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Viilsu, lo tho lunding pluco uftlieir friunds, llio
nighl pruvimiii, ihon. up lo llio cncnmpmcnt of tho
Rungern. Guns were occnaionully fircd.butus
no tiuswrtr wns ruturnci), Ihey soon ro-crossod the
wuter, iind in n short'tinio tlio oneniy grndually
disappo.irod, uniil, finally, all liad dcparlcd.
Tho sun. had nearly. reachcd liigli noon, yot
hN 1 uriil ruyn couldnot clicck llio wnrlhful Unn
gers,. whilo their belovcd lendcr wus in llio handa
uf u. savngu foo. Tlioy seizcd two oflllo awiftest
boats, rtid ono of cach spcd scparntely along Iho
Iwo opposito shores, narrowly scrulmizing ilic
border of llio lake, un cnch sido, to discovcr, if
pnssiblo, tho landhig ptace of llio snvngus. Tlio
sun rollcd on, iind down llie weslern urcli of tlio
sky, slill no iraco of llio retreatingfoo iippcared.
Thc hur.tcr wnsubiutto givo up in despair, nnd
tlio boat drnggt'd slowly on, but tlio thought of
lns daughtei now again'fhshed upon his iriind
to norvod liii ann aiid spurred Imii on to ono
niweaml a last clTort. He seizcd tho oar wilh
lencWed vigor,' nnd ngain tlio boat eboit down
tho sinoolh watcr. At iength, just us tlio lasl
gleiun of light was fuding from tlio wcstcrn sky,
tho liuntcr tlinuglitlio csptcd a dark ohject upon
tlio shoro nliond. When llicy rcaclicd it, llio Kfin.
gcrs rorognized, withjoy, tlio gnrrncnts of their
lender, whilo tlio liuntcr canily truccd, in llio dim
twiliglit, upon tho Eandy shoro, tlie marks of tlio
liidiuns' lunding. Tlio signnl wus novv given. to
thoir .frlonda ucross tho lake, who soon gladly rc
joinod tlioni, A short timo vyus.thcn dovolcd to
rcst thuir weary limba nnd wnit tlio sotliii" of lln:
now dcclining moori. But soon n datk cloud aroso
nud stretchcd it aniry front along tlio. west,
Kvoh now, .1 distant-inurmur could Jjrs hcard,ns
tifmany walers, wliilo tho elor.Uic (IubIi leuped
along ils, boidcr. 'J'ho mooa soeincd lo liovcr n
monierit nlong ili top, but soon suivk bchind ila
KiDlo visago, lcavir.g dnrkness to rcnt, liko a
funcral pall, upnn tho carth. The gleiini of ihe
Indiana' carop.firc could now bo oaailv distin!?-
uishod, casting a faint gliimiior upou tho distant
'Coinc, my friendj,' said tho liuntcr, Met us
away lioavcn seems to r.ivor our design.'
Snatchini: tlieir trustv rifles, tho littlo band bc
gun to grnpo tlieir wny slowly nnd alyly nlong
townrda tho Indinna' ciicampmenl. Tho distant
light scivod tlieir onM guide, savo whcro a flaah
of lighlning now and tlicn would rcnder aurround-
ing nhjucts painlully viaible, nnd llio darkncsa nl
ter it doubly, deeply intcnfo. Soon tho dusky
fuums of tho savuces ai they lav eUcnded arouud
tho firo, apponred just witliin tho faint circlo wheio
llio liglit ol llio now dccaying pilo scurncil lo ati ug
glo willt tlio snrroundmg night. 'Hnlt!' low
whispcred tho liuntcr, lio closo wilh ready riflcs,
I ii t leau tlio cuptivcs Irom tho nccne ol dan
Not a broallf waa hcard in tho ominousslill-
iicsj from tho low croucliing band not a brcezo
inoved, not n leaf, but all waa silent as the death
liko solitudo ofthe tomb. An nwful panao tho
liuntcr waa ely ly crocping towarda llio fire, when
u youth nnd niaidcn tuddcnlv clided from tlio
tent, stolo nround ils bordcr, nnd vanishcd in
darhnrgi, iliornngcia knew llioir leader, nnd
tho hunter liit daiightcr.
Novv oncli mark hia rrclim!' ngnin aaid llio
liuntcr, in n low voico, 'nnd mako surc hia aiin.'
Instanlly a vivid flush of lighlning cauacd ihc
forcst to g!ow n moincnt as nt noon-day, llicn a
crash whilo a giant oak, that sprcad ita branchca
ovcr tho firc, waa shattcrcd, and n fraginent hurl
cd inD tho midat of tho clccping Indiani, A wild
war-whoop now toundcd nbovo tho lolling llum
dor, nnd cach sarago staitcd upright nnd clutchcd
his lonialiawk nn instant, nnd tweniy lillca flash
cJ, whilo a sarngo yell echocd through tho forest,
dying away upou the ear with stunning, qutvering
nound then n low gurgling o( blood uroae upon
tho Btillnesa of midnight not a aavago cscapcd lo
toll llio mournful talo. A moincnt inoro and tho
futher and daugliter wcio locked in cach olhcr's
A word moro and onr talo ia told, It wai a
fcw ycars from tho evonta abovc, ihnt n stnull
fumily circlc waa scatcd around a cliccrful. fcs-
tivo board in n emilin: cottnjo upon ihu baiika of
ono oftho New Kngland a'.rcama. Itconiisled of
nn nged man, the parcnta nnd two lovcly childrcu
Tho ficcd tnan we shall inlroduco to tlio readcr.
a tho liuntcr oftho forcgoing talo tho parcnta,
na Mr. ond Mra llartwood ; llio two remnining
oiica aa tho grand-childrcn oftho old hunter, who
imilcd on llicni aa tlicy tought to heguile llio
lingering liours ol aga by llieir merry pralllo.
l'rospcri'y and plcnty now smiled on tlio colonics
Tho fcur oftho navage foo Imd gono, tho stonn of
liattlo liau paascu, tlio warclouua liau ppcnt tlieir
fury ond wcic lollcd awny, whilo thu rninbow
tints of peaco wero sitling npon thcir angiy vis
ago in purplc unu gold.
We mako tho following cxlract fiom n rccont
prochimalion of Santa Anna to hia cnunlryincn.
Aflor alludine to tho charcea of maclivity which
luvo bccn brouglit ngaiust liim by tho "hoslile
lorlion ol tho Illcxican picss, ' lin procecUa lo cx
nhit llio conditiou of hia nrmy as follows:
Tlio heroic Uelenucrs ol fllontercy, woundcU by j
tho balla of the cnemy, nre ljing huro, quite nban
doncd, without nny olher nisislanco tlian lliut
whicli the charity and tho paliiolisin of a fow in
hnbilnnta givea thein
Thcro is not in thia, follow-citizona, nny oxng
geralion. I nppcal to tho tostimony oftho author
itics of San Luia; sinco tho 20ili of Dcccmher, it
haa bccn scarcely possiblo to nssist llio troops wilh
(Vvo days' pay, whicli has aorvcd inoro lo pay off
old a'obls ihan to attond to prescnt nocest-ities.
Of tho $.100,000 appropriated for tho cjpensea of
thoartny, only 8175,000 havo como to hand,
whicli waa refBived m Decembcr last, nnd nolh
ing thia preaent njonlli; nnd in oider to help tho
gioit wunta, I waa pompelled to cngago my per
sonnl cred'U for tlio nnKtunt of 20,000, whicli
.,r Innt In mn nn nlnrlim l.f tllV PnVatC property.
and which wero scnt to llio divjaion in obscivation
at Tnla. Could tho nrmy, undcr sucli misernblo
circumstancca, niake a movcinenl! I'at, very fnr,
iini 1 from iiuinualing tliat tlio aiexican noiuier
deponda npon tho promptnoss with whicli his
country pays him, but therc aro difliculties which
it ia imposribla for us to oveicomo. It ia iniposai
blo to givo rations to tho troops whcn thero aro no
ralions, or to pay tlp:n whcn llicro ij no money.
This ia. as describcd, llio situation of llio arniy, na
courageons nnd na full of patriotism os any olhcr
in tho world, whicli will aacrilico itself, with ils
chiofi, for tlio nalional honor; it 19 its.wisli, nnd
if it aaka for assistanco, only to satiafy its wanls,
it does il io aa to be ablo to approach tho cnomy,
to suatain its good namc, nnd tho glory and libcrty
oftho nation to which it belonga.
Uaclesa liavo been, till today, all tho endeavors
I havo uaed, all tho stcpa that I havo takcn hav
ing in view tlio rqceipta of llio necossary funda.
IV'otos ovcr nolea wero almost daily repeated,
ghowing the horrid state in which tho troopa wcrc
placcd. The nnswera. to nll llicse were promiaca
nud romoto hopea, which I fear will novcr be re
nlized, or if to, they will coinc, pcrliaps, too late,
I iliinlt that I linvn fulfilled bv this my dutiea.
bccnuso it ia not for rnolo proposo tho wayof pro-
viding the neccssary funda, and I Havo oniy to sny
that. if tho nation wishcs, at I thiiilc, lo carry on
the war, it muat bo known that those small ouma
that havo been from timo lo lirno rcmittcd nro not
oTgroat help, becauso tlioy will do only to covcr
tho wnnts of a day; they aro not snfTicicnt to mako
permanent improsalon, nor to baso furthcr opcrn
tiona upon. If rtioao who nrc abln to do it nro not
willing to help the nrmy, llio only protection
vvliich tho cnunlry lna will bo exposed, and tlioy
may foso all, with thcir indcpcndcncc, nnd they
will b obligcd lo tiaiisinit to pos'.crlty u namo full
ol ignominy.
Counlrymcn: I wonld havo omittcd to present
to you 'such a piettiro as that given lo you now,
and which 1 know will fill yourhcarta with biltor
nesa; liut I find myaolf compollcd to givo you no
t'rco of nll that accura. It would bo a crimo were
it not brought lo your nolico. 1 do not necii60
nny one, nor do 1 direct mysclflo nnybody; but
I c'annol conscnt that llio honor of tho nrmy, and
niino nlfo, nhould sufTur whcn in no poiiod of onr
hislory has tlio nrmy dcatrvcd inoro' crodit nnd
morocstoeni fronrlho wholo country.
Conccrning myaelf, I clinll rcpcat for tho last
timo, Monicaiia, that I' slill recnllect thal tho na-'
tion callcd nic to dcfcnd'hnr in the prescnt' contcst,
nnd lo rcstoro lo lier lier liliul'ly, llollor' and' glory,
or petiah with hcr. This ia my only dcairo, nnd I
do not wnnl, nor do 1 prcte'iid nnytlilng- clse.
flut if, iinfbrtunntely, credit ahould not bo given1
to iny woids if, ngainst nll llcpcs, fomubody
(.hould think mo not capablo ofkccping faitli wilfr
,1,0m, shall lirovo it wilh ilccda. Toll 1110 if it ia
ileslrctl lp delivcr up tho cbmmand oftho nrmy,
nnd I will do it, althnugh I would Iobo by that tho
last opporlun'uy'to uciiuiro an iinmorlal nniiic; bo.
cauno wlien it concerm my country, lier fcejings
and glory, llicro is nolhing iiolhing iu the world,
dillicult to 1110. 1 will rclire if it ia thought usn-
lul,notto rako llio powcr whicli wus conlerrod
upon. 1110 u few days ugo, bocauao I hnve tilrendy
naid moro lliun oncn that 1 do not wisli anv tnorn
employmont nor othcr honor ihan lliiit of aaving
my country iu llio prcscnl war wilh tho Uniled
Htutcs; utid na soon us it haa bccn dono I shall rc
liro to my doinustic henrih, and 110 human powor
will bo ulilo to luka mo from thcnce to public lifo.
And ifBlill my Klf-dcni.il ia not judged aulncient
if my pruscnco ia ihouglit dangcroiia 011 tho soil'
on whicli I waa born I uliall suek in u fnruigii
counlinn usylum for my last days, in whicli I
shall prny ronatunlly for tho prosporily and in
crcnae of my country. Far, vcryfur 11m I fiom
naving an aiiiliilion lc.is nolilu ulid prnscworlliy,
hccauao, undcceivcd of tho vuo of nower and
distinclion, llicro only remains toinoonotruo
piuns.urc, wluoli 11 lo. dcservo und cnjoy tlio np
plausn nnd cstocm of my foltow-cilizona.
UEADquAirruRs, San Luis'Potosi 7
Jan. 20, 18-17. 5
ee in the roi.i.owiNU ciTUs
11OSTON-20 Bmie Klrcct.
NCW VOIIK-Tril.une IlniMingaoppoHlic flly I!ll.
We nre torry,very sorry to sny w!iat we
aro aboul to. Wo Iind suppofed there
wns somt patriotism in tlie wliig.ni'as fed
cral pnriy wo Imd stipposcd that, not
withitandlng llie opposition to tlio con
dcmnnliun and ridicule "f tlio wnr, llmt
whcn it camo to tho "caso in hnnd" whcn
the connliy nctuully callcd for IroopB
we had hopcd that pariy would lo Fomo
extent 6tnnd by tho coiintry. Such wc
aro sorry to sny is not tho caso with a
few lionornblc exccplions, tho fcderal par
tisans opposo the war in evcry form.namo
and nature. Tlioy opposo it by ridiculo,
attetnpling to provent sofdicrs from cnlis
ing and do .111 in thcir powor to rctard the
mcastircs of govcrnnicnt to hring tho wnr
to nn lionornblc nud specdy closo. In
vicw of tlicso facts.wo appeal to tho Demo
cratic party lo the patiiiotism, and the
HONnsTV of ita menihcrs. Thcro 13
110 longer a hopo, in Vermont, ofmalr
ing tlio qiiosiioij of this war a nalional
measure it miiHt it will be mnde a par
ty mcasurc nnd Tpr tho dcnioorncy n
mcasurc of which it will in aftcr yoars
fcel proud.
A company of troops nre called for from
this Slntc. llecruiting ofliccs aro oponed
IU diffcrcnt plar.es yot wo aro sorry to
say tho dctnocracy look upon it as n busi
ness in which it haa but little 'concern.
Oflicers havo hcen nppointcd wlio are at-
tachcd to ;thc diflurent btalions, but
without tho aid and aclive clfort ol a por
tion of tho community around, they ot
themselves can do but little against the
opposition they have to mcet from the fcd
eral party. It becorncs tho duty undor
tlicso circumstauccs for tho dcmocrnts to
lake the malter into tlieir own hands it
becorncs them to sce that tho honor of
the state is inninlaincd and to uso all the
eflbri in thcir powcr to fill tho company
called for, with Vcrmonkvs to mako it a
company with which tho sympathics of tho
pcople will go along, should it be called to
Mcxico. Already the fcdcralists aro cry-
ng that Vermont cannot raiso a company
and that the dcmocracy oftho state are
lo be disgraccd by its fuiluro;and tho likc.
Shall it be so? Wo nppcal to yoti.Dcmo-
crats of Vermont to prcvcnt it.
Each one of you, by your influonce can
sccure a recruit to some onir oftho stalions
sclectcd, if you will. Shall it be said that
Vermont cannot raiso 85 men to sustain
ter honor, nficr all tho lalk that has been
madc about lier patriotism and hcr rcadi-
ness to do so. We trust and liopc the
Dcmocracy will look at this business in ils
truo light and attond to it immedntcly.
It is not a malter which only conccms
thoso who are ujfidalbj interestod in gct
ting" rceruits for the army.but is a business
which c.onceriis tho Democratic party ol
Vermont, and as such we hope the party
will lake the malter up.
Scvere Slorm.OfiO of the severest
unow storms, that has occuTred for many
yoara visiled us on Friday nnd Saturday
last. It blockcd up tlie roatls 111 irns vicin
ity so as to render thcm cniircly impassablo
until Monday moming. Tho mails were
all bchind tho usual timo somo of them
loosing llieir entiro trips, and being com-
pellcd to lio ovcr on the road from 24
lo GO liours. Tho romfrct inail was
brought from that placo to this, adistance
ofnincmiles, on foot. Tho snow has
fnllen to the depthof 12 or 15 inches, and
driftcd badly.
Philadclphia, JUareh 28. The storm
of Fridny night wus as scvere as it was
uncxpccictl, and wo may loolt lor Bau ac
counts of its clTecls. In the cily trees and
lmii,ps were nrosiratcd. Tlio teloijiaph
lincs arc all out of order. 1 droppcd into
Ihe oflicc duriug mo inorning wiuie 1110
atmosphci'o was henvily chargcd wilh
electricity, and wilncsscd the sitigular ef-
fecls produccd ly tlio cll0 01 u,u "u,u
011 the wircs. Tlie crncking nnd snnp
ping soundcd liko so many rcports of pis
lols. The Baltimore linc is blown down
and washcd away for tho distanco of 30
milcs. The Pittsburg lino is broken in
scvcral places, bnt r.an bc rcpaired in a
ahort time.
Wt predict peaco botween tho Uniled
Slatcs and Mcxico, In loss than llirco
months from ihc present dalc. II wo are
not right in this prcdiction, why, wo will
nueBsngi'in-tbat,s all. It is rumoicd in
Washfngton that peaco negotiations nrc
alroady comnicnccd.
The Dollar Ncwspapcr, a paptir inrfc-
pcndcnt in polilics, has ihc following dose
lor the party that cried' "ruiu'" hofore
the passagc and cJoption of the prcsenl
tnrill', whicli wc think miistgo down rutlmr
hard with some, as- inattcrs havc turnod
out. Dut it is a dish of ihoir own cook
ing and if it i.i not 10 thcir taste, tlioy have
nobody lo blame but thcmsulvcs. It is
not the first timc they havo sccu thcir
prophosies fail, allho' tho prcdictions havo
bccn mado hy "incn standing in highpluc
cs." Lct thoee who havo once bccn 'c
ceivcd by them take hced for the futuro,
Tho following is tho itcm roferred 10:
"I'roious to tho passnge oftho present
rovcnuo lavrs, du.struction of llie hoinu
markcl, and ruin to the farincr as the con
sequenco, wero loudly prcdictod. Direclly
the rovcrso hns been tborcsult. Agricul
lurc is tnorc prospcrous, and priccu of llie
farnicr'a produce arohighor llinu for many
ycars bcfoi'c. Iiut thia tho purtisan prc
dictcrs of ruiu porsist is iu 110 wiso at
tribtitable to the rcrnova! of obstructions
from trade. Wcll, we will not argue the
qiiestion; but llicv also prediclcd a rcduc-
ttou ofthe wngcs of labor, the stonpageof
forges, factorics, 40., and the turning ofi'
ol oncrntives for want ol employment.
Hotv do they reconcile thosc prcdictions
with tho following:
'Tho wages of tho cnrpct wnavcra nt llio man
ufactorica in Thompaonville andTariHVillo, Conn.,
havo boon latcly ndvanced,' Springfuld i'a
1'cr. So tiio new law worked cxantly aa you
said it would not. You said it would
bring down Americnn laborera totho con
ditiou of Kuropoan paupor laborera. You
dismisacd some ol your men,if wc remcm
bor right, nnd put down the wages of oth
crs, and sold your carpets nt auction, de
tcrtnined to bc ruined, but you could not
stay ruined. Wages would not stay down.
What will thoso partisan predicters of
ruin do? If they hang themselvcs, the
rope is suro to brcak or tho noose to slip;
if ihoy set their factories 011 fire, tho firc
gocs out. They cannot ruin thcselves,do
what they will. Tno grass will grow, ihe
sun will shino, tho pooplo will have goods
at profitable prices. They aro compellcd
lo be prosporous, nnd thero is no help for
it, It 11111st bc submitlcd to.
The Law of Manurt. A case was rc-
cently decided by the Supromo Court of
vcrmoiu, sitting at woousiock, n.vuinug
tho right to maiiurcs made 011 a farm pre
vious to ils salc. The couri held that all
manures belonged to the freehold, aiid
passcd with the farm at ils sale, and that
the prcvious occupant of the farm, who
mado his manurea from his own inatcrinls
had no right to removo thcm. This is di
reclly opposed, we believe, lo it dccision
oftho Suprenio Court of Massachtisetls,
which held manure to bo pcrsonal propcr
tj. As both decisions were madc undcr
tlie common law thero boiug 110 stntutc
in eithor state applying to tho cnsc we
are bound to bclicve that "the pcrfcction
of human reason" varics very much in
dificrent Iocalilies. Boston Vaily Mail.
Wo publish to-day a minutc of IVdhtr
bce vs. Elfaon, (ihe caso abovn referred
to) from which il appcars that the Mail
stalcs too brondly the decision ofthe court,
Tho court gavc importance to tho lact,
that the plaintiff had no noticc of the tcn
ant'a intcntion to remove ihc manure hold-
ng that manuro,mado from the prodntls of
Ihc farm in the usual coiirso of husbandry,
was, according to tho rulcsofgood hus
bandry, neccssary to tlie farm and that,
in ihc abscncc ofany uudcrslaiidiiig or
contract bctwccn tha partics, a tcnant
could not bo permittcd to carry off from
tho farm, mnnure made as nforcsaid.
Q?" Undcr the new law not morc than
oneshoet of paper can be enclosod in tho
samo envelop, wilh a singlt poslagc,uiess
for ihc samo individual.
Transicnt papers aro chargcd threo cls.
postoge.nnd in all casos aro to be prepaid.
To avoid this, individuals who wish to
sond papera lo a fricnd may lenvo their
ordors nt tho oflico and tho publishcr of
the paper may scnd for them tho samo as
'Drownivg mtn calch atslraws." Tho
edilor of tho Kcone, N. II., Sentiucl, af
tcr running up tho vote for mcmbcr of
Congress in that district, consolcs himsclf
by finding that Wilson is bcat only 582
majority. "This is much better than wo
cxpocled," ho says. We think hia an
ticipations must havo bocu small if ho is
salisficd with such roalities nolhing liko
Capt. Pitman's company ol U. S. troops
havo left lort Adams for New Yorlt,
whcre they will embark for Mcxico.
7.Vn. A'e.w Mexico. Tlio St. I.ouia Kcpubli-
can oftho 11th inatant nnnounccn tho nrrival of
Mr llofl'uian (from Indepcndence or Ucnt's l ort.)
Ho cxprcssca no doubt oftho corrcclnesa oftho
nniv. frnm 'I'nns. oftho inaurrection nnd murdcr
ofGov. Dent, nnd of otlicr Amoricnna then therc.
Thoinforiiiation camo to him from dillcrent sour-
coa, all agrccing in llio dctails; nnd nt Ucnt's Fort,
wherc news of the murdcr had prcviously bocn ro
ceivcd, they wero satisfied of its corrcctncss. Tho
signal lor llio blomiy worit waa given iboni ony
lighl, nnd forihwith thc murdcrcrs, who had con
ccalcd lliemKclvcs in difTercnt parla of llio villngo,
fcll unon thcir victima, all unprcparod for dcfonco
und despatchod thcm. Tirlcy'a distillory, or whal
may bo tcrmcd tho block liousc, was dcfcndcd for
two days ngainst thc nssuulta of llio cncmics, but
at last llio v undcrinincd lt, tho imnatca attcmptcd
to cscapo by jumping from tho tnp, and in their
dclcnco nnu lligut, tcvcn out 01 tlio cigiit pursons,
wero lcill. Tho man who cscapcd feigncd lo bo
dcad, but nt llio propcr timo stnrlod for his houso
snmn milcs distant. U'hci'i lic rcnched thcro ho
scnl oxpres.ics to Ucnt's Fort, informing thein of
tlio stalo ol ailuirs at taoa. Aii'cllort waa miiKing
by Vm Ilcnt lo raiao n forco to go against tho iu
surrcctioiiisla, but it was somewhat doubtful
whclher it would uo succcsslul.
Tlio Ilovoillo says:
It is sutmoacd that about flfty porsons havoo-
ccntly persons havo rcccnlly pcnshcd 011 tho roulo
to Sn'nta Fc, fiom starvalion nud oTposuic. They
ivnrn ntlnr.in.-illv norsons who had uono out in tho
cinploymciit of govcinnicnt na lualiistcrs. Our
corrcnpondont wriles that nn cxprcss wns scnt lo
Ilcnt't Fort with un cacnrt lo iiicotCiipt.Muinphy,
and protcrl him ngainst nny nllcinpt oflho flloAi
cam 10 soizo tlio fiwids. Tliii inoveincnt, bas
proVcd, 110 donb!, i wise prcciuiliun.
SUPREME COUR'l' Windsou Cou.nty.
Whlinell tl al vs. Slreclcr ct al,
In CirANCKiiY, Windsou Co. Mxncn T.
1817. This causocaino un for a hcnrinc on
Wedncsday thc 17th inst. ut 10 A. Al. Kelloec
J. having boon of counsul, tho hcnring procccded
beioro I119 liouor r.oyco uiuoi j.,nnu ucdiiold nnd
Davis Assistants. Counsol for tlio Urntors Alr
C. Frcnch und Uon. Mr l'ock; for tho Ucspond
cnts Uon. Alr I'helpa of U. S. Scnalo, Mr 1'. T.
Wnsliburn, Alr llodgcs nnd Alr l uiiam.
Tho (ucs:inna in thia caso hivolvc nn amount of
rnnny tliousaiul dollnra. Tlio ilill cnargcs tiiut in
1SUS-G-7, tho oiators boing mcrchanls iu Iloston,
cntcred Into ti contract with tlio defcDihinla ns co
partncrs undcr llie namo of tho " Green Jiloun
tain Jlttniiucrig Company," ana subuquenl
ly ua corpornlorB in tho "Green Jhunlain Wool
Un Manvfaclurinp; Company'' ofl.udlow Vt. to
fnrnish thcm wilh funds hy dralts nnd acccptancca
to purchaso wool nnd inuteriala for maniifactur
ing woollun gooda, nud cluimcd that said dcfcnd
ants in both compauics wero by tho tcrnis of said
contract, to consign lo tliem,lhs Oralora, nll goods
thuH mnnufucturcd, lo bo by them sold on
coinmisaion, "nnd tho UYails aflcr dcducling
comniiasiou nnd other costa, to pasa to tho
credit of defendanti. Tho Uill nlao chargcd
that naid Oratora, nnd said dcfcndnnts by
thcir agcnt, mado 11 writton contract under soal
January 1, 1830, by which aid wool, thus pur
chaaed and tho clotlia mado thcrcfrom should ho
and rcmain llio property of said Orulois until do
livcrcd thcm nnd sold in Uoatou and u,vails applicd
aa nforcsaid.
That undcr said contract, botwccn tho lst of
January 1836 and tho 19th Apnl 1837, wool nm
ounting to sixty thouaand pounda cojting ovcr
foily thousand dollara hud been thus putchaacd by
tho rcspondents wili tho funds oftho Orators, nnd
under nnd by virtuo ofthe torms of aaid contiact.
And that on said IO1I1 of April thedefendantahad
011 hand at thcir manufactory in said Ludlow ovcr
30,000 pounda of wool, and tho nvnils thereof
inus purcliaacd. And tliat on said lUtli Apnl, in
violation oftho torms of said contract, said reapou
dents nssigucd, transfcrcd and delivcred to one
William Wnrncr, ono of said copartncrs and
corporatora tho wholo of said wool and clolhs
with tho fraudulcnt purpoao of placing thc samo
bcyond tho rcach of said Oralora, wcll knowing
that said wool and clolhs or moat of thcm had been
purchased with tho funds of tho Orators under
aaid contract. And prnying that an nccountliiight
bo takcn bctwcen tho partics, and that such 1ml
lenco ns should bo found duo tho Orators should be
paid,or alao tho dcfendants bo dccrced to deliver up
10 them said wool (r clolhs, & for other relief, &c.
Tho tcslimony which conaiatod of u great number
oriJcpositions, letlera, (iralta, uoeda, mc, c. oc
cupied tho timo oftho Court in tho reading till
roar P. Al. oflho said 17th.
Tho Orators cluimcd to rccovcr of tho dofond
ants as copartncrs on tho gronnd that from April
1835 to January 1 183C, they, tho dcfendants
conductcd their business as copartncrs nt
Iiwich timo they owed tho Orators about 20,000.
Thu dcfcnce sct up by tlio dcfendants as copart
ncrs was, that tho balence originally duo from
thoin as such had bocu transfcrcd by llio Orators
to tliocorporation, nnd tliat ainco aaid transfer, n
much largur amount than aaid sum so originully
duo January I, 183G, had been paid by llio corpo
ration by a consignnicnt of goods as pcr accounls
ofsaid W. U. k. Co. rendercd. And furthcr that
said W. IS. & Co. having subacquen to said
transfer recorded a judgment at hiw ngainst said
corporotion including uaid original btillance, that
llio debt thereby becamo niergcd in llieir other
advauccs muiic to said dcfendants and chargcd
thcm in account. Wlicrchy they wero csloped
from a recovcry nven m chancery upon, und by
virtuc, of llie original indchtedness nnd liahility.
'I'his poiition was r.ttcniptcd lo bo met by the
Ornlors, by tho fact that nltliough payment had
hcen thus mai'c, etill V. Ii. & Co. during tho
timo oftho making said paymcnls, ndvanced aaid
dcfendants large nmounta cxcecding nt all. timcs
the said paymcnls, nnd that in abscnco of nny
Agreement that tho paymeula thua mado, should
go lo eilingaisli Ihc first dcbt,' and innsinuch ns
aaid corporatior. wns insolvcnt, they had tho right
to clect thomnnncr of applying said paymcnts.
Tho Oralora furlher claimed to rccover oftho
dcfend.ints. aa corporatora, und insiated that tlioy
liuviug 011 said I'Jlh of April asaigncd said wool
and clolhs naaforcsaid, for their own benefit, they
did so in fraud oftho said Oratora, und were con
scijucntly pcnonnlly liablo to tho Oralora for tho
value oftho property so assigncd.
Tlua position was rosnted by tlio dcfoiidanta on
thc grouud that the contract nforcsaid was that of
tho agent and not of llio corpnralion, that ho liad
110 aulhorily to cxecuto it and they wero not bouud
hy it.
'J'ho argumenls of coaiicel wero prolongcd till
four 1". AI. oflho 10th. Tho Court adjourncd'on
Saturday tho 20ih without delivcring nn opinion.
Jlsaph Fletcher vs. The 4dminstralor of Jamcs
Arnucd ata formcr tcrm.
Uoyco, C. J. Tho qucslion in this caso was
whclher, tho dcfcndant being sucd onn notc nfler
il had laid sevcrul yoara, it is admiasab!c,in order
lo provo payment, to aiiow, in connccuon wnn
other circumalanccs, that tho plainlill' w.h in ern
barrasscd circumstancca for somo tiino bcforo suit
brought. It wus hold lo bo ndmissable.
John Woodbury, v. A'nlhan Parker.
Judgoinont in tlie County Court for tho Dcfen
dant. Kxccptions by the paintifl'. Argued by Alr
Ilarrelt nnd Mr Convcrso for llio plainlifT, and Alr,
Ilunlon for tho dofondant. Opinion oftho Court
pronounced by Itoyco, C, J. Judgeincnt of thc
County Court allirmcd.
Tnovr.n ron a yoke or O.ten.
On trial, tlio plaintiffin order to show hia litlo,
offered in ovidence an exccution of Downer v.
Wilson, wilh tho rejurn thereon, by which it ap
pcarcd thal llie plainlilfua Deputy SherifT, levied
said exccution on said oxcn, nnd tliat a: thc salc
thereof in duo form oflaw onsaid exccution, they
wero slruck ofl'to tho plantilYas tho highcst Lid
dor. By a rcceipt 011 tho execulion it nppcared
tlitttho plaintilTasDcp' Sheriirhnd paid lo tho
crcditor the full amount oflho exccution, and by
an endorscmant signed by tho debtor as well as by
tha rcturn Ihcrcon, it tmpcarcd that the Dcbtor
turnod out tho property fcvicd upon.nnd waa pres
ent nt tho sale. Tho rcturn was objected lo, nnd
rcjected. Tho Dcft. ollcred no proof.
Held by tho Snprcmo Court, that tho rcturn
had 110 tcndcncy to provo lille to thu oxcn in the
plaintitT that in tho languago of Hcdficld J. in
Halo vs. Alillor IS. Vt. p. 21-1, n salo by unoflicer
on oxecution to himsclf is in law no salc.
Tho caso of Alills.tn. Goodsell 5 Conn. Kcp. was
citcd as good Inw. ' lt was said by tho Judgo that
tho ollicer having property by vir'.uo of proccss.ia,
in nddition to being agent ol tho l.iw, tiustee for
both debtor nnd crcditor nnd stands in a position
ofhigher responsjbilily than an orditnry trusteo
that an ordinary trusteo may tako a defeasablo
tillo 011 salc oflho trust piopojty to himsclf but
thal an ollicer could not do ovcn that,
Jocl Lull, vs. Caleb F, Mathews.
Judgcnicnl in C. C: for tho plaintilf. Exccp
lions by tho defondont. Argucd by Alr. Conveiso
for tho plainlill', and by Alr Coolidgo for tho de
fendant. Kcllogg, J. pronounced tho opinion of
Court. Judgement oftho County Court roverscd.
Case rcmandcd to tho Counly Court, for unother
Asaumpsit for tho prico of wood. Evnns had
morlgaged his farm. After forcclosuro und just
bcforo tho timoof rcdeinplion cxpircd, ho cut
und piled up on tlio said farm tho wood in quca
lion. Tho wood waa nttachcd by I'laintill's depu
ty on n writ ngainst I'.vana, and by somo arratigo
tneiit wns sold boforo judgement by llio ollicer to
tho Defundanl. The salo waa mado after tho timo
nf ritilntiintlnn liml PYnirnil. Ilin wnnd wal llllMl ro-
inainiiig whcro it was iirsl pilcd. Tho niorlgageo
loruadc llio doluiidanl 10 removo 1110 woou, unu 110
did'not removo it.
Iluld Ihat Evans Imd no property in llio wood
nnd iiolhing passcd to Alalhews by llio salo, ovcn
ifit ho Ircalcd ns n rcglunr ShcrifTs salo, that
tho wood belonged to tlio inoitgagcc.
Parker Shatluck, vs. School Dlslrkl, J"o. 0, .in
Tmatco of Arlomas Kirk. Judgement of C. C.
ihnt School district ia not trualuc. I'.xcniitioua hv
plainlilf. Amnuil hy Alr I. W. Itichnrdsoii nud
Alr N. Itichardfon fot tho plnintilf, nnd Mr I'. T.
Wushbuin for llio Tiustow. Opinou oflho1 Court
pronunccd by Hoyco, C. J. Judgement oftho
Counly Court afliriiiod.
Solomon Downer vs. Clark Chamherlin.
Judgement in 0. C. for dcfcndent. Exccplions
hy ihc plahitifi. Argued by Alr Hunton and Alr
Trucy for thu plnintiir, and by Alr Wnlkur and Alr
Chandler for tho dofondant. Opinion oftho Court
pronounced by Kollogg, J. Judgement oflho
Counly Court teveracd. Cnso remanded for an
other trialj Dims, J, dissenting.
Debt on judgoinont. Dcfcndant plcadcd dia
chargo in llnnkruptcy, and, amoiig olhcr lliinga,
anvgeu iu His plca tliat "liotico was publisucd
thrco weeks succcsbivcly," in a cerlain paper.
Thc rcplicntion travcrsed tho plea and tcndered
tho issuo, which wnsjoined. Tho defendant, to
prove hia plea, introduced recorda oflho U. S.
Distiicl Court, by which it appeared that, though
tho first publicution of nolico in tho paper natned
was moro than 20 days boforo tho day of hcaring,
tho notico was not "publishcd thrco wcoka auc
cessively," as was ullcged.
'Iho court churged Iho jury if thcro waa ono
nublication moro than 20 days bcforo tho day of
hearing it was a complianco with the law, nnd tho
proof kullicient undcr llio plea. Tho Supreme
Court hold tliat, though it was not neccssary to
havo mado tho nllcgation,still as it had bccn made
it could ho trcated at tnost, 113 immaterial, and
not imperlinent. Truo tho Barikrupt nct only re
quircd 20 days bcforo tho hearing. I3ut tho samo
nct providca that tho courta may mako rulca for
procecdiiiga in Uankruptcy. Tho rules, which
arc put into tno case and prolerlcd m tno plea,
providcd that notico shall thrco weeks successivc-
ly. Ihe dciendanl waa lacreforo bound lo provo
this allegation.
Jluguslus'P. Ilunlon, vs. Clark Chamherlin.
Judaoment of C. C. for dcfcndant. Exccptiona
byplaintifl. Argucd by Alr Weymouth and Alr
Ilunlon for tho plainlilf, und Alr'Walkcrfor do
fendnnt. Opinion oftho Court pronounced by
Davis, Judgo. Judgement oftho County Court
roversed. Tho caso was rcmandcd for anolhcr tri
The Town of Hartford,. The Town ef Hart
land, (I'aupcr Caso.) Judscment in C. C. for Hart
ford, Exceptions hy Hartland. Argued by Alr
llarrctt und ilr Cliandlcr lor llarllord and by
Alr Converao for Hartland. Opinion oftho court
pronounced by Royce, C. J, Judgcmont of tho
County Court aflirmed.
Appeal from order of roinoval. lasuo in two
plcaa. One ihat acltlemcnt was not in Hartland:
thc othcr that tho puupcr was not 2hargnble, The
pnuper't sclllcirient was in Hartland unlesa one
liad been gained by sevcn ycars' rcsidcnco, under
Iho 8th soc. ofthe act of ltil7. Hold alao, that
ho could not cominonco gaining a scttlement in
llarllord till ho was ol tlio ugo ol legal mnjority
Held also, that a rer.ioval to Lcbanon with his
fainilvand elfocts. and 3011101! up business and ro-
rnninin" thero thrco or four montha, nnd then ro-
turninir to Hartford, waa on interruption orliia
rcsidcnco in Hartford, bo as to prevent selllcmcnt
though thcio may havo been nn intcntion wlicn tie
reinovcd lo Lcbanon of rcturning to Hartford at
somo timo.
Undcr tho sccond plca, it waa held thal whcre
ths pauper wasasickly widow, und had four
small cluldren.lhough lliero may havo been somo
meana cxiating out ol wnich slie may liavc suosibl
ed only for a ahort time, the court would not In
that case diaturb llio order; cspecially ua thcro did
notappeur to bo any collusion, on tlio parl 01
Hartford, lo gct rid o'f tho paupcr at ihnt time, to
prcvcnt tho paupcr from cuinini scttlement three
or four years being yet neccssary in order lo gain
tho paupcr a sctllciuent in llar'.lord.
Enach Wclherbe v. Alphcus Elliton. Judg
ment in C. C. for tho defendant. Exccptiona hy
tho plaintifl. Argucd hy Alr Fullam for the
plainlill", and by Alr Chandler for the dcfcndant.
Opinion of tho Court pronounced by Kellogg, J.
Judgment of Counly Court rcvcrsed.
Irespasa lor carry ing away manure.
Tho plainlifT purchased a farm which tho dc
fcndant was occupying us tcnant to tho plainlitr
In February tho dcfcndant carricd away the
manure which had been mado during tho wintcr
from tho hay tfc, raiaed on the farm the provious
scason. Tlio manuro had been kcpt in tho stable,
with tho intcntion on tho parl of tlio dolendantol
rcmoving it.
Tho nlaintilT nurchascd tho farm williin the
same wintcr and prior to tho rcmoval of ihe
manuro, ond nt llio timo of purchaso had no no
tico oflho dufcndant's inlention of carry ing away
tho manure. Tho defendant's tcnancy expired
iho first oftho noxt Apnl. and tho plainlill at thc
aaino time camo into posscssiou ofthe firm.
Iluld that llie manuro belonged to the freehold
and passcd by the decd to the plaintiH", Ihat llie
dcleudant had no right to removo it.
Kidirain Joncs.Mm'r.v. Lewis Robinson.
Judgment in C. C. for tho plaintifl1. Exceptions
by tho dofondant. Arguod by Alr Coolidgo and
Alr Tracy for tho plainlilf, nnd by Alr Ilarrelt and
Mr rnllnm for tho defendant. Opininn oflho
Court pronouncod bv Uoyco, C. J. Judgment of
llio iOuniy i.uuri niiiriiiiu.
Benjauin Ii. Surgcant v. Lulher Jldam and
simeon aacruin. juuiuuiu ... vy. v.. ..
ptaintitr. Exceplions by iho di'fendnnt. Argued
I .. l. Tl. .! M- IM lf lnl,-,r,l..n fnr
plainlill", and Alr Adams for tho dcfcndanla.
tjpimon 01 llio lyourt prononnaeu uj nujr.a, j. j.
ImUm.ini nf ilin Pntintv (,'nurt roversed. Case
remanded for anothcr trial.
Thomas B. Fosler v. Hiley .1. Dcming k Co.
Juilirmcnl in C. C. for plainlilT. Exceptions hy
ilm ilnlniwl.nia. ArfiinH hv Mr I'. T. Wushburn
nnrl Mr Ailnm fnr llio nlaintill". nnd bv Alr N.
Kicbardaon lor tho dclcnuanl. in opinronoi
llio Court was pronounced bv Davis, J. Judgment
of County Court aflirmed.
Danicl L. Bachelder v. SiVfli Tf'n)-rn. Judg-
ment in C. C. for llio defendant. Eicpptions by
thu'plaintiir. Argucd by Mr N. Richardaon and
Alr Fullam for the plainlilf, nnd by Alr I'. T.
Wushburn nnd Alr Tmcy for thc defendant.
Oninion oftho Court pronounced by Kellogg, J.
Judgment oflho County Court rcvcrsed. Caac
rcmandcd lor iinoiher tnai.
Luther Adams. v.Hcvben Luneklcc. B
Tn.Un.nnt in P f! fnr ilin ilpr.'nilnnl. 1000-
tions by Iho plaintifT. Argucd by Alr. Adams
r-- .t. Mi:.:ir i i... m-it...-..ti .ml Mr .
ii.hnr.tonM Tnr ilin llo Tl n il Sl n f . Ollinion Of lllO
Court pronounced by Uoyco, C. J, Judgment of
thc Counly Court roversed. Cuso rcmandcd for
anolhcr trial.
Ira DavU v. Mary Partridgt, Admr'x.
Exccplions to Judgment on rcport iu C. C.
Ixcoptions by defendant. Argucd by Alr Con
rnrsn foi- tho nlaintill". nnd by Mr Chandler for de
fendant. Opinion oflho Court pronounced by
Kcllopg, J. Judgment of tho County Court
In thi3 cnao Iho Court held, that undcr tno
provision of the Stalulo for thesupportof ihu fum
ily for 8 monlhs aflcr the deccaso oftho husband,
tho Admiriistratnx could not be allowcd, out of nn
insolvcnt eslalo, to provido for a minor son n cont
ofsix dollar broadclolh, although ho was. nt tho
limc,a member of collego, nnd such clolh was
suitable to hij dcgroe, aa boing worn tiy hia fellow
studcnls nor to pay tho cxpenacs ol anolhcr 1111
nor son at an acadcmy fitting for collego that she
rnnlil Iir nllownd fnr nrnvidinff onlv such MCetStt'
rics as tho father would liavo been liablo for, if
procured by thcai sona, had ho bccn livinglhal
tho pioviiion contoinplated by llio ataluto was on
ly tho oidinnry sustenanco and clothing or llio
family.nccossary for dcccncy nnd comfort.
Ilenjamin Smith, Jr., v. Alberl Onion and
7. r II
Appenlcd from Chancery by thccomplainnnt.
.. .1 1 Kt. rM.-M.lln- T..r llm
ucd uy Jir iiuniiis nim .i uiu,i ,
,i-:..-ni nn.l hv Mr Convcrso and Alr N.
Uichardso'n for tho dcfendants. Opinion oflho
Courl pionounccd hy Davis, J. Decree oflho
chancollor rcvcrsed. Caso remanded for n do-
crco according lo Uioniandato ol llio uouri.
Enoch II.
West v. 'The l)anJ of Manchetler .y
Appenlcd from Chancery by tho comp a.nan .
Arguod byE Ilulcl.inson. for tho co.i.pla.nan ,
nnd byMr Convcrso and Alr Adamajor dofund-
anls. Opinion oflho Court pronounced by ltJ
iieiu, j, jjecrco ol llio cliancuuor aiiirincd.
Vrom llio llurlinstou Frco I'rcss.
Mn Adamt va. Alfred Gav.
I rovcr for u horso. It appcared.that tho pa
"-i""sti norsca in llio stato ol . uarn
shiro, on Sunday, and that thu defendant deccivl
nnd dclraudcd thu plainlilf in tho trade. Tho dl
ccplion waa discovercd iho samo day, and nolil
gi.ui. iu .u ucicnuuiii, anu, wiihm u rcasonati
timo aflcr and not on Sundav. tlm ni-.,niirr
derod back thc horsn ho had recoived and dcmanl
cu nia own norso. l no dclcndant rerused lo sil
render him. Tho defendant. on trinl. in.i.ii
ihat llio trade, having bocn made or. Sunday, wl
so aflected with illegality, that tho plainlill wl
not cninieu to rccover. vcrdict lor plainlilf:
uciiuua uy utiujiuum. i jjuiiii wns novv maD
by tho couuscl lor tho plaintiir, thct it did not i
t.n i.ni r .
iiuur upuii mo uui ui ujiuepiiuns, iuai llicro
m New Hampslnro at tho nnieof tho exclianj
anv slatuic, by which tho contract on Sundav rJ
prohibllcd, and that this court could not iudicil
v nolice .iho fact, that lliero was such a luw.l
Argumcrit by . Converie and J. V. Ilichardsi
for dca., nnd by P. T. WaMurn, for plt. I I
Tho Court, pcr Hcdficld, J. hold that mattcrsl
criinuial law and ol polico rcgulalton in olll
Qtatcs snouid not uo juuiciaiiy noliccd by II
court; that thcr is a distinction. in this resnel
betwecn laws of this charactcr nnd laws respel
ing uio inmng ol dopositions, or llio gcneral oU
Baiiuii Vi coniracts and thal in striclnes!, tlio 11
oriSow Hampshiro. in refercnco to contrncts mnl
on Sunday, should havo been provod in this cn
uiu uiu uuun iiHiuiaiou, thal tlioy sliould not e;
cido tho case upon thia ground, wilhout givinglj
defendant an opponunity to amond his case.
Tho court also held, that the authorilics shl
that a contract mado on Sunday, ia not so imml
ui, uidi un atuuu uuiuiui uu Busmiucu upon 11, 9
cept so far aa it ia prohibiled by cxpress statul
and that it would bc cxtremcly dillicult to holdl
xencral principlcs, that a contract made on Sj
day is immoral in itaelf, whcn it is apparcnt t
llicro aro so n.uny uiuereni anu conscicntiii
opinions npon tha subject, aa in iho caso of
sovcnth day habits, tho Homan Catholica,
Ciuakera, who hold all days alikc, and tho 11
thcrans, who hold ccrtain daya as Ash Wcdnl
day and good l riday, to bc moro sacred than e
tho ordinary Babbnth. J liat, tliercloro tho co
could not susiain Iho dclence on iho ground tl
tho contract was immoral in itself.
Tho court also intimatcd, that even ifit be 11
en as grantcd ihat thcro was m tho stato of
Hampshiro, a statcd law oftho naturo claimedl
the defenhant, it waa matlcr of doubt, whetll
aflcr nll, llio courts oftlns slalo ought to givo
fect lo il in llm rnelhod cluimcd; whclher the
fusing to inlcrfcro wilh contracts, which aro i
gal as tlioy nrc madc so by statuto, is not.as in
malter ofpolicy, saying that wo will not lielj
man, if ho has violatcd our own laws.
Thc rourt uloo held, that they wcrc not prcpaj
iu su, iuui u yaiiy ui.iy nnvujrs jirueeeu iu uii
jirmance oi a coniraci iuegai uy siatute; but
in this respect, Sundny contracls may bo diJ
guished from olher contracts inintcd wilh illegal
Ihat alhllcgul contract when purged ofll
illegality, bccomo vnlid ; but that a contractl
moral iu itscir, and void lor Ihat, cannot bl
purged; tliat it ia shown by the authorities, llS
aunday contract may bo purged ol Us MlegJ
by a subsequent ralification; that they stand tl
liko promises made by un infant, whicli inal
may not be ratihed, or liko contracts, mtliin
statuto of fiauda, for thc sale of lands, wheru
prico has been paid and pcrforinapcc has bccn
iused; ihat, in caso of a Sunday contract, thc I
ty mav demnnd the property, and thc rcfusl
delivor it is to bo Ircalcd ns an uHirmanceJ
ihat thia may be dono by eithor party; thai
waa tho only salulary ductrinc, uhich coull
npplied to cascs of this charactcr, and that lll
loro the judgrncnt oi uio couri ueiow mni
From Ihe Duily Mnll.
The last despatch roceived at Washl
ton ia daleu AL'ua IVueva, reb. "I,
says nothing about tlio approach of Sj
Anna, altlioiiIi tlio orucrs iven lor
auvance of inoro troops to IMonterey,
caulinnary rletails ol thoso orders, s
that Gcn. laylor was porlectly awarel
ho had an oneiny 111 the rcar as wcll
front. Thc accotints hy iho way ofll
pico arc cxtremely vngue; indeed the
reliablo lntclligcncc Irom thal direq
arc the leitcrs of Santa Anna, publil
in the Mexican papers, in which he uvc
his intention of attacking Gen. Tal
(tvho, he undcrstood had 6000 men,
wc wish he liadjat Agtia iMueva or
21st. Trom this maj, have sprung all
rcporis ot untuc, wnicn, u win uo ra
lectcd, havo bcpn cntirely tlirotigli
can soiirccs. They look their Genen
his word; and bccniisc he said he sli
fight and heat Gen. Tnvlor on tho
they supposcd he had donc so as a
ofcourse. But thc despatch relerrl
is dateil on tlie 21st at Agua Nueva,
Capt. Ileni'ic left Salttlloon the 22dJ
Mr Jarvis on tlm 23d, and thorohadl
no baltlc up lo thoso dates, and Ihcsi
thc vtru lasl aulhcnttc accounfs Irom
Tavlor. Thc communication hetl
Camargo and Monterey was cut
probably either hy Gen. Urrea or
iMinon, ana cverything received sinJ
mcrc Mc.xicnn rumor, which is much I
Iiknly to uo fnlse than Irue. Ihere
ccrtainty Ihat Gen. Taylor has fallenl
from Agua JNucva, or that his comr
cation with Monterey is cut ofT; altll
il is quilo Iikcly that, if Urrea is bctl
Camargo and Monterey, Minon is bcil
thc lliconada and Monterey. Inthcl
cnt posturc of our troops, we have no
son to bclicve tliat either Urrea or M
or both togethcr, are in sufTicicnt forl
doanything morc than cut ofi' comil
As lo tho movements of Gen.
it is now nearly time to leam
result of his altack on Vera CruzJ
was made on the day contemplatcd.
there tnay and probably lmvo been dq
and wo may have to wait a wcek or
night for particulars. Tho Alcxri
Gazctlo says, we have seen a lettetj
thc is and of Lobos, dated the c
Fcbruarv. whicli Btatcs that iherJ
been a tnost unrcasonablo delay in tl
rival of transports and munitions ol
at that placc.
Tho oxpcdition to Vera Cruz will
siat of about 12,000 troops and prt
100 sail of all kinds. Gcn. Scott.l
said cxpccts to havc boatsenough t
5000 troops at once. A lettor in tl
York Journal ol Commcrcc stalel
10 howitzcrs, canable of discharginl
shells iu n miniite, have been senttl
Cruz, to he uscd holf a mile in the
that city. Thc leltcr ndds "Thc;
from ihnt noint, dcstroy the town i
hours, if noccssary. If tho Mcxicail
should muke a rally, Gen. Scott
rcadv to rcceivo ihcm. Tho posili
coniinands thc castle that is, thl
throw forty ahells cvf ry minule iil
castlo nnd, at a distancc of 3-4 ofi
bcyond tho rance of anv cun in thc
Wo also have the bcst cncineer ofll
tho world." Tho Charleston Neivl
Ilin nlnn nCllin :illnplt nn VOra L.1
which thc South Carolina regimd
inadc to atlack tho iiorlhern wall

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