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Lamoille newsdealer. [volume] (Hyde Park, Vt.) 1860-1877, December 16, 1874, SUPPLEMENT, Image 5

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mMnaAmM mjtvv
uT in
1 m
oP TBMOJIT, A. ., Ism.
. w. .1. CAralAT mStatt fit rMcolm
I"'" ' -.a. c...
a, iai -
1 iai uUtinv h inaurant'd
So. 1- K- K. n.nnrnl in.
. am m 11 r 1 1 1 (urn uhuibuiv tuiu1
in this State, ahal. ba responsible for
...ml ncvICCl 01 ui
hv thorn, an Detween the sua
P" .,,,1 thii iiiDlicanti for insurance
j, pan
. .mured, while III tho DBT-
,r,,rj. iir i" -- v r
1 -i...:. niia 11 tha airanta nf
mlBCCOI "-" "
,1 companies. .
- . i All fire insurance eotsipaniM. other
jn iho-octiaruTeu uy
ftl.ijS;ato. are prohibited Irom taking
inweio tl.U State unless auoh com-
.. -Ja.- u'tiinh uunh tt m ro
nrcoaiiauitM aro situated, or by the aot
nrnonitinir sunt, company or companies,
h-a proviso to that effect inserted iD
,' i' inanrnnnn fur the acta and
jlsct 01 ll-Mr "so"'- " .-
and as between
'""". .. i:
,i.-.c anil 1111 b'iuisu
j cnuipnu
lie ana in appiies.uti wr inaur
it then in. ,1.1
vo It li anv porsuu shall take any ap
..li.m or miiko any i-irvey intending to
dut ii.iJMiico on any property in this
. .' 1 .... f .... i n iiiiii. nn n 11 . . ,
.irt'cri'l by tlie lejjislaturo of this State,
'ii company not being liable for the acts
4 ne.kct ol such persons, as specified in
.mu-'iliim section, said peuon shall, np-
"n oouvioti .m bufoie anv court proper to try
1 same, lorlit anu pay a sum noi loss
aprnn ilnliars for every suoh otljnce :
m-hall of such penalty shall go the per
il riWk'CJt'iii? tne samo, anil me otner
,!lto the ireas-try ol tae town wbere sucli
.itucc slmll nave osen eoinuiiueu.
5tt'. 4 nencver applications lor urc
.jraoce shall be taken or transmitted by
through a local or travelling agent of any
pinsuranoe company, it shall in law lie
isird to bo the aot of the said company ;
tisuoli agont shall not thereia be doomed
be tho ucnt 01 ins applicant or insurea,
i in sll questions arising as to the facts
,iod in kuc!i application, the said agent
ill be takuu aud doomod to bo the agent
tho insurers, and not of the insured.
im ; 1 1 .Li;i 1 JT
sv. 9. inero is nereny estnnusneu auis-
tetbiirenu, to bo known as the insurance
.an. whi'.'li shall he charged with the ex-
iiion of tho Uijvs of this State in relation
f. 0. Tho Secretary and Troasiirer of
liStatoare hereby declared ex-officio In-
rance commissioners.
xc. 7. inac no joint stock ics.irance
ipany, nut organized under the laws of
state, snau oe pormittea or auowou to
mot the busincsj of suoh company in
'State, unless it shall have a bona' fide
1 up capital, invested in securities rend
eoDvcrtiblo into cash, of at least one
lirod thousand dollars : not less then
-half of which shall bo invested in cash
irities, other than mortgages of real cs
s, nor unions such oompany shall have,
addition to such capital, areata equal iu
Mint to all its outstanding liabilities,
ioninir fifty per cent of premiums on
landing fire risks, tho whole amount of
miiim on marine risks, ana tue premium
we on lifo risks, based on the actuaries'
of mortality, with intorest at four per
:l,as& liability; provided, that the in
laeu commissioners may, at their discre-
. lii'ciiii anv oompany to do Dusiness in
Stato whose impairment of capital does
exceod twenty per cent of the above
: nor .shall any mutual fire or life in-
anoe company or co-opnratire insurance
pany, assjciation or socitty, not organ-
J under tho law ot this atato, Da permit-
li or allowed to transact tne ousiness 01
a oompany in this State unloss it pos-
tmi assets amounting to one nunurea
usind dollars, lnvestod in securities
illy convertible into cash, not less than
i half of which shall be invested in cash
jriik't other than mortgages of real es-
iiur unless it possesses such rFSsts
ni tu all its outstanding liabilities (in-
ling re-insiiranco, to be estimated as in
caro ul loint sto.-R insuranoe companies
venamo't. and including the amount, of
irantce capital as a liability I ; Dor until
the law relating to insurance companies
mhrr Matts. enacted by this Mate, shall
3 hocn complied with. And further
iiiltil, thnt nothing horcia shall be sj
utrucd as to require any mutual fire in
we ompany to keep on hand any cash
insurance najrvo or tunas investea in
aruif g other than their premium notes,
leu sild premium notes amount in gross
three per centum ot the amount at risk
said company
Sec. 8. Mo inuranco company not orga-
i:a under tlie laws ot this State shall uo
Hinewi in this State until it has lilod with
1 S:oretarv ot this State a written stipu
ion axreung that any legal process af-
ttiu(( t!le company, served on either of the
trance commissioners, shall have tne
('Midfeet as if served personally on the
apany witnm this Htate. bo tang as any
itiilitlrs of tho stipulating company to any
i.iJentijl this btate continuo such stipu-
Silun cannot be revoked or modified. Ser
ut process according to the stipulation
'Jtcsaid 3hall be sufficient Bervi.ce on the
iiuuany; a cony of suoh stipulation, cer
W by either of the oommissionors, and
ocrtllicate that nronnss Ims hnen served
him sliull hA snHiiMunt i!fW.it thnrniif.
V'UCn DrnriKfw nuniticr. orr.nr.inir an instir.
noe company is served on tho insurance
'Bmmiciner, 0r cither of them, it shall
Ktvod by uunlioate conies, and they or
wan immediately lorward by mail one
PY ot the same to the company at its
omen or to any Demon whom siion
""Ijmiy bnau aesignate.
9. It shall not ha lawful for any
mranco Somnanv embraced in section
wi to transact any insurance buiness in
aiaie, unless such com nan V shall nrst
'"tin liccnso of tho insurance oommis-
authorizinrr thn nnmnnnv SO to 00
fee roceivinir sneh licensB. thsi com Dan V
!l file with the Sjcrntarv nf State a 09T-
Wodiiv of its ehnrtnr und hr-laws. and
Ijll statement, under oath of its prosident
rawcretary, showing the flnanoial Condi'
'anu standinir ot t hacomnanv. in anoor
nce with blanks furnished by him. Dpon
-ceiviDSE suoh conies and statements, il
nummissiouers are satibhed With toe
''""i and that tho company meets the re'
"itiuems ut scptnin (Bvnn and has com'
"i tun tne requirements 01 secuou
ihl .r .1 . . . n . .. . i- II
"'ui inisant. thev shall, arrant suon n
anthorizinir sunh fnmnanv to do in
...m:o misiness hy authormea agents, suo-
" hi ine laws nl th is utate. until tne nrn
'J of April thcrealter; and annually
"wuer, on the first day or April.stiou u
1( mav bn rt.nnrot si lonfif as suoh
pany shall comply with the requirements
"'esaid, and the cammUaioners shall re-
if the comnanv i nta. rnhablo. and OH'
J1w to nublio oonfldanoe. For each 11
?! or renewal as above the company
'iiDav to in tho tnouronna nnmmissioners
"ut of five dollars.
0. 10 V. r.o.0 .l.oll mnt at Bffont Of
'.Insuransu company, aforesaid, not or
!in,ed under the laws of thin State, until
J fU have filed with the Sewetarv of
ertiflcate from the oompany or HI
Authorized general agent, anthoriiinor him
to aet a euch agent, and obtained lioense
mereon irom toe eommuisionera so to do.
upon tiling the certificate aforesaid, the
commitisioners shall issue a license to suoh
person to act as an insuranoe agent in this
atata ; provided trie company for which
such person propone to procure or illicit
applications for insurance therein shall he
authorized to do insurance business in this
state, which license shall continue until the
first day of April thereafter, unless lor
cause revoked inthe mean time. And upon
filing a certificate aforesaid, such license
may do renewed on said first day of April,
and annually tboreafter. and for such li
cense and each subsequent renewal the per
son receiving tbo same shall pa; to the
commissioners the sum of one dollar. If
any person shall solicit or receive anv rink
or application for insurance, or receive
money or value therefor for any insurance
company or agent, without such lioense
from tho commissioners, he shall be punish
ed lor each ofl'jnce by fine not exceeding one
hundred dollars ; one half to the use of the
prosecutor, hut any uoliev Issued on an
application thus procured, shall bind tho
company, il otborwise valid ; provided,
howover, that this section shall not apply
to any porson who only acts as clerk to any
insuranoe company or agent.
Sec. 1. Any porson may be licensed by
tho commiisiouerg as insurance broker to
negotiate oontracts of insurance, and to ef
fect insurance for othors than himsolf for a
compensation ; and by virtue thereof he
may place risks or effect insuranco with any
insurance company of this State, or with
the agents of any insurance oompany who
have been licensed to do an insuranco busi
noss in this State but with no other. For
suoh lioense he shall pay the sum of ten
dollars, which shall authorize him thus to
act until the first day of April then next ;
and on payment of tbe same fee, his license
may be renewed from year to year after
wards, ending annually on the first day of
April. Any person without such liconso,
assuming to act as suoh broker, s hall for-
leit not less than fifty dollars ; one-half of
wmcn lorloiture shall go to tbe complain
ant, and the other half to the State treas
ury ; provided, that any authorized insur
anco agent, whoso payments for certificates
ot authority shall amount to ten dollars
per annum, may act as such broker without
further charge for license, and any such
agents whose payments for suoh certificates
shall have beon lets than ten dollars may
havo such licenso as a broker on paying
such sum as will, with tho sum already
paid for certificates, make the sum of ten
Sec- li. The insurance commissioners
shall bo authorized at any time to examine
into tbe condition and affairs of any insur
ance company not organizod under the laws
of this Sinte, doing business or proposing to
do business therein, or causo such examina
tion to be mado by Home porson appointed
by them, not interested in suoh oompany ;
and may in liko manner examine into the
business transacted by any agent of such
company iu this Stato, and may require
such oompany or agent to produce all books
or papers relating to such company or
agency, and to answer in writing, under
oath, all reasonablo questions relating
thereto ; and if,in their opinion, the affairs
of such company aro in an unsound or fail
ing condition, they shall revoke any lioense
that may have been granted to such com
pany, and all licenses that may have been
granted to agents of suoh company, by
written notice to tho company ana publica
tion of tho same by six consecutive inser
tions in one daily or weekly newspaper in
caoh county where such company may havo
ad authorized agqnt or agents.
Sec, 13 livery fire insurance company
not organized under the laws of this State,
but doing business therein, on or before tho
first day of February in each year, and
every lite insurance company not organized
under tho laws ol this btate. but doing
business therein, on or boforo tho first day of
March in oach year, shall transmit to the
insarar.ee commissioners a statement.undor
oath of its president and secretary, of the
whole amount of premiums received in
moncv. or in tho form of notes, credits,
loans or any other substitute for money, by
or on account of said company, during the
year ending on the 31st day ot the preceding
December, for any insurance made by it on
persons or property, in this state ; aiso ex
hibiting its assets, liabilities, amount of
capital stock actually paid in, the amount
of outstanding risks, and tbo busi
ness, standing and affairs of tho company
generally, in accordanco witn oianKs, 10
be furnished by thooommissioners, adapted
to tho business of such company, which
statement shall be filed in tho office of tho
Secretary of State; and shall pay to the
commissioners, upon filing such statement,
tho Kum ot twonty aouars, wniuii nunu -
bv said commissioners -to tne oiate
... .. .. r . 1 .
reasurer. Ana lor tne purpose oi wo
above statement the commissioners shall
prcparo suitable blanks, proposing sucu iq
..Anoinrini ns img Im necessary to ascer
tain tho business, standing and affairs of
such company, and lorward aupncatesoi
the same in the montn oi teceuiuor w mm
year, to every such company; and the com
missioners may aemano a ue n
its standing and affairs at any other time
when, in their opinion, tho same may be
necessary lor tbe safety of tho public.
Sec. 14. When, by tho laws of any other
State or nation, any taxes, tines, penalties.
hocuses, fees, dcpositH ot money or oi e
curitiet, or other obligations or prohibi
tions, aro or would be imposed on lifo in
surance companies of this State, doing busi
ness in suoh other Btate or nauon, or upou
their agents thorein, so long as such laws
continuo in force the samo obligations and
prohibitions of whatever kind shall be im
n .11 lifa insurance companies ot
suoh other States or nations doing busi
ness within this S:ate, and their agents
S-o! 15. When, by tbe laws of any other
Stato or nation, any taxes, hoes, penalties.
licenses, or fees, would uo requ.r .u
paid to, or a doposit of money or of wean
ties niado with tho treasurer of suoh other
State by life insurance oompanics ol this
Stato.doing business in such other State or
nation, solong as such laws shall continue
: I-... ii,n uumn taxes, fines, penalties,
lioonses. or lees shall be paid to, and depos
its of money or of securities made with, tbe
Treasurer of this State, by the lite insuranco
oompanies ot sucn oinor oi v.
i : ; thia Stain.
sun t'finless' any judgment rendered
in this State against any insurance company
hall be paid within thirty day daw after
P; Jr;n;r. bv tbo officer holding
the execution, the insurance commissioners
maVuPend the power of the company to
d , buslnesa in this State until it shall
be paid, and if the company, or
any Sgcnt therefor, shall,
Mceyeding two hundred dollar,. Cut any
policy so granted shall be valid and binding
n. in this State, wbo shalfappropnate to
his own use any money or substitute for
money received by him as such agont.
ana reiuse or neglect to pay over such
money or suDstitute lor money to the com
pany or other party entitled to receive the
same, lor tbe space ot thirty days alter
notice to make such payment.shall be deem
ed guilty of larceny, and, upon conviction,
shall be punished therefor in accordance
with tbe laws ot this State.
Sec. 18. All conies ot charters, bv-lawa
certificates, appointments, and all copies of
otner papors required by law to be bled in
the office ol the Secretary of this Stato. made
and certified by either of the insurance
commissioners, shall in all cases be compe
tent evidence in the courts oi this state.
pec. iu. whenever the insurance com
missioners shall have reason to bolieve that
any insuranoe company embraced in section
seven ot this act. or anv insurance comnanv
organized under the laws of this State, or
suy omcer or agent oi any ol tne aloresaid
insurance companies or any other person
shall have violated any law of this State,
rotating to such companies.officers or agents.
or the businesi of insurance, or fail to
comply with any requisition of the laws
oi this Btate relating to such compan
ies, officers or agents, or thebusineas of in
surance, they shall forthwith report tbe fact
with anv information thev mav have relat
ing thereto, to any State's attorney in this
U... L !l' .' . L l J ... .
umiu, wuu snau. ii in nisjuagment it Is
auvisaoio so to ao, prosecute evory such
company, officer, agont or other person
therefor, and any such company, officer,
agent or Dti.er person, upon conviction, shall
bo liable for each offence to a fine not pr
eceding two thousand dollars and costs of
sec. 2u. mo insurance commissioners
shall biennially, on or bofore the first day
ol Octobor-. cause to be rjriottid and Ini.l
bofore tho Legislature an abstract of tho
annual statements made to them by insur
anco companies of other States for the two
years next preceding, with such statistics,
general information and suggestions relat
ing to the subject of insuranoe as they may
think proper to insert in fuch roport,
giving tho namo and location of every such
company, and tho Scerotary of State shall
keep on file the charters of all such com
panies, and all certificates relating to tbe
means or authority of such companies, and
tho name and residence of every agont
licensed to do insurance business in this
Stato, together with the certificate of the
company, or general agent of such company,
upon which such agents havo beon licensed,
and thry may appoint a deputy to assist
tbcra in carrying the provisions of this
chapter into effect, for whose acts tbey
shall bo responsible, and the fees from
agents and companies for licenses and ex
aminations heremboforo provided for, to
gether With anv fees thev mav receive for
copies furnished by thorn, shall bo in full
compensation for their services as commis
Sec 21. Sections one. two. three and
four of chapter eighty-sevon of the General
Statutes, and all aots and parts of acts In
consistent with this act. are horehv renew
ed. ' ------
Approved, November 24, 1671.
No. 4. An Aot to ajsoea and tax ilia teal t,ttle ot
rauroaas in uu n&to.
It it hereby enacted, etc.
bad. 1. Tho listers fif thn MirMral Lkhe i
let In this Btate snail appraise and get In the grand
Hats or thoir respooilve towns end cities all the
real estate situated In suoh towns and oitiea, whioh
shall bo owned or oeeupied by any railroad corpor
ation, or whioh shall be owned, leased, possessed
or operated hy any persona, company or oorpora-
, nuu.o uii.io, rigui, iDtoresi or possession shall
have been derived in aoy manner from suoh rail
road corporation i and the road-bed and traok ot
aoy railway, and all land taken and used lor rail
road purposes, shall be ooogldored real estate for
the purposes of this sot, and ail said real estate
shall be set In the list to suoh corporations, owners,
oeoupantsand poacessors, and shall be subject to
the general provisions relating to tho assessment
and taxation of real estate, exoept as herein other
wise provided,
beo. a. No road-bed atd traoi li!l be assessed
by the i listers of any town or oity at a valuation
exceeding two thousand dollars lor every mile oi
the main 1 ne of the road in suoh town or elty.
Beo. 3. The teal estate of any railroad shall be
exempt from taxation for a period of ten years
Irom the time when regular traias for publlo Irafllo
and accommodation tlisll hare c juimenoed junnin t
over the entire length of said road within this
state t and it shall be the duty of tho olerk of any
railroad compiny, upon request, to report sncli
time in writinz. uudor oath, to th llitinr nr
town or oity thronnh or Into whioh the railrcadof
such compjny extends,
BOO. 4. The Seveial AonstAhllva mnA AnllpcKird nf
taxes in this state shall have power lnde:ultof
in.muuvui uuy iha iiBsensoa uoiier ana Dy virtue
of tins act, to oolleet the same tint nf IhA f-,mflii nnd
chattels of the corporation, oompany or persons
wnu.wA, .hMiu,, vpviubiiig or JOKSCMSIB WO prUJ"
erty upon which such tax Is asHeased . and anv en.
Klue, oar or other artiole in use on said road by the
corporation or persons managing or running said
road, and whicn has at any time been owned
by said corporation or persons, ahull be deemed to
be the property ol such oorooration or nersons for
the purpose of satisfying said tax, ana the same
may be taken and sold bv virtue ol SAtd constable's
or collector's warrant, In the same m&nner as per
sonal property is now taken and sold for the collec
tion of taxes.
beo. It. Sections seventeen of chapter eighty-threo
and (notions eighty-eight, eigbty-nlne, ninety,
ninety-one and ninety-two of chapter twenty-eight
of the general itatutel are hereby repealed.
Boo. 6. This act snail take erfeot from Us pass
ago. Approved, November 24, 1674.
No. 5. An Aot In relation to the duties of Utt
ers, It Is hereby enacted, eto. t
beo. 1. Whenever from any oause there shall be
noftiuEon for tho annr&Ual of real nutate, not tnelud-
eu in the next preceding Quadrennial appramal of
real estate, it snau do me amy oi tae listers w ap
praise suoh real estate, and set the same In the
grand list of the town in which suoh real estate Is
situated, according to the provisions of the law re
lating to toe gracu list.
Approved, rsoremoer 21, 171.
fto. 6. An Aot In amendment of the second e'.suse
of section fourteen of Chapter eiguiy-wroe ui vue
general ttatutes, entitled " UI tne granu iitt,
TV la Itni-Aliv AnnnfAil. tn. ,
i..-a i. Thn ai.Afiii AimiiA of aeotlon fourteen of
chapter elgnty-tbree of the general statutes is
bereuy ameoaeu so as to reaa as louows
Moound. All niuohlnorv emuloved in any branch
of mauufatur, and belonging to any corporation
or company, shall be assessed to such corporation
n N..niii,ni in thn t,io-n whara suoh maohinery
maybe situated or employed i and In assessing
suon stooknoiaors lor ine stooa in any "1r"il7 '!
i..tr Anmirniinn nr nnmnnnv. there shall nrst be de
ducted from the value thereof the value of the ma
ohinery an real estate belonging to such eorporo
unn or anninanv. and the value of any other prop
erty belonlng to snoh corporation or oompany,
and roprosoDted by suoh stoox whioh may be titu
ated In any other state or country, and whioh shall
. n-hu,n .1.-11 nvAii hw ufth other stato
or oountry i provided that In no case the value of
property outsiae mo state oe na ;' -sibie
property of such corporation within the "ate.
whioh may be set in me i an unuor vuc
Hlllinuiin. .
Boo. U. This aot snail taxe eueot in m
age. , " j ' '
Ajiprovcd November 81, IMs. , . .
No 9 -An Aet to amend an aet approved Novem-N0-
ber 18M, relating to the grand list.
o'S'Von'oTan aot approved Novem
uF. WTrelatlngto the grand list, shall be
Tny SrE-ftf pe -onTfeellng aggrieved by the
n and on. or more of the "star, of suoh to" or
Jhall fmuiediatalv call a meeting of the oivll au
mSr ti post ng notloea in three publio plaoos, not
eouaty to equallr) the giand ll.t oT tbtlr respec
tive oountlea.
beo. i. This ao'. slia.l take tffjut from !ii- pas
Approved, NoViBiber 5, 1674.
No. 11. An Act In relation to the ojllee.lon of
It is hereby enacted, els.
bee. I. feverv enlliL.r i.f town taxes shall
when requested so to do by notice in writing signed
by a majority of the selectmen of such town, pay
into tbe town treasury all moneys belonging to
aaon town nyniin oolleoted up to tint time, ana
submit his tax-book and list tu (a d town treasurer
for inane ;t!on and eamnutailon.
See. ii. All oulleetora ot school district taxes
shall, on request In willing signed by one er more
oi me pruutniiai eommittoe or sucn scnooi aistrioi.
nay to the treasurer of suoh eohool district all
moneys belonging to the sim by him oolleoted up
to that time, and submit b tax-book and list to
saia treasurer lor luspeotlon . ad computation.
beo. 3. Any oollector negating or refining for
the space of tea days to pen. rm the duties requir
ed by suctions one and tiro of this aot, shall be liable
to a flee of one hundred dollars lor eaca negleot or
refusal) and suoh line may be recovered In an no.
lion upon this statute In favor of such toan or d'.s-
beo. 4. This aot shall take efl'a.l f:om Hi pas;,
Approved, NoreniW IM. U74
No. 12. An Act In amendment of aeotioa sixty
seven of chapter eighty-four of tne general
etatuto, entitled " Of the oolleolitn of taxes."
It is hereby enacted, eto.i
beo. I, ejection sixty-seven of chapter eighty
four of the geuoral statutoj shall be so amended as
to read as lollowsi
The grand list to be oomplctod on the 15th day o'
May, lor the assessment of town and highway
taxes, shall bo the list on which all school distriot
and village taxes voted on the Srst day of Uarch,
or at any time thereafter within one je.ir, shall be
bee. II. An ant, approvoi November 7, H79., en
titled "An aot iu amendment of aeoiion sixty-seven
of ohapter eighty-four of Hie general statutes," is
hereby repented. .
eeo. 4. 'ibis aot shall take effect from Its pass
Approved, I'ctohcr , IS; 1.
No. 13, An Aot rotating to tVe oolluution uf nun-
roHiaeut taxes.
It Is hereby enaoted, eto. i
beo. 1. bection twentv-toro of uhatitHr ei.rhtv-
fourof the general statut.-s is horubv amendod ev
striking out the word August whorcver it now oo
eurs in said section twonty-two, and Inserting In
ueu luertoi me word January,
boo. 2. Number tweotv-to nf the nnbllo sots
approved Nuveniher l.itn, 1409, which Is an amend
ment to section thirty-lhree of ohuptor eighty-four
ol the general statutes, Is hereby amended so as to
read as follows i
bale of lands of non-residents for taxes mav be
mado at any time between the twenty-lll'th day of
February and the tlrst day of June lollowing.
beo. 3. whenever the llrst oonsiahle of any
town in this stato slull hve commenced a sale of
lands for tlie collection of taxes under said section
twenty-two of chauter eighty-four, he shall be the
oflicer to complete the silo thereof although his
term of office as such o mstablo may have expired.
coo. , tuis act fiiau tune cuoot irom us pass-
Approved, Novembor 24, lsrt.
No. I t. An Act relating to the collucUon of school
distriot taxes.
It Is hereby enacted, eto. i
Boo, 1. Whenever anv school dintrlet shall raise
a tax, such school district may, by vote liaised at
the same nieetin?. diroot the anlleotor or tuxes to
deduct such per cent, as shall be fixed by said vote
from tlie tax of every tux payor who ahall pay bis
or uer tax oy a oay uxea oy saia vote:
nee. z. ine collector oi taxes snail notify tuo tax
payers of such school district, at what time and
place he will attend to rece.ro taxes so voted, and
allow such deduction, by posting notice thereof in
three publlo places in said distriot, and by oausing
the same to be published in each nowspaper that
may be printed In said distriot, at least ton days
before the time named In suoh not oo.
Beo. 3.1 Kvery tax payor who shall negloct to pay
his or her tax ou or before the day named In Buch
tote, shall not be entitled to suoh iloduotlon and
the oollector shall oolleot the whole tax of suoh de
linquent tax payer in tho manner now by law pro
vided. Approved, November E, isrj.
No. 13. -An Art Tegulatlng the cauture of fish and
It Is hereby enacted, eto. i
bOO, 1. Whoever takes or catches Anv nnlinnn In
any of the waters of this state, or has in his or her
possession any suoh fish oantured within thn limits
of this state for Ave years from the paesage of this
nvv, wimi luiium auu pay a nne not to exoeea ion
dollars for oach and evory salmon s j taken, oaptur
1 or possessed, to be recovered on Indictment o
any grand Juror, bofore aoy Justloe ooun within
tuo wnu wr ooumy wnere sucu ouenoe was com
mitted. bOO. 2. Whoever takes or Aatnbpa anv trnllt.
land-looked salmon, salmon trout or Inn wa in anv
ol the publio waters of this Btate or has in his or
herpoaaesflon any smh hall capturod within the
limits oi mis stato, lietvroea th first day of Sep
tember of ouo year FiiirUbo first any of May of tho
nextyiar, shall lo loit ai.il pay a lino not to exceed
ten dollars for oach and tveiy fish aforesaid, so
taken, oaptured or possessed, to be reoovered on in
diotmentof any grand juror before any Justioe
court within the town or county where such ofl'enoe
was ooujuiuieu.
beO. 3, Whoever takes or catohns anv btnnlt bnas
In any of the publlo waters of this state, or has In
his or her possession anv suoh nh nnntured within
tlie limits of this btato, between tlie first day of
juuo nuu tue urst uay ot August in any year, snau
lonoit anu pay a uue not lo exoeea uve aollars lor
each fljh 80 taken, had or tinsaesaed. to be reoover.
ed, on Indictment or otherwise, before any Justioe
of the peaoe within the town or oounty where suoh
offenoe was committed i one-half of laid line to go
the person who made the complaint, and the other
half to go to the state.
beo. 4. Whoever takes or catches any white fish
or lake shad in any of the publio waters of this
state, or has In his or her possession any suoh Bh
taken within the limits of th state, between the
first day of Uotober and the tlrat oay of December
In any y ear. shall forfeit and div a line not to ex
ceed ten dollars for each fish so taken, had or pos
sessed, to oe recovorea.on indictment or otnerwise,
beloreany justioe of the doboo within the town or
county where such offence was com mltted i one half
or saia nne to go to tlie person who makes e
nlalnt. and the other half lo the state.
dev. v. rruoevvr utsee or uatciies any wa;i-eyeu
niae or pike peich in any imbilo water of this stato,
or has lu his or her possession any such fish taken
within tne limits or this btato, between inourst uay
,.r Anril a d the first da v of Jnne of any year. shall
forfeit and pay a fine not to exceed five dollars for
eaoh and every fish so taken, to be rocovered, on
indlotmeot or otherwise, neiore any justice oi tne
nanna within trie tho town or county whore such
offonoe was oommltted i one-half of said fine to go
to the person who maxes complaint ana tuo otner
halt to the btate.
eo. 6. No persoa shall bo allowed to oapturo
any trout, land-locked salmon, salmon, salmon
,-int nr inn?e. In auv of the public waters of this
State, except by hook aud line In the ordinary way,
wtrh bait, uy or troit, unuor i powitj u, mcni,
dollars for eaoh violation of this act-, provided,
always, that the fish commissioners may be allowed
to take fish In any season of the year lor stocking
i. i.ir and rivers, and f r maintaining and
ouitivatiug flh aitidolally, and foruoother purpose
and may also grant permlie In writing lor other
nersons to oantuie fish for aitiflo al propagation
and malntenaooe in private i ponds
u t Anv narson loirally eng-rgod In the artin
olal culture and maintenance of llth may take
them lu his own watorn, how and when he pleases,
take thorn in uuuuo biiwim, i,
ided. he irots the written permit o
the commissioners of fisheries to do so, or the permit
of the selectmen of any town where he so takes
them, but Bhall uot sell them for food at -seasons
when their oapturo Is prohibited by this sot.
Boo. 8. All rnd net or trap-not fishing In the
nuhllo waters of this btato are horohy prohibited i
and any person or porsons who shall ho fonoa fish
ing with any such pound or trap-nets within th
limits ol this Btato shall be pmiished by a fine of
one hundred dollars for each oiTunoe, and forfeit his
net or nets to the use of the state by any officer
making the arrest.
Beo. 9. It sha l not be lawful for any poison to
fish for white fish or lake shad with a not whose
ta less than two Itches In extension, knot
to knot, nor less than one and one-quartor Inches In
extension, knot to knot, for thooapturoor wall-eyed
plk. or pike pcroh , u uder a pena.i ty of twenty-llve
dollars lor each offenoe so oommltted, to be roo iv
Vi.wii,.imAnt. with confiscation of the net or
nets, bofore any Justioe of the peace or oity court
within th town, city or oonnty where such onenoe
Sis committed ,' and' one half of said fine shall go to
th. person who makes the complaint, and tho other
h Beo? 10.' if shall not b lawful for any person or
nersons to ennage In th stookin;' of a0y of the
nublio waters In this stato with pickerel
publlo waters In this stato witn picaerei.
p?w .'. p?s3 "i 'is . :'n MiSr i Li
Be punished by a fine of on. hundred dollars, or six
months' imprisonment In tha oounty Jsll, or both, In
tbedlsorellonfif theoourt.
, -v.. il ni hA lAwful rnr anv person
..7. .I...!. .it, kill nr riratrov anr fish In the
l" r .?. ,.,. nr streams where th
sameTte being bred artificially, and cultivated or
maintained, without th consent of th owner or
owners thereo', under a penalty of five dollars i for
iMh fish ' wught, killed or destroyed, to be
roeovered In th sam manner as In section on
a f M ont.
,mi ywo vi f nxraona
DM. 1. AUy prs m wvij.".-.. - r -
who engage la the culture of Bah In private enclos
ures within this state nail put up notloea at con
venient places on tneir premises, nereiu tury
shall indicate that no fishing la permlted on aald
premises. And if after such nous Is publloly
given, any person shall enter upon such premises
ana cutcn any usn.or m any manner u ui tuo water
thereof by any substanoe deleterious to the life and
growth of said Huh or shall break or destroy any dam,
reservoir or einbaa mant, or divert the water ,or do
any damage whatever to said premises, (he) shall be
lianle to a Hue of one hundred dollars, or imprison
ment in the county Jail not more than six niombs.
and shall be likewise liable to the owner or owners
thereof. In a oivll suit for the damtgee occasioned,
in any court within th townor county where suoh
offenoe was o imm'tlrd.
beo. 13. No person s'isll pursue, kill or destroy
any wild deor buck, fawn or elk within th limits
of this state, sive through the moatns of September,
October, November aad Daoember in any year, nor
ahall i n v persoa kill, oateh or destroy any mink,
beavei . dsher, or otter between the first day of
April a i the first day or October In any year,
under a penalty ol twenty dollars for eaoti otfiooe,
to be reoovored on ladiotment or otherwise before
any justioe of the peaoe within the town or county
where suoh offenoe was committed t and one-half of
said fine shall go to the person who makes said Oom-
piaini. and tn otner nan to tne state.
ceo. i i. no person snau xiu aur oi tne wuu
animals montioned in seotlon thirteen of this aot,
by nolson.and any person oonvioted of such ofienoe
shall upon oonviotion thereof be liable to a fin of
not loss than ten dollars for eaoh animal so poisoned
ana aestrovei.
beo. 13. This act shall take effect from Its passage,
Approved November 31, 1874.
No. 16. An Act fur the protection of game birds
in me state oi Vermont,
It Is hereby enaoted. eto. i
beo. I. No person shall take, kill, or have In his
possession within ima state, any wooacocx between
the first day of Marco and tbe first day of August in
any year, nor any lufiled irrouse, commonly oallea
partridge, betwoen the first day of March and tne
urstday orsepteuiber In any year, nor any wild
goose or wild duok between tho first day of May and
the Urstday ol beptember in any year, nor snail
any person at aoy time within this stale take, or
destroy, or have in ms poesession any egs of cither
oi tne oiras in this section mentionea, or lane
kin aoy such bird hy means of any .snare, not, or
trap provided, that nothing In this aot shall be
construed to prevent any perron Irom hunting on
his own lasds except during tbo times herein before
oeo. 2. No nnrson within this state shall
engago in hunting, shooting, or In the putsuit.
taking, or killing in any way of aoy wild gamo, or
other birds or animals, nor dischargo any firearms
lor suoh nurpo?e, nor for any purpose exo.pt the
Just defeuoe of person or property, or in tho cause
oi proper military or poi.co amy, on me llrst any
of the week commonly called Sunday.
beo, 3. Any person who shall violato either of
tne provisions ot tne ioregoing sections or this aot,
shall, n conviction thereof, forfeit and pav lor
each and every such nffeuoo tho sum of ten dollars
to thou jo of the stato; and such person may be
proscouted for uch oiToooe by any stato's attorney
or town Krand Juror, by oomplaint in common and
slmplo form, boiore ony luftlce ol the oeaoe, In the
manner ana suoioot to mo reiruiations prov dod bv
the general laws of tho s;ate lor the prosecution uf
onencos punisnaoie iy uue ana cognizable by justi
ces ol tho peace.
bee. 4. Whenever any penalty shall be collect!
and paid into the treasury of this stato, by any
prosecution for violations of the provisions of sec
tions one and two of this act, it shall be duty or the
state treasurer, upon the certificate of the olficer
who proiccuto 1 nuoli oase, that tne oonviotion thero
in was obtained upon tbe information of anv porson
voluutarily furnished, t) pay to such psreon ono
halfot such penalty.
Approveu rtoveuioor is, is. 4.
No. If. An Aot defining pit'.lio watvrs In this
It Is horeby enacted, eto. i
Sec. 1. All natural ponds of water In IhiJ stats
covering a superficial area of seventy-five acres or
more, not private property, shall be considered public
waters, Into which the Commissioners of Fisheries
may introduco ohoioo varieties of lish.
beo, 2. This act shall takoellect from Its passage
Approved November 13, 1474.
No. 19. An Act In amendment of section tiro of an
aot entitled MAn act rolatlng to privato corpor
ations o.y voluntary asr'ooiauon, ai
pproved No-
vemoer uj, ioim.
It Is hereby enacted, otc. i
beo. I. bection two ol an aet entitled ''An aot
relating to privato corporations by voluntary asso.
oiatlon," approvod Novembor t, IS70, Is hereby
amended by inserting tho words "musio, lecture
and othor publlo halls," a ter the word "hotels" In
tho sixth line of said section,
boo. a. This aot shall take effect from I s passage.
Approved November H, 1874.
No. ao. An Aot relating to private corporations.
It la hereby enaoted, eto, i
Soo. 1. Ilelore any private corporation herea'tor
organised, whether under special ohartor or the
goueral laws of the stato, shall oommenoe business,
tho preaidcot and directors thereof shall make a
certificate, which shall be verified by their oallt or
afUtmation.whiohcortifloato shall state the amount
of capital actually paid U and shall nl?o make a
similar certificate upon any lnorease of the capital
stock; whioh oertllleatcB shall b filed in the office
of tne Secretary ol btato.
beo. 2. This aot shall take effect from HspaSfage.
Approved November 12, le)71.
No. 21. -An Aot In amendment of section one nf
chanter ninety of the General Statutes, relating
to the formation of certain associations with cor-
? orate powers,
I Is hereby enacted, eto. :
beo, I. The seventh subdivision of section one of
chapter ninety ol the general statutts is hereby
amended by adding thereto the following i
Or lor tho cuitint, storage and sale ol ioe.
beo. 2. Tho oighth subdivision of section one of
chapter ninety of the general statutes is hereby
amended by adding thereto the following:
To establish anu maintain bands ol music or
other focleties for musical purposes, orassooiations
for tho purpose ol breeding or propagating lish or
beo. 3. This act shall take effect from Us passage.
Approved November 20, 1B74.
No. 23. An Aot In amendment of an aot entitled
" An act relating to private corporations by vol.
untary association," approved November 23, 170,
It is hereby onaoted, eto, i
Beo. 1, bection two of an not rotating to private
corporations by voluntary association, approved
Novembor 23, ls70, is hereby amended by add
ing thereto the following ;
" Aud provided lurthor, that suoh nam 3 shall ln
dloate that It Is a corporation."
beo. 2. Seotlon fourteen of said aot Is hereby
amended so as to read as follows
Tne artiolos ot agreement provided In section two
of this act shall be In stibstauoa as follows i l We,
tha subscribers, hereby assoelate ourselves togeth
er as a corporation, under the laws of the State of
Vermont, to be anown py ine name ot ior tue
purpose of ,at In the oounty of .
in said state, with a capital stook of dol
lars, divided Into chares of dollars
each. :
ilated at ,thla day of A. D.
Whioh articles of agreement, duly filled out and
signed by the corporators, snail be transmitted to
in., seer, rarv of state, who Bhall. thereupon. If suoh
articles are duly filled out and exocutod In ootn-
Klianoo with law, record the same in a book kept by
Im for that purpose, and return lo said corpora
tors a certified copy thereof, whleh renord and oer
tilled eopy shall havo the foroe and effect of a spe
cial charter, ilelore suoh corporation ahall oom
menoe business It slia'l oause suoh certified copy of
Its articles or agreement to oe puousnea at lengtn
In nne ntmsoniier printed in the county where such
corporation is located, li such there bo i and if not,
luan-aUJOining COUDty. nueuever sunn woiui-
tlon ahall desire to inoroase its capital stock, a oer
tllloate of 6uoh inorease, signed by the president
and dirootors, shall be riled with the seorotary of
state and recoroed by him, and a certified oopy re
turned and publlshea in tne same manner as pro
scribed In tho oase of the original articles of asso-
beO. A. oeotions soveuioou anu ntuuij -mivv vi
said aet of 1S70 are horohy ropeaiea.
Beo. 4. This aot snail iaae erieet mm us pa?uo,
Anprovcu rtv. is,
v.. in npt tn Amend section one of an aet en
titled An act lo autnorie uo luuunvieu oi in-
road corporations, and to regulate luo same,- au.
proved Novembor 20, A. D. 1874.
It la liAfnhv Annctfld. OtO. 1
Beo. I. Beotion one of an aot entitled ' Au aot to
authorlio tho formation ol rallroaa cniporations,
and to regulate the same," approved November an.
A. D. lST's, shall be altered and ' "nded to real o
See. 1. Any number . of persou kct loss than
twenty-live, a majority ot thorn bting Inhabitants
ot this state, may ioitu ouuipauy p". r
nronnriinilnr. malntalnlnn and operating a rail
road for publlo uso in oonvoyonoo of persons and
propeity i and for that purpose mayinake and sign
articles of association In whioh shall b stated the
name of the company, the plaoes from and to whioh
the road Is to be oonstruoted or maintained and
operated, the length of such road as near as may
v.1 ni ,k. , ,,r AAnh oltv. town and oounty in
this State through or Into which It Is made m In
tended to be made i the amount ol the cap tal stock
of the oompany, whioh shall be divided Into saares
of one hundred dollars eaoh, and shall not be less
Iban ten thousand dollars for every mile of road
oontruted or proposed to be oonstruoted, and the
wv m tw nr .Ii.mi ul whiah said canital stock shall
consist, and th names and plaoes of resldenM or
tb aireo;ors oi tue ouivAiiy """"'
from and by tb persons aubscrlblns; to said art!-
's of association, and shall manag Its aflklra for
me nrst year and until outers an enoeea in tneir
places i provided, however, that 1st th final loca
tion of sjoh railroad any necessary or reasonable
variation or change f line may b made, although
by such changcor variation th line may pass Into
town or towns, or a city not namedlin the attloleaof
aasuciatioD, or not louoa or pass inrougn aom oi
those named in such artielea, Willi toe general
rout and direction and tha terminal points onen
tiooed are observed, and th description of rout
made on any preliminary survey for such railroad,
uotwilhstanding suoh necessary and reasonable
ehanga of line in the final location, shall be deemed
a sufficient oompliaDO with this acti and such
onsuge or vanatien or line snau la no wis invaii.
dale the article of association of any eompani
formed under this art far th construction of such
railroad And such change aad variation In the
line may be mad at tb option of suoh company,
unless the same shall violate tha eonditloa or con
d itioris of th vote of any town or city, or or some
subscription to render aid in the oonstruotiOD o
suoh railroad i In which case th assent or suoh
town or ot the party mating such condition or sub
scription shall b first had and obtained i and the
route, ascnangea, snau b uied witn tne (secretary
of btato as an amendment of th original arti
cles of association filed In his otDoo. Each sub
scriber to suoa articles of association ahall sub
scribe thereto his name, plao of resideno and
number of sharea of stock be agrees to take In said
oompany, but no subscriber shall be brund to pay
beyoodten per centum of the amount of his sub
sortption until a corporation Is duly established un
der the provisions of this aot. On compliance with
the provisions of section to of this act. said artl
clts of association may bellied In the office of the
Secretary of Btate, who shall endorse thereon tb
day when tbe same was so filed, and shall record
the samo In a book to b provided and kept by him
In his office for that purpose i and thereupon the
persons who have so subscribed such articles of aa
sooiation, and all persons who shall become stock
ho ders in suoh company, shall be a corporation in
lact and In name, by the name specified in suoh ar
tiolos of association, whion nam shall be on not
In use by any other railroad corporation In this
state t and as such shall have power to have suc
cession by such corporate name for th period lim
ited n such artioles of association, or perpetually
If no period is limited in such ariloleSt to sue and
bo sued, oomplaln and defend in any court of law
or equity i to make and use a common seal, and al
ter tne nrse at ploasure i to lay out, construct, and
maintain lor publi use in the oonveyanc or per
sons and property, a railroad on the line or rout
dosiguated or defined in such artlolea orassoolatloni
to rake, hold, purchase, use and convey suoh real
and personal estate as may be necessary, for the
construction, maintenance and aooommodatlons of
such railroad, and the stations! and other accom
modations necessary to accomplish the objects of
ihelr luo irporation, a-.d as the purposes tf the cor
poration shall require, not exoeedlng the amount,
Il any, which may be limited in suoh articles ol as
sociation or by-laws t to take and oonvey persons
and property on suon railroad by the power or
lorce oi stnnnt or of animals, or by any mechanical
power, and to receive compensation thereior, sub.;
joot to euch roguia ions as are or may be provided
by law i to erect and maintain all necessary and
convenient buildings, stations, Uxtures and ma
chinery for the accommodation and use of the pass
engors, freights ami business on or over suoh rail
ronds i to regulate the timo and manner In whioh
said passengers and property Ishali be transported
on suoh railroad, subject to any regulations whioh
are or may be provided by law t to appoint such
subordinate olllocrs and agents as the business of
the corporation shall require, and to allow them a
suitable compensation i and make by-laws, noj in
consistent with any existing law, tor the managa
ment oi the property of the corporation, the regu
lation of its affairs, and tho transfer of Its Slock,
and for all purposes shall be deemed to be a rail
road company or corporation, duly Incorporated
under the au'hority ef this Stato, and as such shall
also have all the powers, rights, franchises, and
privileges granted to or vested in railroad com
panies or oorporations by chapter twenty-eight ol
Ilia general stntutcs, and any act or acts passed or
to be passed In addition thereto or in amendment
thereof i and shall bo subject to all the duties, lia
bilities and provisions contained in said chapter, or
in any law ol this Stato. which mav Atwt, nr ! n.
plica nle to railroad companies or corporations.
Approved November 18, 1874.
No 2-1. An Aet In addition to elm pier n'm-tv four
of tho goneral statutes.
It Is hereby enaotoa ctoi
boe. 1. Anv nerson within I.Iia Rtntn v.,.,,,,,,
WllO Shall aot as t ie airent nf Anv ntlmr iinnn
I'viDvuo, uiui or uruis, ior tne sale or spirituous or
intoxicating liquors, or who shall travel from dIsoa
to place within tho State, sellinir. furnishim.'. dis
posing of or giving away spirituous or Intoxicating
liquors for any other porson or persons, firm or
ririus, or who snau take any order or orders for an
other person er porsons, Brut or firms, or who shall
bo instrumental in any way In causing any order
or orders t j be sent to any other person or persons,
firm or firms, other than a lawfully authorised and
appointed agont In this state for the sale of liquors,
Ior any k ind of spirituous or intoxioating liquors,
or who shall In any way, directly or indirootly, aid
Shot Or assist anv othnr nnrn.in n ,.A.anna Ar, .
firm?, to soil, furnish or give away, or In n'ny man-
' , , , . "lyirHuousor imoxioaiingiiquors
w.thin this state, or who shall carry or exhibit, or,
cause to be exhibited, any sample or ssmplesof any
spirituous or iiitoxicatirm linunrn. nr u-iva. rt.
saow or in woy indicate the price or prices of
"d miv , mm a now to inuuee any person or per
sons, to purchase said liquors, or suoh liquors, as
said sample or samples re,itre,unr.. ahniihA uitinHvAd
guilty oi an uffonoe against chapter ninety-four of
too Uoneral Statutes, and shall lorfeltand pay, f r
each offenoe. to the Treasurer of th Htj.li, noon the
first conviction one hundred dollars and costs or
prosetuilon t on lite seoond oonviotion, ho shall
forfeit and pay for each offenoe as aforesaid, three
hundred dollars and the oosts of prosecution s ana
on the third and all sunstquent convictions, he
shall foneit and pay for each offenoe, as aforesaid,
five hundred dollars and the oosts. and Bhall also be
imprisoned in the the oounty jail for a term not ex
oeeiiingsix montbsi provided, that nothing in this
act be construed to prevent the selectmen of any
town In this atate from purchasing intoxioating
iiuuois iui mo puii'iises eet lonn in saia Chapter
beo. 2. Tho prosecutions undor this aot shall bo
In accordance with and shall confotm to the
provisions or chapter ninety-four of lh general
beo. 3. This aot shall take effect from Its passage,
Approved November 21, 1S74.
No. 28. An Aet In amendment of and In addition to
Bection twenty-two of chapter ninety-four of the
geneinl statutes. entitlod "Of the trafllo In tntox-
leatlng drinks."
It Is horoby enacted, eto, ,
boe. 1. In any town where there is no regularly
appointed agent, any liquor seized under the pro
visions of tins chapter and adjudged forfeitod to
the use of the town, shall be delivered to the select
men of said town who shall have tha same power
now ooulorrod upon the agont by said seotlon
twenty-two of chapter ninety-four of the goneral
statutoi, to dispose of and to exaulne tbeBamet
and in o.ise It is found unlit for iuedoal, ohemioal
or mechanical put poses, to make certificate to that
effect upon the warrant In the same manner as
agonts are empowered by law to do,
roc, 2, This aet shall take effect from Its passage.
Approved Movctnberfi, l74.
No. 27. An Act In amendment of an set ontltled
An act in amendment ot and in addition toehap
ter ninety-lour of the general stntutos. entitled
Of tho trafllo in Intoxicating drinks,'" approved
nevoiuoer to. toos,
It Is horeby enaoted, eto. i
Bsc. 1 . Bection three of an aot In amendment of
and in audition to chapter ninety-four ol the gen'
eral statutes, ontitled "Of tho trafllo In Intoxica
ting drinks," app-oved Novembor 16, 16C9, la herf
bv amended so as to read as follows i
w nenevor any person oy reason ot intoxication
shall commit or cause any injury upon tho person
or property or any other Individual, anv porson
wno oy nimseir, ins oiera or servant, snau nave
unlawfully sold or furnished any part of the liquor
causing such Intoxication, shall be liable to the
nartv lniured for all damage occasioned by the in
jury so done, to be recovered In the same form of
action as sucn lntoxicatea porson wouiu oe iianiu
tot and both such parties may be jotnod In the
samo notion, and in case of tho death er disability
of any person, oithor from the injury rooelvodas
herein specified, or in conseouenco of Intoxication
from the use of liquors unlawfully furnished as
aiorosaitt, any person wno snau ue m any uinuuor
denendent on such ltilurod person for means ol sup-
pott, nr any party on whom such Injured porson
may bo dependent, may rcoovor from the person
unlawfully selling or furnishing any suoh liquor
as atoresa u, all damage or loss susiainea in eonse
ouc nee of such injury. In any court having juris-
motion in futh cases i and coverture or infanoy
shall be no bar to proceedings for recovery in any
onaoarlsinir under thli act. and no persoa shall be
dlrqualifiod as a witness, by reason of the marriage
relation in any procoeutng unuor una not.
Sec. 2. This aot shall take effect from its passage,
Approved November 1074.
Ko. H.- An Aot In addition to seotlon thirty-throe
of chapter nmety-:onr o.tne general einiuwis,
It la lmrnhv Anantrrl. Atn. t
H-n 1 it .hail hA thAriutv nf the oruoor arrest
Ing any intoxicated person nn -er and by virtue of
section tnirty-itireo 01 onapter ptuoiy-iour ui tuo
r., 1 ntAintra to Immediately trivo notice 01
tuch arrest, and of the taking of the disclosure of
SUOn lniOXICIUOU Lioreuu w n alu,"VJ l 7 i Y
attorney of th town or oity In which suoh Intoxi
cated porson shall be found to lntoxloated, or the
state's attorney ot the oounty In which suoh town
orcity lies t and thereupon it shall be the duty ot
suon grana turor, or twin ony anturuej vi
lA.oanri at thAtAlrlna. nf anah dlSOlOSUr!
and If said Justice shall Issue Ms warrant under
and by virtu of said sootlon, It shall b the duty
of suoh grand juror or city attorney, or aald atatVs
attorney to appear anil proueut said oaua tat th
sam manner as If suoh grand juror, elty attorney
or said state's attorney bad been ootnplalnantla'
the same. And if said officer ao making th arrut
as aforesaid, or atld magiairata. grand Jaror, oitr
attorney or atate'i attorney, shall refuse or negleot
to do and perform accruing to th Urm ofthls
act, they ahall b severally lirfblo ti Ui penal Um
prescribed by section forty-two of chapter aunety.
Tonr aforesaid. '
beo. 2. This aot shsll tak eff. et (rom It Baaier
Approved November 21, lu;. "
N. 89. An aot relating to tha manufacture and
.... aaleotdomeatuj wines.
. It Is hernby enacted, etc. i
Beo. 1. Thn mrl ornvial,.-. of-l i
rourof tho general statutes, relating to th manu-'
racture, sale and use of older, shall apply to the
manuractur. sale and us of win whin la made
in this state, from grapes or other fruits, the
growth of tola state, and whleh In uh, ,- .
mixture of alooholor spirituous liquor; provide 1.
onty 1S Ml1 US '"r """d'01 tnrposiii
tsao. a. This aot shall take ftVc5 ftum Its paasage.
Approved Novomber U, 1874.
30.-An Act to amend section two of an act en
"i ao aot reiaung to witnesses in prosecu
tions Tor soiling or furnishing lotoxioatlng Ho
nors," approved November 27, 1972.
It is hereby enacted, etc.
Beo. I. Tbe aecond section nf an anr Anttiiiut i n-
'..relVLn.s t0, wlt0MS" In proseoutionj for selling
or rurnl.hiug Intoxioating liquors," approved Nov
ember 27, 171, Is hereby ameaded by Inserting In
tbe seoond line thereof, after th word ' shall." th
word not."
Beo. 2. This aot shall tak effect ftjm lu casing
Approved Novembor 6, 1874. K
No. 31. Aa Act relating o the registry of mtiriagea
It Is herel.v enaoted eto.:
B'C. I. Whpnnrnr nnv m.l.M.I.I..! -,.1.1. .....
. ., -- ---------..j ...a.v , vi-ii4ui ui tins ntats
shall be married without the Stabs, he shall within
s xty days thereafter depoeit with the Olerk of tii
oity or town weerehe shall si reside, a oartlilcata
embracing all the statistics now required by law In
A vv.iueiiioai nuu 10 case ut negleot or re.
fUSal to COmulv With thn nrnrialAn, nr iki. l
the person bo noglooting or rerus'ng shall be liable
to the same penalty, to be recovered in Ilk mtnner
as may tow bo imjiostd for negleot to return certifi
cates of marriages solomniied Tn tho stato.
Boe. 2. The hosd of any family, who shall bete
alter beoomo a permanant resident nf thiaitod,
oaue to bo recorded in the oUioe 01 the town or
city c ork, wherosuch rosinenee may be, a certifi
cate ol the marriage of such head of family, which
certificate shall einbraco as nearly as possible all
the statistics now required by law In similar oertld.
cates 1 and may also cause to be recorded In suoh
town or city olerk soflice the birth ot any child or
children belonging to suoh hand of famiiv whlnh
may havo been hi ru without this state, and such
record slull embrace all tho statistics relating to
births now required by law, and suoh head or fami
ly shsll make oath to the niirrnntiind r ...k ti
tles but the reoords provided for In this section shall
not be returned to tne secretary of Btate.
bee. 3. It shall be tho duty of any town or elty
o.erkto properly rocord all tho matters of record
herein provided for, and hel shall receive therefor
the same foes as are now provided by law for slml.
lar records.
Sec. 4. This aot thall tako effoot from It passage.
Approved, Novemlwr 17, 1S71.
33 , An Aet In relation to 1 ubllo lands.
It is hereby enacted eto.:
Seo. 1. The words iwlhn .At.' i .-,t..
of an not entitled "An act In amendment ot an aet
ontltled an aot in amondmontoi an aot approved
Novembor 15. A. D. ltWJ, entitled of publlo lands,"
approved November 10, A. I). 1870,shall bo constru
ed to mean public worship, and preaching conduct
ed by a regular!)- authorlied. minister of the gospel
aoeording to theiules of the soveral rellirlous socie
ties resMctively, and no other religious exerci.'o
beo. S. This aot shall take orTjot from I to passo '.
Approved, Muveinber SJ, isri.
No. 33 An Act io abolish the boaid of education
ami to crA,to tn() 0lHcej or a,ato ,anSrlntendent
of eduoatlon.
it is lioicny enaoted,
Boo. 1. Sections ono. two t!,r tn..- it.- .1.
soven, eight, one hundred nine, one hundred twelve
and on hundred thirteen of ohapter twonty-two 0'
tho goneral statues, and all acts and parts of acts
amendatory of and in addition thereto aro hereby
Sec. 2. The Joint assembly shall elect, attioh
biennial session of tbo legislature, a state superln-
riiuoutueuuuation,wno shall Inlthfully devote
his whole tlmo In promoting ths highest educational
interosts of tho state, and visit evory part thereof
during each year, deliver leotures upon tho subject
of eduoatlon, confer with town sunerlntnnrtnnt.
visit schools in oonnactinn u-irh tl.A,. anH r..l:.i!
each of them blank Torms for collecting school
See. 3. Ho ehall annua.! lv nnnn n ,.iin -n
cation of twenty fiy teachois iu any county, exeept
brand Isle and Essex oouutles-ln which the nuui-
ber may be fifteen teaohors-for that purpose, hold
one teaohers' nis'.liute in suoh county at a time
when the common sahools are not In session as far
as praotioable, not to exoeed throe days aoh. Said
state superintendent may employ assistants t glv
ellioiency and intorest to suoh Institutes as he may
he required to hold, and a sum not exoeedlng thirty
dollars per day actually paid by said state auperiu.
tendent lor such sorvioos, and lor advertising and
other necessary exponBes thereof, shall be paid to
...... ui.ouui.ouuoiit uy me siate treasurer,
on the allowance aud order of the auditor of ac
counts. 8eO. 4. SaldstalA niinnrlnlAnHnn, la t.At.n
quired to prescribe blang forms for a school'reglster
conveniently arranged for keeping a dally reo rd
w n mciiuauiiD 01 uuiiuren upon the sohool, ana
oontaining printed luterrogaturies addressed to
ttachera and lo district clerss, for the procurement
ol suoh statiBllcal Information as be may seek to ob.
v. 1.1 wo..., jmi, nuu auau information as wtu ena
ble tho aelocimen of towns to divide th public
money according to law 1 and ia the month of Jan
uary in each year the atate superintendent shall
procure and furnish to every town superintendent
in this stnte a sufficient number uf such registers to
supply all the district clerk s in each town with on
register for evory school for the ensuing year. Any
town superintendent receiving suon regietera shall
immediately lorward his rooeipt thereior to tlie
state superintendent 1 and on failure to receive
suoh registers by the first day of February In each
year, tbe town superintendent shall Immediately'
notify the state superintendent thereof who shall
supply the deficiency forthwith, fiaoh distriot
clerk shall annually, on or belbre the first week la
March, procure of the town olerk a register :or each
sohool In h ib district and be responsible for the safe
a.ouiuj tuoioui.
8c0. G. Town snDOrintende.nlfl nf anhnnlttithfkll nn.'
Dually, on or before the tenth dav of Anril. make
out and roturn to the atate superintendent tha
statistics of the schools In eaoh distriot In their
respective towns, in aocordanee with the forms
proscribed by said state superintendent agreeably
to law. The state superintendent, upon lh re
ceipt of suoh leturna, shall forward a eerttfl
oate thereof to the town superintendent making
the return.
Bee. 6 It shall bo tho dutv of tb trustee! of
tho aeademios and grammar sohools whioh bar
been Incorporated bv tho legislature of th slat
of Vermont, tooause their principals to return to the
said state superintendent; nn or before the first day
01 April in eacn year, truo and oorrect answers to
such statistical inquiries as may have been address
ed to thorn by the state superintendent In the month
of January previous.
8eo. 7. The state Buneilntendont of oducatlon
shall prnwiro and present to the legislature, on th
first day of cacn biennial session thereof, a report
ot his offio nl doings for the preceding two years,
and a statement of the condition of th schools In
tha state, or the expenditure ot the sohool money
therein, with such suggestions for information and
Improvement rotative tn the various schools In
the state as he may deem proper, lie shall cause
to be printed not more than three thousand and
five hundred copies of his biennial report, and have
the same roady for distribution on the assembling
of the legislature, and ehall distribute the sam aa
ioiiows, vis 1 one oopy to enen meinoer 01 tne legis
lature 1 onooopy to each town superintendent, for
tuo use 01 nuu ana nis successor in oiuoe t one coiif
to each distriot olerk 1 and on oopy to the princi
pal of each graiied, union, or high school la the
state 1 and any remaining ooples shall be deposited
In the state library for luture reference, exchange
or sale. The said Btate superintendent shall for
ward tho necessary copies lor distribution, exoopl
for members of the legislature, to the various town
clerks, which shall be hy them distributed in tb
same manner as the laws are distributed.
Sec. 8. The Governor ahall hav power to ap
point anv suitable person to fill any vsoanoy that
may ooour in theorbo of state superintendent! nd
tho person so appointed shall have the same power
and perform the some duties aa If elected agreea
bly to the provisions of seotion two of this aot.
Sco. 9. Seotlon nln of ohapter twenty-two of th
general statues Is horoby amended by striking out
lo line twenty-three of said section the words
"secretary or tho board" and inserting In lieu
thereof the words ' state superintendent of ed
uoition "
Beo. 10. The stato superintendent Bhall receive
the sum of fifteen hundred dollars per year and his
actual travelling expenses while In the performance
ofth dulles of his oilloe, and tho expense of pro
curing blank folios, and postage, wnloh allowances
ahall be psld by tha treasurer on the acceptance
and order of th auditor of accounts.
beo. 11, All aola and parts of aota Inconsistent
With tills aot are hereby repealed,
Beo. 19, This act shall Uk effect from lttpassag.
Approved, November 18, IU74.

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