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Vol. 46, No. 20.
Established 1873 Five Cents a Copy
Island Pond Victory Boys and Girls Lead
Alard Worall While Carrying a Gun
Slipped and the Charge Entered
His Head.
in War Work Campaign
Suits or Overcoats $13.00 to $60.00
Hand-Made Throughout
We also do
Cleansing and Pressing
G. H. ST. PIERRE, Merchant Tailor
Regular sessions of the Probate
Court for the District of Essex will
be held at Guildhall on the first
Wednesday of each, month in the
At Island Pond, the first Wednes
day of January, April, July and
October, in the afternoon.
At Lunenburg, the second Wednes
day of January, April, July and
October, in the forenoon.
At Concord in the afternoon of
the same days.
Special sessions will be held be
Communications should be sent
to Fred A. Brewer, Judge, Concord,
or to George H. Hubbard, Register,
Mr. Henry P. Davison, chairman of
the War Council of the Red Cross, has
eaid that if the government should
offer him a check for $500,000,000.00
'or a check for only $100,000,000.00
and the work of the women of the
Country, he would not even look at
the larger check! He knew what he
was saying, too, as the magnificent re
sponse of the women of America has
shown. Never before did woman
shine as now; never before did she
bo show that but for her aid the worst
would have occurred. And the end Is
not yet.
The calls aro endless. Refugees
have no underclothes, no stockings,
little to protect themselves against
the coming winter winds. The women
of America are going to furnish these
clothes, these stockings, are going to
see to it that no French, no Belgian,
no Italian child, or mother, shivers
into a bitter grave before next spring.
The Surgeon General of the Unit
ed States is asking for thousands of
sweaters, for hundreds of thousands
of socks, and for hundreds of thous
ands of articles of all kinds! Eng
lish calls ring over the water and the
American women remember what the
English fleet did for us they do not
forget! French women, whose soula
are bowed with grief, are listening for
those sweetest of all sounds, the click
of needles that mean warmth, and the
snipping of scissors that me am
clothes for the children. -
No babies in the history of the
world have been better guarded than
the American. Now all the skill, all
the tenderness, all the love of Amer
ican mothers finds limitless oppor
tunities to help babies who but for
them would have nothing at all!
New England alone has three mil
lion dollars worth of material wait
ing to be made up and sent! Now is
the time for a hearty pull together, to
show the world that we really under
stand! Klenzo
Dental Creme
Is as perfect as Dental
Science and human skill
can make it.
The wonderful cool,
clean feeling " Klenzo
gives to the mouth is
like a tonic. Even the
children brush their
teeth regularly if you
give them Klenzo.
At Rexall stores only.
25c a Tube
Island Pond, Vermont
St. Johnsbury, Nov. 29. Alard
Worall, 30, of Lyndonville was killed
yesterday afternoon by the accident
al discharge of his shotgun. Return
ing home after a Thanksgiving din
ner at a friend's and on the lookout
for game, the man stopped at a
sugar house. According to a small
boy, who accompanied him, the
hunter slipped as he entered the
house and the trigger was released.
The shot entered the man's ear, tak
ing off a part ofhia head. He lived
about an hour.
Mr. Worall was employed in the
Boston & Main car shops. He
leaves a wife and one sister. The ac
cident happened on a farm owned
by the state agricultural school.
Red Cross Notes.
The Local Branch shipped to the
Boston Supply Kerviee for the month
of November, 20 army sweaters and
10 white nurse's sweaters.
The following gifts have been re
ceived during the month:
$1 Julius Stern,
5 A Friend,
2.50 Another Friend,
2 Another Friend.
The Executive committee will hold
its monthly business meeting in the
work room Friday afternoon at four
o'clock. A. full attendance is desired.
There is an abundance . of sewing
and knitting to be done now and the
work committee hopes for a large
attendance of workers at the room
each week
The American Girls.
The second number in the Lecture
Course is the American Girls, at the
opera house Thursday, Dec 12th.
These two charming young ladies
were born, bred and educated in
Miss Janet Hersey, who sings,
plays the piano and reads, and does
them well.
Miss Ruth Wishman, a Boston girl
with a striking personality, equally
At the opera house, Thursday the
12th of December for the Benefit of
the Red Cross.
I. P. H. S. Play West Stewartstown
In Opera Hall, Saturday Night.
The first basketball game of the
season will be played Saturday night,
Dec. 7, in the opera house between
I. P. H. S. and West Stewartstown.
This will be an exciting game.
Both teams have fine records and
the opening game wlil bring out a
fast play.
Remember, Saturday night, Dec.
7. Price 15 and 30 cents.
Game called at 8:30.
Vermont Case Goes To U. S. Court
Of Appeals
Rutland, Nov. 29. The office in
this city of the United States court
has sent to the United States circuit
court of appeals papers in the case of
O. H. Curran of Groton vs. the A
merican Realty Company, the de
fendent having taken the case to the
high tribunal. This controversy,
which arose overan alleged breach of
contract to cut plup wood was enter
ed in Caledonia county court but was
taken without trial in the lower to
the United States district court,
where the plaintiff recieved a verdict
to recover $2,045.
Diphtheria At St. Albans
St.Albans, Nov. 29. As a child in
the first grade of the Messenger
street school who attended school
yesterday had since become ill with
diphtheria, the school was closed this
afternoon for fumigation. Several
cases of diphtheria have been report
ed tothe health officer during the
last few weeks.
Essex County Boys in Casualty List.
The following Essex County boys
are in the casualty list as died of dis
ease: Pvt. Edward Fields, Granby.
Pvt. William Bishop, Bloomfield.
Starvation by Germany challenged
all the world ; food conservation In
America answered the challenge." ,
Food conservation in America hiia
been the triumi li of Individual devo
tion to tlui nutionul cause
xr rirrfi "'4' JK
Island Pond Victory Boys and Girls
The Victory Boys and Girls offl-
Island Pond found many ways to
earn their pledges on the United
War Savings Campaign. The above
pictures them carting brick away
from the Y. M. C. A., recently des
troyed by fire. There were many
other jobs done to help earn their
pledges. Some of the boys shoveled
coal and others worked at odd jobs,
but all were eager to earn their
pledges. Island Pond Victory Boys
and Girls were second in United
War Work pledges in the state. The
spirit of the young people to "get in
to the game" and "go over the top"
wa3 commendable.
The Brewing of Beer and Other Malt
Stuff Ended Nov. 30.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 30.
Brewing of beer and other malt be
verages will stop at midnight to
night throughout the United States.
The statement below issued
partnieiit shows that on November 1 Vermont ranked 14th among the
States in pales of War Savings Stamps.
While Vermont still leads New England and the Eastern States,
we are entitled to a much better position if those Vermonters who
have pledged to buy stamps will complete their purchases. All the
States are making a tremendous effort in the last days of the year to
improve their standing and unless Vermont braces up the State will
be far down the list on December 31.
Vermont has a proud record so far in all war activities. We
mustn't fall down on this last job. Fulfill your pledges at once, buy
more if you can and keep Vermont near the head of the list.
through Postoffices and Federal Reserve Banks from the beginning of
the campaign to November 1st, inclusive, compiled from reports re
ceived by the Treasury Department.
Total Sales For
Grade State Campaign to Nov. 1st Per Capita
1 Nebraska ....$26,541,298.43 $20.62
2 Ohio 76,493,576.93 ' 14.54
3 South Dakota 8,331,604.10 13.81
4 District of Columbia '. 4,505,127.07 13.38
5 Oregon .... 11,368,472.17 13.15
6 Kansas ..... 24,257,196.37 12.84
7 Indiana '. 35,461,115.12 12.40
8 Iowa 29,210,586.74 12.32
9 Washington ! ... 18,767.894.05 12.04
10 Missouri !. 40,903,174.89 s 11.50
11 Nevada 1,274,348.88 11 42
12 Montana 5,315,849.59 11.23
13 California (N) 21,393,507.35 11.00
14 VERMONT 4,038,356.00 10.98
15 Wisconsin 26,324 163.42 , 1012
16 California (S) 11,036,313.21 ' ' 10.30
17 West Virginia 14,345,344.77 10.25
18 Colorado 10,490,024.99 10.20
19 Minnesota 22,511,994.21 9.66
20 New Hampshire 4,296,015.02 9.60
21 Utah 4,148,750.40 9.28
22 Arizona 2,342,530.56 8.91
23 Connecticut 11,270,146.29 8.59
24 Texas 38,567,622.94 8.47
25 Delaware 1,941,456.52 8.28
26 Wyoming 1,165,606.76 8.20
27 Maine 6,379,073.87 8.15
28 Illinois 50,445,570.18 8.03
29 Kentucky 19,116,160.26 7.88
80 Oklahoma 18,143,238.41 7.81
31 Tennessee 17,950,607.51 7.69
32 Rhode Island 4,808,788.60 7.62
32 Idaho 3,416,722.16 7.62
34 New York (Upper) 35,453,640.06 7.25
35 Pennsylvania (W) 19,674,531.09 6.82
36 Pennsylvania (E) ..... 38,121,278.54 6.61
36 North Carolina 16,036,689.95 6.61
38 North Dakota 4.327J57.61 6.51
39 New York City 36,941,109.54 6.29
40 Louisiana 11,204,514.97 6.03
41 Michigan 19,898,600.65 6.75
42 Mississippi 11.117,423.33 5.56
42 Arkansas 9,874,486.53 5.56
44 Florida 5,066,511.11 5.49
45 Maryland 7.416.37G.61 5.27
46 Virginia 11,075,519.63 5.18
47 Massachusetts ..; 19,018,369.97 5.10
48 New Jersey 15,(108,398.46 5.02
49 New Mexico 1,613,429.34 4.64
50 South Carolina 6,237,3X7.30 3.78
51 Alabama '. 8,711..VJ1.0:i 3.G7
52 Georgia 10,341,071;. SO 3.60
Total $859,4G7,892.58. $8.16
Earning Pledges Carting Brick.
The special presidential committee
which recommended the president
ial proclamation prohibiting brewing
as a war conservation measure, de
cided to-day to make no recommen
dation to President Wilson on sug
gestions that the proclamation should
be recinded in view of the armistice.
Gilt's Waterloo
William Gill of Burlington.an of
ficer of the Vermont Checker Club,
and one of the best players in the
state, spent Friday evening at our
Y. M. C. A. where he met two of our
local checkerists, C. M. King and F.
E. Boyce.
Mr. Gill offered to play the two
simultaneously, but Mr. Boyce insist
ed that they even up. The final score
was: Gill 1, Boyce 3;Gill 1, King4.
Island Pond is still on the map.
by the United States Treasury De
Just received a nice assortment of the Holmes &
Edwards Silverware in those popular and pleasing
patterns Jamestown, . Washington, Newport and
See our window display.
Watch Inspector Grand Trunk Railway.
T. C. CARR, Jeweler,
Can't touch the man with the "saving habit."
We don't mean the miser he is one of the worst
sufferers in the spirit.
The sensible, prudent man who lives within his
income and regularly lays by a little of his earnings,
can defy war times.
The best way to get the "saving habit" is to
start a savings account with the Island Pond Nation
al Bank.
You'll take pride in watching it grow to pro
portions where it will work for you.
Yours for mutual prosperity.
Some Suggestions for Xmas
Buying Just Now
Sleds for boys and girls and the ''kiddies."
Skis for Little Folks, Folks and Big Folks.
Skecing is great sport.
Snow Shoes for the girls, women and men,
Tubb's make, none better.
Skates lor everybody.
We are gradually getting our fine line of Toys,
Games, etc. in shape to show you. .
The gvornment says Shop and Ship early. Ask
us for the "Don't open until Xinas."
The Bosworth Store Company
House Furnishers
Mn. Charles Bresse
Mrs. Charles Bresse died Thurs
day, at the advanced age of 74 years.
The furneral was held Monday at
the Roman Catholic church of St.
James the Greater. Father C. D.
Trottier officiating. Burial was in
the new Catholic cemetery.
Deceaced was born in Sutton,
Que., and had lived most of her life
in the-states and many years in Is
land Pond. She married Charles
Bresse 59 years ago and besides the
husband is survived by nine child
ren, four sons, Eugene Bresse of
North Craftsbury, Charles Bresse of
Lake Megantic, Que., Fred Bresse
and Frank Bresse of this, and five
daughters, Mrs. Rosa Gathier of
Sherbrooke, Que., Mrs. Mary Annis
of West Burke, Mrs. Jerry King,
Mrs. Alba Annis and Mrs. Eddie
Perry of this place.
Tim waves of Time may devastate our
The fronts of njre may check our ri'.i!
ini: breath :
They shall not touch the ijir;t that
Trhiint'hiiiit over doubt and )ain und
Ihyond this vale of tears
There is a lite shove
t'nmeaHUied by the flight of years,
And till that lite Is love.
District Encampment Meeting
The annual Encampment meeting
of District No.4, was held Tuesday,
December 3rd, with Ross Encamp
ment, Island Pond. D. E. Allbee,
D. D. G. P., made arrangements for
the meeting and prepared an excel
lent program. The address of Wel
come was made by J. W. Thurston,
response for the District by E. E.
Jenne, G .R. and for Grand Officers
by J. W. Jewell, G. P. z.
Christmas Bazaar and Supper.
The annual Bazaar and Supper
will be held in the church basement
on Trursday, Dec. 19th. All kinds
of plain and fancy articles, Xmaa
gifts, etc.
Supper Menu. Baked Beans,
Brown Bread, White Bread, Beet
Pickles, Cabbage Salad, Apple Salad,
Tlain and Fancy Cakes, Doughnuts,
Coffee. Price 35 cents.
Card of Thanks
We wish to extend thanks to the
neighbors and friends who so kind
ly aided us in our bereavement, also
to those who gave flowers and furn
ished teams.
Charles Bresse and Family.

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