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Editor and PobUthet
Woodstock. Vt.. April 5. 1913
Ndgtibbr Wilson.
Preaident Wilson has chrwen Cor
niab, 1. H , tliat Mummer abode ol
geniua," forhiif vacation p;nind,aii(i
liis Woodstock nciphbnra, sixtren
xnilea away, will wish liim all the
jojb to be found in Iiis qniet retreat
nnder the sliadoir if Awntney, or
more pupniarly, ' 'Culhey." For tbr
Cornish eolonTnts aro shy, retiritu
folk; they ahriuk from pnblirity
they vrould tbe plagne. aud tbe
nultured people i the world nf ari
aml letterK arelikely todn theirleref
beat tomHkeanuuasnailahlp fortreto
of Lamlli.nl Witiston I'hurchiUV
Ilarlakeiiaen llonse Tbere will Iu
no stopover at Windsor, where yon
cbauge for Corniah. if they hnve atn
inflaenre with tbe railroad people
Tbey are very stmng ou bpcIokjoii.
Tbe C"nii8li colonv Incluiles a
notable fimup of aulhortt aud artintp,
beginning. tiay, : vritb WinMon
Cbntchill - px-candidato for jzuv
ernor of New f Iampflhire ; nthera are
Percy "Mackaye, Kenynti Cior, Nnr
man Hapgood. Petar F. Dunne, aud
the bmthers St. Gaudena lired aml
vrorked tbere for' roany yearn.
President Wilsnn ih a writer.toe.
nf things hepidefl iuaiiiind mer
sagea ; Iie tvilT be In congcnial ram
pany, sale from jnvnfuon. A happ
snd rcstfu! hcliday to liim in tlit
bush and tbe' goldeu gaze of Ioft
Cornisb !
Vermonfs Advance.
Vermont ia redomiuantly.a xural
and agricaltsral state, aud ia pmv
ing luai llie aesignation js nci
8tigtna," raysRaymond Q. Fuller iir
the Uuetos --Transcript. Mr.. Fuller
trntes wilb eirtbuHiam of what Vei-
moat is doing, of ber canipnign ol
eelf-educatioH and ita pmgress, ol
nrbat ia beilig "done to belp tlit
farmer, of the Jieed of real farnieis
aud the BBeuace" of abesntee Imid
lurdistu tbe dounfry-'Iife movenit-nt
i not belped by tLe inromtng ol
vpor or ricbwbo are not farm
fjudod aud of tbeTarioua praciical
Ueucies at To'rk for rural renais-
eauce. .
In tbe last ten yeara Vermont lias
faat outgrovrfr Iradilional fnnning
metbcds, wjjicb lrd not . pay ; tb
state ia devoling- tnUcb energy ui ita
Bcboola, 'and, tbe jfew cbandoned
fatms UiaU.wcre -j-ealty guiug t;
ecououiic' vraste are.beiiig roade to
produce Scientif agriculfural
knonrledge -ia heiu", popularized.
liRoeBaiti'atett and'jtpliefl. Tlif
iarmer is not tbe menace it nuce tvas
Tbo ieleplio'&TBj llio rural free ileliv-
ery, tbe pjrwjl piiBt. befler niailsund
tbe antoinubile- bae belprd ln van-
quiab it.
Tbougb.tbe couutry cauiiol lival
tbo advaalages of the. city.it cau
adapt advaatages runsislfiit wilb tbe
country couditfona .'and'it can learn
tuat tue Jaud cfiera ubuuuant oiipor-
tuuity fof the 'wcerclse of a man'a
hest porem.nd- for ndequate Gnan
cial retHres. .. - .
The cotuitfy-Hfe moTfineut je
quireA lcplers, ei.lhnmasm, organ
izatioii ; and wbt orgaiiizatloii cas
doia very welf ' Wi'owu hy tbe renidt
of tbe aciivities ia Wyidnor aud
Bennington coauiien in tlie pa-t Jetv
yeara; artdotfaefet-tioiiBof tbeatate
are bgiujtng jturk aUtjig tbe eame
linen wttli eiunUr eJitliu1asm and
succehS. . z'
Tbe couutry life nmremciit ia not
a back-to-lBe-land movement. Tliat
is tbe reeult of a rity prol leni
JSeitlier tlie aubarbauite nnr Uiecjty
msa who buys a farm for a country
restdeno' ts participating iu -tlie
country-life miivernent. Iti not the
prolilee? nf ulmudoiirirjnrinji, 5!ost
alumdofied farnii. tbink.n tlie wrjter.
oaxbt to be absndntied. Moreorer.
Hot all unorxapifxr'laud goet to
w8te; it groira ap in tjinlir. Fer
tlier, tbte mnt pnxIifctMe laud icinU
to )aAiiito tbe JiantfH of the Wb.
can cultirate it ogt ffBc-ii-i.tlr.
Amnnj; tbe agencic of wilia.
tiou is-'JLjtfe .kj. ,wbicliv, U tbr
elerin? fwsc , of c.in!ry life nml
the forfitn""of iUf ronntry peoplt
Tbe cliTWk t-.lrixmiujK niore aridJ
iBore aa,MMQiti(naI afi'xir. Tlio
wider o tlii'library. plaut mrann
in Verwtmt tljitSy tbe tntreliujr
librari vrburh jjo ioto llio feW cibi
asBnitira wa-K-k di Hottave IlbrancH
ot theif own
A. work in Windsor County ia re
rnarkablo in ita methods and renults.
It is known all over tbe "Uniled
States. It vttut tlip Windsor County
Y. iL C. A whinh planned and man
aed tbe " Vermont Get Togetber"
dinuer at White River Junciion in
Jane, .1911, an evetit . vrhich gnve n,
great pmdi to tbe State's forward
High School Notes.
This nreek tbe make-up exami
nutions havo been beld for all ibow
irlio failed to pasn tbe first ball
year'a work or who were absenl dur
ing tbe regnlar examiuatinn.
- Tbe ReaMin'aljasetiallttelipduIehap
tieeii mmpletetl lij' Unnager PauJ
i'be Gret tno gainesare to be playpd
i t I.ndlotr aud Lehanu, bo tbe Giei
liomogame will liann II ny 10th wiili
(tandolpli Agricultiiral St'bool Erii
Brady i cnptniu f tbe tam
Tbe Fresltmnn so:ial ihi Tuesilay
rfninjr wm an April Foi afTairaii'l
'iinrh fnn vns euj-'yed during ib
cv-ai"nni. Quite u nuniber of tlie
'lumiii were prent
ThxrJnnk c-ontest rlntMs! Tuesilay
ii fi :Ir'k. Ab yet tbe reultR buv
not bee'H diRclostKl.
Ou Fridar nfiernonn at tbe tneei
iyu nf tlie Allieueuni llie Rtv 11 1
C'lark pave a mi intreHtiii;, belp
fnl :nnl iiinplrin talk ou "Reading"
and Booka."
Tbe Juiiiiira vrill Iinld "a fuod uale
in tbe Arta and Crafln rooni on
1'iieRfluy nfiernm-n. April 8 All
kinds of ffMnI and rnndy wiil Iie on
There wnn excellent speakinsj at
the men's meetinjj hcbl alUnion ball
Sumlay afternoou, County Secretary
A. C. Hnrd, Rev. Henjaiiiin Swift,
and Rev. F. T. Clatkc makinf; brief
jiddressev. '
Mrs. Wilmer Shsttuck - lias re
turned from thehospital.'
Miss Eva Greaves is visitine hei
itcr, Mrs. H. W. Stetson, 111
Otford, N. H.
Hcnrv Hoisington has mnved into
the tiyemeut recently o'ccupied by
Hcrbci t Newton.
It is rrpotted thal A. C. Walkcr
has rented the . Artliur Jo&selvn
The fugar houseovrned bv Valen
tine Tsiylor was butned Xuesilay
Alr. Mne WiUon is vniiting'her
duiitjliter, Mrs. Clinton Howlmnl, in
Mtss Aniie Harrington aud itairy
were in Hanover last week.
Mrs. Guy Bairows is in the
bospital and is ainitjf.
Mrs. M.irk Mudgett-and chiblren
returned from Quechee Saturday.
Mrs. Jobn WhceleiTvho lia been
.pcnilnif; a lew davs with licr
motlicr, went back to Betliel Mon
lay. Herbert HatnngUiu and faini y
liavc inoved to Hartford.
Mr. aud Mrs. Floyd Rcgers have
ln-fii sptriiding a few days' vacation
tij Keene.
Artliur Pcrry is now in communi
c.ttion with the neigliboiliood via
Misr Ella Itrownell is bome from
Smitli collcne, MisR Josephine
Dana, from Randolph lligh and
Jobn Dana ftom U. V. M.
- Ar W. A!drich of Springfield in
spending two or ihree days this
wcek vith Jobn Dana, and togetber
tlicv are lookinj; over so.ne of the
Jerst-vs iu this town and Hartiord.
Mr. and Mrs. Millaid White have
leased Mrs. L. W. SmitlVs fenement
and iK-gan houekrcpiu; April 1.
I. Wintlirop Batbour of Mont
pelier , spent Ia&t week with his
parents, Mr. and .Mrs. D. P. Bar
Lour. II. R. Hawktns jI Felchville lias
ptircltased Golden Maid," the
handome goldcn chestriMt niare; of
J. G. Britton.
Tbe Ladies Benevolent Socisty
will hold tbcir inerliit in tbe On- !
greational chapel lliursdny, April
10, at 2 p. m. Mirs Alice Vose
Woodbury will give in addrcss
MMr. and -Mrs. Fred Lasure and
family are moving fioro A. J. J
Stc'en' house to tbeir newly j
purchaed bome, tbe E. R. Cum- j
mings placc, in Martinsville. ;
L. II. Parker has fiimhed woik
for F. A. Dur"phev; hi place is i
tbkeu by Millard White.
L. E. Merritt slaited his sawmill
March 31. Clmrles W. Backus is
tbe Hytr.
Masler Eugene M. Pollard of -
Bellows F"l' wnf .1 wrck-ml gUct
of his graintpairnt-. Mr. and Mi.
E. S- Ainwnth.
fkV$f oprn in iwn Apiil
7, with the following teachers in
Hartland Grammar, Miss Lena
H. P. K-rrell.
Hartland Primary, Miss Dora T.
North Hartland Grammar, Miss
Annie Hnlev.
North Hartland Piimary, Miss
Editb Halev.
Hartland Fjur Cbrnerf, Miss MaV
Ficlds-ille, Miss Olive White.
Jenneville, Miss Ruth Lobdell.
Hatcs, MiisChrinine Brovn.
Webnter, Miss Emcline Webster.
Grout, Mis Alice Walker. -Weed.
Miss Nellie Washbunn
Hartland Hill, Miss Eunice
- Densmorc Hill. Uiss Clarissa
Center, Misji Annctte Lasure.
J. Pierpont Morgan Dead.
J Piertnuit Morcan, tbe vrorld'n
crcatest financier, diel in Rome at
tionn ilondav
Toranl the end he shnwed Uy tlie
movement of hin hand tliat he tvaa
Hiifferiuc internnlly. He was uuable
to asBimilato artificial nouriabment
ailministere! duriun tbo raorning;
lleart tonna bad no effect on liim
and nevpral bourn bforo liis death
he was iu a conditinn ol coma. aud
uuable to respond t questiona or to
recognize relativef
The uewa of M r. llorgan's desilh
at tlie opi'nintr " tbe BUck market
auseil a little wmging of pricw.
but llie luarkrt quickly ralheil un-
der pnppirtioK ordera.
llr M.ircauV death-will make no
cliHiige in tbe firm, apcordinjz V the
:nuniini:eni?nt rnade at tbe lom
pauy olBce Tuesday by II P. Pjv
ivm. who miiK tliat the uusine
tToubi be cnnducted as beretnfore.
M. J. llolt is at bome from
W. H. Shove, who i succerded
at the town f irm bv Pearl Perkins,
is nioving to the Horace Sherwjn
placc in Woodstock.
Mrs .William Burns recenth
entertainrd Mrs. Jobn Summers,
and gtandson, Bernanl Lashua, und
Will Summefs of Spiingfield.
President Wilson Will Pass His
Vacation at Harlakenden, the
Home of Winston Churchill.
President Wolrov Wilwin hat
cben tbe hoineof.Wjiiaton Cbncbill,
tbe uovelist. U be his sumtner rap
ital, acconlitigtoa telegnim received
at CocnlBb. N H., ou Sunday fnm
Mr. CburcbiU. who ia now iu Santa
Barlwra, Cal Tbo rnessjiKO wai nd
rlresswd U E. F Riibertn, manaprer
of tbe Cburebill estate. and cu
tainei! iuKlnctioij8 for getliug the
plarei'n reaHneH for tbe preidents
KTipncy. Harlak.pnden bousp, an
the Cburnbill property i knmvn. if
a two siory lirick Ktructure aituatfd
011 a hill above the Connecticut river,
opMwit Windnor. Vt
Ifpiivpfii CCO and 700 acrea ol
rolling farm Innd aml fmgruut piut
crnvm ifive tbe i-nta'te tbn mrlufiin
the. preniileiil-deKireH. KMrly i au
artirtt colotiy xrbere'ilalGeld Parriiili
Kenyon Cixaud mbers go liiring
the snmmeraud bere tbe late Au
gasim Saint Gan lene, tbe Bcalpior,
"p-ut many racatinns.
Wimliwir. ia the " port of rntry "
tu Corniah. Tbe nad to' Harlaken
den bonee lim over an old wootlen
bridge acnaa tlie Conuecticut.
Expert Reports Little Danger in
this State Methods of KH1-
E. is. Brieham, commissioner of
agricultuie, aiu L.. H. Wfithley, an
rxpei t-of the b'urcau of etomology of
the United Statcs department of
agriculture, visited, a shoittimeago,
the area 011 the east side of the state
intr&ted withlhc brqnntail moth.
Mr. Worthly repoitsthat he lnund
the infestatinn of the molli. quit;
general thrnughout the area and
mostlr confiiieil to sliHdeand otcliarri
tjees and wild cherrv bushes alongH
tlie wa'Ils in fielcls.
He judgesfrom his obseryations
tliat thcre'is but little dangec of the
browntail moth infesting our wood-
lands Iu any grcat cjcteut as iippar
enily the. prrdominant growth tsSnot
susccptible to tbeir feeding and
wcbbing IibitS. He also statcs that
jt mustbe bome in mind in sup-
piessing thcse. insects; thatayenrly
iuvaion roay be rxpected owing to
tbeir power of flight and' tbat in his
opininn the state would not be
jut-tiged in making a campaign to
supprfss the browntail moth in tl.e
His advice is to Temov'ethe winter
webi from tbe sbadrar.d orcbard
frrt? jkI chttiy btu.M akm t:
wall, where tbey are Irable to tKcur,
and to furaib a mucb: infnrmation
as possiblc to thc rcsidents oLthe
infcsted area rclatiye to the control
ot theinscct.
Mr. Worthly recommends that
small gangs of mcn should be
organlzed, iay two riieri "toajtown.
and gjven gootl facilities for gettihg
around as quicklv as possiblc. and'
visit the moit llkcly' places "for
infestations to occdr'. -
SuKragettea cf New Yorfc to Have
Flnanclat IriititUtJon With Only
Thelr Sex Emptoyed.
New York. Accordhic to proposala
end plana now nnder conslderatlon
here. New York In the neir fntnre la
lttely to ha.Te the: conntrja -first snf
fragette bank. a real flnaaclal Inatltu
Uoa whlch wtll operate llke any other
except for the tact that from president
down to offlce .007. or rather from
prealdeateos toofflco glrl. only omcn
will be concerned with lts makage
taent and operatla.
Many atteiapta and proposals haTe
been mado before by wotDen ldentlfll
wlUi the ruffrase' moTcraeat botb here
and la England to atart snch an lnstl
tntlon. but for one reason or another
they have failed to be producUre of
any definlte resnlts.
Tbe vomes behind tbe present plan.
howeTer. belleve that this time tbey
will be successfnL Jnst what the plan
Is they refnse to disclose untll the blg
ineetios at whlch it is to be made pub
II c later In the jnonth Aa its back
era are womcn of wealtb. thero ls
mnch cnrioslty aa to jnst what they
propose .to do.
It ls pointed ont. hoverer. that lf
they adbero to the plan of having no
man connected with It. the bank will
be tmlqne in more waya than one.
since tt will have a bdard of dlrectora
none of whom serre on any other
bank dlrectorate-that ls, unless Mrs.
Hetty Green ls made a dlrector1 and
will thus be free from the criticism of
lntcrlocklns dlrectora.
. Of coarae lf a few of the clty'r
more promlnent bankera should be
asked to serre. this claim to distlnc
Uon wonld be loat. bat even at that
flnanrlal circles are expresalng- consld
erable cnrioslty orer the plana for a
real snilragette bank.
Wlfo of Rusilan Ruler Arranges for
Meetlng Betweet CzaV and Klng
St. Petersbnre- The cT.arlna of
Rus8ta ls taklng. eztraordlnary inter
est ln lBdaEtrlal poUUca. It was
learned that ih"e''haB arrans'ed all the'
Csarina' .of Russla.
detalls for a meetlag betweea Klag
George of EnglaBd and Czar Nleholaa
(a the near fatnre. Sae ls said to
bare been largely responsible for in
ftaenclnk the czar.to befrlend the Bal
kan statea ln thelr war asalnst Tur
Natlves Hlde as och Every Year, aa
'Is Taken From the South
Afrfban Mlnea. -
London. There ls barled ln India
every year a tum of gold- eqnal' to the
axnount taken yearly from the txJnea
ef South Africa. The Afrlcan niiners
extract this treasare from the grlp
of the earth to pnt It ln circulatlon:
the natlvea of India seize it with avld
lty. ttoard It and hlde' it, save It and
lay it' away. They Buard lt for 4he
fature and effectlvely remove U frotn
clrcslaUon. Thoa ls the work of the
South Afrlcaa mlner largely nnllifled.
These facts are derived fron)' Utls
tics Issaed by a nrm of Indiaa baak:
ers. asd the amdant pf ' wealth ln sold,
Jewels and preciotta atonea stored
away and barled' ln India today is
practlcaUy Iscalcalable.
Gold is put also to to'mtr qaeer" ases
1b India. In some peru Of the coun
try thln gold leavea are takea -by .the
people for saedieiBal purposea, asd
,thoaads of dollars' worth Is coa
snraed In regHBB- the, deraes of re
U&ieas. balldlnsB. A brisk demand
saTiBg recestly been -Beticed for sot
ere4gB with a ahield on the obverse
atde, aa iaqairy- vrija made aad -lt war
tonad that a .certaia rajah had lmport
theaa. ts forra a center to each Uay
paae Ia the w'indowa ot his palace.
Place Found by Balloonirts 'ln Tripell
Identlfied as Former Ftourish
. Ing Remar. Colopy. .
Soae. The ralaed clty ia the
midst ef the ea.nd wildcrness heyoad
Zavla. la Trlpoli. dtaeorerpd by two
ILallan eBEiHecrias otteers while re
eeaaolterlag la a dlrigiWe 'b&llcoc,
haa beea Weatl&vi aa Sahatta. a
StmrtehlBg eotoay la the d&ys of ispe
rtal Rosse. . Fhotsgraphs talcea. ay the
alraea. reoeJved at the' war oSSce
thow hnposlBE, WeQ-preserved rinsc,
(Boludlss Buajcrous marble atatatw tt'
lacepttooej hiaut.
Clubbing List
Any one of the periodicajs
- in the fgllowing list will cbe - .
sent -ith The Age for one
vear for the snm noted after
each. 1
v Mirror and Farmer $ 1.53
Boston Post, daHy " S.55 r
New England Homcstead 1.E0
Boston Evening- Record 3.00
Deh'neator and Everybody 'a Mapa-
sine orWomao'i Rome Coznpanion 2.90
Boston HerakL dsily 3.75
Eecreation 2.50 '
St. NicholsjJ 3.50
Ontlook 3.75
New York Thrice-a-Week World 1.65.
- New York Tribune Farmer 1.50
The Age gives all the
local news of the County
and State. r
It has opinions; it is
well written, interest
ing, and is widely read.
It has excellent miscel
lany, good stoiies. You "
will find it a welcome
visitor in your home 52
times a year.
The Spirit of.the Age
EjDM tree press
James Wbitcomh, who.
recently returned lo his home after
five yracs' stay in the Iirattleboio
Retreat ftir the inxane, brcame
vinlent Sunday mornin and wiil he
returned to theiustitution. He made
llneals of violence against arious
prople and crcated some excitement
bc-lore being placed imder.iestraii't.
Rev. Jphn A. Scbeurle, for merly
pastof ot the Hartford Congrega
tional cbtitch, Ii4s reslgned his posi
tion as'secretary ot the Bennington
County Vermont Improvrmentaswj
ciution to accept a similar position
in Hampden rountv, Musk., tbei
niovcment Ihere being backed bv the
Mafcwichusctts Agricultural College
ahd the SpriugSeld liard ot Traile.
A butlerine salesman in this state
last week told of a great iiicie.ise iu
the sale of tbe pioduct in Vcimontl
louowing uie ncurn ol tlie legisla
lure. in lowertng tliellcense freirom
$IOO to 25 ;tor retailerK. Wben the
act was psissrd, there yere only 17
tilaces in Vermont w.here the rule
wras permitted ahd Ihe tiumher now
liauifling tlie uiticle has inciease'd in
five weekk to more than 40.
Tn Barnard, March 28, a -sen to Mr.
aid Mrs. Edward Ward.
ln Iron City, Tenn., March 12, a
Marian Louise. to Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Mi Schantz, gTanddanghter to Mr. aad
Mrs. Hial Faol Seavy.
ln Woodstock, April 2, by Rev. Ben -
rBfftoPhilip Cottrell Garrken of.De-
tric. Mtcn.
in Woedstock. March 31, by Rev. Kr
RPhirMes, GiHert J. Adams ts Miea
Nettie . Hanteeo, hetk ef barnard.
ki Woodstock, March 28, HenryFran
cifi son of Mr. and ifxa. James E. Ceok,
agid 8 y earsJ
i Ludlow, March 23, Mrs. Ia King
Mdntyre, vrifeol John H. McIatyBe,
agid IS years, II taoBths, 18 deysl
j Seth Perrv and wile have nioveil
tliis week liom the bnutli Uodges
shop tenement, where they have
reidel ior sevcral years, into au
jtp-taTrs section of his faUiers
house; Mr. Ricker, who is to work
for Elhridge Perrv this year, occu
pies. thc house jut vacated.
F. C Perry ' remaitis about the
same no hetter.
Eugene E. Wlghr, who has been
at the Isle of Pines since early fall,
writes his sisters lieir, that he has
Ltiot had a sick day since be arrived.
Leroy Wigbt of Omaha, brother
of Mrs. Emraa Adaras and Mrs.
Abbie Hubbell, writes that tbey
Wcre alwut five miles out from the
tornado. .
Mrs. Wallace Brown' leceixcd
news of the death of Mrs. Ilelen
Chedel of Spiingfielil. She was the
eldest daitghfer of the late Rev.
Hallard Chedel.
Supper was served to the dass
that bad "heen instructed in tbe
mv!.tery of tbe Grange a few even-
ings ago.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. P. Buffam
will leave clirect for Massachusetts
soon as they can gct a few details
ailjuited i.i business riffairs con
cetning tbeir Vecent auction sale.
Miss Elizabeth Bridge is af Jobn
Burbanlc's in Noith Porofrerhelping
J'Mrs. Bu'rhank with her drssmnktng.
j Mr.. and Mrs. Altou Badger of
Clafemont ifrriveU.at F. C. Perry's
". xxiitc uiutv is 011 iue SICK
Norris Pri"r, pioprirlor .of he
Ludlow ImiBdn, got bi right liand
caught betvvccn the rollers of the
mangle one day last week and his
atni was badlv cruslicd before the
machineTV could be stnpprd. He
was taken tn the Rutland hosnital
nd it.is not yet known whetber the
haml can be saved. Astije from
leing crushed, tl e hand and arm
were badly liumed, the lower roller
ofthe aaaj beia very hot.
TlB Oilaspck SaviDis Bafli
WMflstoct, Vermont
TOTAl. ASSETS $2,212,154.34
F. S. Mackenzie Charles II. Maxharn
HenryW. Walkef William S, Hewitt
WHliam S. Dewey Fred'k C. SouUuraU
Cbarlea F. Chapman
This bank ls now paymg 4 per cent.
interest on deposits.
Deposits made during the Jfirat ten
days of January and July draw interc;
from the first of these months. Oepositii
made during the first five days of otbi .'
months draw interest from the first o.'
the roonth.
Interest will be crediUxl to depositom
January 1 and July I, cornpoundjiiv:
twice a year.
Thc Vermont Legislature has rcpealod
the law restrtcting deposits in any o:.i
savings bank to $2000.00. This bank
can now pay interest on individual d. -positsof
any amount and all taxcs w. l
bo paid by the bank. Nothing will bo
reported to the listcra for taxation.
Safe Deposit Boxesto Rent
Iteat Methods of EmbalmiiiK
Night calls promptly nttendctl 10.
Sunday Services.
Universalist Rev. 11. L. Canfic.M,
pastor; morning service at 10.30,
Sunday scliool at 11.
Congregational Rev. Benjamin
Swiit, pastor. Morning service at
10.30, Sunday schsol at 11.50.
Young People'o Society of Christian
EntleaVor at 7.30. Thursday eveuing
prayer meeting ai-7-30.
Methodist Episcopal Rev. F. T.
Jlark, pastor. Services Sunday
Prejching, 10.30 a. in. ; Sunday
school, 11.45 a- m: Thursday
prayer mcetiug, 7.30 p. nt. ; Suriday
evening meeting, 7.00.
Catholic Rev. H. f. Maillet,
pastor. Mass at 11 a m. ; evemng
service at-7.30.
Services wiil be beld the secoiul
and iourtli Sunday of each aionth
at Village hall, CJuechee, at 9
o'clock, and ai Barnard, at the
town ball, on tbe second Sunday
of each montli. at 9 o'ciock
St. James Church Rev. R, Le
Blanc Lynch, tector. Mointnii Prayer
aud Sermon 10.30 a. in I Injy Cum
muuion 011 first Sunday inlhe luonth
after Moniing Pr.iver. Sunday
School nt iHKin.. Evening Prayer
and sermu'n 5 p. m. All are
Christian , Pahtbi, Rev. E. R.
Phillips. SrvicesJSuirilay. Preach
ing' at 10:30 a. m.; Sunday
school at ia; J. S. C. E. at 3 p. m. ; '
Y. P. S. C. E. at 7.30 p. ni. .
mid-w'eek prayer meeting at 7.30
Tn.DE Marks
CorrnicHTS &c
Inroam mdlor aikHrh end dMslTOnn mm
ftnlcklr ertln oar oakm tn rbetUer au
tbm ulcUr rcnudent UI. J
Sckntinc Jlmerkam -
cnUUuq if mr ftcteviuse )Araal. T jrrwtE, a
rr: toar coonUis, (I. BoUtiyall Balm
MUNH & Co.3SjBro"'- Mew Yoii
Urancti Oale. M F Waiblnctoo. E. C
Strenuous efforls have been nec
essary to keep the qiiarantiue on two
Italiau liomes at Rutland, ln one is
a case of diphllieria aod in Ihe other
measles. 'Two or three neighbors
succeeded !h getting:nto one house
and now they are fcept there.
Several hundred members of the
Boston Lmlies' Tailers and DVess
makers Union, who have been on a
strike iu 6S stmps f-ince March 20,
returned fo work .Tuesday.
' Rev. W. M- Newton, a former
preding elder iu. the Vermont
Klethodiht coufe.rence, has received
au ur etlt C"U ti remaiu as pastor
'l tlie church 111 Woonsocket, K. I.
where be has laborcd Ior four year.
Dtirmg his pustorate there the
memherkhip has grown fwm l2$to
I190. A large cliurcli dcbt has been
raisen anl mriuey pnt in tlte bank.
Tne chuich akk Mr. Newtnu to

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