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Wooxtock. ;A'cjuer
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Editor aad ToblUbei
Woodstock. Vt, Oct 26, 1912
"Windsor couuty'B Domocratic
aenator, Don C. Pollard, 1b certainly
doing vrbat be can to -twslet tbe He
publican prtrty in beoping Its
pledgea," BajB the Ludlow Tribnno.
'HoTotod for the ten-dollar trustec
Can Vermont afTord to snpport u
ireo. tra'da platform ? " asks tlie Hard
wick Gazotte, which imagines it sees
-already tlie tombling of tariff barriers
in tbe poasibility ol "Wilson'a elec
tioo. Wilson jb likoly to be elected,
to be Buro, but Vermont la not aaked
to snpport any frce trade plntronn.
Tho Gazette dnubtlesa lcnowa it well
enough, and it mig'ht jnst as well
take in ita uBeloBS .scarecrow and
blankot it lor anotlier campaign. It
is hnrmlesB and haa been much ovor
wnrked. Gtovenior Wilson standB fnr -a iea
Hnnablo revision of tho '.tariff ;" a
raroiirtiderution tii the tarifi suhed
nles, suoh ns?will adjust tbem to tbe
antnal liuninesa conditioiiB and intpr
esta of the conntry.'"
.Neither this nor anything olao
Oovernnr WilHon bus aaid need
irighteu any one,-'and to miwepre
aeut hia positinii or that of tho
Demncratic party will uot win -votes
for the other side
. NotSoEasy.
The terrifying and diaconcerting
BUggestion comes from Montpelier
tbat an amendment to Vormunt'B
wcll-guarded cnnstil ution rnuy be
uoceasary'beforo women are al lowell
to vnte an this Rtate. Mr. Cooks bill
which aims to confer the votiugprivi
lege on women siniply strikes outthe
word " made" from certaln BBctions
of tkostatuto relatingto the qualtfica
tions of voters. The orily questioniB
:whether the state constitution liniits
the "voting to .nialeB, .and 'tbe consti--tutionsayB:
Every man dI tbe Inll age of 21
jears, baring reeided in thc state.for
the space of one wbole year, next bo'
foretke electinnjsf Tepreeentatives,'
and is nf quiotand peacefuLbehuvior
and -will take theJoTlowing onth nr
-affirmutinn, shall be entitlcd to all-
the privileges of a freeman of this
ntete "
If the women can come in under
tliin Bectirm well and good; otbei-
-wiBe tliere wlll be aome deloy in ssj.
tending the fraticLiBC to tliom. The
Vensont constitution with ita repell-
ingrme-locklBa hard thing to forco
A Campaign Appeal.
Ajiy indication that campaign
rappeale lo 'the1 peoplefe hased 011
the assamption of a high degree of
'inteirigence in ibe electorate mnst be
welcome 'to rpatriotic citizena, irre-.
Bpeotive of partv preferciice. Jt jb
for thiB xeason that we have tuken
Bnch keen pleaflurein obscrriBgthut
nne of tbe great electric signs
-bot-60 feet bigh and 50 feet ivide
flaBhed nat irom tbe advertiBing
tower-at'Broadway and Porty-third
Btreet. xeade "iw iollnwffj;
Remember Ihcpanic of 1883.
Heaesiber the paaic of 1907.
No panicnnder Taft.
3etter be aafe thaa sorry.
Hnre ve buve no jhetoric, n'o bont
li.THt. jin appeal to prejudice or pas
hiou. Tlie voter iB.pimplycoufronted
witlt tlie jncnntrovertilile Jatft that
durliiR tlie whnle 3-1-S yearH of Mr.
Taft's preaidency thero las been iio
Cnancial panic. Be 1b left to do bia
tmn tliinlting. Conld anything show
a mnre fiahlimo confidence In the in
telligence nf the publie? The Tnft
3n:tnagers know that a word to tlie
wise is RuScient. The -votor will aay,
to hiiBBelf, "Wbj' baa there been no
panic since 1007? 1b it not cup
tomarv for paiiica to .follow each
other in rapid sncces3ion? 'Would
there uot have been snnther panic in
1910 if TtooBevelt bad been prei
dent, and prdhal)ly one regularly,
eviery ear iL'the terrihle DemrioratB
liad been in -power? 'nieTnnn that
Bived xib .fnmi these calaniitieB m
entitled to my -vota,"
If Mr. Taft is Jiot elected after this.
-what-eBCoaragetaentnrill'there'he for
theHfie of firmad arguntents in a po
litical campaign Now Tork Eres
ing Post.
Tbecbool enrollment -at 'White
Kiver Junction' in tlie grades bas
ccleda33i, in ib hljfh school 100,
jtm in the Hrlfu3 -viUage &cboel
. Wmasor "conuty membera af tbe
IjOgiBhituro bave organszed. At a
meoting at whicli nll tbe xnombera
irom' that connty woro preaent, Cdl.
17. fi. BilHngs, representntivo from
Woodotock, wai olected -cbairman
and Hepresentativo L H. Bany of
Springfiold waa elected Eecrotary.
The organization is lor tho pnrpose
of acqnaintanco and that the mem
bera may profieut aunited Jrqutin
caae of legialation .&ffectlng theinter
ests of Windsor connty.
Govornof 171etcherliaBJittmed Col.
W. TV. Brown of SpringCeld chiefof
BtaKuml detailed Capt. Preaton H.
Budley of BellowB Falls to Btaff duty.
W. IL McFoetera of Enosburg Fnlls
ia tho governorH jBxeontivo clerk.
Tho election of judges and other
Btnto ofGcera waB completed to tbe'
accompaniment of much oratory. AU
tho old oJEcers wero Te-elected; thore!
woro pieasant and nppreciati ve words
for everyone and tlie state is safe
Maaon S. Stone, atale Buporintend
emt of edacation, bad Iub CHBtomnry
scdre nf eourse. Mr. Jose of John
son cbarged Mr. Stone with packlng
the committee .011 state Bchools on
wliic'h be himRelf was placed nfter
he made n "holler", and also made
somo remarliB for which he npolo
gized later,
When thehullutB wcrecouiiled Hr
StDne hnd 184-votea, fl.J Stannard,
priuciphl-of the Bigh Bchool of Jlar
ton. 75 voted.axnd J. Whitoltill,
one vote
' Houae bill 1, -an uct'to ropeiil tvhat
ia known as the bedgehog bnunty
law, cnme in Tuesday -wiih an ad-
verae TepurHrom tlie committee on
game and liBborieB.
On the queBtion of ordering "tho'
bill to a third reading, iJr. Dillings
of Woodstock, aaid he thoughtit was
not rightfor Vermont to pav boun-
ties on tliese animuls,as it was clans
legislatiun. Be aaked why, out of all
Vermont pests, bedgehoga should be
picueu out lor nounties wneii xio
bounties wero paid on hnwkH, potaln
bugs, flies and other noxious biriln,
innectB and animals which we do not
eXpect State aid in order to exter-
ininate. fle eaid it waa local matter
and ,he read irom the aiidittir'sTejMirt
figarea that showed lour tnwus in
the State received almost half tif the
entireamount paid, between $19
000 and $20,000 . -
Mr. Gtage of Weatheralieldiiavored
the repeal or the law; nnleas itwvere
repeuled Iie would ask for a bnunty
on woodchncks.
When it came to voting. a. third
reading waa TefuBed, 91 to 124:
Commissioner Titcomb Has
Changes In Vfew That Will
Interest Hunters.
The fisb and game coinmissiouex
has been hoveringabnut the capital
of late, says the Montpelier corree
pondent D'f the Burlington Froe
Press,,and itis whiBpered that Jie
liaB iip hls Bleeve something thor
onghgoing in the wayof legialation.
It is pretty generaljy knmvn that
Mr. Titcomb is deeirous of bringing
tngether all the fisu Tind game legia
lation into a ByBtematized whole, It
is iearned through unauthorized
channels that the forra of codification
will he aB follows 1
Iu tlie firnt place the laws will he
not merely gatbered heltor skelter
jiuder one heading but Bo:welded to'
gotlier as to make tbem parts of one'
comprohensive and lngical law The
-mntuier of fetating the laws will be
chatiged fio aB1to .state whnt is per
mitted, as far as that is poasible.
'xather ilian wliatjaproiiibited JSfftnt
will he made to eliminqte as innny
as jposaibletif ths speeial laivs, npply
ing tfj separate' localities, bo that tlie
'.whole State may itl grcat meanure
be bronght under xme law nnd the
fltatutea simplified. At preaent the
fiah and game laws of tlie Stuto are
Raid to be abnut as sirnple as tlie
.Chineae language and ut Biuipler
Tliia dnes not mean that an nttempt
will bo made to do away with all .the
sectional laws, Iake Chnniplnin 'for
instanpe tnuBt ulwaya 'he subjeet '.to
bnvs different from tliose 'w'hlch'
overn Lake MaiiKfield.
The law as it is likely to appear,'
if tho 4"roposed code 1b cnacted,;
invoh-efl some important changes andi
uumcrnuB -mmor onea A increaBe
of the IiceuBO feo from Ofty cents to
one dollar jb stiggcnted as a deGuite;
tevenue meaBuro. It is fnrlber eng
geBtf d thnt tlie offine vf deputy, cnm-1
jnissimiPT'be crrnted
One uf ibemoatimpOrlaiit changes
Br ings theThril 1 ojEHome
Juflt arrivud this. minute, Mary... llow. are the7cbirdrenJ
, . ,i. ,Qoodl That relieves my. anxiety,,. I really.conldri't
.fitop to lake nff, my hat until I calledjypui , rMb 7 0h,
we had a Bplendid trip. I feltat little wnnied rabout. tho
baby, but now I've heard from you it Booms as if I hadn't
.a care.in the world." . . . - "L. .
called fnr is .a lengtliening of fho
open seasoiunn deer bo "9 -to permit
of hunting tliPin from "Nqvembor 1
to Novetnlier 25.
Tiie reaaon for thia lengthened
-season ia not that the deer'may''' be';
destroyed but that there may boleBs'j
hunters at.aiiy'nne'fimein tho woods.
It is claimed- thnt with-q s'hort'Beason
everybody--arratiKes 'to -go hunting
tho very firat day, the woods are
througed with huntera and " bo thor-
oughly tramped-over thntitamonnts
rathor fo'a drivo than toNa legitimdte
liuut. With the hunting dlstributed
over n early ammi tli , i nstead -of bei ug.
crrrwdod 4nto a shorter period,; dt ia
urgpd thnt thene defecta in the pre
Bent Byptem would he remedied,
. Other ieutures nfxbp cninpveheii
flive 'fiBli an,d game bill. it ,jb said,
will:be,an ppen.BEasop ironxSeptm
ber to April for h are and ..r&'h'bit
hunting, and an open season nn foxes !'
airil Oilc'urrfcs iKmfSepTember ISXGtf
March J.
An'nriginal and promiBlug BC'liomej
wliieh it iR-sald maj be- given effect
ih-this bill, -haa to cl6 with 'the - esla
bliahing of game refuges. Tlie game
cummiaBinner.if this w6re law, would
have power to Bet aaido by poBting
certain portions of the pnhlic landB,
nnd private landB if the ownor con-
Bentedj In which hunting Hhould be-
InrbtuUen-even m tne open Beasqir.
Tliis'wonld go 'far-o gunrd againBt
the extinction of gome.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Pollard,
daughter Miinon nnd soilEugene of
Bellows FaTlf! were Weelc-end guests
olMr. nnd Mrs. E. S. Ainsworth. '
Itev. Francis Piirkerxr Enfield,
JT. H-, will prencli nt-the'Congrega-
tional cliufch tomoirow morning.
Dr. jElbert-Mjers had the mislor-
tuneto have 'his hand badly lacer-
atcd in a 'threshing marliine Oct. 10;
uiul is at Hnnover hospttal ior
!Mr. nnd Mrs. "Fratflc Berinett al
Oak Park, 311., nnd 1iei ' li'rother,
Walter-IJennett, nfl'Jew'XTork, spent
last week "with their father' atiKest
Ellen and Chirence -Rickard are
the hnppv posscsfiorH.iaf Jinewnrgan.
J. E. Johnston waa in Manchee
tet, N. H twp days ,last weck.
JMrs. JL.JL. 'Jvlaclcenzie is 1 ter-'
Tuesday. Novemlier 5, 1912
Don't fail tp liiy a little blue
lag for id cents anrJ help
ihe Company
Keep in touch with honie by telephone. Thoro's a -1
magnetism in the voice that no writtcn word can cqual, ..
The CDBt is a jnere trifle when -weighed against the
satisf action derived from fiuch a calh. . . : , '
Every Bell Telepfaone Is tyvz DitttTt t tt(i
-New Engiaiid Telephoiic ,
and Tclcgraph .Compaiay
taining he,c anotlier, Mj-g.
mi ngs, from Jiew,4Yprk.. .
Mr. rind'lvlrs; Guy Jones vbsiteif at
Frank Gobarich'Bln'st-week.
Joe- 'Sawyer ;hhs"'returned from
Springfield, -Mas. ' - .
Misa 'FlorencI';Horton isiat-home.
Wtk. SArab Qpve hns gone to
Claremont-tc) spend -the wnter with
her .daugbter. .
. Mnynard t,Brov,n was in X.udlov,
Tuesday.' ' " ' ' '
Mr;a, lBaa,Iewtons4Biquite .ill.nndJ
under care of Dr. .Tacksnn.
JIrs. A3a OarqeB TJroiiBnn vlBited
jher. anht, "TkTrs.' "Charles Ileed.'thiB'
jrvpekf" - "-'
' rrTH'Tofmah nf Batiarilph bnrt
ibeen St lllKTather'B. H. H. Totman's.
iseveral daj-B thiB weeik, pccupylng i!
greatcr.srt'o'f Jiia ti.me hnnting.
. Dr, Taqjsoa apcnmpaniod. 3?rB
Emma SH.nibard to.Haiaover.boBpital,
fpr.an OTperation, Tnegday , '
Aibert George las. let IiIb jilaee.
'riearRUarajd Hne. tD li'JIr. llogers.
Tho. " old. WinBlow Tavern tlie
foinnnBbostelrynf thadnys nf staglng.
when the, Bix-lmrfle coach .ntqpped'
tuere en xnuie 10 uaoncpener, aim
whereTLafayotte, dined nn bis tripj
through the state, montinn of which
waBimadeiuXB;. Pembor's recenlly.
printefl" pampniot on ;tbo (li'atin '
guTBired gnesPa tpur through the
state, Is being tiiken' down pieco by
piece by the ownot, I2benezer "WinS'
iow, of 'South Jtoyidton. Charles
Newfpn. 'baa 'Bupurvision of the T(v
nioval. Seiidents here t'egret'very
mnch that the old landmnrk couldnH
bave .lieen kept coverod nnd-allpw'ed
to remnin, as'does the " Faac'Staud
the iiexl resting place ior tiarly"
Btagea. ' 1
DprH.'Titman, iHerchaut of jNoiih
Tunbridge, wltli hifliamily, came-in
his jaii to Sunday tn'makci" his f ather,
U. 11 Totman; a'calL''" -' '-"
!F- C Perry took a 'day off 'friim
stagtng .and -.sUBMdod'; .Mrs A. E.
Fuller!s aHctTou'MoHday,
. 3St JLJteal ir.as. in South Bpyalton
Thnrfiday iiight'; nttiipded a diKtilct
. ..t r hi ry it -
uiBefipg piiue uuu reuywB.
:Oh Tb'iusdBy, OcUiber27, Hal E.
C Any one of the periodicals
in tlie following list will He
sent with The Age for -one
year for the sum noted after
- - r . Mirror and Farmer
"V,. ; Boston I'ost, daUy '
Jfew Englarid Homestcad
' Boston Evening Hecord
Delineator anfl Everybody's Maga-
zineorWoman",BHonie Companion 2.90
Boston Joumal, doily 8.55 . .
Boston Hcrald, daily 3.75
Hecrention ;, 2.50 . ,r
StNicholas . u 3.50
"- OutlDok 3.75 .
New Yofk Thrico-a-Week World 1.65
New Tork Tribune Farmer l.'CO
The Age gives all tlie
local news of the Connty
and State.
It has opinions; it is
well wiitten, interest
ing, and is -wideljr read.
:- It has excellent miscel
lany, good stories. Xou
will find it a welcome
visitor in your home 52
times a year.
The Spirit of tlie Age
Jillsnn, boii of IJlba JillBon, ooib
married to M'ibb Auna B. Wright.
dauglitor of IMr.t.aud vMrR. Jnhn
Wright, nf this plaee, the cercinoiiy
being periormed in the parsonnge of
the Christinn 'ich'urch' afWopdstock.
tlie "Rev. E. IL J.4lnllip8 'tving the
nuptial knot. After a hnnqymn'oir
trip, thpy wiir.be ht hotno .at Mr
JillBon1s father's.
Christmas Tree Quarantine.
Dealera in CIiriatinaB greena an'tl
trecfl in New Englaud are tearing
their hair in'-VBiatjon. :They see rnin
Btaringthom in thoJaco. Many nf
tlioir jnen areidlo. Christmas trces
are being Bpoiled' by tho corload
Whafa the.mattor7
A sbort time ago the ngrk'ultural
departmcnt announced thnt it wonld
hold a hearing n AVaBhiiigton Ccto
hor 30 on ihe questinn of placing a
quarantine on CbristmnB trees nnd
MBrrrrMT. 1. tr.,rr. ,.. niwf. nf
kt. . i ..i. -: ..r.' i
., 1 5cat pussy7 who xnamtamed her posi
tbe brown tnil or gypsy moth. Ihats. t- h ,
tlie matter.
The.denlerB do not knoiy
they are at becnusfi they doiiot know
wliat the gov4rnment ih going to do.
Tliey cluim tlmtif any aclion wbb
iroinc to betidten this reur it oucht
:to bave been taTienbinc aco nnd not!
at ithis late dnte when tho ivork of
tbe BeaBiin is tvell under way
. Uctwcen Wprslqy ana BL Helena,
n ibe north of GEncland. ia-ihe -mosf. .
Temarkahle canal in the world. It
:k -underground, irom cnd to cnd,
and isBixteen iniles lontr. -In T.nn
cashire, ihe. coal jninea are Tsry cx- I
"tensiye, balf ihe country being -nn- i
ucrmmcu, ana many Tears ago tho
t r -i ...
auice - -oi Jinacwaters managers
Uionght they could save anoncy by
trarisporting ihe coal TinacrgroHnd
msreaa oi on tne suriaee. The ca
nal waa constnictea and ihe jnines
connected and flrained at iho samo
fime. Ordinary canal boatsaro 11803,
but ihe power is fumished by jnen.
Oa 'the roof of the' tuimel arch .aro
crosfl piecea, and iho men do ihe
work-oi rpropulsibn liy lying on, iheir
backs o-n ihe coalnd puihmg with'
inciraeet agamat .the crossbars on
In the Inst ten ycars tbe popula
fibn of Ncwfoundland bas incrcnset)
about ten per cent.
1'be insiirance policieH written in
:thi8 country during the last ycsir
amounted to $400,000,000 morc tluiil
that o the prcvious yeiir.
fl'C TUC 1CC,
Btrange Encounter In Farmyard That
Had Its Inceptlon in the Mater
nal Instlnct.
Udward Pureej, Sailya Court
iarxn, StoTre Gifford, near Bristol,
which is .situated in the Badminton
flistrict, relates an extraordiDary en
counter "vhicb. be witnessed Insi
week behveen a cat and a iox, says.
an. inghsh neivspaperr Jlr. Pjirspy
was awokened. -early in the morning
by a inoBt nnusual commohon
nmong his chickens. Suspecfing a
yisit irom Heynard, he Bpeedily lift
ed ihe "window, and on loqking out
jntncssed. a sight Trhtch nstunished
him. Tearing ihrougb the. potatoes
and among ihe cahhnges -waB a iox,
wlneb ivas Bnapping and snarling af
Ihe iarmhouBe cat, wliieh -was on ihe
foxs back, and -with jx &im grip ivith
her iorefeet just in iront of the iox'a
shouldeTS -was ;making thc fur fly
from ihe fox's back hj menns of her
hind ieeL Hound the garden rushed
"CjruuiU, piUVJ.llg 1IBVUC Wlin XnC
r i i -i ;n. jt
1 garaen produce; butit failed io tui
' ? -i -i ii t . -i
i eionai iDCKey -nnui tne iox rnaue a
, ln1f ,Tnilcrll "iV;a.niT l.nnn ottAlro
a hlow irom one of ihese gave ihe
fox Jts liberty. The cat had a litter
qf luttcns In the coraer near the
cliicken run, anS it-was-theTnaternal
rtinct ihat znade ,her go ior ibe
"Whnt -are 3-ou bawlincr bont.
. 'sbanff.Tonimj bas eaten
ttle green cnterpillar.-" t
! , ""Caul-n bim aiotio eat anything
n tbe country that isn'i iipe'
iXmilsville Courier-JournaL
crWill jon bnve a liplane or a
monoplaneT" afiked ihe Baleaman.
""AVhat's the aifference?"
'With a monoplanc, I helieve, you
hlt the carth -a little quicker vfhcn
ihe Hmash comes'
"Wbincn liave no practicfll appre
ciation of science."
"Haveri't ihey ? What's the mat
ter witli ihe cbemlcai blondes ?"
"Do-you like yxmr meat rare?"
"Well, judging from the -way it
Is going up tbat is ihe only way in
which -vrc are going tp get it"
Best Cure for Insomlna.
Def? breathlng ia one ot lao TBast
cures Tor Inaomnln.
triood irom the braln to the iitnya.
oiiaipciee Saw M
DEPOSTTS JAN. 1. 1912 j 1,5H59,87G.CC
SUIU.LUS 171.014,10
TOTAL "ASSETS $2,140,81)1 n,
J". S. Mackenrie Charlca H. Muxhan:
iHenry W. Walker William S. Hewitt
William S. Dewey Fred'k C. Southgat.
Charles F.Chapinan
This bank is now payinjr 4 per ccnt.
interest on depoaita.
Deposita made durinp the first ten
days of January and July draw interest
irom the firat of these montha. Depo3ita
made durinc tho first five days of other
montliB draw interest from tlie first of
the Tnonth.
Interest 'will be crodited to depoaitora
January 1 and July 1, compoumling
itwice a year.
The Vermont Lcgislature has repealed
the law. restrictinfi deposits in any one
savlngB bank to $2000.00. Thia bunk
can .now pay interest on individnal de
posits of -any amount and all taxes will
he paid by thc barik. 'Nothing will be
Teported to the listers for taxation.
-Safe'Deposit Boxesto Rent
E. A. 5
'Ijiteat Methods of Embulming
iiCight calls jiromptly attended to.
Sunday Services.
'Uhiversalist Rev. H. L. Canfield
paBtor-; morning service at 10.30,
ijunday bcIiooi at ji.
Congregational Hev. Benjamin
Switt, pastor. Alornmg service at
10.30, Sunday schsol at 11.50.
Young'People"'6 jjociety of Christian
J2ndeavpr at 7.30. Thursday evening
pra.yer meetmg at 7.30.
JVlethodistEpiscopal Rev. T.
Clark, pastor. Services Sundav
Preacbing, 100 a. in. Sund?.v
school, 11.45 a m Thursday
prayer meetmg, 7.30 p. m. ; Sund.ty
evenlnc meeting, 7.00.
Catholic Rev- H. f. Maillet,
pa6tor. Massat 11 a m.; evening
service at 7.30.
Services will be held the second
nnd iourth Sunday of each montb
at Vilhige hall, Quechee, at 9
oTciock, jind at Barnard, at the
towh hall, .on thc second Sunday
of each month at 9 o'clock
Ct i r'K....u u . r t
Blnnc Lynch, rector. Moming Prayer
andSermon 10.30 a.jn." JEIoy Corp
munion on first Sunday in the 111011th
after Morning Prayer. Sunday
School , at noon. Evening Prayer
and scrmon 5 p.- m. AH are
Christian Pator, P.ev. E. R.
Phillips. Services Sunday. Preach
ing at 10.30 a. m.i Sundav
Rchool at J3: 1 S. C. E. t-t n. rn.":
Y- P. S. C.'E. at. 7.30 p. m.i
mid-week prayer 'meeting at 7.30
ti. m.
inr.DE MAnr.s
ComrniCHTS &c
Anrone wenQlntt A akeleh Bjid doflertaMnn mn!
qnlfiklr MoertnJu onr oimuni) treo rbeUier
Inmnllni ! trrobablr nntentnhle. Cammcnlm
tloiitrictlyoonDiJciiUiil. HRNDMlX-on l"atcu
sent frea. OldMt i
m. Uldott petiC7Jfor secunntMiataiitH.
tu takon tbrouch liuna Jt Ca. twAit
wtiec. -Yrlfhout ctaanra. ia tltn
Sdentlflc Jfmeticaif ,
Ahuidaomelf IlIoBtratfld-wcoklr. 7nrt dr
CTJlation nJf nxvf BClcntlCts ionrnal. Torrrtfl, f 3 a
Trnri lour tnontU, L. fioldbjaJl nowadeftlm -
JllrncbOalee.S96FBt.'WsAlB3ton,l.C. 1
Eatate of Sardine Cowdrey.
IW TT. 1 , i .
jiointea Dyme japnoraDiea-'rouate lun
lor tne XiBtnct-oi hartford, Commis-
TTUHaiQTiGrfl. l n ronpivo nvnTriTtio nnd
adjust the olaimB and demands of all
Bersonsngainat the estate of SardiM
owdrey late of Barnard. insaidDistnct
-will meettfor the purpose afaresaid, st
the Thayers Store, Barnard Tillaire,i
the 19th day of November, 1912, aad
19th day of .May, U913 next, from U
o ciock jil. ia., nntn 4 o'ciocli F. M., oa
each of said davs and that rt'nc months
irom the latn day of November A V
1912, is the time lirriited by said GovA,
lurtaio xreaitorsTOTjreaenrTJimr ciainu
to us ior eraminauon nna allowance.
Datedat Barnard this 21 dav of 0t-
Prank H. Thayer 7
JohnH-'Ward 5
Rubscribf for The Age. 1 00

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