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tomrnissioner, and also a fit person to be
a collector. Such person shall, as fur as
practicable, be residents of some town
near to such gores or unorganized towns,
and they shall hold their office till others
are appointed.
- Sao. 2. Said commissioner, immedi
ately after his appointment shall be sworn
to the faithful discharge of his duty,. a
certificate of which oath shall be endorsed
on his commission, which commission,
with certificate thereon, he shall ' cause
to be recorded in the office of the county
clerk of the county where he resides.
Such commissioner shall, and he is here
by authorized, on or immediately after the
first day of April in each year, to take
the lists of all persons in said gores or
unorganized towns, whose polls, personal
property and real estate are liable to tax.
ation, and also the property, real and per
onal, of non-residents, in the same man
ner as listers qf towns perform their du
ties in their respective towns. Such list
shall, when completed, be deposited in the
town clerk's office in the town in which
such commissioner resides, and bo subject
to examination in the same manner and
for the same purposes as lists of town;
now are, and applications for aba cements
and corrections shall be made to such com
missioncr in the same manner as such ap
plications are made to listers in towns,
Such commissioners shall have the same
power to act in the premises as listers and
selectmen have, in like cases, in towns,
and shall ou or before tde first Thursday
of October in each year return a copy of
each list by him made to tho Treasurer of
the state. The first appraisal of the real
estate made by the commissioner in mak
ing said list, and the appraisal so made at
the expirati n of each five years thereaf
ter, shall bo the basis of taxation, subject
to such corrections and alterations by the
commissioner, as listers of organized
towns are authorized to make each year ;
and it shall not bo required that said list
should be revised or acted upon by the
committee of listers or the committee of
the Legislature to average the grand list
' Sec. 3. Whenever any state tax shall
hereafter be assessed on the polls and
rateable estate of the inhabitants of this
state, the Treasurer shall moke out a tax
on the copies of the lists so returned to
him by such commissioners, and shall im
mediately transmit to each of the col-
' lectors, appointed by virtue of this act, a
bill on the list of all the gores or unor
ganized towns in their respective counties
with his warrant attached thereto, com
manding such collector to levy and collect
such tax and pay tho same into the treas
ury. Sec. 4. , It shall be the duty of every
t collector, appointed by virtue of this act,
and he is hereby authorized to collect the
State tax agreeably to the rate bill and
warrant committed to him by the treasur
er for collection, in the same manner and
with the same powers that first constables
' have in organized towns, and be subject to
the same penalties. Such collectors, be-
, fore they shall proceed to the discharge of
- their duties, shall give a bond to the state
, for the faithful performance of the same,
; in the same manner as the first constables
of towns are required to do in like cascj
to their respective towns, and in such sum
as the Treasurer of the ' state shall pre-
scribe, which bond shall be approved by
the commissioner in the county in which
he resides, which ' approval shall be en
dorsed on said bond, before any warrant
for collection shall be placed in his bands
' by the treasurer! and the, issuing by the
Treasurer of such warrant to the collector
. shall bo sufficient evidence of the appro
val and delivery of such bond to the treas
urer as aforesaid. And in all cases where
" constables are now required by law in the
" eolleotion of taxes to leave with the town
clerk for record any advertisements, war
' rants, rate-bills, or lists of lands sold, or
. any other matter or thing, the same shall
be left by the collectors provided for in
this act, with the town clerk of the town
a m
wherein the commissioner of the county
wherein such gore ot unorganized town is
situated, resides- and such town clerk is
hereby authorized and required to record
such advertisements and make certificate
f the publication thereof, and record all
uch warrants, rate-bills, lists of lauds
sold, and any other matter or thing which
may be left with him for record as afor
.. laid, land may receive redemption for lands
told, in case the collector shall die or rev
ove from the town where he resided
t at the time of making such sale, and the
record of such town clerk and his certifi-
eate of publication, and his certified cop
. je of record, 'shall have the same force
I -jind effect a if made by town clerks of
erganized towns pursuant to the laws rcg-
slating the collection of taxes therein.
Vermont Central and Sulli
van Railroads.
Winter Arrangement commencing Dec. 8,' 1862,
Leave Waterbury at 8.25 a m, 12.16 r M and
10.14 r m.
Mall Train leaves St. Albans at 6.19 A. it.,
Burlington T.UO A m., connecting at Whit
River Junction with trains tor and from Wells
River, St. Johnsbury and Littleton, and with
Northern R. K. for Boston, Lowell. Worcester,
io.. and connecting at Bellows Falls with
Cheshire It. B. for Boston, and with Ver-
mont Yai ev raiiroaa ior Dunneueiu, sxaw nnvou
. . i . i . i r . . A I 1 1 1
and New York, arrivingin New York at 10.18 m,
. . i m - , n..,. nni.i
ACCOIUIUOumiuu 1IH1U leaves nuuaca i uiui .
T.45 am. for Rutland and Northfleld.
Night Express Train leaves Ogdensburg at 12..
00 M, Montreal, at 3.43 r m, Rouses Point at 6 .20
r m, arriving at Boston at 8.40 a x, connecting
at Bellows Falls with Cheshire K K. for Jloston
and Worcester, and with Vt. Valley R. R., for
Springfield and New Haven and arriving in New
York at 4.43 ri.
Leave Waterbury at 3.39 a x, 9.40 a if and 5.46
P M.
Mail train leaves Boston at T.30 a h, via Low
ell. Lawrence or Fitchbursr. Leaves Springfield
at T.25 a h, Bellows Falls at 12,25 rtt, connect
ing at White River Junction with Northern Rail
road from iioston and itn rassumpsio raiiroaa
for and from St. Johnst.ry and Littleton arriv
ing at Burlington at 6.45 r M, and St. Albans
T.30 r M,Ogdensburghat2.50 am, and Montrsa
at 10.30 fx.
Accommodation train leaves Northfield at 8.25
am, and Burlington at 10.35 A V, for Rouses
Point and Montreal. .
Nigbl express train leaves Bellows Falls at 9.-
10 ! x, receiving passengers rroin Vermont val
ley railroad, leaving New York at 8.00 a h, and
from Cheshire mil.oad, leaving Boston at 5.00 r
x, connecting at White River Juncton with train
leaving lioston at B.w r x, via. L.owell, or
Lawrence. Leave White Rivor Junction at
11.40 fx, arriving at Burlington at 5.15 ax,
Rouses Point at 7.30 a x. Montreal at 10.30 a k,
and Ogdensburgh at 12.40 p x, connecting with
Grand Trunk trains for Detroit, Chicago and the
Bleeping cars are attached to both the night ex
press trains running between Rouses Paint and
Through Tickets for Chicago and the West for
sale at the principal stations. U. MERRILL,
Bt. Albans, Dee. 8, 1(2. 83 Hup't.
The Perfect
IK it hout an Equal.
i LMOST every mail from far and near brings
iV to us some new evidence of the great favor
and growing popularity of this beautiful instru
ment, and abundant testimonials are constantly
reaching us, proving conclusively that no other
Reed Instrument contains so many excellencies
as the perfect Melodeon, with Base Damper and
riarmonio Attachment. I he Harmonic Attach
ment is the most valuable of modern improve
ments, by it the power of the instrument is
doubled without increasing its size or the num
ber of reeds. Our newly invented
for Churches, Concert and Lecture rooms, has
greater capacity and power than any other In
strument made in the country, considering the
It Is far more simple, and less liable to get out
of order than other Reed OrganB. It contains
only half as many Reeds as other instruments of
the same power, and consequently not half the
expense to keep in tune. It has a fine powerful
JPeOLcU. Base,
with Reeds disconnected with the other part of
the instrument. Another entire new feature in
the Melodeon enterprise is the
or Piano Attachment, to the Molodeon. This is
precisely what its name indicates, a combination
of the- Melodeon and Piano Forte, and meets pre
cisely the wants and desires of a large class who
nave long been anxious to see the two instru
ments combined in
In this unique instrument the Melodeon or
Piano may be played separately or combined,
producing an effect unknown to any other instru
ment, and must be heard to be appreciated.
We have made arrangenta with some of the
best Piano Makers to receive from them regularly
PIANOS of the very best quality, which well be
sold at less than Boston prices, All instruments
warented, and sent to any part or the conntry at
our risk. IiSTY tc GREEN.
Brattleboro, Sept. 1st, 1862.
rrj-i'be undersigned is authorized to act as
agent for Esty & lireen, in procuring for any who
may desire it, one of their justly celebrated in
struments. If any of our readers should want one
of the best melodeons in the world, and will make
known their wishes, they may rely on being served
to theirntlre satisfaction.
B. Howard, Publisher of Newsdealer.
Hyde Park, Sept. 1st. 1802. 41
Has just recelved4from Boston a
New Stock of Clothing,'
of superior styles and quality, which can not b
neat in tnis county, nor equalled.
Constant Additions
are made from time to time to make the assort-
mentgood. Any one in want of ; .
Good Clothing J
Please call and yon will find what yon want an
A good assortment of
r Olioloo Grooerle,
of all kinds just received. Also will kesp oa
Yankee Notions, "' " '"" 1 '
" Stationery,
. ' , Oranges, Lemons, Figs, &o.
IPcill cfc Winter
, . S. B. CLARK
la just openiDg a new stock of Goods at
' ! l' jflorrlsvllle,1
which will be sold as low as at any other shop in
tne country.
' He will
for goods.
will take good woolen socks In exchange
Sept. 22d 1863. U
:e1 DEsXjiXJoiisT-
One door west of the new church.
DEALER in cabinet ware of all kinds, sash,
blinds and doors, picture frames, glass, tmttv.
blindsanddoori.i.ietureframes, glass, putty,
varnish, turpentine. Davis' patent self fastening
blind hamrintrs. willow ware
. t i . Also, Dealer In
of every kind, and of tbe best quality..
Htowe, February. 34th, 1803. ' "
..-a C.W. SCOTT, r s
Watchmaker Ac Jeweler,
Keep constantly on hand as assortment of Clocks
Jewelry, Patent Medicines, Essences, Hair
Oils, Candies, Hnrnce (lam, Ae. . .. '
A GEM for) tie million;
And splendid and appropriate Holiday present.
. Price, 5.
The embodiment of practical utility, and a mar-
vel of simplicity ; makes the running stitcn very
rapidly and perfect, uses a common needle, and
will last a lifetime. At the New York State
Fair, its simplicity, efficiency, and great praotl
cal utility, was confined by tue awara ei iu
Hwl P,mlii m
t iunuii.
It will e-ather. raffle, shirr, tuck, run up
breadths, Ao, with a single or double thread on
auv material adapted to the running stitch. The
thinest, usually the most difficult to stitch by
other sewini? machines, beinc sewed the easiest.
For ladies' children's apparel, and other articles
mad of liirht labrics, U will therefore be found
almost Invalu&hle.
Tt. la at.t.n)ipi1 In iha table like a sewinff bird.
aud having uo tension, and requiring no lubrica
tion or change of stitch, is always ready for oper
ation, and such a marvel of simplicity tnat acnna
of six or eight years can understand it, and use
It is not at all liable to cet out of order. ;-t:
Each machine is put in a neat bok, .accompa
nied with full and explicit directions, ana tweu
tv-flve needles. "
bent to any address in the United States on re
oeiptof an order, Inclosing thfi" amount, or may
be collected bv express on- delivery of the ma-
r.htna. ' ' 2
When money is Bent with the order and regis
tered, we guarantee Its saw receipt ana me unliv
ery of the machine, anywhere within 2000 miles,
free of any expiess charges. -
Very liberal arrangements for agencies.
See MiiTorof Fashions, or for full particulars
specimen of sewing, &c, send a stamp for return
postage. Address,
4T3 Broadway, N. Y.
Every lady, mother, milliner and dressmaker,
should have one of these valuable sewing ma-
Chines, iws
the asto in i.i :
Patented August 13th, 1861.
In presenting this new invention to the agri
culturists of our country, but little need be said
to convince any intelligent man tnat tuis is tne
best machine for shelling Corn that has ever been
in use, for several reasons ;
1st. It shells all the kernels from the cob.
2d. It shells with great rapidity.
3d. There is a less number of pieces consti
tuting the machine, consequently less liable to
get out of order, and it costs less than any other
Shelter in use which is suitable to shell corn
Below are a few names of Farmers and others
who have seen this machine, and have expressed
themselves satisfied that it is the best and really
tbe cheapest machine in the market.
E. E. Bingham, Morrisvllle,
Nehemiiih Waterman, Hydcpark,
A. 8. Whipple, Morrisvillo,
Kendrick iSpaulding '
J. P. West, '
Harris Bundy,
J. B. Tabor, "
B. L. Rand.
Loren Bundy, " "
W. I. Atkins A 8. B. Clark, of Morrisvllle,
have purchased the right to manufacture and sell
these machines in Lamoille and Chittenden coun
ties, and are now ready to furnish them to any
wanting to purchase; Town rights sold on rea
sonable terms.
Morrisville, May 30, 1862. 28
James Parker,
... and '. ',. ' ,
Ucady-made t'lothlng,
And makes to order, and warants to fit, such
work as may be wanted.
Cutting for others to make, done In a satisfac
tory manner.
Morrisvllle, vt., December Tth, lSbO. Zyl
Valuable Keal Estate
Por J,lo.
I will sell the following real estate: One house
and lot, situated in the centre of Morrisville vil
lage, 28 by 32. two story; ell, 16 by 30. baid
premises are now being thoroughly repaired aud
suitably fitted for a boarding house (if desired),
wuieu is u inuuii ueeueu uy me siuueocs oi ine
People's Academy, and the public generally.
'Ihe premises are well provided with water, and
all necessary conveniences, and will be sold cheap
for cash or exchanged for a farm.
Also, 20 acres of land near the village, on which
there is a sugar orchard of 179 trees, aud 8 acres
of crops now growing.
A'so, a number oi valuable building lots in
Morrisville. v "
Also, a quantity of land In the different States
in New England, Btute of Mew York, western
and southern States. ". ,r f r "
Also, a number of vatuablB city lots id differ
ent cities in New York and New England.
Any or all of this property will be sold on
reasonable terms or exchanged for other property
if the parties can agree; '
I will also sell the following Personal Property
to wit : One end-spring top buggy, one end
spring buggy, one end spring family wagon, very
nice, one Iron-axle lumber wagon forone horse or
two, shaft and pole, box In springs, two seats
well trimmed.
All of the latest styles and can be warranted a
good article, and will be sold cheap for cash or
approved credit. ' i
Also, one of Tilton & McFarland's fire proof
Sat'os, which weighs 2400 pounds and is of suita
ble size for any town or individual use. !,
Also one ot Lillie'i fire and burgular proof
Safes, with combination lock, weiuhs 1500 lbs..
and warranted impervious to fire or burglars. .
Also, a number or new bleigus, a number or
new harnesses, and a number of valuable gold
and silver watches, and a lot of choice cigars.
Also, several horses and colts, a lot of cattle,
tc, Ac, beside many articles not mentioned.
I will say that any person wishing to purchase
any of the above property will not fall to do so
if they call Immediately. ,
' : WAHTIIl ! '
In exchange for goods, ready-nay, ,. (but not J
wu.; t r.C.ii ! (.! t i; v I iw ru.,
'9v .!'; ir t,!fiii -
JiVS'- v "WANTED!..,,
Beef hides, dairy and veal skins, wool and pelts
la exchange for cash. n r It. . Paoi.
The subscriber ban recently added to his stock
of Uoods a few of tbe substantials of life, such as
Tea, Coffee, Cotton Goods, SfC,
he is also replenishing his stock of agricultural
lmplemens, among which are the Tabor. Noursa.
Mason & Co, -Wbittemore. Belcher A Co. Bar-
rows A Graves, and Cylinder plows, and as he
has a great variety of the most desirable patterns
be feels assured that be will find ready sale for
iliAm If ti nnlv malcAfl 1,1m nrlrAa talfuruAtnM,
hia AnHtnmitri. All nlnwi mav h n.i.H,.! :..
one day's trial, if they do not suit the ourchaser
Parts of most kinds of agricultural implements
either kept on hand or supplied on short notice.
U. 8. PAGE.'
Hy depart. April IT, 1862. ' ' r
' ' T. 'RIT8S13LL. 1TI. D.,"'
tirr.p.rTin pnvpmrAN avu awnictv
r 1-,. (.,, i,avns onv
,s' r Cnrl l JV.' virms,
.I'.lwir.iu.WATRBBTJKW nf1! !
f whAlesale and wtail dealer In
I'Foreljjn and 'American ' Dry floods!
nothing, larpeis, i;rocKT ana Ulass-wam,
Stop Your Cougli t "
Purify Tour Breath!
Strengthen Your Voice ! !
uooa ior icrgy.muu, v
Good for Lecturers,
Good for public Speakers,'
. I' i'V . Good for Singors, ,v.iWv.
.' '. Good for Consumptives.
.; , , . ,.:"',;
They relieve a Cough instantly.
They clear the Throat.
They givo strength aud volume to the voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm
advise every one wnonas a cougn or ..u
voice or a bad
breatn.or any aiuicuuy oi iue
Throat to get a package of my Throat Confec
tions ; they will relieve yon instantly, ana you
will agree with me that "they go right to the
spot." You will find them very useful and pleas
ant while traveling or attending publio moetings
for stilling your cough or aliasing your thirst.
If you try one package, I am safe in saying that
you will ever afterwards consider them indispen
sable. You will find them at Druggists and deal
ers in Medicines i , f'", . f f , (,
My signature la on each package. ' All others
are counterfeit. -
A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid on re-
coipt of thirty Cents. .Address
Henry C. Spalding,
- 48 Cedar Street, New York.
. BILL 0 tfs 'IEA D A CUE !
fr?" Bv the nse of these Pills the periodic at
tacks of Nervous or Sick Headache may be pre
vented i and If taken at the commencement of
an stuck immediate relief from pain and sick
ness will be obtained.
They seldom fail in removing the Nausea and
Headache to which females are so subject.
They act gently npon the bowels removing
Costlveness. .
For literary mn. Student", delicate females,
and all person- of sedentary habits, they are val
uable as a l.axs'ive, improving the appetite, giv.
ing tone and vU-or to the digestive organs, and
restoring their natural elasticity and strength to
the whole system. . . ; .
Tbe Cephallr Pills nre the result of long inves
tigation and carefully conducted experiments,
having been in use many yeara, during which
time they have prevented nd relieved -vast
amount of pain ana suffering from Headache,
whether originating In the- nervous system or a
deranged state of the stomach, i i '1tmi. ;
They are purely vegetable.in theireomposltlon,
and may be taken stall times with perfect safety,
without making any change of diet, and the ab
sence' of anvdinagreeible'tastej rentiers Itxasy to
administerthem to chilrtrenV i i i
07 The genuine have five signatures of
Hcnry. Spalding
on esch box. .. .
Sold by Druggists and all other dealers in Med
A box will be sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt
of tho
Price, 25 Cents
All orders should be addressed to
, ' , .48 Cedar Street, New York.
"' " 1 07- A sliigle bottle of"'1 f .' i .
" . . .... i (ft M
Spalding's i Prepared CJ Inc.
will save ten timos Its, oost.
Xnrn. :
-i.l IXik'it.i
ISIir ; ! !
l. .
UlAih I
$jT A Stich in time ' saves ninelj
As accidents will happen, even In well regulated
families, it Is very desirable to have some cheap
and convenient way fo. repairing Kurniture,
Toys, Crockery, Ao.
' - ,.. r,va D
8P",1NU p
Meets all such emergencies, and no household can
afford to D without it. I It is alwavs ready and
no to the sticking point.
' .' " vk bovs
X. B-A Brash accompanies each bottle,,!,,,
: "i. ' PRICE 25 CENTS.''" -"
, If W. Ry ,C. ' 19.? AL piWQi
! ;. ,, v .Ko. 48 Cedar Stre'eti.Kew y't-J,',",
.i ',tl-j h vii li n f a,, il
. l...CAUTIOM.!! .,. '
, As certain unprincipled persons are attempting'
lopaimononuie MiH,tH,recunKpui)iKi,imHailons"'Tl 1X)T of nloa chairs, cheap, at the Nsws
ui m j i ioiii viiuo. TTvum niiumi an K,rsan"
to examine befors purchasing," and see that the
full name , .... - ' ' ' ' ! uji-'j
,. ,) rii,i)iio' rnKriHKnoi.nt
is on too oui.Hina wrapper an otners are swlad-
- asp u .
! tii. In
tu. nn,ini,,ner1. would be pleased loe
all of our old friends and patrons, at this
place, and show them our
(of goods stow being received from
! !' ! 'kill 14 Hi.O' I
, B(ton &-Neu- York,
which' we are I'sclling at very low prices for war
.titaMU i! ! ., i .-.' , . . . . ..s
For Cash or Iteady Pay.
' It would be useless to attempt enumerating ar
' t'cles or prices. Call and see them. -'
C. a. mob, ) PAUK & PATCH.
C.J. patch.' I : Morrisville, Sept. 2h, 1862.
The , Claremont
Wholesale ' Booksellers, Stationers ' Pttb
lishert', and Book $ Paper Makers, ,t
Orders solicited for any kind of printing 'paper,
All sizes and qualities of writing paper. ; ' '
.... Every variety of wrapping paper.,' ;J
All kinds of school books. ,' , " ' .
' Everv new book', published, '. " '
'.." '.;,',nhll of T,inrtinff and rebindlnB,
ana envelopes,
.f"" ,, r,
Cash paid for rags.
E. L.J30DIUBD, Agent,.
rob tj. inn. : I
Claromonf, N. H. Lkm
mukl N. Idb, ' '2yl
U i v. :
Sllch, Fashionable,
J- !.'-. 1 .;,,); - ; : , .. r
i- '..!'- , -y I., .-..: . .! ...r.
il.l.....;. .. .;; .. I. ' ,.
V . Readv-made ,
Constantly on hand, and
the' , v ,i .. -r , ...
furnished to order, at
The undersigned bos' Just purchased in Boston,
and Is how receiving and' opening afresn snpply
of seasonable goods, counioting in part as follows:
Heavy 36 inch wide .cotton sheeting of the' fol
lowing good brands i Young America, Great
t ails E. and KaUiua ; ., r
pepperill 8B inch wide, for fine sheeting, . " -t
40 -o " , "
Webster's farmers' hornet proof Denims,
American. Cocheco and Merrimack Prints, at re
' duced pi ices. .. .. -j.
Bleaclied Cottons, white and colored Jeans, ;
Cotton and linen pound threads,
Coloid and white spool , .
t hrochet braids, dilliercut widths, ... t
Cotton and linen Uosonis. - . .
Iewiston's Nankins, Oil Silk.
Coat, vest, pant aud shirt buttons,
Galloons and Prus. binding, for ladies' sacks,' ,
Dress Braids, Cent's neck ties, ,.
Ladies' Lile gloves, do. linen bdkfa. , , , ,. '-' ' '
Lent's and Ladies' cotton hosa. ,,,, ,,i
Lancaster Quilts, (at old prices.) , '
Brown Damasks, linen table covers; j,' j'j,,,
India Book Muslin, white Cambric. . r '. ,.
Kussia Crash and Towels, and the following new
style of if ' wiatl-U
. Dress Goods !
Star Himalaya), Brighton. Poplin,. Devonshire.
Mixture, .Luibroidorad Devonshire Cjopds. f)vj
yPPfi- m .-. .,.!... f. .
8hetliind tarn'.'Zephyi' tTarn's, "variety1 bf colors
. ctunoletelv shaded. -i
Small assortment of v"i'' ' '?'"'(
""'( Tift 1 1 frit t Anil l' llnillilnis
. i . . . . ... , t-1 . -,.. .
and Essential Oils of choice quality , -1 ..
Cochineal. XUdbaif, extract of Logwood and oth
. Coloring materials.
American and foreign
.. ,(';:!; HARD WARE ! (.
among which are grind-stone fixtures, etc. ,.(',
; ; 1 Crockery and Glass- Ware,
,J Curtain aud wall paper,
m Brown o. e. sugar, syrup,
raslns, sulphur Ao. i
Pur dry French Zlne and white Lead, ,
c rosen uiue, benzole Japan, - :
i , Coaoh aud Furniture Varnlsbj,
India Rubber and Cutta Percha rain coats, white
and black.. '.' .
Paint, white wash, paste, tree, tooth.' and nail
brushes, of the celebrated J. J.-AdaniB' manu.
' facture,.,(.-, ,. ;. '.;,!;
also, a tierce of ,,; .' ' J
. ,,,;','"i,,'; .,'Vi'a
, tVRr, nlcs V .A if of - wJiluhl vlW 'tnJ .
:tock vmakc. my, assotment equal to the wants
. of th oanerai tiadu. and all deflcienM. will h.
made np as the trade shall require. The entire
n stock has been purchased for oosh .down. ', With
j ,,a long axporienue in the businesa which I believe
v wiUnable me to give , customers the .worth of
0 ueir money ior an ,e goous tucv may put chase
of me. Tendering my, thanks (or past patron-li'-aga.
. tii m'ti , . - .. . , . ' t
j i i LUCIUS ii; .notes. ;
' I ' Hyde Park. May-e,180a, 'M;i ,tu- i--.:t n,. I
- - "Vt; !"., -J'
J J. RSaier OtnOC, ui I -T, K "'il
- , ..
v. -t.'w - nVUOC,
: Mi iuis
'.. ."Si . lo
cnitlv - MIMA
. ).;! t Get Ch'tplin's
a r. t - i. ,injiori. your'.jiorsts, 'v
f TBI Powder will care i the heaves., if
the first appearance of the disease, and ill Dri ,
a sure remedy in case or Lung r ever. Hnri n.-
temper. Common colds and Coughs.
And When from any cause, the horse Is nm
condition. 1 will prove a valuable assistant ittI.
storing him tobealth. Any amount of cerlificatM
of Its value, from individuals who have tested iu
virtues, might be given, but it is deemed unnet
essary, as it will soon speak for itself, if vo
horse is out or neaitn in any respect, if his ann,
tite is not good, if his coat is rough, or if he ft
low spirited and wants something to put new lifl
in him, get a box of this Powder, and feed it to
him, and you will soon be satisfied that it U in
deed a most valuable medicine.
Prepared and for salo. wholesale and retail t
u . ,.y.J. 8. CHAPLIN, Elmore, Vt
Januarys, 1862.
. ,-,.' ..,.SAMI; LOl liS.
rI'HE subscriber keeps constahtly on hand'ani
1 for sale a variety of ' ?i- .
sash locks, that-are neviiiversally used instead
of the old style spiral spring, for windows. He
owns the county right for Lamoille County, and;
no one else keeps them? in the county.
AH orders wil receive prompt attention1' !
i'it'i t-- ; ii. s. loud,
Stowe, May;'Stl, 18CL u 21
1 .J,S ' JOHNSON, VT.,
Is still to be found at his old stand, wuere tie
would be happy to wait on all who may
" GIVE 11 1 M A CALL,
and trusts that he can give them not only a fash
ionable garment, but oue of which the style and
workmanship will be , .
' He feels thankful for past favors, and solicits a
continuation of patronage. .All work entrusted
to his care
"W.x-x-fixxtocl to 3?Mt.
Cutting done for others to make. '
Johnson, Uct. I, 1801,
Johnson Quadrille Hand!
VRK prepared to furnish mnsic for bulls, pri
vate parties, Ac, This Band consists of four
pieces, viz : L. Smith, 1st violin and prompter;
A. M. Ritterbush, Clarionet ; B. Sabins, 2d vio
lin; A. 0. Hayford. basso, - Applicatiois made
to any one of the above promptly attended to.
. Jehnson, Jan. 24th, 18ti2. !)
Elniorc Pond House.
A, W. AVEBILL, rtoprielor.
Conveyances to any part of the County oi
short notice.
All orders for Gloves and Mittens promptly at
tended to. Kcpairuig done on short notice. The
subscriber also keeps on hand '
FA It 41 1 S Q 1 M I'LEM ENTS.
and such cast) ti es "as may be needed In making re
pairsj. He will also supply taroiers with
; Field . Sieds hfVbod I (blitjr.
He offers dary men an opportunity to supply them
selves with the the best t hum in the ivinrkH,
It may be fouutt here; and at 1). 1). Hafi'ord's iu
Cambridge ( , , v.OBJE.p HOLMES.
' Ladi'gs'and tfKNTi'.KN: iliiikfuf for pastTavon
and better prepared to meet your calls, I hope to
merit the approbation' ol the public iu furnishing
most kinds, and the best gloves and mittens in
the-country. Repairs and Sewing machine work
on short notice. Kurs repaired and altered, Ac.
Orders, solicited, and uromytlv attended to.
fri . MA lit A HOLMES.
( Johnson Village, AprlU, 1902. 10
H. 3tr 3L ttt' are.
" ' NEW. STORE !
Just received at the snbserilier's old place of bu
siness, enlarged and improved, one iloor east of
the new Church.. My goods consist of s genwsl
assortment,1 wunlly connected with the hard
ware trade, such as
Farming Tinpienicntsliouse trimmings, table
cuttlcry, bitts, hinges, screws', 'chains: flies, nails;
mill, CiowKJilt, huucl, liaoli aid vxxl saws; psint
and dust brushes. A'f a "jp-ootl Assortment of
blacksmith iron-, and' many dj.hcr goods. -
' '''''t6'VEa"''Aift)4snis.vA'RE i :
always on hand at low prices. Bear in mi"d
thaf any poodH are. bought focasdii r.d that my
goods shall bo. sold at ,i,at()! solpW as' to Indnre
old and new custoibers to 'cosie' from far und near
4o pnrrhasej ih'J w.vw't V v. .! ."
irviWH-h many thanks for a nast liberal natronaec
1 1 would invite all In want of altove goods to cull
on me ceiore puronanngefrwhere, and see wist
can be done at the new Hurdwnre store. .
' '' " H. D. WOOD. Stowe.
"1. S. t am obliged to ask as'a'business neces
sity, foe a Rcttlern"lt of all notes and accounts
now fine1 me,-of six mouths or more standing.
Live and let live." mc, ,- , B. D. Wood.
j . - Manufacturer and dealer In
C o in m in o n & Cottage
Alsqaft assortment of " v ' . ' - ' "
M o u l cl lrt ss !
For Picture and.ljodkinq glass Frames,
i ... I a . .- made to-order.) ..:
: i4-) FnratHhed to irder. -f," - V -(
And last; though not least, Tolman's patent
Mannfaotuted and told b H. W. BOBmSON,
Johnson, Vt. -u -,
.'. i: .
.'PIocksM Watches, !aiid Jewellery chaneij and)
repaired on short notice. . . .. , ,,, ''',., , ,
, All work entrusted to hira executed Ibia sathu
factory manner,. ,. t.t ,; :.j 94
'! JOSfAH J0NE$,7',,,V
1 u -i -!j ,.For tha core of, ' .
J)iftimrui, ' (and pther xThroai Diseases.
" Foshaleby ii iBt ril nra.ft.lB.1 P,A(iJ
CiLAtJ i h.Uin lii n t, tniHll W-
v Cdfriami'aTtdWirbk iMnker.
Elmora,, eiCuhntttq ijjr pn hand..
. , , . & . . .k... . li i . J Iki krul
OI. lUD -iwi wwamaiiKiiip aisi (hi,uy .u-1

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