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The People's Rights -A Representative Demccracy TheUnion and the Constltution WitKout Any Infractidns.
VOL. L NO. 44 WflOLE NO. 4495.
A Celoneoe
n'GLISH mlsLicnnflcs. traVcllnu
. In the interlor or beautlfulCey-
lon. rcport the tinding of a
J)i ace ot Vcddahs among whom
ihc male Is beautlful and the
emale hcmely and coarse Al! thp
cant retlnemt'nt the people possui"J
found in tht male The femalo
oes all the manital labor. oftcn goe?
war. nnd the male Blts about loolt-
g after his personal appearanco
Somo of those m. n are sald to be
alrly beauJiful and pbyslcally fa?
head of the Ami-'rlcan or European
Tbe Vcddah raen have spleudld
hyslquos. being tall. Judged. by out
tandards The'tallcst of theui ar
s feet two Inches tall. whlie tlvt-
et and ten Inches la consldered only
avcrago bclght.
The men have aplendld glrth ex
nsion. long Blnewy arms, and little
11 shapod llmb3 Thelr fncca an
laturca are large and bold, bu'
ong and well proportloned Addei
ength la glveu by thelr expression
lcji 4 dauntless -
Vlrlllty and courago aro also seon lu
'olr large hnnds w(h thelr long u
rtng flneers. lt Is not surprlsin
at they sbow sucb magntflcen
ength, for" they apend much of ther
no bandllng the bow, huntlng ami
btlng They seldora nuarrel wltr
elr nelghbors. but thelr eyes ar
keen and they are so fleet-foot-c
d strong that they have ilttlo trou
e ln worsting an enemy.
Thelr favorlte pastlrae lb huntlnji
d tbey are such skllled bowmei
t after they bave been huntlng fot
fow days they usually get plent;
game for thelr own famlllea ann
n enough to glve feasts to thei
.Vhen 'practlclng wlth bow and ar
t they often throw themselves 01
ground, bandle thelr weapon
h their tocs and sboot backward
br thelr hcada They Eometlraes us
a tnethod ln huntlng thelr game
1 more often wben attacklng ai.
Women Old and Ugly at Twenty.
HThs women of thls" race aro as un
ractlvo ns tbe men are hanusomc
ey are bo herd wdrked tbat genet
n Etfeaking they aro old and ugl
kwenty As chlldren they aro stron.
mi fresh looklng, but by the tlm-
y rcach womanrood thelr facei
fcomo haggard and shrlveled an
ved wlth dcep llnes of care Thpt
be strong bodles have tbe samr
ed and fagged-out look.
Wbo womcn are far less partlculai
ut pcrsonal appearanco than are
men. Tbe womcn are satlsflpd to
o an old plece of clotb whlch they
id about thelr watsts. reachln. to
leeL Tbr women'a halr Is heavy.
Instead of wearlng tt lc lonp
Is about thelr shoulders they dra.
ihe back' of tho neck. They are
ot Jowelry. and when they can
nothlng botter they wear glass
s and lron bracelets. Many of
pn tmvn more thnn one wlfe. but
where they bave seyeral they
ng, carlng for the liouao, and
they follow tho men on thelr
and sometlrnes tako part In a
They have plenty of courago
rn nVfllAfl ln hnnnlfnef thn hnw
n mnst rinrine of theaa mnn ntpnl
wlvos ln tho dead of nlght, cap
g thcm trom eomo nelgliborlng
. The common way of gettlng
r women ls to buy them, paylng
thcm wlth arrow polnts, bows and
n VnHfYnh mnn eimm t n Ko in.
rcnt to thelr women, even when
are young and fresh looklng, and
r. Tho Vcddahs aro so haughty
somettmcB they east them out
Finpr rini mnpa nriAn rtinv .nicu
iaem 10 uxo DacK part of tho
Few Domestlc Squabbles.
consclous ot tba tact that tbe
"juru uuraciive, lor iney aro .
fled to do thelr hard work and to
tnc men to amusc thamaelvos a
wlll They glve them tho most
rtaoie corner In the dwelllnga
evur eat untll thelr lofda aad
mBstcrB have hcd tuclr nil and nave
taken the cholce blts of food They
rarely quarrcl wlth"" thelr busbands,
bellevlng lt ls man's prlvllege to rulo
and for them to obey,
When not working or huntlng the
women whlle away the tlme maklng
thelr few slmple clothes for them
selves and thelr chlldren or seated
bcTore thelr huts chatting and gos
slplng. The men are lndolcnt when not
huntlng. They even flnd lt an oxer
Uon to make thelr arrowhcads and
prefer to barter for thcm Thls they
do by golng to a Btream after mld
nlght and pl :lng thelr gamo on the
bank of the rlver. Their nelghbors
on the other slde of the strean flnd
the provlstons tberc and tho next
nlght they come and leave sorao ar
fowheads ln thelr. place. The busl
ness ls usually transacted tn thls sll
ent manncr, tor tho men aro ns tac
Iturn with each other as wlth the
In tho last few yoars mlsslonarlen
have comc ln large numbers Into the!r
vlllages, oatabllshtng schools and
churches, teachlng thb men to work.
and trylng to make the women ap
preciato their worth The people who
llve ln the vlllages seem to Imblbe
thelr Ideas, tho othors Ilsten to all
thls wlse Instructlon. and then go
back to thelr old ways and cuBtoms.
May and Deccmber.
To be young, rlch, handsome, and a
wldow la to have reached tho summlt
of carthly good fortune. So, at least,
say the French; and what they haven't
thought ot In theso. llnes lsn't worth
thlnklng ot,
Tho cynlcal proverb helps to ex
plaln why women of twenty marry
men of threo or four tlmes thelr ago
At that age every uoman knows she
ls young, and thlnks she ls hand
some. and has a rlght to expect to
bo a wldow. If the aged husband Is
sufflclcntly wealthy, hls young brlde
has an earthly heaven rlght ln slght.
But tho deslre for wldowhood
doesn't explaln all such cases. It
doesn't, explaln the most Interestlng
ones. Those ln whlch thero. ls clear
ly a very real affection between tbe
palr who represent December and
May. H.ow about these?
It Is all gueoiwork, of course, but
one can suggest somo factors wblcb
may contrlbute to theso cases.
Every young woman has tho moth
ering Inatlnet strongly devoloped.
even In her youth. An unwlved old
man Is one of the most forlorn look
lng objects on eatth. "She marrlea
hlm to tako care of hlm.
A man wbo has had expqrlcnce of
the world ls a more sklllful sultor
than the bashfu boy If bbys theso
daya aro evjer bashtul. Thls'glves
hlm an advantage slmllar to tbat
whlch a wldow has over a young glrl.
Wtatover the case, May and De
comber contlnue to wed, ln splte of
proverbs and dlro prophecles; and a
good share of the tlme they get on
so well that the world never bears
ot lt. It's tbe unhappy marrlages tbat
make hlstory. and there are more po
tent" causes ot marital unhapplncus
taan dlsparity of age. Chlcago Jour
nal. Called Homo by Fllm.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Drowers were
spectators at a movlng plcture show
at Boonton, N. J.. wheu ono of ihe
fllm dramas waa suddenly lnterrup
tcd wlth theso scribbled words tbrown
on tho scroon: "Norman tlrowent
wantcd at homo at onco." The mos
sago waa a burglar alarm. A stxteen-year-old
daughtor had been ottackcl
by a burgla'r at the Browera homo. a
mllo distant, and her grandparents.
who had found her unconsclous and
blceding trom n wound ln tho head,
had tolophoned to the theator.
Sounds Llke Counterfelt
BIU I know a man that'a, maklng
more money Ihan he can spcnd
jlll Yes. but thcre's a law againn
maklnit counterfelt money, you know
Tho Madame Ruleas
"Th major baa a commanding ap
'So he has. but I happen to know
than th major ls sccond ln command
Rlch Mr. Cameron 8ue Husband
Decauao He Dldn't Get
Home Early.
New Yorlt. Whothor Mrs. Marguo
rlto Stona Cameron. who llves at the
r ... .. .. . .
uviui oitvoy, wui iimil ner requoai
for allmony to $1,000 a week romaln
10 oo ooon when motlona ln hcr sult
for aeparatlon, trom her husband, Alpln
W Camoron, aro honrd In Justlce
Page's part of the supremo court. -
"Mra, Cameron wlll not nBk for a
much as $3,000 a weck." sald Mra
' Prancls W Stono of Cloveland he
young woman'a mothcr "Whother shp
wlll llmlt lt to $1,000 I cannot say '
Mrs, Cameron s as wcalthy tn hci
own rlght as ls her husband. who r
tho eon of the mllllonatra hcad of tho
Alpln J, Cameron compnny, yarn mnn
ufacturers, of Philadelphla and Chlca
go. Dut tho lntlmatlon reported to b?
conyoyed In the papera fllcd by het
lawyer. formor Unltod Statea Attor
ney Gen. Job VV. GrlggB, ls that Mrt
Cameron aeelts to dtscipllno her hue
band by drawlng heavlly upon hli
pockot bo'ok.
No hlnt of sorlous dlsngrccment bo
tweon tho Camerons so far attachns tr
the wlfe's sult. Mra. Cameron wlll nl
lego, bo hur lawyers admltted thn'
the causo of estrangoment has to do
merely with Mr Cameron's seemlnF
Inablllty to reach home early ln- tl
The Camerons made thelr home a'
nidgewood, N J for soveral year
rollowlng thelr marrlago at Atlantic
on October 7, 1903 nidgewood n
pretty aottlement of tho ultra-oxclu
Blve type, ls accesslblo only by a rall
road. Mr. Cameron was oftentlme
kcpt late by buslness at the New Tork
offlces of hls father's concorn 211' .
Droadway, wbero he ncts as managcr
necently Mrs. Cameron camo. to
New York to llve. She took opart
ments at the Savoy hotel Thls cllm
Inated the rallroad ns an oxcuse nu
Mrs Cameron's lawyers allege that
despltj thls. buslness stlll kcpt Mr
Camoron away untll a late hour
Camoron. who ls best known to hli
frlenda among tho ypunger habl'ue
of tho Waldorf-Astorla, Plaxa and oth
cr hotels as Olllo." would not dUcust.
hls marital dllPcuItles
Mrs. Cameron's f&thor ls Franci-:
W. Stcne, dlrector and olTclal ln man
rollroads When hls doughter wo
marrled to Cameron ho declr.rud ih.
weddlng was brought about "surreti
tltlously- Ho sald hls daughter wnt
a mlnor and 'that he would "hold par
tlB-responslbfe for the outragc strlct
ly accountable " . Matters wero late
smoothed ovor
Fund Wlll Be Ralsjd by Subserlptlonr
of ?2 a. Ycar Wrlters May Re
tlre at Flfty-flve.
Parls Is the poet'a carcer. so pop
ular lt not profltable ln Franco, to be
come a safe walk In llfc. assurlng Its
followera of a certaln subslstence ln
thelr old ageT
. The Society of French Pocts Is do
lng Its best to thls end. as tts offlcta!
gvzctto bears wltness: for ln Its last
number It may be read tbat the com
raltteo of thc society. ln conformlty
wlth the voto taken at the general
meettng of 1910. ls about to constltute
a mutual ald socloty with a penslon
It may seem aa lf the commtttee
had taken a long tme before actlng
on thls' 1910 rerolutlon, but the pre
cautlona wlth whlch tha French gov
ernment surrounds any prudenttal aid
society account for tho delay Tbe
stntutea of tho society cnact tbat any
French poet who producea a copy of
hls legal record, whcreon any crlmcs
for whlch he- has been prosecutod are
noted and nho payfl any annuat sub
acriptlon of i wlll bo able to enjoy'
a penslon after ho ls flfty-flvo years
Flrebugs Cost New York Clty $4,000,
000 a Year. Accordlng to
New York. Flrebuga aro coatlng
New York clty $4,000,000 a yoan ac
cordlng' to tho flre commUstoner,' Jo
scph. Johnson Tho commlssloner
opened an unusual exhlblt to lllus
trato that areon ls a rampnnt crlnr
ln the clty. due It Is allcged, to the
ease wlth whlch vatueless property
can be houvlly tnsured
Among the exhlbitB Is a acrles of
135 Insuranco pollcles totallng $127.
600 Insuranco whlch Commlssloner
Johnson says agcnts Bequrod on prop
erty valuod at only $3.96 Under
wrtters annwered tbls sonsntlonal
showlng wlth the declaratlon that
each new pollcy rpndpredi all prevlouc
ono vold, and tbat $50 could not have
been collocted
Tho commlssloner cont'cnds that
whothor or not that Is eo.Jnauranca
companloa aro woerully lax n thelr ln
vcstlgattons beforo Issulng pollcles as
compar.ed wlth tho caro oxorclsed ln
Europe He sald ono-fourth of al) tho
flrea ln New York clty wero duo to
Bevere- Inltlatlon.
ninnmfleld. N. J Becausn hn wn
shol ln the leg wlth the waddlng of a
blank cartrldie whlle belng Inltlatcd
Into tho Modern Woodmen. .lohn" Het
tel la sulng for $10,000 damnftao j
- Opie Rtad Opposed to Suffrage.
Pittsburg. Pa "1 ati opposed to
womjcn BUffrage The. world leaden
tinvo always been nmBcullnp In all
llnes governmcnt, arts and lettern
taSA Optc llel. tho CUGBaar
Profit vs.
Charlea Morria Cobb. Only child of Gaiua Cobb. Bom at West
woodstock. Vermont, Deccmber 20, 1835. Died March7, 1903.
Mualclan, writer, machinlst by trade. Alwaya very buay..-. "
They hauled him f orth f rpm out the drif t,
That cold December day,
Where he'd got stuck and fallen down -
When lost upon. his way.
He'd climbed the hill to f oxes. hunt
Amidst the blinding-snow ;
He was half frozen, east and lost,
And-fa'rther could not go.
They took him home and thawecLhim out,
And on his bed they laid him,
While wondering much if he supposed
Such huntirig greatly paid him.
'Twas hard to see wherein it did;.
And one did speak and say
To him : " How can it profit you -
To hunt on such a day ? " ,
Refrain : 1
Said he : Myfriend, you do me wrong
And underrate my measure.; ."- 1
'Tis not for profit that I hunt .
I merely hunt for pleasure I " .
Sure, he was almost tired to death :.
He'd made a " century run," " l. .
And never stopped to catch his breath . J
As o'er the plains he spun.
They took him from his fallen bike '
And laid him on a bed,
Then briskly rubbed his hands and feet ' -
And camphorized his head. . - '
An hour passed by of, hope and fear,,
And Death was driv'n a"wap; 'j"1-
His friends were standing by his s,ide
And one of them did say :
" Whv did he work himself.so hard
I hardly see how he could think
That it would ever pay. "
Refrain : -
Right there his friend then did him wrong
And judged too small his measure ;
, 'Twas not for pay that he did- ride :
He only rode for pleasure'!1 .- '
III. - ' .
- d?hey on a shutter brought him h6me,r
From off the football field ;x ;
Where he with skill and prowess great
His bravery had sealed- "
His eyes were blackedj his nose was smashed,-
His face was tramped upon, . '- '
With nearly half his hair pulled dut . - . . V
And several front teeth gone. . J
One leg was cracked and generally . . '- ?
Quite well "used up " was, he, . 1..;'..,'
And also very much fatigued '
And mad as he could be.
When coming off the f ootball ground
They met upon the.'way . . "X- -.' '
A stranger bold Who gazed at.fchem,'? y
And thus tothem -did. say 'j
" I cannot see what is the'iiSe" x - - . : -i "
To go and football play '
It bothers me to understand
How it can evei. ;iay. ,,..t
Refrain : ' '
Alas I -'tis thus we do them wrong; -;'" .
And underrate their measure';' ' . .
.'Tis not for. paltry pay they play, ; , s
. They do but play for PlrDASURiS !
. , " , - CharltEs Morris Cobb
Vermont. Koprint No. G6. Published.by The Spirit of the Age. A ;
For Salc by tho Elm Treo Press, Woodstdclc, Vt. .
Pennsylvanla Woman Well Rewarded
by Aged Man for a Deed of
Harrlsburg. Pa. Margaretta Jane
Brown'a Wndnop8 four years ago ln
holplng aa old peddlcr on to, a trol
ley car here nao won hor a rewhrd of
$8,000 Tho young woman. who ro
contly became Mrs. Ray M"ason Knnsel.
rscatred tn. her mall a ctock for thls
amount ud a. note addresasd "To tbe
little glrl -wbo.helprd me. oa a trol
ley car four, ycara ago " Se jad al
most forgottea, tho InclilpDt Tbe re
Ward was from Vnlentlne R Cortlas
Music Hall Bookings.
March 7, "Mra. Drigga of tho
Poultry Yard," by tho V. -H S.
Alumni AsRociation.
March 13, Streoplicon viows witli
l.Bi-ture, nunpifra if Co. Q.
.. .The 0vl rlith m reheaniiiig play
to'bo giveli Murdi.17. 't : s
March 20, Huwe'n'ihovinR picturo.
JuhB.2, 3, 4, .Avery-atron?it com
pany in repertoiro.
lu tho Towu hallt FiremeoV
Four-Horso Evener Arranged 8o That
No Horse Would Need to Walk
on Plowcd Ground.
In reply to a qucry for an arrange
ment of four-horBo evenor on plow ao
that no horso need walk on tho plow
ed ground tho . Fnrmorn Call and
Brcezo prlnta tho followlng.
Many throo-horso ovenors do not
ovorcome slde dratt. Tho power ls so
far to ono uldo that tho two horsca
push the tonguo over ngalnst tho ono
horse. Horo ls a romody for any nura
ber of horses on one sldo of tonguo
and one horso on tho other:
Put tho tonguo holo, or pull polo, in
ovenor so that tho length of shortor
ond wlll bo to tho length of tho longcr
Explanatlon: Dlagram showa evener
for three horses. Dotted llnes show
how It would work If extended for
flve horses. "
ono in tho proporUon ot 1 to 2, for
throo-horso evener. Or ln the propor
Uon of J. to 3 or 1 to 4 lf you have a
four or flvo horse ovenor. j
Fasten a chaln from short end ol
evoner to dqubletreo, whlch wlll bo on
opposltd sldo, and run a chaln from
long end of ovenor to slngletree. Put
ln push rods from contor of power on
olther slde to tongue, or lf there la
no tonguo from centor of ono powei
to ccnter of tho other powor.
Make Soll Loose and at Least to
Dcpth of Ten Inchea Work In
Well-Rotted Manure.
Horso radlsh should .b,o Btarted very
oarly in "the Bprlng. It conslsts of ono
large root from whlch sprlngs tho
crown and a largo number of Bmallor
roots. '
, Theso roots, small as a lojl'd "pencll,
or'larger, are .cut oft into lengths of
from .four to slx Inches and Bhould bo
placed ln tho ground wlth.. tho thick
cnd up.
Tho Bhould bo planted about three
Inches deep nnd the soll nbovo them
pressed down flrmly to prevent water
from reachlng them beforo they.Btart
to grow.
Mako tho soll loose and at least
a depth often Inches. Work Into lt
plenty of well-rotted manure. Sot
horso radlsh in rows about three -feet
apart and at lntervals of about 15 In
ches. Then keop tho weeds away from
them and the top soll loose with fre
quent cultlvatlon. .A row slx feet
long will supply a famlly wlth all lt
nccds. The plant will bo. ready for
ueo early ln the fall and lt makes Its
best growth then.
It ahould be dug lato in tho fall after
all other crops are off, the small root
topa rcmoved and stored ln sand ln
the cellar or buried ln plta ln the
ground untll wanted for ubo.
On Thln Soll lt Is Well to Break tho
Ground Prccedlng 8prlng GroW
Fertlllzlng .Crops.
If tho alm ls to gct dover and grass
on 'a thln soll it 1b often a good plan
fo Treak" the ground tho. .pf ecedlng
Bprlng ond to grow a fertiHzfng crpp1
'diirlng tho sunvner that caa be cultl
valed and then dlskcd into tho aur
face eoll. When cowpcas cdn be
grown thfiy aro excellcnt for thls pur
pOEo. On very thln land I have gob
ten tho flncst dover sod- in thls way
Kxpenslve way? someono askB. Well,
any .way df doyerlng thln soll wlth
a hcavy dover sod ls not lnexpenslvo.
I llke tho plan. The tillago killa weed
seeds and froes f'ertlllty. Tho vlnes
nre chopped in tho Burfaco before they
becomo tough, Tho humus 1b Just
where lt is necded, and tho soll ls
flhn. If one prefers,' rapo may be
sown the flrst of Septcmbor,- and then
tho land fltted for dover ln tho Bprlng
wlthout tho plow. Leave the vego
tablo matter at tho surfaco. Or, tlm
othylnay bo sown ln the fall, and do
ver added In tho sprlng. Or wheat
may be seeded and cclover- ln tho
Maggota In Wounda,
Should maggots get in tho anlmal'n
wounds, klU 'the pests by.a llght ap
plloatlon of chloroform. After the
wounda have been freed of maggots
and mndo porfectly clean, apply freely
a mlxture of one dram of lodoform
nnd Blx. drams of borlo acld, and rc
peat tho' appllcaUon two or throo
tlmes a dayl
Farm Operatlons.
The farm operatlons ot tho past
yoar; must hovo taught every thlnklng
farmer somo lessons that should be ot
vnlua to 'hlm in tbe future, lf ho wlll
but rellcct on them. It tvIU pay to
rocall .theso exporleliccs to meniory.
; .
' For Laytng. Hena.
t A aplendld 'mbtturo tor laylnff hcna
ls equal parts of cracked corn, wheat
ond oats, whlch should be scattered
tn the littor bo that tho hirds wlll he
compelled tfriairGwlfis by BUMbH
las- .
I S'J1 I '
p-JVl PU5M
Victims of Balkan War SaverJ
From Death by New Surrjery,
Wonderful Work of Doctora and
Nursei at Hospltal In Oolgrado
Men Shot Through Head or'
Heart Often Recover.
Belgrade, Bervla. The human Btd
of war, aa shown ln tho improvlsed
milltary bospltals of Delgrado, pre
sents many touchlng scones. Evory
achooi In Sorvia haa been ti.iucd lnta
a hoapltal. Here, whero thero aro a
great many wounded from tho battlo
ot Koumanova, and trom the Bkii
mlshcs about Monaatlr. not only tbt
schools, but every avallable bulldlng.
lncludlng the local barracks and a su
gar factory, has been tronaformed Into
warda wlth neat rowa ot whlto beda.
Practlcally every country ln Europ
has sont a corps of surgeons and
nurscs to tho war. Tho Untted Statea
haa dono Its sharo by contrlbutlng to
tho work of theso devoted Rcd Croa
tollers about $12,000 more than any
other natlon. The Burgeons aro all
grcatiy' lntorested ln thelr cases, tot
modern warfaro, with small, powertul
ly drlven stool bullets. prcseats' r
marltablo. wounda.
At the tlme of the Araorlcan Clvll wat
arms, and legs were lopped off by thou
sanda to provent blood polsonlng. In
these days cf antlseptle surgor then
ls almoot no omputation. Ono uoldloi
was ehot "through tho middle ut tht
flnger; hla whole flnger has boeo
savod. A number wero struck when
flring from lying posturo, the bultet
passlng through tho head, otralght
down through tho heart and out at
tho thlgb. The llvea of soveral sc
wounded have boen saved. It used tc
be consldered fatal to bo struck la
ncart or head. In theae hospltala there
are men who have beon' shot rlght
through heart or head and who wlll re
cover. Ottenr lt ls not consldered neo
essary to oxtract bullets whlch have
lodged. In tho body. Tho wound la alm
ply dlslnfectcd and allowed to heal.
Nothlng is more slgniOcant ot tbe
flnoj quallty of tho Servlan peasantry
thantno speed wlth whlch thelr
wounds havoclcatrizod. -The surgeons
aro amazed. and lay the phcnomenon
to pure blood, untalnted by alcohol
Many brought horo wlthln the laat two
montha bave recoverod, and gone back
to the front.
Ono of tho most Interestlng hos
pltals ls ln cbarge ot the Russlan
corps, ln tho local exposltlon bulldlng.
Koarly all tbe nurses bere are wornen
of good famlly, a number ot whom got
experlence in the Russo-Japanese war. .
Entor thls ward. Tbat blond young.
woman Ironlng sheeta near tho door ln
the corrldor ls tho daughter of the
Ruaslan ambassador. These are
wounded Servlan offlcers ln' horo. It
ls the vlsltlng hour. In Sorvia, It la
tho custora, to congratulato a soldler
who recelvcs a wound. In comes a
dumpy old peasant woman, her wrln
Itled face beatnlng. and drawlng forth
an orange from her clothoa Bhe toddlea
straight toward ono of the beda. wbore
follows a tcnder greetlng between her
and her eoldler son. Speak to thta
handsome young fellow.
"Yes. slr, I was one ot tbe C0.000
Bcrvlans who went to help the Bul
garlans around Adrlanoplo after our
own work was dono. I was wounded'
ln a sklrmlah ln the trenches. But
you should talk to tbat offlcer over
there. Ho tfl a major and a 'horo."
"I got my wound at Koumanova
or, rather, my flve, wounds." Hla faco
tlghted up wlth prfdo as ho spoke. "We
had drlven tho Turka back that. day'
and at nlght they trled to retallato.
Wo charged them through tbe dark.'
and'l was caught ln thelt volley. Tha"
Servlan offlcer, slr, 1b alwaya at tho
head. of hls men."
In the next ward are some prlvato
Boidlers nearly well. One fs playlng a
ruatlc flute and other are danclng
"kolo," the natlonal country dance,
wlth some of tbe pretty Russlan
'Here aro more sertous pasos. That
old man what Is be dolng horo?
"Yes, slr, I am n 'last defenso' man.
I was engaged wlth others ln the' re'ar
guard, burylng aomo dead, when a
band of Moslem vlllngora suddenly
fell upon us. I waa ' shot before t
could drop my spode. We drovo them
off. though. and they ran up Into tho
hilU." '
Upstalrs ls a large ward of Tnrkleh
wounded. Do not Imaglne becauso Ruo-!"
slan Bympathlei) aro wlth the Scrvlona
that these strlcken enemles get any
the worae treatmcnt On tho con
trary, it ls almost aa If tbe doctora
and nurses took a prlde" In belng klnd .
to theso vanqulsbed ones.
Mlnnesota Man Qeta Out of a Deep
Rut by Foollng HlaiHorae
Wlth Flre Alarm.
Mlnneapolls, Mlnn. Colnmbl'a'
Heigbts ls a euburb of Mlnneapolls
and for flre protectlon depends prln
cipally upon a voluntoer brgahlzatlon.
wlth Maudo and Dlck. a team owned
by Phll Staclc, to pull tho depart
ment's wagon to the ew flros. Both
horses have cotnq to know the tono
of tbe flre bell and what lt "meajia for
them. - - , . r'
Recently Btack waa bauj.lng aton
and tbe wagon droppsd into, sr' deep
rut Maude an'd Dtok rifustedL tn arow
the load Then RtnoV irtyi,r
plan nnd cnt a boy to rtng the flr
bcll. one btock away Tho result waa
Instantaneous. Maude and Olck yank-

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