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The People's Rights A Repefentative Eenrccracy rhe Unibn and the Constitution Without Any Infractions.
VOL, L. NO. 36 WHOLE NO. 4487.
jlmi3 "
FV stop to thlnk of tho horotc
vcs of tho monks of St. Bern
rd, of tho mqn who asslst
i.hem or of tho dogs who co
operate wlth them ln tho anow
and frozen wastes of tho Stmplon pass
ln the Alps.
The rescuo foroo conslsts of 17
monks and 15 asslstants who under
tako thc work for tho sako of human
Ity. Tho men must bo Btrong of llmb
and lung and robust In ovory way to
stand tho llfe. Even wlth perfect
phyalcal endowment most of thom
bradk down ln thelr twelfth year of
eervlco. A foW last flfteon years and
then death foilowB. No momber has
lasted moro than twenty years. Tho
constant cxpoBure antt attendant hard
shlps aro tgo nute;i for human endur
anco. As tho monks llvo S,000;fcet
abovo thc Boa-lovel the cold Is Intense
and the brenthlng of such a rarlflcd
alr lnjuros the hcalth and hastens tho
end. They llvo near tho reglon of
perpotual snow, for the wlntor Insta
nlno mohths of the year and even ln i and have been known to drag an un
July snowstorma occur whlch bothar consclous man ovor tho snow for
grently tho tourlsts who make the three-quartera of a mlle, Thelr senae
passage of the atoep road to tho of sraell 1b bo hlghly doveloped that
monastery ln largo numbera. , they can tetcct a human belng even
Whon Brlgands Asoalled Them. when'ho Is covered. by" Boveral feet
Tho hosplco was. foundod 948 yeara of snow.
ago by a nobleman, Bornard de Men-
thehn,. for tho boneflt of pllgrlms trav
ellng to Itome. For a long tlmo after
tho monks were lnstalled they wero
harassed by tho brlgands who Inrest
ed' tha Burroundln? mounta!n3. Somo
tltnes the djimanda of these vaga
bonds wero rcfuSed and then tho
thwarted would go nway after thrpat
enlng vcngeanco. Soon n rquad of 25
or 30 of these plratos of the moun
talns . would appoar. but thoy found
barrlcaded doors' and wlnddws impos
alblo to pass and tho monks lived In
a stato of sloge untll flcrco storma
drovo tho brlgands away.
Napoleon ln leadlng hls army of
30.000 ncross tho Alna. tn 1800, headed
for Italy. usod tho hosplce as a bar
racks for hls weary, frost-bltten sol
dlers, At St. Plorro, tho last vlllago
on the Swlas slde. aro shown tha
small tablo and tho armchalr iised
at breakfapf by Napoleon boforo start
Ing for Italy,
Tho monastery la a plMn. unproten
tlous block of grnv bulldlngs wlth
thlek walls to wlthstand the terrlfl''
gales and snowatorms, The anow 1?
trequentlv eight or ten feetdoop rounp
tho' hosplco and sometlmea fornv
enormous drlfta whlch reacli to tli'
roof of tho bulldlnq:, Sho'lter can b'
provlded for nearlv 400 travclera an
dormltortes for about 100; anyonr
crosslng tbo pasp Is welcomo to th
hospltnllty ot thp monks. Voluntnrv
contributlona can .bo made and... for '
.tunatoly, ttfero'ls a peneroua reBpqnsp
for the cost of kooplng. up tho monas
tery Is v.ory heaw ns everythlng ha
to bo' hauled sq.Jar ovqr a tlangorous
long and' nono too good road. MuIp"
have fo baul tho 'food and other sun-.
plles for many mea eafh dav. Two
mcals nro servod orie at 12 m nnd
ono at'6 p, m. Bverv natton la ranre
sented In tho ' crowda' at fhe tablp(
Tho monks mlnglc freoiy wlth. the
.dlners and mako tjijpm fqel nt hprno.
Two planos propented bv Klpg VA
ward of' Fngland nre .nlayed In tbp
everilng after dlnner to mako ( he:
hours paaS ploapantly Moro 'than
20,000 perfons croaa tho nafia dvery
year and tnorc than two-thlrdp of thn
number tn-jko tho Journov durlng 'thc
wlntor. Tho mn1orltv .ara lnborera op'
.thoir way to woilwbo mnnot wi
for morp- fnvorabln weathr -frnrt I
snj'aka vp)u"i'es"'for thP vln"nTiop r'
fhe monks tlnt- n II J Is vcv .ra1"
!o?t Tlow Th monif'prv o con
nectrd hv tPl1,'on'n wlth pnMnna" np
both flrtoi tt tho paprt nnd wh(n""
travplera ptnrt to mn,ko ihg apit
tho numb'V l tp1s;tijipTfnd to tho
monks fo thit thpv cnn Jonl? out for
thnm ijnd ppnd refcuo PTtlpa t.o tbplr
ad lf' thoy, fall to put ii n. .appoar
once. ,"
The Wond'rrful DqgiT
Elverypno han hpftrd'"tfip wopd.ptful
etorlcs'of the png-'c'.tv of th, St' Born
ard dogsf. At thp topij.pf.tho pa?ij,ls'
a monu'ment in -mpmbry of on? whb'
Bavod 40 llvSs Onrln.t 10. ypY"" of ..
Itj icxlatonce. On pnf : na-''- V,ll- ,
b5vcred ln the' a'noT? 'a. chjld -whoao
mother had beoin'",lltpl bv an nm-1
lariebo: Aftqr . fbuslnif Jt jb.v, ,lfJns ,
tts fiK. tho dog Jnrtnpcdlt o m W '
Ua back nnd brousiht t, Pifn nnd
sound to tho hoaplco. VnforUM.iplv
Uits dog waa klllod-Bevonali vpit
orror. Tho lnscrlptlon on tho monu
ment runs: "Barry tho Heroto. Saved
tho Ilvea of 40 persons and was kllled
by tho 41st."
In tlio early part of tho laet contury
ono of theso Bplendld anlmals was
dccorated wlth a modal for havlng
resciied 22 people from a snowy
gravo, but loat hlB own llfo whlle on
an errand of morcy ln tho wlnter of
1810.' A courier from Pledmont, after
sholtorlng'for a tlmo at tho monastery
ono nlght durlng a sovere Bnowstorm,
Inslsted on contlnulng hl$ journey to
tho vlllago of St. Plorro, as he expect
cd to meet some frlends thero. The
monks, after trylng ln valn to dld
suade htm, lent blm tho dog and two
guldes to ahow hlin tho way, but
when tho party hafi proceeded some
dlatanco ln safety down the mountaln
thoy were ovorwhelmed by nn ava
lancho and kllled.
Some of tho dogs stand moro than
30 Inches hlgh and welgh about lO
pounde. They aro extromely powerful
Beautlful Stenographer Agrees ta;
Marry Asslstant Secretary When .
8he Lear.ns tho Truth.
"Dld ,you aend for mo?" aakod tho
beautlful stenographer,
"Yea," replicd tho head of-the eBtab
Uahmcnt "PleaBO slt down. My wlfe
Ioft yesterday for Burope."
"Oh, Mr. Bulllngton, I'm ao ao sur
prlscd to hear you aay bo. I you
aeo, I dldn't know aho waa oxpectlng
to go." .
"Sho mado up her mlnd rather sud
denly. Her hcalth has been very bad
latoly, and tho doctor thought a aea
voyago mlght boneflt her,"
"I hopo lt wlll that la, I suppose
you wlll bo very anxlous about her.M
"I hardly expect tho aea yoyage to
do hor much good. I'm afraid aho
put lt off too long. If ahe nover
comeo back I want you "
Tho telophone bell rang Just then
and Mr. Bulllngton cngaged in conver
atlon ovor the wlro.
When ho had hung up tho recolver
ho tUrncd to tho beautlful stenog
rapher and seemed to bo trylng 'to
remomber what ho had "been aaylng
when he had been Intorruptcd.
.''You s'ald;" 81iq auggeated, "that
lf your 'wlfe never camo back you
wanted mo."
"O, yea: lf sho nover coniea back
I want you to rcmlnd mo ovory throe
montha that I am to aend a check
to her mothor, I'm bo blamcd forget
'ul about auch thlngs,"
Aa aho waa golng out tho beautlful
stenographer dreW a deop slgh and
looked sadly over hor shouldor. Then
sho wtfnt to tho desk of tho young
aaststhnt Becrctary and whlapored:
"I havo been thinking ovor what
you Bpokp to mo nlght beforo laat."
. "And what do you aay?" ho aakod,
taklng advantago of a chanco to
nqucczo two of her fliigers.
"Yos," Chfcago Itecord-Horald.
Defenseless Womnn.
Ono of Blancho Pntcs' most lntl
mato frlends la tclllng a rather funny
atorj' about tlila clovor actress;
."Sho camo lnto my house ono ovcn
lng very much oxclted, and I Bald to
her, 'Blancho for heaven'a Bako.'what
la tho matter wlth you? You aeom
to bo 'all gono to pleces.'
" 'Matter enougli 'aho answered as
her volcc shook wlth ,anger. 'I havo
been accosted by, a mah ln'tho 8treot.'
"What dld you do?' l aaked.
" 'I haulcd qff .nnd hlt hlm ln ,the
Xwt' ahe answered, 'and i sald to
hl ii Ypi' :dlrty dog, would you speak
to a Jefpnseleas wo-nan?"'
'And vfher-r he whcu you a''
thls?' 1 agaln lnqiucd
." 'Holllnc t the suttcr whero hf
fell when I tilt hlm," fhe ?ald In a sur
f lctl.
. ,. . Unlmportance.
;.'Nothlng. lt 8c6xns to mo, looks aa
Uhlmpdrtdn, '4 ,'brWcgrcom- - a
wcddlng," , .
"Havo you over notlccd a govornor
.when ho,4waB stlrrounaoa bk.ujo uni-
Passenger Jumps Overboard In Gale;
Rescue Attemot From Shlp's
New York The Btory of a tbrllllng
but fruitlcss attcmpt lo rescue a man
who had Jumpcd avnrboard ln mlld
occdn was felated by passcngers and
tbo crew of tho French llner France.
whlch arrlved In port from Hnvro
thlrty hours late Tho lncldent,oc
currcd durlng a nlnety-mllo gale whlch
was whlpplng tho wavea lnto nlitory
mountalna Only tho hardlest pasBen
?crs ventured on deck Durtngj tbe
monilng a ihrce-ton wlnch had been
warined overboard.
Wllllam Leea of Manchester. Eng
land, u flrat-vabln passonger, appear
ed on tho promonadc deck at 4 o'clock
Ho made hls way along tho cablns un
tll he met a satlor, to whom ho hand
ed a notc addressed to the captaln
Then without warnfng Loes lcaped
ovor tho rail lnto tho aea.
The cry of "man ovorboard" waa
ralsed. Captaln Poncqlet and hla of
I'cers on the brldge could see a black
object appearlng at Intervala on the
tops of wavca astern ' Tho; sea waa
too rough to admlt of low'erlng a boat.
Captaln roncelet swung hls shlp In a
circle untll he had the vesscl dtrectly
alongsldo of Lees, who, whlle maklng
no efforts to suyport blmself, was
Tho sklpper dlrected that a aallor
bo lowcred over tho slde by a ropo
Try as he would. tho man could nol
reach Leea. who waa floatlng face
downwnrd wlth nrms extended
The aallor was drawn aboard after
a ,fow mlnutca and a shlp'a ladder was
lower'ed, Another Ballor descended
thU and,,hanglng to the bottom step.
reached out cvery tlme the roll of the
shlp permlttfid and mado a grab for
I.ees After a dozen unauccessful
trlea he managed to get hla flngers
ctutcled ln the clothlng of the man
ln the water, when a heavy wavo roll
ed along and whlpped the prlze from
hls grnsp.
Then the captaln lowered a boat far
enough to touch tho water, but not
"oatlng on lt , In lt were a dozen aall
ora. They- were reachlng for Leea
wlth a boat hook when thq body sank'
Man Declarea Work Is Carlcature and
Has Done More Harm Than Any
Other VolUme.
Camdcn, N, J, In an addrcss at the
Camden hlgh school, F. Hopklnsqn
Smlth, wrlter and artlat, eald that
"Unclo Tora's Cabln" had dono more
harm than any other book evor Wrlt
ten. Ho added that tho guneral condt
tlon of the negro had not Improved
alnco thq,' Clvll war. and that ihe ne
groea or'tho south wero happler, bot
t'or cared' for ahd mofo'contbut ln'the
days of slavcry than they were now.
Mr., Smith'a crltlclsro of Uncle Tom'a
Cabln" waa based on hls bellef that
tho book gavo the world an erroneoua
conccptlon of the negroea' )lfo and
condltlon b.efore the war He Bald
tho chlef Incldenta ln Mrs. Stowo's
work were such as nover coulj havo
happcned Jn the south. He attrlbuted
much of the blerneaa that provalled
ln the eouth years beforo tho war to
"mlslnformntlon conveyed broadcaat"
by "Uncle Tom'8 Cabln."
Mrs, Stowe, ho aald was to be
blamed only for maklng such uso or
Incldenta-that cair.e to her, knowle'dge
at aecond' hand. "Uncle TqmV Cab
ti ," aa a wholo, he Inslsted, was a
hlghly colored carlcature that dld not
rcflect real llfe tn'the south.
Mllllonalre Makea Two Wllls, and
Son's Conduct Wlll . Determlne,
Whlch Shall Be Probated.,
Denvor. Two wjlja havo bee pre
oared by Alonza Thompson, octoge
narlan mllllonalre . and Bplrltuallst ' of
Denvor, In tho -flrst wlll hlB 'aon.:
lonzo, Jr la to be glvon the e.ntlre
fortuno "lf 1)0 can braco upand bo n
man." Tho. young -man's conduc,t.vIs
to decfde wheth'or ho -becomes ben'e
'lclary under the flrst wlll or undcr
mother ono by whlch he ls-bcqueath
ed $5
Both wllls were Blgned by Thomp
son yesterday ..afternQon, and plapcd'
In'tho hands o(- hla.attorpey If young
Tbompson'a condup't, meets wlth hla
fathor's approvajjh.efore thq wlll ,be
comcs effectlvo,! th'p old man .hlmpelf
wlll toar up tho wty.'l.eavi'ng ,the "son
only $5; but If he fliould dlq befdro
tho change tn conduct has comq
about, the Inwyor la to detormlno
whlch wlll.shnll be probated.
Thompson a shori tlmo ago declar
ed that hla .wlfe and son woro; at
temptlng' to ,send hlm to an InBnne
"isylum ln order to obtnln hla, .estate.
bater Mrs. Thompson flled potltlqn
for dlvorce, nljcg.lng non-aupport 8hq
was grantod hor potjtlon and, $125,000
nltmo'ny. ,
Another Blow at the.Publlc Towel.
Wriahlngtori.i The., common towel
hna been ordered nbollfihed from rall
road cara, vqbsoIs, all, ptb,er jntqrstato
vqh'lcloa and from statlona. by Secro
tary MacVengb ot tho . Jreaaury do
partment, ln an nmendmpnt to tho! n
torstnto quarnntlno regulntlon. ,Thja
nctlon follows cloaely the nbolltton of
tho common drlnklng cup frQm ufie on
tntcratato carrlora Towola raa'y b9
,u8ed,ngaln pnjy aftor bolng Btorlllzed
ln boliing Vator-
v .
1 ' Kllls doiird BI Jumper.
'Roblns M 111. Tenn Jobn StndstHI
fcharge.d .vlth auomp.tlng to Jump ,a
; board blll. was ahbt and kllled bV'W.n
llnm Knlghir hn' qrt'cVr 'Irilphtfclalmn
he'-shot- only to frlghteatthe . fleelng
naa,;. .. V jv . . . .' '
Tenderfoot Captures Western
Glrl From Many Rivals.
Preaeher Who Waa an Unsucceisful
Sultor for Her Hand Wlll Offl
elate 'at r4uptlata Other .
Swalna Also Presant
Grand Junction, Cblo.-Fcr" two
yeara scores of, aultors have Bdtight tha'
hand ot protty Molly Recse, que'en of
tho cowpunchora of f hrea states. Sho
haa cas asldq thu yrotfer ot titles, haa
lookod wlth scorn upon wealth If ahe
had to take lt wlth a husband and now
announcea' her engagement to' a J30-a-month
"tendorfoot" cowpuncher.
Hal Hanson of Boston ts the lucky
"cattlo wrangler" who wlll leild the
beautlful cowIrl of thq plalns to the
altar. A former. aultor whora the glrl
dlscarded wlll perform tho ccremony.
arid the-' woddlng party .wlll Include
fourteen or moro' ardent awdlna who
had thelr "Innlngs." but falled to cap
turo tho prlze. whlle, tha iicetie -bf the
ma'rrlago wlll be the, b'ome of D O
Oraden, cattlo baron rJ
Hanson's prollclency wlth thmouth
harp won hlm hla .Bnancce,. Tho melo
dlous atraina. from the little wlnd ln
Btrumerit wlth. whlch hq surreptltluos
ly aerenaded the object of'tifs dreams
nlghtly turned tho tlde In hls favor
over almoBt a scoro of other actlve
The most determlned rlvala for the
pretty cowglrl's hand In marrlage, were
four cowboys from tho same camp.
Jlm Hadley. Weston Hayas. Chrls
Johnson and Blll Qrovea took turn
about each nlght for four montha untll
thoy loarned lt waa no use. Henry
Qeorge James, a Bchoolteacher In the
Midelbow school, next trled hls luck
and falltfd. Itqv Henry 'AuBtln, a
Free Methodiat preachpr, wob the next
victlm, but ho progresscd; no further
than four nlghtly calls ai'd two aage'
hens. Wlltur Jens, a 8choJ.lbby frlend,
waa next turned down "to mako roqm
for ' W. L. HenB.elman a feal estato
iealer .of .Qateway, UtaV Another
Bchoolteacher, a Germ'an nobleman,
golng under the tltle of Baron von
Brudenecker, three ranchera and
numerous cowboys from thc plalns of
Colorado. Utah and Wyomlng. who
rode mlle8 on thelr cow ponles to baak
a whlle In the llght of Mlsa Recse's
8mllea, were numbsrcd in tbe long llat
of rejected appllcanta for tho hand
of the glri beforo the engagement of
Mlas Reeso and Hanson was an
nounced, And even then they would not atop.
for, desplte the fact that Hanson's
horBosboenall engagement rlng en-clrcled-her
left tlilrd flnfter: the beauty
corr'eBpbndent of a produca Jour
nal who Bpent two 'wedks here cover
lng tho outook tn wostern Colorado
and. caatern Utab for.atock marketlng.
Ho valnly attompted to provo that llfe
as the Wlfe of a spoclal wrlter beat
that of darnlng aoc'kB for a cow
puncher .
Hanson camo. hero two years ago
from Boston. Ho workcd In a stuffy
offlco aa qopylst untll hls nealth
broko down. Fearlng tuberculoalo. ho
Becured work In a cattlo camp on
Plnon Meaa about tho tlmo MIss Reean
attalned the 'age of twenty and was
declared by hor parenta to be old'
enough to recetve tbo" attentlons of
men lf she dealrcd.
After tho woddlng HanBon and bta
brlde wlll llvo In a cabln In the moun
taln ranges QnJila $30 a mqnth aB cow-.
boy and what "rabblts and small game
they can BbooL liater thoy wlll como
to Grand Junction. wb're Hanson 'wlll
continuo, the Btudy of law In a local
offlco. Mlsa 'R'eeae Is a beautlful ex
amplo of tho typlcal weatern plalns
Smack -of- Dutyv Albnls R'emalna ln
- 8oclety,Jt .Is S'aldf, by tondon
Correspondent ,.
lyndon. KlsBea may be dlvlded
lnto two claaseB, pleasuro klaaea and
duty klaaea, At the preaent tlmo.j.wo,'
aro told, tbo former; havo gone .out
if faahlon.. iut. 'duty Wlaaea .remain,
whereof eome, cxatnpiea'., . Nothlng Ib,
moro dalnty-than tho ktaa'of a ,wellr;
brcd cbaperon, who',' mlridful or, the
tlmo and "trouble. spent ovor tho pow
der b'ox, gently presses hey Hpa-on
yourhalr Juat north pf your ' ear.
Tho mlnlster'a wlfo la anothor
sweet soul, who knowa whero a klas
wlll do the least harm, and her favor
lte method ts ,an-atr klss. wlth a
gentle preasurd ,ot hor chook to your
The womab of fasb'lgn, who patron
Izoaiyou and lctaybu vlalt her whlle
sho lo- at her ' alcBta,t klaaea you ' any-;
whero botwoen .tho oyq, , ear and halr
Retlef Asoclaton Showa Increase In
Number of Poor Deoplta General
New- YorkL Dearlto general pros.,
perlty, there1-was an lncroaao tn 'pov
erty.ln New York durlng tbe last yeart
accoxdlng to, thq" annual report 'or. be'
AgBQclatlon for Improvlng the Oondl.'
tlon 6'f tno Poor ," Tbe tncreased east
of Jvjp.g 1 charged lth most -of tha
responslblllty for an Increase in 'CKb4
cxjfenaes ofk Jho asBocIatiq'nT ' 'f t la
.afap.wn tnat"'30 per cent mor'e 'inoner'
w'as apo'nt ld'i;ctlbf work. althou,;h-Tho'
ndtnbor of- famlll.ca served was prac-i
tlcally, tbo suad aa la tho . pru vtoui
- ",- "'
'Somethlng Happena Whenever Stu-
denta 8ee Attracttve Glrl'on
Cambrtdgo, Mass. "Klddoor Is tho
newcst dlverston at Harvard. It Is a
gamo thAt orlglnated among tho law
otudonta. Tho, young women of tho
colfego communlty play an lmportant
part In the pastlme, but they call it
"awful" and sometlmea threatcn to
call an offlcor.
Whenovcr etudents boo a young wo
rnan apprbachlng. Jf ono of them
deems her good looklng, he. ralaea hls
rlght arm, alma the nrat tivo flngers
at her and In a volco otcntortan shouta
"Klddoo," whereLpon tho young wo
man'o face glves a kaleldoscoplc lmlta
tlon of Beventeen dlfferent klnda" ot
As sho pasaca, tho otbors look her
over, ln a manner lntended to be ln
offonalyo, but novertlioless searchtng,
and embarraealng. Then all excopt
tho "klddooer" conault. If they declde
the ,slrl la good looklng tho "klddoo"
chnp la credlted wlth ten polnta, if not.
he loaes ten polnts Tlfty polnts con
atltuto the posalblo total. If it la on
tho wlnnlng slde Ibe posaessor of the
requlred llgure la treated by the reat;
If on the loalng'erid tho vlctlm muat
One student called "Pvaga," waa
forty polnta to tho bad. ln the dls
tanco ho eapled a mald. He made
out tho contour of a Venus-llke flguro.
Surely the possessor of auch a form
rauat bo good looklng. Ab s,ho trlpped
lnto tho llght "Rags" noted that she
was heavily velled. He couldn't lose
now. The fair one was wlthln twenty
feet, whon "RagB" polnted at hor and
triumphantly yolled "Klddoo!"
Instoad of ahylng away the malden"
set sall stralght fr "Raga." Her
volce qulvered wlth ahger. Her
dlalsct waa unmlatakablo,
"Wbaf fo' you done. polnt at mo.
manT Wha' -fo'T Huh7" And she
ended by, landlng a heavy" left on
"Raga' " Jaw. "Rags" took to hls
heels. H6'"Bet them up," but ho haa
qult the gamo.
Feellng Dlsgraced, Mrs. Pohl of Brook
' lyn, N. Y., Inslsta on Movlng to
New ReBldence.
New York. Although the purpose of
A. W. J. Pohl of 'flrooklyn In advertls
Ing that ho would not be responsl
ble lor hls wlfe's debta was to save
hls money by maklng it lmpoaslble for
her to buy glfts for hor relatlvea, hla
Blster-in-law, Mrs. Georgo H. Pohl,
sald that it would cost hlm far .more
than the price or Chrlstmaa glf'ta to
atone for hls action.
"Hls wlfe has been -mado 111 by the
publlclty," sald Mra. Oeorge Pohl
''Sh'econsl'dera heraalf;dlBgtaced. She
InaiaTa thaTif'h'ef "busb'an'a.wiahea but
to remaln wlth blm be wlll havo to.
movb to some neighborhood wher'p
they aro not known, as she Is asbamed
to show her face to her nefghbors."
Worms and Germs In Montclalr, N. J.,
Llbrary Are Doomcd to
Montclalr, N. J, Book worma and
bact'crla wlll have ahprt llvea In the
-.Montclalr freo publlc Ijbrary after a
atetiltzlng devlco, whlch the board of
. dirdctora of the llb'raryhaa lnstalled,
k'e'tbwn to work:
wWthl khD'aratua cerma aro to be
Hcstrojrod byjf rveSprlii cl pl a of long con-
a'tallatlon Is to protect patrdns from
dangor of .contaglon and'at (he same
tlmo preserve books whcre contaglbus
'dlseaaes have prevalled..
The heat Is' supplle'd' by gaa Jeta In
tho baao of a roetal cablnet. Tem
peratures ranglng .from 160 to 200 de
green Fahreobelt are malntained by an
automatlc devlco. -
Young Woman Sees Members of
Sorortty iWavlng Bloody Turkey
Oreeley, Colo, A acore of Bororlty
glrla conducted an Inltlatton, In the
abandbned Jall here and aa a reault
of thelr welrd rltea the candldnte
falnted and bad to be taken to .her
home.. The young woman who sougbt
admiBslon to tbe society waa led bllnd
fqlded to tho jall, When tbe bllnd
waa .removed she gazed upon a acore
of glrls-afrayed In ghqatiy robes, cach
wavlng bloody- turkey wlttgs. Tbe only
llght upon tbe sccne camo from a bath
tub ln, whlch alcohol bad been llghted,
Dqputy, Sherlff Frazler had kllled a
number of turkeys ln. the bullding dur
lng tbo after,noon and tho blood from
tbem was spattered about the floor
Man Wh.o, Trled to Klll Kansas Po
'" ' llceman In Cell for Hla Crlme at
Wartl Clty. Kan.
Kaneas Clty,' Mo An, accuslngcon
sclenco that .flvo years ot wandering
over tho -weatern part of the Unlted
States and Canada falled to qulet
cauaed A. J Klamm'of Knnsau Clty,
Kan.1, to feturn to hla home, whero be
e'urrendered' to the, pollce on the
cbarge of aasault wlth Intent to kllL
Klamm, wub one of a crowd of men
"whbi ln 1907 attacked EdwarU Strong.
ppllceman Of Kanaaa Clty, Kan.
Btrong "was'-' badly hurt and Klamm,
'wp''a'rre8tca- nd one of hlB riasallanta.
8ob,n'"afierward Klamm, fled. ,
'As- h'8went tq'bed ln jall hd BaH:
"T'lila ' wilb be , the .flrst- untroubtod
!W ''J $ 'TJW. " ' "1
IJf?THWir- i
AS a genoral rule a shlp whlch
haa been badly damaged and
sunk 1b .not worth ralelng.
lt woul'd probably cost moro
to ralso her and repair her
than to build a new shlp.
Her valuq as old Iron, on tbo other
hand, would not pay for ratalng and
breaklpg up. She may, however,- be fn
the way of other shlps, a danger to ,
nnvlgatlon generally, and then sho la
sometlmea blown to plecea by a Judl
ctously placed cbargo of. dynamlto.
It ls usually worth whlle, however,
to save parts of a wreck, lt by any
mcana they can be got at. Braaa
work; for example, la of aufllclent
valuo to - b6 worth gettlng, and, of
course, lf gold or Bllver--elthor ln tho
form of colns or bars bo a part of
the cargo, theb it 13 certalnly worth
an attempt.
Sometlmea oven that la imposslble. !
bpcause of the depth at -whlch tho
wreck Hea". Aa a dlver descends tho '
water prossure Increases, ,and to keep
hlm from belnc crushed by lttho pres - 4
suro of alr In hls dreas Uas to bc ln-
crcascd to the same extent,, and thero
ls a llmlt to tho amount pt alr pres-
eu.ro whlch a man can stand. Tho
maln trouble ls fhat hla'btood becomes
1aeratW(runder thq .pressuro,
Its condltlon 'becomes llko that uf
eoda water tn a corked bottle, and aa
Boon as ho commences to ascend and
the. pressure Is reduced lt becomes
llko Eoda water wlth the cork out'
Tho nltrogen whlch was forped lnto
lt by tho pressure comes bu.bbllng out
as tho pressure falla, and lf thla be
allowed to occur too vlgorously lt wlll
result ln tho dlver's death. ' '
About tlilrty-flve fathoms ls tbe
llmlt below whlch man cannot go,
nnd even at that, If the dlver has to
Btay down any lengthbf tlme, ho must
ascend agaln by easy stages wlth long
intervala of roat for bls blood to get
rld of the absorbed alr.; ao that hla.
nscent wlll take aa much aa four
hours. Fouf iiours spent In comlng,
to the surface after but one hdur's
work below flve or- moro , hours'
Wages for one hour'a work to an ex
penslve man llke a dlver, to say noth
lng "f the wages of hls attendants
makes deep water dlvtng an expen'stvo
matter, and beyond thp llmlt men
tloned la out of the questlon alto
eothpr. Dlvlng In Strong Currents,
Then tbore ls the trouble cauaed' by
Btrong tides and undercurrents. Tho
dver when ln the water ls the play
thlng of tho currents. Robert Louia
Stovenson, who once ventured on a
dlvlng expedltlon, descrlbes hlmself as
belng "blown Bldewaya llko a leaf"
when ln the water. Even large, heavy
bodles llke shlps of lron are solne
tlmea carrlcd to long dlstances by
the currents. It Is sald that the naval
nuthorltlea have tbua lost entlrely an
old submarlno whlch they sank for
the purpose of trylng salvage experl-.
They knew tho apot where lt went
down, but when they tried to aalvn it
u waa not tnere. xno under current'
had carrled lt away. It la obvlous,
therefore, that dlvlng ln placcs whero
tide or current runs atron'gly la very
And inoat salvage oporatlbns Uopend
entlrely upon the dlver. Suppose that
n Bhlp Is sunk ln colllslon. Hq flrst
goes down and examlnes the wreck.
TlnrtM rtla ronArt 1f lo rl a .1 ..1 ... . .
ir is worth whlle to attempt to
,. ..., u BajTO
wc ou.f ua a wuuis, i l uut, no may be
told to salyo the braaa flttlngs. so down
he wlll go again and agaln. wlth toola
BUltablo for the work and wlll removo
from the ship and send up all that he
can procuro that ls worth savlng.
lf there be troaaure an hnnrri h. i.
the man who wlll havo tn it u-
may bo ablo to mako hla wav to th '
placo where lt is kept by the ordlnary
means, out someiimes ne wlll hnvn tn
blast holes In tho" vessel'a hull tn order
to obtnln qccess to lt Hundreds of
thpusandB 'of ''pouuds have been
fetched from the sea ln thla mannr
Sometlmea there are amqng thq car- j
go thlngs whlch aro worth sarlng. '
and the dlver has to gej them out by v
iliiiilar mcthoas. ,
it the whole wreck 1b tb bo saved,"
h iius even mdre dtm'cult feata. to ;
ptnorui For example, a vcxs- cob
mon thlng ls to patch the sholl of a
ahlp. Tbe great, jagged rent ln hor
slde, It may bo, whero tho bow of
anothor vessel haa cut lnto her, ot
whlch haa been gaahed open by a
sharp rock, haa to bo p'reparod for
tho patch whlch la to keep tho water
Wonderful Feata In Salvage.
Meaauremcnta havo to be taken.
from whlch the patch can be made.
Bhaped so that It wlll flt nlcoly. Prob
ably hoes have to bo drllled ln tbe
shlp'B Bktn all, be lt remerabered, un
der tho water and flnally tho patch
has to be put In placo and secured
wlth bolts. Then, whon the dlver has
done all that, the wator ls pumped oUt
and thQ 'Bhtp floated.
Of course In scme casoa the dlvcr'a
work, may only be to fi'x or run ropes
by whlch' the veaael may bo llftod,
but often ho haa much skllltul work
to perform under tho dlfllcult condl
tlons of cqmplete lmmerslon ln wator
ln a thlck, clumsy drcss and under
- an abnormal pressuro of alr. It Is,
' Indeed, wonderful what salvage dlvera
; can do
Thero 'aro, howover, lnstaricea tn
whlch shlps have been llterally "flsh
ed up" from the depths to whlch
dlvers could not descend. Ono v'
occura to tho wrltor r'vas-.that o( a
small naval vcbbcI supk'ln colllslon
off tbo south coast. Two Bteam tugs
held tbo enda of a long cable,, and by
slowly dragglng lt along the sea floor
they caught tho wreck' and drew tho
cable under lt.
Scveral cableB wero thus got In
placo, and tbcn, belng pullod tlght at
low water, the tl'de llftod tbe ahlpa
above and bo Ufted, tho wreck aB woll,
whereupon It was towed lnto shallow
,er water. Thls operatlon belng re
peated atevery tlde, tbe wreck was at
last beacbcd.
In orie well known Instance ot
snlvago a shlp was llterally .cut ln
two, but the two halvea were In good
condltlon, and It was resolved to save
them both, The dlvers put ln a tom
porary end of tlmber to each and so
they wero ralsed, taken to the near
est shlpyard and thero jolnod togeth
qr agaln.
Tbo Balvago of wrccks la a very dlf
ficull and darlng busincsa, but there
are men who are export at tt and
wIiobo experlence la so extenslvo that
thoy seldom fatl at a job whlch they
once undertake. It is only fair to
say, ho.wover, that thoy aro' much In
dobted to the splondid dlver's equlp
mont whlch ls now procurablo, with
out whlch much that they do would
bo qulto lmpoaslblo.
Flrst Vacuum Cleaner.
Tbe vacuum cleaner Whlch haB only
roccutly come lnto favor, waa covered
by a p&tent granted ln 186!$ to Daniel
Hesa of West Union, la. Hla devlco
was a carpet Bweoper ln whlch as lt
rolled over the floor a bellows' opor
atod to create a auctlon, ' draw duat
up from tbo carpet and' dlacharge lt
tnto pans ot water' t!10 b.e,Iowa be,n
worked from a crank on ono ot thu
euptcrting rollers. Thls cleaner close
ly rese'mbles those mark'eted today
lu that it has a broad flat nozzle to
move along the floor, a handle ex
tending up to be graspqd by one of
tho. cpefator'B hands. whllo the other
linnd turns a drlve pulley geared by
a ropu wltu a ran wnicn oucks tbo
duat up lnto a receptocle carrled by
bfdle above tho .fan. A machlno
f following thla plan of moro than 4d
following thls plan of moro than 4d
yearB ago, lf well mado mechanlcally.
would present a good" appoaranca
alongsldo of tho modorn machinea.
and doubtless would give good roaulta
in actual uae.
, Practlcal Rea'aon
"l wlsb thla lel.low wouldn't sond
you BO many cho00111"!8' W tho oth,
Why," Btmpored tho glrl, "aro.yott
"No; but I profcr to uat marabmal-lcrws-."
- "Docan't caro for publlc .oplnlooi yosl
ay" ' ' '
" "Not a -rap. I'vo aeen. ,hlm rtda
around town.ln nn autoraoblle tb&t'N
. 1909 modet"

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