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k ..n-uis.n. wIipii ("fly tliouaniul
3 .md tenm of Dj.IIom urc put at
t wnr with vigor, mul tlicn, for ihese
i .nmn mcii, many 01 wnotn, l imve
Iroinrnro lionorcd as Btutcsinon, lurn
Inut, nnil i" mV opxnion, aolely for pnvly
pci aiid pronounce this wnr, lliat ilicy
IJ a shorte'time before, dcclnreil oxisted,
conscquencc of Ihc acts of Mexico, "uu
t" "mndo nnd carried nn by thc Pres-
cnt ol ilie Unitcd Statcs;" 1 can no
lifjor vote wilh, nr in nny wny bclong lo
cu a party. Wilh pnin anu rcL'roi, iliu
liorccivo llio course tnken by ihn WIiirs
Itho Loirislaturc of tlns state, on ilns
bjoct: aiid morc recontly by tbu Lcgia-
luro of Massnchitsctls. J lie specciies
tdo in Boslon, Philrululphin nnd 111 con-
l;ssj diiring tbo winicr, in oppositinn lo
war. tliat hns iinen doclnrcu uy uww
v meii who are nnw spe.iking againat
Iia enouirh lo nnke nny honrst man, rick
Iheart, nnd lo exciaim in .iinij ."...u,
I, poor hiiman naliire! Wli.il wm mcn
r: do to outaui ollice nnn powcr. roun,
burdon of ilieir soup;. When mon
II money were cnllcd Inr, weck afier
ek, nnd moiilb nfler monlli was con-
Ined in dclmiitig on wlmt tcc should do,
lli ccrtain lerritory which tlio torliino
war Iiau lemporanly plnccd i;i pnsses-
iti of our tndilary nr.d navai oiiicerd
lether it should be freo or slnvc terrilo-
or statcs. 'I'lio vcrv len roirimcnts,
ll were conclndnd npon somc of llio lasl
s ofthe scssioii, lo bc raised, inii'ht
Iv, Ind llio whig inembers of Conprrss
ed as llic cxigency rcqiiired, bccn on
1 1 r wny np thc llio Grando, lo reucve
hrave old llonnli nnd Kendy Iroir. his
Iseut perilous siluulion; while, by (hcir
losition niid delay scarcrly n compuny
iol rmspu: nnd jp.d. 1 aylor, if volun-
irs do nnt gel to his rolief in seasnn, will
o to snrrcnik'r his army, nnd govcrn-
lit stores to thc n ino ii nl of 1 ivn Million
llnrs worlh, to thril poor wiak and inof-
nve Nntion. Oli! consistaney, thmi
lajewell. Whcn I sce n majority ol
partv that I havo uclnngcd to, wlten-
Ir ihcy open thcir nioiith on tlie snbjpct,
Ine and ccnsure tlie ricsultnt, for evc-
Ihing that may nnt provo fiwnrablo,
II I)i m rcspniibiblc for llic plans, inrtn-
Iment nnd execntion of thc campnign;
vct, when fnrtiiuc fnvors onr arins
hi the slars and slriprs wave triuniph-
ly ovor cvery L.ity and l'ortrcss lliat
bravc mon havo licon lcd ngniiiEt
hi thc Laslc, our National einhlom,
nd bird, sels pcrclied on tho sliinilard
ictory, in an pqnal coinbat, r.ven thcu,
ipre no neod of prniso to tbo liead of
urcat nation. All! all is opposilion
llic powcrs tbnt bc. Sncli lias bpcn thc
Irse of a portion of our pooplc, in linics
e by; but ns for me, iny inollo is, and
I bc, iny country, right or wrong, or
cvcr botmded, I will defend her.
Windsor, Vt., March 29tli '47.
he Providencc Jouriml ofMonday
lVe ujidcrbtand tliat nn cxprcss was
to Capt. Piim.in. last batunlay, wilh
trder from Col. Ilunsoin for liis rettirn
irt Adtuns. Cnnt. I'itmnn starled
lew York in obedience tothe ordcr
len. Oimcs, and it nppears tliat thc
Inel oftho rcgimonl disputcs liis right
fsue it."
Wn rln nn( an II ti iln rol n t.fl tlin f. r t ntwl
. u ..... uu,w....u ...w., ......
Iinno thero is no conflicl oforderor
lority in tho niniter. Cid. Ilansorn
Capt. rilinnn bave bnth actcd witbin
anihonty nnd vcrv propcly. Capt.
Inider a guncral ordcr, dccnnd he
nulhorizcd lo procued on lus runtc,
his conii.uiy, assoon as he hnd niuf-
51) man. I he (Joloncl of ihe rpgi
has very propcrly dircctcd hiin lo
liln, niltll at lenst a nnclpiis lor thc
Knslnml rpyimont can lio forincd,
lorgnnized with sullicicnt cfliciLMicy to
II soiiio fltvicc, raihcr th.in n nicrt
nibrancc whcn they arrivc in Mexico.
s tho intention, wc undcrstand, to
a New Enghind llegimenl. Wc
Iv enongh of Nuw Lngland inen to
Lt onco that only sucli u regnncnt
lbe forincd, and lliat if mcn nrc to bc
Iont at intervals, in gtiardj of forties
13, scnilcreu irom uinir nssncmies,
ralcd from thcir officcrs, and dctach-
difTeronl nnd unknovvn coinmands.
few Englnnd rci;iincnt cin be fillcd
Lnd tho ofliccrs niny as wcll abniulnn
nonimaiid at oncc.
liihont boiii2 informcd as lo the
Ue nrders in thc premises, thc cnur.se
Iied by Col. R'.inswn, thc accomplish
xntnindcr of thc Novi Englond rcgi-
ninst commend ilself lo evcrv man
lnse, nnd pnnes tnnt no is wonny ol
lcsponsiblo post assigncd liiin. 1 hc
lt is, of coiirsc, to raise a rcimeiit
lio field, ns 3'ion as prncticnblc.
lis now going on wilh finc spint, but
I i i i r ii
licn nrc voiunlecrtng, not enlisung.
Lbeir ardor nnd pall'ioiism, and con-
co in their officers, wlncli mducc
to tinroll. nnd not the pay, lor not n
Iol thcm bul will leave betlcr wages
lil hiin, wiihout tho risic of heinjj
than hc will get in Mexico wilh,
Iiio cliinatc (o hoot.
iw wc have n New Eugland prido
this inaiter, nnd if ihc colouel nnd
Irs of the New England regiment,
Ithe aid of Gcn. I'iorce, who is with
I, aro loft to not u: the regiinent in
own way, wc asstirc llio govcrn
Ibat it will hnvc its thousnnd inen
field t tho cnrlictft possiblo mo-
more cffective tlian would he five
land sent olT in loosc dctnclir.innip,
espril do corps.aud no point of
ilization. Jsy nny otncr course Hipv
lavc only n few stragglitig, dispirit-
liiipanies, nnd not cven n unitalton.
II ho enaier to lill up two rcnncutM,
khe men nnd ofhcors onthcspoi.
half nti ono with thc men in com-
Fcaltcrcd from ench othcr and
iited from their coiumniid. At all
a, when thc mcn co, the rceiment
rs should go with lliem, or be ott the
to tnkc tho cotnmand. Such, wo
lo, wiii ue ine corso ol Col. Ilan-
lind thnt, if nny tsmall dotnchmcnt
go beforc n battnlinn at loast is
d ol Ihc regimont, ho will go wilh
and thoso wno loiiow, ir nll canuol
ready. will then know whorc thov
I fmd the New England rogiment
whcn lliuy reach tho field ol nction.
This would grcaily rctnrd if not cudangcr
filling up tho companips hehind, but it
would be prelVrnbk' to tho other coiirso.
Wilh this nssiirnncu, wo cnn cnll uppn
ihc gnllnnt boys orNow England lo put
ihemselvcs undcr thc command ofsiich
pnllnnt nnd thoroueh bred fpinls as
PlWLf., llansum, Thampson, Stymour
,md Lallijy men ciT splenduJ accomplish
incnls, phyMcnl, mcntal nnd moral; just
such mcn ns Nnpoloon or Jnekson would
hnvc choscnto put nl llio head ofn brij;
ndo or rcgimuiit. Uuder such mcn lbe
New England soldier, will find not only
cominniidcrs whom he can follow wilh
confideuee, but gnurdiuns, who will cnro
fiir hiin ns n man, ns wcll ns pivo hiin a
chaiice to win laurcls ns n soldier. The
lioys nll undorsinnd this, nnd these cpirit
cd oflicers wnnt time to get their hnrness
on lo be in ihc fiold nt ihc hend ofn rogi
ment thnt will cndure nny tliing, fight nny
ihing, and bcat nny tliing ol iml ovcr
tcn tiines thcir si7c ij nuniher in nll Mex
ico. If, therofore, wc understnnd the pur
poso of Coloncl Itan.soin in rccalling Cnpt.
Pitmnn, until nt lcast a battnlion is rendy
to move, il is ihewisoht, most effective
and most judicinus movcmpni that could
hc made, nnd tho only mcar.s of sccnriug
a specdy filliug up of the New England
regiinent. Thecouiilry and thc depnri
inent miist sec this, and npprovo ofthc
course; but wheihcr onc coinpnny, or five
or tcn coinpauies are to go, let them go
wilh their field officers, lliat wo may have
uhnt we slnrtcd for, n New England rcii
mont in tbo field, or if we are not to have
n regiinent, let it nt lensl ho a New Eng
Innd bnttliou.
The New Orleans I'icnyuno ofthe
25ih, contnins intelligenco ofthe highest
Capt. l'owors, 8 d.iys from Tampico,
Inviiig bceu dcinined nt ihc south nnd
east of Vern Cruz by n lipnvy 'noriher'
until I7lh, has nrrivcd nt New Orleans.
The U. S. squndron nnd nll lbe traus
porls left Point Lizardo for Sncrificios
9ih March, the tmnsporis hiniiig on
oard 12,0(10 troops. On tlio morning of
the 10th, tho troops nuu inarmes tfWtcu
n laudiui; within thrcc iiiiIps of Vcra
Cruz without mreting nny oppositiom
from the enciny, ns the landing wr.s ividl
covcred by conslnnt disclmrgcs ofbomh
shclls aud round shot tiom thc U. b
sieamers and siun boals anchored ncar
ilie bear.li, and in front of thc landing.
On the 1 lih and 12th thc Ainerican
(orccs were employed in gcliing uphrcasl
works nnd dii'giii!; enircnchmcnts; oc-
casiounl skiruiiahing tonlc placc with tho
enemy, who weic throwing showcrs of
bomb shclls nnil round shot from the
casile and ciiy without muchefTeet.
12th. A strong galc set in and cut cff
all further eommiiiiicntion. Wc lefi dur
ing thenorthcr, and were unnble to mnkc
progrcss lownrds ilie norih, nnd helieved
it was imposaible for our boinbs nnd
shclls to have heeu laiidcd until the 18th
inst. Sothc bonbnrilineut ofthecastlc
and city did not probubly coinnieiicc un
til lhc20ih
13lh. A Fronch bark run ihe blockadp
nud tnoorcd uuder thc walls of thc cns
tlc. .Many ofour Iransports are ready lo
loavo for the Unilcd St.ites as soon as the
noriher is over. This vcssel brings de
.xpatlicft, and !ett?r bngs from every vessel
in the Gulf squadron. On llic day of
sailmg from Sacrtficios, it was snid that
llic American nriny lind gained poses
sion of all thc fortilicalinns ofthe enemy,
Hhir.li were erected hy them to pteven:
our troops appronching the ciiy.
All the watcr pipes lcading lo thc ciiy
were cut off and all comniiinicntinu ef
fcciually sloiied. Gcn. Scott attcudcd
in persoh on thc lith.
March 15 A heavy cnniionading ai
the city nnd casile.
The New Oilcnns Delln. of the25ih
ultimo says: "The troops ucro Inndud
nlicr a rcconnoisnnce on tbo 7lh, by Gen
Scoit, Pnltcrson, Wonh, Pillow, Q,uii
nian nnd Twiggs, wilh their aida nnd the
lopographical corps, who approacbcd
uear thc shorc towards thc dircction ol
ihe castlc. Tlio giins from Sau Jun'n
d'Ullna onened thcir firc npon tho party,
throwing shell and round shol, but with
out domg nny damage tothc reconnoiier-
uig party, the round shot eiilier pnssing
over or falling shon, nnd ilie shell, nl
thotigh throwu with precision, bursiing
at a considerahlc elevntinn, doing no
hnim. Ono shell pnssed over thc stenm
or Petriin, llic vesul employed in ihe
rccouuoisancc, nnd nnolher liursl undei
herlmw wiihout dning her any injury.
Tlio trr.nsporls nnd convoys were lying
ofTal Anlon Lizardo. Afl'or their return
a position was taken iu hiich a inauiicr as
lo prolcct ihc discinbarknlion ofthe troops
Tlio first diviion ofGOOO being Inndcd,
nt 2 o'clock, P. M., on thc Olli, nud iho
rcnianinder duriug llic day. The land
ing is spokcn of by pnrsons who were
oyo witnesscs as n scenc of magnificencc,
... . .
rarcly witncsseu morc inan once in n
lift. Afler thc landing, the colunins took
np their luie of march for tho positions as
signpd to them.
The sipamers Vixen, and Spiifire open
ed on the city across the point in the
dircction oftho casile, wilh shrll and
round shot, which was rcturncd by thc
casile, but without efiect.
Gen. Wnrlh's divisiun had hcen as
signed to opuralions on thc left flank of
the city, and it hecame neccssnry to nt
tnck nnd tnkc pos.ession of two rcdonbts
thrown up by thcciipiiiy on onc of which
wns a piecc of artillery, nnd holh fillcd
with infaiilry. The rcdonbts wcro attack
pd, chargcd and taken. A spirited rc
b'umiico was made by the enemy, who
loslseveral killed, wounded, nndprisoners.
Our losswnsseven killed nnd seven wound
ed. Capt Alburlis, of Vn., wn? killed by n
round shot supposcd to bc from thc casllo.
The hnll sevored his hend from his body
the same shot tnking ofT llio nrm ol n
(Irummcr, n hoy, nnil wnuniliiig a privato.
Col. DiXon wns wotiniled in the hreast hy
a tmisket shot. Skirinishing wns no check
to thc' advnnciiiir coliiiiin, which passed
stcadilv forwnrrl to ild position on Ihe
lofi nnd rcnr of tho city, whero il cotn -
mcnccd the work of entrenclimcnt.
tlinrilt, Pnannill
nt i i.:...,. n nr ,,L U nniuni
Midshipmnn Rogors uho had not yct
neen scni irom vuru jru., wus uiiuiiu uu
ii carl nnd ordercd to ho conveyed unilor
n gunrd lo prison at Perole but I'nriti -
imtclythc guard worc cncountcred hy
our foicc.i mul Mr Roirers wns rcscued,
nnd is now on board his ship.
Tho ciiy is now complotely surround.
cd hy our troops, with entrencbmuiils;
completcly cutting ofl all commiiuication,
by sen nnd Inuu, nnd at Hip snme tuno we
nrc fnfo from thc hroofiho cniHlo. So
closely is Vern Cruz now hcsiegcd that
iii n very lew days llio news musl rencn
iisthnthotb llio ciiy nnd casile nrc oc
cupied by our victorious Iroops. No
iloubt is oxprcfscd of thc succcssful tnr
miuntion of ihc: enlerprito.
New Orleans papers of March 27 givc
delnils oftho grcat batlle. Col. Cnleb
Cuthing hnd nrrivcd in New Orleans.
Civil War in Ihc Ciiy oj illcrico. Tho
Wshilintou Ullioil of Frill.lV nii'llt "ivei
H . . . r c
cxirur.is irom mcxiuiiii pupcrs .is iiiiu us
Mnrch 5tli. Tho conlest iu thc cnpiial
still continucd. The contcnding troops
were firing npon cach other from build
iugs iu the city, nud hnd killed many pcr
sons wnlliing aloug tho slrcets. So grcnt
wns tho conMpriiaiion lliat n qiiorum of
congrei-s could not hc got togpihor, aud
wlmt few incmhersdid mect nsseuiblcd in
the hnll ofthe academy of nrls. Gen.
llarrngan, iho chief of tho revolution, hnd
proclniiiicd Santa Auna prcsidcnt.
It is suggestcd thnt Santa Anna, aftcr
liis defent at Puena Vihla, marched ns
miicli ol his army ns rcmnined uith him
towurd tho cnpitnl, ns the Iatet proniin
uinmento mnkcs Snlns ncting presidcnt,
nnd supplies fur the nriny weresuspended,
lbe new govcrnment cotincil pnsscsMiig
full power to close ihe wnr. The pro
nunciamento wns decidcd on by the chap
tcr of hishops on the 27th Fcbrunry, the
ncws ol Sanln Annn's lailti'c anninst Tny
lor having renched Mexico city Ihc day
biforc, by express. In ihis it is supposcd
the Mexicnn church lenders have takon
llic first stcp lownrds pcacc, which ihey
desire for the presorvation of their proper-
llefriitnliniisfor Ports in Htrxico The
larifi'of duties, &c, reccouimcndod hy
ihe sccrctary of ihc trcasury, appcircd iu
tho Union of Fridny night. Says the Un
ioii: "Tlincommcrci.il ttales ofEurope will
ipprove it, hecnnseit nbridgcs lbe rcslric-
tions of war npon ncntral trade.nnd opens
the poris of Mexico to n varicty of ntlicles
on Inwer dntie?, aud to nt lcast Rixly arti-
cIdswIiip.Ii hnvc becn proliihiied by the
Inws of iMexico."
The sloop of war Vinconnes, Cnpt. II.
Paulding, arriveil Salurday morning at
iho Brnnklyn navy yard, from Cape of
unod llope.
U. S. trnnsport ship nnd bomb kctch
I lecln sailed on hundav morning, from
Brooklyn wilh a l.uge cargo of gtinpow
iler, shell, Scc. for lbe forces at Vera
Sleamer Polk has sailcd from Philadel-
phia for Miiasacualco, in thc bay of Cam
peacby. Sho Inkes nn nrmarncnt for the
purpose of talung occupatum of that poit.
Tho underii"iic(l will liolJ nn cxair.ination of
Tenchcrs for Cainmon Schoola, nt the Town Hall
m Woodslock, on Wedncsihiy llio 1-ttli day of
April nexl, nt 0 o'clock, A. M.
Super'l of Com. Schooh for
the Counlyof JVimhor,
Woodstock, Mnrch 30lh, 1S47.
llhcumatitm aml Gnut. AVrlsht's Indl.in Vic(nlilc
I'iils nio imnl cxlninrd lury mri ic nc Inr dia i-uro nl
Uliniiimllnn iind f:iul, bocnuc ihey nnl nnly clemno
llic slnnmch nnil hnurN nl lliiiio iiin'i lii.J hilinori, wlilcli
ll lnhen Hiui llic rirriiHillnn mul lliriiwn itpnn llio mi'in
brauc nnd niiuclo, nre Ihe rnuc nl ilii' nbow milnl'til nnl
edleH)lml lln-y rxrltellic iilinrlirnt vcseN lo tiikr iii
'li ii wlilrli In nlrrndt deinllid. nnd ilirnlnn! nie uli.n
luli'ly crrtiilii l ninlie n pcrlwt rnrc (irltliciiMiiill.ni nnd
t.mii. A nnjie rciil Imx nl Wrlaht r Imlliiii Visfln
Me l'i!N ulll nllfii five Ihe ninnt nloiiihiiis rellell; iind
iirrievrrniijeiirror.it.);! lo nirri'Uons will im ccrtuin lo
ilrivc nniti nl ovcry ilcrripllnn rrnm Ilie Imdy.
Hrware nf all kwil.i af ciunterfcllil omo nre eontcd
wilh ut:art ntli(.m tirninrido In re.rnililn in nutwiird np
lipnrillice, lliu nrllnnl. I'lie Kiirent Miy Im in ptlrrlinr
nuin uic regnuir ngi'iui oniy, onc or innrr ol wliom innv
be I'ound In cvrry Inivn nml vlllnje In Ihe llnlled Stnus.
rorMileh ll.HKCI.I. ii I'Al.MIMl. nnd CtfAIII.RS
ll..A, Jr. Wimiinnck.
New tnjl.unl olllce 193 Trcmonl St.fionlon.
0PIN10K OV THC l'nc.SfJ.
From Ihe fe'cnllncl nnd Utlornier, Worcccter, .Mjisis.Juiic.
wistaii's iulsi.m or wii.i) cncnnv.
Thc lirneflcliil fn"-cli ol'lbiirnnrdienl compmillnn nre
iilniilhliig In llic wnrld, nnd muVc ll onc of llic mon
pnpnliir iiiedirino nnw i.nimn. I'or Contfhi, Cnldt.niid
uoiiininpiiie c.iiii'ii, iik ruriillvc pnwrrH me I'lUnlilislir
hy iiiiinrrmis leilliiionhili nr Ihc hlchmt rhnrnrUr. I
llic lli't SH'AC nl'dlnniie, lcrmeil "Oiurrnhal L'nnniinin
lio"," nrislniilliiS Irnm nrglcclnl rnlils. 11 h:n liern meil
wilh undevlnlli)'! Hiirres. nnd liiindrcd'i ncknowlcdi
Ihey nwc thc remnralijn nflhelr heiilth lo lliii lnvnlua
blc tnedicliie.
None ceniiine, nnlcss ilnn I. IHJTT3 nn Iho nrnppcr.
For ilu by UKAUI.C UJIAl'.iAi, uriii.'Sll. " ood
In Unllnnd, 25th olt.,Mr NAHU.M U. PINNI'.Y,
of I'ly mouth, aud .Miaj CAI.ISTA MAN, of Ira,
Rutland . Co.
In l'oinfr.'l, on tlie 5lli inat. Mrs. LUCY I'AD
DOCK, nged 71 ycars.
In Pomfret, on Iho 1st init., (of Cauher Rash)
IIENRY WALLAOE, ddeat cir.ld of Al r L. T.
Chedel nnd wifr; iijjcd 3 ycnrs, 4 tnoniln.
On Ihe 4lh inst., 111 Pomfret, (annjlamalion of
Ihe unir, very violcnl) .Mrs POI.l.Y, wifo of Slr
George C'liedol; nsed 5S yenra.
ln llitillnnd on thc Clli nf April, nfiera distrcss
ing illnes? of thren monlhs, of Dropiy nn llio brain,
MAUY El.lSAUETII.youngesldaugliiprofJiiiiies
nml IJetscy Fullenslioc, nged ono year nnd ono
I.ike somo fnir flowcr in dosnrt drcar,
1'ining for morc congcninl climcs;
So ftlnry wna lhy sliort lifo here,
don'lh rolenicd ilico from Eurth's'snarns.
Ifcnrts tliou lian.left wilh norrow rivcn,
Hurlli hast thou lefi lo Lloom in lle.iven.
C. F.
In Randolph, Mnrch 31, of Inflamatory Tcvcr,
AI.IIERT I). VVYATT, son ofSamuol and Juli
elto Wjull, nged 2 ycnts and 3 ino.
A gctn of tirifiht promUo lios passed ti iho skies,
And tho hc.irts ivhicli liavo clierUlied it hcie,
.Motttn deep, tliat death sundcred llioso tcndcrlies
Which twincd round a bcingso dcnr.
Wo sorrow tliat carly hfo'.t hriillo cord,
In its sinlcjfl morning has lirolio,
Yct wo feel 'iis.lho hand ofour gracinus I.ord,
And words of liind promiio lic's spukc.
Ilo saw it was ono of Eattli's lornliest flmvrN.
, rtnu wan nueu tor rcgions ol llliss;
! And do calfed it aw.iy io ih'oso serpph howerj
I Y.to it lcomcd of tho sor'row of :hU.
'J ho 1 own Buperinlcndeiu ol cotnmun achools
,n Woodiork. will mtcnd nr tha cxnmlnntion of
'iVnchPn Tor sard Schools, nt Iiio acliniil.ilouse in
iho Souih Villnao, on Snturdny, tho 10ih hit mul
'nl lh Tiiwn-llnll on TucsJuy tho 13ih inst.ai
,0,lil'?.XVjic,. wlshin, for SchooU h, Town
tho coniing Benson, nrn cnrneaily ri'qucitctl In lio
nroicnl on ono uf thc nlinvn ilayi.
Toien Supcr'l of SchauU,
(Successors lo Homrs, Ilomtr fy Co.)
D E A L E 11 S
iFot'rt0U AND Womttiiit,
No. 31 Si 35 tlnloii 81.,
03 OD U? S!f o
ll.ivnig I'rrqner.lly rcrtlvnl nnlrrn frnm lliclr cinlomon
(!. W. .t S. J. M. II., noulil imrllruliirly rcqiint lliclr
nieiui l nil.lreHi nll lellcrn In Ihelr imacitt llrin, uu
liin liern reccnlly lormcd In
TT M 0 Q Y Y
lindrr Ihc llc nl
' BBoiBH'i' Ac Co."
wilh whlih lliry have no cannccllon wh.ilfTrr.
lliuKin, Mdrch, 16. 3.8Cw
HOMEll & CO .
No. 21 Merchanls' llow Boslon,
Import llnnlwnrr nt usual. Tlicy will FHlNnirlnrlly scrv"
all wno luivc npcii m iinniwrire ni uunu qu:iiiiy
AT UIW 1'illCKS,
liy Ihc Mukgi: or oilierwHd. 3G0
HAVfi rccihcda lurgc nddllion lo lliclr fornirr notl
iiicnl ol
nuHns nne nl Iho lnrfest nnd liet In Ihe country, mnnnj;
wlilch tlirv wnnld I'liiiinenilc (Inlil nnd Silver lever, hor.
loiilnl, dnplex WATI.'III'.y. Itlns, Pin, Uriici lf t, Cnld
i bihcr wnicn iriinnnne, ivcyn, uiiiiins, uunrui,
SavEn SroONm Trn.Table, llrncrl, Snjnr longi", nnj
crrnni Indtes.
BnlTTAMA Warg: Teu & Cnflec Toli, Ciuiillrnllrkii,
nnd l.aill ih.
rine Iliifl'ilo Ilorn, rnininnii dremlii; nnd II nl r
CointiK, Flne lvnry nnd Huslish ilrrminj! do., Shell
Unck nnd hIiIi;, bllvcr buck, llerlin 1ron,c. tfc.
Ilnir nnd Clolhc UriMiiK, wilh phln nnd
lincy VVnrnN of elcsuiit fliilh, nnqlUh nnd I'rrnrh
Teelh IlruliPi, Nnil nnd rili,iln; do.
.'oicph A. l'urlini
CCililinc t'nliifile wnlrr,
Anilirn I.ivender walcrn. Iit..
Iracln lor Iho f I mul KcrrhW-r, coinprliins
Ifcdwikniln, nrrniiccnlrnli'd IVrsinn nhAeiire.
I'lilrliniily, Vcrbi'iin, ic. Fnnry llme uiili nll
dehirnhle elnicti. Marruor nnd Anti'iiic Olli, Fnncy
Soam Ket.au l.nw'n llrnwn tf Wiiiilnnr iln, r. c.
I'nckel lloohH, i;ig'ir l;ne, Arcnrillnim, bilk i'iirm,
F.insof nrWHljlrH, I'nrso lri minl ns- Hllvt-r I'rult
Knlve, Tidile llelln ol new nlj lei; rMrrl vmt cliiilnn,
lleniU nnd purke chp,Jliind MlrrnrK, llnnr and lvn
ry Hinsi, l'erciisnlon Cnpi, Pnrket I'laiks, Me.miirilig
Tnpc, Cnrk Scrcwi, 4r.
Ilodnr'H lliichnw', Wrnss'n and Crook'H ln kl l'orlel
Knivri, lliishnw's llrnllhwnitc'K lienl nnd riinininn
sorHi l',llioii' nii7.rim, Ae. Oird Cntri of elecant tlilrs
Ivory, l'earl, Shell and olher mr,lerliil lnl iid llh bllvcr
nnd jnl'l, lirslilcn in.iny nlher nrllelcn whlrh nre In nnin.
eroiis lo rnuinernlc in n Hinnll Klicct. Jj'J ii.
i ii n n i m ci
II 3 x l l d '
0. & M. COK,
linve nn hnnd nnd nre cihijIiiiUI'iIj rrceMng Irom Ihc
nvcry varicly ef
paniciilarly ndnplril lo lo ihc New Kngljnd Trade, which
inej nuer ai
mauFA cruREus piuces,
hs ihc ne or dnzen. Tlioso In w.ml ofOfiJ SIZF.S OR
H'lDE SIIOES, will nlniiyn Iind n
iUlhiSlorr. U. & M. TOX.
Il(ilnn, March 30. 3j9-Vm
ll & CO.
Ilnvlne rrccnllv ilrrliled In etcnd Ihelr biniucss In Ihc
would c (im licn il ln ilie livorulilc imilcc nf Uenlcri in
Ihelr wrll nelerted tnrk t.1 Fntelgn nnd )iinet!c Oondi.,
wlilch, Irom ll ente.nlve vnrie(y,gond ipullly nnd
neohneia.ii wrll iiiliipicil lo piucliuicri
fnr rclull nlc,
No. 21 Mcrchanli' I'.nw, neur llic old Mnrke I,
April, 1, 360-1 ino. I.h. HOSTON.
STATliOF V KUMO.VT, JTIir Ilnn. the rinlmlc
oinTiiiCTor lUMiiii.i'M,!!. iCoiirt fnr llio I)lni'l
Rnndnlphi Tn nll pcmnin ronrerned in Ihc olnln nf
limillltAII MANN, (ateofllrnlntree, iiimlil DUirirt,
decemed tebtule,
Whcrrai, Samucl II.Mnnn, AdmlnWr.ilnr with the will
iinncxed, of Ilie enlnte of ihe riald dcren,cilt prnposei
rrmlerln: uit ncrfnint nfhli ndminlilratlon, nnd prrnriii
Ing liii arrnnnt njalnii nild rhUlr, lor nllimniice, nl
ii nroloii nf niid L'onrt lo bc lldd nl Ihe I'rnblle Of.
llccinVv'rH Uandnlph in aaid Dhtrlcl, on the third
Tncxlny ln Mn A. I). I6I7.
Tiikrcforg, on nrc herrby nntlflril lo npporbrfore
nnlil Co'irl, ut the time iind jilnce nfireiniil, nnd how
cauc, ll'nny jou have, wliy tlie nil.l arcottiu elioilld not
bc hIIowciI.
Duled nt West Ilundolph ln snld DUtrlrl, lliN 3d day
of April, A. I). 1817. CD.MUNI) WCSrON,
360-3W Jmlzc.
IS hereby give 11, that I linve glvcn (0 iny non JOII.V
l'HCSI'ON, llic lenn ol'hia niinorlty, (o nrl nml Irnde Inr
.Mmaelf, 114 I nlinll pny 110 dcbla of hla roiilrartlng, or c-
ucl W ofils wngca nfler thla il'itc.
Sharoil, 23th Mnrch IS17. 30-3v
LIS'I'OF l.r.'I'iT.RS iciii!iining.in iho l'ost Of
fico in Royalton Aplil 1847
Ailicns, Mrs Alinira jllunl, Eli G 2
Kcllitiap, Itoyal C
:lIutcliiiion, I.ucy
llennet, Jou
llliss, Cnlviii I'
Biooks, Jolm
llrown, Williani
llullon, Jcsso
llelknap, JtiRksnn
nacliclder, Clia'fl 2
Itrndivick, 1.nvrcnco
llarton. lloraco
Cnry, Andrew
(Jnry, Michael
Cnrlton, J C
Olevclnnd, Oel
llcrker, Michael
'Johnson, Joscph 3
Jnnolis, (Iltn's V
Johonncel, Ilnipcr
l.canth, Atnos
Manclieslcr, J0I111
Mo Mnlvan, Dcnnis
Mnckv. J 0 li 11
Ipiercc, Elicncjler
jllichardson, I' S
ikiuan, iiyiiiaii
Sitri'ivlng llcirs of God-
fry Iticlurilson
Cnrpcnler, Oliupninn Ajltussel Tiius II
rs !.- n ll...
L.riiiue, iuii juuuiiy, 111
Crossninn, Amo3
Smilli, Vm H
Slack, P IJ
Slaltiny, Jolm
tflnck, .Inmcs2
.Shauolilney, Muriticr
Tinny, S.illy A 3
'Tlinmas. I'livlcnia A
(.'ulley, Michael S
Duslin, Miss Susnn
Dawiy, Harris'on 2
Durltce, Seyinou'ro
Eilson, I. II
Fullcr, I' W ,
Forliusli, Snrah I'
(lliaY, l.aureston
Grnnt, Gcorgo
Ilonny, 1. P
Iliirlsliorn, I.ulhcr 2
Wall.icc, Trum A 2
W'nlcrinan, Delsoy
VVhnelcr, Mr Mnttha
Wright, I. 11
V00dv11rd, Mrs I.ucy
Williams, Sitiyl II
E. 1. NFVENS, I'. M.
LIST OF I.ET'lt.RS rcniaining in llio l'osi
OfTirc 111 Uridgetvntcr, Apiil I8t 18-17
gani'icl I lalliorn llnrnna llr.lhorn
Jnspcr I'innev VVilli.tm 11 Grnndy
Warrori Kinj Mnry A I'rntt
Jaho I'crso'ns Rrhfqeit 1) I'ar
I'aulina FrencH . , .
1'. 3.MIT11 14. M.
connECTED rnoM the mass. fi.ouoiui
At mnrlct 530 lleel'Unlllei uml no Slnrcnt 32 okn
Wnrklim Oxnr. TZL'oira nml L'hItihi l-loO rthen nmt
EPO riwlnr.
llEEr rATTi.K II v Knlrn. 6(l.7") . li.'.Q Inl l 11 11 II I v. AE
SO. 2,1 qiiHllly, St 7S,nr.7.1 fl.l qHll.l)f.V5 1. 5.
103iniil 117.
Cnwii 4-CALvr.. R.ilciweronotlrrdntSlBlo 20S360.
. rlD ,.,..1 .
,., . iiiiu -J ...... .
SwiNi:-I.nlMn,.,IJ,. 4J.4 ....I -1 1.2 IV.r Rmvn. n,l
j 3.1 11 u r-ur. inr iiiirrnwnj inrte unrowii, nclrcliil, S 5.8
mul 5 !SAe. Al rcinll Iipiii 5 1.2m 7c.
M0JYDJ1V, JiPRlL C, 1817
rr.OUIl. IMyWtptr cwt,
(IriiCNC'C, cniiiiiinii lrnliil 7 C3 a 7 7";
ilu I'llld liritndn 7 75 7 87
II) r, r.oo a n rm
Mi'Hl, Imllnn, lill h 5(JU
.Ivc (iccxe, Wnlcrn lli 20 n
do llil-slrtll, I, 2, .1, 1 1 M3
In (In whllr, 30
ItAIN. DitHjM rirrr.nl.
Cnrn, Nnilhnii lniah. 1 00
dn Hnnili.tiiii.djellmv nu n
do ilu llnt yrllnw 911 n
dn du nhllr 0 h
do New Orleniiii (.1)
Ityc Nnrlhcrn. 85
nn rjniillicrit i' n
Ontn innllirrn 13 n
do Dcl.mnio 4 a
iloNorlhein 46 n
lle.iiii l flO n !
ShorlH donlilchllah. 00 H
llrnn ilu iln do M n
'OTA'I'O KS.nutv 30 eenltptr buahrl.
'lieimnso c'tri'n huti CO a
Whllo ' ' .10
PUOVISIOXS. Ihttu-ntef, PoH, Hnllrr llacan
l.ard aml llami,2arer.rrnt Chetrr 30 ptr etul.
lleef nxlrn Mcv 4 llio bbl 12 .10
dn JiIoh do 1100
dn N.ivy do lliSO i
iln No. 1 dn 9 50 i
dn I'riine do 8 50
oik cira clenr l ino fO 10
iln rlciir 1 ni)
dn inen J5 00
dn nrlnir 13 01) n
12 00
1 1 50
10 00
9 00
oo r,n
18 uu
13 M
10 1-
i 50
, 38
, 31
i 30
i CO
i 00
I 00
l 0
l co
1 0
l 00
i 42
l 31
i 2'l
i 14
lluller nhlpplng ordcr It 11 i
no Kliil'u ll
diifiiiillv.nrlnie 18
I.nrd Nn. I lloflnn lnpecllon II)
iln Hun.iind Wnlcin 10
IIiiiiih llnx on 10
do li'iiilh nnil Weilern 10
heec hliipplns C i
do new inilk 7 t
dn fonr incnl 5
WOOr.. Wniyflnpcrrril.
i ine snxoin lleefe WHHhed lli 4j
Aineriean fulllilnnildo 40
iln .'1-1 iln 3ii
iln 1-2 do IM
iln l-li-conidii 28
HpiinlHh iheep,ll F nnd S 00
.Sinynia dn wnslied, 00
dn .In llliumlicil o
Hi'iiS'iiI unwiii'lied 0
Smnny clnin 0
llneiios Are,nnpicked I)
iln Pliki'il 0
Snper. iN'nrlli'n pnlleil Inmli .18
.Mi 1 nn .10 iln 30
'. iln dn dn 19
.1 dn do do 11
M A ItC II , 18 17.
The nilcnllnn nf Cnunlrv nnd r-'eunort Mrrrlimil.
Miimilarliirrri, nnd nllit'rx nbnnt vlnllln" lloilnn lo niir-
rliaie Kprhij; tiiippllr, ii iiiimI rcipcellully rcqnrttnl In
llic iniiowiiig u,iiurt, cninprliiiiig aieri liniiln, .ilanuur-
inrern, nnn .mihii
Ilelns I'iiiI picpnred ln tlm Heveml lirnnrlien, wecni-
lirnce ilie I'licihllei nlTorilcil b Ihe Coiir.lrv irc, to n
Iril Miur euriy ciiihi uml we nmurc onr iew i.iiuiinii
rriendi ihnt nn pulin i.linll be npnrcd on onr parl lo plensr
nolii old uml new etnioiucri!.
c.v it im:t wa iiKHot;si:.
IinXJ. SVnr.Tt:i:it, Nn. SSTremnnt Ilnw, npiKoilu
the IloiUm .Mineutn keepi n grner.i! iicorliiienl cnn
nlnniiy nn nanil, lor fnlc Low.
Ciirpctinss of every rtcscriptior,
run bc Imiishl (il WKNTWOKTII .t VIN.SIIIl',2l
Wihingtnii filrrct, Inr len mone;' tlnin n( nny oilicr
Morc lil inninn. I'lf.it givc tn a rnll.
xnw CAiti'iiT VAKi:noi;si;.
No. 58 llnnnrtr, rnrncr nl Frieiid Sirctt, llnsli-n,
WlinlcMilc nnd tlelail, u gond nnsnrimrnt,
Chcapfar f, by K. CIIOATn.
liroiulclotli ;uul Cnrpet S;orc.
Dealcrn in Oirpelh, llroadclnlltK, ('.iiilmcrrM, Vesllngi
X(. iVC.
No. 4S Vnhinslon Sireel, llnilnn.
WIioIchiiIi' DfAlerH 'jnil lniporlin of HiislWi nnd Frcnch
iilcliec, Jewclry nml luiicj (ioodK.
87 Wiihhinglnii .Slreel, IIoito.y.
a rii ."i)T: NN I S O N & c
Iniporlera nd Mnnufictiirrrii nf riilvtr U'jre, .lenclr) , A
n uiriirM.
205 iraihinstun Slrrtl.
A.I.. Diissim.v, Nitihn 1'oiTKn.
Dcnlcm in Silk and Colion lloot l.nrin;i, Phoo Triin
mln;i, Ar
And .Inbben n( Dry (looiN fmni Auclloiu.
Ko. 32 Nilk Strict, lloilrm.
r.wr.it iiangixos.
linNJ. W. IHMII, 31 Srhonl Slrecl, lloilon.
Tlili Slnre nflVrii lo Mercliiinln, lliiildern nml nthri In
wnnl oflhe above nrliclrx, n rnrc rliiinrr, lor Ihrj will In
nolii nl IU? JMu.nl I'ncrs.
KOltl'.lt'l' S. I).V V1S. 120 Washington ritrrrl
l'c n 1 1 ii i:h , lliKiKstt.M.it a,mi HrATtiiNtn. l'nlili-licr
nt Orernlriil'H I'npulur Jjeriei nl' ArllbnnMlci, in three
pnrift uiiiipieii in cacn niisf, irnm urgiiiiicrn io ine nimi
adni.rcd In Illgh Sehonlii iiii.I AcailcmirH. I'uiliTi I'ro
gri'Kiive Ilxrrclsei iu Kiigllsh rompniiilltiii, n new fclcrro-liln-
riliilon, eiilursrd nnd liiiiirnvcil.
Aliio, kccpikruiistautly for nle nll nlhcr nchool hooki
iu cxteuilvc n.e. nnil n gruer'il titiinri)ieiit nr.illtrellnur
oik Jnnkn .iml Slallonery. Ci.illilrv MrrchaiilM, Trnrh
r nud others inipplicl nl thc Inutst ratcs.
Chrnp, CuMi, Hoiil; A; .Stu.iouery Storc.
Acrount llonk Munnl'iirlnry nnd l'nper Wnrel'nine.
.i. h. winrrr..M(iiti:, 114 Wilmington si., ,
Dc.iler in Sl imlnril, Miccllilidin.i hii I .clinol llnoka, A
luipnrler nf Englih nnd Frcncli Slnlinnerj,
K. AI.I.E.V .V t'O.
D.ulera ln I'ori'l'ii nnd Uomesllc Wnollena, nnd T.illnri'
No. 2 r"cwill Illock, .Mllk Strcel.
nriniAiM Alm:., Wii.i.um n. Ai.i.f.x.
YiTI,; & A, D,)r,i,
Importcrs nnd Wholcialc Dealera in
Clollia.Camimerei', Dneiklui, Cnitlngi, Vcsllni!", A c.
Ulinnilirra Nn. 43 Mllk, oppoailc Frdernl st,, lloiloii.
At llio lnnest prlrei liy
.1. (J. k W. II. IIICKS,
C01 () .Vi'M nnil Vtderal Urrttt, llnslnn.
.Matiur.tctiiriri nml Dealcrn in l.cghorn nnd Slrnw floi.di,
AI111, S lk nud Milliurry Coml.i.
No. 10 Mllk Streel, llmlnn.
C.VItl'KT 'WAi'tli IKIOMS.
J, TAr.nit.81 Wnililiismn Slrrel, llnilnn.
Wnnld resiccilull) nsk tlie 1111111II011 of Ilie public In liH
new Aiiortiiicnt ofCnrpellnj ofeiery ilcicrlpllon, wlilch
lie will e)l nt thc lnuenl cujA ;irfrn.
231 Wiifliinainn Sireel, llndTON,
lleilem ln CAIU'F.TINOS nf every ileicriplion, llcntlli
Itugn, Uockingi nnd l'ulntcj Flnor CI01I11.
Dinlers in
1'npcr llntiglngi nnd Trnnparenl I'alnlrd Winilon
81 II iunvcr Sl. rnrnrr oflll'irkflone, np ntnlra.
I'npcr ilnilglng.s, wholesnle D'cilot.
31 rrdcral Sirert, uear Milk Hlrcet, IJnilnn,
liy llAUIir.Y .V IllCil'.I.OW: Mauufirliirrrn uml lninnrt
era who l.rep thc l.irgeat iin"orlnieni to he Inmid
nnj whercln llio Unilcd rjlnU".
llnihrnlln .s I'nrninl HI ninirnrlnri":
Coiinlry dcnlcrs will Iind Ihc liirgeil, jhenpefl nud mol
rxlcnaivc uaaorlmeiit nftipleiiilld llnilirclhunnd Furaioli,
ai itivvnv .. riiiai
42,llKilby fitrrcl,
... u. L...,..
(;i:om;u a. w.vOi.ekju aV co.
Iinnnrlrra nnd Dealcra ln Kngllsh, I'rrnrh nnd (lcrnian
I'nury Condi, Cnmbi, Onllrry, l'ertuinery,
A:c, Ac.
40 ICilby Flrccl, IIoto.
B. W. THAYEIl & CO.,
208 Washington Sirert, llosTtix.
Inipnrters nnd Denlrra in Frenrli nml Kngliili Fnnrr
(looda, Fnie C'nllerj, l'e rlunicry, llrtislirs, Comha, Ar
tnrdcona, Jillicr uml (Vold I'enrlls, Ituror rilropi,
I'ockct Uonka,.Vc.
O" Thc Country Trnde aiipnlled nn Ihe MOflT FAVOR.
(icrmnii, I'rcncli A: Kn. I'nncy (iooil..
nieh Ilnlieinlaii OIi4warp, Flnr Frenrli Pnrf rlhln
Orniinicnli, Mnaicul liialriinienu, nnd Tc ofnll dtacrlp
ilnna, Ac.
. l Whblcanle vrry low hy .,
IMNIlIf'IIS A; (10., 11 Kilby atrcct, nnslon.
iiAitn v.tur. am citiii.hKV.
,Vo. 48 Kilby Slrtcl, tloston.
I rtl rVttiri IVr C.VSII or npprovcJ CUUHIT,
(Iilmtiirf, nnj ImpOTlrM of Itlch Upho'ilery OnoJi,
Fr'iK li rnrnlturp, Ficnrh Plunli, UninNk, Mnrtrm,
Cnrliiln Trlniinliiga, Giifllnh Ilnlr Senliii(, tjlu
lipno Tca l'oysf lnklng.Ulnin riulci,
Al Nn, 12 ComHII,
Aml Dealcrn In I'nriillDre, Cbnlr.if FeathfM,
MnltrrKH'K, l.ooklng Oliirnrii, MuhngHiiy, Ac.,
Al Clli Mnrkrt lUillding, Ittallle Strret, lloittin.
, ,.,, ,, j,.n pn,w, ,
i..nlll ,,.,.. ,.rrui..ri Vf 4r..ncillv nn ui.,1 m
nlinrl Miil U'l-anu rriiionnuici iun, j ciiaiu-, rr.ini jv
1 .1- l!fl )'.! lV-..lilnInn itn-Ct. Illl.lnii.
1 C0-251 Wa.lilngton .tn-ct,
No plnrcln lloslnn glTen liclltr Menl nn chrnprr lermi,
or inore ncnuy Mrrven iimo ..iu.i.muin, nunun
Aviiiiiti Wilh I.OIiaUti ut 23 cciiln.
I'uriiiliirc aud rcutlicr 'Warolionte.
(ir.O.T. IIRAIlltUOK.SB nnd 39 Dlncl.iiloue nlnel,
WlmlfHHlr nnd Rctiill Solnw, .Mnhnaiiny Chiilrn, ltoekli j
(.liilrn, MiirrniK, llrueleniH, nnd Tnldem I rnllirrx U
Snel.14 trnni ,1 lo 40 pnniliUi nUo, Faltn'eiir nud
Ilnir Mtilireareit, l.nokiii-dlaiKeif.nnd IMaieM,
Clockn, ic. ,:., whlrh will beinlduui
tr lliiin i l.cwlicre In llmtmi,
i.r uai.i. anii nr.n. ja
DiirlUONnnd STIOEI.'
0. II. .t II. ItlllllARHS. 109 filnie nired.
Kerp riini'lniillv on liaiul, n Rcnrrnl Arkortmcnt of nll
kliula ol lliu irnn nnil sieci; lloiln, riali',Hlnp('K uml
llnopi.nf nll klnils; Ilur.x: Nulli uml Nuicx, -Irln
in nil'l Hprlngi, (.'ill Nlilli; nll klmln of
.lilp nml llont Mplken, Truifix, Wlndlux
Ncekn, Cnpgtiiii r?jiitdti,
nnd ull klndn of I'oiged Irnn lor l-'liip Woil,,
Fultoii Ilai il Wiirc .Uuiiulhcttiriiif; Co.
II. l'OWntl.S, Asent, 'I3Soiii1i M.irket nlrrcl, Miinnrnr
lure fur xale uml lo enler, nll klnih nl'ri.WVS, SA W All-
miici, i n.i;,if.
I'iVm rerul, ni good m new. Orilrm iiollrlled.
Crnnc & Tiissard.,
lmpnrlerH nnd Dculiri ln
II A 11 1 It ON AND s t i: r, I, .
l'nr nalc. WholesuK' nnd Itetnll,iit
Nn. IC I.ong Wliarf, IIoito.v.
l'KOCTOK, IlICi: A. CO.,
Whnleii.le Dcalen In Wesl Illilln flnnili, Wool, Iliillcr,
( lieesc, Orii riccil, .Vr., 1 18 Slnle ln el.
M. S. I'lincron, I'ncUMiN llicu, I'r.ASKi.i.N Kicb.
ltecd, Kcnny &. Co.
U'holtsah UluUn in Forciirii Fruit of all
klntlt, DulUr, L'heete, Ilcniis, Dritd Jlpiilemnd
rire Uwckcr,
No. 19 .t 21, Merrhnnls Itnw, Dnilnn.
Now olferdl Inr Snlc by Iho Pulirrrlhrrn, rnmblnin nn
I.IIU iinpnri.'iiii iiiiiiineiiiriiia;
Tojelhrr wilh n crneriil luiorunrnt nl' Asrlrnlturnl Itn-
piciiiciiu, lirnn, i.iirilen uml I lelil (rtil
Al Ilie I'nrnierV Iiiiiciiiciit and Sced Wniehotnie,
19,20, nud -"J North Markel strict, llnilnn.
ski.f siuni'ic.riXG plowsh
Coiiil'liiln; new nnd inipnrliint linprnvcmcnt, nf rnij
liraii, nnd uiciiieiiiy ine rntnpoi aml utn I'lnw
now in nsr.
r.ngte l'lnwii, llill Wde do., Sub finll do., Ingrther with n
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Cniilcn. Field nnd (rus fecir, b'oulli
Mnrkil i.t. (miT ihe Murket,)
nunni.es nofiisi: .t jiasos.
CUINA AND fil.ASU WAlin.PAri'.U IIAN(iINC5,4f.,
An cxtenslvc iiRcortinrtil, lor kic bv
MICII ARI. Min.l.F.N .V CO., IC, 16 nnd 20 Merchant.'
I. Y N . . M 111.
HAllItC V ,t IIKIKI.OW, ManuiHr'iirera ofpnper llmij.
iiigi, i iriii-rn nnn (iiruiin i npcr, ni.in, Agriitn lor
Ilie Mlc of Frrnrli I'nprrn, Chlniui'y
l'lintn nnd Triiiinpnrrnl Wlndow
Wure nniinin, 31 Fnltrnl Kl , u few dnor from Mllk il.,
GII.1.YT, D.1X1ELL $ CO.,
10 Unlnii Klrcet. l'riutini!. Wrlllnu uml Wrnnnlns l'nr.
nlnll kluiN. 4000 renniH I.elltr, 251.0 1,'up, ruled nnd
plain, 20 Killi Straw Iloiird. Ncwnpnperi Kiipplied.
J. P. HALL 4- CO,,
1 Union lrr rl, Ilsve for nalc, on thn bcat lernn, n gener
al n-nrlnitllt nf Drngi, Mciliriuen, Ar. They
nre, nlan, Agenli Inr Ihe mle nl rjwuln'ii
celelirated l,inncen aud Vcrini
fcge, nnd ull poplilnr I'ntiiil Medlcinca.
Dr.DF.AN'S llheiimalir l'illa urc iitirc rimttly fnr thU
coniplalnt. 'llieyhacbeen llic htnndaril Medlriu
lor ll ninrc IIiiiii 20JeHM. Thc prnpriitur rnn
riler nll wlioinuy bp iin.irqtialiiled wllli thnii,
lo l'hjsiriiini .iml Drufgiili in New
Iln yl.ind lor etldciicc ol l lirlr Ciiriititu
l'ott ei.
M V YNAltl) S,- iNOVRH, Wliolcinlc llrnggiali', 11 Mer
chanli' Itnw, Ih'lon, lc AgrntH for Ihc I'mprfelnr.
.''old by ApoihrnirlC!, nnd Uuuiiliy Drusgiklagrncrully.
l''niii,y (J001I5 Iiiipoi tiiig Vnnliousc.
n. F. rOl.t.AXPIinn.S KHbyslrcrl, Iinpnrts dirttt
fmni Ihe Miiniif.irliircrii, r.iiglh-li, Frenrli nnd Ct 1111:111
I'aiicj O00.I1, Hn-ips, IVrfiimery, Jcwclry,.l c., iind Tn
ofnll klndi, by tlm Uaie or 1'arkngr) Cenuiiic Failiia
(.'nlogue. -r.
Cniinirj Dcalera will n ive (Imc nnl ilimiey liy aelrc
llng Iriim l li li Inrge Stnrk, bflorc pnrcliuilngtlicwli(rii.
xli h'"faxcv coons importixg
W, W. MRri.Sr.K t t'O., 27 Killiy nlrrrt hnpprttrs o
t'nllery, C'ntnlni, llriisliix, Accniilcnim, t'eh'imier, l'er
riiMinn i,'iin, nnd ull klmla nrCngliiri. I'reni h nnd (!er
innn I'nnc) UmwU. dirtil linin llie,M'iiiiificiireri,riflecl.
cd by our pecinl reiidenl AJenl, or nne cf llic nrm, iu
l.uiope, nml will !ie old ut Wfiolcanlebnly, 10 llic Trndc.
ut Ilie lowest riilrn.
HAnVliV Iltmi'ONS, Cirnrrol Wnler uml Dcvon.
ahlrc sirn l. Miiniil'irtiirf.unil Rellwliiilcnileiind
relail, llltl'SIIIIS i.r nll klndi, i Ihc veiy
Ijwrst price.".
Made ofMr inllir. nr Vulcnnlrrd ItttMich uuder ". fjnml
jear'a l'aleiil cTISll, poiifne'i vfrj kliperior
llei lor nll .Mniiuliiriiiriii; puipnsn. Aln, l'.irk
Ing Inrr-leuni l'iprs nnd l'.u'glliea, lliii i of
grcnt VHliie,iiiuklng peilcrl .Slcimijoinif,
n.'ivlng iiiiii h llme in mcklng. nnd
never nirrrinl by lient, with
l.uec l.ealher, plcklTStrlng,
C'ollnn l'irkcfi-, .-;iiu-tlei,
r., for
fale nt
3 tAtnrtyStiamt, B.mton, Iry ClfKnVr.n.13lcIlUn.VBY.
WlllTTK.MOnn'S MACIIINr. CARDS, nnd OntlnH
nnd Wnnt llaud Cnrdi, ol eicry ilrxrripiloni nlo, llni.
len' iimj IJIoihlcrs'Jilcka', roiHlnnlly fnr anle ut ihc old
ritnktikhini'nt,SU north Marltt, llbtlon.
21 North Mnrkcl airril, lloitnn.
Iinpnrlen nl Sline-Mnniifncliircri' flooda, anif dinrera
ln I.eatheriiiid Filidingl. Wlthlea'le nnd Uelnll.
T.ikcn ninslcor In grnnpa fmm Iwoln twenli nn lfi
anucpliite, byJOIIN A WHU'I'I.R, (lt.te'orthe
llrm ol l.Ilrh 4: Whlpple,)
11.) Wmlilngloii nrcct, Ueatnn.
LIST IjKTTKKS rcmnlning in ihe I'o.t
Ollicoat Wpodstnck, Vt., Maich 31, 1847.
iCJJ'ersonti callihg for Iho folloHing lellors will
pleasc namo ihcm ns ndvcrlifcd.
Atwood, Ixland
Inlil, l.eslcr
llarrows, llrliey
Hurnham, Edwhi
llrown, l.ymaii
Clininlicilin, Samnnl
Clappi'riiornton V
Johnson, Jolm
Kcnnoy, Jessce
Knnnoy, M
I.azell, Letl
McClns.ky) Miinns, carn
of Mc Donagli, nicr
chant Mrrrill, S R
Mcrrill, Charlrs
'Moorc, Susan V.
'iicltols, l.uci.i A
(Jrdway, llirant
1'erry Amclia
I'crkins, Unnnah
'I'icrrc.Gco V
Rickard. Convciro 2
'Ravmond, (Ico G
Similloy-, Olivh S
'Spooni'r, l.eniui'l l
J'l'afl, Slcplicn
'I'mry, Anlliony
','l'hotiins, Mordecai
I'l'halchcr, Alonzo
iVilmniro, Jolm
'Young, llnrriel
'U'ood. Rlioda.
'.Wasiiburn, I.ois I'
Vniiamgnn, A F. 2
(Williamscn, I.ucinda
1'. A. KIMn.M.Ii, F. M. ,
luriH, Afiiuii
' Clurk, Michael
!s....:. i. :
. t.uiiii, riiiiici
Coollilgi!, Mnry
De.xter, Snpliia E
nimlclt, Julla
t Duiton, Mnry U
i Onvidson & l'nrks :
! lrngliali, Vm A
I Fullcr, Jnbcz
1 Fullction. Nailt'l
Ti field. (! I
Fletcher, Charles
j Frcenian, Ileury
I'isk, Jnmcs
Fopg, fjiiimn
Gililii, Miss l.ury
I llill, Itoswrell
i llart. I.ivia, I'.
Ilonard, Ail.iin S
llolilu, R A
llewlmtt B M
lloll, llilr.nd
rsAl' IIHCKCTrs of niperlor ninkc ti r
sjte rheap lr- A. STKAirNS-

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