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The Peqple's Rights A Repreentathe Ecrrcciacy Th6 Unlon and the Constitutloh .Without Any Infractions.
1'ubliC uiunuy . .
VOL.L. NO. 16. . WHOLE NO. 467
Woodstock, Vermont.
Printed Saturday Morning
County Fair Attractions
Now fenCiiieH for tlio Windsor
county fair, Sopt. 10, 11 nnd 12, aro
iis fnllovvfl :
Tucnday uftermon,2.30 Farm-
ers rucc; Rtnuuing Blnrl, uo wliip,
ono lialf raile lieatn,' bost two in
tlnoo. Puiwt, $8, J5'1, i?3.
Bioyolo rnoo : Ono tlireo-milo. heat,
eight tw on tor, Hix to atmt. Prizes
(Jup, bii'yclo lantprn, bioyoldjboll.
Thuradny aftprnoon In viow of
lliu gianilBttmtl und botweon lioreo
raco liealB: Obutacle rnce, puise
ft.i Si Si - v
Threo-leg'ged rnce Boys 15 yenrs
old nnd under; 100 yardB; p'urBe
$ 1,50c. ,
Pie-?nting, contest Boys oight
yonra old nnd under'lG yoaiB, Purse,
S1.75(!. 50o.
Tug-Af-unr Woodstock vs.
Bridgewater; purso $5.
Mnko entvieB to Geo "W, Merrill,
WoodHtook, y,t , on or hefore the
first (ia of tho.Juir ; if on fair dny,
iit tk-kol office bcfnrt 11 o'clook
For boys not over 17 -yenrs of nge.
Tlireo canli preniiums nnd tliree rib
boiiB. $8 first, $5 seeond, $3 tbird.
Ribbons, V, n. O. ; H.,0.; 0.
For gjrls not over 18 yoars of age
Tlio Biimo pt'omiums ns nbovo.
Bankers Rold Summer '
Tlio nnnuul snmmer moeting of
tlio Vermont Bankers' ABsociation
ivaa held nt White River Junction
Friday, Aug. 10, witli an attendance
of nbout G5. Aii automobilo trip
was tnkon in tlio nftornoon, followod
by n meoting of tbe. oxei-utivo coun
cil and n bnsiucas' session,
An uddrcsa of vvelcouio wub given
by Charlca M. Cono, of Hartford,
with n ruspoiiBo by ex-Gov. W4 W.
Sticknoy, of Ludlow. A roll call
and an addreas by Prof. W. A
Scott, direotor of tlio scbool of com
merco, Univoraity of WiscuuHin,
closetl tlio program.
Tlio oflieers eleoted are: Piesidoiit,
A. Q Entou,.of Montpelier; vice
iri'sidout, O. P. Sinilh, of Hurling
tim; Becretary. O, S. Wobater, of
Barton; treaaurer, L. D Wt-1 b, of
A bunquet wnnnerved in the evon-
itig nt tlio Whito River 'J'avorn. Al
freil E Watson, of Hnrtford, being
tlio tnastmaBtor.
A niaKqiiorado, piirty coiiBisting of
tlio liotbl ball on tbe erening of Aug.
30, by tlieyoung peoplo. WitlimnB!.
orclieatra will furnisb mn'sic'and tbe
coiifort will bogin nt 8.15 p. m
Dancing 50o por couple Gcnornl
Jidniission to tboae wlio do not take
part in tbe .dancing, 10 conta. .
Mr. and ifrB. Jolin Fnnay nnd
tlireo cbildren of Weatnloroland,
K ir -r.,.t. ,.r i t.. f u
Mr. nnd Mrs Fred lloisiiigton nhd
soii of Spritigfield nre guoat's of--i(or
motlior, Mr. Josopb Uoyco.ji!",
Misa Laura Nolson 'hnd nopliow,
Stanloy Gill, nttndod tbe pageautnt
Mr. nnd Mrn. J. G. Dnderivood
enlBrtainod tbe following nt teiv'Aug
17 ! MifiH, Florence 11 Sturtev.tnt.
Will floardman, Albort M. Sturto
vant, Mr. and Mrff. F. A Durpboj'f
Mr. and Mra. G. S. Wilson, MnBter
Wilbur nnd Miss Itath Durnbbv.
Mra Evn Maxbam Woodwnrd nnd
Hnstor Clnrke Kcoley of Brown'a
Mr nnd Mrn. B. Tifnilinm.
Mr. nnd Mbb. Cbarlea U. floiaing-
'on (nco LpjLtio Gonld) h.av.o.returncd
fnim tbeir wedding trip. 1
S, F. Sturtevant of Pbilrdolnbia,
Poiin., ib a- guat of, bia conaihs,'
H. Sturtevant nrid family. '
Gub'ernatorial Vdte in Ver
mont. - Bolow nro civon tho nnriion of
Vermont govornore sinco 1850, nnd !
tlio Itepublicnn ranjirity ovor all
uach rocoivod. ProsidontinlyoarB nro
mnrkod with nn natorisk :
,185G Rylnnd Flotchor 22,121
1857 Rylnnd Flotchor .
. 14,588
. 1G.305
. 10,700
. 20,246
. 24,167
. 25,654
. 16,478
. 10.302
1858 Hiland Hnll . . . .
1859 Hlland Hnll
18G0 Erastus Fnirbanka .
1861 Frcderick Holbrook.
1862 Fredorick Holbrook.
1863 J. Gregory Smith. .
1864 J. GrcRory Smith. .
1865 Pnul Dillinirlinin . .
. 18,716
1860 Paul Dillingham . . , . .22,822
1867 John B. Pago 20,162
'itsoo jonn xi. jrago. . t . . . zu.diil
1869- 1'otor T. Washburno . . . 20,353
1870 John W. Stewart. . . . . 20,305
1872-Juliua Convorao 25.310
1874 Asahol Peck . T 20,803
187G Horaco FnirbnnkB .... 23,662
1878 Redfleld Proctor 16,680
1880 Roawoll Farnham . . . .25,012
1882-John L. Baratow.. . . , . 19,830
1884 Samuol E. PinirrOD 21.R50
1886 Ebenezor J. Ormabco. . . 18,3181
'ieea wunnm v. uuunBham . . 27,019
loau uarrou s. iago iz,b'Jti
1892 Lovi K. Fullor 17,956
itsy urDan a. woodDury.. . . zi.mi
1896 Joslah Grout.. 86,930
1898 Edward C. Smith 22.773
1900 William W. Stickney.. . . 29,783
iyuz jonn u. Aicuunougn, no
choice; olected by lecrialaturc.
1904 Charles J. Boll 29,543
1900 Flotchor D. Proctor. . . . 14,164
1908-Gcorgo H. Prouty 26,817
1910 John A. Mead 15,739
In 1850, with threo prgsidentinl
cnndidntoa Frenioiit, Bucbanan nnd
I'nmoro i1 roniont waa given n
innjority of 28,4d7, increnaing Ily-
Iniid Flotehor'B ninjnrity for gov
crnor upwnrds of 0000r In 1800,
Lincoln incrensed FnirbnnkB' major
ity 4525, nnd four yenrs later wub
given'n inajority of 29,097. Qen
eml Grant'B innjority waa 32,112. in
lS08. tbo largcat evor given n preai
denti.il cundidnte n Yormont prior
io 1890, when McKinloy rollod up n
innjority of nenrly 38,000. llr. Tnft's
innjority four years ago was 26,450,
or 307 leaB th'an Governor Prouty
liad reeeived two montliB beforo. -Examinntion
of the niajoritivs
given tlio" governor in preeidential
yeara shows tbnt following the, olec
Uon of 1S64, when the stato had bo
mliuy soldiers in the field, tbo
llepubIR-nn jnajority conBtnntly in
orenaed up to 1884, wheu Governor
Plngice dropped below the-22,000
inark .nid Grover Oleveland won ont
for preeldent in the following No-
vember. In 1888, Governor Dilling
ham b innjority waa 27,018, Genornl
larriBon defenting Mr. Clovoland
for the proaidency. In 1892, the
Republicana touched low water mnrk
with Ieaa tbnn '18,000 majority in
.Septembor, nnd Cleveland was
idooted for the secoud timo Rooae
velt'a innjority in 1904 waa 29,031,
when Judgo A)ton B. Parker, Demo-
oraiic candidate for tbe preaido'ncy,
polled 9777, the Binallest voto east
by hia pajj;y in Vermont in balf a
McCormick Claims Vermont.
Medil McCormick returued to Pro
gressivo purty headquaj ters jn Chi
cfigo from Now York, und declared
tllat Colonel Rooaevelt would cnrry
N6w York betfiuiBe bf the feeling
nmong up-atato Democruts ngninst
mon nctivo in Mr. Wilson's bcbnlf
and nntipathy of up-atate Republi
eniia aa to-PreBidont Tnft,
" Preeident Taf t will not carry
singlo New Englnr.d strtte; not even
Rhode iBlnil., Tbo Ropnblicau'atato
ticket will run tbird ih Vorrfiont",
lio Baid, "
" The Hyde Pajk- Snyings Ba'nk
insists tbnt dcposits ient 'to that
JJntik are absohitcly safe. 1
No depositor ev.er lost" n dollar by
setidiug moncy tbiongb tbe. tnaila to
tbe Hyde Park Savings Bank.
1 Tbe Democrata of Cavendish bave
nominatcd tbe lollowing ticket t For
reprcsentntivp, Walter B. Atherton.
Justices of tbe pence: Don C.
Pollrd, B. J. Spnuldingj E. G.
White, James P. Greene, A. .S.
Burbank, G.i.-A. Grant, Leon S.
Gay. "': l .-
Towrt commUtee: Fred ti Pol-
lard, S. E.jEmeiy,,M. V. 'B.'SIack.
England bas 20,727. elemenhiry
public scliools with 5,500,000 pupils.
The 1912,'budget lor education is
$72,000,060, of Avbich,? 1,600,000 is
for tcachers' old nge pensions.
, Politicnl Advertlsing
Burlingtotu Vermont, August 19; 1012 ' f'
How to Keep the Deer Away.
JD, Daviaof Fairleo lfhs a large
gai'den full of good thinga which
deer find very palatablo. He doosn't
want to kill tbo deer, or havo n'fuas
with the stnte over dnmages, and he
got out of h'lB difficulticB by sprink
Iing eo m mon snlplmr bot'ween the
rowB of vegotnlileB, the deer quittiiig
tlio gnrdon ut onco.
Sulpbur docs not injure tliecrops
and by some is considered nn oxcol-
lent iiiBeotiiido. It mny he supplo
mouted with a chcap grade of kero
sone, the odor of which is very offen
aive to deer. ( .t
It is iutoreating to not(Hliat whore
frnit troea nro fi"eely sprayed with.an
etnulBioii of one-hnlf pouiid of
laundry soap mixed with two gallona
of keroaene and four gallona of bot
wnter fo wliicb. nftor it ia dissolvod,
ia addod 15 galloiiB of water, malting
u totul of 21 gnlloua, tlio treea are
not moleated by deer. It ia very
beneficinl to the treea.
The fiig. Fair nhd Cnrnivnl will
come Sept. 2, 3, 4, 5V 6. Look lor
special rnilroad rntes.
i Bishop Hall Suggests a Co
adjutor. In tbo August iaaue of The Moun
tain Echo, Rt. Rey. A. O. A. Hall
suggests the election of a coadjntor
bishop for the diocese of Vermont.
,The biahop will sail from Liverpool
August 31 nnd land nt Montreal
Seplemhor 8. Bo' will proceed
iminodiately 'lo Burlington.
Tbo bishop goea intotbo situatiotf
nt length nnd says tbo voyugo jdid
h'tm a.world of good, but that he 1b
easily upset nnd that in goiiigubout
Vermont it would bo impoBsible to
guard against fxtroinea and clinngeB
of tonipornturo.
Oct. 23-25 Annual meetinfjVer-
mont State Sundny " School Associa-
tion at Barre. I
'Poliiieal Adyertisihg.
'Every Vermont Farmer
Shoiild Re'alize that the Repujblican Party in Vermont 'Has;
i .... . ' '. , .i i - , i, .; '
Vl 1 '"J" V" TAi'TTl i i A Ji At- Tl 1.
inaeavorea io iis uunosc
" j the Agriculturist:
past four years' the State
departirient iwh'pse 'worlc' will compare- favorably with
The Republican party believes it should enac still further legislation of benefit .
to the farmers, knowing that prpsperity) on the farm means prosperity in the shop..
The Republican party at it State. Conventioii adopted a plank in its platform
, .that has the.welfare of the farmer at heart, and this plank deserves the attention
,-;a'nd consideration of every ' Vermo'nter ori a farm. In part it reads,: '
" '
With, the past fec'ord'df : the' Republican party before us and its still further ,
desire to beof assistance to the,farmer as expressed in the plank aboye, quoted tlie1 '
Republican State..ticket . deserves.j.thevote o.f every farmer in , the State at' the"
September election. - . t -' v i ...
' Busy at State Fair Grounds.
Many movementa nro under way
on the Stato Fair gronqda nt White
River Jnnction in propnration for the
Vermont Stato Fair, which wiU bp
hehj on Tuesdny, WedneBday,
Thuraday nnd Friday, September
17. 18, 19' niul 20.
Boaides the new Morgml Tloree
Clubtgrnud stand nnd foncod nrenn
and the commndioun oxhibition
pavilion for dfaugbt cattlp, both of
which nro now rrtpidly nonring coii
pletion,nn. nddition if to he oon
atructed nn tbo dniry bullding,
where butter teata nro tpbe made.,
Morok, Uieifir ninp, who hns'iieve'r
disnppointod tlio crowda tbnt havo
assembled to seo bitn fly, will mnkd
fligbta, each day of -,Hhe .fair, Morok
is the. huilder of bis nwn mncihino'
nnd he will fly it himsolf nt thoStntb
Fair. '
New Windsor, County Corpo
' rations. t
ArticleB.of iiBBbcintion linve been.
filed in the. .offico of the aecrotdry of
sthte by the Windspr Olpthing Cfom
pnny of Windsor with n capitalstock
o $10,000. f ho compnny wUI denl
in" genornl warea, jnerohandiae. etc
add tbo papora nre signed by R. CT.
Brown. Winlaor; A. A Lnhiorey,
Barre- Giberf; F'. Davis, Abby V4
Putnam nnd Gilbort A. Davis,
Papora havo nlso been filod by tbo
Amherst Greaniory to denl in buttor
and similar prdducts ut Springfiolrl.
AJIutcbinson mnn nnnounces-the
discojyeryj that, pouring scnlding,
water on chinch ,bugs will dcsti oy
them. Tom Cordrey inquiies if ,the
mnn has. expcrimcntcd by placing
the chinch bug on nn nnvil nnd
-hitting with n 40-potind hnmmer.
Kansas Cty Times.
Nearlv.'jooo students from fnifi
cottntrtcsstudied at American'insti- j
(utions of Iiigbcr learning in 1911. '
Politicdl Advertising.
io uvance tuc lniuresi oi .
' has' "had an efficientand;paititakng
Immente Flolds of Yellow
j Qrow, as Far Norttr as tho
p-a' sa Islando.
Jorno, Alaskn. Ono of the imprco
Bldns Ieft with tho tourlst, ln Alaska
ls of, the luxurlanco of tho summoi
Tordurc, the rlch greon that suggosts
an Engllsh landscapo. Thla vorduro
scems stranco in a land assocl&ted
. UBually witli ano'Hr . cappod mountalna
1 1 t 1 . . t .
auu giuuvia. xuu pnjiusiuu ul van
colored flowors arid Brasaea, tho rcsult
of from elghtoen to twonty hoars ot
suriBhino a day, majcea thls country tn
Bninmer a surprlso and dellght
TSvery ono who goes to Alaaka talcea
a promonado al'ong tho fatnaus Bitka
walk, Jald out by the Russlans yeara
ago, on tbo ahore of Sitka Day and the
beautlful. Indlan rlVor. It ls noto
worthy, not.alono bccauso good roads
aro scarco ln thls. coiintry but also be-
Where the Wlld Flowera Flourlch.
caua6 of lta beauty. Tho3e who, pene
trato thla "Lover'a X.ane," ,aa lt ls
called, aro charmod wltb'ItB" dellgUta,
Immonso nnd aged flr trefefl-bordertlt
. oe nnd licheaB aid, w14 flowera
: r-t. aa
Politicul Advertistngi-
!that of ariy
EN - "
,',! ...
gTOwTn, the shade and" the natlvo hon
rlcs frlngo tho' pathway. Tho naturo
' lovor ls onruptured with tho mllo and
a half of sylran boauty.
One can underatand that ouch a
wallc may cxlat ln, Sltka, which cnjoya
warm hreezes from tho soa to, such an
eitent that tho atr la always molat
Tho aurprlslng revelation ls to flnd
wlld flowoTs ln the lnteiTor, tn- rcglonn
where anow nnd lce p'redomlnato for
many xnontba of theyoar. Tbore are
screa of forgotmcnots en mountalna
0,000 feot abovo'Bea lovel, so many ot
them that thoy, tnako a carpet of bluo:
You como acroastlGBorfed ndlan Tll
lagos -whore, tho hquscs, which nro
bullt of raugh boards.-saro approached
thfough- weodSfnnd'oplIoblum so hlgh
and b6 raakOthat H io necesaary to
part "thom,ovrhoad ln ordor to peno
trata themi .Acroa of the roagonta
hud epllohlum lcnd a brlght noto to
the landncapo and lt booibb to grow
Par up to tho north, near the. anow
Hno on the hlgh mountalna, aro wll
lows, dwarf aldora and blrchca, wh'lle
below aro flrs and eprucea, t'omo ot
thora hundrods of years old. T7ndor
them ls verdure, clothlng tho moun
tnlnnldos bo rnnk and so sreen that ln
ImaKlnatlon one Is transpjantod to
troploal cllmates. Thls ls eapoclally
pleaslng to tho eyo, after the long,
hard wtnter.
Thls luxurlanco is (tho result of the
long summcr days nnd tho fact that
for ages tbo foresta havo been undla
turbed. One log" has fallen upon an.
other nnd decayod, pro'duclng a rlch
vegetahlo muck ln whicli almoat ov
erythlng win' grow. Tho. rlchness nnd
aoftnosa of tho soll makca, Alaakan
Wood- dlfllcuU to obtaln.and whon any
largo entorprlso has been undcrtiriten,
as bullding rallroado, the ttmber, for
tho most part, has "been. shlppcd from
Puget 'Sound.
Tho jvlld nowerft in thla no'rthern
country, along tho coast 'and back to
ward tho Tukon dellght with tholr
beauty and frngranCe. Far up, near
tho Seal Islands. aro immenso flelds of
yellow popplon, and in othor sec'tlbna
thero aro wlld geranlumn of a blulah
tlnt. yellow moccaaln. planta, saxlfra'ge
and bluobolls.
Tho next conyontiop, of 'tlio Ver
mont iirancb of tbe American Foder
ntion of Ldbor, wbich juat closod its
nuqiial meeting ut Montpelier,, will,
bo held nt St. Johnsbury tho sccontl
woek in Auguat, 1913.
Subecrbe for To Ajgo, ?1.0a
Meavona at Certaln Tlrno of Day Rt
somblo Qlgantlo QUolerc In' '
tho Alps.
Berno. Bwitzorland. WhoeVer hai
travoled ln tho wostorn states or ln
Kuropo knows tho beauty and under .
stands the fasclnatlon of enqw moun
talns. At placos llko Fau, from which on
a clear day tho wholo rango of tho
Pyrenoes ls vlslblo, or Bero, from
Which, whon tho weathor Is favorablc, '
can bo seen tho glaclers pf tho glants
among tho. Oborland Alpa, at Buqh
placca travolera will walt for, bourS
and oven for days for tho clouds to lift
ln ordor to seo thls slght which is
so wonderful. Yet I havo .ofton otn
served at homo great whito clouds
heaped on the horlzon which hail tbg
same majestlc beauty aB a dlatant
viow of tho Alps, tho Pyronoos or tho
nocklos. And no ono haa Btoppod to
look nt thom twlce or to. ndmlre them. ,
Tho roay glow on Iho Alps at Bun'
eot. to soo which pooplo will eycatio-t
ecrt thelr dlnnor, tho plnk glow of
In tho Shadow of the lco Mountalna.
sunrlso that cntlccs thom from thelr1
beda irf tho emall hours. of.the morn
ing thqno slghts which nro, so en
chantlng ln thelr lorellneas, aro aur
paascd by tho colorlng of' the moun-'
talnoua cumuli that without gotfls.tJa
Btop out of your way you may fro-.
quently seo at ovonfng lii thd wcBt'orn
Bky. ( '
Thla thoUght which has so oftou
passed throijgh my mlnd waa recalled
by.a Bontenop writton by SlrTrancla
Younghuahand. Ja a book descrlblns
Kaahmlr: "Early in Bentembor tho nt
moBphera haa hocn froshenod and
cooiod by tho ralas which. thouiph thoy
falMightty ln tho Tatlof Itsolf, nre
of toii hcavy ln tho surroundlng moun
talna. Tho sun is Btlll powerful tn
the daytlmo and -th0 8ky unusalty
brlght and clear. But tho m'ohnooh
will often.mnko n few flnal otforts.
Ono such day I notod when volumln-oua-jmaBsqs'of
cloud rollcd up behl'nd'
the Wr Panjal to a- helght of twenty
flvo or ihlrty thousandifoot, thelr west
ern edg;B aglow from tho settlng sun
and Bhowlng clear and. dlstlnct against
tho backgrqund of plnky bluo Bky,
whfle the great maln volumo romaln
ed dark, heavy and somber, with jiow
(and then. a spllt of llghtnlng fiashlng
out, ana on tno iar Biae, away irom
tbe eetting sun, threatenlng tentacles
Btretcbed. obt acroas tho vallcy ln tin-
nvalllng effort to rcach tho mountatna-
on tho northera oldo. Under theso
mighty monsoon massea even the
great mountalna lookod dwarfed nnd
puny. It waa a 'grea and, flnal cffort
of that etupendous natural phcnomen
qn which bears tho watorS bf thd" In
dlan ocoan to 'beat ,upon the Hima-
laya." . . ' .
Nothlnij could givo tq peoplo who
havo nover'.aeen nl mighty rango ;of
WOuntalna a botter idea of thelr "ap-
pearanco than tho great clouds that
pile themselvea Juat nbovo the dlstant
landacapo. Tho aoft, roundod sum
mits aro Inoro beautlful than tho sharp
outllneaef' the vmcnintaln rldgcB.i ;but
the mpuntalns aro bo eften velled ln
clouda that1 tho Bimllarity of effect ia
EtrlHInff and often in the nelghbor
hoodof somo groat enow coyercd
range ine la unccrtaln whother, lt ls
the nctual he'Ights or tho clouds that
one percelves from a dtstanco.-
Invontor Thlnks, He. Has Found 8ub
atltuta fbr 'Coal Llqtild Usod to
1 Heat Boller. , 1. ! -
Darby, a. 'Aft'or "worklngr1 "on t&o
prlnclnle ,for a lbng tlmo,v Georgd
Emlth, a well known hot water ,'heator
cxpert, bellovos, be has porfectcd a
compound that will do nwny With, coal
bb n medtum for heat. 4ffl'i
Smlth'a lnventlon, wblch -he says
will heat a houBO at a tomperaturo 'bf
70 degrees, In wlnter and malntaln lt .
at that ln the coldcst wintor weathor, '
ia an olahoratlon. of tho prlnciplo p'f
heat generation in water by chemical
The best unlts goneratcd ,play: on a,
wroliBht.irori boller, lnatcad of east
lron, and thua havo tho advantago 'of
heatlng water qulcker, becauoo thls.
metal )a not ns thlck and yet, it la,
Btrqnger.than east lron. Onco iho wa
ter is hcated'to a certa'ln polht it bo'
glns to circulato' through tliolplpes. .
8ayo Triero Is NoJVllddlo Cfass.
Montclair, N. J: At tho cloBlng sea
Blon of tho. New Jersoy State S!edera
tlon of Womtm'a Clubs horo Mra,
Florence Howo Ralf, ono of the delo-
gntea, a caughter' qf the late Julla
Warff' Howo, objectod to the uao pt
the term mlddlo clasa by Mrs. Setk.
Ahrams, anolhcr delegato, in referrlng
to tho necd fqr playgrounda In cltles.
It ia n term coplod from nn Engllah
nrlatocracy," satd lirs. Hall, "and wo
00 noi want ju v o aro a tKjmucracy.
Woi'have no 'mlddlo class.' We all
bclong to tho flrat claas." . ,

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