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Spirit pf ttje 2ge,
WoeaToes. Vksmowt
Snbscnption Bates :
Obo yer
Blx montbi ..........
Thre. montht
Ulngle cople
Edltor and PoblUher
Woodstock, Vt.. August 31, 1912
Woodstock has threo cnndidntos
for "town roprcaontative. All are
good mon, but The Aco wiahoa to
ropont that it 4ellevoo Colonol Bil-
lingo, who mado nn oxcollent-record
at Montpelier two years ogo, has tlio
bost claitn to tho hpnor. Tlio Ago
urges , tho votors of Woodstock to
stand by bim ngain.
, A day's dolay onco n wook in Uiq
tranBmiuBion of muile is Postmnster
Qonoral Hitchcock's latost dapartuie
iu economy, nnd' tho Sunday ahut
down affects tbo wholo peoplo from
ono ond of tbo country to tho otber.
It will not add to tbo populnrity of
tuo adminiatration which fnthers
bim. Tbo postal servico is a public
atllity and the pcople bavo a rigbt
to doraand of it tbo ntmost efficienry
and promptnusa.
Vote For Howe.
Votofor Howo nexF Tuesday. Tho
Domocratio candidato "for govorndr
of Vermont ia a yonncr man of ox-
perienco in logislntion, thoroUghly
ouvo to tho needs of tho atato, of
progrossivo and practical idead, and
'in tho preoent campaign bo baa
shown bonosty, courageaud fighting
ability m attacking somo of tho
-abnaos that aro the natural producf.
of " rogularity " in Vermont. He is
a leader who knjws tho way, and he
appoals botk to young voters'and to
tho old. Vbto for Howe
The Election Next Tuesday
91.00 H
I , I hereby pledge myself to the i vbter - - I
of Woodstock that I will, if chosen ; I
I town represenfative at the cpming'X '.,.'' I
I election, oppose any legislatioii per-r I
H i I
I r mitting the floating of lqgsvdown 1
1 the Ottauquechee river. : ' , l I
H -' . "T . ' - .' '' ' ',ri-' 'H
H ' Vii-i, ' H
)- ff ; j i '
. Hl
f .-T ' ' ' . . -. !)
-'-".' " .
" y
' i -
H ' H
v--' t,-'-.- H
H ' - Jv H
" " " ' , ' T " " n . ". , .
' -'1 " 1 1 " ' 1 '
would pleaso Mr. Bevoridge
. i y, & m iro tlian to hnve. Mr. Fletcbor nse
but tho unoertainty of tho oatcome
of noxt Tacsday'B election and tbo
'puzzled mtoreBt of tbo entire popu-
lation of the Btate rnaks ah'extraor,-
dipary oituation. a aurprise to the
nation, a joy to progressive citizene,
and ofi the graveat cqncorn to official
No ono knowa jnst what Vermpnt
is going to do
Tbero nre foolhardy predictionB of
Domocratio euccoss, but of a larse
"and a.bjnificant ilump in tho straight
AKQPiblioan 'voto-tHore is little room
for doubt. Tbero ard''cbeering tc
ports " at tbo Ropublioan head-
qnarteTS.'bilt'tlio. Detnocrntic cnmp
ia Bimiiarly elated and tho 33ull
itooao ia active and appurently .hae
tip and say Bometbing
Hut Mr. Fletcbor ib keoping vfry
qijiot and Mr. Uevendga tolu niB
story in one or two otlior placos with
ont tntorruption.
Mr. Fletcher oucht to cot ofter
this Iridiiina BullMboso.
Charles R. Marcy.
Oharlea R. Marov. o reflident of
Woodstock nearly nll hia lifo, died
Mnnday-evening'ot tbo Hdnover, N.
H., hospital, whoro he undnrwent an
operation Saturduy,' aged 58 years.
Mf. Moroy waa the son of Edwnrd
Marpy of Barnard, .whero ho. passed
'hia younger years. Iu November,
1878, he married Mibs Eva Giffiird,
dancbtor of Hormnn Gifford of Bar-
nlnMrr.Zt fnnila ri,r tii nnltrntinn nflnard. who died in Soptember, 1903.
ytho stato.
TheHonorable John's Campaign.
JUon. Jonrt w. Kqatnond b pro
grosa up and down tho stute in the
For soyoral years Mr, Marcy waa
emplpyod in .L'awrence, Maas., and
sooa aftor coming hpro hp dmvo tho
Woodstock and Hartlnrid, Btagr,
discontinucd iu io74
He worked in Qco. E. French'a liv-
ory stable for a timetbon "ontered
tbo- omploy of tho late Jus'tiu F.
The following frpm thc Randolph
Hcrald will.be, of -interest. to Pom
fret pepple : , . , ,
..Miss Alice Mclntyre announced
her1 mnrringe engagemen't to, John
C. Sherburne, Esq., Fridny cvhing
at a party givenr tpy.s!xteen( ot ber.
gi'rl fricnds tlje- residence,of her
Huni, jviis. ji. jl... lyiciniy.rc. ari:
A'rthur1-' 'dleoriard and '' faniily
retiuned to their homc in Coluinbus
"Obfb, lasf-wick.1
Miit Ltfcm Wopd wont to Ran
dolpli" VVednbsday.
Mr. Hnzen nnd vvife of South
K6yt(lto njttl,Jr.,llutchini, Ney
ners we're 'seTected 15V niean&b'f cards EtjRland;jU5loj3hpns,. agent, were irj
i V.. :.-.. Ji'S. -w.l-.l. ...!tl. 1 .i i' . n " "
and truc loveis' Icnots and thc
company. co.mpeted for honors in
supplying- the rnissing balves pf ohl
sayings. A poaniit game was.playcd
and then small papcr lndics in
sunbannets with pocUetsful ot letters
revealcd tle sucreti for thc letters,
duly arranged, spelled the names of
the affinnced Coiiple nnd caufied n
joyous cummotion; - Icc cream nnd
cake were servecl loi retresliments.
Next dance Septcmber,2; Sher
win's orchestra. Let,eacb Qne.brjng
a luncli.. Coffee .for drink,' instenc)
of pUnch. Dancing 75 centi"; coffee
f ree. ' - '
intercat of tho Republican ticket, and
'incidentally speaking a.good woYdJackzio in gj, BOrvico ho ro-
mained 21 yoars. and contiUued m
for the railroads, ia noted with
aome surprise, for tho Honorablo
Jobn ia cbairman of tbo public ser-
Tice commioBion, a department of
tho RopubUcan Btate administratioil
which was suppoaedly orented in the
interesta of tbe peoplo, and for the
servico of tho public
The Honorablo John's forcoful
porsonality ought to make tho pub
lic servico commission a 'tbwor of
strongth in bohalf of an op'pressed
peoplo, but it doean't. Fnr from it,
and conditions at the. White River
Junction station nre proof of ita iil
efficioncy and oasy-coing ways. Off
the Btnmp ho is tho mildest-mun
norctl.ofScialau. tho stato, and hia
Btrong sait is procrastiuntion. Tho
Honorablo John's campaign doean't
seem tb bo a brilliant tartical movo
on tho part of the Republican board
of ntratogy.
Beveridge Hits Fletche,
At a Bull ' MooBQ rnlly nt Mont
pelier ox-Boriutor Beveridge bf Indi
ana said :
"Every.vote furAllon W. Fletchqr
ia a vote for the boosea
I know Allen M. Flotoher. 1ft
camo from my own homo town f
Indiaunpolis. He waa borit out there.
I knew Fletcher whon I waa etudy
inpt law onono meai'o day.
Flotohor was iu tho gna liuBineaa
out thoro, and if ho is. electod Gov
ernor of Vormynt I Buppoao ho will
do with tho.LygiRlaturo. wliat lio did
with thb City Council of Inilinna
polifl." Tho Indiana orator is Boinowhal
vague, yet hia rcmarks go far cnough j
to call n roply from tho Cavendish !
tbo sorvico of F. S. Mackenzio riftcr
tho death of tholatter's parents.
Mr.. Marcy leaves. a sistor, Mrs-
3511a J Porkina, pf White River
Thobody wds brought on.Tues-
dnv to tne tiomo ot mr. anu airs. w .
H. Brndley iu this village, whore tho
fufiaral waa held on Thursday aftor-
nonn at threo o'clock, undor ausplccs
of Quechee River Lodge, I. 0. 0F.
. Francis Polk Curtis.
Francia Polk Curtin died Aug-..
20th at hiB bome iu Woodstock. He
is survivod by hia ivife, Hannah
(Hubbard) Curtis, and Charles, .who
livca in Bridgewater, Mrs. Honry
Emory of Pomfret and Clintou, who
ia nn iuvalid ahd ia cared for by hia
motlior. Tho funeral waa held Aug,
22, Rev. J. S. Lefevor of-Bridge
wntor ofEciating. Buriul in Rivor-
Bido cometory.
Freed from the long enduring pain,
Blest is thy happier Iot.
Wo know that we shall mcot again
Where sorrow cntcra not.
'The Rutland Fair has'talccnon
one niore blg attraction the ibth
U. S. Cavalry nnd Barid, Scp't. 2-3-4-5-6.
' '
NewStation Ordered at W,
T nnrlmn.lr nt A t. rr OO oor.
Tho public. ftorvice commission'
I I I ' . t 7. ? At -
iioki a uearing mia iqornmg in ino
parlqra of tbe Junction Houso on
tlio question of tho location of tho
nmtiim hnro." At its cnhclusion,
G'lin.innnn Redinond nniiouiiccd that,
the commission would tako, tho rnati
tor ititn ita uwn bnnda nnd ordor n
otntion built, employing Prof. 0. B
Jireod nf uostonas consiuting on-
miinor KnnrcRsntntivcs nl tlio U.
candidato.. Vqrmont, would .hko tiy, and B &M niilrondB filed ox
mr fjpnf'im, ajdtlobtlojr iotb- -ceptwji to thp pfdpr,"
' "H. S. Britton is. cnjoying a, pleas
ant tnp to Uetroit, Mich., in com-.
pnny with his spn-in-lnw, ' G. H.
Miller of White .River Junction, who
will return with a 1913 Cadijlnc
atito. ,
Mrs. Mary Smith of Ogontz, ,Pa.t
two childrcn, Mnrgery nnd Dorothy
Smith, pf Scrarffon, Pa., ond Miss
Louise Scott of Richfield, Ct., were
guests at Mrs. ,L. W. Smlth's last
week. " (
Mrs. .Harrfett Walkef is visiting
relntivcs in- Woodstock.
Mrs.. Web?ter nnd little dadghtcr
of Barre yisited her fnthert Mri
Barncsf at L. E Merritt's lnst wcck,
Mrs. Cnlista Robinson Tones of-
Bradford is a guext of her siiter,
Mrs. W. R. Sturtevant.
Hnrry W. Biitton of Barre, and
ister, Mra. D. F'. King, He'rbert
and Gladys ot North Hartland,
spent Sunday w.ith'their pn'rcnts nnd
"grnndparents, Mr. nii(l Mjn.. W.. E.
Britton. ,
Miss Mhttio Jnckson rcturney to
ber home in Nevvton, Mnss., Aug.
26, having spent the' summer in
town the gucst.of Mr. nnd ,Mrs. J
IT...1 1 1 "t-'t
vt. uiiaerwooa.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Bert Pcttibone and
twb sPns of Mancliesteri Hnve been
gucsts of her uncle, W. Richard
son, the pnst week. -
MrsA KvRobcrts nnd yottnuest
children have tbeeirpending ''a'.few'
aays, .wtr) n.er, peqpje. in rfosper.
Mr's.-Cile,-jc3j:ed ior the famtly here.
Miss C. M. Ladd spent, the.;wqek
endptDeitcon.I-add'R, n. . -
'Mrs. Burnhom vfsited fiiends .iti
Woodstock last week.
Herbert? jinr,riiigtbn rnoVed
into hrs.grandmdthet's boiise.
Mr. Barton ' of'" Grantham I'obkcd
ovef aomeTof the Jersey rjerds iri town
The',la:(1Ses, salef 's'uDDeru a'nr
ente'rWinnfi'enf'Iast' 'week, Thursday
aftefnbon nnd e'venirtg wns coiisid
ereid'a success in every paiticulai'.
Tbe salc and.'upper ' netted labout',
WHat ' riul" cloudy summer
wcukiivr, wo nrcjiiuviugi
Schob'lb-egah'M"6riday, with MisiS
Addie Spragde tcfhcherr . .
Ncson'Sumncr.lct for hm' IiQ,me
in tho West lnst week Saturday.
Mrs. Snrah Gove lias .returned
home. Jtj.j ' . -
Mrs. A. Jj- Hadley is visttmg
relativcs in Cornish, 'N. Hi
Mrs. Burt.i BalcIi visited rclhtives
here recehtlyr .
Frnnk Mooro- and 1 Toe AVilder
wcrejin Ludlow Monday.
Miss Alrce Brown if at'her home
1iere forn vacatiup.i
Frank Mooro vmd Norris-Wildef
weie hi. West Rutlnndjast ,vveek.
White River Junction, Vt.
SEPT. 17-18-19-20, 1912
Fire at West Hartfonj.
The liouse owhed. nnd occupied
by William'S'avagent West Hartford
WiiB'totnlly dcstroycd bv .flre at atl
enrly houi Wednesday ' triorning.
Tbe Ioss, is .rbuehly estiinnted at
betwecn $'t5 and $2000'' The'
cnuse ol thc fire in not, tlefiuitely :."
Short SWrte Declared O, K.s
Not.Too.Short,- Howeveri Says
NW. CT.'U. of Milwaukee.
Milwankoo, Wis., Aug, 23.r-Tho
Women'a 1 Ghriitian Tompornnco
unions otlMrlwaukoe hayoplamied a
campaign to makb this city domuro.
Thoy. h'aVo' coiidom'iled -immodcBty
in dress in tho . inappropriateness pf
woaring droasea in tho atreota which
shoiild bo'UBed only for eooial eu
gagemehts; ahd bxtravagunce.
, Short Bktrts, not too short, aro ap
proved. Tigllt drbsSea nudpook-a-boo
waists rt'ro tubooodj aa not berng
iri(de8t....No ban lina been placed on
low. Bhceahcfo. though' Chicngo ntul
OIpvelnnd'matrotaB war agairlat th'om
Largq ihatear'e riot-j.'apj)ro'vedi'ofu
lnup njid,$hQf.-eyobr,QW ,-blackoning
Morok Aeroplane
Morok himself will fly every day of tho fair. Como nnd boo
Bomo sonaational air feats
Horse Racing Every Day
Splendid progrnm includes best trottors in tbo east.
Varied Agricultural Exhibits
Every Exhibition Ilnll full of intoroat nnd ontertainment. Livo
Btock oxhibit best ever.
1 , '
Meeting pf Nw England Fat Men's Club
At tlio Jair on. Tuesday, Sbpt 17. Big Firoworka exhibition
in tho evening. Gomo nnd Beo tho fuu.
Morgan Horse Exhibit
A big phow in itaelf.
Many Special Features - -
Splendid ,free va,udovilie ov()ry day. Plownig and milking con
testB. Brilliant midway. Bdby contest.
Excursion Rates from all points
Watch for R. R. flrors.
Fo'rprerniium-list, addresB
F. L. DAVIS, Sec , White River Junction, Vt.
The Windsor County Fair
. The Sixty-Seventh Ahnual.at Woodstock
''''' .T.,
Sepfembsr 10 II and 12 19
3r Billin8,,Presidp.nt; C. 3T. Panl, Secrotary; J. S.
' Eaton,' Treasurer; tOhas. H. Maxham, Genera! Super
. intendent; Geo; W. Mbrrill, Assietant Suporintendont.
A Thdusancl Dollars in Kace Purses.
Special Premiums for Draffc Horses.
Special Premiums for Poultry.
Special Premiums for Percheron
Colt3. Special Premiums for Ladies'
Driwng Horses.
Special Purses for Oxen.
$32 in Premiums for Milking
Contest. New Arrangements for
Stock Judgmg.
New Features in All Departments
The Old Fair Will be Better Than Ever
Como and iSee It Don't Fd.rget the Dfite
. Septemlber 10 11 and 12
m u anoiieciiBB umn m
WooflstocK, Vermont
DEPOSITS JAN. 1, 1912 ?1,9G9;876.6
OTinm.no 171 ni4 r
T-i n nr 1. t ' t? nr..i
HonryV. Wnlkcr Witliam S. Ilewltt
William S. Dowey Frod'k C. Southj;nt
Charle3 F. Chapman
intercst on dcposlts.
Deposits- mado during tho nrat te
1 T ' T..I-. .5 - 1-1 -
iiihiih iiiii iiiL iiiitb uvu uuvn 3k. ULI1I1
Ynontha Urnw mtereat trom tno nrst o
tho month.
t 1 i t..i.. i .AMKM...iru
twico a year.
Tho Vermont Legislaturo haa rcpcale
tho law rcstfrictinf; deposits In any on
navincrH hniilt to 5ZUUU.UU. 11113 unn
. t 1. ( Jt..!J ,
poaits of any aniount nnd all taxcs wi
bo pald by tho bank. Nothlng will b
reportcd to the listors fortaxatlon.
Latent Afethods of Embalming.
Nighfc calls promptly attendod to.
Woodstock . k J-
A good many Irom here attended
thc 25th nnni vcfsnry celebi'ation of
the Fnrmer's Ciub at Pomfret Cen-'
ter Wednesday. .
Mrs. Julia Huse of White River
Junction, who has been attending to
Jthe' building of ber new housem
that place thts summer, has tesu'med
beKdUtiesns housekeeper for F. C.
Periy, 'where she was previous to
her temporary abseucet
Mrs. Frank. p. Paul ,o LovVell,
Mnss., was at Mrs. biinuiel Paul's a
fevv days the pasC week.
ltie auctiou ot M. H. Finnegan
was Inrgely attended nnd eyerythrng
sold. The riumber preseht' ' wns
cstimatcil tit ov.cr 400. , "
Mr. and Rlrs John. Perlinm and
dnughtcr Clnra ol' Randolph weie
visiting old Trionds nnd frjrmer
rielghbors'.' befe Saturday and Sun-
lay, tiey coming by -auro. 1 hey'
"mnny cnnnges for
c-bscrved u good
tbe better in this little burg sinco
their formcr visit six v'cars ngo.
Lcnnard ,Maxliam, son of Herbert.
Q. Maxham of Pawtucket, R. I.,
who has been in Chicngo for, a year,
visited his vaunt,' Mrs. MarkBoyn
ton, this week, en route to Portlnnd.
T. J. White is very much improv
ing the looks of his. prerriises aside
from widening the thoroughtnre
above his house, by plougbing off
the bank, scraping nnd otberwise
beneiiting tbihgs.
E. JB. Howland and ,wite spent n
day with W.,A. lirner'sfnmily in
Prosper tbe first of)tbe. week.
Mr?. Orpbn1 larron of LeSnnon,
14. H., wns n caljer at. Mrs. Snmuel
Paul's Thur'sdny.'
, Mr. nnd Mrr. George White were
on n trip for n few days, nnd durjng
their nbserfce Mrs. John Rnymond
loftked aftcr the bousehold cares.
We nre 'pleased tb' hear m'ore
' John D. Thotnpson and Mrs
I 1... C tT O
miiri li'.ti 1 1 v iim ivkv. wi. 11. iiiiilii u
Af tt T? u'm Tntirtinn- A iimicr 4
" - r ri -- i
. r-1 I . . .. t .1.
fl 1 l ! .. C
the Burbank grist mill.
rI r- r?n i rtttfr f f I .1 1 f tr t i in In
Smith. 1
j at i iwi iimii ir iiig Kicinr vir
v . I'j. tiyii v in. II ' ' uni v v iiiiiini l
b nller sind lenmu t. lir ce were
unned in marniiEQ. oy ivcv. r. o.
Cnuttor. ,
ntttiuledi the lune.ral ot ftJrs. Mae
ri t 4 I
Mrs. lohu Pulsifer, Mrs. Eliza
ii i i i -i.t r t i
"r r t 'Ol t. ,.i
Miss Exilin Fortier nud Albert
Fovticror White River Junction.
tvi:... it:i,i.. rifi.:c M..t,lcf..fJ
itjina iiiiiui nniiivH'.on.ii
N. II.. is fiiKMiihnir u tew Uavs with
her grnndmother, Mrs. JVI. J. Davis.
cluuch huKiness.comnuttce vvin noui
n food shc tlis week oatnrd.tv'v
food nre &oliciterf.
IVll'K. ,fK111fI lnilTMiir is V1S1LII1I' III
f 1 1 c-fnc Hunrittti fitul ?Li irt .S.ir-
Boston ancl vicinity.
,'James Tysort of Strafford has
the scliool advantages of llanover.
have gcine to Boston and Squirrel
Island, Mame, tor a week s stay.
Tn T.udfow. ..Tulv 31'. a son to Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Joyce.
t nr i- TT7: .1.. A oo n
iil v i'm i viiiiimui. xiui:. .1. u. duii w
Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Jaquith.
Kev. s. ii. amitn, jamos uytnrow 01
tondaloj Mnss,
In Norwich. Aua. 24. bv Rev. S. H.
Smith, John D.i Thompson and Mrs. Jen-
me S. Berry ox Waitsheia.
In Pork insville. Julv 22. bv Rev. A.
J. Hopkins, Edward J. Sawyer and
n " V T T 17 C . . 5 .1.1
uuniu n. ul opruiijiiuiu.
Tr f Afnw TTifil-.rnnV rTnnirrinl TlflS-
i t: t tt ii:
nirni nx iinnovcr. in. n.. .uc. au.
P.horliaa T?. Mnrr.vnf WnnHntnpW. nfred 58
OVER OB vcarg:
reports .from Mrs. C, P.
Tfiade Mabis
CtipvnionTS &c.
nono enainit & ckelch nnd ilmcrlntlnn
nfficiv fuoAriAtn our otttnion froo rliotlii;r "
riTiiitlnn la probablr xatnn Conmiiui 'H;
llfhtrlctlrooiindeiitrnlv,IIAHaBOp onfii w'"
teut f r"0. oldent niicncr ior stwurllis patent".
I'nlentu UUon throuHU Wuim A C. reci"i
Sdentifie Hmttieati.
A.IninlomMr lllutritil vreektr. TfWf'Ji

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