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table; loat, 1 10 to 62, Tho moiinn to re
considrr was then put aml carricd, 102 to
75, Mr Stcvens thcn movcd to amcnd
thu rcsolntion so na to dcclaro th.it the
mocnhci' from ti-isthnvcn is cnlitlcd to n
scat; but consrnted tn n motion of JNTr
Harloiv to lay upon the tobln until to-tnor-rrow
morning, which was ngrcpil to by
thn Houso.
llrrharter ofBanfa,.
Mr Rico, fi'nm tluselcct eommitlco, rc
)ortcd thu following resolutioii by n nnau
nnoiis voio of thc commiltee, as n substi
tute for lliu otiginal icsolution:
Ilcsolvat. 'I'hnt as a gcncral jirinciplc
sound public pnlicy Inrbids tho extonsion
of bank cliartcrs; llmt n jual rcg.ud for tlic
rights and inlorcstsof communily rcqurios
thal tho busincss nnd conccrns of bank
itig iiistitutions should bu bruuglit to a
closo nnd thcir nflnici wound np at tlic cx-
pirntion of'.hcir cliartcrs.
Mr Swiftaid ho did nol bolicve this to
l)c sound policy, ar,d in any evcnt lic
would not thus biiid fiiturc lcgislaturcs.
.Mr llicc said tliat liu believcd tlic opin
ioii of tlic pcoplu of tlic Btatc is, tlmt this
is sotind policy ns a gcucral rulojbtil therc
might bc particulai casen iu which a rp-
chartcr would bc propcr.
Mr Kr.llogg said ho woidd not volc for
the Bubstiltite if hc considercd it as hind
iug futurc It'giilaturcs; for tlicre tnight bc
cases whore Banks otight to bc re-chart
cretl. ilc Iiu not put this construction
upon tlic substitute, and would volc for
The aubstitutc was cnrricd, and tlic
(iicstion rccurrod upon tlic adoptioii of the
rcsnlution us now aincndcd. Messrs Iticc
Barloiv, Aiken, and Edgcrlon supportcd
thc rcsolutiun, cm tlic grounds that the
policy is corrcct; and the npplicants for
Banks should underslnnd this to hc thc
the fcltled policy of tlic statc that it is
ncccssary to compcl thc cslablislicd insli
uiioustowiud up thcir conccrns and
that to rccharlcr,ias a gcncral rulc, would
amount toa perpetual chartcr, cxclmling a
large poitiou ofthcpcoplc from psiviicrsc
to which they are entitled cqually with thc
propriotor3 of thc existing Biinks, Rc
cliartcrs. tliey conccii, triighi sometimcs
bc propcr but thcsc werc regarded ns
cxceplions to thc gcncral rulc. Messrs
Swift , Stcvens, Itussell, Stoddard, and
Crowley opposcd thc rssolution; if intcnd-
cu to lorestall ttic action ol tlic IJousc, it
waa unwisc; and if this was not its object,
then it was porfectly idle to ndont it. The
qucslion of policy was, by some of thc
speakers, regarded as at lcast douptful, on
thc ground ihat it is snfer to cntrnst privi
legcs to lliose who had already provcd
failliful and honcst, thar. to mcn uutried
and incxperienccd if not to say, to spcc-
ulalors. All concurrcd in objccting to any
tliing which seotild look likc tying up the
hands of thc IIousc, and also in insisting
that all applications, wlietlicr for rechart-
crs or lor new Banks, should bc lclt to
a'and on thcir own nicrits, and reccivc
consideration ofilic Lcgislature unbiassed
unfeltnred by abstract rcsolutions of tliis
The resolutioii was lost aycs 90; noes
Mr Swift called up thc bill to rcchartcr
tlic Jlank ol middlebury, and alter some
sialements of thc facts in tho cnse, thc
bill was rcconimitlcd on nnition of Mr
TheGovcrnor transmittcil tlic estimatcf
of thc Statc Gcologisl for thc coming ycar,
rccominending a small appropriation for
six suils of miuerals for various iiistitu
tions in this Statc, which was referred to
thc joinl comtnillcc under thc fifth rulc.
Ileporls. By committcc on Manufac
turcs, against the pctition of Isaac Thayer,
and hc had lcavc towithdraw. ByGcncr
al :ommittc,bill conslituting AdeliaSophi
a Barbcr hcii at law of Ephraim Griswold,
which was ordercd (o a third reading.
By Judicinry com., against the bill allcring
the uidiciary syslcm, which, aftcr cxplnn
alion by MrKellogg, was rejcctcd. By
eommittee on Banks, against thc pctitions
and bills for a new bank at Mindlebury,
andthe bill was rccommittcd on inolion of
Mr Swift.
2 o'clock, P. M.
Ilcports. By Mr Vilas, from the Judi
ciary com., against the bill amencing scct.
17, chap. 35 ofjt S, relative io staying
exccuiion'': third reading ol inii was re
fuscd, By Mr Vilas from samc coinmillee
against thc bill relative to the fecs of dc
fendants iu juslice courts; bill rcfuscd a
third reading. By Mr Woodbridgo Irom
thc sarin commiltce, in fnvor of thc pcti
tion of Sylvestcr Gront, with a bill amcnd
ing cap. 18 of R S, so that when a poraon
rcsiding in ono lown shall be sct ofl' into
tlic school dislrict of anothcr, his rcal and
pcrsonal property shall' be taxed for thc
usp. of thc diatricl to which hc is so sct;
bill rcad twiceand ordercd to a third rcad
iug. By Mr J. Barrett, from the samc
committcc, favorably upon thc resolution
instructing ihcni to cnquiro into thc cxpc
dicncy of amending chap. 107 oPR1 S, in
rcgard to thc fees ofslicriffs, with a bill,
which was rcud twico and ordercd to a
third reading. By Mr J. Barrett, from
tho samc commiltee, in favor of thc bill
amciiding chap. 7-1 of R S, relative to li
ccnses of pcddlar: btll on motion of Mr
Billings, laid on the table. By Mr Sabin
from com. on Education, in favor of in
corporating a hospltnl nt Castleton. Mr
Mr Vilns inovcd to amcnd, by making thc
chartcr suhject to thB control of futurc
legislaturcii. On motion of Mr T T Bar
I'cll, tho bill, with tho nmendmenl, was
laid on thc table. By Mr Bolton, from
tho coininittcQ on Bgriculliire, in fnvor of
(ho bill rclating to foreign cattle in ngri
cnltural frtirs; bill passed.
Hilhfnnn thc IIousc. To facilitatc tho
making turnpike roads frec roads. Grani
ing to Geo. Nilcs tho cxclvcivu right to
kcep a ferry bolh referrcii to cominiltee
on lloads nnd Cauals. Altoriug limos oT
holdiug court iu Windlmm co.unly; icfer
rcd to Judicinry Com.
Itesolulion Jrum thc IIousc. Aulhori.
ing thc Sccrctary of Stntc to amcnd thc
chartcr of the town of Glover. Mr Si
monds movcd to lay tcc resolutioii on thc
table; carricd.
Bill inlroduccd. By Mr J Barrett, iu
addiiion to chap. 24 of R S, pecludiug thc
Judge who dccidcs ntHi'it jivius frcm sit
ting on appeo; referred to Jndiciary com
Engrosscd bill. Authorizing hody cx
ectitions to be sued out aga'uiit attorncys
or ngcnts who rcfuse to account for iuon
cys collcctcd; patscd.
Mr Siinonds movcd to refer tho resolu
tioii relative to thc chartcr of the lown of
Glover to tho. Jndiciary comniitlee; car
Pdilions referred. Of Iidwin Wclch,
to Gcnctal committcc; of Win Wright and
othcrs and Danicl C Gilson and oihcrs, to
cominitte on roads; of Froncis C Quimby
and othcrs, to committcc on Military Af
fairs. Resohitions. By Mr Stcvens, dirccl
ing thc Sccrctary ofSlatc to amcnd . thc
record ofilic chartcr of Glover; passed.
By Mr Maxham, that no bill or resolution
be introduccd in the Uouse after Priday
morning ncxl; laid on thc table.
Rcports. Byjudiciary coinniillne, a
gainst bill in addiiion (o thc nct for tlic
supporl oi illcgitimatc children, and it was
suppprled by Mr Lawrencc, opposcd by
Mr Stcvens and dismissed; bill annexing
Wooods Island to St Albans, nnd it was
ordercd to a third reading, Senate bill in
addiiion to chaptcr 25 R S, and it Aas or
dercd to a thira reading; bill to incorpo
rate thc Trustces of ihc Tt. anntial con
fercnceof tho Mclhodist Episcopal Church
with amcndmcnis, which were adoptnd
and tho bill was rccommiited. By the
coinmittee on banks, thc bill to incorpo
rate tlie Bank of Brandon; this bill was
sustaincd iu nrgumcnts at lcnglh by Mr
The Senate camc in and thc following
appointments werc made:
Lemuel Whitncy, Judgc of Probale for
the Dislrict nf Marlboro'.
Edgar L. Ormsbee, Statcs Attomey.
James Gilchrist, ) Assistant Judges of
Calviu Moriill, ) llic County Court.
Oramel II. Erceman, Waterford, Sher-
James D. Bell, High B.iilifT.
Mordocai Ilalc. Statc's Attomey.
Charlcs Davis, Judge ol Probale.
Jnil Commissioners,
Samucl Sias,
David Boynton,
Isaac B. Gorhain,
Thc joint asscmbly adjnurned to Priday
next 3 P. M. and thc Senate withdrcw.
Pho IIousc rcsumcd consideration of
thc bill to chartcr thc Bank of Brandon,
and Mr Marston dcmandcd thc aycs and
noes on the tocond reading: ayes 1 10, nocs
oi: anu tue tuii was rcau a scconu tunc
and ordercd to a ihird reading.
Tho com. on Banks reportcd toe bill to
extend the chrtcr of the Parmcr's Bank.
Mr Thonias said the Bank hud three ycars
yct to rnn and moved to disnnss thc bill:
this moiion was opioscd by Mcssrs Swift
nnd Ilussell and wilhdrawn, when Mr
riiomas demanded thc aycs and nocs on
thc sccond reading: aycs 10G, noes 73;
and thc bill was rcad a sccond tiinc.
This nauie, with wl.ich among the dc-
ciple9 of Music so many niagical associa-
tious arc conncctcd, appears for almostlhc
last timc in our rccord of metroio!itan iife
andsocicty. To-niorrow ovcning hc bids
furcwell to America. Afieran acquaint
ance of two brief years with this man, this
truc child of genius, whnse poiver is ac"
knowlcdged by every heart that over came
within thc elcctric inilupnce, we find it
hard to givc hini up, Bcings of such
gifls as his arc rarc in thc prcscnt nspect
of tho world and admiration, lovc for
llicm, when llicy do appcar, passes from
individuals into thc hcait of thc puhlic,
whero it lives forcvcr, embalmiug thcir
mcmnrics. OIc Bull has run a moro bril
linnt carcor in America tlian any othcr
nrtist. Tho first whispcrings of the
powcr which ' lay within him werc rc
sponded to with a fcrvor scarecly cver bc
foro wilncsscd in a public; and the cn
thusiaam thon cnkindled has gonc with
lutn and bornc htm up steadlly and firmly.
Tliore'ia a'soritcthlng In the characlcr of
his music in thc wild nnd ungovernnhle
freedom with which ho givcs way lo his
impulscs thnt hns hccn recogmzcd to bc
in harmor.y with ihc genius of the Ameri
cnu mind nnd chartcr. His soul too
senmcd to find deliglu in brooding nud
drcnming nmid our gignulic aud btraugc
scenery lo hcnr her nalive langungo ut
tercd in tho ctcrnal bass of Ningnra; nnd
to find a eoiigonial rcsting-placc amid thc
wild soliliidcs of our occnii prairics. Thc
love and worship ofour nation, too, for ils
grcat Ilero-Fathcr was sccd plnnlcd in
fruitful soil when tnc mnjcstic histnry foll
into Ihc hcart ol OIc Bull: and, long as thc
Niagara tlinndcrs, or thc wild wiuds ca
recracross ihc boundless prairics long
as tho mme of Whashington is rcver
cnccd mny we rctnin a graceful child of
hc far ofl North has cin!)cHishud thcm.
JV. Y. Tribunc.
T H E A G- E .
As was intimatcd a fcw wecks sinco,
my connection with the Agc cxpircs
with tlns numocr (zb). All pcrsous
indcbtcd to mo in any way will find itfor
thcir advantagc topay mo beforc I leavc
town, which will bc by the middle of
Decciuber, as, if tlicrc should happcnto
beerrorsin my accounts, they will find il
less difiicult to corrcct thcm with mo, than
with a ihird person, and as, when 1 lcavc,
I shall hand ovcr all accounts thal remain
unpaid to an Altorney dir collcclion.
Thc prestnt subscribers to tho Agc will
bcar in mind that they arc accountnblc tn
mc up lo No. 2SG, (inclusivc,) six months
iuto this, thc Gth volume. I invc already
scnt out bills, so that eicry subscribcr
knows, what hc is cxpcctcd to pay mc.
fCpThc bills havc been be made out at
82,00 a ycar.biit I will fulfill all agreemcnls
I havc made in rclation lo thc prico of
thc papcr.and will lake nt the ralc of $ 1 ,50
perycar as far back as No. 200, (inclusivc)
if paymcnt be made before 5J91) is issued
In laking lcavc of the palrons of the
Age, I cannot forbear tcndering my
thanks to my fricnds, pcrsonal and politi
cal, with wdiom I havc hccn associaled for
the last fivo years and-a-hnlf. I dcsire to
cxprcssmy acknowlcdgements totheDem
ocrats of Windsor Counly.und cspccinlty
lo the peoplc of Woodstock, who with
a gencrous disregard of pnrty feejing
have aided mc profcssionally and pcrson
aly treatcd mc with a courtesy and con-
sideralion which will ho rcir.embercd as
long as I livc.
I bcg leave to comniend my successor
to the good will of my friends. Hc will
do all iu his powcr to plcase you, and, il
you do all in your power to sustain him,
the relations belween you may last long
and bccomc plcnsant and profitablc.
Woodstock, Nov.G, 1815.
Will affyrd a fivorable opporlunity to sct.
tlc up. . E.
And scc how thc mnltci slamh if you do
nothinir more. E.
In con8cqucnce of the timc it will lake
to bring out the Agc somctchat iwprovcd no
paper will probably bc issucd ncxl weck.
That you cannot avail yonrsclves of thc
1,50 pcr ycar scttlcmcnt unless you
maltc it beforc No. 290 is issued.
Thc P. M. Gcncral has decidcd thal
ticwspapcrs and pamphletsjnny bc carricd
outsidc the mail, within 30 miles of thoir
N. B. Bakcr, Esq.,junior, partnor of
thc N. II. Pntriot, Jias disposcd of his in
tcrcst in thnt paper to ihc senior pnrlner,
II. II. Cnrroll, Esq.,who,l)y this arrnnge
inent bccomcs the solc proprictor and edi
tor. Finc. Twodwclling housos, onc oc
cupied by Mr. King, and the othcr by Mr
Edson, wcre consumed by firc, in Bridge
water on thc morning 27th ult. Insured
in tho W. C Mutual, on tho housc oc
cupicd by Mr King. Loss nbout $1800.
It will bo senn by this wecks paper
that Col. Medill of Ohio, has becn np
pointed, by tho Prosidcnt, Commissioncr
oflndian AfTairs, by which appoiiilinent
hc loave3 the post of second Assist
nnt Postmaster Gencral which hc now
Wo havo nevcr mct at Washington in
any of tho Departments an officcr of moro
upright intcntions nnd gontlomanly car
riago than Col. Medill. Evory individu
al who has had any intorcoursc with him
will bcar witncss lo what wo say. His
dutics havc bccn nrduous and ho has la
borcd incccssantly in thcir dischargo,
aiming, as all his actions havc shown, to
fulfill his obligntions to tho priuciplcs af
thc Administratiou wiih all possiblc Kind-
ncs8 nnd nmenily townrd's its oppononts.
Wo sincoroly rcgrct, for tho counlry, to
loso him from tho importnnt placo which
honow fills,although we feol confidcnt.tlml
hc cavcs it with a rcputationto bo cnvicd
by thosc who havc prccedcd, and cmula
tod by thofo who muy succccd him in the
administrntion of ils onorous duties.
Hon. Hcnry L. Elsworth, thc lato Com
missionor of Palcnts, has, wc lcaru from
good authority, rcccived, involunlnrily, a
high and justly mcrrited ackuowledgcmcnt
of his grcat usofulncss nnd ability, in be-
ing appointcd to mnkc out tho reportt. for
this ycar pnlnitiing to tho Pntcnt OfTicc.
Tho govcrnincnt werc obliged to call upon
tho cx-officcr, ns they could find no onc
olse capable of fulfilling thc dutics.
' Truc Sitn,
Ilcro is nnothcr beautiful commcntnry
upon tho propricly of romoving .Mr Els
worth, nnd appointing Mr Burke to tho
ofiico of . Commissioner of Patents. It
provcs all we said, at tho timc thu chango
was mado, as to its impropricty and pub
lic iiijuslico. Thc',Union"took us (o task
lor our nnimadvcrsions, and plnccd them
upon tho pcrsonal grounc's of tho rcmoval
of a fricnd from ofiicc. Thc public will
scc, by morc gcncral conscnt,lhnt wc had
good rensons for complaint nt tho chnngc
made. Thc Commissioner of Patents
Edmund Burke rccicves llircc thousand
dollars a ycar for his scrviccs; whilc his
prcdcccssor is in the cmploy of the Gov
ernmcnt at thc samo salary wo prcsumo
to writo out thc commissioncr's report,
Thc parallcl to this was thc removal of
onc of the clcrks of thc Pntcnt Officcr
Iry Mr Burke, who was aftcrwnrds solici
tcd as wo provcd by nffidavit to comc
nnd lcach his successor. It secms new
that Mr Burke requircs teaching from his
prcdcccssor;and thus we have, prnctical
ly, two Commissioners of Pntcnts, at a
salnry of six thousand dollars! N. 1.
Exprcss, Ocl. 18.
Thc libcl contnincd in tho nbovo para-
graphs upon thc prcscnt Commissioner of
Patents, Edmund Burke, esq., we copy
from the "New York Exprcss" of Mon-
day last. Thc paragraph from tho "Truc
Stui," wc prcsumc, is iutciided to nsscrt
as a fact, only what its editor supposcd
hc had good authority for nsserting. Thc
comnents by tho "Exprcss" are promp
tcd by the loo malignnnt and mendaci ous
spirit which has charactcrizod tho wholc
courso of thc editors of that paper in rcfer
encc to Mr Burke, and the molivc ol which
is well undcrstood, and which cxtracts
from thc degradcd editorials of that pa
per all thcir venorn. We would, on Ihc
very bcst authority, ussure the "True
Sun" that the "govcrnnicnl" were not.nor
was nuybody clse, obliged to cnll on Mr
Ellsworth,or any othcr pcrson c.xcppt Mr
Burke, to mnkc out rcports of thc Pntcnt
Ofikc for this yenr; that Mr Elsworth
will have nothing to do with making out
thosc rcports for this year; that if it werc
cvcn contemplnlcd to pcrmit Mr Ells
worth to have nnything to do with making
out the agricultural rcport for this ycar, it
was not bccause the "govcrnmcnt" were
obliged to cnll upon him, nor that Mr
Burke nceded his scrviccs, but bccause
Mr Ellsworth himsclf solicited the privil
cgc. Wcassurcthc editor of thc "True
Sun," the govcrnmcnt has bccn obligul
to call upon nobody e.xccpt Mr Burke to
mnkc out thc roports from his ofiice; thnt
it has full confidence in his nbility nnd
capncily topcrform any duties dcvolving
upon him in his new position; and that
Mr Burke will do as tnucli of thc labor,
cither mcntal or physical, in preparing
the rcports from his ofiicc, as any commis
sioncr has donc who has gonc before him,
Wc say this, however, not to detract from
the just merits ofMr Ellsworth; who
we aro gratified in saying, was a worlhy
ar.d valuable oflico, and who would bc
thc last man lo ccuiiteiiuncc thc injusticc
donoto Mr Burke in thc paragraph of the
"True Sun."
Thc "Exprcss" may bo at case in rela
tion to the Patcnt Officc. We nrc wil
ling to trust thc rcputntion of that officc,
undcr thc administratiou of ils prcscnt
hcad, wilh thc counlry, wdio will lnot, in
thnt ungcncrous nnd mnlicious spirit
which thc "Exprcss" displays, judge Mr
Burke. The cditors of that paper m.iy
rcly upon it, Ihat therc will bo no "two
Commissioners of Patents, nt a salnry of
six thousand dollars," while that ofiico is
undcr thc control ofits prcscnt hcad.
Thc statcmcnt is utterly unfuundcd, as is
also thc statcment put forth, somo months
ago, in that paper, and now rcilcrated,
that Mr Buyko attcmptcd to procuro; or
aathorizcd any othcr person to attcmpt to
procurc, tho services of a removed clcrlc
to instruct his successor in his dutics.
These tales will only rccoil upon thc hcad
of thoso calumnintors who piil them forth.
Mr Burke dcfies both tho malignity and
mcndacity of Ihc cditors of tho"Express;"
nnd wc havo reason to belicvo that hc
thinks tho talcnts and stnnding of thoso
cditors bc hardly ahlc to mnko cither ma
lignity or mcndacity availablo. Ho cares
as little about thcir good opinion of him
ns ho does about thcir ill opinion of him
and if cssailing him in tho wnnton and nia
licious tnnnncr in which they do will con-
solc thcm for his rcmoval of thcir relative
from officc, ho will hcroafler leavc them!
unmolcstod to thal sorry, indiscroot, and
disrcpiitablo consolation which IhnyBcom
30 camcstly to covet. Union, Oct. 1G,
Tho schooncr Lone Stnr, Knapps, ar
rivcd j'cslcrday, having loft Gnlvcston on
tho ISih, Wc tako tho following itcms
from tho Civilian:
I Ioii. T. Pilsbury is a cnndidntc for tho
ofiico of Governor of Texas.
Thc Presidcnt has dcsignnlcd Gcn. A.
II. Dnrncll ns npccinl mossengcr, to cnrry
tlic Statc Coustilution to Washington
Thcro have bcen sovernl arrivals at
Galvcslon from Corpus Christi. About
4000 mcn cnmp nll good hcalih. ,Mcx
ican li ndcrs continucd to como in. They
slnte that therc arc but fcw Mcxicnn
troops upon ihc Rio Grandc, nnd no in
dications of n desiro to maTh for Tc.xas.
Gcorgc M. Downs was clcctcd to Con-gross.
Lt. Dobbins rcccntly roturned from a
tour oi obscrvaticn, and reported that
Baranco Blanco, on tho Nucccs, wns oc
cupicd by 150 Comanches. A.detach
mont was sent out to mcot thom, but they
wcro not to ho found.
It doos notnppcar thnt Gcnernl Taylor
dosigns rcinoving tho mnin hody of thc
nrmy from Corpus Cristi, though some
delachmcnts will bc scnt to othcr poinls
on tho frouticr,
Thc voto on tho consitulion wns to be
lakcn on I3th. But litilo intcrcst wns
fclt, ns it was cvident that instrument
would bc almost unanimously adopted.
JV. O. Tropic, Ocl. 20.
Thc everlasttng Mr Paine has been at
taked onc morc! The Naiional Intelli
gcncer says:
Wc have been informed that Mr Hcnry
M. Paine, who arrived iu this city a few
dayssince fram the North, and who was
some months ago attncked and robbcd of
a large suni ninncy, ns hc alleged,nc,ir the
Observatory in this city, (ns noticcd in
thc National Intclligencer soon after the
occurrcncp,) wns fircd at with an nir-gun
by some unknown person on Monday
niglit last, about 8 o'closk, .is wc was con
vcrsing with two gentlemen undcr tho pi
nzxa in front of '.ho Unitcd Stntcs Hotel.
The murdcroMS attack upon Mr Paine
look at the timc the largo omnibus wns in
front of the hntcl. We have seen and cx
amined Mr Paiuo's Ilnt, wbich is perfora
ted in front with a large slug; which had
itstrucka little Iow'cr, must have passed
llirough Mr Paine's head and killcd him
on the spot, The slug was afterwards
picked up aud snown to us; it is in a bat
tercd condition. Il is nccdless to say that
this fotirth allnck upou the Iife of MrPainc
ns hc infurms us it is, has excited no little
convcrsation, wonder, and cxcitcment in
the community.
Gcncral Ilouslon. Gcncral llonslon
wns ai Alexandria on thc 1st inst.,fi routs
lo Texas, via, Barr's Fcrry. Ilc was in
vited by several of the cilizens to parlake
of a public dinncr, but hcdcclined thc in
vitation. Mciico Vacifin. Thc New York Ex
prcss says "llumor from Washington
staics tat a Ministcr will be appoinled very
soon by Presidcnt Polk, to be scnt lo
Mexico. This looka pacific. We also
hcar from WaFhington, that Presidont
Polk himself has writtcn a lctier to thc
Prcsident of Mexico, propostng tcrms of
upgotiation. This rcnchcs us iu a prelty
strnight way, but wc cannot vouch for it."
Falal .Hcchlent on thc Camdcn and Am
boij Railroad. It appears from a statc
mcnt which wc scc in tlic papers, that a
cow was on the track, within seven miles
of South Amboy, and would not bc fright
ened ofl" The train ran ovcr her and some
of the cnrs wprc forced ofT. Upon the pl.it
lormofthc forward cars stood ihree or
four mcn onc by the name of John O'-
Briendt, a pensiiuipr, living in Philadul
phia, was also on the pf.itforni, and, was
grcatly injurcd,pts.iby not morially. An
othcr young man, by uamc James Tulbot,
rcccntly from Englnnd, was very dnnger
ously injurcd iniernally, bcsides thc crush
ing or breaking of his shoiildcr.
DENT. OJJicial.
Wii.mam Monuoc, Registcr of thc
Lnnd Olfice for thc dislrict oflands sub-
jcct to sale nt Clinlon, Missonri, vico Wil-
linm Patterson, dcccnsed.
Tuo. IlAnn.uy CuAwroun.as Judgc of
thc Crirr.itial Court f:r iho Dislrict nf Co
lumbia, in thc placc of James Dunlop re-
Wii.ua.m Medill, of Ohio, as Com
missioner of Indian AfTairs, iu the placc
of Thomns Hartley Crawford, resigncd.
fXTWniiam J. Brown, a Rcprcscnta
ttvo iu thc last Congress from Indiana, has
bccn appointed Second Assistant Poslmns
tcr Gonornl, in place ofWilliam Medill,
Esq.. of Onio, now Commissioner oflndi
an AfTairs. Union.
Mr Cist i 11 his last Adv'r,,says that thcro
are individuals now living in Cincinr.nti,
who were actually rccked dtiring thcir in
fancy in sugar troughs.
Don'l say a word about thc wcathcr.
You can't bctter it
Thc following Ode, by tho lamentcd
Phnmna llood, rcminds us of tho fresh-
ncsB nnd benuty which pcrvade the wril-
ingsofKents. It brcathes tho spirit of
poetryin iishighest insipiration.
I naw old Autumn in tlio mWty morn
Slnnd slmdowlcsi like Silcnco, lisicnin"
To silcncn, for nn lonoly liird would sing
into nll nonow cnr irom woods rorlurn,
Nor lowlwly licdgo nor inlimry lliornj
Shakinghii Innguid loclts all dewy bright
With tnngled goasnmer tliat fell liv niglit.
Pcarling liia coronct ofgoldon corn.
Whoro nro tho songs o( Summor? Wilh tho un,.
Op'ning tho dusky eyelids of tho South,
Till sliade and silenco walten up ai ono,
And morning singj with a warin odorous moulli,
Whero nro tho mcrry birds! nway, away,
On tho panling winga througli thc inclement sUics-
I.C31 owla should prcy
Undazzldd at noon day,
And toar wilh hornoy heal thuir luetrous oyci.
Whero nro tho blossoms of Summer? In tho west,
Hlushing thcii last lo tho last sunny hnurs,
When iho mild cve hy suddcn Niglit is prest,
Likotcarful Proserpino, snalched from hcrflowcrn
To a most gloomy hreast.
Whero is tho pride of Summer tho green primo,
Tho many, many lcaves nll twinltling? Threo
On tho ir.ossed clrn; ihroo on tho naked limn
Ticmbling and ono upon rho old oaklieo.
Whero is tho Dryad's iminnrtality?
Gono into n moumful cyprcss nnd darli vew,
Or wearing tho long gloomy winter through
Jn thc smoolh holly's gieen eternity.
Tho pquirrcl gloats on his aceomplishcd hoard,
Tlic nnts havo brimmed thcir garners with rijis
Aud honoy.bces havo nlorcd
The swccis orSnimner in thoir luscious colls;
Tho swallows all havo winged nciosa thc iuain;
Dut hcro the Autumn melancholy dwclls,
And sighs her tearful spells,
Among tho sunlcss shadovvs of tho pljin.
Alnnc, alono,
Apon a mossy slono,
Sho sils nnd reckons up the dead and gono
Wilh tho last lcacs of a lovo rosaty,
Whilst all Iho withered world looks drcarilv,
I.ikoadim picluro of the drownded pa?t
In the hushcd mind's mjjterious Hir away,
Doutful what ghostly thing will slcal tho last
Into Ihat distanco, groy upon the gicy.
0 go and sit wilh her, and ho n'cr shdded
Under tho languid downfill of her haii;
She wecrs n coronal offlorecrs faded
Upon her forchead and n facc of caro;
Therc is cnoughofwilliercd every vhcro
To mnkc her bowcr and rnough glooni;
Tliero is enough ofdadncss to invile,
If only for iho rose lh.it dii'd who?o dooin
Is Oeaulie's sho ihat with iho living bloom
Ofconsclous checks most bcaulifies the lighlj
Ther is enough orporrowing, and quiet
Lnough of bitler fruits Ihc carth doth bear
Enough of chilly dioopings for hcr bowl;
Enough offcarnnd shadowy dispair,
To fiaine her clowdy prison for tho soul!
eGPAt the reccnt Agricultural Fair irt
Burlington, Vt. Mr L. Chase prcsentcd for
preniium three prctty femalc children, two
anda hnll ycars old, born at a birth! Thc
Conimittec on Ilouschold Manufuctures a
warded him 814 which was voluntarily
contribulcd by the old bcchelors prcscnt,
who said they considered him a Ipgitimale
ohjsct of charity.
Shea'ing hog for its wool has bccn pro-
nounccd sheer nonscnce,
to nn sTnnnoTvrnu.
The undcrsigned originated tho modo
of journalizing the procedings of Congress
which prcsentcd them entirc. Their nub-
lication wns the first nnd only onc thnt
gnve cnch successivc stcp in every meas
urc in both branches of Congresc; a brict
ofall drbates; every importnnt votc; and
an Appendi.x, incliiuing al full length all
tlic roviseu spccchcs uCiiVcred during thc
scssion.'I'he worl; thus conduclcd by them
is a most pcrfcct politicnl history." Tho
Scnators from the Statcs and tho Rcpre
scntativcs from cvcry scction of the Un
ion biing with thcm into Congress a
knowledgc of the feclings, scntiinenls, and
intercstsof thcir several consiituencies.
Public opinion of the public information,
as it c.xists among thoso they represcnt
aro enibodicd by thcm; nnd in the cruci
blc of Congress thc wisdnm, ofour times
is broughl to its tcst, nnd fs thcro con
cenlrntcd, in dirccting tho politicnl mov'e
meuts of the country. The impulses thus
givcn through Congress from overy qunr
ter rcact upon thn nation ns n wholc, and
all its component parts aro made to movc
11 co-opcrntion. The prcss cannot bc
morc usefully cmployed than in condens
ing and sprcnding abroad the intelligpnco
ofour Iree country, tcndingto such happy
results through our aliiiobt miraculously
adjusted Statc and National iuMitutinns.
Having indentificd oursclvcs with thc
plun of advancing thc osefulness of Con
gress by publishiiig full and impartinl rc
ports, and having a large nii.ss of tho
Cougrcssionnl Globe and Appcndix, iss
sucd during thc last ten ycars, whiclv
would bo impnired in vnluc to us nud util
ity to the public if thc work wcre discon
tinucd, we havo a douhle motive toprompt
us to extend il througli new scries. Wo
nro rcsolvcd if possiblc to give it psrma
nonce, nnd to hand it dotvn to successora
as a standard work.worthy of being main
tained nnd improved. Wo shall cnlcr
upon our now iindcrtaking withoul bcing
distrnctcd orburdcncd by any associato
labors of the prcss; nnd, thus uncncum
bored, shall hopo to makc tho new scries
a step in advonco of the former in all
points of cxocution. Withavicw to ac
complish this, wc shall bc (onc or tho
othcr) ahvays 111 nltendanco in Congress
will compuro tho mnnuscript of own re
porters with tho daily reports ot tnc city
papors, corrcct all by'ourowu obscrvation

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