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Jl o
CHAS. C. MORSE, Publisher.
A Weeklj Journal of local and General News ? Devoted to (be Iuterests of Lamoille County.
TrPM C- ftl.50 poryear if paiarnA ranee.
2.00 il B4t is Advance.
Voliimo lfJ.
Lamoille Newsdealer
1 Column, tniymr, 1190, elx months, $60; three
1-i oilman, en year, oo i alx monthi,35tj tbree
oaths, :! "no lauiini,
.oilu nil. cio jnr, ";iix uivntha, $20; three
Blo.itlK. II J. 5t one month, S3.
l-j j.ilu nn,ene vear, irM six months. 110-three
montus, i uxa laonin, .i
lljimcflUwiinn nrst paje, at par line, a yeatj
noermre luiu mart . f . -1 t
. .Nttiemof Ijiaratlmja.mlSliryir.B6nk
r fWiata notioaf . !.r0each.
Lijel notion, loeonts per line for one, two
three Insertions.
0'iUuiry notioes five cents per line.
It MMlllOMIe C IV 1 (1 M ,
Nuniler T. .
Attorney at Law, Holtcltor In Chancery, and
viaim Agent.
OSm ever Noyes Broa. Bture.
I si aster nbfcnotry',
. Attorney at La, aa
Collections and all business trusted to blm will
be promptly attended to. Insurance of all kinds
plaovti iti the best Stock and Mutual Companies,
jyll Ollloe with ttor. Hendee.
Ewex Junotion, Vt.
Attorneys at Law and Solicitors in Chancer',
llvde Park, Vt.
"articular attention irlven to theoolloctlonof all
claims asainsttho Uovernraont, widow's, invalid
4nd tfl' pensiunB, muiiwm, uwir-hy, w
- i ; i ; 1 t i l ' 1 ' ' 1 '
Attorney at Law and Solicitor In Chaaoery,
Morrliville, Vt
OIBeo ovorfl.P. Hardy's store
M. 0. HKATIi,
Atlornoy at Law and SollaiWr in Chanoery
' 'jhnaon, Vt.
Alao war claim A i:nt
nit ('. 1. JACK M l.
HOMlEOPATHiST, Mor'lsvillo, Vt.
OiBao at tho residence ot Win. B. Outt Dg. 61
oj, m, l. powr.ns., , ji orf
i HdJUK.K'ATliHiAlvaoimsorr, vt.
u.fioeat the residence of Mrs. H. SI. Paruialee
c. d. t.itoiT, a
Wolontt. Vt.
inrin BAitAi.i..
ilyde I'urR, Vt.
Oflce at his Residence on Main atrcot. Will
ptutico in Hyde Park and vloinity.
I. II. (JtlOTKa, X. V.,
KuuKUa it physjiuian AB.u MjUuciv
OBIce at his rosldunoo, throe duura from the Church.
!. W. Bl-TK.
Tlioflr.4 tiro weeks ofovery montt ,1 shall beat
my rooms in ' 'amhridce lloru', Vt,. and there-
luahidei-irrneli moBiiiai juiinscn, u.
Nitrons Oxide uas given wnen uesiren. y?-.
II. U. alll.or.B'i' 1I
ifuiuir.u.i uiuvnci,
Morrisrllle, Voriuont. . ,
Wlireoasxund work lll bq furnislied atrean-
ill.nrices, asoan keobtalne! ainytwhereMn Hie
BUM. And ahftl I horoaftor oep my otlieannan
iurinstlie UltST TH DAYS Or bavh Jural i,
Butshallbe away noin home more or less oi mo
reiiiiiintler of the time,
i i,nt. Ai.r.thA Muilernimurovements. and war-
tsnt entire satisfaction! n all easoa. or no pav will
be reunircu.
On Tabor'a height a glory came.
And, shrined in clouds of lambent flaine.' '
The awe-struck, hushed disciples saw "' !
Christ and the prophets of the Uw;
Moses, whose enind and awful fane :-.
fnai!; IlluaJflr; borj the tfaoe, ,
And wise Elins, in his eyes
The shade of Israel's prophecies, ,
Stood in that vast mysterious light i ; " ' ;
Than Syrian noons more purely bright.
One on eaoh hand and high between ' ;
Shone forth the godlike Nuzarene. .,:
They bowetl their heads in holy fright, , ,
No niortal eyes could bear the sight, ,
And when thev looked ngnin, behold!
The fiery clouJs had backward rolled, . '
And borise uloft, m givsdeur lonel. . , '
Nothing waleft,-Bafe'JesusonIy.',," i
Resplendent type of tilings to be ! i .
We read its mystery to-day
With clearer eyes than even they,
The fisher saints of Galilee.
We see the Christ stand out between
The ancient law and faith serene, J
Spirit and letter both above -
Spirit and letter both was Love.
Led by tho hand of Jacob's God . i :
Thrutigh wastes of ld a path .was trod
uyjwnioll (he savage world could move
Upward through law and 1'itith to love.
And there in Tabor's h irinlessflimo ."!
The crowning revelation enme.
The old World knelt in homage due,
The prophets near in revcrcnue drew,'.
Law ceased its niisMun to fulfill
An! Love was lord on Tabor's hill.
So now, while ci-oetls perplex the mind
And wraiigljug!( load the weary wind,
When all the air isftllcd with words
And texts that Hue liki olnahine sworrisl. . , .
AH Is (WrefdieVwo mstirisi ,. .
Wheie Tabor's shining glories burn
The soul of antique Israel gone
And nothing left but Christ nlnne.
cribner for January.
Tjic Maid, of Klllccna.
I 'M ' !' i 1 t .
Author of
",n'"' DENTIST
Johnson, Vermont.
tA..ti. ,.i ;., tim iinu.t.al of nroserva
.1: .f iinnnufn I I V t.refttld I
irtidelal tooth mirte lu every atyle'known to thej
Deputy Sheriffj nd Auctioneers.
Deputy Slioriff, Aiictloneorand Livery Keeper,
kl . ;lla v..,nl
Prompt attention to busi'nessls guaranteed. (7 I)
H. C. l.ANf HKlt.
lljdo Park, Vermont.
FnitM'ul auontiun will be Daid to all buslaes:
)l this nature.
I. 1I'IBI.I r
( Deputy ShorllT, Austtertcarr an;yqiooiivp,
iivuoraiK, Toouvti.,
All calls promptly attended to.
'0HSSO llltl'SK,
u. H.SAXnv. Pmnrlotor. Johnson. Vt
stupes stop at this house, bti lot attention paid
""n "iiiuui ifuusia.
tnitux HHisK,
SHAH'S (lom
oiowe(LoworVlllago,) Vt.,
nivivt Tjillir Prnnrl.tor.
All whoston &l hl. 1........ am rm nr tpnttinff
mteru.nnent. Conveyance to any part olthe
:ntry oan he hadat shortnotioe. and "Dan."
Ill do hla l,n.t l,- '
- -Iv "u v IJioase in. xuePbv
""oflnAM CHD8., Proprietors, Ilardwlok. Vt.
nielfoanehA. hnn ii,n.,.n.,i,iv niij,H. Cnn
pysooe to any part of the country at shortnotioe.
. .. . . r m I
FAIRFAX. VT.i-1 ni- j
W. W. F08S, Proprietor.
Qood Livery Uonneeted.
tsl'KI, S.T0NK.- . .1
IWerk WArrantnrl E, O..IU. nalllttt
l?.,ihoeLni! ill'1il""u'ltoases,snoh as the different
NOBD'S steam Bill
l!i!l,!,)lM.; tobuJ' th eat Bent Jelloes thero Is
fSuU ipi' K"4!"1". Ladders, Tenoe Ralh .
uk iii . rm" " xlnds or 1 urncu
SiOhi .'"is "u, wi unmr. riiiviiuiu
"solicited and prompt attention given.
. . oArroiiu, uauioriugo, vs.
I ho Prlnoow of Thulo," '-A Daughter
it licth," eto. (
CIIAPTKIH II. (Continued,)
Ailusa lurneJ to him with terror io lie
Atii where do vo-i ga to now ? You
hum faying vou would put me in a boat
to tek me buck." , r
f s IJ nhbgeit ' liln '?slinuia'uis ' shj had
been siicrtkiiisr loo ouicklv for him
u i a
'Can not you tek me back ?" tho girl
cried, wildly. "There is many a cue tbat
will pay you for tho time; or if you will
tek me ouly to tho Lcwif, and I will get
back to Killeena. My friends they will
nil think 1 oin dead now ; and it tvass
oojy yoMerdayjtliiillhey i:ame" to tha Wed
ding. Ami my husband, A lister, lie wili
think that I am dead no,w."
But these urge nt protestations were lost
on him. He shjok his head. Ho could
not uudfislund her when die spoke like
Listen," h-) said to her. And then
that ho had, word
by word, prepared while she lay asleep in
the cabin, "this boat is the Prix Pour
Moi. &"t7 7o Plait ; me, captain. We
haf coiiffo, vine, fluur. We go to Ice-
landr bring back the ,-ult Gsh, to Bordeaux.
Wo go. wp.qtnp pjijli you iai? Vorrte'll.
lou reft horej we seo the ship you desire;
you go wis licr to Eoglish place good ?"
"Vou are going to Iceland?" shosaid.
Wass there any Knglish ships thero?''
11 o shook his head.
"No, not many Engleesh one perhaps.
But here on the sea many Englccfh ships
ve shall look then you go back. But
why you are in grand distress?"
"I hef'no right to be," she sa'il, sftly,
8. PAGE!
Union hand at his lumberyard i a
"Unlock of thoroughly teaioned
. p a u c e ,
Also x r t .iis'r
and aJmOH.to WsalI 'Y4u (Am erry
kiuu to me kinaer than my own kith and
kin, thtt tried to murder me. Aud what
bet' I done that any one would try to
murder me ?''
And so tbo small vessel sailed away to
the north , and the girl sat and watched
for the ship tbat'was to lake hr back to
ber own country. Thitt day they saw do
fewer than five; but all pf these the sailors
told her wonld beofW Use to her Wlieu
she looked disappointed, the small captuiu
would as'i her if she would rather go to
America than to Iceland.
Bit by bit, as she found out how to
make him understand her, she loliMiiin
her story ; and the mini's luce grew dark.
"He try to kill you!"
"I do Dot know," she said, fief wish
ed not to believe that ; but I can not help
I itland f'sf wass my owo husband's brother.
It wass fearful nignt that night. Ana
what are they aJU.doinf jfiowjj AU.glifg
roudi Ihe 'snol e io6kln for me ; or hof
tbcygoDB away to the farms, thinking
that I wass drowned, and Alistor only he
will bo looking for roe out by the shores
of Killeena, where I wass healing hiui
cry to me, 'Ahasa ! Aliasa !' "
The further north they got the itore rare
ly they caught a glimps of any distant res-
sel near the horizon, and by-aud-by Aj.ssa
resigned hcr-self 'to goiog on with thtm
to Iceland. ' Cuplaiu and crew were alike
exceedingly kind and 'attentive to her.
The cabin into which she had been at first
u-herd was reserved for her exclusfte use.
Such dlieacies as the iship's stores afford.
cd were prepared for her Indeed, she had
been accustomed to considerably rougher
fufo in the rude' islunds of the Hebrides.
And again and agaiu she besought the
captain scmelinitS with tears iu her eyes
-to express to the men her gratitude to
them for their kindness ; and as for him
self, she would leu'e it to her liucbnnd
Alihter Lewis, to take the proper means
of thanking him when 6he got buck to her
own home. ' '
But auolhcr bitter disappointment was
ID More for hor . After the long and tedious
voyage, that seemed to be carrying her
beyond tho confines of the known world,
they saw laud al lust ; nod when in course
of time tbey sailed into . tbo small
port of Reykjavik, bho lookod forward
with great joy to meeting some of her own
couatrymen, wbo would tuko her back to
Wick, or Btornoway, or even Greenock.
Thero was not a single British vessel of
my description in the harbor. She cried
silently ; but 'she' hid her tears., for she
was ashamed to show apparent ingratitude
to those who hud done so much for her.
You rest here--sniull timo," said tho
captuiu, chccrlully. " We get tho feesh,
then we sail. Then you shall find manv
Engleetih ships, much many Engleesh ships,
when we go backhundreds Epgleesh ship:
that go to Glasgow.",
"To Glusgt w."sho repeated. mcohanica!
ly. Should she have to go to that distant
city of uhieb situ had heard, of which sh
hud dreamed m.iny u timo in readin
Aitsiers lellors to her I All that she
knew of the place wus llio address of the
shop in tho Gallowgato to which she bud
sent hor letters in reply.
"Huf you ironey ?" said hor friend the
small captain.
".No. not any," sho said.
"You wuut money, oh yes," he said,"
when you go lo Glasgow, . Greenock, or
the oilier harbor for you to go home
Here some money. Pay me back in a
Ho took out a well-worn leather puive
on the outside of which were large initials
worked in gold beads.
"My vife," he said, with a proud smile
"inyvife do that. Yes. Hero Borne
money forr yiu." Ho offered her three
Nupoleous, which oho took. 'But mtao
while she hud quickly undone from round
her neck the ehuni fo rrhich was uttached
a smtll hud pretty silver watch fhut Nieol
Lewis had bought fur her in Storuowiy
Both of these wliilu she was too much
confused to spcuk. she offered to him
What is that ?" he said with afuddeu
frowu. . ;It l.ts a present," she said, tim-
Wj-'''i'0" hef been very kind to me."
i-'Non !"! the French ciiptuiii said, with
angry vehetneuco. "Tuko away! No
present tbrr me!" , , .' i! '
Ho looked at the young gn l, at her
frightened and imploring f'aca ; 'thnu he
shrugged his shoulders, and laughed.
"lie not atrait ! lie said, motioning
back her hand. "It is no matter, lam
not. angry. Yotl air 'only a child."
: CHAPTER VIII.' ' ' iru"'."
In due course of time thermal! French
schooner bad taken in lur emtio of suit
fish tho period of waiting having sremed
innumerable ages to the young . Highland
girf., j TheD they set sui! onco more, and
tbeie Iras not any one of the seamen kept
a better look-out than she did. And they
were more foriuuule ou their voyage south ;
for before long they foil in with a, homeward-bound
steamer, the oaptain of , which
willingly took Ailasa on board.' 1 Ho would
carry her to ' Glasgow, where she would
take steamer for, Stornoway, That was
the best be could do for her.
:"You hef been a very good friend to
me," suid Ailaws to trie captain of the
French sohdonoiv while tears were rtiDiiiug
down her. face, "uud 1 will not ; know1 at
all how to thank you ! ' but it iss my hus
band who will write to you. - And if you
wass coining any day into Styornoway, or could not believe now 1 that this city in
tbat it is a good frieod you hef been to
me." : ;
Ailasa stood on the deck of - the big
steamer as. it weut throbbing on its way.
She did not know that she was an object
of great curiosity to tho passengers on
board, for she was still regarding the
small vessel that was left behind, and wav
ing her handkerchief to the good ' friends
wnom n. was mile iikeiv lo sec again
Then she turned lo find herself among a
new sot of strangers. -
The captain of the steamer was a tall,
burly, white-haired Scotchman, who talk
ed iu a bluff fashiou tliut rather frighten
ed her. but who was very kind lo her all
the same. And when ou tho next after
uooo they sailud up tbo Olyde and got
tiear to Glasgow the girl wus quite be
wildered by the din of the dock-yards
and tho sight of such great crowds of
people he said to her.
"Now, niy UsS, it winua do for ye to
gimg about tho streets o' a big town ; and
I'm tolled that the Siornoway steamer
doesna sail the moio's uiornio. but the
duy after. Hue ye got auy siller about
Sho showed hiiu tho three gold pieces,
which ha regarded with much contempt.
"Gio them to me," he said, "and I'll
get you something mtiir serviceable. Now
take heed o' what I'm saying. I'll send
ono o' my men to put ye into a cab, and
yo'll drive to that shop in tho Gallogate
do ycu understand ? ' Then' yo'll tell
Mr. Mucilwhatn and God forgie him for
having euch a name wha yo are and
your belongings, and he'll pnt ye in the
way o getting a comfortablo lodging.
And I'll lend yo a bug to put the bits o
things in thut the leddies have given ye ;
but uiiud ye lot me huvo lljc bag back
again, for it doesna belong to me.
It wus as one in a dream that Ailasa
fjutid herself in the great city of which
Alistci Lewis hud often written to her.
Surely thero was nothing here of all that
she imtpagined. When sho stepped on to
tho quay ut Broomielay tho noise of tho
place terified her, and she could ouly
staro in a fnuhtcned fuahion at the enor
mous masses of houses and tho wonderful
streams of men and women and the strange
vehicles in the streets. The sailor who
wus in churee of her treuted ber as if she
was a child. Ho took her hxnd to lead
her to the cub, seeing that sho almost
shrank from venturing out iDlo tho street.
Then he .gofou the box with the driver,
aud they drove away.
What hideous roar uud rattle was this
thut filled her curs? - The great "aunt
lines cf houses seemed to huve no end.
She saw crowds of people such as she had
scaroely imugiued to exict in the whole
world; and ull at ouco, recollecting thut
sho wus uluno in this vast multitude.
knowiug noiio and known to none,: her
courage fell away from her. U seemed
to her now that sho was lost and forlorn
as sho had bceu that . wild 'night at sea,
and that she should never see ''Alistor
Lewis, or her mother, br Killeena any
more. I tie oudless streets wero blotted
out by her tears, i Sho thought no more
of Iho size of the plaoa, except that it
seemed to her she waa plunging decner
and deeper into an inscrutable and terri
ble wilderness, from which tbero could be
no escape. ... When at length the vehicle
stopped and the sailor came down to ask
her to alight, she stepped out on the
pavement with a look on her face as of a
bird thut suddenly finds itself in tho hands
of a suarer. . The very skies and the free
light of Ileaveu seemed shut out iu the
heart of this fearful city. ,, .
"Ay, my good lass, this is the shop,"
said tbo Scotch sailor ; "dinna ye see tbo
name pwer the door '" . - 1
She timidly orossed tho pavemer.f, ' ""
"Here,! said the man, "take your Lag
wi' yo, and mind what Oaptain Maclntyre
tolled ye. i And I'll say good-day to ye
nd wish ye a quick passage back to
Stornoway," r i i, , r,-.. r - v ' ,V!
She was so bewildorcd that she could
only thank him vuguely ; theu she went
into the shop, r, i i. . .'. '
It was it strange pluce. '' There was do
coo at t in the front portion of it j ' and
behind, in tbo gloom, she could see an
other large : apartment filled with largo
frames and sheets of glass and gilded dec
orations. It seemed hopeless to ' her to
ask hor lor news of Alistcr Lewis. She
of the two, who was io front. "Weel,
I'm sorry to see tbo last o'yo, lad. But
tws or threo, years will, make ye forget
what ye've come through. . At seeveo, is
it. tpat ye rail?" ,
Yes. indeed." said the younger man.
Tha sound of the voice thrilled through
her, and sho would have run toward him
but that tbo whole place seemed In reel
round. She caught at tho counter beside
v -
her j she vainly strctcb-id out her other
hand toward birnjslie could neither speak
Dor cry. " '
And then it seemed to her, before sho
sank into unconsciousness, that Alistcr
Lewis turned a white and haggurd face
toward her, and that a wild cry of terror
escaped from his lips as he gazed at her,
trembling and irresolute. Site could not
help stretching out bolh hands to him
sho said, ,'Alister, dinna ye know me?
and then, as slut fell, sho knew that his
amis were arouud her, and he was calling
to ber and caressing her and speaking to
tnr as to ono who had come buck from
tho grave to delight and astonish those
she had left behind.
"Ailasa ! Mlasa ,"' She heard tho
words, fdintly and distinctly, asshe beard
them thut nighi off the Skeinnore rocks ;
and when ut last he cumo to herself that
was all he could murmur into her ear
ho held her fast, so that the strango vision
should not melt away uud escape from him
"Ailasa, my luss, where hef you been ?
Where hef you been. Ailasa?" he said
"I was uever thinking to too you again
in the world. It was tho morn's niomii;
I was going away tn America. Ailusa
why dinna you speak to me ?"
But here Mr. Mucilwham, a quiet, lit
tie, gray-fiieed old man, who frowned be
cause thut his eyes were wet, cume for
ward and iiitcrt oscd in a rough manner.
"Alister," said he, "have ye no sense,
man? Let tho lass alouc ! Ye'll huve
plenty o' timo to as'c her questions after.
word, and jist now, why, bring the lase
into the back shop, ond we will get her
some tea, and Mrs. Macilwhain will come
ower and see that sho is put to rights.
Como along, my girl. Dinna yo bother
you head wi' questions. It is a very
gran' thing ye aro safe and sound,
and there's plenty o' timo for the oskin' o'
questions. Alistcr, my man, jist you run
across tha street ond bid . tho gudewifo
tnak' haste and step this way. ; Came
along, my lass !"
song and dance yet in the islands all iu
good time. And that day will be a good
day that you will go over tho moor to
Carn-Slean, for there was bo one ever
thinking you would see Caru-Slean again.
But you were saying, Ailasa, yoo will
rather send them a message by the steam
er, aud that is very good, that they will
uot bo fiigh'ened, and you will ttay for a
week or two to see tho Sue sights of Glas
gow," ....
"Oh yes," said Ailasa, with a happy
light shining in ber blue eyes. "There iss
many a thing I will like to see iu Glasgow
that they hef not beard of in Diirroeh or
Killeena ; and it will be a proud duy the
day that I will go back to Killeena .and
tell them all tbo Que things that I hef
seen. And maybe," said tho girl, shyly,
remembering her duty as a school-mus-lar'a
wife "Maybe J, will learn a little
of tho good English before we go back to
to YYtf rsuy, or to Borvo, sod, you wass
sending' message to Caru-Sleau in 'Kill
eena', or to Darroch, tr to the school-house
at Muolrbeg, thero is many and maby a
ono that, would be glad to go a long way
to see you. Yis, and there will be many j
and many a one will be a friend to you, if
they was never to see you, and 1 will say
wbiob she found hersolf was the Glasgow of
wlioh she bad heard him speak! ., ,
But as her eyes got uncustomed to' the
twilight she saw there were two dusky
figures wming along through the lumber
of window-frames and gilded mis-rots, and
as they came they spoke.
"Tho morn's roorniD ?' laid tb cider
That evening Ailasa sat in a littlo par
lor in tbo Gallowgato, mado vory comfort
oble"by the ministrations of tho glazier's
wife, and looking pleased aud conientcd
an-ids all tho wonders and novelties of
eu-ih a place. An! Alister Lewis, who
could not keep his uyes away from his
young wifo. who scorned io have come
back to him, pule and beaul'ful, from tho
very realms of death, showed her a letter
which he had just received from Durroeh.
It was from his brother Nieol, and thU
was one oassago of it ; "God kaaws I
hef nothing to blame myself., but how
wass I to spcuk to him, Alistcr, when you
wass tell me that fearful thing ' ot Storo
way.: And the people,' too, they wass
not a blind man ; bud from ono duy to tho
other he wass seeiiig thut' no ons would
go near to hitn. and him a ferra proud
man whatevor. - And It wass bad, and
ferra bad, for us to have this great shame
on our family; and Ilamish and Donald
they would not say ono word ; but every
one be know that tho people wass think
ing more as they would svsy. ' This wass
ferra strange,- too, that wouldna gang
down to the sea, ' although tho boat Bho
wass wantiu' tho pernio, arid he wouldna
gang down to the sea, but ho wass keepl
in' about 'the farm from the moroin' til!
tho night. Well, well,' Alister, thero
wass many a one , thinking ho would go
away from Durroeh, but thoro wass no
one thinking ho would throw himself into
the wuter, and it is n bad thiug to hef - a
drooned man in the family when : you go
to the fishing, and him drooned :. by his
own hand, And it is two of. the: family
gone away now ; and Mrs. Muodonaldsbe
vrill be for leaving Oarn-SIean and Aila..
sa away, too, there will not b much, of
a song or a daBoe about Dan'ooh or Kil.
looua toy many's the year that is to come."'
And so th letter. went on, and ' Ailasa
trembled and wept by turns to think pf
tha desolation, that had ' fallen over her
home. - J..: : ' ' -;'-'' -j
"But it was to bo a happier time, Aila.
sa, when you go back," Alister' Lewis
said, gladly enough, a ho put his ' hand
oo tbo girl's shoulder and patted her ;
"and it will be a great surprise to all tho
people when they seo us together as if
you were como baok from another world
to them aod there will be many .a good
Christmas At Faiiner Howe's.
"A Meiry Christinas!" Was it. the
uicely-dressed chickon's exclamation, or
was it Josie's the well to-do fanner's
daughter, wbo brought the gift ?
, All tho fall "Pet Chicken" had gone
4 through furmor Howe.s grounds saying,
"cut I cut ! I know something uico. cut !
ent ! Somu day, Mrs. Ilowo will put me
into that beautiful house, and I shall have
uothing to do but eat and grow fat, she's
a-going to dress mo, ond then I'm going
to dear old Mrs. Guun's, where Minuio
and Harry are, ; aud I'm never comitm
back again. Cut ,' cut ! cut !"
-Every day," said Mrs. Howe lo Mrs.
Gunn, one morning last autumn, "Pet goes
around saying theso very words."
So, when the cheerful rap aud the
"Merry. Christmas,", with inilk for a
plum pudding ond a chicken all nicely
dressed, appeared in Mrs. Gunn's neat
kitchen, thut worthy lady k now that Pef's
crowning wish was realized.
What a beauty !" said Harry to bis
grandma. "'Will you cook it io-morrow
and shall I have a drum-stick and a wee
bit of the breast meat?" ' ' 1
Fie, Harry," said Miunie, who was
twenty montlis his senior; "any part of
that chicken will bo nice, and besides,
grandma will choose her own time and hor
owu manner of dividing and appropriating
it. Lome, brother, and help to stoue these
raisins." , , ; .
But Josio has rapped at another, door,
and this time it is tho good pastor's. "Is
Mrs. Aiuslie in? Mother has sent her
this pair of chickens, with her respeota.
She wishes you a Merry Christmas," as
Mrs. Ainsho appeared, "and Mr, Aiuslie
tho same." . ' "" '
Ihank your mother for us both," su'td
Mrs. Ainslio. "They are perfect beauties,
Give my love to hor aud tell hor we shall
think of her whila eating the delicious
birds. ' Her poultry is always a'mystcry,
It is so nice."
Josie stopped next at tho door of two
aged people. She did not wait to rnn
tor tho old gentleman was deaf aud the
old lady quite lame. .','
She stepped into tho room, bearing a inse-
-roasted fowl, still warn, which she
quietly deposited upon tho table, while
James, her oldest brother, followd with
a baskets in which wero stowed plum-pudding,
biscuit, cooked vcgntables, cranber
ry sauoe, apples, and a jug 'of cream.
When all had been plaocd opoD tho table
and the door closed the aged pair looked
at each other with moist eyes. " "The
good Lord does moro than he promises'"
exclaimed Mr.' Woodbridge. ; "This" nice
Christmas, and wo havo not moved apfu.
Evsn to old ago will 1 cany you and to
hoar hairs.'. Wby,! mother,' Tcao't keep
the tears back, no how; I'oan't keep the
words back ';" and right there he thanked
the Lord that be could onco more celebrate
the Saviour's birthday iu a manner befit
ting iu somo degtee I so great - ad event.
Ho thauked tho Lord of light and ' glory
for oomiog to the earth.' Ho proyed for
blessings oo the, kind heart which had
spread such a feast before him, and then
urged the , petitioo, "May she not fail to
sit down and eat at the marnago' supper
of the Loiub.'Vi iea '-'"
! 1 After a few more' visits, Josie aod her
brother roioed up beror'e"""tho old farm,
house, every part of which was illumina
ted. - Merry and gladso'tno5 stepi Bitted1 to
and fro, glad songs pealed out from hap
py hearts, for all was mirth and joyfulness
: "How youDg grandpa looks. " said lit
tle Fred, the eldest of tb.rc graad-chil.
dreo. ' r' -!1";:'-""' ; " '"'I
doar Sod to this worli. I am lost, my
dear boy, id admiration that 'the All Fa
ther could give such a ransom, His dar
ling, his only Son. None but an Omnip
otent could have thought out tuch a re
deeming plan." i
After supper Josie sut douri by her fa
ther aud iDquircd about the Carters.
"Aro they so very poor? Lit tie Ber.nio
was a'l tatters, und everything in the
house looked forlorn. The mother ilhiu
as a shadow, and ail the children cold ard
untidy, I felt perfectly wret. h ;iT. 1 hand
ed Mrs. Carter the bundle of elolhin.
and Jamie gave her the thicken ie. Slio
did not thank us as the others' tiM, bin sut
sullen ond looked away from as. ' I ut ver
sa w such a luck of comfort anywhere.'.'
. "They aro poor, niy daughter. Mrs.
Carter went to sehrol with mir'nicllicr,
aud Mr, Carter was one of my schoolmates
when a boy. Mr?. Carter vis idle, (Vivo--lous
and vain when a g?rl, mid after her'
matiiiige preferred lo lounge about ntnot;,
dust aod disorder, and so Mr. Curlrr grew
dissatisfied wi:h his home. Ho learned to
go where he could find better food ond
neater romis, until finufy he yielded io
the attractions of bar iocms and 'liquor
suloous. But-your mother und I both
pity them, and would do something to ele
vate them if we could. l'oor Ccorn-e !
Poor GcorgoT " ' '
"We found Miss Meckler in," contin
ued Josie, " 'Conic in, dears,' sho said.
'And bo your good mother thonght of me!
Whut beauties her chickens a!
' Grandpa is very happy,"' said his mam
ma. "He is happy because- we havo
come, and then be is happy becauso of
the great gift, tha wonderful gift of God's
es ner cnickens always are i
How white ! How plump ! Every piir
leather out! Well! well! Christmas is
como. I'll bo 'rouud some day and thunk
Thero wen plenty of turkeys, of chicken-pie,
of other pies, of puddings, of cake-,
nuts, raisins, etc, all through the holidays
At farmer Howe's, and all I he m are en
joyment that each one had done his utmost
to cheer somo other and less favored
homo, i - '
And Mr. Howe was not by and means
a man of money. That ho was rich I
will not deny, but rich only in good works.
He is cai-etul to tako all his tithes to tho
great storehouse, aud when the pearly
gates open to him, bo will dou'jtle.s find
riches and honors beforo which the gold
and titles of earth vanish ai a -.
What Am I Good Fob ? llemember
the parable of tho talents ono had ten,
another five, another two, 1 aiid another
one. So it is among nion to-day. Our
talents' may' bo compared with money,
with -education, acquired art, natural
gills, or with opportunity to do good.. If
we use our one,' two. or fivq talents to the
best of our ability, we shall bo accepted,
and fain the'approvul ef Him tvbo judg
es righteously. The' Comforting words,
"Well done, thou good aod faithful sei
vant,'" will bo set opposite our names fo
tho great book, whose' "records' give a coin'-
plete histbry of'cauu'iolivld'ual life., Aro
we so living to-day tbat'.'we can 'asV"or
hope fbr God's blessing on our 'course ?
mm . - . , -- i1 1 . - -i
i ins is ourngnt, our privilege, our duty..
Wo Diay count our passing moments as
uuimportaut, as they may 'appear to bo
uneventful.1 But "timo flies'," and we"
must fly to keep np, Or' bo left, behind
each second, like .tho tick of u. clock,
makes its record.4 We do, not reiilizo this
until we con.eJinto middle lilb or old ago,,
when, if oar life has been friltercd away
we are punished in a '"heli"' of regrets,
for "lost time, lost opportunity." Phrev,
olegicai-Jonrnal, " '
A gentleman who bad tho curjositv '
to speod a dime in answering an advertise-1
ment which promised valuable advico for'
that amount, received by'mail the follow-- ?
ing answer p- "Frienl, for ten cents'" pos.f'
tage pleapo find enclosed uJvico which
may bo of great value to you.' As many '
persons uro injured for1 weeks, inohtha tindl
years by the cordless uso of a kiitfe, theio
fore, my advice s, when "you' uso a knife''
always whittle from' you," ' ' i "f
4-i U.,:i
New ? Bedford clergymau ' amazed'
his congregation Inst Sunday by suddenly '
leaving. his pulpit, trotting down : tho' ''
aisis, nd. striding . off .toward home. '
Tho,choi,r sang, and then there was au
awkward,, figcty waiting. Soon tho pas. ;
tor shot into ehuich again, sopping pres
piratioD from his forehead with his hand-
kereltiefj. sad. read ; his sermon without
xplaoatiu. He had forgotten his tnatt-,v
usoript-r-thot was all. .'': ' ' !'
"What's the uso in these: days, trying1 '!
to bo honest ?" exclaimed It gvumblor.- '!-
Oh, you" ought to try it onco aod soe,"
retorted ono of his companii9ii.
Tho good time comiugdiDDer timo-.

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