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toss of the fork" from Banlcs as bo en
deavortto retreat to Lynchburg or Dan
ville. Banka baa full possession of the
Seaboard aud Rboanoke railroad, and big
future supplies will reach hire bj two
other routes besides this one. Thus far
the movement may be considered a great
success, and while its demoralizing effects
upon the enemy will be very great, its ef
fect upon the spirits of the northern peo
ple will be most salutary. Expect stir
ring news from the army of the Blackwa-
tcr hourly.
It is not believed in well informed
Quarters nt New York, that Banks has
landed in North Carolina. Some other of
the numerous late expeditions has nn
doubtedlj been confounded with this.
The sled manufactory of Martin
ftyde and Daniel P. Fales, at IWtney,
ri9 destroyed by fire on Friday night,
toss about $2000, not iueured.
Gen. Hamilton, lately appointed
military governor of Texas, has appoint
cd S. W. Oozzens of Middlcbury chief of
his staff. It is understood that he will
be detached for special service as military
.secretary of the State.
Dr. George H. Bixby, formerly of
WimUnr. is nt Diescnt acting post stir-
..... - ( w
gcon to the Mississippi fleet, now concen
trating at
In Waukesha, Wis., in St. Matthias Church, by
the Right Reverend J. Kemper, D. D.. Bishop of
Wisconsin, assisted by Rev. Mr. Stoy, George A.
Marshall, Esq., of Galena, lit., and Miss Miriam
H. Cutler, of Burlington. Vt.
In Cambridge, Pec. 8th, by Itcv. E. Wheelock,
Rev. Corwin Blaisdcll, of Colton, N. X., ana
Miss Sarah K. Eiillington, of Cambridge.
D i t b .
In Cambridge, of dipthcria, Dec. 12th, James
8. Scely, son of Lyman J. Seely, aged 16 year
In Camp at Helena, Arkansas, Nov. 22d, ol
congestive chills, Capt-, John Cook, of the Iowa
volunteers, formerly from Johnson, Vt.. aged 34
Hag just received from New York, a large variety
Of Christmas and New Tear's Gifts,
of beautiful styles, for youths and Adults. Al
so new style
Rich Scotch Shawls.
All at low prices.
Johnson, Dec. IS, 18G2. 4
Dr. J. B. Morgan,
( Formerly of 8 wanton , )
WOULD inform the inhabitants of JOHNSON
I and vicinity that he has located in John-ion.
where bo will be prepared to attend to all calls in
the practice of medicine and surgery.
Ollice over Messrs. tteliliug Jt Fairfield's store.
Johnson, Iec. 15, 18ti2. 4wl2
Three Weeks Only.
Would respectfully announce to the citizens of
Johnson and vicinity, that after the second day
of January next, he will close bis Saloon for a
few months. Those in want of his
Superior Pictures!
will please give bits a call before that time ex
pires. He has a large assortment of Frames and
Case of the latest styles.
Hedgeman A Co's Genuine Cod Liver Oil bas
proved by nearly 90 years' experience the beat
remedy for Consumption, Ac., and while it care
the disease It giuen flesh and strength to tbe pa
tient. See tnat you get tne genuine. Sola by
druggists generally. . hclmjCMAH dc tu.,
Chemists St, Drugglnts, New York.
Hedgeman & Co's I onccntrated Ben nine, re
moves Paint, Urease spots, vc. Instantly, and
cleans gloves, silks, ribbons, Ac, equal to new.
without Injury to the most delicate color or fan-
no. Only 2j cents per bottle. Hold by Drug
gists.,, HEiHiEMAN CO..
' Chemists dc Druggists, New York. .
Hedgeman & Co's Camphor Ice with Clycerlne
if nsed Recording to the directions, will keep tbe
hands soft in the coldest weather. Price 23 cents
bold by druggists. Sent by mall on receipt of 30
cents. HKDUUMANifc CO., "
3iu3 Chemists A Druggists, New York.
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures I
The undersigned would respectfully announce Johnson, m saw 1 district, noceaseu. repcesenpen
to the citizen, of Eden and vicinity, that he has lnolvent, nd the term of six months from the
taken room at - , , , -,,-. . Oth day of l)ee.(, i 12, being allowed by'tM
l,- : n. w fiMrrrv'o rmwrri 1 I conrt to the credito of snid dewwed, toexhl dt
I. V. UKiNlUS UUlEX, 1 4 and prove their respective.clnims before us : dive
where he I prepared to execute all kinds or work notice that we will atten.i wl the duties of onr
.'a hi line, and in a manner that cannot buteive appointment at 8. 8. Pike s office In Jonn.nnln
satisfaction. .',.,'' said district, on the 1st Mondays of JanuaijMiid
' Call toon r my tay U short, ' " '"" itJ at at one o'clock, In the fternoon, on
Ai.rKnn Browk. 1
. 1 I, Pbotographto Artist. ; .
-uey, f i;c. in lovt. , . . y
BTATE OF VERMONT. I In nrnbate ennrt lil,t
S , wi. aa-iiM ...1 j
.."iuiikjiii,iiiii,liiia. ) cu .ununuii.m HtQ
xlistiict, on the 8tn day of Dec. A, I). 1802.
R A. Bavaire. ' administrator on the estate of
Joel Huse, late of Stowe In said district deceased A, U:, 1802. ' ' ' ' . . ' , i
represents to this court that the personal estate ' Isaac L. Pearl, tdmlnlstrttor on the ete of
of the said 4eemt4 Is insufficient to pa his just Geo. W. Bawlei'late of Johnson in.aH district
debts by the sum of $2."0,62, and also represent ' deceasedrepresent to thl Coorr that the per
that a part of tht real estate, cannot be sold with sonal estate of tbe said deceased I- in uffioient to
' out Injnry to those interested In the remainder," pay his debit and the charge of adminMtmtlon.
and tak said court to grant him license to sell and asks said court to grant him liecu t sell
all the Interest which the said deceased bad In all the real estate ef the said deceased in John
all tbe reel estate In said Htowe. which tbe said son aforesaid, to enable him to pay the sal t; itcbts
deceased claimed or had et hi decease, to enable and charue.
him to pa Mid debt. - - , .
. It Is therefore ordered that said application be
referred for hearing t tht Probate office In John-.
eon, U m( district, on tbe 88tb day of Pee.
A. J). 1862 ; end that aollo be rivn to all con-
MM . I I . . . r ... . .
"j pnuiioanoB in in iuntnii nwaeai-
T . . . "teat tncoesslvely, prior to the time of
eald hearlnf. . By order of the Court.
Only $1,25 a Year in Clubs of Four.
Arthur's Home Magazine,
For 1803. .Vols. XXI. and XXII. Edited by T.
. 8. Arthur and Virginia F. Townsend, '
Contains Novelets, Stories, Poetry, Fashions,
Steel and Wood Engravings, Needlework Pat
tella jreat variety, a Mothers' Department,
Children a Department, . Housekee pern' and
Health Departments, with literary reviews, and
all the accessories of a first class Magazine. "
.The Lady's Book bears this flatten tin testimo
ny the characetrof Aktihr's Hum it Maoazink :
As we have often before said, it is without
controversy, the best $2 magazine published in
the country ; and this is the strongly outspoken
testimony everywhere given by the press. We ,
know of no periodical that so well deserves I
the praise bestowed. Tbe editor never tire in I
their efforts to Kite, eaoh month, a rich and va
ried repast to their readers. Their woik Is kept
fully up to tbe standard of their prorate, is nev
er dull, yet always fall of instruction. We have
often, said, and repeat it again, that It should
muke a part of the reading of every household.
We know of no better educator of the people,
old or young Of the editors, we need not speak ;
their names are housi'huld words, all over tne
country. In their hands no periodical can fail to
reach the highest point of excellence." .
A. new serial, by i. s. Arthur, win be com
menced in the January number, entitled "Out
in tbe World."
' Are sent to all who get up clubs ( 1. A large
photographic copy of that splendid engraving.
" Shakspeare and his Cotemporaries. " , 2. A j
large photographic copy, from an engraving of
Huntington's celebrated picture. Mercy's
Dream." 8. A similar copy of Herring's
' Glimpse of an English Homestead."
Terms i $2 a year, in advance, and one pre
mium plate. Twi copies $3. Three for $4. tour
for $3. Eight, and one to getter up of club, $lo.
One of the premium plates is sent to every getter
op of a club, small or large. Three red stamps
must be sent to pay the postage on each premi
um. Address f. S. ARTHl'H A CO.,
823 Walnut street, Philadelphia.
Tlxe N. York Tribune
:iS6 3.
The New York Tribune, first issued in 1841.
now ill its twenty-second year, has obtained bo'h
a larger and more widely diilused circulation than
any other newi-paper ever pnblb-hud in America.
'1 bough it has siul'ered, in common with other
journals, from the volunteering and depaiune of
tens of thousands ot its patrons to.-eic in the
War for the Union, its circulation on iheiuh ol
December, 18(12, was as follows : Imiiy .'xi.U ;
Sewi-weekly, lf.2j0 ;. Weekly. li8.(Kj; aggie
gate, 215.3To.
Pre-eminently a journal of News and Litera
ture, the Tribune has political convictions which
are well characterized by the single word Repub
lican. It is republican in its hearty ailhe.-ion to
the great truth that (Jod has made of one blood
all nations of men" republican1 in its steadfast,
earnest, deflnnt hostility to every scheme and ef
fort of the Slave Power, from the annexation of
Texas to the great rebellion, to grasp the empire
of the New World and wield the resource oi'our
country for its own aggrandizement republican
in its antagonism to the ari-tocrats of the Old
World, who fondly hail in the calamities thruft
upon us by their American counterpart, the over
throw and ruin of the Model Republicrepubli
can in Its hope and trust, its faith aud effort, that
thU Uroclous'rebelllon must result in the ritual
overthrow of its blotters, and the flmi e.UablUh
ment of equal rights and equal lav thioughout
the whole extent of ourcountry, wherein Liberty
and Cnion shall indeed be "one and inseparable"
henceforth and forever.
The Tribune devotes attention in calmer times.
and to some extent in these, to Education. Tern-
nerance, Agriculture, Invcntionsi and whateier
else may minister to the spiritual aud lua .e' lsi
progress and well-being oi munKina ; out ior me
present, its energies and its columns are mainly
devoted to the vigor and success of the War for
the Union. Its special correspondents accompa
ny every considerable army and report every Im
portant incident of that great struggle which we
trust is soon to result in the signal and conclusive
triumph of the National arms, and in the restora
tion of peace and thrift to our distracted, bleed
ing country. We believe that ho otherwise can
fuller or more accurate view of the character
and progress of this momentous conflict be ol
tained than through the regular perusal of onr
columns. And we earnestly solicit the co-operation
of all friends of the national cause, which
we regard and aphold an that of universal human.
ity, aud to aid us In extending its oircuiation.
The enormous increase in the price of printing
paper and other materials nsed in printing news,
papers, compels ns to increase the price of the
Tribune. Our new terms are :
Single copy ,3 cents
Mail sub-cribein, one year (311 issues) " $8
One copy one year (104 issues) $3
Two copies one year " " ' ' $5
Kive copies one year ' ' " $12
Ten copies one year '" $22.50
An extra copy will be cent to clnbs of 20 or over
One copy one year (33 Issues) $2
ih.ee copies, one year $5
Kive copies, one year ,..;. 9
Ten copios, one year $15
Any larger number, addressed to names of sub.
cribers.' $1.00 each. An extra Copy will be sent
to every club of ten.
Twenty copies to one address, one year, $2.'5,
and any larger number at the same pi ice. . An
extra copy will be Kent to clubs of twenty. To
Clubs of thirty, the Semi-weekly Tribune will lie
sent. . To clubs of fifty the Daily Tribune will be
sent gratis.
, - Tribune Buildings, New York.
When drafts can be procuied. it is much cater
than to remit Bank Bills. The name of the post
office and state should in all cases be plainly writ
ten. Sub'cribers who send money by express,
mnt prepay the express charges, else It will be
deducted from the remittance.
will be ready about Christmas. Price 13 cents ;
II copies $1 t 100 copies $11, postage paid. By
express. $t per hundred. Cash orders solicited.
we can supply back numbers of the Tribune
Almanac for years 1819, 185.1. 1858, 185T. 185.
1859, 18i;o, and 1801. Price 12 cents, post paid.
Address - I ' J THE TRIBUNE -.. i
. - V .-.., New York.
rpiIE snbHCriliers, having been appointed by tht
riot at
1 llnnorahle probate l ourt for the 11-trlct of
Lamoille. commissioners to receive. examinc;nd
' adjust all ohiim and demands ol all peisous
inns Ol ail peifOlls,
asalnt the estate
.," ".!. '. ).. . ,
'HnMO!f MOTIVE. " '
Johnson, December 6. 1802. " 4
. .', ,'v r.W.. J. i.x-'' ,' i.u .7
' on 1 vn nn i,vri irnuifi . i t, v.. . 1,1.1 I
DIAI&lF V CIVIUOi, i , JO riuimipxiuunnuiii'
Lamoili. District, h. j en at Johnson wlthiil '' "'
anil tnr ..1,1 HluiHnt nn th lnth dv of Dea. "''
. It in en"-d br said tourt that the application
aforesaid, be referred forheering totheiHn day of
January, lS(iS, at the ProUte office in Johneon.
and that notice thereof be given to ail pehwn
concerned, by publication in the Lamoille News,
. , , . .' . . l . r, I- . ,
oeaier, pn-nien ai iiyne rum, mrm wnu sue.
, cesElrery, prior to tb day set ror Hearing,
By order of Conrt,
The place to get your doors, sash and blinds, Is
at the ,..(.... .
Moscow Work, Stowe, Vt.
The undersigned having recently purchased a
complete set ot H. B. Smith's improved machin
ery, universally acknowledged the bes-t in u-e.
lor Urn manufacture of doors, sash, blinds, win.
dow frames, door frames, Ac., Ac. Ami having
bad several yearn oxpei ieuce in the business, we
would say to the luliabituuts ot Lamoille coun
ty and vicinity that we ate fully prepared to exe
cute all kinds of wo'-k connected with our busi
ness in a good thorough aud workmanlike manner.-
- ' ;' r . , , ,- r, ) ,-'
Wear prepared tofarnish all kinds of, - J
ivi. oud. IjClsse
for out and inside finish.
Calender and Jtotary Plauing ' done 1
in a superior manner, and at a low rate., !
Sawing, Jointing, Matching, Tenoning
' 'v.-i and Groveing,
done at all times.
'! '.'!' 'ALSO , ; : j '
J in a satisfactory manner.
Stowe, Oct. 1.1803. .
Stowe. . .
The subsciiber manufactures to order, and
keeps constantly on hand,
, All kinds of . .
, Wood-Scat Chairs.
Any person wishing a supply will find it to
their advantage to buy directly from the Manu
facturer. ......
Call and look at samples.
Stowe, Oct. 23d, 1862. 49yl
till coniinocs to manufacture the best
, To be lound in the market.
Krevy Instrument.
. HAVE ONE. ...
lie is also prepared to ("raft and build
Highway or R. R. Arch Bridges,
, And to do
Stowe Vt..Nov, 8, 1862.
"B u Y y 0UR,,
C. J. & W. C. SHELDON -
English and Hume Patent Medicines,
. Pyeing Drugs. Chemicals,
W. f. tiooil, Wroccric,
Fluttr, Pork, -Lard, Plows, Kerosene Oil
.,' . Fluid, Yankee Not inns, fyc. '
Stowe, Oct. 15, 1803. .." 4T
Thomas fi. Lrncli. -
Watohes, Clocks and Jewelry repaired at idinrt
notice will also repair nitisio boxes, mimical in
struments, ambrellaa ' parasols, Ac. . All work
warranted and at reasonable prices. . Orders by
mail promptly attended to. Great reduction in
prices to dealers in watches. . . iOyl ,,
8. G. t 1 IS L 11, Proprietor,
G. n: MILL AN,
Fashionablo Tailor,
, , l . JOHNSON, VKBlONT. -: , ,
All work made by hi in will be done In the best
Mtyle and warranted to fit. Cutting done for
others to make.,. Terms, ca-h on delivery. 1
E'i'ohate Courts.
OTATED Sessions of the Probate Court for the
Odistiictof Lamoille will be held at the I'ro
hate office In Johmon, in said district', on Afiin-
day of each week for the year ensuing.
... i. ... .fj. 6. P1KL, Kcgistcr.
Johnson, Dec. I, 1802. 4w3
IV HEREAS my wife, Emily Ish.im.has left
1 1 my bed and board without cause ; now I for
bid any person harboring or trusting her on my
account, for I shall pay no debts of bur contract
ing. ' - CHAlll.i.a ii.lH IAAl
Hydepark. Nor. 2T, imt. iwa
STATE OK VFKMONT, i At a Probate Court,
Lamoillb Dibtbict.-bs. I hidden at the Probate
Office In Johnson, within and lor the district of
, UinoiUc on the Sd day of Dec.v A dJ 18UJ.
u iTi-tnniient purnortlnir to be the last will
, ,,nii , tn.tnniBl.. ,1 Juti rin J riiirixintai-. nf
t. deceased, being presvn -
, ni)ie by Avmeih t arnenter, widow , of said
. H(.ce,,..M . n (4. o,,,.a hy Mald Probate Court,
thai, all persons enneerned therein, be notified to
ap1M-ai at a Hissiori otmtrH ourt, to be holden at
the Pmbaie Otlico in ddiiion in said District, on,
the 22 1 of Dec .H i2, liii l ih l cause, if any they
hllVe against tlte probate ot Maid will 1 For which
ivti,,, t i . lurtiier ordered, that acfipy of the
record of thi order be publLhed three weeks
KucccsivHiy.sfn-iue .j.,ainoiii sewsneaipr, a
, weekly ncwsiuipor printed at Hyde Park, in this
, Plate a- suon jis niuy ne. tne last or wnicn pun
p lication to be pilortosald time appointed' for
' hearing: '-' ! '-- " -
A trim nnnv nf ftocnril K ttnA ','t'''1 ' "
2w3 5 ' ; " " 8. S. PIKE, Hcglster,
y !i , 4 ,, -il : : ' . ' . . - .. .. .. . , .. 1 . .. - . -I
vl "' 1 JOEL If A KRIS1 RUT ATM."' (
fl'HE suhsnHlieni havlnv hpn uruwilntxil hv lli.
I II,, n Prnhala t'.nnrt. ti.r Ik. Iiu,. nf I .
lit. ,.. i-- I 1
T"'T"?. rawT,-Mniinowm.n BXOWE. -where he' will remain
! J? t.L . . " I? TTnT ,rl ,Pon''
..U VTJ " a "a"' .r
in uiriivt uvuriwii Mn w. v
solvent,' and the tern of six months from the
32d day of October 1W!2, being allowed by said
r . ... . , . , . ' ... , m mnuuDi u"i,,uiivuimw. ,u ,iiti.uitv .will
f.A t .k.i. " !L d!f,,, V exhlb-1 cleaned, and discuses of the gums treated success
It and prove tbelr etspeetivt elaim before us : hi,tf - . .. . p , . " .... u
T e notice that we will attend to the duties of
onr apnointment at the dwelling bouse of the
latejoel Harris, In Stowe, in said district, on the
flrst Wtdnosday of Janna-y and first Wednesday
of March next, at 10 o'clock, in the forenoon on
nnk nt . ,.1.1 .tu..a
v, . u.j. ,,. ,. , ,
i - . E,inM i ,
L t - - .. r AMOS DWINELL.
Call and see the aew goods at 1 V ' .
fcU tw i, nnwWilvlBfffrein from market.'
n i.T i.i.i'ii um nuriiitniopiv iiii'iiafl tn ull ml I
1 llO IUII 1W HIV !' tivuiaiii MVUM ww -'" 1
i particularly
examine their stock of
. 1 1 C I
- .JJli!ik IwUUUk i''
.. , TT-.i ...-: . . , ,
They have a large stock oadies' 1 ''';'
and n general a-tsortment of seasonable goods
which they offer " . .-' " '
Cadys Falls, Oct. 8th 18C2.' ' :' 40m3
m:w (iOODS ! !
' The suhsorilier has just returned from market
with a lull ana ( ,
Complete Assortment!
of goods. My stock has never been more com
plete, comprising . , .
of every description. An unusually large and
well selected stock of Cloaks and Dress Uoods
of every variety, also the most complete assort
ment ot
Beady-Mado Clothing, 1
over offered in LamoilJo County, with all kinds
of gents' furnishing goods to match. A large as
sortment of , . ,
stir jpi&tljQL I
and Uockins. in short all kinds of goods n
essary to be used iu well regulated families.
A. K. OA All'.
WM. L. WHITE, M. D.,
PiiySLCIAN & Sl.'litjrEUN,
IIYDB park,' vt.
Office at the former residence of J. T. Allen.
Office in tho Patriot Building, State
Montpeller, Vt. 4'Jyl
Ilendec &, iSurkc,
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,"
Morrlsville, Vt. Office in Slasonic liullding.
G. W. HENIJtiB. 1341 O. S. liUKKK.
iTI. . Gffeath,
And Solicitor In Chancery.
Particular attention given to the collection of
Military ( laiins, Including Pensions and Bonn,
ties. Terms reasonable. Cambridge, Vt.
I'owers & lecl.
Attorneys at Law and Solicitors in Chancery,
(OITIcc formerly occupied Hon. T. Glecd.)
II. H. Powers. P. K Gi.eed.
IraNfmrsSi House, -
By H. W. NYK,. Irasdukoh. Vermont.'
Stages leave this houe daily, for all Hallway
stations. Horses and carriages to let. HO
,-.W.' HOWARD, Vroprietor."
This is a good place to stop. I once knew a
dinner for four, with a good cup of tea, got uy in
ten minutes, ttin.j 31,
N. P. KEELEB, .Proprietor.' ' '
Horses and carriages for conveyance to am
part of the county, always In readiness. Also,
horses and carriages to let. . , r, " ' 1 ' T .
5 ''' 'WKST Af.BtNV, VT., '
'A. B.'SHLl'Ht:iil), Proprietor.'-!
I . A i I 1 n w , -
rEALEIl in
(irncerie- and West, India Goods.
Keeps PonsiMntly on hand supply of '
' ' .rBii u 1 w I r,it n. ' i
Klour; fl'-h, nuts una ravins, cumlie.V p
medicines-, Ac. - 1 ;
"Morrlsville, July J, 1S01. ' ; 82
J, II A HI Nii'i ON' , l'UOl'li 1 ETOK. .
Good acoommodattoiiH for man and beast.
Of all kindsi kept constantly oA hand
ily IltVMi KL.MiIiD,
Which he will sell at the , . , ; ,
.' Lowest Ch Prices I
He has also a circular board-mill, with which
he is prepared to do custom work in the best
manner. All wishing a bill of lumber will do
well to call. ' ' ! . ! ; . -,f ..
Morrlstown Cornerg, Pec- 2T,1 1861. ' n 6yl
.1. A. Steele. JU, ., - -:
(Hoir.eouathicl ' ' 1 " '
" Offlcein M atonic lluilillnff., 1 Dr. 8, after a prac
tice of live years feels warranted I n recommending
himself to tins community as a ocicntllia practi
tioner of Medicine and burgcry in all Its br inches.
uuiy i, iwi,-h ':
1 Farm for Sale.
illTOO.OO cm be made bv nurehalinr mv farm
which I havo heretofore valued at $3 )0O,(X), but
OWinfftOMV IrillllllitV in Htt,nil In Ul lufrra B
farm, I now offer it for SJ.VXl.OO each. Paid farm
is situated 2 1-2 miles north we4 from Eden Cor-
' nors. and contains 193 acres, suitably divided
and fenced into pastures And meadows, w ith
a house 24 by i; with shed rooms aftnehed. one
Btiy 24 and one 12 by 10 and wooibhed 24 x 24 s
four bai ns, one Ux 50, one 2f x S3, one 20 x 30
four liai ns. nun !l r fill, .no 9T R.1 nnnOllv
; and one 20 x 2H, and one shed 12 x 21 : all frame
and In good repair, with good rnnnlng '
both house ami barn. For further pa
water at
nuiuirs Bt iue premiswi,
t f
Anrt4iiAr r-mittt
. - - - -.
v - , ...
Dr.' Mowe.at7Stowd
1 l
.iCntOWEbas taken roo'ms"'
1 I I IT ll. II I VJI,-1-1 h lllifulf '"'"i'l
1 ' . , rr.fr.,
for a fchnr
time, and will attend to all who may lie lu wn
I orjiir pvoiessmnai serv cos.
Teeth Inserted nnon plate, from one to a full set.
Also, teeth II I led with different substances, In
m n.-H. L.., ..UU.1 ,n .MM, iLm,. T L
Thnrston't Ivory Pearl Tooth Powder for sale.'
JUSTUS Ht'BBELL; Proprietor.
ni i - w OLcnrr, mmiiir,
ua tne HiaKf roan rrom nynr rarn to iratonrgn.
Convey tact to any part of the county on short
Al A - fTUt ) rl d
I ' jf ' tt? r I
id ! ,::-i.O
Iiiiporlnnt to Pensioners!
ft HB undenfgried has been 'apidnU4 by the
JL Comnii-.ioutr of peoluus. a Lsamining Sur
geon for theceuuty ol Lamoille aud 41.1. appli
cants for pcn.-lons in the county are required by
the department to procure a certificate from him.
PWcaUoa WltnoUttbl-Wll be rejected by tlie
"euui tmeBt, , liUUAtb 1'U iKS
Examining surgeon.
Pevs'ums, BumitUs, '- Back Pay,
" CluiiM, uud Claims ' fir' Indemnity.-" ,
Powbrs A lii.KKD. attorneys at law, Morris-
villa,; Vt., are prepared to procure claims for,
peiiiont, bounties, lack pay, uc. lhev are (II
reclly conuected with the pen-ion Bureau,
through the lino of Stevyurt, bteyeus, Clurk A
Co.. ol Wa.-hin;,ton D. C.and are thus enabled
to procure , penfions, bouiiiies, Ac. quicker,
cheaper anil mote successfully than pthcr agents.
luey mune no cnarges unless snccessiui. iuey
have mudsairaugemeuts with Dr. i'owers, army 1
examining turgeon for this county, whereby ap-'
pucanis win do mini-lied Willi his ceriincaie
free of omu-v thus saving in this, one Item 1
one dollar atida-hniii and by law all applications
Irom tni!. coiiuty must lie occompauieil wltu his .
certificate or tlie fftino will be rejected. Our ;
bliniksaiepieparedby au examiner in the de-, b amiw t)jttl can be found , iatke eity, . Plea
pariuiuut.iuid thus claimants are saved, the ex- calun,i we tbem. Second baud Piaaoss at 2.
pensa- and delay incident to applications and jt0. $50, m T5i anil tloo. . : .
ptooU uiir.ki!llullv ahd Improperly made. Ver nmuru wATi.ua wririm-Avs
are furnishi'rt with bound copies of all the pen- - o;1 THE I10HACK WAlhltS Mtl-ODKpk ,
sion, bouM.y ;;ul umotv land laws m torce, to-
aether wilu diitu.4 oi 'all the declions of the ,
Commissioner of pensions, and Attorney Gtuer-
al of the l.'uited States thereon,, so that apiill
cants and claimants can sec at a glunce whether
their ca e Is good, 'lhc followingaio entitled to
to pensions . ,
Soldiei woumld or ill- ablcd by dii-cape forpvl-
vnfori urn month tlurinfr lifi. 1
Vidows of soldiers wounded or disabled, $8 per
month during widowhood.
Children under Hi years of age. if no widow,
living, $4 per mouth until the age of 16 years.
Orphan sisters under the age of 10, if no widow
. or children living, $9 per month until 10 years
of age.
Mothers dependent, wholly or in part, on their
sons who die of wounds or disease, arc entitled
to pensions as aliens, and by the decisions of the
Attorney General whether the father is living
or not.
No soldier can obtain a bouuty unles he hits
erved 2 years. . The heirs of soldiers who die in
the service are entitled to a bounty of $100, in
Iho following order :
1st, the father, if living.
I'd, the mother, " i ! ':
8d. Brothers end nistcrs equally.' Children of
half blood .shai'Q eipially witn those ol whoie
blood. , -.
1st. to widow. ' " ' '
2d , to children. ' " . '.
VV'e churee only the government rates estab-
Ilhed by law. Call on or address by mail,.
'' ..t Morrlsville, Vt.
Farmers' Exchange !
People of Lamoillo Co. are invited to call and
examine our large siock 01 ,
Dry anil Fancv tJood!
'. -..i .. i ....... -. ,,,:..(....
Clothing,., Boots "anil Shoes, .Hardware-
Crockery and Groceries of every descrip
tion, also a good assortment of choice . brands of
.:' ' ' . III"..... ti;t
in bids., halves and qnavters ; Buffiild robci,1 Ac.
ic, which will be told as low as the lowest in
the county lor ; '
Cash or Ready- Pay, : . - ,
but not for lont credit "yCah paid for . hide-.,
pelts, butter, cheeic, and all kmils of 'prodncf .
Johnson, Nov. 25, 1S62. ' ' " I-
V.v- i- ti. A. -Kates, ' i.'. ,
Dealer inClocks, Watches, Jewelry, Silvuwae,'
fancy goods, vc. Waterbury, Vu., .1 : . 1 '
1'iu tleular atlunliou paid to the repairing of
watches aud Jewelry.: .n 1 1 " . 85 ;
JohsiKOM Woolen fr'actccy J
lIAUKAC'rl'lEU8 Of
i, A
- f '
Casfiiineies, Hoe: kins. Beaver CJoths,. Satiuettf
and all Wool and. totton Warp I'lannels. ,
'lhc following i.i it list of prices per yard for
rawnfacttiriog': Mrqy cnssiiucies 2f K grey sat.
tiuett, 30 c ; steel mixed cassiiiicrc and satihett,
30 c ; fuil color rwimcre and sntlnctt. 34 c ; full
color iloeskin. SS c t cudot-mixed doeskin. 31 c ;
grey doc kin, 30 ; white flnnnel, lf'o r cotton
warp flannel , 22 c ; -red llanncd 2i e. In conse
quence ol tho ihlion cotton, - a-e are obliged to
charge 3 ct',.,i!ovc'jitr yard for satineti. and cot
ton warp flnnnel. than In-t yoar, Clolhcxcliiiiig
ed for-wooi on iv wonabte terms. ' Also particu
lar attention given ro custom carding aud cloth
drc.udng. - ,r ,,.i , , s
Johnson.'Juty 4, " " 1 " 82
.4. w:' voo,
Munufucturer of , ,. s .
at the old1 Utand'of H. N. McCoy,' Steam Mills,
, , , . fyAMBrtltJGU, VERMONT. l t iU
Particular attention paid to repairing.
. .-. t
of every quality, on hand or made to order,
Ileis'alrd prepaid to furnii-h Bent Felloe,
Shafts and seat rails. t Carriage. Makers will rind
it (ur their advantage td puicfiaf e of him. Or
ders for this kind of stock will teeetv prompt j
attention. m
Hv H. P. SEEliEii. "
10 Cambridge Boro., Vermont.
- iti t r r ir
l w .it i.ac iti.eeaa.aa. ,
)KT l'1'.ll.OliS fin nisied to order, on short
Dhnticc by , - ."&.' fBAUBv
Piowe, June :nu, nuj. . oiuij
Particular attention clvcn to collecting all
kinds of military tjIhIuis. Having an en pet I
enced agent and attorney In Washington,. 1 C
aw prepared to procure jimsionsj, bounties, i back.
pay, vc, on reasonauie verms, auu wuuuispaisu..,
' : r ., 4
,r,s.:'J:.y-:-v!E S-l
JNUW Is 1 ML I'll MB
. i V To got a new stove ' , , .,, .. f
siuitiswiuwi-;, vi,
I have oil hand a full assortment of
Cook: ' Pylori luudBo 'sici;
-- which ' . J..'....;'
I nmeEllnk''ai7-VllU' Trlc.
Ill '' Wanftfacttirers nay tla) n'lf !
... i
Q l&J$TI!$fflM0 T: Wy
d r . Improved Oyefstrung Bas f,: . f.jri
Full Iron Frames Pianos -
Ave jestly pronounced by the Press and Mail
Masieis to be superior Instruments.' They r
built of the best and aiot thoroughly seasoned
uiuleiiuli and, will taud iipy cliuiuie. 1 Ue ton
is very deep, round, full and mellow"; ihetonck
elastic. Each 1'iano warranted lor three .years,
l'lices from $110 toljTuu. ' ' " "
OpfKitfNsoi' a iBKs J'lhe Ilornca Wa
tei-s 1'ii.nes ai e known as among .the very best.
We are enabled to pptak ol tbee instniBieata
with some Alegree of conmleuee, -from pertonai.
knowledge oi their excellent tone and durabl
quality. "-Nw Voik Evangel bstj i - t -.-i
"We can speak of the menu of the Horae
Waters Pianos from-persoal knowledge, as be
ing ot the very best o,uulity,' (.bjifctaia InteV
ligenccr. ' '"' "
foi ( ' KEW f -OCTAVE PIANOS In Boso
plt)v, wood caes, iron frames, aud vr.
billing bass, oi dittferent makers, for $130 dc.i
with mouldings, i klu., wttb carved legs ana
inlaid naineboard, $1T5, $185 and $.'00; do..
with penrl keys, L'U5. $230 and $300;- new 6 1 H
,.,,.:. n!r.. h mil,,),,, uu ni,l,nv
i,!,. r'n L ,.rnni,i n, .r.ibm.,i,.i
uoroou v hb, iuwu uic r.ijiiui jtiiniciut
with tun Patent Divided bwell olid bolo Ktop
Price from $:iu to $-03. Organ llaimoniuuis
with Pedal Uass, 3&U, $2T, and f. School
IlaruioiiiaBiii, $40, $U0, -$80, and $100. JUaor
ilelodt.ons und Harmoniums nf the following
niaKcra. Prince & Co's Caihart A ftcedhum,
ton ,V Hamlin, and S. l. i ll. W. tfmith, all of
which will be sold at extremely low piicei,
'Jhese Melodeons remain in tune along time.. '
Each Melodcon warranted for three years.
D- A liberal ilbeount to Clergyman, Church,
es, fcabbuth Schools, Lodges, heminaries, and
Teachens.' The trade supplied on tbe most liber
al terms. , , , HOIUCE WATEIiri, Ag't. . j
481 Broadway, New York,
. k. .: - TUB DAY SCHOOL BELL, r-l '
.!... !15,000 Copies Issued.. .. .
A new Singing Book for day tehooli called the
Day School Bell... is now ready. It contains
about 2(J0 choice songs, rounds, catches, duetts,
trios, nuartetta nnu cuorouses, many of then
written expressly for this work, betides 32 pages
of the elements of music "1 he elements are a
easy and progressive, that ordinary teachers will
nnu thumruives entirely snccesstui in lnMiucung
even young scholars toing correctly and scicn-
tiucaiiy ; while tne tunes una worus emniaee
such a variety of lively, attractive, and soul-stir.
ing music and sentiments, that no trouble will be
experienced in inducing all beginners to go on
wiih real In ncqmiing skill in one 01 tbe most
health-giving, beauty-improving, happiness
yielding, and ordcr-prodncing exercises of tchool
life. 1 In simplicity of it elements, in variety
and adaptation of music, and in excellence and
number ol its songs, original, i-elected, and adap
ted, it claims hy much to excel all competitors.
It w ill be found the best ever istued for remina.
lies, academies, oud public tcliooiM A lew (am
ple pages of the elements, tunes, and songs are
given, iu a circular ; send and get one. It is com
piled by Horace ivnters aumor 01 oaDDatii
School Bell.'' Ko". 1 and 2, which lmve bad the
enormous tule of T34,WX) copies. Prices paper-
cover, 2U cents, $ia per 1 bound u ets., szi
per 100.-: 2S copies , furnished at tbe 100. price.
Hulled at tne retail price.
HORACE WATEftS;' Publisher,'
481 Broadway, S, J, ,
'' It is an cntiro new. work of nearly 200 page
Many of the tunes and hyhins weie wittten ex
pressly for this volunio.- it will soon.be as pop
ular as its predecestor, (Bell No. 1) which hat
run up to the enormous number of 650,000 cop
iesoutstripping any Suuhay school book of it
' . 1 ... , '....I.;, .... . 11.. U...V I
size ever ismicu iu ims couiury. 10, uuin ti
umeH! tan bound in ohe . te accomodate schools
wi. hing them in that form. Prices of Bell Nq,
priper covei'si 15 cts., $12 per 100; bound, 25 ctal,
$11 per 100; cloth boundi embossed gilt, SO cts.,
$23 per 1(H)." Hell No. 1, paper covers.' 13 cts.,
$Lf) per 100 abounds 20 cts, ,,$15 perlOOs cloth
bound, embocd gilt, 23 cts . $C0 per 100.. Boll
Kos. 1 and 2 bobnd together, 40 cts. , $30 per 1U0 ;
cloth boundi tmhowud pilt. 00 cts., 40 per 1U0..
2." copies fiitnislieil nt tlte? 100 piice.' Mailed at
thoretail price. i,-, ir.: ,j. 'A ,!)
. . toiiA.CE WATEltR.PublliW
I '1 icf a. tv-! ( t i..,. 4i Broadwayj JT; Js
At ;,,IIKW ISSTRCMSKXAI, lt"SICy. ,. , ...
President Linioln's .Criuid March,' with tt
best Vignette of his Excellency that has yet-hot m.
published j .mtisic byUelmi-muller, leader of tbe
22d li'eglmcnt Band. "pi ice ftO cts.' Out Ceneiali'
ynick-tStep. w,i'h vignette of 35 of cur generals :
niiiMc l;y uiaiuiia, trader 01 ine Tin neginieni
Bund, 50 ct.! ,'iha iHevea Kens' (UaHop.t and
l.pura Keene Waltz. 35cts. each. Comet h'chot.
tlvene, 2.1 ct; all by Hakef, Mumc Box Galloj
by Horiing, ST) cts,: Union,, Waltu,, Ijt tiiash,
25 ctsi Volunteer Polka. Coldbeck, 25 cts.
pi;lt. Polka jCeneral Scott's Farewell,. Giaod
March. 2.1 cts. each; Airy Castles, 80 cts., all by
A; - E ''Pnikhurstii !Freedrimi Truth fend "Elijht
Grand March, with ; plcndid vignette ; music hy
Carl neineinann, 50 tU. ' Allot which art fit
productions. 'S -ho'". Mi'u.mn. r-rcU U
, ... f,EW VOCAL, IVS10.' u ..t
Iwitlbe true to thee ; A penny for yonl
thmights ) Uttle'Jenay vPow t Better times ar
coming v I dream of my mother and , my home ;
Merry little birds are we,1 '(a tchg for children) t
Slnmbor my darling J iz?ie dies .to night ; Jen-n'y'i-
coming o'er the gietli ; Was my Brotherlai
t he Mottle, and Why hBe my loved ones gope y
Stephen C. lobtcr. Shall wo know each, other
there f by the Hew R.' lowryi Pleai-ftnt 'i words
for all. by J. lobci't. There, is .., teautiruS.
world, by I. JT. Holmes. 'Price 23 'cts. each-.
Freedom. Trnlb liild lligbt, a nallohal song and
grand chorus ; music by .Carl ljeiuemnnn, with
English ahd German word, 30 ctsii: Where lib
erly dwells is mv country ,-Plumley., Forget-if
you can, but forgive ;-l hear sweet voices singing,
and Hm la home, by J. . It. '1'hpmas, 30 eta. each.
These songs are very popular. Mailed free at re.
tail price, Foreign Sheet Montr at 2 cents; per
naaej .AH kinds of Music merchandise at
priocs. HORACE WATEIIS. Publisher.'
,.U t-i iut:im Broadway, N.T
Wnr ,t-OT T7AD TUP MdTTflV
In cheap foi ni, arranged as 'Quartette and ;Ci
rnses iur luvMeui nwiciitsnf uiuii.,.iuuuiy
schools, piibllc.echools, semlnaiies, etc'
hhiill we know bach other there t Khali. wt
. ! . .U.l . n,l.
J meet beytnd bc river? Pe in time j .There is a
Tt. jl.l.-U.i'....,t....-ll.A A km). ArlkH.
DCHU t II II I n Wl III , I'll. . J 'iu m-a I iiib nugvin vuiu".
ing?.,Vhnro liberty dwells Is my countiy : Fre
domrTruih andlliL'ht, (national songs) J Is here
a land of love? Horrow shall come again no more.
Pnoe 3 cents'. 25 cts. per dot., $2 per 100., I'obt-
age 1 ccht. - in ifliect form,-- with Piano 'ceom-
- jpirtilment. 2.Vots. .,: i, .. ,v'.. .
,r pi,Hslied by Horace "Waters, '4S1 Uroadwiy.
nN!! v.t and for ale bt N.lP. Kempr, Boston tjt:.
H. I.iilhcr.PhilailetnbintG.Crosbv.'Cincinnat l:
'I Tomlinson A iirothera, Chicago, tad JV W. -Mo--
"Tarsoq Brottrnlb Boot.1 -'
"3 Acticsof SorcfitOi W Hi B.'St6ia,.
- Pearl 'f fOrtfe ilaud'."MTl a Ati
, , . .
'Uocreations f. a Couotrj:J.arto
Soldier's Portfolbs, ., , , j ....
, Ac lax Bill, , . ..
IiarjcInfVhtry' 1'actica,fl tn llm .
'' lTiotograpliifiAlbAiftij s4 rr.IJS
a i l ?i For gale at Ihe 'SloWfidok 'Sttsru.
XMiT.b U'.::i lolD'-n.S.lA.'rAMAN Jt'CUt
! ij , 1 , , ,ft. II. DOWNS' IXIXIR,
! 81 ' We notice the above medicine contlnheetelell
i Mnr th4 tuy othor,- fpr Cyught, ('ldtDopp,
Whi0plig t'ougU, ami all iiiing aiTcntions. ma
fnildwinrf it from lloa. M. I), f utnaint nttd'wt
say more, fj. l- bold Jiy sll dciUem. . "
1 - TWa etrtlflea, that t.have, .nwd II . V'nn
FilvlV In mi, f ci in 1 1 ir fur llm hi tit lit I'nnra and hv
'tha best, medicln III osefoi.the oomplaintt fr
wnirn is rucuniniriiurii.
10' .

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