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Local News.
Wo this week send the IIlbald to
Rome, not Mibscribers ; it' they wish to
become such, they will please to leave
the subscription money with the Post
master, otherwise return the paper to
the Post olliec.
Notwithstanding the extreuio cold
weather or lntq. we have heard of
several instances of the ice breaking
underneath the weight of the teams
used in breaking roads for lumber-,
bering, such was the case with the
ox-team or Mr. Augustus Drew, on
the Stevens Pond, in Maidstone, on
Friday last. One yoke of oxen were
submerged in the mud an.l water but
were rescued with no further damage,
than a wetting.
Charle9 XV. Farr has moved bis
family into the house on the Ather
ton farm in Northumberland, lie is
to carry on the farm the coming
The M. E. Society held an "Old
Folks conceit in connection with
their Christmas tree on the eve. of
the 24th inst. All present received
gifts from the tree, and the evening
was passed very pleasantly by all.
We hear of several who were more or
less frost-bitten during their ride
Lome, none very seriously, however.
The thermometer indicated 44 de
grees below zero on the morning of
the 2oth ult. We are informed that
at Lancaster the thermometer indi
cated as low as 54 degrees at the
same time, but of the t ecu racy of
the report, we are not able to state.
Such extreme cold is seldom experi
enced in this county, the last before
this we believe having occulted in the
month of February 18o7, at which
time the temperature is said to have
been as low as Go degrees at the
Darling Store in this village. The
extreme cold of that year continued
for nearly a week with such severity
as to suspend travel and business
over the 11. 11. lines. We remember
the "cold snap" of 1857 was followed
by a heavy snow storm and wind
which filled the roads with drifts and
the cold was so extreme t hat no effort
was made to open the roads for, three
or four days.
The Guildhall Debating Club held
their first meeting on the evening of
the 3rd inst. The leading members
of the Club are lie vs. Mackie and
Thyng, C. E. Benton, Robert Chase,
M. D. Carbee, Hon. T. II. Carbee,
O. B. Boyee, II. C. Bates, and Jos.
Chase. The present organization
is Jos. Chase, for President, John
Moore. Secretary, and Chas D. Chase,
Treasurer. The Society bids fair to
be the means of much good in the
village. The next meeting is to be
held on the evening of the lOtli inst.,
at which time the question of whether
the "Annexation of the Biitish Amer
ican Possesions to the United States
would be for the mutual advantage
of both Governments" will be up lor
A. 1). Benjamin has sold his farm,
including land in Guildhall, to S. G.
llaiiiiiiford, present superintendent of
the County Farm, for 7,300. Pos
session to be given in the spiing.
ISLAXI) l'oxi).
Some .enterprising thief stole a
traveling bag containing eight thotis
and dollars in notes, the property of
L. 1). llobson, together with his lum
ber account with Simon Cole for a
year, from his sleigh, while he was in
this village, on the 13th til t. Hav
ing cut the bag open and left it in the
Grand Trunk scales shed, it was af
terwards found by E. M. Dunbar,
while seeing to the weight of some
custom cars and returned to the
owner with its contents complete.
The thief doubtless supposed the bag
contained money.
U. McCoi.e, while at work for the
Nortoii Mills Co., on the 21st inst,
sawing lath, got two of his fingers
sawed off.
E. Aldrich, night-watchman in the
G. T. R. depot, while shackling cars
on the night of the 2"th inst, was
caught between the dead wood and
had two of his ribs broken.
Lumbering has begun briskly this
season, there being about four hund
red men with two hundred horses and
oxen in the woods, within five miles
from here.
Wood is very scarce and in good
demand at from four to six dollars a
cord. Hay is selling at sixteen dol
lars per ton.
The Tin Wedding of L. B. Harts
horn and wife was celebrated on the
evening of Jan. 1st, about one
hundred of their friends gathering at
their residence for th-it purpose. The
usual display of articles manufactured
of tin, embracing many not often
seen, were lavishly contributed and
presented to tlie "happy groom" and
"blushing bride" often years expe
rience, in behalf of the assembled
friends,in an appropriate and pleasing
speech by Mr. Tenncy, Mr. Hartshorn
making a most happy response
thereto, himself, after which a further
response was made by the ltev. Mr.
Ilariis. On the whole the occasion
was a decided success and highly en
joyed by all present.
Timothy Chauncey was brought
before Justice Chandler of this town
on the 2d, inst., charged with steal
ing a pair of mittens and a quantity of
candy from the store of J.G. Bowker,
on New Yeats evening, and having
plead guilty was ordered to pay a fine
of six dollars, and the costs of prose
cution amounting to the sum of six
dollars and sixty-five cents. Not
having the means to respond to this
demand he was on the 4th inst., com
mitted to jail in Guildhall, where be
now is.
Cliar'es Marden was brought before
John W. Hartshorn and Wm. Chan
dler, Justices of the Peace, on Thurs
day, the 2d inst., charged with an as
sault on Moses Eastman, with intent
to kill, and was ordered to give uouus
in the sum of two hundred dollars,
far his appearance at the March term
of Essex County Court.
The circumstances of the case, so
far ns wo have been able to learn, arc
these: Marden, who is a son-in-law
to Eastman, claims a balance of some
seventy or eighty dollars due him
from Eastman, and there has been ill
feeling between them concerning the
matter for. some time past, and some
threats of personal violence made by
Marden to Eastman. On Wednesday
as Eastman, in company with anoth
er man, was passing by Marden's
house on his wiy home from the vil
lage, as they approached the -house
they saw Marden come out and run
down the road they would take, in
advance of them. Driving on they
encountered him some fifteen rods
from the house, behaving a gun in his
hands Stepping aside out of the road
he allowed the horse to pass, and as
Eastman came opposite him, ho lev
elled the gun at Eastman's head and
attempted to discharge it, but the cap
only exploded ; Eastman whipped up
the horse and drove on out of the way.
This, we understand to have been the
testimony of Eastman and his compan
ion. Marden's story is substantially
that he had no gun, but did have a wil
low stick, which he bad picked up as ho
came from his house ; and his wife
being admitted to testify, said that
the gun was hanging in its accustom
ed place in the house all the time.
The gun on being produced was said
to show no evidence of having been
recently used, but on the other hand,
was in such a condition as would not
admit of its being fired. O. B. Boyce,
Esq., States Att'y for Essex County,
conducted the examination in behalf
of the Male.
Laxcastek, N. II.
A disgraceful affair occurred in one
of the district schools of our town
hist Friday. Three lads, the oldest
not more than sixteen 3-cars of age,
procured a bottle of liquor, which
they drank, and while under its influ
ence made such disturbance as to
break up the school. The question
suggested, and to which not only the
parents of these boys, but every
father and mother in town should de
mand an answer is, Who sold them the
The lot of land opposite the Lan
caster House, between the residences
of I'.enj. F. Whidden and J. A.
Smith, was 011 the 4th inst., deeded
by Hiram A. and Persia E. Fletcher
to Messrs. Wm. I ley wood, Henry O.
Kent, Wm. S. Ladd and J. A. Smith.
It is understood to be the object of
the purchasers to secure this lot as a
site for an Episcopal Church, the
building of which there is a strong
probability will be commenced at an
early day.
The handsomest haul of fish we
have ever seen taken from the waters
of this region were caught by Messrs.
Walter S. liailey and Geo. W.
Melc!:er, from Maidstone Lake, din
ing the past week. There were sixty
two itk number, weighing fifty-two
pounds. They were lunge of the
most palataule species that have
ever been placed upon our dinner
table. Gazette.
The Der-nociatic Sixth Councillor
and Twelfth Senatorial Districts, and
Coos County Conventions were held
at the American House Hall, Thurs
day evening, the Oth. James J. Barrett
of Littleton was re-nominated for
Senator, but declined to serve, and E.
B. Parker of Franconia was nominated
in nis stead. Nathan K. Perkins of
Jcrtc'i'son was nominated for Councillor
and Amos W. Drew of Stewarlstown
for County Commissioner. Charles
W. Smith of Lancaster and Aaron J.
Smith of Stark, were respectively re
nominated for the offices of Register
of Deeds and County Treasurer.
On Thursday morning, about 12 :30
o'clock, one of the most disastrous con
flagrations occurred that ever visited
our village. The lire caught in the
machine shop on Middle St., owned by
Alexander Thompson, and when dis
covered had made such headway that
nothing could be done to save that
building or the grist mill adjoining. By
the strenuous efforts of the fire com
panies and citizens, the fire was confin
ed to the two buildings named, although
others were closely connected on both
sides. The entire loss is estimated at
about 825,000 as follows : Alexander
Thompson, machine shop and machin
ery, 17,000; no insurance. Frank
Smith & Co., and John P. Hodge,
grist mill and contents, 88,000.
Insured for 84,000. Mr. A. J.
iUarsnall, proprietor ot the car
riage shop, nearly opposite the burned
buildings, was seriously, and it was
thought at the time, fatally injured ,by
the falling of a chimney upon him as
he was .in his wheel-house endeavoring
to set his force pump in operation. He
was rescued from his perilous situation
with much difficulty, and carried home
in an insensible condition. J lis inju
ries, though severe, proved to be most
ly external, from which he is in a fair
way to recover.
George W. Merrill, proprietor of
the stage route from the Profile to the
Crawford House, White Mountains,
has purchased the stage lino from
North Stratford to Colebrook, of
Hiram Blanchard, and also bought off
the Accommodation Line, to take
possession Monday Jan. 3, and the
stage will hereafter be run on the
time advertised by the Accomodation
Columbia, f. II.
There will not be as large an amount
of lumber hauled this winter as last,
owing partly to holders of timber
lands refusing to sell to lumbering
companies, except at exorbitant
It is rumored that the ex-Selectmen
who were tried for embezzlement of
town funds, and acquitted, at the last
term of the court boldcn at Lancas
ter, are about to commence legal pro
ceedings against the Board of Audi
tors and Prosecuting Agent of the
GoniiAM, N. II.
Therewifl .be 30,000 cords of wood
put on for the Xi. T., bcUveen Island
Pond and Portland this winter, con
tracted by Mr. Simon Cole of Port
land. At present teaui3 are lively at
work for this fetation.
Jeffersox, N. II.
Mr. Churles Hight, of this town,
died very suddenly on Monday. He
was in his usual health until within an
hour of his death and during the fre
part of the day was cngwged chopping
wood. Mr. Hight represented his
town in the Legislature in 1870 ami
1871, and had held other town ollices.
He leaves a family.
The great "Mountain case," Henry
B. Wells vs. The Jackson Iron Man
ufacturing Company, was settled by
the parties, at Concord, last week. It
has been pending in court eleven years.
It has been once partially and once
fully tried by a jury, the last time oc
cupying three weeks, and It has been
transferred twice to the Law Term,
and the decisions are reported in the
47th and 48th vols., of the N. H. Re
ports. The County of Coos will have
no further expense for the trials of
this suit. One other case depending
upon this was settled at the same time,
besides other chances for litigation
that might have furnished business
for the courts for an indefinite length
of time.
State Items.
Newfane recently lost its most nota
ble personage in the death of David
Brown. He suffered a disapointmcnt
in love when young, which nearly un
settled his reason, and he developed
an extraordinary passion for books,
particularly books of travel. When
forty-four years old he married and
lived happily for four or five years,
when his wife 'died, leaving an infant
daughter. After this he turned her
mit, and for the last fifteen years had
lived in a house alone, buying and
reading books and writing poetry.
In his earlier days he wrote and pub
lished fiva hundred copies of a small
book called "Florence Mangrove,"
and it is said, though it seems hardly
credible, that at the time of his death
he had the largest collection of books
and papers in Vermont.
An influential county convention
was held at Burlington recently, to
take measures to resist the payment of
the oppressive State tax laid by the
Legislature. The feeling was unani
mous to test the question in the courts'.
A girl named Houghton, 11 years
old, who has received no instruction
in (lancing, has been mystifying Lon
donderry. H he goes into a kind-of
trance, during which she trips it for
hours with no apparent effort. of the
will, and with 110 sense of weariness,
the movement and time being describ
ed as graceful and perfect.
Wright's Mountain, near Bradford,
received its name from the fact that
a religious fanatic by that name once
ascended thai eminence to fast fortv
days, in imitation of Christ. He got
a belt with forty holes, by which to
tighten himself up eacli day one hole.
He tried it two days, and came down
to his house to get some luncheon.
A black bear undertook to cross
Glastenburg railroad track, in Ver
mont, just v.heal of the down truii the
other evening. George Thompson,
engineer, opened his throttle 011 him,
and didn t stop to take an account of
the damage done to the ugly wander
er, oeoiire says it lie hit him he
made the fur fly ; but the storm of
snow and wind that night covered all
tracks. He didn't even stop to give
the animal the salutation one of our
ady citizens did who saw a bear sit
ting 111 the road just ahead of her,
on the old turnpike, a few years since.
She shook her apron at him and told
him to "shoo, you devil," and he
shoo'd !
A serious accident occurred at the
Memphremagog House, Newport, last
Sunday evening. An escape of gas
was noticed and while the proprietor
ami his engineer were looking for its
cause the gas ignited froine the match
which they carried and uotn were
badly burned. The engineer was in
jured internally, it is thought ; and
Mr. Bowman was so badly disfigured
that Ins leaturcs were hardly recog
Col. George A. Merrill of Rut
land, who has had 25 years' experi
ence as a railroad superintendent.
Bays that, during the entire period,
there has never been such or so much
interruption to travel from the cold
and snow as during the last few days.
The ice is now safe for travel from
t. Albans to Plattsburg via the
A West Rutland liquor dealer exper
ienced the disadvantages of a good
customer, the other day, when a man
testified before a justice that he had
made thirty successful applications
for rum at his saloon and the justice
tacked on a line for each time.
Edward Shiette, a noted burglar,
who broke jail at Burlington, a tort
night since, was recaptured after an
exciting chase at Colchester Point
Saturday evening. He crossed Lake
Luainplain twice yesterday with great
risk to his life, hotly pursued by two
farmers of South Hero, named Martin
and Gowan.
Tlio Missisouoi Valley houso at
Shpldon was destroyed by firo ou the
24tii inst. Loss SH.IMJU; insurance
88000. Tho house was owned by
C. II. Wheeler of St Albans.
Montpclier lias called a town meet
ing to vote on tho question of selling
its stock of the Montpclier and Wells
River Railroad.
Hiram B. Sowlei, who was presi
dent of the St. Albans Bank for sev
eral years, and well-known and higli-
i . . . j . . . : c TTV
ly esiteiiieu in mui settiuu ui L
mont, died on Wednsday at riafQ
Dtirg,ri. l ., wueio no went on uusf
ness a lew days previous.
Dr. W. II. Rockwell, jr., Superin.
tendcut of the Insane Asylum at Brat
tlcboro has resigued.
In Lancaster. Dec. 17. by Rev. K. Holt.. Mr.
Kl.len Fnruain aixl Miss Mary WiuU-nt, ail of
Alsobylae wima. Doc. IS, Mr. Edmund B.
Stmt ton and MUs Sarah Adelia Uoodwiu.boui
of Lancaster.
In Colebrook. !. '.8. by IT. W. woodrow,
Esq.. Mr. Samuel Wilson of Went worth's Lo
oiition. to lira. Maria D. Grapes of Colebrook.
In Shclbnrno. at the Wlnthmn House, by
Du rim (Jrwii, Ksq... Mr. Kr.eklel Mnu'iilm of
SUirk, X. II., and Mis Sarah E. F.liingwood of
Ilctlivl, Me.
In Lancaster Deo. !, IK74. bv Itcv. II. V.
Emmons, Mr Vnlonta liecd Holmeo of Lancas
ter and Mist Clara A. liines of Jefferson.
In Lancaster, .lnna-y 4th, or Consumption,
Frederick t i.sk. uged venni.
In Now York City, Sunday. Dec. 2S. of Bron
chitis, lioorue. Infant son ot Charles X. and
Julia Kent, ukciI one year.
Attorney & Counsellor atLaw.
Will practice in the Courts of Vt. and N. II.
Wm. II. UAUTHlIOltX, Prop'r,
Mill Sites Surveyed, Draughting; Dnnn, and
Mills Ituilt ou the Most Improved Plans.
Agents for Machines fur Manufacturing
Attorney & Counsellor at
Deputy Sheriff for Essex County,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
I). A. ROBINSON, M. 1.,
11. T. JOHNSON. 31. D.,
Watchmaker and Jeweller,
Barron Nursery.
IJ. UAKl'.ON, (Proprietor,
Kvpry variety of apple! srlon liallcHl upon
Crali Roots. R issian scion, proumvil Irom
llio Commissioner or A,'Hi'iiltiii'i!. fjialtuil on
oral) roott, Mini fin-8;il. Tree warranted, if
tliircUon are followed.
ir Will atlcml Courts in Essex County.
II. C. ltKl.li;. CI.1SIIA MAY
0. S. & C. C. 1JURKE,
Attorneys and Counsallors at Law,
Is widely known
as one of the most
clleotual remedies
ever discovered for
tern and purifying
tlio blood, it lias
titatioii. based ou its
intrinsic virtues, nnd Mistaiued by its re
markable cures, iio mild as to bo safe and
beneficial to children, and yet so searching
as to effectually purge out tlio great cor
ruptions ol the. blood, such as the scrofulous
a.ul syphilitic contamination. Impurities,
or di leases that have lurked in the system
for years! slum yield to this powerful anti
do!,! a'.nl disappear. Hence its wonderful
emv-.nvmy of which arc publicly known,
of Sorol'iila, and all scrofulous diseases,
Uleors, Eruptions, and eruptive dis
order of tho skin, Tumors, Blotches,
IJoiis,Pii:mles, Pustules, Sorcs.St.
Anthony's Fire, Hose or Urysipe
l;H, Tatter, Salt libeum, Scald
llend, Itintrworm, and internal Ul
cerations ofthc Uterus, Stomach,
and Liver. It also cures other com
pla'mH, to which it would not seem especi
ally adapted, such as Dropsy, Iyspcp
si.t,Fits,NeuraIsria, Heart Disease,
Fe.iniilo Weakness, Debility, and
LtMluorrhoea. when they are manifesta
tion of the scrofulous poisons.
It u an excellent restorer of Health and
.Uren',ah in tho SprluR. Hv renewing tho
,ii;e'it and vigor of tho digestive organs,
it, 'dissipates the depression and listless lan-
lor of 'tho season. Kven when no disorder
ipnear-i, peop!-. feel better, tttid live longer,
tor eleaus'.na I he blood. Tho system moves
on. wiih renewed vigor and a new lease of
r A n i: t r, Y
Dr. J. C AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
l-mcllrtil unit .Inahjtlonl ChrtnitUt,
CAUTION. -All cimlne tin IIik nnmo
- l'i-ruiim K)rui," (not I'enivimi llurk."
Mown hi Die plo. A 3-i-pnirH pamphlet wnt
Ine .1 P. Dinsmokk, I'mprleior, BO Key SU
U k York. KuM by all Druggist-
A'&mw I cleansing the sys-
MwM,,ood tl10, t08t of
&Wffijie vcars. with a con-
Every year increases the populari
ty of this valuable Hair Preparation ;
which is due to merit alone. ,Wo
ran assure our old patrons that it is
kept fully up to its high standard;
and it is the only reliable snd perfect
ed preparation for restoring Gijay
ok Faded Hair to its youthful color,
making it soft, lustrous, and silken.
The scalp, by its use, becomes white
and clean. It removes all eruptions
and dandruff, and, by its tonic prop
erties, prevents the hair from falling
out, as it stimulates and nourushos
the hair-glands, By its use, the Lair
grows thicker ana Ftronger. In
baldness, it restores the capillary
glands to their normal vigor, and
will create a new growth, except in
extreme old age. It is the most eco
nomical Hair Dressing ever used,
as it requires fewer applications,
and gives the hair a splendid, glossy
appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.D.,
State Assayer of Massachusetts, says,
"The constituents are pure, and care
fully selected lor excellent quality ;
and I consider it the Best I'repa
katiox for its intended purposes."
Sold by all Druggt!, and DeaUrt in Mi dicinti.
' Frioe One DoU&r.
Buckingham's Dye.
As our Kcnewer in many cases
requires too long a time, and too
much care, to restore gray or faded
Whiskers, we have prepared this
dye, in one preparation ; which will
quickly and effectually accomplish
this result. It is easily applied,
and produces a color which will
neither rub nor wash off. Sold by
all Druggists. Price Fifty Cents.
Manufactured by R. P. HALL, & CO.
Uew Iron Mower.
1st. The few bolts in the Machine.
2d. The bearings are tlic best com
position brass.
3rd. For lightness of draft we
know it is unsurpassed.
Machines made and sold, " 152,371
These Machines have received more
than FOuniiuXDitKi) first class County,
District, and State Frizes. In 1871,
over EiGirrv-FivK premiums.
All Repairs will be kept at E. V.
Cobleigh & Co's Store.
(Successor to Thomnu & Smith.)
We keep constantly on hand us lurge au
well seieeie.u siock o jjooih m our uue
as cuu bo found in
Cn.Mioiu work lnmlo to order by Urst -chins
Sati.tfuction gunrutitocd.
Ilartshoru's Block, iluiu Street,
Luncnster, N. II
Wholesale and ltd ail Denies in I
MKltCUAXDIsE of every description.
33 Court St.. Boston, Mass.
(Oppostto the court House. i
Should you visit lloston, be uro nml give
us a cull. 1 Vi-lli
Do you want Good Bargains
If so, call on
East aide Main Street, Lancaster, X.II-,
Where niny be found a rholer nml well o
leeted assortment of
Teas, Coflccs, Sugars,
Spices, Oils, Molasses,
Butter, Lard, etc., etc.,
And a thousand and one articles unod In
I have also alwnys on hand '
. 1 deal In Country Produce, and am always
ctuly to supply any articles wanted.
Thanking tho public for tho liberal patron
hk of the past, I solicit its continuance in the
Lancaster, X. IL.'lRTl. , 1
VA'",l - V.
The Savings Bank of the C'otinty
of Coos.
Kent's Building, Main Street, Lancaster,. II.
Depo.slta plafl upon lntrrcut quarterly in
January, April, July, nml October. lnU-rcst
compounded xcnii nnnunlly nl fre of all
taxm. Money ran Ixi plac ed to the rrrditot
children, or ward, or third persons, milijprt
only to their order, if tiOdeijred. AdminiHlrMr
tor, execiitom and (iiinnlinno. ly depositing
fund in a savings liank. are by law exempt
from personal liability.
Trtaturtr and Sccntary. 1IKNKV O. KENT.
Trustees. Ilimir A. Fletcher. Ricunrd 1.
Kent, A. J. Marshall. Samuel II. Lcxro. Jarcd
I. WllliniiiB, I.aKnyette .Moore. I'.eidumin F.
Whidden. Hcnrv t. Kent. Kdmmnl llrown
Churles V. Smith, Edward huvngo, Erinlus V
This liauk has been In xnecessful operation
Hire a year, and aHoida the usual business fit
cililica to the public.
Hunk hours : t 13 A. M.. i to 4 P. H. CIoso
Saturday afternoons. Applyto
II EN It V O. KENT, Treasurer.
I.unrautcr.X. 11.. 1 S7J.
Foreign '& Domestic Fruit,
All Hnd of choicn fruit In their season. Or
anos, Lemon. Ha nanus, NutM.Kis.l.asiiis,
liitc, Prunes. Preserves, lelllestJnius,
Canned Fruit, .Sardines. Cigars. &e.
Parties supplied. Families furnished. A shunt
of public patronage solicited.
For Medicinal and Sacramental purposes.
Eugene Harrington's Latost Songs,
Foil SALE 1!Y
P.J. NOYES, Lancaster.
aocts ,
:so ci
:ni ts
Sent post paid on receiptor price, by P. J.
Noyes. Lancaster, N. II., or the! Publishers,
277 Washington Street.
10-tt liosrox, Mas
Camp's Magic Clothes Washer,
Grovoton, N. II.
This ninehiiic is superior to nil others in use
In the following respects: It. is small, lniinl
some anil eon en lent to hauillo. It reiiiires
but littie strength to work it. It eeenres the
benetlr of nsin IIOILING HOT isuils. all the
steam is shut in, iiiul the hamls never need
touch t he water, ltikiesnot rub the clothes
nor will it injure them In tho slightest parti
cular, thereby savin.!; the cost of the machine
every year.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For the rel'tf arid
euro of all dernnire
meut? in tin; stom
ach, livor, tml bow
els. They an a mild
aperient, and an
excellent purgative.
Heine purely vee-
i. table, they conlsin
no mercury cr niin
nrnl whatever. Much
Feriotid Edcknesj and
Buffering is prevent
ed by their, timely
ueo; and every family plioulil havo tlieni on h:uid
for their protection and relief, when reiiuired.
Long experience lias proved Ukmu to bo tlio saf
est, surest, and best of all tho Villa with which
the market abounds. By their occasional lee,
tlio blood la uurilled, the corruptions of the y
tom oxpalled, obstructions removtil. and tlio
whola machinery of life restored to its healthy
activity. Internal organs which become clogged
and sluggish aro cleansed by Ayer'a Villa, and
stimulated into action. TUix incipient duecFC
ii changed Into health, the value of w hich chanpe,
when reckoned on tlio vast multitudes who enjoy
it, can hardly be computed. Their fugar coating
maka.i tlieni pleasant to take, nnd prosoive.1 tlwir
virtues unimpaired for any length of lime, to
that they aro ever fresh, and perfectly reliable.
Although searching, they are mild, and operato
without disturbance to tho constitution, cr diet, or
Full directions nro given on tho wrapper to
each box, how to use them aa a Family JL'hysic,
and for tlio following complaints, which ibeso
l'illa rapidly cure:
For Dyspepsia, or Indigestion, Listless
iioss, Luntcuor and Loss of Appetite, they
should bo taken moderately to stimulate tlio stom
ach, and restore Its healthy tone nnd action.
For Liver Coinphiint and its various symp
toms, llilions Head ache, Kick Head
ache, Jainidlcn or Green Sickness, Hi I
Ions Colic and Bilious Fovors, they should
bo judiciously taken for each ciwo, to correct tho
diseased action or reniovo tho obstructions w hich
cause it.
For Dysehtory or Diarrhoea, but ono
mild dosn is generally required.
For Itlieumntlsiu, Gout, (imrcl, Ph1
pitation of tho Heart, Vain In tho
Side, Hack, and Loins, they should he contin
uously taken, as required, to change the diseased
action of the system. With such change thoso
complaints disappear.
For Dropsy and Dropalrnl Pivelllngs,
they should be taken in large and frequent doses
to produce tiro effect of a drastic purge.
For Suppression, a large dose should bo
kiken, an it produces tho desired cttict by sym
pathy. As a I)tnnr Pill, take one or two Pill to
nromote dicrnstlon and relieve the stomach.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels, rostores the appetite, and invigorates tho
ystem. Hence it Is often advantageous whore
no serious derangement exist. Ono who feels
tolerably well, often linda that a doso of thc?n
Pilla makes him feel decidedly better, from their
cleansing and rouovotbiK cucct ou tlio dilutive
Xh-.J. C. ATSR Jt C0.,IraettealChmlat3,
We present to the farmer-- and others occu
pyintf detached dwelling house und farm prop
erly, in this region, a most, dusiruble medium
of insurance in tho
Firo Insurance Company.
This company commenced bnslin ss in !.
and since that time has done :t safe and I
steadily increasing business. It now has ut i
Over Half a Million Dollars!
ofthc best properly in Coos County, Since
its organization its 'total umniint of aftuient
Ilea been only :t,."0ti.0l, show inff the excellent
character of Its risks und its sound system of,
business. The recent terrible eoiit1aV,'i'"lions
demonstrate the safely and economy id a well
mumiKed Mutual; and such u company we
present in the "Coos." Information luriiished
on application to cither of itsoflicers.
Sic'y. 11. O. Kk.st. Treas., Cll.:tLi.s K. Al.t.r.s
I nunc Tons. Knocb L.Colby. ISenJ. F. Whid
den, William llcywood. Hiram A. Fletcher,
Ft,-.:;!; Mnitli, Zebiilnn lllaek, Clnis. K. Allen.
Vernon F. .Siuith. La.ieiister: John Whit
temore, Alfred Loveriiu;. Colebrook ; Cyrus
C. Carpenter. Stratford; Stephen ii. Fuller.
Clarksville: LuFnyctte Moore. Itobe' l .la.pic.s,
N ( l til ii m Ihi in ml ; Stephen Gordon ttoiiuiui ;
John F.Locke. Columbia.
Otllco: Kent's building, Main Street L'.iuoiu
ter.N. H.
Communications may be addressed to
HEXUY O. KENT, Secretary.
Lancaster, N.II1H72.
Tho undersigned has tho Ajienoy tor
of tho most Improved niaiiiifaoture.
Also Agent tor tho
Hove Sewing Machine,
which he Is prepared to sell on tho most satis
factory terms. Payments to be made in
Specimens of tho OrRiins nnd Machines ran
bo seen at the Residence of Mrs. D. W.
llloilRCtt. Herlln Falls, Any inquiries Ivy
Mail will roculvo a ready response.
BERUK, X, HSept. ie, 1P72. SHIf
Hair Vigor.
For restoring to Gray Hair it's
natural Vitality and Uclcr.
,!iS?T'rsK A dressing
which is at
once agreeable,
healthy, and
W '-'a.T -.4i.k.ticl t s i.
,C5L preserving tho
W-iUltey restores failed
W?&&ftK&?$'C or gray hair
J mMr to its original
' 3. col))', u-itk tho
gloss and freshness of youth. Thiu
hair is thickened, fallen hair checked,
and haldness often, though not always,
cured by its us-i. Nothing can restora
tho hair where the follicles are de
stroyed, or tho glands atrophied and -decayed;
but such as remain call bo
tiitved by this application, and Stimu
lated into activity, so that a neW
growth of hair is produced. Instead
of fouling tho hair with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent ths hair
from turning grey or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. Tho
restoration of vitality it gives to tho
Bcalp arrests and prevents tho forma
tion of dandruff, which is often so un
cleanly and offensive. F ree from thoso
d'iicterious substances which mako
some preparations dangerous and inju
rious to the hair, tho Vigor can only
be-.ion'u but not harm it. If wanted -
;,..,.r(.lv for
Kotliiv.;,' else can be found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil white camhric, ;ind yet lasts
Ion-; on the hair, giving it a rich, glossy
i-.is.tiv, und a grateful perfuruo.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
l'l-ti.-tlcil ami Analytical CticuiUU,
Hear ye the Mighty Centaur's trendy
See the long line of myriads dead
Willi hoof of horse and human head
Iliso up nml speak I : '
'Twiis proud Olympus jf:ivo ns birth.;
For n thousand veins we roamed the earth
Kat perfumed flowers , the century plant
Drank liijuiil from the volcano's month,
."Slew men and beasts to pluv our piirt, -Then
restored to lilo by the'Ceutaiii's nrt
Clinseil wild mures on"thu lield of JInrs.
Lived on llio earth, anil slept timongttic stars.
On other mission now we're sent,
To bless mankind with an emollient,
Of which the eiirlhiie.'er hath ilreumt,
Kven our t'KVi'AL'lt I.immkxt.
It, banishes puins and nil such things.
Cures burns and scalds, poisonous stings
ltliiimatie norrors scales nwny,
l.iuiber Htitf-joints in a sinulu day.
poor oripples in their hobbling way.
Limp iif ou crutches thou walk away. -
FVitr rfot dumb horse, thy fi i nd now gpenks
Wlto'l heal your woiiiKls.'t'.nil make you letip
Ten burs piles of outs to liol1.
Anil frisk about like yonder colt.
Yellow rnppcris the Hiiiig- l"r brutes.
White wrapper alone the lamily suits.
J. F. Luilewi;,', of Hoboken, N. L, Rays:
'The ( cntanr Liniment bus cured ino of
IMieiimulism. alter intense. auSTerinj; lor five
'I tried many remedies for vny pprniue.l
Hindu without, relief. The second bottle of
Centaur Liniment cured it ' perfectly. Chas.
Hill, Mii Pine street, 1'liila.
II. Marsh. F.m., . ijSupt. of Adams Fxpross
Slnbles, New York, says: "All owneis of
horses should know the CenUuti' Liniment.
We lind it the best ever used in our hlablcs."
This testimony could be repented for a
month. If you want to avoid suffering, just
try Hie Ceiit'iiur l.iiiiu-.enl. .sold by nil Jli-ur-gists.
J. l. Hose & Co., 53 liioudwuy, X. V,
-J 1 1 n ."j 1
Children Cry for i'ltriier's CASTOHIA.
A substitute ur Castor Oil. It assimilates (lie
tooil, cures W ind Colic, and causes natural
sleep, it does not contain morphine, is pleas
ant to lake, never Hiipes and never fails. Tho
best physic known.
.0 LEA1M SO rCIS03!
Read the following CerlfLyateii
The Albnnv Kniekcrbnrkrr of April, lJ."iii(
svs: Wo have tried th H;ttr Yin". The luan-ntacliii-er,
Mr. Fdwards. is at tho D.-levaii
House Ii: rber simp; he will euro llio worC
head of daiulruir, if lie fails ill doing so there
is no expense to parlies trying it.
Mr. Ceorce Vi iilard, the lu-tpiuplished hlr
dresser at the American House. leene. N. II.,
said tome: '-.Mr. Kdvnirdp, yon wero in my
shop wiih your Vine IS or It; years njro, end it
Is the best'lhii.g I cversold in my thirtv years
experience in n biivht v's shop. For keeping
the head lieu from disease, and lor dvistdng
Indies' luiir. it is iini uualled. What will you
take for the right to iminulacttiie it ?"
$100 Fer lloltln
. wnoi.LSAt.K a;i:nt.
J..L. DAVIS, - - YVocdsviilC X. If.
Cherry Pectoral,
For Diseases of tho Throat and Lungs,
bucU as Coughs, Colds, Whooping
Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma,
and Consumption. .
Among tlio grmt
discoveries of modern
fciencc, low aro of
more nnl . value bi
mankind than this ef
fectual remedy for all
dieasc9 of the Tliroat
and LuHgf. A vast
trial of its virtues,
throughout this and
other countries, lint
shown tliut it does
surely nd effiotually
control them. Tlie testimony of our best citi
rant, of all classes, ettablinhes Iho fact, that
Cnunnv I'kctobal will and does relievo and
euro tho aftlictir.ft disorders of tho Throat and
Lungs beyond any other medicine. The most
dangerous affections of tlia Tulmonary Organs
yield to its power; snd cases of Consump
tion, cured by this preparation, aro public
ly known, so remarkablo as hardly to bo bo
lievod, wero they not proven beyond difpute.
As a remedy It Is adequate, on which the publio
may rely for full protection. By curing Coughs,
the forerunners of more serious disease, It suvos
unnumbered lives, and an amoutit of suffering
not to be computed. It challenges trial, and con
vinces the most sceptical. Every family ehojdrt
keep It on hand as a protection sgalnKt the early
and uupercelved attack of I'ulmonary Aflectien!,
which aro easily met at first, but which becomo
incurable, and too often fatal, if neglected. Ten
der lungs need this defence; and It U unwiso to
bo without it. Ai a safeguard to children, amid
tho distressing diseases which beset tlio Throat
and Chest of Childhood, Cherry 1'hctoi;ai.
Is Invaluable; for, by its timely use, multl
titudes aro rescued from prematnro graves, and
-saved to tho lovo and affection centred on them.
It acts speedily and surely against ordinary colds,
securing sound and health-restoring sleep. Xe
one will suffer troublesome Influenza and pain
ful Bronchitis, when they know bow easily .
they can bo cured.
Originally the produrt of long, laborious, and
successful chemical investigation, no cost or toil
is spared in making evory bottle In tlie utmost
possible perfcetiou. It may bo confidently j-o-Hod
upon as possessing all tho virtues It has over
exhibited, and eapablo of producing cures as
memorable as the greatest it has cror eflbctod.
UI ji vi ni L-ii ix vvij uunbii)
..IIA 1 1
Practical and Analytical Chemist's,
SOT P BY A f X PRr1'".TgTS ErrnvvrHFKy.

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