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Marrlago for Monoy and Titlo
Turns Out to Be a Real
Lovo Affair.
All London oocicty waa whlsporlnE
and queBtlonlng', for Lord nonaloy
waa on hia way homo to England altor
an absonce of n yoar. Ho hatl ahot
tlgera ln Indln, liad spoarcd aalmon
In Alanka, and buntod grlzzllea ln the
wllda of westorn Canada. And all
the white Lady Ronsloy had kopt,open. ,
hmma nf (lin AhhoV. NOW hO Wafl I
expccted homo; ho would arrlvo ln
two woeka.. Actuauy no arnveu u.
week carllor and unoxpoctodly.
Thoy had been marrlcd nearly throo
years before. Lady Renaloy had boen
Mloa Edlth Kano, of cievoiana, anu .
her father waa ono of the twelvo (
rlchoat mon ln Amerlca. The mnr- '
rlago had beon conBjderod slngularly
'nrtnnntn fnr thn nnnslov famtly !
dated back flvo hundrod yeara though
not tho tltle, and hia landa wero ox
tenslvo, althougli unprofttablo. Mlno
Knno'a dowry would reatore tho old
abboy and 'enable her husband and
heraolf, to asaumo tholr rlghtful placo
In the ooclnl hterarchy. And bo
Renaloy had won tho boauty of Clovo
land. Thla la what happened threo houra
a tor tho marrlago: Ho and hls brlde
were face to faco ln tholr apartmcnts
at the Eversley hotol. Tho brlde
drew onT hor engagoment rlng medlta
ttvoly and handcd lt to hlm and sald,
wlthout a trace of paaalon:
"I Bhall wear my marrlago rlng, but
not thls. Tho bargaln ls an equal ono
and I am eatlaacd. You wlll novor
havo cauao'to'bo'rsbamod of mb ln the
oyes of tho world. Goodnlght, Lord
"You mean," he aaked, 'that our
marrlage 1b to bo on In namo only?"
"Why, what elso' dld you expeot?"
oho anawered mqcklngly, though her
llp waa qulverlng. "You never iovbd
mo. You aought mo for my fortuno,
aa I you for your tltle." And ao sho
turned away and thoy sald no moro.
That ho had Blncerely loved hor aho
dld not know, nor ho that sho could
Drew Back Wlth a Frlghtened Catch of
the Breath.
have cared for "hlm had not tho mar
rlage been made by her ambltloua
mother. In due course thoy aallodior
England. Renaloy Abbey waa redec
orated and thrown open. Gay partlea
aacmble4 thero. Jf "tho relationohlp
between" ihe two waa stralned', that
waa known only by thelr dlacrobt Ber
vanta and gueaaed at by thelr Intl
mates. .-.Then Ronsley flallod for Indla 'to
ahoot, tlgera, and tho partlea contlnucd.
They were aa gay aa oyer, but dlffcrent
pcople camo. There. was. Rlzzl, for ln
Btance, that Italian nobfoman who had
acqulred a alnlster reputa'tionfh aev
eral capltala of' Eurbpeand : was not
dlminlahlng.lt In London.. Ho,b,roight
hls attendant erowd: ffaahy women
camo and aportlng men and tavrdry
actors and actreseeB. And of the
oharactor of theso peoplo Lady. Rena
ley knew nothlng, for aho nover Btooped
to Roaslp, and Bho only know that Bho
Hked Rlzzl and that he olone of all
ot them Beemed to undcrstand her
aituatlon and to havo sympathy for
So sho movcd among them, lnrto
cently, tho lonely mlstrea's of 'the
Abbey, whllo peoplo ahrugged thelr
ohoulders and smllcd. Ahd then they
heard, that Renaloy was' comtng home.
Rlzzl, too, heard lt, and ho put hls
fato to the touch. In hls way ho
Hked thls unapproach'able Amorlcan
lady as tnuch aa ho was capablo ot
Uklng, knd as conatantly, They were
alono for a .fow mlnutes" ln tho con
aervatory. From tho ballroom camo
tho sound of muslc and the chattor of
tho gueata.
"I hear Lord Ronsley 1b comlng back
next week."' ho sald.
"Yos," ahe answercd. "He expccts
to aall from New York tomorrow."
"It wlll' bo dlfterent whon ho re-turns.-'
Rlzzl sald.
"Oh, no," aho anawered, wlth a ehrug
of her beautlful shoulders. 'That wlll
not mtrtco any dlffbrenco. Wo sliall
etlll havo our own frlends, oach of
ua." '
"It wlll bo terrlblo for you,'; ho aald,
atudylng her wlth hia cat-llko eyea.
"Why?" askod Lady Renaloy, facing
hlm squarely. ,
"Becau8o you do.not lovo hlm." lie
viswordd boldly.
In West Rutlnrid tftc sttcet wnsji
soft dniing llie continued rnin' thni
the street car track uuk over n fool
cvcry time a car pnsscil over it.
Mcmbers ot -the Rutland Hic'1
Schooj.Aero Clilb mnile their first
flights o( the t-c.iKon Sutitrd.iy.
Clmrles Schnritt,- nther of the
For an Inatant the balanco trembled.
Then ahe flaahed out an angry retort,
aiklng hlm how ho dared crlttclso hor
huBband or thelr relatlonshlp. That,
outburat mlght havo quolled ono lesa
exporlonced than Rlzzl. IIo fell upon
hia knoes and solzed hor hand and
pressod lt to hia llps.
"Forglvo me, Lady RenBley," he Ira
plored. "It waa unpardonoblo ln mo
yet thoy say nothlng la unpardonablo
In one who loveg. No, do not Btart
away. Hoar mo and then dlsmlss mo
for over. I havo ovo.r loved you, you
beauty wlth your accret oorrow, and I
havo alwaya known that ho dld not
lovo you. Why, ,!s ho to mako your
llfo wrotched all your daya becauao
ho has you In hia power7 Leavo hlm
and come wlth me to Italy. You ahall
have my lovo nll your daya, and my
fortuno Bhall bo at your dlapoBal. You
That waB tho moment whon Renaley
returned a wcok oarllor than had beon
oxpccted. Ho had sent word, but ho
had arrlvod boforo hia own lottor. So
ho had atrolled quletly In.
Ho aaw tho rooms brllllantly llghtcd,
but, when ho ontored tho hall, nono of
the gueata know hlm. He knew aomo
of them for the flaahy, shabby char
actcrs that they, were; but thla qutet
man, wlth tho halr allghtly gray over
tho tomploa who waa ho? Nobody
cared. Thoy were danclng no longer,
but whlapcrlng and gosalplng In tho
drawlng rooms, and lottorlng ncar tho
conservatory. Somebody had told them
that Rlzzl and Lady Renaley' wero
Thea Rcnsloy entored the conserva
tory alono. And tady Renaley, eeelng
hlm, drow back wlth a frlghtcned
catch of tho brcath, and Rlzzl, know
Ing hlm, roao to hls foet and otood
looklng at hlm doflantly, wlth foldod
"Pardon me for lntorruptlng," Bald
Lord RenBloy. "Baron Rlzzl? Yos?
Proy what ls It you ao urgently do
Blro of Lady Renaloy that you go down
upon your kneea to hor?"
Slnco ho dld not anawer Renaloy
turned to hls wlfo.
"My dear, la lt In our powor, or la
It your deBlro to grant thla gcntleman
what ho la naklng?'' ho demandud.
"No," sho flashed out ln hor bowll
dormcnt. "Nol"
Ronsley took Rlzzl by the arm.
"My doar fellow, you Bhall havo
your flvo hundrod pounds," ho sald in
n Ioud volco whlch cnrrled to thoso
wnltlng outalde. "But I wlah you had
aslted mo lnatead of my wlfe." Ho
tumcd to tho gueata. "Gentlemon,
my carrlnges are at your dlaposal,"
ho eald. Then ho led Lady Renaloy
through the ballroom to hcr prlvato
apartment. Under the wlndowa the
cowod gucats woro atreamlng out lnto
tho grounds.
Lady Renaley tapped her flngera up
on the table.
"I want to tell you one thlng before
we part," she aald. "I havo nover
Klven you reason to be oshamed of
mo. I havo kept my vow."
Lord Renaley took her hands In hls.
"But I havo not kept mlne," ho sald.
"Edlth, let my falth ln you bo tho
proof of my lovo. Wlll you glve mo a
chanco to Bhow lts reallty?"
That broko her prlde;. Bho crled
th'on, ln hls arma.
'Tvo boen a fool," he aald; but she
laughod through hor toara when he
put back tho cngagemeat rlng upon
nor ungcr.
(Copyrlsht, 1913, by W. a. Chopman.)
Bhlp'a Captaln Derlded Federal Reou
latlons, but Dlre Threat Brought
Hlm to Tlme.
Tho. prospect ot facing a woman
jury In muncipal court was more ef-
fectual ln maklng Capt. Brown of the
Amcrican -eteamer Lool'enaw, comply
wlth port regulations than was tho
threat of Fedoral prosccutlon whon
Harbor Patrolman Bakesy went to tho
ohlp to ask htm to dlsplay port llghts
and rig a proper gnngway. From hia
berth, whlthor he had retlrcd early,
Capt. Brown commended tho patrol
mon to n "warm cllmate."
Bakcay repllcd that thero waa a
leuerai uno oi $zuu ior mo ouonsos;
tho captaln gruntod from hia berth.
Bakesy threatened arreatrtho captaln
"They havo a woman Jury ln munl
clpal court," suggeated Bakesy, "and
you wlll have to faco that," Inatant
ly tho captaln ralsed hia hand to hia
whlakers and tho watchman camo
"All handa on deek," commanded
('apt. Brown, "and order tho gangway
clmngod and proper llghts hung. I
won't faco a woman Jury ln nny. court,
and mo 60 ycars old." Portland Ore-
Monumerita to Mark Twaln.
Mark Twaln Ib to. have ,two monu
menta ln Missourl, one at hta blrth
placo ln Florida. tho other ln Rlver-
ylew Park, ln Hannlbal, both erected
by tho atate. Ho doservea them both
but Ib not tho, lnscrlptlon propoaed
for the Florida tnomoiMal a little too
despondcnt? "Ho cheercd and com'
fortcd a tlred world." But la lt a
tired-world? The fnahlon nowadaya la
to pralso llterature ln the tcrras of
Sancho Panza's bloaalng on hlm who
tnvented aleep, but ls aa dublouB a
compllment as Pope's tribute to an
Industrloua contomporary wrlter
"Sleoplesa hlmself, to glve hia road
or sleep." It la not .only the ex-
hauBtod who gets good from Mark
Twaln; he ls ono of ' tho favorlto au
thora of young peoplo.
Hardty Llkely.
"Tho traln struck a man and injurod
hlm aoveroly.
"Waa tho man on the trackf
"Ilo was. No cnglnoor, I tru8t
would run tho traln lnto tho woods
after a man."
A ,tiny benr, Hppnrt'ntly nhout
I'oitr wfekn old, vvns killi'd ' id
Gi'slun recently by A. C. Hrown jf
llriindon. Its bodyiA nnly l.finchcs
lonK iiud it stiuulf jevtn inclit-a liigli
at the sliouldcrs. ' t
Eva L. Tudor )tn brouglit sttit
ncaiiif.t the tnwn o Towiihliond for
$joco for inurics wiid to have been
rcceivt'il when her niilomobilo
i.bw1iltfl nvtv nn n tmnrnni'i-Ik;
Woman In Court Fairjts When
She Sees Fatal Gesture.'
Ib Codo of the Camorrlts Members
of Crlmlnal Scclety Have Qhastly
Waya of Telllnn Vlctlm of
Impcndlno Doom.
Now York. Annlo GrecCo uas.get
tlng along bcautlfully ln her lebtii
mony the othcr day. Hor aiatomcma
wero lucld, her memory perfect,' her
Benso of the dramatlc kccn. Then.
Eomo one In the packed' mob toward
tho rear of the court room caughi
Annio'a eye and blt tho knuckle of
hls bent forellnger, .Illa fcaturea
wrlnkled up ln a enarl, as do those oi
a dog when he worrlen a bone. Annle
pltched sldewisu out of her chalr in
a talnt
"That." sald nn old a'ecret Bervtcc
man, "waa only oue of perbaps n
dozen 'dcath bIciis.' Any ono of them
would bo recognizod by any Italian.
because they all have thelr orlgln In
that lnotlnct of dramalizatlon com
mon to the race Tho knuckle bltlng
meant dca,h, of- uurao. More ucarly
lt meant '1 11 tear you to blta. If you
evcr eco an enrngcd Camorrlat bitlng
at hia knuckle bone and growllng llke
a bulldog, you'U admlt that elgn la
Annla Grecco.
eaally read. Anotber ls the bandker
chlef algn. Tears Bomctlmes stream
down thelr faces as they twlst a hand
kerchlef between thelr hands. Some
tlmes lt ls cllnched ln thelr teeth
Thelr codo ls prlmltlve enough .to go
back to the men who llved in treea.
"Scmetlmea tho threat la.expressed
by wrlnglng the two hands togctber.
It ls over ln a sccond but lt has sent
a promlso to tho threatened person
.that be wlll bo torn lnto pleces. So.me
tlmeaabasty mo'tlon of tho two bands
over tho knccs means, T1I break youi
back.' Ono of the moat comnion slgns
Ib mado by unltlng the tlpa of the
thumb and foreflnger, form'lng a rlng,
whllo tho other flngera are cxtended.
A clrcular motton of the hands means
"111 tear you up.' One flnger ls hur-
rledly paBaed across the throat and
that threat nceds no Interpretation.
Sometlrae's the man maklng tho threat
slaahca upward wlth one flnger on bla
breast or atomach. That la TH rlp
your heart out.' The flrst and second
flngera may be extendcd, pltchfork
llke, and a sudden jab made toward
tho eyea, T.ll bllnd you.'
"But thero are too many algno to
be Hated. Evcry little secret assocla
tlon of Italian crlmlnala may bavo lts
own codc. Many of the slgna have
thelr orlgln ln tho vlllage from whlch
tho actors come and might not be
rccognlzed by outslders. Remember.
there are elghty-nlne dlatlnct dlalects
spokcn In Italy. But the meanlng ot
nll Is contdlned In a 'most exp'reeslve
gesture of tho Calabrlans. whlch
-"'If I got hold of you 111 cut you
up ond If you run 111 shoot you.' "
Knocks Woman Prlnclpal Unconscloui
and Puts Chlldren tp Rout Waa
Pet of 8chblar.
Ptttsburgh. A rnm wlth on more
respect for the publlc achooi regula
tion than, wae manlfestcd by "MaryTs
Little Lamb," recently wandered lnto
the Crescent school. ln the FrnnkB
town dlatrlct. It followod Nlck Gal
dona. Mlss Flora Dennlston, prlnclpal, cn
countcred the ram ln the hall. Sho
trlcd to "shoo" It nway. Mr, tlam
butted Mlss Dennlston at the itneea
and knocked her down. .
Thon aomo of tho puplla who knew
nothlng of tho dlaposltlon of a bull
shcep trlcd to reason wlth the Qaldona
pet Well tho students who cscaped
vlolent colllelon wlth tho hard akull
of the ram fled from the bulldfng
Durlng tho scrlmmage MIbs Deonia
ton rcmalned tnsenslble on the floor
Frlght and shock caused hor to suoon
The janltor was about to resort to
cautlous atrntcgy when Nlck Galdona
aald somethlng ln Italian and the ram
followod hlm back home, but achooi
was dlsmlaaed for the day
Wearlng of Shoeo a Crlme.
Uoston. Prof. K. JeHertion Rlch
ards champlona golng barefootcd at
al seasona aa a romedy tor the all
menta or the human raco: "It wat
never lntended." aays tho learnec
profcssor, "that a well-dovoloped fooi
should bo ptnchcd, dlstorted and pun
tshcd by belng ahut up' ln tplecos o'
nowod lenthnr"
Rohcit Fifher, olt nf Cbester L.
Fihhir o( HuilllflKHo, difCovereil
I'ltris Kri'ett in the vyiitfMtnir tniiijjlt 'n
liis vitnl ns he l"d4ji lu)rse. Jo vvnlVi.
LtiinpR of t lit.- pfiifion weie found in
the tioti(lt imd on the grotmd
Smnll bovR in Dnrre plnytnp with
mntclteH set fire to prnns itnd the
flnmt'B tbrentfned to reacb fti'vet'til
htiildinoR. A dfspernte battle whk
wnetl bv lbtv ft tfnmpimv, n Rninll
army of hoURelioJiJyrs, piisscrsby nnti
Grand Jury Holds D. Jaek Llt After
Formcr Wlfe.Descrlbea.At
tack In Hotol. '
Pblladolphla, Pa. Followlng her
dlvorce from her formcr husband, D
Jaok Llt. the son of Col 8am D. Llt
of Llt Bros.. Mrs. Llt appoarod before
the grand Jury' and awore to the 111 .
treotment whlch Bho' had rccolved
from ber husband from the flrst nlght
of-thelr marrlago on January 31. 1012
Mrs. Llt teatlflcd that Bho waa aub
lected to such trcatmcnt on tho part of
hor haUbund that ahe was wrecked
phyBlcally, and ber family physlcian
Prof. Oavld C. Bclaman of the Unl
veraity of Pennaylvanla, and her fa
ther. Ralph Blum of Blum Bro8., wort
wltnoasea In her belmlf.
So ntroclous waa tho rocltal of the
experlcncca of the brlde 'that the
grand jury found seven true bllls
ugalnst Llt on the chnrgea of assnul
and battory and othor forms of as
eault. whlch Indlcate that If ihe young
man is convlcted ho wlll havo to spenri
at leaet 20 ycars In prlcon
' Mrs. Llt la a helplcss crlpple, sayw
her phvslclan. She wlll ncver bo the
aamo young glrllsh dtbutan'o that flg
urcd In ao many 6f tho clty'a eoclot
Spon nfter tho mnrrlnge of the' Llt!'
It waa chargod In rerort'- that came to
thl8 clty from Florida' that It wna nec
oBcory for the attachc of the hott
where they wero spendlng tholr hoi cy
moon o alraost bretik dov.ii thu duot
to rcscuo Mrs Llt from tno ooutlm
of her huEband
Ralph Blum. the father or Mra Llt
has ItlslFtod that Llt be punlrhed Al
tho lnfluence of tho wr.alth of the twi
famllles, who own-tho second an
thlrd lnrgest department stores tri th
clty wbb exerted to try and spttj.
tho dltfcrences It was not n 'ctFe 'h
moncy could aBauago ond Mr IVum r
fused to havo any t-um accoptcd to
tho Injurles whlch hla daushter bub
He haa demanded nn Indlctment an
a prlron term, "desr'te all the powor
and lnfluence brought to'berr. and thp
caso wns heard by the grond jury and
the IndlctmcntB follqwed In lesi than
a half hour'a tlme
Younorat Daughter of Klng Alfonso Is
Threatened to Become Deaf
and Dumb.
Mndrld. lt ls learned from a per
son In the lmmedlate entourage of the
roynl family that It Is greatly feared
that Infanta Mnria Chrlstlna. Hbw
fourteen months old, tho youngest
chtld of the' klng and queen. Is threat
ened wlth the same Impedlment In
Klng Alfoneo.
heartng and apoech aa her little
brothf'r, Don Jalmo; now four yeare
' Thn other two chlldron, I'rown
Prlnce Alfonso, nearly e)x, and; Infanta
Beatrlce, not qultc four, aro nornr.il.
Undoubtcdiy the'klng's own ht'alth
la causlng conccrn. Hls, appoarance
has becomo'ghastly .."
Students Asked to Uphold Dlgnlty by
'Not Attrndlng Vaudevllle' artd - .
Plcture 8howa.
Poughkeepsle,' N, Y. The prlvliege
3l' uttendlng movlng pIcture-.Bhowa hnfi
been wlthdrawn from Vassar students
Tho prohlbltory order. poatcd on tht
bulletln boards ln the collego corrl
dors, haB brougbt a pang' to the thr6i
hundred .young womerl who dally at
tend the 111m exhibltlona. It rpada in
"Vassar college students wlll old
the faculty In upholdlng tho dlgnlty
or the Jnstltutlon by refrolning Irom
ittbndlng vaudevlllo and movinj; plc
turo . exhibltlona lh Poughkeolpsie lor
tho remalnder or the term.. Intractlorr
ot thla rule wlll-not bo toleratod."
The glrla'' flock to thls clty 'ev'ery
afternoon and aUor wltnes'Blng the
"movleB" return to the dormltorlcB to
regnlo tho other students wlth' Btorlec
ot tbe cxcltlng events they have secn
portrayed. The cojlogo nutlioritlep
COiiBldcr all thla a waato of tlme as
well bb an afTront to th'd dlgnlty or
the InBtltutlon.
Thls Wllljam Tell Dld a Bum Job ,
HarrodBburg. Ky. Jnck Coloman.' u
would be "WHllam, Tell," bet Henr
Mnrshall that he could put a rllle bul
ct through MarstiaU'B hat wlthuu
ouchlng hia sc'alp. Marahall acceptett
tip wngor, and. won It, the bullet mlBs
x hat and pnsslng through hls Ekull
' ng hlm instahtly Coloman ls nn
Lieut. PerloviRki, of the- RttRtin
nrnty, conimilicd siiiculc n VVinn.iw
StitttLir bv nlmllintr off the niotorof
Iiih iiiTiiplntu' in whiclt lu wnaflying,
and droppintr fi'om n heiJlttof 606
It-t-t lo the iiiuii(l, nccording to n
tiews dcRpnlch.
Fricuds of VVilliant Howanl, h
well known risheritiHn in Hitrlington
nlid vicinily atld fnrmeilv keepcr of
the liblboui.e nt Colchft.ter reyf,
tiiive liemd iiotltini: fiom liim Bince
the middle of iHiiitnt'y imtl nt'e nw
thinl(inr thit 'he innv 'e at the
Chair of Splritualism to Be Es
tablished in Harvard.
invettlgatlon of "Peychlc Phenomona"
In New England, Where Wltches
Were Burned Bequest of
$10,000 for Research.
Cambridge. Harvard unlveralty haa
lerloualy contracted to enter upon dn
(nveatlgntlon of 'what Ib technlcally do
Bcribed as "psychlo phetiomeua." but
whlch our parents (over sinco tho
daya of the Fox alstcrB) called "splr
Ituallsm," wrltea Jullan Chambers.
Thls. to my way of thtnklng la dno of
tho moat startllng lnnovatlona In peda
gogy that several centurles havo fur
nlahed. Indeed. lt Is an event that
could only havo followed tho comtng
of the wonderful ord of telephono, alr
shlpa, radlum, wlrclcsa meBsagns and
phonographB. It wlll not do to treat
thls lncldenf llgbtly or to cover It wlth
Svtch ls far from my ihought when
I frnnkly declare that tho accoptance
of n $10,000 endowment fund for psy
chlo research by that tlmo-honored
unlverslty at Cambridge cncoitrages
tho hope that Francla L. Wellman's
fond wish to found a achooi of draw
poker ot Harvard may be ultlmutoly
Scrtously, however, comparatlvely
few as are bcllevers ln splritualism.
the acceptance of thls bequest by bo
conservaUve a body as the truatoe of
Harvard brlnga tho atudy ot paychlc
phcnomena to a stnge never previous
ly attatned ln thla country.
The language employed by the fcene
factor la qulto cxpllclt. He glvea the
moncy whlch can only bo regarded
aa the nucleua of a much larger fund
for""lnvestlgotlon and study of men
tnl or psycholqglcal phenomena. tho
orlgln or exprcsBlon of whlch appeara
to be Independent of tho ordlnary aen
sory channela."
Wh'lle thls leaves the range as wlde
open as Bpookland, lt also conflnos It
wlthln sclentlflc scope.
Plenty of persons have Been ghosts
or bellevo they have, whlch. for
practlcal purposea of "research," la
John Harvard's Gravs.
tho eame thlng. For exaraple. althnugb
a completo dlsbeltever In so-called
aplrlt phenomena. I have secn wlth
my own eyes ghostly shapea not re
sultant from Wclsh rabblta and dlsor
dercd llver, but the fabrlc of an ap
parently sound mentallty.
There are houses known to me that
have Bupernatural o'ccupants, as well
as human belngs! Agaln. there are
houses that harbor quaint, queet. ln
explicablo nolsca; by nlght and by day.
Personally, I doubt not, rational
and natural cxplanatlons can be
found for all such nolBca. I. am not
Bufflclently lnterested curlous were a
better word to seek' the solutiun of
such problems of the natural world.
There are pbascs of mental Bclence
that- are. accepted. Thero Is probubly
somethlng ln telepathy aa ever.v one
muat cOncedo lr ho or phe havo"Bufll.
clent mental power to compel ano(hnr
person scated In church or thealer to
turn orid bow. " 4
No more Intcreatlng mental test can
be mado than to slt at dlstance from
two persons well known Tind to at
tcmpt to Jearn, by telopathy, what'
they are tnlklng about. You will b
omazed how often It can be done. Try
You may fatl utterly; but some
peoplo aro able to do thla very th'ngl
Somo klnd of Intanglble, lpcxplldablo
lntercommunlcatlon la at tipies eHtab
llshed between Intlmato frlenda far
Most men of tho world especlally
actlve mental workers or" travelers
bellevo In promonltlons. When one
reachea that stage, why not have c'on
Jldenco ln dreams?
An Intlmato frlend always nas a ne
rfous lllnesa whenever he dreams of
'finakcs 1 am not jok'lng, tho 'man al
ways haa been a total abatalher. The
dream may be responslble.for the slck
ness, you wlll say. Posalbly oo. But
the same pereon nover dreams of aee
lng washlng hung upon n llne wlthout
flndlng thereln a prcmonitlon that ho
la to movd hia habltation. '
Young Llon Claws Boy
; rltome. The young llon whlch
Prlnceaa Radzlwill, neo .Mlas Deacon.
of BoBton, recently took to a fancy
ball ln a charlot. waa belng exerclsed
ln the zoologlral gardona wheq 'he
brolto looso and aprang on tho infant
con or Count Macca. formcrly Italian
mlnlster at Bucnba Ayres, inflictlng
oerloua wounds on the, hoy's forehead
-lth hls clnws
State Events: '
Apiji 30 loMay 3 Anmjnl Ver
mont iiutomobile rIiIiw nt 13tn liiitoii.
'May 22-24 Anmiii) convfiition
Veimont State Dental Snciety at
,lttlv 29 to'Aup;. 1 NntiotiHl cnn
venlinn of.insnr.-tnce commisMonewi
a't Miiilinyton.
fluraanltarlan tdeas of Governor
Hunt of Arltona are not to be htd
under a bushel.
for he Is perfect
ly wlllng to an
nounce . at all
tlntca and under
any clrcum
stances hls Btand
upon thoamnllora
tlon of tho ovlla
now known to the
human raco As
Is now well
known hls atrong
CBt stand Is on
the abolltlon nf
capltal puntsh-
mcnt. Hls Idcas on-tho suject were
presentcd by hlmself tho other nlght
at Phoenlx, ln a debato before tho
church soclety of Trlnlty ICsplcopal
parlsh The governor" and Edltor C.
H. Akers of the Gazctto spoko in
abolltlon or. tho death penalty, whllo
Judgo Joseph II Klbbey, formcr gov
ernor of Arl ona. and formcr Dlstrlct
Judgo Eruest W Lowla argued 'ln
The governor dcclarcd that hang
lng la one of tho last rellca of bar
barlEtn an ack of revcngo rather than
Justlce rnd he statod thnt he had ac
cumlatcd statistlcs that stateB wlth
out capl'al punlshmcnt havo tho least
crlmo1 These flgurea he wlll BUbmlt
lri a recommdndatlon to tho next leg
lslature. nsltlng abolltlon or the douth
Posalbly the' most materlal polnt
Mrs Percy Vlvlan "Pennypacker.
licad ot the grratest woman's pro-
gresslve crganlza
tlon in the world.
the General- Fed-,
eration of Wo
mcn's Clubs, lauds
mere man as gn
admtrablo InBtltu
tlon. Mrs, Pennypack
er was' in Clilcas"
recently to attcnd
several lmportant
buslneea meetlngs
In connectlon wlth
federation mat
terB "lt Ib lmportant to contradlct and
dlspel the ab3urd assumptlon that, the
work omcn nre dolng for the further
nuce of human progreEs Is antagonlsi
lo to the work or man," Eald Mrs Pen
"Generally In any sane Eysiematlc
effort to do good the woman may de
pend absolutely on .man's Intelllgent
and generous co-operatlon.
"Man la woman's best frlend. Wo
men owe much of the advancement
they have acbleved In tbe last llfty
ycars to the generous and hearty co
operatlon ot Ihe men."
Mra. Pankhurst In3lsts that, women
can hope ror nothlng worth whlle lu
Ihe way or reforms for thelr beneflt
untll man has. been whlpped to hls
knees and made a suppllant"
Mrs. Pennypacker ackho'wledgs&
that she Is ln favor or woman's suf
frage. but that la all she wlll say
about t.
Before Vlncent Astor salled south
ward the other day on board hia
Bteam yocht
N o r m a he re
vealed , an ambl
tlon achlevement
of whlch mere
accldent of blrth
haa cut hlm off
The rlchest youth
ln Amerlca, next
best to dlrectlng
tho destlnles of
the fortune left. by
hls father. would
llke to be a re
pprter For a half hour
the' young head ot tho housc or Astor
Btood, hatless and ovcrcoatlesa, on the
wind-swept outer ond of the pler at
the foot of West Thlrty-tourth street..
chatting ivlth a reporter.
"Ab soon aa we get outsfde, Smudge
wlll be the moat mlserable dog In the.
world. Ho'll never be one or those
A good course In any well-equlpped
gymnaslum ought to help a man pratcct
hlmself agalnst
hls wlfo'a - heavy
hlttlng average,
Thla la what
Juitlco Edward B.
Amend. of Now
York, lntlmated
when caught be
t w 6 o n s.csslon3
atid preased for a
aolutlon to tho
problem how a
man may secdre
hls llfo and Ilmb
agalnat perma
nent Injury when
hls wlfo la bent upon wlnnlng the
alugglng champlonshlp ot tho fam
ily. To bo cxact Justlce Amend dld not
ndvlBo the gymnastlc nnswor to the
problem. He merely sald bo thought
lt mlght bo "prudent" to tako Bomo
such prccautlon.
Recently a husband who had never
lald clalm 'to any phyalcal superlortty
and who hadn't cven a spcaklng ac
quatntance wlth tho gentle artt of Jluv
jltau camo wlth tears ln hls eyes and
TSie Tribune Fdrmer
Ih ihe hc'jst Agricultural pupor. It cbmet
eveiy weok. For$.50we eend The Agb
aud Tribune- Farnier ior one year.
or tho 6pp08ltlan- lay ln the fact. aa
atated, tbat neurly all llro-tcrraers
at the Stato penltcntlary. aro elthcr
parolcd or pardoncd Judgo Lewis
atated hls bcllof that wero capltal
punlBlimcnt abollshcd ln Arlzona ro
sort to lynch law wlll become tnuch'
more coinmon In a comraentary up
on tho 'dlscusslou a local resldont
atated that tho abolltlon ot capltal
punlshmcnt probpbly would havo
little effcct In tliat country, whero
moro than 100 murdera havo bisen
commltted In tho past rorty years nnd
where only ono crlmlnal haa been k
gally hanged, he. n Mcxlcan, thlrt
threo years ngo, ln that samo year.
two men wor'o lynched upon tho pub
llc plaza.
Tho governor has also dlrccted hta
phLcntliroplc nttcntlou .toward caslr,,
the work or the laborlng claoses l.i
gcneral and has wrltten a letter fcr
publlcatlon urglng that Chrt3tma"
buyors have moro consldoratlon atii
.that shopplng be dono early and wlth
more cUarlty for tho tndlvldual bi.
hini tho counter.
Along thla same Uno ls n letter rc
celved by the governor, lts nrgumcnt
understood to havo hls approval. It
la from tho Clvlc leaguo of Phoenl;..
presented by Its prosldont. Mrs.
Paullne O'NolIl, urglng tho pasage
by tho lcglslature or a unlversal clght
hour labor law, espcclally Tor the pr
tcctlon ot sdlesmen and women ln
stores and clork In ofllces, benefltin
a largo class ot omployes not now
"Tho women'a clubs have brought
the women or'flll Bcctlons In'thla coui.
try togcther In one great cause tho
cause ot human progreas." sho Bald
In dlscusslng her work.
"They havo glvon the Inaplratlon
ror moro tborough, Intelllgent work,
snner, broader and moro altrulatlc
"They have taught women to know
and uudcrstapd and admlre tho enl
ua and labors of the country's best
men. and thls Ib ono of tho most lm
portant of thelr nccompllshments.
"Wo are flghttng for botter cduca
tlonol laws. Wo aro strlvlng to Bt
cure better property lawB guardlng
the rightB of marrted women in.such
atates aa have not already adequate
laws governlng marrlcd woman's prop
erty. "We aro anxlous to brlng about the
usc of school bulldlngs aa soclal cen
ters. Wo aro vltally lnterested in
chlld labor lawB that wlll actually pro
lect tho chlld.
"Natlooal'forest conscrvatlon la an
othcrs of our Intorests. We aro worklng
for thc protectlon of blrd llfo and to
securo tho co-operatlon of women in
that they Bhall ceaso wearlng blrd doc
oratlona In thelr hata.
"We want to como In closer touch
wlth tho woman who .goes out lnto the
world to earn her llvlng. That way
wo can brak down prejudlco be
tween the Eo-cajled classcs.
"We aro maklng a sclentlflc study
of the llvlng woge of women nnd glrls
in order that we may deal Intelllgent
ly wlth tho white slav.e octopua."
o'ood old sea dags," he sald laughlngly
The dog occupled Vlncent Astor'a
attcntlon for a moment by slttlng on
Its haunches and ofterlng a languld
paw. Hls master took lt.
"I've always had an ldea," he con
tlnucd, "that reporters - just kept
ivalking around or rlding In cabs hero
and there untll they camo uport sorao
thlng interestlng. What a marvelous
aystein you really do havo. I auppoae
now If I wero lnter.viewiug mysclf.
that I would ask somethlng about my
matrlmonlal plans?"
The youthful multi-mulllonalre
looked nt the real Ilfe reporter wlth
lnnoccnt eyes.
'And thejg.," ho went on, I, belng
myself nnd belng ,jntervlewed, would
j)robably rush down the gang-plank
and tell Tny sallora not to let that re
porter catch me. Yet. lt soema to me
there would be a lot moro fun in be
lng that reporter than In belng my
seir. Yes, sir; U I weren't Vlncent
Astor, l'd lilto to be a reporter, too."
begged Justlce Amend to Ibbuo an In-
Junction restralning hia . other and
stronger halr from uslng vlolenc'e ln
her" attempt to mold hlm. uftor her
own Tnncy. Her arguments nnd bue-
gestlons took thc foruif assault, and
battery In tho hlghest degree, and
frlend husband invoked tho powor I
of the Jaw to caso thp lash of hls I
Mrs. Simon Lagreo.
The Golden Plrrr.r.
Tho (?rder of the Golden FleeceJ
origjnatea witn Fiunp tho Good lnl
142D. It is eald thnt tho order wnsl
'founded' at tho tlme or Phlltp'B wed-l
dtng nnd named on account of thc
large proflts that the duke waa malclngl
out of wool. TJio orlglnal number of
knights was thlrty-one. Thoy woro ai
scarlct cloak ltned wlth ormlno, wlthl
an open collar bcarlng tho dukc'tl
clpher, "B," to, Blgnlfy Burgundy Atl
tho end of tho collar hung a golden
flecce The order later. becnmo com-
mon to nll the jrlnees of the house ofl
Austrla, Tho prdor is BtlU In cxls j
tcnce. nnd' apiong (he members arrl
moat or the royal prlnccs and othcrl
"noblo" Indivlduals ot tho continent. 1
New York Amcrican'.
nwnw .YtrniP"

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