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Thcwirc fcot bridge over the Niagara, be
. .. r-.n, ; mmnlctcd.andcamaces nave
lltovcr bv Mr. Ellett, the chief cn-
vf-r iboueh the bridge h but 8 feot wide,
Pl'SSfrp without railine ! It ia -226
rusliinff watcr. and 762 feet
leet o
l"nS- .. :
IIolden's DolaR Magazine. The
August No. of this monthly is roceived. Al
though tbe cieapest of uH theMagazfiiM.we find
it to be Cllod with veluable and enterttuning
rsatter, and abundantly illustratod with em
ballishmeati. Its oritical essays, and sketch-
of literarr mea, add mucb to tbe chtracter
of the work, and wM, ira think, together with
ils other popular features, m&ke it ono of the
nwst aocepteb'a periodicals in its kind. Pub
iUied by Charles W. Holden, New York,
81,00 a year.
This Convention was temporarily organizcd
at 12 o'clock, on Wcdnesday last, Nathaniel
Sawycr, of Obio, Chainnan pro tem., Mr.
Wcllcs of Blinois,and Mr. Phillio, of Connect
icut, Sccretaries. Barnburner Delegates
were pros.ent from Obio, lllinois, Michigan,
Wisconsin, Pcnnsjlvania, Indiana, and sevcral
othcr States, as well as from New York. It
seemsto have been, indecd, almostcxclusively
n Convention of Barnburnprs and Libcrtitts,
the number of rccreant Whigs being com
parativelv small.
The Convention was permancntly organ
ized, on ihe afternoon of the same day, Ilon.
Charles Francii Adams, of Massachusetts.Prcs
idcnt, with Vice Presidents from thc sevcral
states represcnted. Mcssrs. Giddings, of Ohio,
and Butler, of New York, addressed the Con
Tention. Tho nominations wero made on Thurs
day, a3 follows :
For Presidcnt,
Martin Van Buren, of New York.
For Vice President,
Charles F. Adams, of Massachuscttj.
Mr. Van Buren was nominated on the first
ballot, by the following Totc, which probably
givcs a fair index ofthe relativc strength of the
three parties, in the Convention :
Van Buren (Loco) 244.
Ilale (Libcrtist) 181.
Scattering (Wbig) 41.
The platform of the Convention was adopt
od in tlirce Resolntions, as follows :
First, That it is thc duty of the Gencral
GoTcnimcnt to abolish siavery wherevcr it
poispsses tho constitutionalpower.
Sccond, That in the sevcral States, siavery
is bndcr thc solc control of the States.
ThirJ, That Siavery intbetcrritorirsshould
be prcvcnted by this action of Congress.
Friday, Ang 4.
Skkate. On motion of Mr. Athcnon, of ew
Hampfhire, thc Civil and Diplomntic Appropn
Aiion Iiill watflken np. TI10 hill wns enjjrosjed
f.r a third reading. A .lehatc ar.sc. whicli con
,;.i ho'iirs. on an amcndment payinc
S14f,UOO left in the hmnls of thc fiovcrnmcnt for
ihe Creck Indians. Thc amcnrtmciil was nopf
ed A dcbatc cnsucd on iui nmendment paying
C.imrawVjrc Uiddle s aclf.is ci-mini?sioncr to
Mr of Sc-rf York. offcrcd an a-
n...imi f ;!id 10 lniildnravcmie ciittcr. With-
ciit inakin ftirthcrjjrogres'?, at 6 1-2 o'clock thc
P- natc adiountcil.
llocsa. Thc IIouw icmaincrt in scssion last
niht UllioVloi'k, cuatinum? thc Siavery de-li.-i.te
the .Vrrt.r Appropriatiou bi)t beiiijthcsnb
crt up for oon-'iilcraiioa. Thc ssmc f ulycct was
r'.-nmcii this inoniin. Jlr. Ilanicl, if North
Carolina. alvocatcd thc Sotilhcm sidc of thc
Hlavcrv nuelion. Mr. Botts, of Virjrinia, said
he nould tke another occnMon tn spcak on thc
Ri-neral politics f thc dav, and dofinc bts posi
tion. He would now cont'inc hiinsiif to thc sub
icct bc forc thc House. and oflVrcd an amcnd'
mcnt to the UU. so as to luvc tcn thou.ind rank
ar.d filc. instcad of icvcn thoufand, in thc armyof
tho Unitcd States. Mr. ir.ton, of Ohio, replicd
to Mr. Botts. who had complamcd of thc Com
mittep of YVavs and Mcnns for asnmin;r thc
dircction of the Military Committcc.
Satorday. Ang, 5,
Se.nate. Mr Ilp.nncptn, Chairman of the
fVmimitipr on Korcicn Rclalions. rcnortcd a bill
Otabli'iliins loiindary lincs with Mexico. The
pronosition of thc Iludson Bav Company to sell
l.ii..: : .1, nC,-
dL-russcd on Fridav, in secrct session.
HorsK. Emrac-ed on tho Army hill. After
fme amendmcnts, xbc hill was ordcrcd to bc en-
Jlondar, Ang. .
Krvi-ri- Mr. Johnson, of Marvland, intro
5nced a rcsolution callinp on thc Presidcnt for in
formalion with rcyanl to the projcct of a revoln
tion in Sorthcrn Mexico. Adoptcd. The Orc
cnn bill was taken up, and adebate cnsncd onthe
mlmot l roviso.
HniTsr.. Thc Presidcnt s last two messaccs
1 crc takcn nn for rcfcrence, and Mr. Ycnablc
raade a sct fpecch, eulopzin North Carolinaand
licr dclcgation, assailcd thc Whig party, and op
posed Gen. T.ivlor. Mr. Stephcns, ot Georgia,
fullowed, justifyinfr his conrse in movinj; to lay
aside thc tcrrit'orial compromise , and said thc bill
would provc mjunous.
Tncsdav. Aus. 8.
SrfATE. M.r. 'Webstcr took his Scat in thc
Scnatc to-day. Thc hill relating to crantinglands
for construeu'nc a railroad from Mobilc to the
raoulh ot the Ohio, was takcn up.
Hocsn. The bill from tbe Scnate, carrjing
into effect thc treaty of China and thc Ottoman
Porte, givin jndicial power to Miniftcrs nnd
l.onsuls, was passcd. ilio ocnare mu lor vnrrj
mg into effect tho trcaty with England and
France, for delircring faRitives from justice, was
nio passcu. domi resoiuuuu-ujjviu .w
pay tho National InteUigencer and the Union
S4l-2percolnrnn, for ptjblishing the daily pro
cecdings of Congress. "Mr. Ashmun spokc in fa
vor of tho resolntion.
0?" The editor cf the 'Washington TJnion js in
great distress of mind because thc London Times
nis found out, wnat cvery ooay eisc nao iounu
oathere before, ond U 'inclined to look npon Gen.
Taylor as thc fittest andbcst nian to be l'rcsidcnt
of thc Unitcd States, and mostlikely tobe raised
' ' that exalted post by thc voices of thc pcoplc'
Tho Union should not expect an English Tory
to reraain for cvcr in ignorance of a fact so ap
pirentand so universally admitted.norbe so dis
tarbud by the mention of it.
The following circumstantial account ofthe
dcstructivc tornado which visited the neighbor
hood of Ripley. Me., is from a correipondent
ofthe Bangor Whig.This hurricane, the most
remarkable that ie known over to have occur
red in the same quarter of the country, hap
pened on the 27th of July, between four and
five o'clock in the afternoon-
Itwas first percetved in Ripley, where it was
secn of small size, at first, gradually acquiring
rtrength, and then traversing the air in tho
form of a mighty whirlwind, shaped like a tun
ncl, and accompanied with some hail.
It first struck thc house and barn of Joseph
ilerdan levelled the barn complctely with the
ground, carricd off the roof of the house, raov
ed the bodv of the house a few fnet cnd let it
own party way into the cellar. The family
'n the house were unharmed.
It ne.tt struck thchouje and twp harns of
3-3i bt- ii - aeaohshc 1 trem ajl io n mo-
ment, scattering them "in cvery dircction.
Some of the bricks wero found fifty rods from
tne nousc.
Mr. Stonc and his family were in the house
at tho time, his wife sick. Ile reccivcd many
t - l . . 1 JLf-
Druises, oui no oones wero orosen, anu ue is
now doing welL One giri found the timbcrs
in falling had confined hcr by her dress, so
that it was impossibleforhcrtoescapetill some
one came to her assistance, and tore her dress
froin her, leaving it under the timbers. She
received no injury.
It next struck the hoaJC and barn of Samu
elJordan, destroying them entirely. Noth
ingbut part of the loworfloor is left in its lbr
mer place not a stick or & splinter is sland-
Tet the family most miraculontly escaped
uninjured. As it passed through the fields
before reaching these houies. I saw one place
where ithad ploughed the groundto theaepth
of eightinchcs, onerod in length and tenfeet
in breadth, scouring thesoil andstones entire
ly off to that depth. At another place, a stone
wcighing some six hundred pounds, one third
embedded in thc earth, was thrown from its
placo a numberof feet. As it passed through
Mr. Stone's orchard it tore up the trees carry
ing some of them ten and twenty rods some
wcre left clinging to the earth by a small por
tion of the roots, the trunks of others were
twistcd nearly ofT. An eye witness says that
when it struck the buildings cf Mr Stonc, eo
quick was its cxecution, that the appearance
was more likc a lsrpe body of smoke than any
thiag he could think of. Powder could hardly
have becn more sudden in its operation. Af
ter clearing away a Iittlc,the air sccmcd fillcd
with sticks, boards, brokcn timbcr, and rub
bish, which fell in many plaees at great dis
tauccs from the buildings. Many whosawit
at diflercnt stages of its coursc, describcdit as
sending forlh frcquent flashesof lightning.and
it was gcncrally accompanied by a grcat noise
resembling continucd thunder.
It ncxt struck the buildings of John Lane,
complctely dcmolishing his barn, and unroof
itig his house. A school-house near by was
movcd from its foundation without being bro
kcn in pieccs. Thc children, elevcn in num
ber,ran out of the school-house betorothewind
reached it, tothe house of Mr. Crawford. Af
ter neirly all of them had entered Mr. Craw-
fords house, that was also levelled with the
ground. One little boy, about five ycarsof
ne, who did not reach tbe house, was blown
into a trcc, the trce blown down, and he re
coived no injury. Mr. Crawford's family were
absont. Richard Lane lost his bnrn.
Paising from Ripley into Dexter, the barn
ofJamcsLane was blown down. iMcxt the
buildings of Samuel Abbot, consisting of a
new house, not finished, and his old house and
barn were destrovcd. A portion of the old
houso, into which "the family ran, was Icft stand
in", but of no value. No one was injurcd.
Not a stick of hi3 fcncc for the distance of for
tv rods rcmaincd in its former place, but thc
fragnipnts might be scen strcwn over the
ncishborinc fields, 10, 20, 30, and forty rods
distant. Some pieces oflus buildings have
been found four or five miles from the place
where thev stood. Of nioe hives of bees not
a traco can bc found of four. AVhcrc it stop-
pcd, or where it first comuienccd, lsnotknown
to us. but we hear of no damage to buildings
west of Ilinlev. It is said to have been teen,
however, in New Portland, and Ktngsbury,
whcncc it rose into the air, and diu not Touch
thc ground again until it reached Ripley.
New Ycrk, Ang. 14, 9 A. M.
The Acadia arrivcd ycstcrday, bringing 7
dsys latcr ncws from Europc.
Troop are pouring in. It is snpposcd that
there are 30,000 troops in the two menaccd
provinccs, and 5000 constablcs.
The habeas corvus is susncndcd. 5500 re-
ward is offcrcd for Smith O'Brien, S300 for
Mcashcr.Dillon, Dahoncv. All the printcrs
of thc Dublin Nation arc arrcsted. The tonc
of thc ncws is. that tho msurrcction has been
tcmDorarilr overawcd. AMarce numbcr of
Dersons are about to be nrrested. The ut-
mostouiet nrcvailcd at last datcs. In South
Ircland. some outbreak is considcrcd inevita
blo. Thc Lord Licutcnant has issued a proc-
lamation suiinrcssinff Clubs. Clubs are still
. , o
bcinc onramzed.
Livcrpool has becn in grcat excitoment,con
scqucnt upon tho prcicncc of a largo numbcr
ofRepealcrs. 20,000 special constables have
bocn appointcif.
Nkw Yokk. Acg. 14. 2 1-2 P. M
CoSGHESS. Af'er siltins; all night, at 9 o'
clock, Sunday morning, thc Senafc passed the
Oregon Bill, "with the "Wilmot Proviso, and
without the extcnsion of tho Missouri Com
promisc. The scenc of its passage was very
exciting. The veas, includmg Bcnton, Spru-
auce and Clayton, 29. Nays, 25, not one lrom
thc. Free States. Abscnt 4. The He passcd
bctwecn Bcnton and Butlcr.
North Cakolina Electiox. Reportcd
Dcmocratic Scnate 27 to 23. House, a bare
majority of Whigs. Manley (Whig) is now
350 ahcad. Tho Legislature will possibly bc
a tie.
IrELAXP. Tiic Irish Direclorg is malong
an urgent appe.nl this morning to every friend
of Irish Liberty to aid instantly in the great
stnipglc just bCginning.
The Southcrn Countics are cxpected torise
evcry instant. The Western and Northern
are less cxcitcd. The Nation newspapcr is
supprcssed. A flcet is off Cork.
Numcrous arrests are being made in Edin
burgh for Treason. Inflammatory meelings
arc contintially takinc place.
France is quiet. No change to note.
The Denmark armistice is not confirmed.
No fightinp has occurrcd.
Austria i. quiet. The Diet would soon be
opencd. The King would retum.
Northern Italy is without movement.
Charles Albcrt is inactive. The King of
Nanles thrcatens toinvade Sicilv. The Mon-
temalinist movement in Spain is unsucceesful.
Portugal, nothing of note. Quiet prevails in
India. Crops will be good in most-of Europe.
Irish troubles deprees tbe Money Markcts.
Thejuryon ihe slave abduclion case, at
Washington, after twenty-ibur houra' delibe
ration.relurncd itito courl wi'h a verdict. find
ins Praylon guiliy of slcaling oerces a
Bdffai.0 "Free Soil Cokvestios."
A tcrbatim PhonogTaphic report of the
proceedinps ofthe Nationil "Fiee Soil Con
vention" willbe published in pamphletforni,
byAndrewo & Boyle, 22Sprucestreet,New
York. Tbe report will bc made by Mr. Oli
verDyer, who has made such arrangaments
ae will ermtjlc hitn to forward to New Yotk
a large eupply o( Pamphlets hy the first ex
press that leaves BufT.ilo after thc adjourn
ment ofthe Convention. For sale by every
Periodical and Newa Agent in the Uniled
Slate. Price 12 1-2 cents to the Irade SS
per hundred.
TncnsDAv. Aug. 10. 1848.
At market 520 Beef CatUe.". .-30" Cows" and
Calves, 200 Stores, 4200Shecp, 975 Swine;
Puices Beef Cattle'A "very few oxtra
S7.i7.os? fimt nualitv 6 50 a6 75: second
mialitv as 75 a 6 25 : third S5 a 5 50.'
Cowsand CalcesIMl Sales.at S19j S25,
S28, and S3S.
Stores No prices.csta3jhs3iet
SteepThia- Bmall ltrts at-1 5Cf.r JO 1 92.
$2, 2 25, 2 37 and -2 75.
"YVOOL. Sinco ourlast report therc has
not been much doffe in thig articlerrrore-i-
cent bcivy saics oKOpmesiic woolens, at vcrj
low priceshave discouraged manufactoroN,
and they now ouy Tery spanngly, 1 hC"nly
saics wo nave w report are 20,000los. neeee
22 to 26 ccnts; and 80 bales Buenos Ayres
washed, on terms not transpired. N. Y. Ez-
press, Aitgusi 11.
(CT Let there be a grand
Ofthe Whigs, atthe Town Room, to-night.
The Hon. Mteon La.wuekce, of Masiachu
setts, will addrecs thc meeting. C. C. La
THnop, Esq., of New Orleans, is also cxpoct
ed to be prcsent. COME AND HEAR,
ONE AND ALL 1! 1 1
Addison County Democratic
"We. the nndcrsimied, invite all Oiw. DemocraU
of Addison County tcho are in favor of mpporting
the National Dcmocratic Nominations made at Bal
timore, and the State Nominations made at Montpel
ier, to asscmble at the Court Houso in Middlebu
ry on THURSDAY, the 24th day of AUGUST
insL at 10 o'clock A. M to take such action as
tbe prescnt political crisis roakea nccessary.
Fricnds of Cass and Butler and the recnlar
nominations of the Democratic party, asscmble
and let the Democratic party and the world
know, thatyon abide by your principles and are
rcady to sustain tliam.
August 3d, 1848.
Hon.L. B. Vilas of Chelsea.Hon. D. A. Smal
lcy of Burlington, Hon. Giles Ilarrington of Al
burgh, Hon. P. C. Tucker' of Vergennes, and
other distinguishcd memhers of the Democratic
party are cxpectcd to bc present and aJdress thc
Jamea Fletcher, Emerson R. "Wright, Korace
Hapcood, Joshua Scott. J. P. Atwood, R. Ilawk
ins E. T. D. Whitney. O. P. Sheldon, C. F. Hill,
Cheiter Fcnn, A. II. Hawley. Isaac Priggs, Gea
Wilkinson Lurius Taylor, Edwin Hammond,
David Nichols, A. Nixon Jr., Jamcs McDonald
2d, Geo. Claflin, Sam'l Taylor, G. W. Burdick.
Jame Sumner, A. J. Sumner. Darid Bnttolph,
W. W. Buttolpli. Nathan Myrick, W. D. Lewis,
Elijnh Racc, G. C. Smith, Jamcs Lamcd, Benja
min Butlcr, John Thea,Philip C. Tuckcr, Gcorge
Parker, Byron Murray, Philip C. Tucker, Jr
Sam'l S. Wright, Horace Cranc, J. G. Ross, Ed
ward Donahue, James Donahue. George F. Gor
ham. Artemus Nixon. Hezekiah Gorbam. A.
Donahue, H. Taylor, 'WilUam Elliott, J. H. Mor
rison, 1. Huntington, Simon Clark, F. C. Fletch
er, Daniel Ueedlr. wm. ooi, nussei tsiy, jeni
cl'Griswold, Joseph S. Buttolph, Silas Piper, Jr.
D. N. Bnttolph, Wm. S. Hammond, C. W. Fnl
ler, Olivcr Kenworthy, Daniel Judd.Bobert Brig
bam, Tho's Gecr, 1. B. Williamson, Jnba Olm-
stcd, Allcn ti. At)0y, Jonn aracr, vaico
Holman, Edson Comstock.A. F. Kclsey, E. J.
Ross, Joseph McDonald, Daniel H. Wright,
James Jcwctt, l'atrick Shays, Bethel Selhck,
Gilman Wilson, Jamcs ltoadi, Wm. K. Uavcn
port, A. A. Nichols, J. H. McLoud. J. Marshall,
Isaac Williamson, Bcnj. Atwood, Ilcnry G. Sum
ner, John J. Hill, Geo. Mnllin, S. M. Hubbell.
P. Fishcr, Nathan Griswoll,Asaph Griswold,
(icrcc Howard. J. S. Preston.N. G. JSccdham,
John Peck, Edw'd Wilkinson, George W. Racc,
H. P. Bosrtick, l'atrick Uonally, u. w. oumner,
Sam'l Itanno, Wm. W. Hill, Richard Southwcll,
Gcorse Sawver, H.H. Lawrence. James McDon
ald, Enos Tfiomas, Daniel O. Weston, Charlcs
Tcnney, J. P. Whccler. John McLoud, Warren
H. Dewcy, Henrv 1j. Utiiifls, iawm narreD,
John Garvey, Simeon Holton, David Burke,
. " . . v T T , T 1 TT1 1 '
Sanvl 1L MurdocK, dcromc iiowaru, imi j.omun
son, James C. Buckley. Corel Griswold, John
Howard, Benjamin Chasc, Gcorgc Pcmberton,
Wm. Palmcr, A. W. Palmer, Asa Pagc, Guy
Gage.Reuben B.Brady, Sam'l Fanncr, James
M. Hnrkett. Jesso Jowell, Jr., E. G. Doton, Ly-
man Stetson. A. E. Holcomb, Ira Wcntworth,
Henry M Thomaj, Nathan Brady, Enos Knapp,
Alphcns Stetson, Sam'l Fullcr, 1. B. Chase. M.
Walker, Abram S. Williamson, LuthcrC.Fales,
Soloraon Thomas, C. B. Waracr, Azro B Good
ricli. Daniel Bidwell. N. P. Sherma'n, Shnbael
Walcs.Bussell Cadwcll. Gcorce A. Gaje, John
H. Evcrcst, Jocl Podgc, Solomon l'ierce, Jr.
AVnrmn Wentwroth. Nelson!Wcntworth, Frank
lin rollins. J. W. Martin. Asahcl Ncwion, Henry
Beebe, Joseph Mason, J. D. Fuller, Daniel Skiff,
Diab Branch, L. C. Hulbnrt, C. E. Myrick. C.
Adams, Solomon Thomas, Jr. Epbram Goodncb,
Luman Stcvens.wm. aampson.ticnry in. jvinsa
In Andover,Ma.s.,onthe 8thinstant,Prof.R-
D. C. Robbins, of Middlebury Lollege, to aa
rah, daughter of Prof. Moses Stuart, of Ando
In Cornwall, on the 24th nlt., NonMAN Au
GKSTiME. son of Norman and Rachol Lewis.
a?td onc rcar and fix months.
In Dorset, on Saturday, the 29th of July.
of consumption, SoniiA, daughter ofCharlcs
and Sarnh Ben'.ley, nnd wile oi neiurn w
Under n II. aecd Ja venrs.
In Woodstock, on thc Sth instant. Capt.
AnnAiiAM Snow, a Rcvolutionary Pensioner,
agcd 86.
In Wexford, Canada West, Mr. Daniel Ai
ken, aed 120 years. Hc had, during his lifc,
contracled sevcn marriaces, and had 500
grand-childrcn and grcat-grand-children
300 boys and 200girls.
In Nilcs, Michigan, on the 17th ult., GlL-
nLRT Stowe, only surviving cinid ot witi
iam L. and Marv A. Lane, aged 2 years and
5 months.
A bud I raw, of lorelittt hce.
Ezpandia;, loon to be ft flower;
It glistcned in the mornins dew ;
It chu-zned, jet charmed but for an hour.
For toon, alu 1 the apoiler'a hnd
Iu bloora retentlosly deitroyed j
It fetl before his ttern command,
And left a dreairToid-
Anon, the lelf-aaine stem did bear
A bloisom, opcnias u before,
A aweet as was the fint, and fair
Aa ever Eden'i gmdca bore.
Bnt soon, TlltJ to6, thottsh lonjer left,
Wai doomed ro chare ita sister'a fate :
Tha tree, twice Mett, and twicc bereft.
Wai bare and desolate.
Theie buds, thus prematnrely torn
From olTthe parent tree or vine,
Dear Sister I nerpin, andforlornl
Are emblomatical of tbine.
Vet happier these ; for now, abore.
They breathe a pure, a heavenly air ;
There raiie tbeir songa orpraice and loTe,
Aod shioe cupremely fair.
Cornwau, Ang- Irt, 1343.
G. C. U
School in Leicester.
Thp Va Termof this school will commence
on Wedsesday, the 6th day of September
nert. and rontinue elevcn weeks.
Tititiov. thc same as durinc the past year.
A Teachers'lnstitutc will be holdcn during the
last three wccks of the term, Ireetrom
snv p.rtra cbar,es to thoie who attcnd
the school.
Leicester, Aug. 14, 1848. 16:3w
All nereons indebled to the Estate of
HARVEY BELL. etthcr on Book or by
Note, are requested to call and Bettle the
Fama without delny.
GEO. S. SWIFT. Jutors.
Aug. 15. 1B48. 16:tf.
- ALh pcrsonsliaving unssttled .account; for
i 1. a rii 1 o n - .- .
call and scttlethe. samcr the. present week ur
"jcy wiu De leit in ine nauus oi an AltbfncJ.
Thosc that have civen notes on 3 months or
less time will find the. notes at tho Bank oi
Middlebury, where paymentmustbemado the
present week.
Middlebury, Aug. 14th, 1848.
Wm. M. BAS.S,
Physician & Surgeon,
rVFFERS his professional serriccs to the ihhab-
vy itants of Middlebury ana vicimtv. and re-
rpectfally solicits a share of public patronage.
tt Office in the roora immcdiatelv over
Dr. Russel's Drug Store, lately occupied by J.
j. vicxer. i6;mo.
Entire etock of CL0THING,
Those that are in want of a Cool LINEN
SACK, a Nice VEST, or THIN PANTS, or
ant asticle in the Clcthingline, at abont HALF
PRICE usnally asked, can be accommodatcd,
at28Ann. St. I6:4w;
The Revolntion in France. and tho ceneral con-
vulsions throughout Eurdpe, arc attribnted to the
fact that the people arc determined no longer to
submit to the uncqualand unjustrequirements of
Monarchical power.
A rerolution in Trade has now bcenn in Mid-
dlcburv which bids fair toextend its influencc far
and wide, and it is expected that monopolists will
abdicate soon, as the entire mass of the people
are rushing in to sccure tba great bargaius now
offered at ,
Jas. McKeand's
Hc has jnst rcturned from New York with a
larsre and wcll sclectca assortmcnt ot
$ 5g
Consisting of
French, German and English Broadclotlis,
Engtish and trench Uashmeret; also,
Drab,Gold Mixed and Fancy Tweeds,
also Plain and Figvred Satins.of
eveiy variety; Plain Blacb
French Boe-Stins,
Fancv Enalish and French Cassimeres, and a
variety of other articles too numerous to men
At the same cstablishmcnt mav be found a
good assortment of
Consisting of
And our earncst solicitation is that all will
come and cxamine our stock and priccs, and sat-
isfy thcmselves, nnd not listen to the rcpresenta-
.- "1 r .1
uons oi ceriaui muua syiii n atv uommh
for the Old Vmasty. -
N. B. CUTT1NG attended to is nsual, and
warranted to fit in all cases, if properly made up.
rrj Kemember, two doors south or tne l ost
Officc. JAAltb MClVtiAJilJ
Middlebury, August 8th, 1848. 15
Middlebury Academy
Thc-Trustecs of this institution, pive notice
that Mr. Daniel A. Bowe, has been ap
pointed Preceptor, the ensuing year. The
Trustees are gratificd in view of the success
with which hc has sustained the Academy for
two vears nast, and are happy in recommend-
inc him as an ablc and faithful instructor.
Thc ncxt term commences on the 30th of Aug.
next. Tuition as usual.
THO'S. A. MERRILL, Reghter
Middlebury, August 1. I3:4w.
THE Fall term of thh Itutiution will commence on
Thursday, Anyustatth.
The School ill be continued under Jlr. Gorham ai Prin'
rinil and Miu tVilcox aa assUtant teacher.
Tk. Hnniilvin whirh il haa ohtainetl durine the Da3t Tear
for jood gorernment and thoron;h instruction, U the best
reeommendation of thcir qnaii6cations.
Miu IIitchcock,aell qualificd teacher of French and
Music haa Deen rnjase12 na wlu -esie ner uare w iwjw
Tk. fl rnnfldent that this Injttitutlon oflcra ad'
Tantaes for htainins a thorough edocation, not f nrpasffed
by any other in the ricioitjf and they think that the
fatrona;e it haa received durins the put year, will not on
r be continoed but Increajed. Board may be had in the
nme buiHin; with the teachers.
By order of Ihe Trustees.
Champlain. July 21, 1848. H;3
Middlebury Female
'IMia VnllTerm of lliit Institution, with
r?reallv incrcased facilitiesforathorough and
mnlcin education. will commence on
Wednesday, August 23d, and continue four-
lcen weeks. deverai teacner are empioyeu
inthe school andno pains are sparcdtoren
dcr the conrse of study pleasant arid profit
abletolhe pupils. Fcv instituiiona enjoy
belter menns for imparting a tliorotigh. scien
iiR Wnnwledo-e: and ample provjsion ii
made for thosc who wish to obtain ihc very
.Ireimhle accomnlishmenls of French, Music,
ripniviniT nnd Painiins. There- arc three
iorm. rmhevear. of f'ourleeti weeks each
The espensea of an education at Ihia Instiiu-
tion are inougnito ue iow " iuj u
;Lp nilrnnlases.
Board. including fuel, lights, and washing
for the term offourteen weeks, 530.0U.
Preparatory Classes, ------ 4,60.
Other CUsses, 6,00.
Music with tiseof instrument, - 12,00.
French, 4,00.
Drawing, ------- 4,00.
Painting, 6,00.
S. PEARL LATHROP, Principal.
The aulwcriber o&era for aale the
fann nn which ht now rraldrs, In the
townofFort Ann, WaabiuttoD countr.
S. Y-coiulatlnsorrn-m Breio iununsrea xcrea or fooa
rrain and sraiine land well enctosed. and upon which arc
"n large and three mcdcrate alttd dwelling bouaea; ear
ria;eboaMs,barna, ahrd. and neceaaarf ombulldingi; a
ial aoole orchard.and other fraittreet. Bald farm b well
witertd, haring a great numberof durable aprings, and n
nerer falling ttream ofwaier rnnnlng through It, and Ii
well aliuatcd to divide Into two faima if desirrd. ald
farm iximatrd iwnmllei wenof Ihe Tittage ofFort Ann.
andtheaame dlatanee from tbe Saraloga and WMiiball
Kallniad, and the Champlain CanaL Tnc a!d fann Ii
wrllrabTikitniroriilarFe DalrT. From filly t aCTenlT'
(umiriiU land HI arlUTUH WiUl UMDle
and oihcr valuabte llmber. Tbta farm ii In a blgh atate of
cultlvaiion. and haa onlta good quarryof stone, tuiuble
fer lendng the aame. (
Time will b green for arortioa ofthetmrehue money I
lfdeslred. lOtf
rertAnn.JnceM.mS. ASPEEH H MOOKE.I
Wc. the subscrihcrs, being appointed by the
Prnbatc Court for the District of Addison,
f Commissioners, to receive, cxamine and ad-
just all clnims and deraands ot all persons a
KSirist thc estatc of
late of Middlebury, in said District, deceased,
and also all claims and demands txhibitcd in
offsct thereto: And 6 months from the 3d day
of August being allowed for that purposc, we
do thel-eforo hereby givc notice that we will
attcnd to the businoss of oursaid appointrcent,
at the offico of Geo. S. Swift Esq. in Middle
bury on the last Thursday in August and No
vcmbcr 1848 & of Jan. 1819 fromnine o'clock,
A M. until four P. M. on each of said days.
JOSEPII WARNER, ; sioners.
Dated at Middlebury this 7th day of August
1848. 15:3w
We, the subscrlbers, being appointed by the
Probate Court for the District of Addison, Com
missioners to receive, cxamine and adjnst all
claims and demands of all persons against the
esiate of
late of Shoreham, insaid District, deceased, and
also all claims and d;mands exhibited in oflket
thereto ; And six months rrom the 1 1th day of J u
ly being allowed by said Court for that purpose,
we do therefore hereby give nnticc that we will
attend to the business ot our said appointment,
at Ihe dwelling house of Almon Wolcott, in said
Shoreham, on tbe third Tucsdays of September
and December next, from nine dtlock, A.M. un
til four o'closk P. M. on each of said days.
11 BELA HOWE, sioners.
Dated at Shoreham, this 14lh day of July,
We, tho subscribers, being appointed by ihe
Probate Court for the District of New Haven,
Commissioners to receive, examihe andadiust all
claims and demands of all persons against the
estate of
late of Statksboro'.in said district, deceased, and
also all claims and deraands eimouco in oi
,i..nin. nrl !v months from ihe 20th day of
Julvl813''b'ein!' allowed by said Court for tha
purpose, we ao tnereiorc k u"m.i -
attend to the business or our said appointment at
ih,lirrllin? house of ihe widow Hannah Mason
in Starksboro', on the first Monday in Octotcr,
nlsn on the first Monday of November, from 9
o'clock A. M. until 4 o'clock P. M on each of
B. L.KNIGHT, Commissioners.
Dated at Starksboro' this20th dayof July, 1818
Administrators' Sale.
The subscrihcrs herebv aive notice that they
shall sellat Publie Auclton.on thc last Monday
in August nert, (heing tbe 23th day,) at 1 o clocK
P. M., the Store with a horse-barn, shcd, and
Sn,1d!pr"s bon altached thereto situated in thc
Village of Whiting, belongins to thc estate of
JoseDh Simonds. late ot said Whiting, deceased.
also inc rcversion oi inctioweroi me muuwui
r, . ' -i i r .1. nrr.i.. .-r
the said deceased ; and one Slip in the Old Meet
ing House insaid town. The place of sale to be
at the Store above describcd.
LYMAN P. WHITE. ) Adminia
Whiting, July 2Gth, 1813. 14;3
T nnw receli'inp- his Summcr Stock of
comprising a finc assortmcnt of desirable
with a complcte assortment of
Linenj Worsted & Woolen
for Men and Boys, from a shilling Benim to the
German Cloths and
with Veitings, Trimmings, Ilats, Cravats &c, to
matcb, also nlull snpply ot
from the heaviest to thc fincst in the market,
tO -4 Linen Shectioss, liatts, tV icking, ticltings
&cn also a large lot of
Takcn up on or about thc 1st of August,
a Bay HonSE, star in thc forchcad, white
hind feet, switch tail, supposed to be two or
three years old. The owncr is requested to
provc tiroperty, pay charges, and takc her a
Cornwall, Aug. 11. 1848. 16,3w
IIOWLAND &. BILL'S Supcrfinc Gcnncssce
Family Flour, for sale by
2 8 4 8
Is now tilled with a well sclccted assortmcnt of
53 -Ui w 'isJ
and O! what a falling off is there my country
mcn! Nothing has occurred since thc Flood
which comparcs in thc least with the astonishing
reduction in thc price of Goods ! llo ! all ye peo
ple, clapyonr hcnds! Let thc glad tidings -o
fortb ! Jet it bc sprcad abroad thronshout the
vast extent of this rcat country ! lt the Farm
cr lcavc his plongh in the furrow ! tho Mccbanic
his tools on the work-hcnch ! thc Doctor his nos
trums in the pill-bags ! the Lawyer his books on
the dustv shclvcs ! the Maiden thc yarn on the
spinning'-whcel, and onc and all, far nnd ncar,
younc and old, fricnd and foe, rich and poor, Jcw
and Gcntilc, saint and sinner makc one
Where yon can buy Fine Ginghams from 15 to
25 cts,
Lawns 20 to 28,
Baragos 25 to 82,
Muslin de Lancs 12 1-2 to 50,
Calicoes 4 to 16,
S3.00 Broad Cloths for 52,00,
$2,00 Cassimeres for Sl,25,
Alapaccas 20 to "5 cts,
Carpets, 30c to S1.00,
Sbawls at any price,
Good Sugar for 6c,
Coflce 8 to 10,
Teas from 12 l-2c to rcspectable pnccs,
And all othcr articles in proportion. -In fact
many articles I havo heretofore sold I now give
away. This dedaration will be denied bymany
competitors, but, painful as it may seem, gentle
men, you mustfacc the music I therefoie plcdge
myscff to sell goods as chcap as any establishment
this side of Mcxiro the " Queen Cityn of Ver
gennes not excepted I challengc them, onc and all,
to a comparison of prices. .Some People Ioto to
roam, bnt they seek no farther after looking st
coods and obtaining prices of their agent,
b 4 W. S. JOHNSON.
Congress Water,
For Ssle br
The snbscribers arc now recciving directly
from New York a choicc and well sclccted assort
ment of Gooil, consisting of
enabled us to lay in our Spring Stock, at such
Bcimrcii Bates
that we CAN and WILL offer indncemcnt3 to
the Community to buy, nevcr before offered in
this place. in eddition to the abore, we harc a
2S 4 f 5 SJ
of Snpcrior Finish and Stylc atprices uncom-
monly low. i
Bonnet Hibbona
in quantitv and Stvle never excelled in this place.
AU we ask is to have an cxamination of our
Goods and pnres, being wcll assurcd that none
will go away without being well satisfied with
botli. Wc fecl cratcful for past favors, and rc-
speetfully ask their continuance.
C5T JUST Recf.ived a grcat assortment of
Pauasols and Pak.asoi.ett3, embracing
some of the richcst and most beautiful ever
broujjht into this market.
Mav 22d, IS48. 4; Cm.
3 9J. U&liiam
f( Yds Gro de Rhin;, Dress and Mantilla
" Silks.
50 pieccs Lincn, French, Scotcli and Aincrican
Uingliams ;
100" Prints of rarc stvlcs,
Barages, Mohairs, Itwnf, modc colorcd,
Blnck and Bhic Ill.tck Alpaccas, Bombazine.
Silk Lacc, Gimps aud fringcs for trimming
3 1-2 Blcachcd and Brown Shcctings of CNtra
qualitv, and cottons of evervdescnption mav
be found at NASII &'GOOIICH.
20.000 Pieces of Crockery
Kmbracini choiccst stvlcs of Kmbossed China,
Howing IJluc, l-ight Ulue, White uranite ana
Lmbosscd do.
100 Spiendid Mirrors,
of all sizes, aro now opcn for cxhibition in onr
and we wculd say to all tho may
or to those who have becn thus fortun.ite r.nd are
in need of Crockery. that nothing of thu kind can
bc found in thc Valley of Lake Champlain, thr.t
will compare with onr Splcndid
rofkcri) anb iHirvor
A gor.d assortment of Hard warc at the same
low prices as hcretoforc, is now in rcadincs3 for
inspcction at NASII t GOODBICH'S.
A choicc assortmcnt, of ever' dcscription may
he found at the ON'E rRICK STORE, where,
let it be rtmembertd a large per centage has been
saved the purchaser since the openinp of tho One
priced Store of NASII & GOOURICII.
.Tune 1st, IS48. 5
Cash paid for clcan Flceco Wool.
Middlebury, .Tune 12, 1S48. 7 ; tf.
At Frost's Lnntling, Bridport, nro now
recciving their Spring Goods. which thev
iuviie thc public to call nnd cximine, qual
ity nnil prices. Our llooiij will be .n!il at
as lowratc for Cash ns can bc lionght on
thc Lake shorc no mislakc.
protnptly attended to nt o!l time.-'. 3
DIKE jj- RIDER have lcaicd the
formcrly occupied bv J. Frost, for a term of ftre
years. Their intention is to attcnd prompily to
all propcrty consigncd to thcir rarc.
House Paper.
The largest stock yet, and from 8 cts tipward..
New patterns now opcninR
May 23.
Fkom MiDiiLr.nunv to Botos, ria. Ripton,
Hancock. Stockbridge and Koyalton. (This lme
intersccts with the Rutland stage at Stockbridge.)
Thislincof Stagcs leavcs Middlebury every
Monday, Wednesday nnd Friday, at 7 o'clock, A.
M., and arrives at Roralton thc same day at 5.
P. M.
Lcavcs Eovalton Tuesdays, TliHrsJays and Sat
'trdays at 7 o'clock, A. and arrives at I-ebanon
in scaon for thc Cars for Boston the same daj.
Passengers takinR this route from Boston will
arrivc at Rovalton thcsame day at 5 o'clock.P.M
Leave Rovalton 'luesday, Thursday and Saturday
at 5 A. Ml, and arrive at Middlebury the stmc day
at 2 o'clock, P. M.
This linc connects with all the stages at Royal
ton cither from the North or South.
Jj-Passenpcrs on any of the Stcambots on
Lake Champlain, wishinp; to get to Boston, will
find this the most dcsirable routc that could be ta
ken as regards easc, saving of time, beanty and
Brnndeur of scenery on the way, care of drivcrs,
&c &c
We aro assnrcd that thc Central Railroad will
be corapleted within four weeks so as to bnne
passenRers within 40 miles of Middlebury; after
which we shall be enabled to convey passengers
irom iHiuniconry io jmbiu" .- i
N B The drivers on ihb route arc the Frc- ,
prictors. Books kept at the Vermont Hotcl and" j
at H. Moor"s. . i
FOSTER, TVIf rijii sdai, i-roprictors.
June 1,1848. 6;tf.
Showcr Baths.
Lambert's Strperior Shower Baihs for
sale by Nash & Cf oodbich.
i.iii.,.. ,ii l IU ..Iljg
Uistnct oi iiaaison. ss. j
n fidiHMirT-ff in sind for thc Diitrict of Adlicn.
on tho Sth day of August, A. 1 ).l 84.
Unarle U. 1 citi&one oumniuunior u iue -
tatc of
late of Bridport, insaid district, dcceased.preSen'.T
his admiuLstration account for allowancc lti
therefoie ordcred, that mll account bc poiisidcn"!
for allowance, at tHe session cf thi Coftrt to bn
held at the ofScc ofthe Rcgister of this Court n
said Middlebury, on-Thnrsdav thc 7th dny of Sep
tcmber cext. at onco'clotk in thc afternoon,- ar. r
that said administrator causo notice thertof to bo
given to all persons intcrcstttf, thatthey may ap
pcar and make thcir objections, to On allowance
ofsaid account. by publishing a ccrfified copy of
this order in the Middlebnrr Galaxy a ocw
paper printed at said Middlebury three wcc&a
successivclv, prcvious to thc time of said Court
" J. S.Bushnell, fojiairr
A trne copy of Rccord,
16 Attest, J. S. Bushndl, Igister
Latest Style.
Kichand JJeuutiluI Urees Ooods. nowo-
penitio; tiy rtiAiMicst ar.
MiildletJury, Jiny 10. JB40.
Uress Goods.
French. jjcotcli. English nnd Amcricair
Ginghnms, Liuhl colorcd Alpacrna,.
De LniucR. Barnges, Plaid Und
Siripu Cumterta and Mua
lins, Printed Lawns,
Sill: Tissuc,
Ar.d a preet variety 1 CalicoeaS par ct.
cheaper than fiirmerly.
for sale bv
May, '.849. "Z BECKtf ITH
The sabscriber would rull attcntiou to his stock
0pving & 0ummcv (&oois,
consisting cf new and desirahle stvles of
A shsrc of patronage is rcspcctfullv sobritrd
r. l. rui.i.Eu;
Middlebury, May 20. J84P. 5
Haying Tools.
CIIANDLCltS & fO'S. Ktipcrior uarrrrt
ed Cast acd Silvcr Etccl Scytlfcs,
March's do
Supcriorltakcsand Hay Fnrks.Scythr ';t inf..,
&c. a laree supplv, for sale by
THE Siucribcrhavingleajcd thc first s'or-.i
south cnd ofthe Bridgc, is now rcceivinga
full and
Complete Assortment of
Groceries, West Sndiis
13-oods, &c.
Of the bcat rjuality, which he will bc hap
py to furnish his fricnds for cash or rcady pay,
As can bo bought in the uhu-e. Ile hnx alvj
fittcd up a spacious
Which will bc abundantl7 stippli'if witli ra
frcshmciits at all t'uic?.
Middleburj-, Mny 22, 1S48. 4 tf
JSScvj mghams,
Jast reccivcd, n fcw pieces of Lincn and i'ofrU
Ginglnuns. Beautiful I'.ittjrns, for le Ioit hy
JTnne 2Cth.ie43.
Has for sale, rhcap fur CASIf and most kud
of I'rourc, the fulluwin?
Comisting of a Rcnenil variety of sunerfinc
comuion Broad ( lotlis, Cassimeres. Vcslinf;s,
Trimiuiiig, Drcss Gctids, Ginghams, l)?mcai:c
booas, Ac
Ready Made Cifothin
J csts.
A full ussotlincnl of
iTmmln (Sroccrics, ScC
Citler Vinegar,
Spices,atl kindt
and almost evervarticlc carfnlfor.
Shcep Twiuc, Kopc & Cnrrts, NhiIs- r.nd GIaT
Pure hite Lead, Ettra White Lcad, Chroina
Vellow, Whiting, Venetian Red, Linseej Offr
Turpcntine, Varnuli. French Ycilow, Tnt".
DRUGS i MEDICINES.a large rarictv.wclf
selectcd. 6 ; r.
III-1 848.8
JlTST received at the old siand ncar
Kail lload, R'wcll sdlacteci asfortmcnt of
Groccriep, Paints,- Oils, Prtf
visions, &c. &c.
Which we wil! sel for Cash or Proditt, at
ratcs to'satisfy thc mrot fastidioas.
antf wc say to'all wishing to hny; comc to' fn6
Rail Road Store and get a full tupply.
1 All kinds of Prodnce and 1,-Mi'jpr t'a
ken in payment for Gojds, af the BigBest
market jifice".
May 23, 1848. mS;4
Rieb and feshionaMe RIBBON'S ingrear
variety just received bv
Nor. 8th. 1847.
Received 120 Brtis Clocks, a jnrperior ?n
cle; andfor sale at verv low price.
For sale hy V JOH.f'.t

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