-
ada; or by 11. Richards, their agent 40 Di
vision Strcet, New York, who keeps a sup-
ply on sale at proprictor's prices.
r crsons wishing tor thc agency, wlicro
thcro is not one already establislied, will
bc supplicd, upon application by lctter lo
Curtis & Smitb, upon fair terms, they al
ways stating the best und safest mode ol
Tho above medicino is for salc by Dr. S.
J. ALLEN, Woodstock, Vt.
Tlie proceedings of the Rutland Co.
Democratic Convcnlion wcrc not rcccivcd
till our paper for this wcek was full. Thcy
will appcar ncxt week. The noniinalions
for Senators will be fouud in anothcr
Outhe 3d inst., Kcv. Eri Gnrficld, of Delhel, to
Aliss Sarali lllodgctt, of Randolph.
".Men when woman provos untrue,
Manage to niake nnother do."
In tliis viIlao, nn tho 1st inst', nftcr n lonz con
nncnicnt, EL'NICi: KMILY, wifa of Eowin
IluTCiiiNfcoN, Esq., ngcd UG ycars.
SJ. AI.I.K.S, woiiMjntKay In llioso InJdilnl tn
. hlm llint tliey MOST cnll nml ctlle immtilintrlv,
as (hnvlns ilispnbcd oriils Utui,
Slorc,) lie will lenve this
iilacc tnp-nrii oi fsciucmuer.
Au. 11. ier.
SOI.D at wlinlMnlo by Kecd !f Spalilliij;, Niislivlllc, N
II. niull'. ('. J. Munnlng Co. No. 11, ('cnlnil
wlinrl'lloston. Whlf Ii nre tho only ntort'i la ushville
or lliKton wherc imrc Mi'ill'onl Ituni ran hc housht at
liolei'.-ilc; l.llii whe sold nt whnlcnlc hyCharlit Voocl,
!, Uo. Uaniliriilsf l'orc. ISrackett .t Oliihlcn, Charles
ton n, npiioillt' thc ritihhur; It. R. Dt-potj aUu by Jocjih
Wnoil, iu l nniiMirjj.
MeJI'onl, Aag. lfct. 1815. 27-1-tf.
XTAIimT l'lerrc ofWt'st .CainlirMso nnJ Oscur filrat
Co. aro nol nscnls tor tho imlc ol' MiiU'ord Ituni.
uail l'.ivc nonc to sell.
Razor Slrops, Jlotto Scnls, Ivory Kings, Tcn Tols
ffiastor Stantis, JJutloiw, Dcrcusalott
ES, SfC, f(C.
05"" Two or thrcc sevcral kinds" of
aaECS) cs a Gs. a
(The pure nrtlclo,)
Woodstock, Juno 10, 1815.
F very anpcrlnr quallty for sale by
Au(, 5.
C. DANA, Jn.
Slarting from all quarters of the world and br ing ing up at
1IST ItECElVUD, hy tlio iroRUM KXI'llESS, ai
llrnwn'n onit llnglpy'a Diiiinnml I'olat Onlil lVn, nne ani bmullful patterui, nt rnlutal prvrn i I'rrlumery nn'l
I'aacy Soap, the venutne yrrnch articlrl CtlTI.UIlY, IVorn Ihc inos'l n ln'.irntfil hoH In Earopc, omliracine Klivr,
Itanorn. lic Uot. Vc &n' llrltannla. Tca nnd Ccin-i l'nln. nnil l.'alorsi l'enrl iohI Shfll flnnl Chm, sit.IT.lt
Sl'OONS, warranled ofthe vcry lipnl kliiil, nn little
fX?Wiittlics clcancil and rcimircil, nnd vurrnntcil lo run liy llie Exprcss Linc.
Woodstock, July 30, 18.15. 27? RUSSELL CLARKE.
Ki:ffElTft' lAUSfET,
MONDA"V , AUcT 1, 1845.
At Mnrli'l 1000 llecf Cultle.OO. Cowa anJ CiiIvch
3-J00 riliei'pand 300 Swlne.
1'iilccH. HerfCalllr Wo rjuotc llrsl iiialltr, $5.01
.1,17. Hccond iiiallty .91,25 s 1,73 TMrd (iiml'ly, fcV
U al.oo
Worklas 0c!n. No salcs notlccd.
(vowaniul Cdlvcs, iioiio.
Shrep SultnlVom 1,50 to $2,n. I.nmht 133 In 2,00.
fivfne.OM Iiolm 4 1-1 ufl. Hlio.nn 1 to b 1-1 At rrtall tioin
5 loCl-2, N. K.Faruwr;
8EEDS, Hi rJi nr.m,42 00 t(i 1 75 pt-r lnislicl. Itnl
Toi lio to 50 c't. Clover-Nrthcni, 7 to 8 c, Soiitlifrn.
8 n 7 c. I'laxSi'Pd.Sl 50 ut huiliel. I.ucernc, 33 c.
perlli. Onnarj Hf ed R2 00 io;i 50 icr lnifclicl.
UHAiii. i;rn fiortiicni,ncw,iiiisiio .01 toris Houlli-cni.roaiidyi-llow
ol 52a 51 Soulhi'riiilatjnllow.ni w,
51 ,i 53 do. do. whlto l? ii l3 do New Orleans 10 n 47
narley 00 a 00 Iljc. Nurihrrn, C5 a 70-i!o. Houlhirn, S3
a ns Oan,Soiithcrn.OO a 00 Nnrlhcrn do. 33 tn 40
lleniiH. iior hmhel I 12a 1 C2 Shorts.pcrdoublo hiiahel Jl
n 20 llran 17 a 19.
I'l.OlIH. Ilaltlmnrp. Iloward. Strcet. 4 moi. cr. S.0 00
n 4 50 do vliarl,$150 n0 00 doircont sarllc,S0 60 n
0 00 Pliilmlelphlu iln, 4 11101. 0 00 0 00 I'rcdcrirlig.
Inirjli, Inwl'd4 liins. 4 4 1, a 4,50 Alexnnilrln, hart
inoniilaln.4 75 a 4.67. f!(,ma'ep. cnminon, cash, $437 a
.50 do fancv hran(h-Sl,87 5 50 Ohlovla Caiia .Sl 2j
S4 00 do 0 New Orleans, cash 0 00 a 0 00. Uye, S3 50
a 0 00-liid!nn Mcal in libln. 2 23 n 2 2.
l'UOVISIONS. Ilccl Mcs4nio.newlihl. S950 a 10
Navy S8 75 u 3 2j No. 1. 0 00 a 000 doPrinib $050
SC 00-rork Extra rlear 4 ino. hM. 815 00 a 1 1 50 do
Clcar Sl 100a 13,75 do. Men, 13 0 a 12 50-do l'rhrie
10 n a io 25 do Nn Iroin othcr riiaies.oo 00 n 0000
do rrimcdodo S0 00 11 0 OOdoCarco do. 0 a 0 00 Clear
do 00 00 a 00 00. Ilmtcrshliplng, 12 a 15- doxtorc, 11111:1
ic( lcd. 8 a 12 do dalry,l5 ccnts a 17 I.ard, No. 1, Uo
Im. 8a 9 12 doSonth nnd Wcsti'rn, H 11 7 Ilnmn, Uos.
ton.On 8 1-2 .Vonllierii and Wcmern.li a 7 Cheec,
lilp'l! nnd 1 mcal, n 11 7 do new inllk, 7 n 8
YYiiuii. linty 1 ne vaine wliercolai the iilnre nt ex-
iorlatioiiHhall not eceed 7 ccnln per ioiind, 5 pcr ccnt
ad valortm. All whereoltlie valne exceeds 7 cenla pcr
pound, 40 per ct. ud. vnl.aml 3 cuper poand,
l'rittie or Haxonj I'lccci,wahed,lli. 40 n 39c Anipr
lciiulull blood, dd 37 a 3j-Do 3-4 do 33 n 35-1)0 1-2 do
3IJa 331-4 and common do .'10 a 28 Sinjrna riheep
wii'hcd, 20 1 22Do iinwa!ied,10 11 15 llcnsnMdo C a 12
-hainny,cloan ou llncnnn Ayrrc iiiiplclidl.7 n 10 ilo
lo picilkcd, 10 a 1 1 :SiiertIne Norlliern niillcd lainb na
36 No 1 dodo do31n35No 2 dodo do23a 25 No 3
lodo II 11 17.
Iloin I ) 1 1 1 20 pcr ccnt. lalioit Mnss. 18-13, Ib
00 a 0 2d do 0 a 0.
MAV SI2 10 12 1-2 pcrtoiiEaitcrn fccrewcd 12 tn 00
CdOS, 12 II.
fpilE nctt term of tlit-i xi I100I will ronimenco 011 Wcd.
jl oeniiiiy, aiik"( 21(11, (((((( (iMiiniiic iicx'd i-ei,4.
The P.Tecntivc I'oniniiltce lake l'.rcat pltanri' in in
fnrmins thc tiirincr pfllrons of llio nrlinol nndllic pnhlic
Kcncr:tlly,tlril .Mr.l. (;. C I1(h1;iiis, undcr wliotci,iipcriii-
lcnnciu'e tnc inntnic wa co I'e-crveiii; popin.ir iiavins
recovcrcd hli hcallh will rrMinic llie oillce uf l'rincinal
and will dcvote hU wholc tune and InlcnN ciillivatcdby a
liins expericnco in M'hool tcachin; to tlie bc.-t intercst'!
of lll.i pnpili.
.iiii(ii 11. u. 1 enny, wno in I'rincipai 01 111c leinaic uc
partnicnt In fonner ycars won an envinhlc rcpiiiation lor
cncrij, kliulnen nini tact In ImpxrUn; imiriicilon will
bc nvnclalrd with Mr Iloikins iu Ihc tnniiascment ol
till' n'liool.
From tlie liish rcnutalion nnd lons cxpcrlencc of the
icaeher.llie.Coniinltlee are confidcnt lliat the tuililic will
c.vtciid to tlie liinlltutc during thc 1 ct tirin a uinxl liber
11 1 paironaje.
lilHtriirlioii will hn f ivcn In nll hr.mrhfs iiniunlly tanjiht
In Academies nnd parlicular attciilion bcotowtd 011 flK'li
h Intend to learh Ihc cii"iiin; winter.
Iloaid cnn be orocnrc.l In tood r.imitlii near the Acad-
cniy 011 the most reaoniible lernn nnd coiivenlcnt nc
rniiinioilatlons for mch ni wlh to tionrd thcinmlves cnn
be had nt low rnte.
Cnmnion Ensllsh llrnncliei', " $3.00
Ihahrr, ' 3,50
l.aiisii.isc), " " 4,00
No tultion I1III1 made out for lcsa than lialfa term cx
cept In casc ot ulckiiCMi.
27.J-3W II. A. BIMUnP, ifc'y.
Amcricnn, Liternrv, Scimlific, nnd
Norwich. Vermont.
CAl'T. 1'AP.TItIDfiE would inform thc public that thc
coiiiuieiiccini'iit ofthc above lnttltiltlon Iwill tnke
lilaceou WcliifKilHy. Ihc 3d ol'Septcinbcr. ncxt.alid Ihc
celcbration ofthe 25lli. Annivepinrj xnice the olabllsli-
nicnl ofthc Iiistitution (undcr thciianin ofthc A. I.. S.M
Acadcinj)nn TliurMlay llie 4th, of Bcpt.. Tlie lloii.
Niae E. Moc, of t . 011 i s i 1 n 11 -, Ilnn, Tliomni II HcMnour,
ol Conncctlcnl, Theophilus Tisk, Exq. nf Vii-lilli''lnn.
11. 1;, Jinjor xv. n. ssncrwoon nt t.iuis r.iii, i. lcrK,
Wm. I, I.ee, Eiu. of Troy, New York, nnd severn
other disllii;uis!icd scntlemcn havc accepied Ihclr ap-
polutmcnM to (lenver aoiiressea on uioxe ua. AU ol
Cnpt l'ailrlilge'a I'ornierl'upilJ, und thc l'ublic cencrnll)
me rcspcctiully Inviled In nllend nn llio 3d ainl 4lh. Tlie
Instilulion Is noxv In ueecsl'ul nperalion, under the rci
rrnt miuerintendiincF of Cnnt. 1'. nblo instructom in Ihc
rl.n'slcal, I.ltcrarj nnd Mililnry Oepiirlmcnts areensaged
'lhcliwtitntinu l luruishcd wilh u chniru l.lbrary, Mnlh
cniatinalical appnraliii', Maps, Clobs, ,Vc. andevery I'ncil-
ly ollcrcii 10 ynnng men, mr ontaiuin; nn euucntinn nt
thc hlghext onler. A sood Uoardiiij; Ilnuxp Is nttnchcd.
to thu Instilulion xvlicrc Ilonid Is pimldcd fnr $1,50
ncr week. Btiulents who nrefcr to board lliprnelvcii liaxe
cvery l.icliity for todoini;. Tho fall term xvill cmnnunce
011 .xtumla) llie .rtli,oi Mcpt.
Norwich July 31, 1815.
Thcre will bc a Public Ulnncr nt thc trniversity Iloaril
Ing Houseon lhe3dof Scpt, aNo n nplcndld clvic and
Militnrv l.nte. xvlth evcry nrnnicciinntlo acromniodnlc
nll xvho may xvi.h to joln In lhe;nntf, will bc hcld In
Ihe larsc upper iinu 01 1110 sime i;uimiii;, 01: tlie eve. of
tho 41h., a good Hand ol'Minlc Iu nltendnnce, Tlckelg
tu admit n fcntlciuun nnd two Lndlen to Ihe cvcnlue ns.
Bfinblv, not to cxceed S 1.00. 273-3w
(TrTho Mcrcnry at Woodstock nnd Patrlol al Mont
pelier Vermont, will plcao Inserl Ihe above oncc.
At lilx old staud opposite Whltuej'H llotel,
ir arra .v t 1: i) 0 1- vu nr. co i y .
Tublc, Tea, Sogar, I)cseri. Cream, isalt nnd Mustnril
Spoons, Suyar liiniis nnd Hutler Kuives of evcry varicty
ofpattcrn tubiiii thc lasic ofihe purchaser,
has a great assortmi ut of flrass nnd Wood
cheap for CASI1 0 KillAIN.warrauleil 10 keep good tlmc
Spectnclcs Hilvcr Thlnibles, fiold Itlngs nnd Pins, Rrncc
lcta nnd llnnili t ilnapii. (iold und riilvcr I'ciu and Pen
eil, llrllnnnla Cnllee nnd TcapoH ofhenntmil palterns.
t'ni-lor staads, Soup l.adli"', !lriilici(, Hhavlng Soap! Ra
lorK, Hrlscors, Knlvcs. Wnllcls, I'uri'cs nnd l'ursc trinu
inings.I'ins, Needli", nnd a grcal varicty of othcr
gooda too uiimcroiis lo iiienllou, Juat iiill
nnd oMinnne for yoursclves. Job
norkdone toorder. Cnsh
pald lor old Sil
ver nnd
Oold. Old lirnss, Pexvtcr
nnd Coppcr taken In ecxhaugo lor Coods.
Woodilock, July 23, 1815. 27l-3m.
INSUHANCK C 0 .11 l'A N V .
rilUK members ol'lhls Compinv nre Infornied lliat nn
1. ndjourncil mcetlng xxill he hcld nt thc liisurnnfo of
flfp tn WiiiiiUtni.1.. nu Hiilllribiv llin nlnlh llnv ofAU2Ust
ncxt, nt Hvo o'clock, iifleruoon, for tho consiilerntlon of
curli nllernilons nsiiiay lie propoiicil Iu tnc oy-iaws uuu
gcncrel regulations ofthc Cnmpnny.
InsurancB Oillce, Woodstock,) I.. A. MAI13I!,
July 23, 1815. J Stcrttary.
PAUASOI.8, Parasoletts A: Sun (hades for sale by
Aug. 5, C. DANA, Jn.
or 8"
an XTKiySiri: .t&SOllTMENT OF
gtntral miortmtnt of almuit eiiry tliing.
YaluabJe farm for Sale
ON the ltday orSeptcinbcrncvt, I hhall otTcr fornle
thc 1'iiriii 111 llarlhiinl, lornierlj niinnl nnd now or
cnplid l,y Mr W1I.I.IAM VI,KEU, connllng of 230
tn 2l0ai rci ol'Eund with llnlldiiiijs. Also, tho stock on
aid firm, ainong which la thc cclcbrnlcil llone Morgan
I nlin.
I ln reliy givc notlcc thal liom UiIk datc, I rcolo all
ngenelcH tn ihc pnrrha-c and mle ot property or in inalc
In? rnntrnrts ol'nuy htinl on niy nmiunl nnil tliat no salc,
piirrhiiso or cnntnirt will he vnlld or nrkiiowcilgrdi niilcns
inade by ni5i.cllperniially or In wrltlng.
, . , 1 II. IIAMII.TO.V.
Hartland, Jnly 7th, 1815. 2bJ-6w
'IIIt'KE fourthn cah will bc pald for cxtrnoti Ilm
A tiean,l)andallnn,Clcnta aml lliitlermilt, ahn lor clii
cry Elrn bark.drscd und parkcd In 12 or 18 Inch iiurkn-
pr. Itlnnl mnf nnU rn. r ... n. i
D -vii'in ..'"11, l.ljtl.l ,11 r.l II, ( l l 1,M', 1111,1
all ca,h lor AmcrlcaiiValtrlaii II bronght soon nt tlie I)rii
Sliin. l.v 1 . t r n. 3
Uooditock, Jnly 20, 1345, 272.
TIIE Pall term will rommcnce on Wednseday, Sep
tembcrlOth. The chool will be under the eontin
uidand npprnved instriirtlnn ofMrSjhnirm llalcs. Thc
nemroitol Mlss Jlaiia V.. Ilogscll, a l.idy or superior nt
talnmcnls nnd excellencc,and bcveral jtui'cperiuice in
tcnchlng, have been M-eured,
Youni l.udicH will cnjoy pcf ulUr n.lvantages Ibr nrinilr
Ins u liu-( I knowlcdseor Diuwun, Pniiiling, Mualc uud
tho 1 renih l.nngunac.
Centleinen ilrnigtiiug to bccoine learhem, xvill recelvo
npproprlalc ntlcniion. rieiiient nnd linulllar lecturca
will beglven on ihc crlenciii.
ioard, in gond f.imihea nnd nn reaKonable terms, may
heohtnlncd, or rooms lor thoae who nreler to board thnn
Tuition In English from " R2,50 lo 3,00
I.ntln and fireik, " " 3 00
Prcnch, " 4(,(j
Drawlngnnd Palnlinjr 1,00 cxtra.
Muslc iiicludiiii! the usc ol Instriimcnt " 10,000
, , EI.ISIIA KIX, Srmtary.
P.ovnltnn, July 21st, 1815 271-tl
T OWl'IlICEl) Uluc Illuck, Plack, ;iuc, Iliuwn .V
J Green,
Pancy Casaluicres nnd Dncklns, Chrnp, xome a low 111
SATINF.TTS, nlaln'nn.l fnnt x from I0 centK nn.
Kentncky Jenus, Irom 2J to' 30 iiuts und nlher gondi
lor maklns cheap virk nnts, nt eiiually luxv prices.
u r n.nii i joir, iinu our cnnnt nri low in proporlion.
f.'ivc u urall, it you xvunt lo be ourc lo gct jour inct
cy'a worlli
sct xour incn-
Juty 17, li-K,
OpcBMJioiiis oji (!ic 'flVoih,
II. S. CIIASE, M. D. Dr.vr.u. Sinr.r.oN.
Woodstock, Vt., Offia intlic JUink Iluildin?
Every r.peration pcrformcd nn nrlcily frientlfic, nnd
npproved prinrlides, wilh a little pain ns the im
lureot thc rac xvill allow.
Teith cxliacted with "Chcxalicr-" Celd.rated For.
ceps, w 1 1 Ii l.ir less pnin than Is niiall e.xpericmcil.
iVerm, ol tceih entlrih ile-iiojed', tnlhmit the vr of
hnlrujiuiiti. Tartar remoxi d, uud the tcclh Ihoiouglily
rlcanscd without injury lo tlio Eniimcl.
Artitlcial crowns lllted lo the roois of fiont tcelh In
hiicli n iiiiiiincr v to bc hirvlccable iur cai, uud dily
Decnycd Kcth plogged with gol.l ortln foil, although
exlens'ncl) disenstd, und inade good nnd .um-I'uI orguim
lor l.fe.
AU diseubcs oflhc inouih and gmna, irented rn corrcct
The loss of 11 part or llio xvhole of thc teeih, mipplled
with inriirmplilile iiorndain ones. nl .sninTior Lenutx.
set on llie llnost gold phne, 111 thc best inanni r.
louili powoeri, uim uaslit.s, irepiired und lor Knle.
Tieth extrncted, nnd ndxicecixcn to the nnur xvitliout
Jiine itti ,1.15. 207-tf.
W O O L.
AnrtST rnlc ns-nnncnt of lirondloths, t'assirnercj
Sallnelt.s uinl oilier Coods xvill be rvclinnciil lor
Wool, II nlFered coon, nnd tlie liiliecl pricc glven.
Our Woolcns nre rnn;i uinl Wool l.uui.ii mnnn n,lii
nsevcr. 272 CHA'H DAN A. Jn
IWOIJI.Urcspcclliillj inlorm those xvho have lo-l n
part or the xxhole ol their natural tcclh nnd wlh
lliem rcplaced by nrtifieial ones, thal I haxc mndc nixv
arrangeincnls nnd iniprnvcmeiils iu my cslnblishiiient.
xvhich xvill euablc me lo maniiliictiire nrtlllrial sets to
inucli grcaler ndvnnlnse lliau herctolore, and, ns a rcsult
ot'thls, have deteimined 10 oll'er this kind ofwork 011 tho
fiillowiu; iidxaiitngioiis terms.
Tor iiny piecc of work for which I rharged S20, or up
wards, I sliall miuire one liHirthe price Iu Cnh on drlh
tnj mcrcly to cover thc cnsl of 1I10 mnlenal tho
re.nainder to be paid nt the cnd of lx (or twelve)
monihs, Iftlie xvork givca alMactloiij at thc md of Iho
limc ni:r('cd upou, II thc "Artlllchd llcninre"
give good salisficlion, II xvill be icreixcd n?ain, nnd thc
uiuiiey rciuiiiieu. nr (uc oniance oiuie pncc toreitcd to
the pntitnt. II. !$. CIIASE, ,M. 1)., Uenlat &u'rgio
plKOIlfiE COOKof the flrm of Ely, Smlth &
Jf Coiik, lor the tmsl Ix vear in'inoliictuier ofthe
celebrated llarilctt Cards would iuforiii thc peblic and
ine pnirons 01 ine 01,1 i,sinniii,niueni, .o. 7t t'liiinnst.,
xxhcrc he hns always lieeii einplo)cd, thn! he contliiiica
tho iiiiiiiulartu-c of all iIip varletles of Plaxlni!. Visiilim
nnd Ill.ink Cnrda, herctofore lurnMied by llie Kstabllih
nicnl nnd thal ordcrs lor Ihc various klmU will be faith
fally and promptly exccutcd, nn apnlicntlnn to his mlo
ngcnts, Missrs ELY i,- I.ATIIAM, Nn- 71 Folton st- at
Ihc tollowin prices, uual dlscounl ofl, for cash or lliose
who lniy lo (fll nsuin, viz:
Eaglc ol'Wtar Uhina and dot; Wave, Ulumon, Msrbled
nnd Whlle Ilacks
63d pcr gro.19.
Hnrry 6 do do
Dec.iturs do
EIs!cr do
Mcrry Andrexxs do
Illghlanders, No. 1 )
tar aml Marhlc back. )
IIO !d.
Enamelled, lvory nnd l'tarl bUtface Cards, as per
followlii" scaie
No 5 .namilled
$7.50 4 do
2,7 r
No. 15 Eu.uncllcd
14 do
13 do
12 do
15 Ixory nnd Pcnrl
enrl'.icf ,
14 do
13 do
12 do
11 Ivory nnd 1'iarl
11 Euanulled
Enibossed euamrlleil Cards, tlnted and plain, lliniitifully
poiisiieii wiin cicgnui iirsigos ni ourucrK.
Printci 's Blunk Cards.
Small Ulanks IPlaylng slic No. 1 $16pcrgrot?.
110 - 1-
I.arge do 121
do 2 21
Doublosiioof Small I 30
do 2 21
Doublc sl?.c of I.nrgo 1 72
do 2 63
Also all the ahovc sica of evcry cnlor to ordcr.
Othcr ilreii cul to order ol elllur of the foregoing qnal
ities. MOlirtNlNO CAntlS ofvsrlons sijiv inade to order.
Cold llordercd Cards, do.
fiold edsed do-
EnamelltilSheetsc.apHliennd 20 by 21 Inrlici.
Ixory surlaie do do
Pcnrl do do
lliank f"hcet do do
Also Ilnilroad nnJ ?tcnmboat Tlekets madc to ordcr, of
any color or of dllp-rent colors ns desired.
The mibscrilier Inviies nll Edltors in thc I'nlied Statci
and Caiuida, who arc disposad to lake their pnv (n Cards,
who xxill scnil him n eop 01 iheir pni tr contuining this
advrrlUcmcnt, to lnscrt it for thrre months.
Ncxv York, July 9. 27,13m
QASI1 PAIU for Vcnlsklns.
H'oodstock, Arril 19lh, 1315.
259 If.

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