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lYe hopo cvory Whig will read lbi spcecb..
It is strong in spirit and cogent in argument,'
ind felicitous m style and lllnstration, and it
is cTident it told upon the House who gathei,
j eagcrly about tho speakcr.
Judgo Colkuner's speecli,- ioo, should bc
circful'y read. IIo dcnoanccs Polk and his
jjjcjsurcs with a scverity which is too well mer-
ited hr rccklcsa usurper, and is highly
creditable to the stability of principle, and tbe
coaragc ond boldness of the Speakcr. Hc de
vclopcs the purposcs and policy of Ihe party
nd the tunning and deccption practiced to
flood-wink the people, and prevent their intcr
position in arresting their atrocities upon the
rountry until it becomes too late to avoid
Cokrectiok. The Editorof tho Boston
Courier is entitled to an apology for repre.
Feniing liira in the last Galaxy as haring placcd
Judge McLcan at the head of his columns as
candidatc for the Presidency. After tasking
onr memory, we think we can account for this
(ingular mistake. Our eyc probably at the
noinent wc penncd tho erroneous sentence,
rjanced at the heading of some other papcr.
The good temper in wliich the error is cor
re. ted by the Editor of the Courier crcatcs a
claim upon our thanks which will not soon bo
From the rccord of the 18th, it tvill bo seen
tbat the Bill to enable the President to deluge
the country with Trcasury shin plaster has
been voted down by a majority of one. But
the Loan Bill for borrowing 1C millions has
passed thc House. Can it be obtained at C or
7 pcr ccnt of the very men who are nowTiuy-
ing up Govcrnment Xotes at a rcduction of
2 1-2 per ccnt
A Correspondent of the Tribune says that
he has to day read a lctter from thc Crcscent
Citv, cminating from a respectable quarter.
jtating that intelli:ence had rcachcd Vera
Cruz, that Gcn. Scott had rcfuscd to acknowl
edec thc authortty of the Court Martinl latcl y
institutcd by thc Sccretary of War. IIo de
ch'nes being tricd by civilians, and had arrested
the vcry ofiicen appointcd to try him.
But seriously and evcrything inrelation to
this gallant, honorable and much-abused ofli
,.er should be seriously said if Gen. Scott has
m far forgotten his allcgiance to authority, !
whiuh, bowevcr abuscd, is still authority, his
oTcn'-e would beforgotton by a gcnerous peo
p'. in sympathy with thc wrongs and insults
tlmt same "brief authority" has with so much
in;cnuity hcaped upon him. Thc soldier,
'j-:i'ous in honor," sensitivc perhaps toa fnult,
na be pardoncd for a hasty rcsentmcnt of in
jurJ, mamfold, dcssgncd, malicious.
Whelhcr these runiors be true or false, of
onc fsct wcfecl mclaneholily imprcsj'.-d, that i
i'MTc is great iasubordination in our"Army of i
A mceting of thc stockholders was held pur
!"nt to notice at the American, in Burling
trai on Ycdnesdny of last wcek. Full and in
lcref ting rcports ?ays thc FrcePress.were pre
sen'cdbv Prof. Bcncdiit, in bchalfof the trus
tres, also, arcport was made by J. II. I'eck.
Tre.nurcr. showincrthe finanrial situation of
the Co. It apr cars that thc line is in opcration
to St. Johns, and U alrcady coiistru:ted quite
tlirough to Lapairie, whcn Jrariicd acro?s the
Ft Lawrcnce, it will pcrfcct th; coaimuni a
1 1 with Montrcal.
The rcccipts ut thc rcvcrrJ cfficcs estab
fished are quite as large as could be etpei'tcd.
The report of Prof. Bcncdiit highly praiscs thc
enerjjv and pcrsevcrance of Mr. Cornell, aud
iu fidclity to his engagcnicntj.
Wjllis Lyman, President.
11. F. Ilivc, Sccretary and Trcasurer.
N. W. romeroy,
E. Ccrnell,
A. Ilougliton,
Gco. K. PLitt,
11. AV. Shcrman,
C.M Fletcher,
C. P. Peck,
Lyman Ilarrington,
AamcnLTCEAi. PArEn. Capcr C. IIop
lias, of Burlington, has issucd a prospcctus
proposing to establish an Agricultural pape
Euitcd to tho wants and capacities of our own
State. The Frec Prcsssays: '"The Agricul
taral community in our vicinity, nccd no cn-
derscmcnt of the escellent qualifications of
Mr. llopkius, for the edilorial managcnicnt of
llc forthcoming pcriodical."
Thc undersigncd feeling a great rc?pcct for
tlie characier and worth, and a high admira
lian of thc talents of the late IIox. Silas
Wr.iGHT, and wishing to pcrpctuate his mem
ory, and to show our regard for his many cs
timablc qualitics which adorned his charactcr,
1 o;h as a public man and a private citizcn, do
Isreby rcqucst all who feel proud of his namc
aad grcatncss as a Vcrmonter, to mect at the
Ccngregational Meeting House in Weybridge,
in the County of Addison, 011 Monday the 20th
diy of March 1847, at two o'clock in the aftcr
coon,to consultupon tho propriety of erectiug
monumcnt to his memory, in that town, and
to dense the mcans to accomplish that object.
Solomon W Jcwctt,
&lward Wainwright;
A. Ilavward,
fa!ien Bullard,
1. 1). Twitchcll,
T. Porter.
Ab'm. WUliamson,
D. S. Church,
W. S. Johnson,
Thos. A. Merrill,
-Merrill Bingliam,
Horatio Scymour,
Joscph Warner,
llArry Goodrich,
Wm. Silas Wright,
John Kellogg,
John C. Sawycr,
Samuel Swift,
James Mcacham,
Tonathan Hagar,
Samuel P. Nasb,
Edwin Hayward,
Isaac Drake,
James Fletcher,
E. B.H1U,
Samuel James,
Shubacl Wales,
Eliju.li G. Drake,
John Britell,
Sam'l E. Chalker,
Ira Brown,
James Robbins,
K. Chapman,
Zenas Abbott,
Jed. S. Bushncll,.
B- P. Binghara,
Nathaniel Harris,
E. D. Barbor,
Paiis Fletcher,
Milo Slow,
Daniel Sanford,
T. O'Flanncgin-,
Wm. P. Bussel,
Geo.-M' Brown,
Henry Stevens,'
H. H. Lawrence,
Amos Landon,
Harvev Bell,
Eeube'n Gillett,
D. C. Goodale,
S. S. -Foot "
Temperance Lectures.
The Exccutivc Committee of the Addison
County Temperance Society exprcss their
sanction 01 the lollowing nppomtments 01 Mr.
J. P. Coflin, as a Temperanco lecturcr, whose
credentials aresuch astorecommendhim high
ly to tlie public confidencc. Mr. Coflin is au-
thonzed to act also, as agent for the Vermont
lemperance llerald.
A. WILCOX, S- Committee.
Middlebury, Feb. 2G, 1848.
Mr. J. P. Coffix, late an Agent of the New
iorK otate .lemperance Society, will visit tlie
townsgenerallyof Addison County, duringthe
ensuingmouth of March, and lecture as fol
lows :
At Leicester, Mondav eveninc. March C :
Whiting,Tuesday, 7th; Orwell, Wednesday8th;
Shoreham, Thursday 9th; Cornwall, Friday
10th; Salisbury, Saturdayand Sunday lith&
12th; Goshen. Mondav 13tb: Itinton. Tues
day 14th; Hancock, Wednesday 15th; Gran
ville, Thursday ICth; Lincoln, Friday 17lh;
Bristol, Saturday and Sunday, 18 19th; New
Haven Vills, Mondav 20th: EastMiddleburv.
Tuesday 21; Middlebury, "Wednesday 22d;
Bridport, Thursday 23d: Addison East. Fn-
day 21th; Vergennes, Saturday and Sunday
23th and 2Gth; Ferrisburch, Mondav 27th:
Monkton Borough, Tuesday 28 ; "Panton,
Wednesday 29th; Weybridge, Thursday 30th ;
Middlebury, Friday 31st.
Mr. Coffin is not now, as heretofore, the
paid agent of any socicty, and will rely on tho
liberality of those whcm he addresscs to sus
tain him, by contributions taken at the timc.
Jt js requcsteu that clcrgj-inen, and the
friends of temperance in the towns, will aid
in giving publicity, as well as greatcr deCnitc-
ncs to tnese appointnicnts.
The followinj rccommendation was qiven to
Mr. Coflin by the State Central Committee of
-New lork:
"Albany, Dcc. 3, 1848.
Jonathan P. Coflin lias lonz been cmnloved
by the New York Statc Temperance Socicty,
anu 13 justly entitled to the well carned com
mendation of a faithful. diligent and successful
Agent, having visited everv countv in the
atafc, aud obtained dunng 1ns agency 1 05,000
signatnrcs tothc total abitincncc pledgc. In
any field in which he may hereafler labor, he
cames with him our cordial wisbf s and prav
r. i-i 1 1
uigui-M linjipmess anu conunucu
useiuiness. I'iiilip rnr.Lps.T Cl .
Azor. Taboii, I f3,,e ,
O. Scovil. j Committee.
tSS" The Vergennes Vcrmnnter, Voice of
iTcedom. and Jemperance Ilcrald are rc-
questeu to copy tho abovc appointmcnts.
For ncarly two ycars past we havo wcckly
devotcd a portion of our columns to the most
disgusting narrations of Idoody battles, murdcr
and devasta'ion inflicted by our countrvmcn
upon a wcak and defencclcss nation. We rc
joice that the horrid banquet in blood which
Polk has set bcfore the nation is soon to be
cnded. We do now cntcrtain some delightful
hopc that the timc has nrrived whcn we can
talk of pcace, of which a tolerablc prospcct
prescnts itsclf. It can no longcr be doubtcd
that Gen. Scott has assumcd the rcsponsibility
of ncgotialing pcace with Me.xico, which is now
in the hands of our cabinet at Washington.
It is belicvcd that it will be submitted to thc
Senale if not alrcady. So important to the
counl ry i3 pey e that we will not allow oursclvcs
to bclicve that the Scnate will rcject thc trcaty.
Wasii ncton Thursday, Feb 21, 1348.
TIip vcncrable Pntriot and S'nge. John
0.ci.trv Adams, quietly breathcd his laet. in
the S cnkor's rncm in Ihe Capital, lasl evc
ninj;, a fcw minulcs befnre 7 o'clock.
Froni the National Intelligenccr of yesterday
Tl,c vcncralile r.itriot nnd Statcsman, John
Quinry Ailam, cxpircd ntthe Capitnl last erc
nin a little nftcr" o'clork. He liiigcrcd to all ap
pearsncc, incnsiblc and unconcious from thcpc
riod of his nttnck on Monday until an hour after
uunsct lst cvcning, whcn hcgently breathcd -liis
l.i-t, r.nd hb ,-f pirit rctunicd to God who gavc it."
It is not for us to proi'ouncc the culogy of oncfo
cminer.t, and 'O honorblv and constaiuly associ
a'cd with a'l that was cxaitrd in his country 's hi
tory, from thc vcry foandation of thc Govcrnmcnt
10 ihe prcscr.t timc. That tnsk will bc fittingly
discliarscd by morc competcnt and mojc apro
priate hnndj. It will suiiice for this brief notirc
to say.that fcw mcn have fillcda larger spacc or
aetcd" a morc important p.Tt in the grcat civil af
f.iirs of their rountry; that fcw havecommanded a
higlser admiration for abiliiics, or won a widcr rc
spcct for iinwavcrinsintcgritr and a rigid adher
cnce to his cws of duty. ilis domcstic charac
tcr was not lcss bright Ihan his public, and was
tnily abovc all praise and nll rcproach.
TnE TitnATY, &c The Wathington cor
rcspondcnt of the Baltimore Sun, who is un
derstood to bc thesame " scm"nflicial " gcntlc
man who writes for thc Philadclphia Ledgcr,
writes (Feb. 23) rcgarding the Treaty; as fol
lows: Yesterday I countcd some twcnty Senators
who wcre plcdgcd to vOte against thc ratifica
tion. To-dayl count 1G s falling oflf of 4.
Thcy avoid quarrclling with tho Administra
tion, and espccially thosc who look to thc Pres
idency. Sam Houston, who knows the Mcxi
cans better than any ono hcrc, will dcnouncc
it; and I hear tliat CoL Benton himsclf fecls
dispo3cd to oppose it. If tho latter will apply
his mastcr mind to thc subject and use his ty
ranical powcrs of persuasion, in a catiso which
at this moment sccms to require suth aid, the
country will Iks laid nndcr decp obligation to
him. The masses forgive tyrany sooner than
weakncss. U'Jial a phj that the Vice President
has not a chance of inlerpofing his casling vote.
In his hands all tcould le safe.
I think the probability of the Trcaty being
ratified, or only slightly dissented from, is in
creasing; but the friends of the Trcaty must
not halloo bcfore thcy are out of the woods.
On Mondav niaht, ihe Woolen Faclory oi
Gov. Pnine, at NorthCeld, was dcslroved
by fire: tbntnachinery. and a poriion of wool
in the upper !o!le in process of manulacture.
deslroyed ; clollis Gnished, snvcd. Slnclc of
ohvool inn distinc btulding sale. Tho fire
commcnced in Iheattic, supposcd from some
defed in the chimney and ihus Ihe pro
gress of the fire downvard. rcsidled as it ivns
by a powerful engine worked by sleam. was
comparatively elotv, and nfTorded timc 10
save moveable eflects. We have lierud the
damage variouslv estiraaled at from SSO'OOO
10 $100,000 insured. About 300 persons
are ihus tlirown out of amployment at an
inclemcnt scnpon ; and to them, as well as to
Norlhfield, it is a 6erious calanity.
PniLADELPniA, Feb. 24, 1848,
Tho flags were at half-mast all day for the
dth Adams, and treameri flyin; for therecep-
tion of I1EXRT CLAY ! So meet the strongest
Mr. Clay's progress between Baltimore and this
piace was a complete tnnmphal march. At eve
ry point on thc roail crowdsof people were asscm-
hled to grect lnm as he passed. Thousands of
persons thronged out to Uroad st. about 2 o'clock
to await the arrival of tlie cars, and eTcrv part of
. l. n .1 1 i-i . . -
iuc uijr uituuga wnicu loe conege was to pass
was crow'ded to excess.
On the arrival of the cars, Mr. Clay wascrcet
ted with tremcndous acclamations. Escortcd bv
0. , 1 e r 1 , , .... . -
u vaiaiauc 01 nitccn nunurca young Whigson
horscback, and countless numbers on foot and in
carnages, with several fme bandsof music, liepro
ccedcd te the residencc of Jlavor Swlft. Ko
spcech was delivcrcd, but on arririDg, thc Jlayor
iuipir upoiogiica to uic crowu, wno went uomc
to supper while hc and his jruest sat uown to dm.
DEr-OT at Middleuuuy. Afull mccting
of citizens assembled yesterday afternoon to
compare views in regard to this subject, and
after discussi on of the proposed locations, ap
pointcd a committee to make czaminations, &
report to an adjourned mceting on Mondav of
next wcck at 2 o'clock P. M. Messrs. Peter
Starr, Bufus Wainwright and Solomon Parker
constitute said Committee.
The TitEATr. This important documcnt has
at length reached the Scnatc, as will be tcen bv
retcrence to our LongrcssicalProocedings. Th
I elesrapinc report savs but little of its rcccntion
uui wc snau soon oe in posscssion ot lull particn
Agricultural Notice.
The Board of Janagers of the Addison Co
ilCTieultural Societv are herpbv notifipd tn
mect at thc Vermont Ilotcl, in Middlebury on
Thursday the 9th of March, at 9 o'clock A.M.
for the purpose of preparing a list of prcmiums
ior me ncxt Annualiair,anuappointing Uom
mittccs to awanl the samc.
By order of the President,
Among tliemanv hleB.sin;sallcnilantiinon
improvcmenl in ihe social cundiiiun. and ihe
prolonalion of liumnn life. Wiih the in
creasc of intelliirence has ;rovvn una kno'vl
edge for ihe elemenlo of lieallli. and a regard
for lliem, and cnmniensurutely wilh the
slrides of scienco have we acquircd ihe
mcans ol arrnsling discnsc, and averiiBg ils
ravacs. Kotviihslandinj; the proress we
have made. siaiislire show ilinl een now,
one sixlh of the nholepnpulalion die annual
ly of conemnplion.
One of Ihe mosl important discovciics of
the ag tn amelt iraling the condition ol this
larrc rlas ofsiifTerins litunntiity, is.
wnai ume csmDiisiies and consecrates,
what exppricncc adopt and confirme. uhat all
men 111 nll placcsuniic in saying is j;ood and
vnluahle, in fp, no uouht. A popularity of
mis sorx nxcs 111 socieiy its rcots so decp and
eo stiong, that timc cannot dcstroy it. The
surcoss which has titicndcd this medicine
Ior eeveal ycars pasl. has ovcrcome ihe nr
judiccsbf nl respcclabtc meri,aud thcarlicle
has laken nniont; Inehrst class ol discoveri -s
and blessince ol llie agc ; and whcn resorlcd
10 in sensnti, eradicalcs ihe diacaec for which
il is. reeonimetidcd.
None gcnuinc, unlcss eigncd I. BUTTi
on Ihe wrapper.
W. P. Bussel, Agent.
Gondsnn & Clark of Bcllcvue. Ohio. Nov.
23.!, 1310, sent a letlcr 10 Dr. G. C. VauHin
theproprictorofihe celebrnted Liihoniriptic
Mlxttire. Ihe Great American Remedv. with
a Ktalement Ihai in ihe vicinity ofOhio where
llicy do uusincss, tlie arlicle hashai uiinrrre
dented sales. Nothiiig like it Ims ever ap
peared, I'copl icsort o il forallroinplaintF,
and ilseffoct is ulways roou', old cases wliich
have hafllcd thcskill of the medica! mcn havn
yielded lo il, and the facully are using it in
their praclicc. A largc nurnher ofmedicnl
nifn are Asents for ils sale, a elrong proof cf
the prcat virtucs of the 'arlicle. "Call rn
Agenls in our pappr whosc namco are to be
found undcr Gcat American Rcmedy. and
get a Paaiphlet. W. P. Ru.-sel Agent.
Batu. Mc.. Mav 2fi.
Mr F. Brown;
Dear Sir: Having laslcd the value of your
Sareapnrilla and Tomalo Bitlerp, I tnke plea-
sure 10 gtve to you ihe fac:s of my case for
your own saiisfnciion and ihe benefil ot others.
1 Iiave ticcn sulltnng wnhihe Erysipelas hu
mor in my sidc. causing my hand and ann
toswell vcry much, and lo bc painful; at thc
same time, and for soir.e lijr.e previous. have
ncen irouoled wilh a weak sloninch ;mos'.of
my fooj has Imrt mc. and theru has bren a
singular lainincs-- at ihe slomach, which has
lieen tncresinK. and causcd mc tnuch diffi
culiy. Allerl commenccd lakin- your Bii
irrp, 1 cnnld prcceive a gradual and immc
diale relicf, atid uould rccommend it with
much confidencc 10 tho.-e who arc Irobled
with surli romplaiuls.
Yntirf. iruly. WM. DOiNNELL.
Bath, Me., May 27. 1S14. 44: 2
W.P.Russcl, Agent.
Cold Vzet are ahvnys an evidenr.e thal
the blood ifencumbered wilh mor.lid humore,
which not only render ihe circulation slug
gish and uncqual. but prevent a propcr snp
plyof the viial flnid, to ihe extremitieF.
Hence culdncss of thc hands and fect, arcom
panied wilh Jieadarh, fiddintc, and many
olliir unpleacam complainis.
ir.irt'i Indian VegetabU Pills arc onc
oflbe best prevenlives in thc world againtt
Cold Feet, bccndc lliey not on!y clonnee
ihe blood from ihose inipurities v.hlch nrs
Uic cansc. but ihey impart vigor to evcry
part of the syslem; conscquenily (he ex
iremilips beinc propcrly supplicd wilh Ihe
viial fluid, rcceive their due propnrlion of j
aaimal lieat aud col.lness ol ihe Icet. head
ach, giddines?, palpitalion oflhc hcail, and
every olher symtom nf a disordercd circul-i-liiin.
will be rnpidly derivinj; Trom the boc'y.
Sold in sitisle boscs ot 25 cents cach.
Heware of CnuntcrfeiU of all kindn ! Snmc arc
coatcd wilh tugnr, others are madp to rcserable in
omv.ard apprarhnce the original medicine Tlie
Eafestrourse ift to purchae of tliei regular ncnts
only, oncormore of nliom may be found in erery
illagc and town in theS
W. P. Bnsscl, and S. Jloody, Agents.
jronday, February 21 jf.
Reportcd for the Boston Travcller.
Atmarkct, 450 Cattle, 172 Shecp, and 52
Prices Bcef Cattle We noticcdone bcau
tiful Stcer and one Heifcr, fattcd by Mr. L.
G. Collins, of Washington, Dutchcss Co.N. Y.
taken at S7 3-t. Wc quotc a few extra Oscn
at S7; first quality, C a C,50; sccond do S5 a
Swine Sales at wholcsale from 3 3-4 to 4
In Xew Haven, East MilL, on the Cth of
Feb., Mr.Jcnison Jlerritt, aged'65. In the
dcath of thisindividual,-an afllicted family are
called to mourn an affectionatc husband and alio
kind parcnt, and the communitv, one of its
most worthy citizens.
Printers in' 3Iontpelier arc requcsted to no-
tlcc, &c &c.
In Goshen, on the 17th of Feb., Cvntha'oneofthc best Western braads,
Marvon.daurfiter of Isaac and Slarvon Gale.
ajcd' 2 years and 3 monthj.
- --, a
The subsciiber has otr "hand a number of
Shcet Iron Sap Boilcrs, givinjj a surface of o-
ver 12 square leet, which- the manuafcturers of
iilaple jsusar will hnu, on tnal, to be a creat
savmg ot tune and expense in uoihng oap.
Middlebury Feb. 28, 1848. 41df.
TIIE subscriber offers for sale at his Store,
in Hancock, 150 bushds IFERDS GRASS
Hancock, Feb. 23, 1848. 44
TIIE subscriber offcrs for sale his farm, con-
taining about 265 acres of land lying two milcs
south of the villasc of Bridport, on the stage
road leadjng to Whilchall. It is believed that
said farm contains all the cssential qualitics to
constitntc it a first ratc farm. Thcre is 35 acres
of IXTEUVAL affonling great crops of hay,
with some of thc best tillage in this rejiion ; to
gethcr with all the upland nccessarv for ilEAD
OW, PASTURAGE, &c Thc farm has a great
abundance of PIXE and other TISIBElt to sus-
tain all the wants of the farm for any length of
rr, - r . 1 1 1 r. i
ume. ere 15 a comiurmuie uuube, nve uaros
and other outhouses, which losethcr with the fen
ccs will be found in rood rcpair. Said farm will
be sold at a fair price, and a credit on one half
given if desircd with security on the land.
. (JliAYES
Eridporl, Fcb. 24, 1848. 44
Thibet Merinos.
The mostdesirable arlicle for for
A fiesh supply iust received and for sale
by hj. VALLh.TThi.
Dec.7, 1S47.
IT " Hct A small lot of 4 acies of land sil-
jiJ5!g5 uated at the crossing of theroads on
,ffirgga the old Turnnike leadinc lrom Mid
dlebury village toEast Middlehury, on which is
crecteo a small yellow barn. Terms made easy
ppiyto XSArlUiM rAltJvtiK
Middlebury, Feb. 7, 1848,
Where he will remain lora short lime. The
public are mvited locall and examine
Goods ill he sold at New York Prices by
Feb.7lh, 1S43.
Purc Wliitc Lcad Turkcv Umbcr
Extra do.
Btimt do.
No. 1 do.
Tcrra de Sicnna
Prussian Blue
Chincse do.
Ext. Ixigwood
Rcd Lcad
ns. Vcnctian Rcd
Chincse Vcrmillioa
American do.
French Ycllow
Ycllow Ochrc
Chromo Green
Vamish, Ltnsccd Oil
bpts rurpcntinc &c.
AUo a complete assortment of l'aint, Vamish
and nhitc-Wash Uruslics 01 the Ucst quahtv,
prices that cannot fail to suitthcpurchascr. Firs
door south of the Post.OIBcc. W. P. RUSSEL.t
Tn cxchanjre for Cash and Goods 50.000 ShecD'a
T..1.- e. i. 1 1 ' . t
A irood assortment of Cloths suitable for OVER
UOATINGS, in Black, Browns and Blues, also,
sale cheap by K. VAJLLETTE
Burning Fluid, &c.
in storc and for sale bv E. VALLETTE.
Ihe ispnng lerm ol tais bchool will com-
mcnce on Wednesday, thc 1st day ofMiirch next.
and continuc clevcn wccks. The attcntion of
thosc who arc qualifying thcmsclvcs for Common
Scliool Tiadters, is particularlv invited to this
school. E. S. BARRETT.
Leicester, Feb. 7th, 1848. 42pv3
To makc rooro for Spring Goods, the subscri-
bcrs offer for sale their cntire stock of
Bry Goods
Until thc first of APRIL FOR CASH, embrac
ing 1000 vanls Ginghains, of choicc Styles,
2000 - Pnnts of every vanety,
A good assortment of
voncs L.loths, -Monairs, Alpaccas, iiclamcs,
Cloaking, Plaid Linscrs, Shawls, &c,
Tickings,Shcctings iBIcachings, in any quantity.
Broad Cloths, Cassimercs,
Doe Skins and VcstingSj
Which cannot bc snrpassed in style or qnalitr.
togcthcr with lots of other goods too numerous to
tt7 Rcmcmbcr until thc first of April now is
vonrtimel NASII & GOODRIC1L
Middlebury, February 21, 1848.
Selling OffAtCost!
Will ofler tho ballanre oftlieir stock of Root arvt
Shoes at COST ! and many of ilieir goods adapted
tlie Winter J raue, will iotiveIv be sold at lesa
than Cost. furlhey must go at soine price to make
room for ew Goods.
The fullowing low prices will contmce cvcry one
that now is ihe time to buy cbeap for Cash:
former nrice.
Mens thick',Boots, 52,00 2,50
DulrlCalf Lloubie ooies to o,oo o7o to 4,25
Calf Boots, 2, to 375 2 .50 to 5,00
Leather and Velvct lips,58c 63s 75c. 83c.
Wotnen's Calf Cooteei, 96c. I 1,13
' KidYValkers, 1.00 1,10 15, 11
' Slips. 5Sc.75c. C7e, 1,00
' Morocco l'olka Boots, 1,37,1)0 1,63, 1,75
Doys Boots and Sboes nf all kind at ihe same
rates. Also, Mises anu untlutens auoes and loot.
Thoseuho make an rnlv call will bnd all
goods an adrertiied, and ni1 haTe the bcstchance
set ihe bet t banram
Middlebury, Feb. 21, 1S4S.
Just received bv
Middlebury Female Seminary.
The Summer term of this Institution wil com
mcnccou Monday, April 17th, and contiuue 14
A full board of the best qnalified teachcrs will
be securcd for thc scvcral departments.
Are Accnts for " Scott's Report of Fasii
ross," The Spring RepOrt will bc rcady for de-
Itvcry aoont tlienrst ot March, ncxt. 1 ailors lea
ving their ordcrs can be supplicd at New York
Middlebury, Fcb, 21, 1848.
Fresh iLrrival.
lower thap in New York and Boston; Wcbster's
Uictionary, thc unabnugcd and reviscd and enlar
ged. A few doz.of the Psalterv and Choral Sinc-
ins: Books : EvaneliHe. bv LcTCrfcll ow. Ouarto
iiiiilcs ; l'resents for Teachcrs, &c. &c
Also. a few iiarrcls of Snpcrfinc Flour.
Middlebury 21 Fcb. 2348. 43
Cashmere Shawls,
250 bushels AIILL FEED. 4 CHESTS
Now sellinff at COST on Lar
rabee's Point.
N. B. JTioso indchied are requested lo
make paynient by tlie laia ot .uar-.li.
Feb. 21. 43 P, W, C
District of Addison ss. f
Bc ilremem'oercd, that ata Probatc Court held
at Aludleborvin and ior the district ol trfdi
dison, on ihe 19th day of february A. D. 1848.
Zenjs jlvrick2.1 administrator of tlie csluteof
late ol oronnnoint, in tlie lyounty ol .sex. i
tlie natecf New York, dereated. prrents his ad
miutstraiion accotnt forallowance: liis tliercupor
ordercd, that faid administration account bpexam.
inpd and conaidered for allowance by this Court. a
ihe ee;sion tlierccf to Le lieht at the clTu
officc of tlie Itcgiiler of thii Court, in said Midillc
bu.-j-.on Thursdjj tlie 16h day of'March nexl
onc o'clock tn tlie afteruoonr nnd that vaid aihuin
istralor gie notice thereof lo all persons intcrrsled
tnal tncy mnj nppear and make tlieir oljjcclioni", il
ny tliey may have, to ihe allowance of s.nd account
by ptibiishing a ccrtifed copy of this order in ll.i
Nortlicrn Galaxy a newspaperprinled at said Mid
oienury uircc wecKs succcssitely prctiuus lo thi
ume oi soiu court.
Jed. S. Buslincll, Begister.
A true copy of Rccord.
43 Attcst, Jed- S. Bushrcll, P,cgis!er.
WE ihe subscrihers. bcinrr nnnointcdbv
Ihe Probole Court for the District ol Addi'oii
Oomrn:Esioners, lo rcceive. exninine nnd nd
just nll claims and demnnds of all persons a
gniiis-. nio estaic oi
lale of Shoreham in said Dieiric. dcreascd
and also all claim3 and deinandecxhibiled in
ofTseilherelo: Andsix niomhs from ihe 13th
day of January bein allowcd by Kaid for
ihat purpose, we do iherefbre Iicrcby glvc
nolire that wc will atteuil lo ihe husincss ol
onr said appoiiilmcnt al t!)e Hor.se of Lewis
7icadway-m bhorchani on the 2nd Mon
days of Aay nnd July, from ninc o'clock A,
.u. unltl lour o'clock on cach ol aid days.
Dwcis Rich Commis
Joel IJaren sioners
Daicd at Shoreham lliis Sih day rf Febru
ary iaia. 43
District of Adddson. ss. f
Be it rcmcmbcrcil, that at a rrobatc Conrt held
at .Middlebury in and for the District of Addison,
on thc 19th day of JjcbruaryA, D. 1848,
jnr.iui opaicun son ot
late of Panton in said District dcccascd movcs the
Loart that partition of that part ofihc real estain
of said dcccascd, which was set oat as dowcr to
his widow Ilannah Spahlinj now dcccascd, bc
made amons tbe Iicirs of said Phiiip Sp.ildin
dcccascd, and that commissioners lis appointcd
said Hiram Spaldinc notifv a'l persons intcrcsted
iui tutu uuruuo: n is lucrcuoon onierwi. lfmt
to appcar beforc this Court, at the scssnn thcrcof
to be held at the oihcc of the I Jcsiatcr of thi? Oouri
in saiil Middlebury, on Thursdjv thc lCih dnv nf
Jiarcn a. i). I S43, at onc o cloek m tlie afternoon.
w Hjiicu timc ana piace mis tourt will appoint
commissioners to make partition of said cstatc.
by publishin? n ccrtified copy of this order in thc
.iuuuieuury uaiaxy, a new3pnpcr pnntcd at said
Middlebury, thrcc wceks succcssivcly previous
iu iuc ume oi saiu iOan.
Jed. Bushnell, Iicgister.
A true copy ofrecord, 43
Attcst, Jed. . Buihncll, Begister.
District of Addison ss.
Bb it remembercd. that at a Prol ate Coart held
at Middlebury in and for thc District of Addison,
on the I7th day ot iebrnaryA. ii. IS4S.
in mstntmcnt pnrportini: to bc the last will and
tcstamcnt of
latc of said Midillcbnrvdeccascd.hayinebecnnrc-
scntcd to this Court for probalc: It is tlicrcf'orc
ordercd ly this Conrt, that said instrumcnt bc
considcrcd for prohatc, at the scssionof tliis Conrt
to be held 'at the officc of Hic Register of this
Court in said Middlebury, on Thursday tho 16th
day of March ncxt at one o'clock in the after
noon, and tlmt notice thcrcof hc givcn to all p?r
sons interastcd, that thev may appear and make
their objcctions, if any they may have to thc pro
hatc and allowance ot said will, by pnblishinp: a
ccrtified copy of this order in the Middlebury
Galaxy a ncwspaper printed at said Middlebury
three wccks succcssivcly previous to thc timc of
said Court.
Jcd. S. BusJmdt. Register.
A trne copy of rccord.
43 Attcst Jed. S. Bushnell, Reqister.
"WE ihe subscriber?", beins appotnted by
ihe Probaie Court for the District of Addison
Commissioners, to rcceive, cxamine and ad-
ust all cl.ntns aud demaads of all peraons a-
rainst the eslate of
lale ol .Middlebury in said District, deceascd,
and also all claims and demands exhibited in
oflsel ihcreto; Andsix monlhi from the 16th
dayol Fcb. 1S4S being allowed by eaid
Court for ihat purpose. we do therefore here
by give notice thatwe will allcndtolhe busi
nesB ofoursaid appoinlmenl althe Office of
Dorastus Wooster in said jlfiddlebury. on
the 3d mnndnya tn .lnrcli and Jnne nexl.
from nine o'clock, A. AL unnl luur o'clock P.
AL ou each ofniddajp.
JJorastus Wooster Commis
Thos. il. Fitch j" sioners
Dcied atMiddlebury this 17lh day of Feb
ruary 1848. 43
For ale by
Feb. 7.
"To make room for New Goods," and to conform to the spirit of tho- times. Tfce
subscriber offers his ENTIRE STOCK of GOODS dntil the first day of May
ncxt at COST, for (cash or country produce on terms ajreed,) consisting of a
largo assortment of DRY GOODS, among which rasy bo foand
5000 Yards of Prints of every style and Cost.
500 " Kich and choice styles ol Ginghams.
300 DeLaines,
40 Pieccs Dress and Cloak Goods
Consisting of
Plain and Plaid Alpaecas, Plaid
Bed Tichs, Bro. Jeans, B rtncn and Bhached Sheelinss.
Colton Yarn. Batls, kc.
Also, a general assortment of Groceries,-
Drugs and Medicines, Painls. Oits andDge Stuffs,- Crockery and Glats
Jf'are, Hard IVare, Boots and Shoes c.
"Which cannot bo surpassed in quality, style or pricci at any other itoro to this
County, selling at cost or othcrwise. No Deception 1
Rcmcmbcr that goods are selling AT COST at thc CHEAP CASH STORE
A. P. ROSCOE. March 1st, 1648.
All kinds and sizes of "Wrousht Iron, Stcel,
Horse Shoes and Nails, Nail Rotls, Stcel platcd
Slcigh and4 Cnttcr Shoes; Cronhars, Chams,
isrooKs-axcs, wrouchtand Cnt Aails. Carr a!e
bntls, washers, Nutts, iiuttscrcws, cranks and roll
crs. Abo door rollcrs, Mallcablc Iron wrcnchcs
and nutts, Hay and Manurc forks, Filcs, Shovcls
and tongs, Hamcss Ilanics. Axe llclvcs, &c &c
And pipc, Plows aud Points, CauMron kcttles,
Cast Sleigh Shoes, Irons and Arch mouths. Sad
trons, Tailors Irons. Doaglas Cast Iron Pumps,
Coppcr Pumps rolary tojis, Brass kettlcs, Shect
L.caa, oiiect jnc, i.cad nine &c a full assort-
ment of Tin, Shcet Iron nnd Ilollow ware.
JUB WORK doneajtisu.il.
Wnntcd 20 tons of old east and wronrht Tron
for wliich thc Iiiliest pricc will hc paid
Middlebury, Fcb. 7th, 1M8.
Just Received
A fresh snmdv of the Bostnn Almin TV.n.
gelinc, by Ixmpfellow, Gall.nin's Lcttcrs on thc
war witn Mc.iiro, ivirwins Letters to Bishop
Hnjhcs, Locke Amsden. and Th
ollcciions of Mcxico. L. W. CLARK.
lonale hy W. S. JOHNSON.
100,000 Sliinglcs for fcsale, con
sisting of Cedar, Sprucc, Pine and Ilcmlock
raanufaiturcd at tho factory of the subscriber in
r.asi itinuucoury. j. u 1'KItKINS.
Fcb. 8, 1348. 32
Kock Salt.
200 bushels heavverev Rock Salt on han.land
for sale by JAMES M. SLADE & CO.
iNov. IW7. 30; 2m.
iUusical oiicc.
iUt. UllllCUailJ havm? taken lin his rrin.
tcr nunrtcrs at Middlebury, takes this methnd nt
saying tohis friends and thc dancing commnnity
S23?j2SS -ea
on reasonable terms. Any number ofoiccca fur-
nishcd from two tofivc, as thc occasion mav rc-
luirc, his Imnd consistsofa CIarionct,Post-Horn.
Ist & 2d Violin, and Ophcycliedc.
Letters ad.lressed to R.'E. 'Whiteoiiih sIMdln.
bury, Vt will rcceive prompt attcntion. 27tf
ATIilillplmrx. Wp ft 101?
"Wc, thc subscribcrs. bcimr nnnointed hr ili
ljrobite Conrt for the District of Addison'Com
missioners, to rcceive, cxamine and adjnst all
claims and dcmandsof all persons, against tho ei-
laic 01
late of Shoreham in said District. deceascd. nnd
also all claims and demands exhibited in nffiiet
thcrcto: And six months from thc 29th dav of
Novcmbcr being nllowed by said Court for that
pnrpoe, wc do therefore hcrebv givc notice that
we will attcnd lo thc bnsiness ofoursaid appoint-
mcnt,at the dwellin:; house of James Moore in
ncxt from nino o'clock A. M. until four o'clock
ouureiiiuii, on inc 011 juonoavi 31 jlnreli nnd .Mav
. M-, on each of said days.
James ITotrt ( Commis
fsa Jones sioners.
Dated at Shoreham this 23th day of Janusrv
1548. 42
rnviKsifivriic vnTini-
c, tlie sn'jMribcrs. beinc aimointcd brtho
Probatc Court for ihe disiiiit cf Mtihbn
Commissioners. to rcceive cxamine and mliust !1
claims and dcmanus ofall persons, agaiust thc
cstatc of
late of Shoreham in said district deceascd. and
also all claims and dcmads exhibited in offsct
thcrcto: nnd fix montlu fri?m the 23d day of Dc
ccmbcr being allowcd hy said court for that pnr
posc, wc do therefore hercby give notirc Ihat wo
will attcnd to the Iunines of our said appoinlment
t mc oiacc 01 j. iv. rignt in siiorcnam on the
.1 Mondays in April and Junc next from nina
o'clock A, M. until four o'clork P. 31. on cach of
said dars.
Silas II. Jrnison Commis
AVr.t VTrir;lt. J sioners.
Datcd at Shoreham this 8th dav of February
Rail-Road Ties and suc-Sils.
TlHE subscribers wish to contract ior 80,000
jl uaiiroad iies.ol tamaraclr, vrbilc or black
oak.blackor swamp csh, ccdar, butternut, or
cbestnnt limber. The ties are rconired lobe 7
feet in length, for any wood pccified, (excepling
cedar, which mnst be "i. feel,) and six inhes
qaare, or of ga good btaring of C inchas lop
&boitom, aud lo bc tnwcdorsmoothly hewn.
To be three ioches thick and eisht ioches
wide, aud fourtcen lcel in lcnglh, for Scb-Sils.
Wc wish to contract fur Ihc abovd specjfied
lamber, lobe delivered on the line of the Kul
land and Burlington Ruilroad. between Bnrlinc-
ton and Brandon, on or bcfore thc first day of
seplcmfccr next. Addrcss tbcsubscribeis at Bur
lington. CUIMBERLII.V, STaOMo"& Co.
Dec. 'Zi, 1517. 38;m2
Notice to Contractors.
PP.OPOSALS will le received at thi ofTi
of the undersigncd at Barlington, orat thc officc
of George T. Hodges, Eq.a: Rntland Vt. until
tneiomoayoi march ibin, for Gradiug and
Masonry on tbe following-'eclit nsof iheRmlznd
risi. n 01 the Jtntland and Burlington Railroad
wiuscctions 1. 2,3.4. 15. 1C. 20. 22 .mrf53
Salisfactonr securitv will he rennired fmm r.nn.
traclors to whum the trork mav fce awarded.
1-1 . : . r- 1
j-i iiccsiiiuaiesoi woikod the sections abovc
named are as fbllonrs, 343,820 Cubic yards of
Earth Excaration. 300 Cubic yarJs of Solid
Rock Excavation. 1,200 Cubic yards of Looe
RockExcavaticn. 1.510 Cubic yards ofCul-
vert Masonry.
Plans, pfohlcs.and specificatipns may te seen
the Eosineer's OtBce in Rutland, whero all
oecessary eiplanations will be givcn.
33;w5 T. FOLLETT, Presidrat.
Mtrinoes, Cingham Plaidt, ffe..
WE, ihe subscribcrF, being nppointed h
the Probalc Courlfor Ihc District ofAudisoct
Commissioners. to recrive. examioe nnd ad
just nll claims and demands of all persons o
gainst the eslate nf
lale of Middlchury insaid District, deceased
andnlsonll claims and demands exhibited
ia offreWhercto : And s monlhs from tho
loih day ol February lSlS.being nllowed hy
aid Court for lh.it purpose. we do hcreby
Kive nolice Ihat we will nlteaJ lo the bosi
ness of our said nppointmeni, at ihe late
divrlKnj? house of saiif deceascd in said Mid
dlebury, onihe 2.0ili dny of March,- and tho
lOlhday of Aupnt, fromnins o'clork, A. M.
utilillouro'clock, P M.-on eah ofjeaid day.
Jona. Ilcgar, 1
Dorastus Wcozter, Comniiss!oner
Cl.fster Ehter, )
Dalcd at Middlebury thh 3Isl dny of Fetr.
ruary, 1S13. 43
For Sale
Abonl twentyjoncacrcx of cxcelfcnt larid, sit
ualcd tn toniwall, about two ntiles from Middle
bury Vll aee. 011 the Tniv m.-wl. r.r.,1 .v.
same diMauce lrom Cornwall Meeling House.
batd ot has a house r.nd good larn on it, wilh
cood lcncc. and iswell u-.nrH a i. .
ed picce of ath.uiforty acrc.-.-grass bnd, on hicfc
' ""2 waier wiucii neverdiifs.
rorfdrlherparticularsennnlre nfz 11 Dnn.
CINS. on the primiscs.
Cornwall, Feb. 10th, 18-:8.
Aft tmumi
VTOW offets far sale al ihe Ca-di Stold fa V,
J-l Bcnncs,oneof thcrieicstand rao!,t dcslra!
stocic of
Heady-Made Clothin
pverlin V.r . . Ol
low nr.V . ! l'1.." rcmciy
o.Tcrs at rcdnccd prices - ,'o",pc""0n- 1JC now
Ml SVCK'S. frnm 0.10 con
150 EEAiD PlTIVIi ,ivn biV
TTVTT?'l-n .1- " vi, iuiu oajl-
, "i. ' uu' lrom -4 tO 10,00
275 UDER SACKS k Vurirvz
of all Gradcs and Colors.from 2,75 to 0
500 Pairs Panta. frota 1,50 to4.00
800yc3ts, C7cto5,00!-
lo (I02. IVool Shirfs ahd Drawcra.
Of GsNxijraiENS Fi;rnisihno Good
0? All Descmptions.
Vergecnes, Dec. 20, 1847.
-r . , O "jaLa
, 0 co,,!?nuc tJ,B ''"K " lheKood iJteiybintr
ury y..ooa will t)C sold ni a smalf nd-
vanre In.rn Cosi, Jor Cnali or Rt-adv Pay bv
llll Piiir.l. H. ...... J
..... . j 11. c . I 1 . 1 1 1 .
Fcb. 7ih. 1S IS. "
1 0 cnsli ouycrn or Ihose ho have re.nly
VaYt t" know where thev can ln nml. r,,
whal ihcv nro worth -in'il nni 1.0 ......, .i .....
on by ll,c old fashinncd rnl of ncllin.r cnoilj
nt 3J 1-3 cli profit. Expericnce hni provcir
only principlcs upon wliich buiiness canbo
............,. ,.,,,, mijii h,ck rciunii: arc ino
Crods can bo hotih! nt thePeopreV&orer
al 10 ptrcenl.from C'of.
Frb. 7. ISfC. W. S. JOHNSON.
No 1 and2 MACKEUEL, in BbWs. J-half i&.
FRESH BTJNCH RAISINS, in wh-do aad' qr.
FRESII RICE, rf-e jnst received in ttorc. and
forsale by jj. VVLLETTJJ.
Dec. 6th, 1847.
WATER PROOF Leatiier PBFaenTBtr,
A Snpcrior article for Harnesses, Cbaiss-topi:''
Boots, Shoes, &c., for sale by
,, , JAA1ES M. SLADE & CO.
Niddlebury, ov. 1G, 18-17. 30; 3mi
Saiisfied ihat ihe best piace to buy
Clothe-Clothing, and
w. s, JOHysoK?s.
Thesleady iocrensc of his butinesa and Ihe-
Ezcellent Fitting Garments.
nilh nhich ha Is djily snpply hiseiufom
ers. iha soperior siyle ar.d durability ofbij
work aad iba
which hepells his Good?,.hnws ihat ihe n
bore sialenient can be relied upon as Ho.
Dccember Clh. IS47.
few Goods. nototilonM h,nn r,h .1 -
or every d;scnpiioDJ,consfstIngofStapleandfaD,
cy Dnr Goods, Mnffsand Boas, VictArires Bul
falo Robes. Carpet. Oiwr Caps, Boots &. Shcet.
together wilh 1 5 hh.ls. Sogars 1 0 of Mola sse, 5
Chests of Tea, bndlen thonvindotherarticlrsW.
nowoffeTedatMheardoflow lricr., NO MIS
1 AKE. Grewrtndncemenisto Cash Cosiomert
nowoffered.. Wowisyourtime tocloih? A r,i
yoprselvr cheap. P.W.COLLlNa
Venne5, Ucc.20; 1547. v

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