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Asjricixlt uriil.
Read it the ArmiTereary Celebration of the
order, t H. Jv Walfe, in Btowe, wo. tn,J
All bail! birth-day of the patrons;
AU hail! to our order to-day;
From Atlantic unto the Pacific,
We hare rushed to the bloodleu affray.
Ore million, fire huudred thousand,
Fill our brave ranks to-dar.
All hail' to the order of Patrona; ;
All hail! All Hail! we say.
We hart gathered from exery bill-tide, '
We hade rallied from every plain,
And many the tictoriee we've gained ui
And many old errora we're alain.
Our helmet, la '-hope In the future,"
"The iword of truth," our defence.
We truat lit keen edge, for our freedom;
It trill aerer our fettera immense.
Our ahield, the Almighty Father,
Our banner, the "banner of lore-"
Our faith in juitice unbounded,
Our watchword la onward more.
Bix years his the warfare been raging.
And but one since ire Joined the ranki ;
Our aucoesa to nsis surprising,
Aa we move with the brave phalanx.
The missiles aimed at our order,
Pan us all harmlessly by;
And as for attempts to affright us.
They might just aa well not try.
Then lei us ne'er be disheartened ;
Let us work while yet it is dsy.
Gird on our incomparable armor,
While others stand buck in dismay.
Let us feel the true bliss of freedom.
Freedom in grand work, and know
All the glories of true manhood,
That for all true laborers glow.
The times need thinkers, heroes;
With hammers true as steel,
To strike hard blows for truth and right,
And make oppression knttl.
Their golden hammers of rich thought,
Should echo 'round the world
Till o'er all men from east to wos',
Our banner is unfurled.
The world needs noble men, and just,
To fight the battles of the time;
Bold leadors, who shall put their trust
Iu Ood, and truth sublime.
This is the time for good deeds,
A thought takes wings of flame, and flies.
Along our paths are sown the seeds
Of gulden harvests, that will rise.
Then tow the seed of mighty truth,
Nor doubt Almighty power.
Will years less surely bring the oak
Than months the summer flower?
"May it be our great endeavor
To press onward with the best.
Nothing daunted, may we never
Give ourselves f moment's rest."
"Thinking that the hours will linger
For some aoble work undone.
Time with fixed unerring finger
Points us to the setting sun."
Advice to Farmres.
1. Take good papers and read them,
2. Keep an account of farming opera
tion. 3. Do not leave implcmeuts scattered
over the farm, exposed to snow, raiu and
4. Repair tools and buildings at a prop
er time, and do not suffer subsequent
threefold expenditure of time and mooey.
5. Use money judiciously, and do not
attond auction sales and purchase all kind
of trumpery because it is cheap.
6. Soe that fences are well repaired,
and cattle not grazing in (be meadows, or
grain fields or orchards.
7. Do not refuse to make correct ex
periments, in a stnali way, of many new.
8. Plant fruit trees well, oare for them,
and get good crops.
9. Practico oconomy by giving stock
shelter during th winter ; also good food,
taking out all that is unsouud, half rot
teu or mouldy.
10. Do not keep tribes ot dogs and cats
around the premises, who eat more in a
month lhau tbey are worth all their life
tuna. Morning Star.
Sheep. N j stock suffers more from
damp, cold quarters thau sheep. They
will winter better in an open field than in
a low, damp, filthy yard. But tbey should
be spared either of these inflictions. An
open shed that may be closed in driving
storms ooght to be provided, with a roomy
yard it which they may lie in fair weather
Oats and corn are both dear this season,
and bran, ry or buckwheat may be giv
en with equal profit. A little variation
of feed is good for sheep, but the changes
should not be made frequently, or they
will learn to look for it and become distat
isfi'd. Frozen grass or cold, watery
feed is bad for ewes that are to lamb ear
A writer in Scribner't Monthly
thinks that the much-used expression "ex
cum my glove." wheu offering the hand,
is an absurd and mistaken form of polite
ness. There is do impropriety in wearing
gloves, and there can not be any in offer
' log the hand with ouo on. It would bo
just at reasonable to say exouse my
ooat" or "my boots."
' John Bali, of Benson, a wol! known
wool grower and extensive farmer, baa re
cently failed and gone into bankruptcy,
,srith liabilities of over $40,000.
Is It IVofltable to Keep Fowls?
Among farmers, if the question was
asked, whether it was really profitable to
keep fowls, there would be in nearly all
cases this response to the iuquiry : that
fowls, fairly managed, could not fail to bs
remunerative or profitable to their owners;
and to those residing in villages - with a
sufficient amoont of room to keep them,
and with the right kind of management,
tbe samo definite tourer may be made,
that fowls are also profitable, and it is re
ally of sufficient pecuniary advantage for
all families who. can do so to cortaioly
keep them.
The management of fowls should be
materially different when ktpt in the vil
lage from those kept on tho farm; fur,
while farmers, as a general rule, can al
low the fowls to stroll over a large rarge
of land, and thus in a natural way koep
them, in villag;s those who can must nec
essarily do so in a confined, and conse
quently somewhat unnatural manner; but
if tbe fowlk are not raised nor kept but
a limited timo under tbe unnatural re
straints which ii is absolutely necessary to
keep them, the injuries resulting from
confiomeut will not be much, or the risk
of keeping the fowls be a serious obsta
cle in the way of those who may desire
to keep them. A fresh lot of pullets
should be obtained of farmers every year
by thoso who intend to keep fowls in vil
lages, and early hatched chickens, if pos
sible, and at the end of a year, or just be
fore mouli'tig, these fowls should be in
some irnmicr disposed of, and a fresh lot
of pullets purchased ; and in this way the
following advantages will be gained in tbe
nut hod of keeping fowls: The growth of
a pullet will increase it in weight nearly
double the amount when puiolinscd. and
the number of eggs obtained will bo ma
terially larger than if kept for more than
a year and it may bo safdly estimated
by any one in the experience of this way
of keeping fowls that tbe eggs from them,
and the value of tho dressed meat at the
end of the year's keeping, will come to
double iu amount of money that has been
invested in food and the outlay in the in
vestment for the pullets.
To say nothing of the value of the
droppings from tho hctis, tho advantages
of a cortaioty of always sciuriug good,
rich eggs nioro than compensates tho keep
er of fowls, when these same eggs arc to
be consumed by a family. If they have
been well kept on a good variety of food
adapted to their natures, tho certainty of
a fine quality of rnimal food is ensured.
A cross between the pure-blooded Creole
and the common varieties of fowls usually
kept is a very good kind of pullets to be
obtained by those wishing to keep fowls
on tho plan above stated, as tbey aro
thrifty and will be fair in size for dressing,
and will uot have much tendency to set
ting. Dkstroyino Rats on Farms. Winter
is the time for catching rats, and, if the
number of theso vermin are kept down in
winter, tbey will seldom trouble the far
mer iu summer. Every farmer knows
that rats, especialy if disturbed about the
barn, take to the fields after corn-shocking
time, when nearly, or quite all, may be
killed when the shocks are moved, if one
have a well-trained dog. So, also, largo
numbers may be killed sometimes under
stacks by taking advantage of their pe
culiar habit.
Rats arc never found in stacks, shocks
of corn, eorn-oribs, granaries, or other
ike places. Their homes are in the
ground, under there places, and, by taking
advantage of this fact, a little energy and
tact will easily dislodge and destroy them.
We once had a Newfoundland dog, the
best ratter wc ever saw. lie seemed to
have come to' an understanding with a
little Skye terrier, by which the little dog
became jackal to the big one. There was
a deep ditch and bank running between
the hoghouse and yard and other farm
buildings, in which the rats took refuge in
large numbers. . Tbe two dogs, with much
noise and barking would run up and down
the bank, j when suddenly, the terrier
would begin digging bard at a hole select
ed, the large dog meanwhile sitting quiet
ly a short distance off, but actively obser
vant. Pretty soon a rat would peep out
of a hole and scud away, only to fiud it
self picked Bp promptly by the Newfound
land, which always allowed the smaller
dog to finally kill the rat. These two
persistent hunters would thus go from one
hiding-place to another, but their chief de
pendence was the bank, except during the
summer and early fall, ince here was al
way a dry refuge for tho rat.
Posoning rats Is net difficult if the pro
per plan is adopted. It is often to, got
rats to take poison if it is mixed at first
with the food placed for them, but if they
are allowed to eat of the bait until they
come foarelessly aod regularly, they may
then be posioned and large numbers of
rats destroyed. If rats, when poisoned,
will be likely to die . in some situation
whore they may become offensive, they
may be baited upon a large cask, the head
of which is so arranged that it will tip
and throw the rat into the cask, in which
sufficient water should be plaoed to drown
the vermin. ' Fasten the head and bait
tilt the rats Cornel retmlarly. Then set it
to catch and the haul will generally be a
good one.
Jhlorine gun is often used for driving
rats ttud mice from the walls of house.
To do this, a dish of manganese and muri
atic acid may be plaoed nndcr the ganet
floor. Now, since the gas thus produced
is heavier thau atmospheric air, if there
is communication, the gas will quickly set
tle and pervade every cranny, and even
to the eellur, and there will be a general
camppering of vermin ; but since this
gas is as destructive to human as to smal
ler animal life, it is not altogether safe to
practice this way unless the family vacate
the premises, or unless every chance of
communica tion between the partitions be
closed. Wester Rural.
Manhood Womanhood
& Nervous Diseases.
A Book For Every Man,
Tier published by the Prbody Medioal Insti
tute i a nw edition of the aolcbrated niedliml
work entitled SELF-PRESERVATION. It tratt
upon manhood, how loii, how reicainod and how
perpctoaud, cause ajd eureof Exhausted Vitali
ty, Imuotency, Premature Deoline to atun, Sper
matorrhoea, or Seminal Losses (nooturnal and di
urnal). Nervous and Physical Debility . Hypochon
dria, Gloomy Fi.rebvdinirs, Mental Depression,
Loss of Energy, H serd Countenance, Uonfuslon
of Mind and Doss of Memory, Impure State of the
Blood, and all diseases arising from the errors ol
youth, or the Indiscretions or exotsaesof maiure
it is, indeed, a took lorevery man young, and
middle-axed men In particular. 300 paces, bouuil
la beautiful French elutli, illustrated. Dries onlr
$1. ...
A Book for Every Woman.
Entitled, Eexual Physiology of Woman, end her
Disensoss or Woman treated of Phvaiolurisallv
ana rauioioirioauy, n neaiui and aisease.troip In
fancy to Old Aes. 3. nines, bound In beautiful
French cloth. With the veiy best prescriptions for
pruriuiinic aisvases, rprioeav.uu.
A Book for Everybody.
The Psaboay Institute has also lust nubllahcd a
new oima weaua exaiasireir or nervous and
Mental Diseasos, in. re than two hundred royal oo
tavopaices. twenty aleiranl engravings, bound In
substantial muslin, privv $ I
hither of the above books are sent l.v mall to
any part of the world, olosoly scaled, postage paid,
on rcoulpt of price. Or all three books sent to one
aduross at the sametima on rcoelpt of only St.
Hero Is offered over eight hundred and llfty paiies
of the ablest and liest printed and bound popular
medical scienoe and literature, on subieetsot vital
imponanoe to ail, for only tt barely enough to
pay tor musiing. it snouii ne oore in mind that
these great Medical Worksare published by tbe
Peahody Medical Institute, an honored inttutlon.
established with large lunds for the sole purpose of
Theseare beyond al) comparison, tbe mont ex
traordlnary workson Physiology ever published
There la nothing whatovor that the MmrlrdorXingH
of eitktr Srs can either require or wish to know,
hut what is fully explained, and many matters ol
the most Important and Interesting ciiarklter are
introduced, towhieh no Illusion even can he found
In any other works in eur language. All the New
discovoriesof tho author, whoso experience is such
us iniaui,v norcr Dciore ion to tne wiot any man,
are given iu full. No porsen should be without
these valuable books The press throughout the
country, the clergy and the medical facultv gen
erally highly extol these extraordinary and useful
works. The most fastidious may read them.
Address the PKAHonr Mkulial Institvtk, No.
1 riuiflnch bt. (opposite Revere House), Boston,
Mass. N. U. The author and consulting nlivsi
ulnnscan be oonaultod on all of tae above named
diseases, and all diseasos requiring Skill and Ex
perience. 3yi
Vt'here Adverthdav Centraeta ean be raaaa.
Theso boautlful Pianos, manufactured bv the
well-known Brm of U A Z ELTON 11ROS., of New
York City, are the finest In tho world. They are
noted for their
Elastic Touch, Singing Quality. Delicacy and
Power of Tone, and Great
A certificate of Waranty given with every In
strument. Son I for ll.ustriitod Catalogues and
Price Lists.
HUM' 13110 '3 General Agents, Alton, Mass.
THE WEEKLYSUN. Alarge.elglit-psge,
Indenendent. honest and fearless newsnauer.
of f"5 broad columns, especially iloslgned fur the
farmer, themocnanio, the merchant and the pro
fessional man. and their wivesand children. We
aim to make the WskklvSps the best family news
paper in tne norm, it is lull or entertaining and
Instructive reading of evory sort, hut prints noth
ing to o fiend tho most scrupulous and dollcate tastes
Price, Sl.20 peryear.iiostairoorenald. Thsolicao-
est paper published. Try it. Address TUE Sl'N,
new rora uuy.
To sell our NEW PENH, Stationery, Small Wares
and Fancy Goods. They are the best In maiket.
Sell atslght. 5to$luperday easllymade. Ad
dress, with stamp, for teims and particulars.
WALLACE KU1HNS, Littleton, N. II.
MWWMMWM No Chara-ea for obtaining
rrtf TIT if L'lTTnP Q I atenis umraa succeasiui.
asassssayV-iiio iV.uiont Strut, Boston.
P R B 8 E N T
Doll's Cradle
Every Little Girl Should Iluve One.
Kama Chichester on evory eradle. For sale bv
all Toy und Furniture Dealers Send fcr Cata
logue toUeo. T. CUMINS, 154 North St., Boston
and 393 Pearl St., New York.
Il yon want and entirely New Toy, and one that
will soli on ita merits, send lor a Catalog: te of the
Chiohistvr Doll's Cradle and Chair. Uko.T. Coh-
IMS, 104 North St , Boston, and WJ Pearl it., N. Y.
I liow either sex inav fascinate and irain the
loveand -.fleet ion s of any person they ohoose. In
stantly. "Tblsslinple mental acquirement all eaa
possess, rroe, by mall, lor 2 corns together witk
a Marriage liulde, Egyptsan Orucle, Dreams,
Hints twiddles. A aueer hook. lUO.tKMsold. Ad
dress T. WILLIAM CO., Publishers. Philadelphia.
die dlQAperdayathome. Termsfree. Address
lino, stinsoh A Co., Portland, Me.
A WEEK guaranteed Co male and FeH
male Agents, la their locality. tosis
NO TU IN U to try it. Partloularsfiee.
, O. V1CKERY A CO., Auguste, Me.
Administrator's Sale !
The Subscriber wishes to sell the Farm owned by
the lite J. A. CUrk, situated I 1-4 miles Irom Eden
Mills. (lood Bulldines. woll watered andaquant-
ty of timber, also 1 new Traverse Sled and 2 sec-and-haud
Sleighs i all of which will be sold on
reasonable terms. For further oarticulaas enqulie
or tho Subscriber. K. D, WIS WELL, Adininis'r.
Johnson, Hep. 1,1674. 62ms
Men Wanted
16 SELL '
Of A Citizen of tbe United States.
Wow e XxtrtUt and How to Prmrve Tktm.
Containing chapters on the Federal and Btnto
CojistitutioUs their History and Origin i Powers
and Initios of Pnblle Officers) People's kiobts i
Parentage And Guardianship i Martia Rights sod
With Instructions, Directions aud Logal Forms
for all Transactions) Rules of Organisation and
procedure In Deliberative Assemblies) A Dictiona
ry of Leg tl Terms in Common use) A complete
Treasury oi Legal and Constitutional Knowledge.
Eiubsdylng in popular form the results of the
labor and study of the most popular and successful
writer of law-books In the oouutry. Wontn TEN
Ti re rim price AfcKr.n ron it I
Kxoluslve territory given.
For full particulars, address
8. . 8CRANTON 4 CO.,
2wt ' Hartford, Con n.
The Aldlne OOmpAfiy'S
ftEW ri'ULtCATtoXS.
This splendid enterprise Is not only well sus
tained in every feature, but is being constantly de
veloped and Improved. 11 to-nay nasnwii
nvat IB uie wnuie woriu vi pjriww-
Th. ikMuii-tti ..ff.iii.rtralt. "Mao's ioeelnsn
Friend," aebromo presented to every subscriber,
is a decided hit. and will. If posible. add to the
nopularitv which this work baa gained. The Aav
VKion feature also promises great and beniBoent
results, to arousing puone lutervs "
Circulars aud run miormauon on applicants.
Parts I, II, III and IV are now ready.
To be completed In 40 parts, Is Issued fornlglitly
rt-lllentain ae elemnt frontispiece
originally engraved on steal for the London Art
at nrlea wllhln nonnlar reach, engravings nev
er before offered at lest than Ave times the amount.
Tbe nlates have been the attractions oi
Each part will contain 26 quarto peg. Includ
ing the elegant frntia'deoe, on heavy nlate paper.
A aitniirh iilIa naire. ricbl v Illuminated iu red and
gold, will be given wit'; the first part, and the
printing of tre eutlre work will be a wortny rep
resentation of the "The Aldlne Press" whleh la a
guarantee of something beautiful aud vamauie.
A a cost of 25 cents a Part.
Parts I, II a III arc Just Published.
Complete In 12 monhly parts, attl each. Repro
ducing the best full-pa.ee illustrations from
the earlier volumes of The Aldine.
Eaeh monthly part will oistsln six superb
plates with accompanying desoelptlve matter, and
whether for binding or framing, will be entirely
bevond competition in price or artistic oh a rooter.
Every impression will be most carefully taken on
tne finest tined paper, and no pains will he spared
to make this ti e richest production or a press
whleh has won, In a inarvoUu'ly short time, a
world-wide rrputatiou.
Especially assorted for
Scrip Batk llluitraliml If Vrawinj CtM Copiu.
A large oollectlon of pictures of different siioe
and on a I most every Conceivable subjoct have been
1ut up in an attractive onevelope, and aro now yf
ered at a price Intended to make them popular In
everv sense.
Envtlop No. I , containing AO beautiful engrav
ings, is now ready, and will be sont, postage paid,
teeny address forONK DOLLAR. A liberal dis
count to agents and teachors.
A splendid assortment of Scrap Books have been
expressly prepared lor the holipay season, and no
present of uioro permanent interest can be select
ed for gentleman or lady, old or young.
No. I. Half bound, cloth sldos, gilt back.
2j0pp. l'.'xIBinches $3 00
No. 2. Half bound, eloth sides, gilt back,
loo pp. fixifi inehes 7 00
No 3. Vull dioroooo. bevolod boards, llt
and antique, ver rich, SCO pr 12 00
Lettered to order in gold at 25 cents eaoh line,
bent by mail, post-paid, on reoelpt of the pr'.ce.
In compliance with repeated request, the pub
lishers of Thk Ai.ni-s have prepared Impressions
of many of their most beautltul plates for passe
partout framing.
The eats are inountod on a beautifully tinted at
aro mat, with a handsome red border line.
To attach the glass, it is only left for the custo
mer to pasto ana fold over an already attaohed
border, and this made be done by a oh lid.
27 subjects, 12x15 In. 2oc. i with glass, rne.
Six of this fortl.00, when selection Is lea to the
6 subjects, 10x12 1-2 In., 20e i with gles, 4."o.
7 subjects, 6 1-2 x 1-2 in. ISO; with glass, 400.
12 subjects, 14x19 In, Met with glass. 1 1.00.
Bent by mall, without glass, post-paid, for price.
The Aldlne Company,
64 Maiden Lane, New Yotk.
.aVrnf fnT JVc England 5(ess,
8m3 308 Washington, St., Boston, Mass.
Assunrace Society
of run U. 8,
Tics Fresidenti
IIiNtut 13. Hydb, Jamm W. AlEXNDHaB
$22,000,000 '
A life assuranoe pelloy, eosling eomrapara
Uvely little, would, If death should occurduring
severe panic, preserving Intact the earnings ol
years.whlcL might otherwise be lostfor laok of a
little ready mmey. ,
The man Is wise who has assuraneo upon hit
life to cover all his Indebtedness, so that In tl
event of his death his estate Is eertaln not to be
embarrassed. The great thing sought In busine s,
Is profit coupled with safety. The time Is not far oft
when every business man will be as particular to
effect assurance on his life for the safety of hit
estate, as to effeot Are Insuranoe on the merchan
dise In his warehouse i and when he will regard
life assuranoe as a business nooesslty , and net as
a mere luxury or an Indulgence of his humor, as
It Is the key-stone to the aroh which gives perma
nenoy and stability to the remits of a liretlmeoi
aotlve exertlen
W. H. H. KEN FIELD, Agent.
HydPrk, Vt.
Important to Travelers.
VYb.. rum visit or leav. the City of New Verk.
save anneyanoe and expense ol earrlage hire and
Itat the URAND I NloN HOTEL, oppoeltetlie
UnindCentral Depot. It baa over 360 elegantly
furnished rooms and Is Utted up at an .xpenee .1
over .). Elevator, steam and all mod sra Im
proveuieeta. European Plan. The Rturants,
Luueh Counter and w ine Rooms are supplied with
the best the markets can furnish. Th.
nauriiaaaed. Rooms for a single person, II .attend
H per day i rich fer tarn files proportionate
ly low.eo that visitors to theelty and traveler ean
live more luxuriously, for less money ,at the U rend
Union, than at any otherflret-C'lasa Hotel la the
ty. Stag's and Cars pass the , Hotel every min
ute for all parte of the City. Q. f. A W. U. GAR
RISON, Managers.
Takes the place of filling In with brisk and mor
. i .1 ..Rnl. ,iiir.li It la a Bon-
tar, ana wan. vu.j . . . , - - , .
oondudor of heat and eold and will not absorb
moisture, 11 is durable i will not mildew. It Is a
snra protection against rata, mloe.and other ver
min. It is far prorerahle to brick in filling in the
sides or frame buildings, as it renders them warm
er in Winter and cooler In Summer. It is ie be
nailed under the clap boards. Is of a buffoolor, aad
does not In tbe sli'-btest degree soil the hands,
i l i l I ..!. ma... tae l on mil V I n aV it
toon or ciuiniiJif, vi wumiHu .. . r i ' :
i i .7i- . A nrlsM Hat nf nnr 8tAF
DftlOUlOlt Oitvauii" " bi. '-- -
SlieathiDC. fUwty Roufli. and UlftDtU Cement
gy 4 Courlandt St.. New York.
lr. J. Walker's California I in-
Piir Kittf-lfl ire purely Vegetable
preparation. maJo ciuclj irom tne native
lierlm found on t'.ic lower ranees of the Sier
ra Nevada lnoujitains of California,' the
medicinal properties of which ore extract
ed therefrom without the use of AlcohoL
Tho question is tluiost daily asked. "What
is tho cause of t'ue unparalleled success of
Vinegar BirrBits?" Our answer is, that
thev remove the cause of disease, and the
patient recovers his health. They are the
groat blood puriior and a life-giving prin
ciple, a perfect Renovator aud Invigorator
of the system. Never before in the history
of the "world lias a medicine bean com
po inded possessing tho remarkable qual
ities of Vinkoar Brnnns in heeling the sick
of every disease wan is heir to. They nre
rjentle Purgative as well as a Tonic, reliev
ing Congestion or Inflammation of tho
Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious Dis
eases. If men will enjoy cood health, let
them use VisEOiu i5ittkhs an a medicine,
and avoid the use of alcoholio stimulants
in every form.
No Person enn take theso Kitten
according to directions, and remain lonj
unwell, provided thefr bones are rot de
stroyed by mineral poison or other meant?
and vital orpans wusted beyond repair.
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vine
oar BrTTEBS the most wonderful Invigor
ant that ever sustained the sinking bystein.
KNionft, Kemitteiit, mid Inter
111 it tent level's, which are so prevalent
in the valleys of our great rivers through
out tho United States, especially those of
the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois,
Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red,
Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Pcori, Ala
bama, Mobile, Savannah. Roanoke, James.
and many others, with their vast tribu
taries, throughout our entire country ctur
ing the Summer and Autumn, and remark
ably so during seasons of unusual beat aud
dryness, are invariably accompanied by ex
tensive derangements of the stomach and
liver, and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a powerful
influence upon theso various orgui.s, it
essentially necessary. There is no cathar
tic for the purpose equal toDu.J. Waleeb s
Vinegar Bittehs, as they will speedily re
move the dark-colored viscid matter with
which the bowels are loaded, at the same
time stimulating the secretions of the
liver, and generally restoring the healthy
functions of the digestivo organs.
Dyspepsia or Jnditrestion. Hcad-
ache.l'aiu in the Shoulders, Conghs, Tight
ness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour Eructa
tions of the Stomach, Bad Tasto in the
Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of the
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain
in the region of the Kidneys, and a hun
dred other painful symptoms, are the off
springs of Dyspepsia. One bottlo will
prove a better guarantee of its merits than
a lengthy advertisement
Scrofula, or Jtintrs J'.rfl, whim
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled
Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial Affco
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin,
Sore) Eyos, etc., etc. In these, as in all
other constitutional diseases, walkeb t
Vineqab BrrrizitB havo shown their great
curative powers in the most obstinate and
intractable cases.
I'ov liitiuiiiinatoi y and Chronic
IUienniut isill. Gout, Bilious, Remittent
pr.d Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of tho
Blood, Liver, Kidneys, and Bladder, these
Bitters have no equal. Such Diseases aro
caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons en
gaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters, and
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to paialysis of the Bowel. To guard
against this, take a dose of WAUUut'a
mneoab BrrTKita occasionally.
For Skill Diseases, Eruptions,Tetter.
Salt Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples,
Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms,
Scald Head, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch,
Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name
or nature, aro literally dug up and carried
out of the system in a short time by the
use of theso Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms, lurk
ing in the system of so many thousands, are
effectually destroyed aud removed. No
system of medicine, no vermifuges, no
anthelminitics, will free the system from
worms like these Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in yung
or old, married or single, at the dawn ot
womanhood or the turn of life, these Tonic
Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible.
Jaundice. In all cases of jaundice.
rest asHutea inat your liver is not doing its
work. The only sensibl) treatment is tv
promote the secretion of the bile and
favor its removal. For this purpose use
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood when.
ever you find its impurities bursting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it when you lina it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleans,
it when it is foul ; your feelings will tell
you when. Keep the blood pure, au4 tht
health of the system will follow,
n. H. Mcdonald co.,
Drugelet aud General Ageuta, Sau Francisco, Callfor.
ttia . aud sot. WaauuiKtun aud UUarltou Sta., New Vurls
MH T all Draff law mm Dewier,
Sdmmb Arkanokment. .
Commencing Junt 25, 1874.
TrelnsOoing South and East Leave Water
burr at fi a. m. IS p. m . and 40 p. m.
Uail Train Iraves St. A lhans at i if) a. in .and
eonaectset While R I ver Junction aud Bellows
Falls with trains ror itoston, noeeener. aprm-,-
Raid, and N. V., at flu loudon witn steamer
lur New York,
Day Bspreaslea res Montreal atsOS., tn., St.
Jolmsat tuuo, CgdenstmrK at too a. m. St. Al
bans at l Id a. m. arriringrin Boston via Lewell
at 10 p m.
Night Express leaves Ogdensburi; at 12 3S p. m.
Montreal 3 4Sp, ni.,bt, Johns 6 06 p. in., St. Alliens
7 25 p. in, connecting at White River Junotion and
Bellows Falls for Boston, Worcester, Ac., arriving
in Boston at H 30 a. m. at So. Vernon lor Spriag
leld and N. Y..arrllngln N. Y.at IU 30 p. m.,
hew London II 15. m.
Trainsgotnir norm ano nest Leave waternnrv
at 4 15 a. m., 8 3o a.m4 a) p. m.. and 44 p, as.
Day Express leaves Boston via Lowell at S a. m.
for BuriiUKton. Montreal. St. Alkaus, Ae., arriv
ing in Montreal at 9 I6p.ru,, and Ogdensburghat
Mai I train for Durllngton and St. Albansleavet
Boston via Lowell at 7 a m.. via. Lawronce ana
iv ilia, m .
Fitchhurgat7 30a in, 8pring0oldS00 am, New
London 6.00 a. ra., Bellows falls 11.60, a. n.,
White River Junotion 11.30 p. m. , arriving ia St.
Albans 9.00 p. m.
Trains leaving Boston via. Fltchhurg at 7. HO a.
m.,and Bpriugneid at 8 a. m. eonneet at White
River Junction with Day Express Train.
Accomodation Train leaves White River Juno
tion at 4.50a. m., Waterbury 7, 39 a. ni., for Burl
In gton. St. Albans, St. Johns and Oicdensburg.
Nijrlit Express leaves New London at 3. 17 p.u.'
South Vernon at 9.53 n. m., receiving passeneers
from Connecticut River Railroad leaving New
York at3 p. m.. Springfield 8.10 p. m.. Bellow
Falls II.2H p. m., connecting with trains over
Cheshire Railroad leavlns; Boston at 6 . '10 n. m..
eonneeting at White Rival Junotion with trains
leavlns: Boston at 6 p. m., for Burlington, St. Al
bans, Montreal, Ae., arriving in Montreal at .30
a.m.,Ot:flensiurg iv.dop.m.eonnectlng with tirand
Trunk Railway and fur the West.
Sleeping Cars are attaohed to the NltrhtExpress
rram running nciworn montreaiana uoston.anis
Montreal and Springfield , and St Alhansand Troy
Drawlng-Room Cars on day ElpressTralnsbe
tween Montrealand Boston.
Through tlcketsforChioagnandtbeWastforsala
at tne principal stations.
J. W. I1011ART, Gen'18uperintepdnl
Albans, June, 25 1874.
t UE slw irnovE
AT VIENNA, 1173.
TAelliancsT Ordib or "Medal" AwaIiE at
Ab Hiwing Machine Received a Higher Prize
l.Alttw Invention TuoRODQULT TlSTIO and
secured by Lettors Patent.
2. Makes a perfcot Lock Stitch, alike on both
sides, on all klndsof goods.
3. Runs Lli;ht, Smooth, Noiseless and Rapid-
best combination of qualities.
4 Durislk Runs for Years without Repairs.
A. Will do all varieties of Work and Funoy
Stlohlng In a superior manner.
6. Is most easily managed by the operator.
Length of stitcth may be altered jrlillo running
and machine eau be threaded without passing
thread through holes.
f . Design Simple. Ingenious, Elogant, forming
the stltoh without the use of Cog Wheel Gears,
Ro ry Cams or Lever Arms, Has the Anromatle
Drop feed, which Insures uniform length of stltoh
at any speed. Has our new Thread controller,
whbh allows easy movement of needle-bar and
prevents Injury to thread.
i. Construction most careful and Dnlshed. It Is
manufactured by themost skllllulandexperienced
mechanics, at the or lebratod Remington Armory
Illcn, K. Y." Boston Office, 332 Washington Street
fill are th rpvelntlon of tho
(;r,M tiio bent nixl chrattet.
M icmwHitw ftr cimimon iihc in
the work.. BweniJAo, vahinlile,
inrtrwetive, entertain fn, prmo
tkal. amnsinff, nstoninhiiiK. A
tmwiire In every home. ITion
PHtifrlH in line. HmrniRM H1.O0O
timea. jMakos a ivn of a hair,
otx Only 91.50, Bend money
in lettrt-amifiot It by malt, pio
imM. AptMW'itUl. AiltVepii Bcy
uriy Co. 3H4 Wabav.ChicafiO
Fire Fire
Those desiring to pay their assessments to He
ol'Montpsllorean doso at the office of Carroll 8
Page who Is also an Agent of the Company for the
transaction of their vonoral busness I will give
prompt attention to tliose who desire to Insure in
this Did Staunch Favorite. Assessments for lttillt
only 2 peroent. Their anneal pamphlet Repor,
may be had at my office.
Hyde Park, Vt., Oet. 1.' 1873. 46tf
Hair Vigor,
For restoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
A' dressiuj
which is at
once agreeable,
healthy, and
effectual for
preserving th
iinir. It soon
restores faded
or gray hair
to its original
color, with the
(floss and freshness of youth. Thin
.iu.ii- is thickened, fulling hair checked,
and baldness often, though not always,
cared by its use. ; Nothing can restoro
tho hair where the follicles are de
stroyed, or the glands atrophied and
decayed; but such as remain can be
saved by this application, and stimu
lated into activity, so that ' a new
growth of hair is produced. Instead
of fouling the liair with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean aud vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. The
restoration of vitality it gives to th
scalp arrests arid prevents the forma
tion of dandruff, which is often so un
cleanly and offensive. Free from tliose
deleterious substances which make
sonic preparations dangerous and inju
rious to tho hair, the Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a HAIR DRESSING,
nothing else can be found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil white cambric, and yet lasts
long on tho hair, giving it a rich, glossy
lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Frsctlral nnd Analytical Chemists,
I esaV iWil'Sf f" V'S
7 'saseriMr.
ml fsici fli.w m
ii Hew idej
50 Dollars!!
Buy the Wotli-Rencmti
tSTTIio Illg-host Premium ttiis
AwarJ?d to it at
Ohio State Fair;
Northern Ohli I'cir;
Amcr. Institute, N. i.;
Circlnnntl Exposition;
Indianapolis Exposition;
St. Louis Fair J
Loulniniia St.".-J Fair;
Mississippi Slalo Fair;
and (.cori-Ia State Fair;
ftnl dolus Ihe lantest ntul Vtt
rimgft of work. All otlitir
Macliluis In tlio Market
lrcro In direct
tWFur 1 lemming, Fell
ing, SI i tching, Cording,
fHnding, Braiding,
Embroidering, Quilt
ing an d Stitching fine
or heavy goods it is
Where we have no Agenti
we will deliver a Maohins
for the price named above,
at the nen-est Kail fcoad
Station of Purchasers.
Needles for all Sewing Wa
chines for Sale
Olilllachims taken Ii Exchange,
Sonet for Circulars, PriM
Lis;, &c, and Copy of tM
Wilson Reflector, one of the
bast Periodicals of the day
devoted to s-ewing M
cxiines, Fashions, Genera.
News and Miscellany.
Agents "Wanted-
Wilsou Sewinii MacMne Ca
Th. rtcent test of "in-Prooi
, by the English Covernmsnt P
' the uperlorlty of Alum FilH".1
other Safe filled with
265 Broadway, N. Y-j
721 Chestnut St., P"
liLlfe, orSalf-Proserratlon, ed y t M
on th. Causa and Cure r WM , PhjJ
Pramatur Daollnsln man ,N".. m&'Z
Dabltlty, Hypoolionlria,ImP"'1'oth,rd5
rhoeau? bemlnal wakness,an indre
arlsinKf rom theerrors ofyouth ortn ,wj
oroxoessos of matureryears. This"
a. mi ....tnrU have v , ,,.i)l)lltT
thlswork andtru. way J 5,1 wor
It istha oheaiwttand bast "fffioflll'Jas,
llshed.and tl.e oily ona or, c'ro.h
raadlnK. IMlh edition .re; chc.rt S
n...t..7.j k..ninhaaatlrulrr rs.Ki.
prion. Address PBABOTiY H J,(.
tUrK.No.4 Bnlflnoh Btr; 5w,ll: 'H
T ht Author may 0?n!.lul ssd-'"1 .
i UdissirsiilrlBgsll''

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