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tr-Tiin T ITtii
Spirit of tl)c CxVjgc,
J lEitmbliihed 1840.
Snbionptoon Bates :
M jrear .. i 91.00
fUx month 60
Three monllu 25
tttogle eopiei 03
' Edltor nml FublUliet
Woodstock. Vt.. March8, I9i3
Tho Brattleboro Dnily Refnrmor
nppeared thia wrek, and it i pie
eenting tlio netvs of tlie atnte nnd (il
tlio world iu bright nnd nttiuctive
Afler. roo'ro tliim n contuiy of Nep
terabor electioim Vermont voiern
liav decided to eink tlio identity of
tbe Btuto in Ihe Novembitr innol
atrom. Wlien tlio penplo rculize
thut this moniiB n apecif.l Ftesmnn of
the present legiBlnturo to ruvinq the
Iihvh to fit tlie new dnto. hear tlio
howl go up Bennington Kanner.
Vermont may eink lior identity
tinder tlio new dispenmitioii, bnt if
the Soptember olection has heen lur
only clnim to dislinction, lei'n hope
thut the. Bt'nto. will grow nnd otlier
compol tho attentiou nnd inloi
est of tho outaido word. And in the
long run Vermont will buvo mouey
by tho chango.
Presldent Wilson.
Woodrow Wilson wn inniignrnt)
pren'ulent on Tueadny wiili n liule
more enthnHianm nnd a lurgcr.'invl'
of cbeering eitizena from tlie foiu
coriiera of this big niitinn tluin Iiiih
nver been n'eon in Washington on
airrilnr nccaaioiiB There wna no piu
tisanahip in tho tremendoua. wel
coino to the new pieaidont, the lender
of tho Deinoorattc pni ty uhieli now
comea into the mitiiugenieut. of tlio
various branehea of the governmpnt;
there in intereat dml eagerneBs in
Beeing what he will do ; nnd there itf
cnnlideuco in liiin.
Preuidont Wileon'a innugurid ail
dreua wau aurpriaingly hrief, n liuppy
innovation, sliom of polilioB, the
work of u atudent and n muu of
affairn as well, " Wo bIiiiII festore,
not destroy," Bayn the Preaident, nnd
hiB mefiango to the people breiithcs
thnt sentimont thronghout.
If there are ihoso who nre disnp
pointod in Preaident WilflonH fail
ure to any juat what lie i gning lo
do to Mcxico ; wheth(ir or not tl e
MiesiBnippi flooda are to lio atoppid
nl once, or jiiBt how he will prevent
further slideB nt Pannma, his eriiirs
m.uat remeinber that. na poveninr ( f
Now Jereey Iip necornpliahed lliins,
nnd pardon what they call n Inck'f
Twenty-four Cities and Towns
in Wet. Column 21 Last Year
All Amendments Passed
Elcction Cha'nged from Sep
tember to November.
Twerity'-four Vermont. citk'H nnd
towna voted ou TneHdny to lit'PiiRp
the siile of liquor, ntt ngainst Mvrnfy
one laat year, and the eight uiuoiid-
nteiitn to the atate ootiRtitui.ion uoro
accepted Iy Inrgo mnjoritieH in enoli
Windsor county haa two licciifie
towns, Bethel nnd, Reading.
Tho ainendmentK to the Ktnte con
Htitutioii woincarricd in every connty
exuppt in AddiHon.
One nmendnu'nt aholialicn Ver
inont'ti barometer eleution " in fcjep
teiuber and placea it in November.
nnd raaken the bii'nninl BPhnion of
tho logiHlnturea'lnrton tho firKt Wed
neaday nfter the lirnt M(mlay in
Jnuunry, iiiHteadof on tlio firat Wt.il
itfadtiy in October.
Anothnr nmendmelit npproved on
Tueaday mnkea it pohh'iIiIi; for the
Legifllntnro to pasa a workmii'n
t'otupenpntion aet.
The Loginlaturo horoafter will not
have powor to eonnnnlo (leath pco
teneea imposod by the courtH.
The citiea of Burlington, Rutland
and St. Al'-uiis voted lo rcniniti iii
the licenne column. Montpiflier n'
Barre contiime the np-licDime policv
by narrow mnrgina.
In Burlington Janies K . liinKti
the ' blackamith mnyijr." wjik h
olocted nfter n threo-cornered conh-xf.
defeating A. S. Drow, iepiilli'tni,
and E. .1., ThomnRt proj.i(w'ivf
Plann for tho . propoaed briil
sorcti tho Coniifcticut river betpr n
Norwich and Hanover ara taking
definito form. Studenta nf ilu
Thaywr Bchool of rivil encineeriiip
i Hanover liavo been collepting
data aa to the ntfitehire of the rivei
bed and bauka wJjerP tho piers uro
Wilson Tnkes the Oath Beforea
Vast Crowd in Front of the
Capitol A Magnificent Pa
rade. Woodrow Wilpnn wna inatigurntcd
on Tiieday, president of the United
StateB, nnd Tliomaa R. MarHhall v'u-o
pro-iflent nnd Di'inociauy ia now tho
voliicle of the countiy'B dcHtiny.
Tlio liirgent. crowd evor Becn nt au
iiinugurmion wntehed the ehaiige of
ovciiniLiit. from Repiibliean to
UiMnourntie liainln. It. in PHtimntPil
iluit tliore wr more tlinn 300 0(J()
people in town, and lliat more thnn
100,000 of thpin weio iiiiihhoiI in
front of the capitnl when ihe preai
dent, delivered liia short inaugtiinl
JntiicR B. Mnher, deputy elerk of
ihe Hiipiemo court, lipld n Hible
whiuli PrPHideut Wilaon liiHRod nt tlio
UOtli Ppalm, veiBPa 43 to 48. Tlio
preaident thon delivored his innugti
ral. Thoso who heard him deljver it
were rapt nnd nitmitivp, npphnidcd
nfteiier 'linn in IIiocmho willi most
inauurala, nnd iipplnuded moat fre
qnently nt hia refprencpn lo the
uti'pasity of obiainiiig Riiciiil jnslico
Tlio gren.eKt iipplnuan enme for the
parnurnpli in whieh he Hiiid :
"Thia ia not. n dny of t.riumpti ; it
ia n dny of dpdiriilinn. Ilero miibtpi
ii'it ihe fnrceaol paity, 1 1 1. thefori'Prt
nf hiimiinity Mpii'h hi'nrta wnit
npou na ; nii'iiV livcB luing in lln
lialainre ;' men'tt In h;s c:i 1 1 up'iii iaio
ay wliat will lo.
('iinui'MlnIntinia I'ollmvi'd-and x
Piraidpiit Tnll haid : "1 winlj ymi n
itiiti'PKHftil ndminiatrnlion nnd ihe
L'arryiiig out of yoiiruima Wo will
lie behind you."
Mr. Biynn wna ihe firat to graaj
the luiud of the new pruaident.
Josiah Pogram on Referen
duming. Woodstock, March 5, 1913.
Mr. Editor : Bcliovin' in dreams and
omcns, I fclt I must writo you as a
warning to otliers. I went to town
ineetin' convinced of the beauty of thia
yor referendum. I seo moderator
Eaton aud clerk Simmons staggerin'
along witli what lookcd like a couple of
lour-foot cord sticks done up in paper
on their- shoulders, , and I woridered
what they vas lupgm', so I followed
'cm into the hall and found they was
proposals for amendmenta to tho con
slilution. I hef ted one of the pilcs and
it hnd some heft, and it struck mo that
it might need a tcam to haul the truck
xi 1. nn von nrtm n-r n rr n I n ' Anrl Itinn T
read over the list and wondered whero ' cnnseo anu moveii 10 mcr new
in thunder 1 should put my mark, "Yes" : bome, loi merly owned nnd occupied
or"N'o." 1 didn't know any more about by bei grnudtntlier, Ilairj Shedd.
tho final action of tho blamed thinga On Feh. 10, 1913, she went to
than a hen does when it istrying fo get ,,ostii:l ,0 ,)MVe Ko(ue recent co,)1lJ().
Out of a garden where she don't belong. .. . , , . ,. .
Thls doubt followed mo home and 8,t,"ns Pblwlifd. Sbe b..d com
Elviry.-Elviry is my vife.-saya to' P"Sfl sevenil songs. One, "Per
mc, says she, "Josi, didn't the meetin' h ips,"was ptiblisbed in 1912. Huvirg
go right.?" Now I think a heap ofreacbed this bigh m.irk in 'piiino
Elviry, and she don't ask things for , piyi,ig by ber own merit, she was
curiosity, and so I told her my doubta. , ",i;ffinir
..w.. E. " t
fheyEay "ccnfessjon is gocd for tho
and went to bed. And then I had a
dream. I thought I was a Chinee in
thisyer new republic where wimrnen-
voto and they referendum everything.
It seemed io me that they was a town
meetin' and wc was locked into tho
boot.hs till wo refercndumd the atuff and
made our crosses. I forget whelhor
they was 600 or, 5C00 volumes of 1000
pagca cach to read and referendum ;
but I know wc was shut up six months
or more. Tho boys would come round
outside and tell mo the newa every' day
or twoiyon their way to High school,
and so I had a little diversion between '
wtdin' through them volumes; but Ij
feltmydutyasa referendumertoread;
everv word. and na readin' comea bv
every word, and as readin' comea ,by
naturc, and me not particular gifted it
tock some time to spcll across the pagc.
Olio.day tho boys came round sobby
and tcary and cried out that Ma wna
dead. Great Ebenezer Jones," says I
in Chinese, "and me locked in to read
these volumes I " Tho constable came
and said he would lct mo out for the
funeral; but I thought of them old 1
Romano who shot their sona with
vu '
r.velvcrs when they didn't behavo, and
I said I'd be an old Iloman too. He said.
aomothing about an "old fool 1" but Ii
dkln't mind, Elviry bein' dead. So I sat;
woodpapcr till I couldn't see to read;
bt I hurnpted it up and kep ahead. I
Abouta month nfter this the boys
carno round and said tho -widdcr
Spragueses hens had got into my bedof
sweet peas. Now l'm like Mr. Mac-
T ... ,
Elviry's death and being away from
my motherlcss little folks for months;
but I couldn't stand them hens in my
SWwt. I1MR Hrt T llAllnrll fnv flin onn.
stablo to let me out, and him not com- I
injf quick enough I began to smash j
things nnd pound the dcor. Then he
came fast enough nnd begp.n to shake J
ma so 1 wokc up anu iouna me sittin up ,
in bed and Elviry "Wake u ,1
Josl. wakeupl" And thoro I waa safo
at home, and Elviry wnn't dead. I
gathercdlicrup and says, "And soyour '
not dcnd, Elviry 7" And says ahe, "Wot
quito: bnt yeu nearly kicked mo out of I
bed." Andsolwiite this as r. olfemn I
warnin' against havin' aiii-thing to do
with referenduminjt.
lii, t
fff k
rheyEay "ccniession is gocd lor tlio J ,
soul," butitdidn't"helpmoamite, and,H,ul K"''b'r caieer as a co.v
r bothered over it after I did my chorca ! vvben "C ur Allwise Gotl" call
1 . v A A T - I I. ...... 'NT........ ...t.,.r.
Again there is much sickness in
town cnused by bnrd colds.
Mih. Ella Faneuf lias pnemonia.
A harVcst of ice was tnken from
Albert Sberburne'B pond last week.
Bernice Cross wns in Windsor
Fricby tQ.aee ber motlter.
Earl Hiirrington went to C. D.
Hnzun's Monday, begtnninjj his
yenr's work.
Ilnrry Harrington dislocatcd a
wrist one dny last week wbiie sliding
on the ice. He went last Mondny to
spend n few days witli his sistcr,
Mip. Floyd Clevelaud.
Mins Persis Uuwittand Persis nnd
Ilcvvitt Moorc are in Wnshingtuu,
D. C.
AU nnd Mis. A. P. Clifford
received a, messnge from Artluir
Uiiw- Tlmriidiiy, saying the little
grnndson wns dangerotislv ill Mrs.
Clifford immedintely went to jack
sonville, but the little bnby dieil
Fiiday. Mr. Cliffoid went down
Sntiirdtiy, nnd on Alonday he and
Rtith brougbt the body here (or
blii ial. Mrs. Clifford will remain
'forawhile witli ber datighter, who
luis not legnined her health. Thia
sudden death hiis east a gloom ovcr
onr comniuuity and many nre the
henrts that ache for the lonely
paients and otlier.near relatives.
Chna Slit-dd, wifeof Cliailes W.
Hackus, the basso siugeriind lumbt'i
king, iind d.'iuuhter ol the late
Ljndon A. and Sophi.i (lloward)
ishtdd, passed nvvay nt the Hoineo
pathic hohpitnl in Hoston, Stmday,
KlI). 23, follovving ao operalion
Fi-biuaiy 21, tiued 42 yearsr
Mrs. Hnclais was born in Ilartlnntl
Sept. 9, 1870; passed her girlhood
here nnd attendeil the public scbools.
Ilaving inherited an umisually rare
nmsical 'talent from botb parents,
slie went to Hoston when quite
)oung to studv piaiiofortf, and for
aixteen yenrs studied with tbe best
'teacliers tltat Boston offered. After
the first few years, she gnve
ii struction as well as studied,
atteiided tbe best conceits nnd
mnsical lectuies; in thia wny coming
iu toticb with the world's best musi
cal arlists. Eacli summer vacation
she spent with her paients, tlms
sprending abroad ber ricl'-tyiiicnl
inlliiL'nce -Ibrougb the puf)iif'vvh(
come to ber from time to tittie.
In 1905 sbe was mnrried to
Cliailes W. IJnckus. Forn time they
made their bome with her parents,
but iollowing the denth of Mrs.
EM118 Uilliiigs in 1910, they pur-
J .
1 1 1 iwnt. 1
ed her
bome. Never of robtist licnlth, she
hnd biavely boi ne as it seemed moie
t,,.m R,)ilrB ()f ,,ufen,1K, but
wondetfttl cournge nnd foititude
enablt'd ber to jise nbcve biiiiiiitt
nilnii'iits anlpicsson iu her musical
sludies, nnd until a very short time
previous to herdeath sbe wnKgiving
instriictions to pupils each dny.
She is siii vived by her luinband,
ber mothei,- a .sister, Mrs II. B.
Kctclium, a uephew, aud two nieces
ot Allinmbrn, Cal.
Tlie fnnernl was held in tbe
lNit.tlist Episcnp.d cliuicb. Feb.
L ... .....
20, nt 2 p. in, Kev. VV. 1'. liill
oflicinting. The body wns plnced 111
tlie receiviug tomb.
Town officers elected Tuesdny:
Modeintor, J. II. LoVelniid; cleik
H t . .
"eiiMiiei, v.emKe .viCSc..K.:. ,
sr lixtniiiii, H. A. Lyinan; lisleih,
Roynl Cook, one year, Geoige Pat
trell. thiee Venis: niiditois. Geome
Aiken, R. C. Olds, . F. Jidinoon ;
gi.md jurors, L.-. P. Sargent, Chir
v.muihi, "onc.s, 6co..o.
director, P. A. Root ; ' qemeteiy
coMiinisMoner, ). 11. Clotid; rond
cfimniiMsiiiiier. D. C Wbee er. oVet-
rhltvr ,)f .. I hoinas A. Cusliman:
, ,. . ,, .... .,,..,,1 .,.,. ..,..,,
ngent, . 11, L.oveliiiul. lax voted
!'$2- Licensu vpte, es 14, 155.
I '
In Hartland. March 1, by Rev. P. W.
Hill.Millard White and Mrs. lvy Clark.
d' CS?
nier. atred nine dava.
;n Woodstock, Februa.y 22, Alfred
Davld, son of Mr. and Mra. Goorgo
Sandoreon, eged aoven montha.
" 1
o. l t. 1 - a - 1.
State Pui'CliaSing Agei)t
0 , , . . . . ,
Qovornor l' letpliiir Iiiih nppoiuted
Deputy Stute audilor Duivoy l Han-
Joy, of Espejc, aUito iiureluainu wgont.
Subatantlal Waaon Jack Easlly and
Cheaply Constructod at Home
Dlrectlont for Maklng.
A oubstantlal handy vranon Jaok can
easlly bo mado at homo, says the Wls
consln Agrlculturlat. Cut a block one
toot squaro from oound l1 to 2 Inch
atuff, and aet into a block ot 2-lnch
stuff 9 Inches lilgh, nnd 9 inclios wlde
at tb'o base. Mako a raortiso Jotnt.
Cut out two uprleht.pleccs from lVi
Inch stuff, each 4 lnchca wldo and 3
fect long, and screw them fast to tho
block mortlsod Into the baso. Seo
that tbose uprlghts rost solldly on tho
baso, so that tho vrelght o'f tho wagon
will not bo borne by tho scrowa. Put
In a block "2 lnches thlck to Ueop tho
Home-Mado Jock.
dlstanoo at tho top of tho uprlghts.
Uoro threo or four threo-quartor Inch
holoa at dlff erent holghts, 'threo inches
apart, to tako tho lever pln.
Mako tbo lever about 4 feot long ot
strong, durablo 2-lnch tltnbor, and boro
a holo for the pln tho lower aldo, 9
Inches from tho largor end. Tho other
ond la drawn down and ahapod to form
a linndlo. Small bolta through tho
lever each sldi of the pln will provent
splUtlng. A chaln attached tb tho bot.
tom of ono uprlght, and hooked Into
the lever, will hold tho welght of .tho
wagon ln any posltlon deslred.
Seed of Plants Whlch Produce Very
Deltcate Qrowths May Bc 8own
on Ltvo Sphagnum Mooa.
Molsturo and temperat'uro should bo
carcfully consldored when sowlng
seed. Do not uso boII whlch will not
allow of perfcct dralnago and at .tho
sarao tlmo hold molsturo. Puro B-nd
and leaf mold, or a good pottlng soll
mlxed with whlto sand will glve a
good soll for sowlng seed.
Seed of rhodedendrons, lcalmlas and
orclildu, whlch produce very dellcato
growtho, may bo sown on llvo sphag
num moBB. Heavy, coarso soll will
never produce good rcsults, as necdn
uaually rcqulro a much Ughter soll
tban tho mnturo. plant
Never drench your Beod beds or
potB, as that will weaken even sound
and strong seedu. Water thoroughly
enough to uiolston tho soll through
out,'a6"a.jnolst surfaco with a dry sub
soil Is an evll. Bceds should never
be allowcd to becomo porfbctly dry.
aftor .they havo onco etarted to
Qood dralnago ls an ossentlal polnt.
A layer of broken pots placed ln tho
bottom of the pot or bed ln whlch tho
sccds aro started will. bo found a
great ald to dralnago. Do not sow
ln decp boxes or pots, as tho shallow
"fiats" requlre much less-"nttent!on as
to dralnago.
Work Up Flne Seed Bed by Doublo
Dlsklnn In 8prlng and Drlll In
8ood Early as Posslble.
Tho preparatlon of tho land fo:
barloy varies wldely with tho locallty
It ls best adaptcd to tho cool, molsl
condttlqns of tho north, but may be
Buccess'fully .grown anywhei"e ln' thc
Graln belt, wrltps P. II. Damaio ln
an exchange. Where it is made a maln
crop lt will pay to pJoW tho land prcf
orably ln tho falh. ,Worl( up a flno
seed bed by double diak'ing tho land
ln tho sprlng and drlll ln tho seed aa
early an pocsiblo.
In tho northcrn zono of the corn
bolt barloy can bo eown aftor cora
In thls caso the land can bo double
dlsked ln tho sprlng, harrowod down
and tho seed drlllcd ln. Sprlng barloy
also grown to somo extent ln the
corn belt, oftcn dlBplaclng oata. In
thls case the abovo preparatlon of soll
and sccdlng will securo the best and
most cconomlcal results.
Tho machlnery requlrementa for the
barloy ralsers vary with tho locallty
In general; howover, any raan. rnlslna
Bmall graln should have a good dlsk,
a plow, a smoothlnc harrow nnd 0
Horse's Teeth.
Qulds of grass, finely ehowod and
rolleil togother, found lylug' about ln
the horse pasturo are tho rosult of
troublo with tho teeth. No horse
should bo ponnltted to go untll his
teeth havo bacome so uneven.. Ilorso
owners should mako lt a practlco to
havo tho tooth of all tholr horaoa, of
whlch thoro is any questlon, oxamlned
and carod for by a capablo porson.
Colc) Weather Lnyera.
As a rulo, licns that lay stcadlly
durlng the cold weathor aro lndlt
foront hot weathor Jayers.
Vegetables for Hona.
Vegetablos aro great for tho hona,
especlally when they can't got gretti
fecd ln tho flolds.
Wlnter Ecnc.
"Wlnter csga do not cordo by nhance.
It takes planniag and work to get
them, but it paya.
Farrowlno Sows.
Tho sow, llko tho dalry cow, should
not bo too thln at farrowlng time. For
somo time prlor to farrowlng sho
should have somo food rlch In aeh, or
recelvo somo bonomcal dnily, and
havo occess to wood asbes aad llruo
for tho framowork of Lho unUorn
Good Investment,
.It ts protty roto lnveatment to put,
mouoy Into a good dalry oalf or helfer
ct any time, provlded of courae, you
can g(vQ bpi- ipc rlht klnd oC cai-o.
Clubbing List
A113' one of tlifc periodicnjs;
in the followinp; list will be
vsent with Thk Agts -for; oiie
1 ve'ar for. the ruuj no ted after
each., , "
- Mirror artd Farmer' ' '$ 1.55
t -.rQoton Post, d'aily 0.55
jfr.tN'o'w EiiRfaiid Homcstead 1.80
Boston'Ev'onlng Rccord JJ.00
DpHncnlor and Evorybody's Maga
VzinoorWoman'BHomo Compauion 2.90
Boston Herald, dnily 3.75
Ilecrention ( . : 2.50
St. Nicholaa ' 3.50
Outlook ' 3.75
New York Thrico-a-Week World 1.65
New York Tribune' Farmer 1.50
The Age gives all the
local news of the Oounty
and State
It has opinions; it is ! 5:
well written, interest
ing, ancl is wldely read. 4!
lt has excellent miscel
lany, good stories. You .
will fmd it a welcome
visitor iii your home 53
tixixes a year.
ELM iliEE'lUiES&b
lt Can Btf Used to Rohforce Con
crete Structurcs.
Cemcnt Posts Water Tanks and Pln to thia court in vVriting, by the Admin
Trouahs Will Bo Stronaor lf Plecen. 5?.t?r" w,,th w S""ed, praymg for
ir K.ecco-
of Old Machlpery Aro
ln When Molded,
Buy up tho old
Uo salca riext
rolnforelng your concreto atructurea.
hucu articies as old buggles, dlscard-.
ed machlnory nnd Junk pllea uaually
are eold at the flrst bld. Thl3 matorlal
makea good rolnforelng for concreto
corner posts. Comont poate aro be-
coming popular, and thoro la a great
domand for rfilnfnrrinir mntnrini nt
soro and a nulsanco about tho place,
can bo UBed to good ndvantago. '
Tho Buccessful farmer of tho futuro
wlll uso much cement. Ho can mako
watcr .tanka, plg troughs nnd slinllar
stationnry articies about tho farm so
u in
a miioi. mi,i,,,jr.m..
A rolier can bo mado of cemont for
about what tho frelahOwouId cost on
ono shlppod from tho manufacturor.
Get a ahatt about two inches ln dlam
cter nnd ono foot longer than tho
longth of tho rolier, nnd build a form
01 ono-incn uoarus, usmg oiu wagon
iu. hnn.. t.. u,. i
Btructurn ia tlrmlv minnnrtnit ln lm
middlo to prevont bulging; old mow
lng machlno whcela whlch will flt tho
shaft may bo usod for rolnforcemont,
and will ald in centerlng tho shaft ac
ouratoly. Old lron from tlio junk pllo
may bo usod ln tho rolnforelng lf
thoro aro not enough old whools at
hand.' After tho form is arrangod tho
addlng of cemcnt is a Elmplo.inatter. A
proporflpn of about ono part of co
mont' to threo parta of sand ls recom
raonded. Crushed' rock, or" hnrd cln
dors, may bo usnd to roplaco two parta
of tho aand. Aftor tho rolier is fln
lahcd tho framo and hitch may bo
bullt according to tho materlals, and
the IdeaB, of tho usor. Tho hitch
should bo placcd o to tho welght
w.lll bo removed from tholfongue. That
wlU provent soro necks on tho horscs.
Dynamito had to lio .iihpiI to hiouk
mi ice jnm nt. the iailiond luidci in
Wallingford S.iimday. whfii RoiuinK
lirnok i.ert. ilH lied nnd ovei fl.neil (.he,
railinad t rfjck U'jtli nix inehea f
vjiter,, Tn4T tiaiuv fur f tiinc,
iron, SOld at thO PUD-. rhnro-on nt TwlTitnfatrr,!, - A ft.l 1 ' ' 0' L" 'U 7-3 "
sprlng, and uso lt in nmramt nf nmnnni otnt tt, .it,,. i iiii'I-wetk pt'six ev , meetinu nt 5.10
iii. imL
- . ' PIR'I'illNTING
. Estate of Mary'A.,Regan.
District of Hartfoi d sa S o r a'b 1 o
Probato Court for the Diatrjct afore
said :
To' tho hoirs and all persons interested
in tho cstato of A5ary A. Uegan, late of
Barnard, in said District, deceased,
Whereas. annlicatinn hns honn mnrto
iicensoandi authorfty to sell all of real
! estate of said deceased, for the paymont
tion of the real estate
Whereupon, the said Court appointed
and asalgned tho 10th dty of March,
iai3, at the Probato Ofiice in Wood-
atock in said District, to hear and de-
cid? uPn said application and petition,
anu oiercd public notico thereof to be
F'ven to all persons interested therein,
wceka successively in tho Spirit of the
Ac, a nftwspaper which circulntes in
tho neighborhood of tfiose persons inter-
cstcd in said eutate, all which publica-
tio,,ls SBJ' V PrevJcs to tho day
Rssigncd 1 for hearing.
Tht'refore. vou aro herobv notifind to
appearbofore said Court, at tho time,
und n aco" assicrncd then nnd thpr in
s,VtVrn,,tf . I.ncA ,"e" -;Vje" IV
tho granting of auch lieenso, if you see '
causo. I
Oiven under my hand, at Woodstock, '
in Paid District, this 13th day of Feb-'
r, , r. xi
Frcd'k C. Southcrato,
Chlcltcn Coops.
lt ls a .good tlmo now to mnlro n
fow chickon coopa that aro sure to ,
..uuueu net Bprmg ana so navo
fnnM ...... .1.. . . . I. n ... . . 1 . . 1
i.ui lutAUjr WUI1LUU. Uljt a IOW
good packlng boxes from tho storo
and carcfully tako them apart; then
chickon coops, putting on a pleco of !
patoni rooung to Keop them all Bafo
anu ury; and ir a coat of palnt Is put.!
on so muoh the bettor, ns it will mako
thom quito ornamcntal scattered
about tho grounds, and they will last
longor, too.
The Compost Heap.
A fow old fenco rails, bullt togother
in a squaro in the gardon, will hold
all, tho rubblah that is fit for docom
posing. Add to lt tho weeds from tho
gnrden ond momiro and all oahca
from tho houso. Pour tho wasb wator '
ovor lt and allow it to pack thorough-;
ly. It will bo of valua for next sprlng :
whlla lt concentratoB' now all. tho
.waato reftiso and provoiitB tho hona
from roa.VMu.Hng t aaln.
. j, -
1 01 ueuia ana cnarges 01 adinimstration, '"K h 10.30 11. m. ; ftiimtav
;settuig forth therein tho amount of j.ehuoLut 12; . S. C. E in 3 p. ui.;
WoOuStoc, Vermont
DEPOSITS JAN. 1, 1913 $2,033,885,00
SUI1PLUS 178.263.74
TOTAL ASSETS ?2, 232 154.31
F. S. Mnckenzia Charles II. Maxhnm
Henry V. Walker Willinm S. Hewitt
Wllliam S. Dowey Frcd'k C. SouthRto
i Charlcs P. Ghapinan
Thia bank is iiow payini; 4 por cent.
interest on deposlts.
Deposits made during tho '.firat ten
daya of-Jnnuary and July draw intereat
from tho first of thcso months. Ucposlts
made during tho firat fivo daya of othor
months draw intereat from tho firat of
tho month.
Intercst will bo crediled to depositora
JanUary 1 and July 1, compounding
twico a year.
" Tho Vermont Legislaturo has repealed
tho law restricthifj depoaits in any ono
savings bank to ?2000.00. Thls bank
can nby pay iiiterest on individual do
posita of any amount nnd all taxea will
bo paid by the bank. NolhinR will bo
rcported to the listers for taxation.
Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent
Lntent Mothoi'H of Emtmfming
Niht inlla promptly aitfmled to.
Woodstock - - Vermon
Sunday Services.
" UniveisHlist Rev. H. L. Canrleld,
pastor; moi'iiiiiK service at to.30,
Sunday hdiool at 11.4;.
Connregational , Rev. Uenjamin
Switt, pastor. Moimnpf berviee at
10.30, Sunday sclrjul at tt.50.
Yonn l'eoptu's Snciety of Christian
.Eiuleavot at 7.30. Thui'sday evening
piayer meetiiijj 111 7.30.
Mcthodist Episeopal Rev. F. T.
Cli.uk, pastor. yeivice.. Suiul:tv '
Pie.icliinjf, 10.30 a. m.; Sui'idf.y
scliool, 11.45 a n, 'l'hui'sday
"prayei meetin, 7.30 p. 111. ; Sunday
ev'eiiiiii; muetiiijj;, 7.00.
Catholic Kev. H. . Maillet,
pastor. Mass at 1 1 u m. ; evening
service at 7.30.
Services will be lleld the sccotul
hiicI to'urth Siimlay of each nojith
at ViIngf hall, CJuechee, at 9
o'clock, and at Barnard, at the
town hall, on tlie seeonn Sunday
of eacli month at g o'cJocU
St. j.imes Clnii'ch Rev. R. Le
Hlnnc Lvncli, itctnr. MuiniiU Prayor
and .Scrmoii 10.30 a. uv lliv Com
nitiiitoli 011 first Simdav iu the iiiouth
nitcr Morniui; I'r.iver. Sunday
School at noon. Evifiiiug Piayer
and sernion 5 p. "m. All are
! u,- r o r;,h.lt"', Kv. ii, K
, l,,ll,P'. Services Jsundny. Preach
Chris iaii P.mtoi, Rev. E, R.
rtS- TP.r.vt. Mflri.t3
ilc!:lr anoriiilu our o:t;tlMii fruo iptlir r.
Tcntlna Ii llrnbl''l7rnlotlhlo, 0(t'iiiiii:'il("
i3virlMtWrriuliloiilI:il. llllij:1nx cnl'nf ut
:iit fnQ. iMf'i-st itjrnlN'if furnii'iiili.'?t..;iloim.
!ji!ruru tuUcn tltru'ita Alumi tt Co, tMoslv
tcitil UQltct. nlOiout ohnrnv. la tlin
uut ti.-o. i(.-t npmi-rturMAu,
:'nn;"fu tuUcn i!m.iJa mmi it U
A liftnrtsrmtrijr tlluMmlnd WpnTdjr. I,ftrfirOBt olr
culai-lon tif iinr 9rloIlUn louriiiii. 'jV'rmn, u
rcrr? rotirmoutlitr(l. fctola lyull iwiwotlcalijr'V
WM & Co.'vjcw Ycr(
brancli omco. (SSVBt, 'Wcsblnuton, U. C
Guy Piitnain ot West Wardsboro
received 29 No. 6 fliot in his fnce
Tluirsduy wltlle iiihbit luliitin with
rb other men.
lt is.siiiil tlie criiy.iu"iotis dissases
wl"cli.have Jjeen tllictiiig lluittle-
' e nuaimg;- uovvevei, in tlie
hiSf vveelt
one C'lse of (lii)li thci ia
repoiteil; 12 eases of miiini),
nine of, vyhoopiii; couyli, one of
scailnt lever miil one of eiynipelas.
A falliuir tree , lcillnl - Willinm
Col'-m.'iu, a fcnier lesident nt
WJiiiinfjluiin, in iiowe, Mass, He
wns 47. years ol,
., ;
The 307 pnplls in the new n-hool
butldiiur nt SvViiufon maiciu-l ont i.i
... t , .
one nlntute. emht seco.uls, .at tlietf
fjrt ft e iii ill last week,
11. 111.

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