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Spirit of the age. [volume] (Woodstock, Vt.) 1845-1913, December 31, 1846, Image 3

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o Publishers meant 110 wrong, but boing
o inattontivo (o tlic work, pormitted it to
...Hrtll tf tlmiH iltfltiilini.ln..n
)pcar, xcry nuwu .--. uiauimiiuuyu,
i -...vintvlnt to ntlhllft innnnirnrnnnnn
fl " - - 1 " . . w,.,w..ww
flav iliat llio imvn (Jlorlc of Tunbritlco.
,o oftlio most nccurato mcn on carlh,
.1.1 .,,..,l I. .
-i.-ll. - T) !i ..I I .. I . I 11
n III Ufl Wnlllcl Im fnlan Aml m nf
I similar cnses.
But, to atone, ns far ns may bo, for tlius
.1 t n 1
ficr rae to sav. that 1 Imvo cood roason
hopo, lliat my romarlcB on tlic Itcgistcr
II bo nroductiro of mucli cood. My
urc cditions might bo moro corrcct,-
t TT-I.1I t TJ ..Jr..lrtrtl mrt
.! nr... t..1i,. llmt Mtnif mn.t
is. Lct ua nll be encouraacu thcn. to
our uuiy Miumiiiy. juiuuu nuustHi
r:.!.r..n.. mi i. i i
bufiotcd mysclf, others will bo bencfit-
Our neighbors, aftcr wonning about
in nnil virlnnllv nrnmifin to dn linltpt-
uturc and, as 1 uesired, avaii tuem-
fii.. w ..r - r. .
rt niwl ffiin iiq hnffpp Piltinim linrnnflni
i fc-w
. rii i .
wislies for their succcss.
---riv -- -- , i
making in every town in tlic county
in scvoral of tlic louns in adjoining
nllpq In lin ivfil! rnnrnufsntpil nl HriiliTp.
pr i nn i-im ia irt nn, rioninrnri m
time and will licrnafier bo knoivn as
' ir niii nn . iIr Wnoc ivnrd havinrr
.i i . i :..
- 1 1 r TT..II. .1.- f 1 I
n; ut'iLii ul liil: iiiiiiL iiii: iitiiut: 111 liii:
P.W .lAPTfSON. Wn nm nssurwl
...i .i .1 :t..i - ...:n
r -i - i i
and songs, tlie cvening will pass
.1.. -rr t n.i .)::.. r.i.
sniuiv UIl. XJtl LIIU LU UU Ul IUU
ol lUnrcli at Wlutncy s lolc), como oa
e prcscnica our patrons uitn a picio
illustratcd shcct last wcek, as a Clirist
prcscnt. Theeditorof tlie Frccman
mucli flnltcrcd wiih liis portrdit and
i of tlicir dnddy thoy had evcr seen.
10 nmsi wris "iastman a nnv ' uiinm
rttl ir nnr virnn rl nn mnnir lt nnnntnn.
tlie Frccman familv witli any works
i il.! !.:.! 1 . !!.. -I f !
ri in i s iinin iii iiir i nn ni q iina
VllllUtlUll A IIW iiuir UllllUI 1(111 lliVb'
lnildn itillll'a vittnrrn wna ffnfipntpil
ednesday Iabt tlic Ilev. A. A. Livcr
of Kcene. N. II.. nrL'nr.liiiiiT (lie
jatory sermon froni 1st Timothy, 2d,
i - 1 i n ----
l lic house ls a beautiful one
ted on one of tlie plcasantcst spots
e vi'llagc built during tlic past sum-
liio interior is paintcd in Frcsco,
a Golhic ordcr. represcntiii" a domc
-fivc fect in diametcr, raised sliglitly
i cenirc. surmoumed with a cireular
icntal dcaigu; at tlic sides oftlie
; aro two scrics of Golhic panels ex-
ng across tlie housej tlic wliole de
resling on a Gotliic cornico two fcet
inclics dccp, riinniiig cniircly round
ousc. Tlie walls arc colorcd plain.
i.i.f.i .i..
c desisrn of arcbcs and sunkcn nan-
n i t
t llio riglit and left of tlic tccess, in
d lettcrs onshiclds about llirec by
ee . arc l he (o lowins seiccuons oi
urc: "Jlnd thls is lif'. ctcrnal, to
thte, thc onlij (ruc God and Jesus
I whom Ihou hast sc?i." " TJtnu shall
: Lord llni God teith all thy hcart,
ii nagnuor ? inyscif, inu loruicr
on tlie riglit band sliield, and tlic
on tlie left. Thc wliolo painting,
g about tbree hundrod dollars, be-
i ii . . irn j ... r
ecuiea oy iur awiin, oi oaraioga
N. Y. Tlie furniturc of tlio
is very nent and n.xhibits nn cxccl-
i i. i r.i ...i.- i.-.i .t.-
gupofit. Thc Ilcv. Mr Newcll,
derstand, is to bc thc scltled pastor.
edifice spokcn of above is said to
ily beautiful, and thc dcsigners and
cra ot ine socicty lor wiiicn it is
.1 1 ..!.!! I I
nr.c vcry creditablc to thcm. Wc
that aprenclicr of this dcnomination
well sustaincd in Windsor, as ilie
y is fast increasing and nlready cm
Bomcoflhe wealihiest ciiizens of
age and town.
o don't begin to pay us something
r paper last year, tcc shall begin to
onsioerauio crosa puoui u.
II. f.
are happy to lcarn that thc fair of
oi.ij.io HU .iuuerdiaiiii aiiiuuiiicu iu
one hundred and twcnty-fivo dol-
nch will be appropriatcd in furnish
neat &. elegantEpiscopal Church
villagc. The ladics will pleaso ac
ir thanks for llieir kind rcincm
in sending us a gencrous packagc
ll ... i i . ! I r.i i .
les werc supplicd. Nolhing but
s prevPMou our ucing prcsent to
to do.
the "fair ladiea" of Christ Clnirch
Bethel, livo to enjoy many such
u conlinuo to uo honorm wn h thn
oftho "gencrous and beautiful''
ley now so grncefully wcar and
UMlv nnllllorl li
Sftin iuaurt the prospeclus of thc
" Citizcn and hopo to rcceire it
Who is resnonsiblc for Ihc contmuancc
of the iour?hU Kencdy answercd this
quustion, tlio otlior (Jny, in tlic ueuaic on
the Prebident's tnesaauo.
VVhy who, ho nsked, whcrc, indecd,
responsiblo for thc blood wliich Imd bccn
Bhod in this war? Thcse roligious gcntlc
rnan woro thc nion. It wns llioir specch.
C3 llieir cxortations tlicir dcnuticialiona
ihcir nrofcssion oftlio opposition of tlio
Amorican pooplo to thc inntntcnanco of
tlio Tcxnn linuiulary ns ngainst mcxico,
wliich had induccd that misorablc and bc
sottcd nation to supposcthat a war for thc
vindication of thc lionor of thc Unitcd
Stales and for tlio mainlcnnncc of its just
riglits, would nnt bo sustaincd, nnd lioncc
it lins bccn tliut thc Mcxicans had rushcd
madly into tlio conflict. It was the vcry
aainc rcligious influcnco wliich induccd
tbo Mcxicans to continue the contcst and
rcfusc submission. It was tlio courso pcr
sucd by such rcligious gentlcmcn wliich
lcd the Mcxicans to say, "Tlicse fricuds
of ours in thc Unitcd Slntes will paralyzc
the liands of llieir own govcromcnt, and
wc will wring from thcm i'avorablc pcacc!"
But lor such influonces, would another
battle havo followcd that of Palo Alto?
No. On tlio skirts of llioso who denounc
cd thc goverunionl of thc Unitcd Statcs
for the prosecution of war rcstett nll thc
blood of Americans and Moxicans wliich
had bccn nourcd oul upon thc bnttlc ficld'
These wcrc his (Mr K's) honcst vicws,
spokcn witli grcat plninuess, nncl without
any pretcntions to rhctoricnl cfTcct."
Writing on Ncwspapcrs. A circulnr
has bccn issued by thc post ofiicc dcpart
metit, dirccting dcputy postmastcrs to rc-
movo thc wrappcrs Irom all transicnt
nowspapers, printcd circulnrs, price cur
rcnts, pamphlels nnd magazincs rccoived
at their rcspecttvc oflices, and if found to
contain any inanuscnpt or incmoranduin
ofmiy kind, cillier writtcn orstaniped. or
any rnarks or sigtis, exccpt thc nnmo and
addresa of thepcrson to whom it ia dircct-
ed, shall be chargcd with lcttcr postagc,
by wcight; and ii thc pcrson to whom it is
directcd, ahall rcfusc to pay such postagc;,
the postmaster is to send to the olficc from
whence it camc aml luvc thc oftender
proseculcd for tlie pcually of $5. The
name of thc sender writtcn or stampcd on
the newspaper Eiibjects him to the same
Gun-Powder made from Cotlon. Thc
Whshington Union contains a lcttcr, from
Europc in wliich is a statcment that pow-
dcr of superior quality has inndc out of
cotton. 1 hc Union says:
It nppears to havo beon discovcrcd n
bout thc same limo, by two of thc chem
isls ol Europc. It is innre comhuslablc
thnn fun-powder morc powciful in its
cxplosiou, hcating and fouliug thc guu
mucli less and probably endangerin lcss
the livcs of those who firc thc gun from
its danger of burating. It is mucli morc
efiicicnt and cconomical, b'jcause it is
four timcs nh strong, costs mucli lcss to
mako it; and it ia so simplo in its prnpar
ation that it can hc mnnufactiircd by thc
most common opcrativc. Tlio qucstioii
nriscs whctcor it docs not bccomc the du
ty oftho War and Navy Dcpartmcuts to
invcstigato tlic subjcct, and to instiiutc a
series of n.xperimcuta as soon as they can
uoininuninntc with thc authors or thc a
tcnlees, bccausc wc uudcrstand lliat thc
step has bccu talccn t'o lake out a palent
riglit in our own patcnt office.
Tlio Mnsicians' linll, will como ofi'nt Lcbanon,
on the cvening ol'ihc 29lli of January, uudcr llic
dircclion of llic "old .Monarch," Puslice, us usual.
Tlio Annual Musiciar. l'alls are tlio bcst in New
Cngland. Wo liuvn't room to say nnvtliing moro
thii wceli but will talto tlio libcrty just to liint to
Capt. Hill of Ilill's I'atriot, Col. Grcono of
tlio Doston Post, nulieifiold ol tlio N. II. I'atriot,
Alaj Eastman of llio Vl. Patriot, Ilcding of tlic
Ilaverliill Kopublican, I'ottcr of lliu Mancliosler
Domocrut and Kiddcr of tho Mcsscngor, tliat if
Ibey wnnl to givo llieir rcadcrsllio inodt interesting
itcm ol nows to "be got nl," ibcy'll tcll tliem
about llio Musician' Dall. We sli.ill nublish tlie
card ncxl wcelt.
Tbo anual incetins for tlio elcction of olTicers nf
tlio Windsor County ngricultnral fiocietv, will be
lield at the Town Ilall In Woodstock, on llie sec
ond Wcdncsday (Itcing tlio tliirtccntli day) ofJnn-
uary nt one o clock I'. M. pursuant to tlio provu-
ioni of tlic uct of incorporation.
I ho coiiiiniltces nn I'nrms nnd I iclu crops will
thcn make llieir rcports; nnd tlio l'rctiiiunis will
bo nwarded accordingly.
A niecting ol llic lioaru nl Alunngcr.i will uc l:cld
nt llio same plnce, at tcn o'clnclt A. M.
ClIAItl.LS niAKSII Jn., Sccrthry.
Woodstock Deccmbcr 19 184G.
"wnn.n Tiinncis ufh Tiinnt. lsnorr."
lnstnncek lilc llie rnllowin; nro nlnunt ol il.illy occur
rtncc.iuid remlcr iiifr.1u(iii3 a!l farllifr comment upon
Ihe cfllcnry ot' Wiitnr'a lialn.iui.
I'onglikcqiil?, N. V.Scnt 18, 1R15.
Ucar fiir, The clinraclfr onVlntnr's natiam ofWlld
Clicrry lnso well flnMislii'il throiislinnt llie rouiitrn, nml
ci-inclolly In Ihcslaio nfNcw York, llint nny rarllnr
teillnioiiy would Fcemlnlic tninccrwiry. Ycll linvc
perlvril ( mucli ndvnnlngofrnm II, tli.it 1 nnilmiipy in
commiiiilrnle lliruujli niitilho alck nml nMiclcil, wlmt
It Imidoni) for mc, uinl'l ronsider It n pnilliue nnd dnly
lodnnn. 1 hac bctn trnubUd wlthwcah luni lonr
ycars'. Imd a rnu;h moro or lcmevcry wlnlcr. I wns
conllncd lo tlie Imutc nll last wlnter wllh a iievcro cougti,
pnln In tlic Hlde nnd lirca'it, rnifed boud ncvcral tlniPs.
I ronftiiltcdn pliyMcinn, li'jt lmvn ucvcr lnlriiniiy mciliclnc
wliich 1ms ilpne mr rn mucli jnnd ni
wistar'siiai.bam of wiu) minnrtr.
I rmuldcr It llic hest nmdicine In llic world lor Congln
Cold, nnd I'lilmoiiary cniiiiiliiintn.
None gcnuinc, unlcsi hlgncd I. 11UTTS onthcrnp
l-oraleliyCIIAUI,ES CI1AP.MAN, l)ru;gll,Wooil.
tock, Vl.
In SprinsficM, of llic Palsv. on tlic 23d of Dcc.
Widow Gould, molher of Maj. William Gould, of
that town; ngcu iu jcnrs. siio wns n good wo
man, for inany jcarfl n incmbcr of tlio Alclhodiat
cliurch. L'piscopal, and thcn rrote9tant.
In Sherburne, Dcc. 7 nf Canltcr-rasli, Collcns,
only eon ofDavid nnd I'olly Gatcr, ngcd nino
ruontlu rnd twclvo dnys1
Thougli tio nfllictcd parcnts, who nro callcd In
tliia instnncc, to mourn llie losi oT nn only nnd bn
lovcd son, nrc inado sad by tlic ngnnica ofmor
tal scperalion, yet their mouning h that wliich ii
changod to joy, by n fiiitli in a futuro iminortnl
exitlcncc, whtch fiiiih, ia nn nnclior to tho aoul,
both sure and sloadfast.
May thojoyous cipectalion ofmccting their in
fant aon in u moro conncnial stalo of bcinz. chccr
and pustaiii tliem not only in their prcscnt triali,
but in all siibscquent perioda of iiffliclions.
2 3 4
Anotlirr lot nf llinso
hrtldn n vntldj ofnthcT Jlt recleved by
The Time
Kootand Shoe business has arrived by
assortment of Boots and Shocs
TlioBowMiinMopurcliasolloolsnnd Shoei tlint will FIT and WCAR bcttcr tlwn nny tliing ol
ho kind to be luiind nt anv other Slioo Sloro, in lhii, or nny ollier placo in tlic fclnt'i, had beller a-
vail themsolves of ihia oppoiltinity. Wo will mako
it on morc fasliionablo Lakts, tlian nny ollicr csiauinonincni cun.
TlIESUBSCRinr.il, nlso, has iust rccoived, nnd
sivt asaortmcnt to be found in thia vicinity. IIo n prepareit lo suit 1)13 patrons, and iim puuiic geno
crally with nll sizcs. priccn, nnd qualitioa (cjccpt poor) Hnbbcrs.
IIo has on hnnd, and roady to sell and mako up, n largo and beautiful njsorlmcnt of now
Wc os3ure tho publio that this is tho placo ofall others to i;ct your tnoncy'a worth. Ladiei and
Gcntlemen aro invitcd to call imd gct fittcd out iu a stylo tliat can t bo ueat.
Thc I.ocomotivc, Stcnm Ensiuo HOOT nnd SHOE Es.tnblislimfnt,
has iust commenccd its rapid proirrcs in thn villagc, nnd 'n supplying evory man, woman nnd clnld,
' ...:.i. ill Mira'l' o.wl ItPST nLtmltnnnl nl
over oll'ercd in lliij vicinily.
ll he wm YmmEiME,
Rubbers ropaircd in thc ncatcst and best pnssiblu manner. Old ItnbbcH takcn in cxcliange. If
I.ndies nnd Gentlcmcn want dry lcet, and fislnonabli! booli nml shocs llioy havo but to slcp in nt tho
si"n oftha '1J1G I'OOT," nnd'gct llietn , ns we sell for n little of nolhing. Homoniber tlio placc,
Woodstock, Dcc. 21), 1846. JASPKR 1IAZEN, .Tr.
Grcnl reducl'wn in thc priccs of
5jD G2. CS3- CE) CD S2D Ss30
JuslrcceiveJ dlrcf l fi'om
50 1'aclnsu of Dry Coodi ri cciuly purcliascd undcr tlic
nll ofwlilch will bc sold at a grcnt rcilucllon from formcr
prices. Anions llicm nre.
150 plcrca llroadclolli", Cnhliincrts, Docsllns,, Sntl
nclti,Tvcids, l'iliil nnd llfnvcr Cualliisc, ol ull colow,
qtiilittcs and priccs.
Supcr Vnlcncln, iJnOinicrc, Sllli, Siilln nndriuid Fls'd
Vcsiiiis. ofovcry di'si'riilloii,
20 pt. tSU k V. Alpaccim from 51) cls. up.
30 P. tl-lcollim wnrpdn. pliln, fla'd nnd slindcd
I rom 20 In '10 cls.
10 pi. Mnin dc l.ainci nt 12 1 2 ctn.
15 P- l.nma cloihn, n liriulllnl nrllclc nt 17 cu. ujuil-
l hnlil 1'nroO i'Ik.
20 p. Rlch Cnslimi'rca D'Crnup from 20 10 40 cm.
30 Itltli l'uttcrn Drcxrs Jloiii.. do I.iime ut 2,00. lor-
rncr prlcc a,'iO.
Tho nbnvp witli nuny nilur l les nrilrcssnnd Clmk
Guods we nrcoircrinsnliibmi'. two Ihlrdi llio ii-uul priccs,
nnd llicy will bc limnd lnbo nstniiMilngly licnp.
All cniirinnus (iianlily ol lllcb l'ilnt.s, lncliulins
30 ps. Daik nnd I.iglil l.i't cidnrs lct (I l-l cls.
.10 dn. ltii'h rlilntz nml liinildrrdo. nl 6 cis.
50 ilo. llark. hisli crd. nml l)ncrslj lcs 10 cl.
100 do.ncw nnd t- ! t-n 1 1 nl p illrrns In plnlds nnd ulind
piHlrlpcsil'rnm VI 1-3 lo 17 clh.
Wc cousldcr tlic obovc to bc llio
IvtCiir.lt nnd (SElicrt'JCjt
lot ofrHIN'T.-? ever ofltTciIln llils rrsinn.nnd Invilc tho?o
who nish to pnrclrc lo cill nnd luok nt llicm.
A fplcndld lot of
ol'dim-rcnt iinillllcs nml priccs liirlmling 257-1 C'ottnn
nnd U'nol Lt.in rts.,2.'i8.1 cxlra licnvy dn. nt 02 cls. 50
8-1 llljililnnd l'lald, Vrncilnn, Daninsk nnd olhcr t)lm
fnr 75 its. In 1,50. 25 8-1 Ilcuvy M'nol dn. nl 1,(10. 218-1
all uool ltii'h Cuilinirrc do 5,00 fcnmirly kold nl $8.
Supcr Catlimcrc, Eitrn Ilcnvy W'onl nnd Strndilln
Dnmask do. nl cqimllv Inw prlccn. Tline wbo nro Mint
ing n bIiihvI ol'iiny drHrrlpilnn wllldnwcll to call und
louk ul tbo above liclorc muklnj: tlicir purclinso.
An ndditlonnl nupplvnf Sillt b'carl', Glovcs, Ilosicry,
Mncn llilkli, Gimps, I'ringcs, fcc. Wllh n mll iisinirlincal
jucli nsTlck:n-,l)rlllinii, J'laid I.liilnp, 3-1, 4-1, nnd 5-1
llro, .t Illcncb. Cnltnna, C'ottua I'lan iicIj, Kcd nnd White
niiglliib do. ic, &.C
Tlii nbovc with mnnv ntlicr cocds wcre
VOUOIIT CUEAP n ll.l will bc hOLl) CIIF.AP.
Wo go lor ininll proflli nnd prnniplpaj. 1'urrlinsrrsHre
rcspccirull) invltrd to jlvc us u call. Our hlork Is nnc
quallcd In this rrjilnn Tor cxlcnl und vuriely, nnJ we gimr
aiilcc thc priccs lo bc ni
llinn nt nny ollier nhop wlthln filty mllcs of us.
Dcc. 17, 1816. ('. DAN'A, Jn,
YIIS. llc l.niiies-riom 12 1-2 to 25 cl,!
cons wllh n ruilt nt
llunovcr, Nov. 12. M0KT0.V3 chccp cnOi rjloro
Now openlns 20 l'acknsos Crockcry,Glnn nnd Chlnn
Wnrc incliiilliif,
Sctls Itich Cold lland Chlnn Tc.i Wnrc, wllh plalcs lo
innlcli. tH'ls Ilicli IMj'il, nnd I.lno do, new ni'.d rli-mmt
inltrrn wllh plulcs to inatcli, 20 r Is White, Sprls'd,
nnd Itnls'd, 1'is'd Chlna 30 cls llluc, White rtlone,
Sprls'd. nud Ituln'd, I'is'd Tcn Wnrc.
A coinplclo nssortincnt or
In ntw miI KplcniliJ pnlterns luclndlns: Tca, Coffco,
Toilelte und DiniiiR W'urc ofercry dcscrlptlon.
lioniplclc ncts
mm vare
In Dluc , White, Stonc- Dark llluc, nnd Eprlj'd Wnro, tn"
Soup nnd Snnce Tnrccns, CnvM Dishei Unkeri, Con'il
lluiler Plalei, Kruit Dlihes, Ilandl'd Cuiturda, c, &c.
In (lunntitics lo milt.
50 sflls Tolletlc Wnre rrom 50 cts up
100 do common plulcs,
50 do do IJowlx,
10 do jellow Jloneiupples, diuerent alten.
With n full nfortrr.ent olulhci Mndof con.mon ware
of every dctcrlptloni
Anmlclllliin.il mipply of
ldOdoi. Tlnln nnd Molddcd 'J'limblfrn,
50 do. t'rrse rvp Niippioa,
50 pnlrn I'rci-ervo Dishcs Itlch Cul, phln, mouldcd
nnd nrn. Mliuds. ol'diH'orci'.l tir.es,
100 pairs l.amps frnin 2i rnits up,
Hlchciil nnd coiiimon Salt I'rlhrs,
I.einonudcSjCup I'lalcs, RooMiik Cnslors.iVc, Ac.
rurchascnfrom lar aml ncnr Tnvcrn Ucpera nnd nlli
cra, will flnd the nbovc the
niorlmenlor wnrc ever oltifrcilln thls rrRlnn. I'lenie
glreua acall bcforc mnklnit jourBclccllnnn clacwhere, ns
ou cnnnot Inll lo bc aulleil In
C. HANA, Jr.
has me!!
iust oncnctl thc most cxtensivc
to bc found in the world.
UIVITKII worlc, pof In uv. 1 1 r.u biock nnu iimuc
now ready lo sel!, tho Inrgot nnd mn?t eitcn-
lor good K.UHJAINS-fcr thc rcanon, tlmt
AS E X T E X S I V E A S S 0 11 T 1 B X T
of nlmost
EVERY VAR1 13 T 1'
ot Oonds linvc Just bccn rcccitcl wliich nero bought nl
lo whlrh tlicy hnvc decllncd in Mnrlct, nnd but .1
will ho cliarjcd Ur Ihc "Rl" A I) V" or In cxchun;e for
iiiiic1 cverj produrl tiflhc f.inner to wlt-
imitii) Ai'i'i,rritocici.vR,ri,.v-
"' Uli, 1MIIS, FOOril.VfJS,
&C, tiC.,tiC.
Tnr hlrh ihe hlghcst inarkcl priccs will lie paid.
lVrsnns wishlns to iiiiikc Mtch cxcliani'os mny bo ns
atircd lliat Ihe prcscnt is tho vcry llino und thls Just tlic
placc by callliij; fcowi-
3000 YARB)S
nsH E3-?r!tiiaf3 zvxz's ,
from 5 10 1 2 1-2 cls bor saleby
r.r.0.11 chap.man'.
vamt fb mm
0 4-43 Ul'i 11 3 KJ W Vfr
O. A. fl. Ina arrived from
hc nn ofTcr to the pulitlo n larjcr nnd bctter aasorlincnto
tlian caa b found In thisor nny ollier Tonnln Wlndinr
County, wbicli.lie will acll
Itmn any otlnr man. ricnsc call nnd icr.
a iBrge nssorlmcut rf
whlch he will cll
thttn any oiheritoreln the Counlry.
O.A. 11RVANT, A Co.
Aaaurins thcm (from Ihc pcrfccl fntlklicilon he ims clvcn
lu ine buslnos, nnd his lon; cpcrinicc,) that ho
camxcculcnsfino ,i plcturo ns an olhcr
iitaiiln thls t'ounlry.
when properly flnWinl will lnn rrnn lenjlh nftlme, ns
tlic likcnosi Is nclunlfy
lormcrly occuplf.l by III. Chnsc.
I.adlca and Gcnllcmni, whc Iher wUliius lo tn for Mln
laturcs or not, nre Invllcd lo cnll nnd cinmlne speclmcns.
Inslrucllon clvcn In ihr nrt.nndnppaialus tor ale.
Woodstock, Nov. 4, 1846. 333-t
NEW iil
0, A. BBYANT & 0 0.
havr just rcliirucd frr.m
Mhlch nlllbo
Ihan goodi wero
YDS. Alpacrna from 2i ccnls tipward-
m Xf Kf H V loo I .11k wniprio. at51rla.,nt
lltinovfr, Nov I" MOUWNV,
Is oflVrcd ut
r vrv r i" rrn tn it viv wt sn m v w rrr " r'i 'rt
Urpotllci made nnd UivlJinds pald dully nl
i3i & m
" Thc tidt ttal Ladson to Furtunc!!"
Thunks tn a jcncrous pcnplc, Munjcr's cxpcrlmcni
has Kucccidcd. Tcu mtinllm njo ho cdrninaiptd ihi
wllh n dclcriiilnnllcn lo brrukdown M Mnnnpolks und
old iirlcv'H to kicp up wllh Ihc llnns, In ihc Imprnvc.
iimnt ol (irods-ihc I'Hlt PKCTMIN OV WIIIIK
nnd tho rcducllon ofi'hninfsj uud IiIn cfroiis l.avc bccn
rrnwneil wllh lnnl succcss.
(Jhlldliood, joinh, niid old nfc, ns tlicy lo'di nt llidi
olitji, durulilc niid licautirul t'liruiciitii piirchukcd ul ilu
blisMutiscrliilhclrb(arls, undbld I1I111 God t-prcd In
his cfl'orla, 10
Tic Fcoiilc'spockcls full!!
Thc nimmrr campnlfii Is ciiilfd Is upcn i:s nnd
Wlnlcr In prospicl -but Ihc waiiis nf llm jicoplc h ivc
hci.n iinliclpHtril-.mil 11 back nccilliccold-iiol a hcnd un-cnvcrcd-(,Ntw
Vork nud llnstmi) havn iis-ilu jlchli d upof
their lucrcisc,nnil llioSnvinss llaiilt ls lull lo orrltnwiti
wllh Ihc choli'cit (jiniils llml iuslc, cnricni c nnd rnsh
cuuld purchiuc. We hnvc KXCJfilhll. t'KliXC'll
B R O A D C h 'jT E3 S
ofevcry color lcsturo niid prlrc. Oiiniun, 'rciuli uud
nnd CASSIHIKiltiS froni 50 rl.. lo Q.IP Ilr-ni-j
ilol!mfnr.irjciJiis, 11 lurcc nnu ihinp unn'ilincnt Klcli
Bllk, V'clvtl, CuihinoriTii, und Valcncni
chcnp cntiujli for ccoitomy. nnd ricli crorjh for wcnlth
"iu luls tn bult purclinsrrs."
Ovcr t'nats from $5 to 30
Dress and 1'rock coals fi to 21
Hicki 3,'ClolO
l'nitls ' I 75 In 0
Vsts ' 1 00 lo 5
-to cnnmtriitc llicm-would (III nniatntnotli llrolherJona
Ih'in. c linvc htilin crnvts, rJcnrls. Hcir-n)jiii.liiiR stoi'ks,
IldklR., Imlla liulihtr siiipcndrra . Bllk do, while, blnrk
nud colorcd kid iMovcs, llosierv. l'rcnch Shlrla, llnsoms
nnd (,'ollars, Undrr Khirls und dra.vcrs, IJmbrcllas, Dvrr
ulla, and nworld of olhcr thhiiis fur ianiculuri, come
und tcc the C'uoils.
11: a rj
Snfh ns MufTa nfnll klndsand prlccj, tlon, nnfraln nrrr
ci.nls, fur Irlmmcd Clovca. No. ! uud il lluffiilo lUhri.
Ollcr hliins lor coal collars, Ac. 4c .Vc.
new inM ittlons ai.d n'd CI01I1, rur-liimiiiid, I'lush, wn
ter i rooi, at.u a unti 01 oiacrs.
whn liatidlcs thc i-hcnrs wllh us niuih sktll ns Illmm
I'owcrsdurs Ihe chlscl llic moit prrlect nrtlt ol'lils prn
lcsiinn iu ihc wurld Imjitnt rilurr.id lnuii thc (Jitv with
Ihc lalist fjihlons nml Is rcailj, ns osiiil, lu lli ev
ery body Ihe first limo trjlnj.
Aml whoso' dnubt, that Mitn;cr dncs biislncia no thc
prliiciple ol'"llvcnnd lct lUc" llint hc Is thc poor maii's
rricml lct hlm rall at
W'c will plare our goods nnd our priccs nlo'nj rldc
ol thiic id nny itian this i.idc of the city.
"Our rmc i.s ricnrdri, ot;r Imnntr mfwlti,
In tke nnme nf 1'irmonl mdtfy all ihc uortd."
Thc old dynasty is Jenlnn nfour tucerts nnd wc nrcns
Milcd by i-cnrcs nf hall'llcilsrd tn'lora who tcml out tlicir
( liuii-ilv.-it:d wuuld lic-( iif.y) ndicrtijctiui'.niroai cveiy
iinuk nnd cranny iu town. Rut thcy iiiuit come dnwn
tbcday innilsnjiiiig n farm to.lniy 11 stilt of clr.tbns is
Simc bv. And llaltrrs loo cliafid,bcihf.fe I'ors.intli wc
will sell bats, thal will nnt, n cck nfttr thcj nre pur
clniscd, binc ull thc cnlnrs nr 11 (nml In Antnnm Ints
that fnr cliraptuss, durabllity nnd II11M1 cxccrd nnMhit'j
made in tlie rnnntrv Invo titrne.l Iheir Int khnps" Into
lnp i.b(iis und commcnrcd tho Jrw'n Irndc of cllins east
(flj nud ccond hamlrlothcs shall Ettcli mcn pros;.cr?
No llic tidc M'tS lu to
ttVi,vnsTriii 1:. MUNorin'rs
Nov. 1610 No. II. i;dson's Itnw.
Tcctk Exlracltil williout pninl!
Ilnvin; purclnscd nt ;rcat c.ipcr.sc llic
righl to ue tho
htcly dis. nvcrcd by I)r. Morton, or lloston, bas flltcd up
n roout c'lprcl lor c.itructini lccih, nnd i now prcpar
cd to ndmlnlslcr thc nrliclc and pcrl'ium Ihc opemlinn,
?osiT-7E2v-r Vir-L-s-nou-t' pai:.
The Compomid Is n gn, v.hlili Is hrcnthcd fnr n momeol
bj llic palicut, who Inimcdlattlv fulls into n qulct mrt 01
nrep, wiiicii iiisis i"r 11 ii'iijsrr or siinricr iimi' ns t'te up
erntnr maj dc-lrc, during wlnch u toolh maj br tMrarad.
uruii) umrr rurjiiriii npcriiiiiin eiiuriiiru wuunui nnv
inffcrins 011 llic MUiton llie ruliinl. TIiiho wbn linv
hcrclnl'oio paiscl innny a aicepltss nlgbt In 11311115, raihcr
iiiuu ui.ucr;: 1 n snuii uui iuiniiii (ijiciuucni, nero orcnil 11
nn lonjcr. Tho r.Trcls ol Ihc (,'nmpuund nrc iniin dliilcly
rcccivcicd from, nud aro cniircly hariulcKS. Nouuplcna.
coitseilucnci'H cau possibly icntll Irntn lu uc. I)r.
Chuv) has ctlrnrlcd lcclh n-cial linics lor 1'itticiitH whu
wcio undcr Ihclnllucnce nf Ihc g.is, und in eicry Insliincc
Wllh lhegrcatet.ti.ucccti.-i thc) (lccl.iriuj; 011 "'laking up,"
lliat tlicy had nntftlllhc i-llghlcst piilo, nnd innreover
lliittbc si'iisnlinns proUuccd liy ihe Cniiipouud wcre u;
Ihcinosldriiglitlul kind.
Surzlral Opnation.On rrldnj kst, wc witncsaed tbc
en'crtsnl l)r. Mnrton's nsw Irivculinii, lor rcml.-iiug pu.
llcnls Inscnsihlc, during tturgicnl opcrntnms. '1 he opcra
llon wns pcrlormcd by llr. NVnrrcu, on 11 oiiiij m in, (or
ihe rrmovnl rf a lumnr Irom lliu ncck. The prcparution
was ndmluiJlertd in llio lortn ofgas, wli'rli wiu liilinlcd
IVnmagaa rcffivcr, nnd lu n fcw inomcnts llic pticul
fell iulo n qulct sluinhcr,ln whlch hc rnnnlnrd nlllinui
Nhr.winstlio lcist i,jnipioms olp'iln llll ncnr thc cloae ot
Ihe opurallon. On Siilurday, llr. Ilajw.ird rcntmnla
vcry lnrgo lunmr froin thc nrm ol'a lndy, who dcclarcd,
aOcr fhcawnkc from the illcrtsofllr. Morlnns prcpar
nllnn, lliat he had not llm lcnt consclouiifis nl lnvm
sulTcrcd paln.the wltuli- tcn inlmtlfs liclrj pascd nwnv
lu n drcani, llic particulars of whlch thc relatcd whcn fcli'e
arnsc. Irom ihc opcrator's rhair. Dr. Muiton, wlmlsn
dcutiM, has administcrrd llic same prrp'iruilmi 10 pcr
1011s, prcvious 10 r.tlriicting u lnotli. nnd llicv wukc uo
witli nsloniihmcul nt llnding tlic loolb &mt.Chriitia'n
XX- 1TI11.V ni.dior thc Ilisirlct of Randolph, for llio
1 1 cnr cnsiiing, will be lnld ns rnlloivii.MZ:
At tlie I'rotnle Dlilcc, In Vct Itundolph, on thc flrst
Tiicd.i)s in January, I'ebruary, Mnrrh, Apnl.Julv, Ait
gnt and Oclober, the 3d Turmliv in .Miit , ihrSd Wrdncs
day In Hcptc.v.ber, nnd last Tucsd iv In Novcm'icr.
At Dlclilnsnn'a Inn, In Chr Im-i, on Ihc Kd frld-.isln
llcccinbcrnn l.lnnc, Ihchsi 1'rl la In Marrh, nml llic Hd
Wc.lncsd.i) in January, IVbru.iry, Aprll, May, Jnly, Au
tU't.Scplciubcr, Oclo'icr und Novcmbtr.
At Woodwnrd'a lmi.in Tunbridge, un Ihe 3d Turfdnjs
In Jiinuary nnd July.mid 3d Tncidav In tiepicmlier.
AtOalc'9 lnn,lu Vuhlngtnn, nn ihcSi '1 hur.Jas In
January nml t-cplcml.cr, nml dih Thursdin In Jnlv. '
At Oaie's Inn, In Williat.tsinwn, on the-lth Fr'lJnjt in
Jununrj ind July, nnd ad 1'rul.iv In rtcincuibcr.
. , r:i)MUNil Ui;SIO.N, Jndgp.
West Randolph, Drrembcr 1, 18l(i. V) Sw
Jona. riMiTll. Kczeiltr.
ANrff aiipply r.frcidy made clnihlnj;. Thls tn;cthcr
w th thc old slnck mnkf a lurga n'nirinicnl nll ot
whlch w iil be ao!d al tho unusual low prlccn
a new iupnlyorinnii7nn.il nll fur r.ipj.chcapcr ihan ctci.
rni furs nf nll klnds and ahcep pclts.
Dcc. 13, "10. I). AJiDriRRON.
"YX T. the anlisorihcrs, bping nppointcd bv Ibe Hon.llif
1 rrnbnte Court for Ihc IHslrlrt orilnrtlord, I'nrnmls
sl"ncr, lo icoclic, I'xnnilnc nud ailjust nll clalms, imj
innmlsofull pcri-ons njslnst tho cstalonf ,0A1 Al.
Dltll'II, lst lalc of Harllitnd, lasilit I)lstr',pi Jeccaifd,
nnd nll rbilnts nnd d-mands cxhllillcd In
nnd i monlhs r,m thls ditc belnj nlln.trd r,ir ihm rnr'
pnsc, bcrcby glvn nnilce lliat wn will tiltcnd In Ihe hinl
ncss nl'nitr upnnlutmcut 111 Uln dwc'.ili.., ,,.. i'.i.. .1
censcd In siid llartlnnd, on Ihe l'A SaTimliiv orJnnuarv
nnd Jtinc nrit Irom 10 n'clock A, M, 10 3 o'clock I. M. oa
rarh olniid ilaja.
II. M. gTOOKUU, UCf Illor.
ii .1 .1. fc'i'lUIJMAROV, rlnncrf.
Hartland, Qcc.g, 181(1. 31'.3w
Rlcachfd Wlntcr Spc.rni Ol!. vrrx llght color
or aalchy n lHNA.Jr.
CAMi.nnd Ihchljlicat prlce paidfocShccpi I'cllsT
viiii.0 imvu.
U'oodslccl:, Drc, II, 13IC. 313 Ow
The Clieiipot und licst.
Forty-Ulslil lirfc uclnvo I'njci, nnd riflv Hnsruvlitfs In
cuch niiiiibiT. rubllslird on llic llralol cvcn worili.
nOinaT l-'nAnfi, 123 Nussau strocl, iW York, will
hcrcilicr liirnlsli lils now
In nll rcspicl ((ilin.' lo tho Thrcn.tlollm Mu;uiliiu. nt
Ihe Inw iulcu ol i.nlJ pnr JuUar aniifhiiir mr unhurn.
Any per'on ftndnij i'ir Dollan, tf.i I ricclvic
coiiVj ol ihc ni.i;ct.no lor rmc tnr, na " uirtct.
Allsullccta wliich will ailmil iil it.nll be llliMrainl
witli cnj.mlnsi. TluMvhole iiuhiIht 01 Ihc rrimvti y,
ut thc i-c.ncliieion ol llio volumo, lll uinnunl to iclirul
buiidrcd. ,
Wc ollcr to l'o.lmaslciii and mliera, u t-op) ol our ct-w
workjud puljllnlii'J, oniiiti'il Ihc
'Tictoriiil Dcscription o.f Grcat Dritniu nml
or lo those who prcl'cr 1 r, tftro-
(I'liiticlllrlii'd wllh an oriclnnl porlroit rl Vna!llra""ii
I'hiipnimi, t.i'iliune tlniii i;u oihrr insruvln's, 'liopp
o.)lor cvrry new aubncrlbcr, Mlili llio dullart (aclosedr
lico rf poatusc.
Au pciKin procurlnj len uulmMilicra.und aciulii'; ilu
m dollum, flinll irri'iTn tm cfijiir nf Ihe .Mnjii7ine, and
aii) ont'ofthe .il.ove popuUr uorks, tcnl us hu eltail i'h
Wu linvc niilkorllv, iniiir tbc new I'ot.Oflice law, lo
sctnl tlii' nbovc Noluincs crunpb lo by ruail, boimil ut onu
voiiimc. '1 hc nft)iac nill nn: txcitd iwnily liii icnls
10 nny pari nl the Cnllcd ftatss.
Jj- l'c rpKtit- Iriun tlio louulry, vMitrg Ihe clly. iff rrk
pictl'ully reqncsli-d lo nill ntlhcntnrc oftlie aiuWnler,
153 N'ii-siiii i-mrl, New Ynrk, niid.f niiilnc lils new I'lc
Inrlnl Viilntiics. lor 1317, bcloro jiurrlienitifj cl.'mhne.-
fit'iirn' l'lclnrl'il Ucscrlptlnn of Grcst llrilnln ni'.d lic
lainl, EGtl pujm, larpc 8o.
Si-nrs' Iiilnriiiiillnii r.r thc I'coplc, do. do.,lnrC ncttvo,
Hcurs' I'ii'lurliil Kundnv Uook, COO p.ifis, l.itpi Nvn.
r!curs' Ntw I'iclotial 1'iitiilly l.lbiurj, CUO pnaca, larjg
Hcurs' I'lrinrlal Illnlury of the Amerirnn Hcvoluutin,
l.)0 piici's. I.irgc vo.
Kcnrs' I'lciori.-.l liible lll.tnry, Cf 0 pr(f, lor?c Rn,
Krurs' 1'icirirl il lllblo IllogrHjih y. VO futvt, l.irjc brn.
r-'cars' l'iotoriul Wondcm ol'ihc' U'orlii, ft'O p.itca bir
A rnr.il clmnce lorlcarfrnm G'fO to SICCO a vrsr.
ACJKNTS U'ANTIID In cvcrj town .V rotiuly thrru;h
nnt Ihc tJiilnn, to prn'iirc hulmrriticra l "frors' New
I'lctorinl nnd Illn-trulcd rumily .Masnrlnr,-1 aml to nll
r-'cars' New und I'opiilnr Illstotic.il 'niks,m.lvcrsaltv nc
knmvli'd;rd 10 bc thc bckt ur.d rhcupnl cer ptihlUbcd.ss
Ilu certuinlv urc Ihc mnt talciibk'. Any acilte n;rnt
ntny clcar tj.'.CO or SlOOOa ycur. A cin.li rnpltal (.I'ut
lc-it SS-ri it $"j0 will tm ncccsary. I'ull parflriilnrt of
Ihc prtociples und prollts cf Ihc Ajjcncy will bc ?lvcn cu
iiilicaltiii, ctthrr pcrson. il'y or b) lcllcr. Tbc jiotlag
muil lu i.ll cuaes liu ps d. rlciiso tn nildrri'f,
11(111 r.UTSnAllM, l'libllaner.
No. JS .a3just., New o.-l.
'Flin Pu'dishcn of Yankee IlnnnLC, nltcr waiehlnj
l palieiitly Ihc rcsull nflbilr iirnrts to ritaMiih n
p.-.riakinsorihc ipiritol Ibis counlry und Idcnllljins it.iir
with Ihc intcrctH, ympnllm, l.isli" nnd prnjicia oflha
A'ncilcnn I'lnplc, li.uc thc plciiMurc (d nnuwinclna il.ni
Ihi-ir fiicccss has llius I ir lirpn itnnainllfhd In Ihc blalorr
soin 011 in crcct 11 Miilnble bitpcrttritclure. Allhough
riiiiug uo hobbv, uor proll-nsiii.' Inbe llie npnncnt cifiiny
uirrow sclioul orsccl, VASKr.n Doodi.i: Is l.roadly uud
Mrirtly"n iticinl," ntnl has 110 nuuner nmblilon ihan to
rinimdy and reprndnco In periiiani nt furms I'.int ficesplr.t,
tlrit rxliubrrcnt lifc, llial crrnivc cnirg .ind lellnnn
cnthiisiasiii w lilch ho cmincntly rlnrneicrlic us and dit
linuisli Ihc New Wnrl.l frnin Ihc Old.
lu Ihn Ilditorlul nml Ariiatlcal Dcpnrtmcnts nf Yunla
llondle, lliu l'iiliifhcrs l.n e rngnjcd ihc mosl cmlr.rnt
nnil iliversllicd talnit tliat could l.o pwurrd, Tlie riakn
nnparadi' nl nainm, but lc ivc hlm (Vaukco Hnoillt; to
Bpcsk for hiuifcli;
Tlic nbject 01 lins IVospcclus ls -lo lnlroduce Ynnkco
Diicvllc In Ihc grrit b.'dy of Amarlcin l'euplc who roliiy
nnt nl ihc pirgo Uitics, and upon wliole dcciaiun tncai, nt
lntt, rcsl Ihc fitc nf.iiij n.iiinnal ci.lcrpiisc. Wu iiitIU
.illcnllnn, thi-rcrorc, :n tlic I'cllnwina lcrms nronwhlih
wc prnpo-,0 10 cxtcml ihc eircul.nion of our papcr.
Any ncro:i rciniltini us SSi! bv mall nr mliernise.
kliall rcciive Tcn Copns ofYaukce llnodlHfur oca cc
ilirci ted lo such addie's us hc nnv detlgnate.
1 or sia wc wiu send nc Copirs lor one M-sr.
Kor S"i we will Fcnd Two f:oilts.
.Hinglc subsrriitici!n ja pcr unniitn.
rr.Ml ordcrs inasl bc nrrrinipininl hv thc cssh.
Addrcsi,(porw,) J. A. FltAr.TAS .t CO.,
, No. 7 Hprucc nrcct. S. Y.
nnkre Doodle Is pnbll-bcd in New York evcr Hsiur
c.iy tnorulni!, und will bc tniilisl to counlry subscrilicri lu
uine in nmvc 111 11s pcrinu ni uesllliallon timullancuu.ly
wllh IU is.-uc In Ihc Citv.
New York, Noicnilicr, 1?I0.
DocTon !5Pi:.n-8 imdian .-!Ijui-
PRr.i'.tnr.n nYrnr. old im)i.t. vocron.so
Wliniir; thcse Mcdicincs nrc Introduccd, eicry oljec
linn is ut onru pnwir.'tcJ,fn,- Uiej luvcgaincd tho
most pcrlcct cnnflilrnce ofevcry iiidividanl, iilkrgiMnj
llifin n f.nr triul. I do nol hcii.itr tn i) tlmt 1I10 cileb
rtt c.flbce mcdicincs Ints ontlrippeJ ull nl tlic popuiar
tcmcdics in llie l'nilcd Htntcs, aml tlicre nre rir'cci nn.
sons lor llic iickunw lcdg-d meril cf llu'sc Mrdlcinc. In
llic Prst placc. llicy haciint come up In 11 few (In)sor
jiars, but tn tlic rii.iirnry. They nre Ihc sciculiftc eosi
pounils of tbc cilcbrutcd I)r.J.-ij, Hpc.ir, if Ilnston, ullcr
n lciej, rstenshe nnd succtstluf prurtlrc, nd may be ro
litd upon wllh tlie iniiH prrlcct rcrlalr.ty nsnpnniiyo
cure iu all thediscascs fur wliich they nre rccnmmemled.
And 1 do not lieidtnle to rjuiMatcc perfrct oure ia evtrj
curuble dKcasc. Itr' cr. il'iou will ifr.erere a rcascin
able time witli 'he-e medicini'S,iis recnmcnilcd, jou musl
ccrMinly leil joursclf inider Ihc liigliPkt nblisalions for
UtiKC dlsciivcric.inu will nlso ficl jnurnlf In dutv tinund
lu rccmiucnd the m to Ihe ntlllcle.l. '1 hcre nro mnre tlian
tcn thousand pirsr.r.s iu tlio Htuli's nl Niw Ihmpihm
.ind Vcrmnut that will lc.lify In lUc hijiilv Inipnrtnrt cfil
ciry c.f Ilu so mciln-mcs, nml uviry will t'cslil) lliat llelr
lius lin-.c Ikcu sjmiI only hj llic use of ihcae inrdictnei.
1'or piriicul.irs and cci ull.-alc.', icc my ilcalih Dircciory,
lonc nbt.iimd ol Agculs Rrnlls.
Ifotier. No lciicr or roinmunlcnllon will be nnswcrcJ
eiccpt l'uiil, with imcdolpir cuclosi d m pal r,r Koiricea.
1 hnvc voincihini! 10 do etcept rc.iding and writlni: tcn or
twcnty lcltcr.s n day fnr nolhirq.
Tunie Cardialtar fc-inlcs Ihat are not regular, or loo
murli tn nl fnr wcakne.-s nnd dcbilily.
lluhTclnc Cnrd.-rergriiins pams In thc bowfl.,
Ph"ric "UnJin;, and a good comiiiun Kaiinly
iuin tf t.ie Nn 1 nrd 2....ror all discates or iha
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