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Spirti of. rlic Vgct
Woodstock, Vt.. April 12, 1913
Woodstock Railway Time table
In oiloot Monduy. 12,01 n. n Feb 10, 1013
Nn.2 No.8., No.4
No. ii
t t t
n. ui, iioon p. m,
NVoudstuok, 10 50 12 10 a W
1'iittHVille, 10 67 lil 23 3 27
buecUoe. 11 05 12 33 3 30
,owo AUllu. U 03 12 38 8 4il
.Hurllurd, 11 '21 12 61 3 53
, U, Juuut'li 11 25 1 03 3 53
1. m
0 Ib
6 22
0 3
6 31
6 50
0 66
No. 7 Nr. 1 No,3 No.l
t t ' t Jt
n. in. ' n, in. . iu. p. m
, H.Juuut'll 800 7 15 . 1 55 12.
ill.irttunl. 8 65 7 50 2(0 4 2
)0VUVt Allll. 0 07 8 05 2 15 4 3!l
(Juoolioe. U 11 8 VI 2 20 4 4
liiUavillo. 0 10 .8 25 2 30 4 51
ooiUtuck. 0 27 8 35 2 38 1 6b
t Dully. oxuept Sunditya.
r l'ltiu btutlou.
1 Oommuy rosoi'va tlio rlglit to nnuoe.1
t niiiB witiiuut uutiue.
O. II. LEONAltD. Supi
j. U. rOUTKlt Guuerul Muuncor.
AmoiicuD Exprcsu truusnuts busluosa over
lliu rouu.
.MjII truiiis lirrive 8.85, 9.27 u, ui.,
4 5S p. m.
ilitil Wiiiua lenve 10.60 u. ui., 12.16 p. in .
3.2U p. ui. iiiil 5.15 p. in.
Iliiilnownlor ltiuluud ntid Ludlow ntng9
le.uu 5.45 it. lil. tiuit 3.00 p. lil.
S.ailh v oodntock, 3.00 p. UI.
ll.iruiml uuil Uetliel, 6.46 iu Ul.
Hurnl iree ilulivory raiiH' oloses ut 8.8u
U. 111.
MAU-S (JL0815-For curly Htimes 8.0
Ii, iu. liittur luniia, 10,25 u. ui., 11.50 u. oi.,
3.00 p. ui. i'ul 4-40
Oiiiue tluura-Wl.SOu. ui. to 8.30 p. m
nUMlAV iuuil, eluaes 10.20h. ui. .
PUfc.K'K (JllAJ'MAN. 1'oatniustar
Our (Jeuerul .lobbluc tyopart
uieut will tiifi l'rouipt Acteu.
lion to your vuU" . ., . . ' .
Cotitrnl Stieet.
(illbcrt A. Davls
GUbcrt F. Duvl
Oflico Court House Building.
For Cemetery and Bnilding
Woodstock, Vermont
Shop at South Royalton, Vl
Bensoivs Mill
Frealj eara of Copiont, rinater,
Sliinrea, Sheathing and Flonr-
ing just in.
Car pf Nut Goal' will be here
firat of t'he week. Car of Stovp
Coala fow doya lotor.
E. I. Benson
Vermont Municipal Bonds
Tho Hvde Park Savincrs Bank is
alwnys ablo to" supply investora witb
gnt-eugea town, cuy ana viuago v ver
mont) bonds. Corrcspondcnce invited
with partiea desiring eithor tb buy or
Horse Notes.
V S. Pago of Harre liaa" receiveil
word from E. A. SntKlarrni1 o.f Eiihi
Aurnia,N.Y.,of tlieanleof Al Dillnrd,
2 09, to a party in Oliio, tlio pr'u-f
mentioiied lieing $ 0.0(10 Tlie little
Vermont waa fdaled in ltiirri1 aiul
trained hy its ownor, W. S. Pnp(
wlio retained .tlie Imy Hiullifiri until
nbnut u ycar ngo. Vliilt in tlio
"Kncraliip of Mr. Pngo, ilie Dillard
linrs6 uaiiiod a reputatiniL far nnd
witlo for liia apped on' tlio rnco
"ourHo, Mr. I'aco nld to Jolm
SiopheiiBon of FiiltOn, N. Y , wlio, in
l'fn, passpd tlio o)Viiexnliip of Al
Dillnrd over to E A Siiiiderlin, tlio
rand fircuit driver. .
A jury in iu Rutland counly n.ui t
f"nml Heiijatuin T lloulaiid, ol
Braiiilnn, guilty of pxtoitintf' fnnd
' ihe amoiintor $1,0(X) frr.nl Mra
linnta II WhelilcVtt. of llrnid.'o,
lliriuiuli n llncaL tlmi. Iut uuultl. trir
'"latojpvil rutnoia nb'iut lier. 'I J0
reqnireil a littlo ovoi an hour
for tlio jury lo rpjfj vPi? '
A Century Old Today.
Mrn Hannnli Hojt, who ia living
'with lier gjnnddaugliler, Mra Otin
Wnite, ivill obaorve lior 100th lnrili
Iny tliifl nfte.rnoon. Sho will recoive
lior frimulfl from 2 to 4 o'oloek, uuil
thnro uro aigna of n pnatcard
Tent Caterpillars Kilied.
Tho cold Rimp tliia week poi
fnrnieda pnblio Rorvjoo in killing a
nrent mauy tent catorpillura wliicli
tlireiUOiieii to repeat llieir destructivc
vork- of lnHt ycar. Su tlio cntomnlc-
Tlio epufi ot tlio motliB, into wliicli
ilio cntprpillars tm n, woro dopofliiod
last fall oti Uvitm. Will) tlio fli'Rt
wonllior tliia flpring nmiiy of tln
liatuliod tmt but..n8 tlio col'
weatlier rotarda tlio dovblopment nl
tonder young foliago wliicli tbe tiuy
atorpillara muat liavo to snhsipj
rlioiiBatiila of tlieni liavo diod, Sonie
idea of tlio extpnt to wliicli tlio peai
ivnuld liavo tlirived had not-tlie
ivcatlior mati fuiind' an opportunitv
to " pro8orvo tlio ualanco of imturo
imy bo gainod from tho fact tlint,an
Hiitomologiat.'ouutei) 31 oggmassep,
eacli ci ntaininc lmndicda of onv
i)i-yw, on a ainle wild eheory trp.
iloiig a Rtitlauil nmdHido.
"Muttandjer' April 23.
riio record hreaker of 1013comcs
MiiKiJ Hall April 23.1." Mnti
initl Jeff ", uiiivtirs.dly ackniiwlodgcd
tlio roal liit of tho theatrical yeai .
U'a a liit becauao tliere'a roal niprit
11 iCnn eiitertainmont far aliove tlie
ordtnary and on new and original
linoa. It liaa proven tlie richt to !
ulassed aa tlie beat musical comedy
production of tlie aeaaon.
The Winter Entertainments.
Thoro waa a' very alight deficit aa
tlie reault of tho wintor ontortain-
ment coivrae. it wna roported nt o
meetin'g of tlio guaiautora at.the
Arta and Orafta rooma Wedneaday
evening. Ilowever. tho cotnmittep
in clinrge will not call upon thp
Viiaiantiira for any money, and thp.
courao of lectWea and ontertain
menta will bo oontinued next aeaaon
It'haagivpn tho pnblic pleasiifg and
xnollutit talont and it ia mr.v prao
r.ii:aly a lixturof
Z No clinngo waa mado in tho mpin
beraliip of tlio coinmitlee, wLichia
ia fi'llnws :
Cliairinan, Uov Monjamin Swift ;
-tecretary, Rpv. II. L Canfield ; treua
urer, O. A. VVhitcomb; II. M. Stev-
eis, llarphl E. Perkina.
High, School Notes.
In tlie jiinkconteat wliicli cloaed
luat week Tneaday, tho" Seuiora and
Sopliomnrea were -defunited. Thp
penalty. a aociable in Aaaembly Ilull.
ill probablj bo pnidnext- week"
Friday oveniiTg. Abont thirty-five
dnllura waa realized from tlie aale.ot
tho jmik ; this will go tlie Atlilet'n'
AHaiiciiition. llearty tlianka nie ex
tpiided to all wlio liolppd with coii
Tho Juniora.cleared about thjrtcen
ilollura"' from their food-sale laai'
R. D. Uridtje, who lins tspent the
winter in CleimoVt, Jacksonville
.mk'i Puntn Gouln, Fla., rctiiinii
I'uegdiiy sdleiiKjon.
Misr Amy T. Stronjr, of Tafts
ville., visi'-ed at C.. S.1MlleJ:'8 Wed
nesdny itfteruoon.
Iliitlnn Il'vvnrd,'s.iii of -Mr. liud
lrs. Frimk Iloward, luia icUinied
liojne, nfter luivinp bren at 'Panainn
n yenr or morej vbere he wns in,tbe
employ. of lhe catuil comimssion.
Rev. E. R. Phillips will hold
sej.vice at Vilhige hall fomorrow at
2 o'clock. IJrayer meeting at Mrs.
ilenry Seaver's .it 730.
There waa'jlgood. -n'ttendance at
S.iturdny night's oieetinj of Ottiiu
quechee' grante. and a varied .pio?
mam of imi.tic, readingo, etc took
up the evening.
School will open April 14, the
epiilemic be"ing- reiponsible for the
Mra. Dnniel Taft, vvho hits heen
in a Hostoti hosphitl forseveral
montha, is t hme Hgniii.
Tle I-mlies' Aid itiet wilh Mrs:
11. E Vilwnr TllitiMhiy nfterno'n,
Jehi.il We'bb i repoiteii qlit ill.
Klr. and Mrs. Robert Currier of.
ftfV$QP w?ff Wftyf
Tho motoorological anmmary f
tlio month of, Maroh proparod hy
Forocaater Hlmw of tho North fiel
wcatlier atulion ahowa that tho ineai
temporaturo waa 32 ; tho norinul ia
20 2 Tho lolal precipitation for the
month waa G 30 mchea of wliicli G
waa iu the fortn of ahow. Tlio great
o4t daily fall in 21 hnurs waa 1 77
iiichoB 011 tlio 25',h and 20ili Tli
norinal precipitation for tho moutl
ia 2.70 iiichea.
Tlio Woodatoek Military Band haa
boon eiignged to fumiah muaio for
tlio ''Log Rolling" of tho Moden
Woodinpn nt White. Rivpr Junctioi
luly 4th.
O110 of the nirnaloR at the county
jnil, with an oyo for art and a large
pail of wliltowaah, haa uaed the
bruah Jately with grent cffect. Sonie
big oobbleatonoa lino tho bank wall
of tho atrentn nt tho jnil and 010
acattered about tlio yard in front of
tho dimiuutivo halt of recorda whii-l
iuioina 1110 uutimng. ineso aro
uow gleaming white and tho fonce
poata 111 tlie rear of tho premisca
likowiao Btand put apotleasly and
ooiispicuoiiBly, Tho lniiovatiou,
ia uuderatood, Imd tho full conaent
und approval- of Depnty Sheriff
Loukes, keepnr of tho jnil.
Rov anri Mrp. Itonjaniin Swift ure
viaiting in New York city.
Tho Kiug'a Dauglitera will hoglad
of furtlier (onalion8 f clothing,
ihoea, or anylhing whTch may be of
itaojn their rplief wrtrk', and eapec
ially of girla' clothpa Donatiiina may
lin hft at the Arta and Crafta'room
n Wedufsday aud Saturday afto
Mr. and Mra. Iaaiah Benson Ure
approaching Vormout loiauroly from
Florida, their winter homo, uud ex-
poct to .reach Woodstock w'ithin a
The Chmtian Endeavor aociety
f the Chri8tiau cliiiicli will bogin
its aervice at 7 30 o'clqclc next Sun
ilay ovouing and will contiuue to do
ao until further notico.
Mra. F, F. Ledoux haa' aold the
Variety atoro to hor brothor, Clar
enco F. Lynda, Mra.. Ledoux retiring
011 aecount of ill lioaltli.. Mr. Lynda
will rbtain liia' plitpe as olbrk- in W.
J. Boyce, & Co 'a atoro, liia aialer,
Miaa Oarrie A. Lynda, tnking churge
of the Variety atoro ,
About twenty Jadiea of tho W. R
(J. inot for a aewingaocial by invita
lioii o.f Mra. Juliu Fuirhanka at the
homo of Mra J R. Pctnber on
Uuesilay'. MiiBic waa civen by Mra.
I R. Ppjubor, Mra Wilaou and M'ibb
Violet Wilflon. .Refreahmenta were
Dr. G. G. Atkiii8 of Providence,
R. I., who will speuk at.the Congrega-
tiotial church v Tueaday etiening.
April 22, ia tvell knowti aa a nms-
terly nnd convinuiiig apenker. liia
rfubject will- lio "Tho Windova of
Lifo", Atlmiaaiou 35 eenla, atu-
denta 25 centa,
MrB.''Walter 'B. Gntea of Burling
ton waa thp gueat.of Miaa- Florence
L. Fuller, Tueadriy night, coming
lioro' from Spriugfiphl, Maaa., whero,
ahe hna beon viaiting lier daughter,
Mra. R. D Lfemioiid..
Mra. Chriatino Fuller nnd Mra.
llal E. Pnyue and aon -aro viaiting
relalivea in Lukeport, N. 11.
Uiatriet Deputy Glnnd Maaler
Rulua A. Barton of Windsor niadp
an olticial viaitniiou ot wooiiatouu
Lodge, F. aud A. M., laat Fridny
oveiiing at 11 apeoial meeting, wlicn
tlio tliird ilegleo was conferied, aud
tlie vork waa -revieved by the dis-
ict deputy. ,
Mrr. B. . Chaao undorwent uii
operation at Ilio Mauovpr li(apijal
laat week Thuradtiy, aud haa aiucn
tieen gettiiig iilotig welb
E. F. Flood of Mflmlura Falla
waa iu town a few daya tliia week.
Mra. .laine II. Winslow of Phila
delplt'ia ia tho gUoat of Mr. und Mrs.
W. F. Johea.
Miaa Rachel Gobio of Qnpclipoand
Itichard Veo,, son of Dr L. N Veo
of Boaton,. were recent gucata at
I'alriuk Mayuua'. v
An uuuaually iiitoresting-pnigrani
is pnuniapdv for Tueaday' eveuiiig,
April 15, at Muaio hall. Tliia iatho
l.wal Y. .A A 'h aiiiinal " Frio'nda
Kignt, -Hiiii tne eiiiprtaiument will derk'a oflic? May 14 agreo if poa
bo Kiven hy hix Uthlelica from tlie Bjhe t)l0 tow jip
Y, M O. A. Collogo .ut SprinKfield, j T,e qnmnn t the 5 truo loca
Maaa.F and a quartelte Eaidi mem tim, r c Hetier Royalton town lino
bor or the aaMiialion ia pulitlpd laii1,, tw yeara ao wliph F. B.
limitpd numherof nVkpta fordialrj- .Sonihworlh wild n l.nllding lot hnr
tmtion. nowar.1 m aiaiHiio. n r l!e ,. je nd (Mirjp B.
foruipr re4dent l.erp. npw'a j.n.ior RMt prt(!tl., ,Weliff thereon
at the collone. ia iuterested iu ilio(W,enit nuno tn taxing iime both
nrr .npmp.ita fr the enierlftininent, tnwm .nitnf tl-p lioilao nnd n enm-
Mt Kdward II
('liirk, Qporuo
R.y aul Fred Miixhum were Ijiken
to tho Hnuover hoapilal Jiitt week
Fridy, the lu'tor lot tmtowuJ&
Roy and Mr Maxham being opera'tod
npon for appetidioitia,
William 8. Brooks of Holyoko,
Maaa., auperintondent of tho Ameri
cnn'a Writing Paper' Company'a
Itivpraido No 3 inill, liaa been pro
innted tn the Hiiporintondoncy of tho
l.indon division, tho bot jirxiition in
tho company s worka. Mr, UriMtk
is a grandaon of tho lato jVarren O
t'rench anu livou nero lor sonie
I will liavo a car of Nut Coal in
duy or two. ...
. .E4 1. Benaon
Sugar itiakora do not roport a suc-
cnsaful aeaaon, attll thoro has beon
lair run or anp iiotwpon rain ani
Btorrnn, cold wealhorand warm Ita
freakiehueBB ia a fcaturo of tho Bea
. . . . .
b'iui, r.nd in tliia seotion tlio crop will
bo ctit in lialf.
Tlie villaRc schools opencd lnat
Monday. The term in -the outside
districts begins April 14th.
Mirs Carolyn Fuiber of.Lcwiston
is visiting her grandparcnts, Mr. and
Mrs. L. E. Fuiber.
In accordance with the new law
the UriUKewater Woolen Uo. is
running thc 58-liour schedule for
women and mtnors.
Hen Smith is employed by thc
Bridgewater Woolen Co.
Bridgewater has n brancli of thc
Camp Fire Gir s. Tlie organizntion
of "Oltauquechce Council " was
effected at a mecting h'eld Jit the
paraonnge last Friday 'evening, and
anothcr.meeting was lield this vveek-t
The pastor will speak on u The
King s Buines8" .at tomorrow
moiuing's service at the Congrega
tional church.
Colonel Mimms Makes Good.
Chittenden county court convencd
agaiu Tueaday morning nnu tne
ret cnso taken np was that of State
vs. Unrry U. Itosonberg, cliargeu
with porjury in which n number of
Burlington tnen wore accused of ro
colving stolen property. Tlie prin-
cipal witnes8 waa Court Stenngrn
piier J9I111 rl. Alimms, wlio per-
fortned the rathor diflicnlt fcat of
testtfyiiig aud taking liia own teati
mony in Bhnrthaud nt the.'aume time
Colonel Mimms proved eqnal to the
nccnaion llis teatimony coneerncd
tho tnking of tho ojilh by'oaenliprg
and other pointa of testiinony taken.
urtng tho trial of Loiiia AJpert,
Winters Didn't Escape. '
Judge J. E. Weekaof Mjddlebury.
oliairman of the atate board of penal
nstiltilioiiB, Btnles that Jolin Win
tera did not escape from the sluto
prison ut Windsor, as liaB hcctx re
porled. Wintera wua exiiuaed from
the ahnp t aecuro 11 ladder which .ia
uaed tn shift helts. Ile.tlion hid in
tho atinp with tho evident intontion
f dvprpowering tne engincer nfter
k and eacaping, Ihe ladder,.
mwovor, waa (iiHcovoreu ana win
tera waa found in hiding und over
poworod. t '
New Bridge at White River
Thc selectnien of Harttofd have
let a contract to theCummingS Gon
stiuction Cotnpnny of VVare, Mass.,
foi the coustruction of a temporary
ritlge ncrosa the White rriver, to
repla.ee the one carried away by the
od of Mnrcli 27. Tbe work waa
started Monday morning.
The speciflcations'CHll lor a bridge
on piles, with .111 i$-foot drivcway
nnl n four foot walk. It' is expected
the bridge will be. ready for usc in
from four to a'tx weeks.
Boy Drowned at Hartford.
Eurl LnRoche, about' five yeara ot
age, and snu of Mr. and Mrs. Amos
LaRochc of Hartford village, was
drowned in White river- above the
duni Wednesdaj morning. He nnd
anotlier plnvmate were amusing
themtelves throwing sficka - nnd
stonesjnto the rivei, wlicn in some
way tlie LuRoclie boy fell in. The
body was recovercd with' grappling
irorta about an hour lntcr."
The Royalton-Bethei' Town
Line. ' '
The Beleclmpirnf Bethl and Roy
iftmi will mppt nt tho Bethel- town
nriuniao waa pffePled until Ihe lino
wiih tlefiuilply fixed by whlnh enoh,
town .took half the. ypjuo pf tho
promjji, 'd
Children's night" atthe Grnnge
April 30th, the juvenilus giying tho
cntertaiument. 4
Miss AnnieCuahing lrom Albany,
N. Y., is passing a week nt the
Cushing homc.
u First Aid to the Injtiied" wns
the subjcct of n talk by'Dr. Rogcra
at the Y. M. C. A. Monday evening.
Lawrence Tinkliam has leturncd
to Uoston.
Miss Ghidys Wnteiman of Ppst
Mills nnd Mjss Cora Waterman ol
East Thetford were recent gtiests of
Mra. ; Haskell.
Word is received ol the death ol
Jjeorge tlilton, Maich 25,
Tacoma, Wnsh. Hisonly Bin vivin
re'ative is liis brother, Myron Hiltp
ot Abcrdeeu, Wnsh. IIc was the
youngest son of Josep'h Milton of
this place, nnd. wns 24 years of age
Tho two brrtthera left hcre for the
west 24 years ago.
Fred Willey, whohiiRbeen suffer
ing lrom n severc nttack of'beai
tiouble, hns nearly recoveied.
Eigbtv-five thousnnd fry have
beeti received by the Fisli and Game
society, to be distributcd in the
streams in this placc nnd Hartford
This is n complimentnry shipment
The regular shipment will be
received later. Thcy came tiom the
btate hntchery at Roxbury.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Currier have
returned to SpiiofiVld, Mnsa., aftcr
a iew daya' visit to-their soi, Einest
C'onk, nt George AikensS
Mrs. George Rollins of White
River luuction bave been recent
guests of Mrs.tL. C, Ray.
Jajues Blood is to work Jor J. L)
Huntlev this beason.
Vermont M. E. Conference.
Ouo hundred and . Iwenty-fivo
miniBtora wero. preaeut whpn the
09th aunual nieoling of the Vormont
cojiforonro of Mpthodist Epiaeopal
hurchea was oponod. nt Richford
Wednoadoy. Biahop Theodore S
llenderaon of Cliattanooga, Toiin.,
Vermont Gains $60,000 by
Increased Railroad Appraisal.
Steam und electrio railrond, ateam-
boala and oloctrio pawer pliinta,
which have been under raviow by
the railroad bcniil of appcala aince
Mareh 13, will,- by tho deqision of
tho board, pay taxes tliia year on
$10,534,075 morothnu the appraiaul
at which thpyjiave previoualy bepn
raled, anll $4,781,780 moro than
thoir; prnpprliea woro apprniaed by
forinor TasCominisaioiiHr Cuahman.
Tho lotal appraiaul of the Rroper-
iea by the commisaion ia $44,387,-
225. Tho npprniaal by Mr.. Ciiah-
man waa $39,005,445 nnd the pre
vioua nppraiaal $33 852,250 The"
tax under tlfo uow law muat bo paid
on tliia npprniaal instead of on' the
roaa recoipta, nnd tho State will re
coive moro than $130,000 in exceaa
f vvhat would liavo been paid ontho
old npprniaal, or nbout $.60,0' 10 moro
than would have been -paid on Ihe
Cunlnnan nppraiaal. In few in-
slnncea haa any largo increaso been
Hotel Plans in Windsor.
At tho board of trado mcieting in
Windsor Saturday night the project
for building a hotel there this auui
tnfir wnalaunolied by Maxwell Bvarte,
ho new huildipg ia eatimnted to
coat "$ 150,000 nnd atock aubaurip-
tiona will open tliis' weekl llainld
Suwona of Burlington gnvo an ad-
ress upoii road building, it being
thought adviaable that the village
hould iinprovo ita atreeta. .
Wiudaor is ncrORa-thn Connecticut
river lrom tne aumiuen,. iiome m
Winaton Churciill..wliero! Pieaiilpnt
Wilaou uud hia family will go tliia
auininer, ,
, Tribute to, Verniohters.
People now living in Vermohtare"
gratified that expatriated " Ver-
montei'R still have coufidence iu their
native state, asreveuled by a spenker
at the Northnmpton, Mnss , mcetin
the sons and Urtiiiihtcis ol the
Green Mounfain state. This speaker
lcclnrcd: "Vermont is Ihe home
f r'tigged hontsty, true miinliood,
nd lovalty. The Btate ia e'ver
dvnncrngnnd dt-stined to becomeof
still grcater impoi tnnce.to the couu-
y- tlnin it hns lu-eu 111 the pnst
he Vermnntcr hates uiiiiRtices,
nvea thr ftee nir aml li.is fniib in
God, Hia fs the temperitmpnt whicb
eeps Ihe true nnlance hetween the
I heart tn inapirc aud the head tn
plnti. The speaker RUicU hreatht-d
. thp pirit of loyalty which he de
1 sciilwd; aml it. mut be ngieed wilh
' I -II T .. , .
111111 iiuu neiniy 1111 vermmueia onve
th.it leeling of luyidty. Barie
Yermonter Is 101 Years Old
. Mrs. Snrah Robie Wilsdii ol this
pbifce, t;ccbrtei Jjcjr jpist bjjtUday
Galvanized sap buckets per hundred $19.00
Syrup Cans per hundred 8.75
Warner sap spouts per hundred 2;50
Tapping bits each 4 .20
J Therniometers each ' . : 75
Floatseach - .50
Feltfilters No. 4 $1.15 No.r5,. 1.30
Warner gallon covers each .07 '
Snap tin covers each ., . . .05.
Gatherlng pails each ' .75 '
' Skimmers each ' .50
Sugar pails each 5 lbs. 7c, 10 lbs. 8c, 20 lbs. .20
See pu r new 1 i ne of 1 Oc Agate
Ware .'. '
E. F. Wardwell;
N. E. Tolephono 3-3
People'a Telephono 10,-14
Norman Williams Public
Readintr room onen "from "7 a. m. to
12 m.; 1 p. m. to 6 p. m.. and 7 p..m. to
8.30 p.m.
Liibrarian or assiatant will ,bo nt. the
library from 10 a. ml'to 12jn.; 2 p. m.
to 6 p. m. and 7 n. m. to"8.S0 d. m.
Saturday evening until 9.
Edwahd H. Wiluams jk.,
anniversary Ayril 4. The ofllcial re
cords of the toVvn rIiow that Mrs.
Wilspn Wfia born in Corinth Apiil 4,
,1812, the daughter of Ichabod .Ro-
With the exception ot one year,
all of lier lile has been nassed at
Corinth. Mrs. Wilson. hiia four
children, 21 graudchildren, 11 grent-
grandchiltlren, and one great-great-
Great Real Estate and Summer
Home Issue. . "
On Satunlav, Aptil 5, the Boston
Evening Tnmsciipt will piint a
ueilerouR nnionnt of teiidiiiir niatter
which will be of inierest to leal
estate owners in New Enihind,
nvestors and tliose who lease'or
have sinnmer homus at the sershore,
mountains 01 cntiutrv.
Anyone having a liouse, farm,
cpttage or desirably located hiud for
sule or exchaugc, or a'summer place
to rent for the si'ason will do well td
stcure adveitising spacein tlda issue,
for it will have a wule circulatiorrt
morTfr iuterested people all over the
United States.
Lylng Iiclpless tn an armchalr at tho
Homcopathlc hospltal In Great Or
mond street. London. W. C. Ia a girl
of flfteen naraed Edith Winter, vho ls
BUfferlng froro a mysterlous dlsease.
which ls caUBlnc har muscles to turn
into bone. It ,la the samo diseaso
that attacked Allau nuahbrooU, known
as the 'Ibrittlo man," who lett tho
samo hospltal partly cured some
months atro. Tho dlsease began to
develop soon after blrth, and sho was
taken to the hospltal a month or bo
beo. Slnce then a tew signs ofiniM
provement have been obaerved ln her
condltion. She cannot walk' or even
stand unsuDDorted. nnd can hardly
move her head at all. as tho" musclea
of the neck on elther Bido ot the faco
Have largely turned to bone. Tho
muscles of the Jaw have also hard
ened. and it is with some dluYculty
that she is able to eat
Grint nri haa tn be exerclsed ln V
raoving her. "If sho were to fall tho
hardened muscles lnight break," eald
a doctor recently. "WUen I 11ft her,"
said one of tho hospltal nursea, "1 feel
as ttiough I am holdlng a bundle of
tlcks." It ls four years slnce Edith
took her laat walk.
A Bergenfleld, N. J.. man has Just
.completed the decoratlon of a room
In hls homo by covoring the walls with
a group of plctures taken from every
DoWBpapcr ln the east and represont-.
Ing an lramcnso variety of scenos. Hq
has been a newsdealer slnce 1S99 and,
collocted tho phjtures for many years.
The pl'cturos are c'arefully trimmed
and arranged ln four and tn some
cases flvo rows, each one exactly meet
Ing the next pictures'.f Over the plc
tures tho decorator applied two coats
of varnish. The plctures are arranged
with simllor subjects In one row"' os
nearly as posslble. The, second ro
below the cclllng ls given over en
tlrely to hall-tone, reproductlons of
well-known placea ln Europe. Bolow
that comes a circult of -Oibson plc;.
tures. The fourth row ls glven over
to plctures of tbe World's Fair at Chi
,'cago ln 1893 from a newspaper. Clvll
-war scenes run entlrcly; around the
room ln tbe third row, and tho top
row is a,Eort of a frlczo made up of
coiored supplements of amazing va
riety. There aro nearly 500 plctures
in'nlL .
Home-madte SausSge
Hom'e-tried Lard
Native & Western BeeP
Fresh Fish and
Every Thursday
W.. E. Peikins recently visited his
niace, Mrs. Leslie Cobb, in Protper.
Noel Potter is the guest this week
of his parents, G. W. Potter and
Mrs. J. B. Gibbon has. been with
friends in Lebnnon the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin
entertained friends and relatives
Wednesdny evening. Refreshments
were served ; a very pjeasant even
ing was enjoyed by all and Mrs.
Martin wns given a shcwcr of birth
day post-cnrds, wishing her many
returns of the day.
,Mrs. Alice Taytorvfcwho has been
with rela'tives in town for several
wceks, has returned to Holyoke,
Mass. . " 1
Miss Luetta Russell of Norwich
is with friends for a ahort time.L
;'Mrs. Lizie Paineand family nre
with Charles Martin and wife. "Mr.
Paine evpectR to- move his family
soon to South Royalton.
Charles Chaseof Woodstock spent
Sunday with fiis sjster, Mrs. Loiiise
Boynton. - ,
Walter Wilson expects to' move
soon to North Pomfret, nnd will
jork (or Mr. Clifford.
J. D. Liltleliale haa returned to
his home in Fitchburg; Mass,, after
severnr weeks with his daughter,
Mrs.'C. C. Jobruop.
Mrs. John, Doton hns 'feiuvned
from Royalton, vvhere she hns been
the guest .of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles' Spaulding. . Mr. and,
Mrs. Dotoh recently visited in
Cotinth and Bethel.
Mrs. Alice Sherburne hns 230
incubntor chicks, white Wynndottes.
Over hundred ol these nre over. -three
weeks p;ld, nnd ,nre an'inter'''
esting and lively bunel). -s- '
George Phelps was at F. C
Perry'a the first orthe week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hezelton have Imd
their house thoroughlv repaired
new shingles take the place of
clnphoards, new vvindows and paper
nnd painting for the interior. Mrs.
Utzflton expects to entertiiiti
summer "UtKlfi, aud she h:is a very
dcsiriible home for summer people.
Miaa Roao M, Bromlpv, of Putney,'
haa' brniight Hiiil. againal hor father-1
tu-Iaw, Frrtnk P Broui)pyof Danby.V
to recovor $20.000 " foit the'nllenpd

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