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In additioB tothc bighly intercsting
ricpauh- government has reeeived from
Colurref Mason, thc United States Miltta
ry Coimnaudatit in California, a vanety of
ther oilicial documcnts, from gentlcmen
of Mkc veracitv, in that promising region,
arc acknowledged by the Stalc Depart
tuent, atid all corroborativc cven of thc
wilde'st rcports that have rcached us
through tinoffieial channels, concerning
the extraordinary excitement among the
tnhabitants, jr.duced by the discovery of
what. now prore to be, beyond all pcrad
venture, a number of bonn fide gold mines,
.n the banks of the Rio Sacramento. The
gold in somc places is, actually, eighteen
inchcs deep, and, hcre andthere.it is pick
ed up in lumps, without the trouble ol
digging orwashing, forit! Men with a
shuvel, a tin pan, or a woodcn bowl, man
age to make 50 a day, and some of those
lncky individuals, ve are assured, have
already atnassed several thousand c'ollars.
San Francisco, the chief town in the ter
ritory, has onc half of its tenements emp
ty, lockedup with the furniturc. The
owners storekeepcrs, lawyers, meclianics
and laborers all gone to the Sacramento
with their families. Some parties. of five
to fifteen men, l ave sent back to the town
aiul ofTered cooks tcn to fifteen dollars
per dnj for a few weeks. Mechanics and
teamsters, carning theyear past five to
eight dollars per day, have strur.k and
gone. So also have the soldiers, and a
botit cvery body else, save the aged and
infirm. Writes Mr. Thomas O'Larkin to
Mr. Buchanan:
"United States bark Anila, belonging
to the ariny, now at anchor here, has but
ttix men. One Sandwich Island vessel in
port lost allhermen; engaged another
r.rpvr nt niiv aouars wr tne iuii ui
rifiecn days to the Island. One Ameri
can captain having his men shippcd on
this coatt in such a manner that they
could lcave at any time, had thcni all on
the eve of quilting, when he agrecd to
cnntiniie thcir pay and food, learing one
on board, lake a boal, and carry them to
the gold regions: furnishiug tools, and
giving -his men one-third. They have
heen gone a week. Connnnii spades and
fhnvels, onc mon'.h ago north onc dollar,
will now hring ten dollars at the gold rc
gtmis. I nm inforrned fifty dollars has
becn ofTered for one. Shou'.d this gold
conlintic as represenled, this town and o
thers will be depopulated Clerks' wagcs
have risen from six. hundrcd (o one lliuii
saml dollars pcr annum, and board ; cooks'
twenly-fivc to thirty dollars per inonth.
This sum will not be any inducement a
nuiitli longcr, unless thc fcver and ague
appcars atnon;; Ue washers. The "Cali
fornian," printcd hcre, stopped this wcck.
Tlm "Slrir" nnivsnnnpr nflir.p ivlifrrf thi
1 i . i
new laws of Gor. Mason, for this cotm 1
. try, are printini.'. has hul one rnm Icft. i
A mcrchniit. lalely from China, cvtn lost
his China Servanls. Should the excitc-
tnant cr.ntinuc ihrongh the ycar, and the j
wtnic sinps visu aatt rrancisco. l uiiiiK
they will losp altnosi all of their erews.
Ilinv Col. Mason can retain his men, un
leas hc puls n forcc on the spot, T know
not. 1 have seen sercral nounds of this
gold, and consider it verj purc, worth in j
New York, scrcntecn lo eighteen dol
lars per Ciiince. Fotirlccn to sixtccn dol- !
lars, in merchandise, is paid for it hcre."
Wonderful as all this is, we are furthcr
told that, it is thc opinion of many who
have visitcd the ''infeclcd distriet," that
the grounds wi'l afi'ord gold for many
years, pcrlmps for a century. From Mr,
Larkin's ncrsonal examinntion of the riv--
ers and ihcir banks, he is of the opinion
thai, at least for a few jears, the goldcn .
products will cqnal sihose of the p escnt '
yer. llowevnr, as neithcr men of ici
rnoe, nor the laborers now at work, have .
made any explorattons of consequence, it j
is, wc iiniiK, a mauer oi impossiuiiny to
givc any rcliablc opinion ns to the cxtcnt
and richness of this part of California.
Com. Ap Catcsby Jones writes homc,
too, snndry "goldcn npinions." J'hc
'Commodorc, however, vics the rthole
hiisincss as boding anvthing but good fnr
thc fnture destiny of thc "Haradisc of thc
I'acifc." The efTects already prodnced
ti)ou the minds of the peoplc of Upper
California, by thc discovery of this new I
EI Dorado, hc says, arc quiti alarininjr, aa )
all kind of work, and every occupation
even thc ripc grain in the fields is nban
loned for the gold barvest on the lliver
Sacramento !
Meanwhile, Lientenant I.oescr, the
bcarer of these dispatche. is in Washing
to'i, exhibiting the specimens of gold he
has broiighi lmmc with Iiiin from the"pla ,
cers," which are pronounccd by the as- !
saycrs, to be the "geniiine article." The :
quantity rcceived by the Government, is '
valued at $20,000. I.ieut. Locser de-j
clares, in referenre to the gold region and
its astonuhing richness, that the half has '
not been told. llehasbcen on thegronnd .
bimsclf, and he says if any one had told
him the half of what hc saw he would 1
not have believed it. llepurchased omc
of tlie gold in California, previous to his
leavin. for about 610 pcr ounce, which
he sold in Peru for 623 per ounce. Men,
who prcviously werc never known to have j
nn aggregate of twenly five cents in their '
posjcssion, at once, now carry gold to San
Francisoo and .Montercy, by pound weight, '
and ypend it with the most lavish profu
sion. j
No wonder then, that tbcse marvcllous
storics, thiisofnciallrpromulgated, arcas
tounding the whole country, and stimula
ting hundrcds and hundred. of our young
men to prccipitate inimigralion. In most
of our exchanjics, wc oberve expedilions,
advcrtised tosiart immediaicly, some ovcr
land straight from St. l.tmis, "some across
the Isth mus of Pjnama, and othcrs away
round Cape Horn, all breaking their
necks to get lo the "placers first.
Immciiie shipmeut of provision, clo
thing, and all olher twe.sar:es, arc .ciit
lbrward from our principal Atlantic ports,
und while it is hardly possiblc that these
fpc-ulations can fail to prove immcnsely
profiiable, to those engaged in them, we
tnay rcst assurcd thntihegold diggers will
not starve, albeit their owu crops are a
bandoucd to their faie. Fears, however,
nrc not uujustiy indulged, lliat meii's pas
sions thus so powerfnlly stimulatcd, will
not be. so governed as to ruake liarmony
und good feehng, m the goldcM race,
things at all timcs ind'criduall. respectedT
Quarrels. robberies, and inurders may en
sue, and, it i with pleasure, therefore,
that we see the Government dcspatching
an anned force to the gold districts, to
keep the peace and order among the
"washers," as well as to assert the rights
and privilege of the country in the prem
ises. Specimens of the gold fownd al the
"Placers" have been forwarded to this
citj, assajed byoncofour smcllcrs and
refiners, and the resull shows that it is
pretty equal, in some instances superior,
to any found iu our southern raines. The
gentleman who tested the article says :
"I return you 10 3-4 grains out of the
12 which I have tested the value of
which is45 cent. It is 21 1-2 carats
fine within half a carat of thequahtyof
English sovereigns and American eagles,
and'is almost ready to go to the mint.
The finest gold we eet comes from Africa,
which is 22 1-2 to 23 carats fiue. In
Virginia we have mincs where the quality
of the gold is much inferior some of it
as low as 19 carats, and in Georgia the
mines produce it nearly 22 carats fine.
The gold-of California, which I have now
assayed, is fully equal to that of any, and
much superior to some produced from the
mines in our Southern StateS;."
Furthcr, we are told.thc correspondcnt of
Messrs. Howland & Aspinwall, writes from
Jlazatlan, thnt, S100.000 worth of gold has
becn reeeived tberc, which has been assaycd
nd proved to be 22 to 23 1-2 carats fine.whieh
is as ncar as may be to purc gold, too pure for
coining or mechanical purposcs. All doubt,
therefore, as to thc genuineness of the mctaj,
must, now, in the facc of these facts, irresisti
bly, give way to certainty.
What inllucnce all this is to have upon thc
future state of California, it is not tasy just
now to forcsce. Our seaboard cities, and,in
decd, the commcree of the whole country,
must incvitably profit by the traffic thus sud
dcnlv induced, but tbat jt -will conduce to thc
pcruiancni thrift of a new country, whose pop
ulation is thus rnpidly acquiring an unfortun
atc distaste for acnculture apd mechanical
pursuit, wc arc not fo Fanguine, ihough, at
thii timo ull speculation on thc subject, is worsc
tlian idlc. X. Y. Erprcss.
tS3T Tho Lcgislature of Illinois mects in
.lanuary. They get, undcr tbo new Constrtu
tion, two dollars pcr day, for the first forty
days, and aftcr that onc dollar.
Thc Annual Alceting of this Society
will bc holdcn at the Town Itoom in
Middlebury, on Thursday the 18th day of
January, 1849.
The following are the conditions on
which prcmiuins on Field Crops will be
Apnlicants for premiums on Field j
Crops will be requircd to lodge a ypecifi
cation, with thc Sccrctary, or Assistant
jsccretary, detading thc manner ol eulti
vating the crnp, thcexpenscs thcrcof, and
the number of days works expendcd, and
the condition of the land thc year pre
vious. Thc quantity of land specified in thc
list cf premiums must in all cases be in
onc piecc, be mcasiircd, and the entirc
crop harvestcd and measurcd in the pres
cnce of the claimant and competent dis
intercstcd witnesscs, furnisbing ccrtificates
of the same.
The abovc named spccifications and
ccrtificates to bc lodged with thc Secre
tary, or assistant Secretary, at least 10
days bcforc tho annual mceting in Janua
ary. Specimens f thc crops of wbcat,
corn, oats, peas, beans, and buckwheat
ofTered for premiums, of at least 4 quarla,
must bc left with the Secretary or assis
tant Secretary, for the examinaiion of the
committcc and for exhihition at the annual
mceting. But no second premium will
be awarded to the same individual for thc
same kind of crop Vergennes Vermont-
TIio Ccntr.il Committee of thoi Vt. State
Tempcrnnce Society, belicvc it is high time
rcncwcd rxcrtions werc made in the causeof
teniperante. 'J'hc grcat political excitcment,
which, for uioiiths past hs abiorbcd puhlic
nttcntion, lias sccmcd to forbiu any spccial ef
fort on this subject at an carlicr day. Thcre
is now no time to be lost. Thc tlisgraceful
dcfeat of last March is still fresh in our rccol
lection, and and the eviln confcqnent arc be
forc m. Thc time is at hand whcn tho 'bal-lot-box'
will npsin procliim the sciitimcnt of
the State on this subject ; shall it-be saiil that
the voico of Vermont is still for RUM?
Thc Committee have decidcd that it is not
cxpcdirnt to coministion agcnts to lecture on
this subject. They have come to this conclu
sion from various considcrations ; but chictly
bccause thc labors of public aj;ents tcnd to
wcakcn asciifc of personnl responfibility. Af
tcr all thnt apcnts can do, the icork must bc
done by the I'ricnds of tcmperance acting up
on their own responsibility. But if an agcnt
be cmploycd, thc cxpcctation is that he will
do thc work.
The Committee,.thcrefore, wish it to be dis
tinctly uudcrtood by the friends of temper
nncc, tbat thc rcsponVibilitj wts upon tlicm.
If they will not act, thc work must rcmain un
donc." Thcre arc men cnough in cvcry part
of thc Stalc, who will chcenully do all that
rcquires to bo done by way of public lccturcs,
if solicitcd. Let these be'employed in cvery
County, and cvcry town, and the lack of pub
lic agcuts will be morc lhan made up.
If tho Commitltc are RsKed to suggcst meas
ures, they would sav
lst. I.ct a mceting bc callcd as eoon as
poi'fihle in cvery town in the State for the cx
prcss purpose of inquiring what may bc dono
and lUcitling to rio it. To such mectings num
bers arc not to important as a determincd pur
pose to act.
Would it bc diflicnlt to make arrangements
by which cvery family migbt bc risited, frcc
conversations held on the fubjcet of tcmper
ance, and the pleilgc prescntcd to all who have
notpigned it?
2d. One mceting, at least. should be held
in eaeh County, previous to thc annual mect
in of the State Society. Onc of thcobjccts
of County mceting shoulct bc to collect facts
iilustrating the ulTects of thc traffic during
the prccut ycar, for thc bcncfit of thc annu
al mceting.
Sd. The annual mceting of thc "Stalc Tcm
perance Society, "was-appofnted to "bc holdcn
at Burlington, "on the 3d Wedncsday, ( 1 7th
day) of January, 1849. Arrangements should
be made to scnd up largc county and town
dclegatibns to this r&ccting.
Theso susjiertions are only mcant as hints
to assist in tho re-commcnccment of opera
tions. Ifthc friends of tho cause feol their
personal responkibility, and realizo in any dn
gree tho pood their cifoTts may accomplish,
and th evils that must rcsult froxa iuacUvity,
hcr will find means to do all that is neeessa
ry'to a glorious" Iriumph. Let every oneTccl
that ht isixiund'to'do scmelhinff, and that itis
expected every maii will do his duty.
Josefii Steele, "I
EzraS. CAan, Y Central Cwp.
Jonx Nkwmak, I
Castleton. Dcc. 1st, 1818.
Gex. T.vyxok's ResionaTiox. A 'con
pmnnrarv.ivns in crror. in sayinc that Gen
Tnvlnr liail forwarded his rcsinnation to the
War Departmcnt. Gen. TayTor is actively
enMgcd in arranging and settiing up every
thinf connected with his forty ycars scrvice
in the army, which hc wishes aniljntend3,shall
bc finally closcd previous to his assuming hi.
iirw and morc resnonsiblo duties. "When this
is accomplished, and thc arrangements com
nlcted. for tbe transfer of his command, hi
will scnd in his resignation, and not sooncr.
Gen. Twiggs will probably succeea uen. xay
lor in tne commanu. nosion iouner.
Vircinia. John B. Floyd, Democrat, was
choscn Governor of Virgima, on iucsuny, by
the Legialature, on the third balloting, for the
term of tlirce ycars.
Sexate. Aftcr the reading of the Presi
dent's Messaseliad becn concluded,
On motion of Mr. Brecse, oflllinois, 10,000
cxtra copics of the mcssage wcrc ordcred for
the use ot thc Scnate.
IIocse. Mr. Greeley gaTe notice of his
intcntion to mtroducc, at an early Uay, a bill
to prevcnt speculations in the public lands,
and to cncourace their occupation by actual
Slr. Goecin eayc notice of his intcntion to
introduce a bill to catablish uniform tates of
nostae throuehout tbe Umted Statcs.
It is understood that Mr. Goscin's bill will
reduce the ratcs of postage for letters to five
cents for all distances.
On motion. fifteen thousand extra copies of
thc President s Jlessage were ordercd to be
Wednksday, Dec. 6
Sesate. Thc Vice l'rcsidcnt laid before
the Scnate thc rcnorts of ihc .Secretary of
State and thc Secretary of the Trcasury.
Mr. Phclps prcscntcd the credenlials of Mr.
Unham. of Vermont, which wcrc read.
Mr. Cameroii moved to go into an elccjion
of Chaplain. Objcctions bcing-raiscd, on ac-
count ot a ciuorum not bcing prctcnt, tne mo-
.? , .t j;
ion was ncgauvcu, anu ine oenaie aujuurucu.
House. Mr. Rockwcll moved to proceed
to thc appointmcnt of a Chaplain. Rev.
Mcssrs. Gurley, Dowey and Cushman, arc the
canuiuates in thc ilousc anu benatc.
The Kcv. Mr. Gurlev was clcctcd on thc
part of the Ilousc.
The vote stood as follows: In thc Housc,
thc whole number of votcs ncccssary to :
choicu, 87 Slr. Gurley rcceivcd 15G.
A mcssace was reeeived from thc Prcsi-
dent, rcfcrnng to his signaturc to thc Oregon
Bill of thc last .scssion, and giving his rcasous
The mcssage was laid on the tablc, withouj
reading, and the Ilousc adjourncd, quartcr to
I n ' nn
ouu ociuck xcas ui, xnys uo,
TnuRSDAY, Dec. 7.
Sexate. Mr. King,of Alabama, announc
cd the death of his luto colleague, (Hon. Dix
on II. Lcwi',) in a verj- fccling and touching
aduress, in which he dwclt upon his charactcr,
talcnts and patnotism.
Thc ususl badge of mourning was ordercd,
with the usual ccremomes.
House. Thellon. Mr. Ashmun, of Mass.,
introduced, und called for considcration, a mt-
olution, ordcnng the publication ot the de
hatcs ot thc House, m two ncwspapcrs in
Washington, iz., the vational Intclhgcncer
and Washington Union, upon the tcnns n-
greeil upon by tlie othcr body.
Mr. Wcnt worth, of Illinois, opposcd thc
rcsolution. It was a pmposition, he said, to
pcnfion old anu csiaDiisucu i any x rcsscs up
on the Ilousc ot the country.
Mr. Koot, of Ohio, opposcd ihc rcsolution,
and at some lcngth, but while he wns speak
ing, thc Secretary of thc Scnate ramc in,
and the Spcakcr cricd a Message from the
Scnate, announeing thc death of thc Hon.
Dixon II. Lewis.
Mr. Harris, of Alabama, then .addrcsscd
thc Ilousc upon tho virtucs and thc abilities
of thc deccascd, and closcd by oflcring the
customary rcsolution;.
AVhcrcupon, thc Ilousc adjourncd (in con
currencc with theScnatc) ovcr to Monday.
Moxday, Df.c. 11.
Sexate. "iAr. Fitzpatriek, of Alabama,
took his Fcat.in placc of Mr. Lewis.
Mr. Sliccr was re-clcctcd Chaplain, rccciv
ing39 of 47 votC5.
Mr. Vouglass rcportcd a bill to make Cali
fornia and New Mcxico a State. Read twice,
and laid on tbe tablc.
A mcmorial from Mr. Aspinwall, was pre
scntcd to both Ilouses, asking contract for
transporting Government niopcrty across the
contcmplated railroad ovcr thc Isthmus of
No Committces appoiutcd. Adjourncd.
House. Thc Committces announccd arc
substantially thc same as last ycar. The rulcs
of last scssion wcro adopted, appropriation
bills having prefcrcncc ovcr specinl ordcrs.
The Secretary of the Treasury's report
was refcrrcd to tho Committee of Ways and
Mcans, and tcn thousand cxtra copics ordercd
to bc printcd.
Mr. Ashmun's rcsolution for printing the
debatcs of thc Ilousc in the Intelligcnccr and
Union, had mct with uncxpcctcd opposition ;
and the cditors urged thc withdrawal, on thc
grounds that they would not consent to be put
in a posilion which would subject theirs to the
imputation of pensioncd presscs.
Mr. Eckart, of Penn., moved a rcsolution
instructing tho Committee on Ways and
Means to enquire into the cxpediency of re
porring a bill bascd upon the principlcs of the
larilFof 1842. Thc yeas and nays were call
ed for. Yeas, 96 ; Nays, 93.
A bill to reduce the ratcs of postage was
reported by Mr. Gogcin. Rcferred. ,
A resolution was adopted. enquiring of the
President the causc of the dctcntion of Amer
ican citizcns as prisoncrs in Ireland. Ad
journcd. Tcesday, Dec. 12.
Sewate. Thc Vice President laid bcforc
thc Scnate a communication from thc Secre
tary of the Trcasury, transmitting thc Report
made to thc Treasury Departmcnt, by the Su
perintendent of thc Coast Survcy, showing
the progrcss of that work during thc ycar
endingiCov. 1.
Mr. Wcstcott's rcsolution to appoint Com
mittces to inquire into the expcdiency of re
pcaling the act imposing duties on Spanish
vessels was adopted.
On motion of Mr. King, tbc Scnate then
wcnt into thc clection of Cbairman and Stand
ing Committces. Therc was no alteration,
thc mcmbers all rcmaining the same as at the
Mr. Dix called ttpthe Harbor bill, and mov
ed its rcfcrcncc to tho Committee on Com
mcrec, which was agrecd to.
A communication was then rcceivcd from
thc President, and thc Scntatc wcnt into Es
ecutive Session and thc doors werc closcd.
Hoc3E. Aftcr the reading of thc journal,
the Speakcr commenccd calling on thc Statcs
for petitions.
Mr. Morse' rose to a privilesed question.
and said that, ho, decmed it proper that the.
uonunittecon tbe omitnsoman lnsmuie suouia
be at once crcate'd, and morcd a'jecdnsadera-.
tioii oi ycsteruay s vote rejccung sucn a-oom-mittce.
Mr. Pollock moved to lay the subject on thc
tablei whioh was taken by Yeas and Nays,
and decidcd in thc allirmath c.
Mr. Evans,)f Md., rose to a privilegcd qu6s
tionand moved a reconsideration of yestcr
dav's vote orderinc thc cncroism'cnt of Mr.
Cobb's bill for thc sccurity of thc.Housc Con-
tingci't Fund, requiring the approbation of
both llouscs lor cvcry appropnauon ont. A
discussion"arosc betwccn Messrs. Evnns, Cobb,
White and Collamcr. and thc nucstion UDon
reconsideration was. decidcd in thc afiirmative
by the following vote: acas i), Jiays b2. Ihc
bill was then refcrrcd to thc' Committtec on
"Wednesday, Dec. 13.
Mr. Genton prcscntcd tTmemorial from thc
citizcns of.Ncw Mexico, praying for an or
ganization of a tcfritorial government.
Mr. Clayton expressed'a determination in
favor of ocganizing upon tho same tcrms as
were proposed last vearand advocatcd by him
sclf. ' . '
Mr. Benton moved to print thc mcmorial.
Mr. Calhoun protested against the co'nsider
ation of thc subject at thc prcsent time as con
taincd in the mcmonal.
Mr. Bcnton rejoined.
Mr. Rusk said hc should oppose granting a
scparate orgamzation.
flir. iicnton rcplied at somc icngm.
Pcndinj thc dbcussion, sonie angry wordj
passcd bctween Bi'nton. Calhoun and West
cott. Clayton cntcrcd into some cxplanation
upon the mcmorial dcnicd that anyihing in
it could bc construed'as iiisolcnt cither in lan-
guace or spint. i he people had a right to ask
as tncy Iiau in lue memonai a resmcuon a
uainst Slavcry in the tcrritory of which they
had bccome citizcns. ,
Calhoun contcnded that that featurc'of it-
self was objectionablc. That what was dis
respectful to the people, ofi'cndcd thc Sena-
tors and sbouiu not uc rcau.
Footc, of Miss-, spoke at Icnjrlh in opposi
tion to thc mcmorial and its considcration.
Mr. Hale addrcssed the Sonate. at length in its
fav or, concluding with a motion to refcr and
print, which was carricd 32 to 15.
Mr. Doujjlass asked lcave to bring In a bill
providing for the crection of California and
New Mexico into onc State, giving them a
government, grantcd,and read twice and rc
ferred to a jolnt committee.
IIocse. A committee of five was apnoint-
ed on reporting and publishing the procecd
incs of thc Ilousc. Mr. Palfrcy asked lcave
to bring in a bilr to prohibit thc slavo trade in
the Distriet of Columbia, granted and bill re
Mr. Root offercd a rcsolution dirccting thc
committee on Territories, to organize Califor
nia and New Mcxico into a State and exclud
ing slavcry wliolly therefrom. A motion to
lay it on the tahle was rejcctcd.
TiiunsDAY, Dec. 14.
Sesate. The Scnate was callcd to ordcr
and journal read.
Mr. Wcbster appearcd in the Scnate and
took his scat, looking very well.
Scvcral petitions and mcmorials were prc
sentcd and refctTcd.
On motion, it was aareed, that whcn the
Scnate adjourncd, it bc to Monday ncxt.
iur. uamcron prcscntcd a rcsolution fortak-
mg a new ccnsus.
Agrccl to.
Mr. Bcnton offercd a rcsolution auihorizinj;
thc contract asked for by Msssrs. Aspinwall
and othcrs. for constructing the Panama Rail
road, which was, on motion, made thc special
ordcr for fllonday.
Mr. Uutler pronounccd an culogy on Mr.
Simms. The Scnate, on motion, adj.
IIocse. Mr. Walhice announccd the death
of Mr. Simms, ono of the mcmbcri from South
Carolina. Tho House adj. to Monday.
The Editors of thc Conzrcssional Globe pro-
pose a new publication. To dcserve thc patroii-
apc which Congrcss has accordcd to .their rcports
of its debatcs, in rccciving and makinR the Globc
the oilicial registcr, they intcnd to adcl prompti
tudo to whatever mcrit has hithcrto rccommcnd-
cd thc work. Thcv will publish a Daifa Globe,
to rccord thc procecdings and dcbates as they oc
cur, and a Vongrttsional Glcbe pcriodicallv, as
hcretofore, cmbodying the rcports of Congrcss
scparate from tlie miscellancous matter which
will accumpany tlicm in thc daily piint. To fill
thc shcct of tbe daily ncwspaper, it is designcd
to gathcr the ncws from all quartcrs, and com
plcte the contcnts by dfawing from cvcry sourcc
that may bc of the most iutcrcst among litcrary
novcltics, and of greatest ntility in scicntiric and
practical works on asriculmre. For matcrial,
the leadingjoumalsandpcriodlc-ilsof Fraucc and
breat liritain, treatine or such suhjects, will bc
consultcd, and it is hopcd, adrantagcously ucd.
vnjjwai essays, cspcciauy on lopics connecicu
with agriculturc, will be olitained from thc most
cnlightcncd and practical men of our country.
l nc uiobe. as a ncwspaper. and as a vclucic ot
ii)formation and amuscmcnt in othcr. respects,
will be undcr the charce of Francfs P. Blair and
James C. Pickctt. i'hc Concrcssional depart-
ment and bus iness concerns of the papcr will be
undcr the mannr;emcnt of John C. Rivcs. Thc
public nrc familiarwith Blair and Rivcs as con-
cctcd with thc press. Iu introducinj; 3Ir. 1 ick-
ctt as one of thc concern, they will bc allowcd to
ar a ievr worus oi uim. iic is a ccmicman la-
orably known to thc Government, for thc talcnt
nd judinncnt which distmsuishcd his diplomatic
scrvice while connccted with the mission to Quito,
and more rcccntly whcn Chargc d' Atn.ires of,
Peru. From his pen mamly tbe Globc will de-
Frcnch journals and periodicals.the comments on
them, and thc other literary articles, which Tiiil
bc found among its chicf attractions.
riTc mc ccit'L'iiuiis uuu iraii&uiiiuus iruiu hik i
The Globe will be publUhcd daily during thc
scssion of Congrcss, and wcckly ihe balance of
tbe year, and will nndcrgo distribution-in the
form of a Witlly Globe, a Z'ongrtssional Glolr, and
an Apptndix.
The Wcckly Globc will bc the Tehicle of the
misccllancons articles of thc daily print, with a
synopsis of thc CongTCssional procecdings.
The Congrcssional Globc will embody, as it
has done for the last sixtecn years, Congrcssion
al proceedings and dcbates cxclusivcly.
llic Appendixwill cmbrace thc rcvisen specch
es scparately, and the mcssages of the l'rcsidcnt
of thc United States, and the rcports of the
llcads of the Executivc Departments.
Thc Congrcssional Globe and Appcndix will
bc publishcd as fast as the proceedings of Con
gress will make a number. Suhscribcrs may ex
pcct one number of eaeh a weck during thc first
fonr wccks of a session, and two or three num
bers of cach a week afterwards, until the end of
thc session.
Nothing of a political party aspcct will appcar
in thc Globc, save that which wiU bc found in thc
Congrcssional rcports. A papcr assuming to bc
an impartial vchicle for all sidcs, can not main
tain its charactcr ifthc cditorial columns reflect a
party hue. Thc Editors of the Globe have bornc
thcir share in thc party conflicts of the press.
They claim an honorab'c dischargf from thc. vo
cation. The Globe will inviolably maintain thc
neutrality which its relation to Congrcss imposcs.
Forooecopy of the Dul- Globe (daily duriptbe f.
tiou of Cougrc.t, and weckl" darin; the receM ) a
year. ................ $5,00
For ooe cnnr ofdie Wreklv (Ilobe. oae jear, - 2.00
For one copr of the Confrey.ional Globe durin tlie
ne,t e,.ion, ir ,ni.Kribed for before the fiit of janu-
x or ix copie5, rither tbe Consrea.ional tilobe, or
The mWription for the Conrrenional Globr. or the Ad-
pendU, after the 1 of Jaonary, iU be , 10. The oriji. , conlancc with the ayowal of the Princc of Prus
nalprice of one dollar does not pay the ejpCMe of tbe . ,,,, if.t,. r..n . tT .1 .. . ? .
pnbLeation. in coie,aene of thi eat incrra of mat-' ta watlfthc thronc fall, lt shall fall with honor.
ter puhtihed. ' - .
airord toT"dit0theout" fTbeforrBorn"""" J " Among thc candidates talkcd of for thc
inme tiue in orderin; them, nnletithe innseriptkia niee , Pretidcncr of Ilhrvarrl TTntnrcW ..nT?
aecnnipanie the order. BLAIK. i RIVEB. j X reIIal:ncJr 01 &ryaM UniTCrslty, arCRey.
AVAbutoToy, October t6, KH , Jarcd Sparki, Rev. Dr. Walkcr, Kct. Fraa-
Tuesday, December 19, 1848.
Wc designcd to say a few.wonli on the remark
able documcnt which occupicd the larger portion
of our papei;Iast-eek-butj ns no room was Icft
us to do so, on the occnsion, and as its sophistries,
ihsiiTts,anlI self-glbrifications are already irf'a
great mcasure forgottcn, we now fcel but little
inclinstion to recall it, for any lcngth of time, to
the attcntion of our rcadcrs. We simply subjoin
two or thrcc cxtracts, showing how it was rcceiv
cd, gencrally, thronghout thc country. These
coramtnts are raild in corapariton with many
that we have read for the indignation feltatsuch
cfTrontery as characterizes the greater portion of
that document most unlike what a message
should be, andwhat we belicvc Gcn. Taylqr!! will
bc is universal, cxcept, of course, among the de
Totcd partizans of the Administration.
' Of that part of tlie Message relating to the
Mexican AVar, thelJew York Tribune says:
To afTect an aversion to War, yet to eulogize
and glorify War, is cxactly in character with the
esscntial insincerity and hypocrisy of tlie author
of thc Kane lettcr,
"JllooJ oq Jlit hands, aad Scripture on hij lipf
Nobody cvcr confrsscd to a love of War for its
own sakc it is always commenccd and justified
by some pretence of iudcmnity, or sccurity, or
woundcd honor. Any fair mind must rcalize
that if these prctexts are tufiicient to justify our
invasion and conqucst of nearly all Mcxico, with j
our nltimate rctcntion of one-tliird of its arcaas
thc legttimate 'spoils of victory,' then there can
nevcr De a lack of prctext for any Warwhatevcr;
anu ruiers wm go on prcaciung peace and cut
tine throats cantincabout a bcncficcnt Provi-
dence' and scattcring broadcast thc limbs and
brains of womcn and children until the coming
of thc eencral conflatrratioa, whicli oueht r.ot. un
dcr such anspices, to bc vcry long dclayed. No
r... , 1 - j... r l r I
more complctelr calrclatcd toditruscand inflame
the War spirit, than this vcry l'olk Mcssage of
The Buffalo Commcrcial Advcrtiser spcakJ
of thc latter portion of the Mcssage on this wisc :
Without a particlcofproofto sustain his ac-
cusation he boldly and unqualiliedlv cliargcs that ' same. Fair terms of Compromise were pro
who advocatcd a distrihuiion amonc; the Statcs, pcrsons claiming seats froni Ilamilton County
twetvc ycars ago, of the surplus m the National
Trcasury. dcliberatelv consnirpd tn nnnr.ii ihi. "
pcopie aiiu uuuu upagrasping, rapacious aristoc
racy of wcalth, sufficicntly stroug to usurp and
kccp control of all the dcpartmcnts of govern
ment. The peoplc so charged constitute a fnll
moicty if not a dccMcd majority ofthe'Aincrican
people, and the chargc thus brought agaiust them
is foul, falsc and infamous,the morc infamous bc
causc unprovokcd and jjratuitons. It will be re
pellcd with scorn nnd indignation by all dispas
sionnte, right-thinkins mcn, and by cven a ma
jority of the Presidcnt's own political fricnds.n ho
are liones tly opposed, on priuciplc, to thc meas
urcsrcprobatcd. Thc New York Couricr &. Enqnircr, among
othcr good things on thc subject, hai thc follow
ing: Thc whole ia cxplaincd by thc result of thc
Presidcntial cftctinn. Intcad of acqnicscing
promptly and gracefully, in onc of thc most strik
ing, most houorablc and most encouraging opc
rations evcr witncsscd of the frcc institutious for
? -r
: whirhMr. Polfc pnftsset such respcct instcad of
anoruing, as vvc iamny uopcu lic wouiu, to ovcr
hokiug Europc thc cxaruple of a Chicf Mngis
tratc rejcctcd with his party and Jiolicy, hy thc
popular vote. at once and without sfiow of passion
or rescntmcnt, rctiring from thc scene, andbid
dinghis surccssors wclcomc, wc find l'rcfidcnt
l'olk collcctiug into onc huC amlauchc of wonls
nnd Littcmcss thc cditorials of thc Uniori during
the campaicn, nnd nvailinc himsclf of thc lnt OD-
portunily to pour fonhupon thc peoplc thc cnulc,
malignnnt, IibcIIou: furrago of sophistry, asscr
tion and irsinuation, nnswercd in ndvancc, nnd
rcfutcd by thc peoplc in thc votc.'which proclaims
Zachary Tajlor President, and Millant Killmorc
Vicc President and which will scrvc moru sig
nallr to rrmrk tho TnortiHcation of dcfeat, and
possibly, jhongh we have faith in tho cqnaniini
ty and moderntion of Ihc Presidcut clcct, greatly
to cxatpcratc lum and his friends.
The following anccdotc is to good to bc lost.in
this conncetien. Mr. A. II. Stei-iikns of Ga., in
n spccch before thc IlongH and Jlcady. Club of
Washington, on Thursday cvening.made thc fol-'
lowing good hit at the Presidcnt's Mcss"c : 1
Hc was struck with thc rcmark of a fricnd in
the Ilousc, while thc claboratc ar.d ill-timcd as '
ycr arguing a case aficrit isdccidcd. This Tricnd, ' havir.g been fully confirmcd, in all thc impor
whom you all know, (Mr. Collamcr.) said hc was t.mt featurcj, by oflicial rcports to thc Gov-
Mlhl 11-. 1.. l. I... 1 .! 1 .11 ' J
upon heinr rcpnmandcd bv th Jndirc for
i..r i i t , . I 1 . '
ing aftcr thc judgment of" thc Court was pro- i
nouuccd, rcplied that hc was not bv any mcans '
arguing his cause again, but only Jamninti therit- I
n! y dammnn thc de I
Thc new Steamcr Cunada
arrired at NeT i
1 ork on Thursday last, 19 days from Liver-1
Co.,oS hah.lcn rSbScSSU i- dull !
and dcclining. i
Thc total number of casosof cholcra renortcd.i
I M Pnf.l.ml 1 1 1 . . j e . : - i nK. .1.- .-.: .in.l
Siotland thc mortality l.as becn grcatcr. 1
goah lcalTv thc chanccTo "cS'an ,
. '
J.onis Napolcon "rcmain much as they were last i
wcck. ibo l.cgitimifts now and then crincc j
their expectancy of kingly rcstoration, and tho J
oociaiists are uisplaying tncir numbers and dar
ing in support of a candidatc favorablc to their
In"-Paris, as thc epoch of thc clection approach
es, timid pcopie bcgin.tofccl alarmcd, aad tboie
who arc not detaincd by busincss or other ticsire
preparcd to rcmove till after the elcctinn is ovcr.
An insurrectionary movemcnt by thc Red Repcb
licans and Sodabsts is fearcd
M. Maric, Ministcr of Justice. who was snm-
moncd to Paris by tclegraph, was prcsent in the;!
AsscmDiy 10-uay. Ji. -i-amartmc . is cxpcctcdin
Paris to-morro w.
A grcat number of thc membcrs of the Asscm
bly have urgcd Gcncral Caviagnac to present to
thc Atsemblj theprojcct of Law for ciosing tho
Clubs. He dcclines incurring the odium which
would attcnd such a mcasure.
There was nothing of intcrcst in the AssemblT,
either on the 22d or 23d instant The mectings
of the Clubs and elscwhere arertcdring more at
tcntion than the Asscmbly.
Tiik CoN-risEST. Cnntincntal anairs still
wcaran aspect which indicatcs the beginniug of
anoincr catastropne. ratner tuan tne terminauon
of that which has already occurred. In Anstria
and Prussia a strugglc is evidcntly about toiake
placc betwecn the powers of monarchy and dc
mocracy , cach bcing now arraj ed in hostib'ty a
gainst thc other, aud both apparcntly convinced
that thc swonl must bc thc arbitcr bctween
The whole of the intclligence from Vicnnaand
Berlin rcprcicnts those capitals as evidcntly ripe
for renewfcd eflbrts: to secure a constitution which
shall place some restrainl npon
The Kings, themsclvcs, arc
the royal will.
rathennr nmnnt
tlicm all thcir arailablc militanr ilr.nml,
! ' .
cis "Wayland, D. D.S Hbn. Ilorace Mann, anc
unanes ouumer,jisq. c
Monday, the, 4 th inst., was tfcc day appoint
ed by law, in Ohio, for thc mceting of the
Lcgislature. Much confusion and disorder
were anticipated on the assembling of that bo
dy, and the event has shown these anticipa'
tions tdt be quite-wcll foundi-d. Down to the
lSth inst, no organization had been cfieetcd,
and th5 scenea that had transpired during the
nine daysi pycvioui, werc ol an exciting and
unparallellcd character. At eight o'clock,-on
the morningof the 4 th, two houra before the
regular time of mceting, the Locofocos rush-
cd into the Reprcscntativcs Ilall, where Judgc
Read, a fit instruracnt, it secms, for furthering
their-illegal dcsigns, w?s ready to swear them
in Yery unceremoniously. Thc main objcct
of this movemcnt was to sccure seatsto.two
Beprescntativcs whose claims were manifcstjy
Jllegal, and on thc admission or rejcction of
whom, the political asccndcncy in thc Ilouje
would depcnd. These two mcmbers are from
Ilamilton County, which includes thc City of
Cincinnatti. It secms that, during the last
session of the Lcgislature, this county was di-
vided into two Scnatorial and RepresentatiTC
Districts the first entitlcd toone Scnatorand
two Reprcscntativcs, the second to one Scna-
or and three Reprcscntativcs. Thc 'Wlugf,
in conformity with tho law, ran scparate tick-
ets in the two Districts, clecting their candi-
datcs in the First Distriet, while they were in
. a ininority in the second. Tlie Locofocos.bid'
ding defiancc to thc law, ran but one tickct
for thc whole county, and having a majority
of all thc votcs in the county,' declared their
Jive Rcprcsentativcs clcctcd.
The confusion through thc day wxs indc
scribablc. The Locofoco mcmbers, a la Saw
'ert partook of thcir luneh in the Hall, kept
possession through the dinncr-hour, and, not
boing able to get possession of tho kcys of the
' lla"' rcma,"ca ,n ,nclr scnu a" "'S01; un
M-UCSday, and lucsday night, tncy UiU tne
! sh0uld be cxcludcd from the dclibcr.itions cf
thc Ilousc, until after an organization and ar
examination of tho rcjpective claiuis- This
prOjiosition was promptly rejecled. After the
lapsc of a weck, thc disorder secins to have
becn rathcr incrcascd than abatcd, yiolent and
disorganiztng measurcs had becn propaicd and
discusscd by thc Locofoco " rump;"the Whigs
rcmaincd firm and no prospect of an end to
the difliculties was apparcnt.
In the Scnate, IIon.'.Brcwster Randall,Frcc
Soil Whig, from Ashtabula county, wa,on the
ICth ballot, clcctod Spcaker, by a vote of 19
to 17. A Dcmocratic clark was clcctcd, on
the 121st ballot. Numerous ballotings wcrc
had for Scrsreant-nt-Arms, without cfl'octing a
By accounts from Columbus, wc lcarn that
a Locofoco Ri'prcscntaliv'e had proposed that,
in case no comproiniso was etTcctcdjlhc pcopie
should bc invitcd to thc Capital to form
Prociswmil (lovtrnmcnt. Much excitcment
prcvaiicd, and inllammatory spcechcs were
Thcre is cvcry probability that nothing will
be done this wintcr.
Goi.i) ! Got.n ! Compnr.ics have becn
formcd in Boston, New York, Troy, Baltimore,
and New Orleans, who arc making arrange
ments to go and look aftcr thc prccious uictals
on thc mouutnins and in thc rivcrs of Califor
nia. Two or thrce vcsscls in New York arc
about sclting sail with provisions to fced the
srold di"2crs, and in Baltimore no less than
four ships arc loading, for thc same dcitina
tl0n- 11 ron prcsent tndications, that coiintrj-
is to bc rapidly fillcd up with cinigrants, and
wiU Lc t,ic ,linJ of prom'3e aild ,hc 'hcatrc of
advcnture.for a considerable time to como.
tobo wcll.authcnicatcd,
crnment at nsbinMon. J Iic sntisfancp nl
these report
Mcsacc. Mc
eporU is cmbodicd in tLc Jresitlon'i
Mnrn minntn dftnil will Yia fnuntl in
, P n i.
Jfoss. CANDEnnEECK. This accomplished
I and justly celcbrftcd Vielinist, accompanicd on
1 the Uarp by Madamc Candcrbccck, has givcn
j scvcral conccrts in this place during tbe past
wcck. It would not be casy to spcak extrava-
gantly of these pcrformanccs to whicli every
f " " "h h thcn
award thc highcst degrcc of mcrit. "We undcr.
stand thatMons. and Mad. Candcrbccck arc to
. . ..
the prcsent wcck. and wc trus,
the? wlU W we,,n'1 bJ' a crowdcd audicnce.
AxmiCA tow-Tto December No.
of this raluable monthly has becn on our ta-
ble for several days. It contains a likcncss of
Hon. Ilamilton Fisli, Governor clec.t of 2Ccw
York, and thc usual yariety of political and
litcrary articles. The leading article, by rtic
Editor, on thc ''Causcs of the succcssof thc
Whig party," is forcibly writtcn, and prcscnts
an ablo.summing-up of thc prcvalcnt issties in
thc latc campaign. We have also becn much
intcrcsted in a rcview of Lord Hervcy's "Court
of Gcorge n.," by X. S. Dodgc, and in thc ar
ticle on "Milncs' Life and Letters of Kcats,"
by Charlcs A. Bristsd.
This number complotes thc present volumc
and now is an exccllcnt time to subscribc.
As an inducement to pay in advance, the pub
Iishcrs will send an engraved likeness of thc
IIon.Hcnry CIay,(the customary priceof which
is 2) in addition to the Reyicw, onc ycar, to
any pcrson remitting tbc regular pricc of snb
scription, $5,00. Published at 118 INastau
St- New York.
Saktais's'Usiox Magazige, for Janua
ry, contains SO pagcs of reading matter, on
cxtra fine papcr, three supcrb Mezzotint en-
gravings, and various other illustrations,
Fasbion Plates, Muslc, &c. Among thc con-
tributors to this number (all the contcnts of
which are original) are, Rot. Albert Barnes,
Mrs. L. II- Sigoumcy, Mrs. E. F. Ellct, "W.
II. C. Hosmer, John Ncal, Rcv. Gco. W.
Bethune, H. T. Tuckcrman, Mrs. Franccs S.
Osgood, Alfred B. Street,- Mis Annc C.
Lynch, and Mrs. C. M. Ktrlland. Publishcd
at Philadclphia. S3 a year.
Godey's Lady's BnoK.-Thft JatinatT
numbei of this old and us-ly popular monthiv
was reeeived sevcral days ago. Thc cmbei-'
lihmcnts arc cxccllent and numcrous, amori"
which are, "The Dawn ot Love,- ''Tableaux
of Life," a lcantifal coloreil Flower nate
Model Cottages, an Equcttrian Fashion pja;.'
"B utter is Riz," &e- The Ktt rary content
usual, are of a high character, includicg arti.
clesby the moat-approved .wrilers 6f lledai
Published in PhiladelpJua.'bj.L A.-.Gj
at S3.00 a year. . .
'WooDWOitTn's Youth's CAjrSt,r: xif
January number, (the first of thc Fourth Vol
ume,) of this fine juvcciie monthly is lcforo
us. From a hasty perusal, we incline to thint
it one of the best w orks of the kind that a.nc
evcr come under our notice. It has an. alon
dance of ncat cmbellishmcnts and pictorial fl
lustrations, and its reading matter happily
combines the entertainmcnt and the instruc
tion bcsf suitcd to boys and girls. D. A
Woodworth, Pablishcr, 135 Nassau St, New
York. Sl a ycar, in advance.
Boston JfuncirAi. Electiox. The clec
tion for Mayor, and City and Ward officers, in
Boston, resulted in the choice of the "vYhig c'an
djd,ate for Mayor, and a large majority of the oth
cr officers. The vote for Mayor stood ,
Jons-P.BiGEi.ow, Whig, 5.0C4
John W. James, Loco, i,U2
Bradford Snmner, Frec Soil, 9g
J.V.C. Smith.Native American, 45J
Scattcring, 221
Bigclow's majority ovcr all, 2,330
Quincy's do. last year, 531
ST The rcportcd murder of M.y'or Singer and
family is contradictcd.
Jj- Mr. Schouler, of thc Bostou Atlas, haj
becn choscn by the Electors of Massachusetts, to
carry the Presidential rote of that State to Wash
iugton. Mr. Randall of the Warren Star, it
Messcngcr for Rhode Island, and Mr. Si'.l, of the
Cattaraugus Whig, for New York. Editorg ire
'looking up."
lt7From the Reports ofPr. Waiting, Health
OIHccr at Staten Island,it appcars that the Cholc
ra is subsiding. Only one case has been report
ed in New York City which terminacd fatally.
SaTThe grading of thc Railroad from Niag-
ara irallsto Kochesteru said to have com
menccd. IlyrHtornontA. Ahraham Deckcr,ofBatb,
opposite Albany, died on the 8th inst., of hy-
drophobia, in the 39th ycar of his age. Ha
was bittcn on the lips, several weeks previous,
by a dog supposcd to be mad.
ggTThc probability that Goy. Crittcnden
will bc Secretary of -State to Gcn. Taylor, in
creascs. That this nppointment will be ofP;r-
ed him, thc Louisville Journal regards ascer
tain. "Thc Chroniclo says thc rails on the Cen
tral road arc laid to within four Jniles of Wind
sor yillage.
"Afew thousand more voles would have
givcn Taylor, Maine, Illinois, Alabama, and
Alississippi, incrcasing his vote to 213, and di
minishing that of Ca-a to 77.
G&"Xhc maii bag cont.tining thc mail fiom
New York to Whitehall and the North, was
stolen from tho stacc bctween Fort Ann niui
Sandy Ilill, on the 8th inst.
63FThc statcmcnt that cxplanations and
rcconciliatiort had takcn place bctween Gen.
Scott and the Government, is without founda
tion. So says the correspondcnt of the Balti
more Patriot.
G3T The December pcssion of thc County
Court for this County commenccd 011 Tuesday
last, his Honor Judgc Bennett prcsiding.
The Railroad suits came up ftr trial on Sutur
ilay, and were continued.
Nf.tt Caxdidate. The last Middlebury
Galaxy is verj- loud in defcnce of the Com
promiso bill of Senator Phelps, of last session.
and winds up with recommcnding thc said
Honorablc Senator for the post of Attorney
Gcneral in Gen. Taylor's Cabinet. Wilder
moves than this arc oftcnmadc G.M. 2'rte-
Tho Frceman docs not state the matter vc
ry correctly. We said a wqrd in defcnce of
Senator Phelps, from imputations that we re
gardcd as unjust and we exprcssed, too, our
opinion that the Compromise bill had becn
misrepresenjed. This was the extent of our
'defcnce of the Compromise bill '; and so far
from 'winding up as the Frceman statcs, we
did not, in any part of the article in question,
make the remotcst allusion to the Attomcv-
Profcssor Patterson. of tbc Mint at
Philadclphia, has analyzcd thc California Gold,
and pronounccs it to be of cxtra quality, yicld
:ng 98 2-3 pcr ccnt.
tJ3 Hon. Solon Borland is clccted Senator
from Arkansas, for tho tcrm commcncing on
the 4th of March ncxt.
New Yonic, Dcc. 18, 2 1-2 P. M-
Dr. Whiting rcports to-day 5 new cascs,
artd two dcaths from Cholcra sincc last report.
No cases in the city.
A dcspatch datcd Dcc. 17, saysi uMr.
Clay has oxtendcd an invitatiouto Gcn. Tay
lor topartakc of his hapi'alities at Asblariil.
on his way to Washington. Gen Taylor ba
also invitcd Mr. Clay to spcnd a wcck at Ba
ton Rougc.
Columbus, O., Dcc. 16".
Scnate not in scssiori to-day. In the House,
tho Whigs still occupy thc left of Speaker'a
chair, the Dcmoerats, the right. Thc Whigs
adjourncd, but the Dcmoerats, tbough worn
out by 1od watchings; contintic in their teatf,
night and day. The Cass and Butlcr electors
are atding in thc organization of thc Honsc,
which now secms as far distant as oVcr.
New Vork. Dcc. 18, 6 1-2 P. M."
FIouf-ma.rket ffrm. But little can bc had
at 5,25. About 3000 bbls". for homo use t
5,31 1-4 a 5,31-2, for common and pood
brands. Wheat inquiry modetate, tendency
downward. Salcs of Westexn- at about 1,06.
Corn markct casicr, but the changc not roa-
teriaL Transactions add up 50,000, nearly all
new Southern, at 57 a 59. Old Northern,
round, Gl a Cu. OaU new Northern, 31 a
3G. l'ork mcs-,13 Primc l-"aua-

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