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The People's Rights A Representathe Ecir.ccracy TlieUnion and the Constitution Without Any Infractions.
'0L. L NQ. ..OLE NO. 4499.
urcau Report Tells Thelr Stand-
ing in Eclucalional Work.
Scme States They Acpear to Have
Almost a Monopoly of the Hlgher
Pcsltlons. In the Publlo
School Syttem.
Washington. How women havo ad-
nccd from the educatlonal rnnks to
e lilfihor admlnlstrativo posltlona In
o puhllc schoola la revcaled In flg
cs Just complled by tho Unltod
ntcs uureau of cducatlon. Four
ates Colorado, Idaho, Washington
d Wyomlng havo women at thd
ad of thelr atato .school Bystema,
d tliere aro now 405 women county
pcrlntomlcnta tn tho Unlted Statoa,
arly double tho nuraber or ten ycars
o. '
In eome statea women appcar to
vo almast a monopoly of the hlgher
sltlons ln the publlo school system,
yomlng has a womnn stato superln-
ndcnt; tho doputy atato superlntend-
t Is a woman, and. of the fourteon
untles In tho stato, all excopt one
e dlrected educatlonally by women.
Montana. where tlicro aro thlrty
untiea, only one man Is reportcd aB
ldlng the poaltlon of county super-
The lncroase ln the numbcr of
mcn county superlntondenta la
tost consplcuoua ln the west, but 1$
t conflned to that sectlon. New
rk reporta forty-two women "dlB-
ct superlntendenta," 88 agalnst
elvo "school commlsaloners" In
00. Other statea showlng marked
creases aro: Iowa. from 13 ln
00. to 44 In 1912; Kansaa. from 26
1900. to 59 In 1912: Nebraska. from
to 42 In the samo perlod: North
kota, from 10 to 24: Oklnhoma.
14 In o'nly two Etatcs ls a de-
ease reporte.d; Tcnnessoo had 9
1900 and only 5 In 1912. and Utan
s one lesa tlinn n decade ago.
Wlth tho advanccment of women
the admlnlstratlve branth of edu-
tlon has come a demand for wompn
local rchool boarda, and thla de-
nd has becn recognlzed ln many
mmunltles. The followlng clttes of
p.OOO population or more report one
re women on tho school board
w yotk. umcaco. uieveiana oan
nclaco. Mllwaukeo. Washington
ianapolls, Rochester. St Paul. Den
Columbus, Wo-cesier. Grand Rap
Cambridge and Fall Rlvor Manv
aner municinaiitipc nnve ndnntpd
dca. ln commentlng on the factn
head of the bureau of educatlon
ys: r
Tho ImDortant nlace nsslcned tn
mcn ln Amerlcan eduratlnn has
come so usual as .to PKdtn little
mment ln rnis etiuntrv: vet Ampr.
conditlonB ln thls respect are
reverso of those of most natlons
Is nrobablv flnfp tn nnv thnt fn nn
er COlintrv ln hn'nnrM nrn fhpro
many women proDortlonallv as In
Unlted States: ln fact men tench
greatly outnumber tho women In
st Euranean rnnnfrlna "
fforta are hpfncr mttrfn ti tha
vy aopartrcont to ascertnln thp mat
bulldlng the two fuel shlus author.
oy ine mst naval' approprlatlon
The cost not to exceed-Sl.l40.nnn.
ch. that thpv ali n II 1 hs t,,,m '
y u V. UUIll n .
vy yardo. and that on nf hpi
all hp bullt lt n nf.w unrJ
CiflC COaSt. Ipnvlnc 11 rilinMllnn
- . .1 111 U II II V 1 1 V
tll tho nflVV Hntnpfmont - ...1.
rd the other nhnll l.n o.....,..i
....Lin ok n iidi
Wlth a VlPW tn niKortnlnln. .-
Of CCn8trUCtlon Bt thp fllrrnront
vy yarda tentatlvp nlann hnv h.n
ouf Tho cstliuate from Ihe
W YnrlC nnvt Vafrt la . .t '
froni the Mare Island navv vnrii
llfornla. and tlm n n VV rtanarfTnnnt
7 aeclde t6 huilrl hnth nf tho u..
rd. flnwpvnr na tft ntiL.M
. tW , coiiiuuicr
"6 not banpn nn nnfAfnntli'f Awim.t
PPlementnl hlrfa
Mon to bulld one o the vess'ela at
vork and the other at Mare Isl
d. The vessels wlll be tank( Bhlps,
vlew of tho lnci
el In ahlpa of war;
uie colller Juplter, authorlzed "iri
p. ana in which Is belng Installed
.penmenia. purposaaa system of
l!ctrlc drlvepropellIng machlnery. ls
--i vuuBuuguQn ar inare island,
a Is a little rivpr ft?
eted. Thls vard alm hna inn
enced the conatructlon of two, gun
ened for uso In Chlnese rlveri
t IS Predlct6d hv nirhnrrl U
son. tho naval constructor, who do
gned the new battleshlp Pnnsyl-
-. iuhi me Dattleshlps builf ten
ars from now wlll have such a draft
d BUCh a lonirth n tn nrV.lhlphnl.
t rvtiiwii lutii
tering any Amerlcan port save' that
" toric. and but fow of any oth
country. Warahlps ten yeare henco.
Saya. wlll hn nn 1M kn iu.. .m
I - - O KUmj Will
r ar5ly ablo to squeero through the
ui mo 1'anama canal; that la.
fiey wlll be little lesa" than 1,000
i iuub, aDout loc feot beam. have
araft of about 36 feet and a dlsplace-
Pn r nf n . . . ' . .
ew York hprbor la the only -harbor
unuea atatea thafwould admil
ShlD of thnan ri.on. i 1
nere la not a drydock, not a coallns
ki. '
j uju uj cflra rnr a nnir
aiio. u means that harbora
- -jv- v fc-u uGGuuwru awu
Mhnn . -i . .
s Imvp t3o feo tociwused 1D
Hope to Unravcl Sccrcts of Eas
tcr Island.
It la a Queer Little 8pot on tha Qreat
n, rr J..- ,....
From tho Noted Pltcalrn,
the Nearcat Land.
Two rccent oventa havo revlved lia-
tcrest ln und promlao tho flnal olu
Hon of a myatery that haa puzzled tho
world for 200 years, or at leaat alnco
iho Dutch navlgator Jacob Koggoveon
dlecoyerpd tho trlnnglo of land known
aa Baator Island, on Eaater mornlng,
1722, 27 degreca nnd 30 mlnutes south
of tho uquator, 2,000 mlleB from South
Amerlca, and 1,400 mlloa from the
nearest land, Pltcalrn Island.
The .two facts that may provo the
lceys that wlll unlock tho accrots ot
Eastor Island aro the Balllng of an ex
pedltlon ln an auxlllary schooner
yacht fltted out by tho Drltlsh mu
scum, as an expedltlon of research
ahd lnvo8tlgatlon, ln chargo of W,
Scoresby Routledgo, and somo lato
conclualonB by Prof. W. E. Safford of
tho Unlted Statea departraent of ngrl
culturo. botanlst and ethnologlat, who
haB traveled ataong tho Isles of the
Paclflc and also ln South Amerlca to
traco poln.ts of Blmllarlty, lf thoy exlst.
between tho as'yot unaolvcd eculpture
nnd untrnnalated language of thls 42
squaro' mlle8 of land nnd the inonu
ments and pcoploa ot Peru and Do
llvla. '
On thls blt of terrlfory have .been
counted 550 sculptured' Btatue'a, cre
ated upon cyclopean masonry, accord
Ing to tho latest bulletln of the Pan
Amerlcan Unlon. Also thero are etone
houses. somo more than '100 feot ln
length, wlth wnlls slx feet thlck. bullt
llke forts. There aro tablct8 lrr a
strango languago, -terraces on head
Innda, wlth wall towc'rd tho- sea, some
tlmea 30 feet hlgh and m'ore than 200'
or 300 feet long. On the land Blde or
the terraces aro largo stoue pcdeatals
for the lmagca.
Most of the efllglgs and lnscrlptlons
are cut from rough solld Iava. Forty
aro Insidc the crater ot one volcano
and outtldo aro aa many more at the
foot of the slope, where they were
placed for removal to dlffo're'nt " jilat
forms. Somev platforms meaBure only
three or four feet ln length. whlle oth
ers are elghty feet ln extent. The
largest is In an un.nlehcd Bta'.o, ir
erected upon Its pedestal It would
Btand Beventy feet In helght. The
smallost flgure is but three feet hlgh
All are of tho Eamc grlm, frozeu-fncod
typo. wlth tho head long, eycs closed
under" hoavy brows, nose large. low
brldged and vcry broad.ot the nostrtls,
the upper llp ehort and the lips pout
Ing. iii moat Instnncea the head tilts
backward. Tho l'ower part of tho face
la broad and hcavy, but perfectly
forined. Ears are long antf pcndent
Tho shape genernliy ends at the slioul
dera or waiot Jhe expresslon la pro
foundly solemn, dlsdalnful, ru'dely pic
turlng BUpercIliouB s'corn.
One of tho raoat remarkable fea
turea of tho myatery Is the faot that
only onq of these Imnges st&ftds In
tta ortglnal posltlon upon a platfonn.
All the others were throWtTdown
Tho viork of these anclents stopped
Euddenly. But wljy? For two centu
rles thlf queatlon haB rcmalned uii'an
Wob It the nrnntlnn nf n vnl.
cano tbr,t did it? Somo of thd larKeat
of the lmagca nre burled to the. uecl;
In ashes and fragments of lava.
The rccordcd wrltlngs of the race ot wdrlt of rcpalr much lesa than it
stono artlsts is cut into wood'e'n tab frculd ailpcar fromthe pr.esent dcmor
,let8. Thelr alphabct, worda and' Ben-. a-1 Izecl appcarance,
tences. slgniflcant thoughta. are ex-. 1
pressed by plcturea or men( nnimals
and vnrloua- gcometrlcal dcslgns.
To read. a pago In thls supposedlv
rasclnatlng rccordcd thought, provlded
you had thc lextcon, you must rpad
jrom lelt to -rlght Then you must
turn th'j wooden page upslde down
' and cor.tlnuo to pcruso from left to
Vlght Then agaln must the srudpn '
Inrert hla tablei, reading aa bofore.
untll tht: screed ls flnlshed.
Proferror. Snfford. a man of great
learnlng has mado tho tntereating dls
covery ihnt the language of the leas
than 200 Inhnbltanta today ls -tsen-tially
Folyneslan and llko that of Ha?
vali., Nearly nll the worda In tho lan
guage spoken by the natlves could. by
obssrving certaln flxcd laws or
"chnnges, be converted Into Hawallan.
Some of tho gods havo the eame .
names iib tho anclent Hawallan godd. '
nllhough'tho Islands are separated by
2,000 mllea of water. Contrnry to the
thcory of others, ProfeBsor Safford b
lleves that tho handful of prcsont-daj
Inhnbltanta aro the dcscendants of tht
anclent lava carvcrs.
Eastpr Island, wlth lts burled yot
vislblo mystcrles., now belongs to
Chlll. whlch, haa dlscovercd cerrmo
nlol Bcepters.clubs, idola of atono and .
' hard wood wlth eycs of glaasy -vo-canic
rock andshell, ceromonial pad
- dloo. featuro head dresses and sraall
clubs for beatlng the bark of papor
mulbejry trees for tapa cloth. j
Held Dead Man Negllgent. '
In Morso vs. the Conte'erclal Trav
elera Accldent Associatlon tho au
preme court of Massachuaetta had bo
fore It tho case at an accldeqt Insur
ance company whlch refused to pay
a pollcy tfa the llfe of n' person-'drown-
ed whlle canoeing i ne iacw anowed
that the Insured had contlnued on a'
Tlensure trlp on a lake In a hlsh wlnd
whcn persons famlllar wlth the loca-
tion had warhed him of hls danger
nnd when no other cnnoes were- out
ThP court dpclded that - the Insured
voluntrrlly exposed hlroself to unpec-
essary dangcr and v,3a ncellgeat and
Withstand Cannonadhirj of thc
Most Modern Guns.
A , . . ,
Amerlcan-Owned Storea In the Busl-
and Other Modern Bulldlngs,
Bhattered by Shell Flre.
Old SpanlBh archltecturo whlch haa
defled noarly four centurles of earth
quakes, agaln haa proved lta valuo.
Closo examlnatlon of tho damage doue
diirlng tho days of terrlflc cannonad
Ing ln tho Clty of Mexlco shows thnt
even tho most modern guns do not
raalco great hendway agalnst tho
heavy stono Nvalla whlch typlfy most
ot tho promlnent bulldlngs ln the
Mexlcan capltal. Much grcator datn
agp was dono tho modern edlflces.
whoao thln walW barely turned rlllo
Llttlo real damage was dono tho na
tlonal palaco, whlch was the target
for tho heavlest guna Gen. Fcllx Dlaz
had In hla possesslon. Tho grcator
part of thla masslvo cdlflco, whlch
prosented a faco G75 feet long to tho
dlrect flro of the rebol oatterlea, wbb
bullt durlng thi tlmo of Cortez. It
has becn added to ln tnoro recent
yoara, but tho. orlglnal plans were'
closoly followed.
Tho walla havo an averago thlck
noss of ten feot. Tho roof la flat and
offered a poor target. Qreat shells
and heavy cannon 'balla expended
thelr mlght ln valn agalnst thls long
gray pllo of Aztec-hewn roclt. 'Splln
tered Btono and a great coat' of dust
found jthelr way lnto ovcry nook of
tho ahot-tortured structure, and Bome
projecdlcs entered through wlndows
and skyllghU, but a fow thousand
pesos wlll cover tho cost of oblltern't
Ing from the palaco all slgns of tho
rccent struggle.
Lesa damage was dono the mu
nlclpal palaco, whlch forms anothcr
boundary of tha .palaco squarc, or Zo
calo. Dut down 16 de Septlembre
Btrect, whlch lcads from the Zocdlo
toward tho Cludadcla, tho arsenal
whlch sheltcrcd the doughty rebels,
tho loss ls much greater. Thls ls tho
dopartmcnt store dlstrlct and tho blg
French'dry goods houses. wlth thelr
easlly damaged stocks, were not ln a
posltlon to eEcapo loss from flre and"
(lylng debrls. Bmploycs of these
Btores stayed ln the bulldlnga, and, at
the rlsk of thelr llves, extlngulshed
the flrca whlch otten followed the path
of a Bhcll.
SeireiBl of tliolargesc-aernran-hanl-ware
Btores aro In '.thls dlstrlct. whlch
was swept by the dlrect flre between
the Cludadcla and the palaco. The
Qcrmans control tho hardware busl
dess of the republlc and most of the
Btores ln thls sectlon of thc clty do a
wholesale as well as retall buslness.
Mlll'ons of dollnrs' worth of gcods
were stored lnvtheeo houses, but the
nature of the stocks prevented any
great looa.
Amqrfcan-owned . Btores are scattered
through the buslness dlstrlct and suf
fcred along wlth thc others, but the
greatest loss, ln nearly all cases, la to
tho' bulldlngs, w'hlcii, for the 'moat
part,""are owned by Mexlcans.
Practlcally all of the lmportant
bulldlngs crcctcd durlng the last dec
ade havo stecl framcs, whlch suhp'ori
cdncrete.' brlck or atono walla. These
walla offered little reslstance to Ihe
..r.rtillery flre. Uut, thc stee'l- wqrk vas
little damaged, whlch wlll makc the
He Was a Gentleman.
A Euclld Hclghts caf ono of thoRO
horriblo ones where you havo to slt
ivjth your feet ln thp alsle was lum
berlng along Euclld dveniie yoste'rday
aftcrnooh. aays tfie Cloveland' Plaln
Dealer, . A vcry hands'omc and pollte
young man entered dt East 30th
rtrect. The only possible place to
Plt down was at the sldo of a broad
lady who was trying to occupy a
trholc soctlon.
"I beg your pardon,' smllcd tho
young manf -"Is thla seat occupled?"
"Yos; Blr," answercd tho wldo lndy.
wlth a baby .atare. ' "I am keeplng lt
for' a gentleman."
-"That'B me," grlnned .. tho young
man, alldtng Into the seat "How dld
you know what I wast''
Mcrely an Incldent,
Tho leathery faced man In - the
sraoklng car was reading a nowspaper
and chewlng tobacco.
Suddcnly ho leaned torward,
Then ho hesitatcd, and' east a rapld
glancq at the advertlrlng carda striing
along on both sldea ot thd car.
The partlcular card ho was looklng
for was not there.
lt had boen taken down.
Stlll-bo hesitatcd.
Thero waa a pollcemvtt slttlng wlth-'
In three feet of htm.
The pollcoman leancd forward.
Then the man who waa chewlng to
bacco declded that ht ran no risk.
Ho dldn't hcBitnto any Ionger. ,
Agrlculture de Luxe.
1 "Do you thlnk that tho -farmor is
moro prosperous than ho'uaed 106?''
"I dunno," replled Mr. CorntOBsel.
'lt looks that way. but as a malter ol
fact most of the farmers havo sold
thelr land to clty folks."
-i r
Mltaken Impression.
'.'And what la. that .man -runnlne
ifor?" asjced young Mra. Torklns!
"Ho is trying to get- hdme!"
"Dear mol. How foctl he csuat ba Cff
Great Transformation Wrbught
in Bank Notcs.
Equal In Beauty to Those of European
Countrles The Slzo to Be Much
Smaller and All .Wlll Be
Vcry Artlstlc.
Washington. A great transforma
tion, moro radlcal than anything tf tho
past, wlll bo accompltshed ln the pa
por currency of tho United Statea
when tho. new Ibsuq ln all denomlna
tlons, rccently declded upon, ls put In
to clrculatlon. Tho notcs wlll bo
smaller, much smaller. They wlll be
backcd ln evory denomlnatlon with a
dcslgn rcgarded as tho maatcrwork of
Kenyon Cox and as tho last word In
.artistio development of papor cur
rency. Amerlca enthroned between Peace
nnd ProspeVlty three draped feml
nlno figurea and Labor brlnglng hla
products to Proaperlty aa n glft to
Amerlca, and Peace dlapatchlng Mor
cury on a mlsslon of commerco to dls
trlbuto the commodltlcs of Amerlca to
the world, two addltlonal partlally
draped mascullno figurea, tho wholo
without background of any sort thls
Is the group that Kenyon Cox has
Tho dcslgn has been accepted by
the Unlted States. -There ls not a
slgn of a dollar mark or any value flg
ure or Iotterlng except tho "U, S. A,"
that oppcars under tho central flgure.
Tho flne, arts commlsslon lias ap
pro.ved the deslgn. Tho secretary ol
the treasury has dlrected the bitreau
of engravlng nnd printlng to begln Oie
work of engravlng the plates. More
than a thousand wlll be needed
Whllo tho back Is to appear on notcs
of all denomlnatlons, only the dettgn
for the faco of the one-dollar blll haa
Kenyon Cox.
oeeu accepted. Thls bears the portratl
3t Washington ln miniature, tncloiied
(n a mcdallion, Wlth no other eugrav
ing surroundlng It exccpt the bordrr
)f tho note, a slmple dcslgn ln sc'roli
work, wlth the value In a clrclc nt thr
lojver corn'er. Other paat- presidcnt'r
portralts aro to adorn the notca oi oth
ar denomlnatlons.
The new notea wlll bo Blx IncheF
long by two and a half lnchcain wlilth
Thla la about two-thtrda the dl.-nen-ijona
of the money'now ln clrculatlon.
"The new money wlll look as paper
monoy ought to look," accordlng ln the
Jeslgnor, "teated by modern stnnd:.rds
of artlsti'c taste and practlcal.convenl
inco for handlln'g. It Is genernliy
acknowledged that pur Amerlcan, .cur
rency ls clumay ahd antlquated ln
stylo, aa, comparcd wlth that of Kuro
.pean natlons France and Englund,
"Forelgn bank notes, aa q rule, are
economlcal ln slzo, ilno ln texture and
slmple, though wlth elegance un-J dlg
alty, ln the plctorlal deslgns prtntcd
upon them. These aro qualities w 'llcli
Qtilnsty characterlzo a great nation's
currency notv a mazo of complicated
latho work'or a tanglo of meaninglcs&
Bcrolls, or large Burfacca of hoavlly
sbaded engravlng, such na la ordlnarl
ly put ln on' a portralt plate pf a llne
reproduction for black-and-wuitu print
lng of the etfecta of an oll palntlng."
Mr. Cox ls espcclally pleaBe'l that
alljtho oClclal featurca of tho bank
noje, all numberlng, letterlng and slg
najurcs wlll be on tho faco of the blll,
lenVlng the back a clcan Elnte for the
nlfcgorlcal deslgn. All precautlons
agalnst counterfeltlng, ho conaldera
arp safoly entruBted to the bureau ot
engravlng nnd printlng.
Tho flguroB" wero Btudied from rnod;
oii. Amerlca was drawri from u pro
tcaolonal model who haa flgured in
othr.r.) worka by the artlst. The model
of, Merciiry was hls own flfteon-year-otl
son, a tall, sllm, good looklng
Mr. Cox does not regard hls deslgn
al rpvolutlorihry or lco'noclaatlc. A
cnhtst conceptlon or a post-lmpresslon-lit
flgure would havo Justlfled- such
Itlclflm, but bo conslders hls work as
iol conuervatlvo even in tho novelty
thnt lt extends to the new money ol
o Unlted States.
It Haa Often Happencd.
A man maylack forco and still go
prnugb e torttioa wlth coosidcrable
There ls a
Model of
Recorda Are Kept to 8how Suppllea
- Uaued and the Dloposltlon Made
of the Materlal Abaolutely
No Food la Wasted.
West Polut'a famou'a kitchen la tho
Becrot of tho ruddy checka, tho up
held heada and brlght oyca of tho
iturdy young cadots, tho Housekeepcr
asBcrts. An cntlclng menu for brcalc
tast, dlnuer and supper ls dally tur
olehed at an averago cost of 61 centa
per day por cadetl Tho Cl ccnta a
day lncludea bcsldcs tho toodstuffa
tho .wagoa and bcard and sorvlco ror
Ofty-six help, ".tho tablo linen, chlna.
pots and pana, brcaltago and wcar and
tear and laundry, overythlng eave
rent for tho bulldlng, llght and heat.
. Tho averago housokeeper struggllng
wlth lncrcased prlces wlll lnquira
wearily "HowT"
Well, West Pqlnt doea not do lt by
economy that ls, as economy ls gen
erally understood. It buys tho best
jf overythlng, and serves overythlng'
In unllmlted quantltlca. Stcaka servcd
are Blrloin or porterhouse, roasts are
prlmo rlbs, buUer and mllk are the
flnest tho market affords. Of course,
tho lnstltutlon galns an advantago by
purchaslng ln largo, quantltlcs.
The cold a'torago rooms runnlng off
on all sldea of tho main kltchcn al
ways boast n full supply of meats, but
ter, eggs, vegetableB and frults, whllo
tho dry storago rooms hold a Btlll
grcator supply of dry fooda. Usually
thero Is at least $15,000 worth of food
on hand. But the savlng effected by
buylng ln largo quantltiea Is negligl
blo when compared wlth tho Bavlng
effocted by good management.
How many housowlves lcewp nn ac
count of wasted food,' of spotlcd food,
of damago dono to pota and pans and
West Polnt records show every day
tho suppllea Issued to Btoward, "baker.
chef, peelcr. They noto Ihe food
epolled and condemned and destroyed.
Its welght and value, the wclght and
value of all wastage, tho wear and
tear on machlnery. the bruakage of
chlna. An account of all food is kept.
an averago' of the cost taf the day'a
ratlons. The record for i:crvice is
also carefully mado out. Wlth flfty
Bix help the'servlce for thd cadotmcs3
la costing 9 56-100 cents a day.
Thls saunds, ln ordjnary phraseol
'ogy, Hlco moro. hathor than -11 lB-.worth.
But thls cnormous kitchen has but
threo men to run it and one Is fro
quertly away on army buslness. A
Fet of carefully planncd record carda
and two small bcokB comprlsc the
bcokkccplng suppllea, and lt t.akos tho
rergeant In oharge but n amhll part of
hls day to kecp thlngs up to date.
And such records bfeed thrlft. They
rhowrd that. West Polnt was uslng too
much' biitter. The ofTlcer ln charge,
a'pt C O. Estes. and hls aBslstant,
Sergt. George D? Kces, put thelr heada
together'to decldo upon rcduclng the
rupply, They wantcd the cadets to
liavo all the butter they deElrcd, but
they thought the umount used enor
moua. At that time the butter was
nervcd ln larpe lumps on a platter and
ihe men helpcd themsclviia. Theii
ihe ofTcers had the butter cut In the
kitchen. but - the dlshes proved so
faulty that much tlme wns lost- The
market was eearched for a sul'ablp
dlah, but hono wbb found. S6 these
army offlcera, recogqtzlng' an emerg
rncy, deslgned a dlsh. had lt made' of
'In, found It successfui, then had lt
mado of chtnn. The butter la cut ln
tho kitchen Evory man . has nll he
wants. But West Polnt la savlng $341
a month on butter,
When Wllllam Faversham ,went to
llve in hia prcsent sumnisr iiome la,
England he had some dlfnculty maklng
hls employes.understand that a magn
could bo a gontlemanand worH at the
same tlmo. It was a shock to thom
lf ho wanted ,to drlvo a nall or bow
a pleco of wood,
"I was not only-a- m'ystery to thc
nclghborhodd', but a poiltlve scandal,"
states Mr Favcrcham, recalllng some
of the nmuslng expcrlenccs he had be'
foro the nntlves learncd hls yays-. A
Crlerid ono day ovprheard thq follow
ing converEatlon whlch took place bo
tween two of my gardeners and two
of tho stable men of a 'blg top' who
Uved ncxt door:
" ' 'E halnt no .gentleman,' the sta
bleman sald. 'Why, 'e wbrk) . '
",'Yea 'e hls,' sald my nian,' e'a ol
a good famtly. I know - hla, mothcr,
But Amerlca haa Bpolled him.'
" ' 'E inay bo of a good famlly,-' Bald
tho Etcblcman, Btlcklng to hls guns,
'but 'e'a a throw back.' ( I waa llke
Eome of the early barbarlc mombera
of the famlly, ho mennti"
Safiguardlntj the Youpg.
A clauBQ in the guvernment meaa
uro for the rcform ot tho crlmlnal law
in Gcrmany and tho eatabllshmcnt o,
spoclal courts for juvcnllo offenders
provldea chlldren who nro publlcly
chargcd wlth sevcre mlsdcmeanora
wlth tho Bcrvlcea of advocates or aa
slstants. For the lattor appolntmcnts
women as well as men nre ellg'iblo,
and fcratnlno ldfluenco wlll thus not
bc entlrely shut out from thoso courta. j
Tho Oerman courta wlll dlffer from
thoso already establlshcd ln Auatralla !
and Amerlca, aB cpeclal jurles drawn
from stato. school teachers (who arp
otherwiaa exempt from thls duty) and
othor ninlo persons who havo flrst
hand knowledge ln the tralnlnc ot tho
vAU b? hn
Tem$e Court at Kumbum
Thls Is a vlew of the Intcrlor court of the great golden temple at Kum
bum, northwcst Chlna. The ccattered boots seen are east off by the lamai
when they entcr the bulldlng for servlce. Thls famous monastery la sltuated
on thc bordera of Tlbet and Mongolla and as a centor of Tlbetan Buddhlam
It raiiks little below the great monasteries at Lhasa and 8hlgatae. It I
Inhabftcd by some 4,000 la'mas and its abbot la consldered to be tho rlncar
natlon of Tsongkaba, the ealntly reformer of Tlbetan Buddhlsm.
Tho "Had Lands" of South Dakota
iontaln tnany "strango rock freaks.
Iirgo rocks aro balanced on little
Mies; plllars- wlth slngular looklng
2apa aro seen: other rocka aro eaten
'iway uutll thoy reaemblo honoy-
combs; mushrom forms are common.
itid a great many rocka' havo dlstinct
faclal exprcsslona. Such pecullar
forms, when presentcd ln tho niany
jplors, whlch dlstingulsh tho "Bad
iands," and accompanled by the al;
most universal Bilence- whlch per
vadcs tho rcglon, are Imprcssive to o
degreo. Tho rock shown ln the pho
tograph haa been called Wagne'r'a
L'ap, as havlng a rcsemblance, from
some vlewpolntB, to tho cap wlth
whlch the famous composer, ln p.or
ira lts or marblo busts, la usually
rrownedt Wngner's Cap Is 8ald to
show, from vartoua anglcs, soven dlf
ferent dlstinct outllnes of human or
animal faces, ln tho strango and curi
ous shapes assumed by tlie rocks in
thls dlstrlct" tho Indlans found -a su,
pernatural lnflucnco nnd many' are tho
e.xplauatory myths.
A Cheyenno (Wyo,) man, whlle at
.tomptlng to drlvq a bull to pasture the
other day, ln some way angered the
animal. aad was cornered in a corral.
Hq -wds astrldo a horse,' but was un
able toescnpo Tho bull pressed him
hard, and' to' save hlmsolf' he lenped
from hls saddlo to Uio idnlmal' back.
Then began a serlcs of plunges, but
tho rlder's cow punchlng days -stood
him ln good stead, as he clung to the
anlmal's shaggy mano. One of tho
rushes brought him closo to the fence,
and the man leaped from the anlmal's
back, golng ovor tho top rall as tho
anlma started to -goro him.
i'eer Ancient Doveeote
Of. unusual form and great interpst to antlquarians la the, eld. doveaU
here plctuicd. It star.ds In tl.c villr.ge of Wllllngton, England. four mllM
from Bedlord, and detes from the rcign of Henry VII. The Bedfor AM
club lo taklna ctcos to prcservo the anclent lufititns ff ffrfj
A blrd was recently tho means of
Bummonlng a doctor to tho Scottlsh
malnlandt to nttcnd to an tnjured
man. A carrler plgeon conveyed the
news that an accldent had taken place
on Allsa Craig. Almost at the aamo
moment as tho lo'ok-out man at Oir
van, Ayrshlro, sbme ten mllee away,
had notlced the flame tbe usual' klg
nal that a doctor ls rcquired--the plg-
eon arrived wlth a tnessage, statlng.
that a man had hoen badlv lnlu'red.
boat wlth a doctor put off at once,
and it waa found that a. laborer em
ployed by the AllBa Craig Oranlte
company had tallcn down a cltfX.
and had been eerlously tnjured. The
man left thCL-workmcn's huta for the
purpose of collectlng blrds' eggs. and.
as ho dld not return. a soarch partr'
was .qtganlzed, and be waa found ub.
conscldus ot' the bottom ot a cllff,
wlth hls lega badly injured. He had .
laln where he waa found all nlght. lo1,
a torrentlal ralnstorm. A numberot)
carrler ptgeons aro kept and traln'ed
on the rock bo that .urgent mesoaKOB..
may bo sent to tho malnlnnd.
A hollow Jog sunk ln the Forked
Deer rlvor, near Humboldt, Terin..
fpi-ma one ot the most ' efllclent Bab 1
trapa lmaglnable, and for many years
lt has ylelded L. Draper and J. U.
Honderson, ncar whosa farms lt ltf'lo
cated, all tho flsh they, cared to uso
and left some over fof thoir nelghhprsw
Recently they took flfty-four pounds
of catfleh from tho log at ono hauU'
ono welghlng thlrty-alx pounda and
another elghteen pounds.
Messrs. Draper and Honderson
clalm tliat they ar'o"nrlo1atlng no 'antl
trapplng gamo - la,w in taklng flah
from tho hollow, log, as they jdtd not
put lt ln tho rlVer and aro not to'
blame for tho flsh gettlng lnto tha log.
"As llttlo senea as a donkey," U a
favorlto exprosslon 6t contempt; bnt "
sometlmea thd four-foptod creature. - i,
shows lntelllgence. far greater' than'
tho twcfooted speciea. There' ' !' a- '
donkey at Larcdo, Tex., WhOse dally ' "
porformanco ls entltled to spoclal men- - ,,
tlon. The donkey Js attac'hed to a wa
ter cart, a two-wheoled vehlcle uticd ''
by Mexlcans to peddle water amotig -tho
homes of somo. of thelr, country- -.r
men. It la drlven acroaa a' rall'road
track about ten UmoB oach day and
each time as lt neara tho.ntrackntho
donkey stopa and braye voclforouBlyv
No amount of persuaslon can get the
animal ncross tha track- untll it 'baa'
stopped and given notlco to tralna on
the rlght ot way that lt la comlnr.
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