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Spirit of tljc 2Vgc,
Woodstock, Vt July. 26, 1913
Woodstock Railway Time table
In offct Monday, 12.01 a. ln Eeb. 10. 1013
A. Ul.
Woodatook, 10 20
Taftsville. 10-37
Quechee, . 10 SS
Lloweyrt Mlllu, 10 89
p. ra.
8 20
8 27
3 80
U 10
8 C3
3 68
p. m
12 1S
12 23
12 33
12 33
12 61
1 03
& 16
6 22
6 30
6 84
6 60
6 66
muruoru, iu oi
v , H.
Juuut'u 10 63
ii. ra.
W, U.Juuot'u 0 60
lllurtford, 8 65
Uowcys llllls, 0 07
Quoolioo, 0 11
TaftBvillo, 0 10
Woodstock, 0 27
u. m.
7 80
7 35
7 60
7 6.
8 10
8 20
p. .
1 50
1 65
2 10
2 16
2 29
2 33
4 16
4 10
4 31
4 35
4 43
4 60
t Dnlly exoopt Sundays.
il'luit Htutluu.
Tuf Oouipuny rosorvo tlie rlght to oanoel
t HlIIB wituout uouco.
O. II. LEONAltD, 8upt,
J. G. POltTEU Gouorul ManaRor.
Araorican Exprcss truusauts buaineua over
tuu roua.
MM traliis nrrlve 8.36, 0.27 u, m.. 2.38
4.68 p. ui.
Midl trnlus loavo 10.60 it. ni., 12.10 p. m.
n rtn ... ....1 K tR i.
JJrldBOwiitor ltulltiud uud Ludlow stoces
iouvo o.to II. in, uuu o.uu i. IU.
South Woodntook, 3.00.1). m.
nrtiArfl iiml lletlitil. fi.45 Ul IU.
lturnl froa dollvcrv muil oloses ttt 6.30
a. va.
MAILB UL08E For oarlj Btnces 8.0
p. in. Liatcr ainlia, lu.ao n. ni ii.ou a. ui,
8.00 p. m. nad 4.io p. in.
Olllco Uourd 41.80 a. in. to 8.80 p. ra
BUNDAY mnll '61oso8 10.20 a. in.
FllED'K OHAPMAN. POstmtwtor
Our Gonenil .Tobblnc DoparU
mont wlll Rlvn I'rompt Atton.
ttou tii your whuIb
Contiul Stroet'.
Ollbert A. Dnvls ' Gllbert -F. DavU
Offlce Court Houso Building.
Fpr Cemetery and Building
Woodstock, Vermont
Shop at South Royalton, Vt
NOTICE W. H. Tnlt hereby pives
notice tlint hereafter liis Iihv" scales
nt Taftsville will be'clqsed to.public
use excepling to pntties bv specinl
load of horses, drivers nnd Work
ers; can be seen nl fnir .ground
nnd tiied at your satisfaction.
Time given, good bunknble pnpcr.
Bnrtiey Leavitt, N. E. telepliohe
Vermont Municipal Bonds
Hydo Park Savmga Bank is
1 ablo to Bupply inveators with
gilt-edged town, city and vllloge ( Ver
mont) bonda. Correspondcnce invited
with partica desiring cithcr to buy or
Norman Williams Public
Library .
Reading: roora 'open frdm 1 a. m. to
12 m,; 1 p. m. to 6 p. m., and7 p. m. to
8.30 p. m. v
Librarian or ossistant will .bo at tho
library from 10 a. m. to 12 m. ; 2 p. m;,
to 6 p. tn. and 7 p., m. to 8.30 jj. rri.
Saturday evening until 9. '
Edwahd H. "Wii-liams je.,
Spring Water.
Water from the Country Club Spring
will bq delivored n tho villaKO. at 25c
for a. B Lmllon carbov. t
V. N. G. Encampment.
Tho annual onciimpnient of the
Firat Infantry, Vermont Nationnl
Guard, vill bo holdutthoBtatocamp
groiuuls, noar. Fort Ejlian Allon
AugUst jt to 13 inolusivo. Thecamp
will bo tlevoted largoly to rifio prac-
tico on tho Fort lSthon Allon rango
It ia oxpootod that Gov, Allen 11
Flotchor will bo prcaont durng tho
outiro poriod.
T110 muator tlits yoar will bo au
'olu time" muBter witu ovoning
parndo in drcsa uuifprm und ."Gov-
oi tior'fl day," whou tho monibera on
litlod to thom, will- rocoivo the
vetoran eorvico modalfl ior oorvice iu
tho Vormont Notioiml Guard.
Ooinpany G ;t will loave on" the
10 20 n. ra. train Aiiguat 4th, and
roturn the 13th. The company has
63 mon ; all nro intoroatod in tho
sorvico, and tuo organization, novv
uudor commund of Capt, K. A. Pom-
bor, is in excellont ahape. Most of
tho mon will nttoud the oncarapmont
Special Premiums for Apples.
Anothor apooial prorainm for ex-
Itibitors at tho Windsor County Fair
is oiTored by R. D, Ransom, aa foj-
lowa. For tho best ten platea of fail
or winter apploa, grown oti one fnrm,
ndt lesfl than fivo apples to n plate,
Srat premiam $5.00, socond $300,
third f 2.00, -
Spocial . piemium offereod by E
A Spear. For the best half bushol
of apples grown on treeB sprayed
with Shorwjn-Williains limo eulphur
or araonate of lead, $2.00; foreecond
beat $1.00.'
New By-iaws fotlie Village
Tho voters of the viilage, about 75
of tliom, neBoinblod at tho special
mooting Tueaday ovoning and hold
un unuBually protrncteu seaaiou.
omo neoded legialation. was put
through after mucja disuuBsion.
J. S. EUton preaided, .Olerk W. S
Eatou reudiit'g tho tvarning.
The.acts of mcorporation and tho
by-laWs of the villogo - uVo to be
printed for general diatribution.
It vvas voted to instruct tho trus-
toos to renew the equipmont; at tho
stono cruahing. plant at nn expenso
uot exceoding $2000.
Propoaals rohuing. to tho health of
the villago, removal of garbage, etq.,
the teating of diiiry'liSr'da, wdre pro-
aented by Dr. C. W. Kiddor, and
wero adopted as additioiial by-lawa
with few diaaonting votea.
A somewhat'drastic proposal for-
bidditig tho moving of buildings
through the streeta wfta voted down,
and tho followirig by-law tvas then
Nn budding, thnt wduld obatruct
u atreet, shall lio nioved tlirough tho
villago streotH, witiiout a vote ot tlio
villago at an annual mcotjng br ut a
noeting reguiary caueu.
Tho moeting discuBaed tho rnattor
of rogulatirfg tlio Bpood of autoiho-
bilea, .a problein vvhioh has vexcd
greator minds, without reaching any
copoluai&n as to just whut waa n safo
and reasoimblo .Ri)ocd in .tho city
limite.- This by-law .was then adopt?
od :
Tho Truateea aro heroby instruct
ed to enforco tho provioions of the
Automobile Laws of the State within
the villago limita-
Tuo truateea woro directed to liavo
tb.o cnislior plant inaurod if it, soem-
Reduce Parcel Post Rates.
Plana for the extoriaion, improvo-
mont, and reduction i TOteo pf the
parcel post have beettannounced, by
PoatmaBtor-Uenoral uurleson. 1
Tho.changea, wliich a're to becorne
cffcctivo August 15, includo an in
creaso from 11 pounda : to 20-pounds
in tho maximuih woight of parcola ;
a matot'ial reduction in tho postago
rates in tho firat and second zones;
and the abundtminent,.of tho parcel
post jxinp aa a means of computing
ratea and -for it of ti ro.to chart indi
vidoalizod to every poat-office in the
United States. Tho plans coutem
plato the pmchaae bf n.largo numei
of automobilo'B to bo u'sod tfxclasively
for tlie dolivery of parcel. post mater.
Whilo, or tho proaont, .tlio maxi
mum vveight limit oCSO pounds and'
tho reduction in ratefi( tvjH apply only
to tho ffrst and aoc'ond zonesl from
ny .giveii poat-office, a'diatanco pf
about 15,0 iiulea, the ulianges direct
ed conatitute ta , firat long stop to
ward a liiiivoraal, oxtenaion of tho
ayBtem atd u general reduction
m the rates of p6stago oir parcel
rnatter. t
Mrs. AmeHa Hojvard Ghupmat), a
writor of song worda, dipd at hqr
home ia Windham Friday. Sho was
57 yenraold nnd is aurvivbd by hor
busbaud aud thrco childron.
Mr and Mrs Oharles O. Batea of
Rochester, N Y , aro at the Inn.
Mr, and Mrs. G. M. Bradley and
soii have returned from Lowell,
Mrs. W. E. Viow visited fri9nds
in Bellowa Falls Satiirdny.
Mrs. II O. Uowlaud and Ray Cor
bino. returned from Claremout, N.
H,, S'unday.
Mra. Ida 'Nowell.Chamborlni, an
elocutioniat of ability, from tho De-
troit-Bchool of Elocntiouand English
Litornturo, will give an oiitortain
montat thoChristian church August
Mrs., Lephd Johnson Canfield,
mothor of Rov. H, h. Canfield: died
July 17, of cancor, at a Pasadona,
Calif.j hoapital, in her 79th year.
Sho had beon iU nnd a sufforer for
six months or more. Her huBband
survives hor at the ageof 85 yeara.
Sho was born inOhio ofRevolutionary
ancoatry, her grandfathory Uaniel
Gurtis.-Borving, according to family
tradition, "from Bunker Hill to
Yorktown." Mr. and Mra. Canfield
were married 56 yeare ago, and for
55 yeara Mr. Canfield has been in
Universaliat ministry. Mrs. Can
field had an oxceptional mind aud
both sho and her hnsband hnvo
been intoroatod and. active in many
of the progressive movementB of past
An inapection .of fifo escapes on
the Woodstock" sehool building is
announced for next Tueaday at 10
a. m. by anunsignod handbill circu
lated Thursduy. Thero are Bome
things not right about the present
fire e.acape: Tho doors open'in,
which is enough to condemn it, and
it ia approacliod from. the school
rooms"" by Beveral etepa. l'ho plan
ehdorsed by Colonel Dearborn, whom
Woodatoplc knows is- somewhat in-
tereated in the subject, and whoae
literaturo.and quotation marks are
very familiar, is to ruu the fico es-
cape, wllicu ib on tlie Xjiuuen atreet
side of the buildiug, from the second
stpry to tho terraco, thus nvoiding
n deaceut of one flightto the.ground.
And this plan is favored as quito
practicabte by citizons. who have
looked over the ground,
A cow owned ,by Char)ea K.
rhoinpson was killed by liglitning
during a thunderstorm last week.
This is the third ho has lost within
year 1 one by, Bickneas, one by
lightning, and the other wob killed
by an nccident in the paeturo.
MiBaea Viyian Canfield and Mar-
jorio BrOwn are paaaing a week' at
Medford, Mass , nnd from there go
to Fbrry Boaoli, near Old Orchard,
Me., for three weeks..
G.H. Day has added. two plauers'
aud artilting' Baw table to the eqmp
ment of lus. wood workihg shop.
Mrs. E.',Thnyles Emmons, with
her two childron, of -Geneva, N Y.,
is visiting her parenta, Mr. and Mra.
A. ti. Townaend,.
Dr. and Mrn. E. G. Brackett eail
from Boston for Londou today. Dr.
Brackett will atteiul the. modical
congress to be lield tlreie..
At the Methodi'Bt EpBCopul church
on Sunday eveuiug tlio themo of the
aermqn will be, 'A"n Ideal Lifo."
Mrf ,aqd MrB.' E D Faulkner
sailod from New York'this week for
Gormany, leaving Woodstock Satur
day. They expeot to roturn' here 111
E J Benson was iu Boston a few
days ihio week,
Rev. Chrles H. Wells of Nowark,
N. J. is visiting friends here.
Mrs. Snodgrass tif-Kanans City,
Mo.. is visiting , her Bisters, Mrs.
Perkins arid Mrs. Morgan.
. "
Mrs. Arthur B. Wilder and Mias
Ruth Wilder are in Saratoga,- N. Y,
for a iveek.
Rey, Benjamin Swift attended the
'ordination of Itov. Ray Audrow
Ohapman as pnstor f the. Firat
Congregational church at Sharon on
Tueaday, and gavo the charge to the
A blacksnako and nn adder en
gagod in brief battlo in the yard of
Mra. George Wr-Marble's homo laat
Stinday: Tlio blacksnako had a
doadly hold and. would probably
Jiavo finished tho adder, but Mrs. L.
M, Fairbanks, Mra ,Marble's daugh-:
teY,o.ndod the Btruggle with n
The Chriatiun Endcnvor society of
I tbo (Jliriatian Oliurch ia Ronding
flowora tbis year, aa usual, to " the'
Flower Missidn in Boston. Any one
having flowers ia askod to leave them
with) Mra Herbert Freeman Friday
of eac'h week, beforo nopn.
Hunters' licensos aro this year to
be iaauod to resideuts of the atate for
75 conta oach. Non-residpnts, of tho
statoand unnaturalizod citizons muat
py ,$10 ec!i for the privilegfl oi
iiuutincr in Vermont, Ech hunter
must have hie license with him nnd
exhibit it oh demaud to any ofiicer
or to the owner of the Jand' upon
which ho niay be bunting.
Mra. W. D. Prtrsons of Oak Park,
IU., is tho gueet of Mr. nnd Mrs; A
B. Snul, .
Dr. C. L. Dana returned to New
York TburedaVjjind today saila for
I 1 x .L l .1 irr
ii.ugiuiiu, ui joiu uib uauguior, iiuas
Maqorie F. Dana.
Report of the Work of the Club
the Past Year.
The Woodstock Arta and Grufts
association reports a very successful
yenr 111 tue work arcomphsheu.
At the recent nnnual moetiug Rev,
Benjamin Swift wns ro-olected presi-
dont, Rov. U. Ii, Canfield aecretary,
and the lattor will nlso act as treaB-
uror, aa Col. F. S. Billings wU be
in Europo tho the comin'g year.
Eighty people received instruc-
tions in one or anothor of, tho. classes
that woro conducted. Tho classea
maintained were carpentry, drawing,
baakotry, rnflia, cane and rush eeat-
mg ana pottery. Ine latter waa
taken up last year for the firat time.
Much interest was shown in the.
work and excellent and aitistic
piccea were produced.
The Saturday ufternoon teas are a
new featuro introdnced duriug the
yoar. The salos department, eatab-
lisbod early in tho winter under tho
namo of Woodstock Craft Shop, is
achieving a "surpriBing; succe83(
Already no loss than 87 people have
consigned to it their handiwork
which has fulGlled the requirements
of the exacting standards of the jury
to whom all articlea must be sub
tnittod beforo beibg placed on sale.
Sales amounting to over S300 .were
made during tlio firat six raontbs of
the existenco of the department, and
through its encourngerhent homo in
duatries nro being estnbliahed in rc
mote localitiea and many isolutod
people by this means find another
opportunity of getting in touch with
an outsido world. The headquartera
of the Arta aud Crafts work has
come to be in n renl sonso a eocinl
cenfer. Here meot . the aenior nnd
unior braucues oi tho it.Ju, U. A.,
The JCing's Daujghtera, The.Mothera'
Leaguo, and here meet committees
und horo" lpcturea are given. food
sales held, and vnrious groups oT
people as8emble who do not require
the accommodationa of a larger'
auditorium. In ahqrt tho' Arta and
Grafta association is performiitg .
diatinct sorvico for the community
and is thrico worthy of tho generous
support of our town s-people.
The aBaociation intends the com
ing year to coutinue its work nlong
the lines followed lnst year, but niay
add new features as Opportunity or
need may suggest. -
Followjng ia a summarized report
of the treaauror, exhjbiting the. re
ceipts and expouditures inuident-to
the inaintenance cif the work :.
Balance July lst, 1912
Rent. .
Rafila Ciasa.
$126 63
-77 00
. 63 05
62 88
13 03
Carpentry. Clasa
Craft Shop
Total , " :
$23 27
77 15
300 00
6 90
18 79
.36 30
14 80
- 62 92
' 25 25
4630 45
117 26
itent .
Raflla Class - -ArtClass--Carpentry
Pottery' Clasa ' .
Craft Shop " '"
Balance July lst, 1913
. , ,$747.71
F. S. Billings, Treasurer ?
Audited and found correct.
H.'C. Cushino, Auditor
Well Known Hartford Man.
. -
The funeral of George W. Pease,
bf Hartford was held Sunday after
noon nt his homein Hartfonl villago
Mr-. PeaBe died Friday, July 18, aa
the result of a a'hbck, aged 84 yeara.
Ho was a respected nnd life-long
reaident of the town and nmong its.
oldest citizons. He hud beon a
farmor, but had retired from vactive
lifQ. He was twice m.irried, Sur.
viving him aro his wife and daugli
ter. vvife ot Loonnrd Trumbull of
Hartford, another married'dnughtor,
aira, oiearns, living 111 n.riiugion,
Mass., and a abn, William) of Brock-ton,-
Mass. ' v
Rutland Fair and Carnival.
Rutland morchatits are working
hard in the" interest of tliq Carniva).
The Fair mnnagement aro "pTanning
the best Fair in the history oi J.I10
organization. Fair and Camiyal
Sopt. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
YOU $1.00
For your
Any Day Up to Aug. lst, 1913
Providod Y'ou Buy a Orockor
Fountain Pen, horo
(Only'ono Pen taken in exchango
for each new pen purchased.)
The new perfected " InkjrTito"
is tho ONLY aelf-filling, non-
lcaking pen over ofTorod.
Every Crocker " Ink-Tito" Pen
Ib guarantecd to bo n far bottor
pen' than you havo over known. 9
i t nii iTTrrv - 6
Woodttock. Vt. I
i L-!::
Windsor County Gourt.
Willard W. Miles
HoS:'Milo8.Tu"k f AsslstaatJudees
.lnv ltcnd Pember. Olork
t r i 1 1
JCorl A. Pombor. Aesistant Clork
Jumes II. IClniry Sheriff
Jolin H. Mimuia StenocrHuher
Frod'k O. Boulhcate Probatiou Ottloer
Fpllovving the jury trial of the
Sawver nssault case court cases were
taken up.
Albert Bnrier, executor of the
will of Thoinas Syke.s ys. VVilliam
Wnlker; actionron a note.' Judg-
ment for phiintiff.
Mary VV. O.'Coiinor va. Chnilss
F. Guild, appt. : casevitb the court.
Della D. ILimmond vs. Lowell
F. Hammond; divorce grante'd for
intolernble sevei ity ; a.lihiony nllqwed
in $100 and weekly payments for
support of a niinor child.
In Leonaid G. Trumbull vs. Johri
Cnde, the first-cnse tried by jury, in
which phiintiff recovered one cent
dnmages, motiqn was. ynade for
in 01'der for full tosts on defendant.
The motion was granted, the costs
amounting to a little over'$4o.. The
parties are adjoining lnndowncrs
and residents nt Hartford , village,
nnd tlie case wasnn action of tres-
pass on Inrid.
Sentences have been imposed as
State vs. Alfred Thoiley.r not
"more thai iz yenrs norjess tban'io
ycais in state pnson. ' "
Stn'fe vs. Orlando Cooledge con-
sistetTol two bffenses ol furnishing
liquor uhlawfitlly. Ivlotiori wasiriade
to-"rfdniit responclcnt to prob&tion and
the probation officcr has been direct
ed to irivestigate and report.
Stnte vsj Wallnce B.1 A'very,
breacb of, tlie peace., Not lesS than
one year nor more tnan tnree in tlie
bo'us'e pf correctiorfl A
atate vs. Frederick . Garbush,
Stnte vs. D. C Williams, State vs.
Edvvard Lemay and State. vs. Geo.
Conant, theboys who broke into a
fYeight cnr at White River' Junction,
were all placec) on probatio'.u.
Mis. Honier. Atwobd is making
progress wiih her petition lor an
open road from .the .VVinslow place
ncioss the ridge to Prosper, arjd in
terest in its.being1 perfected extends
beyond the local iphabitants, as vvas
observed by an nrtl'cle, yritten by
equestrians who' frequent. tbia sec-.
tion duiing the sttmmer "months.
Theoutlook now isfavorable for the
building of a new road 710 fqllow the
trail ot an'old lnid-oiit oiie tvvo-tliirds
the distance, and we hope the date
is nbt far of for its accomplishment.
Mrs; Carrie Fenno of Mattnpan,
Mass., who sp'ent a.month wi.th her
sister, Mrs, Alice.O'dway, returned
toher homeiMbnday. Mra. Ordway
intends to gp latei' toabove nnmed
place," whete she. wlll mnke her
bome Avith heV sister tbis winter if
not permanently.
Carl Atvyoodot Greenfield, MassM
made.n vim fiom that place on his
motorcyclo and spent Saturday
night'-yith bi's parents here. sHe will
come in about two weeks to spehd
,bis twO'Weeks vacation.giyeh bythe
Greenfield . "pocketbook firm of
whichJie Is bead bobkkeeper.
Ai :Rbgers i rli.nning his, new
stnge "just but o, the mint1' which
he has'" been expecting for 'weeks,
and the ne.W vehfcle, with hfgh back
well upliolstcreii seats, deserves- to
be rewnuled with an iiicrense of
patrbn'age fiom the trnveling public.'
The new iron bridgestbat is"to be
constructed near the Winslow place.
has arrivcd on the scene bf opera
tion, nnd yyill u'ndpubtedly be putin,.
soon nf ter haying. , '
I-lal Jillson hns facilitited tlie
tiousehold ditidgery to great extent
.by bringing "water hom his well. into
the house by pumphig.
Ts J. White is painting his barn
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-ooo 0 000000
The New Perfection
Oil Cooking: Stove
Daylight Oven and all the Latest . ;
Improvements "
- -' j.
Hot weather is coming They save labpr
Perfection Oil Heaters
fon cooler days
0 ' " "
Agate Ware, Tin Ware and AU.Kinds.of ;
i.Kitchen Furnishings
E. R Wardwell
N. E..Telephono'.3-3
People's Telephono 10-14 ,
000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000 000000 ooo 0000000
Benson's Mill
Sewer pipo, land tilo, chimney lining:,
all sizos
Clapboards $13.00 and $24.00, . .
Our cement beats them all in quality
and prico.
All gradcs $2.25 to $4.15
N. C. pine and Cypress house flnish.
Large atock bf doors, windows and
weighta. '
E. I, Benson
South Woodstock
Special nttention tn motor partiea
Tea Berved 3 to 5 p. m.
this Week, C. J. Paul's full force of
help doing the work.
Green Mountain nnd Plymouth
Granges are invited . to attend
."Noighbors' Nigbt" at the Bridge
water Grango tonight.
Beulah DaviB of Nova Scotia is
visiting her grand-parents, Mr. nnd
Mrs.. Orlando Davis.
'Ludlow waa beaten by Bridge
water, 12 tb 6, iu the ball game here.
laat Saturday. White River Juncti0ir
plays here today and the local team
ia looking for, a hard battlo.
It ia reported that Dr. B. E. White
will soon give up practico here, being
aucceeded by Dr. Oram, wbo comes
from a Washington, D. C. hospital,
and. is now at Mrs. Waite'e.
Mrs. M. A. Dutton of Wood
stock spent from Saturday until
Monday with Mrs. R. H.Kingsley.
On Tuesdny atternoon Rev. Mrs.
Effie K. M. Jones oflowa passed
through here enroute from Barre to
Ludlow, nnd called at Mrs. R. Hr
Little Emmnr Powell is improving
quite fast and isablc to wallcout.
Mrs. Louis Bartel has two sislers
from -Biooklyn witb her, Mrs.
Schmidt and Mrs Hall, lor an in
definite' time.
Harold Kendall has'gone to Wor
cester. C. B. Holt hab returned from a
trip to Worcester, Boston ane other
places,and is ngain at Bert Hond
ley's for a time. .
William Bartrum nnd fnmily hnve
retuined from Clnremont, nnd have
jnoved into tlie Billy Brown house,
so called, on Paul Kendall's inrm.
.Miss Annie Cushing' is at Tlfou
snnd Isi'ind Park for' two w.eeks;
Lnwrence Tinkhnm played with
the White River Junction ball team
at Clnrerpont Saturdny.
The Windsor orchcstia will give
its next concert here July 29. "
Mr. and Mrs,- Fred O. Seaver nnd
two dniighttrs, of BrooklynN. Y.,
nnd Mrr'nnd- Mrs, Frnnk. R. Seaver
nnd son Blnkc, of Springfield, Mass.,
nre.at tte Seaver bome.
The Umted Fruit Company. nn-
nounces that" it will bnild at New
Orleans, at n coal of $150,000 with
in the uext soveral months. tho boc-
ontl largCBt wirelees station on thiB
aide of tho Atlanlic.
Home-made Sausagej
Hbme-tried Lard !
Native & Western Beei'
Fresh Fish ancT
Every Thursday 4
Green Stuff Hreceived
-f every Tuesday and ;
Notice 'to Tax-Payers
The Tax Bills fofTown, Highway
and School Taxes on the 1913 Grand List
of Woodstock, Vermont, havq been do
liverod'to me for collection, and tax
payers are called upon to pay their re--Bpectiye
taxes, within nincty days from
date (byBept,24. 1913). ' .
The ueduction.provided by law will.be
allowcd.on taxe'a naid during that timo.
Taxca notso paid will be collected by
.the Cons'table with costs.
F. B. WOOD,' Town Treasurer
Woodstock, Vt., Jiino 2G, 1913. , w
L " '
Fifty PerishinaFire.
Filty persons Were killedj nccdrd
ing to late cstimntes, nnd ns many
injuied, n dozen of them mortally,
in n fire which 'swept the four" story
fnctory buildingot the Binghnmpton
Clothing compnny nt Binghnmpton,
N. Y., Tuesdny afternoon. The vic
tims were cbiefly women-nnd girls.
The Bethel &electmeh'tihave just.
completed' the last ot. five new
bridges over Lympus brqok in. the
west pnrt of 'the town, tosuccced
five vvhich-the frcshet of Mtirch 27
wnshed-awoy. "
. In Woodstock, July 18,"a dauffhter
Regis Gilbert, to Mr. and Mrs. Ruo E.
In Hartland Four Corners, July 16, a
daughter to Mr. and Mra. George Still
Ip Albany, N: Y.. July 17 at St.
Mary's church, by' the Rov. Fr. Dilloh,
Harrs M. McDado and Mias Nellie .C.
Ward, f ormerly of Barnard.
In Bangor, Me.,(July 16,. at tho home
of they bride's parenta, Mr. and- Mrs.
George L. Moshcr, Miss Alino Louis.
Mosher. of Bangor and Mr. William
Barton Derby of Chicago.
In Prosper, July 23, Mrs. William j
Stnlth, aged 71 yoars. ' .' '
In Woodstock, July 17, John jTVleni
ing of Boston, aged 36 years. '. ' '
In Bridgeport, Cal., Juno28, Annel'to'
Winn. wifeof Norinan Huntoon,' agod.
65 years. ;
1 -
- .
Thq coiidition of ex-Gov. ,E. J;
Ormsbeo, of Brandon, Who Bufforod
n paralytici stroko twb weoks ago,
continuea to improve alowly.

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