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15 4TErF01T & NASM,
H . J.Wrin c-ars.:'-- Torksof
GoJ- Tbey ara now miiraing ai ii greai
'.fS toVfhcse readyYxtcnsivl: works all the IMPROVE:
MENTSOP THE DAY lor the manufacturingof a large variety oi V.'onlen
FVr nepurpaseot sivirigpermaneat co.ors to their clolhs, sai of furalsbing
o uie F-uroer 'and Meeaanic thc real
Sndigo Blue Oloths and Gassimeres,
TrhichthrvinwaishallataUtimesbe loanjl at Ibcir works Thcir old custom
7fS anioSEA wto miy favor them wiih a dall, will always find on hand a greatcr
rarieiy, and better assortmcnt of
Cloths, Cassimercs, Tweeds, Flannels, &c,
they nave ever yct beea able to offer, which they will as herelofore confinue
Tho?e havin" Woor, to bk Mancfacturkd, may be assurcd tbat thc same
will bc done in the best manncf and on the most favorable terms.
Th-vare re-vired to ofler stronginducements toMcrchants, Mcrchant Tailors
nd otherswiJb'iogto purchase iheir stylesof goods.
m- To their liberal patrons, bothat homi and abroad, they tender their most
. YL .i. i.. r. ,et r.trnr nmlhnne that the exnense which thev are now in-
neany iuhjm r
currin" for tbeir benefit, will at least insure a continaance of patronage.
& Thev are now i.ayingCash for
Blasta's Genuine Indian Vege-
table Purgative Pills.
TIIE most generally approved family mcdi
cinc now tobehail atall the principal stores
in eveiyvillagcanctouninthisstateandihrough
cnttheitatcof New Hampsbire aud Cauada
Fur nillioits and Inftamalary Ferers, InUi
getlion, Headachc. Dyspepsia, Ltecr Com
jlnint, Costircncss, Pites, Jaundir.e. Chtil
ic, Pan in iie Slomach and Side, Ileurl
burn. Perzcrtcd Appctitc. Diarrlicea, Dys
cnlary, Impurc filood, and oll Dcrange
vier.ls of the B'dtious Syslem.
t nri.rriVtnr hns sucli cnnfidcnce in ihf sc
nui faf:i vox ol lbeiii, that il. a!:ir lauingcne,
urtu-o doj.' inroraanee wiili UJrcctious, laey . llin.'j, AuxKt, d., I a, lay2D. 1847.
shn:ild iiot be sali'-de.l ui h tl.cm,lhemoiiC3-pai(t I Cro. r. Pianton, rql)i.vKiR:l -.1 tK 'iml to ihe
ii.i i rri .n,'. ir -Iip c'ni ' Uit thc saincc!!!- '. afflieitd to -ivc mljliciiy 1'iibt prat itTcacy of jour Ci
wiil Lo rcl.ir.i.e,1, or.If c.iaj ., Ur int samecn , Km- 'Mnl uuriCn,, ,fr jlu.h, a
o .Ifi'. by ictuniin ,' l.ic tri lli iic.jUIC co-oi- -irjuf I2 , 4iJ1,adl.t:iaffliciIwiiIi s-wrilin-j in nne
tion, v. ith the r.'in.iir:'!'-r cl thi.' Pills. Agstjls nt j.isi bcior ilre V..ce julnt lor rcveral iun;:is,
sellin" the"l arerequerled toconf'irra t" rmc. ! ilunn; whrli Um I)ersu.lt.In;a ljart beea eicruciaiiiij
" irron wyoar family hbecn i,; -"ut; " .
tisins pills, t!y them, aiid ycm willliiH. l!iem as
foaa, :. tnit Iwtter in ni-.ny repecis, inan any
y. i h.i -e crer u-ed befj.f. Vo -ot f:iy to yoitr
seif, I shoal.i hc lilad to bny a c af thcm, but
ther.' are -o a;any liindsbef'on 'i.c publicr i.oady
. sn i ii'i'.idel frrore ll.'u;r, ilhcr? for anoti.t
cr. ar i i'm :. i (ic r . :? uiir.s, that I have no
cunBi'enccia.Tiyci'thcm, belicving themallto
bs made for .'prciuativc parposes. Without
don! . cy projMi-tory mcieiuesan? too highly
roco'ii rt.id"d,and maue i-crely for ipectilalion.
Alluisinay bc; l.-'t thr-e Pills vill Lefoundto
ainwer a.v a ::c:.eral tliir.g.lhc purposes furwhich
lh"V n.e disned
7.y ihera and sce ftr ynnrs. If, if you do not
like:..4.m, rciurn thc box with the remainderof
the pills nnd Ihcy will cost you nolliing. Call
for JMasta'a Pillaand icc that the uame is on thc
O For fiuthcr particnl r in relatinn to them
.amplilet, Mild in l!ii vjllnge,andby muata'.l
tn merehdnts in the couniy.
XV. P.Rus-icl & S. Mot'dy, Middlebury, abo,
Ira Bingham, Cornwall. II. O.Smith New Ha
vn,G. W. ParinelceBri-it- i,J. B. Huiitly Salis
bury, Edu rd Kales Lincoln, S. Atwood
Sborehni, ndby onc or inore raerchants incve
ly Uun in thc coantv. 3
au Vi" V ij ;
AVAS incor; "ratcd in 1K40, is managcd bv
tjcntlemcn wii .Dut conipcnsation, and to acconi
plijh its patriori.' olyect. p:mics thc following
TJrery SnWrtlicrof ! Doliars h a mcm'ocr
of the Art-Union for th ycnr.
The mor.cy thus obtained, rficr paying nccci
eirr cxpcnscs, is applicd. in the first instance. !o
the'pvodiiclion, from an Amcrioan Paintin, of a
larfre and r aty oriinal Eugraving, in thc hijli-c-t
stylc ci Amcriian Art.
For cvcry fire dollars paid by him, evert
MC.M.iEr. rcccivc a copy of tlic Engraving. Er
ery Alcmber aho rcceives an Annnal Ueport, con-
taimng thc jirocceuingi ar.il :ui!ressc5.nt llieannu
ai distnbution, a liU of tlie mcmlrs, S.C., and
sometimcs an aauuionat orKOi -rt.
The residue of the monty is applied to the pur- '
Iwse ofAmerican Wbrks of Art PainUni, i
srulptnre. &c. varying iu price from twcatv to !
bculptnre. i.c. rarying iu price
scvcral hunureil uoiiars.
Thcsc AVoiks of Art thePsintinjs bcingrich
ly framed are pnblicly distriiuued by lot among
all tlie mcir.L -rs, on the Friday bcfore Chrisimas
in r i h yi cver3' mcmbcr having one sbaro for
every h'. e uo;. rs jiam ny aim.
Each tncmKr is thns ccrtain of rcceivins in
retnrn, the valn- of thc livc dollars paid, nnd has
nlso a c'i"nce of Jrawing a l'aintiug, or other
vork of -lrt or grcnt valnc.
Dr, Latii .ap, having bcen dtilr appo'mted
Honorary Seci-'ary of the A. A. U. "for Jliddlc
hury and its Tiiuty, is rcady to cxhibit cngrav
ings publishcd by thc Asociation, and to receive
suhsrrihers' namcs. makc rcmittanrcs ic
Jliddlebury Female Scminarv, I
Jfarch G, 1S48. " J 40
T- v r t m -
ii i n Prri ... i.,-'. i. ..ii : . ..
-j3S5S" lown nri-urt Ann. IVashhiton cnuiity,
N ji' rtilticoffnim f.-eli rix!i-inreil acn-s of gimrl
t.ral.-ia i! rai:n-lanil r facl''rtl, anri 'noa whxh are
' aT a-a thlre tnntltfrr'epiztit 'W v Imiiifts; car
riREe'ii- b--ni. .!:-it oimI nrj- itrv oulbuIMin.-; a
g : irp'' . -1 anl,iii4 f. it.rf.. riaid fann U wnl
w tieiu:. bnrtninjr ui:ni-r ol ' irahicprirp, nnil a
'rrrrtaili wcm rj ! i.ver rt:- . iuiuii,!! il, au.l l
wtllcltnau.ttiidividr :at mo i.i mi il dfsirfd. S.-.id
lannij .a:fainn, ,v i,rih uiijt orFurt Ain,
J UM-Kloir .!-fU ,..,,, .j. ;,T!lln.i aj IVftiMial
Ka !r.a.!. and the Uumpia'.n tai..; riic MU f.lnn U
lifiy 1 FWeaty
kTt n witli m.ipt
uicmii?iii kt.ii k(C TVl
arl otltt'r vatunlilK lituWrr i h
itil'ivaaon.nnUliisonllap.xl mmryof Kone,
3 f.n a liiil stale of
lf Srcd"'1' l" 3' ' Ln rt" r"i0" nf ,!"- rarthac n-oney
FuilAm. J,ir.oJ3,t843. ANlmtW II. i!oSke
rriICfubertBei,l-.? narrniTrJ A-entfnrthcIUcT.
r"n I si:t l.Mirn .cr C T for J'lJdlrbury aod i
m-l'.ll! . .-J ll.m.n l.u t ... 'f . i :
lone estah-1
i,--imi rrpiiia'i'i im i; . cnmnanv. an-I ?ni nr.viniTni
Yi ,tb which .11! thrir iraaacJoas harc L"i ctiartclrrli
irn.itiltui.fr. s-rj- :o say a -v ihhif !u iu faror. All
!.nsltins ci..-. i tJ with thculEce m:rL,-m lo him will be
taiiafullya.id punctuatty tranancteil.
MldJlebury, reb. 25,1545 43,y Ernt
, -r-v t r-r-v -i a- i-ii
iiitini i i 1 , - i
Jf UJ5L10.
the AIIDULfc.uu uy MAftUfAUi uu-
That whlch Iias beea so Mron-Jy aiserttd with rrgard to
Uif alMifaling prAverol ttie tireat.-rt Mediclne known for
tlie cuje cf Uie certaln dweasi ramed bclow, Iias been
fully proved. and Uie pronrietor ha. witliln the last year,
rrceived evldencesfroaifvery partcf the c-uutry ot the
cure i'f caw-a ihat bave bcen pronounced Incurablc by phy
Ficiaiia in high siandin. niid whlch havelMvn gien up by
thc ratfcnrnlViends hopclebs. Unton's Kxtcrnal Knn
edy, HtintV Llnlment, hai becn applitd, and a perfcclcure
becn eflec tt'd, t Ihe astniiUhtui-nt ofihousand. For proof,
sec pamptilets which are tt be had of every Agent grall.
Asat'ain Kitractor it hau no equal. It operates onthe
fyftfni likc Masic ; ffilniulatirg Utoa strou; and hcalthy
action thercby rellevlng jiain and retnovin disease. Iry
ii ; it hever faf 1 of cunnp cither of itie fullowins dleava :
Syinal Ajfcctions, iVieutruitisjn, Paralysis, and
allNervous ajftclion$t Salt J?Aiumt Croup or
HtvtsguetntkeBrcastarulFacCt Wcak Jaints,
Cutfs, T.oUiaxAel Sore 'Vhroat and Quxnry, Ul
ccraXed Sores, Burns, Frostcd Fcett lndolaU 171-
and Bruises, Scrofttlous 'Affcctwnst Patns in tkc
Badct Scrrous Wadache, Tit Dolorcux, Sprains,
IMosquito BiUst andaH Culancous andXcrvovs
Llu-hh Uie opinfon of DR. JOIIN F.fiEELY, a Pby.
siciau or thc Ii'.phtt ttandinp.
CoRTtAiPToww. X. Y.. Mnrch 3I.184G.
Mr. Georgr H. laiiton Sir : lt wiih real pla5iirr
tltat I cao fiK-ak of ynur Kxterna! Utmedy. Ilunt'a Lini-
iiient. Ilaving uted it freqneiitl. iti iny practice, and tvit
neutd liscjtraordmaryhfa'insiiiuiicrufB i:i teverat eaes
or itnemnaiij-ni, Anuurw, uieaesof tuerjiiie, aiidai
si in niany mli'Or can.it, such a IiiuitT3t Swellinjs, Uc
1 cttiiMdrr it oueof thegreafist combinationst-t known and
pnwrriul vrgciabtecxtracuihat ha -er becn raadcin ihe
A.edica!tcifiice, aijd asa faiuify nteilicineinvfl' iable.
i. v. i;l-
uieal cvcry mcS"-tinltis Hmertuarrest Ine dlfrjse,
but ab nitliout i(7etu II jr h-ff contlmtnl wlhng untilu-
;"nti,rtmiiiis vanuu . Ui'piiirab't ulcem.refidi-ring Ani
pu aiion ri(cts-iry. uutt-i iuirurdiati; rtliei behad. i'ortu
na ely, im Ihc hi'itlay of I'ecember 1H1G, jour Agrut hav
iicbeen I" our place, and btarins the futtVring- of my
dauglitpf. beseut mc mi bottle ofyonr Llnimeut, the ue
of wbicli alonr, tliank Cod.has not only ar".tcd tltr lur.
therpnrc-9of tltedisru' but h"Ur'ired ll.c ipeii'ctly,
remu irg all palns aud - t'litnj? s- d rctr.e'1 the hf . iu
proper use. 1 am und t u. j.iy c-Iigatiom u your kwd A
Rent, v iio thns, by oae bnrte rf ynur iur-Iuable Lh.Mjcntt
eaved the lcs of my daujhur 1 roni ainputailoii.
Your. repectfuI1y. rillUPS.
Wet tlin UDdeoimcd citiens of Ilampton, are vtcll nc
'iaaintrd wit'i 3Ir. Mo-r" 1 '''iw, aud kuowhim tobc a man
of truth, aud that the bUtemcuts in rcgard to hU daughter
are truo.
Rcmcmbertbis Linimeut is sold at the cnra
onhnary low price of 25 cents a bottle. "Who
could brsitaie rrLcn ccrtain telicf is to be had
for so small a sum.
Soldbyeve.y re.-peclable Dmggist cnd Mer
chaut throughout the country.
GEOltGE E. STANTON, Proprietor.
Sing Sing, Velchcster Co., X". Y.
W. P. Ilussel, 11. A. Sheldon, Mtddkbu-
cyuriJge; W. U.
brown, Addison : G. Se:
Searl & Co, IJrid
t; Cimrles Kowland, Chipmah's Point
I. Parker & Co, Vergennes and !y mcrth-
unts gcnerally throujjhout Uie fatate.
TegetabIe Folmcnary Baisam
prutrd itsclf tlie cesT Rciiicdial atot
kaounfur Conghs, Colils, Conjuniption, Astlnn.i,
l'iitliis c.Spi'lin? of Blood, Whuoping Cot'gh, aud
all rultuonary ancctions and D.pcaees of thc l.iiigp,
as haj,and cun bc shown froin tlie icsfimony of tiie
mo?t rcspcctablc I'lisicians andotlierR.nlluarccn
titlcd tu tbe most unquestiuoable Iwlief. Afterhar
in; trirdtiie laanyneiv nrcparatiuns.n'itlioutfindin;
thc cxpoctcd rclief, mu'.iluile? aic conipcllcd to le- I
turn to ihc Use of tlie "pable rulmonar BaUam, I
winciittiey acKnotiedeo to be, alter all, the bcst
icun-.i, uii n.uu..-.,c ..,im:i.iuii-,
S3; UK , w AiiL ut U) 1 hUF El A
IMirAV?'Ns f."c" ?" t-artcr C8mpoii..dj
m',!,ry. "". Amoriraii I ulnionarj Balfarn,
othcrs in part bcaring tlic naine! Enwuire for tbe
articlo by its nhole nainc.the
"Vesetnblc Pnlmonnry Rnlnm,"
andaec that il Iias ihc witten&iguatureofWm, Joa'n
Cutlcr upon a yellow labcl od tlie bluc wiappers.
Eaclibottleand scal isetainped "Vegctable I'ulnion
arv Baisam."
I'rrparcd by REED 4" CUTLER, formcrly Rced
Wing & Culler, lmporters aud Wholesale llcalers
in Mcdicines, 1'aints, Cliemicals, aad Dje StufTs.
54 Gliathain Strcet, Iloslon, and sold by Uru""isls
Apothecaries and Country mercbanis jenerally,
Forparticnlars endnire fora pamphlet accompanv,
ing eaeh bottle. Price 50 cents. For sale in Jl i3
dleburyby V. P. Russel. 27
The sabscribcr woald call attcntion tohis stock
consisting of new and desirabli1 r tylcs i
A .hare of patronage is rcspcctfullv solicited.
n. l. fuller;
Middlcbnry, MayoO, 1S48. 5
Daguerreotype Apparatus.
Plates, Cases, Clieniicals, Cameras, Camera
Stands, Head ilests, plate holders, Mercury
Bath, Baltery forgilding, &c. &c.
All the apparatus and materialsfor useinsthe
same, at Boston and Ne w Yo-1.- pticcs for salf at
the Drug Store of V?. P. RUSSEL,
Fashioiiable ats.
Beaver. Nulra. Common Nan'd. Leo-Iiorn.
Straw and Pnlm Leaf Katp, Men nnd Boy's
t-upslorEale by Z. BECKW1TH.
May. 184a.
For sale b, W. S. JOHNSON.
& Impohtant Cdcmical DiscovrRr
tuiamicax uomutnaiion irom ine rjuwic
Kinzdom. to Uev' Diseases.
Z.-tu r OO- A-USJ 1 1 1 F ' 1 1
or Tins
oisrnr it
Theresaltof a series of Chemical Experi
ments, tbis Campcmnd Extracl of YeUow Dodc and
Satsapanlla, witn aimost eqoauy powenui vcg
etable substaoce, is one of ihe greatest discove
ries of the age; and is the first and only instance
in which these Roots so long in use by the fac
ulty have been united into a Comfovnd possess
ing the due proportion of the peculiar virtues
and powetsof each.
Its success is astonishing, having performed
over fiftccn thousand cures tiuce its discovery
lessthan two years !
Its nnrivalled power over disease, and great
superiorily over all Simple Sarsaparilla Syraps,
mav be attributed to the fact that it is composed
purely of vegctable substances, each one having
direct relerence 10 some lnternai organ ; conse
quenlly the tdiole sysiem is bencfitted.
It is the moslhishlv eoncailTakd Syrup in use.
and being in Q.uah Bottles at one dollar per bot
tle. it is also the cheanest. It purifies and enrich-
es the Blood, and invigorates thc Body, and con
sequently eipels nervous disease from ihe sys
tem, more eflectually tban any medicine known.
Itispleasant to the taste, occasions neitber
siekness nor pain in its operation, can be taken
rezardless of business or dict, and by the aged
.nnd infant wiih eaual eflicacv.
isthe GREATEST BLESSIN'G evcr possessed
This extract of Yellow Dock andSarsaparilla
is a posilive, speedyand permanent cure for
Coniumvtion, Scrofula. Erysipelas, Rhett-
Affeclions, Ulcers, Syphilis, Dropsy,
Asthma. Piles, Scurry, Affections of
the Bladder and Kidneys, Mercuri
al diseases, Corrupt llumoars,
JUish of Blood to Ihe llr rf, Fe
rer and Ague, Femab- Com
plaints, General Deb'dity,
Dyspepsia, Ijsss r '" Ap
petile, Colds, ILad
aclie, Costir- ;css,
Uratcl, Aight
Sveutx, C jlic,
OrsnnicAffeetions, Pai.tation of the Hcart,
Biles, Pains in t'n Side, Chesl,
Back. L ;nbs.
fr. .
In all di.seascsari i " from an irapure stale of
ine jsiooa, or irreguia . cticn ot me svstem.
TheSurvp is a sc-' i' ific Compound of the
most valnablc plan: in Nature, e. tirtly fbee
from deliteriou.san!1 enervating mineral substan
ces, and as it expels disease from thc system, im
parls strengih and vigor in a corresponding dc
This isto certify that we, the undcrsigncdphy
sicians of ihe citv ot New York, have in a crcat
many cases prescribed Pr. Guysott's eilract of
yellow docK and sarsaparilla, anil are lnlly as
surcd that s no qual among the variedsyr
tips and sarsaparilla preparations that have ever
bcen sold.
John F. Steman, M. D. Samrel T. T7el!s M. D
P. S. Alaynard, M. D. F.R.Thomas, M. D.
James E. Morgan, M D S. M. Johnson, M. D.
iew lorK, uct. i", ieio.
Thefollowin letteis indicateiis salutarr ef-
fect in cases of
DJNG. St. Johnsville, Ui-ntsomcry co., Jan. 3, 1843.
B. F. Bennet Dear Sir Some four weeks
sinct, I was indncrd to try your Yellow Dock
and S'rsapaiilla for Dyspepsia : had l.ren arilic
ted about 30 years, mosl part of th time unablc
to eat any thing without suffering liom its cfTects
I hare used now only one bottle of your in valua
ble medicine, aad consider mysel! rutircly cured
solely by its use. Cannowe'ata bedtty meal,
witnout tncMigniest inconvcmence.
Yeiy truly voitrs,
Thc most allerative prcpcrlies of Dr. Gur
sott's Extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla,
rcuder it pcculiaily applicahle to Ihe slenderand
de'icatc constitution ot the female. lt is unri-
valled in its eiTectupon such diseases as Insip-
ient Consumpiion, Bancnncss, Luecorrhoea or
Wnites, trregular iMentruatlon, lnconunuencc
of Unne, and general Prostraliou ol the sysiem,
It immcdialelv counteracts that distressinK nct-
vousn.ss and lassilude so common to thc leraale
fraine, and imparts an encrgy and baoyancy as
surniisinK as thev are cratelul.
We have cvidence on file, which induccs us
slrongly torecommend ihis medicine 10 marricd
people who have not been Dlessea witn onsptmg.
AVe cannot, of course, exhibit ccrtificates to
anv rxlent in ihe above class of complainis, bnt
give the following exlracl of a letler recently re-
ceivedassomc inaication oi me eziraoruinary
virtue of ihi medicine as a remedy for the dis
eases releired to.
The f0uowins is ,iie commencement of an in
terestins letler mst received. It is but one of the
many instances which we are daily rcceiving of
thc unprecedenled popularity of tburaediciue in
ev?iy part of the Union:
Coi.CMics.Geo.July 21, 1S18.
The Yellow Dock and Snrsaparilla
gives unbounded salisfacsion, and I ihiiik will,
in a short time, supersede all the other prepara
ions of Sarsaparilla now in the maikel'
Very respcctfully, K. CARTER.
The great reputation of thi'i medicine has in
dnecd numerous counierfeiiers and imitators to
lake the field.
Beware how you buy me aie put up in square
quartbotiles, Beverysu ..adasklor Dr.Uuy
sott's Compound Exlracl ' -Yell w Dock and Sar
I saparilla. bearine the 1 en sisnaiuie of S.F,
cenncit, on eacn ouisiul wrapcer, wiiuen wuu
hlaekink: and do not ci any account, be in
duced to buy any otht r t, 1 icle as it is this prep-
aration only that is" p .ning sucn marveious
and astonishm cui - 1 ate r.o inan s voni;
as persons havinz t
a-terleit mecicine. and
"OUhe genuine, are o
their prnfit conseq'j
wonhless trash, nn!
rarse desirousof making
Iv ou are liable to buv
rca examinc for your-
Itis well in ail cases tocutout this caution and
I put into your pocket-book and compare with med
rJrRcmember, DR. GUYSOTT'S YEL
Trepai td at S. F. Bcnnett's Labratory, Little
1-6H3 ucrKimer couniy. i. i.,anu sold oy
Sidnf.v Moovy, Middlebury ; A.Sprague,
Vergennes ; A. P. Roscoe, Aetr Hatcn ;
Warren Brown, Addison; G. W. Parmelee,
Bristol; Sholes, lerrisburgh ; T. Smilh,
Monkton; N. S. Benneft, Bridport; Catlin
& VYright, Oncell; Kciji Wright, Shoreham,
D. B. Barbcr, Benson; Henry Simonds;
Pittsford ; Volncy Ross, Brandrz; Luther
Daniels, Rutland; Root ctTomlmon,Oufe
ron; JamesN. Kelsey Fair Ilavcn, Geo.E.
Harrington, Burlington, and by the princi
pal druggists and Merchants throughout the
lbe Unfted Slates, West Indieaand Canada.
None genuine unless put up in large square
bottles containing a quart, wiih the name ol
the Syrup blown in the cIrsf, wiih tlie wnt
ten signature of 3. F. BEMNETT oneach
outtidc wrappar. 22 6m:y.
cEollegc of i)calil),
207 Main slreet, Bulfalo. N. Y.
DR. G. C. VAUGHN'S VegetableLithontrip-j
tie Adveitiscment for li17. " I camc, I
saw, I conqoered;" ismost emphatically the case
witn ints articie. Disease naseveryieiaeatous
mosl marvellous medicinal power. Wheieverit
has gone, and South Amcrica, England, Canada
and the United Slates have proved the ttuth ol
this Matemcnt, the abovejnotalion in a strong &.
pithy senlence, tells the'whole story. Invalids.
theprinciple on which yoa are cured may not be
known to you, but the resultof a trial of thear-j
ticle is satisfactory ; you are restorcd, and the se
cret ofthe cure remains with theproprietor. The
Medicine is a compound of22distinct vcgetable
agencies; each individual rooi has its own par
ticular, exclusive, medical propeny, conflicling
with no other compound each root makes its
own cure and as a perrect combination, when
taken into the system, itdoes the work which na
tdke, when herlawswerefirstestablished,inten
ded it shonld do purifies, strengt&cns and rcstores
lhebrokendown,debiUtated constitution. Dnop
sv.in all its charactcrs, will be completely erad
icated from ihe system by its use. Sce pam
phlefs in agent's hands, for free circrlation they
treat upon allrfticusfs.andshowtestimonyof cures
Gbavel, and all complaintsof thstirinaryor-ani,
form also the cause of great sufTering, and Vacc
iun's LiTno.NTnirnc has acquired no small ce
lebrity over the country, by the cures ilhasmade
in this distrcssing class of afflictions. So fatned,
it seems, is this midicine, that it has thus attract
ed the notice of one of our Medical publications.
In the November No t84G, of ihe Buflalo Jour
nal and Monthly Revjew of Medical and Surgi
cal Science, in an articie on calculous diseases,
and 'solvents,' ihe writer, after noticing tbe fact
that the Eugiish government ODce purchaseda
secrel remedy, and also noticing the purchase in
1802 of a secret remedy, by the Legislature 10
New York, thus pays tribute to the farae ofthe
Medicine "Whydo not our Representatives in
Scnatc ani Assembly convcned, cnlighten and
'dissolve' the sufTering thousandsof this country,
by the purchase of Vaughan's Litbon triptic, than
which no solvent sincc the daysof Alchemy has
possessen one halfthe fame?' Reader, here is a
periodical of high standing, acknowledged lhro'
onta Iarge section of this country to bcone ofthe
best conducted journa!.. ofthe kind in thc United
Slates, exchanging wiih ihe scicntific works 0
Europe fo our ccrtain knowledge, rditcd by Aus
tin Flint, M. D., and 1. .'ntribuled to by men ofthe
highest professional ability, thusstcpping aside
to notice a 'secret remedy.' You will at once un
derstand no unl Mirti and KortkUss nostrnm, could
thus extort acomnn.nl fromsohi -' aqnarter
and conseqnently, unless it dirc.ly conllicicd
with thc practice ofthe faculty, it musthavebccn
its great 'fame' which has caused it to receive this
passing nod. Kidn'EY diseases, tceatncss cflhc
back and spine, irrcgular, painful and supprcssed
Mcnstruation.MuorAUus, and theentire compli
catedtrain ofevils whichfollowadisorderedsys
em.areal once rclieved bv the medicine. Send
forpamphletsfrom Agenls, and vou will Endevi-
dence of the . -iue ofthe Lilhonlriptic thcreput
forth. Asa remedy lor the irregularities of the
female system, it has in the compound a "roor
which has bcen resorted to in thenoilhofEurope
torc'tmnes as asure cnte lorthis complaint,
r-.iTa jcstorcr ol the health ofthe cntirc svstem.
LiverComplmxt, Jacxdiee, Billiocs Diseases
ic.,arc instantly relievcd. People of thc West
will Cnd it the only remcuy in t::csecomplaints,
as well as Fever and A;ce. Therc isno rem
edy like il, and no calomclor ouinine forms anv
part of ihis mixl":o. No iniury will rcsult in its
use,and itsactive properties are raanifestedtn the
useola single JO oz bottle. For Feveu akpA'
cce Eilicvs Disorders tale no rthcr medicine.
Khecmatisx.uoct.wiIJ Jind rchcf. The action
of this mediciu? upon thc Blood, will change the
disease which ongmatcs tn Ihe blood and a
heallhy result will follow. DvsPErsti. I.vdiges-
TinN&c.vieldinafewdavs'usc ofthis Medicine.
Inflamalion ot thc Lungs, Cough; Consumpiion
aiso, nascveriounareuei. Bcroiuia, Jirysipelas,
Pilcs. Inllamed eyes all caused byimpure blood
will find this articie thc remcdv. Thc svstem.
completely acted upon by thctwenty.twodinctcnt
properties ofthe mixture, is purificd andrestored
as a partial cure will not follow. The train of
common complainis, I'alpilalion oflhe Heart,
Pick Headachc, Debility, &c., are all ihe result
otsoineuerangcmentotine.system. and tais Great
Rcstorer will doilswork. Thcpromisesyelforth
in theadvertisement, are bascd upon thcproofof
wnalllllu uuiiu iu mc paM iourears. ine
wntten testimonvorilHiO Acents.in Canada. th
Unilcd Slates, Englaud and South Amcrica, in
fheposscssion ofthe proprietor andean bcseen
by all intcreslcd is a sufllcient demonstration
that it is the bcst Medicine ever oflered to the
World. Gct the pamphlet, and stndy Uie princi-
iiicas incre laiu uuwa, 01 me meinod 01 cure.
Putupin30oz bottles, at $2; 12 oz. do. atSl
each Ihe largest holdicg C oz. more than two
small bottles. Look out and not get imposedup-
un. Every bottle has "Voughan's Vcgetable
Lilhonlriptic Mixture" blown upon iheglass.lhe
icrillcn signature of "G. C. Vaughn" on the di-
rcclions.and "G. C. Vaughn, Buffalo,"i.'amwi
ii 1- -K- .i r J - 1
uihiu.iaii s.. auih: niuci uic geuume. irrcpareu
byDr.G.C-Vaughn, and sold atthe Principal
Ofrice, 207 Main strect, Bufialo, at wholesaleand
rctail. No ntttntion given to lctlers unless post
paid orders from regularly constituled Agents
accepted: po't paid lelters, or verbal communi
cations soliciting advice, promptly attcndcd to
Oflices devoted exclnsively fo thc sale ofthis
articie 132NassaustNcw York cily ; 203 Es
sex st salem, Alass, ; and by the pnncipal Urug
gists throughout the United Statcs andCanada.as
advertised in the papers.
Agent inthis place W. P. RUSSEL.
A. P. Roscoe. New Haven ; G. W.
Pannelee, Bristol ; L. L. Ho'coinb, .Starks
boro; J. Kencdy &. Co. Jluntingtoni F.
Huntington, Vergennes; Sholes & Car
penter, North Ferrisburg. ; T. C. Smith,
Sherry Wine Bitters
ILrThese cclebr d Biltersare eomDosed en
tirely of vegctable - if the mos t innocen t vet effec
uaivinues the- "ivepunty and lone to ihe
andare most efTectual Remedy -r known for
Bilfions Attacks,
Liver Complaints,
Sick Headaehe.
Wandering Pains,
Sinking Faintness,
Los of Appetite,
A more poverful and hcalthv aclion of everv
aculty ofthe bodv will be efTected bv their use
ui mcy ive
1'romote action in Ihe Slomach and Rowels
clcarse from unhealthy secretions,, and purify
thebloud in the most thorough and effec ti ve man-
AnA ItUrrrt Tknl
all Bitters prepaied by me have fac-simile ofmy
6i"iure on me cuier enveiope.
1 o counUrleil icAiCA is loTFertr.
For the
noots aca Herbs g round and packed m papers,
&Orders Irom Agents. merebnnl?. tmrlr
druirgists.apothecaries and dealers in raedicines)
ui uc iuuciuajiy aitenaca io.
r or xaie iVAolcsaie ana n:taU,Al
and in every town throughout thc New England
oiaies, oy my Agents, who are
rieCgcd to srlltxe Genuine.
CPrice 75cents abottle 50cents apnpenje5
W.P. Russcll &. S. Moody. Agents.
.U.fftMlCi '
Eants Factobt, n tho Egtitian Blocj Funnan t.
about forty roda south of Fujtop Ferry, Bbcoklyx, N. V
Life and Health arein
the Biood.
Clcanse, Purijy, and Jitsxdate the Circvlalwa,
and tlic whoUlody will have Acalli. The most von
derful of all remedi to proJuce such a result, is
Yes, the desired result and effiicacy will be
produced bythe use of a smallerquantiiy ofthis
Pcrifier than can be eflected by the use of a
like quantity of any other remedy in the world.
(See our Pamphlets for proof.)
This PcniriER is wholly prepared from Vcg
etables, and cures tbe worst, most obstinate, nnd
long-slanding diseases of the blood, wilhoutpu
king, purging, sickening, debilitatiug. It clcans
es, strengthcns, iuvigorates, makes new heallhy
blood, and gives new vigor and new life to the
whole system.
CHEAPER than any otherremedy in the world,
GneDollar's Worth
ofitwill effecta greatcr amount of cure than
four dollars' worth of sarsaparilla, or any other
remedy, no matter how large their bottles may
be. Thc important question for consumers to
determine, ishow muchmore curativecflect will
a dollar's worth ofthis Purifier pioducc, than a
dollar worth orthat sarsapanllaor olhcrrem
dies. We might here say, ihrt Brant's iledi
ciuesliad cured, within Ihc latycar,
100,000 Persons oflmpuro Elood Di3-
' j o; finn
""""i w""-
crea J.ncuraDlC 1
As some other patent-medicine men arein the
habit of sarincr. If we should so. who would be-
lieveusl This however, we do sa7, anu stand
read to prove by respcctable witnesses, tbat
BnA-T's Jkdicines have efTected cures of more
diseases on living hum-n bcings. thepastyear,
nananyomer rcmcpyiu cxistence aiu aunng
the same time.
liorrid Scrofula Cured.
ilfr. J. B. Haskin says, in a certificnte i!atcd
Rome, Dec.20, 184G ; 'BRANT'S INDIAN
tv laree Ulcers had becn confined to mv bed a
vpnr w:i5 not excecledtolive twentv-friirbnnr:
J ' ---. - - -j --
UJUIU uufc i.uai. jr ubuu nuui iui, fiiiiuik, iiui
mv nnnu 10 inv ncau. wnen l commenceii livinf
Brant's Indian Purifier. My neck was aimost
whollv eaten ofTlrom ear to car an ulccrhad
eaten a hole thronch inlo mv windnine.nndf rmr
cnin, 0 that, unless il was sloppcd up by a plas
ler, I breathcd through thc hole, and could not
talk my ear was so eaitn out around n, that it
could bc uued upout oi us place, it onlyholdin
byrmallpe.::e two ulcers onmyarmdcs'roy-
cd theuseofii an ulccr, as large as myhand,
nauncany eaicu unuuii my siue. Aassurcyou
I was a vcry sorc man, and was in a most mi
crable, hopclcss, dyin condition. But bad a' I
was, the first bottle of Brant's Purifier I usc cn
abled me to getup oft" of the bcd, whcrc I had
becn confined for oue vcar th isccocdloitleen
abled me to get out rf" thc house thcthird botlle
enablcd me to go alout two milcs on foot, to
Komc unire, wnere i procurcdsix bottlcsmore,
teenout oltwcntulcershad healcd up my ear
and ncck were wcll my arm was cured so that
Iconld work with it again, and my general
ncaun lsnow gooo.
Mr. Haskin aftcnvard stated, nnder oath. be-
foreB. P. Johnson, Esq.,justice of ihe pcaceai
nome, uiai a icw ooiues more eiiccicu a pcrlcct
cure ui an jus u'rcrs.
FourteCI) ReSpCCtablc TVitnCSSCS.
ecrtiry,thatalllheabovcstatcmenlsofJ.B.IIas -
kin arestiicily tnie in cvcry particnlar, ihcy bc-
ing wen acquaintcu wun mm. ine witnesses,
wn?S nrC aS r nameI': Docr Thomas
Willinmc nn rtr Ihn mncl rncnnnfql.tA..l...n!.:.
....... .uu...wln.uiii.iiiiy:.ikidi
iu jtuuiu, vr. uiumii, 1'iuuriciur oi uie v cl-
Itome iiotel, tdward Uitcaincs, Jesse Hilch
ings.yllzinallilchings, Jess.e Tryon, Iiliznbeih
rryon, tieno' ioniaai, tiizaLeth (Jonradl,PIiny
Darrow, John Tryon, Dekiah Tryon.
Jissell & Leonabu. wholesale and rclail
druggist, of Rome, certify, that they areacquain
tcd with thc said J. B. Haskin, and kcow nnd
bslicve Jiis siatement of cure to fce truc.
BRINT'S Indian Purifier. cures all imnnm
diseases oftha blood: viz.: i&'cald-head:. Knli.
Rheum, Rheumatism.Eruptions, Pimpleson ihe
Pl'le TlilAC Tti.OT PrtclllfB.n 11.
nal Diseases. Liver Complaiut, Pains in the
Back, Side and Limbs, Rush of Blood to the
tieau, ivc., ccc.
This Baisam rossesses all Ihe clcansinf and
pniifyingvirtnes of the above-namcd Pnriryinq
'Tln.l nr,.l 1 T " ' I
r: ,rrn,:;, ',: ,:",?,' 'j.S,ca'
..wU.-f ,......wu(w..i uuu '(.vuilulll UUUIIILU IU I.U1C
i.ui.uiid uiiu i-uii.biiiriiuAa. n neais anu cures
Ulcers in thc lun;":. and clscwheic inlernallr. as
readilyandas casily as ihe Purifying Extract
hcalsand cures exteinally.
Thonsauds of cures ol the most honelcss Cm-
sumptioniully prove its aimost miracnlous efli.
cacy inall diseases oi the Lungs, Throat, and
A D ving Woman s.ivcd !
sumption cured.
Town of Balliton, Saratosa Co.. N. Y. .
Z.rnA Dtkemav, bemg duly sworn. savs: Thai
in the wintcr cfl845, ihe deponcnt's wife was be-
lieved bvherphysician and othcrs, to be dvin"
. 1 " ! . r . t , . . J O
wjih a consumpiion oi me mngs; anu dcponeni
believiug that to bc the case, wcut to Mr. John
Wait's store, in the village cf Ballsttn Spa, lo
purchase cloth for a shroud, and olhcr neccssa-
nes.to preparcbis wiie forburial aftershe should
die. Deponent furthcraays, that while hewasin
said Tail,sstore, he was pursuaded by ihe Pro
prielojof 'Brani's indu.v pcoio.vary eamam,'
wno was men present. to lake a botlle or said
medicine he remarking, that if the dving wo
man oc now past recovcry. yet if she be mneh
oppressed and dislressed, ihe said medicine
wouiusoomeandreiievehc, andmake th;pillo
of dcath more eosy. Deponent took the said
medicine hnme with him. to?cther uriih ih Mti.
ho had nurchased Drenaralorv to theaniiV!n-to
dealh ol his wife. Deponent caused a noition
of said medicine to be adminislered to his wife
and tohis asionishment it soon relieved her
She ccntinued tbe use ofsaid medicine until be
recovcrcd frcm her disease, and has bcen able
since (it being aow mo-e than three ycersl to do
uie work, ana aticna to an ner househnld ar-
Hulucribed and Torn tn. before m-. ihl 29ih Ar r Anr.
1843. THOS. G. VOUNG. Juiticc ofthe Tf are.
Town of Rallstown. Saratoza connlr. V. V. . This is
to certify, that I am, and hare been farmary years, wr II anJ
inlimatrly aciinainted wiih lh above-naiaeil Z&a DyLcman
who is one of oor most worthy anil repcctabte cillr.-ns, and
nuwc BuiicaicDis are eniiueu io lull creilil anu ucner.
ITIIOS. G. YOUAG, Jastlceof tho Peace.
April 29, 16t3.
The follnwiaz naml Docror and Physicians hare hi-rhlr
CiUUIHKullCU UIk.li, 1 O .1X!..J111..3 J
Dr. X Iluhbard. Stamford, Conn., Dr. J..V. Smith, Va-
tcrtownK.Y,Dr.Rowman,1321IcnrySL,BrooUyn.X. y.
Dr.T.M.IInnt. AcburnV Y, Dr. Geors-e Franci.. Mid. I
dlelown. Conoj Dr. Georee A. Rozers, Bath, N. Y, Dr. S. AllUdlcbUTy, blDNEl MOODY; East
ifel!?' J Cok&5 Brandon, Ed
rySL,BrMiJyn,XY,Dr.o.Shipman,crtiand,.v.y. ward Jackson ; BrandonT Volney Ross;
List of Agents.
W. P. RUSSEL. Mi.ldlrburv, Vt.
WARRE.V I. 11KOW.V, Addison, Vl
J. F. BENSON. Whitinr, Vt.
U. D. TWITCHELL, Weybridge, Vt,
O. SPRAGUE, Vergennes, Tf.
U.O. SMITH. New Haven, Vt,
I- L. IIOI.COMn. Starksbom. V
21; ly
(Him pu i.m.m- 'B. I..
IRA BINGIIA3I, Corawall, Vt.
CtEC LECTURES on Car. cs, rrevcntion and
kj Cure cf Consumption, Asthma, Diseases of
hllcart, and all icmale Disease. 234 pages,
8 c b..-."'.;j. l'aper 50 cts.; '-ound 75 cts.
Mnil to any Tart postage 9 1-2 ccnts.
Shouldcr iirates and Cicst Expandcr?, S2.
Hltil to ..n jmrt 50 ccrts postage. Inhanag
Tnbc.si"ue"r, -3, by niiil, letter postage. Ab
dominal Snpportcrs, pcrfect, CS to S10 r. cll
ilnpturc, Falling of t! 3 Bowcl" rr.a Wojr . .nd
Wcak Back and Chcst ; scnt by Exprcss cvery
wlierc. For braces or Supporters, or liuptnrc
Rupporters. give height from head to foot, and
circmnfercnce of person ncxi thc snrfacc, just
above the hips. If Rnpturc, mendon which side.
Agents wanted for the sale of tho abovo goods.
Addrcss Dr. S. S. F1TCII, 707 Broadway, New
York, post paid. 46;y
Feb.24, 1846. W. P. Rcssel, Agent.
IF popnlar opinion isany criteiion ofthe worth
Zi' an arliclc.we invite tbe incredulons to look
at the following listof names of pcrsons who have
been cured by McAlister's All-healing Oint
ment. It is not too much to say, that this Ointmcntis
doinSSreat good inthis city and elscwhere. 7te
various diseases that aie cured, whtch were sup-
posed to be overcome only ny lnternai remeaies,
I yiem at once to the power ot inis uinimcni.
yheprinciple on which it ever acls, viz: aradi-
cal restoration ofthe Inscnsible Perspuation, is
thegreat secret ofiis success. As most diseases
originatein a common colJ, indeedby closing
the pores upon the surface, it follows tbat ifby
anymeansthc pores can bere-opened, and the
i inseusiuie i-crpirawuu iiuicu, !.- uuu
morbid humors ofthe body willescape, and sick-
At.Ai;cior! All.bcnllnV fllnlmrnt has now
ka..liii,iui).nniL- Tirm.miinn ibnt pan
efiect this resull
w ,.i,rrr,ri- ,i,,.nTnnr ibr. rnllrnrin"
LnmK;i, imnn r in smnHin!'. pven"0
I L rm . ... ..r.t.o.r. r. .
Vt'ara UC LUM: Ul iu 1 tais umni ui imiuwwnu
Such cases as the sick headachc, for
instance, a complaint supposed to yicW only to
intcrnal remcdies, have bcen cured directly ; also
Rheumatisin, ColdFect, Liver Complaint, Con
Mimption, Asthma, all Diseases of Ihe Chcst,
Sores, and the like, have beea cured, whileolhers
who have taken balms. balsams, a little sugar
candy, pills, ar.d drugs, are yet suffering, wiih
little hopcs of recovcry. We spcak these things
more in sorrow than in anger, because wefcel
and know thatlifeandhcalih are dear to cvcry
one. l'crsons shoulu cease ncing unncicd hy
ihcse things so long as therc was no cvidence ol
good. Whatwill a man not give for hislife.
We here give the namcs only of the persons
enrcdand theirdiscascs . This is butapartof
whatwe have bcsidcs full ccrlificates now in
cur possession. Nay, if we had thc names of all
who have bcen bcnefillca or cured by the All
healing Ointment wiihin ihe last six months.we
Could cover the whole broadside ola ineciing-
honsc wiih ihcirnumbcr. But we know our
fricnds will tcll it lo Iheir friends, and they, in
Uun, will whispcr it to llieirs, and thus ihe good
ihingwillgo lour.d, white Ihus more than Hvicc
icn ihonsandhcnrtswilireapfor joy in thc good
received frorn this Ointment. Fricnds! checrus
on in this good work. dy spcaking the whole
j lct this great and"good medicine find its wa'y into
tnith toyour neigh'jors and acquaiutanccs, and
intheland. ' "
'e have room to cive onlv a small number
0f r.ame in New Yoik and Baliimorc now in our
nosscssion Those fioin rhiladclphia, BoMon,
I ... ....! '
acci omer piaces, we areobliged tolcavc outcn
M Day iilyrtle .J" Jarkmn sts Farailv salve
J K 1'cllmt.t 21II-2GoM Sl Rhcumalism
S 31ills39I'rinccst llradacli-
LN Baldwin Myrtly & GoIJ Fauiily ointment
J Anrlimooily 2-4 Jacksoli st do
Jlrs Brandt 2H0 Gold sl do
P Fulsey 253 Jackson st Fclon
Jolm I'rinre 13S llctcrst Rhcuinalisin
Gouid Scllrck 227 seTenth ct Croup
Win Tcrry 90 Bowcry I'ain in brcast
V Tliumpson cor 8ib av & 25tli do do
E II Swain 52 Bcekman st IMcs
O II Vcililtr 101 Laureus st Djsentery
John Crullie.3 II I)oer st NcckstiQ'
Jas Iluckly 4i j Gramisl Burns
John Hoopcr27 Iludson st liruiscs
Tliosl.enis 49 Forsjllirt Fani uiiitnicnt
Saml Ilobcrt.s 102 su.tolk st do do
G Lucrson cor IScckand Wm Salt Illicnm
u m agate il I liuivrry
Vinccnt Dill 153 Jl.'en st
Ileay cou"b
Fam oinliucnt
31 v Lewis 130 Clierry st
s EduardS2i7 uciauevt
Sick Iicadaclie40ys
Heavy cold
Ileadacliefc erupt's
C P Sain241 Briil"estBrook Fore hands
E LBrur.n r.6Aih.insst do Fam Giiiimcnt
David R Edward Oricnt L I Sore Inr.ils
arali A mitli217 Ilelancyst Pain ii side
lV K (Jstiandrr -Jutultun st rainuinlmcnt
Jano Morris 7g Elm st
Sarali Ednards 217 Dclaucy st Dizzy licad
S Alrrcliant 9 oiivt,
Wm Hurvell 25 O.ik st
A V Bennett 2S Watcr st
Cliickcn pock
Heavy culd
Sorc throat
II. Frost 258 Pcarl st
Eiza Smith 53 scanimcl st
llcadadic 20 ycars
L. II. Tookcr 144 chcrryst
Pthi.-is croup
Liver complaint
Y Andrcws Pine st Brook
E T Gcthus I'lymouth st do
Wm Bond 9S Nassan st do
Moscs Cammct 123 Division st do
R Wicks 221 sccond st Asthma
II W Munson 58G Watcr st Wormy, Agne
.1 II Wilkins 42 Thirteenth st Piles
Andrcw Wilkins do Bhcumatism
J Kightingale 215 1-2 Divis st Pain in baek
Wm Wood 31 Norfolkst
Salt Iihcum
A B Culvcr of schrPortia
I J Brvlant Wall st
las Pratt 1 14 Wm st
Pains, Ernptions
oore legs
T.oss of hair
Pain in chcst
Thos Cochria C8 Church st
.1 C ChavalicrFifthst
J II Turncr G97 Watcr st
G W Tomes 130 ChristophcrComs
Abigal Mcrchant 9 Oliver st Tumor in th cyo
CandaccDowns HTsecondst Ernptions on face
D Young Madcn Lane Headachc 10 ycars
Noali Wcyth 9 Allcn st Biteofmaddog
II IJ Jenkins Phainix Bank
aore cycs
I E Hyde 140 Mulbcrry st
Salt Illicnm
A StnckeyCOS 4th st
E Kipp 275 2d st
F Gaplin 225 Broomest
1 G P Taylor 4G Forsyth st
Fam salTe
Liver Complaint
Lewis Pecfc Eso Bnrns, frosted fect
R L Stagg 283 Jfadison Tain in brcast
E Graham 50 Stanton Bhcumatism
II A West IG7stMarks place Pam oint
F R Lce Esq 245 Bowerv Pain in brcast
F Otten 124 Division Salt Rheum
D R Judd 857 Water Fam oint
II Binghatn 84 Eaisht st Pain in brcast
P Boyce 9 Lewis st Rhcumatism
J Culver 194 btantonst do
W Wary COr King & M.'DOn-l Sorc CVCS. 5:Tl
.. . " Or0 C'C
trawng, i. e . uenson; Sudbury, Wallace u.
Hyde; Orwell, Catlin & Wright; Salisbury,
Howard rJarris : N'ew ITnven. A. P. Roscoe :
Bristol. Geo. W. Parmelee ; Vergennes. F.
Huniinston: Vergennes. T. SnraErue : Ferria
bnreh. Allen it Whe'Ier: Monkton Ridtre.
AT 1TT T.- . -' , t Tf: I - I
n -Oj IJ-.-oll . V..
iv, rvinaiev: uornuw . im xniiniiaui .
WrirrKt. fjrand Tlenot 1 14. Fnllon-tt.N. Y.
Triump, ,tt Snccess of Bdchan's Uun,
rian Llsam -f Life, the great EnA
rem. tyjj- c .f, (Joughs
Asthma aid
Thc ".ist celcbrated and infallible rcrasdr
forcols, cougiij, asthma. orany f-irm of iui
inonary consumption, is the Hungariia
ofLife.discovtrcdby Da. Bcciux oi London
Lngland, testcd for upwards ofstven yan, S
Great Bri'ain and on the contincct ol Fnri l
and inttoduo-d into the United Slates rxtt cr ir '
lmmediate snpriniendcnce of ihe inver Jr
Ths asicaishiDg success of tlie Hunsarim
Baisam. in the cnte of every form of Co, v mT
tion, warranis th- Amcican agent in ' ,7"
lor uatmeat thc worM ossitle cacs iu s
!se found in the community cases il- , vn,. -"0
Hefin rain iiom any of thc common" temcd
of the day, and have becn givcn op br ih!. m
distinguished Physicians, as conlirrnerf . V?05'
Every family ia the United Sl.-;tes o'i,.
supplied wiih Buchan's Hungarian BjlSS ,
Life.not only to counteract thc consun.: tivctcn
dencies of the climale, but to bc used ls a pre
ventive medicincs in all cases of ColJs, Coohs"
Spitting of Blood, Pain in the side and chV
iriitation and soreness of the Lungs, Broncli'.'
difficulty of Breathing, Hectic Fcver, Ni-'i.t
sweats, Emaciation and general debiliiy. Asth-
m.,,.uuutu-uluu iiS ougn.anu uroup.
In case of actual disease oi" in.
sumption.itis the only sourceof honc '
cl.l u x.n i.i i os.i ""''
"ji uitmiuuiu .i..u oiimn, sole aent for
the United Kingdom. at the Italian "Warehonv
Regentst, London, in Bottles and Cases fu'r
ships, hospitals &c. ' '
By special appointmcnt. DAVID F. Dfi 4D
LEE, 130 Washington st. Boston, Mas, g .'
Agent for ihe United Statcs and Bjitisa Arafii
can Provinces.
American price. 1 per Bottle with full, fire
tions for the restoration of Health.
gj" Pamphlets, containingama;s of Cnc1"--,
aniJAmerican ccrtificates and oiher evu'etr
showing the uncqualcd mcrits ofthLs Grc.n Tr,
lish Remedy, may be obtained ortli" entn -r,
tis. JrNone genuine, without ihe writicnsi-"
nature of the American Agent on a gold bronze
albcl, to countcrfcit which is forgcry.
TIIE Suscribcr Iiaving Icased thc f!.sf siore
south cnd ofthe Brtdge, is now mcivii,.- -i
full and c
Complete Assortmeat of
roceries, "West Indiz.
Of tlie Lest rjtiality, whieh lic wiillelian
py to furnish lus fricnds for cash or rcady pay
As can be 1-ought in thc place. He La3 also
fitted up a spncious
Which will bo abnndantly supplied with rc
frcsbuicnts at all tmos.
-Middlebury, May 22, 1S48. 4 tf;
i ue new i'aeKet Koat II. EDDY.Capi. II
Blakesley.will run thc ccining sc.on lcmna
Vergennes and Bntfalo as fnlb.w
L-acs Jivsr .!!. Z,nrr'J SaFu'.o
May 2." Sbv 1r.
May 30, JnCe 12,
June 27, Ju'y io,
l"y ?. August 7,
fP'- Sept. 18,
I hc above beal is new, and fnted up iu ih- fj-cstordcrforpaSNcngcrsandfrci-hi.
manded by agenll-manly Gipiai-ii whowiil-hi.ir
evcry attcntion to pa.-..cn?crs fr thcir coci; !
and convcniccce. The above nained hoat g-i. r-f.".'.ccs-
alwrv. logo thr..(in lo Ilnflalo v!i.-iher
shebas passengers or noi. N-.nc rci cvfrl
disappointcd by l cii: sold i!t" on thv w: v i
silrangcrs and the boal ttirtiir riund and run..: j;
back. PassenL.'ersand Froi'.-:itm;:yle ont:.-" -ed
and forwartied by tbis Linc cverv (' y in il
wcek.except Pundayj, to Bufii.li,ir ai v o;h- :
parton iheWesiern Canal or Lakcs. AIi :
ol ihisLine leaves Whilehall an i Bua..! . n
Tiieslay.Thirsdayanil Saltirdav of each w
diiring the scason, and Vergennes as spccifieii a-boi-c.
Prices luw as ihe loivcst. at thewl.r:
formcrly occnpied v R. Chapman, Vcrger.t
. o. tiuu, Whiteh;
. liuiialo,
M. D. H ALL, Vcrcenncs,
J. BRADLEY & CO., BurlingM
J. Sherman,
Caft. C. P. NEV. TO..
f"ILl, run the cominjj fmsiui to and
trom crgcnnt-s nnd .BufiUIo.
Lcavcs VcJgcnnes.
Tavcs Baffa:.-.
May 2
May S0
Jiiiic 27
J"Iy 23
Sept. G
Oet. .1
The aboye nnmcd Boat will fcp fin,l nn inr .1.
coaynyance ofPassengcrs and thc transponalitin
ot I- reight: she will be manased bv.i carefnt nn,.
expericnced Crew, who willt.se every exerlinn to
SlVCSatkfaction: Thnso wM.inn- in .t
. -". -"."o .v. uwuiu lucui-
selves can have cverv facilitv for!ninn r, -
further parliculars cnquire of the Captain oi
ta. I:, CHAPJIAN, Agcr.lt
j j .
Referevces. Messrs. Joy& Wcbster, II F.
Woodbridgc, Buflalo N. Y. H. B. Northri r
RflIiillitr V "V '
Rochester A'. Y.
Vergennes, April 18, 1813
,,pn. iu--a'L' lJ
W Kas Rlj Kj E Q J? TPfl V
" -ISa.aBt t.9 J fiu !
IVill leave Vergennes ererv Tucsdau and
Lcave Troy tvcry Tuesdaij and Salurdai
rort rnEicnT APrLY to
R. CHAPM-VN. Ver.ri.nnPC.
F. M. SHAW, 191 River, cor. River st. Troy.
Gcods sent from New York shonld be shir.
ped by Giifhth s 1 roy and New York Tow-Eo.it
Lcnt's Basin, opposile 22 South st.. New Yoit
anu mariveu care r . .i nhaw Tmv.
Dress Goods. .
Frcnch, Scotcn, En"Iish and American
uinghams, LiahtcolorcdAipaccn..,
De Laines. Baragc3. Plaid cnd
Stripe Camlens and Mus
lins, Prinied Lawns,
Silk Tissuc,
And a-grest variety 1 Calicoes2?perct.
.Im - in.. ll.r. rnHn..li,
vi, - iic iimit ibiniiuiiv
fnraaii. hv
MaV, 1818. Z BECK H ITH,
will cure, the most riespcra'.e of ca.. s j.
quack nostrum, but a Stnnt'...rd Cn-lM,1 Mc i-
cine, of knowa and cciablisiied cfficacr

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