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"Frccilom of liiquiry nml tlic l'owcr of the Pcoplc."
Niinic 8 -Numbor 51.
Wliolc Nninbcr 390.
orneys nnd Counsolors a t 1. a w
Elm Slrcct. 287,
irColi.amer. JamebIIarrett
irnoy and Oounsolor a t L a v ,
Attorney and Countclor al laie,
SAfllUEIi II. rnicu.
A 2 TO RJ1 EY AT LA 71',
A T T 0 R JV" E Y A T L A IV,
ludlow, vt. 287
Chester, Vt. 287
West Randolph, VI. 2B9-ly
Altorneij and Counselor at Law,
Altornci and Counselor at Law.
Wcit niimlolii, Vt. 32G
Allorney and Counttlor at Law,
UNlIllil., VI. 30,11
Chcteea, VI.
P. IIunton, 287 P. C.Jones.
tureof iioots ahushoex;
gmt Rutland, Vt. 301
W II I T N E Y ' S
II O T K L .
ner of El m and CcnlralSlreelt,
I'almer, G. F. WiriTNEY.
windsor, vt. 87.
C II E S II I R E 110 U S E.
KEEKE. N. II. 37
KiiAnoN, vt. 318
lirritifitin rendinen to convey'vi.iittrfat thi Uoutt
lo and rom Ihr arpat, am
6. A.imYANT
kr I n Sn;llli,French,nnd AiiiericmiDryOootti,
w. 1, (inml 11,111111 (irnrerim,
Crockery Oln nml Hurd Var.
ElmSlreet ,
lr,nns infi.our, w.i.noonsA.mtocERiES
lo. MKLI.IIIII, (iEO.II.tjl.ADE.
A. IIATCII, fc ('()
li T R II M A K R n H A N I) jRWCinns,
kfeturrrnWllerSiooniiaiiil'Spoclacleii and Denlti
In Jewelry, uuurrv anu i nncy lionua-
Whnlmaleand Relnll. 287
nppoiilf Whitney'f Holel, Central Slrtet.
Ontdoorioulhof Unitn llaU.FJm Strett,
ix.corrtn, and siiekt iron workki.
iii;m. II. WITT,
T A I I. O R .
tr C ollame r $ n a r rc 1 1' t Office,
i.im ureet,
iajo Ironhi; of all kinds and ('utnm nork olevrrj
CKvniAi. srnKKT.
lufaclurtr o aml drnler in r.altintt f urniture o
I'lensaiil Sireel 287
klolnecii the Mellindlnlund EpUcopulCliurchca.
Ilch Cnlimcrr Flmwn, nll wool linrilcrn ilif rlrhrn nnd
ipeat lnl eternlTcrrd. Ahi, llenvj nll wonl Hlianli,
rev u nml ror aaic cncap uy a?a ii u. iiAA,jr
II F. miliHcrihrr, would rcipri'lllilly Inrnrin lln: inlutbi-
I(i wlie ro hc lias workeil l he kii jearn. Wool nnd
Ih Irrt nt II, W. RICE'S slore, tnL.cn und rlurnvd
ks ol llriusewnlcr, nnci virlnlty, llial he nnn lilrnl tne
billi lell wlicn rfiiursieu.
Iridscwalcr, Jnnc II, 17 17 370 Cm
kd Ucalcrs in JLSJDE Xo. 103 Stalc St.,
ioiton Mi-fnra A. k A. I.AwnKNci: A; Co.) Whit-
fiw Ynrk Mesr IIutciiissox A TirFAv.
'hitrtdttpliia Mcnsra Uavid S. llnnWN A. Co.
nli'niorc Mesitrn Talhot, Jiines & Co,; W, & 8.
Uncinnntt Meaira J. I). (.'. Jo.tca. 381 ly
L. 1'. MOKTON,
lalei in Fnncy nml Slaplc Dry Gonds, Rcody
tsinde L,lotlnng, tarpctings, ctc.
it Iinlin (inn(N, Orockirv nml llnnl Ware. Irnn and
aiefil, I'fcinl nnd OiU, Flnnr, Sall, I'laMer, Chaln,
tnincn,rin, INaii., (.iriHs, (.KAIii and
os. 5, G, a.id 7, tostii; ituiLnlnn,
Ilunovcr, IV. n.
exlcnireTAlI.ORI.fi nSTAIlI.IfllDin.NT conncc-
leti wiui ine nimre
1A31I pnldfor XVOdl., by
372 If.
hVaod.tofli.July 1,"47.
A inn. nn llm nrniinsll Inll In fltrri'lldrr In McxiCnn linr
linrll) and tjrnnny llin Inml bclwi rn Iho Nurcn und lljp
llln uranile llic liuiliu ncius oi mihiaiiu hiiu c.iit m
In rnlinii.
It inay not lie! Forlml it, Gnd!
Fnrbid it, nll llial pulriol.i prizo:
Tliat land lias lajlcd fnseincti's lilood;
Tlicir duat within its Loaom lies.
'Tworo madncss to rcsign tlio soil
On wlncli nur conquvrinp feflt liavo trodj
Ilallling our way witli ijlonoui tciilj
It may not bo forbid it, God!
Oan wo rfilinquisli lancls wherc nov
The slripcd and slairy lianncrs wavcf
No novcr! Wo engravo our vow
On ovcry fallcn Inolhcr'a grave.
Tlicy could not slccp, (tlio slanglitercd Lravo
Wlio in llicir licds ofglory resl,)
And fcel llio Tootiitcp ofllin slavo
l'ollutc tho soil abovo llioir brcasl.
Rcsign tho fiold whcio Rinooold full!
Tho spot whero gnllant Stevens lics!
Whero Cociiiian f.!lt his linsom awcll
Trinmpliant in dcalh's agonics!
Wlicra bravo nnd virluous hcarts pnur'd out
Tho lifo fo denr to hope and lovo,
Involiing wilh llicir dying shnut
Our country nnd our God nbovc?
No! Ry our country nml our God,
Wo will not yinld that denr-liought soil!
We still hr.ve hcarts whh gcncroni blood,
And soulu todaro the couqucroi'n toil.
On! To tiio rcsctie! Hcarts of Meel
On! To tho tescuc! Sonls nffiro
I.ct lindrf.'d blood infUtno ourzcal
To conquer triumph or cxpiro.
Ilur.a! I'ross on whero Taylor tnnds
Invinciblc in coniucring might;
We inust picvail wlicre hu coiiimnndi,
And God suslains our tncrcd risht.
Ask Taylor to rctraco liis way,
And lcavc his cnnquot to the foc!
And t his broad Inml, froin nca to sca,
Shall ccho his cinphalic NO!!
No, novrr! thii is holy ground,
Ilought nnd li.iptiscd with patrint hlnod;
Scc! with lier fellcrs lialf unhound ,
She lifia lior handa to Frccdom's God !
By Frpndom's God, slio hall ho freo!
Huz.a! brave hearts pross holdly on;
Strike liomo, nor p.iu.ic till victory
Shall put licr olive garland on
'Till o'or that land to ulmost parls
Our Eaglc's shclleriiis wing aro jprcnd;
And Taylor throned on frccnicn'ii hcarta
Enjnys UU laurels in thuir shado.
Tho stilijoineil letler, from llie inlelli
gcnt correspoiident of tho New Orleans
Delin, contiiins n cotinoctcil and intelligi
ble nccounl of Gcn. Scolt's opcration,
from llic tormination of tlio armisticc lo
his riclorious occupation of tho cnemy's
Correspondcnco of the N. O. Dcllar
City or Mexico, Scpt.25 1 Q4G.
The Mcxicans havinrr rcpealedly violat
cd the armisticc ngreed iipon lielwccn our
army nnd tlicmselvoH, Gcn Scott on Ihc
6th, notified the Rlc.xicnn autliorilies that
unlosa thcy mado oxplanation, satisfaciion
and rcpnration for Ihc injnrics vc Imd ro
ccived, thcy sliould consider ihc annistico
at an eiul on tho 7ihat 12o'clock. Thcy
not complying with ihc demand of Gcn
Scott, we commcncbd prcparations for thc
The Gcnernl-in-Chief reccivcd informa
lion thal at Molino dcl Rcy, whero stood
scvrral bnildings, the Mcxicans were at
worlt casiing caiinon, shells, sliot, &,c.
Dcsiring to stop their mililnry operations,
hc directcd Gcn Worth, wiih his division,
supported by Gcn Cadunlladcr's Brigadc,
to attack and destrny thc placr, on thc
tnorning of the Sth, and tlicn rctire. The
hnildinss, whicli thc Mcxicans call "Casn
Mata," is situatcd on thc West sidc of
Chapultcpec, and within six pound range
of tho guns of thc fort. On llic west bido
of the buildings, and iho brcastworks, n
round thcm, is a largc opcn plain, gradu
ally dcsccriding to the position occnpicd
by the Mcxicans n dcep ravino inclincs
around tliis plain, oropen snac'e, unlil it
arrivcs wiiliin nhout two hnndred ynrds of
thc linildmg npnn wlncli rcstcd thc onemy s
riglit flank two 24 poundcrs.belonging lo
Capt. Muger' sicgo train, wcrc placed in
position to bnlter (loun tho hreast-works
and huildings, if thoy wcro found to be
occnpicd by a heav hui thoy did not
firu bui n fcwshots, beloro Gen. Worth
ndvanccd his infuntry down thc plain, and
ntlacked the encmy's in Iho front and ccn
trc. Tho Mcxicans npcncd upon thcm
a most inurdcrous fire from ihe point nt
Iscfccd, and both llicir flanks, whicli nioi'v
cd down our troops likc grass beforc thc
Many of thc hcsl ofTtcers of thc Oivis
ion wcro cut cown, and llic hcavy loss in
the ranks canscd tho advancc to vvavcr for
a mompnt, nntil thesupporling forcecamc
up, wliish also siistaincd ascvcrcloss. A
column oflnnccrs, numhcrinrr 4000 lo
5000, whicli wrro stationcd on the cno-
my'ri right, pcrcctving tho effect of ihis
deadly fire upon our infar.try, catno char
ging down, in the hope of being ahlo to
lake advnutagc of circiinistanccs, and put
our troops to roiit but they wcro booii
checkcd in their onwnrd corcrr. Col.
Duncan brought two pieces of his battotyi
to bcar upon lliem, and Capt Drum, with
tho two rccapinred Iincna Vistn picccs,
also oponed his firc'on thetn whilo at
the sninc momcnt, Major Summcr, with
two squadrons ot dargoons, nnd Capt.
Riifi's conipany of mouuted rifles, which,
unlil llion, had bccn held iti tho rescrrc,
passcd down tiiuler ihc fire from thc cne
my's works, and charged the hcnd ofthcir
column, which thcy could not siniid for n
inoniunt, tind comnicnced a confuscd nud
prccipitalc rctrcal. Aftcr that thcy ralli
cd twicc and ntlcinplcd to rcturn, but at
each limc our little handful of drngoons
madc thcm loavo without cxchanging
cards; while the cavnlry and infantry,
rnllyiug, tuccccdcd in cnrrying thebuild
ingj nud brcastworks which llic ciiPiny
helil, and compcllcd lliem lo rctrcal, cap
liirin? scvcn picccs of nrlillery, a Inrge
quantity of ntnunitton, small arms,&,c,aud
auout uUU prisnticrs.
As soou ns tho v wcrc driven from tho
building, Capt. Drum nnd Col. Duncan
advnuced their light batlcries, and Licut.
Slonc brought forward onc of tho 21
potitidcrs, Ihc whole of whicli opencd a
most destruclivo firo upon thcm as (tcy
rotrcalcd ncross a low plain to thc plain
lo thc rcar of thc position thcy nl firsl oc
cnpicd. Our loss was vcry lieavy, and I
rcgrcl to say, that somo of the vcry bcsl
offlccrs of our nrmy fcll killcd and wotind-
cd, whilo the Mcxicau loss was vcryslight
nntil thoy commcnccd their rdrcat.
While Ibc cavalrv wcrc nassmg, in ordcr
to chargc thc column of Innccrs, thoy
wcro not undcr tho firo morc thnn tqn
scconds, and during that limc they sus
tained a loss of G oflicors woundnd, 32
privates killcd and wouudcd, nnd a loss of
105 horses. I herc werc but two officers
that did not hnve their horses shot undcr
thcm but there is one thing very remark
ablc, that thc horses froin which tho ri
ders had bccn shot, whcelcd nnd tnoved
with the samc regularily ns though they
had hecn mounted, nntil ihey camo to halt
from tho chargc. whcn thcy all kept on in
n body in direction of thc enemy.
Wc werc ileceived in releronce lo thc
chnractcr of ihc building ns thcrc was uo
fonndary, or even a semblnnce of onc
and after blowing up souie of thc building
and bringing of our killcd and unundcd,
wc cvncuatcd llicplacc, as thc occupation
ofit would givo us uo ndvantnge. Our
loss was 0UU kiilcd, uoiuidod nnd inias
ing. 1 ho rcsull of this cngnrrement lauglit
us onc lcsson, which wns, that thc Mcxi
cans use their anns well, whcn thcy nrc
in position; and althotinh thc supcriority
of our nrms, and thc valor of thc troops
II cvcntiially triumpli, vct slill wc musi
call inlo rcquisilion all our mililnry sci
cnco nnd Hkill, or wc purchnsc our vicio-
rtes at too dear n prico. A list of the
killcd nnd woundcd, you will find in thc
gcncral rccapiiulntimi which I scnd you.
ftlany a lear will be slicd on its perusal,
nnd mnny n heart will hleed for tho uobln
sonls, and thc old and firm vclcrans who
fell in the assaull.
Col. Riley was now advanccd from
San Angcl (his lormer cnmp) to El Pio
dad, in ordcr to mnke n diversion, nnd
hold thc cntranco to thc I'iedad and San
Antonio road. Gen Pillow's division
moved up to within supporting distance,
and ihus rcslcd our armv unlil Ihe I lth,
without any thingof momenl occuring.
Tho Enginecr corps wcrc busilv cmployed
night nnd day in llicir rcconnoisnncc, as-
certaining and exnuiiniiig thc positions of
thc cncmy, and dillcrcnt entranccs to the
city. The cnginccrs, thrnughout all our
opcratinns, havo pcrformed a most dangc
rous and lnhnriotis duly. Thcy have prov-
cd thcmsclvcs to be inen of sterling worth
of mnstciiy nbility, and briglit orna-
mciitB of tlicir profossinn.
1 hcro was a little inciucnt whicli oc-
curred to Capt Mason in one of his rccon
noicanccs, which is wortny of record. Ii
bccamc ncccssary on oneoccasion for liiin
to go vcry closeto thc ciieniy'sbrcastwork
in ordcr to ascerlaiu its truc position. As
he appronchcd, a Mcxicau officcr rodc out
willi two of hiscscort and camo up within
a very short distance, whcn Capt. Mason
drew his rcvolvcr. Thc Mcxican thcn
snid, "Vou sceni to bo very curious: sup
poso you coinc a little closer." "No, I
thank you sir: I can sco vcry well from
whero I am." "Walk iusido, sir: ue
will cndcnvor lo trcnt you as well as tho
nccomniodntions of thc camp will cnablc
iib." "I am much obliged to you sir, for
your kiudnoss, but prefcr partnking of
yolir liospilalitics ou some futuro occa
sion." And, holding his spyglass to his
cyc, he coiitiniicd, '1 only wtinl to scc how
you arc sittiated. I can scc two guns in
cmbrasure, ono in barbct, and I tliiuk you
hnve onc in cmbrasure a litilo farther to
the lefi, That gun I sco your rncli
londing I dn not tliiuk you will bo nblc
lo bring lo bcar on mc, ns I will kccp
you between it and myself;" nud inoving
rouud a little to tho riglit, hc cotilinucd
his obscrvations. Capt. Mason who
had been making his ohscrvaliniis du
ring the whole limu of the conversntion,
said to tho officer, "1 havc no dcsirc at
prcscnt lobe brought within tho rango of
your guns, and having lcnrned all I waut
to Itnow abotit your position, I will hid you
a good mbrnirig, sir;" and llien rcturn-1
cd to whero hc had lcft his escort.
On thc 1 lth, a column of cavalrv sul-
llmt rttll fmtn ln Ctli - l llm Cnn A tilAMIn I
road, eilhcr for tho purposc of thrcatcn
ingour position or laking Capt. Magrti
der's batlcry.which wns stationed wiih the
picket within abnut 800 yurds of their fort
though in a grcnt mcnsure covcrcd from
tho rango of their guns. As soon as ih.cy
fjni their columii m'ovcd out Into n place
free from all ohstructinns, Capt. Magru
der opencd two pieces upon them with
shot and shcll, which passed throtigh ihctu
with great destruction, and thcy tnok lo
their hccls, nnd got back to iho fort ns
quick as possiblc.
Tho fort opencd two guns on tho bhltc
ry, but without furthor cffcct thati kjlling
ono man of thc 15th Iulnutrv. An ofliccr
shorily aftcr rodc up and inquircd of Cnp
inin Mngruderil iho fort Imd firedon him.
Iloldiiif; a 11 pound shot, hc replied, llmt
he had iho gcnllcmaii'a cnrd, nud hc cx
poctcd tho cnvalry would cany hnck his
compliincntn to Ihc forl.
Ahout siindown, Gen. Twiggs, wiih thc
hnl.incc u( his division, nrrired at Picdud
and Gcn. Pillow movnd with his division
to thc south of Tucubaya, and took a po
sition on thc west sido of Chapultcpec,
and Gcn. Q.uilmnn, with his division, oc
cnpicd thc road from Tacubuyn lo thc
city of IMexico, Gcn Worth's division ro
tnaiiiing in Tacuhayn.
In llic cnursc of the ni'ght thrcc hcnvy
ballcrics wcrc planled in front of tho cas
lle of Chaptiltepcc: No, 1 commaiidcd by
Capt Drum; No, 2 by Licut. Gngncr, No.
3 by Licut. Stonc all undcr the genernl
cominand and supcrintcndcncc of Capt.
Auger, Chicf of thc Ordtnanco. Also du
ring tho night Gen. Twigg's division plnnt
cd Cnpt. Stcptoc's in front of tho forlifi
catioii3 an thc San Antonio Road, it bc-
ing inlcndcd Ihat Gen Iwiggs ahould
niakc n feint for the purpose of drawing
out thc cncmy in that direction.
Atdaylight on tho moruing of tho 12lh,
all thc battcriea o)ened iho first madcby
Gcn. Twiggs' division succceded adinira
hly. As soon as Capt. Stoploo opencd his
guns tho cncmy mnrched outscveral hcavy
columns, nnd in rcaching thc fort pnsscd
within rnnge of Stcptoe's guns, when h
turned a heavy and desiructivo fire upon
thcm. A.s soon ns thcy roachcd llic wnrk
ho turncd his nttciitinn to tho fort, and in
thc course of an hnur's cannonading drovc
thcm out ofit, and silenced nll thc guns.
Cnjit. Stcptoe's firo throughout wns one
of thc most cffcctivo and well directcd
tliat lias bcen witnesscd during thc war,
while his position was such that :hc enc
my's Bhot Imd little or no eflfcct upon him.
Thc sigc batlcries conlinued an uniu
tcrruptcd fire upon thc Castlc of Chapul
tcpec throughout tho day, which was nn
swercd by clcvcn guns in tho work. Our
guns provcd vcry desiructivo, ns wc found
aftcr thc work was takcn 500 dcad mcn
unburicd, but thrown in ditchca. Thc
building was also cntnplctely riddlcd.
It was dctcrmincd ou tho tnorning of
llic 13th to storm the Castlc of Chapiillc
pcc and thc works conncctcd with it.
The Gcneral in Chief, knowing thc
slrcngth of thc forlificntions and the slrong
forco with which it was gnrrisoncd, con
clndcd to asstilt it with old nnd well iried
troops not that ho did not possess a con
fidencc in the divisons ofGcnerals Pillow
and Quitman but in carrying n point
which wns Ihe key lo all futuro opoialiims
it would not do to makc a mistako or omil
to lake evcry advantago. Thcrcforc, thc
stnrming parlics from the divisions ol Gen
Worth and Gen Twiggs, which had so
frrequently hcrn undcr snvere fire, were
solectcd. The heavy batlcries conlinued
their fire upon tho fort, and abnut 7 o'
clock, whcn the brigadc of Gon Smiih nr-
rivcd a siipporting forcc to the division of
Gcn Quitmau as soon as Gen bmith s
brigadc reachcd its position the division
of Gcn Pillow passed Molino del Rey and
nsccudsd thc hill ou thc west side, llic
Voltigctir Rcgiment, which had bccn ad
vanccd into thc timhcr to clear it of the
cnemy's skirmishcs, bccnmc Ihc assault
ing forcc, suiported by thc balancc of tho
Gen. Worth was situalcd to thc north,
and on thc lcft of Gen. Pillow. A part of
Gcn. Ciuilmnn's forcc nsccuded thc hill
on the south nud to Ihe righl of Gcn. Pil
low, and a portion of Gcn. Gtuitman's ?s
cended nnd carried ihc Castlc in most gal
Innl stylo, thc balancc of General Quit
man's forcc and ihc brigadc of General
Siniih, swcpt thc works on tlTc road, the
whole ol the commands mnving harmnui
ously and simnltancously together, much
to thc lionor nnd crcdil ofthcir rcsicctive
commanders struck tho enemy in difier
cnt positions nt onc and llic samo timo n
fatal blnw.
Thc hill, whero Gon. Pillow's command
nsceudcd, had hcen mined for tho purpose
of blowing up our troops when thoy arriv
cd nl a certnin point, but the rapid mnvc
mcutsof thc Voltigcur Rcgiment, nnd thc
deadly cffcct ol thc firo of their rifles, ns
they (ollowcd up tho cncmy from Ihc first
position, prcvcnlcil their cnrrying oul their
vicws and intciition.s.
Just as the conimnnd of Gen. Pillow
rose tlie hill, nnd while iu ihe nctofns
saulting tho work, hc fell woundcd, nnd
Col. llatisom was killcd; but so lucidly
had Gcn. Pillow c.xplained his ubjccts and
intcnlions in carryinn thc woik, and nided
by nn nctivc nud ellicieut stall", tliat his
cominand movcd on nnd cnrricd tho work
without nvon hcing hroiighl to a slnnd.
As Gcn. Q,uitman's division wns chaigiug
on thp work iu tho rontl, Hrig. Gen.
Shiclds rcccivctl n sovcrc wotind iu Ihe
arm, nnd ns soon as tho works were cnr
ricd he rcturnctl nnd had it drcsscd, nnd
agnin mounlctl his horsc, which was short
ly aficrwards killcd undcr him, but he con
linued lo r.otr.mantl his brigadc, which was
nctively engnccd tlir.mghniit Ihc uny. and
tlio namo ol Shiclds will long bc rcincm
bcrctl iu cutiucctioii wiih thc laurels wnu
by tho Pnlmctto of tho South and the Em
pire of the North.
Gen. Pillow be'mg disahled by his wonnd,
Gen. Worth took tho command of bolh hi
own division antl that of Gcn. Pillow, nml
ndrnuccd nlotig llic nqucduct lcnding lo
tho gatcs of San Cosinc. Gen. Quitman,
wiih his own commnnd and Gcn. Smiih's
hrignde, hlso advantitid townt ds the ciiy
by tlio nqucduct loading into tho city nt
tho galc of Ptedad, which is commnndcd
by tlio Citadcl. On ench of the rntites llio
two columns inclwilli n dccidcd nnd siub
horn rcsistnncc. nnd. nflcr ihc. advnncc of
Gcnoral Worth's command had rcaclicd;
(he galo of Snu Cosinc thc fire wns so hot
that thcy were compcllcd tcmpornrily lo
iioautlou it auu did not iiittke a porman
cnt Indgment nntil townrds cvcniug, whcn
. i , .
n portion ot tno siogo train uauery was
brought inlo nclion, ns nlso a picco or
two of thc tnouutaiti howilzcrs, which hur
ricd thc shot aud shcll ahout tho enrs ol
ihc enemy n little bettcr ihnii thoy desir-
Gcn. Quiimnn's column, wllh thc Rifles
at tlicir hcnd, conlinued stcadily nnd cau
liously on, taking position nnd brenstwork
ns thcy came in cont.net with thcm, unlil
thcy nrrivcd ncnr tho gntc of thc city .
Hcro tho firing wns so hcavy, bolh Irom
small arms nnd nrlillery, thnt 'it wnsdeem
cd prudciii to cnrcftilly rccnunoitro it hu
forc nttncking. Accordingly Lieuls.
lieaurcgnrd, of thc ongincers, Lovcll of
Q.IIH inan's stnfT, aud Van Duren.of Smith's
staff, went (orward to nsccrtnin the posi
tion of nffairs; (hey rciurned, nnd upon
their rcport Ihe Rifles, supported by n
small lorcc of infantry, was advnnccd (or
ward for tho purnoso of nickinsr off Ihc
nrtillerists, which thcy did being pnrtial
ly covercd by the nqueducl with thc
samo success nud accui ncy as one of our
Souihern or Wcstern mcn would shoot
This rcndered thc siluation of thc Mcx
ican nrlillery so uucomforiablc, that they
wcrc utinblo to stand to llicir guns long
cnough to lond ihem, nnd thoy commcnc
cd tnoving thoir guns, whicli was perceiv
cd by Gcn, Q.uitmhn, nud hc oidercd a
clinrye, which was carried into execulion
is soon ns comninnded Lieut. Slewnrl,
of thc rifles, leading tho way.
Il captnrcd the mnin work, with two
pieces of nrlillery, which Cnpt. Dunn
lurned on Iho relrenting enemy. Gen.
Quitman was amnng Ihe first to mount the
breastwnrk nud plantthcstondard thercon,
at 1 o'clock; the cncmy thcn formod nnd
threo times nltempted to chnrje us and
rctnkc the position.
Thc nncrring and dondly firo of thc ri
fles, logcthcr with a volly of grapo from
Capt. Dunn, so cut lliem to picccs that
thcy would not npproacli nenrer than rifle
slnit. The ihird time thcy tricd to ad
vancc undcr the covcr of Ihc arches ol the
iiqucduct, but if cvor a lUc.xican poppcd
his hcatl out for tho purpose of slipping
from one arch to Ihc othcr some liflemnii
would be stirc to put a ball through it.
During tho wholo of the afternooii tho
Citadcl and a fort on our right conlinu
ed n cnncentrated fire upon thc gatc.whcrc
our troops wcrc, in tho hopes of driving
lliem out, but iu this thcy nrc mislakcu nl
though we havc but little cnvcr. Ilere il
was that thc Inmcnted Capi Drum fcll tnor-
tnlly woundcd; llic death of no man in our
army lias hecn mnre siucciely rogrelled
than his ihroughoiit thc hombardnibiit
of Chnpuliepcc he stood by his guns, nnd
whcn tho works of the enemy werc storni
cd, he conlinued to ndvance his b.illery
uuder the hcavicst fire, himscll possessing
and iufusing into his mcn, a cnol nnd dc
libertile bravery and sclf pnssession sur
passcd by nonc. You will recollect thal
it was Im who caplured the IJucna Vitta
guns; still red with thc blood ofthose who
fell over them at tho tiuic they were losl
and nfterwards tiscd thcm wiih such dcci
sivo effect at thc batlle of Molino del Rey
ou thc 8lh inst.
From tlio W'nnfiingtnn llnc.
IIow hc woii Ilcr, ,
Wc hope llio moral of ihe following
skclch will bc prodiictivc of much good.
Young inen who arc nmbiiious of success
iu thc ninlrimoninl linc should sttidy well
iheginnd secrct. Our friend who furnish
cd thc skelch snys hc secs uo rcason
why it should not ho Irue.
A yoiiiis lady of cccentric charactcr.biit
ol rnrc niental cntlowmenls and extraordi
unry pcrsonnl aitrnclion, had fivc suilors
equally assiduous in their nttcnlions. Un
ahlc to dczidc upon which s'ic would bc
slow lier liand, she gave thcm nolice to
cnll uptin her nt n certnin luiur ou n stnl
ed day aud nach stale his r.laiins in ihe
presencc of tho olhcrs. Al iho appniiitcd
time, the lovers nrrivcd. Fonr of them
were confulent of success, hut tlio lifih
had n downcast look, aud sighcd whcn hc
beheld llio ohjuct of his dcvotiou.
"Gentlcmeii," eaid she, "you havo
honoied mc with Ihe proposals of mnrriagc.
I hnve, ns ycl, ncillicr refiised uor nccept
cd nny of vou. I now desirc thnt each of
you will stato your claims to my hnnd, in
orderthnt I mny knoiv upon whut nrounds
I may bo justified in bcstowiug il."
A answcrcd as follows:
"If you marry mc you shall livo in a
splendid house, hnve servnnls antl cnrri
nges at your command, nnd cnjny nll thc
luxuries of a fushionable life. I am rich."
B spoke nexl:
"My rivnl has snid vcry truly that ho
is rich, nnd hc olTers you a strong inducc
mcni; hut I nm of iioblc dcsccnt. My
grnndfnthei' was n duke; nnd, although
not wcalthv. 1 am of n fnmily with whom
nll alliancc would hc cnnsideretl an honor
by llie wealthicsl hcircss of the land."
C stalcd his claim Ihus:
"I am a geiitleman and havc now arcp
ntalion that oltlcr persons havc cnvied.
Next year I yhnll run for Congress, and I
have uo doubt of success. ily mnrryiug
mc your unmc will bc handcd dowu lo
D twislrd his rnonsla'che with thc air of
att cxqumlc, and said:
"Aiigclic creaturel 'Ion my sonl I
think you liavo njrbady hmde Up your
tnind in my fnvor. Vou knnw how dnmu-
nbly I nm adnilrcd. Who visils tho fash-
ionnblo placcs? Who is a bettcr jtidgc of:
thcopcra? Runior saxs D, but 'poti 'houor,!
I'iii too modesl too modcst to insist upon
"Whcn it cnme lo E's limo to spcnk,
thcre wns n pause. All cycs wcrc turlicd
towards him. Poor fellow ho was drcad
fully embarrnssed.
"Well," said the hcauty, what sny you
Mr E?"
"Alnsj" wns thc rcply, "I yiold lo thcse
genllemen. Thcy have thc ndvantnge of
mo in overy respccl. And hc look up his
hni to lcavc. "
"Stop," said Ihe lady, "mnke your stale
mcni, no matter how humblo may bo your
claims. "
"I am poor"
"Go on."
"I nm unknown to Iho world"
"I havc nelihcr the tasto nur thc incans
lo dress fashionnbly. I work formy livc
lihood. It is Imrdly posshlc that I can
olleryou nonc of Iho iuducemcnls held
out by my rivals."
"1 nm to bc jtidgo of thnt sir, what
"Noihing, only, I love you nnd tnko a
At this Mcss-p. A B C nnd D bursl tn
to n loud laugh and exclnimed in onc voico
"So do wc I lovc you toiiistraction
I tnko four papers! ha! ha! hn!"
"Siloncc said llie lady, "in one monlh
you shall hcar my ntmver. You may nll
witlidrnw. "
At the cnd of the month'lhc fivc suitoi-3
ngnin nppcared. Tnrning to each in suc-
ccssior. the lady thus answercd:
"Richcs arc not prodiictivc ol hnppi
ncss," "Ronsted nobility ol blood ia thc
poorest ofnll recommendntions." "Famo
is flcctiug, nnd hc thnt hath but (hc oiit
ward gnrb of n gentlemnn is to ho piticd.
"I hnve takcn tho troublo lo fiud out
tho namo of the newspnpcrs for which
you nll subscribe, nnd hnve ascertnined
that none of you, who have boasted ol
wenlih, nobility, faineor fashionmt'c pm'd
Ihc prinlcr. Now, pcntlemen this is dis
Iwnrsl, I cannot tliiuk ofmarrying a mnn
who would bc guilly of such nn ncl. I
havc lcarned thnt E. not only suhscrihcs
for a papcr, but pnys llic prinlcr in ad
vanrc. Thcrcfore, I sny, he is tho man.
I givo him my hnnd wiih Iho full convic
linn that hc is onc in cvcry way calctilal
ed to inake mc happy." t)
Nced wc cxtcnd our nnrrativc? The
disnppointed genllemen difnppcared quito
siiddenly, nnd thc lucky suitor was uniicd
lo thc object of hii dcvolion, and, in a few
ycars, by honesty nnd induslry, hccnme
not only a distinguished, but n wcnllhy
mnn, nnd wns cstccmed by nll who knew
him. Young mcn hc paitl ihc printir.
Is thcrc no moral in this?
Tltr. WAY THEY DO 1T. 'W.ll, wifc,'
said a counlrytnnn, yesterday, 'I dont see,
for my part, how ihey selid letlers On thcm
erc wires without tcaring 'cm all lew bits.'
'Lnw me, they don't scnd the papcr, thcy
j ii st scnd tho writin in n Iluiu slntc.
'Oh, that's thc way, hcyr
Friday, Oct. 22.
Hill rcporlcd.By Mr Kimball, from
iho comniitlce on roads, m rnvoroftho
liill cxlcnding tho acl for the relief of the
company for rendfring Connecticut river
navigable by Bellows Falls; rcad n thinl
limc nud passed.
llcporls. By sclect commiltcc, hill nti
ncxing part of Hancock lo Rochester,
auicndcd so ns to ask nssent of Ihb (owus
iiilcreslcd, and ortlered lo a third reading
Ily colnmittee ofways and means. bill ro-
latiug to Audilor of A'ccounts; ordered to
3d reading. By coinmiticuon roads, hill
to charlcr Woodstock rnilroad co; laul on
iho table. I$y judiciary commiltec, Senaio
Inll rcpcnling uci of ''10t on snlo ol mcdi-
cincs: oiuureu to uu rentiins aml aoainst
Ilouse bills on same subiecl, und thev
were dismi.'sed.
liills introfluccd hnd rrfirrcd. By Mr
Convcrse, rclating lo scillenieui of estales;
to judiciary cnmnnllcc. By Mr King, al-
irring namo of Stephen Bellows nnd Phebo
Iliggins, nnd mnking them lieirsofGuv
Ivuiilny of Fletcher; lo gcncrnl coiiimit-
leo. Ily ftlr bawyer, in relalion to gran
ting liccnses to rctnilcrs of liquors, repeal
ing aclts of '42, '43, '44, nnd '40: rcforrcd
o scleclcominitlecot hvo. Ily iMrliridg-
man, to chnrter Pha-nix hiill co; to com
milteo on maniifaciures. By Mr Smith
of Wciton, chartoriiig Oller Qucclico
mill co; lo aatnc coniniitlce.
2 o'clock, P. M.
Thc Governor transinilied the rcport of
Sniuuel C C'rafts and A G Chaduick,
commiltcc nppointcd to exnmine tho his
toricnl collection of llenry Slcvcns.
Thoy rcport ihat llio collection consists ol
nbmit Gj15 volumcs of newspnpcrs, ol which
4f3 volumcs wcro piinteil in this slntc
n largc collection of bnoks nud pnmphlcls
relating lolhoenrly lnstnryofVcrnn.nl,
nud coniprising onr controversy with New1
York nnd Now Hampshire nnd nlso the
revolutionary corrcppondencc of Gov Chit
tenden, Gov Tichenor, Gov Galuslih, E
than Allen, Ira Allcn, Gen Rradley, and
many others of llie fathcrs of Iho slntc
and closc by recommcnding the purchnso
of all thc papcrs pnutcd in thc stntc, nnd
the booka nud tuanuscripls. Rcferred lo
coinmittoe under thc fifth joint rule.
Thc Spcnkcr nppointcd Ihe commillco
on the bill ronealing suudry ncls relntivo
to spirituous liquors ftlcwrs biiwyrr.v
Carpcnicr, Milcs, Franklin' rind Upliatu.

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