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Spirit of the age. [volume] (Woodstock, Vt.) 1845-1913, April 01, 1847, Image 1

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"l'rccilom of liiquiry nnd tlic Powcr of tlic Peoplc."
Voliiinc S Nunibcr 20.
WJioIc Nimibcr 359,
t t t r n v 4 n tl (1
Elm Slrcet. 2S7,
corUollamer. JamksIUbiictt
ueniratoircrit ui
Allorntu and Coumclor al law,
A '1 TORX E lr A T LA W,
i v II
ATTOllft E V A T L A&V.
Chester, Vt. 2S7
rronxEV and counsei.uk at j.aw,
WVhl Rnqilolph, VI. 280-lj
Attorney and Connnelor ut Law,
s. H.sTKnrrnit,
Atlorncy and Coumclor al Law,
Allorncy and Coumclor at Law,
J. 1 KIDDI'.H,
Altornci and Coumclor at Law.
West R'imlolii, VI.
ninoniucK c. koiiimns,
Atlorncy and Counsclor al Law,
ludlow, vt. 287
1). V. Wr.VAIOL'TH.
torxe ysf co uxselor a t la n
III. I III. I,, W. ouni
TOR. E Y8 A. r I J (J U U I n n 1j U II 3 A A "
Chelnca, Vt,
P. Hunton, 287 T. C.Jonus.
Ai.ii) ciitiucs iin tiii:
KaU Rutland, Vt, 301
wnmws iiotp.l,
n c r oj rim ana u en it ai nrctii
I! Y S. YV U I T N E Yi
sA.in;i;ii roRD,
A'E.WK.jY. .
V ILLA (i E T A V E R X ,
SHAHO.N, VT. 313
,. V. HYDE,
Proctorsville; Vt. 287
i r v. n t n ji ,v n n rr .r v
to aiiu irom tnittrpot. ais
i a n INIi .Preiicli jiui.l Americaii DrjGoous,
w. i. licioiiivinti uriiceripii,
Croclicry (SUi iinil Ilurd Ware.
ElmSlrrtt .
iirr.i.isis & siiADK.
lUSl.N I'l.Oirit, W.I. RO()l)3A.GROCCUinS
i.iii coxhtxt:.- o.n AND.
i),COSI'i;i Tl)UlV.HI.I.Mi:itI)UlNKfcAM)
TRHt.sTiiGLT.urroarr iiwmTNnv'MH'P'-i
n.i.m'iiiuii ,lJty .......... ................. .-
O II jM A K u n a A ii J i. v i. 1. 14 ii n,
iiirflr nfllvcr Snnfinrifind SiniPlurlcfi nnil Dcnlf i
in .lewelry.Cntlfn aml I'.inry (ioodf
Wlinlcsiileiinil Ilctull, 237
. ?i. ii.i ! . ri.l ri...i 1 f I .. . . i
n nnnr tintin ni fininn tinn . n.m Afr..i.
Ti.KiniMONI), & CO.,
lish's building, Cealrul Silrttl. 320
iciimonu, N. Ii. I'arkiiurst.
T A I I. O R .
C o 11 a m e r $ ii a r re tl ' t Offiee,
lilm ntrert,
JOIIN KF.I.I.Y Tailor,
Haiinard, Vt.
i). m. n nwr.Y.
i..i.i.iiiiiniinii i ..u.iiirill
Iiiivp rmnpii nrn w.irrnnteil tn drnw u liarrel
liiuuto wlth easR.upto n hundrcil fci'l.
rnll . i.tn.Au.. I . Tl
ordcrH Irom u.liatnuco prompllj ntlrnileil lo.
iock vi. za
lAIili A WYATT, IIlacksmiths
Ironiii-' nf nll klnds nnd Cnatom vvork ofcvery
uctcnimnn uone in oruer.
rr..vriiAL ktreet.
P I,' n i) r ... i. li'ii ... i
1'lensnnt Slrret 287
1 1)1 V II. II -v.,.,. . ..
sirjiA iiotaniu piuininnNnn,
IiIvehy staiile;
r y t ta bl e , a g l c Ilottl ,
V. M. HMITIl.sllltnl.
tft- A I4 S O JXI
entire nt Iho Cnlilncl llnsinfn, nno ulin can
rcconi.nended, nono ollirr iircl npply.
anoitoi; fhiip.r.
icr, mumi i, ioii. u.ji.11
r-4 T n v rf- v -r i j
Inforni nll mirli hh tvinh lo src lilm nt liin plncc
ildence llint Iiq mny lie fatind at linme (in 'I'urs
tnrdny ofcncli wrck (extranrdlnarlcs ctrrptrd,)
III attciid to the otnmlnation of dlarnag nnd
irincine II ucmrcil,
urch 10th, IS17. 347 3vf
I'rnm llie nf our lliilon.
oiyriMcs rnnviouB io tiic ucvolution.
liV j. t. v.
At last,
Fnr in llio liotizon to llio north oppcnicd
l'rom slifrt to sUirl u licrj rcgion, slrclclioil
In liattnllions nspect, iind nc.iicr view
Dristlcd vitli upnlil Iiciiiiih innunicrablo
Ofrigid spuurs.nnd liulincts llirongeil.iiml ?liiolila
Vatious, witli boaslful nrgiiincnt portrayctl,
Tlic Bim ncvcr sliono on n Iiappicr couple
llian Ella Merton nnd Chnrlcs llnrlwood.
thu next day nficr tlieir joyful mecting, .ir
thcy wcnt forlli to cnjny, iipon llic mnrgiti
of llie lake, tho refroshiiig brcczes t lt nt
cornc ncross ils peaccful bosotn iu u suin
mer's day. Thoy botli cre ardertt nd
inirei's of ualuru's lovclincss, nnd llcrc stic
Iinil piiintcd hcr bcatitics witli tlic slrokcs
of a miister arlisl. Tliey wcrc nlonc, nnd
could ndii)in,) iiiidisturhotl, tlic liaiuliuorl;
of iinturc's God. It wns a sceno on wliich
sucli lovcrs tniglit wcll dclight to
dvvcll. T hcrc wns sumctliing in it thnl
Fcctncd to invilo to gcnlle convcrsalion,
and to turn tlic soul in nnison witli tlic
swcct mclody lliat bleals ovcr llio caith,
nnd is bornc on cvcry forcst wliispcr,
"I'is natnrc's harniony lliat can calin tlic
angry passions nnd coiiicovcrlliciroublcd
breast, likc tlic coolinr bretzc ofsnnimcr
ovcr thc fevortd systcm. 5cfore tliem the
long narroiv lake lay sprcnd ont, clcar as
n sca of inolten glass. Tlic brcezc tlint
liglitly faiincd its ripplpd hiirfacc, was lati
cncd wttliilic pcrfmncry of thc wild blooin
that grew along its banlts. Thc tall I'orms
of thc sturdy oak, and nsh, and chn, lo
gctlicr uiili thc sky an.l iloating clnnds,
wcrc rellccled Irom ils bosom, and sccniod
liko n vista lo.a sccond unrld, in its
dcpths bclow. Thc forcst fiowcr uas
nodding over ils niirrorcd surfacc, as if to
kifs its own shaddow, and scemcd to hlush
likc u tiir.orotis inaiden, at ils oun lovcli
ncss. Themusic of thc oak caine to the
car, liko the low hasc from thc orclicslra,
and, niinglu g wilh it, was thc .soft, harmo
nioits notc of llio downy.branchcd ash,
whilo thc waving pino tciit forth ils lones
likc tho ihiindcriiijr organ's pcal. Chini
ing uith these, were thc melodiotis songA
of tho fcalliercd trilic. Thc wild pari
ritlgc had lcd forlli lict brood in tlic shady
wood, whilo thc constanttaps of thc wood-
peckcr resoundptl, faroff and low.
it has liccn sinil thnl all natnro ts bcan
tiful nnd liarmonious; that inusic is bntnn
imilation of her thousand notcs, ns paiut
ing is a copy of hcr sccncs. Ilcr mlnstril-
sy is as perlect and faultless ns hcr great
Author, himsclf. Tho lovcrs saw nnd
fult the thrill of plcasnrc.which ncvcr fuils
to unpart 10 natiirc s truc worshippers..
An ngo, (o thcm, sccnicd alinost too short
a ;une to spcnd atnid sucli lovclincss..
Thcy drew out thc dcpnrting hours oftlic
day in afl'ectionatc commtuiications nnd in
drawing ricli inslrnclions from lcssous so
divinely set. Tho momcnls flcw bv and
found thom still linticrins unon thc bordcr
ol the lalsc, in sueet convcrso, and loaiho
to deparl, nsthough it wcrc a lutt farcwell.
1 lie dccliniiig sun, cnslincT at lcngth liis
rays across tho waler, adinoiiished thcm
of evc, whcn, tnrning to Inke a last look
down llic Inkr, on wliich thc snti wns now
shining tnagnificontly, tliey cspicd nfar ofl"
in the dini distancc, npon its surlacc, a
dark objecl, that occasionnlly glcamcd iu
tho sun-lioht.
'Look!' said the yonlh, gazing a 1110
mcnt, 'ihcrc issoincihiiig thure, 1 fear.that
nccds a closer nttention than a passing
So saying hc (Jrew from liis pockct a
sniall cyc-lass, and lcvelled it for a fcw
innmciits unon thc obicct.
'Thcro is trouhlc abroad!' hcexclained
roplar.ing llic glass, 'and if l righlly divinc
wc sliall ucrd to havc our eycs about ns.
Comc, my Ella, lct ine allcnd you homc,
this is busincss, I surmise, that will rc
quirc stronocr sinows ihnn lliy own.
Raying this, hc drew hcr nrm witliin his
onn, nnd led hcr to hcr fathcr's dwclling.
Then, accompanicd by tlic hunler, thcy
took.lheir siation, to walch, unon thc bank
lliat slopcd down to jhc lake. The olijrct
now nppeared Inrger and ncnrcr, soon iu
scparatc divisions Iheu, ns it drew ncnr
cr, singlc boats could bc distingmshed,
which, through tlic glass, were secn to bc
hllcd wiih men, wilh iheir nnns gleannng
iu the rn'ys of thc sun.
'That,' exclnimed tho liuntcr, 'looks
likc warm work for a fcw tlnys to comc.
Our bravo troops must know this, or
thcy will be unprcpnrcd to givo thcm n
hcarty welcome, and truc hosnitnlity. But
see! therc gocs a cauoc froul thc shore to
liail tlicuv.
Just tbcn a smnll fiasli wns secn from
the canoc.and shortly n fucblo rcport reach
cd iheir ears; tlicn 0110 of thu boats turned
asidc to nnswcr tho call. A constillation
secincd now to lake placo, thcn thc boat
returned to t!ie flcct and thc canoo agnin
to thc shorc.
'Thcre is soipc mystery hcro!' said thc
'That,' cxclniniod tho hunlnr, 'must bc
the wily chicf. Ilns hc not gainod n
knowledgo of tho posilion ofyour band,
and now informed thc encmy? I'crhnns
thoy mny meditntc an atlack.'
'Thcn they slinll bo thwarted!' returned
thc youth, 'thatbAiid, sir, wnsuevcr form-
cd to bc takcn by thc cncmyl'
So saying, he placcd a small burle to
his lips, nnd blttv a sharp slirill blast,
which, in a moineiii, wasnnstvered by au-
othcr, a short distancc down thc lake
Soon a urackling of sticks annnunccd the
approacli ol'men, whcn aiiddcnly cmergetl
Irom llic thickut tivculy ns stout fcllowsns
cver sliouldered n rillc.
'Look yonder,' said thc yonth, pointing
to llie fleot of boats, ns tho band gnthcred
npon" thn shorc, 'what say you to that?1
'That wo sliall havc tnorc nierry-making
soon!' nnswcrcd onc, uhoso cotinlonance
nnd spccch fcemcd to indicatc n fnmiliari
ly with sucli sccncs.
'Thoro is yct tiino to lay our plans crc
thcy arrivc,' said Hartwood, 'but, mcan
white lct us withdraw'froiu thc shorc, lcst
our preseiicc mny be discorcrcd.
'Vcs'1 exclaimod thc hunterj'como witli
mo; I will find you a salc retrcat, sucli as
shall dcfy thc keencst Bcruiiny of llic cnc
my, tliough hc wcar thc lynx's eycs.'
Thc huntcr tlicn turucd to the east, fol
lotvcd !y tho 1'utlo hand, ncross n lcvcl
iipac'8 thcn up tho s'ulo of a hill thnl faccd
the lake, until arriving at a small clurnp of
hcmlocks, hc pauscd,
'Thcrc,' said hc, putling asido a fcw
hovghs, thcrc .is your hiding placc.
Couch low and entor.,
Tho party, crecping upon tlieir kuees,
soon found themsclvcs, much to iheir sur
prisc, in nniplo room, formed by n shclv
ing rock that shot out l'rom thc hill, and
darkly obscurcd by alliick growth ol'trces
aud btishus aroiind and abovc it, so ns to
hidc it from llic obscrver. Ilere thcy
soon Blruck up a fnc, to dispcl llio damp
ness of thc placc, as wcll as to preparc
tlieir evcniii" renast. A hiific staff was
now scnt forby onc ofihcir numbcr, which
hnd ihnt day becu killcd. The deer uas
brotightandroaslcd.nnd distributcd ainong
the party, uho soon bcgan to makc as mcr
ry as tliough thcir busiiicss was anything
butdcalh. IMeanwhilc, ihc huntcr nnd
tlic youth had takcn thcir station nt nu
opcning amid thc Irces.in vicw of the lake,
and wcrc vvnlcl.ing thc niovemcnls of thc
onciny. The sun was just sinking in ihc
west, so that ils rcfkclcd buams cnuscd
the surfacc of thc lake to glow liko btirn
ished gold, while thc flect of tho cncmy,
with thcir nrms glisiciiiug iu thc suulighl,
and thcir banners rellectiug its rnys, spot
led thc c.xpaiisc. and secnipd likc thc
couutless wild fmvls, that ollcu hovcr ovcr
its iranquil waters.with theirglossy pluines
and cxpaudcd uiugs, shiiiiug in purplc
aud gold. The ninin body of thu cncmy
now held thcir coursc towards ihc western
shorc, whilo a small dutacliincnl turned to
llie oppositc, and stcorcd for a point aboul
thrcc milcs abnro, whcrc Hartwood had
statiimed his baud a short limc prcvious.
'Now is llio limc for aclioti!' said thc
huntcr. 'The cnemy, tindoubtpdly, havp
kuowlcdgc of your prcsencc, and bave
scnt a dutachincnt to surprisc nud lake
your birtid.'
'Thcy may lahc somcthing clst!' lacon
ically rcspondcd the youth.
' Riglil returned tlic huntcr. 'A good
ly nutnbct of prisoncrs would bc nomcan
prcsent to scnd itito our camp, toinorrow,
10 inform ofthe enemy's intcnlious.'
'But this, savngc; why should hc wish
our ruiu?' meninlly cjaculated tlie youth.
'Therc is more in ihis;' cxclaimed thc
hunter, 'llic wily chicf has some selfish
motivc for his modo of proccdurc'
'Ah ! walch well your bonic,' returned
ihe youth, 'I fcar for tho safely of hcr it
cnniaiiiH. '
'jut,' rojoined thc huntcr, if.hc is con
ccnied in tho moveincntsof yonder scouls,
his dei-i(iiiing iuind uill find cniploy for
minie limc licuce; still, to inakcall sccuru
I will soon rcturti to gunrd, and should he
meditate a foul deed, I will hovor over him
likc a pcsiilcncc.lo blast him iu his guilt.'
'Scc, thu shadcd ofpvcning aroalrendy
bcginniiig In sclilo upou thc lake nnd hill
and valc. This adnionishes us of our
purposc comc, my fiicnd lct your older
expcrinncc hclp lay our plnns,' cxclaimed
the youth.
Thcy now returned lo tho cavc, where
ihc jolly bantl wcrc just mnking thpir rc
pnst. 'I'hc me.'il wns soon dcspalchcd aud
ihc band gathcrcd around thc huntcr nnd
thcir lcndcr iu sobcr conclnvc, ns tliough
llic falc of tbt! wholo dcpendcd upon the
counscl of cacli. Tlieir plnns wcrc soon
laid aud tho cnuncil brokc up. Thc hunt
cr, and tho leader with his trusty band.
then took leovo of thc cavo to rcconnoi
trc tlieir late encnniptncnt, and thelurking
placc of tho cncmy. Thcm, thcy lound
landod a short distanco down thoslioro of
llie lake, nppnrcnily wniting thc approacli
of uiidnighl, to coinmcnco thc attack.
Tho place tho band had so lately occupi
to ohcy the sumuions of iheir lcadcr, wns
situalcd at tho foot of a smnll rocky slopc,
ihnt incliuod towards tho lake, so as lo
rendcr access from bchind impossililc.
The path lliat led lo it from towards the
enemy's posilion, along thc margin of ihc
wator, widcned, sonicwhat, n fcw rod.s
boforo it rcached thc placc, thcn bocnme
narrow nnd difiiciilt as it passcd by on tho
south, up tho lake. Onc half of his follow
ers, Hartwood conccalud in tho thick un
derbrush lliat g:ow bcside tho only way
ol access from below, witli ordcrs to let
ihe enemy pass unmolcsted. Tho half
of tho romtiindor, hc pluccd bchind thcir
camp, hid nmong thc rocks, whilo tho rest
wcrc to guurd thc narrow passago bp.yond
up tho lake. This arrangement being
madc, n small watch-firc was kindled up-
on thc shorc nnd nn imai'0 nlnccd ncar.
rcclining against a ncighboring trco, to
puss for a drowsy sentinol.
'Lookl' snid tho liuntcr, nointlnrjr to a
glimmering liglit across the waler.addross-
ing Ihe youth, who stood ncar him, 'thc
niain body of tlre cnemy huve already
sprcad thcir encampmciits npon thc oppo
sitc shorc. Ilow benulifully thc rcnccled
liglit of tlioir firc daiiccs unon thc lake.
as tho wind ruflles its surfacc. But
scc, llio moon admonishcj of thc j
lalcncssof thc liour. I hopo she will go
duwn boforc llic attack bo madc. 1 should
likc denrly to shnreyour sport, but 1 havo
n lovclicr charge to wntch, and mut havc
to dcal with a morc wily foe; but I fcar
him not.'
'Go!' returned thc youth, 'I will join
you bcfore danger can thrcatcn hcr whom
wo both lovo nnd csccm; but 1, menn
whilc, will prcpare for sierner dulies.
Fnrevvell until n deed bo dono nt which
llic wholo cncmy sliall tromblo, whcn thcy
Thc huntcr thcn dcpartcd for his homc,
whcrc hc fouud his daughtcr anxioiisly
wniting liis return. loher bo unfoldcd
tlieir plans guardcd wcll the door ex
amincdjhis loadcd rifio aud bcgan hiswoa
ry vigils of night.
lst Oullaw. Fcllowp, niani fajl; 1 co n jiasscn
2nd Outlaw. If thcro bo ten, shrink not, but
uowii wilh thcm !
Two GKNTLuncN or Vedona.
Wc will now rclnrn to the young Indi
an chicf. Stung with chagrin thal hc
should bc obligcd to rclinquish his prize,
aud fleo, whcn hc was already bearing it
awny iu his grasp, he burned for revcngc,
aud icsolvcd not to i'ivo tii) all hono of
yct rccovering it ngam. Ile thorcfore
hung around tlio hunter's thvcllfng, watch
ing for a (lt opportunity to spring upon
liis imsuspccting victiin and glut his fcas
ting eycs in his blnod. IIc saw tho liun
tcr and his d.iughlcr staiioned upon the
small cmincucc, as dcsciibed in thc com
incnccnicnt of our lalc, and was, wilh his
loadcd rifle, crecping towards thcm, likc
the foul hycna upon his prey, whcn tiic
bounding decr drew thc fnlher away.
Now, he longcd to snalch ngaiu thp heau
tiful prizc, nnd ily, no! then hui hnlf his
purposc would be gaincd. liis revcnge
would not bc obtaincd, a rcyengo which
nothing but the falhor's blood would nn
swcr, or rendur him sectirc. Ile therc
fore dogged his foolsicps aud skulkcd iu
ambush, upou thc path of his return; bul
thcro agnin wns thwarted in his pnrpose.
Ile vowed double revcngo upon Ihc liead
of thc young strnnger, whoso darmgly
confroutcd him, for his surpicion t"ld him
lliat he was thc succcssfiil loverof thc fair
palc fuced tnaidcn. Oh! how hc longed
to copo wilh his rival, nnd drink thc hot
blood from his hcart. That would bc
swcot, indced, Ile now retolved to col
lect tho rcmnnut of his scattered tribo,
aud wroak his malice upon thc hcu.
.lusl thcn strango voiccs camo upon the
night air, that causcd him lo Itn.lt nnd re
coil: but turning asido into thc bushcs,
and crecping ncnrcr, he cspicd ihc band
of Ilangers, lliat Hartwood had just le.ft.
'This discovcrty,' tliought hc, 'will de
stroy all my dccp-laid sclipmcs. But my
vow, oncc made, sooner or Inler musl bc
performed. Yct hcre is nn obstnclo thnl
must not bo liglitly rcgnrdcd.' llcfinul
ly passcd on, nvoiding discovery, turning
ovcr in lns minu llio licst nianner to nc-
coinplish his cnds. 11c arrived, at lcngth,
at tlic station ol his fccblo tribo, and call
od lns few followers around him. From
tliem hu lcarncd thc intcntiou ofthc
1' reiich army, from Crown Point, under
Isaron Uiesknu, of inarching ngainst ihe
lorccs of llio colonies, stationed ol Lake
(Jcorgc. This he thouglit was too goot
an opportunity to let pass by. IIc thcro
forc lold his plans and dcmnudcd of liis
bnud to bo rcudy at hi3 call. Next day
hc walchcd iho nppcarauco ofthc troops
aud inlprcepling thcm whcn thcy nppear
ed, lie comniuiiicalctl tlic posilion of tlu
Ilangers, promising to conduct a detach
iiipiii lor tlieir capturc, at au appointcd
time in the night. All bciug agrced up
on, he ngam rclurned to his siation, and
waiting till it was sufl'icicnily dark lo
obscurchis movempiils, hc lcd a small
chnsen band of his followers cautiously un
ihe lake, strictly nvoiding the encnnipineu't
oi the nnngers, and conccaliug thcm in
a thickct a short distanco from tho hun
icr's dwelline, bidtlinir thcm to uait his
sigual erc thcy cominuiiccd thc niurdcr
ous assnult, ilicn relraccd his stcps.
1 he moon had just sunk behind the
western forcsts, and had wholly withdrawii
licr rellcctcil rays, so t ltrt now tho dark
ness secmcd doubly dark becausc of the
liglit thal before had shone, ns tho band
ofthc encmy slolo slyly up ihe bordcr of
tlic lake, iicaueti by llio rcvengeful sav
ngc. I lieir slcps were slow and cautious
Hut whon thcy arrived nenr whcrc the
widcning of tho path told iheir nenr ap
proacli to tho camp, ovcn so that thc top
of ihe icnt could bo dimly secn, thc Indi
aii hallcd, and, pointing forward in si
lcncc, disappcared by a side path thnl led
up ihe hill. II is nllies pauscd a iiiniiipnt,
waiting his return, as if fearlul of trcache
ry; but inslantly siartcd on ngain. The
firo nnd sentinel next nppeared, which
cansed tho forcmost to drop thcir heads n
momcni, but thc sentinel was slecping on
his post, thouglit thcy, and the firc biirnt
diin nnd low. Ncxlaslight rustlc ofthc
lenves, by tho sido ofthe palh, nltraclcd
thcir noticc; but all was silunt agam.
btili sieaiiiiiiy on tliey crept, till only a
few ynrds tnarkcd the distanco betwecn
thcir lino nnd tho camp. Tho click of
llic locks of a hundrcd firc-crms was now
distinctly hcard in tho death-liko still
ncss, ns thc inuskcis of ihc soldiory woro
now at tlieir slinuldcrs. 'Firc!' shouted
thc cnptnin, and a butulrcd muskcts in
stantly flnshcd in the dnrkuess, twcnly
bullcts picrcetl thc imagc by thc firc, nnd
thrico that nuniber thu tcnt, whilo the
crash rcsouudcd from tho distnnt hills,
and died awny in tho far-ofFclen, followcd
by n scpulchrnl stillncss. But not a mo
lion wns sceu iu Iho camp; nll rushcd
fonvrd to vicw thn work ufdeath.
'Down! down with your arms, or dcath
sliiill brandish h'n horrid dart over you!'
cricd a stciitonan voice'from tho rocks
ubovo,ns the tall commanding lorm of Hart
wood afipeared, just viaible in tho Inint
"loam of lihi that thc dccnying firo sent
up from below. All stood astounded nnd
ongcrly gazcd, motionless as if petrified,
tlion, rccovering from tlieir amazemcnt,
many tunied for flight; but a bristling
row of rifles, rcady to put tlieir lenden
dcath into thcir rauks, inet thcm in thcir
coursc. Nevcr was snrpriso inore com
plcto; bcsct in front aud rcur, and fully
heinmcd in on cvcry side. Tho loud
clasb of arins, as tho soldiers flung from
llicm tlieir r, muskcts, drowndcd thc loud
voico of thcir commander, ns he atteinplcd
thcir rnlly, nnd n hundrcd of tho Frcnch
submitted ns prisoncrs of war. Tlieir
arms wcrc now sccurcd, nnd thcniselver
placcd under gunrd, liut soon wero oblig
cd to entcr thcir own boats, wliich were
now brought for that purposc, nnd cross
llic lake, bclow thc cnemy, iu ordcr to
lake up thcir lino of tnnrcli for the En
glish camp. This thcy did vtiihnoeasy
gracc, when thcy found how fcw tlieir
cnpturcrs nunilicrcu. trcai nastc was
neccssary, lest tke main body nf thc cne
my, lcarning tho situation of iheir friends
should scnd out a rclicf. Cherlcs Hart
wood stood alonc upon tbcshoro until thc
last receding boat had faded 'from his vis
ion upou thc dark watcr,thcn turned up thc
lake towards tho hunter's duclling. IIo
had not procccded far boforc thc sharp re
port of a rifle mct his car. 'Therc is tnis
chicf browing,' mcntally cxclaimed hc,and
quickcncd his pace.
Ah! who could dccm lliat foot of Indian crow
Was ncar? )el tlicrc, wilh lnst of mnrderous
(ileamcd liko a lia.'ilisk, fiom woods in view,
Tho ntnbiislied focinan's eyc his vnlly spenls,
Aud Albcrt AILcrl f.ills! uml llio dcat old f.illicr
Tho indinn aftcr he so haslily loft tho
band ofthe Frcnch, paused a monipnt up
on Ihc top of the hill, that hung over the
sceno ol aclion, to scc tho icsult. Bui
whcn hc saw his confedcrnlcs casting a
way thcir arms, hc ctirsed tho Indiun's
evil spirit, and spcd nwny to his blood
ihirsiy bnud. He found thcm impalienl,
and eagcr to scc the work of dcath go on.
Slowly and cautiously they crcpt behind
iheir chicf, until withiu a short distancc
ofthc hoiiso. Thcre was a liglit witliin,
nnd thc lortn ofthe huntorwas distinctly
vistulo, as lie passcd llio window, pacing
to and Irn. 1 hc cluof iiauscd a moincnt,
nsif to maUo suro of his victitn, thcn lev-
ellcd his rifle with long and accurjle nim,
and, asho fircd, thc form ofthc hunter
sunk upon tho floor, while a piercinc
shriek from thc daughtcr rung in thcir
cars. Thc Indinns now rushcd forward
nnd assailctl ihe door, which soon gavc
way under lncir rcpcated blows. Thc
snvngc chicf then sprang in, and would
havo burried his tomaknwk in the pios
tralo hunter's head, but tho fninting form
ol the daughtcr lay across his way, nnd
arrested his attPtnion. Then a clasli of
wcnpous cnused him to start; seizmg thc
lifolcss form ofthe daughter, bo rushed to
ihe door just in timc to see Charlcs Hart
wood disarmed nndstruggling in thc hands
of his allies.
'Thanks lo the good spiril!' hc cxclaim
ed; now my revcnge will be wholly com
plelc.' Placing a small pilo of lightcd brush a
gainst the housc, which soon communicat
ed thc flamcs to thc dwellitig, the Judians
haslily look tlieir way to thc lake, nnd en
tercd thcir cauoes, wliich had been so
crelly brought thcrc during tho night, by
oito ofihcir nuinber left for Ihc purposc
The liglit br.ikssliot swiftly nway from
ihc shore, just ns thc gray streaks of mor
ning hnd begun lo liglit up lliceastern sky.
As lliey rcccdcd furiher and fnrlhcr Irom
tho fast fading shorc, the Inst hope scrm-j
cd to oxpiro in tho lover's heart, and thcj
lormcnts of dispair to rack liis niind. He
was confincd iu a scp.irale cauoe from hcr
he lovcd, nud uow nnd iheu hc would hear
hcr call, iu wild accenls, upon hcr falher's
uanic, now agnin praving hcr persecu
lors to shnw pity and compassion then
calling upou lumscll to comc aud avengc
iheir wrongs. I'his was too iniich hc
ravetljicsirugglcd and strovc to force away
lns Ijnntts liut still thcy held him fast.
At lengtli thc sun roso clear, and cloud
lcss'ueldits way up tkc ensicrn sky.
tiowiar incy nau cono, llnrlwood wns
unalilc lo tcll; still they hchl tlieir cotirse
as if to get bcyond the thouglu of dangcr
But ns thc burning sun was pouring his
nipridinn rnvs.tlic weary rouers tlnffccd in
thcir cxeriions, ns il tinnble to nrocccd.
which the chicf observing.moiioncd to thc
shorc. The cnnocs wero drawn upon the
sond nntl conccalcd in tlic tlucket that
grew ncar by. The lovers were kept scp-
aratc and guarded closcly.to prcvcnt com-
municaiion. iiariwood, iliougu uounu,
was obliged lo bcar the larger part ofthe
i,aRgfigo of the canoc, Ainong n.he found
ono of his own garnicnts of which ho had
uoen iilunilcied;this, erethev denarcd, un-
obsorved, he flung upon a bush that grew
ncarcst ihc lake, not knowing but that it
might lead to his discovery. Tliough rea-
son taught to the conlrnry, yct this, hope
will olten ovcriower.
Thcir marrli was now inland. but when
thcy hnd passcd a few furlongs, tho band
siiililpnly linllcd, aud sprend thcir tent.
llcrc Llln first rccogrnzed hcr lover and
would havc spruug to his side, but n lierce
savngc, appointcd for hcr guard, tore hcr
nwny lo tho tciit. Him, llnrlwood would
havo lcvelled to tho onrth, but tho cultiiigl
cords held fnst his liinbs. The dny drag-i
god at lcngth slowly by nud night cnmo
ou apnce, but thc band still kcpt the placc
of thoir oncampment. Tho firc was lit
up, ncar tho cnmp, and thc Indians, wcar
icd by thcir toil during the d&y, and tlieir
watclies during tho night prcvious, gradu
ully, onc by ono, iheir prisoners being
securely bound, sunk tnlo n hcavy sleep.
But tho cnptivcs, tliough opprcsscd with
fatiguo, could not sleep. It was a limc
for hitler thoughts n time' lo think on
thepast. 'Hartwood did think; ay, of
hcr ho lovcd. Whnt his own fatc was to
be, he did norknow. IIc certainly could
not expcct mcrcy from thc rovengoful
savago, nor would ho ask it. His own
destiny ho was prepared to mcet with com
posurc; bnt tho thouglit of leaving hcr ho
prized abovc all the carlh beside, in tho
liandsof a ruthles3foc, was mnddening.
Wns therc no way to fly thesc cvils nnd
rescuo her from sucli a late? Tho idea
was electric; he slnrlcd, but the cords
wilh wliich hc was bc uid, cut dccpcr his
laccrated arms. But carcfully cxamining
thcm, where they pnssed around tho trce,
to which ho wns secured, ho obsorvcd
that thcy w'cre Bomew'hat worn by tho fric
liun of its rough bnrk. Tho thouglit now
occurred to him, thnt iu this mnnncr ho
could frco hiir.sclf of his bonds. Procccd
itig cnrefully nnd paticntly, he nt lcngth
succecdcd iu brcaking the first, Ujen tho
socond, finally tho last, and he stood bo
fore tho camp, frco and unbound. Tho
clouds, that had bccn fumc timc collec
tiug, had uow ariscn high in thc west,
promising suflicicnt darkncss to facilialo
iheir cscnpc. 'J'he swarthy fnvngcs lay
around him, but wero soundly slceing.
IIc snntched a tomahawk thnt lay nenr
him, and gcntly siolc to thc tcnt, whero
he hnd secn Ella Morton was bound.
Thc liugo form of.the savage chicf was
cxtended ncrnss thc only passage, ovor
which ho was obliged lo pass. As hc
stcpped oi cr him, his foot grnzcd his
breast, which causcd thc chicf to start
somcwhat the ready tomahawk of Hart
wood, hung ovcr his head, to striko the
dcadly blow if rcquircd but thc Indian
sunk back in sleep ngaiu, and Hartwood
passed on. 1211a kncw her lover, as ho
npproached tho spot where eIic was tied,
aud would havc spokeu; but hc laid his
fingcr upon his lips, in tokon of silcnco.
Hartwood cut thc bonds asunder, and mo
tioncd hcr to follow him stealthily out of
ihe tent.
'o swcar to tcvenge thcm! no jny sliall Iio tnitod,
Tlio liarps slinll lio silcnt, tho tnnidon unwcd,
Our hallx nliall bc inutc aud our fickls etmll bo
1 ill vengeance U wrcnkcd on llio mnrdorot'i
head! .Moore't Mclodifs.
Tnr. coiling, hissing flamcs had nlmost
renched thc spot where the fathcr Iny wel
icriug in his gorc wero already runnino
along thc dry-ceiling ovcr his liend, nnd
whcoling around tho sides of tho room,
when his faithful dog, that had escaped llio
llio wraih ofthe Indians, leaping through
tho smoke, that nlmost blinded thc door,
howlcd and monncd around his mnslcr,
lickcd his woundcd head. Suddcnly tho
liuntcr groaned and moved, then, opcning
his eycs, eccmcd to havc n consciousncss
ol his situation. A sharp, acutc pain now
caused him to placc his hand upon his
head, where llie rifle ball hnd grazctl it,
laying hare thc skull, with no otlicr scri
ntis cffcct than stunning him for a whilo.
Thcn, mustcring all his strengthf as
tliough life dcpendcd upon the result,
ho slowly crcpt to tho door, through
which Ihe dog hnd already passed, as if to
assurc that all was safe. Ile next drew
himsclf lo thc fountaiu that flowcd near
hy.and, bathiug his head nuhilc in its
cooling flood, wns soon cnnbled to stand
erect aml walk. Turninir towards his
homc, which wns now a smouldering
hcnp of ruins, thc thouglit of his daughter
now sccmed lo return, togtthcr wilh a
consciousncss of ihe past.
'Oh! whcrc isslicl' he cxclaimed, 'my
laughter! Oh! where? Can itbeshc has
liurishcdin the flames? evcn thatthought
would bo couifortmg, nay! nay! m the
poluiinc hands of tlie Indian chicf. Oh!
kind Henven, spare hcr, thal I may rcs
cuc her from this snvagc monslcr.ihen let
lliy avenging strokc (all on his guiltj
Alinost franlic with dcspair, ho rushcd
lowardstho bordcr of tho luko, whithcr
ho had discovered signs ofthe enemy's
retrent, and thcre saw tho tracos of tlieir
oanoes upon thc saint, togcthcr with thc
footsteps of thc foe. The hunler, alone
cven, would havc scized upon onc of tho
boats, that llie Ilangers hnd moorod by
ihe shore, n fcw hours bcfore, nnd gono
in ptirsuit, hnd not n smnll bugle just nt
lliat inomcut soundcd, nnd the party of
llnrlwood appcnrcd upon the bank; abovc
Thcy had cscotted thcir prisoners towards
thc camp, until thcy fell in with n party
of Englisli scouts, to whom thcy entruetcd
thcir charge wilh information concerning
thc position of the cncmy, aud thcn had
returned, nccording to tho dircction of
thcir leadcf. To thom, tlie hunler told
his gricvous tnlc, and his suspicion of tho
capturc of Hartwood. Now, cach cyo
flnshcd firc oach bosom hcavcd and
burned eacb hcart longed to bo nwny in
ptirsuit, nnd hnvc a dagger nt the breast
ofthc foe.
riie sun hnd now been somolimc rion
and mntion could bc plninly observcd by
tho Ilangers, nmong thc cncmy. This
somcwhat dnmped thcir nrdor. hut drnw-
ing tlieir boats into a smnll coyo. so as ta
cnmpletcly conceal tliem amid the flags,
tho party took themsclvcs to tho cavc up
on the hill, lo wait thc mnrch ofthe aripj.
Soon, n boat shoved off from the ehoro,
' 'g encainpment, and crosscd over tha

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