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The People's Rights A Representative Ecir.ocracy The Union and the, Constitution Without Any Infractions.
VOL. L. NO. 25 WHOLE NO. 4476.
Woodstock, Vermont.
Printed Saturday Mornlng -
The Hartland Nature Clnb.
At tlio Oi'tdlior mc'oting of llio
Hartland NatmoOlub hold Sutiuduy
thii twolfth, t 1h final olcetion of olfi
corn tiuilc rduuo, tlio choieo beitig iih
follows :
Proaidmit, P. W. Whiting ; vico
presidaiit, J. G. Underwond ; booio
t:iry nnd treuaurer, Mrs. Mny E.
Rognra ; ohnirman of excuutivo com
miiit'o, Mr L) fl. WoJmtftr. ' ,
lloiiilulioim if Hyinpatlty nn ilict
tlfiiili (if Mra Durliiig wore olTorod
nn 1 1 iliiocttnl tn lin aent (o tlio be
reuvnd faniily,
Mra. T. A. llurd of " Fnirviow
Furin," proatmled to tlio Clnb u fhif
collm-tkm nf iiiHciila in ' Dtmlon
iiumntH, ivitlT u bpnutiful Donlon
Mr Whiting gnvo an intercBtiiifi
ropnrt. t in iho lluHBtiy 'Insiiititinn'i
recent liHi'nveiiea i:oncHriung infutit
ilo parnlynia caused by tlio bito ql
tlm atnble fly, and Mias F.mmelin
Wobater fWd nn nriginnl pfTpor 01
" I'bd Floia of tlio Snnd Plnina ol
Hartland," which bIio ill natrai ot(
pmfiiHely by apecunens frotn lln
Tlio next uteVtiiig will lio bolf
Novetnber ).
Ascutney JMust Be Saved.
Tlio " Monntiiineor" in tlle. Hontoi)
TrmiBoript refera to Ibe new parkp
now beingndded to Vel-mont'a publjc
ilomaiii. tlio laleat being on Paini
Mountain, eaat of Northfield villngp
The " MmuitaiiH'or " goeB on :
But there is, a fly in almost ovorj
amber and that of 'Vermont preaenti
itself in tho adveTtiaemont. iu locnl
papors, ,( Holp Wanted, Lumber
men, cbopporij and teuinsteiB wnnttd
on Ascutney Mountain." Vermont
lins dono so well with itB publii
Bpiritod eilizona and its looal organ
ization'tt, tbnt it is u pity to have thh
videtto (leapoiled. It is difficult ti
movo legialntutea "f foreated ataU't
to uction when luinbcr conipanien
nro proparod to join their intoresti'
and any netion on tho purt of the
peoplo mttat bo diaconneettid ,'and
aporudic. In Now Hampshtro tln
boarding houae interesta nro vorj
Btrong, ncnrly aa stroug litinnciall
as tho liimbertnen, so tliat action b
the atuto liaa lieen takon and decisivi
action, onving the Orawford Notch.
Vermont haa amaUer intoroat ii
Btunmor peoplo and tbeso can hardly
organize themBclves in an effectivc
wny. Hut Vermont has nnothei
forco na yot untried, itB Qroon Moun
tain elub. Uoro ia an oppoitunity for
it really to work. It has been fnirly"
Buc'cessful with tho depurtments o
tlio stato and tfirough tho foreatry
dtviaion has beon nblo to aeRuro by
far tho largost part bf tho oxiatinp
"Grent Trnil," through tho happy
neud of tho firo patrol over tho sann
lines. ltut hoio is :i chanco to shou
its tvorth. If Aacutnoy ia worth sav-
ing, lot the Green Mountain clnb
hclp savo it for the honor of tlu
Rtuto. The little locnl usaociation (il
farmerB tnking ita namo from the
niountain haa evinced a great deal
f intereat in tho mountain, It hna
itnprovod tho road, mado the cabin
liabitablo and ench year bring? a
concourao of people to its aummit
Hut auoh locnl influpncea nre noi
poworful enougb for einergeiiciya liki
the present.
Ascutney ia one of tho' nioat pleas
ant mountains in all Vormont. In a
way it is the Jriend and companioJi
of Moosilauko .icroaa tho rivor,
nlthougli on tho ground t)lia com-
panionahip may not be bo ovident
It ia theinviUttion to thosonpproach-
ing tho Green Mountain atate to come
over nnd ktiow it better, and Ver
mont presenta it in a charming invi
tntion. Dut nith tho foieat.cut nwny
from tho landmark of him who
npproAches through the hilla of Sun
apeo and Claromdnt, tho proapbct
will bo forbidding.
Now Going to Press
. .' Tlie next issue of the telephbne direc-
, tory for this section is now being made
up . ' -
The forms will close on
, so tliat all orders should be sent to the'
.. local office or telephoned to the Manager'.
AT ONCiD. ' ' V'
Donot delay in this matter,.as it inay
uiean-disappointtnent "to do so. , Start
the order on its way now.
"Nrmw "m-NraT,ATvjr -mT.TivpwTNrm
( ( jffifc. e)
Miss Ellcr) Gialuim, eldest
daugbter of the late Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph K. Graliam, died at the lios
pithl in Hanover October 16, afler
an openition. Sho. wns born in
West Windsor 66 yeai'R ago and
came to Hartlnnd wliun ,1 cbild will)
her parents, and Hnrtland has been
lier home most of her'lifc. A fevv
years ngo she bccnmc crippled in
one limb, and bna since Ivnd to use
cnitclics, Miss Graliam vviis a very
kindhenrtcd and industrious vvoman.
She lcaves four sisler'i, MrsTJlary
lilakeley of Connecticut, Mrs. P. E.
Gilson nnd Mrs. E. G. Tcmplc of
Hartlnnd, Mrs. G. M. Jcnne of Put
ney; two brothers, George, of Illi
nni8, and'Guy E. Graliam of Hart
lnnd. The iuneral wns held in the
Conuregationnl churcb Oct, 19, Rev.
W. F. Hill officinting. D. P. Biir
bour, L. h WnilteV, W..E. Bnttbn
and H. A Wnlk'er ncted as benrers;
huri.il in the village cemetery.
Ik-imtiful flowers were sent by reln
tives and irieuds. Relatives from out
i.f tovh wcie Mr. and Mrs. G..M.
Jenue nnd son Ilnrol'd of Putney,
Mn. May Bird nnd Mr. and Mrs.
Aitliur Tetnple of Clnremont nnd
Hnrold E. Gilson of Hyde "Park,
Mra. Mary Wilaon ia again with
her Bon Walter nnd wife, hnving
passed u few ihiya with frienda in
Ezra Tatro wus n guest .at Arton
Tupper'a Saturday night, hia wifV
and cbild returning home with him
Mr and Mra. Furman of Bridge
water wero Sunday guosts at H. E
'A .0. Plumley wna in Rutland nnd
Stockbridge Monday.
Will LiiCount haa fiuiehecl hia
work for F. G.' Spanlding and liaa
gono to Stockbridge.
In apite nf tho rain laet Saturday
A. 0, Plumley's auction wna .well
attended, and we think everything
soldi. Wo uro aorry to have Bort'a
folks go away.
J. E. Davia was in Stockbridge
.and yicinity Mondiiy of thia wook.
' E. J. Wilson nnd wifo of nenning
ton, N H., nro viaiting friendff" in
Dr. Holton Resigns.
Dr. Henry D. Holton of Brattlo
boro, fpr mnny years secretary and
exociUivo officer of tho atate buard of
henlth, haa announced liia reaiagnn
tion of tlint office, but will continue
na n membor of the bonrd.
At a meeting held October 1G in
Montpelier, Dr. 0. F. Dalton, of Bur
lington,, 'wns Boloc'ted to aucceed Dr.
Holton aa secretary nnd exocutive
oflicer. It waa largely through Dr,
Hplton'fl offtirts thnt n Stato board of
henlth wus eatabliahod and hia work
in bohnlf of tho gonoral hcalth of tho
atato proceded by aomo titno tho
formation of tho board.
Dr. Dalton bna bcoii for a number
of yeara city hoalth officer 'at Bur
lington. Ile will entor upon hia
dutib8Decemherl, whenDr. Holtqn'B
resignntioii tnkea effect.
5, 1912
Montpelier Orders All Residents
of Barre to Keep Out pf City,
Tliat amnllpox has not been con
fihed to Barre, itottvithatanding the
feoling of aeeurity on tho pait of tho
ofScinls of Montpelier, wns bIiowh
when the amall child of Frank 13akor
of Williamstown becnmo ill with tho
diseaso. Tlmro woro alaq two new
eaaea reported i.n Barro during tho
dny, Iila Mauzzi of Hillaido avomiu
and Rulph A. Mnrtiti of Merchaut
Tho uumbcr of.casea now staud at
IG in Ihirre city, fivo in liarre (own
nnd 0110 in Willinmatown, a'total of
22, with otheif. under close wntch aa
Buspoctod cuaea.
Results of Potato and Apple
Contests. ,
The following bIiowb the results of
potato nnd apple cnntesta conducted
by the. White Itiver Ituilroad com
pany :
I'oUto contest FirBt pnzc, F. E.
Burdilt, Rochester: Yield 50 bualiela
to the acre; nppcarance of field, 9.5;
freodom from diseaso, 18 4;,trUenesB
to type, 14.7; quality, 44; 07.
Socon1 prize. Fred Neff, Pitta-
field Total scorea of 80.
Third prize, E. E. Akey, Roches
ter. Total acoro of 78.
Fourth prize, John Kiiights
Stockbridge. Totnl acoro of 77.
Fifth prize, H. W. Whitakcr,
Rochoater. T.6tal acoro of 70;4
Applo contest Firat prize, 0. E,
Martin, Rochester; second prize,
W. II. Hubbnrd, Roclieater. .
Tho fildB were judged by F. II.
Elton of South Royalton, and Q. L.
Martin, Btato coinmissioner of ugri-
culture, with tho following results:
Tho fields wore acored on a possi-
ble 100 poirlts, tho yield to count 50,
appearanco of tho -field 10 truenees
to typo 15, freedom from diseaso 20,
quality 5. The intoroat in theso con
tests waa romnrkablo, bolh among
the conteatanta nnd community at
largo. All the iieldB preBented a
very great improveinont over theso
fields in tho provious contests of the
road. The winnor of this con'teatJa a
recent graduato of the Vermont agrl
cultural college.
Flies Over Lake Champlain.
Starting from Plattaburg, N. Y ,
barracka in a Burgesa-Wright aero-
plnne Aviator George A. Gray of
Ooston crossed Lake Chnmpluin at
an nltitade of 4000 foot and lunded
in Burlington Tho distanco covored
is 35 milea und Aviator Gray is the
firat mu'u to croaa tho lake.
Uis aornplano ia likowiso the firat
ono over aeon in Burlington and
attractcd considernble attontion "at
Contonninl field. Tlio uvinfor -ols'o
mado nuother fiight ovor the city.
Mrs. Elizabeth Potereon, 70 yeara
old, of South .Northfield, waa found
nt tho bottom of n 10-foot fountain
in tho cotnmon at Northfield Center
Sunday. A aoareh atnrtod whon tho
Sulllvan futnily, with whom tho
womnn tesided, reported her miss
ing. It ia bolieved to havo beon a
eaap of suicido.
The talllosff klto ehown. In Flgr 1
knowa na tho Malay, ta one ot tho slm-
piest iorms to make, ana it 10 such. a
blg Improvemont ovor the hcxagonal
kitos. . Its advantagca nro many. It It
that it bns becomo the most populai
typo amonV boys who maka thoir own
kHea.v. ,Its advantagca are mnny. It ia
a vafy atoady fller, it trlll fly in a llght
broezo; it has good Hftlng qualitlos
for oondlng up flags and bannera on ita
line, and -with no tnil to hampor it
thero ls llttie dnngor ot it gettlng
caught In treea, on telegraph wlres,
and ori chlmneys. It Is safo to say
tbat flfty por cent. of kltca with tatla
are lost through tho cntangloment o
the talls.
Three feet ia a gpod iength for a
modlum-elzed klto. Spruco ls tho best
matorlal for iho stlcks, but any sotl
DtrnJght-gralned wood will servo th
purpoae. Cut tho two stlcka of oqua)
length, and makothom thln and wlde,
rather than narrow and thlck, aa
ohown m Flg. 6.
Flg. 3 ahowa tho bow. silelc with the
bow-strlng attachod. Cut a notch in
tho atlck near eaoh end to hold the
endB of the bow-strlng, aa shown in
Flg. 4. The proper bend for tho bow
etlck ls 1-10 of the Iength of tho stlck,
plus of that meaauremont, which
will be a. trlflo moro than 1-7 of he
.length 'of the sticlr, ao morked upon
Plg. 3.
The contor pf the length of tho bow
stlck must also bo itsv centor of- bal
anco, 'and this must bo dotormtned and
any nocoBsary corroctton mado before
faatcnlng tho bow atlck to the vertlcal
stl6k. Teat the bow atlck by balanc
lng it at lts center upon the back of
your knlfe blado. -
Socure tbe bow stick to'tho vertlcal
stick with brada and thread at a dis
tanco from tho top of the vertlcal
stick qual to 1-10 of lts length, aa
shown ln Flg. 6. Tho ends of tho
stlcks may bo notcbed to rocelve the
framlng strlng, but you will get better
roaults if you drlvo a carpot tack into
each end and tle tho Btrlng to theso
(Flg. 7). With tha strlng tled nocuro
ly thero will be no chanco for tho
stlcks to twlst out of posltion.
A Ilght-welght wrapplng paper, or a
heavy tlasue-paper should bo used for
coverlng the klo framework. The
slrong, llght weight, brown paper,, now
so generally used fpr wrapplng.paper
raakoa an exccllent coverlng. Lap the
odges ot tho paper, and paste in the
eame way ln which you would put on
the coverlng ot any klte, but lnstead of
stretchlng lt tlght allow it to havo a
little fullneas. As you will see by Flg.
2, the paper goes on, the oiiter face
of the bow stlck.
Attach tbe bolly-band at, the lnter
Bectloa pf the stlcks and at the lower
end of, tho vertlcal stlck, as shown ln
Flg. 2, and Biako lt ot the proper
Iength so when held to one Blde lt
wUl rcach to tho polnt A (Flg. 6). Tle
the klte' strlng securo'ly at this polnt
Tho Malay klte la a strong pullor,
so IX is Important to procuro a tough
twino with which to fly lt. Flg. 8
shows a good form ot strlng reel that
is easlly mado. Cut the two uprlght
pleces about 6 lnches long, and bovel
off iho enda (Flg. 0), then make the
two holoa .for the crossplecea, borlng
them through the two pleces at one
tlme to get them opposlto one anothor.
TJao old chair rounds,(flag-Btaffa, dowsl
sttcks, or stlcks whlttled to about k
. "J w BNO BOW DlSTANCl OF rtl
fig.8- -riG.7-
lnch in1 diumeter, Xor the crossploces.
The uprights Bhould bo .fastened dbout
4 lnchcs npart. Drlvo nalla through
the edgo of cach uprlght intoho croaa
pleces to hold the reel togethor. Tho
projectlng onda ot tho crosspieccs form
the handles ol the roel. One Is hold
ln oach hond and tho reel ia turned
with sort of a hand ovor hand move
ment. Such a rocl aa thia can bo op
erated moro handlly and' moro rapidly
than the commoa jvarlety of reqls.
(Copyrlght, 1912. by Ai Neely Hall.)
Thoro Are 50,000 of Them In
Smlthaonlan Inotltutlon
. Collectlon.
Shell llfe is probably tho oldest
form of antmal llfe upon tho globo.
Its atudy ls an interestlng one, and
ovcn peoplo who aro not of a, sclen
tlflc turn pf mind flnd pleasure in look
lng on tho exquiaite colorlng and doll
'cato beiuty of the many varletlea ol
ehella and on thelr wonderful mcchan
lam. Thero lB.nothlng which more de-
Ilghts children than to wander along
- the seaahoro and gather tho little
I sholls which havo been wasbed on the
I boach by the restleaa wavea, And
I thon, too, when some largo apeclmcn
la found, with what eagerneaa the nna
or, whether young or old, will apply 11
to his or her ear nnd bear from wlthin
. its murmurlngs, whereby. in tho words
i of the poet, It expreases "myaterlouB
union with lts natlvo sen."
In tho Smlthsonlan lnatltution at
"Washington there ia a xollectlon ol
60,000 sholla, many ot them of a large
slzo, othora atrangely formed, and
Born of tho irldeacent colors which
rlval the hues of sunaet.
In oxammlng theao there come to
mind many fablca and tradlttone
about shells. Thero Is tho concfa
shell, which was mado into a horn
and blown by old Trlton and the at
tendants of Noptuno. Then thero lt
the nautllus, of which Pope says:
Learn of the little nautllus to aatl,
Bprcad the thln oar and catch tho drlvtns
Many years ago a Dutch natural
lst went to tho Indlan seas to study
shells. Whon ho came back he told
tho otory that the nautllus salled in
troops over th sea, and woro ablo
when thoy wlshed, to 1111 themselves
with wator and slnk to tho bottom.
This, lt has beon found, is not true.
Tho nautllus commonly lnhablta the
bottom of tho Bea", whero it creepi
about by means of a largo muaculai
disk with which the head is fur
nlshed, and lt rarely rlses to tho sur
face or Is Beon floatlng there.. Th
interior ot tho shell ls dlvlded intc
chambera, eonnected by a little, tubo
which affords alr. Tbe Bhell has moal
exqulslto colorlng, from pearly whlt
to varied motley. San Pranclsco Call
Conquerlng Grlef.
Tho world endures lts grief and sor-
row with stern and atoical tomper. It
soon gets over the flrst aevere shock
of creat catastrophea, even thoso coat-
lng many livea. It ia chnrged with
growlng callous to brulses. But that
charge, lt uoems to us, somcs a little
wlde of the mark.
What lf tho world dld not quickly
recover from Ub sorrowsT What 11
rxjoDlo eavo in under tho weight oi
every grlef that came crushing down
upoa thomT They would poon have
no strcngth to endure, no powor to re-
Blst; they would become mentally and
BPlrltually omaclated. This recupejra-
tlvb forco we display ls not Indlffer
cnce, not unfeeltng; lt is a sort of
herolsm, a phllosophy that makea
man stronger than his most poworful
adversary, makea him cqual to the
crialB, no matter what lt may be.
But in 0. suporflclal senso, tako the
traln of dlaaaters that go stalklns
beforo us and Imaglno our glving away
before any slnglo one, whether lt bo
devastatlng flood, earthquako or the
Tltanle tragedy at sea, and what a
lugubrlous raco wo would aoon be
como to atay and overwcep at the
tomb of our sorrows. Omaha Bee.
Fatal Irresolutlon.
Irresolutlon is .a worso vice than
raahhesB. Ho that Bhoota best may
sometlmes mtas the mark; but he that
shoots not at all can never hlt lt. Ir
rosolutlon loosens all thp Jolnts ot a
stato; llko an ague lt shakes not .thia
nor that limb. but all ttie body is at
once In a flt. The IrresolUte man ls
Hfted from one placo to anothor; bo
hatcheth nothlng, but addles all his
actloM. Feltham,
0STIA, now that systematlo
clearance has succoodod to
the Dpanmodlc delivlng of PIo
Notao and losa sclontlflo rum
maglng of yet earllor dlggers.
has becomo In certaln rospects tho .
most enthralllng ot all the Itoman '
PlgUbDi Jlb UOD ULICU UUVU (.Ul.ww vuw
Pompell of Latlum," and certalnly
It ls the only other place ln Italy
where one can ramble about tho streets
of a town of the emplre with no mod-
ern archltecturo to intrudo on ono a
dream. Tho ruinB .howover, dllfer
greatly from thoae of Pompell, bocauso
tho anclcnt charactor and purpoae oi
Oatia were dlfforont The lattor town
waa a buBtllng eeaport with a coamo-
politan lndustrlal ' populatlon neither
lelsured enough to indulge prlvate
tlstlo taates nor much dlapoaed to
them. The world's capltal, only n
few mllea diatant, waa the natural
home of Oatlans of woolth or culturo.
But lf wo cannot aoe at Ostla the
palnted rooms and tho courtyards Bot
with statuary, which make Pompell
bo attractlve, we can soo the frame
work of a mdre vlgorous and momen
tous llfe, which makes a strong ap-
peal to thcimaglnatlon of anyone who
has evor conaldored, howevor vaguo
ly, what tho Roman emplre meant.
8trots Fltled Pp.
The extraordlnarlly untouehod atato
in which tho Oatia of. the late, lnv
perlal ago haa been preserved to our
tlme la due to two agents, sand-drlft
and malarla. Sllt brought down to
tho Tlber mouth, drled, pulverlzed, and
wlnd-borne, has gradually fllled up
streets and rulned bulldlngs deacrted
by men becauao of the fovors which
wore brcd from choked-up harbors
and channels of tho rlver. Partly for
fear of theao fovors, partly becauso
Civlta Vccchla was found, ultlmately,
to be tho bottor port for Rome, no con
sldorablo populatlon has over re turn
ed to Oatia, not even during a tompo
rary revlvaj ln tho flfteenth century,
when the exlatlmr Danal castlo was
bullt. Tho town had from the flrst a,
precarlous exlstence. Its llfe was
glven to lt by the Tlber, but the Tl
ber could not bo trustod. Tho rlvqr
allted up lts harbors ono aftor the oth
or, and slltcd up ltaelf. The port
from which nayles sallod to tho Pu
nlc wars had become ueelais by tho
tlme ot AugustuB, and Claudius flrst
and Trajan aftor him, had to dlg out
now baslns at enormous expense some
distanco away to the north, and cut
connectlng channels, which the rlver
proceeded to sllt up as ot old. In the
end lt proved lmposalblo (or not worth
whlle) to keep anjr port open Into
which the maln eurrent of the Tlber
flowed; and lf Trajan's foaaa, or canal,
dredged out anew y Pope Paul V., ln
the early sevonteenth century, ls stlll
navlgable for amall oraft worklngs up
to Ro'mo, it ls a channel only, and
the huge sproadlng baslns, that ot
Trajan 'aa" well as that of Clnudlua,
are. dry. Juat becauae the rivor treat
ed theso new harbors aa badly
as the old, Ostla managed tp miatn
taln lts llfe, and even to develop lt,
(or some conturlea Ionger.and only
succumbed ln the .compotltion with
Civlta Vecchla fa jiew creatlon of
Trajan's) aftcr' the emplre has
beconl'o Chrlatian. It lt had no prop
er basin for shlpa, lt had always the
mnln channel ot the Tlber flowlng past
lts walls, and bad passage as thia of
tered to shlps, lt was probably' moro
to be dependod on than tho Claudlan
or. Tralanlo canals. Thereforo', we
flnd that ln the socond and thlrd
conturlea, A. D., lt waB stlll
worth whlle to erect great ware
houao'a and long, narrow abeds for
ahlps on the rivor bank, and that
Qourishfng gullds, .whoso busllnes lay
with shlpping, exlsted In Ostla. Buch
wero tbe aasoclatlons of boatmen,
(ightermen. and dlvors,.whoso -offlclal
records havo been found cut on stone:
but tho importanco of tho last-nnmed
3 ln itaclf a wltnesB to the dilflcultles
ngclnst which tho port was struggllng.
For theso dlvers had nelther sponges
nor pearls to Beek, but the cargoes of
vesaela which mlght bo wreckod on
the dangeroua bar-ot tho estuary or
the sand-banks of the channol. In ono
way or anothor, howevor; Oatia kopt a
llvely trado, and a polyglot populatlon
which bought and sold ln tho aerrlod
shops llnlng lts pavod stroets. Tho
rellglouB cults ot the placo aro alono
enough to show how varlegatod tho
crowd must have boon. Vulcan, tho
orlglnal god ot the plaoe, who had
prealdod ovor lts metal-workors since
the daya of tho oarly klnga (as Romana
loved to bellove), had had to accopt a
aerloua rlval ln Phryglan Cybole, and
other . competltora ln Syrlan Mlthras,
and Egyptlan Irla and Soraphls, as
well aa tho Hebrew Yahwoh, wlioae
Worshlpers dwelt thlckly about the
new Claudlan and Trajanlc baaina.
Woalth and Temples.
And nll this populatlon had to havo
lts places of amuscment, aa woll as Its
temples, and there wras wealth enough
to decorate theao with statutary which
the Qraeco-Roman artlsts ot tho mo
tropolls probably supplled. Among
the best examplos that have survived
to be found ln tho recent excavatlona
are a head of Aphrodlte, and a full
length of a prleatess, complete cxcept
for the rlght hand, and that noso-tip
which has boon chlppod ott ninety ln
a hundred anclent statues which Btlll
oxlst. Sho makea a graclous, ma
tronly flgure which, let us hope, dld
something to clvillze the shrloklng
Leyantlno mob ot Oatia. Tho maln
plaoe of rocreatlon, tho Theater, bullt
of brlek with Btono faclng, ln tho
Roman manner, ls, relatively, leas well
proaerved than the shops and houBoa.
A blg, upatandlng buildlng, lt was
a more obvlous and' profltablo quarry
for medlaeyal buildera. Nor had lt
beon woll treated ln tho lmporlal
tlmoa. A summary restoratlon ln tho
tlme ot Honorlus dld much to. obllter
ate tho more worthy work of tho thlrd
century emperors. The clearance ot
the city ls stlll golng on, year by year,
at tho expense of tho' Italtan govcrn
mont, and the abaent publlo ia kept
tnformed of constant discoverles by
Slgnor Vagllorl's reports ln the Notl
zle dogll Scavl, tho most systematlo
and unfalling record which any coun
try iaauos concernlng -tho recavery of
lts past. But no reading of many re
ports ls worth a slnglo vlslt to the
rulna themaolvoa, and thoso vlsltors to
Rome who rioglect to tako the electrio
Uno to Oatia and to spend at loaat an
afternoon ln lts Fprum and streets
will mlBB, ono of the moat intereatlng
places ln Italy.
Conoorved Fopd Olseate. r
X)r. Jacquea Lloulvllle, who was
part of the. Btaft ot tho antatptio ex
pedltton which recently returncd to
the north, has.' glven tho namo "tho '
dlsease ot conseryed food" to tho mal
ady which is the cauao of most of tho
lllness encountered on. theso expodl
tlons. There Is a very declded alter
ation ln tbe comppsitlon ot tho blood,
owlng to a lack ln the food of the neo
easary elements ot health, Tho'pa
tlents suftered from overpowerlng
drowslneBsand shortneas of breatb,
which prevented them from taklng
part ln marches or slmllar sovero
work. All theae symptoms dlaappear
ed when a supply of fresh moat was
Good for Soveral.
"Why do you call thia new tlro of
yours' the MoxIcanT" asked Slathers".
"Is lt made of Moxlcan rtlbbor?"
"Oh, no!"-EaJd tho lnvontor. "I eall
It that becauBe lt ls capable ot lnnu
morable revolutlons without wearlng
out." Judge.
"Mrs. Wetmore is bne of the moat
cautlous persons I have ever known."
"Yes. Bhe was telllng me tho other
day that sho never kept a strlklng
clock ln the kltchen becauae she fear
ed that lf she dld so the clock mlgbt
acqulre the hablt."

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