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Infernal Machines, !
Other forms of infernal machines have
been imported into tho discussions which
have arisen upon tho Mosul catastrophe.
Among these- is the coul shell and the
rat, of the latter of which there are two
species. Tho London Timc$ says : Tho
coal 6hell is a hollow brass casting, repre
senting a small lump of coal, about five
inches long by three inches wide and
twc and one-half inches deep. At each
end is a holo for clearing out the core of
the casting and afterward for filling it
with the explosive compound. Tho ob
ject of these shells would appear to be
not so much the destruction of the ship
by their direct as by their indirect use,
They were probably intended to be
thrown amcg the coal in the bunkers,
and with it shoveled into the furnaces of
a steam vessel. There they would ex
plode under the boiler, and would prob
ably by such means causo the loss of
the vessel. It is possible that the in
tention might have been to fill them
with some material which would explode,
either after a certain time or at the high
temperature sometimes present in coal
cargoes. The coal shells were evidently
carefully molded from a lump of coal,
and when blacked readily deceive the
The "rats," of which there are two
species, are of a more vicious nature,
One species is intended to operate upon
Dawrsite Krelpea.
JilTTERMILK Cake. One cup mgar,
one-half enp of butter, one half pint
iwur buttermilk, one pint flour, one half
teaspoonful soik; bake three-quarters of
an hoar.
Butteb Scotch (Caxit). One cup
of molasses, two cups of sugar, one and
a half tensnoonfuls of soda, one tea-
ppoonful of flavoring, a little water, and
boil until hard.
French Loaf. Three and one-half
cups flour, four eggs, one cup butter,
ouo enp milk, two cups sugar, three
even teapoonfuls of yeast powder, one-
half pound currants.
Tea Biscuit. One quart flour, butler
size of an egg, two cups buttermilk. (ne
teaspoonful soda, same quantity of tali
Instead of buttermilk use sweet milk,
with one-half teaspoonful cream tartar.
Dress Vasii. A very nice thing for
a lady to keep a bottle of this on her
dressing tails always, for little spots on
her garments : One quart of boiling wn
ter, half an ounce of camphor, one
ounce of borax; after cooling, half
pint of alcohol.
Beef Loaf. One and one-half pounds
of lean steak chopped very fine, two
eggs, one tablespoonful salt, one tea
spoonful pepper, one small cup of rolled iron ships ; the other upon wooden ones,
cracker. Mix well, and form into a The iron ship rat" consists of a block
lo.if; put bits of butter on top, and bake. 0f iron known as "Kentledge," which
A fine relish for lunch or tea.
Sponge Cake. One cup sugar (pul
verized is best), one cup flour, three
eggs, one teaspoonful cream tartar, half
teaspoonful soda. Beat the eggs and
mi gar together for a few moments, then
add the flour and cream of tartar, and
lastly the soda; bake about half an
A Good akd Plain Molasses Cake.
Put in a coffee cup one tab) espoonf ul
of lard or butter aud one teaspo jnful of
soda, put on four tablespoonfuls of
boiling water, and fill tho cup with mo
lasses; stir a little, then add nearly two
cupfuls of flour; stir well, and bake in
warm gem pans in a moderate oven.
Good, either hot or cold.
Pickles. A delicious pickle can be
made after the following manner : One
large white cabbage chopped fine in a
chopping tray, two quarts of clear vine
gar; tako ono teaspoonful of ground
cloves, the same of cinnamon, allspice,
and mace, tie these in a peice of cloth
and put them in the vinegar, with one
tablespoonful of salt and one-half ounce
of whole cloves; place the vinegar in a
kettle or pan wi th the spice and cabbage
has a hole bored into it in which is placed
a tubular boring tool containing an acid
On tho top of the boring tool is a lever,
with a weight at its outer end, and this
lever can work to and fro horizontally
in a piece cut out of the top of the Keut-
ledgo. The lever is, of course, carefully
boxed iu, and the surface of the iron re
stored. A confederate is required, who
will place the machine in the right
position that is, with the bottom of the
boring tool downward and on the iron
skin of the vessel. Being so placed, the
rolling of the ship causes the lover to
move backward and forward and the end
of the tool to cut into the ship's plates.
the action being promoted by the acid.
and by a slight pressure given to the
boring tool Dy a spring. The terrible
process may be somewhat- slow, but is
very sure.
The wooden ship rat is a more com
plex machine, and possibly more ingeni
ous. It consists of a box, in which are
placed a pair of vertical cylinders, ono
at each end of the box, and spaced about
five feet apart. In the center, between
the two, is a horizontal cylinder, having
a piston working iu it, the rod passing
through a stuffing box. The outer end
q a : l l .
" "way in a jar of tlQ isU)Q rod works alatchet drill or
to cool, and you have a pickle fit for a auger tll6 auger being weighted. Tho
8' two vertical cylinders are each half filled
Leaf Moid. water anj communicate with tho
No article of a fertilizing description, horizontal cylinder by pipes, each hav-
saya a correspondent, enters so lararelv iog its own pipe leading to tho end of
into garden composts as leaf mold in the horizontal cylinder nearest to it.
some form or other, perhaps as much The consequence is that as tho ship rolls
because it is almost always procurable the water alternately quits and roturns
as inai li is so useiui ior many pur
poses. Mold from tree leaves, or from
a compound of leaves and litter, is of
to the vortical' cylinders, and, acting first
on one side of the pistou and then on the
other, communicates a reciprocating
What I loln la Ike Ola Warla aaa Ike
The American tciiooner Jefforeon Borden,
liHt from Boothbaf, Me., about Not. 1, for
ilonceeter, England, lia been towed into
Aberdeen, Kcotl&ud, disabled. 8li Lad been
ixty-eveu day on the pauage, aud the crews
wore farcitiliiiig aud otherwise unfit for duty.
Tbe water ration was a teaoopf ul each day. . . .
The freight from Now fork west bare been
advanced slightly The ladies of Boston
bare presented handsome banners to the
Washington Light Iufantry of Charleston, tho
Norfolk Light Artillery, tbe Fifth Maryland,
and the Washington Light Infantry of Wash
ington, V. C, an mementoes of tbe Bunker
Hill centennial Masters of vessels are
warned to keep away from the whole Spanish
coast east of Bilbao, as Carliet batteries are
stationed at intervals all along the shore and
fire at anythiug that approaches The
City of Brooklyn, from New York, ran down
an Italian bark off Ireland, and sunk her,
throe of the crew drowning .... A bill was in
troduced into the Ohio House to request
President Grant to dismh-s his selatives from
office and appoint Union soldiors in their
places The storeship Supply sailed from
Europe to collect articles for the Conteunial.
.There were over three hundred con
versions at Nowburgh, N. x., during Mrs. Van
Cott's revival The Democrats of Texas
nominated a full State ticket, beaded by Rich
ard Coke for governor Frank Scott,
colored, was hanged in the jailyard, at Mom-
phis, Tenu., for the murder of Ransom
Fhipps, colored, on Christmas eve., 1871. He
died easily allium McLean, white, was
banged at Jackson, Tenn , and Bill Williams,
oolored, at Bartlett.
The report of the librarian of Congress
Bhows there are in the library at present 293,
507 books and C0,000 pamphlets. He earnestly
petitions for a now building All the hoe
manufactories of Rochester, N. Y., are Bhut
down, as the Crispius will not acoodo to a
twenty per cent, reduction of wagos City
Administrator Brown reports tho oity debt
of Now Orloans to be over $21,000,000. An
effort will soon be made to compromise with
the bondholders at sixty cents on tho dollar,
the city issuing now consolidated bonds at
this rate iu lieu of tho outstanding obligations,
A train filled with military recruits ran
off tho track and plunged down an embank
ment near Odessa, Russia. The wrecked cars
caught fire before all the men oould be extri
cated, and many were burned to death. Tbe
total number of persons killed was sixty-eight,
and fifty-four wore injured, several fatally
Late advices from Ktiodjon say it is estimated
that 25,000 insurgent Turcomans are assem
bled in the neighborhood of Andijan, which is
expected to be the chiof thoator of the war.
Andijan has been fortified, and is capable of
offering Rlrenuoua reeietanco Angus Mo
Ivor was hangod at Winnipeg, Canada, for
murder. Ho maintained to the laet that tli
night of the murder was a blank to him.
At Oaborn, Mo., burglars broko into a drug
store and stole a bottlo of chloroform, with
whioh they drugged the whole town. They
robbed both hotels, all the stores, and many
private residences. They secured several
thousand dollars and escaped At Mil
waukee a new tolographio invention was tried,
and sixteen messages were sent over one wire
at once An additional horticultural build
ing is to be erected on the Centennial groundi
to accommodate the applicants for space in
which to exhibit flowers, plants, eto Gov,
Tildfcn Iras declined to pardon Stokes, wh
killed Fisk Hugh Murray died in Brook
ljd, N. Y., from hydrophobia, the rei-ult of
bite from a cat.
course referred to horo, and not vegeta- motion to the piston rod. This motion
ble mold of any description, such aa the i8 converted into a rotary motion at tho
decomposed refuse of garden crops, etc., weighted auger, and in time a hole is
a good manure for some purposes, but not hored through the planking of tho ship,
a substitute for leaf mold proper. With which gradually fills and may be lost be
the assistance of leaf mold aDd a little 'ore the seat of the leak is discovered
sand the gardener may reduce the Provision is made for the release of the
htaviest and most uncompromising soil auger directly tho holo has been bored
to a condition fit for any purpose. But an the resistance to it removed, when
he may also overdose his composts with
it. It is quite certain that leaf mold is
often used to excess, and with no good
results. It is one of the best root pro-
.1 ii i i -
aucers mat can do employe a, ana is
it silently drops through into tho sea.
Thus the hole is not plugged by tho
auger and the ends of villany aro not
defeated. Should the hole bo 'discovered
and the box be examined there is noth-
wis lost at Porto Rioo nd six porseus were
drowutd I)r. Antonio Boirero has become
president of Ecuador.... The Btate dibt cf
eorgia anion its to (8,005,500. . . .The Lcnii-i-
ana Route, with the aid of twelve Hc-hxum,
chose Mr. Euitiu for United Btatei Seoat-.r, to
contest Mr. riuchWk'a place Abaneay,
Peru, wa destroyed by an tarthq.iko, but
the loss of life U nukuowu The b.mincn
portion of Valparaiso was flxxJed, causing a
loss of two lives and property valued at
The national Republican committee, at
Washington, decided tD hold tho next Repub
lican rrosidenlul convention at Cincinnati, ou
tbe fourteenth of Jane next The Parisian
mnuicipal conned will send to Philadelphia
the models of the squares and public buildings
which figured at the Vienna exhibition
Joseph Lapage, charged with the murder of
Josie LaDgmaid on the fourth of last October,
was sentenced at Concord, N. H., to be banged
January 19, 1877 A violent galo in the
western Mediterranean swept the Algerian
coast with great fury. The damage to pro
perty at Oran alone is estimated at $100,000.
...Russia is making preparations for the
transportation of immense numbers of troops
as soon as the weather permits ; and to that
end work is being pushed night aud day to
complete a third track to the railway from
Moscow to Polish Lithmauia It is believed
that the "Black Ball" ship Harvest Qieeu
was run down anl sunk in the Irish channel,
and that her entire crew cf thirty were
drowned Gov. Ludiugton, of Wisconsin,
reports the State debtfat (2,252,057 Tho
Harvard College annual report ebons that there
are 716 students in atteudauce Throe
boyB, aged from ton to thirteen yearswere
drowned at Lowell, Mass., the wind carrying
the Bled ou which they were riding into the
swift water.
Should Lire to Ouo Hundred.
it is tttated that men. ought to live a
century, as it seems to bo a general law
iu the animal creation that life should
extend to five times tho period required
for growth. Many of the iawct tribes
mature and fructify iu an hour and die
before tho close of day. A dog grows
for two years and lives eight; an ox
grows for four years and lives sixteen; a
horse grows for five years and lives
twenty-five; a camel grows for eight
years and lives forty; a man grows for
twenty years and should live to one hundred.
Au old salt, when asked how he felt
during a severe gale which he encounter
ed at sea, and during which the ship was
iu great peril, replied, in all sincerity
and simplicity : "Why, I thought, what
will the poor fellows on shore do now ?"
As people learn how true economy it is
to use Dobbins' Eloctrio Soap (made by
(Jragin & (Jo., I'hila.), the common,
adulterated, dishonest soaps are being
driven out oi the market. Try it.
The Business oi
Interest Trans
chiefly useful on this account, but it is lQg m ii except to a professional eye,
not a sustaining manure, and i3 only to show how the hole was produced.
serviceable when mixed with soils of a kike the iron rat, tho wooden rat re-
substuntial description. Hence it is qnires a confederate to place it well for
generally used for mixing with maiden its deadly work. Such are some of the
loam, whether turfv or otherwise: but devices for giving effect to one of tho
for kitchen gardens or flower beds to foulest onenses against society,
which organic manures have been added
for years it is of little value. In fact,
there are many thiugs, such as lobelias,
geraniums, and other bedding plants,
and vegetables, such as turnips, carrots
and beots, etc., that never thrive suc
cessfully in a soil overladen with humus,
A Thief Cnnguf.
His name was Marston, and he lived
on tho road from Bethel to Eumford, in
Maine. On a certain occasion, Marston
,,co uu peas, parucuiany flne Ayrshire calf aud when he had i(j
i hme is given with it. Lettuce, par- for it he dirccted the butcbor to ifc
oicJ uu Bpmauu, uiu. grow quiCKiy, ae- to Ma w aT1(1 f, .
uv ulttoo iu, in neavy Now it so hacnoned that towards tho
It is on the potting bench that i f n, ,in
i ii i . , , . . vjtwou ui uuuu ouuio u(v a li-iuxi. (joint? aiuiiK
wunuvuw, iu ic(uchu, with hflnd-orcnn anA a fn;,,
jgr i"- bear, and stopped in the farmer's door
Hi a nan an Vila fsv oac! -iri-t Ti " J
,tr uu come lute when tho performance was
advisable, however, to use it where bot- i i j tt, i , , .
. , . . , ' , ., . ., ooncluded, the showman asked for a
W be-g honest
.JTO a iium tDUCO m looking man( tho hof)t wag ymng tQ ac.
OT ,, DU.u u u! oommodate Lim; but what should be
r1. .nmr- ;;t , 1 ? m doue with tbe bear uttie COn-
aVi sideration it was decided to bring the
Beech loaves make the worst leaf mold.
Oak leaves are the best of all for every
purpose, and next to them a general
mixture is best, always keeping out
beech if practicable. Spent hgt-beds
generally supply the stock of leaf mold,
but one year's fermentation does not fit
it for cultural purpose. It should be
laid up in a heap, and left till it is re
duced to a flne black mold. The pro
portion of leaf mold that should be em
ployed for pot plants or beds depends
upon the texture of the loam used. To
our good but heavy loam here we add
bulk for bulk for general purposes (not
weight for weight), besides sand; this is
not too much for the compost at the end
of the year, by which time the mold has
decayed considerably, but has the ap
pearance still of a strong loam. Such
plants as cinerarias, calceolarias, pelar
goniums and balsams thrive well in it,
but with a less proportion of mold they
root but slowly and do not thrive.
Light, sandy or brown loams seldom re
quire leaf mold, but well-rotted cow ma
nure may be given with advantage.
The people of San Francisco show a
growing fondness for reading. Over
twenty thousand books havobeen stolen
from the Mercantile library jn one year.
new calf and secure it in a fched attached
to the house, and turn Bruin into the
stable pen.
It was past midnight when the family
of the farmhouse were aroused by a ter
rible outcry from the stable. Tho farm
er and his peripatetic guest arose and
hurried .on their clothes, and with a
lighted lantern went forth to the stable,
where, to his great surprise, Marston
found the butcher, of whom lie had
purchased the calf, in the grasp of the
bear, and being hugged most unmerci
fully. The bear could not bite, being
muzzled. The farmer quickly compre
hended the situation, and explained it
to the owner of the bear, who, to punish
the would-be thief, and make him con
fess, cried out:
'.' Hi I Hug him, Jack I Hug him till
he tells us what he was here for."
In response to the call of his master.
Bruin hugged so earnestly that the poor
butcher roared with pain and fright, and
at length, fearing for his life, he con
fessed that he had come to steal the
calf, and begged for mercy.
Marston, thinking him punished suffi
ciently, directed the owner of the bear
to set him free, and the butcher slunk
and limped away, with resolutions, it is
to be hoped, towards a more honest
course in the future.
The direct cable is again in working order,
tho break having beon found about 121 miles
from Nova Scoti.. i . . . John Knight struck
his wife with his fist, in Now York, knocking
her down a flight of stairs aud through a glass
door. The broken glasi cut her throat, and
she died immediately Gen. (Vr'iua, who
commanded the raid on the Ameiicuu I order,
has been roleased by the Mexicau au'.horitit.
The Pope has handod to the Bavarian
embassador at the Vatican a protest against
the violation by Bavaria of the ooncoidat by
Ihe enactment of the civil marriago law. The
Bavarian government does not intend to notice
the proteht A dispatoh from the seat of
the Ueizegovinian war sta'es that over three
hundred soldiers have been frozen to death
near Pouza, and many are in hoepital from
frost bite Hamil, the oarsman, is dead
Austria is calling out her reserve troops,
and tho signs pointing to the occupation of
Bosnia by the Austriaus multiply, and the
places where the troops are to cross the TJuua
river aro already fixed. . . .Serious disturbances
occurred at the place of the miners' strike, at
Charleroi, Belgium. The military were obliged
to interfere, and several persoiis were killod
or wou'ided. A battalion of guards went to
the scene of the troubles. . . .Burgess, oolored,
confined in Baton Rouge (La.) jail for killing a
white man, was banged by a mob.
The Prinoe of Wales arrivod at Delhi on his
tour through India When the Egyptians
occupied the Zanzibarian town of Brava, the
soldiers obstructed the way of Mr. Kirk, the
British consul, and the Egyptian offioer in
command refused to apologize, whereupon
Mr. Kirk ordered up the English man-of-war
Thetis, and threatened to bombard the town
if an apology was not 'forthcoming before a
specified time. Tbe Egyptian officor apologized
an hour before the expiration of the time, but
the Thetis was already cleared for action. .
The Gar man government has determined to
liberate Cardinal LedochowBki unconditionally
at the expiration of his term of imprisonment.
but he win he olosely watched, aud again
arraigned if he infringes the ecolosiastioal
laws Antoine Martens, a cigar dealer of
New York; became jealous of a man named
Rogers, who was somewhat attentive to Mrs.
Martens, and returning from the street ouo
evening and finding Rogers in their living
room, back of the etoie, drew a pistol and fired
at him four times, mortally wounding him
Martens then blew his own brains out The
jury in the trial of Goo. D. Lord for alleged
canal frauds at Buffalo, N. Y., reported that
they oould not agree, and were accordingly
discharged Chaa. O'Conor, the noted
lawyer, who has been repeatedly given up
by his physicians, ia now able to move about
his room aided by a oane, and will undoubtedly
The New Hampshiie Domocratio eonvention
nominated Hon. Daniel Marcy for governor,
The resolutions declare that the issues of war
are settled, aud that the government should
turn its attention to tho work of restoring
commerce and public prosperity j declare that
the Democratic party is the historio advocate
of a currency convertible into coin, and de
mand a speedy return to speoie payments.
iionost government, ana administrative re
form ; favors religions to'eratiou, non-sec
tarian schools, and a tariff for revenue only
and opposes a third Presidential term.
Egypt'" contributions to tbe Centennial have
arrived being the earliest on the ground
They comprise six thousand numbers in tbe
catalogue, and consist of jowels, embroideries,
weapons, eto A Mrs. Lynch residing in
Philadelphia, shot a Mrs. Osborne, in tbe
street, for refusing to take back a slaudor. .
Large whisky frauds have been unearthed ia
Mr. Sargent (Rep.), of California, presented
the petition of 20,016 women of Utah askiug
tho repeal of the anti-polygamy law of 186:4
aud the Poland bill, ana that Utah be admitted
as a State iu the Union, etc.
Mr. Ihurman (Rep.), of Ohio, presented
Beveral petitions of citizens of Ohio, asking
the repeal of the Resumption act, parsed at
the last session.
Mr. Dorsev (Rop.'l, of Arkansas, introduced
a bill to organize the lemtory I UKlahomu,
and for the protection oi cue liiuiau tribes
therein, and for other purposes. Referred.
A resolution relative to tne revolution in
Cuba, and one relating to State rights, were
also presented.
Mr. Ogiesby (.Rep.;, oi Illinois, presented a
petition of citizens of that State asking the
reucal of the Redumption act of January, 1875,
as well as the National Bank act, and the sub
stitution of legal tondois for national bank
noies. Referred.
Mr. Mitchell (Rep.), of Oregon, introduced
a bill to authorize persons of foreign birth who
have declared their iuteution of becoming
citizous of the United States to be registered
as owner or vart owner of American vessels.
Mr. Paddock (Rep.), of Nebraska, introduced
a bill to euable the people of New Mexico to
form a constitution and State govc-rnuunt aud
for the admission of said State iuto the Union
on an equal footing with the original States.
Tho Ohair laid before the Senate a resolu
tion of the Produoe Exchange of New York in
favor of the passage of the bill to appropriate
$ 1,600,000 for tne completion oi the prepara
tions for the opening of the Centennial cele
bration. Referred.
Mr. Cooper (Deni.), of Tennessee, announced
the death of his late oolleague, Andrew John
son, and delivered a eulogy on his life and
Bills wero introduced to equalize bounties of
soldiers ; to abolish capital punishment ; and
t) nkcj colored troops on an equality with
The first political battle of the session of the
House was when Mr. Randall (Dem.), of
Pemihylvania. moved to suspend the rulei
American Tarlor Organs Abroad.
fn the year closing Juno 30, 1875, the
United States exported to foreign conn
tries, as snowu Dy custom nonse re
turns at Washington, parlor or reed or
gans to tho aggregate value of $36:1,132.
The exports lor the previous year were
$292,151, showing some increase. It is
remarkabio that more than hail oi tin so
exports iu each year were the cabinet
organs made by the Mason s. liamlin
Organ (Jonipany, whose exports in 1875
were 8185,820, and in 1874 were S163,
169. Considering that there are in this
country from two hundred to two hun
dred and nfty makers, this fact that
more than half the instruments exported
aro from this ouo company, shows in
what high estimation its work is hold
abroad. N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.
A pnitradinff U I not ttiffh ly
tbln, Mr noUuna about brtUh
StfM nw wr nnt th
Al try Him gmimj bolrt.
nevfir rto, Iiak, or com apart.
At for them. On puir wiUuitnff
if oue l ami lury tiara no eqiuu.
Also tijr Wire wuuu-d hoK.
t or tb Lollftt or bLn ii bM
bo muL it ta mora pto
anlUiAa any Cologne, Toitt
Wtr or Hud-
kerchief Kxtract
Ixm porta mi la
alw ay ap roan bio
to tbe peraoa
natna; ttt and to
trio around
tbm. It tiiiatba
room mittx a
plfeaaaot odor.
It baa bo aquaL
ton, M&m. Tit i aecurfd. THY
WaITr At Home. FUherKev.
11 ltJV AnU' Supply Co,
2 a month
;i Bowery, N Y.
A QTWrVf A and rmnrrh Bar Cnro. TrUl free.
iiO A JJUUil Address W.K.Bma,lndUuispoll.ln4.
Successful Music Books.
Beta's Sctal for Parlor Op!
H la already 1 1 tho binia of 30.000 tea-n-n - H
pUymon K-o Or.a , aifi rVaj Una ad preau-r
auocwe. Confain I Id (traded .tvn. mo odt- it oer-
olualanea. c.iO
Centennial Collection!
Fur Old Folk' Co tern. 9w. 40 cu.
8iiiNiN&"riiVEn 1 1
Tt cut book lor jour Sibbtth ScbosL 35 cu.
Bellak's Analytical Method
Aa IA rv fniiTM'ti ho"k ( fir the flrat throe
month on the rin), nMbimr o)l j he Vety
ay pieces, nicly ftugtred and craded. Um a ay,
inoaily, with tbe diuaa and Orudvery oi too first
quart r. la Taper, 7i eta.
8 1 .OO. For High Hchoula, Academies, Seminarist.
Gems of English Song I
Aok RioDanfreri. Knrnieb all Dew. Want olf. Write.
X Nnnie tbU ptt-jtar. American Bodk Kiobanga. N. V.
$mk day at bome. Aftwite wanted. Outfit and term
'a-lrwe. Adilreea TKUKAOO.. Attota.
T I I6itter than from.
A. OGUii'l UK OO..Oblcai;a
tt; in ton ed.jattaome. Samples wortb 1 aent
3 10 h-ee. bTlfroON A CO., Portland.
lOO FARMS FOH HALF In T)fl, Md.. Va., tnd
fa. Send fur Catalogue. J. POLK. Wllmlnntoo, Del.
1 1 ( C O KPr d"T' Bpnl toT f bromo Catalc?
kJ)lU " i3)JOJ. II- Buitord's Sons, BoitoD, 11 -
It lncoiiipatlulllITi rle.l Kesidnace unneceaur
t ee alter decree. Addrem P. O.Hua 1037,1'bicsgo, 1
lnconipatibllilTi rlf I Kesideace unneceaurv;
FAMJY IIXKU :ARi, willi nmo.
III ct. 2(i Acaimlntana Uarrls, no name.
10cte.,EOTt-pid. I, JQ.NrXS A OO., Wmeau, M. V.
Agentn Wnnlf !.-TwentyOil I Mounted Cbromot
fur I Largent aoitortment In the World. ioNll
hkwtai. Ohrumo Co., oT Nae.an btreet. New York.
A(JTH nil for 93, wbtcb ooet $25,
World over. tfc. Rtarap for Circular to
JiNO. A. OLAKK, Inventor, Newark, N.J.
Nw Orlaau Tbe Sfamnb, ttoaarr Alogria cent (or two ounota.
AmiifBty bill. Mr. Ulaine (ltep ). of Mniiie,
at once oame to the Ironc. S.i. liar.uail do
sired dicuBion on the bill, but would not ad
mit of ameadaiei.ta to it. iur. lilaine degirea
the bill loft open for amondruentH. The ques
tion being taken t'10 bill was rejeoted by a
vote of IT! yens ana tf7 nays, not tne requisite
tWO-tUirUH 111 1UV U1UJUI1LV. till. DIRIUU tuuu
moved to reeonuidtji1 the vote taknn, and ad
rtBBed tho House on the subiect. Sir.
Blaine in bis speech denned oxtmption of
Jefferson Davis from lU provisions, and was
wiliinir the bill should p ius, granting amuobty
to all others. In hi remarks ho detailed at
loncth the storv of Atulersonvillo, and laid the
blame of tho sufferings there to Davis. He
paid : I do not arraign ihe Southern people for
the Audersonville crime. God forbid that I
hould charge any people wilh sympathiziiiK
with such an order. There were many evi
dences of great uneauiness among the South
ern poople about it, and one of the greatest
crimes of Mr. Davis was that he concealed it
from the Southern people.
Mr. Hill (Dem. ), or uoorgia, replied to Mr.
Blaine on the Am meaty bill. He claimed that
Jefferson Davis was not tho monster he has
bteu piotured, and the Fedorals wore respon
sible for the horrors of Audersonville. Iu
concluding bis remarks he Raid : " Lot us
unite t'j repair the wrongs that distract and
oppress the country. Let us turn our backs
on the past, and let it be said in the future
tnat lie snail do cue greatest, pmrioi, lue truest
patriot, the ablest patriot, who shall do the
most to repair the wrongs of the past, and to
Mr. Morrison (Dem.), of Illinois, introduced
a bill preparatory to the redemption of Uuitud
States notes and the resumption of specie pay
ments. It proposes to retain gold in the
treasury to the amount tf thirty per cent, of
the outstanding legal tenders; requires
national banks to retain gold paid for their
interest on bonds deposited to secure currency
till they have thirty per oent. of their outstand
ing notes, ana repeals tnat portion oi tne ito
Btimption aat compelling speoie resumption in
187 .
Mr. Garfield (Rep.), of Ohio, continued the
discussion. He did not desire to hold Jeffer
son Davis responsible for the rebellion. lie
did not believa in the doctrine of vicarious
atonement In human affairs. Jefferson Davis
was no moro guilty than any oiher man who
went into tne rcueinon witu equal ligut na
intelligence. He referred to Andorsonville,
and to persons Norch aud South during the
war, and claimed that while there was iu-
humanity ehown Northern prisoners South,
none was practiced in the Northern piisons
where Confederate troops were confined. Ho
claimed that the' object of the outrageous
treatment of prisoners at Andersonville had,
therofore, been to make the Union soldiers so
that when exchanged, they would De valueless.
On the fourth day tuat the uiu was Doiore
the House, Mr. Blaine took the floor. He
claimed that the bill was specially intended to
honor Jefferson Davis, and considered at
loiiL'lh the motive of the treatment of prisoners
in Northern and Southern piisons. He com
menced a cross-examination of members on
the other side, but finding that this would use
np his hour, dropped it. He ended by Baying :
It the Amoncan oongrees Dy a two-minis vote
shall pronounce Jefferson Davis w rthy to be
restored to the full rights bf American oitizeu
ship, I can only vote against it, and hang my
head in snamo.
Mr. Banks (Ind.), of Massachusetts pro-
nosed an amoudment removing political dis
abilities from all persons who will go before a
United States court and take an oath to sup
port and defend the Constitution against all
enemies, forei :n aud domostio.
Mr. Kandall, the originator of the bill, closed
the argument with some remarks, and then
moved to oommit the bill to the Judiciary com
mittee, with instructions to report it btck
forthwith, with Mr. Banks' amendment. The
bill with Mr. Banks' amendment Mr. Blaine's
ameiidment not having been admitted was
referred to the Judiciary committee.
Bills were introduced to make it a misdo-
mc-auor for United States officials to demand
contributions to election funds ; to ropeal the
Bankrupt law ; requiring national banks to
prepare for specie payments; to abolish
stamps on bank ohecks; for the organization
of the Territory of Oklahoma : for tho admis
siou of New Mexico as a State, aud to limit the
sale of publio lauds to homestead aud pre-
emotion settlers.
Mr. Clark (Dem.), of Missouri, from the
post-office committee, repoitod a bill fixing the
rf.fa nf n,utuira nn tlticrl j.la.a mail matter, lint
I exceeding four pounds to ach package, at one
"Heal Thyself."
The People's Common Sense Medical Ad
viser, a hook or UUU pages, illustrated with
over 250 engravings aud colored plates, mid
Bold at the exceedingly low price of $1.50,
tolls you bow to cure catarrh, " liver com
plaint," dyspepsia, or indigestion, sick, bilious
and other headaches, ecroiula, brouamal,
throat, aud lung diseases ; all diseases peculiar
to women, and most other chrome as well
as acute disorders. It contains important in
formation for the young aud old, male and
female, single and married, nowhereelse to be
found. Men and women, married and siiulo,
are tempted to ak their family physician
thousands of questions ou delicate topic, but
are deterred from doing so by their modeKty.
This work answers Just such quostions so fully
aud plainly as to leave no one iu doubt. It is
sold by agent-, or sent by mail (post-paid) oa
receipt or price. Address the author, It. V.
Fierce, M. D., World s .Dispensary, Buffalo,
n. y.
Dr. It. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., dis
tinguished in surgery, and tho general practice
iu the profession he honors, has made a valua
ble contribution to the medical literature of
the day, in a comprehensive woik entitled
"Tho People's Commm Senso Medical Ad
v;ser. VVhilo scientitlo throughout, it la
Bingularly free from technical and etilted
terms. It oomes right down to the oommon
sense of everyday life. Dr. Pierce is a noble
specimen of American manhood. Ho has
sprung from the people ; aud, witu mauy sym
pathies in common with the masses, has sought
to render them a substantial service in this
the great work of his life. Lafayette Daily
Pimples on the faoe, rough akin,
chapped hands, saltrheum and all cutaneous
affociious cured, the skin mado soft aud
amootii. bv the use of Jtjniprr Tar Soap. That
made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York, isj
the only kind that can be relied on, as mere
are many imitations, made from oommon tar,
whioh are worthless. Coin.
I. Novelties and Chrnius
Nation id Cbromu Co., PUiia, fa.
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nwbii i w ,iM 8xlli fr
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DIVORCES I.earnlly Obtained for Incompatible
ty, etc Residence not required ; acandal avoided.
Fee al.er deciee. Addiesi P. U. Boi 234. Clncako, Ul.
MflHTY Ma4e rapidly wltb Stencil and Key Check
I1IUIUI outtite. Catalogues and full particular!
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log articles In tue world, tine aaiunle true.
Adilrees JAY KKO.NSO.,Oetruit,!V!lub.
Books, Kurious Goods, Hportlnff Artloles,
eto. ii4-page Boo lor two ac. etamus.
BALDWIN A OO., 1 1 1 Nassan St., N.Y
k lillninlurr, Oil fnlntina: on Canvss which will
J. be your own Likeness, free, with Tim ilome
WtM'kly. sent 3 Months on trinl tor 31 cts.
to Agents.
L. T. LU THKK, Mill Village, Brie uo., l-a.
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T territory at once lor Thn Lift ot,rf VaUic .Sre
of Henry Wilmn, by Kev. Klias Nason. For Terms
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II F F-y I M F riiit-.nmnnra ever offered. Terms.
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CftUloftM fun. AiiAtut HhtTZHX 01 H WURKt, ijiam, UL
and Morphine Habit ttoltitely nv.
spetxiUy oaroa. fftioietw; no paouuiur.
bead stamp for Parttcalan. Dr. Oi ml
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LiNiNtiTON A Bkq.,Nbw YorkA Uhlcao.
A lanre, lffnt collection of Cboiov nft, with
Keed Orjrsn aocomnnmraen. pK.
3.UU ia UuLb
Piano or Rfed Orjrsn aocomnnnlmen.
c-bet Muic hiz. 9ou in ioard
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haueeswra to LEE t v. alkkk, a bllndelphita
Ii IntempGrance
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ure Remedy. SO (UAKUt! for treatment
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oil a i
tHS 1 1
ll h
Theso deservedly oelebrated and popular medicines
nave effected a revolution in the healing art, aud proved
the f Ulaoy of several maxims whioh have for many years
obstructed the progress of medical solonce. The false
supposition that " Consumption is lnourable " dete.red
physicians from attempting to Sad remedies for that
disease, and patients aftlloted with it reconciled them
selves to doa: h without making an effurt to escape from
doom whioh they supposed to be unavoidable. It is
now proved, however, that CojuampUm can it urd,
and that it hat been oured in a very great number of
oases (some of them apparently desperate ones) by
Bchenck's Pulmonlo Syrup alone i and In other cases
by the same medicine In connection with Sohenck's Sea
Weed Tonlo and Mandrake Fills, one or Loth, accord
ing to the requirements of the case.
Dr. Schenek himself, who enjoyed uninterrupted good
health for mora than forty yesrs, was supposed, at one
time, to bo at tho very gate of death, his physicians hav
ing pronounce! his caso hopeleas, and abandoned him
to his fate. He w..s oured by the aforesaid medicines,
arid, sioco bis recovery, mauy thousands similarly affect
ed have used Dr. Schenck's preparations with the same
remarkable succohs
Full directions acoompany each, making it nottliso.
lutely necessary to personally eee Ir. bcheuok unless
Cntlents wish tbclr lungs examined, ana ror tins puriura
e is prufesslonally at his principal office, Ourner rfiith
and Axob btreeU, Philadelphia, every Monday, where
all letters for advioe must be addressed.
riohenok's luodlolnes are sold iy an druggists.
Great Centennial Histcrv
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Ivins' Patent Hair Crimpers.
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Add rets lr
Tlnblt Cured nt Ilom. No pub
Uoity. Time short. Trra moderate.
l.OOO tstimouliale. .5tb year of un
paralleled fliiccftM. Dweribe caw.
I. K. ,I AUSII, Qiiinoy, MU h.
Mlnl Kondlnr. lNyrhoinnnr, Fnnof natiim.
Honl Charming, Mesmerism, and Jxvers' Guide,
howinjr how either oi niiiy fascinate and gain the love
and affeotlon of any ppreon they choone tnifantly. 400
paif . By mall .(r. Hunt A Co., 1 30 S. 7th St., Phi la.
BIKN to travel and sell onr
goods to Hi-; A I, KRS. Mo
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Marfn fmm th Patent " V xPftUlnrtt fonlDOeltlon.
will recast, not artectod by tbe weather; prloe, 30 oenls
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.1. It. t l,l, aki., ;ru ann ri... r.. .
I ii
1 35
Tho Markets.
Borf Cattlo-Priuie to Extra Bullocks l'8)ti 13Vf
lommon to Good xexaiut u uss
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t. ,1 iimv,;
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Htato Extra
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on.'iia o,
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t4 7
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ie 1 02
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to Learn TKLK
S". Good situations guaranteed
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r I1U1PN7 rl.i.
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O ravns hhiiisj
should adnpttlie
dose to their in-
r- t 1 tutloii, from a
Iteaapooufull to
m a tableapoonfall
QQ lacrordinf; to I"
'feet, l or all nf
f I fe ctloiw of the
dlt-estwelli FVHnfKlUVUl! lrK,-
un vivii Tin; . pa isrmcsoi eiom-
UI.001. Kivine S A arh and Itowelg,
tone tukd healtliT W
These UV.USre-l
move all morbid
or nnd matter
from the y atem,
supplying In
their place a
healthy flow of
bile I invigorat
ing the atomacn,
causing food to
disease depend
ent on or caused
by such derange
ment as lliliong
attacks, Costive
ness, Chronic Dl
arr h?a,Iy spep
sa, Jaundice and
Female Weak
nesses. 1 table-
spoonfull taker
attack of SICK
H AD AC H E cures lnJ5 mi nntes. TJ
FULi by 1 bottle. THY IT ! For pamphlet
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chinory, removj"
ing tne cause oilj
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fecting a rnilical
cure. As a FAM
It is l!i"KilJAl
Kl, ni.d Is AL
at commencement of an
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Oilman Sc Co..i1rtf"lt-'"cl'l"cl"-( l"''"""u'' a
llest French nurrstitrsiln
dle umlel-riuineis, cock besd
uiper-riinners, fin Farm or
itieivhuiit Vork. Supe
rior Villi Moncs ol all
aixbs,lcuiilnk liiilch An
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Pul lies. Hangers, eto.. all kinds
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- . HALE'S .
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vwes8, Difficult Bueatuino, and
all Affections or ths Throat,
Bronchi al Tubes, and Lungs,
LEADiua to Consumption.
Tbte Infallible remedy Is composed of
the Honey of the plunt Ilorchound, ia
chemlcalunionwitt.TAn-BALM,cxtract- .
ed from the Life Pkinciflk of tho
forest tree Abies Balsamea. or Balm
of Gileau.
The Honey of Ilorchound bootees
and scatters all irritft' wns and iullam
Etations, and thf Trir-Balin cleanses
and heals ttr, inroat and air-rmsenges
leading to the lungs. J ra aUditioiial
inercdients keep the organs cool, molat,
and In healthful action. Let no pro
; judice keep you from tryiig this great
medicine of a famous docwr, who hag
saved thousands of Uvea iy : t In his
ltTire private prsctlce,
B. The Tar Balm tas no bad
tastb or smell.
Great saying to ) large ilz.
' Bold by all Druggist!;
Pike's Toothaciwi Dropp'"
enro in 1 minute. , . . .
N Y N IT JVo, 3
please l? that yea saw taa adveillan.
teal la tills paver .

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