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which such huihway sliall
he Ufl out, oraltcrcd, to grade the hiljs therc
inclination assaid commissioners
rhall think propcr; and Ihcy sliall makc C6ti
nutcs of the oxpcnse thercof, aud roport to
llic cowt isiuin" their ccflimision,thcorurso
made u.ion such town, and thc iid cstirantcs ,
and soid com may, for suilkicut rcaions, ne
cept, or reject snid rcporl, in whole, or m part,
mid order sur.h lown or towns to grnih! tlie
hills upon suali hichwav, in such maiinur, nnd
to such mv inclination, as thcy shall devm prop-
er. .... i
Prr. 2. If, in tlie- opinion of saiil comnus
iIonLTs",anv town .vould be excesiivuly bHrden
ed, by derVaying' the whole cxix'nsc of such
hilli, snid- coinmissioncrs sliall inake uxamina
tion of all tha cireumstances rehiting to such
!.r 1; cr roai!, nnd the grading of Mich hills
in rciation 10 tlicir public utility, the expense
of buil ling or repainng such bridgcor miiking
such road, c.nd grading such hills ; tlie ability
oi'sujh town to boar such expense, and the
bancfit to such town and olher tovns in the
vl, "t;i!', di-rivcd from ihc consl ruction or rc
yahrof sut h bridgc Or road. aud tlie gnu'.ingof
jcli hills ; and if, upon such cxainination, the
X'lfiuussioneri shall be of opinion, tlmt such
lotra would bc cxcessively bunlcncd, by de
iraving all the expcnsc aforciaid, tkcy sbjdl
give iM'onalilc notice to one or ir.ore ofthcj
M-lactmcn of su-h towns, as thcy shall dccm
. .ji.. iia1I- bcnefilted. bv such bndge. road oi
fr.i,Itn.r.'r.f llic timc and place at vhu.li such
Vv-ismnybe heard in the premwes ; and if,
...i-fi lio.irlnir. said cOEimissiohcrs shall
that stioh town or towns oii'dit
to bear any jwrtior. of said expense, thcy shall
ipportion 'such part thercof, ns they sliall decni
just and reasonabI, to any othertown or towns
'wliicli thcr shall dccm" bvncfitted by such
bridsc or "road, to Jkj paid by such town or
tnwiTs In the tironoition ufoicsaid : and said
i.oinmusionen shull thcratipon, makc report of
tlioir domgs toaid coun, anil sucli court niaj
tbcrenpoii, nsai-sstowB or towns so bencfitlcd,
fiii-irJiui' to such renort. and inake onlcr on
the me, now proudcd by law, in case of
ruads anu briUgas.
An act nrovidin! for a tcndcr of nmcnds in
certai caics.
71 lr A---7ii rnnrlrti. S'c.
Iu all i-ascs whcicpcrionjh ivesustaincdin
juries irt coiiicqucncc of the infuilicicnc.' of
Jiightvays, cxrcpting inuiries to thepcrjon. the
town in irlucli l!ic acciUent napprncu, uia, u)
nnn .11 mort fit thcir sclwclinen. at any tinn?
tend t to the oartv iniured, siidiiicnl auiend:
thercfor: and alto such town niav inthoman-
ner s'jove namcd, mako such tenilcr afrcr the
coiam'iBCcmcnl of an action to tlirce ilav's be-
loi-e the sitting of t.he court, if such action is
brow.;ht bofore tlie cuuiity con.rt, or to twunty
i'o:irtiour beforc the tinie of trial if bcfore a
of the lVacc, bv itieltKlimr the costs
whi''!i shall have accrucd at the timc such tcn
dcr is Kiailo ; and if afterwards snetl to rccor-
er i iniagcs for such injiincj, and m all cascs
ivhen the teiider4vas madcsftor the commencc
ment of au netiun, if such action, be further
iiuiwu'ril, sui-li town may sct firth such ten
: in thcir p!ca or jirove the same under the
eueral is'iic in the usual forni, bringinj; the
jnuney so tendi'rcl into court, and if tlie dam
ne :H-!c-cd Ibrsuch injuries shall not cxcccd
:.iO air.ount ft lenderod, thc dufcndant shall
rvcover his -o!s.
Approred, Xov. 9'h, S18.
An a. t rcgul.iting tho manncr of appointing
Surveyois of JJighways.
Jl i hircliii cfiaclttl, frc.
Tha stTectuien.of tlie sevcral towns in Ihc
!i!-:e.ire hercby rcqtiirctl to make out and
present a li-t of candidntes for eurveyor! of
iihwB)s,!n the seeral districts thercof, to
t.iu annuul.towii mcctings of thuir respcctivc
townt for thcir approval.
, . 3T'-d. Noeml'cr2, 161S.
An j 1 imcndme'nt ofan act relating to thc
grand lijt.
Jl it atretnj cnnclctl, tre.
T.ie sixteeiuh section of an act cntitled
" Vu ..i-t rclaiing to thc grand list," appiOTCjl
Xovember 11, 1841, is so nmt'cdcd as to rcad
a.-! iolh a:incaa"thc owner of any unoccu-
meil ical cstate shall be unknown to tho asses-
i.K-1, tl same shall be sct in tlie list, eilhcr in
tlie nrme of the original grantec, or by sucli
!ur do'jrintion, asin the iudsinent of tho :n-
ic3o shall U-t dcsicnatc the saincr and
v hciiever any diviion 6f the original rightsof
innt ?. hin becn or sliall Iic rnailc, in wliole
or in part, the nsessors shall asscss tnd sct in
thc list. uneh lot ot cverv ilnision, scparatciy
trotii llic other lots of the sama riglit ; anil in
a" iej, w".iereorisinalri"lilso! grantcei have
1 i livided, the ajscssors in the sevcral towns
hbV. airivin? up tne grand hft for 1849, ap-pi-a:-i!
and sct in the list, cach lot sepc.ratcly
in r.l. e.-.?cs whcro tuu same lias not bccn
A.i .wt making furllier jroviion for the man
asciiu'ht of the Statu fmauccs.
t ttrrby ri.nclftl, A"C
S :c 1. The Autiilorofacconnts against the
Jv.ite shall hcrcaflcr perforni the fi:craldu
i i-s formcr!y mpjinnl of thc Auditor in the
trenurv deiiarlmcnt, whose t llicc i horcby a-
S :r 2. Tlio Qnartcr Mastcr fJcncral shall
ann lally submit his record of allowanccs, and
the acconnts and ulaims upon which hc ha
drawn ordcrs dui-ing the preceding ycar. to
one of the legishrtivc comniittccs of claiini,
wIitc duty it sViall be to examineinto the pro
jiric'y and ccouomr of thu same and report
S.c 3. Tho Trcasurcrof thc State shail an
nuaU v fumih abstntels of all tho ordirs paid
by htm during thc preceding ycar, clrawn by
thc Auditor of accounts. and the Qirarter .Mas
ter (leacral, to thc commitrocs who have the
allowan'.-es under examinations, and aid uom
mittce shall carcfully compare said abjtracts
with the itllownuccs of thosc efliccrs.
Sr.r. 4. W'hcnier it shall bc found that any
:laim has bcqn allowed by rcason of mistakc,
or fraud, by :tny coffrt auditorVir other ollicer,
th Mine erroneously allowed may bc rec-over-:!
of the pcrson to wliom thu order upon such
alloxan.-e wi.s made pavablc. in an action for
mortvy had and rcceivcd, to be brought in thc
jiame of the Treasurcr of the State ; ajid such
:il!o.v.:ncc shall bc no bar to a rccovcry in such
Approv?d, XoTcrobcr 13, 1818.
An act to provide for filling vacancie? in school
uistnct nlhccs, in cerlain cascs.
It Iiercl' cnaclcd, A'c.
AVIicn from ny cause, a vaoncy shall oc
eur iu the officcs of clcnk, collertor of tacs,or
t . j-lcutial coimuiit'-e of any chiol disinci in
anv town in thi State, the selcctmen shall
rupp'.y sucli aeaiicy nntil a new clectinn shall
!e iiKule ; and the otliccrs sa aiipointed sh'all
have al! the powcri, and be siilit-jpt to all ihc
dulies, rer)niremcntj, and liiibilitirs as thcy
vrnuin i, n cnojcn iy such school (lutncts.
Approved, Xovcmbcr 2, 1S48.
Ai. aci in aiteration oi an art cnlitlrd "an
m -t in addition. to chapter 20, of ihc Herised
htatates. relating to liilmaysand bndgcs;
a;iroed Xov. 13, 1817.
: i Itercby tnarleil, Av.
S":f. 1 S niurh of the act of which thi U
in niierjiion, as is cuntained in the fiftecnth
: i Siiteeiith lines tharcof. In the lo'lowing
M- irus, " iu or tbrough which such bridgc or
i &A '.s not lorated," Ji hcrubv repeald.
Skc. 2. Thi act shall takc eflect from its
Approved, Xovomber 13, 1S4S.
An nc in arasndnicnt of cct!oc fiftecn of
cbaptcrtwcnty-eightoftheRcvised Staiutcs j
cntitlcd "of process.'
is hereby enacttd, ?fc.
Snc. 1. Section fiftecn cf chaptcr, twcnty
cight of the Iiovised Statutcs shall, bo w amend-.
cd as to includirfTn tho a"rjicles thereinenn
meratcd;cor on tho cob," com stalks, and
cora in- the bnsk. which sliall be subjcct to all
thc provisions of said fcction.
Skc. 2. This act shall take eflect from its
! ApproveJ, NsTcmber 13, 1S48.
An act in addition to Chaptcr 35 of tho Rc-
viscd Statutes. cntitled "Of Ejcctmenls."
It is htrchtj etitictetl, t'C.
St:c. 1. Tlie tbirtv-first section of chaptcr
thirty-fivo of the Kcvised Statutcs b herebr
repenlcd. ..
Sr.c. 2. The provisions of eaid chaptcr shall
cxtcnd to all caes whatcvcr, that are provid
ed for in said chaptcr, in thc manncr and to
tho same cilect, as though thc same thirty-firsi
-cction had not bccn enactcd.
Hfc. 3. This act, nnd the chaptcr fo irhich
ilns is nn addition. shall not extcnd to any per-
Kn. who shall ontcr upon and takc posscssion i
ot lanus, auer tne pawtng oi ims sci.
Approved, JNoTcnit)er 9, lSlo.
An nct in amcndment of chaptcr 65 ef the Rc-viscd-
Statntcs, entitlcd " of Guardians and
is lcrtly enacted, fre.
Scc. 1. So much of faid chaptcr as author
izcs tha l'robatc Court to sppoint gnardians
for insane pcrwns, and br spendthrifts, is fo
amendcd, that tipon application therefor, as
thcrcin specificd, snid court shall fix a timc
whcn such application shall be considcrcd by
said court and caosc such npplicant to girc
duc notiee of such application, and of thetime
nnd nl.ipp. of hearin!?. to" such snpposed insane
pcrson, or spcndlhrift, by scrvicc thercof, at j
least twelve ilays bctorfi ttie jinic sci iur aucu
hcaring, if such" person be within this State:
but if absent from thc State, by scrvicc of such
notice, iu thc same manncr, as a writ of sum
mons, at lea.; twcnty days brfore such hcar
ing ; and said court", before niaking any such
appointmcnt of guardian, shall earefully invest
igate tho caic, and makc dccrec in the prcmis
cs, as shall nppear just, and if against thc per
son complaincd of, such decree, may be ap
pcalcd from, ai provided in said chaptcr, for
an appcal from thc judgmcnt of justiccs in thc
Skc. 2. Applicants under thc cigl.th section '
of said chaptcr, in behalf of insane pcreons,
may file thcir said application, in thc town J
clerk's o(lice, m is proridf! for apphcants for
spcndthrifts iu tbe fiftccnth section of said
chanter. nnd thc same shall have tho same ;
chapter, nnd thc same shall have tho same
powcr and elTtct. ts protcct tho property of
such insane pcrson, unlil a fimd detcnnination
iu ,cIation to said guardiamhip.
Skc. 3. So much of said chapter as is incon-
ibtcMit with this act, is hcreby rcpcalcd.
br.c. -I. I his act sliall taKe cilect trom its
Aiiirovcii, Aovomber, 11, lolo.
The Literary IIrorWpublishes the pref-
atory chapter of Macaulav's long expect-
ed Hisliiry, whtcli is now in the i'rcss ol
tlie iilcssrs IlAnrnr.s. II la
a kinu of
progranimc of the work :
"l purpose to writo tlie History ol liiig-
land from thc Accession of King James
llic Second, down to a lime which is with-
iu thc incmory of men still liviug.
recoiiut thc crrors, which. m
I shall
a few
montns, atienaieu a loyai gentry
nrinllinnrl frnm llli- HnilsC of Slliart
and i
I ,
Minn irace iuu cour?c ui iuai icvuiuuuu
which tcrmiuatcd the long strugglc be-
i i. ..r .
tween our sovcrcigns and thcir parliament,
and bound up togelhcr thc rights of the j
pnopie, ann tne uue m iue, rciguiiig uy
liasiy. 1 iliail iciaue now uic new bl-iiii:'-
nienl yas, diirinj many troubleu ycars,
succcssfully defended against foreign aud
donitic encmies ; how, undrr that set
tlement, the authority of law and the se
curiti of propcrty ere found to be com-.
patible with a liberty of discussion and of.
mdividual action never lieiore Known ;
how, from thc auspicious union of order
and freedom.spra'ig a prosperity of which
the annals of human allairs had turnistieu
no cxample; how our country, froni a j
state of ignomiuious vassalage, rapidly
rose to tnc place among t.uropean pow
ers ; how her opulence and her inartial
glory grcw together ; how, by wise and
resolulc good laith, was gradually estab
lishod a public credit fruilful of niarvels,
which to the statesman of any fornier age
wniild have scenied incrcdible; how a si-
irantic commcrce eave birth to a maritime
I powcr, comparcd with which cvery otlicr
! mtiritimc power, ancient or mndern, sinks
into insignificance ; how Scotland, after
'agcs jyf cnmity, uas at Iength united to
England, not mercly by le.gal bnnds, but
by indissolublc tics of intercst and afiec
tion ; how in America, the Rritish colo
nics rapidly bccame far inightier and
wcalthicr thnn thc rcalms which Cortez
and Pizarro had addcd to the domininns
ofCharles thc Fifth; how in Asia, British
adenturcrs foundcd an empire not le?s
plendid and morc durable than that of
Nor will it be Icss my duty faithfully to
record disasters imngleu. with tnumphs,
uithnrcat national crimes and lollies far
morc hnmiliating than any disaster. It
will be seen that what we justly account
our chief blessings were not without a-
Iov. Jt will be Ecen that tlie system
which cfTectually securcd our lioerties a
gainst the encroachment of kingly pow
er, gavc birth to a new class of abuses
from which ausolule monarclucs are cx-
empt. It will be seen that in consequence
partly of unwise nilerference, and partly
of unwise neglect, the increase ofwealth,
and the cxtetuion of trade produced, lo-
Uethcr with lmmeusc good, some cvils
from which poor and rude societies arc
frcc. It will be seen how, in two impor
tant dependcncies of the crown, wrong
was folloived by just rctrtbution ; how itn
prudcncc and obstinacy broke the tics
wlnch bound tlie iNorth Ainericau Colo
nies to the parent state; how Ireland,
cursed by the nomiuation of r?.ce ovcr
racc, and of religion over religien, rcmain
ed indecd a member of the empire, but a
withercd and distoried mciuher, addinij
no strencth to tha body politic, and rc
proaclifully pointed at by all who feared
or envicd the greatness of England.
Yet, unless I greatly deceive myself,
the general effect of this chequered nar
rative willbe to cxcite thankfulness in all
religious miiids, and hope in the breasts
of all patriols. For Ihe history of our
conutry during the last hundred and six
ty years is cminently the history of phys
tcal, of moral, and of intellectual im
proVeraent. Thos.o who compare the age
whicb c.Msts only in their iraaginations,
maj talfc of dceneracy and decayi but
no man who is correctly informed m to
tlie past will be disposed totakc anjnrosc
ordcsponding view of the present.
t should very imperfectly execute the
lask which I'have undertaken, if I were f
mercly to treat of batllcs and sieges,qr
the risc and fall of administrations, of In
trigues in the palace, and of debatcs in
the parliament. ,It ivill be my endeavor
to relate the hlstory of the govemraent ;
to trace the progress of uscful and orna
montal arts, to describe the rise of ieh
gious sects and tke changes of literary
taste, to portray the manners of success
Ie'genera'llbns,"an'd not fq'pass '6y with
neglect even the revolutions which -have
takeu place in dress, furniture, repasts,
and public enter'tainment?. 1 shall cheer
fully bear the reproach of havingdesceud
ed below the dignity of history, if 1 can
succeed in placing before the English of
the nineteet.th century a true picture of
the lif ef their ancesforo. The events
which I propose to relate, form only a sin
gle act of a grcat and cvcntful drama ex
tending threugh ages, and mus't be very
imperfectly understood, unles's the plot of
the preceding acts De weii Known. i
shall thetefore introduce my narralive by
a slight sketch of the history of our conn
try, from thc earliest times. I shall pass
very rapidly orer many centurieSj but I
shall dnell at sorae Iength on the vicissi
tudes of that contest which the adminis
tralion.of King James the Second brought
to a decisive crisis."
Tuesday, November 28, 1848.
Whig JubileiB.
The Fcstival in this place, on Tuesday cvc-
ninglast, in honor of tho clcction of Taylor
and Pillmorc, was not unworthy of thc evcnt
;t ceebralcj and 1v;n not
thc hundreds who wcrc
a full and conncctcd acco
Eoon bc forgottcn
prcscnt. To givc
a full and conncctcd account of all thc pro-
cccdings of the occasion is
..... , , ...
shaU al,cnlPf. antl 11 not be
morc tlian wc
cxpcclcd hy our
Wc cannot, howcvcr, pass ovcr so
plcasant and joyous a scason altogether with
out notice inadcquatc and moagrc as our cf
fort at dctcriptionmust ncccssanly bc.
Only one nccidcnt occurrcd, (and that at
thc outsct of thc procecdinga, as they had bccn
arrangcd,) lo intcrrupt our rcjoicings, and to
throw a shadow, for a moment, ovcr oui fes
tivitics. In firing the sevcral guns which were
to praccdc tho cxcrcises of thc cvening, Mr.
Lyman Huntington, whilc loading tho can-
nnn, was much injurcd by an accidcntal dis-
j charge though not so sovcrely, wc arc glad
to learn, as was at first apprchcndcd.
At an carly hour in the cvening, the Rough
ivcany uiuo mct ana organizeu at tnc
1"own Room,and thc house was spccdily filled
,0 overflowing.
Dircctly aftcr thc organiza-
tion, Ozias Scymour, Esq., hcing callcd for
by Ihc audicncc, respondcd in an appropri
alc manncr, alluding happily to tho occasion
of thc prcscnt gathering and thc rcasons for
congratulation aflonled by tho preBcnt rcla-
t;on 0f t10 'Whig parfy to thc nation,
Ilon. S. S. Phclps was hen callcd for, and,
as hc camc forward, was grected with that
spontancous applauso which his prcscncc nev
er fails to clicit.
Judge rhclp's alhidcd, af some Iength, to
thc obstacles wc had becn compellcd to con
tcnd against in thc rcccnt clcction, and to
somc of the particular sourcca of congratu
lation in behalf of our (riumph.
First, wc had had to coatend against such
organ;zal;on none but the Locofoco par-
ty cvcr had. Thcir disciplinc was almost as
pcrfcct and as rigid as thc military disciplinc.
Thcy know how torcach cvory man, and kecp
him in the ranks, and compcl him to fight cf-
fcctively. Tlicy 'shoot dcsertcrs.' Thc man
I diatcd forcvi-. Thc Whigs, on the other
hand, have no such powcr over thcir own for-
ccs-. Tlie men who constitute that party are
accustomcd lo weigh all suhjccts for thcm-
sclvcs. They will not obey leadcrs blindly
and indiscriminatcly, nor unhcsitatingly ac
ccpt whatcvcr candidatcs arc prcscnted to
thcra. Thcy oftcn stand hesitating, many of
thcm, undetcrmincd how to act, till the day of
action is nearly or altogether passed, and their
scrvices arc lost to thc party. llcre, then,
our opponents had an important advantagc
Wc had to coatend against that immcnse
power, thc patronage of Govermncnt "a pow
cr that makcs itsclf felt in cvery nook and cor
ncr of the Union, and vcgctatcs in cvery
netty post oflicc." Thu forcc of this cnginc in
! pcrpctuating the rulc of an cxisting admims-
tration as it has bccn uscdfor ycars past is
Moncy, too, had becn cxpendcd without
(tint, by our opponents. It had becn stated
that, on thc rcccption of the disastrous news
from Pcnnsylvania, in Octobcr, it was at once
dcclarcd by thc partirans of thc Administra
tion, at Washington, that $500,000 should bc
raiscd, if ncccssary, to savo that State. For
the truth of thc statcment, Judgc P. said hc
would not vouch, but that similar appropria
tions had becn decreed, and that ofEce-hold-crs
had bcon required to pay a certain per
ccntagc upon thc incomc of their oflices, to bo
appropriatcd for electionecring purposes, was
notorious. -
Wc had heon obligcd to contcnd against a
corrupt pres$. Ilcro in Xow-England, wfcerc
peoplo atc accustomcd to think for themsclvcs,
and to acccnt no opinion at the bidding of
others, this influcncc is less appreciable. Bnt
at tho South and West, the case is far oth
orwise. , Then again, the Slaveryquestien, "thalttco-
edgcdsicord," had been -industriously wiclded
in tho prcscnt campaign. Tho unreasopable
hnd fanatical demands of tho ultra abolition-
ists at thc North.on tho onc hanfl, and of thc
ultra advoeatcs of Slavery at tho South, on
the other, as to the opinions of a nalional ctin
didate, on the subject of the Wilmot. Proviso,
wero vividly portraycd by the Spcaker who
in qpnclusion of the topic, eongralulated his
hcarers that a party founded on scctional line3
hke, th? one hatchcd ot Buffalo, had met, in
their present defeat, sajngnal a rcbuke from
the American pcople. v
Wc had contended, too, against an amalga
mation thc most corrupt and unprincipled, in
which thc antipodes of political sentiment had
combined oh a common ground against us.
" Wc have bcen obliged to contend against
... treachery, I wasabout tosay,"safd the speaker
" j-ct the occasion does not warrant rccrimin-
ation or harshness of Ianguage. e uaTO
becn obliged to contend against1 a backsliding,
a falling-olT, of our own numbcrs. W cn hon.
orcd in the Whig party, hcrctofore, and who
Knd oecunifed evnlted sfations in puhhc hfe.
" x -
had withdrawn from us and used their Jnflu
cnce against us. He would pnrsue this themc
no further. Where these men now arc, and
what their influcncc is, he would Ieave for oth
ers to judjre. "
Judgc Thelpi then procecded to alludc
briefly to some of the principal sources of con-
cratulation,in viow of thistnumph ot thc intcl.
ligence and virtuo of tho pcoplc against such
odds as were arraycil in opposiuoa , oi iue
chccri'ng assurance such a ycrdict gives that
our people arc fittcd to'govern themsclvcs
that the principlcs on which our governmcnt
is founded, are not impracticable that nll ef
forts of disuuionists and disorganizcrs will be
promptly and dcciively put down ; of the sure
prospectoi an auminisirauun iu inc iruu sJii
it ofthc Constitution ; and of theortunate de-
liverante wc should cxperiencc from thosc ru-
inous measures and praetiees which have cbar-
acterizcd the present Administration, and
would have bccn pcrpctuated by the clection
of Cass.
In conclusion. the'speakcr remarkcd that
this result fully justified the wisdom of thc
Fhiladelphia Convention, in nominating GEN.
The Hon-' Senator sat down amidst loud
and prolongcd applause.
Tho Glcc Club then sung tho song com
mencing, "Broadly and brightly in the clcar cunlight,
Is our good Whig banncr streaming ;"
after which thrce hearfy cheers were given
for thc I'rcsidcnt elect, Zaciiaby Tayloh,
and the crowd thcrcupon resolvcd itsclf into
a torchb'ght procession, which movcd through
tho principal strccts of the tillage, prcsenting
a brilliant and imposing appearance.
Whcn tho proccssion commenccd marching,
the Squarc, (where bonfircs had bccn burn
ing during the evcning) was splcndidly illumi
nSfrd. The Vermont Ilotel, thc Court House,
Masonic Hall, and tho dwclling-house of Ru
fus Wainwright, Esq-, on Court Squarc, as
well as a large numbcr of privatc dwellings
throughout the illagc, were illuminatcd in a
manncr muicating that, to tne uiass ot our
people, thc occasion was one of no ordinary
Tho proccssion havinjj reachcd thc Ver
mont Ilotel, where a Suppcr worthy of thc
occasion had bccn provided by our cxccllent
host, Mr. Damon, thc conyivialitics of the
cvoning, propcr, commenced.
H0K..H0KACE Eatojt, who had been cho-
scn to preside ovcr the fcstivities, was rcceiv
cd with thrce hearty cheers, by the hundredji
present to which he rctponded in a Tcry ap-
propriatc and happy manncr. We rcgret our
inability to give cven a satisfactory outline oi
tho addrcss of Govcrnor Eaton. It was full of
sound, practical scnsc, and felicitous cxprcss
ion and sentiment, as well as no little humor
and was rcccived with rcpcated applause.
In conclusion,aftcra complimentarj- allusion
to Senator Fhelps,and his course with refcrencc
to tho support of Gcn. Tajrlor, Gor. Eaton re
marked that, in his present position, hc dcem
cd it scarcely proper for him, hercaftcr, to
takc an active part in political partizanship,
and that, what a sense of proprietyscemcd
to him, in thc present instance, to dictalc, the
impulscs of his own hcart sinccrcly scconded.
Hc therefore, (in complimentary terms,) call
cd upon onc of thc Vico Fresidents of thc
CTening, the Hon. Petcr Slarr, to dischargc
thc duties of prcsiding officer, while he took
lus place among thc rcst of the assembly.
Gov. Eaton rotiring from thcchair,thc Hon.
Pcter Starr, on taking his place, made
some very felicitous remarks on the relations
sustained by this Republic tp tbe govern-
mcuts of the Old World, in their present
unsettled state thc anxicty hc had Aelt
throughout thc campaign that, whilc the cycs
of all Europe were turncd towards us as
they never had been before, we might be able
to cxhibit a worthy modcl of Republican in
stitutions; and that the sound, conscrvative,
national principles of which Gcn. Taylor stood
the rnprescntative, in opposition to tho objec
tionable viows and questionabln policy of his
compctitor, might triumph. Mr. Starr's re
marks were greeted with much applause.
Jullus A. Bcckwith, Esq., then rcad thc
The Federal Constitution: Thc dcfendcr
of our faitb against cxecutivc encroachment,
sectional jcalousy, and popular violencc no
party ought to succeed, which does not rever-
cncc its provisions, and abide by its spirit.
The American Union : "Now and forever
one and inscparablc."
Tunc, 'Hail Columbia.' Band,
"The intelligent, patriolic Whig parttj of the
United Stales Standing on the Constitu
tion, they will prescrve the Union.
Gen. Zachary Taylor: The American cit
izen : with no encmies to punish, no partizans
to rcward, no State lincs to rcgard, and no
platforra but his duty, we have assnrance that
his civil administration will bc as glorious as
his militart achreTcmcnts have bccn brilliant
"Broadly and brightly in the clcar snnlight
is our good Whig banncr strearaing.1'
Uillard Fillmore : The Northern Man
with National Principrcs : thc country which
he has becehttcd, delights in his honor.
Vermont "The Star that hever sets?
"Wliose light among so many lighU,
Is likc that star on starry nights
Thc scaman singlcs from the sky,
To stccr his bark forever by.'-'
The Aulhor ofthe JNichohon Letter .-Thc
last two woeks have givcn him additional rca
son to"say, 'I am strongly imprcssed with tbe
opinion, that a greatclange has bccn going on
in thc public xnind.'
Song,! "Extra Fay." .i
"Oh EltraParlE
Vou're cMeml oie manyMT.
Bat aaw pIJ Zick. Ii "on ottrJracH,
And curitrtnjUi i gone wny."
The Zlexican War : Regun for pur
poses ofpartizan aggrandizemcnt, andprose
cuted with a view to crush the herocs it had
callcd forth; it has proved thc destructUn of
its contrivers, and cnded the Locofoco dynas-
The Hero ofthe tBrolen Sicordz A boy in
New Hampshire: a schoolmaster in Dela-
ware; asoldier in Micbigan; a" constable'"in
Ohio ; the obseqnions scrvant of Jackson at
Washington; tho fawning courtier of Ixuis
Philippe at Paris ; hc has at Iength appro-
priateJy retired to private lifc, on the scene of
HulVs Surrender.
"O, Taylor 'Whisi. we out fruagB to ye
Bccause you scnt m np Salt Rivcr,
Tho Elrphanl to ice 1"
The eccasion tce celebrate :
"To-Jay U our, what do we lear
To-dayis oun, we have it here ;
It'i treat it kindly, that it may
With at least with tu to itay ;
Letf banish businetf, banUh aorrow,
To the eodf belonga lo-morrow.
Tune, "Life let us eherish."
The following Voluntecr Toasts were also
passcd up to the Toast fllaster, by. diflerent
gucsts :
Lacis Cass and Martin Van Buren: Re-
cently emigrated to the head of Salt Rivcr,
should they and thcir constituents petition
Congrcss for a light-house, and it should be
granted.by both IIouscs of thc National Lc-
gislature, it will not mcet thc Exccutive Vcto.
The Baltimore nominee: Owing to 'circnm-
stances,' the invitalion of his friends to mcct
thcm at thc White House, on tho 4th of March
ncxt, is unavoidably declincd, but hc scnds
thcm as a consolation his Chicago letter, with
the following lincs :
ul leareyou here a little book,
For you to look upon,
That you may aee yonr father'i face
Wheu he is dcad and f ODe.1
The late Van Buren party : A rickcty in-
fant, which did not appcar to bc "worth the
Oh had it Iivcd loneer,
It mifht hate been Etroueer.
Anil rro u omenh&t older, wc trust.
The Whig Platform: It has becn said by
our opponents that it was out of sight, but on
hc th of November it developcd itsclf; and
it provcs to be lopg cnough and broad tnough
for this great nation to stand upon, without
theaid of Polk stalls.
" Old Addison First to acccpt the leadcr
ship of 'Old Zack;" firmest to withstand thc
Ilnn-guard of Locofocoism ; and forcmost in
thc battlo of the scventh of November;
though her encmies have bcen Barler-oas, she
will allow thcm to bury thcir Slayed.
Cass and Van Buren : "Lovely and plcas
ant in thcir lives, in thcir dcalh they were not
"The Star that never sets:" It shines thc
brightcr in contnut with another star that
niver rose.
Martin Van Buren:
"Detertrd at hij utmott ned,
By thoe hii former bounty fed,
On the Free Soil' eziioaed he liesv
Without a Triend to ctoe hU eye."
Judgc Phelps,being again callcd for,cntertain-
ed the audience for some minutcswith remarks
suiicd to the occasion and, in the course of
his specch, rcsponded handsomely to the com-
plimcnts of Gov. Eaton, and alludcd to thc mo-
tivcs which had mduccd him to rccommcnd to
his fcllow-citizens in Vermont thc cordial sup
port oi Gcn. Taylor.
Aftcr another song by the Glec Club, (all
whosc performanccs were admirable, and add
cd much to thc entcitainmenU of thc cve
J. II. Barrott otTered the following sen
timent :
The gallant City of Vergennes : rolitically,
she goes for 'Old Zack,' and nothing clsc.
F. E. Woodbridge, Esq., of Vergennes, re
spondcd in a humorous and felicitous specch,
concluding with,
Middlebury : In politics, as in position.fore-
most in the Addison sistcrhood, Vergennes is
with her, hcart and hand, on the sidc of true
J. A. Beckwith, Esq., proposcd,
Chittenden County : Her lawycrs are bet-
ter than her politics.
Edward J. Phclps, Esq., of Burlington,
handsomely rcsponded, oflering as a senti
Hon. Horalio ScyniOUT : His name willbe
revcrcd, at home and abroad, so long as rcal
worth and ability are apprcciatcd.
Judgc Seymour not bcing present, owing to
dl-hcalth, tho sentiment was replied to by O-
zias Scymour, Esq. who took occasion to re
fer to the CYer-honored and unrivalled statei'
man,undcr whoso banner wo fought four yeara
ago ofTcring in conclusion, as a sentiment,
the namc of Henuy Ciay.
Toasts complimentary to New Havcn,
Cornwall, Salisbury, Orwell, Bridport, &c,
called up Gen. Nash, Mr. H. Lane, J. M
VVeeks, Esq., C. M. Fletcher, Esq., Dr. Ricc,
and othors each of whom respondcd in
manncr becoming to thc fricndly feclings
subsisting bctwccn the sevcral towns of Addi
son County, and which, wo trust, will evcr
A gucst proposcd,
The Whig Press of Addison County: By
its cfTicient labors in tho late campaign, it has
rcndercd important scrvicc, and contributed
its full sharc to thc present succc-ss.
Mr. Birrett briefly rcsponded, offering
in conclusion,
Tht Victory tce celebrate: A triumph
of party, for the regncration ofthe country.
A gucst otTered the following:
The enlightened freemen of New York : On
"asober, second thought," they have rcpudiat-
cd tho ultra Whrgs ofthe Buflalo Convention,
and are now able to " brcathe morc frecly,'
in a purc Whig atmosphcre.
No one from the State of New York respond-
jng, Dr. Rict, of Bridport, was called for,
who appropriately rcplicd to the sentiment,
and concludcd with the following pledge :
Bridport: Always Whig by an ovcrwhclm-
ing tnijanty, she is able to. tncreme that nw-
jority, if nccessar-.
By C. M. Fletcher, EsqfcTOrwell :
The PresiderJ Eltct: The' TaVo'r who has
Jitted the Whigiparty and ghcnifec Locofo-
By Gcn. William Nash:
Hon. Georga P Marsh: An honor to our
State ; a fricnd lo protection ; a friend of thc
Slave : may those Whigs, who dcscrted liimki
the last clcction, rcpcntand'retufn. and assist
him and othors iiuprwuringprotccUvc f af'
ifi", and in prcventing the extension of Slave
By Ira Allcn, EsqJ
Our excellent Gorernor Hon. Carlos Coot-
idge: A true Wh'gi ofthc Taylor school,
he has vetocd but one act of the Legislaturc,
and that the rcsult of'manifest hastcandwaiit
of considcration' on thc part of that body.
By J. M. Taylor, Esq., of Vergennes:
7en. Zachary Taylor: May his Adminis
tration bc as glorious as liis victory at Buena
Dr. Zachcus Bass, one of the Vice Presi-
dcnts of thc excning, being callcd to thc Chair,
alludcd to thc unfortunatc accident of the af-
tcrnoon, and the unbccoming spirit manifcst
ed by bur opponents with referencc to thatoc-
currence. In conclusion he olTercd thc fol
lowing :
The Frec Soil Party: A child conceived in
sin, in thc State of New York in its gcstation
and pcregnnations through diilercnt Statcs, it
gained size and strength from coalition and in-
iquity, camc to its full timc in Vermont, and
was stranglcd at its birth by thc Green Moun-
tain Boys.
Mr. Deming amused thc company with onc
of his characteristic songs which containcd
somc verv good hits.
A guest oflered thc following sentiment :
The Medical Profession :
" Yc hcalcrs of men, for a moment dcclinc
Your fcats in ihc rhubarb and ipccac line ;
White you shut up your turnpikes, your ncish-
bors can go
Thc oldround-abont way lothc rcgionsbclow."
Dr. C. C. P. Clarke, bcing callcd upon, rc
plicd to tho sentiment, in a suitahlc manncr,
eliciting applause. Hc concludcd with
Gex. Taylor : Hc mindcd his own husi-
ncss, until thc pcoplc called him to attcnd to
Other toasts were prcscnted, and many oth
er good things said, to which we havobcen un
able evcn to alludc. It is tasking onc's morao-
ry quitc too much to rcquire itto rctain all that
was good, or evcn bcst,m thc sayings and do-
ings of an cvening characlcrized by such uni
vorsal good-fceling, and so litciaily,
" A feast of reaon ar.d n tlow of soul.
Tho whole fvstivitt was conducted on strict
Tcmpcrancc principlcs, and tho company re
tired at a seasonable hour, satisfied with so
pleasant an interview, and full of hope, in view
ofthe political rcvolution thcy had met to cel
ebrate. K Great prcparations nre making in
Louisvillc for the rcccption of Gen. Taylor,
who uexpectod there soon,
Lodisiaxa. Returns from ncnrly cvery
I'arish iu the State have been receivcd. which
give Taylor a mnjority ot 3,2CG.
Aladama. Full returns from nll the
counties in this Slatc givc Cass G-1J major-.
Mississirn. All but 12 counties havo
bcen heard from. Ta lor is 1,000 ahead.
Flohia. Taylor's majority in Florida
is about 1C00.
AnKAMSAs. This State is conccdcd to
Cass by G00 majority.
Texas. But few returns are reieivcd.
Tbe State u generally conccded to Cass.
Vircinia. Thc WashingtonUnion claim9
lliis State for Cass by 1,500 majority.
Large County. Lancaster County, Pa.,
(which gives 5,310 majority fur Taylor.) east
17,G34 votea at the late clcction 5,204 more
than tbe Slatc of Delawarc, and 0,0i l tnore
thnn Ihc State of llhode Island.
CpTho'Cleveland True Sun says.'Thern
were at least 14,000 votcrs on Ihe Rcscrve,
who did not east thcir ballots for Presidcnt
on the 7th inst.'
dj" Gcn. Taylor was 58 years old, on the
24th inst. Another nccount makes him 64
but we believe thc forraer atatement h the
corrcct one.
JE?" The clectoial vote is to be givcn, in
ull Ihe Stales, on the Crst Wednesday ol Dc-
cember one weck from to-mnrrow.
"Congress mcets next Monday, Dec 4.
New York Legislatdre. The Senaie
stanus, Whigs 24, Hunkors 2, Harnburncrs
6. The House, Whigs 109, Htinkers C,
Barnburners 13, Whig majority on joint bal
lot. 106.
The Chicago Journal says thc Canal
navigation is closed by ice.
(JT5 The present population of Cleveland
Ohio, is 14,234.
Wiiio SnERirr by o.xe vote. The can
varsers of Osweso County have declare'd
Norman Rowe, the Whijr cnndidatc for
Shcriff, elected by onc majority.
Coal in New York. The Syracuse Slar
says tbata strniuni or pure anthracilc coal
has been found in that country,. at a depth of
lourieenieetDeiow tno sunace.ana inatto all
appearance it is as exhaustless at thu earth in
which it Iics imbedded.
JCJ-It issaid that Chief Justice Taney
a member of Jacwon's Cabinet with Cass
voled at tlie late eleclion for Zachary Tay
MASsicntJSETTs. The Legislature of
f,c,,r..,.ii- t. ?.i . ,,.
Massachusetls maoo choice of tho regular
Whig Elcctoral ticket, on Friday lasi. Thc
vote.stood, Taylor 196, Cass 64, Yau Buren
37. .
0H(n. A. D.Simms, Member of Con-
gress from the Gcorgetown District, S. C, died
at Kingston, on the 16th iost.
New Tokk. Full returns ofthe PrcsiOtn.
tial votc in the State of New Yoik fcot nn
foliowss - ?u
Taylor 218,538, Van Bnrcn I20.37C Cn.
lll.oas, aayior ovcr uass, 103,955 0
Van Buren 98,102.
Pennsylvania. Returns from thc cctirc
state of Pcnnsylvania givc the following rcsu.
Taylor 185,931, Cass 172,327, VanVrcn
11,245. Taylor ovcr Cass, 13.C24 , ovcr all
2,3 79. Thc whole vote of tho State has beCa'
increascd morc than 30,000, since Octobcr.
Georgia.' The Savancah Republictc
publisbcs ret'irns from ncarly all tho Stite
showinga Whig gain of 3,191, on the Coa!
grcssiooal Elcction of October last
tSTGEjf. Scott has becn recalltd 0
Jrashington, and has assumcd his old nasrtprj
and position. Mutual'explanations LaveUfI1
mado betwcen him and the Administration,
and thc unpleasant feud is now settled.
The Brandon Whig, spcaking of tho
late clcction in Massachusctts, very appropri
ately says : " Palfrcy is lcft in a hopoless mi-
nority ; a fate fitted to so hopcless a fanatie."
Hon. D. D. Bakn-ard, of Albanv, Is
talkcd of, as U. S. Senator from New Yoik.
All our exchanges are talking about
Snoic. Wo should likc to sce a littl, just for
the novelty of the thing. '
lAn invitation was scnt to tho Hon. Sol-
omon Foot, of Rutland, to be present at our
cclcbration, on Tuesday cvening last. A re
ply from that gcntlcman was received on
Thursday, from which wc learn that our letter.
writtcn on thc 17th, did not rcach its dcstina-
tion until Tuesday ecening not haviug U!n
mailed here, for morc Ihan three days after it
was put in thc Oflicc. Mr. Foot says, in con
clusion, " I should have bcen most happr to
have altcndcd your fcstivities, had the notice
reached me in timc."
22n DECEjjncr.. Rev. Tiiojus S. JIpb-
bahd, of Chelsea, is to delivccan Oration on
the cvening of Forerdihera Day, in ihis
(TT1 Wc learn from ihc Southcru parcra
llial STr.viiKN Rozer has hen appointed
First Jude of the Supreme Court ot Ver
mont. We presume hi honor to be a resi-
dent ot Tcrglumes. Brandon YU.
Or possibly Stoninglon, we would suggest.
Accident. On Tuesday nftenioon last,
wo IriEhmcn, who were cmplnyed in drilling
on the REilroud cut, ncar our Oflicc, were
blown up by the nccidntnl cxplosion of a
blast. Both the men were scverely though
not fatally iujured.
The Caxdiijates at IIoiie. Gcn. Cass
carries n majority in Dctroit, his own re.i
dencc, in Kindcrhook, ihc resideiicc of &lr.
Van Buren, and in Baton Rougo, the reii
dcnce of Gen. Taylor. Montprlkr PatrioL
A small mistakc, Mnjor. In Kindcrhook,
Gon. Taylor runs ahcad of Gcu. Cnss 12C
votcs, and in East Baton Rouge, g.iins largcly
on thc Whig votc of 'It, leating- but 6 major
ity against him. In West Baton Rouge, Tay
lor has n majoritr of 147.
New York.Xov. 27, 2 1-3 P. M
OrricrAL Vote ov Ohio. Total. Cis
15t,8C2, Tavlor 138,390. Van Ilitrfn. 3j.43R.
Cms over Taylor, 16,1 CC. 'I'otal vote in:
'48, 328,714, in'tt, 312,221. Inerc.wd vot-
1G.490. Ihcrrcc Sotl votu is 53.450. bcinn-
an increase of 27,40G,or 10.C85 more than thc
lug Ioss.
Maicyi.axd. Taylcr's majoritv over Cass.
Jventucky. Thc oflicial returns from 01
counties cxhibit a gain lor Taylor, on Mr.
Crittcnden's majority, of 8,229. There are
counties t hear from.
Indiaxa. In 73 counties, oflicial and un-
oflicial, C;isss majority over Taylor is about
Jjtiw. l here arc 22 counties to bc lieard
3'NoRTii CAr.OLis.v- The oflicial returns.
from all the counties cxcopt Yanccv. (on ac
count of some informality in the returns,) show
? 1. '
tuu louoning rcsuu:
Taylor, 43,519, Cass; 3 t,8C9, Taylor's
majority, 5,050.
Texas. Iu 9 counties, the vote stands,
Cass,' 2,120, Taylor, 932.
C 1-2 P. M.
At Int acconnts from Halcisb, X. ihe Scn
ate hail failcd to conipletc its orgnnization. Af
tcr numcrous uallotins.n Dcmocrat was clioscn-
eliief Clcrk of thc Honsc, with a Whig nssistant.
In tlie llouse GO V hig anil 59 Dcmocrats ono
haTing scnt in hU rcsignation.
A large nnmlicr of mcmbcrs of Congress are
in town, on thcirwav to Washington.
Ftoun " is in moderate dcmand. Transactions
add up GOOO bbls. S5 fl 1-2 for strait brands 5.-
44forcood parcets. 3 USO a 5,5G 1-4 lor purc.
or WIIEAT. mquiry is Icss nctivc, nml markot
heavy. Conx, New Souihcrn, CO n G3, Old, G4 a
65. New rouml Jcrscr and Pa, 71 a 72. New
Norlhern,G4 a 65. Vellow, 67 a 68. Northcrn
round. old, 72 1-2 a 73. Sales, 50,000 bushsls.
Hte is down, Gl a C2 1-2.
. .
Thc following is the oflicial canvas?, tak
ing thc highesl on each tickct :
Tay'or. Ca;.. Van Burciu
Co. 1559 1150 616
" 12648 C08 1443
" 3656 1103 1908
" 2911 744 1377
" 2558 319 1035
" 1780 1411 I30S
1753 571 1516
" J398 1C93 1100
" 1367 1153 883
' 1456 691 1201
1056 562 536
2S9 474 751
" 370 331 42
311 130 104
23132 10918 13837
imber, 22125 13501 15028
Grand Isle
Taylor's pfurality is
9,285 over Van Burent
12,174 over Cass.
Every Congressional District haj given a
pluraliiy for Taylor. Watchmau
. 03". Street. the American poef. has
in press, inLondon, lo bepubhshcriby BenN
m' oandcd Bpon ,he history of
Frontanac. The Syracuse Star says it will
extend to some 6000 lincs, and will fuMy
custain the author's already high reputation
Snow Siokk. Seme eight or ten inch
CS of now fell here oh Monday lasl, at

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